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TheyearasPresident hasp acedrne n:r postionto obscrve theseverat intcractnq large organlsat ons.t h:rsbeena prvi eq€to be in contactw th the Schoodtitsljr€ensite around Aldenham House, to s€ethefac 1$ afforded by thr pafents for the I boysard to r€a se lhal yel againthe HaberdasheIS Company hr5 apponted r wofdcrful headmanef, JeremyGouldnq. He is to b,r foLrndleadnq rhe Schoo,cirrjngfor the teachng stafl irndncrtingotherhradsat theHeadmaners Conferrnce. Duringthcyear he hasbeensernp ayinqth€celloln theSrhooorchestra, andhelpng of OtdBoys, Dny :5 !mpire.Wilhlsobel, he hasattcnded ouf evenrs ar0 0 fne|s. TheWo6hpfulCompany oi Haberdashe6 onceagan hirvesentthe l,4aner anllotf cers to vist the I seven educatio|al insrltutions, rfd fourdthescto be qood.As partof the Companys Vl ennurn:rppeir thefcwasa concert at thc Brfbican H: n tvt;ry 1999the nusicprovdedby thc Estreeschools. N/lrN4ike Jeans, fer;red Chairmirn of Lhccoverno|s ol the BoysSchoolspokrwith ertenslvc knowedge,at theAnnuat0.f D nnc in N4ay o f t h er e b u i li dg o f t h eH a b e r d : s h H e .as o n i t s n e w s i t ne W e s t S m i t h U c d . Thef ve aclivesports c ubshaverontinredto srowenierprtse.lhe officers of eachc ub ercc0rqratLr irt€don thc rdevotion, pe|sisLcnce andleadefsh p beit n rugbyassoc :rtof lootba cf ckrl go f soclely or rif e clubsPlease conLnueto qivesupport to yoLrf sports clubsandmembe15 of theexecLrt vr committee The queston of returningthe sportsg ourd tand irt Croxda e Roa{1, ro th€ orir p an,hrsbeensuperulstd Hertsnere by d p arnings!b cornmtteeof ancxpcrlenceil O.H. cons!iant prnncr, chartefed nrrvryo, so clor and acmunranl.Thr 0.H.A.wefe fepresefted at the heirfng oi 8thlune1999by a connrtirntp anncrrnd coun5e. Inltal nrDrrssions areof a consderrblestepforward, with irn inspcctor fepoftng laLcrin the year.V\lehopeoncraqan thirlthe andwoud trenradcavaitrble for devclopnent an.l we wolrd llrer hrvethe oppoftufity to choose 3 spodsgfoundor a nrorrsutnbe s te nearby ir the county. Weneed10avod osng p 3y ng daysbecause of poo drainirqe. n connection !1,th lhehearingmustexDress qfatitude Ior theeftoftmirdei fundfa sifg, andfor nrenrbels sparing theifvr uahletlmeto rttendthe heafn(l andfof cartinucd advce provdedbyskilled mrnbersof ihesubcommlttee. Thef nalfinanciapo ft is the pfe nrnarysettifg!p of an nvenmefL s!bcomnritte€ whirh,wlth advce fromth€ schoo,is intended 10safeguard the membcrsh p feesand O.H.funds. irmdelighted !/ th thesocal events at the C LrbHousc thanksto the evcntorq:niseE andmrnagrrs, andto thenewards. Theoutside soral .ctlvties,suchrs the Eastandthe Westol Ergland dinnr6 andthe AnnuirD nncrat the Honourablc ArtilleryConrpany, wcntwe dre to goodmanaqementirnd an qratefuto the musicirns fromtheSchoo tor pfovidng entertir nrneniin ihe courtroonof the H.adquaftels Shp "Wellinqion, ai theforthcoming Ladies N ght Fridry3rdSept.t999. lhe ret fed m!sc rnasterN4f. A :n Taylor,s now fegistrar of the O.H.A. afd hopesto co lirbofate wlth schoolcomputersation and produce a un fed dirtabase and he witl encolrrage mcrnbership irndsocir activity. He hopesto havea presence rt the Schoo. please ThcSchooweb pageaddress is irsfollo\"rs: http://wwwhabsherts.sch.Lk. act on Alans irfi c e intend€d for the $,hole,nterested inembelship. Thankyoufor the privilege oi th s year,andplease contnueto enjoytakinqpartin this Associat on for yearsto conrc

I-' r ,,.(]\l'r AlanE.N40RR 5

0 l d B o y sN' o t e s1 9 9 8 - 9 9N u m b e Ir 8 8 Prcsident: Dr.A.E.MoRRIS Vice-President: A.M.NEWToN Esq. Honorary Secrelary:R.B.LYIFEsq. Beechcroft 7 U p p eH r ollis GreatMissenden 8 u c k sH. P I 69 H P Telephone: 01494 862196

Honorary Treasurrr: P.J.EGANEsq. 17aLexden Road,Colchester Essex C033PN T e l e p h o n0e1:2 0 67 6 7 2 8 8 Honorary Registrar:A.J.TAYI0REsq. 33 Ellenbrook Lane,Hatfield HertsAL]0 9RW Telephone: 01707266420 Editofof 0ld Boys' S.H.GELBER Esq. Notes: 26 St.Augustines Road LondonNWl gRN T e l e p h o n0e1:7 14 2 89 4 3 1 C l u bH o u s e :

Croxdale Road,Borehamwood Herts.WDG4PY T el e p h o n e 0 :1 8 19 5 3 1 9 8 7



E d i t o r iIa The not the end of the mil ennunr'cditon of the 0 d BoysNotesoffersthe opportunlty fof reflecton of the past,present and whatthe 21stcenturyfnay h od . Thepasts reflected by a thoughtful andilufiiiatirq essay by KenB essey who hastakenthe troubleto notedownhlsmemorrsofthe SchoolillH!mpstead sone threegeneratons ago.The at.-stchapterof the historyof the Schoo h e a d m a s tiesp r sr o vd e db yJ o h rW i q l eayn dw ea r eg r a t e f ut o b o t h o f t h e m f o r tlrer contribution to the magazine. Thecontrast betweenlfe ln the 1920s and1930s, wherthefhythrrof theSchoo wasurdoubtedly of a differertpaceand emphasis or academ c success less pronounced to that of the ate 1970sand 1980s,is strkingand raakes ar nteresting coLrrterpolnt to league tabesard Oxbrdgeentrance. Thepresents theusuareports of soca ard sport;ng activtiesundeftaken bythe ClLrband the future is a reportby N/ikrleanson the developrnent of the Haberdashers' HaI wh ch wrsthebasis of hlsspeech to theAnnualD nrerin May.

As for the m lennium there s ittle doubtthat the natLrre of the Club s changing. Withthe possib e reocationof the groundsomet meln tlrerext few years theactuarequirements of homebasevi I needto beanalysed. Ashasbeen demonstrated w th the EastandWestof Erqanddinners thrreis a needto take theAssoc atior to the menrbers in the pfovinces. Themagazlne isanopenfofumfor anycontrllent or polntsof v ewthat mayarise. Theremustbe manydisparate viewsasto wherethe 0.H.A. shouldfocusir the comirgdecades. A m norityhaveeversuqgested that the Assoclat on shoulddo awayw th the C ub House ard sportng actvitiesandshoud simpy interact L\rlth the Schoolasthe â‚Źadorganisatlon. To do th s wi I surelydestroy manyof the astingfrlerdshlps and companionshlps that havebeenforgedin postschool years. The0ld Haberdeshers'Association mustretair ts jndependerce but at the s a r i et i m ea d a p t o t h e v a r y l n d g e m a r dosf t h e m e m b e r s hoirp t m a yw e l w h l t h eor nt h ev i n e .

0 l d H a b e r d a s h eArsss' o c i a t i oBne n e v o l eF nu t nd Thisfundexists for the purpose of rendering financial rssistance not ony to 0ld Boyswhomayfind themse vesir necessjtous c rcumstarces but alsoto widows or chidrenor otherdependents of OldBoy!An income of e300- €400a years currenty evaiabiefromthe fund. TheSecretary wi I be !Jad to hear n confdenceof anye igibleandnecessitous person that lre maybeabe to help. Honorary Secretary: M.J.BOVINGTON Esq. 1 GreenLan€,CroxleyGreen Rickmansworth, Herts.WD33HR Telephone: 01923772443

H a b e r d a s h eAr s 'k e ' sL o d g eN o .3 3 6 2 TheLodge, formedin 1909isa'London Lodgemeetrg in Stlames'sStreet, London. In 1998hstorywasr.adeas ihe Lodgemet fur thr frst timeat the Schooin Elstree. Theoccasion !,ras a veryspeciaeventasa newbanner presented !\ras and dedlcated rt that meeting. Thereweresome50 rnembcfs rnd guests present to r,,,,itress the cerernony. TheLodgethanksthe Schoofor a owinqus to usethe faclitiesandit s hopedthat futuremeetifgs mayalsobehrldthere. TheLodge hods its formameetlngs fourtimesa ycaron a Saturday:rfternoon in F€bruary, Aprl, octoberandDecember A adlesurcheofisa so hed at r Lotrdon hoteL in luneor luly of eachyear. Ths yerrweshalbeonceaqainbreaknlj newground as\,rehosttheFederatlon of School Lodges ir September. y of Lodges Thlsverylargeassemb wi I beheldat rhe School andisa veryprestig ousoccasion. TheHaberdashers' AskesLodgeis opento a I o d boysoverthe ageof 2i years, members ofstaff thelrfelatlves, friends andothc6connected withtheSchoo . The feesaremodest andthenembers €njoythecompanionship of people whosupport tradltonalva uessuchascharity, neghbouriressandlnteqrty. lf anyone wishes moreintormation theycancontact thc secretary eitherat his horneaddress or at theSchool at Elstree. HonorarySecretary:D,E.TremaineEsq. 'l Sunnyview Tingewick Road Buckingham MKI I 1ST Telephone: 01280816805 (Home) 0'l81 266 1728 lwork)

TheSchoolShop It ls appafrntly genera ly not knowrthat O.H.A.,0.H.R.F.C. and0.H.C.C. |es are obtalnab e at theSchooShop. There area soavaiablea few0.H.A. centenary tjes andsweaters. Enquiries to:

TheSchoolShop,TheHaberdashers'Aske's School, ButterflyLane,Elstree, Herts.WD6 3AF

To All 0ld Haberdashers yourcommtteet invitatlonto become Youmayhaveheardthrt I haveaccept€d the HonoraryRegstrrr of the Associatlon. Followinq the inimitableNobby Tanneris ifdeed a greatchalengeand even\\,lthtodays techrooglcala ds I doubt that anyonecould matchthe vast knowedqeand networkof contactsthat Nobby developed ovefthe manyyearshe served the Associatlon. I canbut try th.rughto job do the n any way satlsfactorily I shal needa greatdea of he p from you all. Therearemanyaspects to rayro c asout inedby yo!r commttee- oneof wh ch is lo majntainc osellnkswlth the School.Havinqbeef on the staff for just over35 y e a r s ,t h i n k c a n f u l f itl h a t . 0 nm y v s i t s t oE l s t r esel n c em y a p p on t r r r e nl th, : r v e a readyrec€ived muchhe p andencourageraent lromthe Headmaster, Bursar, Doug y grateful. Yeabs ey andal the off ce staff,for which .m immens€ N4eeting a qood numberof 0 d Boysovrr lhe yea15, I havegairedthe mpression that one of the th ngsvalLred hiqhy throughmembelshlp of the Assoclatlon, is havingcurrentne,irsof the Schoo.At preselrtthis comesmairy throLr!hthis splendid magazne,editedandproduced annualy by SimonGelber. Ner'sof pastand present members of staffis a so recevedwith irterestbut at the heartof it a I s the opportunltythrough the Assocj:rt on to ma ntrif and renew frendshipswith contemporaries. It seemsto me that onc word!\rhichsumsup my job as Reqstraris CoNTACT and thirt is whereI needyour he p. lt is essentiato keeprecordsup to date and as accurate as possib e, espec aly aswe afecurrerty workirgor a prcjectto comblne our own database with the Schoos. Please let r.e krow of anychanqeof:ddress, teephonenrmber(honreor busnest,f:x number,e-mailaddress, and any othcr vital informationwhich enablesus to keep n touch r,!ithyou. lt wou d a so be interesting and useiulto haveirformationand n€r,\'s of a morepersoJral rature $rhichI $rolrd g adly passon t{r SimonG€ber shoud you so wish,fof ncLuslon n the PersonaSectjonof the 0 d Boys'Notesle.g.b rths,marriages, newsof your prof€sslon, careerachievernents, ifterrstsand actv t es [cultura];rndsportingletc. It mlght be possible to crcate n the magilzine r section("MemoryStir'??lwith (preferably nostalgic Lalesand anecdotes truel)of eventsand propledur nlJyour I me at sclrool. 0n a moreserioLrs eve,yourco[nmtt€e ]s awareof the needto encourage former pupilsto joir the Associrt on,especial y thosefromthe moredistantpastwho have not hadthe ldvantageof subscrbinqto mer.bersh p whilststill at school!s have r€ceftleavers. Ar€you in touch$rlthanyoncwho wasat schoolwlth you but who is not a mernber? f so p easeencourage themto join.Youyourself \rl I knowof ihe many th ngs the Associatlon offers, renewedcontact wth the Schoo ard plusthe regular contemporaries, th€ annuapubllcation of thissubstartiaL magazine gatherings of 0 d Boysin particular wa ks of ife, decadeand region:rl dlnners, a considerable n!mber of oth€r socia eventsand of coursrthe ilourishing sports clubs.it maybe possbleto deveop yet moresocia, sportirgandcu turalactivities if the future.Let us knouryour interests ard we $,iI seewhat can be done.l\ri I p a \ .o r l o ' Le . o - 1 l e ed r y ( . g g F . . , , 1 5 . SoonI hopeto havemy ou,ne ma address but for the presentpleasesenda I communicatons either to the Schoolor to my home address. lf you wsh to youwil probaby lird it easier telephone to reachmeat homebut furtherhop€sare that soonI shal havea coTnern the SchoolOfficew th a te ephor€andanswering machine.Eitherway, wil do my bestto respondrs quicky as possible. ook forrrardto hearingfromyou A an Tayof


PhilpandressaALTEBN4AN' BENGE Ro. andDaphne Gwef3ndKenBLESSLEY' AnneBLESSLEY PatCoOK rvllchael andolqt DICHLIAN ErcandHdgdESC0FFEY addSucPRYKT SimonGELBEF Go0Dl\4AN' Bianan.lCorinne rid Glests(31 Johf PARKER (Schoolj DavidREID PeterandPatfciaVACHER' WHEAr Geoiifey andBrenda (School) lohn W GLEY WIoZELL lam6 andfiosemary Keef WlL50N ls.hool BURY' lohn andHiaryWHLIIEN l e r e y a n dl { b e l G o U L D I N G

2nd, 1998 -The Club House,Borehamwood. Friday.October whichseems to be of WineandCheese aboutthecombinatior There s somethlng again, a and once areconcerned quiteunbeatabe as far as OldHaberdashers at the werepfesent andthelrpartne|S qoody cross-sect on of 0.H.A.membefs cheeses. of fire winesandmouthwatering selectlon to enjoyanother Clubl-louse wereon handto greetthose and hs wife Sylvia, Alan[\4orris oL]l Presidert, Newton andhiswifePat.lral therewere attenal rg-!swereVlce-PresidentAlar by the winescarefulYselect€d readyto sample inbibers overfortyenthusiastic S l m o n G e l b € fa n d t h e m a r v e l l o Lal sr r a y o f c h e e s e su,, i t h s u i t a b l e prepared for usby l\4elandPauine. accornpaniments, We weredeightedto we corlleleremyand sobe Goud ng, who broketheir pleased Wi son, to seeKaren journeyto bewlthus.In addtion,L!ewereespecially withAlanTayor'our staff,toq€ther DavldRed ard iohnW g eyfromtheSchool to be enjoyinq that they a I seerned lt wasgoodto observe new BegistraL Club Houseandwe y of the re furblshed splendours the new am d th€mselves our 0-HA rr Ll continue to support co leagues their Staff hopethat they ard functions. fromour usuaroutlnefor th 5 event,Simongavea shorttalkon In a departure and for us,cor.mentng on thelr provenance the wineswh ch he had chosen knowledge aboutwlnesandtheirconsumption passlng on sori€of hisextenslve Simon atedby usal andwe fullyexpect wasmuchapprec lnformation Hlsinslcle Cheese mole Wine and october for to offera slmllartalkwhenwe meetnext we reprirtthechoiceof $rlnes of goodthingspast{andto come?), Asa remlnder asenloyed Caves de BuxY1996 W h l t eB u r g u n d y l\,4ortaqny, 1993 lMarlborough Chardonnay, Goldwater NewZealand CavedeSaintDesrat 1995 St.loseph, RedRhone la AUStTa

Australla Peter Vacher

1995 Bln2, ShirazMourvedre Penfolds N/luscat 1996 LateHarvest BfownBrothefs

Saturday.october 17th, 1998 - Thaxted,Essex

Prcsident: A A M6.S.[4oRRiS 155)

Wechose oneof the populaf townsof Essex for ourreturnto 0.H.Eastof Engancl - not Halstead, dinners for Dunmow, butThaxted_ Thistown lessouthof Saffron Walden, andwasonceknowrfor ltsc oth,then,cutlery. Themedieva appearance of its ffteerth centuryGuldhaI isshowrin the picture, airdthe gardenaspect of Clarance House, wherewe d ned,isshown. Thehouses an example of 0ueen Annearchitecture.

Guests: Mr €tl,46 L IRODERICK {Aft

0id Habefdash€rs andtheirpartners metat 7p.m.overdrinksard hadno trouble raising thedeclbelevel. Wedlnedwe I,sefved by a loca caterer, lanBarnard. An aburdarceof giftsweredonatedfor a successful raffle- an ofentalbox for artef:cts, chocolates, wiresandspirlts. [/]r.Laurence Brodeflck formerart master andnowfTeeance,broughtsomeof h s sculpture andspokeof hisexhjbitons n Lordorandthe isleof Skye.Hebroughta prlntof otters, whichheofferedto the raffe. Thewholeevening wasaccaimedasa mostconvivlaandhappyoccasion. Some had prepared theif overnight stayln Thaxted beforehand, an{jit wasmy goocl fortuneto bethe guestof Janard Duncan l\4cLaren at thelffarmhouse in Great Saniford.

(Archivist) M( ir M6.(. C|EYNEY Mr €tMrs HOSIBIERG ( 50] [4r M.ANDREWs r\4,ft i\46.G BICGf5€) (59 [,1r€tl\4n.M. BROWN M, N.GRAY { 57} Mr it l,4E J. HAA5{ al) MLft lflK n. IAKE|\4AN {611 Mt tt N16.E.LA(ELAND {'58) Mr & M6. D.MCLAEEN {'s5) Mr tt l\46.A. NEI4TON {531 ('561 l\4rC.0GDEN Mr tt llu. G.RAIP/{'551 (60) TheR& e stLsToN ihe ReyA. SHFIMPION {'541 (',s7) N4r. €r1"46H.S[4|TH (57) M. €i [4r P SIEED Mr & [,46.I.WALKER { 54] Mr tt NrlED.WEBSTEF {'57) (56) Mr tt M6.L WHITTENBURY

Those whowoud wishanother dlnnerin a yearor two suggestecl the evenmore historic andromantic location, Cambrldge. Thiscaf bereached by rallway, andbe moreaccessib e to many,includlng thesageof Cunobe ln. 0f irterestweresomeof our frends who senttheir apooqies- l\,lLJohn Dudderidge, N4r. GeoffHickman, N/r.JohnBlackbufr, N/lr. TonyBeaumont, N4LBiI vanWe€de, N4r. ArdfewKeenleyside, lvlr.AlexBuchanan, lvlr M ke Bovington, ]\,4r. MikeDavies and[/]r.Christopher St.John. AianE.N4orris

?:sl? rt{i.t?nt AlohMontrmdhit


Presidenr: A.l. PHIPPS f68j

(Hals.School S. CHARLW0OD tl. DAVIEs[Nabs.sdrool)

H AHI/AD(93] AI]AFZAL I98) S a m i A L( 9l 5 ) !z aL r98) C BAIEs{CE.0u6tj LBTNNEY{481 K.BHATTARHAFYA f35) K.CHEYT!EY f61r94) F.C.CLAir(E 190) J.N.5. CSAWF0BD l85l 5.1.CRoNBACfT f72) K.G.DAVESI86J K.L.DAVTES I 56) (36) J-R.DAVI5 F.LDoWNES f86J PL.EVERSF ELD(93) f,4EARNEYID.K. Guest) (H.1. CEDWABDS G0dl N/r.1. ALEFf73) B FOLEY {'98] S.D.FRIEND l'73Decl 5 H OELBER I73J (H.1. l,/lGREG0BI Gu6t) ] D . MG . RIFFLTH5I32J R.N.HABRIS I84) ('68) R.B]AKEMAN D.MPADIAI91) A.H.KERSW LLf4r) 5' R M K | P P(S (R-H. D.KENDAL Gust) H.P.LANCAsIEF IglJJ 5.A.LE\f' fso) (KM-0!$rJ D.NIADDoCKS K.E.MADDoC(S f4-t AE.t408B5 l55J A G .N E W I I AIN 81) A t\4.NEWT0N f53j P PENFoLD [K.8.Guest]

Tuesday27th October1998 LordsCricketGround A wetandwindylateoctoberriqht and the historicsettingof Lord'sCricket G r o u r d p l a y e dh o s t t o t h e 0 l d H a b e r d a s h eC r src' k e t C l u b a n n u a l dtnner. Folowlnq t h e s u c c e sosf t h e q o d e n jubileedinnerthe previous yearit was D nor kartrt Bt.rdrr r.Er trtt AhndArol the unanirnous choceto returnthefeln 1998.Foran h storicsettingtherecanbe nonebetterrddedto whichthe food jsanautomatic qualty andva ue Lord's andw neareof exceptiona choice. As Pav lon is rnuscum cricket histofy and for those an addcdattraction the a of neverhavinqbeenir the LonqRoornbeforethereis the chance to treadwhere the mmortals havewalked. And so the noisygathering ate their carapesand drankther drinksin the Roonrat the top of the Pavilionrelvlngthe pastseasonand Commlttee discussing the prospects for theAshes serles in Austraia. meaaccompanied Folowlnqthef nefourcourse by nruchnoise andla!ghterthe President of the CrcketClubAlar Phipps rosefor the onlyformalspeech of the evenng.Hebeganby mentjoring the playlng recordof the C ub withthe lst Xl f rishng a respectab whichwasa mostcredltable c 7th in the Herts.League effortafterthr tenmhadbeenstor€lastafters x weeksof theseason. T h e2 r d X l h a d n o t f : r e d s o w ef l n i s h n g i n t h er e e g a t o n z o n ea n dw o u db e playrg r Divison 3 n 1999.Thcyw€resom€whatunfortunate n thattheywere badlyaffected by the pooravalabI ty ir bothteamsat the startof the year. Howevcr sldeAlanwasp eased to reporton the hugesuccess of on the positivc the Zlnbab!^re tour hed overthe NewYearwherethe Clubhad encountered shongrcprcscntativc sidcsincludingcurrentZimbabwe test someimmensey nalchandoncdayinternatona p ayers. Butihetwentypeope whowentonthe of a wonderfucountrywherethe tflp rll! r€verforgetthe sightsandsounds frorathe hostswasncvefanythinql essthanoverwhe m ng. welcorae Thehuqecontribution of Nobbly Tannrrto the Club ovrr fifty yearshad beenmarkedby the cornmssioringof a trophyto be p ayed for on 0 d Boys'Day betweenthe three Xls of the Schooand the 0 d Boys.lt ls a handsome trophyand a fittinq tTtoure,

w . B U s S t t(L9 2 ) D.sEcAL(A.WGuen) P C S N | E L(LsS2 ) F.fl SN'l TH( 81) ['].1tAYLo8f93l

Turnng to the Clubawards, A an m e n to n e d the overall disappo ntingbattingln 1998but o n c e a g an t h e b o w n g w a s dominaled by the veteranNlike frorr r.ij(.ir, Chrm, fttr l?.he4 rlrdtf -/ol.&n 6 e r f fL i r h . d / i , d r r d r , o r

