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[4yyearasPresdert hasbe€ndominated by the aftermath of Nobby Tanner's death. No siiglc pe6on has everapproached hls contribution to the 0d Haberdashers Associatior and t is un key if anyindividual $ri do so n the futur€.I expected two or threevolurteers to undertake the manydLrtesthat he accepted respons b ity fof :nd it he\ becom€cLerrthat eight s a fiore rea stic numberof thoseiequjredto coverthe workthat he undertook. Histhreatsof resign.tion ar€ a most egendary afd I canremernber havng to deal with several bothasCrptainand President ofthe 0.H.RugbyFvesClubandthenas Presidertof the CricketClub.lt wasverysad inde€dthat I shoud be electedas President sosoonafterh s demise. Al the timeof writ ng,a repacement registrar has stil not beenappointedho\{,ever thanksare due to Grahar.MacF!rlane who as assistant treasurer, hasdore as muchastime perrnits to fil thegrp. lo all thosewho subscrbedso gererorsyover18,000for thc Memor:1, would expressmy apprecrton and especialyto Kevin Pikewho chared the appeal committeeand those\ryhoassstedhlm.A reporton progress wl I be givenat the A.G.M.and if any members overlooked subscrlb ng then dorltiofs are still be ng accepted, Durirgthe pastyear\{rehave osttwoother members who lmust mention.Firsty, BasilB o,,!fe d who whenPresident over30 yearsrgo, ntroduced the conceptof the ''decade dinncls'llt is: tr buteto hisforcsightthat urearefow nearn! our 100th function.Srcondy, Ronne Digg€ns whosegenerosity to boththe Schooandthe 0 d Haberdashefs is ittle known,but substantia . Appreciations of al threelvesappear later n thispubicatlon. lwil alsotakethisopportunty of thankingthe members of the Fxecutive Committee and wouldpartcu arly,menton thestrndingcommtteeof the PastPresident, V ce Pfesldent, Secretary afd Treasurer !,rhohave met on severaoccasions between commttee meetngs. Thefehavebeentwo slccessf! nitiatives dur ng the pastyear Firsty, the Westof England D nnerwasheldin BathandI knowthat thereareplarsfor regionadinnerS n o t h e rp a r t so f t h ec o u n t r yn t h e f l t u r e . S e c o n d y , t h e f i r s t " N 4 i n o r C u b s ' r e u n i o r whenmembers of thc R fle C ub,GolflnqSocety ard th€ formefAth etlcsand Fives C ubswerepreseft. A letterwasreceived fror. the lastsurviving memberof the pre war DramaticSoclety. Sady, no repr€sentative of the CanoeKayakClubcoLr d be

0ur 100thAnnuaDinner was? mostenjoyab e occaslon rt theH.A.C. andthoseu,ho d d notattendm ssed sparkl ngspeeches frornAndrew Caspari andourguest, Davld Acfield. Ths year'sLadies Nlghton 4th September h,i be ar evenjngof [,4aq c and ft4ystery at thr I\4ag c Circe ir London.hopethat as manyaspossible wi atterdwith their partners and ookforwrrdto seeng a !loodturnout.Th€annuagenerameetingon 1OthSeptcmber w li bethe occasion to unveI the Nobby Tanner l\4emor al P aquein th€ ClubHouseandI knowthlt a largenumbcrof mernbers w lwish to be prcsent for this. It hasbrena greatpr v egeto beyourPresident andI wishmysuccessor, AlanMoffis, andhisVicePresdent- A an Newtonequallyenjoyable yrarSif the future.Theycan be rssured of my o\rn srpport.


JohnR.Whittenbury Presdent

0 l d B o y sN' o t e s1 9 9 7 - 9 8N u m b e1r 8 7 Dr.A.E.M0RRIS Esq. Vice-President: President: J.B.WHITTENBURY Esq. Honorary SecretarylR.B.LYLE Beechctoft 7 U P P eHt o l l i s GreatMissenden B u c k sH. P 1 69 H P Telephone: 01494 862196 Honorary Treasurer:PJ.EGANEsq. 17aLexdenRo3d,Colchester, Essex C033PN Telephone: 01206 767288 Editorof 0ld Boys' Esq. Notes: S.H.GELBER Road, 26 St.Augustines L o n d oN n W 19 R N Telephone: 0171428 9431 C l u bH o u s c :

Croxdale Road,Borehamwood, Heds.WD64PY T c l e p h o n0e1:g 1 9 5 3 1 9 8 7

Editorial A yeafof ceebration for thr 0 d Boys:nd a yeafof mournng fol the C ub. annuad nners,,\'th a spafkinq TheAssoa at on wasabe to ceebratea hundled in N4aY. The0ld e Arli lcryCompany evening of ceLebra tionheldat the Honourab I Clubheldlts 75thdinfer r J.nuaryandthe 0.H. Haberdeshers' RugbyFootba 'bonaf de'clubin 1997ard hed a selies of Crlcket C ubcelebrated 50yearsasa s h l c hc um i f a t e dn t h e a n n u adl f r t r r t h e P a vi io na t L o r d s s p e c i ac lv e n tw just tolrrin Zimbabwe CrlcketGrorrd andthe fra e of a two weeksoverstas featuresn the arefuly chrlrnicedn separate aftcrChristmas. Al theseevents Assoc at on canfeachwhcnthc maq:zine andrefectthe heghtsthatthr whoJe occns on warrants. andthe yearalsosawthe deathoi trlee Butwiththe q of cscarnethe sadness olgrnsaton. hugey p0puar and ifflLlcnta mef r,!thin the old H:berdasher5' cationfor $rasthe veryconduitof 0 d Boys'corllmun one knownto everybody whosedea t 1,v!s sofae of theAssociatior manydecades, onea fornerPrcsident sucha certrill thirtyyearsagoto startthe dtcaded nnerswhichhavcbecome fcatureof the O.H.A. socI year.F naly a manlttle knownby thevastmalority cventoday. Ieraairs at Bofehtfiwood current rnembers but whosenflLrence of d andRonD ggenshasdeprvedthe of Nobby Tanner, BasilBlowfie Thr passlnq Ther ivts of theAssociatior"r overthe pastsixtyyears. Clubof threecofnefstoncs in the obituary sectior. areceebrated andremembcrcd al the newsarbout lheC ub Thelossof Nobby mernsthatthe fian whogathered evermore and lts fiembersis no mofe,and the 0ld Boys'Notesbecomes that enyone of CLrbnformetion. Ar appeathcrcfore lmportant as a mediurn , r a r r i a gaefsd d e a t hpst r s t e t w h o h a se t t e r sa,r t c l e os r k f o , ,e\ 'd q co f b r t h s n , ',. ,lei':, 1r ro or r,v

1t. ,. . tlF {



O l dH a b e r d a s h eArsss' o c i a t i oBne n e v o l eFn ut n d ior t1c plfiposrof render]ng f nanciaassist!rrrnol ony to {Jd Thisfrnd exists vesif necess bLrtll so to wjdor,!s Boysr,\rho mayf rd themse tol]scirclrmstafces, o' dF oroL"t IPe-d '''oIB' An income of 1300- f400a years cLrrrertly av:iablcflom the fund. a n dn e c e s s i t o u s T h r S e c r e l a y wb c g l a dt o h r a r n c o n fd r n c eo f a n ye i q l b l e p. person hc that wr maybeabe to Honorary Secretary: M.l. BoVINGTON Esq. I GreenLane,CroxleyGreen, Rickmansworth, Herts. W D 33 H R Telephone: 01923 772443

H a b e r d a s h eAr s 'k e ' sL o d g eN o .3 3 6 2 TheLodgehasexisted sincr1909aid s openlo genter.cnoi 21 yealsand I iendsandothcrsconnecttd w th upwards. A l o d boysmasters, theirIe atives, the School arepertcLrary wclcor.e. TheLodqcho dsformalmeetngsin Londonon a Saturday, foLrrtlmesprr yearii A adles uncheon is hed ln iure.Tlre Frbruary, Apri, octobefand Deccmbcr. vc. Lodge is of modestproporlions ard not expens oI pcopc \ahosupport N,4enbrrs enjoythe comperiorship and canrarederie nessand ntrgrlty.A specia tradtiona va ues srch as charity,nelghboLr we corneis exterdrdto mrmbersinvitedqueslsat ir dlnncraftcreachfe!ulaI mccrng. Secretary:

Esq. JohnK. SPITTAL, Road,Pinner, 20 Chandos M i d d l e s eHxA s 1 P R T e l e p h o n0â‚Ź1: 8 18 6 6 5 9 3 6

T h eS c h o oSl h o p that 0.H.A., 0.H.R.FC. and0 H.C.C. tresarc t i s a p p ? r eyn g t e n e r ya ln o t kno\,,n School Shop There are a so ava leb e a fr,,v 0.H.A. centenary ties obtarifirb e rt thc and svrealers. Enquiriesto:

Thc SchoolShop,Thr Haberdashers' Aske'sSchool, Elstree, Herts, WD6 3AF Butterfly Lane,

Asthe resultof a surveyamorgstthe pre-1946eavers, it hadbeendecided to marktheirnextreunion with a lunchratherthana dinneT. 5o it wasthaton 1sthOctober I997,24 acceptors arrived in goodtlme,for some threehoursor so of chatter, femiriscences anda goodlunchto roundoff the occasion. lt wasgrandto seeJohnDudderidge againlhebe]ongs to a I decadesl lookirgformidably haleandheartyintohis90s- present guest asthe President's - ongmayhe contnllet0 coTfe, ThePresident wecomedal thosepresert(lrcudingeightformerPresidents of theAssociation), andafterthe oyaltoast,awarded the onqdistance tankardto GordonEcobfroml\,4atlock, whohadon thisoccasion travelled the furthest. P Stevenson


Investment Management and Personal Finance Planning

Telephone: 01494671881 WHITTENBURY


Chartered Accountants


With the lntenton that al members of 0.H.A.havean opportunity to vist the "drcade"rnetagainon 17th C !rb Houscduf ng eachPfesdrncy,thisextended $riththe resultthat october1997ony a few monthsaft€rthe astgathering, ony 11nembersnc ud ng our questBruceN4ccowan, satdovrnfor dinier.lt s worthnotifqthat 36 nrenbers wroteapologis nq for theirabsrfcrand f thry canbe persuaded to turn up n 1998it realywil bea n 9ht to remer.ber. Theevenn! had beencarefuly arranged to preventour Presdent iohn from attendng.With h s son'sweddlngthe fol ow n! day,he knewhis p acelAs a ToryALexander wl linqy tookoverashostfor the niqht.BruceMcGowar result, w a sc a e d u p o nt o s a yG r a c ef o , l o w i n qw h i c ha r e x c e l e nm t r a w a sa q a i n provided by ftile] andPauine.Thelackof numbe15 in ro wayinhibited theevenlng present. asit r,\ras raucheesler to ta k to everyone

Chairnian:T0T,iY ALEXANDER 1'641 Guest:BFUCE NICG0WAN {73 371 I C o C K T fN6G 4l N,1. C0HEN t 73j 5.CR0NBAC|] f71l s. ENGLTSH 16rl (68] R.FiENCH S .G E L B 1 E7R' G.NASLEHUBST 167) R.JA(EI\4AN f61l N4.IA\'!T0N163) (61) G.]\NACFARIANE B.R0L|-E 162)

Folowin!the meal, Tonyformaly urecomedBruceandthanks werepassed n the for theirexceptional usualwayto lv4e,PauineandtheirhcLpers efforts. The clearwinrer of the on! distance tankardwas our guest,Bruce,from Woodstock a rnere50 rlliesaway.Heduy tastedhiswinflngsandthcnshared Cohen, whobeingwithr !.Jalking thenr,,vithN,4ichacl dlstance of the C !rbHouse, !!asw nncron the nightof thc nearcst tankardL TheevenirgI vcdup to ts Lrs!al standards of goodcompafyandfriendship ard ,,!edeparled latcinto theniqhlto awaitfrxt year's c;rl. cFarlane G.N4:



