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1. Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia, ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America, and by them established as the Seat of their Government, after the Year 1800. Andrew Ellicott. Published in London by H.D. Symonds & J. Ridgeway. Copper plate engraving, 1795. Image size 15 5/8 x 20 5/8". Good condition save for narrow side margins, which have been professionally enlarged, and some minor splitting along fold intersections. Professionally repaired. Black & white. Phillips' Washington PW 33; Ristow, American Maps, p.153; Verner, 13. #30438.3 $4,750.


MAY 2015


2. Map of the City Of Washington. F. C. DeKrafft. Published by A. Rothwell. Stone engraving, 1836. A fine early pocket map of the Nation’s Capital. Retains original red leather covers with gold tooled title, "City of Washington." Accompanied by a 18 page guide to the city with the title, "Picture of the City of Washington, Being a Concise Description of the City, Public Buildings, &c. Accompanied by a correct map." Of note, the newly formed "Jackson City" (1835) in shown across the Long Bridge in Virginia. Engraved by Mrs. W. I. Stone. B. Homans, printer. Image size 15 3/8 x 20 3/4" plus hairline margins. Very good condition and color. #46187.1 $4,500.

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3 This issue of the Old Print Gallery Showcase offers a wide spectrum of subjects, printing techniques and eras. City plans and maps range from early Washington, D.C. plans to a collection of small early 20th century map guides of popular U.S. cities. Since it is the season for college graduations, we devote several pages to college views and activities. With spring comes baseball, which is represented by four dynamic prints. Also, with spring comes rain, portrayed by four scenes, showing the glistening energy it brings. For many, the circus carries childhood nostalgia and our selection of prints shows the excitement and color experienced under the big top. Our recent gallery show, focused on aquatints. Aquatint is an etching technique that creates areas of tone through the use of a powdered or ground resin that is sprinkled on a metal plate prior to being bitten by etching acid. Although primarily used in the 18th and 19th centuries as a medium to reproduce the delicate fluidity and transparency of watercolors and paintings, the aquatint survived as an artist’s medium because of its atmospheric effects and flat wash properties. featured the talented printmakers of the 20th and 21st century who experimented and pushed the boundaries of aquatint’s potential. Varying between flat color planes and incredible plate texture, these artists demonstrated a fluid and experimental handling of the medium. The resulting images have an expressive strength and visual intensity that relay the ingenuity to be found in the world of original printmaking. Several works from the show are included in this Showcase. On the back cover is an example of an early 19th century aquatint and stipple engraving. In the gallery, our current show, explores how printmakers choose to depict the natural world through its evolution and transformation into the modern era. Although united in the theme of landscape, the works are realized through differing conceptual and methodical approaches. Some, like Robert Kipniss, use the velvety blacks and luminous whites of a mezzotint to infuse landscapes with a poetic melancholy and stillness- depicting a terrain seemingly untouched by the viewer or even the artist. Others, like Harry Wickey and Gerald Scheck, use the chaotic crosshatching of a drypoint needle or the unpredictable acidic bite of the aquatint to evoke the untamed, wild majesty of the natural world. Seen together, the prints selected for the show unveil the emotional power and pull of the natural world, a beauty and mystery that both entrap and enchant artists, and serve as a deep pool of inspiration for their work.

3. On Lake Como, Number Two. John Taylor Arms. Etching and aquatint printed in color, 1919. Signed and dated in pencil. Edition in color 63, B&W 10. Inscribed "3/12." Third state. Also signed by the printer, Frederick Reynolds. Very good condition. #73477.1 $1,950.