Filerwhohadbeennjuredfor the wholeof the first half of the season but his returnhad a n i n m e d i a ti en p a c ta n dh a d helpedthe C ubs riseup the leaquetabe to its successfu finalposlton. Continuing Alan was pleased to makethe awardfor the younqpayer of the yearto lrM.n,born rd,5fii.rr, 8ob Lrodl AhadAfza for whathadbeen a mostencouraging srasonculminatinq in his nradencenturyfor the 2nd Xl durlngthe tourfixtufeagainst Upotteryn August.t washopedthat hewould go fromstrength to strength.

kar Bhsl?r nnlt t. sr,h t(r

Flnay the Donaid Blessley Memofa Trophy which s in the g ft of thc Presdert of the Cf cketClub wasto go to oneof the unsung heroes of theC ub. Not to a lst Xl p aycrror cvcna reqular2ndX raember but to Someore who s alwaysavalabe to play,scoreandeveror occasions to umpire. To someone who had captared thr 3rd X for two yearsrrd who wasincidentaly one of thc thrce brave[or idioticJ sous who had bunqeejuriped from the VictorlaFals bridgeon the Zinbabwe tour.Thedescfved a\,\rard wentto SimorLe\

With that Alair thanked everyone for attending, hoped that the restof the evening woud be enjoyedby al and sat down to eaveal those p r e s e n t c o n t e m p l a t et h e forthcoming Ashestour and a n t l cp a t e b y h o w m a n y matches the Testseries would b ew o r l


(55) Alar E.filoFRIS


w 7d,)

AlanM.NEWI0N i'53) RogrrB.LYLE { 55) P JohnEGAN [56]

(Srund i,4ster,Scieic) s nion BOYES slepherD.CHARLWO0D i/c {l,4aths, l emyW.R C 0 U I D I N{ G HeadmAtef) hobelG0ULDlNC FrankH HANBRIoGE {Englshl (Feired) StuaftI4OOAE Ph ip H PARR ai {Ck$k' Chalfman DavidFEID{Ecoiohicsl (F. Cc.F.Arny) 4r* LLoYD-W||L|AMS KarenF.\llLSoN(Scien€ €tC.C.F F.A.F) (Head SteFhen WILSoN ofJu.iorScboll1 Douglas.l. WHITTAKEF [Mdthemat]cs, C.C.tNalyl fi4arlin s.8AKE8f78 Pres.o.H.R F.C.l (e th G.CHEYNEY (Hon.Archivist) ( asJ' NeilFoRSYTH BfanA. GOoD[rjAN 1',3e)" Maitii F.HILL{'841 jAKEMAN C.Bodney B. {'61)' Davld. A. lArMEs i,r7)' RkhaidJ.l\,4AFIrN {'89) ('571 Geofi0GDEN JohnR.PAFKEF {'s6l AlanL PHIPP5 {'63P/es.0.N.CC) Kdvln5. Pl(E{asl Pde,I STEVENS0N {461 (Hon.Begistfa, AlanIAYLOF ( 55)' PtlcrLl VACHER (55)' CeoffI Y\IHEAL

Friday.13th November1998 - The Club House,Borehamwood Thesecond 0.H.A./Common RoomDinnertookplaceat the ClubHouseon13th November 1998.A respectab e musterassembled: thirteenfepresentatives fronl the Common Roomandtwentyofe fromthe o.H.A.t wasinteresting to note that the guest ist pacedfofmerComr.onRooTn mernbers KeithCheyney and AlanTayor anrong the old Boys;thesegertlerner havea foot in bothcamps so it is a moot poirt for the constitutiona istsbut a happyilustrationof that qrowngsupport bet!,reen 0ld BoysandStaffthatthishappyoccasion celebrated. l,4eland Paulineworkedthejf cu nary miracesand an excelent mea was enjoyed. Afterthe sperd d repastdinefswereentertained by styishandwitty speeches fror. bothCommon RoonrandO.H.A. Dr StuartMoore, for the School, speak irgasar h storian, observed whata privlegeit wasto encounter the" jving (a sentimertthat moresenor nembers h story"that the 0 d Boysrepresented present mayhavethoughta tr fle two-ed9edll. A second d nnertweve raonths afterthefirsttakesusfromprecedert to patternl longmayth s eventfloursh ard growirto a tradtion. F f a n lkl anb i dg e

Chatered, Surveyors

"Old Boysin the propefiy game" (established 1854)

Crown House . 265/ 261KentishTorur Road Londo! NWt 2TP Telephone 617 r-267 zoTr Fax orTr-4818488

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Philip Altennan F.R.Lc.s. (O.H.) . Dayid HeasmanF.R.I.c.s. (O.H.) . EIic Harvey r.s.v.A.(OId Millhlian$ . Alan Harvey Bsc.A.R.Lc.s. ,4sociatesldward J. Starey TechRICs

LEVERTON & SONSLTD Independent FuneralDirectorssince1789 Ownedandmanagedby the samefamily for eightgenerations.

Keith and Clive Leyerton (both Old Haberdashers) own and run this old-establishedprofessionalCompany. Basedin North-West London we are always on call to respondto the needsof our clients anywherein the U.K. or abroad. We are availableto make arrangementsat our officesor your home, if preferred. We offer Golden Charter Pre-Paidfuneral Plans and are always willing to discussthese,without obligation. We are staunchly independent and are not part of any p.l.c. or group.

We canbe contactedat our HeadOffice on,

Tel: 0171-3876075 212 Evenholt Street,London l\[Wl lBD Fax: 0l7l-383 5473 listedbelow; or throughanyof ourbranches 8008 mNItON 39BrentSteet,NW43ED 01E1-202 624 Finchley Roa4 l.IWl l 7RR 0181-455 492 GOLITDRS GREEN MUSWELL ffILL 1 Denma* Terrace,FoftisGr€e4N2 9HG 01t1-4445753 EAMPSTEAD l8l HaveEtockHill, NW3 4QS 0171-5864221 GOSPELOAK 164Mal&n Roa4 NW5 4BS 0171-4851969 I(ENTISE TOIVN 149KentishToE'|lRoadNWI 8PB 0171-4851266 trOLLOWAY 163York Wav.N7 9LN 0171-2843359

GOLDENCHI{RTERFe-arrargedFuneralPlans arcayailableasDartof our servic€.

igOgri l---------f


Importers & Manufacturers Agents of Fine Ceramic - Porcelain Gres and Natural Stone Wall and Floor Tiles Head OfJice: 18, Edgewarebury Gardens EDGWARE - MIDDLESEX HA8 8LN Tel:0181-9054779 Fax:0181-9584809 Mobile: 0850 488 477

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A oonyll.s.Aiexande. {621 TimAlexand((GustA.J.5.A.I RonA. Benqe {'38) (7sl {Gust B:A.B.I lonalha.Howard S.Dou!ras cohei ('371 r,/khael-W Cohen(731 Rabert J.Cohen{98) FexC Hdris(45) Chn5l.K.Naris{'711 KeilhD.Harfs ( 741 N e i l Ar.r r i s { ' 7 9 ) ( 471 CeoffC Hick.,ran DavidC.Hlckmaf('731 c Bodney B.J.keman t61) Richafd B lakeman(Guest C.R.BJ_) ('65) |\4dce!H.Landau Jonathan L.ndau( 9€l lanMccanhy(Guest l.RPl A r a nE .[ 4 o r r t(r5 5 J { 0 . H .PAr .e ! d e n i Ak:rndo Scho(nfe1d {cust AE M.l .lam6L S newolds{'451 %ul Reyno dsi83l {GustJ.J.S.R.l ilfr K.Taipey {83- schoolMasted AndrcwL larpey{'97) (561 JohnR.Whlttenbury yihitte,rbu.y Sicphcn {Guenof LR.WI Douqlasl.Yeabsley{'64-schoo Mster) ('9lJ l\4rchreL Yeabsley

Friday. 5th February 1999TheClubHouse, Borehamwood Thrty peopleacceptedthe President's invitatlonto attendthe third successive anniversaryof this revived event. Regfettably GeoffBenge wasstruckdown w i t h b r o n c thi s a t t h e a s t m i n u t e , however 29 isstllla record. Aan l\4orris welcomed the fllembers to theClubHouse whohadstarted to gather from 7.30p.m-and the companysat down to enjoy an excelentmeal accompanied by wines, follow€dby lqueursandcoffee. Speeches werekeptto ar absolute nainimum but the Pr€s dentdiddrawourattention to somenotabe statistics. RexHarrismanagirg onceagaifto 'table'a fu I houseof threesons. Douglas Cohenwith hissonN/ichael andgrandson Robert who hadjust left the Schoolbecamethe flrst everthreegereration/representatives to attendth." event.lohn Pafker's sonAndfewcouldnot nrakethe tr p from Scotandso the Chairman of the 0.H.R.F.C., lanIVlccarthy stoodin asproxyl A an particularly welcomed f rsttlmersto theevenirgandhopedthatapartfronl the assembled company all thosewho received irvltations thisyearcouldmake it nextyearpushing the nurabers evenhlgher. lf youwouldI keyournameto be addedto the invitationistplease rlngRodney B.Jak€man on 01923BS5t23. lt is not essential for bothpartles to haveattended the Schooandyouareprornised an enjoyable evenlng aswel asbeirgmadeverywecome. Rodney B.Jakeman




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Friday.16th April 1999 - Trull, Somerset 0ur second dinnerwasheldin thevery centreof the reqion,at TruI rear T a u n t o n ,a n d t h i s m a y h a v e contributedto the very gratifylng attendance which at forty-two exceeded the statedcapacityof the festaurant by twol We were honoured by the presence of not orly our Presidert and hlswifeSylvia, but the Vice-Pres dent,threepastpresidents, one formerHeadrnaster and two forfaerSchooCaptainsl Wesat downto an excelentmeaaftera veryactivepre-prandial apertivesessior durn! whichold acq!airtarces wererenewed andsomenewonesmade.AfterdinnerPresident Alan gaveus his assessment of the cufrentstateof tlre Association and the Executive Conrmittee's plansfor thefuture.

nodneylakemana.d Gillian John Whitienburyand son,stephe.

Roberiand Vrfonicac6bb lUmberleighl lljchre Dae fauitof] lsry rnd WefldyField{Starcfos) loh. and AnqelaFoster{Axmo!th) Stepheirnd \4aryGruier (Yeovl Gmhamand [,,Tary ]on6 (Axmlmterl lohn and Prmrla KnowlesBrown

t urasveryencouraging to seea number tsldmouth) of newWestCountry O.H.A. facesat this Everettand Afrbra Lateland enjoyabie p:rticular y asr,\re occasion, missed sofaeof our rnerabers who woud (Wer$mevisitoEiofr Edqware) normallyhavebeen regarded as certaintesfor this event,had not other DavidLangmeadand 1,4u.Raye commitments prevented their attendarce. The presencâ‚Ź of our distinguished g!estsfromotherregofs of theAssoclation y to ourerjoymert Kenandlackie L.we {North added considerab andtheywi I knor!howwelconetheywereandhowgratefuwe arethat they Boband 5hifty Milriqaf{PooLe) Davidand Ga odell {Falnouthl rnade theeffortof traveI ng to the WestCountry. TheExecutive Commtteeof theAssoc atior havedecreed thatln future,regional year, dirnerswl I beheldevefysecond urhlch y n 2001. w I makeouf nextassemb f ary Wâ‚ŹstCountry member hasanyrepresentat onsto makeor thispointor any 0thercomrnents or suggest ons,please contact TerryField(0.H.A. West Co-0rdinator) "Langdale", The Strand,Starcross,Exeter, DevonEX68PA Telephone 01626-89031 9

Alan aid liz Reeve(Truntonl R . q e ra n dM a q g i e Simons

Johnandloyee5late{Exmouth) leff afd Jan Warei {Trurc)

D r A EM o R R(I 5S€ ) D,G.C. INGLEFIELD (i\4asief of the Haberd6hGcompany) or BoVs P.WBEDFORD {Chalrman -rwR. G0UL0ING {Headman(l (A$istant cklk for Schools) I MARSH (School D.HART Captainl P ALITBIV'IAN I49f M.S.BAKEB 173] MJ. BOVINGION I5TI F.C.PBR00KHOU5E f63l s.N.tBRoOKH0USE f73 ].R.BUSTARD T59) (79) A5. CAsPARI D.CHANDARIA I93) (371 TH.CUNToN J W.COCGTNS f46l tw coHEN {60) (,54) H.E.COUCH 5.1.CRONBACN UlJ (Headmastq 87-e7)' A.K.DAWSON PJ.EEAN( 56I 5.8.ENGf47) (457 N,FORSYIH 5.H.GELSER f73) (staft tH. HANBIDGE DJ.HEAS]\4AN [59) F.PC.HEW]TT I47] W FULL(Gu6t) lr.A HYlvlAN f74) SS,HY]\TAN I39) . K E M AI N CR . B] A 61I R.IAK€N4AN {Gu$l) D.A.IAMIS f46f €7 97J N4.H.V.IEANS ioovefnor B .K E H I nf A 93l D.G.KENWAFD I43) R]V].KIPPS I55J c.A ttvERr0Nf59l R.B.IYLE fs5) (Guenl D.MADDoCKS K.I'IADDOCKS I44J (Feadmsier731871' B.HMcGOWAN tv. t tRArf93l G.I\4UKHEY I93) A e5. NEW|\4AN f74i A. NEV\TON 15' O , KO G D EI N 57J K.S.PIKEl45l (Cuenl R.R08lNsoN PC.5HELLS f52l n . Ms t M 0 N f56 0 J N.SIAGG I72J PJ5sIEVENSON I,16I ('a S, J.5WAFFIE Lo Dl A.SWANN I7i] A.l.TARPEY { 971 (Sraff 83 ) I TARPEY (Guestl TAITERSALL J.A.R. A B.w.TAYLoF {sirif 61-961 N5(Guestl M.ToNIPK (Gudstl I ToWERS PJ.SVACHER I55I D.WWELLS I4 T (55] G.I WHEAL A,I WHITE 1467 J,B.WHIITENBURY I56] K.WIL5ON [St!ff 88 ]

Friday,7th lMay,1999 - The Honourable ArtilleryCompany A l t h o u g ht h e s p i r i t u a h o r . e o f t h e 0 l d AnnualDinnerlemalnsat the Hab€rdashers' verue Hallits currenttempolary Haberdashers' in Finsbury e ArtileryCornpany of the Honourab S q u a r ei s a h i g hy s u i t a be a n d a t t r a c t i v e to walk a ternative.lt ls alwaysa surprLse . - ' o t g f t r e o a . ed, r d5 e et t e \ d ( to t e e ro l a v : 1 0 Thesightof fieldsarnongst the officebulldings. a the Territorassettng out on ffan0euvles that cortfastto the hiqhrlsecapitalsm strange rt, surr0unds

PrJidflri rdhf rqor rij.nn i,.lrrn,,q flt al tht 1aaCltb ta tnhr tag1tr.

1999wasa fine on Fflday7th [\,4ay Thel01stdlrnerandthe thlrdat the H.A.C., Room a !reatsetting the Lonq and wine and excel ent food with again evening for a fe\,! unable to aitend facts who had been good some old to see andit was years, aswel asthe Cornpany the School for the old Boys, The€venrg is a showcase Ths yearthe durlngthespeeches. for a bit of self-conqralulation andthechance the SchoolGovernors' Company of Haberdashers, tripletoastto the Wo|shipful of the Assocaton'Aan proposed the Vlce-President by School was afd the of the presence in the Cityof London a had been Newtonwhonotedthat there years of the The charitab e support past 600 for the greattweve Companies evement y the academlc ach and Company to al theschoos washuge important y outstand nq of the Estreeschoolwasabsolute alsopaidtributeto the DrvldInglefield of the Company, the N/aster In response recordof the Schooloverthe yearsandw th that he was wonderful scholastlc delghted to highlght the preserceof the two restingard one seNing nea0maste15,

TheSchoolCaptain, DavidHa|tas is a waysthe cascat thisoccasior gavethe audience anerudite summary of theSchoo'sevents andachievements duringthe years. Suche oquence nowappears to bethe traitof currentHaberdashersl FinalyJeremy Gouding,the headmaster duringhissperchpaidtributeto the y retiredlongstanding threerecent members of staff-John Carlton, Keih Talbot and Derek5wann.In particularhls admiration of John Carlton,s abilityto organseailevents, incudirgthatof a royalvist onthebackof anenvelope, new no bounds. As in the prevousyearsleremyoutliredthe ranqeof activtiesthat the School hadonceagainbeennvoved n h ghlighting thewinners of theEnglshSchools PubllcSpeaking competit on out of an entryof 500andthe outstandlnq season that bothDeanWilsorandlineshAminhadhadfor the crlcket1stX in 1998 with Deanscorlng morerunsthananyotherschoobatsman in the countryancl J neshtakingthe secondh ghestnumberof wickets. Thewaterpoo tear.a so hadcontinuinq success andtheSchooteamin the Physjcs 0lympiad hadwon t 2 awaI0s. I\4oreimportantly thouqhwasthe School's awareness of its community spiritandtheheartthat beatswithinit that makes it sucha vibrantirstitution. Thetoastto the old Haberdashers' Associat on wasmadeby MikeJeans whoprefaced hisremarks by etting thosepresent knowthat he wasan honoraryod boy bul onâ‚Ź who paida subscription andasa guestat the dirnerhadsomewhat foo ishy

volunteered to talk about the progress of the new Hab€rdashers' HaI and it was a dauntingtask to feate the historyas he urasln the presence of ar ex-headmasteT, ex-head of history and ex President of the Association, KeithDawson whowassureto te I himif hegot the storywrong. Mrker,r M r r e r , r .dre.ir,g0 h e . [ , , g oire, e , Ira.a a . arfir

n ioonrDneHo


P.er Yd.hv

t h e H a l w a sc o n p e t e d the Anfua Dinrerwouldreturnthereand that the Company, Schooland the Association couldworkasa threewayentity.Hetoasted the continung success of the old Boys'Association. of [/likeJ€ansremarks regarding [A full transcript the Habefdashe|S'Hall appears on page22 in the maqazineJ. In response the Pfesident, A an lvlorris thanked l\,4 keJeans for histhoughts ard the updateon the Hal. In hisspeech he madespecial rnention of the workof RogerLyleandJohnEganas secretary andtreasuref of the o.H.A.who did so muchto ensure thecontlnuirg success cf theAssoc at on.Hewelcomed al those presentto this the h ghpont of the yearard brieflysummarised the latest positionregarding the projected sae of the groundandthe cortinuingappea against the loca authority decision. Alar wasalsopleased to beableto we corneAlanTayor who hadaqreed to fll the positon of registrar andwoud nowhavear officeat the Schoo . Withthat the President thankedal thosepresertfor attending the dinrerand r0pe0 €veryone w o ud e n j o y t h e restof the evening at tlris prestlg ous occasion.

Drritl H.ttnnrn ard Martir Eok! ptnyinq '.issa., portL iarr

As you will seefrom this arrayof picturesby our residentcameraace KelvinPke, our lunchesfor 'retired' 0.H.invafiably attracta consderabe arrayof thegreatandthegood,notto say,therevered andthe readiy avallab e. We'vebeenrurningtheselunches for sixytursrow and lt's been our pleasure to attract many 0d Haberdashers to theseeventswho mightotherwise onlyvisltEstfeeon rareoccasiors. ltjustgoesto show how far 0.H.will travelfor !n excelent,value-for moneyluncharnidthe riqhtkindof companyl As f to e m p h a s steh i s ,K e n B e s s e yo f t e nl o n s u s f r o m Chichester and our other 'reguars'includeDavid lh. o$enbhd r,i.,r.oi drti Cogqins whocomes downfromCambridge, JohhEgar whodrivesacross fromColchester, JohnGibson !^rhonipsoverfromChelmsforcl andlohn Bustard whotraves up (viapublictrarsport) froinCroydon. lt'salsoour ' sl p e c a ' g u e s t s p l e a s u rt o e w e l c o r noec c a s o n a a I d w e g r e a t ye r j o y e dt h e spriqhtlypresence in Aprilof JohnDudderldge, who remains easlythe most energetic 92 year-old that you'reeverikelytomeet. Fof a I that, and however conviva the occason,it's the qualityof the unches themselves, usualy prepared by Pauine [andson]etimes by N4elwhichattractsthe p audits. mostconsistent We owe them (andtheir many hepersla considerab e vote of thanks.t wasEricPurcel w h oh a dt h e i n i t a i d e af o r r J h rD u d r - r i ' ! r ! e s m 0 ' fier Hrr6 rrd ftr, the lunchessix yearsago a n d w e v e r u n t h e r n e v e r s rrcaei ls n g a u s e fsuu mf o r 0 . N . Af u. r d sa l o n gt h e \ray whie thorouqhly enjoyirgourselves ir easy-going fashior.Our numbers usualy runto 25 or morepersitt nq ard we meets x or seven tirnesa yeaf. 0ur next urch issetfor 15thSeptember andwe'lalsogatheraqan in Octobef and December. you'rehungryfor cornpantor just hungry,do corne Whether a onqif you'refree cal PeterVacheror0lSl 4286060or EricPurce I on 0'1923 22126Afat yout 'pf oritybooklng' you a jo ly goodlunch andwe'l gltafantee andsomecheery company. Peter Vacher

r+ier stv.,Jo"

?ifr 8er ,o'tr

At t Nr||ttn NettFarth lrdfraLinMrthe||


rsten o (r, gers/ef

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o n a n â‚Ź ws i t e A n e wb u i l d i n g Background 1940wherthe firesstartedby the bombs It,r!asthe evenn9 of 29thDecember hlstorc site Hal on theCompary's to Haberdashers' spread ln theCityof London y interest rg the rongates thoLrgh dcstroyed, lt l\,aseffectively r Slanifg Lane. r,\'h]ch provided security to the froft doorssurvivtdandhavefoundtheI wayto theYc!n sti bt seenon the wal \,,rhere School ln N4onnlouth the Habefdashers of the School. tlho had bet$reen the Cofrpanies Afterthe \flar thefewasff endlycompetitlon !\rasnot rich ostHals to scewhocoud bc up andblrldingfirst.TlreCompany book.But t teamtdup wth Lega!and and coud not jLrstpul out ts cheqLre of thes te n StaningLaneto buid \]ho wefeg venthe lease GeneraAssL[ance an off ce b ock,on condtion that on part of the s te a new Hal \/oud be Horseandwil havt caledGarrard Thatbu ldingl,\'as pfovdedfor thr Conpany. a new thuscreated TheCompanY of theAssoclatlon. memofesfor rnanymenbers ts financa andotherequlbr umsafterthe holnefor ltselfwhie it recovered theSchools andtheChafites ofsupportlng W:r andgot backto ts rllaI nterest for whicht stafdsTrustee. havea fln te conmtrcialI fe.Firmsn theCitYnowlook al off ceblocks Ho!,rcvef, qLrick constructiof for argedealnq f oofs!\rth a]tsof lnformatonTcchnology, a ,p p r o a c l et hd e c e .g aa n dG t n e r aal ,s h e a de s s e e e n ds m p e m e i n t e n a n L to Company to set or what termsthey uroud be pernritted Haberdashe5 was mindfuthet t feededthe nloney' House. TheColnpany, redeve op Garfard opnlentb!t wasnot:]rxlousto set a newHaI put up and not averse to redeve nagotlated that,for a knocked dowr every40 yeas in the future.Wetherefore prlce,the Company,or d nrakethe bravedecison to rer.ovtthe Ha fronrits - andbu ld a HaI e sewhere in the City site- (butrctalnthe ffeeholdl hlstoric or war'coud of Lofdonthat wasfreestandln!and barrrg file flood,accldent Thisdecsior wasmadein 1996The provicJe a onqternrhomefor the Company. yeaf and set up tempolalyresdenccn that old Ha I ater Comparyleft the lol a ne,r\r slte lts search whi e t started Bartholomev/ Closc TheSite partof the Cty.0pposltt andinterestinq A suitabks te wasfoundin an ancient o f S m i t h f e lm d e a rt l l a r k ent a s t r e t t H o s p l t a l n d j u s t s o u t h 5 t .B a f t h o o m e v ! s ght brickofflceblock e storey of tht centurY e d, was a turn ca LedWestSmlthf to the Vtstey headquafters home and wh ch had bcen calecl\'!eddelHouse r , ^ r h o s e i n c l u d e G d f e y h o u nl ndn a n c e f t t i t e l a r g e s i t e q r o u pB. e h i ntdh a th y a Trustees of Barts from the Specla That []as bought iard and GeorgeYard. granted by 1547 when it was hands slnce not changed Thesitehad Hospital. t n the Refornration he had acqulred after Hospital HenryV to Barts. fof the HaI andafter ongreqotiation Thes tr itsellwasbiggerthanwe needed to turn with a residtftialdeveloper r,\resuccessfu an aqreerllent ly reached wh st \\re modeln apartraents block irto WeddelHousefrom a defurctoffice where s te ard dec ded Hav ng bouqlrt the builta HaI behnd that deveopmert. further' a desi!rto takethe process the Hal wasgo ng to go,we nowneeded TheDesign wel Hopkins, the designwasSir IVllchae to Lrndedake selected Thearchltect Glyndebourne lege Cambr dqe and Emanuel Co kfownfor the ne$rbuidinliat 0peraHouse.

