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Enjoy a Taste of Old Salem at Home

In 18o7, Christian Winkler came to Salem as the town’s new baker. Upon his arrival, the original bakery was renamed “Winkler Bakery” and soon became known as the place to find the finest baked goods—from fresh breads, tea cakes, and sugar cakes, to our original, paper-thin Moravian Cookies baked in a large wood-fired oven. Today, the Winkler Bakery at Old Salem Museums & Gardens continues to produce its famous baked goods daily. If you are in town, stop by and watch our bakers, Brother Sherrill and Brother James (pictured below), at work—the smells and tastes are unforgettable.In the meantime, you don’t have to miss out on these delicious freshly baked treats. You can order a batch today!


Freshly Baked Products from Winkler Bakery moravian sugar cake For many, no holiday is complete without sugar cake on the breakfast table. Warm from the oven with the smells of brown sugar and cinnamon wafting through the house, it’s the perfect way to evoke the holiday spirit! A delightful sweet treat, sure to please family and friends, it’s no wonder it’s a favorite with visitors to Winkler Bakery. Two 8” x 8” squares. No preservatives. C831o1 | $14.99

moravian lovefeast* buns Traditionally served at Moravian lovefeasts*, these slightly sweet buns are flavored with lemon, orange, and nutmeg. They are great with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate for breakfast or a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Six buns per pack. No preservatives. C83o37 | $5.75

moravian lovefeast* mug Similar to mugs used in Lovefeast services, our 8-ounce ceramic mug is a reproduction of one in the Old Salem Museums & Gardens collection. C6o75o | $8.99

winkler bakery moravian sugar cake and lovefeast* bun mixes Want more flexibility in when you serve your sugar cake and lovefeast buns? Order our Winkler Bakery Mixes and bring a bit of Winkler Bakery into your own kitchen!

winkler bakery morvian sugar cake mix This all-natural mix contains flour, brown sugar, instant mashed potatoes, dry milk, yeast, salt, and cinnamon. All you need to add is butter or margarine, water, eggs, and sugar. Makes four 6” x 8” squares. Comes with complete instructions for baking. 1 lb. 14 oz. | C73o11 | $8.49

winkler bakery lovefeast* bun mix

*what’s a lovefeast? A Moravian Lovefeast is a service that promotes Christian unity and good will. Sweetened buns and coffee are served to the congregation in the pews and a simple grace is offered. Scripture readings and music also play an important role including hymns and other musical offerings.

All-natural mix containing flour, granulated sugar, instant mashed potatoes, dry milk, yeast, salt, mace, and nutmeg. Just add butter or margarine, eggs, water, and a bit more sugar and bake. Makes approximately 12 buns. Comes with complete instructions. 1 lb. 14 oz. | C73o12 | $8.49

Old Salem Museums & Gardens’ freshly baked items contain no preservatives and are only baked and shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so that they arrive before the weekend. If the “receive date” is critical, please contact our call center with your special needs. 877-652-7253. every purchase benefits old salem

Tea Cakes and Ginger Cakes

Deceptively named, these are actually cookies. The precursor to our popular wafer-thin Moravian Cookies, “cakes” are thicker yet are still crisp and delicious! “Cakes” were made by residents of Salem in wood-fired ovens. The photo depicts an Old Salem Interpreter making them at the Miksch House. Our Ginger Cakes are still made from an original Salem recipe!


ginger cakes Made using an original Salem recipe, these spicy not too sweet cookies were the precursor to our popular paper-thin Ginger Moravian cookies. Sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. 7 oz. | C83235 | $1o.99

tea cakes tin and tea cakes bag Tea Cakes are crisp sugar cookies flavored with lemon, almond, vanilla, and nutmeg. Sealed for freshness and packed in a tin. 1o oz. | C216oo | $15.99 Sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. 9 oz. | C83234 | $1o.99

sugar cookies Classic, delicious sugar cookies. Sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. 9 oz. | 646o8 | $1o.99

chocolate sugar cookies A tasty chocolate treat! Sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. 9 oz. | C6461o | $1o.99

black walnut cookies Crunchy, crisp, not too sweet. Sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. 9 oz. | C432o2 | $1o.99

old salem cookie sampler One pack each of Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Black Walnut Cookies, and Ginger Cakes. A great way to try them all and pick your favorite, although we think you’ll have a hard time narrowing it down! Sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. 12 oz. | C83288 | $15.49 Old Salem Museums & Gardens’ freshly baked items contain no preservatives and are only baked and shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so that they arrive before the weekend. If the “receive date” is critical, please contact our call center with your special needs. 877-652-7253.