Mr. Alun 0liv€ r, of th€ Old Novaportans'So.ietn was a pu pil at the Adams' Grammar Schoalfrom | 979 to I 986. The Schoolwas found€d by Robert Adams ofthe Haberdashers'Company,and was built at Newport, Shropshir€.My. Oliver and the society held a black tie dinner at the Houseof Lords on Friday lTth October 1997. Guestsfrom other Haberdash€rs'S(hoolswer€ invited with their spouses.The event proved a successfuloccasion,beidg chaired by Lord Murray of Epping Forest.He was on.e a Shropshirelad, and welcomed us in this manner: "Ave NovaEorlani.er SaloDia.ad Senatumvenientes." The eveningwas launchedwith a guided virit for gu€sts to the Lords and Commons,and a pre-dinner drink ir the terrac€ bar. After th€ m€al, Dr. C. Sateman, Mast€r ofthe Haberdash€rs'Company,talked, amongst other items, of the sevens.hools ofwhich the Companyis trustee. The former headmaster,Mr D. Taylor,spoke ofthe old days,and ofhis commencingto write a history ofAdams'School, in collaboration with his wife Ruth. Sh€had been a school history teacher. Togetherthey are searchingavailablearchives,and looking for yet more. The present headmaster, Mr. L Richardson,spoke of(uryent successes, and suggesteda (omplementary celebration at the Adams'School in the summer months. Subs€qu€ntlyth€ Societyand the Parent-TeacherAsso.iation hav€ planned a wider festival, to in.lsde a marqu€e and ball with a band and orchestra. at the tiffe of the traditional anrual cricket mat(h. 0n the oc.asion ofthe regrowth ofthe old Novapo(ans, we exprers€dour thanks for b€ing included o. behalfofO.H.A. Alan and SylviaMorris

jubileeyearthe0ld Haberdashers Tomarkitsgolden Cricket C ub helditsAnnual D rner on 30thoctober1997in the Committee DirinqRoomn the Pavilion at Lord\CricketGround. lt wastherefore no surprise that therewasa full house wheneveryone assembled in the homeof cricketon a coldThufsday night. It w:s a tirneto renewoldacquantances andtherer\ras a marked reuctarceto move from pre-dinnerdrnks to the Commtte€Foom when dinrer was arnourced. Theoccasior wasceftainly complimented bya mealofsomequality, wel servecl by frlendlyandwillingstaffandit wasa repetegathering that settledbackto lstento the firstof the evering's awafdswher N4ike Fier awardecl [likeTaylor his gift of a sponsored duckat LondonZoo n recognition of his improbabe numberof noughtsduringthe season. Thlswasal recevedwith muchgood hurnour beforeN4ike, on behalfof a I the players, turnedhisattentlonto Keith Davies whoafteffiveyearsasCaptain of theClubhaddeclded to standdown.He pfesented Keth witha threefoldgift of a lagertankard, a hlp flaskanda wlne decanter. thefeto betrayoneof Keth\ nterests {Nothinq therll. In response Keithsaidhowdelighted hewasthatduringh s tenureof officeboth the lst ard 2ndXlshadbeenpromoted to the 2nddivislon of the Hefts.L€ague and at one pointa coupleof yearsago had reguarlyfieldedfour sideson a Saturday, whichfor a cub of our sizewasa remarkable feat.As wasto be meftioredon severaoccasions duringtheevenlng, Keth paidtributetoNobbly Tanner for hiscortributiorwh ch overtheyearshadbeenso lnmense. Folowingthis,the President of the C ub,S monGelber wasto reiterate Keith's sentlnents regarding Nobby andhewasp eased to b€ableto annource that n agrcenentwlth the Schoolth€rewoud be the establshment of the Nobby' Tanner Memorial Trophy to bep ayedfor by the thre€Xlson 0 d Boys'Day. Weicom ng a I thosepresentespecialy thosewho had traveled someq!ite lengthy distances, Simonthenturnedto theClub's anrua awards beginninq with the year'sbattingprize. Thishadberna diffcut cholcefor 1997hadrot been a v ntageyear.flowever, in the atterpartof thesenson ore manhadrealy stood out and that meanthe wasableto awardthe pr zeto PaulFier. Sinriaflythe bowling awardwasto go to arotherveteranp ayerand Mike Filefsreturn of 38 wicketsat an average of'13.9wasjustdesserts for a hardseason's work.

rr. Prri.h,r !reJe i rh. fo,n9 P/'fer nword i' t'Di 4ri caiinHris r ih. faft utd

prizefor 1997\\rasto An additional be the occasiona awardof the Young Playerof the Year.This year the President was pleasedto able to awarda tarkardto som€onewho durlnqthe past seasoirhad made cons;derable progress with both hs battingand bowlingand evenhad somesuccess withthe 1stXl whist on tour ln Devon.lt wasa pleasure to makethe awafdto SamiA i.

The astof the tradtiora presertatiors wasthe DonaldBlessley [Vlemoria Awardard this wasto be to sornrone who hadberr instrumental n the continung success of the DevonTourhaving beenthe keyorganiser for a gooddozenyears.n bct\,lcen trmes h eh a dt a k e ni n c x c c sosf 9 0 0l s t X l w i c k e t s a s waesl c a p t a i n l n g theC ub in 1989rnd 1990. Thlswasa richlydeserved awardto the reclpent NlikeFier As a departure ffofi the norrnaproceedings t wasthen the p easureto iftroducethe C ub'sspeciaguestat this Presldent's uniq!coccasionBarryDuddlestone whohadbeennstrumertal in olganisir'rq the0ld Haberdashers' Cricket C ub'sfirstoverseas tourto justafterChristrnas wh ch woud commenft Zimbabwe aterin the year. Barry,ex-Leicester5hire Gloucestershire and Rhodesia, said how peasedhe wasto br pfesent at slrcha qreatoccasion at sucha wonderf!venLre n a roorawhereraoTe hotairhadbeenexpoufded overEngshcricket durngthepastcenturyContlnulng, n a hugey amusin!l speech hetoldsomewonderfu stories of h s timein county cricketparticularly regarding his ong tnre captain,Raymord llingworth. Theevening endedwth a posseof 0ld Haberdashers cricketers wandcring unccrtainly throlghthe LorqRoorn at sometimepast mldniqlrt, throuqh the Grace Gates andintothe rext fifty yearsof t the0.H.C.C.

I r.l r.r Ara /ifu,Sdoi ftrrq fr (dpddio ir rh. L.iq 600 rn( rh:t\nttilDtxttt.

tuR ChnnJ Prr:t nd Sdn Ah INie?hants


Chsrtered Surveyors

"Old Boysin the propefiy game" (established 1854)

Crown House . 265/261 KentishTown Road London NWt 2TP Telephoneoqt-267 zo7t F a xo r T r - 4 8 58 4 8 8

47 South End Road . Hampstead Loldon NW] 2QB TelephoneorTr ,tJr r88r F a xo q r - 4 3 r 4 3 z r

(O.H.) . DavidHeasmanFR.I.c.s. (O.H.) Eric HarveyF.s.vA(Old Millhillian$ Philip AltermanF.R.Lcs. . EdwardJ. StarieyA.M.S.S.T. . Alan Harvey BSc.A.R.LC.S. ,Asrociotet

t o t h r s o c l ac a r n d a ro n l 4 t h N o v e m b e1r9 9 7m a r k e da lhs innovaton ThePresldent ourI fks wllhtheSchooL. indmarkin theefiortto furtherinrprovt dinntr !!e comada s m larnurnber of staffto thc nau!JUfa mernbrrs andslxteen in 1998. ol trls cvrntwhich\\rI berepeatcd Thr qalhcrng startedat about7.30pmandearlyafrlvas soonfu medcommon whichdeveloped asthe cvenln!plollltsstd. !lfoundof nterest by:l . Fo owingwhich an exceent lneaenjoyed [4e andPauinehadprep:red y \,'re comedoLrr!luests afd pan c! af y thankcdKaren formaL John!!hittenbury Room the stronllCornmon \,lison\rho had been fstfumerla in errcouralling partrcpaton. n o o mr . a d ea b r t f b L r t F f : r r kH a f b r d g eC, h a f m a no f t h e S t a r fCf o m m o R 1qlthe \/armthof eloquent ! rd,r tty repy on behaf of h s co ra!Lrrsenrphaslsi the 0 d BoysAssoc at oi andprorrlstdto fre ifgs that the Schoofelt tow.!rds fg schooItavers Lousa of potcnta n encoLrrag lontin!eto exporr a avenues the faciit esof offer. After the fonn!litlesthosewro wisredto enjoyrda pe:rsanllastcollcc or i q ! e u ri n f r o f t o f l h e o g f f c r e s o v n !tl h e t t h ee v e n i n qssL r c c esshso u db c rtpeateo on ar affLra 0asL5. 1998plâ‚Źasc lf youwould keto rrrrivr nn nvitaton for Frdayl3th Novenber lsveTywecome. B.lakernerof 01923855123Evefybody cortactRodney

] F Il]H TTEI.]BUNY I56] S i n i . nB 0 Y E {SS c n E lf " ' l a s t c ' tSt c c n ( ) (SecindNlast( il sc en*) 5 t i p l r . nD . C H A F L W o 0 D ([']n[s rt i!1,ner r..]icketl i,lile I DAVIES lPhyjlcalEdLcalionJ !l:r L. m A. G LBEIITSoN lBu&rl P r ui t G L B E F T S o( G IIuesu F r r n IH .f A N B F I D GlE S r x t lF] o r nfre z d , C h r i r n r n! l 5 t . T f C on n o r R o o m l (l.l ft Compli nql l.rn HAYES Par NAYIEB{l1 senasterC!herts N cl P 1-0L[4ES(C.D.lft C C.F.] Andre$ ( (EENLEYS DE(Artl (Physi.rl Ali5nrnFM \4ETCALFE Ph, p H PARRlc ds s) R ( e i t h T A L B olTP r y s . r l E d l c a u o E r


Krfen R !VlL50N(ScLe.cE ft C.C.F.J S t e p h e n l L 5 0 NJ F e a do l l u n i o r 5.hool ft Modefr Langua(Jet

TonrI !. ALErAr,lDEn 162J' DlvdLBnoli"l{681 (561' P lohn LCAf,l ('15)' ljc F0fTSYTH C Rodnev B.JAKEN'lAl.l [6]l' (47)' DA'l{i.A. rAl\4ES 551' F a yM .K r P P(S El$cti F 5.LqKELAND I59) Alant [']0Ffrl5(5sJ ('s3) A an [i NEt\T0N (.vn5 PKE('a5) t r r l P I I F C El 'L4L4 1 ' ( sB5 J ' P c i e rS l .V A C H E C c o rIT U I H E A( 5t 5 ) '


Asa firststepto mplement the President's inltiative for establishing region:l organisations, an 0.H.A.West o f E n g l a nddi n n ew r a sh ed a t " Ni gh t i n g ae s ' festaurart L m p l e yS t o k eB , ath on the 2l st November 1997.