Thedeslgrisverysimple. Youwi I enteroff WestSmithfield throughanentrance that qoesurderWeddel House on groundf oor levelandthensteplntoan open courtyard surfounded by colonnades bearing the newHaland associated offices on two floor5all lookinginwards to thiscourtyard andgarden area.lr essen{:e, it wil bea secretopenspacein the middleof the Cityof London. Asyoustandat theentrance of thecourtyard, onyourleft:nd opposite wi Lbethe offlces of the ClerkandCompany Staff.0n yourI ght will bethe entrairce to the Hal withan enclosed 0rangery that looksout overthe garders, cloakrooms andthestaircase to theupperevelwhefemostof thepublicrooms w I be.Whenyouafriveat the - or ift according top of the staircase to yolrrenergy therewi I be a arge galeryon onesideof the courtyard reception on the lst floor andthe Court Room, Committee Rooms andLurcheon wll beaccessible fromthat gallery. W th panelinq ard the royalportraits,t largew ndowslookingoverthe courtyard, shoud be an impressive galeryandturning space. At the endof the reception left you wi I enterthe LiveryHaI itsef Thlsagainwi I have argew ndows o v e r o o k l nt hq ec o u r t y a a r dn dw l l b e p a n e l e dn c l u d i nt gh ep i t c h erdo o f F . ats for the MasterandBeade wi I alsobe provided on the 1stfloor.Thâ‚Źfourths de will provde a dispay areafor the Company plateandtreasures, a snraI ibrary wherepeoplenraywork quietly,and a drawlngroorllfor use by Company menbers. T h es i d eos f t h eH a l b u id i r gw h i c hw i I o o kl n w a r di sn t ot h eg a r d ew n ilbeof brickwlth a eadroofand,althoughit wi I be overshadowed by the residentla storiesof WeddeHouse, lt wl be an attfactlveand prvatespacewith an interesting design that refectsa Compary whlchlooksto itsfutureaswe I as ts past.

,' ; j'

-... | :;

Thefuture Thecloseand continued involvemert with a I the Haberdashers'schools is af important wayof keepng the Company faceto facewith realityandthefuture. Whenthe new Hall is completed in 2001or, perhapsmorediplomaticaly, sometirne in the nextI\,4llenniurf, we hopethat you will enloythe opportunity to holdyourdinners thereard takeprldein yourschool, the old Haberdashers, Association ard theirinvolvement with the Company. I\,4keJeans




i j

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Mr.B.H.McGowan M.A.

B.H.MCGOWAN, 1973-1987 AlthoughMr Mccowantold Skylarkthat "a headrnastef s not an autocrat u,th tota power"a headmasterand hisstaffoftenbehaveas if he is. Whenan od headmaster leavesand a new headarrivesmost teachers wart to get" n" withthe ne!\rman.Todo sosomete I hln what theythinkhewantsto hear, othersidertifytheirowninterests withthose of the schoo, andadvise himaccordlngly. Confused by thesecourtersa head,particularly onecoirfidertir hisownjudgemeftard firm ln hs principles, cantakedecsionswhichmakeor marrany pupil'seducation andanyteachefs career. Born in 1924,Mr. N4cGowan attendedKng Ed\\rafd Vl's Schoo], B i r m i n g h awmh,e r eh i sz e aal ss c h o ocla p t a iena r n ehdl mt h en i c k n a m e "Nimrod" 1945and ]946 he waswith the [themightyhuntef].Between RoyalArtileryin ndiaand Burma,and in 1947took h s B.A.at Jesus College, Cambridge. From1949he taughthistoryand latin at Kinq's Schoo,Rochester, and in 1953becrmeheadof Historyat Wrl asey Grafllmar Schoo. lr 1957hewaspromoted to beheadmaster of DeAston Schoo,N4afket Rasen, and ln 1964movedon to be headof Solih!l S c h o oFl .r o m1 9 6 8t o ' 1 9 7 h 0 ew a sa l s oa r . e r . b eor f t h e P u b l iSc c h o o s Commission. ThuswhenN4r. Mccowan left Solhu I andarrvedat Habefdashers' n September 1975he had a werlth of experience at his disposa,but faceda pecullarly complex irstitutlon. N4ost heads of department wereyounger menwhohadbeen appointed by Dr Tayor andtheyr^rere s ow to accepthissuccessor. 0rly two left in Mr.N/ccowan's time,so hefoundit dlfficultto exefcise hisfu I authority over d€partments. l\4ost housenasters ard the headof lowerschoowereof a s ightly oldergeneration, but thcirpositiorhadbeeneroded by DaiBarinq,theforceful Second Master, whohadqathered discipinaryandpastoraresponsibility intohis own hands.HefeI\4r.lvlccowan hadmoresuccess: littleby ltte he appointed younger houser.asters, andwhenDaiBarlirgretired ln 1982someof theSecond l\4aster's manydutiesweredevovedto the rew postof Headof Midde School, whichwasintended to coordinate ard support the effortsof hard-pressed form teachers. N4r.I\4ccowan enjoyedpatronage. CleverSoihullold boyswereappontedto teachengllsh, history, andrelgiousstudies. Ab e Jesus menwerepromoted to be headof careers, and of Lowerand MiddleSchool. At lelst threeof his oth€r appoint€€s haveeventua ly becomeheadmasters themse ves,one at Adams' Grammar School- anotherHaberdashers' school- aganst whlchthe Estree Schoolhascompeted at fugbysircethe highlysuccessfu annualFraser Bird Rugby VllTournanrent waslnaugurated in 1974. TheHaberdashers'staff changed in character andstyle.Seventeen newteachers afrivedat the sametlme as Mr. Mcco\,!an, and neithertheir ideasror their peEona itlesViefeeasilyabsorbed. DavidScott,the charisraat c new chapair, alarmedsorneestabishedteachers but achieved distlnctlon by wnning the Sunday Timesnationalpoetfycompetiton. TheSchoollosta uniquefund of abilityandwisdomas menwho hadfoughtin the Second WorldWarretlred "TEC"Carrington, Nck ClarkeLowes,Tomny Sanderson, Frank5mith,and "Auntie" Wilatt.Thenurllber of womenteachefs in themalnschool(onen 1973) s ow y rose.

Theboyschanged too.Theculturalupheav:ls of the iete 1960shad run theircourseby the late 1970s: ong hairand oud musichtd beenasslm latedinto conventronal suburban life.As l\,4rs. Thatcher ralied thr Conservat ve Partyard led it to vlctoryin 1979 rF,\^.

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h a r dh e a d e dv a l u e so f G r a n t h a ra. n d F i n c h l e y . Continu ty remainedn the form of a deceptively cirsuaatttudeto work,and the presence of many b o y so t o u t s t a n d i nagc a d e m iacb ii t y . i t i s n o co ncdencethat the admlssions tutorsof at least iorr OxfordColegesare0 d Haberdashers. Schoo drama,musicand spoft flourishedmore strongythan everbefore.llnderStephenW kns' directon schoop aysrivaledWestEndproduct ons ln quality.After the lW. TayorlvlusicSchoolwas o p c n e dn 1 9 7 6A l a r T a y o rr a p i d l e y x t e n d ehds nrusical repertoire, an achievenrent acknowledged in 1982whenhe wasappontedN4.8.E.. As headof PE. D a v i dD a v i ecso a c h etdh e l s t . X Vt o 6 5 u n b e a t e n matches from october1973to December 1977,a recordwhichwi I surey neverbe equaled, et alone overtaken.

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N4r. McGowar gavehisfu I support. Teachers fecaI that heattended alnrost every play and concert,afd afterwards entertained convivialyand generously, y assisted enthusiastical by h s w fe Pat,in theserming y ever-open Heaalmastefs House. Oldboysremember that ir Monday assembles he pnidcloseattentiorto thegames announcerllents andcopied the fesuts intohisfixturecard.A rumber of rugbypayersrerllinlsce abouthis partjcipation in one of Dougyeabsley's r.emorab e sportstouTs to the FarEast. Amidstallthisactivlty, I\,4r l\,4cGowan knewthatthefourdatjon of Haberdashers, loca and natonalreputatonwasits academcsuccess. After the Girls'Schoo novedto Estreeir '1974time-tabed co operation wasconfnedto sixthform General Studies. Whenthe abourgovernmert endedthe clirect grart system in 1976Haberdashers reverted to fu I indeperdence andthe two schools ofganiscd a lo nt appeawhlchraised e420,000 to provide bursaries. In 198tNilr. N4ccowan welcomed the Consefvative government's Assistecl Places Scherne, and n the sameyearHaberdashers'topped the onlyschools' eaguetablewhichexisted at that time,the one for exhbtionsand schoarships to oxfordand Cambridge Universit es. l\,41I\,4cGowan believed that one of the foundations of c0ntlnued academic success wasgoodadministration andorgarisaton. He ssued a newprospectus_ - ensured to attfactmoreapplicants that feports werepriftedor bothsides(to allowteachers to gve fulleradvicel, separated the 68 from the 64 parents' Evening {tothe sameeffectlandput the mastern charge of GeneraStudies in charge of Subsidiary Subjects aswell- to improve attendance. Afterappointng JohnCaretonto succeed DaiBaringasSecond [,4aster N/]r. N4ccowan suppofted Johnspolicyof clarifyinq the patternof assemblles to reduceearlymorninq confusion, and producirga staff handbook to establish basicpfofessiona fequirements andstandards.

yearsasheadmaster N4r. [,4cGowan's co ncidedwiththosrof thr anonyrnous genefoslty donor'sextraordlnary to the Schoo. n 1 9 7 7t w os q u a scho u r tw s e r eo p e r e da r d n 1 9 7 8 t h ei t t e - u s e d fivescourtwasrepacedby a cl mbinqr,^raipartlyfinanced by e parent. Durinq'1979 theSixthfornrCommon Roomw:s aquipped witha cafrtefia, andin 1980Princess N4argaret opened the Bates D i r i n gH a l { w h i c he n d e dt h e p r a c t i coef s e r v n gl u n c hn t h e HouseRooms). Theanonyrnous donors qeferos ty contnuedas he provdedthe resources for the SimePreparatory Departrnert w h c ht h e P r i n c e o s sp e n e idr 1 9 8 5a, l l o w i ntqh e f o r m e P r rep. Blockto be recorstr!rcted as the DeslgfCentrewhich was openedby Sir N4onty Finnstof in 1984.Thearonyr.ous dofor alsomadea majorcontribution to the SportsCentre, wh ch u/as openedn 1986and namedafterMr.l\4cGowan. Thusalthough the boardinq househadsucc!mbed to [Vlrs. Thatcher's recession in 1983,Haberdashers'faci it eshadbeengrraty enriched, to the beneft of pupls ?ndteachcrs a ike. During1985l\4r.MccowafwasChairmarof the Headmasters' Corfrrence, a prestigious postion wh ch nrarked the peakof his career. Eary in 1986heannounced that he haddecided to fet re d u r l n g1 9 8 7a, n dt h a th eh a dn o m i n a t eadf o r m eH r abcrdashe15' teacherto the new postof Headof Sxth Form.He had not advertisrd in any way,so neitherany othcr outsde ror any serving Haberdashcrs'teachers hadbeenabe to appy.Thelatter \r/ere outraged. A I the staff'sfrustrations andsusplc onsfoseto the surface. Wasit truethat I\4r. l\4cGowan pr vate tnpe-recorded conve|sations hed n hs study?Why did he opposete:cher r e p r e s e not n a to n t h e g o v e r n n g b o d y ?W h y d d h e w a n tt o introduce appraisa ? Thelncident strainrdrelatlons between 1,4r. N/ccowirn and his staff, reatjorswh ch had not beenfu y r."stored whenhe reliredin Juy 1987-With grim humourhe presented the Common Roomw th a ne\"r Suqqestions Bookard a bookmark in the shapeof a daggrr,as he said"Forstabblng peope in the back."

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0nesuspects that N4r. N4cGowan washappier at l\4arket Rasenr the 1950sand 1960sthan at Haberdashers: n the 1970sand yettheres no doubtthat h s commtmeft andhardlrork 1980s, had enabledHaberdashers not orly to survlvethrratening politicaland economic clrcurastances, but to eraerqe stronger andmoresuccessful thanbefore. Those of uswhoremember him kro\r that hedeserves our gratitude andthanksfor that. J o h nW i g l e y

Men - Do you sing in the bath?

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Too manygoodroicerare going down the drain!

Don't wasteyour talent. comeand sing with the..,



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A nostalgicwanderdown Westber€Roadin the Twenties. _

With85on theclock, timeisane ementin fa rly plentifusupplyn termsof da y activlty, andonequitr peasaftconsurneT is thecompilation of'a ife storysor(y for pe6onal irterest. Having embafked on th s, t is realyamazirg whatm;morres crn bedredg€d up of pastdays,rnorepefhaps thanof morerece-nt timesandrnrs certairy applies years. jt wouo to theschool Looking at the lastlistof members, seemthatth€reareony about20of ny contemporarles, or evenolder0.H.,of thr b o o kpsl u sp e r h a p a s1 0 0o rs ow h oc o L rsl dt i l r e i a l l t h e p r e - t 9 3 9 s c e n e a n ; s o t h s maynotjustfy inclusiof ir the Notes. However, havingcompleted thissection of -\ 'dL .or . e c al $

. e d d L - ^ - o o go o l - v ' . h a , e . o L , l o q L i t e a . c i . J l i r g . o , o l - p a . c ,r) L t h c e . ^o .e' .. ^e ^1_. e^ ^,o^ o J . .eSc.ao i . w o$ r . I n the 50s and'60s, and "t

evef moTeso with our grandsons in the 90's.lt would be a bod fo foolhardy, prophet\\rhowouldattemptto p cturethe educatiofscenein 2020.

So,heregoes. A brlefconrment onfamilyifestylein 1920. TheWarhadended1g r.onthsbetore but,unlikethe immediate post-1945 years, I do not recallanyserious ratiori|gor shurtaqes pr!,vided : job andmoneywefeavalable. Welivedin WestHampstead, house, lusr0rTN Ltne,J srm-Oetrched theony oneif a roadof terrac€d houses withfourbedrooms afd qute a !loodgarden. There werefo carowners andindeed horse-drawn vehicles werea common factorin trrnsportcoal,refuse, deivcrcs, house-mov ng.Ofe jnterest ng (to me anyway) memory wasof the roadsurface coveTed tr strawwhrrea nelghbour wasserious y jll,todeaden theroiseof theirof shodcart,,!heels, butthissympathetic practice soond sappearecl. IVlyfatherhadhisbusiness, a surveyor andestateagent,if F nchey Road, no car, butheandmymotherhadactv€ ives, especia ly in ihesummer monthsw th,foi example tenns andbowlsat theBrond€sbury Club. No radio(wjreless) of course in thosedaysbutmostfamiieshadanuprlghtpianoard musical evenirgs, homeand


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r,!hrnhonorary 1\,ray urere frequeftin thew ntrr months !untsandunces,severa ,efyta entedwoud s ng,p ayor recite. Holidays werebucket andspade in August, I aceslkr Bognor, Broadsta rs andHunstanlor, in borrdinghouses of a varyng ir:nd:rd. Ji L!nehadsplend d shoppn!Jfaciltes,a trades represented, manydupllcated, 50ihereyrasno ca for rnyr.otherto venture vrry far,possblyoncea monthto Crckewoodor Kiburnand or veryr;rreoccasions by 28 busto Barkers Stores, Kcnsin!lton H gh Street. r ras basedon n very lim ted ocal area,not qu te as 50 lhe gereralscenaTio fcstricted asJaneAustenbut probaby a 2 mileradus wouldhavecovered 900/0 of lfe years act vities.Th ngs changeddramatcalyafter orr first car n 1924,a sp erdid l915 2 itre ta a, a tvroseateropencoupi with dickeyseat. startedrt Westbere Road n Apri 1920,aged6, ard | $raked eachr/!ayeven . o r n i r rhgo m ef o r a m d d a ym e a ,a d a l y t o t a lo f a b o u fi o u r m l e s N . o t h o u q h ot f dangerthe only problemthe occasona confrortatlonw th groupsfrom the oca co!nc lschoo throughwhosetefiitorywe hadto pass,so that a fe,,\'of us wou d rk up n a forraof convoy,We movedhousenearerto the schoo ii 1925,five nr nutes!\rak lessif I ran, so often eft home as the five to nine bel was I fq nq.0nesnag$rasthe proximityof staff honres, e.g.FreddyPayneat the top of ihe rord,andeveryd nnerhour a quartetof N4essrs. Absom,0l ver Paskand Kniqht ,,,rould paston theirtour roundthe block. urander A mosteveryone,staff andboys,cameor foot the ba ance,lessthana i00 by bike. Thecatchrnent areawasobvousy outernorthwestLordor,soraecamefromasfrr rurayas St.A bansand furthestMetroLard bLrteveryone had the fira w!lk from the EdgwareRoad,Crlcklewood Laneor West Hampste?d and n those days, \'lrstbereRoadendedat th€ Schoo so manycarnethroughthe fle ds on the firnr lrackandfootpathfrom CrickewoodLafe.Ca15 were!nheardof afd the firststaff ovrfed 1,!asprobaby DoggerGibbs chair-drvenGN n about 1922 with more '".LFlt rodel."l pp"' J. e/,F"t."e. Thedayfor the seniorschoostartedwith a servlcen the hal at yrhichthe esnrn I1,':s re:ldby a prefect.Thisvras,of course,lrasca ly a Churchof Enljandschooi therewerea f€w RorllarCathocsanda s gnificaftnumberofJe$';sh boyswho had ihe r own praye6,loirirqthe ma n assemb y for notlces reca threeof four from ndiair my 12 yearsbut nobodyfrom Africaor the West rdies. n the eery days,therewas no prescribed uniform,the ofly comrnonltem a cap ,r\r th metolbrdge and housebuttor afd th s l\rascon]pusorywear.Formawear uas introduced about1925w th darkjacketsor blaze15, Lor,\'er Schooboyshadto $rearshofts,regardless of the r deveopmentl recaI red rjbbonsor the ar[a on occasonsbut this !.rasto gjve a r,!arnlng that a sraalpox vacclnatlon had been dofe.0re extraordlnary featurewasthe bov,/ler prefects?], hrt for prefects sub {and perhaps alsofor lst XVon awaymatches. prefects In school, worea b ackvelvetcap with a goldtasseand rugbyco olr6 hada s mi ar b ue capwith si vertassel, wh ch lseem to recal w€re worn with bazersfor homegarnesat ChaseLodge.These honourscapswereforr.allypresented by the headnrlster at the end of morr rg y. assemb | 1920,the teachng staff coud, wth a few exceptions be divded into three groups.Firstly, thosemen ,,\rho for rersonsof heath, age or nationaity had rot beer r the Services duringthe 191418 war.These wou d havelnc udedfiveof the ori!,na Housemasters-Calvert, Hefde|s0n, [,4e,dows, Russe I and Strouts!obl ng p usWebb(Art),Paterson, haddepartrde se,,\rherel AshandCruner. Thenthere$rere

thefivr adyteachers, respons bk for theyoungest boystheN4sses B ggs,Chaef lohnson K,n qa n dP l a n t . Theywerephased outby 1924,l,4iss Biggs andlvlssChalef settinqupWrst$oftrl Crlcklewood Lareas an independent preparatory school. Fnaly,therrwereth. service raen,sorae of themtaknll up theirf rstteachng post,othersresuming :|r ntefrupted career, scverawithwounds anddisabl ty.lrecrl anrotrgst theseB unt, GlbbsCrossmrr, Rawns ey,Sma| .nd Sturgeon. A re$rpatterngradually energed asthe adeslefl andtheo dermenretired to bc 'otto repacedbypostwar graduates, thefirstof vrhom(l th nklwasthememorable Pask withhlsZeiithrnotorblkeand'moderr'dfess, fo lowedby othe6| keHurrc F ukeandKeevil. Support ngstaffwereminima a caretaker !,rithroorns underthefrontentrancrl Desborou!h, gereralmessenqef and lab asslstant; B encoyre, theoret caly a groundsmaf. A [aatron, N4ssCairns came]ater,supervis ng the partt nrek tchrn andc eanngstaff,!fd thesoe adran stratorwasthe headrnastefs secrrtary, Vliss Sharpwho, n 1920!",'as fo owedby loanPfdmore, a graduate whostayed unt 1969 rlel afterthe rnoveto Estree. Theseadlescopedwith a mosta the paperwork w th somebackupfrcm ndviduastaffandtheywrrr a soresponsib r for th€st:iion.rystore. There wasnosickbiy; firstaid,suchasit was,provdedby Cooper in th s sarne storeat a fairy basicleve. yea6 lhedaly t metable Ailerthepreparatory settled downto a baslc strLrctltre ol Nlathenratlcs, Englsh,HistoryGeogrrphy, Latin,Frerch,Gerrnan, Chemstry Physics, Reigouslnstrlrction, Art, l\4us c ard l,4anu!l lrainitrg. The itter, unckf Adkins, wasln r quitewe equppedworkshop andwasrestricted to u,orkingn $rood. Theony projectcvcrcorllpetedwasa toothbrlsh rackwhichfe aparton frst usage. Bology$,asintroducrd in the lrte'20sandSpansh, as ! 6th form sLrblect !bout 1930. Theexrmination programme waslnkedto the LJriversity of London withGenera Certificrle andlvlatrx matchngthecurrent twot ersystem. A fewrerllainrd or fof a finalyearto st ar Int€r8.A.,but Oxbridge afd otherunversitypa(eswerea rarity3 or 4 at the mostin theyrar. Anextraordinary innua ev€ntwasI nkedto lheVarsty BoatRace vrherocrlsweet shopswouldsel liqhtanddarkbluefavours whichwefei mustfor theyourger element who,in thenid-morninq or lunchbrcaks wouldf !ht oxford.v Crmbrdge battesfor possess pointssuchassteps. on of vantagc lt is r.ostunlkey that any of the cor.batarts hadthe remotest interest ir rowingof indeed anyldeaof the ocationof eitherufivcrsity ard, with onlynewspaper probably coverage, nevef knewthe resultof the race. Fewstayedon to 18, l6 wasthe averaqe leavrg age usualyfof a careerin business, Lrade or lndustry. Those whodldstaywoud choose oneoftheprofess ons, medicine, la$r, accourtancy or teaching, a llmitednumber to theCity,notmanyto the chLrrch or the servlces. Thecontrast wth thr contemporary patternwasthe almost competeabsence of anyfurthrreducaiiof betvreef school ande yrorkirg ife. Thecadclcorpswasnotan0.1C.or: C.C.lbutaf armyunitsome350-400 strong, basedon 5 nfantrycompanies, a sqnalssectlon ard a band.Membe6hip was,I bc ieve,obligatory from11years or and durifgtermlime,oneafternoon a wrek wasa located to Corps actvity.