every purchase benefits old salem

Cheese Stars, “Cakes,” and Cookies

Old Salem’s cheese stars, “cakes,” and cookies are great any time of day! Enjoy them as a snack with milk, tea, or coffee. They also make wonderful appetizers. Surprise your guests with unique hors d’oeuvres made with ginger cakes spread with your favorite cheese and garnished with your preferred toppings!


cheese stars Made from an old, original recipe using real cheddar cheese, these tasty treats make a wonderful snack or hors d’oeuvres when paired with cocktails, wine, or soft drinks. Two flavors, regular and spicy, come sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. cheese stars 9 oz. | C83236 | $1o.99

spicy cheese stars 9 oz. | C646o5 | $1o.99

old salem snack pack For the sweet tooth, one pack each of Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Sugar Cookies, Black Walnut Cookies, and Ginger Cakes. On the savory side, one pack each of Cheese Stars and Spicy Cheese Stars. A great assortment to share with friends and family! Sealed for freshness and packed in a bakery box. 18 oz.* | C83289 | $21.99 *total weight

sweet and savory gift box A thoughtful housewarming, hostess, or anytime gift. This gift box includes Tea Cakes (one 9 oz. bag), Ginger Cakes (one 7 oz. bag) and Regular Cheese Stars (two 3 oz. bags). Sealed for freshness and packed in a kraft gift box. 22 oz.* | C83237 | $26.99 *total weight

Old Salem Museums & Gardens’ freshly baked items contain no preservatives and are only baked and shipped on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday so that they arrive before the weekend. If the “receive date” is critical, please contact our call center with your special needs. 877-652-7253. every purchase benefits old salem

Moravian Cookies—a delicious tradition

Our cookie recipe was created almost 2oo years ago in Salem. Our famous paper-thin, crisp Moravian cookies are a delicious tradition that can be enjoyed all year long. Available in a variety of flavors and packaged in tins, boxes, and small and large tubes, these traditional favorites make perfect gifts for your friends and family (or treat yourself!).





d large moravian cookie tubes

b. ginger cookie tin

Want a larger amount of your favorite flavor? Order our traditional paper-thin, Moravian cookies in a large tube for a delightful gift or a little self-indulgence. Ginger, 6 oz. | C12ooo | $8.99 Sugar, 4.75 oz. | C22ooo | $8.99 Lemon, 4.75 oz. | C32ooo | $8.99

The recipe for our crisp Moravian Ginger Cookies originated over 2oo years ago right here in what is now Old Salem. They are rolled paper thin, sweetened with molasses, and flavored with spices. 18 oz. | C114oo | $19.99

small moravian cookie tubes

A great way to sample a selection of favorite cookie flavors: Ginger, Sugar, Lemon, and Dark ChocolateDipped Ginger. 12.5 oz. | C914oo | $19.99

Crisp, wafer-thin, and delicious, these small tubes of our traditional Moravian cookies are just the right size for sharing with a friend. Ginger, 3.5 oz. | C14ooo | $4.99 Sugar, 2.75 oz. | C24ooo | $4.99 Lemon, 2.75 oz. | C34ooo | $4.99

a. sugar cookie tin Sweet and crisp, our sugar cookies are a delightful treat for any occasion. Like our other Moravian cookies, this sugar cookie has a unique crunchy texture and flavor. 15 oz. | C214oo | $19.99

c. moravian cookie quartet tin

d. dark chocolate-dipped ginger cookie tin These dark chocolate-dipped ginger cookies are irresistibly delicious! It’s hard to eat just one. 19 oz. | C113oo | $19.99

e. winkler bakery gift box Modeled after the Winkler Bakery building, this box contains three varieties: Sugar, Ginger, and Lemon. 9 oz. | C82746 | $12.99