Prcsidcri; ]oIrnWHITIENBIJRY ll larytt son stephen JimALLEN{Frcmel MiketLPatCItVEIAND {Trowbridq.l (sdford) Kâ‚ŹirhI Ma4oieDAU/soN (Erislol) FALK Srephen andN,lehnle (sla(bsl Te y ft WendyFIELD lohnandA.qelaaOsTEn lAxniouthl KenatlackieLOW(NofthPethrdon) Graham andianetLlacFAR|ANE {ftl.ome visitoEftoml\4lddlsexl Tonyft Vdkfie.WHiTE

Twentyoncof ustherefore sat downto an enjoyable dinnerjn I h A r.n Fid.i/Lr.iColnll oHn. ro onrrioro, [!r,y Ftr14_]ilrr Lirrrn:"rr4 trN,1 P{a{i.rt

congenial cornp:ny, old a c q u a i n t a n cweesr e r en e w e d ard new onesmade.At the conclusonof the mea we wereaddressed by (somel Pres drnt iohnwhooutllned of h s p ansfor thefutureof theAssociation andurgedusto getorgansedor a regional bass for meetings andactvlt es.This wasiolowedby a shortdscussion of the bestr.eansfor achieviitg this afd acton w I fol ow t wasen honourto havethe Pfesdcntard hlsfamly w th us(partcu af y in the qavea s gn ficantimpetus m ddleof a busyschedu e for h m) andhispresence t o o u r g a t h e f n gW. aa l s oh a dt h eb e f e f l o t f Graham a n di a n e tM a c F a r l r n e ' s cornpany, a vely Wetomeadditionand to complete our enjoymcnt, \f/e!\rere delghtedto haveKeithDawson, the prevors andhighlysuccessiu Headmaster of the Schooland h s wife Marjore with !s asWestCoLtrtfy meribers in thelr owf r ght. A gcncraco]lsensus emerged thatthed rnâ‚Źrwasanencouraglng staft andit \,,ras notedthatthi(y e iqiblenernbers hadmedethe effortto reply,athough unableto attend,most of whorlrcxpressed thelr interest in thefuture0.H.A. Westevents. Wil any nrember who wishes to makrcomrnerts or suggestons for futureactivtiesfor 0.H.A. Westp easecontact: TerryFied (0.H.A. WestCo-0rdinato, " L a n g dea" TheStrand, Exetef, Starcross, DevonEX68PA T ee p h o n e 0 :1 6 2 6 890319

tohn whi rter\ury la H A. Prt eltei), Hr iott rvhn F ltn tr

qutsts,sat nunrbef, 81 including 1998a s lqhtlydisirppointlnq 0n 31stJanuary RoyaHotel difrer.Thevrnuewasaqnn tht N4ount do,,\'n for thc 75th0.H.R.F.C. h storc near[/larbe Archard t hadbeenhopedthat r v rw of theson]cwhat yrar coud beexpected, natureof thr d rnrr,a bettefturn outthanthe previous but it was rot to br As Lrslrao!I officla guestlst this ycar fauded of both the N4ddltscxand rcpresentatlves from the R.F.U. erd the Prcsidents Hertfordshire R.Fll.s. TheHeadmaster and lvlikcDaviesthe mastrrI chargeof ' u g b yi i t h e S c h o ow e r ea s o a b e t o a t t e n da o n q \ r l t h t h e S c h o oR u g b y for thc evening in TonyA rxerdrrk ndy actedasN4.C. Captan andVlceCaptajn. to h gh spir]ts w th someeve hso,,\'nunlquestyle barnc ng l\reI thetendency f ew ln a dlamatic recrtaton of decorura, Hervenremained coolasicefraqments 'Titanc thecr tica momertl0ur raffh raised neary [300to bt splt equay of y lnjured p ayers for sevcrc thr 0.H.R.F.C. andS.P.l.R.E. theR.FUis charity bet$recn two uckypf zewinfers!\rere racltabe to takehomeanenrptyport andof course b o l le b y t h ee n do f t h ee v e nr g . $rth crearllof asparagus soupfi let of Thefood,,\'es up to ts usuastandard paice,chckenbrrast\/ith truffle and !\rid rrLrshroom sauccand raspberly to fnlsh.TheA XV,es n the prevousyeafsevert r.ade ts rnark cheesecakc rg h e n e a w i t ha q u a i net r d r a t h ecr h a r m w i t hr e g ua f l n t e f r r p t o ndsL r r i nt g upto ten (yestheycan)fol owed divers oi compfslngthe whoe tabe coLrftinll ' S e c o n dW s 'el d o n ee n dd d f ' t w e a l h u g h l b y a r o u sn gs h o uot f A , | 1, me., .F o o. o ' r d o . p - F h, e . b e ! . - n , l o h l " l proposlnq whichlvasIepledto President of thr 0.H.R.FC. lhe toastof the R.F1l. proposed David Hurst who in turn thr toastofthe 0.H.R.F.C. by gavr a !ood respofse the Cub Captaln, despitethe mysteriolrs Keth Davies, ,,!asfo Lolledby e of h s notes, m futes eer ler, and disappeafance lust particlrlarLy amusng repy on behaf of the guests by ourovrrIVlart r Hil, or u'as proceed formal n!s, socialsin! cont rued ln thr bar t TommyCooper? Aller the Ro fe, ittle teddy Lrntithecoachto Estreelvrl orqansedby Brett tookthc tlrcd bearshometo ther mur.nlesanddaddes.Wel, a I but oneof themanywayL andthosewhoattended ln frtrosprcttheeverinqn soclalterrnsw:s a success vcs.t is however signiflcant to notethat despte gerrra y good erjoyedthemsc havebeendroppln!evrryyerr for the pastfve. feedbackthe rctral numbers e n the ightof the decreesing frnber of Prrhaps a tlrrn-outof 81 ls feasonab y astseason ony veryoccasiona regulerp ayersr the C !rb.The3rdXVplayed andon seveTa \\rreks ofly one lean hada qanrefor []hateverrtasonTheleis rewas ncLrdcd theeventandto that enda questionna c carlya needto reassess jn lastyear'sinvitrtion. Those who repledgeneraly fe t happyr,!th the fornrat andthe verue.Theres a qrolrndswel of oplnon fromthe p ayer5wh ch terds wouldbe morepopular rrd that to suqlJest thirla vcnLcncarerthe C ub House hotelaretoo h qh.Ths s fair commeirt the priceoi drinksln a CentraLondon RoynHote rasserved uswe for rnanyyrars,itsgrrera erd thouqhthr L4oLrnl rnoveto appra io the uppefendof the toLrfst market,hasrrsultedI higher rnealwas coslsfor thc foodaswel. Thereat vey cheeppr cefor thefo!r course !s a nl fiTnurn. orly ne{lotatedon thestrengtrof : promseof 90 dineTS The0.H.R.FC cornmittees therefore clrrrenllyconsidclfgthe directionwe should takeW . h a t s c e f r i s t h | t l h e t r a dt o n o f a n a n n u ad n n e rs h o L r l d c o n t i n uW e .t h t h eq e n u i f e s u p p o roti a l s e cot n so f t h e C u b t h r d n n e rw i soclagatherfq fof the Clubafd a l\rorthwhi c remnn boththe nrostrnportant fundrasin!lactivity. BobStagg



Jwcntyore mrmbers andformermembers of the Rflc C ub,Golfng Society and the fonnerRugbyFivcsand Athetcs Cubs gathefedat Borehamwood on Thursday 1gth N,4arch ior thr very frst reunon dinnerof the l']of tenant" sporting c ubsof Lhe0 d Haberdashers Assoc at Lrn. A rllostconvivial evening wns e n l o y ebdy a l t h o s ep r e s e nTth. s t u n c t o sn e e msse t t oc o r t i f ! t en v e w o f t h e sportinginterests of the President ard Vcr-Presdent electof the o.H.A.for 1998/99. I additon to thosepresent, apologeswercrecevedfror. RoyNewrnan, PcterUdn. JohrRotheroc andBrianDeenof th. formerRulJby Fivcs Club.t was a so qoodto havea ctterof efcourager.ent but rellretfor not beirqabe to ;lttendfrom KenBessleythe astsurvivngnemberof the pre-warDranatic Society. A chanqe of datemayhavabeenresponsible for somrabsentees. Those urhodid rot attendin 1997/98 !,rould do wel to notethe dateof fext yeafs r e u no n d l n n cirn t h e l rd a r l e s .

T o b e h e l d o n S a t u r d a y 1 7 t h 0 cl 9t o9b8aet 6 . 4 5p . mF. o l o w i n ag s t y e a f W s est of En!landdinnerat Bath,wc halebooked Caralrce House andGaralen, Thaxted. Therrs a nearbypubic carpark.Caterin!by lai Barnerd. N4akc th s anothcr0.H.conviva occns on by pl!nningearlyard nvitng partners ;rndfr endsl F0rthosentere5ted p rasrcontact: Alanl\4orris Tel:01494722385(Homej 01494792558(office)

f thereare mernbrrs p ayingcontpetitjve of the Association c ub bridge who $roud beintcrested ir lo ningan0.H.lVorVlllto chalcngetheSchoothef they shoud contact lohn Whtterburyat: Stokel,4eadow, WestEndLane StokePoqes B u c k i r ! h a n rl seh 5124LZ ( H o m e J T0r 1 l :7 5 3 6 4 4 1 0 0 ( o f i i c eTl r : 0 1 4 9 46 7 1 8 8 1

For the speciaoccasonof the ] R,WI]IIIENBURY t56] 1 0 0 t hA n n u a D i n n e rt h e 0 l d Haberdashers' Assoc at on chose N.(S.W LLS to return to the Honourab e (Master ot the Habe(lashets Comprny) A | t l l l e r y C o m p a n y ,o r t h e .l W.RGoULDINC {Headnasrs) outskirts of the City of London, M I ] V ] E A N S rneb0vernursJ Lnepfesenrnq fo owing the successof the I BFER(sch.olcJplarnl di n re r i r 1 9 9 7 . D.ACFIELD lCuenSleJle,l 0n the 29th May 1998the Pres dent,lohn Whtterburywas Prt'd.rt.johr|'|]hnftn\ufa||qht abe to welcome 77 members and quests to thisimportartdatein the0.H.A. calerdar whichwasa healthy increase or astyears attendance.


[ 45 B A I E R {78] (5e) s.PBEALES n. BILLEN {Giprrl rvll 8oviNGloNfsrr L BREII{Cu60 Despite the ludicrously eary startof 6.30p.m.the NorthLondon/Hertfordshire (Guest) LD.BBoWN contingent managed to negotate the peflousjourneyfrom BorehamWood to N4l.BURII(Guest) in the l\4edaRoomto renewo d friendships ].8.BUSTARD'(59) arfve in t meto join the company R.BLISIARD lcuest) ard corimence onthef rstof theevening's beverages andthisyearnotdeaythe ff.CANTWEIL {€uenl startof the dinnerlSowhenRodney Jakeman calledthe audience to orderard present arnounced dinner€veryone headed intotheextremely impressive scttrg (strff 'elr94) KG.CHEYNEY M.wu cHlSM( 4e) of the LorgRoomwith itsviewoverthe oass of grass withn the modern office N.['1. CLAR((Gurst] blocks of the Cityof London. LW C0GGNS146l (Guenj V.CoHEN l A C O R B E{ B u 6 a r ' 7 6 ' 9 6 1 0nceagainthe H.A.C. caterers exceledandthe qeneraconsensus wasthat the H.EColtcH154) dlnnerwasof qoodq!allty and befttirg of suchan occaslon. Certainythe KC.CURfl5 f78) choicefor malncourse of breast of gulneafowlwasanenterprislng choce rlluch PJ.EGANf56I s E E N C( 4 7 1 erjoyedby a L

Theformalpaftof the evening on someprevious occas onshasbeena let down w th sorllespeakers fu oftheirowngrandeur obiviousto the effecttheywere having o n t h e i ra u d i e n cTeh. e1 9 9 8d i n n e w r a sn o t s u c ha y e a rw i t h a I t h e s p e a k e rosf a r L r n f o r m yh i g h s t a r d a r dk, e e p i n ge v e r y o naem u s e da n d rernembering the goldenru e of brevity.