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5 4. View of Washington City and Georgetown. Published and sold by Casimir Bohn, Washington D.C. Two-color lithograph, 1849. Lith. by E. Weber & Co. Baltimore. This scarce view shows the city from the portico of the Capitol building. Pennsylvania Avenue is shown in the center right. In the distance is the Washington Monument in its original design. To the right of that is the Observatory; to the left is the Smithsonian Institution. Surrounding the image is a series of twenty vignette illustrations of prominent buildings and monuments of the time. These include two views of the Capitol, the White house, Navy Yard, Georgetown College, Aqueduct near Georgetown, Post Office, etc. Image size 17 3/4 x 27". Fair to good condition. Several splits along fold lines. Left margin added. Reps Views and Viewmakers 666; Deak, Picturing America 577. #6872.3 $7,950. 5. Soldier's Home, Washington, D.C. Published by Charles Magnus, New York and Washington. Lithograph, 1863. A scarce image depicting several buildings grouped behind a center flagpole flying the Stars and Stripes. From left, identified in the title margin, are Dr. King's residence, President Lincoln's villa, the military governor's house, and the Soldier's Home. This was later called the Armed Forces Retirement Home. During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and his family resided there during the summers and falls of 1862, 1863, and 1864, commuting daily to the White House. Since 2008 the Gothic revival styled cottage has been run as an historic site by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Image size 9 1/8 x 17". Fine condition. Black and white. #88249.1 $850. 6. Plan of the City of Washington. J. Good. Published by J. Good for inclusion in the Literary Magazine, London. Copper plate engraving, Feb. 1, 1793. On January 24, 1791, President George Washington announced the Congressionally designated permanent location of the national capital, a diamond-shaped ten-mile tract at the confluence of the Potomac and Eastern Branch Rivers. The original survey of the 100 square mile diamond shaped "district" was undertaken by Andrew Ellicott and Benjamin Banneker (a free slave). In March of 1791, Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant was appointed by George Washington to prepare the plan for the city itself with Ellicott as his assistant. Unfortunately, L'Enfant turned out to be very difficult to work with. Eventually both Washington and Jefferson became disgusted with L'Enfant's obstinacy which led to his being suspended in 1792 and outright termination in 1793. Ellicott took over the project using L'Enfants plan as a base. The first five maps were engraved and printed in America, the sixth, seventh and eighth in London. This is the seventh printed view and appeared in the 1793 edition of the Literary Magazine And British Review, a British produced monthly periodical. The rather primitively engraved Eagle and shield cartouche adds a decorative element to this particular map and visually separates it from the American imprints of Thackera & Vallance, Hill, and Tiebout. A scarce and unusual map. Plate size 9 1/2 x 11 1/2". Very good condition. Uncolored. Verner 7. P. Lee Phillips, A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress p. 1004; P. Jolly, Maps in British Periodicals Vol. 2, p.195. #676.2 $4,500.


7. Philadelphia. Published by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. Engraving, hand-colored, Sept. 1840. Legend in lower left. Views of The United States Bank and The Exchange on the right, sideways. The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, better known as SDUK, was an English enterprise devoted to spreading the most up to date cartographic information and enhancing geographical understanding and knowledge of the world. The maps from this series are known for their fine engraving and attention to detail. Image size 12 x 15 1/4". Good condition. Original outline color. #81419.1 $150.

9. Plan of Boston. S. Augustus Mitchell. Published by S. A. Mitchell, Philadelphia. A decorative map of the city. From Mitchell's New General Atlas. Nicely embellished with a rose flower and ivy vine border. The inset in the lower right is a overview of the Boston region. Image size 11 x 9 3/8". Good condition and color. #21729.6 $225.

8. Gray's Atlas Map of Chicago. Ormando W. Gray. Published by Stedman, Brown & Lyon, Philadelphia. Stone engraving, 1873. A decorative and well engraved map of Chicago from Gray's Atlas of the United States. Image size 15 x 12". Good condition and color. #82679.1 $175.

10. Baltimore. Frank A. Gray. Published by John W. Lyon & Co, N.Y and O.W. Gray & Son, Philadelphia. Stone engraving, 1883. A well engraved map from The National Atlas. Depicts the city of Baltimore, with Druid Hill Park detailed and the grounds of Johns Hopkins University outlined. Also includes a small population chart for the city in the upper right corner and an inset map of the Patapsco River and its approaches in the bottom left corner. Image size 15 x 11 15/16". Good color and condition. #45931.2 $125.