f. miksch house gift box This box, styled after the Miksch House, the first house built in Salem (1771) to be occupied by a single family, contains one pack each of Ginger and Sugar cookies. 6.25 oz. | C454oo | $1o.99


f every purchase benefits old salem




Decorate Your Home with Old Salem Memories

Moravian Stars! Historians think that the iconic Moravian star, which is a 26-point star design, may have been used as a geometry lesson in Moravian boys’ boarding schools in the 19th century. The design is meant to depict the star that guided the Wise Men to the birthplace of Jesus. The earliest written record describes stars that are made from multi-colored paper, similar to the Herrnhuter star in this catalog. Today’s version has been adapted from the original and is displayed year-round, but especially during the Christmas season from the first Sunday of Advent through Epiphany on January 6. We love Moravian stars! They add a special touch to the holidays and add sparkle all year long. As a result, we offer a wide selection of Moravian stars from candlesticks to ornaments to 14” tin and 21” plastic stars. 877-652-7253

moravian punched tin stars Our Moravian Punched Tin Stars come in three sizes and in pewter, copper, and antique finishes. Their cut-out design allows light to shine through. Bulbs are not included. moravian punched tin star /small 8” diameter Pewter | C96225 | $65.99 Copper | C31824 | $65.99 Antique | C31827 | $65.99

moravian punched tin star/medium 14” diameter Pewter | C8917o | $85.99 Copper | C89174 | $85.99 Antique | C31817 | $85.99

moravian punched tin star/large

white plastic moravian star kits

2o” diameter Pewter | C89171 | $99.99 Copper | C31825 | $99.99 Antique | C31818 | $99.99

Our white translucent stars, lighted from within (bulb included), are a beautiful symbol of Advent for the Moravians. The 21” size is perfect for porches and foyers; the 12” size is a great tree topper. Assembly required.

12” star

C99o67 | $26.99

herrnhuter moravian star kits

21” star

C99o68 | $28.99

These paper Moravian star kits are probably the closest in material and colors to the late 18th- and 19th-century Moravian stars. These are handmade and manufactured in Herrnhut, Germany. Bulbs are included. Assembly required.

5” yellow paper C17354 | $59.99

5” red/white paper C17355 | $59.99

5” yellow/red paper C17356 | $59.99

16” white paper C17364 | $99.99

16” red/white paper C17365 | $99.99

24” white paper C17351 | $1o4.99

24” yellow/red paper C17352 | $1o4.99

24” red/white paper C17353 | $1o4.99 every purchase benefits old salem

a c



Moravian Star Ornaments!

Decorate your tree and other areas of your house with a variety of Moravian star ornaments.





a. moravian paper star ornaments Beautiful ornaments handmade by a local craftsman. Made from paper, these look festive on a tree or hung throughout the house. 2.76” Paper Star | C22199 | $2o.99 4.5” Paper Star | C22128 | $22.99 7” Paper Star | C22198 | $28.99

b. moravian star cookie tin ornament An ornament and a treat! This Moravian star ornament comes with approximately 14 Key Lime Cookies inside! Ornament can be used year after year even after the delicious cookies have been eaten! C83441 | $5.99

c. acrylic moravian stars With three sizes to choose from, our clear acrylic stars make decorating for the holidays easy. The 4 ½” star serves as both a decorative-only candle holder and a hanging ornament. The 3” star is an ornament and a light cover. mini star, 1 ¾ inch | C38251 | $1.99 star, 3 inch | C36615 | $2.99 star ornament, 4 1/2 inch | C36614 | $3.99

d. acrylic star burst ornaments Similar to our other acrylic Moravian star ornaments, these have a starburst shape perfect for spots where you want a more vertical star. star burst small, 5.75” | C32688 | $5.99 star burst large, 7” | C32687 | $7.99

moravian star glass ornaments These lovely glass ornaments come in seedy clear, white, blue, red, and green. Hang them from your tree during the holidays or in a window year round. Blue | C4o267 | $15.99 Red | C4o263 | $15.99 Green | C4o266 | $15.99 Seedy Clear | C4o264 | $15.99 White | C4o265 | $15.99

moravian star & beeswax candles set Our acrylic 4 1/2” Moravian star can be a delightful candleholder for your table or it may be hung as an ornament! A set includes two acrylic Moravian star candleholder/ornaments and two 1o” natural-color beeswax candles. *Acrylic candleholders are for decorative use only* C99o24 | $14.99

lovefeast mug with sugar cake candle A Moravian Lovefeast Mug filled with a scented candle! This soy candle infused with pure beeswax has the wonderful scent of our delicious sugar cake. It has a natural cotton wick and no artificial color. After the candle is gone, the mug may be used for your favorite beverage. C6o749 | $14.99 every purchase benefits old salem

American Heritage Chocolate® from the Historic Division of Mars!