[4ehbe6 Al5 ALEXAND 1E 6 4E_ (Guest) I ALEIANDEB

ArdrewCasparoperedproceedings with the trlpe toastto the Company of Haberdashers', the SchooGovernors andthe School. Hestartedby sayinghow p easedhewasto be present ashe hadbeenawaitng the birthof hlsf rstch ld whichhadony takenplace48 hoursagoandhadthusenrbcd himto bepresent. He ther enllghtened everyone asto h s ph losophy ol thc three Bs' that hnd s e r v e dh m \ \ r e l d u r n g h s caTeeT I n 0 T o a 0 c ansgr "brans, bloodymndedness a n db f a v a d ot: h a de n a b l e d this 0ld Haberdasher to be responsib e for someof the more coftertiousmovesin inq of the B.B.C the reschedu Radio4 timetable. Thiswas themanwhohadmovedthe Archers by threem nutesand

1.H.Efl[LD(52) ( 45f N.FoFSYT|] G.WFRANKL N I42) ( 7R3 ) s . HG . ELBE F.clBLiN(cu6t) ( 4N2 7 E A ,G O O D M A I.N.HALL f73J F.HHANBDGE{Slafi) D] HEASMA I 5N9 ) n.GHolrVE fs8] c.[,']HYMAN l79l H.A.FYMANl7,t) 5.S.HYN4AN f39l C F B J A K E ] \ 41A6N] I R lA(E['lAN(cu$rJ D.AJA[485 f46r N A H r A m EfS4 1 ] r

n.&1. KIPPS fssr B C .L A V E N T U I 5R3E I s r A I f l G Nf 4 9 l (55] K.H.LEVERTON K.A.LoWEf4tl F . BL. Y L(E5 5 J (Guenl l.t MACARTNEY ('6 j GF M T c F A R L A NlE LC.IT4ACKENZ E{Guest) ('s]l Dr l. ['IATHEWS B . HM c G o W A( F Ne a d m r s t e r ' 7 3 r 8 7 1 l\'ll l\lltNEB(481 D r A . EN. 4 0 R R( sl S5 l ('A. oDY(53J A.K.0LVER(0 d Novrpddiart J.F.PAFKER f56I

madeBrta r's farmersget u p h a l fa r h o u re a r l i etro llsterto farmingnewsl I n r e s p o n sNel c kW l s , t h e lvlaster of theConrpany, was rb e to sayhowplensed the C o m p a n yw a s o f t h e achievements of both the Es t r e eS c h o o sw , ith the g i r l s ' f i n l s h si figx t ha n dt h e boys'schoocomingtop of the A leve exaralnat on r e s ut s . A t f u y f a n t a s t i c achlevemert. As to the futureof the new hal at St. Barthoiomew the Greattherewas itt e to reportandno firm newson the stye anddesignof the buid rg. However, he wassLrre tlratit wasgoingto operin November 2,000(ro bets t h o u qlhl . TheSchool Captain, -ieremy Briers wasfext to fise and in an artlcuate and witty speechonly brieflyal udedto rnirorexarllination success that the Schoohad enloyedin 1997."Yes theyhadf nished top - yesthat s top and that they had galned3.720l0 moreA/B q r a d et sh e nt h eg i r l l s c h o oB. u ti t w a s lraportant not to nrik itssuccess:" Hc alsoconqratu atedthe 0 d Boys o n a c h i env g t h e r h u r d f e d t h d f n e r . A t i m e ,w h e r r t h e

lu,o-DFp t,F-,io o ..por .e, -e / l r e a d l . l e , F ' n , C L L l o i l g l . o \ t r ' r F oL \ / .ol 9rl d.ll q rfp ArL,idt u 01 i. / l-d . I i e v e ^e l o 1 . f r - o l e o o i r l e ' , , i 1 o i."oi oli.r.emeo,uLi \ d1o \

changc. lt \,^ras ircfedible to renrembâ‚Źr that in \ 1689 RobertAske\ origina bequestwas for 20 oLpl."ldlla

l l e S c r o o r o , r . o p a \ \ F or . . c . \ o

1300students. Theforeslght of Askehascltlmirated in the overalsuccess of the School not orly ln the exarllination fed but in a wholehostof actvities. Jeremyat this point h gh ightedthe contiiruing : . .. F . . o ' l l , W a i e P o l o e a " 1 . e p o p o . e o

/ / / / /

'" \

/ /

' , r

Mll enniumtoursofthe rugbyclubto SouthAfricaandthe andthe hugeachievements of cricketc ub to the FarEast, public and debating soc ety. the speaking He alsomentioned the retirements of KeithTalbot, Derek Swannandmostnotably JohnCarleton whoafter38years teachingat the Schoolundera I four of the Elstree headmasters had beenthe epitomeof the doctrineof fiexb e adaptabi ity.


It a sogavehimgreatpleasure to beableto announce the plan to rebuildthe original1960's new development buidingswhichwerenowcomingto the endoftheir ife. ,,t . .. It wouldbea lorg andcostlyexercise but it wasimportant ..:.. to contlnuethe development of the School. TheSchool mustremainas a cor.munityand rot as a soulesseducation and learring Post-Deering institute. the schoolcharacter haschargedorce againwith the placesscheme, withdrawaof the assisted however the very strengthof the pupisto enjoya Schoowith the Robert Askebursary stillenabes ess afflLrent firstclasseducation. T h et o a s tt o t h e 0 d H a b e r d a s h e r s ' A s s o cwi a tsiboyn D a v i dA c f e l d , 0 i d Brent$roodian and sometirne cfcketerwith Essex C.C.C. and in proposlng the health o f t h eA s s o c i a t i oh F ew a s a b e t of e c o u n t s o m o fet h e a r r r u s i an nl jd o f f joustswith beatmoments of hiscricketcar€er, whichincluded somememorable Graharn Gooch, Nrlike Gatting, Viv Richards anda handfuof oth€rwel known cricketheroes.


lr response the Pres dent,lohn Whltterbury thankedDavidfor his klndwords and generous thoughtsand thankedal those$rhohad beenirvolvedin the ofganisatior'r of sucha successful dinner.He wassurethat the 5i entToastthis yearhadbeena particulary poignantmomentwhenr.ostpeopewouldhave beenthinklngof the mer.oryof sorlleof thosewhowereno onqer\rlth usand no longerableto attendthlsflneann!a dlnner. t ls,however, dlfficultto explaln whysucha flneoccasion with qoodfoodand poory attended. wine,an attractiv€ venueandgoodfriendshlp isso relatively ls It badlyn afketedlls it setat too hiqha pfice?ls Frdaynighta badnightfor the dinner?Doesthe blacktie dresscodehavean effect?Why doesthe 0ld Haberdashers'Assoclation not achieve an attendance in excess of 100for the preraier sociaeventof theyear?

rhe aHnFlFot,






r\rBovrNG]ON frl'

Prot D.BRoWN l's4j M,BFOWN I55] s B R 0 W(N5 7 ) ]. BUsTARD f59J R !'ATTLE f57] ]\NCLEVTLAND I55I 0. coccrNSf48l J .C o C G | N 5 l 4 6 J N'r.DALE f49l K.DAVTES fs6l (53) 8. EASIEREROOK l . E G A (Ns 6 f N,GRAY I57) J. HANSoN fs4) R JAKTMAN 160])' (,.17f 0 TAN]ES D.KENWARD I48T 8. (|PFSf55f ('57) FcvJ.KIFBY E IAKELAN { 5D3 ] (. LIVEnTON f55) r LTDTNGToN f44 M LUMSDE { 5N2 ) 3E ) D M A C O N A C(F5 T D MCLAREN I55) Dr A. lvl0FRiS {'55J F MUNN I55) A NE\^/TON I5I] G 0 a 0 E Nt 5 6 ) -] PARKER I56) M .P O S S N{E 4R 9) POWFLL I53] c s HE L L{S5 2 ) P V A C H Ef 5Rt . G.WHEAL I55T

0r the 19th June 1998the Prcsdent, John\ihittenb!ry presided overyet anothcrsuccessfu andsoclable reuriordinnerw th DavldDavesastheguestof hono!r and the usua h gh standardof cateringby l\4eland pauine. The assembled corapary as usuaweTesoonensconced in the usuacatching up of newsard ol everts. Theeventevenattracted theattendance of Rodncy Jakeman r,!hoprofessed I ikingto the company of "oldermen'l Asto who hadtraveledthe flrfthestfor the cvent,therewereclamsfror. lohn Cogglns L!hohadcomefromCardiffand MarshalLumsden fromSaxmundham, but lvlichael Doveclaimed to havereturfedfromthe Philipiresespecial y for th s functonand wasthrreforeawarded the ong distance tankarddespite having ony traveledfromTauftonon theday. RayKipps

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lr Novcnber1997 n commonwith a numbcrof ny contemporar cs aI EstreeI receivrd a tcephoneca irom EddieHsu.SLrch w:s the ciarityof the sound,t seenredke he !\'irsspeaklng froml!n aroLrnd the corner;it transpired that he w!s n New York but makifg use of high qualty telephone technoogyiasP!u Simonhas t in TheBoyin the Bubble,these a f et h e d a y so f m r : c e a n dw o n d e trh i si s t h e o n g d i s t a n c e c a l J . E d d i e s p an wrs to org:rnise a 3othrnniversary relrnion at E streefor al thosewho eft the Schoolin 1968.He hada rradyagreedthe dateof Saturday 20th lune wlth the School. Now,the chalenger,!as to contactasraanyof the individua s concerned as possib e. Eddiehrd managed to drirw!p a pre m nary ist of namesand addr€sse\; thlswascircuirtedbetweefthe in t a contactgroup bymeafs of fax ard e ma L.Extraramesweredredged from th€ pastard rnoredetaLswere addedas the weekswent by.We $rerelhe nltia first-yeargroupto attendElstree $rhenthe'new'Schoohadopered n September 1961,andthe attendance lst for t h €e v e f t! , r aesn l a r g et od n c u d e a n y b o d y w h o h a d b e e n p a r t o f o u r c o h o r t b e t $ r e e n t h e na n dt h e e n do f 1 9 6 8 . Llsingfurtherdat: provided by the School, a def nltivespreadsheet of informaton eriergedby AprL JLrst over200 nameswereidentifed,of whomabout40 provrdto be urtraceab e andthreesadLy haddied.0f thosecontacted, around25 eltherfailed lo respond or ndicated that they,,,rere fot nterested in rttendirg.Thegeoqraphjcal prevertedDavd saacsand PeterHumber spreads enormous, and sheerdistance Yewl\4eng Wong(Sngapore) andVinodNehemah 0ndial {nowlv ng n Austrrljal, from belngpresent. n thc event,98 madc t to Elstree or 20th l!ne, togeth€rwith someth dy or so partrersanda nur.berol thc members of the staffwho taughtLrsn the 1960's. The latter nc udedKeithDawsonin thc markore (Hstoryterchedmodein whichwe kneurhin beforehis subsequcnt rctufnas Headmaster, and John Careton,Doug Ycabsley and DougWhittakerwho arestil at the Schoo.Attendees camefrom al overGreatBritainaswellasfromfurtherafield- lack Robinson from Sweden, Steve Evansfrcm Finrnd, Geoff Reenfrom Frafce Clve Gordonfrom cermary,Ben Brttainfrom Lreland BobStanrpe fromSouthAfr ca andoi course EddieHsLr andhis fe low resdentsof the U.S.A.DickBarclayBobLindse, RobertLambPeterParham andNickWoof. Theweatherwasexceent lthe besthreekeid of the summer, at the varied. timeof !rritinglandthe programfle Thisincudedqolfandbr d!e beforehand, (bothol urhonriow f msby C iveGordonandBl I Redway showngsof documeftary d l r e ctth e mf o r r l i v l n qpJ l u s a r e r u n o f t h a t r a r c c i n c m a t c c a s s i c 0 N l L 0 6 T p r o d u c e d ($,ell, by Bill,Nel Gershon anda castofthousands actLraly fivet ln the surnrnef of prefects 1967.Guldedtoursofthe Schoolwcrclaldoi our thanksto th€ present who ndulgedthe rostalgiatripswth goodgrace- and a buffetsupperprovlded. Folowingthe mea, KelthEdeman(a 1968 eaverand now a parentqovcrnorland the pfes€ntHeadmirster JeremyGouldng spokeot the Schoolsreceftachevcr.cnts andits aspf:rtonsfor the fLrtLrfe. Althougha fe,,\'of us bump jnto eachotherffom tjme to time at o.H.A.Decadc Dlnners or meetsocialy on otheroccasiofs, for mostof thosepresenlih s wasthe firstopportunity thai wc hadto mcetsince1968.lt wasalsor lorg time s ncethe majorityhadvisitedlhe School, ard the intervening ch!ngesto boththe buidinqs and th€ landsc:pe w€reappreciated. Pafticuar acknowledgments must qo to the He:dmaster for maklngthe Schoolavaiable,Dougand JackieYeabs ey afd thcr he persanda so SteveLeDuc:rnd Peterl,4ack e !,rhousedthe r professiona contacts y, and especia y EddieHs! for to arr:rnge for photogr:rphy andthe be€t respective pu llnqa th€ str ngsfrom Ne,,!York.Heis nowta k nq of a 4o-yearreunlonif 20081