Small Maps by Fritz Baedeker. Issued in a 1904, Baedeker's travel maps are fun, attractively colored guides to U.S. cities and other popular destination. The wax lithographs were published by Karl Baedeker in Leipzig and printed by Wagner & Debes Geography establishment.

11. Richmond. Image size 5 3/4 x 8 7/8". Good condition and color. #87578.2 $65.

Additional City Maps in the Series Available which can be viewed on our website: New York. Southern Part, (Lower Manhattan) #87526.2 $65. Vicinity of New York #87527.2 $55. Washington #87531.2 $75. Baltimore #87567.2 $50. Philadelphia #87568.2 $60. New Orleans #87569.2 $65. Boston #87573.2 $55. & 87570.2 $65. Chicago #87596.2 $75. & #87594.2 $75. Cambridge (Massachusetts) #87599.2 $65. St. Augustine. (Florida) #87602.2 $60. Milwaukee #87604.2 $60. Savannah (Georgia) #87605.2 $65. Detroit #87610.2 $60. Salt Lake City #87615.2 $65. Indianapolis #87616.2 $55. St. Paul #87618.2 $55. Charleston #87621.2 $75. Colorado Springs #87622.3 $75. Maps of other areas from Baedeker’s travel guide: The Grand Canyon #87608.2 $95. Franconia Mountains - White Mountains #87575.2 $65. Mount Desert Island #87601.2 $60. Northern Florida #87603.2 $45. Yosemite Valley #87606.2 $65. Yellowstone National Park (untitled) #87607.2 $75.

12. Minneapolis. Image size 3 7/8 x 5 3/4". Good condition and color. #87620.2 $65.

13. Denver. Image size 3 7/8 x 5 3/4". Good condition and color. #87619.2 $65. 202-965-1818 email:

14. Cleveland. Image size 5 3/4 x 7 7/8". Good condition and color. #87611.2 $60.


15. State University of Kentucky. Arthur J. Elder. Published by W. Littig & Co., New York. Photogravure, hand-colored, c. 1911. With remarque of a cannon in title margin. Restrike. Image size 13 3/8 x 27 3/4". Fine condition and color. #44966.1 $385. 16. Mills College. A. I. Keller. Published by J. Dewing Publishing Co., New York and San Francisco. Photogravure, hand-colored, 1888. From Picturesque California: The Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Slope, edited by John Muir. Image size 7 7/16 x 10 9/16". Good condition. #55214.1 $95.

17. Girard College in Philadelphia. Hermann Meyer. Steel engraving, c. 1850. This small print is from Meyer's Universum, a publication which consisted of highly detailed and very well engraved views from around the world. Girard College is a private philanthropic boarding school founded by Stephen Girard in 1833. Girard was the wealthiest man in America at the time of his death in 1831. Image size 4 1/4 x 6 1/8". Good condition, modern handcolor. #13404.2 $75.

18. Secret Societies '61. (Yale). W. H. Davenport. Publisher unknown. Lithograph, c. 1859. Initiation Yale Freshman at top. At the upper corners, skulls and crossbones hold back draperies framing a riotous scene of initiation. On either side are a gibbet with a hangman's noose and a guillotine. One of three curious images which are rare lithographs depicting activities at Yale University. They were created by W. H. Davenport and lithographed by Emil Crisand of New Haven, circa 1862. On mounted India paper as issued. Image size 7 7/8 x 9 3/4". Fine condition. #55240.1 $600.

19. Yale. The Burial of Euclid. W. H. Davenport. Publisher unknown. Lithograph, c. 1859. Students riding hobby horses, Father Time covering his eyes, and Christ beset by devils frame this depiction of a secret society rite. One of three curious images which are rare lithographs depicting activities at Yale University. They were created by W. H. Davenport and lithographed by Emil Crisand of New Haven, circa 1862. Image size 7 7/8 x 9 7/8". Good condition and color save old mat-line. On mounted India paper as issued. #55238.2 $600.

20. Yale College Secret Society Buildings, New Haven, CT. Published by The Daily Graphic, June 19, 1886. Wood engraving, 1886. Contains significant buildings on the Yale campus related to secret societies. Image size 17 1/2 x 12 1/4". Fine condition and color. Backed by Japan, modern handcolor. #49968.1 $85.