,!t werethe 3rd CadetBattaion,the Roya Fusillers and, on one occasion, orovideda detachmentin the Lord \l:yor's ShoW mafchingwith fixed b a y o f c t st h r o ! g h t h e C i t y a s t h e Fuslers !\rereentitledto do. Gibtis, Sturgeon and Cooper !\rere the ComprnyCommanders, the atter ln ch.rqc of the 1l yearo d entrants,a s u r p r i s i n gc h o i c e i n v i e w o f srbsequent discosures. Smal hrd lhe Signa s a n dG r u n etrh e B a n dT. h eC . 0 . v:rs the undersized Braine(ater the Rev.l,not a very lmposingfigure, Nortonsecondir commard,Bluntthe Adjutantand Desborough the R.S.M. lJnilormwasbasedon the regulararmyjpeaked sâ‚Źrvlce cap,jacketw th buttonsto polsh and be t to b afco, breeches puttees. and The nfantrycarfed LeeEff eld rlilesand I decdedthis{,astoo heavya burdenandsojoinedthe band asa bugcr. (bugle)PoppyB()wn(sidedrunr), Felow musc answereTefiyA exander A ar N co I (cynbas) and JumboJackman(lnevitab y with the bassdruml. He was clearly seectedfor h s sizebut he had sonrediffculty n mairtaininga requar beatso y we marched occasiona to a rumbaratherthanI mi itarytwo step. Thr !.reekly activjtyfor the tfoopswas confinedto dr ll and openorderexercises whist the bandcreateda hellishdin 'practlsng' n ! classroom. Thebuge hls on y livt notâ‚Źsblrt qL]itea fe,,\rof thesewere poory seected.Whist thesepracLice sessonsrequirediti e efforl,the rub camewith ihe anfua f eld days,hc d either of Hampstead Heathor in Rlchmond Parkard the band\ras requiredto pay for the marchfrom Westbere Roadlo the Heathor,worse,to Brondesbury Statior!nd thcr up RichnondH I to the Parkard back.Thefie d day operatton fo lowedI treditionapattrrnbasedon BoerWartacticsard manuals. There w a sa l s oa S u r i r n eCr a m pn J L t y r r d w e n t t o f v e o f t h e s e a t H u n s t a n t o n a n dS w r n i g eT. h e s w e e r eu n d e rc a r v a se, g h t t o a b e l t e n t a r d w i t h v e r yb a s i c 'f!c litles'but we seemed to enjoyit.

11amon 11thNovernber wasobserved with i fLrl a s s e m b iyn t h e H a l a n d a n appfoprlate servce endng with thc LastPostandRevrilr soundedby the Corps b u ! l e r sn t h eg a l r r yI. r e c a l o o k i n g o u t o f t h e $,ndowsat the trans,evenraairIne expresses s t o p p eadt a r e ds i g n aalt 1 1 a m . TheCorps ceased to exst w th the withdra!.ral of Govcrnnrent fLndingin 1930buta summer camp contnued. achieved the fankof Sergeant arcl provedto be of Cert.A $rhich, to rnysLrrprise, valuein promotion terrnswhen I jojnedthe ranksn thelA. n sport,thr basc elements werefootba| {soccer), crickrt,athletics and boxing, the p ayingarera fiveacres opingpitchat the School. Somesoft ba cricket was played or the adjacent ground. Brondesbury Probably withthe nflLrence of the newheadmaster, [/r Kemp{Clifton), iid

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Stailey Norton(Njcrcr!|t Taylorsl, the Schootswrrcfedlo ruqby n 1922!fd addt on;r pitchesurerefentedoverthc wal orrthe Homcof Restfor Ho6esy/ith pfedctrb e !lround c o n d io t r s a n d h a z a r d sT h e c h a n ! . .o f c o d e w a s n o t lirecomedby a I Lhestaff concerned especia ly FreddyPayne urho was an ortstanrin!l p ayer for Cornth:f C:rslra s, appearirgif a seresof soulJhtaftef contempor!ry c !arettr caT05. A majo opportunty for exparsiof r/:s m ss!-dby thr Governors !ihetherby deiru t or ackof finafce\r'/hefD ckers Farm,to the crst of the School,carneon the marketbut ,"!'hatever tre reasoftrey wereoLttmanoeLrvred by lJ.C.5l!ho st I occlrpythesesplendd fie ds.So,the a ternatve w:s the acqusitionof Chase Lodge, ltli Hi n 1924.No coachcs wereprovdedso the !rreky sportsdayr.eaft puiric trensp.rrtat first by [4 d end tra ns fronr Cr ck er"r'ood to l!4]I Hil \"rth a ted oLrs,,,ra k to andffor. alofg BunnsL:fe. Subsequent y, $rth the opcfif! of the l\iatfordby-Passa pr vatebussrrvce startrd,usu:/y overcro!"rdecl andoveralr !en, !rhichtook us ffom CrickevroodLaneto thefoot of pageStreet.Thereflasa so,of c0urse,the s!\rnrfi rg poo sonrer\]hft rndersizedand concfete ned, fot very altr:rrtve and pf0babyurhygeIicbut, n thosedays,an rfusua fc:tlrre at thjs eve


Indvidu:l masters\(rereif charqrof Lhr var ous sl)ortsn acldtion to teachIq clutres, coachfg andsupervisirg, ilndsomcwercverycapabkendta entedplayers thrrllscves-Sturlleor;rnd Knight n cr cket. yoLrd(after I9291 ll rugby !vho pfoducrda narkedimprovenrrntn the standardof play.NoborlyI th;se eafly d a y sh : d a f y q u a i i c a to f i n P F . a, n dg y m n a s t i rcnsd n r i m mn g w e r r , t a L g hbt 'y S c r g r i r n t H e artcr o n g e n i aa n d c o o u r f u l c r ! r : t c t e r \ / h o [ , : t s a s o a ! ] o o a l c u s t o m e r fof the Cf cklewood p!Lrs.He 'assuccreded by veryclifiereftpersor;it es-St.lohf andTLrrton who, be eve,a so tar !lht !eogf:phy. A r . i 0 d a y f i e ! u l a s p r o v d end t \ , r os h l f t sf t h e d i n j i g h ! l s u p e . v s ebcylp r e f e . t s l \ , r t hr b a s cu n c ] r n g i | ! u n r i t r a c t i vbeI o f f a f e ,a t a c o s to f I s h n g .L v n q s o neaT, ,L!aS a o,,lrtdhonrefor a qUck UrChunt I my :st t\\'o yeafsas a prcl.eat. N/lasters srt on : r:isedd! sâ‚Źnd prefects hada scpa:rtetab e, bothgfoupsprovirled urth a nruchbeLterchoce (at the samr pr cel,nr I $rashappyto stay.Suchb atant discfrn nat of wou d no doubt be ufacccptab e todry. The ilJefinqsme of c a b b a g!e, r a t e Irs o n . - o f t h e f r s t f o o r c a s s r o o n s an abid ng r nen ror y . D sc p ne wasstrictand, n !lenerfl,the Rulesr,lereobseruecl: I caf recal no rea y drarnrtceventsn my t rllerrrth on y a handfuot exp! s olls!,rlreffo expan:t on Nirsavalablc.Punlshmrnt \,,asbroady t!!o t ef: cofporacirflngof the backsider theoryio the raorrseriolsoffences,:ndwrittenLe lnes for essercrlmes.I rer teTrasfror|]ever, the e was no c ear d vid nq I |e betweenthe turo catellajr es and nrscleraeanouTs suchas no cap,t",'ron! coatpeg,b ke not padockedusirgthefrort stars,detectedat pfciect eve, qu te often resulted if canng. rdeed my ast rxperence,as a Vth fornrer?gedfiftren,co;ttpeg l\llstcrsdeat only,,'ith the provenserousoffrnccsandthry werer!re y lnvovei nthecorpofa pfefectsr,.lere side,Howevcr, a d fferentrnatte end tris js wheremisrseoccurred. A le,,\r of ny contemporary prefects hada srdisticstreak,appareity conrpeting to c ock up the mostbeatings andthe :tmospheren the some\,\rh:lt sorrld condt ons of thr prefectsroonr\/asofter straifed In retrospectI doubt if any astng h!rm !r,ascaLrsed e ther physca o. menta a thoughI do eca at leastthreecasesir ny two ycarswhenparentscornplafecl to lhe headmaster \",'ith ,r'ras, thrrat of ega acton.Corporapun;shment of coursc,

ar accepted factor n thosedaysat a I eves-a very d fferents tlraiior to c0nrernporary conarI0ns, BLrtthere!\ras oneserious incldent in the late'20sduringa period of heavy sno!^r y andrighty therewasmuchactivty ln sno\rarchitrcture, wheninevitab sldesand snoh,ba I flqhts.Durirgore of thesebattes,out in the road,a wel-aimed missl e y no bigdea exc€pt hit a cyc ng BiI Crossman, apparent that it contaired a large y lethalconsequences. fl nt withpotrntial Asa r€sut, theheadmaster informed the y fext daythat,rn essthe culpritcameforwardthereyroltdbea senor assemb conprehersive canng. Nobodyconfessed andso the 300 or so innocents were chastised by Houses, 50 by eachmaster and,assomeof thesewerenot a I that youngard certainly notcanef t, the aterreclpients y fortunate werecornparative of off target.Thethrower(aVth Former) wasof couTse knownto sev€ral of h s contrmporaries hrho, for whatev€r reason didnotgrass-he hadinsisted thathehad not intended eny harm,r,!hichtook somebellevng. He was uckyas expusion y havebeentheprn shment. \"rould a nrostcertain Hebecarne a successfrl awyer. Bulyingwasquitecommor{ wasluckywithan elderbrother] y butwasapparent r c c e p t eadsa f a c to f i f e . T h e r e \ \ , a s s p o r a d c s r n o k n g , c a n i n g b y a m a s t e r i f c a u g h t , verymodest swearirg Jroobscen grorarceof the'factsof ife t es-and a general (bioogycameratherat€).Withinmy knowledge, hor.osexua ity neversurfaced !lthoughtherev,rere subsequent rurnours ard stores,Incoff fmed,abouta fewof the atestaffafrivas. Sociahighspot n r.y lasttwoyears wastheHeadmaster's nvtat onto theprefects for d nneranda theatre. Weassemb edat the Refectofy, colders Green and ater across at the Hlppodrome. TheRevKenrp was,it seemsaf Edgar Wa acefan for bothpayswefehis:TheFrghtened Ladywith EmlynWi iamsafd 0n TheSpot, Charles Laughton. Theattera ratherunfortunate choice set n 1930s Chicago with g!ngsters andprostltutes and,l'orthosedays, somewhat explcltd alogue. Dlfficu t to reraernber who was moTee[abarrassed, Mr Ken]por the dozenstreetwise prelects. n the 30s,the Governors managed to a locrtefundswhich,wth oca authorityhelpprovdrda rumberof few buildngsthe fivescourts,a separate bock cor.prsnga first foor braryatiovethe tuckshop ard srnroury, replacing theformertwo storey b keshed, y, and,moresigfificant t h es ce n c e b o c k n 1 9 3 1 ,m : l o s tm p r e sv sea d dt l o nw , e la h e a d o f i t s t i m e . S u m m l nugp m yj o u r r a l , f n d i t d i f fc u l tt o i d e n t f yr e al y h j q ho r l o w p o l n tas n do, n t h eh oe , h a da n u n d i s t i f g u i schaerde eurn tl t h e a s ty e a r r,(,hen, throughthe urplanned absence of competitiofI r,!asmadeschoo captaifenjoyed because prlvleges, of status rnd somemodest a fewqames ir the lst XVard notable House successes, ly beingin the winnng especia teamfor therugbyshied. I ookbackor theteachlng peope staffasdecent with sensibe attitudes and lwoud sin!leout threeexceptiona r.en-for reasons-Absom, differing Sturgeon ard Youd. Theansl\rer to thequeryin thetitlemustbe no'butthedayswerecerta]n y H.RH Prr.?Anhu|af.arrdtghttrrhflevd not unhappy. I thinkthe mostsignficantlegacy wasthefr endships nrade,dp.ni'q olihe n:f rff'.e brr.r,93t years, especially ln the closlng manycort nLred through the 0 H.clubs, but al too manycutshortbythe 193945 w?rard nowonlya handful suruiving. n corclLrsion a finafcalnote;ir 1920,the feesfor theseniorschooweresever guineas per termand I th nk they mayhavegoneup to ten guineas in 1 9 3 1 ; perhaps a te I ngconrnrent or rationacondiiiofs in thosetwelveyears. Kenneth B essey

ir (fl,p rr rhc

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Tour0perators fortheOldHaberdashers' Official Cricket Club

Newsfrom Elstree


I .:

Examinatio Rne s u l t-s ' i 9 9 8 The'A'Levelresutsof 1998wereas strongas we had hopedtheywouldbe indeedihe perceftagâ‚Ź of A gradepasses seta ner,^/ record. 880/0 A+ B {660/0J grades wasa veryhealthyresLrlt andcompared favourably wlththerecord of 9Ou,n A + B gradcs !,/hichhadplacedHaberdashers' at the top of the Daiy Trlegraph leaquetableir 1997.G.C.S.E. resuts alsoheldup wel in 1998- 74010 A'+ A gradess a fineachevemeft a thoughthe numbefof A* andA grades al,\'arded yea15. was? litt e lowerthan n tlretwo previous Suchstrongacadcrllic rcsuts afe a fine tributefot only to the intelectlral abiites end comrnitrllâ‚Źnt of the boysbut alsoto the professiona ism and dedication of the teachlnq staiL

University Entranre p acesgainedin 1998,we aredei!htedthat 47 boys Fo owingthe 37 Oxbridge (23),thesc haveth s yearrecevedoffcrsof p acesat oxford(24)andCambridge p acesben! dependent uponthc 1999A' levelresuts. A thoughwe knol1, theycont]rueto beof :nterest to many,oxbrldqe res!ltsarr but a partof the pictureof Lrnlvers ty applcationsard successes regarded as importantat Habcrd!shersl lt s a soLrrce of greatsatisfact on that the vast majority places of boyscontinue to besosuccessful n gainlnguniverslty on vrry compet tivecourses !t the mostsought-after universit esin thc country.

Staff News Retirements Caroline WAKELY Caroine hadan earlytasteof He(fordshlre.Shr waseducated at oueensurood Schoo, Haliied, ard thef at Trinty ColegeDubin,wheresheobtanedherl\4.A. ir Ergish,continulng herstudjes at 0xfordllnivcfslty Depinnrent of Educat on. ShetaughtEnglsh at Edqbaston HiqhSchool, Birinrqham,ard then Engish, Historyand N4athemat cs in the Prrparatory Department of the Cityof Londor Freemers Wher sheleft teachrq to raiseher four ch ldren,shefi l.-d School. thosesparehourswith a weath of voluntary [rork-Shefoundcdand ranthe Radett Chldrens' BookGroupfor ten years, served on ocallbrarycommttees, taughtI theSunday School at Aldenham Church andwasbothGuiderstfuctor and Bro!rnle Exarniner in the ocalGuldeAssociation. Shereturned to teachng on a pat-timebasis,endingherexpertise to hep manyprlnrary schoos choose theirI brarystock.Shecamcto Haberdashers asa suppy teacher fof two terms and wasaskedto stay.Carolne haslauqhtHistory, Enqlshand Ffenchin the P r e p a r a t oSrcyh o os n c e1 9 8 8S. h eh a sa s oe n o r m o u seyn a r g eadn de n r c h e d the Prep.Library, contin!ng the excelent wofkstarted thereby JancGaI more.

havefor a lorg timebeenan exanrple Herunf alg ng ererqyard enthlsiasm to .l n the Prep.Dept.Sheexudes a greirtovefor thisschoolandhoidsverydear usand ts tradtionsandva ues-Her oyaltywi I in no waydiminsh assheleaves generations wi I st I be nspired future of Haberdashers by Cafolne'simaginatior rfd oplnon, a beit fronrthe depthsof ruralRadettLA ady of the highest wlshedaboveal to lnstI suchstandards in thoseshe standards, shehasal\rays taught,belevrg that the pursuitof excelencein whatevef f e d, wil leadboys t o a p p r eact eg o o do r d elrn a l t h n g s . 5 hree m a i npsa s s i o n a tbeo urt e a d i nagn d andcannotstandsl enty by if sheseesits good the useof the Engish anguagc practcebeingeroded. Carolre's ove of iteratureis apprrentevento those |rhoseknowedgeof her ls sl ght - she ivesandbreathes t. Theworkshehas LlDnc to enlarge thr Prep.Lbrarycannotbe measured. Hrr dellghtin procuring forthe braryshevesthe bestn chidrens I terature andthemostattractvc and nformative of non fictionls obvousand rfectious. No boy who haspassed throughP7 or P8 wi I haveforgottenhisfieldtrip to Preston lvlontfofd. Theriqours andre\,^rafds of th s weekareindelb e.Carolnehrs played a majorpartir thistrlpfor e evenyea15 ard muchof ts success s dueto thethoroughfess of lts orqanisation. hasendeared herse f to nlanyby her abiity to laughat hrrsef. Sh€ Caroline herself describ€s on somedaysasthe Red0ueen,alwaysrunnrg and runnng ard seenrg to stayir thesamep ace.0r others she s the White0ueen,untidy, ''lF\p.edd'da






afd cu ture,andshe eaves a ho€ s!ltablybalistasized n the Prep. school. good go very w shes her, and Roger whonr 0ur lo to andtheirchidrenof sheis so proud.

BerylMANSBRIDGE Beryserved asschool brarian for fourard a haf years. Verycomnritted andup to dateln her professonelsm, sheworkedwith selfeffacng oyaty to flrsurc thatthe I brarywasin theforeffontof progress. lt wasa wayshrr prirneconcern to beof rffectve service to herreaders. Theremayneverhavebeena timewhen hasbcengfcaterwhensouTces ol iniofmaton have the thlrstfor nformation beer nore rumerous ard be!\rlderingand Bery manaqed this situation!! tl'r greatabilty making!ood feciit rs avalabe l\'hie equ]pping boysandteachers w i t h t h e s k l s n e c e s s af royr t h e i r p r o p c ru s e .S h c w : s a s o d c d c a t e d to encouraqirq boysto haveadvertufes of the imagination, to dscoverrrw authors, new titles,new stylesof wrtin!J.Sometwo hundredboyscan pass throuqh t h e l b r a r yi f a u r c h h o u ra r d t h e s p e c t a cokf t h i sh v e o f h a p p y actvltyserves !s a true rd caton of ther,velcorning andefflceft atmosphere of thiscentralpartof schoo fe. WethankBeryfor doingso muchto makethe schoo ibrarywhatit s andfor belnqso p easantand hepflr to us al , afd we wish her and her husband [/lichael, a ongandhappyretirement in thr LakrD]strct.

Leavers iudithGRAHAM JuditG h rah!m l e a v eusst o t a k eu pa p o s !t t l m m a n uC e oe l g el n B u s h e y . l u d l t h c a f f et o H a b e r d a s h e i nr s1' 9 9 1a n d q u i c k ye s t a b l i s h he ed r s e fa s a f ! l y committed and effectve teachcrof history. Shehasshowna I the qualties judgemertand cmpathyas !,rei es schoarshp of the accomplshed teachrr. Outsidrthe c assroom, pupisand coleagues alikehaveapprec atedher lvarrn a n dk i n d ym a n n e tr .i s p o s s i bol cn y t o g u e shs o wm a n yp e o p i en e a a r n df a r , havebenefited from her ndustryand enthusiasm in the roleof charitjes co ordinator. Thebriqhtideas of youthf[rl zealots became successfL] eftrrprises asa resrltof her precticagoodsensc. Shewlll bâ‚Ź greatymssed n the hlstory dcpartment andby manyothermcnrbers of theschool.

N4ichael EGANand N,4ark WALLACE t s rarefor haf the members of a departmeitto eaveat the sar.etime y especialy whentheyso close complement oneanother, andareso d fficultto repace. I\,4 chaelEqanjoinedthe Econornics Deparlmrnt fror. ufiversty in Septenrber 1993and soonestabishedh msef es an a!thortativeclassroor. teacher. He becanre of the Soccer1stX, master-ln-chrrge of the lo nt master-in-charge Cricket 2rd X andasslstaft r.rster-in-cherge of exanrinations. Hewas: stawart of the nleinschoolsklhip. After teaching1'orninr yearsin Blrmrghan, Mark Walice lo red thc Departmcnt in 1996andquicky inrpressed uswith hisenthusiastic tâ‚Źachnq.He joint took charge of 0penDay,cajord andgu dcdYourgEnterpr se,founded thr Modern lazzGfoupandmedennuraerab e cortributonsto schoomusic. l\,4 chae eavesusto assume responsibi ity for Schoo-Busiress Llasonat 0ueen E zabethColege,Guernsey, wherehe wi enjoythe delghtsof a goodc imate withoutthe disadvantages of a foreignanguage. [\4ark movesto takeoverthe Econonlcs Departnlent at Latymer UpperSchoo Hammersmlth, frornwherehe wi I beableto feachthe musicarichesof ceftral London witho!t usirqoneof h s splendid cars. We thankthemfor a I thcir hardworkat Haberdashers' and wishthemevery succe55 at theirnewschools.

Sportsand Games Rugby t isgoodto feporta revivair thefortunes of the lst XVwhowon8, drew1 and lost6 matches. Therecord doesnotrefecthowsuccessfu theseasofmighthave beerasfour of thesegamesr,lereostby a marginof onlythreepolnts.lt was goodto seeHarrow strugging,but hanqing on n the astquarter. Finewinswere fecofded rgalnstBedford N/loderf ard Berkhamsted. Thehalf-term tourto DLtb ln

yrrsa cLltrrral success but norcinpo(anty enhitncrd teer hf f of tefm. spirt ior thesecond T h eU 1 6X V sh a de no u t s t a nnd! s e : s orns d d t h r U l 3 a r d Ul2 nluadsTheLll3 teamsharcd thc lV ddlesriCupwlth LordonOrstoryafteran epc 7 7 d avr' | the final.The M d d l e S c h o os d e s a r e s m a p h y s c a l yl r u t a l \ r e f e conpettiveaid irrf!turr srasons wi rnatch theopposit on lf slzea lo$rs. The tr"renty-fifthFrasrr Bifd Sevensfor the luLrr Hiberdashers' Schoo s rN'as wonbythe nafro!,/cst of nrargrs overl/loimouthSchoo.Thelll3 side\,!'cnt on to w n the5t Grorlle's Sevens and to obtainthe runrersup pfzc at War,",r'lck in the rr!Jionasectlonof thc Da y Trlellraph NationaPrrparnLory Schoo s Tot ramert. Threeboyswereseectedfof the Herts. Ul7 s de.

Crlcket T h el s t X l u n d etrh r c ! p t en c vo f D e a n\,\lison had an oLtstllndingseasonand ' e r a a i n rendb e a t eanq af s t o t h esr c h o osidesfor thr secondconsec!tlve scason. Jhes de\,/onl0 of ts 2l qames. Dran!! sor andJ neshAnrn arcbothprotoqr:phedr !'!lsden1999fo o!\'in!] perforrnances. thr r outst:ndin!J Dc:llrr,rasthr hiqhestscorn!l schoolboy b e t s n l ei nr t h r c o u n t r(y1 1 6 r9u n st t a na v e r a q0ef 7 7 . 9 3e1| c I n e s h t h cs e c D n d highest schooboyWckett.ker (60at 9 61). J r n o r s d e sa s o s h o $ ' e n d r p r c !ses f o m w i t ht h r U 1 4 X h . r !n q a v e r yq . r o d s e a s ocrum n a tn g n L h e , r irnn go f t h eH e r t C s o u n tC y u pl .o e \ ' ! I l a n r os f t h e 11125 Scored t\,!'ofirteceftlrrs - e rarr fcit at ths evr. Thr ovefa strtstcs \\rcTc:

P l y F d1 0 2

\rlon 43


A b a n d o n e3c' l

A tota of ninep ay(rs ep esrrtedthelrcountles durng tha s!rmmer vacetioI Thr lst Xl is p annnll to tolrrH0nqKof!l Sing!pore[,laaysi:andPenff!tover t h eV l e n n i ! m a h i q hl g h tb r l n gN r wY e a r E ' sv ea t T h cR o V a5 lea f q o fC u b i n K U aa L UI p U L

Association Football Thel st Xl hada disappo nt ngs(asoniot hepedby earlydisrupton thrcrqh bad weather. Thesoe v ctofyvr:rs aqt nstBerkhamsted. Tre2ndXl oslonceony and qavemuchsatisfact thev ctorrs ovefCty of London and5t Paui's on.Thesqrad, strengthened by a corpe of old boysffor. ast scasof's teanr,had a most enloyable touf to Pafs duf ng the Eastcr break.