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Manyheadmasters havebeeniegends in theirown tirneand become mythlcal figuresto latergenerat ons.Dr Arnoldis the classic case.Headmaster of Ruqby School years(1828-42) for barelyfourteen hewassoeffectlvely immortallsed by DeanStaney'sLifeard Corfâ‚Źspordence of DrArnold(t 844)andlhomasHughes, TomBrown's SchooDays{18571, ihat evenLyttonStracey's brilllantEminent Vctorians(1918)was unabeto destroyhis reputatior. Legends obscure and mythsI urninate ourunderstanding of Dr Taylor andhlsachievement. Schoolboy legendheld that "Spud"Tayor knewso few boysby namethat he wrote "Persevere" or reports at random, but gavea haf ho idayto ceebratethe birth of hlssixthchid. Staffmythholdsthat Tomrevvedthe Schoolafterthe War, jn his accornplished its rllovefroTnHampstead to Elstree, and sat disconsolate studyin A denham Ho!seunable to faceretiremert. Dr.Taylor wasa veryabe man.Hehadgoneupto Chrlst's Colege,Cambridge, on an openschoarshipir Classics, qraduated witha f rst,wonthe Burney prze for Philosophy, andbeenawarded a PhD.Hehadspenta yearat Frankfurt Urivers ty, afd in hissparetimetooka Bache or of Divnitydeqree fromLonclon University. Hewaswidelyexperienced. HehadtaughtCassics to theSixthFormat Bradford Grammar School andWorksop Colrge,anclhadspents x yearsasthe Headfllaster of the Cityof BnthSchoo. He wasenergetic, enthusastic and nnovativeHe tookoveras Headmaster of Naberdashers at the st:rt of the summer term n j946,andwithr weekshacl promoted schoomusc,ofganised a sxth formdance, andnradehlmsefreadly access b e to pupilsandstaffalike t soor becamc clearthat hisa mswereto furtherrase thr Schools academic and cu turalstrrd rg, endto useits metropoltan baseto establish a nationa rePutatjon.



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p.J_ At firstthe Warcasta shadow. In lu y 1947Fuslller Stevenson recordecl in "Skylark" that the Intelligence Sectonof the BrjtishArnryof the Rhinewas identifyfg materia "whch might be usedin a German rising'lReconstruction of the b o m bd a m a q ebdu id r g s a t H a mp s t e a dd i d r o t b e g i n unt the surameT tefm of 1948, and c o n t i un e d rationing e f s u r e dt h a t t h e n nth flaNestCampwasheld d u rn 9t h es u m m ehroi d a yI.n 0ctobcr the old Boys presentcd the Book of Remembrarce to the School. Thr shadow was soor shortened. In Septenrber 1946 D r . T a yo r h i d b e g u n Subsia dry and General Studes courscs, and a p p o i r t e da D i r e c t o ro f l\4Lrslc. Durinq1947,he had Lta R:JahhDuddeitlge, fbt0tiv.t,Jatnl KniqhL, Dr hlat, ALLt)Posk, DoiBdttrit, BillCt.senon

to St. transferred the caro service takenon a fu l-timeChaplalr, Day at in Fields, and naugurated Commendation the lvlartln the a g a i n w l d e n i n t g h e c u r r i c u l u m . G u i d h a, lb e s i d e s rnultlplied.lr 1947fiveboyshadvisitedFrance. In Schoolactivities grolrp trip to Swltzerland, n 1949 I\,41 1948a large wert on a ski on ie evsion;in 1954an Dudderidge andA.J.Woolford appear€d party in eft for Emden, in 1955the lst. Vll competed exchange Regatta, and ln 1956Dr.Taylortookthe School's the Heidleburg production on tourto Western Germany. of "Julius Caesar" Haberdashers' hadDlrectGrantStatus underthetermsof the 1944 nistry Education Act recelving financialsupport difectfromthe N,4 of Educationin return fof adrnlttinq scholarshipboys. y nurllbers weregrowingrapldly andin 1947Dr Taylor Consequent '1953 Department to Chase Lodge to moved the Preparaiory {andin Asthe 600boysof 1948 Flower Lane) to gainspace at Hampstead. to approached 1,000a programme of newbuildng endeavoured Dayln 1958Sif Edward keeppaceand duringCommendation Secretary to the I\,4 nistryof Education, Boyle,Pariamentary "oneof the first recognised the resut by caling Haberdashers' flightof DirectGrantSchools'l believed that conditiors at Throughout this periodof expansion the Governors - madet nearby Hampstead-agelng ofiginal buidirgs,a splt site,soclachanges w seto seekan entrelynewsite.In 1958theytherefor€ tookout an optionto 1959bouqhtit purchase Aldenham House in Hertfordshire, andon 9th February for f31 000.Colonel BuI, the Chairman of and61 acresof landfromthe B.B.C. la d the foundation stoneat Elstree on 29th0ctober1959. the Governo|s, TheGoverrors sod the Hampstead siteto the LondonCountyCouncl , which odd school,and the thousand turnedthe buildingsinto a comprehensve leftinJuly1961. Thenewbuildingsat Elstree wereofficialLy opened Haberdashers by the LordMayorof Londonon the 11thof october,whenclosed-circult wasusedto transmitthe ceremony fro'nthe hallto marquees ln the te evislon qr0un0s. hadbeen$rcI made.During1959Dr.Tayor hadboughta famous Preparations ln 1960he hadannounced that in future WiilisorganfrornHoveTowrCouncll. a I boyswouldreceive anevensounder educatonby entefngthesixthforff after Whenl\4r.ollver{"Pop" to the boys)retiredDr Tayor fiveratherthanfouryears. a Second anda Senor N4aster; the formerto d scipln€ spit hisdutiesbetween the masters. I\,4r. Cheney wasappointed as the the boys,the latterto manage giventhetaskof organisirg firstfu I timeLlbrarian, andl\4r.lrv ng-Smith School's Wlthoutl\4r.Rofe'sworkasTransport officermostboyswoud GeneraStLrdies. Estreeat al . not havereached on a House bass,eachHouse beingregarded asa Thenewschoolwasorganised care.EachHousehaditsowndouble forurnfor actvitiesandhavenfor pastoral roomfor meetings and lunches, somehad theirown and somesharedcoakrooms, andeachencouraqed its mer.befs to join its teamsandacceptpostions Houseitself.The of responsibi ity. A Boardrg Housewasset up in Aldenham but wasgjvena buidingof its Preparatory Department rejolned th€mainschool, B ock,a knowasthe B.B.C. own;usualy caledthe prep.block,but sornetimes durirgthe War refererce to ts construction anduseby the B.B.C.

Changes werelegion. TheannualGllbert andSullivan operawithered in the rural alr,but schoolrllusic anddramaluxurjated in theirnewfaclitiesandgrewever poished. m-ore Rowirg,fostered by Dr.Tayor in 1946,wasLrltimate y , casua ty of the move,but most sports,freeclfrom the tiresome journiy between Harnpstead and ChaseLodge,benefitedenormous y. Not ail the manynew initiativesendured:extensivearcheologica excavations led by professor Swinnerton [Dr Tayor'sfather-inaw]weieeventua ly abandonecl, beekeeping wasultlmately deemed too dangerous, andtheSchoolpress d d not lonqsuivivi the departufe of its mentor, l\,4r. Broderick. Jhenewbuildings weretheinselves soonsupplemented. In Juy 1967a mamnroth feteopened a building appeaso successful that the foundatjon stoneof a new libraryuraslaid in September 1968.DurjngMay j969 princess (an Margaret Honorary Freeman of the Hab€rdashers' Companyl touredthe Schoofand the rbrary wasopened in SeptembeL j971l\4rs Building continued andln September Thatcher Secretary of State for lthe Education) openedwhatis still prosaically calledPhase lll. (TheoriginalLibrary became the SixthFormCommon Room, and the new"L braryisnowthe [/]odern LangLrages Centre, havingbeenreplaced by the BourneL brarV.J The1960'ssaw important changes amongst the masters. Encouraged bythe 1963 Robbins Report, whichrecommended the rapidexpansion of hi-gher education, Dr.Taylor madea pointof appointing l^rho teachers coud special ;e in SixthForm workandcoachthegrowng number of Oxbfidge candldatas. Wherl\4rCrossmar andMr Pask r€tiredin 1964lMr. LewinandN4r. Barling became Second andSenior Master respectively. WhenN4r. Lewn diedsuddenly (,Tafly'to ir t96gNtrBarling "Da" to thestafflbecame the boys, Second Master, a postwhichheh;tclunti his retrementin 1982. TheSixthFormwasinfluefced by the po itjcalard socitlchanges of the 1960's. Thecampaign for Nuclear Disarment attracted thesupportof;any boys, andat Commendation Dayin 1962a groupof S xth Formers heckled AirViceMarshal 5ir Theodore l\4cEvoy, ar 0ld Boy w h o h a d r e t u r n e dt o r e m i n d them of the Soviet threat. Towards the erd of the decade mary of the sixth form grew m o r e a n d m o r € l t i r s u t ea n d demanded the reaxationof the dress Tegu ation,Sorne boyswere sardto pu I on shorthairedwigs as th€y approached the School and othersheld a unch-time demonstration in the Ouad.Df. Trylor, whokeptresolute y to the ''short back and sides" f a s h i o r aeb i r h i s y o u t h , responded by settingup three Advlsory Counclswhichvot€dto support traditionalstyles of appearance,a v0te 50on horouredTaorein the breach thanth€ observance. ln theearly