202-965-1818 email:


10 21. Yale College (New Haven). William H. Bartlett. Published for the Proprietors, by Geo. Virtue, London. Engraving, 1838-1842. Published in American Scenery: Or, Land, Lake and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature. Image size 4 3/4 x 7 1/4". Good condition with modern hand-color. #12747.5 $140.

22. University of California - Berkeley. Published by J. Dewing Publishing Co., New York and San Francisco. Sepia etching, 1888. From Picturesque California: The Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Slope, edited by John Muir. Image size 8 1/8 x 12 3/16". Good condition. #55222.1 $125.

23. The Dean's Office, Princeton. John Taylor Arms. Etching, 1925. Signed in pencil. Princeton Series #6. Image size 4 1/4 x 6 5/8". Very good condition. Fletcher 158. #46060.3 $175. 202-965-1818 email:


24. A Collegiate Game of Base-Ball. W. P. Snyder. Published in Harper's Weekly, New York. Wood engraving, Aug. 31, 1889. Image size 13 3/4 x 19 7/8". Good condition with modern hand-color. #50772.2 $600.

25. The Yale Varsity Crew Out For a Spin With Their Coach. Thure de Thulstrup. Published by Harper’s Weekly, New York. Wood engraving, June 29, 1889. Image size 13 3/4 x 19 7/8". Good condition. Modern hand-color, backed with Japan. #22343.1 $375.


27. Baseball. (Black). Jake Muirhead. Etching and aquatint, 2010. Artist proof. Signed and titled by artist in pencil. Image size 9 3/4 x 8 7/8". Very good description. #75174.3 $400 26. Bases Loaded. Stanley Kaplan. Linocut, 2007. Edition 25. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "2/25." Image size 11 7/8 x 9". Very good condition. #47399.1 $250.

28. The Batter. Su-Li Hung. Woodcut, 1999. Edition 50. Signed, titled, and dated in pencil. Inscribed "2/50." Image size 6 1/2 x 5 1/4". Very good condition. #14215.2 $150.

29. Double Play. Fletcher Martin. Published by Associated American Artists. Lithograph, 1952. Edition 250. Signed in pencil. Image size 12 3/8 x 8 3/8". Very good condition. #83754.1 $1,200.


30. A Shower on Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, D. C. W. T. Smedley. Published by Harper's Weekly. Wood engraving, Oct. 4, 1890. Pennsylvania Ave. in the rain, with the Capitol in the background. Image size 12 3/8 x 20 1/8. Good condition. Modern hand-color. #46529.3 $495.

31. Rainy Day #1. Richard Lubell. Aquatint, 2005. Edition 30. Signed, titled, and dated in pencil. Inscribed "15/30." Image size 11 7/8 x 8 15/16". Very good condition. Image size 11 7/8 x 8 15/16". Very good condition. #39836.1 $200. 33. Cloudburst. Art Werger. Etching and aquatint, 2013. Edition 75. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "13/75." Image size 6 9/16 x 8 13/16". Very good condition. On gray paper. #82880.3 $300.

32. Rail, Steam and Speed. J. M. W. Turner. Published by James S. Virtue et al., London. Steel engraving, 1859-75. From The Turner Gallery. "Many plates are of great beauty," wrote Rawlinson. Herman said the work "stands as a memorial not only to the artist but also to the school of engravers." Engraved by R. Brandard. Image size 7 1/2 x 9 7/8". Fine condition. Modern hand-color. #47901.1 $295.


34. Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey. Published by Central PTG. and Illinois. Co., Chicago, U.S.A. Offset lithograph, c. 1938. A vintage poster announcing that the circus is coming to Washington D.C. Image size 28 x 28 7/8". Good condition and color. Some professionally repaired tear in the upper corners. Mounted on linen. #69628.1 $1,400.

35. The Balancing Act. Ellen Nathan Singer. Two-plate color etching and aquatint a la poupe, 2009. Edition 10. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "2/10." Image size 11 13/16 x 8 7/8". Very good condition. #64108.1 $300.