Old Salem Museums & Gardens is one of a select group of fine gift shops at historic sites, museums, and historic inns across North America that sell American Heritage Chocolate® created by The Historic Division of Mars. A bit spicier and more flavorful than our chocolate today (although just as delicious), American Heritage Chocolate® has been created from an ingredient list from 175o. It’s an authentic historic chocolate recipe that represents a true taste of chocolate the way our ancestors would have enjoyed it. Made with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives.


American Heritage Chocolate® comes in several unique formats: chocolate bites, sticks, baking/ grating chunks, and a finely grated chocolate drink mix. No preservatives, gluten free, and certified kosher.

american heritage coffee

finely grated chocolate drink mix

whole bean

Use the grated chocolate drink mix to make hot chocolate at home or use it in your favorite recipes! Each container makes 12 servings of hot chocolate. 12.72 oz. | C1o467 | $21.99

American Heritage Coffee originates from the West Indies and mirrors an 18th-century recipe. ground coffee 12 oz. | C28328 | $12.99 12 oz. | C28329 | $12.99

chocolate pot

Individually wrapped bite-sized servings of delicious, all natural chocolate. Pack some Chocolate Bites in your lunch or enjoy them with a cup of coffee and a friend. The natural muslin drawstring bag contains 7 chocolate bites. 1.5 oz. | C1o473 | $6.99

For centuries, beginning with the ancient Aztecs, chocolate was consumed as a beverage only. As popularity for the drink soared, special pots and cups were created. Our Chocolate Pot was inspired by an 18th-century design and created by a North Carolina potter. Made with white clay, it is not advised to place this pot in or on any heated surface. Chocolate Pot measures 7 1/4” high x 4 1/4” diameter. C4o539 | $44.99

chocolate block

chocolate cup kit

chocolate bites

A big block of chocolate perfect for baking chocolate, melting, or shaving! Two blocks scored in 1 oz. increments for easy use. 6 oz. | C1o471 | $11.49

chocolate sticks A perfect treat for your favorite chocolate lover, even if that’s yourself! Individually wrapped. .42 oz. | C1o472 | $1.49 each

Gottfried Aust was the master potter in Wachovia from 1755 to 1788. Archaeological excavations of Aust’s pottery have revealed the many forms he created, one of which was a chocolate cup. This is a reproduction of that cup, created by a North Carolina potter. Kit includes one American Heritage Chocolate Stick. Cup measures 2” high x 2 1/4” diameter. C33242 | $9.99


You can use American Heritage Chocolate® in your favorite recipe, just as you would semi-sweet chocolate (substitute in a 1:1 ratio). Here are a few Old Salem recipes to try! Although it’s slightly spicier than today’s chocolate, you’ll love its rich full-bodied flavor.

Chocolate Puffs

Beat and sift half a pound of double-refined sugar, scrape into it one ounce of chocolate very fine; mix them together. Beat the white of an egg to a very high froth, then strew in your sugar and chocolate, keep beating it till it is as stiff as a paste. Sugar your papers, and drop them on about the size of a sixpence, and bake them in a very slow oven. The Experienced English Housekeeper. Elizabeth Raffald. London, 1769

Tourte de Chocolate

Mix a little flour with a pint of cream, and chocolate in proportion, a little sugar, and four eggs; boil it about a quarter of an hour, stirring it continually for fear it should catch at bottom; then put it in the paste [pastry], and the whites of four eggs beat to a snow upon it, glaze it with sugar and bake it. Dalrymple, The Practise of Modern Cookery; Adapted to Families of Distinction, as well as Those of the Middling Ranks of Life. To Which is Added a Glossary. p. 357.

every purchase benefits old salem

Buy Carolina Food Products at Old Salem

We’re proud to be part of the Carolinas and are honored to offer a variety of food items made in the Tarheel and Palmetto States!

old school brand jams

old school brand mixes

These fresh and fruity jams are made by the Old School Mill in Albemarle, North Carolina. They are all made with real fruit and raw sugar and contain no preservatives, colorings, or additives. They make an excellent hostess gift or stocking stuffer.