Hockey Mr KevifLonghassettledwlth realerthusiasrn rto hs rolcas few mastern charge ot hockey. KeithTabot wil bep eased to readthattheastroturf hasbeen fu I of buddng ta entat unchtmes. ThelstX hada noderate seasorbutlackecl a compcti|ve edge. Thew n aqainst (3-2)and a superbwrekeni:l R.G.5. HighWycombe et the BathInternationa flockeyFestval wererotabe successes. T h e2 n d ,3 r d ,U 1 6a n dU t 5 X l sa I h a ds u c c e s ssf !rla s o nTsh. el l l 5 s c l ep l a y e d f uenthockey thro!qhoutlosingony onegameverynafTowly. t wasp easng to notethrt hockeys now ntroduced to the boysat secordform eveldurin!the s e c o n hd a l fo f t h e L e n t e r r . .T h s i n f o v a t o rw l c e r t a i n yh c l p m p r o v teh e knowedle andbai skI s of al potentialst Xl p ayers. Tennis Thear!enumber of lun or p ayefsat schoolrefectsthes!ccess of Britshp ayer5 I n t h e p a s ty e a r . 0 u rp e r t i c i p r t o nn t h e H e r t sL. e a g u ge a v em e t c hp l e y exprrience to boys\^rhohad not yet playecl ir N/lidland Bankmatches. The undefeated ll14 ard Ll13teanrsarewel placedto compeierext yearin the Natofa Schoo s'tennistean competit on.Confirmation of depthof talentcamc at thâ‚Ź Pubic Schoostournament at Eton.A teamof four,threeof whorllare eligibe l'or the JLtniorpars tournarllcntnext year,p ayed n the senior comprtitof ard reechrd thep atequarter-finals, beating sixthformcompetit on 0r tne daY.

Swimming The nterschoolsyrrnmng pro!ramme hasbeef exprndei:l with the Schoos particpationn the Herts.Panagraph c Swnn ng Leiq!e.Threemeetngshave b e e n a t t e n d e dw i t h t h e t h r c e a g e q f o u p sp r o d L t c i nsgo m e e x c e l l e n t perfofrnances. In addt on,the Schoolhostedan invtat on gaa w th ouecrElzabeth!,Barnet jn the Divsiont0 relays. ard Cityoi Londonand competed Bothoccasiors provided an exceent eve of competit on.NichoasChuaproduced an excelent perfofmance to fin shthirdin hiseventat the NatonelChampionship n Jersey. LifeSaving Theclub whichr^re comesrllembers frornbothEstreeschoos, continues to run to capacity, two-thfdsof ts membershlp beng boys.No fc\,,rer thanfifty-eight awards havebeenachieved by the c ub members durirgtheyearso far a fine rccordanda clearindicaton that I fesaving at schools a thrivingactvity. Theboys!/ereawarded thedistirction awaral vrhlchisthehighest awardfor poo lifesav nq andtlro alsoeerned the LifeSupport 3 wh ch isthe h ghestawardfor fesusc ttton.

CrossCountry Theseniorteamhasfu filled ts commitrnent to thestrongtr:dltionalfixtures of the L€ntternrbut supportffom a numberof r!nnershasbeen,at best,erratic. Theres urdoubtedly sufficientta ent to re-estab ish the strenljthof crosscountryrunnirgat schoolif the runners in the first four yearsmalntain the r (3rdYeadrepresented enthusiasm andsupport. JohnBeardsworth Hertfordsh re performances in the Natonalsandtheluniorteamproduced somesuperb in the LA.P.S. Championship andat the B€montrelays. AlexStoerman(2ndYearJ won h eH e r e w aH r do u sre" i ! o r P " ri " m e nH il

Athletics In whathasbeena busyterm,manyof the athletes haveconslderably impfoved theirbestperformances, resulting in teamsuccesses or nuraerous occasions. The firstmeeting, the Dr Chaloners' Relay, broughtno outrightwinners bLrtsuccess wasto fol ow.TheUl6 tearnreached the Herts.League F nal as havethe [J14 team.ThelJ13/u12teamfinished second at Highgate andwonourownmeetingA number of boysdid particularly wellin the London LA.P.S. areachanponshp. Thesenioratheteswon th€ HarrowA.C.Schools trophyand the Watfordand D strictU20chanrp Danel N,'litche onshjp. I camesecond in theHerts. County[J] 7 shotandAlexWllson th rd in the d scusandthisearned hima p acein the Herts. teamto corllpete at the English Schoo s' Athletics TheUl4 team, Championships. po y asa resut of scoring thefourthhighest ntstotalrat onal reached thefinal at Telford. Theyfinished a creditab e sixth,ony f ve pointsbehindthirdplace. Clearly the prospects for futureyearslookencouraging wth sucha weath of jun or school. ta ent in the

Badminton popularand ths is reflectedin the The sport has becomelrcreasingly perforr.ances of al sides. TheU18and U15teamswor the H€rts.Association T o u r n a n e rat sn dt h e U 1 3t e a mc a m es e c o n T d .h eU 1 5a n dl l 1 3t e a mq u ai f e d f o r t h e f n a s o f t h e E n g l s hS c h o o lTso u r n a m efnnti s h l n g4 t h a n d 1 O t h respectively. TheComras brothers represented Hertfordshire in countymatches andRchardComras was rvitedto play r a prestq ousdisplay matchbeforethe - ChinaInternationa England match-

Golf Thefirst ev€rGof Dayat AdwickburyParkGolf Club,Harpenden waswel supported by a mixtureofstaff pupilsparents andold Boys. Theoveralwinner wasHarold Couch[0.H.'54) whopipped the runnerupor courtback, bothplaye|5 havinqscored 4l stabefordpoints. lfyouwould iketo p ay ln thistournament, please obtaindetaisfromI\,4r D.L Yeabsley at theSchool.

Water-Polo lr compar 50nto thesuccess of râ‚Źcent seasons, thishasberna qu et yerrfor the c Lrb. Thebreedth of nterrsts of nary nrembers h:lsmeantthat a funtberr/lrre involved in conflctiirgactvit esnndthusthes de wasrarey at fu I strenqth. Thelerfe encoufitg n! slgrsln the performafce of the Ul4 teamwho reached there!lonaf f a of the Ffq shSchools Ul4 Conrpetit on.TheUl 3 team,p ayifg n threeff erd y tournamerts, cndedundefeated and!rentontothefira s whefe thry c!methird. Conqratu atofs lo J!mesl\4cl,4astâ‚Źr who gaineda placeI the EngandJunor squid.In addtionto th s,sixboyswert on10represeft th..r respect vecorntrlcs. 0.H.News Theorgansaton of the Oxford-v- Cambridge gamcwasundeftaken by Graham e fr t h e C . r m b r d gs eq u a dT F r e e r n a( 0f . H . ' 9 5(1n r e m b o ) .h eO x f o r d s q u a dw a s captairred by Matthewlr sh (0.H.97)anrla so irc IdesLaurrnce Smith(0.H.96) Bf i d g e Thisyearhasberr another successflt onr.TheSchooeftercdtwoteamsntothc LondorLeague. TheA'teamwontheir!Jroup.r the nextroundtheybeatseven olherteerlls and!'renton to winthe finala!ainstCjtyof LofdonSchoo.TheA' tean a so entered the Britsh SchoolsCup.fd fin shed r th rd p aae Special corgratulations to Stu.rlHarng\\]hopannercd lrne v Shah(0.H.) in theEn!J ancl []20tcanr.StuartHarlnq andlonatharN4ortoI urere elsor theGreatBrtalnLl20 squad(some achieventent astlreyirrebothony 15). Congratu ationsa soto Gareth B rdsaI (0.H.) whofepresented GreatBrtainin re U 2 5c o m p et ito nh e l da t L I e a f d h a sa i s ob e e ns e l e c t ef o d r t h e B r i ts hl u n o r squadfor the European p ln 2000. Championsh Chess TheChess Clubhasefjoyedmixedfortunesths year.Ourearlyexitfrom re Hrrts.Cupat the handsof 0.E.Barnetand flrrtherdsappoiitment with last r.inutecafceetionsmadeby the oppositiorwerepartiycompensated by an cxcelent win over oca rivas l"4rrchaft Taylors' in the TjmesCompet tion.0!r yolng tearnrre dervingnruchbenefitfromthr goodworkof our coach[4rs. Panovka. Her unchtnretulorinqs becomin!l vrfy popuar.

TheArts Thedepartmcnt organised threemajortr psduringtheAutumn.Sixtyboysurent to the RoyaAcademy to seetheP casso andChagalexhibition;this wasfol or,^rei:l by a smaler groupvisitng the "l\4irror lmage"exhibiIofof paftifg at the

NationaGalery.Duringhalf tefnr,thlrty-two boysand foLrrstaff went to Parls.Nufllerous galeresandotherp acesof lnterest werevjsited jncudlngthe Louvre, thc d'0rsay, the City of Paris[\4useum of N4odern Art and the Eiffe Tower.

n. Thepartya so wentto Giverny to seeN4onet's h o u s ea n d g a r d e n as n d s p e n ta d e q h t f u afternoon d r a wn q w a t e rq a r d e nas n d t h a t greenJapanese farnous br dge. In the Sprng,l\,4r AnthonySlnn gavea ectlrre o r l f e i e d 1 d w o , lo ' S d \ a d . D a r . \ ^ o m " u l wereheldif the Bourne exhibltions HallFoyerore by Herts.VisuaArts and the otherby a I c o n n e c t ew d i t h t h e S c h o o ,w h c h b r o u g h t together a splendid varietyof two andthreedimensiona workfof the 'Famll es 4'exhibitlon. Twofurthervists ore to the Tateandthe otherfor fifty G.C.S.E. ard A' Leve students to the outstanding co lecton of lmpress on st and postimpressionist partingsat the Courtau d werealsoh ghlysuccessfu.

Classics Tripto Romeand Pompeii Forty-six boysandgirls(fromourslster schoo) ard seven staffenloyed a spendid but hectlcsevendaysin ltay. Thepacesof interest theyvisitedincluded the Forum, the SerateHouse, the Tempe of Vesta, the Colosseum andthe Vatcan. 0stia,the ancientportof Romeandthe Circus N4aximus competedthe first eg and then the partymovedon to Sorrento. Thebathsof Caracal a rnd the Catacombs werea prelude to an ncredb c trafflcjam (theIVl25ooksemptyn c o m p a r s o n l o n t h e j o u r n e y t o PaonndrN pa ep i l l ews h e r seo m e clmbed Vesuvius. Thetrip endedwith a vlsitto Capr,the offshore islandof the wodd'srichand famolrs. Thewholetfip wasa wonderfuexperience for a I whotookpartin so manyact|vt|es.

Debating and PublicSpeaking 0re of the maryhighllghts of the yearwasreachinq thefinalof the Cambridge Unior Schoo s Competition in whichAndrewLewisand Nrlarc Lixenberg wefe p acedth rd fronroverthreehundred schootearlls. "YouthSpeaks" In the RotaryInternational Competitlon our teamof Laurence Kaman,AlexBefgerand RohanUnniwerepacedfirst. In the E.S.U. Publc Speaking Competitior GldeorN4aller wasawarded the 'outstand rg personalty' shied for Hertfordshire. TheSeniorSchooDebrting TeamofAndrewLewsandJames l\4ccory became

the Eastern AreaChrmplons in the EnglshSpeaklng LlnionSchools Competit on - the 'obscrver Nlace" ard wenton to comesecond overal.Theoriqinalentry hedllecnoverthreehundred schoos. A teamof boyseftrfedthetc evsionqu z show"Fifteen to One"anclin thefinal c m e r q ei nds e c o npdl a c fer o r na r o r g r a e f t r y o f t w o h ! n d r e d q u : l i f y n ! t e a m s .

Drama S t e p h eSno f d h e i m ' s ' C o m p a f yt h' w e5arsno r S c h o op l a yf o rt h eA u t u m T ne r m . (withPeterDevjsas Vlusca D rectorlof a ivrlyan.l Stephen Wilkinsdirection highy complex musicaeft ardieices spe boundby thesheerenergy irnclscope of thc product on. TheLenttermwasbLrsy \,!th tlvoful scaleprod!ctiofs withina f ve!\reek period. 'Topaze' by l\4arcePagfo wasthe l\4oderfLanguaqes Departmeft,s first cver productonin French. Theprlrducton\!as a trufaphend wasepprecjated by n a n ys i x t h - f o f r aler o r smr e g h b o r r r i sn cgh o oal ssw e l a s o L r o w nT i mN o r t o n ' s stagng m?detheactioffrnny andalearevcnlo thosrwhoseFrench waslvobblyl 'Uidrr TimNortof'ssecond prodrction, DylarThomas' c assic l\4lk Wood',with orgrn mUsc writtenby PetcrDlv s,wasa huqrsuccess, Thecastof ty/entysix lloys!fd girs fron the th d andfourthformsbrolrght to fe Thomas'afiay of comicandcurlous charactefs.

M o d e r nL a n g u a g e s Exchanges andVisits offenburg.Fiftyoneboysandg rls perticipatecl n thisyeafsexchrnqrto thc B ackForest, fol ow ng the lunevisitto Enqland of our German partrefs. They \l/eftto Offenburg in the first$'eekof the summer ho idays;beautfu wcathrr madea I tripsandoutinlsa qreatsuccess. Ther stayincudedvisitsto Germary's lriqhestwaterfal a cuckooc ock mLrseurn c lrllbrg the insde of Frieburq's Cathedral splre, a char I it to thr highest peakjn theB ackFofest, a g assb ow ng factoryafd manyolhrr placâ‚Źs of interest. Work Experience. Fifteensixth fonnershad a week'swork expefefcr n offenburqThe p acrr.entswere r,!th banks,solcitors,hotels,a regonal newspaper a sportsshopandin a school. lhe studâ‚Źftsafefoundp scements but arcexpected to arrange theirowr tfeve andda y schcdu es, Cordoba. Forty-one Ancla ucia,Sevle and lun or boysspentilme in Corcloba, RondaP acesof interest visled wereChristopher Columbus' tonrbthe maritme museurll anda gu dedtouraroundthefootbalstadum in Ronda. Swmmifg,basketbr I,footbalard f neI\'eathrr madcthev sitto soUth.-rn Spair a m e m o r aebo f e . 0bernai,Alsace.Ths is a ne\,/exchenge and,lJl spite of ice cold !,reather tourteefs xth J'ormboysand qirlsaccomprnied h v two staff had a lrondcrFul

tf p.Thetra n journeyby Eurost.r af d S.NC.F. to Stfasboufq waslesstaxng than expectedl P aaesvslted rc udrdtheslopesof theVosljes ComliftEurope andthe European Parlaraent n Strasbourg the Kronefbourg brewery afd Colraar. Thesccondand th rd ycarcxchirnge in conlunctlor Chamblrry. organised w th NofthLondonColegiateSchoohadrn cxcelcnt lime,nol eastbeca!sethey weregven suchgenerous hospitaltyby their hostparefts.Theweekfor the ght boysrc udede m xtureof events a tour of Charnbrry, twenty-e a 'snow d a y 'a, t r l p : c r o stsh e L a cd u B o u r g cat ,n dn v i s t 1 0a t r a d i t l o r an lu t - p r e s s i r g factoryprodurng wa nut andhazelnut oi . Vlr ookforwardto the returnv sit of group. rn s excnange

N4 usic Therehasbeenthe normabusypfoqramme of cofcrrtsthroughout theyear. The AuturarConcert wase sperd d occasion off€rirga rlchvarety of mLrs c. The BrassCorcertt!!o perforr.ances by the AskeSingers and the SchooCarol Service ln 5t A barsAbbeywerethe rnan features of the Auturllntcrm. ThcSpringtermoffercdmanynronrents qurlty I performance of exceptiona andrnsembe.Thekeyboard andsecordorch€stfa concertwasfo lowrdby thc [roodwifdandswrgs concertn mid l\4arch. The argesteventof the yearwas the combnedSchool{Concerlin the BarbcanConcert HarI on 4th Nlarch. The ha \,!astul . Thcmuslc\,vas superb andthe oveniding m€mory wi I beofsheef happnessard exuberarce whlchseerned so nfectousfrorathe momentone eFtered the foyerandwascaughtby br ght sourdsandrhythms of jazzp aycd by the boysandg r s fromthe Estreeschoos.

WorkExperience Thcmcmbcrs of th s yearsfifth fornrhaveaqainundeftaken workexperience ln prospect theirchosen ve cafeerareas, It is interrst19 to notea largeswingto firancewith a corresponding dip ln law N4edic;ne mcdla/cnterta rment aid advertis ng/markct ng reman popuirrnnron!stour boys. Tlretop fourmostpopuaTaTeas are:a a a a

Flnarce N4ed c fe RetaUAdvertlsing/Market ng N4ed a/Erterta nment

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Asal!\rays offersof possb e p acemefts for the cornifgyearaTeraost!\recorar, lndeeda bettefresponse is essertiirl to mantalnour currentneeds. lf you can offerhep il woud be nr!r(hrpprecatedandyoushouldcontactRoger\ /akey, y offcrurorkexpefierce the ndustrlaFelow at schoo. Al 0ld Boyswhoprescnt paccmcnts wl be coftncteddLrfrg the AutumnTermln orderto updateoLrr present 0artaoase

C.C.F. Activities Thepastyearhasbeenp!rticularly exctinq fof the C.C.F Lastluly theywenton thciranrua crmpto Cele Gerr.any its!uestsof the RoyaRr!Jintent of Fusilers. A groLrp oi 25 cadets and5 officcrsattended the campard weretreatedto an excelent pfo!ramr.e of Armyactivlties andvisits. Thetrip wasroundcd off !,rth a l o n gd r v ed o w nt o B a v a r w i ah e r â‚Źt h e c a d e tw s e r ea b e t o t a k ep a r ti n s o m e seTousmountar u/aklng cyc ng andcanoenq ed by ouf own C.C.F staff.The boyslefta !Joodmpression of theSchooandCorps andtheyarehopinqto make a retufi v sit in the not loo distartfutufe,pafticu]arly astheyro\\'heve]eremy Lanrb(0.H.93Jstationed withthe Fusiiers. October sawthemat Crcholvcl n Walesnarro$'ly rnssingthe floodsfor their affua adveftufe traiflnq.Theanrua dlnner$ras the usualsuccessfu andhappy occrson Wth Cdr AithlrnyHlghanr R.N.(0.H.671asthe qrestof honoLrr Ths y e a r t h c d i i i e r w i o n c ea g a i nb eh e d a t t h e R o y aAl i r F o r cC e l u bi n p i c c a d l yi '59) on 25thJuy lvhenthe guestof honour,,,,,ibe l\4chae Bukht(0.H. who js p r o b a b bi ye t t e kf f o w f a s l l i c h a eB a r r yt h et e e v s i o nc h e fN . i l i c h ai seal r O d Haberdashrf anda fonnerSgt.l\4ajor of theArntysectof. Thlsycafseesthe retiremcnt fromthr C.C.F. of tt. NickHolmes who has edthe RoyaNavysectionfor a corsderablen!mberof yearsas we I as guidng lhr boysthroughmanymuddytrackson nrcuntain b kes.Wewaru d lke to taketh s occas on to thankNickfor al hislrardworkwiththeCorps. Lt.TomHardnlan l\rI betakfg overasthe headof thesecton andwe lookforwardto h s eadership W e u / o u di k et o c o n q r a a t ut el \ 4 e f k L o y d W n l\4ajor I ai m so n h s p r o m o t i ot o andDeputy Coftin!entCommander Alsoto Hayey his\,",ife, onthe b fth of ther sec0r't0 s0|], In Marchthe b enna nspect on was hed ,,vhenthe nspect ng officerv,asLt.Co. R.A. Wrtefer Nil.[4us.L.R.A.N4.R., the Prrcipa Directorof N4usic oi tlre Roya Marines. Thedaypfoved to bean excelent examp e of whirt oLrr c a d e t sc o ul d d o , p r o d u c i n g d spayslroraa I threesectonsas wel as the hardfoullht inter servlce corapet tiors.The!\'inner o i t h e o v e r a cl o m p e t t i o nt hsi s yearr,!asthe R.A.E sectlorwith thc Navywinnng the Wheatley Tfophyfor thc Assau t Course.

As we rcachthe endof anotheracaderaic year,r\]csaygoodbye to our senjor cadets, thanknq thenrfor theirslrpport andwlshng themwcl n the fLrtufe. We a so ookfofi1/ard to ourrew senor N.C.O.s takfq ovefefd io the 84 rew cedets l o i nn g u s .

S c i e n caen dT e c h n o l o g y SchoolWeb-site !,rebsite,Velson lll Thisyeerhasseenthe developmert irndlaur(hof the Habs' Thefedesigrtrrfsformation androutre malntenarce of oLrr\\rcbs tc hasbccil r glgantc taskafd the S.C.S. InterretTeamhasbeenveryfortunate to havethe (6BN43J (5.43) of Edward Potter and James Aron without $rhose trchnica s..rvices y ess know-howand cyefor detsI th s prolectwouldhavebeenir.nreasurab successfu. T h e u ' e b - s t ei s i n t e n d e tdo l n f o r mp e o p cb o t h w t h i n a n d o u t s d eo u r n a manner s m larto theSchool commun ty of a iheactivtiesat Haberdashers' prospertus, bLrt$/iththe nddtiona f cxibiity to up date nformation on an a niostweeky basls. eachconcefned wlth a At pfesent, the web-steis dlvidedinto ten scctions, d ffefentaspect of life at Hrberdashersl Youcar setoff or a tourof the School a n df n do u ta l a b o u t t h he i s t o royf A d e f h a mH o u s e erno u t eS. o c ; e t ireasr gf g fronrArchery to YoungEntefprse arelisted.N4oreover, theres a corapete run l o r 1 " , . - t F " m . . p o t i l g . t L t F ." . , \ e " . l e p o ' r ,o f r e a F . a . a . Finaly,prowess in the Arts s celebrated n the new N4usic and maroelrvres. Drarnasections devoted Wearetryinq Thelvebsitehasa spcca section to the0 d flaberdashers. to estabsh an irternetd rectofyrcludinqasnranyformerst!dertsaspossible a n d t h e r e i s r s p r c i a ' r - m a l r e ppy"s- lf o rt h o s e i r t e r e s t et odc o m pe t eA . tthe timeof writ ng over50 0 d Haberdashers haveaccepted th s invtat on. P easete I yourfriends abouttheweb siteandlet usknowyourviewsirsto how wâ‚Ź nlght mpfovruponwhatisa readyevaiablr

British0lymplads tion twc ve boyshaverecevedau/ards. Ths s n the Physics olympadsCompet y a f rstandis cerlarly a recordfor lhe School. probab In additlon, oneoi the two go d awardwiniers,JerenyChaoner,hasbeenselected to be a mrmbefof o f f i v e t o r e p r e s e G n r t e a B t r t a n n t h e f t e r n a t 0 n aPlh y s c s o l y m p i a d t h et e a m I ltaly aterth s summer. In the Chemistry 0lympiads, AnoopShahhas beensekctedfor the Unted p a r t p e t r i n t h e n t e r n a t i o r eC h e mc a l 0 y m p i a d K n g d o mt e a m t o c Comprtition. Tohavea physicist anda chenrst fromthr sanr schoolln thelrll.K. lntefnationa teamss a remarkable achievement. AnoopShahwasalsolnvitcdto lo n thc f\4athonrtics 0 ympiadtralnng scssion in Cembr d!e,fromwhichthe lnternationa te!m rsseected

International I\lathematics Challenge n a natonalcornpetlt on ,,\'hch makes mathemat ca demands []el beyond the confinesof the G.C.S.E. sylabus,five boys werâ‚Ź awardedcertifcatesof

d i s tn c to n .S t u a rH t a r q ' so u t s t a n d iancqhe v e m c notf b en g p . c e dt o po f t h e entfe rafk orderof fourthycnr applcantswon h m a p aceat the Naton! Nlathematics SunmerSchool at B rminqhanr Uflvrrsty. ModelUnitedNalions ln thr Eastcrholdays,t ,o deeqrtions!,rcntto cornpetcn the ntcfnationa lln ted NrtlofsCof[ercnce N4odel in D!b n. Over800deelatestookprn fron] Europrafd Northand SorithAmcrcr.There,,!ere tl\,otrophiesrlstingrshed Delegation A!,Je ds,to bewonandbothr!erewor bythr Haberdashers teanrThis \(as regardrdes rn outstanding achievernent \\]hch n the h Storyof the competI on hasfot beerrnaneged by anyothrrschoo, E d u c a t i oi nnE ng i n e e r i n g Fourboysn the lowersixth!/on e CrestGod Alrafdfor ther projectrxecutcd n conjuIction\\rth 5ir RobertN4cApine, rescarch ng rnoreeFfrctive rlaysof fixin!Jtol\'ercrafesto theirbases. Thetcirmachieved the h ghestmarksof a I tear.s\\,hopresented ther \,r'ork at the Rutherford Appleton]aboratories in Oxford. Soinpressed werefulcAlp nesth!t theyhavceconlmendcd thatthewo.k prodrced by thesefour boysshoud go t0 Potans,the French marlfacturers of I O U C TC r a n e S .