1970's it wasevenrumoured that ar OldBoywasa member of theselfstyledAngryBrigadewhichbombedthe HomeSecretary's housein nearbyHadleyWood. WhenDf.Taylorfetlfrdard he ard hiswifeN/largaret left ihe Schoolln July1973,it wasaftera series of tributesandpresentations whlchhad begunin I\,4arch witha galaconcert at the RoyaFestival Hal, andwh ch markedthe atrnosphere of nutual respect ard goodwiI in wh ch he years competedhistwentyseven asHeadmaster. lt wasa fittingtribute that in November the Schoogainedits bestoxbridgeresutsto that date,26Scholarshlps andExhbitionscompared withthe 10of 1960.[,'lr. Mccowan, $rhohadtakenoveras Headmaster n Septenber, told the boysthat Dr Tayor m ght pfoperly be regarded asthe Schools second founder, andannounced that he $rouldbe commemorated by the lW. TaylorN/lusic Schoowhoseconstruction wasto beglnln 1974. Likea I Headmasters, Dr.Tayor hadnot beenfreefromcriticism. In the ate 1940'ssomeolderstaff wondered why a German-speaker had apparâ‚Źntly donero war-wofk, ir the 1950's, somegrumbled that hewas reluctant to discipline the boys,and n the 1960's consldered that he devoted too muchtlmeto his manyout of schoolcommitments. The particularly majorlty, the yourgerstaff whornhe had appointed and (ardofteninspired), encouraged appreciated hislndlvidua ity andverve. Theyook backto a rnorereaxedtime whenTomseemed capable of bearinga mostanyburdenandsoving almostary probem,whena quickand "AI well?"from him m ght be folowedby a welcome rhetorical promotion or Pefhaps salarylncrease. old Boysremember him bestopenlnghis etteBat the table or the stage beforeN4orning Assembly began,smllingaertly and enigmatica ly as they sang"lerusalem" and "Tobe a Pllgrlm"in excitedand st fl ng end-of-term Assemblies, or shaking handswithSixthFormleavers. Dr.Taylorwasa shybut gregarious nan with a quick-silver mird,detached but fully knownonlyto a few intimates, humane, but with a widecirce of frlends andadmrerswhogavehlmtheircorfidence andto whomhe gavewiseadvice and counse.He wasan academic adnrinlstrator of the greatest distnctlon.He beievedthat civiisedbehavour followedfrom the pursuitof academic and culturaexcelence. He berefltedfrom the opportunities offeredby the 1944 Educrtior Actandthe 1963Robbins Report. Hecouldnot havemoved theSchoo from Hampstead to Elstree withoutthe supportof the Haberdashers' Company andthe loyaltyof hisstafl but thatgreatachievemeirt wastheturning-point of h s ife'swork,for it so acceeratedHaberdashers' dâ‚Źvelopment that it enabed the Schoolto chalengeand soon to overtakethe long estabishedand publc schools. nationally-known grounds, Haberdashers'as it istoday- with ts magnificent superb faclllties, and - ref.ans recogn h gh standards sablyDr.Taylor's creation. lt wasnot necessary for Dr.Tayor to beimmorta lsedin wordsasDr.Arnod hadbeer,sincetheSchoo itsef s Dr.Tayor'slivlngmemofia . iohnWigey.




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Skylark1961-The openingofthe newschoolat Elstree. . . , , r ! t- N l N t ' llllIr\ ^t "' llll 1\\ 0l1trl1!$

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An Wednesdoy llth 1ctaber,1961,tht newSchaolpfemlses0t E/stree wereafficidllyopenedby the Rt. Han.the LonJL4oyoraf Londan,Sir BerndrdWdleyCohen. Thisfirst tern, it is true,h1d beguno fortnightlote,but cansidering thot two yeorsogo ther,-wosnothingan the sitebut theoldmonsian, AldenhonHouse,it t'/ossomethingof o miroclethot teochingwos olreodyunder woy by this dote. Whlt w1s pethdpseven more renorkoblew(ls thot the accosianaf this afficiol openingwos in foct-oport from o reheorsolof the seatingorrongements eorlier thot doy-the first time fot olmostdll membersaf the Schoolthot theyhod everenter,:dthe newAssembly Hall. By 3.0Ap.m. the wholeSchoolwos seotedll'] the AssenblyHoll with sane 4A0speciolguestson the plotforn, whileupwordsaf two thausondporentsond 0ld Boyswereocconmodoted in o v0st ndrquee which hod bten ercted besidethe front drive,ond wherethe entire-praceedings wereto bevisibleond oudibleto 0ll with the heipof closedcircrit televisian Theessenti(il werevetybrief,0ndconsisted openingceremonies Df the prcsentotion of bouquetsto the Lodyl\,tllyoress, on lnspectionof the Guotd af Honourby the LordMoyat,wha thendecloredthe buildingapen,unveilingd stonetobletcommenoroting the occosion, ond unlockingthe foyetdaor with o Ceremoniol Keypresented by the cantrdctars. Theafficidlporty thenmodetheir woy thraughtht Holl ta theplotfarn wherethe Chdirwostokenby the Moster af the WorshipfulConponyaf Hdberdoshers', L4r.E.TW.Dodd. The lrldsteraf the Compon| who wos cleorlymuch mov,-dby the occosian, welcomed the voriousdignitotieswho werepreserl expressed the thdnksof the porticulorlyta the Compony to theotchitectotld to the controctors, ond referred ptesence of LordAldenhon,whan it wosso gaodta seetokingo speciolinterest in the dev,:lapment of thls Schoolot h/s oDcestrdl hame.He spokewith feeling af the exist,-nce af the GrrcnBeltin whichtheSchaolis fartundteta besituoted ond eornestlyhopedthdt the presentond fututegeneratians wouldbe vigildnt ta seethot it renoinsinvloldte.He then formollyhondedovertheScroo/lo fre Choinon of the SchoolGavernors, Nlr.C.G.Gordner, hinself o formerpupil of the Schaol,ond a recentMosterof th,- Conpony lvlr. Gordnet ofter briefly recopitulotingthe history of fhe Roberf As(e Foundotion ond the presentproject,thonkedoll thasewho hctdcontributedta the t53,A0A,whichhod olreodybeendonotedor covenontedta the Building AppeolFutid.He emphosized thdt further danotionswerestill urgentlyneeded focilities,ond expressed ta pravidefurthetessentiol 0 hopeth0t some/0iter-doy RobertAskemight wish ta makeo substontiolhenefoction, whichwouldmoke possiblesantereollysignificontodditianta the Schoal. TheHeodmdster,putting hinselfin ta bot lost , se':onded the vateof thonks, ond exploinedto lhe gueststhe orrongements he hod modefar 0 taur af the Hause,in the l1rye Schaolbuildings(!nd for tfo. Teawosservedin Aldenhclm rJ "rJir-hause" p|(lying noryueeond in fclscinoting ercctedan the fieids. As the lorgecrowdof same4,0A0dispersed at1their tour af the buildings,one fuit fhot lt wos the erd of t/re beginning. Ihe new ship,beotingthe ald nome, w0ssofelylounched.Wetlll wishher o prosperaus voyoge.

Thefollowingpagesarea sampleof someof the papers, documents andphotographs relatingto the OldBoysandotherinterests of NobblyTanner.

Thisrepresents but a smallselection that Nobbly hadaccumulated in nearly70 yearsas a memberof the Haberdashers' Schoolandthe O.H.A. A targedisplayboardof this materialnowhangsin the ClubHouseat Borehamwood.

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Tour of Australia/New Zealand- August 1997 TheSchoalWoterPaia teon hos recentiy returne.ltrcn tts graund-breaking taut t..) NewZeolon.l.rndAustKllkt thc first ever Englishschaolta da so. fhe teon wos o biend af pldyers fta the Notionoj Ch.tnpronship winningskle ond sane who hape to join the teon to (lef.nd the tjtle orlnnqLnecantngseosan Ihe first part of co|| wos Aucklond,New Ze(ilond,wherethe teon taok pott in o toun.rnent involvingthe tap luniot club teons in the ored,plus the NevtZeolond U15 ndtianol teont. Conpetingin thc lnternotion.tl Paol, built tor the CannanweolthGone' the teon) faught NtFdiihn! rou' nq Tr:m, f endemf A.tu.ticCchrre0r'aitak€re), Auckt.nd r h t, Mrthctr rriJl,,lfnr.J l/tur orrtt, Ashkr Bti!., AId 'hut. Mdt us Cherry siev. /otr, hoKlbut norrcwlyfoile(lto win o gome.Ihe nlqh rLldr (elr, al,oi G.rrirr rorr\, ttln6 Kaxrr Lttnr P4nrr, Sinor thrtttol, Ard'e, Rtnr.l srlua.lthennavedta thehot springs.rreo af Ratoruo, CentnlNarthlslond,whereHobeftloshers' eomedtwo eosyvictatiesogoinstthe locoischoolteons.fhe lostb.rsein NewZeolondAtosthe cdpitol,Wellington. Aftrr on eorlyn)arningst(irt [wel]betarcsunrise) ond o sixhaur caochjourney,Hobedoshus', norrawlylost 16 15ta RouqataiCollege,l996 NewZeolandNotiondlSchaols Chonpians. After olsalosin7to the 1997Cho pions,WcllingtanCaileqe, Hdbetdoshe6' confartably beotthe thir.l-p|.rEdteon, 5l Poi.;ck3Co//ege )nce thesquodhddnavetlon to Sydney, Austroiio,the highlightaf the taur wosto ploy thEN.w SouthWolesU16Teatnin theHontebush Poal th€venuefor the2aaaOiynpi$! Ihe teon then visitedAdelaidednd qohed voluobieerpc,crce i, ployingthe Sauth AusltollonU19fcon1.TheMelbourne le1at the tour woi thc nrostsuccessful stapaf the tout far Hoberdoshe$' whercfaut gdnesyie/dedtwo viciorler(inctudntg one avet the VictariaStdteUl6ledn) ondonedrcw. Ihe teon enjoyedthe norvcllausfacilitlesovoilobiefot lhe span in bath NewZeoldnd .rn.lAust ilio, with o11 gon.s beingployedh htetnotionolized paals.Theployersoiso faund tire to rosle iirc cu/tureof the t\\tocountrles,nonogingta s(inple borbecued krngorco onrl em! sieoksl Ibc taur invalved20 ndtches in 4 wetks ond brcught Hober.lus hersT vittaries0nd 1 drow ledvingthen with o gool deficitaf ju st 5, out af neotly4aoscaredtn tatol.

Bridge The Cub cortinuesto pfovdea focr point for socia lnteraction and ntr rctu.l chr engepartirua yoncold,wet!nchtrnesin ihe w ntefmonths. 0ur bestp ayers hrveaqainenjoyed somesuc(ess I competlt ons.At thet meof writing the'A' teamhavepfoqfessed to lhe finalof the London Leaque:rnd areawaltng their y hopet.) retrrvethetrophywhichwenton temporary opponents. Weconfident lo.n to 5t Paulsaslyear, T!/oter ns feached th€fira s of theBritish Schoo I Cupwhichvrascontested ar Shrffe d overtheEaster ho dny.TheA' leirm icrcivShahArsal:rn Obnd! ah,St!artHarlng and Jonathrn Nloftof fin shedin 3rdpost or bchindLouqhboroLrgh andflulchesors. The'BteamofAdflanHafgrave, Sluat Wrtkir,SimonCopeandTomNeunarkJoncs.so '12. did!./ell, comng 6lh out of

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Classics 0ncenq!;f the Cirssica Depallmrrtvsitcd Hadriirrs\'Vr. Sevent€en boysfronrthc ['lidde 5r:hooh.d an excecft I nc cxpof fg the ra]orsitesV ndoirndaHn!senrads, C h e s t eC^ o r b r i d !Hl re x h a m A b b r y a r d u ' i k n q s o r n e c o n s d e f i r b e s t f e t c h e s o f t h c ! , r Y o ! l h h o s laec c o n n r r d a t i o r a n d b o n d c o m b n e d W i t h o c c a s o n a o l vcsattsot!or 'tnh r for dietsupp€nreirts m!defnr a comfoftab r productivc andrrjOyable !r'e€k. Drarna T h r i r t fpcef o f r n a f c h ea s v ei r r r : l d €adp f o d u c t oonf P n l e r ' s " T h L ro v r ri r r d a 5 0n t h e y pollcrfu"Trafs:rtofsl Autumf,Stephen Il kinspfnductlon of Br:n Frr'r renrarkirb Th5 was! n:rstep ec€af eff€clive d feclon afd dcsltrin wh rh th€ castsirtelLigence gavefLrlletpresslon andsenstvlyn ntrrprrlatior to thistend€r,:bsofb n.Jp !y. Thesrcordh.lf of the SprlflJTem !r:s a busy{]f.'Iof lhr DftmaStudio. tifsl, 1 ,,vas t a n s f o r n endt o V e n n a f o r T l i n N o f . n s ( 0 . H . ' 8 5 ) s p e i d d V l f d ! S p fcohdouoc t i o in Voponclconpet€w]thtrapdooE, eakyce nqsend: qnfdoal \'\rlthin dayst r\ras a baresta!Je f.f thechillirgr qoursol Soph.ic cJ Aft qonepfesent€d u th a pfof..ss .rnac.rnpany to a SixlhFonnaudienre ffomoLrr nndnelqhbo!f n!lschoo s.