36. The New Society Fad. - An Amateur Circus Entertainment, at Baychester, Which Interested the "Four Hundred" - The "Baby Elephant" Act. C. Bunnell. Published in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, New York. Wood engraving, May 18, 1889. Image size 8 7/8 x 13 3/4". Good condition with modern hand-color save small marginal repair. #56173.1 $75.


37. We Shall Always Love Them. Arnold Ronnebeck. Lithograph, 1936. Edition 20. Signed, titled, and dated in pencil. Inscribed "#3/20." Image size 13 1/2 x 9 1/4". Good condition. Some old paper tape at paper edge. #69561.1 $2,000.

38. Circus II (Space Man). Letterio Calapai. Etching, c. 1950. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "Trial proof in Blk & White." Image size 8 7/8 x 6". Very good condition. #86588.1 $1,950.

39. Center Ring. Georges Schreiber. Offset Lithograph, c. 1970. Signed in pencil. Image size 11 3/8 x 16". Very good condition. #30124.4 $250.

16 Mayan Views by Frederick Catherwood is one of the first and still one of the most important works done on the Mayan civilization. Published in London in 1844 by Frederick Catherwood. Catherwood was a British architect and artist who traveled with John Lloyd Stephens on his 3,000 mile journey to Honduras, Guatemala, and the Yucatan, visiting 44 archaeological sites in 1839 and 1841. He chose his favorite drawings to be reproduced in lithographs by the most prominent lithographers in London. Those lithographers include John C. Bourne, Thomas Shotter Boys, George Belton Moore, William Parrott, Andrew Picken, and Henry Warren. These are prints from the very rare deluxe edition, in which the two-color lithographs were hand-colored and trimmed to the image edge and mounted to cards. 40. Pyramidal Building and Fragments of Sculpture, at Copan. Plate II. Frederick Catherwood. Published in London by the artist. Two-color lithograph with original hand-coloring, 1844. From Views of Ancient Monuments in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan by F. Catherwood, Archt. On stone by H. Warren. Catherwood noted the structure as being the most remarkable and perfect monument in Copan. In the foreground, on the left, is a carving of a monkey's skull, perhaps done in worship of the numerous monkey species that inhabit the area. On the right are remnants of some of the sculpture found in the area. Image size 10 1/4 x 14 1/4". Good condition and color, removed from the original mount. #86272.1 $2,500.

41. Portion of la Casa de las Monjas, Uxmal. Plate XV. Frederick Catherwood. Two-color lithograph with original hand-coloring, 1844. On stone by A. Picken. Image size 16 3/16 x 11 7/16". Good condition and color, removed from the original mount. #86288.1 $2,750. 1220 31st Street, NW Washington, DC 20007 202-965-1818 email:

17 42. Nova Hispania Nova Galicia Guatimala. Arnoldus Montanus. Published by Jacob van Meurs, Amsterdam. Copper plate engraving, 1671. From Montanus' De Nieuwe en Onbe kende Weereld: of Beschryving van America. Based on the cartography of Hessel Gerritsz, this early chart covers the coastline of Central America, including Mexico, the Yucatan, the Bay of Honduras and Costa Rica. Western Florida and part of Cuba are also mapped. The map locates numerous settlements, rivers, and harbors in the interior and identifies multiple mountain ranges. Image size 11 3/8 x 14". Good condition. Black and white. #33381.2 $795. 43. Yucatan Conventus Iuridici Hispaniae Novae Pars Occidentalis, et Guatimala Conventus Iuridicus. Arnoldus Montanus. Published by Jacob van Meurs, Amsterdam. Copper plate engraving, 1671. From Montanus' De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld: of Beschryving van America. This fascinating map covers Central America from Mexico City to Panama City, including Guatimala, Honduras and Costa Rica. Part of Cuba is shown at upper right. A highly decorative title cartouche is composed of cherubs and Native Americans. A small scene depicting Neptune is pictured to the right of the cartouche. The map is a derivative of Blaeu’s 1662 map. Image size 11 1/4 x 14 1/4". Good condition. Black and white. #68086.1 $750.