A nA p p c a l TheScience Departnreit s try n!l to obtaina numberof aptopcomputc15 486 pfocrssofs oTbetterfor use n 5ci.'nce data oqqng experinents. f afyonecan hep p eascwo! d theyco|lact[4r D. . Ycrbsey at sc]oo. Anyhelp,"!,or d br qratefuy rcceived.

0ld Haberdashers'News (0.H.'94) N4ark Llndgren jn Afric|Lrrfore 0n lst lvlerch 1999,during\rhatvrasto bea wonderfuholiday startfg !\ork,fu]ark r,/as k ed I llllendaby annedHuturrttls fromRwa|da. He ,,i/as t!i/cnly-thfeeyrarsold In a servicc oIThanksg v nq thatfi ed St.Albans Abbry,!,rr,,ve fe rem rdrd of a I that had madeN4irrk il very speca person. l\4ark s schoofriends!n versity f r i c n d sq ,r f f e n da n ds i s t ear r c m e r . b f l et hdc o v e o f i f e ,l o v e n f p e o p co v r of Wolverhanpton \\!fdefers and happysmic that \re had sref jn s!ch abLfdance!,rhenlte!i/asa pupi herrat Habcralashrrs: parkprepirratory [4ark]o nedus n 1989at the aqeof thlrteenfronrBeech!r,ood Schoo. Fronrlhr startheseth msef veryhiqhstandards, bothacadenr caly end I cxlra-curricular studes. He was ir studrnt !"rth a host of ta efts; he representrd the Schooln cricketrnd crosscountryas !,reI as p ay ng ru!by, tenns,squesh, bidnrftof hockey andchess for Caverts. l\{arkr"ras esprcialypro!dof beng oneof the crickctte!m !\,hicrv/onthr L]16 County Cup n 1992.Nilark a sop ayedthec ar net n orchrstrnr,rorks. 0ncol.the

frst pieces he r.astered was"TheEntertainef', so t wasrostalgic to hearPeter y at theThanksglving p ay the p ecesowonderful Edwards Service. Folowfg splendidG.C.s.E. resuts, nc udingsevergradeAs, he wenl on to in h s A' eve slrblectsLatir,FrerchandHistory. Hr especially achrve A grades enloyedthe quizzes, d nnerard baloon debates of the C rssicssocety,but dccdedto concentrate on rnodrrnlarquages for h s deqree andsecured a place fromwhlchheobtanedan uppersecond in French and at NottnghamlJniversity Business StLrdies. Desplte al hisachevements andh s manysklllsN4ark rerllanedan unassunr ng youngmanwlth a delghtfuly drysense .nd rnodest of humour. Genteness was and he wasa waysgenerous n his praiseof otherswh lst ol hisveryessence seekifgno g ory for himsef. Markrenenrbefed the I tt e nsiqniflcant th ngs aboutpeopr that madethemrra sethat thry wereirnport;rnt to hlm,andthus he rasedthe I ownselfesteem. Everyone whoknewhimenjoyed hiscompany.

Afterthe lastediton of NewsfromEstreewhenwe reported the saddeathof Wif Newittand VvianTodhunter, we received the folowing etterof tfbute fromPeter0ppenhelmer 10.N.'561. '' wassadto readthe deathof two Cofllmon Room'characters' fromthe 1950s, : l f H e v / t t a n d V l v r n T o d h u n t e( rV i c t o r ' w a sa b o t h n a t h e n a t c b n sW sobriquet'1. "Theirpersona it eswereverydlffefert.Wi f [,asa kindof dynamocoverng the with derlvatlons to the accompaniment of highspeedverbalpattcr. b ackboard protect He worerubberf rger stals to h s skn frombenq worr, andsucked ozenges to preserve histhroat.Hewasa greatenthus astfor Corps carnps, where hcactedasf rst-ine-ofdefence medca officer. H s principle wasthat boyswere aff lctedat campby ony two ai mâ‚Źnts: blisters andconstpation.lf lt wasr'tthe y Thispr nc p e genera workedprettyr,\]e, though do one,t mustbethe other. possibly lbe lous,of him dosinqup $rth laxative a boy havea vaguememory, r,!hotLfnedoL]tto beslfferingfronrs nusits. 'N4r. Todhunter wasentirelydifferent,reflectve and quietlyversatle,rather H s versatility f amboyant. extended, appafertly to dolrg TheT mescfossword beforethe startof mornrg schoo, thouqhh s pupls werefot awareof thls.He was,an amateuT lrgulst and larguagetextbookll ustrator. As a sideactlvity withinthe Schoohe taughta groupof us Russiar up to '0' leve ir our final year(sl. I owehim a greatpersonal debtfor th s. lt hâ‚Źpedmeto get on to the i nt h eR o y aNl a v y l . 0 r e o f R u s s aInn t e f p f e t e s ch oi pu r s re m y N a t o n aSl e r v i c( e turnedout to bethe [halfRussian] brotherof the friends madeon the course my futurew fe. N4oreover, slncethe colapseof Conmunsn ny krowledqe of Russian hasbeena significart factorin my profess reinforc rg my onalactivlties, wel-established ove of the language ard its cuture with frequentvists to Moscor,\' andotherpartsof the country'l

Ringof Mystery Thrfol owlnqis an extractfrorna etteryrrittenby l\4chaeC.Godirq (0.H.50J to Dr. anJacques a f\4aths. teacher at schoo.Dr.lacques y movrdto the recent Watfordarea.Whlst hep rg h s neghbourdig his gardcn,a go d ring was d scovered bearifg the Haberdashers' crest. The previoLrs owncrsof the n e i q h b o uhro5! s eh a db e e nt h eG o l dn g f a m l ys o ,a r m e $ d , i t ht h i s n l o r r n a t o n , Dr. Jacquesinvestgatedfurther at school.N4chae Goding'sranrc lvas d scovcred a on! with a currenL addfess andso Dr.lacques wroteandexplaned tlrestoryto him.Thefolowlngisan extrrctof hisreply: 'Thankyou your for letterof tst Decrmber, vr'hch receivrd todayandreadw th ncredu ity.Whatar ncredib c setof c rcumstances to reachthlsconclus onl Ycsndeed, thesiqfetr nq to whichyoufefcralicl belongto me,havng ostit if about1964.At the timeltholrght was!.rorkifgif the backgardefands;eved everyiich of top soil,but to fo effect- nowexpaifedby it beifgfound n the frontlJardcn viherâ‚Ź| didfot thinkof lookI g. T h er i n gw a sg v e nt o r n r o i m y 2 t s t b i r t h d a by u , t t m i g h tw e l h a v eb e c r purclrased lrymy pareftsin advance of that occasion. I wasfaturaly veryupset at the t me,andkeptmakrg excuscs to r.y pareftsfor firhyI wasfot weafifg itl Fora wh le irfterwe movedto Scotland if 1965,I keptthinkiig/hopinq thai the ne\\,owners ol the property rro! d fjnd it and et mekno\,!but gaveup this for ori hopernanyyearsaqo, I woud benost gratefurf youwouldet rllckno\,r' the name...sothat I car write t0 thank\\,hoever t wasin the fam]lywho foundthe firg. you musthavegone to sorncengthsto ascerta n the ownerof the r ng andtr:ck ne dowf sifcewe moved to Scotand3:lyeafsagoandhavehadfourchanqes of acldress, or didyou c0nsut the O.H.A. I st of members? I rm indebtedfor a I you havedone in thls metterard obviously to your neighbour's inteqrity andconscientiousness' Themora of this storyihavr you sâ‚Źft your atestchargeof rddressto the Schoo?f you areif touchwith other0.H.sperhaps (f theyarr agreeab rl yo! coud srndthosetoo.Weareconstant y try ng to buid up our database.

P casesendme ........copesof the 1999edt on of Skylnf k at t6.00prf copy. I enclose a cheque for { madepayable to the Habefdashers'Aske\ Schoo

Plearerelurnto Mr.D. L Yeabsley, SrhoolSupportDifeclor, Habefdashers,Aske\ School, ButterflyLane,Elstree, Herts.WDG3AF

I THEHABERDASHERS' ASKE'S SCHOOL, ELSTREE, HERTS. WD63AF T e l e o h o n0e1:B 1 - 2 6 617 0 0

Headmaster: JeremyGoulding M.A.

Greetingsto the 0ld Hoberdoshers' Associotion andgood wishesto us both for o closeond growingrelotionship from


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One of Greenallsfamousrestaurants,The Battleaxesin Elstreeis renownedfor providing good food with a vast menu. Cateringfor vegetariansand a specialmenu just {or the children in a friendly family atmosphere.We also have outdoor dining facilities,where you can sit back and relax while the children havefun in the plav area. The BattleaxesRestaurant Butterfly Lane,Elstree,Hertfordshire,WD6 3AD


0 l d H a b e r d a s h eR r su' g b yC l u b1 9 9 8 / 9 9 President: MartinBaker

ClubCaptain: KeithDavies

1998/99wasverymucha "season of two halves" for Old - with a disastrous Haberdashers pre-Chr stmasspeI being followedby an excellent endto the season whichensured t h a t 0 d H a b e r d a s h em r sa' l r t a i n e dt n e t r s r a r u s n l_1erts./N4idd esex Division1 for anotherseason.l\{ore y thegoodfinalrur n, alorgw th the influxof a irnportant numberof new and returnlngpayersanctthe irnprovedform of the secofd XV offers considerab e hopethattheClubcanIookfor\,^rard to bettert mesin the comng years. lr hirdsightlastyearwasalwaysgo r'.tg to be a strugge g venthe ossof a number of keyplayers - incudlngPaulDavies of the pfevious seasor to WEes.SteveLarderend DaveStockto fam y cor.mitments, both first choicecentres to rr\r classclubsanda talented bunchof "year-offers" to trniversity. Howrver,sucir probemswerc compounded by the deeprootedprobemswhich - namely haveafflicted theC ub n recent seasons poor availabi ity, a fa lure to traln and an agingplaying membership withtheseason agan seeinq the retrements of a numberot stawartsincludlng Charles, Griffthsandl\,4cNei. Suchfactorssaw the C ub slunrpto sevenstralghteaguedefeats lncudlnga 7o-pointthrashing at H."mel Henrpstead andstartthe newyearrootedto the bottomof the eagui -the and lookng downthe barrelat reeqationwhichcouldhavecastdoubton veryexsterceof the c ub. However, a successfu drlveto ensurc avallab ljtyfor a serjes of targeted matches ensured that 1999sawa dramatic _ with the turn aroundn the Club's fortunes C!b avoidingreegation as the lastfew weeksofthe season prodLrced eague wirs againstHarringay, H.A.C. andold Hampton ans,a ast minuteossagainst eague champions andB.U.S.A. champions lmpera N4edics, ard a wjnagainst the DutchChampions on tour. I\4oreover, the second halfof theseasorsawa nur.berof otheTpostivefactors whichprovidehopethat the Clubmayrow haveturnedthe corner. Fi|stythe Clubhasbeenbuoyed bythereturrof a number of'star'players to theCiub, with thepreserce of Bannistâ‚Źr, Yeabsley, L oyd,Liddle andCameron, notorly providing

rn: nDi th? aH RFc.teogrevit ajrntr aB Hmrtnnian: r Mnrh tssg


a n r f l r x o f n e ! . tra k n t b r t a l s or a i s n gt h e rorale and performance of the od rc!Lrla's. s e c 0 n d l yt, r e C u b h a s a s o b cr e i t e d y frorathc recrlrtnrentof a numlrer rnorrnous of new pleyerS Gullford, Bews,FenwrcK, Wood- \,r'hohrve addedconsideraby to the C u b b o t ho r a n do f f t h e p i t c hT h id l y , s p f t s havebeenraised by thest on! performerce of thc sccondtean $'hch cernecloseto a \irrnifq srasorfor the firstt nre n a f!rmbe of yee15- thafks manly to lhe wofdrrfu rffortsof PatrickHuqhes irs raptan !nd the strofll coreof p ayerssuchas Corney, Ho!! Rrynods \rlood,Smth \r!rqht, A|!1.- and Savage. Fna y and most inrporteftly, there -de.eou . ' . ' " . 1 . .L c e . o , ' p ' i ternsofthr Club'songertermfut!re ,,vth d t ! s k f o r c e h e a d e db y n e ! , rC h ar m a n e n l"4ccarthy nreanif!lth.t thr Club is fina y acdfess ng thc p ob ems of recrutraentand finence!i/hichhavcalf lctedthr C ub n fecent years rnostnotablythrorqhthr strrt ot : niorelocussedcarrtmentcampel!lrandtha appojntment oi: p, d adnrnistration off cefto lrelpvi th theday-todayrunnnq oi lheC ub.



Suchfactofshaveensurecl that havcerdedrllythreeyeerspelas r.pta n n opt m sticr.oodrbout the C ub'sflrture.\'\lhist havr presided overn tra!matc periodof thc C ubs history, the pastthrer yearshavebrrn anefjoyabhexpeficnc( andfor th s | \,r'ould lke to t h e f k a n u m b e r onf dv d L rsaw h oh a v ee n s u r et hd a t c v c nq i v e n - t hasr been\\]orth\ahie. N4aqlnus timckcepirq F rstly,to the variouscommittee rnrlnbers afd teanroff cias who havrasssted nre in krrpinq the Club !lo ng: inclIdinqNlessfs. Baker.Egan, y Patick H!qhes(\rhoensured NewmarGray,Sta!qbut especia t h e s u r v v ao f t h e A ' X V Ja n dL e rR o s s n e u yr h ow a sn o t o n y a n excelent vice-c!pta n, brt alsofoundtinreto win thc P ayerof thc Seasoi a w a r d r, e p r e s r nCt . 1 . 0 . B a .n d o r g a n s et h e e x c e l l e rSt p r i n g t n rsee v . - n s tournanent.Howevrf,rlly trggcslthanksgoesto the Club'spnyers!,rthout whornthere!r'ouldbe fo club,no fun and no becr afi prordto lst them anronlstmy bcstfr rrds and wishthema I the vrry brst in the comng yfnr Lrnder lhecaptalncy 0f lvllchae Yeabs ey.Beurasuerte Keth Davies



* 1r$G



1 9 9 8S e a s o n President: AlanPhipps Captain: HaroonAhmad 1 9 9 8 w a s a s e a s o nw h l c h w br remembered as one n whichthe c ub went


b d c \ , " ^ r . rbde. o F r b ( i 1 g d . , p

o'na.d 0l 'pre-season' tourof Zimbabwe wasa distanl m e -o ' \ d r d w i l l r l e , 1 a tq c i 1 c a p 'or "ilc) b l f - l e \e r . : t - i i 1 F 0 c . a t o , . n e n e \

beginnlng for the Club. ln hindsight it wasa ratheran nauspicious startasbothsides strugglecl to fie d y strongsides. adequat." Theresults spokefor themse ves.Thelst Xahadplayed five weeksbeforestopprg the rot of successive defeats andfor that we were thankfuto the rans.Thedepths of despair werereached whent wasnotecl that a scoreof 120wasbeyondus r thoseerr y weeks.0ur bowlng slmilarylacked a c u t t i r ge d g ew i t hb o t hP a u E v e 6 f i eadn dM i k e Fei r u n a be t o p l a yd u et o w0rkcor.mtmentsandinjuryrespectively. Relegation surey beckonecl. Noonecouldexacty pinpoint the reason for theturnarourd of ourseason. Sor-ne notedthe returnofthe aforementiored bowlers.Others notedthe increase n morale liftingthe batsmans' confidefce. Brerdan Foley wasthef rstpersofto hlt a leaguefifty we I into June.However r.ofeso thar anythjngthe fifd of the season wasAsfandyar Syed. HiscontribLttions w th bothbatandbaI enabled the lst Xl to avoldrelegatiorand winnifg 7 gameson the trot we fnisheda creditab â‚Ź 7th in the league. 0therrotabe cortr butiorsto theseason inclucled Rck Harris,s unfappab e sl p catching, 0z Ali'swafderngson theboundary, Brendan Foley's ALrssie banter, and SamiAl'sdoubleqlazng saespitches. 0ur 2rd X wasnot so fortunate. Theirseason startedn similarfashonbut mrssed opportLrnlties in cfiticalgamesleft thcmhavingto win the lastgameof the season, p ayinqat home.Thegfoundwaswet dueto overnight ran but al the players workedto renderit playab e.Theopposition thoughtotherwise. With no umpires to arbitrate, the oppositioreft theqround. Them:tterwasrepoTted to the eague w h o n t h e r ' i n fn i t ew i s d o m ' f e n d etrheedg a r . ea s a b a n d o n e d thusrelegat ng the Seconds. lakingoverthe C ub captaircy fromKeth Davies felt iketakingovera poisoned chaiceasthe number of kâ‚Źyp ayersleaving, threatened the DivsiorTwostatus of the Club.Thechalerge of recruitinq lst Xl p ayers was a 0tunttng task. Nevertheless the cricket playedin the latterhalfof theseason wasa mixture of flair anddeterrnlnation. TheCl|b owesa greatdea of gratitude to the Pfesident, A an Phipps r^rho was a constantsoufceof

throughoutthe seasonand whose slrpportto both skippers ly kept h m in the FirstEleven. ndividuaformeas Day H s orqansatlonskillswerebroughtto playon President's A S x-a-Side Tourranent whichwasthe highliqhtof the season. conrpetltion a ongwith plentyof foodard drink. offrredhealthy andthe the 0.H.C.C.Six Theresultwasa cosecortestbetween Foley and Alan Phipps Presidert's Slx.Bruta hittingby Brendan would be well rien that \rictoryfor the Presidert's ensured years left under Despite hisprotests therearea falrfew deserved. betthe President's enjoyable affar, despite the besteffortsof 0z TheDevontourwasa thoroughly Thecr cketwascompetitive ard thew n andSamito wreckthe accomraodatlon. touf. lt was a faI cry from the over Sdmouthcappeda rathersuccessful in Zimbabwe. teringheatof Harare but refectedthe tourLrrityachleved sure on toufwereslgns SamiAliandAhadAfzalscorngcenturies Amongst theplayers lmproved maturltyin theirbatting.The atterpickedup the l\,4ost of ncreased onceagairat Lord's Cricket P ayerof theYearAwardat ourAnnuaDinnerhosted Ground. Faclitiesneedimproving Lookingfofwardthe Cub facesmary challenges. promotonto higherdivislons. Theleague structure ly if we arechasinq especla and of Premier tself is golngto chargefurdamentalywith the effergence leagues beingdiscussed and maybe A verticaly structured Feeder Divisons. broughtlnto playby theyear2000.Thedeveopmentof youthwithinour sides for the future.Withthe ossof SlmonFrierd has edto a greatdealof promlse it is hopedthatthe to the {Jnited States on worksecondments andKeithDavjes theyhave younger p ayerslikeChirag PatelandAl Afza wi lfu fi lthe potential in the year. showed I whoendedthe yearwith W liam FLrsse My additloral thanksto Vlce-Capt!in, (played 4, won 4).Addltiona ly, Howard an enviab e recordas standin skipper Kapadia d d a st rlingjob ookingafterthe 2ndXl despite Lancastâ‚Źr ard Deepak of theclubAlan fromthe l st X . Asevefthestalwarts theFriday evenirgrequests for the numerous Newman, SimonGeberandJohnGrffithsneedto bethanked shoud go to Simon thankesstasksthat theyhavehadto do.A speclamentlon heperl\]lthrunning Levywhoasthe C ub Mar of theYearwasan ever-present for the lst Xl andevenumpiring the 3rdX],scorng on a numberof occasions whenneeded. andColin GeoffWhea, JohnLiddington Lasty I needto thankJohnWhittenbury, H a r r s f o r h e l p i n go u t i n u m p i r i n gd u te s f o r w h i c h anyadditionaheperswoud be very wr come. Special IO H ary InanKS Whittenburyfor stepping nto the shoesof Nobbly Tarnerandscorlngon a few SatLrrdays. HaroonAhfrad tr.0HC.C.trxt

1tttDrr!Drrtrre t!99

Season 1998-99 President: lan Hall

I et Xl Captrin:J0hnBarron

Altef a disastrous forayintothe Prcmier Leag!ethe previous season, therewerectose season fea6thatthefi|stteamwoud cease to exst in anyshape or formfor the 199e/9 er.o.TrF.e -d l\4erelon'irn-d Fd",oe,Lre.F '. ad.1 o\s..h ime"mio.t. 'qu.do 6h doeF os.rbl-drota.eo Fo.^e-. -a.d)e 0ora..o\',.. 01| ILF". F ^t de,odi /o. o \Fa. g , ro'c-. ^ I F ^ d , . p F ' " t Fp - o . F \ . . . h c e . F . q I , a a . . o rote.dnorr e o.doo J oooF"edon h-l\r d". orthe rro.,hF.q o 0 . u o e o I u o I o - . q ( | d , | - | . \ 4. o h od ' . r , s l F . e . oo n lorF.o dn. Pch.o,on. ne)F ru .d,e ,r oot ne "d pr€vouss!mner

andwer€keeifor I b t of feal"rnens qo nq off tfave no footy"before a c assgoakeeper andi centrefo|wardwerrexacy whrt wehad6ecripravin0 fort6

I F t ' ^ r b c - o . o o . , a .d , r \ F , h ^ p r o . r o , p F o o l eo r d \ . n gn " b l o r . a n o F . e o r , p t o ) r , qo . o p o . o n r l r i | _ 0 \ ^ L F t . " r n\ oF. o F o , l , e F . p a r i r - d q i . "| . . d n o " edl ' d o r i r . e r . d r F o - n e n U u ) . \ , e . e . 4 60 $ . 0 d h r i t e , o u r i. , o o , \ ( 0 r n e F 5 r ' l F d e \ o r o 5 . - \ ^ t d n i |", q. ... I,FO'S. ot r^i neo._ ,rpF Fa,.. w, tL,1.rl.F. o | t 0 . \ a , d t w . l r " . . F r" J_t ',0, ,llon.dd,d" e r o . o u a n. a . o F g , n r g : . , o '"\rel o p . t , ."i .r \ '"l,J r"i r. ry" .0,1 t F r n " 0 e t o ,r ' , . h r ^ . , I o | p , o , t . i . g L ( t r o , l b o r F. 0 t r e e . , t F a a e , t h | ] ! , l l d d ^ F e b ' q r n r' q , . 1 . . - l o o e F l d h : . o . r a . d i n q n n i o - t o , ^ r i t . t I r F . '"0,1,! o , \ o . p o . r n o' o b F c r r l i b l F n " . n . ^ o d , , h r . . 4 e , e u (I rL o p o e V o r l r \ . h-..roe rLeb".i d tLe"dd ror , rd, op. \or'n. q "r ' r n o f . o u n qC .' ni6-t, H1o. ,1,'.; ."rli. o+r^oo d d bq l\,.1 B,.r;'. o ' q _ _ r q r . t 0 0 rI t F o l i i e . t h t h t . L l o u L r e l t o n e d " . 0 rLe[:l

F,, e. o tr,\,, 'iendooage.