TheJuriorSchooplay"0 iverTwst directed andproduced byDavidlvlofris DavidSeddon andJrnrcsSh:rmir, aI of 68 wasI gr€rt ccess. Th€SumnefTermsawihe Studo into a W€stCourtry!\ioodwhenthe stirffpfes€rt€d transform€d theif productnn of Denns Pott€rsB ue H s R€membered I A fr nny,poignant andu t mately traglcrccount yearoldboysandgifls of an afterroon ir the fe of someseven

IModern Languages Exchanges andVisits Thr Autumnhaf termwasbusywlththel€anSturnrExchanqe to Stfasbolrfg, lhe thifd form exchanq€ vist to Fonten:ry-aux-Roses irnd,on a essefscae,sixthfonn vork experefre n fvladr d. Chambery A qfoupot 23 2ndyearboysandn s mllafnlmbefof ginslronrN.rth London Colegirte Schoospenia $e€k n Chirmbefy.Outlngs n the fiounta|s, crosscou|t y skinq racket N a l k n ga r d ! s 1 n g s i t e s . rhf i s t o r c a r n d c u t r r a li r t € r e set f s u r €adn e x p € r i e nt co€ rtm€mber Thr hospitaty u'irssup€rb. Barcelona (0.H.'s4lrepoft Thrty fivr lst!id 2n( yrafboysvsit€dBarce on..l,/lflon Bryants b€gaf ' B e s s e d , , ^ / l t r b r e s k l e s : r d sh€ovmeegf aa m ebsy B a f coen : rF . C .t "h e l ! n i o f t r p w a s a g r e a t s u r c c s s 0 n t r e r f e t u n € a c h b o y p f o d u c e d n p fnol l et hc€t ruei ce ier k s ! s i t s , n a n y lvefeexre€nt: rd someot ortstandng qLrirty. 0ffenburg 0 ! r l r f o r p ! p i k w r r r o f f e r . d 5 p . - f d d h o s p t r i t y a n d : v a r € t y o f t f p s ionct onat hf e€ i r irc !d nq a visltto theTrlb€rg V!3terla s, LheEuropark, thr BlirckForest lvluseum and:l loca q:ss-bowingfirctofyfnt to menL of a hcrdyclimbup thr spre of the m nst€f:t Freb!fg. pfogfanme DurnqtheEastef ho diy,the!nnua Nlodern LanqLrages exchanqe continurd T h e s ne c l u d e d t h e S t u t t q a r t E x c h a n q e , t h e A s e c e t f i p , t h e S p a fI sd ht reexScth a n q t Dieexchanq€

IMusic S p r i n qC o n c e d T h e 5 p f n q C o n c e f ts i l r i a y s i h e n r o s ip r o l e s s i o na r d o u t s t a n d ; f gm u s i r : re v e n t o f t h e s c h o oy e a f ,a n o c c a s i o lfl h e r eL h er n o s lt a r f t r d r n u sr a n si n t h e s c h o otl n c ke n e , ' 1a rn d o f t a n c o m pe x c r a c n q € s . T h cC o f c . - rr tg l i n i n r u d r di r f u c h o f a r d , 0 r t r i s o c c a s i o nn c u d e d t r r oo f g e f p e c € s r a L h t rt h r n l h e c o r n bn a t . r no f s h ! r t a f d l o f q w o r k sw h c h h a sb e € r c on n r o n n p r e v i o u s y e a r s . T hft r s t r a f y , , a sn r a d cu p o f a n c m o t v € a n d5 t m u i a tn q p e f o f n a n c eo f S c h L r b E f t s 'Llnflnishrd' S y m p h o n yn B l r l i r r r T h e ! € c o r d h a f c o n t a ] n e dt u s l o n € w o f k , H a y d n s 'N€ison l , ' l a s s u, , hc h s a r r t h e S e no f 0 f c h e s t r ar r d u c r d 1 0 a n r p p r o p r i a t ec h a m b e e n s € m be .T h ec h o I g a v ea n l n p r e s s! r p e r f o r n a f r c , r f d f ! r h a r a r i r ra n d e t p f e s s i otfo L h e p i e c e T h s f r n r s u p p o d W a s! u g m r r t c d b y p a r e f t s r q e r sa n d f o u r p f o f e s s o f i r

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C.C.F. Activities A n o t l r € f y e . r h a s p a s s e da n d t h e C . C . F .r a s c o f t i f u e d t ! v : r r i e da f d € x c i t i r gp r o g r in m e .B o y s a r c n k e e nt o l o i n t h e C o r p sa f d m a n ya r e n . ' , olor 'uJ " , F" .\ i. s h e p i n qt o r a i s rt h r s t d n d r r do f t f a n n g f o f t h r

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J a m eL s .C a l d w e A l l :r c h i t e cotf t h e O r i g i n aSl c h o oCl a m p u s By tre timt JrmesCadwtll camtto desigrthe mi I buildlnqs at Habefrlash€rs' Askes Schoo,Estrrc hr afd histeamrad beefth€ archtectsfor all or part of the nthefslx Hab€rdtrshers' Schoocampuses, lrc ud ng theor giralschoo n Acior. Theh sLory of the ore hundred acresitcat Estrrels a remrfkab e one.We pick!p the slorysoonafterthr f rstLordA denham(Henry Gibbs, lrl.P. for theC]tyof tondonla owed t h e B B C t o t a k eo v e rA d e r h : mH o u sdeu f n qt h e l ^ r a fT. h eB B C .s e t! p a g r n e r r commufic:rtlon5 centfethe€ which ncudeda hot ire f!nnirg dlrecLyto !\l nston Church. AsI resut !r'hen theHirberdashe|s Llvery Company lookovcrthe pfenises, the tearn s fi|stjob w:s to organseth€ c e:fanceof rn esof cables spraw edthfouqhort the Thetivey Conpafynranaqed to secure thecanrp!s beforrLhadevrf goneon t r€narket throLrgh ! chanr€friendshlp of thr Cerk lo lhe Habrrdirshcrs ConpanyConm:ndef Teddy Pfevet. Th€Headmaster rl thalllmr Dr l$/ I:y or,described the move:s flisrofy f€pe:tng lsef: 'Fleexprlnedho,,!thc Schoohrd i] €adymov€d to €scape I sprr\{ng GferiefLoidorr"$lhrnthcScho|rN:lsfounded in 11i90t!,'asl!(o!rtsldetheCty!{ir. n 1898,i novedo t tD th€ opensplceof Hampst€ad Nor lial s bu t up u'€ h:ve rovedto Estreen th€ GreefBet. \{]ehop€t fenraifsn lhc GrcorBet:rd that the y. Schoostaysihefepermanent

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Peasereturnto lvlrD.L Yeabsley, School SupportDirector, H a b e r d a ! h e rA ! s k es Buttcrfly Schoo, Lane, Elstree, Herts. WDG3AF

THEHABERDASHERS' ASKE'S SCHOOL, ELSTREE, HERTS. WD63AF T e l e p h o n0e1: A 1 - 2 O473 2 3

Headmaster: JeremyGoulding M.A.

Greetingsto the 0ld Hoberdoshers' Associotion ond good wishesto us both for o closeand growingrelotionship from

yourrootsondfuturemembers. I

S e a s o1n9 9 7 - 9 8 President:lohn Egan

ClubCaptain: KeithDavies

As with manystatistics, the headline figuresout iningthe RugbyClub'sperformance astseason aredeceptive. Tothe untrained eyethe lst XV'ssoid performance n what s an (andoftenwel paid)league y wel prepared increasing may beseenasa signthat o.H.R.F.C. contifues to bumblea ong in its own merryway.However, the keylndication of the club'sstatusis the numberof gamesp ayedby the A' and ExtraA'XVs - which showsthat, last year the Club essent a ly failedto putoutthreeteams, ard ofterstrugged to fie d two sides. Giventhe recentdemise of a numberof c ubsln our area[includ]ng SudburyCourt,Centaurs and BesizeParklit is important that we do not,for once,hlde behlndthe reatlvegloryof the firstteamandlnstead face up to the fact that a nurnberof key problems mayeven threaten ourexstence. In the Club'sdefence therewerea numberof temporary factors whichcontributed to the severe problems in playing numbersastyear;probemsoverthe appointment of many team officials,problemswth last minute cry offs by opposition teamsandthe R.FUls ludicrous decision to play foursuccessive internationals ln November whlchcreated a breakin theseason fromwhichit wasimpossible to recovâ‚Źr However, theseareorly mitigatinq circumstances andthe Clubcanno longer(as - Ihe it hasfor the past10years) iqrorethefundamental cause of our problems foilureta ottroct schoolboys into t e C/ub.Thelack of your]gbood has rot causedplayingnunbersto dwindlein recentyears,but has signficanty - therebybringingincreased increased the age of the playlngmembership probemswith famllycommitmerts, injurles and poorattendance at the socia functions whicharevitalto a clubof ours ze.Ths problern hasbeenmounting years, for rnany but hasbeenbrushed underthecarpetasthe 'lstXV'sresults have remained strongandindividua s suchasBobI\,4cclymont, JeffHipkinandHoward Lancaster havemaraged to dragupenoughp ayers ffomelsewhere to keepthree s desgo ng. However, not al is doomandg oom.Recognising the depthof our ufderlying problem, theClubmounted a strongrecrultment campaign or school-leavers last year- wth a resut that the servlces of six of the 1996Schoolst XV were secured. Sucheffortsw I beintensified to ensure a similarbatchof newplayers thisyear.These measlrres wil however takesometimeto fuly boostthe Club's fortunes and in the meantime I wouldllketo ttskethis opportunlty to ask everyone associated withthe Clubto hep us pullthrougha difficulttime;$rlth p ayersimproving theiravailabi ity andintroducing newmembers to theC uband with past-players maklngan effortto comedownandsupport(perhaps starting with the Club's gameon 12thSeptembed. firsteverVeterans Whilstthe Clubhasbeensuffering froff pfoblems overthe quantty of players, thefirstteamsti I hasthe quaity to compete at a h gh level. 0ur firstchoice XV femalns a matchfor everyteamin Herts./Middx. I - asUpperClapton andHemel Hempstead wili verlrylastyear,ard we sti I possess a numberof outstarding indivdualtalents.Fournew players lastyearstoodout as classacts- iim

Cameron, Ben Lambert, SeanCuriyand formerEngland-schoolboy international DaveStock.In addjtionstawarts such as Hurley, WhittakelRossney, Hilland Simmons continued to performweilupfront,whilstl\,4cNeil and Kelywereoutstanding whennot injured. tu ever,Griffiths, Bannister andDlabaprovided a realcuttingedqein the backs- a thoughfor oncethey wereovershadowed by th€ skils of school-leaver WinstonBel-Gam. However, wlth players suchas Paul Davles andLaurence Gould(agaln) retiring, we stilllackthestrength in depthto chalengefor promotion onceinjurjes set ir - and indeed givenolr ack of trainingand fitnesswe can struggie to lookever competert on occasions. Whilstsecond team moralewassappedby a lackof players and a numberof canceledgames, the season stil produced a numberof positives mostnotablyPaddyHughes' enthusiastlc captaincy, the continung strongplayof Bitmead, Serra, ShaWDuloo,Corney, Taylor, and the newtalentsof Reed,Berry,Dillon,Spears andThomsor. The third t€am neverreallystood a chancefollowingStuart Parris' resignation ascaptain, but if we al help,TimA exander's mercurial skillsshould ensure that 1998/99 seesregular rugbyfor al the Club's playing memb€rship. A numberof famousauthors{andBillyoceanlhavediscussed what happens wher"theqoinggetstough':Lastyearsawa number of friends standtall in times of trouble.So my heart-fe t thanksto the following. PaddyHughes for takirg overthe relgns before thesecond teamsankintothe mire,ArdyGreyandMartin Baker's unrelent ng effortsasflxturesecretary andClubchairrnan respectively, iohn Eganfor a thirdyearas President andalongwith Nlr.and N4rs. Bannister, Everett Lakeand,SimonGelber ard Peter Vacher supporting usthroughthickand thin.I wouldliketo thankall the regularp ayersfor their continued support especialy BenSimmons who withoutdoubtcaused the great€st numberof administrative errorsin a singleseasorl I woud however liketo finishby lookingforward. TheClubcanturnthe cornerandprosper again- but we needthe supportof all thosewith the Club's lnterests at heart.Weplanto makea newstartthis yearso please you canto helpthe one do whatever :nd only0.H.R.FC. K.G.D.