18 44. The Tourist's Guide through the States of Maryland, Delaware and Parts of Pennsylvania & Virginia, with the Routes to their Springs, &c. Fielding Lucas, Jr. Engraving, 1836. A rare travelers pocket guide map of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware & the Chesapeake Region. This well delineated map depicts the early roads, canals, and the railroads, which at the time of publishing were a new mode of transportation. The rail lines on this map are outlined in red, include the route from Richmond to Fredericksburg, Washington to Baltimore, with a branch to Annapolis, and Baltimore to the western mining regions of Winchester and Cumberland. A table of distances from Baltimore to various cities and springs is shown in the upper right and central left. Fielding Lucas Jr. was most active prior to 1825. He published his New & Elegant Atlas and contributed to the maps of Carey & Lea. Lucas issued very few pocket maps and most are very rare, especially those issued after 1830. Bound into the original gold embossed covers with the title Map of Maryland and Part of Virginia &c. Inscribed on inner front cover "M.M. Dawson, Easton, Md. 1846.� Image size 13 7/8 x 19 5/8". Good condition. #83458.1 $1,275. 45. Virginia Marylandia et Carolina in America Septentrionali. Johann Baptist Homann. Published by J. B. Homann, Nuremberg. Hand-colored copper plate engraving, 1714 (c. 1730). A fine map that shows the middle portion of the colonies. This map was intended to promote German emigration to America. The cartouche graphically shows the wealth and opportunity waiting in America through a bountiful display of gold, fish, fruit and tobacco, all surveyed by a well-dressed planter. The Atlantic is titled "Mare Virgini Anum... the Sea of Virginy." Image size 19 1/8 x 22 5/8". Good condition save for some splitting in lower centerfold. Original color with some modern enhancements in the cartouche. Cumming, Wm. Southeast in Early Maps 156. #3291.4 $3,500.

19 46. Nova Orbis Tabula, in Lucem Edita, A. F. De Wit. Amstelodami cum Privilegio Potentiss D. Dominorum Ordinum Hollandiae et Westfrisiae. Frederick de Wit. Copper plate engraving, 1670 (c. 1680). A fine and highly decorative double hemisphere map of the world. "One of the most attractive of its time." Shirley. In each of the four the corners are illustrations that combine images of the four seasons, the elements, and the signs of the zodiac. In the center, above and below are polar projections. The map was first published in 1670. This is the second state, published c.1680, with the addition of a decorative snake skin border and cherubs to the inner cusps. Nova Guinea now present. In North America, the Great Lakes appear as a large semi-circle inland sea with an open western end. The island of California is shown on the Briggs model, with a flat top. The Strait of Anian is also present in the upper northwest. A beautiful map. Image size 18 1/4 x 21 5/8". Attractive modern hand color. Professionally restored. Very good condition. 451, State 2 in The Mapping of the World by Rodney W. Shirley. #88093.1 $7,500. 47. Planisfero del Mondo Nuovo. Vicenzo M. Coronelli. Copper plate engraving, c. 1691. A fine map of the western hemispheres from Coronelli's "Atlante Veneto." The geographical information presented here was based on Coronelli's large gores of 1688. California is shown as an Island on the second Sanson model New Zealand is shown with a hypothetical coastline stretching southeastward towards Tierra del Fuego. The delineation of the Great Lakes is among the most accurately produced in the seventeenth century. Shown in the upper left, in current day Bering Sea, is a representation of Terra di Iesso, the mythical land bridge which was frequently shown to extend from Asia to Alaska. The decorative borders include depictions of the signs of the zodiac. Image size 17 3/4 x 23 3/4". Good condition save for minor tear in lower left margin. Nicely colored. #86760.1 $2,750.