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ta eidedinsunnyNlayl999,tradtoraythernonlhiofcupfnak,irndiissafetosay andho ersshouts of'romeon youbeautes" !r€ h:d morethanouf fa I shar€Whoops "yes'3nd Little,t.ke a blow greeted the fin: lvhste that meantthat the 2 2 dra!/ whatthe doctorhadordcred for the c imbup to thedlzzy .wayat N{rvernw3sexactly Leaque ThirdDivison.Theresult, hov/rver, belirdthc facl lhat heghtsof the Arthurian theny e of playthecu rnination of a scasor theyhndoulcasscd a pronoton chsllenqer andbetter. Noton y that,the fesui had Lhathadseenth s teamrjctbetter3ndbettef... oi a sidebeatenin the cupfina of y a few birnlshed the badtlste eft in the rnouths Th€cup fun wassomethnq to behod. ltcoudn1 havebeenany harder.tstertedat Godam ng whcret didtakctwo Bfentwood with an easy8 I w n. NextCha(erhouse, bettef. tr psto getthatt e sortedbutthe esssaidabriutthatthe fof the cLrpard it s€enedno onecoud stirndn theirway Thc Theladsh:rdthe Lasle drawhadnot ookrdklndy !pon usirndo d Chomelears at home!,rrsth€ nexthu d e. y dLre Cfoxdale it became an aw:ryt e to the quaqnrire of a p tch at Fotress Unlortunate Bafandthe second divsionoutflt !/cr€lookirqfavourtrs. Eut theyhadnl It PotLers feckoned of the rcw founddevotlon of the Lttle f:rmilyto the 0.H.cause(Pat,St€ve Theunasslrrnlng eft beck,stickabillty comirgort of PiruandVckylandLan Edw:rrds. beforeln h s fe, but thisstasonsiw him everypore,hid qulte t€rellyneverscored downthe eft corn€cfashnq ntothegoa scorfg chats.Anearysofte sawhimdashing anunbccvaby I ukeyshot f rnk to de verwhatwas,anappir nqcrossbut,fortun:rtely 1 0. n a see-saw battlethetwosjLrst woudn't le down. Keeps h:rdno chance. g ant killlngirct,mofespect:rcu af mornents. A 4-3 wlnthenandForeste15 irw!y.AnoLher As kck off oomedony ninep ayerswerethere,tyinljup boot acesthat wefeilready tied anythng to deay the kickofl BLrtl0 mennarted,l0 rnenweft onenl down 1l m r r r a e d a n d . s L l t t e r a n t o r r a r'12 dshsstafstfuckfamilylkeMnfcoT:rdelliinthel9S2 lvorldCupFlnahavlnqroofedffom yardsof the run theywereback n it. lt w3s a strikeihat w I nev€rbebettered fromtheedge fa fytae stuff,laif Edwrrds unleashed of Lheboxandthe qrmewass;lfe.3 2 Whata v/ n. youfe from dvsion two but we dont care.7 2 seerns ar Brlnqon the Lancing, theg:rme r/l I berenembered for impfobrble scoreline but beievenre,l'strue.However, insideoLrtunieashnq an a soo gor, L!rningLhedefender h"/oothef reasons.0ne unstoppab e shot,from40yrfds,by Litte andthefactthata mar,wholivtdin theestate o".l q Idqd.\.

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theyhrd brought oranges andwatef,vr€wefe n thefnal. X Coudthcy k onernore CupFnalDav:Chgwell2ndXl .v 0d Haberdashers'2nd g ants:rndwonthc girnt?Alasro. Largely dueto ihe f:ct that Chlqwelvereliterally g:rrne 4 2. lhey \!on beciruse rheycolld jLrmphiqhefth:rnus,theywereta er No it cLimbinq wirsn't a qameof rugby. Twofl downaflcffo!f nrnuiesmeant\f/ewefealways Litte dancnq ntotheafeato wlf a peraty buriedby Cameron bfoughtus a mountain. the ben teamdidn'tw n. We werefantasllc. back ntothcgame.ts not so!f gfapes, Possess on wouldn't trirnsatcinlogoas.Butweenloyed theday,thecfowdwassomesort of record surey we had lnesmefwewrnt out orto the pitcha iu ha i hourbeforethe qane I tfainfq topsto ret!rnIo thechanging foomto prepare for kickoff.Just kethe pfofess.na s do.Thepltchwassuperbt !!as':n occas onl stLrffThfeeqames wefe eft to $ vagethe season, irfd Butth s tean ls nradeof sterner nrtledtwo qoak,onea lan minut€equaliser, rway at dd we s:rvagc.lain Edwards, Chlgweto leaveuswith a job to do at N{avern,andwe d d it. beingu:rrkBlrch.Hewasour As s:ry,heroes everyoneof thern.Themost mportant to rfother picking!p Andy Evanstoys 50 rudder,ste€ringus fron one triLrmph petulaftlythrownby lhe brght-eyed boy anto the pitch evey qamr.Sones:ryhc a sp t peEon.ityjustso he'dhavesorneone to arguew th whenheson his developed laslandthe gfeatest teamI ve p ay€d,,vth, Soheres to nextseason irndto an hlsLriric and I've playedwith someteffble teans,the rol call of hrrotsiMark Blrch,PeLe TonyG!rms, AndyEvans, John Robnson,lvlattSrarahar,aln Edwafds, lamesBateson, Davies,5imor Davies, Wll Pethybridge, lvlichae Pulfofd, DickyBarlon, Stewy, Cameron, Tino,TlrnBurlesDuncan Bures,Macker, Chrs C3Uin and Austlflacobs, GuyWinnypenny, a thosewho heped

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S e a s o1n9 9 8 / 9 9 President andSecretary:



l\4ichacl Cohen 6 Berkciey Close, Elstree, Herts.WD63t N T e l e p h o n0e1g : 1- 9 5 30 0 6 7

S nce astyeafsNotesony tookintoeccount hallof ourgofin!Jcalendarmust f i r s t e I y o ut h er e s ltrs f o f t h r a t t e r p a f t o f t h r l g g S s c a s o n . ThefirstSchooqof deyWashed at Aldwickbury Parkcolf Club r AulJust lasl year.t wesattcnded by some30 gofersmadeup oI boys,masters parrftsand 0.H.efd was!|rof by ouf own HaroldCouchurth 4l poifts and havingthe honou r of beng the firstfanreto qo onto'TheEstreeTrophy I Thlsyear'scvert s b e n q h r d a t t h e s a m ev e n u eo n W e d n e s dlasyt S e p t e m baâ‚Źtr 2 . 0 0p m . Anyofewishng to playshoud contacteithermysclfor AndyW.ralon 01727 760893. TheAut!mn N4retngat Gerrards Crossin octobelwaswc]lattrfdedanclthe \,r'eather keptfinr for usonceagan. ThePresidents Bo\,r' for f fst placel\'entto R.N4rtthew with34 poilrts w]thmysef n secofdp acewith 32 ponts. TheLukcAqqfegate Trophy!!aslvonby thc Vice-President A an Newtofw th a totalol 59 pontsbeng lhesumof the Sur.merandAutumnN4eetlngs. 1 9 9 9S c a s o n Tl. Sor,o\4F.r.9"


Liddin!ton wasattended by

orly l0 nrembers but the rllatchwats o n c ca q a f h e l da g a i r stth e H o l y BushPubandthe0.H.wonthisonce ag al n . The 0.H trophlesrvere wor by mysrlfwith 38 po nts and l\4ichae Beamanin secofd plecewith 32 points. 0 u r a n n L r a f x t u r e a g af s t Hunstaftorwasonceargain enjoycd by a thosewho attended and ouf t h a f k s 9 o t o E d de H y a m sf o r nak ng usal so welcorae. 0Lrrproraise for our regularN4oor Parkfxtufcs was not naintained fromlastyear.Wecaneth fd in the t r s t m a t c ha q a i n s0t d M i l h l i a r s afd 0ld Lyoriafsard yrerebeaten 4 0 b y a t e a mm a d eu p o f b o y sa n d masters in theSchoolmatch. !ry.riir



/..rtrr 1

for thesecond Having donated a cupto markmytwo yearsascaptain tf angular T ta y o r a s n dU . C . S m a t c ha q a i r s0t d M e r c h a n 0d . B o y sw e w e r eo n c ea q a l n reegatedirto third placebut rot beforewe had engraved our nameon the trophyfor the year1998. In Julywe hed our Surnmer l\,4eetirg ard dinnerat Hendon Gof Club.Numbers overthe yearshavesteadly increased andI hopeto seemanyof you nextyear at thisfixturewhichisa waysmostenjoyable. TheRymanCupwaswor by Colr Harrswith 39 aftertyingwith yourcaptain but wasdecided or "countback" overthe lastt holes. 0nceagainI mustthark al the matchmafagers for arranglng the various fixtures andmeetings n suchar effcientmanner. TheSocietyoverthe yearshasbeenheldtoqetherby l\,4ichae Beaman our President who hasput ln so muchtime effortandofganlsational skjllsto keep going.Hehasdeclded the Society to retirefinalyandjs ln fact movingdownto Cornwa L Wewoud always beveryhappyto seeh m at ourfutufef xtufesand hopehe canat leastattendoneor two durng the year.Thankyou onceagain tvlichael. whichis or'rce 0ur astout ng of theseasons ourAutumnlvleetirg aqar beinq heldat Gerfafds Cross on Friday15thoctober. Forfurtherdetals please contact meat the aboveaddress. N/lichael Cohen

President AlanE.MORRIS Vice-President Dr.E.H. (Charliel A[,4STEIN Captain Charlie FREEN4AN Captain Small-boreJohnFREEMAN Treasurer BarryCAIRNS Serretary PeterWINNEY 19AKensington Gardens, BathBAI 6LH T e l e p h o n0e1:2 2 53 3 9 4 71 Targetfifleshooting quie ard experenceand not Iust is a sportthat rewards strength ind enthusiasm The0d Haberdashers'Rife Club[O.H.R.C.] refectsihis r,\,]th a membership thatspreads across generations. several Thereisa soa variety of abiitiesfromoueen's Prizecorterders to oncea yearsllooters. Themaif activityof the 0.H.R.C. is fu lboreshooting at B sleyfronrN4arch to octoberFourprilctice sessions are alsooper to guests. Fxper encedmerabers provide coachifg ar for thestrefgthanddirectlon of thewindJandth s {jnparticu s alsopâ‚Źrmitted in competitlors. o.H.R.C. entersthe Lordonft MddesexRifle Associat or LeagueTheA teamdid lesswel thanlastyear(whenit wassecond to N/lanydown) butthe B'tetsmnrainta nedits thirdplacen Divsion3. H ghest scoreir the Dlvision if Round 2 wrs DavidW nnâ‚Źywith 167.18. At the time of ,,,Jriting the fu iboreshooting seasonis just conrirgup to a signifcanteventfor 0.H.R.C.: theAshburton Public Schools Vets. compet t onto be heldat spr. on Thursday l5th July.Wehaveentered 3 teamsconsisting of Chris Ftzpitrick, DickW nneyPaula Ballie-Hamiton, AlanN4orris, JohnValentire, Bob Catile,lar LewisPeterWinrey,JullarFuler,NigelCooper, N4jke W nney,Geoff Strange, lanPowelGeorge WirneyandAfdrewFalconer.lohn Wjnfeys ikey to be ropedif for Register Keeper duties. Therels a practice organsedat the Short S beriarangedurnq thedayanda pubnea afterthe match. Lastye:r theVets.A'teamcame8th of 56 teamsandthe combnedthreeteam pacedus 8th of the 13 schools aggregate that entered threeVets.teams.n addt or or the Frdaythe 0.H.R.C. represented Hertfordshire ir the annuaAstor Trophy betweef28 counties, beirgp aftd 8th,only6 poirtsbehindthe winrers. Theteamwrs AndyDaWBruceW nney,BarryCairns, (overfrom PeterRedstone Canadal, DickWinfey:ndSylvia Morris. Theendof the season is marked by the HertsC ubsmatchin october. Ths s a frlendly occas on includjn!l lunchat the CjtyClubHouse. A tragc osshasbeenthedeaths durjngthe pastyearof PetcrStfafgeandSimon Efglish. Bothwerekeenshooters in a number pistol, of disciplines: shotgunand sr.alborer f e asweI asfu lbore,Simonalsoshothuntingrlf e. Both[,ereto be net at Vets.meetngsandshotir the L.[,4.R.A. eague, S mof requarlyandPeter on occasion. Peter W nney

fei/ 3o i,r r.ui "q, r no.

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tft jot)

BIRTHS - 0n 29thDecrmber FRIEND (19711998,to Suz.rne,w fe of SimonD.A.Frjend 78J,a sonJoshua Barnaby, a brother for Njchoasard 0 iver. - 0i 28thl,4arch LEWIS (197986),a son 1999,to N4arion wifeof PeterR.Lewis AnthonyChares,a brotherfof Thomas. - 0n 18thNovember LIDINGToN 1998,to Heather, urifeof PeterG. Ld ngton a sonHenryChares. 11970-771 W H E A L0- n l g t h J a n u a r1y9 9 9t ,o E e a n ow r i f eo f R o b e r t l . W h (eja9 7 98 6 la son Christopher lohn a brotherfor A exaicter.

MARRIAGES - 0n t4th N4ay1999at N/tonkey DAVIES / CHARLESWoRTH tsland, Bray-on Thanres, Keth c. Davies 86) to Niliss Fiora Charlesworth. ceorqe {1979 Hartley ( 0 . H . R . Fw. C a s. )t h e b e n m aan| d a s o n a t t e n d a nw c e r eK e nD a v i e( s1 9 4 9 - 5 6 1 , AndyEvais(1979-86), andR chardDowfes(1979-85). - 0n 2ndNlay1999at St.Edmunct HUGHES / BACKINSELL the Kjng,Northwood Hi ls,Patrlck G.Fughesi1977-84) to I\4ssAnnaEliz.beth Backinsel . AdrlanR.l (1972-82J N/larsh wasbestmar ard a so pfesent (j979-86J, wereKeithG.Davjes (0.H.R.FC.), (0.H.R.F.C.J RobertGreene EdSavage ChrisShaw(0.H.R.F.C.1, lanes Bews(0 H.R.FC.l andStewart Smith(0.H.R.F.C.). - 0n 1gthJune1999at St.Johnthe BaptistChurch, NEWI\,1AN / WILC0CK St. J o h r sW , o k l n gA, l a nG . N e l v m a(n1 9 7 0 - g 1 t ol A i s o r JaneWi cock.Deepak (0.H.C.C.) Kapadia w.rsan usher.

DIAMONW D E D D I NA GN N I V E R S A R Y G 0 0 C H- 0 n 3 0 t hl u y 1 9 3 8D, a v i cd o o c h( 1 9 2 3 - 3t0o)l\4lss Barbara Robertson.

DEATHS (1916-23).0n 27thJanuary L.C.(lack)BARRETT 1999 H a r v eH y .B L o W F I E{L1D9 3 2 - 3 7 J . 0t snt J u r e1 9 9 9 1 9 3 7 - 4 3 J . 02n7 t hJ u n e1 9 9 7 W i n gC o .D a v i d C H A M P I o(N Simon J . E N G L I S( 1H9 5 s r 6 1E) .a d yn 1 9 9 9 N i g eFl U L L E( 1R9 4 8 - 5 5 ) . 07nt hD e c e n r b1e9r9 8 A l e x a n dH e rS I E (H1 9 7 4 - 8 5I)n.A L r q u 1n 9 9 8 A l f i e dE .K i n g( 1 9 2 9 1 3 6 ) . 01r2 t hM a y1 9 9 9 P h i l i pP L E H A I{N1 9 6 6 - 7 3 ) . 03n0 t hS e p t e m bte9r9 B F .A s h eL I N C 0 LON. C(.i 9 t g - 2 s ] . 0 nt g t h O c t o b ei 9f 9 B ( 1N9 8 7 - 9 4 ) . 0l sn t N 4 a r c1h9 9 9 N , 4 aJr .kL I N D G R E (1937-a7). George RICHARDSoN 0n 4th Apri 1999 j 9f 9 8 S t a n l eVy.V I N C E N[ 1T9 1 7 - 2 3 ) . 0t i4 t h O c t o t r e

(r 916-23) L.C.(Jack)BARRETT (1.B.and E.R.now deceased) JackBarrettwasoneof threebrothers who were educated years at Haberdashers between the 1910and 1926.At the timeof his deathhewasthejoint 'senior' m€mber of theAssociation. Uponleavirgthe School,or the last day of the sumrner term in 1923he imm€diately took up an appointment with Westminster Bankthe followinq N,4onday andserved withthe bankfor 48 yearsapartfromhisservlce durlngthe War\ahenhejoinedthe Royal Air Force becoming 0peratlon Rooms Controlerat Bowmore, Gibraltar andLydda. Hisinvovenentwith the thenHaberdashers old Boys'Clubwasf rstlywith the embryonic 0.H.RugbyCluband he wasprobably the lastperson who playedin gamesin 1923at whatwasthenthe Homeof Restfor Horses the firstpractice adjoining the Schoolin WestHanpstead. Despite suffering fror. severe myopahe captained the 'B'XVbetween 1931-36 andhada strongteamashewasabe to persuade several members of the 1stXV whoweregivinqup the gamefor various (marriage reasons or oldagelJto play for hissldefor a few moreyears. Jackwasa veryk€encrlcketer andjoinedBrondesbury C.C. directly afterleaving Schooland waslaterrnadea life mernbef and vicePresident after 50 years membership. Asa member of the NI.C.C. he wasa frequertvisitorto Lord's with hiswifeJoanwho wasalsoa keen[/]iddesexsupporter especially as thelrson Johnhadp ayedcricketasa coltat Brondesbury witha certainMlkeGatting. iackBarrettmarried loar ard theyhadthreechidrenands x grandchildfen. He wasa regular suppofter of pre warsoclaevents andlessfrequently atterlywith hislastrecorded attendanc€ beinga pre-1940 leavers Dinnerln April1988. TohiswidowJoanandthefamilytheAssoclatlon wouldwishto senditsheartfelt con00tence5, (i923-37) Harvey H. BLoWFIELD Diedearlyin Junelessthantwo yearsaftefhisbrotherBasi.He attended the School between 1932and1937anddufingthe Second WorldWarserved in the RoyalGloucester Hussars with the rankof Captain. Foilowing the Warhe mariedPatandtheysettledin Bournemouth wherethey boughtandrana hotelwhichwasalways placefor guests a welcoming to stay. Hewasa r/lember of Parkston€ GolfClubandParkstore YachtClubwherehekept h s boat.An enthuslastlc sailerHarvey wasalwayskeento entera I racesbut neverwon as he wastoo goodheartedand nevertookanotheryacht'swind 0unnga race, Readers mayrecalthe annual'needle'match between Harvey andbrotherBasll on the NorfolkBroads mertioned in lastyear'sobituary of Basll.

Harvey's asheswerescattered from hs boaLln the seafo owingthe funera servceat A I Saints' Church, BrLrnksome P.lrkor 8thlune 1999.Themernbers of the Parkstone YachtC Lrbsaied pastandeachyachtp aceda roseon the water. (1936-461 WingCommandcr DavidD.CHAMPI0N Duringh s t ne at theSchool Davd Chirmp on wasa r.ernber of Cavertsandwas appointed a srb-prefect aswe las playngfor the r!qtby3rdXV.Hematriculatrd in 1942. Duringthe War Davidw:s a 2nd Leltenant n the 2nd Battalion the oueens RoyaReglment andwnstransfeffed to Indian August1945befg stationed at the IndianN,4 ltary Acadenry at DchvaDun and rrceving a comrllission ir February 1946.Aftera sprl r Poorahe lattery movedto Austraiia andjoincd the RoyaAustraiar Air Forar. S i m o ni . E N G L I S( 1H9 5 5 - 5 6 1 's hors€,S monEnglshs ifterestswere As a rlrember ol Russel tarwards cr cket a n dc r o scso ! n t r ya n dl v a sa k e e nm r n b o f t h € S . S . L Ue. a v i nnq 1 9 6 1h e t o o k Lrpa career iJrmechan ca engineering. He was an occasiona vistof to Borehamr,.]ood fof socia eventsard was a memberof thc 0.H.Rife Clubwherehe wasa kccr shooterin a rumberof dscip nes.Sinof shot regularly at vetcrans meetngsas wel as the L.l\4.R.A. lea!Jue. (1947-55) NigelA. FULLER Niqe wasthe outstand ng schoolboy o f h s t l m e- a c a d e m i c ahleyw a sa w a y s nearlhe top of thr brst setsand eventLraly went oftLr readchemistry at tln versityColrgc London. He wasSchooCaptan captainof rugbyand crcket and house-captaln of Hendersors. Additonaly he reprcsented the Schoolat athet cs and basketba l, \!as I memberof thr chor, the science socletythe so(ioogcal socety,thr geogrephca socletyandthe musasociety. He wasthe holdcroi the Haswel Chaner s Blackmemoriaprzefor spoftandplayed rugbyfor boththc [4iddesex andN4lI H I Pubic Schoo s XVsafd cf cketfor the HlrnseyPubic Schools X. Nigel!,ras the th rd of fouf brothers, hisfirthervr'orking for the BankoI Austr!ia endbeconrlng a I ranca adviser govern to the Australian ieft Hisoccupation y tookh m ard the restofthc fanr to Austral a durjngthe 193945 corfl ct and thisls whefeNl!e spenthisearyycars.0n theirreturntheysetted n Kenton andN qelwona nrch soughtaftefFoundation Scholarshlp to Haberd:shefsl Hls younger brother Adranfo lowedhlmto theSchool anda soexceledasa scholar anrlsportsrna n. After hs graduation from UflverstyColege,Nige workedfor the f"4ed cal R e s e a rCc oh u f c a i t l \ 4l H i a n da t t h a tt m em e ta n dm a r e r dA n n H . em o v etdo ScotlafdYrrd in the forensic scenceaboratory wher€he became a prncpal scientlfic off cerard wasconsidered to beore of theirverybestbrans.He$'as

r member of the B enrerHasset corllmittce whichconsidered the suitabiity of 'breathtests'to contro dr rk drivlngandhesubsequertly p ayeda eadlngrole n the development of the breathal sef. Addtionalyhe wassorllething of ar expertin drugsandtoxicology and!,rasa master ln thc fvestgationof f res,shoemarks andtoolmarks to farie but a few Hisinvolvement withthe0 d Boysbegan wh le at schoor,^rhen hestaftecl playng rugby.lrdeedhelvasa reguar nrember of the lst XVduf n! the Easter tefn of hisf na ycar.Thisl\'asin a time wher schoolboys wefea owedto p ay senor ruqbyafd Vihenthe C ub f e dedsrvensides a lveekon a reguar basis. Hewasa certanty to playsrcordrow with h s sizeandheightbut onecanon y wonder w l t hh s s u r psr l n qs p e e[dh rs p rr t e df o rt h eS c h o oa] )n df i n eb a h a r d i n g s kl sl w h a t m p a cht em a yh a v em a d ea t c e n t r oe r a 1f u I b a c kl.n t o t a h ep a y e d4 2 1 timcsfor the lst XVandwasc Lrbcaptan n the 1967/68 season. N gelwasgreatcompany butln trLrtha veryprivete person whoappeared to have few concerns otherthanwhrreh s nextpairoi'outslze bootsor shoes !!ou d be foundl He and Adrianwereproficeft at cockneyrhymng backslarg - an y d fficult and bewilder extreme ng form of corainun caton. Theywereofter 'gon! for a kette'an activitybafnedbyJohnStaggbeforelstXVmatches. Nigel's unces,Lesie aid Davidcooch(both0.H.)inf uenced h m andhiscousn Gly Dexterto playcricketfor Pnnerwherehe openedthe battrg and the bowlngfor maryseasons andwascaptein of theC ub !.rhen they!ronthe N4ayor of flarrovr''s knockoLrtcLrpln 196:1. He wasthc perfect'teamp ayer'a waysfirst choce n his positon, re able, sklled,tralninglrardand constartly workrg for the sidebothon andoff tlre fie d. A waysgoodhlrnrourrd, he wasvasty popuar !v th a fundof readyqulps or pithycommefts. ,,es not qute so dy lc as it seenred. Life,however, H s fatherhada series of strokes vrhlchcft h m permanenty disabedandhisson,Peter, wasd agnosed as havinqleukem a andafterfouryearsof treatment diedagedsix.Fufthermore hs m u c h o v e db r o t h eAr d r i a nd i e dt f a q i c a lay f t e rc o a p s i n o g n t h e f u q b yf i e d whist payinqfor the 0.H. lst XV at Borehamwood. Together with this his merra!e to Annbecamruntenab e andtheysrparated. In 1988he wasforcedto takeeary rctirement dLteto I heath, but fortunate y by thistimehe hadmethislorq termpartner lenfy andthey ivedtogetherfor overtv/entyyears. Fo owingretirement he wasa regular v sitorto the C ub Holrse, mosty to club furctions,nc udifqthe200Clubfor whichher,res douby qualf ed Heremained g o o d c o m p a n y atn! d , r aosb vo u st h a th et o o kg r e npt l e a s uar e n dm ! c hp r i d en the actvit es and achever.ents of hlstwo daughters-Ruth by his rnarrageto A n na n dJ o a r r aw i t hl e f r y . It wasaftefa surprise vist to seeRuthandSam,h s 11montho d grandson, that heco lapsed andd edin hospitatwodaysaterNlge'sfunerawasheldat Pinnef

P a r i s hC h u r c ha n d w a s e x t r e m e l w y e l l a t t e n d e dn c l u dn g m a n y 0 l d Haberdashers. Nigelwasa gentlegiantof a man.rlluchlovedby all who knewhinr.Hewil be greaty m ss€d.

(1974-85) Alexander HSIEH Wholrasdiedtragicaiyyoltrgat the ageof 33 wasoneof two brothers who attended the School. Alexander wasa meriberof Hendersons'ard co captainof the Bridgecl!b in '1984. gained He an entrance to Oueens College, Cambridge n i9e6 and upon graduating movedto America to workat the Department of Physics at Stamford lln versity.

