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by The OK Col lective

Daddy didn’t like the idea very much. H e s a i d , “ T h e r e i s n o mo n e y in making paintings!”

I s abelle woke up on a fine, s u nny morning and said a l oud to herself, “I am

M u m m y d i d n ’t l i k e t h e i d e a

g o ing to be an artist!” She


r u shed dow n stairs to tell

“ Wh e n w i l l y o u h a v e t i m e t o

h e r mummy and daddy.

l o o k a f t e r y o u r c h i l d r e n ?”



Then she came up with a brilliant idea. She would Google it! I s abelle thought hard.

On the Internet, Isabelle

S h e really wanted to be an

found wondrous, beautiful

a r tist. She wondered how?

and dramatic images that filled her head like dreams.



I s abelle decided to start i mmediately. She nipped i n side the garage and d r agged all of the old paint p o ts into her room. S h e crept into the study and r u stled up some large sheets o f paper on which to paint h e r masterpieces. Starting n e rvously s he dipped the t i ps of her paws into the p a int, feeling the viscous l i quid between them. 5

It was cold but it warmed between her palms. She started to enjoy the feeling, as it became claggy against her fur. 6

I s abelle stroked the paper,

She yanked her pretty pink

s l owly working up frantic

dresses from off their

a n d expressive gestures

h a n g e r s a n d u s e d t h em t o

w i th her hands and feet.


S h e was enraptured with

that sopped with paint all

a r ranging colours and

o ve r t h e f l o o r .



s h apes within the space of t h e page. She whooped with j o y and whi stled merry t u nes as she caressed the p a per, filling the blank void.




A s s h e l o o k e d u p , I s a b el l e noticed that the paint dribbling down the wall looked like the water condensation on the window p a n e s i n w i n t e r . S h e e nj o y e d the way it ran straight down S t anding back to survey the s c ene, Isabelle quickly

the wall, bubbling over the dents in the wallpaper.

r e alised that her parents w ould not be too impressed w i th her, so she started to c l ean the floor. 9


I s abelle took the cloth

Isabelle picked up the

s h e was cleaning with and

paintbrush again, but now

s meared some of the paint.

started to trace lines into

A g ain, it made a very

the wallpaper, scratching

b e autiful mark.

away parts and leaving others, with little consideration for the whole effect. She smiled slyly.

S h e noticed the difference b e tween the chunky lines t h at dribbled and the w i der, smeared softness of t h e lines that she had made. 11


Li ke all fall ing stars and m eteors, Isabelle’s i m aginings had to end and h e rs finished as she caught t h e edge of the chair. The b u ndle of energy that now w as Isabelle, spun and s w ung herself into the a r mchair that stood stoic a n d stationary in the corner o f the room, not the least b i t rocked by the rocket that h a d just propelled into it. 13

Isabelle started to laugh! Giggling wildly, she relaxed into the comfort of the soft seat and stared blissfully at the ceiling. 14

U pon hearing all the noise,

After surveying the scene,

I s abelle’s parents came

Daddy said, “Right! Time

u p stairs to investigate. They

f o r b e d , y o u ’ l l c l e a n t h is

d i dn’t look happy, and they d e finitely did not sound h a ppy. They only used her

mess up and we will talk about this artist business in the morning”

f u ll name when she was in t r ouble.



T h e next morning, Isabelle t r eaded gingerly down the s t airs. Daddy lowered his p a per and asked, “Well?” l o oking at her for an a n swer. Isabelle stood s i l ently for a moment and t h en stated, “ A ctually, I want to be a P r incess! They get e v erything they want and t h ey have lots of maids to l o ok after the children!” 17



The story of a young rabbit who wants to be an artist.

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