These delicious pie and biscuit mixes help you offer family and friends a taste of what makes North Carolina great. These no fuss, no muss mixes make cooking a breeze! They’re made by the Old School Mill in Abermarle, North Carolina from recipes that will remind you of your childhood.

blackberry jam 12 oz. | C73111 | $6.49

blueberry jam 12 oz. | C73112 | $6.49

strawberry jam 12 oz. | C73113 | $6.49

cherry jam 12 oz. | C73114 | $6.49

buttermilk biscuit mix 12 oz. | C731o5 | $5.99

fruit cobbler mix 12 oz. | C731o3 | $5.99

southern fried jack pie mix 12 oz. | C731o7 | $5.99


b charmed honey

chapel hill toffee

Pure, natural honey, raw and unfiltered from Statesville, North Carolina. 16 oz | C32514 | $13.99

A family recipe from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. A layer of traditional English toffee cut by hand into bite-sized squares is coated on both sides with a top-secret blend of dark chocolates. A sprinkling of pecans gives its iconic look and distinctive southern twist.

cloister whipped pumpkin spice honey Pure, natural, raw honey from Charlotte, North Carolina. Tastes like pumpkin pie but is really just delicious honey and the warmth of spices. 9 oz. | C32519 | $9.99

farmhouse dressing A tasty and unique salad dressing bottled in North Carolina. A family recipe that has long been a favorite of friends and family, the creators decided to have it bottled to share. 16 oz. | C11318 | $8.75

pecan & dark chocolate toffee 2 oz. | C98172 | $2.99

pecan & dark chocolate toffee 5 oz. | C78436 | $8.99

pecan & dark chocolate toffee 1o oz. | C78437 | $15.99

Oliver Pluff & Co. Coffees, Teas and More! wassail spice blends

These products are from Charleston-based Oliver Pluff & These are authentic 1,ooo year-old Middle English wassail spice blends. Co. They offer authentic, historical tea, coffee, and wassail cider spices spice blends. 1.5 oz. | C46897 | $ 7.99 english breakfast tea wassail wine spices 3 oz. | C46563 | $ 12.99 1.5 oz. | C46898 | $7.99 irish breakfast tea 4 oz. | C46565 | $12.99 colonial blend coffee ground

earl grey tea

2.75 oz. | C46564 | $12.99

pinhead gunpowder tea 4 oz. | C46566 | $12.99

1.5 oz. | C46573 | $ 3.75

colonial blend coffee ground 4 oz . | C46571 | $ 8.75

colonial blend coffee whole bean 4 oz. | C46572 | $ 8.75

wire mesh tea brewing ball C46595 | $ 3.75

Old Salem Candy Shop

candy shop

sugar cake caramel popcorn, large Made from our very own special recipe, this will remind you of our sugar cake! Crunchy and sweet with a touch of cinnamon and made at the Old Salem Candy Shop in our Visitor Center. Packed in a cello bag. 15 oz. | C83586 | $6.99 Old Salem Museums & Gardens Candy Shop products are made fresh and only shipped on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so that they will arrive before the weekend. If the “receive date� is critical, please contact our call center with your special needs. 1-877-652-7253. every purchase benefits old salem

Hand-Crafted in the USA

Old Salem offers a wide variety of handcrafted products made in the United States. a. petite bread & roll basket Perfect for baked goods or to keep mail and other items tidy. Measures approx. 2 1/2” high x 1o” long x 8” wide. C3o238 | $18.99


b. rectangular roll basket


Perfect for bread, rolls or to store miscellaneous items. Measures approx. 3 1/4” high x 12” long x 5” wide. C3o231 | $27.99

c. winkler bread basket with handles



Handmade Baskets

Our baskets are made by a North Carolina artisan. His baskets are handcrafted from the finest materials and are dipped in stain, which has been prepared using walnuts gathered near his studio. Each unique piece is signed and dated by the artist.