AlfredEdward KING(1929-36) Ded or 12thlvlay1999andatt€nded y€arsbeinga the Schoolin the inter-war m e m b eorf M e a d o wHso u s m e a t r i c u l a t nng1 9 3 5a r d t h e nt a k i n ga f u l t l m e coufse in quantitysurveyirg at the Regent StreetPoytechficfor the nextthree years. Durlng the Warhefirstserved withthe EastSurrey Regiment in l\,4arch 1940and ther from1942to 1946w th the RoyalEngineers WorksServices. In 1944having mafrjedEswyn l\,4arqueurite Dawson hewasposted to Inda andBurrna wherehe helpedsupervise the buidirg of the Tamu/Kalewa Road. A fredwasdischarged w th the rankof \ru.0.2 RoyalEngineers in February 1946. Alfredhadtwo dauqhters Gilian,borr r 1948and Barbara, bornin 1952,to whom we are qratefulfor the noteson her fatherand to whornr,!esend condolences for the sad oss.

P hi l i pP L E H A I(N1 9 6 8 - 7 3 1 D edon 30thSeptember I998at theageof 43 aftefa bravefightagainst cancer, !\,hlch hadbeendiscovered about12monthsearlierThefunerawasattended by a very argenumberoffriendsfromthe Haberdashers community, wlth mafy makirglongjourneys to paythe r respects. Thewideagerairge, fromthosewho hadbeenseniorofflcefs ofthe 0.N.R.FC. whenPhi stErted playlng to thosewho hadbeenstaftng to playwhenhe retired, showed theappeaandthe mpactof t h em a n . Phllp enjoyed hisschoodays,partculary excelin9asa singerandon the choral ps tr to Europ€. Thiswasrefectedln h s enthus asmto takepa( ir AlanTayor's fifa schoolconcert in thecomparyof manyoldfriends andparticuhrly Richard Jenkins. Hewasa member ofJoblinqs anda sub prefect. Hewasalways partof the ightingand effectsteam for schoolpiaysand was enthuslastc aboLrt canoeng andpottery. Hewasa member of the Navysectiorof the C.C.F. which hesawasone ongOutward Boundcourse.

Phlp wentto ljniversity in Lordonwherehe studiedaw and reaiseda great ],\]as anrbtionwhenhe calkd by InnerTemplein 1978.He founda pace in chambers in Londonandbeganhisverysuccessfu cafeeras a bafiister. Bythe t mehc diedPhiip wasa senor rnember of hischambers andamongthe eadng peoplen hisspecialst fieldof medical negigerceard personal irjury.Hishead gavean extrer.e of chambers y eloquent andmovingeulogyat phiip'sfuneral, whichmadeit clearthat Phiip wasa popular andhighlyrespected member of hls pfofession. Phlllpmadehls debutfor the 0.H.R.F.C. lst )tu on 29th Novembef 1975as a hookerand soonbecamethe frst choicefof that postion.He was greatly respected in 0 d BoyJrugbyasa firstclasstechricalhooker, always winninghis own baI, a fa r shareon the opposition's put n ard wasan accurate lre out j986 to become throwef.He p ayedhis 200thlst XVgameon 18thJanuary a member of the 0.H.R.F.C. 200c ub,a fact of whichhewasconspicuous y proud. Hecontnuedto playfor the lst XVuntl 1989by whichtjmehisnumber of 1st XVappeararce hadreached a verycredtable285.Hep ayedin theverysuccessfLtl teamsif 1984 85and198788,whictrestablished newrecords fof the numbefof lst XV matches won in a seasor.He wasar extrernely ioyaland commltted member oi the Clubensurng consistent availability despite hlsdemanding eqal career. Therewerea nuJnber of timeswhenhe had to appearin courton a l\4onday morningsportlngblackeyesof other batte scars,a fact irvariably r."r.arked uponby the presiding magstfateor judgelPhilipenloyed thâ‚Ź post'he matchentertarment,and d court"with hisfront row and legalcolleague, lohn Beagey andfeliowacademic andintellectual, N4afk Archerin the bar.Thelr browbeatingof fel ow players, officers andthelrpartners washugelyenloyab e ard all donein the bestpossible taste.Philipdidnot a wayscomeon the annual rugbytoursbut whenhe did he ensured that an impactwasmade.A trp to Guernsey y memorab is particular e as Phlllprnanaged to fa I asleep hiddenin a peter portancl luqgage rack,defeating al the effortsof a shipwidesearch at St. ony waklngup on the onl\rardeg to lersey. A veryuninrpressed crewsafely returned h m on the waybacka few hoursater.Phiip subsequenty became a verypromisirg rugbyreferee urti hefoundthedenrands ofcareer andfamilylife too greatto a lowhimto contnue.Phllp alsoplayed cficketfor theo.H.C.C. and wasar enthus asticf s ighty unorthodox spinbowler. outsideof school, workandthe 0.H.,Philipwasat greatpainsto ensure that he enloyed a widerargeof activitjes and interests. l-lewert fy fshing wjth hls famiy from ar eary age and cortinuedto do so whenever able.He enjoyed walkingand the countryside in gereral.He l\,asenthus]astlc and competent at D.l.Y,a thoughhe oftenhadto betalkedthrouqheachstaqeof a projectby a rathcrafx ousfatheron the otherendof a phorelinel Phiiipenjoyed life to the full,he hadhis Porsche, wastakingflyinglessons, he s k e dm o s t y e a r s a w n da sg e n e r a lel yn l o y i rtgh e f r u i t s o f h i sa b o u r p s .h ii p w a s devoted to h s familyandtheyto him,hewasanextreme y proudfather[sending James to Haberdashers' andensuring that Hafrietwoud jointheGirls'School this Septemberl and enjoyed a lovlngreationship ard realfriendship with hiswife, Claire, whomhe met at University. lt is,quitesimply, a tragedythat he diedat suchan earlyageat the peakof hispowers. A greatfriend,father,husband, son

andbrotherhasbeenlostandthesadness ls bcyondwords. Buttherearea great dealof lrappymemories whicharethe corsolation andI hopesomecomfortto C aire,James andHarret andto Phlip'smotherJoan andto hissister ard brother, CareandJulan whohavea I beengreatsupportefs of Phiip ard of theO.H.R.F.C. l\,4art n Bakef{withthe asslstance of ioanLehainl



ASHE LINCOLN ilc joi'red lhe RNVR in 193? i i o n \ p a r a d e a t I l o r s c Lrnc.ln\ praciir al ih( Brl and atiended nallgalional {iuards. He st.\.d {or Pxrlialralnin! dasses aI nighI sch!!l menl in 1945as Conservalive elccteda \'lasrerof rhe tlench and al w.tkendsIoqualil lor candidarefor i.larow East. 0r lhc ln.er Tcmple.Ar an hrs yachrhlst.r's cerlifiete Two )eaF later, in rhe same aolocak ne was vcry sorna: I l c j o i n e dd r eR o y a l N a va] sa co.slituency,he wiihdrew as he \!as carctuland abole aLl sublieurenaniwhen LheSec. trospectivecndidate and it reasonablc. In his work ar the ondFbrld War beganin 1919. rvassaidthalsomeofdr ihen Crnninal Bar he was al$a\s Hrs bookSecrerNardllnresra memb€n of rhe consliruency distinguishcdby his lack ;l Salor(1tl6i)isa thrillingsrorl rssoc'ationw€reanti Semiric. cYntcNm,a lrail all loo com ASIlE LINCOLN disrin, ot his exploitsin the derection Onememberresignedln pro- mon r. lhosc r€gulalill en guishedhin1selfpa|ticularly oi mrnes and tortedoes A test,bul the l€ademhipof rhe gageduponsmh tasks aI the Bar, in rhe RoyalNavy secondbookof his, published constituencystrenuouslydcIn the (lity ol t ndon Lrn and in lheJcsishcommu.ity earlier this year. is entitled coln was a lileryman and rn He wasa remrderand deputl Orlysseyof a Jewjsh S]?dlor. ln 1950,when Lincoln was 194950Masrerollhc\\'brhirF jud-ce!f the Crown (bnn. tn ihe earlydavsol.thewar unsucressfulin hh atlemfi to tul CompanyoI !,larterers. Masrer oI rhe Benchol fie he served in minelayen Hc betome lhe ConservativecanIn lq33 he married Stbil lnner Temple and depLrLytranslerred to minesweepers didatein willesdenEasr,rhe Eilen Cohcn.who suniles prcsident s,odd of theInr€ma, and help€d in the re6very of vicepresidcnr of the local him, alongwirh lheirdaugher Iional Associationof Jurists on€ ol rhe firsl maenetic Conseaatile Assocrationre- 'f.l son,whois seniorrabbiol m'nes For this he was men srgned.a.!$in alleSiis anrL Pafk Avcnue SynaSoeuein In ihe Jewish communiry. nonedin disparchesHe rhen he sened a wide variety of lolunteeredIor the comman organisarions wllh disrindion do! and tookpartin Lh.Allied and d€dication.Ile was lifc la.dlngs in Sicily and Iraly chairmtrn.honorarysec.crar) He $as agarn m€ntionedin and politicalcommiftee chair dry)atchesdurinc the land man ot rhc Brilish Sectionol ihe world-rewishCongre$ He later servcdduring the I h e N i a s o r l 'a s s e m b l o y f Nortjl Westt-lufope c?mpaign slnago8ues was anotherbody rnd wasoneof lhc lirst Brirish in which he was padicularly olficeA_ to crossLhcb.idge at ad'!e aspresldentand tormer Rcmagenon the Rhinc the charnnan.He sas a lifelong ool! Rhinebridge left standanddedi€tedZionistand had Ing alrer thc Gernans had held severallcadingposlsin bl(Nn up the oihers.lt had b.cn brillianlly caDtured,be l:rcdmanAshcLincolnwas lorc i1ould bedemolished. by bom in Bradlard. a son oI rheUS Fnn Army whichwas, ReubenLincoln,who wasfirst as a onsequenceiable 10 a ministerand thena solicitor. cstablish theflrsrAlliedbdds€. and was educated at Ho€ hcadon the easrbant .f ifie Grammar School,Pllnouth. I{ab€rdashertAske\ Schml, Linmln rvas nalional chairrnndon.and then ExeterCol- man ol thc assmiation of lege,Oxford.He was@lledto lcwish ex'Servi€ Men and lhe Barby lhc Inne.Templein tloDrenin 19,18 and 19.1(1, ana 1929and tooksilkin 1947 aga'. rn 1952. whenhe a(rin His sojoL,fi in Plrnrurh panjedrhcDukeof!dir1burgh enhrncedhrs loveol the sea as he inspecredthe a\soda L i n c o l n n: a v a lh e r o ,l a ! | ] e r a n d l i f e l a n gl i o n i , t AsheLinroln, QC, formcr Masterofrhe llen(h of l h eI n n e r ' l e m p l e and fo.mer chairmanof the Associalionof JNish ex-SeaiceMen and Womer di€d on October19rged 90. Hews bom on October30, 1907.

( 1N9 8 7 - 9 4 ) M a r kL L I N D G R E Waskilledln ljgandaby armedHuturebels from Rl\,arda whist on ho idayin Aff ca beforecoTnmencing work.Hewastwentythreeyearso d. Aful obtuaryapprars on paqâ‚Ź52 lnthe Ner,^rs fromElstrer section ofthis magazine.

(1937-471 George RICHARDS0N Diedii AprI earlerthisyear.Hew I be remembered for hist mr at the Srhoo wherehetauqhtClassics beforenov ng to Wakrfieldn 1947. H e w a s b o r n i f D anrgl t o nn 1 9 1 0 a nadt t h r e g e o f t h i f t r r w r o na s c h o a r s h i p to ChrlstsHospitaln Sussrx. Fromtherehe wona seniorschonfshipto L ncoln Coleqe,0xford, airdaftergainng hisdegrec ii ,l933hestlrdedfor a Dipomain - Ethe,,!hoshrredaachother'sives Educetion wherehe meta J'elowgraduale for the next66 years, marryng in 1937. Fromcolegr Georqrf rsttaughtat KifgstorGramrnaf School beforemovng to H a b e r d a s h e r1s 9 ' l3 n 7D . urinq t h e W a ry e a r sh s t j m a[ , a ss p e f t n t h e R o y a l Art I eryon quf sitesandif search r!ht batteres in varouspartsof Britain. By '1945, no[]asa captan therewasa transfer to theArmyEducation Corps brfore a returnto Haberdrshrrs' for ir bf ef spel beforethe moveto Wakcfie d to lo n the WestRd ng Educatior Departmrnt. His nterests awayfromteaching uere I hisplayng days, footbaland cricketas l\re asthetheatre, c]n.-ma andbooksandof course hisfainly - hiswifc,ch dren a n dg r a n d cl h dren.

THURSD^,O(roBER2, 19911MR



I lt]

The Rev Stanley V Mncent STANLEY Varcoe Vlnceni was born in Devonport ln 1905.He won a scholarship to Haberdashcrs' School in Cricklewood, after which he worked for a time ai the Bank of England in Inndon before being accepted by Hands worth Collegc in Birming ham as a candidate for the Meihodist ministry During his time at Handsworth, Stanley excelled at both Creek and Hebrew and was recommendedby hjs tutors for an academic life. How cver, on leaving Birmingham , with a Bachelor of Arts de gree, he ielt a strong calling lowards missionary work and in 1930,after his ordina tion, he went to Burma whcre he carried out pioneer ing work under extrcmely primilive conditions among the Lushai people at Mawlaik in the Chindwin Valletr In 1933 Sianley married Violet May Batchelor at a double wedding in liurma lvhere Violet and her friend Dorothy wele married lo Stanley and his colleagle, the Rev Dennis Reed. This hap pened on the same day as tbe two lvomen arrived in Rurma by ship frorn Engiand after having been apart from their prospective husbands for three years. ln 1934and 1938Stanley and Violet had iwo children, Betty and Peter. when lhe

Japanese invaded Ilurma, Sianley and Violet took their two childrcn and joined a march through the jungles to India where, after many difTi culties and shoriagcs of lbod, they arrived at tsangalore. Stanley immediateiy left his wife and childrcn and went back into Burma to help the families and refugees flee fiom iie advancing Japanesâ‚Ź army. He then remained ir1 Mawlaik until the last pariy of refugeesleft and only then did he set out for lndia and safety For his actions dLrring this evacuation Stanley was subsequently mentioned in despatches.ln 1942 a baby daughter, Jennifer, was born in Bangalore but she was to die from dysente.y shortly allerwards. tn 1944 the family sailed back to Liverpool in a convoy which came under torpedo attack and then went to Parkstone in Bournemouth Nhcre, in 1945,their youngest son, Richard, \r,'asborn. After the war Stanley relurned to flurma to report on thc staie of the Church, a report which he summed up in his book "Out of Great Tribulation" adescription of the suffering and priva iions of the Chlistian Church under Japanesen c In 1947he returned to Flng Iand where he worked as a .ircllit minister in Falmorith

until 1952and then in Pen zanceuntrl 19&. ln the samc year he rcturned to work as a missionary in Mandalay until Auglsi 1956when he joined the British and For eign Bible Societyas secrc tary of the Burma Agency. He continuedwith this work until 1965,at which point he moved to Hong Kong as Asian executive secretary after being forced by the Nationalist government to leave Burma. Although this presented him with a new challenge, the move must have been tinged with sadnessas,to the end of his life, he would always rcfer to the Burmeseas "My People". In 1969Star ey returned to England where he worked as a member of the home staff liaising with the auxiliaries and working as an itinerant speaker on behalf of the Bible Socie8 On retirement in August l9?0, Stanley and Violet lived for several years in Edington in Wiltshire. before moving to Methodist shelteredhous ing at Church Court in Mid' somerNorton and then linal ly as a resuit of increasing age and infirmit): to Pondsmeadnursing home at OakhiU in Somerset in December1992.where they lived togetheruntil Violefs death 'n May of this year. Douglas A Brewer

S u n d a y2 .7 t hJ u n e1 9 9 9 TheSchool, Elstree This was a particularly lmportartpart of my duty as Presldent. Thepicturewastaker that day, just after wreath l a y i n g ,a n d t h e t r a d i t i o n a l prayeL l h a d v i s l t e dA r r a s n F r a r c e earl€r last year to renewfny c o n t a c tw i t h t h e M u r d e s Fusiiers- a L\ralcovered with namesof thosel\rhohad ost their ivestherebetween 19141 8 . l t i n cu d e d , s a dy , m y qrandfather's name.Yet t s a relief to find his name coramemorated. T h e w a r m e m o r i atlo t h o s e Haberdashers whofellin 1939-45 wasunveiled at Chase Lodqe, ground thesports andprep.schoolsitein MliI Hill,in Juy 1958by Dr.TomTaylor. Therewasa rededication ceremony lf the garden Housen EIstree, in i962. Iustby Aldenham Thefearenow86 names on the memofial, whichincludes NickTaylor whofel r the Falklands. Mr. KenBlessley, 0.H.A.President in 196263, n a persoralcorllmunication, remembers twenty-two ofthe 0.H.B.FC. casualties, andat leasttwenty-five other H a b e r d a s hy eo rusn gm e nw , h ow e r ef r e n d sa n d e a v e r s b e t w e e n 1 9 3 2 a r d 1 9 j 9 . Hepo ntsout that 20 percentof the R.F.C. members in 1939osttheir ivesat Thereis,of course, a memorial tabet at the Croxdale RoadC ub House devoted to the 39 0.H.R.FC. mer whodied. TheBookof Hofour,presented by the then'Haberdashers'O d BoysClub'tottre Schooat W€stbere Roadin October 1948,is now ocat€datAdenham House, ard eachpage,devoted to an 0.H.wafcasua ty,isturned. A school service ledby Revererd DavidLindsay is heldin November closeto Remembrance Sunday. T h pe i . a s oa ' e r o \ " t e ol q t 4 r 8 r e m u ta l Theremaywe I be readers for whomthoseconflctsevok€all sortsof memories andemotlons. AlanE.Morris

O u e e n 'Bsi r t h d aH y onours 0.8.E. FredLAST[1938-45), for seTV cesto enviTonmentaJ sc]cncc. (1945-52), for services PeterCharles SHIELLS to the construct on industry.

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GoneAbroad (1971-78)hastransferred SimonD.A.FRIEND to PriceWaterho!se Coopers phiafor two yearsto experlerce Phllade lfe andbuslness fromthe others de of thepord.Should any0.H.bepassing through, Sirllon canbecontacted on 1 215 963 8755or e mail s.d.frend@ us.pwcglobal.com.


'"vou*" _11" Lisa ' t,-.;: . ' ! ' | r , "-l D,( J . . c a c n e r .;": A^ hJl

o/rcredr,; PhD -" po|,r (1979-86)is another0.H.sportsnan KeithG. DAVIES who hasbeer drven br ,"i,ls ,h(lr.,q m.) []s across theAt rnt c to earfa liv rg. Heiscurrenty to belocated in N/iamasChef Econom st for LatinAmerca for Standard Chartered Bankandwi I be basedat David Baddiel the bank's headquarters in BrickfelAvenue(DowntowrJ andcanbeconnected A Djary ilen ouly 12)about or 0013055397000.Keth wil bestationedn the heatof Foridafor t[ro ycars rh€ progress of David Bad whlchcomes asa greatrelleffor rllanyreferees of the London Society andseveral diels postgraduale thesis cricketumpires throughout Heftfordshlrel MonSly suggested that he '\craped

StayingAbroad Martin C. DEAN(1973-80)wrltesto s.y that he has been resdentin y signeda fouryraf contract Washirgtor slncr0ctober1997andhasrecent with the ll.S. HolocaustMerllora [\4uscL]f. as an App ed Research Scholar. Appe:rances at Borehamwood arethereforeikelyto be restrlcted for the time YardWarCrimes beng.His\\rofkfor the Scot]and investiqatlons hasnowended the ast(andonlycaselcomlrgto trial ln February. l\4artir, however, threatens the oddgameof cricketon hjsstopovers in London.

his iirst degr€e"at CanbrideeUniversil. where in lan be look a double fint. we acceptthat Ljsa Jardin€\ commen| l d passhis PhD", was her asidea1a parry.and not inlendedto b€ takenseri' ously. $t did not wish to portrayMr Baddi€lasabogusin ielleclual,and ar€ glad Io apol ogise for any such implic-

ThePresident, Alanl\4orris wroteto al overseas members of the Association nt Chrstmasastyearard hasnewsfrornthefo lowingl JosephBYER('28)hasspenta longlfe in the U.S.A. andtod of a sLrcccssful workinqcareerand invovernentln runningsportingactvltiesand social organsatons. ('42)wfotefrom h s horiein NorthBawyn in Australaand Dr I 0. PENI\,4AN his told of 0.H.fflerdsPeterKette (1958-651 andBertielnneslrons(1942 47)bothlving in Austraia the atterin Oucensland.

''"?1" l"i"'li;";::il,'l::";:",'; i:l';i'l',fl:l l: :;;i". i,:'1.i ,fi1i,i:;sf::t r e , r u - j i r e a \ o r ro , , q r 1 o o i 1 1 e . o , o -b,dl eoN r ,e , a . e a , , a ;l;fh#;hj]ljllji..flf

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SidGreenwasan old Askeanandspokememorably at the 0ld Haberdashers' Association AnnualDinnerat the H.A.C. i n M a y1 9 9 7 .





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] . I I ET I M F ST U L S D A YF E B R A R \ 2 I l ] 9 9


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Teachers mustmeettargetsto earnmore mh 8ri\un*l \ran'i Rrhldlf ddrs ft ndolp. dr rheinq{io t]ne.b4dloridpmftfirilhpu 0i'resul"'oqldilyidb4ggi.

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The Associationof Representatives of 0ld PupilsSocieties TheI999confeferftwasheldon 15thl\4ay at Ackworth Schoo. pontefract, West Yorkshire by klnd invitatonof the Headmaster MartinDickinson_ N4.A.The Schoowasfounded ir 1779andisa co educational 0uakerschool w th bothday puplsard boarders. ThemairGrade1 listedbuidingsaresomefortyyearso der, havingbeenbuilt as a countrybrarchof the FourdlingNospltastarted,ir London by ThonasCora rn. Thecorference openedwith speeches of welcome by the Headmaster and by GraceHurler,President of Ackworth 0ld Schoars'Association. Nextcar.ea hurllorous account by PatLauqham. fleadnistress of \ /akefie d Gr s H gh School, of the furningof lndcpendent/Statâ‚Ź schoolpartnersh ps,whichshe had hepedto ploneern Wakefeld. Shefett that the partnerships haclbeen usefulir breaking downbarrjers between the Stateand Indepenclert sectors whichhad beenparticularyevidentn W:kefiedso that both sectorsharl benefited. she described the postionof governors anclod pupissocietes as "supporiive friends" to hefendeavours. The flrai morningsessionwas a discusslon, led by RogerN4oultonof HLrrstpierpoint on "Friends of Schools'l He felt that theseorganisations could benefitschoos w thout cominqnto confict with old p!p ls' societies. Hesaw their nrainpurpose as to a low pafentswhosechildrenhaveleft a schoolto corltinue to havesomenvovement, Jheycouldcarryoutusefupubllcreations or behaf of a schoolandraisefltndsforsmalprojects or bursarles. Theymight alsobe usefulr ensuring a continulng flow of pupilsinto the school.n some cases thcy wereebe to useschoolfaclltieswherethis cliclnot confllctwith schooluseor ho idaylets.Onecaveatwasthat theymustnot be a lowedto pressufe becorne groups. Al'tera firstratelunch,we hada ta k fromTimCunisof 0 d Pau:nesreminding us of the ega liabllities whichwe mlghtencourteras offlcersof old pupls societies andwarnng usof the dangers of settng lfe subscrlptiofs at too o\,!a Theafternoon closedwith an opportunity to d scuss furthersor.epointsraisecl durlngthe day in a Ouestiorafd Answersession wth a panelmadeup of menrbers of theA.R.0.P.S. corllmttee. Thena qoodYorkshire teaandthe opporturity to tourthe Schoolard to recaI thatbetween 1151ard 1773,2,664 Foundllngs passed throughthesemagnificent buidingswhenthey werethe Ackworthbrarchof the CoramFoundatior of whoraI65 diedin fesdencel Thedayconcluded wltha dinnerin theSchooanda speech by thearclrivist Fred Daves who entertared us with sometalesfromthe schoo'spast.History, he renrinded us is notlusta catalogue of dates.

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