48. The Shogun's Garden. Grace Bentley - Scheck. Collagraph, 1997. Edition 40. Signed, titled, and dated in pencil. Inscribed "6/40." Image size 6 3/4 x 10 7/8". Very good condition. #40012.1 $225. 49. Along Franconia Ridge. Matt Brown. Color woodblock print, 2014. Edition 300. Inscribed "297/300 (2nd state)". Signed, titled, and dated by artist in pencil. Image size 16 1/4 x 7". Very good condition and color. #87711.1 $295. Starting out as a woodworker after graduating from Harvard, Matt Brown discovered the art of Japanese woodblock printmaking in 1993 and became enthralled with the hanga method, using water based inks. He studied Japanese prints in homes and museums and read books such as Technique of the Color Woodcut, by John Lehet as he developed his technique. A resident of New Hampshire, he prints imagery mostly from New England, producing dramatic landscapes rich in translucent colors.

50. Sentinels. Robert Kipniss. Mezzotint, 1992. Edition 60 + 10 AP. Signed in pencil. This print is included in the permanent collection of The Heckscher Museum of Art. Inscribed "30/60." Image size 13 13/16 x 9 1/4". Very good condition. #32147.1 $3,000.


51. Country Scene. (untitled). Peter Hurd (1904 – 1984). Color lithograph. Signed in pencil. Inscribed “AP.” Image size 18 9/16 x 26 26 9/16”. Good condition. #69562.1 $900.

52. Iceland Rocks I. Joseph Essig. Etching printed in color, finished by hand, 2014. Edition 65. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "1/65." Image size 12 9/16 x 10 9/16". Very good condition. #86794.1 $225.

53. Storm in the Mountains. Harry Wickey. Drypoint, 1935. Edition 100. Signed in pencil. Inscribed "100 proofs." Image size 8 7/8 x 12 3/4". Good condition, minor light burn. #37593.1 $950.


54. Destiny and the Stars. Henry Ziegler. Aquatint, 1927. Small edition. Signed and titled in pencil and inscribed “proof.� Image size 18 1/2 x 13 3/4". Very good condition. #26037.1 $1,900.

55. Astronaut. Letterio Calapai. Etching and aquatint. Edition 12. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "Artist's proof #3." Image size 13 3/4 x 9 7/8". Tear in the left margin repaired with tape. #84480.1 $1,450.

56. Alone Again. Gerald Scheck. Drypoint, etching, and engraving, 2005. Edition 25. Signed, titled, and dated in pencil. Inscribed "1/25." Image size 19 5/8 x 21 3/4". Very good condition. #38029.1 $600. 202-965-1818 email:


57. Ausable Lakes. John Taylor Arms. Etching with aquatint printed in color, 1921. Edition 50. Signed and dated in pencil. Inscribed "artist proof." Image size 2 x 3 7/8". Very good condition. #73437.1 $900.

58. Marking Time. Linda Adato. Color etching and aquatint, 2000. Signed, titled, dated and numbered in pencil. Inscribed "12/50". Image size 19 1/2 x 15 1/4". Very good condition. #28267.2 $450.

59. At the Window. [Chinatown, New York City.] Ellen Nathan Singer. Etching and aquatint, 2009. Edition 10. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "7/10." Image size 8 15/16 x 5 15/16". Very good condition. #66549.4 $300.

60. Back Street. Ellen Nathan Singer. Etching and aquatint, 2007. Edition 10. Signed and titled in pencil. Inscribed "5/10." Image size 11 15/16 x 8 7/8". Very good condition. #56669.1 $400.

61. The Narrow-leaved Kalmia. Dr. Robert John Thornton. Published by Dr. Robert John Thornton, London. Aquatint and stipple engraving, 1804. Printed in color and finished by hand. Plate XXVII from The Temple Of Flora Or The Garden Of Nature. One state only. Engraved by Caldwell after the painting by Reinagle. This fine publication had a total of thirty-one plates. They are among the most important (and most beautiful) botanical prints ever published. Image 18 1/8 x 13 5/8". Good condition. Original hand coloring. #19779.2 $4,500.

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The Old Print Gallery Showcase May 2015  

Volume XXXVIII, Number 2 May 2015

The Old Print Gallery Showcase May 2015  

Volume XXXVIII, Number 2 May 2015