fraser fir wreath Our real Fraser Fir wreaths ship direct to you from a farm in western North Carolina, so they are fresh, fragrant, and ready to be enjoyed all season long. Each wreath is accented with pinecones and a red velveteen bow. 24” | C9932o | $34.99 28” | C99321 | $39.99

Very similar to the baskets that Christian Winkler used in his bakery. Perfect for serving breads and baked goods, for keeping papers sorted, or as a decorative accent. Measures approx. 4 1/2” high (including handles) x 13 1/2” long x 8 3/4” wide with a depth of 3”. C3o23o | $36.99

d. egg basket Originally created to collect eggs safely, our Egg Baskets are beautifully handcrafted decorative objects but are also sturdy enough to tote precious cargo. 8” | C3o223 | $39.99 12” | C3o251 | $89.99 There are many other lovely baskets on our website. Visit to see our complete selection!


Rustico Journals

These beautifully made, hand-sewn leather journals are a perfect gift for the writers in your life. Made in Utah, each one is exquisitely crafted with genuine, top grain leather that gains character and style as it ages.

epiphany with pocket 3.5” x 5.25”, 96 blank cream-colored pages, top-grain cowhide, rough cut pages, hand-sewn signatures, pencil pocket, and wrap closure (pencil included). C34665 | $29.99

venture with strap 5.25” x 6.75”, 192 lined cream-colored pages, top-grain cowhide, wrap closure. C34663 | $25.99

venture with stud 5.25” x 6.75”, 192 lined cream-colored pages, top-grain cowhide, stud closure. C34662 | $25.99

O’Quinn Pottery

O’Quinn Pottery was established in 1989 in Seagrove, North Carolina by Sandra O’Quinn, who traces her roots to a long line of Moore County potters. Sandra and her husband, Glenn McNeill, make a variety of handmade functional pottery in vivid colors. The rich colors are created by mixing together the gas-fired glazes. Each piece has its own unique color, let us choose the color for you. All O’Quinn Pottery is food, oven, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

pound cake pan When award-winning design, garden, and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith visited Old Salem in May 2o14, he was enamored when he saw the O’Quinn products. Perfect for baking and beautiful too! C23224 | $28.99

apple crisp Use these apple-shaped pans to add a whimsical touch to your apple crisp! C2322o | $19.99

breadboard medium C82795 | $15.99

breadboard round C68284 | $17.99

baker’s bench knife C6826o | $9.99

pastry pin C68393 | $13.99

Whetstone Woodenware™

large biscuit cutter

Since 1991, skilled craftsmen at Whetstone Woodenware™ have been making spoons, utensils, and other wood products in Silver Lake, Indiana from kiln dried hard maple. After17 hand operations and a final polishing, the products are treated with mineral oil. The hard maple tree is grown and milled in the USA.

C82793 | $12.99

small biscuit cutter C641o3 | $1o.99

every purchase benefits old salem

north carolina cutting board C68397 | $24.99

whisking fork C68274 | $8.99

oven rack tool C68396 | $7.99

cookie paddle C81452 | $8.99

Gift Baskets

Old Salem offers a selection of gift baskets filled with goodies. Our gift baskets make a great gift for hard to shop for friends and family. In addition, they are great thank you gifts if you’ve spent the holidays with someone and want to show your appreciation.

coffee lovers gift basket Contains (2) Winkler Diner Mugs; (2) Colonial Blend Coffee Ground 4 oz.; (1) Sugar Cookies 3 oz.; (1) Chocolate Sugar Cookies 3 oz. C31ooo | $6o.99

coffee, toffee & cookies gift basket Contains (1) Winkler Diner Mug; (2) Colonial Blend Coffee Ground 1.5 oz.; (1) Pecan & Dark Chocolate Toffee 2 oz.; (1) Chocolate Sugar Cookies 3 oz. C51ooo | $37.99

bakers delight gift basket

moravian gift basket

Contains (1) Medium Market Basket; (1) Breadboard Round; (1) Oven Rack Tool; (1) Whisking Fork; (1) Cookie Paddle; (1) Large Biscuit Cutter; (1) Snickerdoodle Cookie Mix; (1) Southern Fried Jack Pie Mix; (1) Buttermilk Biscuit Mix; (1) Natural Dried Apples C61ooo | $138.99

Contains (1) Small Market Basket; (2) Lovefeast Mugs; (1) Colonial Blend Coffee Ground 4 oz.; (1) Preserving the Past (hardcover); (2) Lovefeast Spiced Mug Mats; (1) 4 1/2� Acrylic Moravian Star; (1) Cheese Stars 3 oz. C71ooo | $99.99


Old Salem Products Make Great Corporate Gifts

We offer a wide selection of items and gift baskets that are perfect for client and employee gifts, employee recognition awards, speaker appreciation gifts, and more! Some of our most popular items include gift baskets, sugar cookie and ginger cookie tins, Moravian cookie tubes, acrylic Moravian stars, and white plastic Moravian star kits. However, there are many other options. Some discounts apply. For more information and a complete list of available items, contact Nita Crutchfield by calling 336-779-6148 or by emailing her at

every purchase benefits old salem

Old Salem Museums & Gardens One of America’s most authentic historical attractions, the Historic Town of Salem (founded in 1766 by Moravians) and the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts, along with award-winning heirloom Gardens, engage visitors in a memorable experience about those who lived and worked in the early American South. In addition, visitors can enjoy hands-on workshops, dining, unique shopping, and year-round seasonal activities. Find out more at

every purchase benefits old salem museums & gardens Old Salem Museums & Gardens is funded primarily by private donations from individuals and corporations. In addition to memberships and gifts, purchases of the products included in this catalog help provide important funds to the organization. Purchasing Old Salem’s products helps the museum create compelling new programming, design exciting exhibits with experienced interpreters, and reclaim and preserve unique historic buildings and landscapes. 877-652-7253

how to order Call 877-652-7253 or visit to place your order

We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. We accept checks or money orders; payment must be received, though, before your merchandise will be shipped. Prices do not include tax or shipping, and are subject to change without notice. Large Moravian stars may incur additional shipping charges. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please call our customer service department at 877-652-7253 or email

sales tax

North Carolina residents will have a 6.75% sales tax added to all purchases, including shipping. Customers outside of North Carolina will be charged the 6.75% sales tax on all purchases, including shipping, for orders being shipped to addresses within North Carolina.

holiday orders

Our last guaranteed ship date before Christmas is December 1o. If you have multiple orders going to different addresses, we can ship directly to recipients. Please call 877-652-7253 for personal assistance. Use the shipping table below to determine the shipping cost for each address. Shipping figured on merchandise total before discount. Add $14.5o for shipments to AK, HI, and Puerto Rico. Shipping on international orders varies; please call for information. Large Moravian stars may incur additional shipping charges.

express delivery

Expedited delivery options are available to street addresses in all 5o states. Please call 877-652-7253 to review available options and pricing.

standard delivery charges Up to $25


$25.o1 to $75


$75.o1 to $15o


$15o.o1 and up


2o14 Holidays at Old Salem Selected Events Visit for a full list

Shops at Old Salem Holiday Open House November 8, 1o a.m. – 4 p.m. Get a jump on holiday shopping.

Christmas by Candlelight Tours November 14, 15, 21, 22, 28 & 29, December 5, 6, 12, 18, 19 & 20 Candlelit tour, music, food, and drink.

Saturdays with St. Nicholas November 29, December 6, 13 & 20 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Meet St. Nicholas and enjoy puppet shows, baked treats, and holiday shopping.

Christmas Lovefeast at St. Philips December 11 , Noon A Lovefeast to commemorate the first service held in the African Moravian brick church.

Salem Christmas December 13, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Hands-on activities, demonstrations, and more!

Christmas Week at Old Salem December 26 – 28, 30 – 31 Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the holiday season.

Peter and the Wolf December 27, 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Enjoy the beloved childhood classic featuring the Carolina Chamber Symphony Players.

2o14 Candle Tea December 4, 5, 11, 12, 1:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. December 6 & 13, 11:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. Home Moravian Church’s annual event held at Old Salem.

every purchase benefits old salem

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Shops at Old Salem Holiday Catalog 2014-15  
Shops at Old Salem Holiday Catalog 2014-15