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1 9 9 7S e a s o n President: SimonGelber

CIubCaptain: KeithDavies

y for two keyevents pfedomirant 1997wl I be remembered in the C ub'shistory - theClub's pass y 50th anniversary ng Nobb our ceebrations andthe of Tanner onlytreasuref andscorer throughout that period. Whilstbotheventshavebeen fuly chronlc ed elsewhere ln th s publication lt woud be inappropriate to let passwithoutsomebriefcomment. eitherepisode


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A thoughnevera regularplayerNobby'scontrbutjonto the Cricket Clubranks alonljside his fllassive comfllitment to the RugbyCub. The most obvio!s ndcatjonof Nobby'seffortswashisweeky presence on thâ‚Ź boundary as club scofer whatever the su/rgs in the weather or the C ub'splayirgperformance ard despite fai ing eyesight ln recentyerrs.Asa resut of hisefforts,0.H.C.C. s y ursurpassed wlth blessed a setof records almostcertaln by anyotherc ub.Less obvious but as impoftant wereNobby'seffortsastreasurer of the Club again it since beganin 1947.Despite trisinsistence for not havinga bankaccount and packets usifg SeniorService ratherthan paperfor accountlng notes,Nobby ensured that the Clubwasawaysup to datewlth its fnancialpositiorand indeed erjoyeda reativeycorffortable firanciapositonn recentyears. Glven the sadfesssurroundlng Nobby'sdeath,the success of the Cub's 50th annlversary celebrations area fittingtributeto the greatspiritwithn the C ub - headed andthe organisatlona effortsof a smaI groupof dedicated rnembers by PresdentSimonGelberwho nasterminded both the Lord'sdlnnerand Zimbabwe tour. Agalnst sucha backdrop, it wasnotsurpris ng thatthe weeklymatterof p ayinq r.urdane.That t s rot however cficketappeared some\\rhat to saythat the season waswithoutsuccess. lndeedboththe 1stand2ndteams - wlththe 1stXl finlshing recorded theirbesteverleague finishes 7th n Herts. League Dlvision 2 andthe 2ndXl finlshing 8th in the paralel eague. However, despite suchsuccess andthe influxofa goodnumberof talertedyoungplayers, the Clubstruggled more Xl fixtures. thanusua n fulfi ing3rdX andSunday The lst Xl performance wasperhaps the mostsatisfying of tny captaincy. Certainly it wasthe rnostsurpris ng giventhe absence of threeof the c ub'srllan batsmen Welard,Larderand Elias leaving the battingevenrnorefragllethanusua.Indeed, withthe usualyreiabe Friend andPhlpps bothsuffering slumps in formit wasleft to Pau Filerto carrythe brttingon someoccasons althoughPhlpps,DaviesAhmadand Crawfordall had their momentsin recordingleagueffties. In contrastthe team's

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bowlng \dasthestrongest for sometime- withthe effortsof Eversfield, Rodger andFilerln particu ar plckingup the majorjtyof the â‚Źaguewickets andleaving on y a supportng rolefor Crawford, Tredgett andAslam. However, the keyto our goodpositon wasundoubtedly the C ub'sfielding- w th (amaz nglyfor an 0.H. teamllvirtuallyeverycatchbeirgtakenthrouqhout the season ard wjth sone promptinq tightgroundwork a numberof tear.sto collapse underpressure in a rur-chase. The2ndXl performance wasparticularly encourag ng asthestrongleague finish was r argepartdownto the effortsof a nurnber of rew,youngp ayers- most rotaby Saml, Chirag, Chuard HaffnerHowever, aseverthe old dependables did theirbit wlth DavisandCronbach provd rg thr strongbattirgbasefromwh ch the likesof Lancaster, Ahmadand Russelcouldflourish, ard wlth Geberard Wiseagajneadirgthebowlng averages. In contrast the3rdXl struggeddespite the continuedeffortsof Simon Bunqee"Levywhist a recordnumberof cancel at onssuggests that the futureof Sunday cricketmustnowseriously be quest0re0, Thisfeportmarksthe endof my 5 yearstintascaptain. overallI wouldliketo thinkthatthe C ub isnowin bettershapethanin 1992;boththe I st and2ndXls havewonpronotion, a 3rdX s row regularly carded !nd ndeed durngthedizzy d a y so f ' 1 9 9 2a n d 1 9 9 3t h e C u b r a n4 t e a m sf o r t h e o n l yt i m ei n t h . "C l u b ' s history. I would iketo taketh s opportunity to thanka I thosewho madesuch possible. achievements 0n the pitchI woud iketo thankall the reguar players who ensured my spel ln officewasmarkedby moreupsthar downs with special thanksto N4essrs. Friend, Phpps,Newman celber,Wise,Hafris, Filer[x2) and Cronbach who seef.edneverto Tfissa game.Alsomanythanksto three (SteveLarder, excelentvice-captalns RichardHarrsand DwayneGunasekara yourseif {verywe I thanksand ) andtlro fine 2ndXl captairs- RobWheaand Haroon Ahmad.In additlon, my thanksto threehardworkingPresdents(N4essrs Belis,HrrrlsandGeberlard our four umpirâ‚Źs who do sucha marvel ousjob r.arsha ledas everby BiqJohnWhttenbury. To al the otherursurg heroes - thegratltude PeterLewis, Paulre Howard andAlanNewman of al theClub,but for the lasttlme would iketo express the Club's deeptharksto Nobblyfor his ife longefforts. K.G.D.

r r, Ai 13rt'irort f,,r r:fArierd dtu d,n Fohf simon cdher rltil. n/rr L{il n,rnrt sofl n/i, /016 ltuarl tuf)Ri,r Hnnt: Httrar Ahnrd /L''rrrl30bLr'r[e

ltrt PhQl\ rtth th? wRI Mchotut hophr an.tPrctitt.rrat the

O . H . C .T Co. u rt o Z i m b a b w-e 2 7 t h D e c e m b e1r9 9 7t o 1 O t h J a n u a r1 v998 Theysaidit wouldneverhappenl As players kickedtheirheelswating for player(or terth) to reada the eleventh map road of Herts.by 2.00 p.m.on a Saturday how on earthwouldthey get elevenet alonetwentyto Bulawayo for a 9.30a.m.start? Wel that js a verygoodquestiorl As RadlettC.C.tra psedto SouthAfrica witha touringpartyof ninethe0.H.party of seventeenp ayersand threâ‚Ź wise accompaqnatrices convened at Gatwlck shorty afterXnras.


2 for 2.30p.m.startbecame checkin at 4.00p.m.andamazingly, ln the:bsence of Asam,Smithand Elias, therewereno astmlnutepanicphoneca ls,no ost passports, no forgottenbatsor boots.So glasses weresoundly charged ,s Tour \ e a d e df r ' l f e ' , o r l f h a t D e \ o ra " d . o r e . . . It wasearlythe folowinqmorninqwhenthe partybearyeyed energedlnto the Bulawayo sunshine to oad up the hotâ‚Źl baggage truck,burdened wlth morekit than the average Everest expedition andto watchhopeessy as oneof the rearwheels detached itselfandro ledcasualydownthe road Fortunately Bambi, Woodsy and Howiewerekeento get the first avajlable raysby stayingto guardthe valuables untilassistance arrlved. you coud say'that wi I be Zambezis Before a I round please' the partywereoff to lvlatopos for the flfst wildljfespot.Thestaking of rhlno,as we wereled rather precarlousy towardsa groupof enoTmous beastsrnayhave seena pfematLte end to Tourbeforeit startedas the guide casuallypo nted out that they kl more peope than any otherbeast. Fortunately theywereupwind of Gelbs'famous kit. Thefirstganebeganin fierce heat,p ayerswelcomed wth " p l e n t yc r e a m "i n v o c a tni os from ore of many ruddy faced locals.As RlckHarris 0ecaraean even srnaer pe|s0nunderthe beatirgsLrr by scoringwhatprovedto be t h e o ny m a j o r i n d i v i d u a

effortwiththebatonTour, otherspectators managed ittlemorethaf a fewcoo drirksanda gente perambulation.


Whenyourstrulyandthe M ghtyNupebothtooksharpguly ands ip catches to pouchtwo earlywickets thingsookedgoodbutthe constralnts of havingto use flvâ‚Źbowlers meantthat N/lessrs. Levy, Griffiths ard Ahmadwereharshly thrashed lntothe horlzonandthe gameost.fleavyfair overnght andintothe nextday meantthatthesamevenuewasusedto showcase KeithDaves'spectacu ar blow backin mld a r whist taklnqa reraafkab e catch.Bambiperformed heroics ln the outfleldto theanusemertof the locals andonceaqairdefeatwaslmminent. A 8.B.0. andcopious amountof Zarnbezi eased thesoorforgottenresult. Thepartyheaded on to V c. Fals for NewYear's EvespentawashwithZambezin poo,a fittingpreparation the hotelswlmming for NewYear's celebration whllst whitewaterrafting.lt seenred a longwayfronrCroxda e Roadwhilstslipping and stumbingdownthe spectacu ar gorgeto the waitingraftsseveral hundred feet beow.Rainbows bounced abovetheraplds asbegara haphazard andwi d dayof madcap entertainment. WhilstYorkle wasbattered bythe mightyZambezi, Bamb y, Cronners took it on whoehearted lu ledit intosubmisslor, Enrma headbutted a padding oar,Phppsyscaredlt with hls risqleattireand I wasgladof the mpermeab e bufferof Nupe,JohnGriffithsandWoodsy whichactedas a sltn blockof FactorP entyaswel. Remafkably iro long term njuriesweresustained, ror heartattacksircufred whilststaggering up the 8ooft.gorgebackto base. junp ng coud separate NotevenBungee the partyfrori Bambi, Jockyor Simon Levy, nor w3sanyonearrested wh lst beingasked to handovâ‚Źra I our passports at theZambian border "We'reBritishmateyboy etc..." Theheightof the Bungee experience couldbe morec earlyseenfromthe lawrs of TheVictofiaFalsHotelwherea I enjoyeddinnercourtesy of S.H.Gis local knowedgeof the waysand meansof the maitred: (100Zim.Dolarseases all knownobstac es). As cricketdefeats became a distantmemorythe 0artvheaded to the treehuts :nd lodqes at Detema deepintotheHwange NrtionaPark. Soapdisheatinqbats andYofkles antscouldnot put off intrepid earlymorning anlmalspotters nora I dayadventurers for whomthe apprec at on of truewi defness wasalleviated by


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whenleastexpected. beingsurrounded by hugeelephants itsearsasdust lanePhipps didnot needto betoldthatan angryfemalewagqles rosefromsuchan incersed Jumboonlyfeetawayfromher. of Mammoths, Yetis,Big Foot, Thateveningheardtalestrumpedby spottlngs Toothed Tigers andwofse. Sabre Thew€atherwasa mixedbag but Keithand Fioraweresowly turnlnglnto to resunecrlcketing endeavour rnahogany statues aswe movedontoHarare arenaof Harare SportsC ub,venue Thehighlightof playirgat the magnificent when for the previous England-Zim. Testbroughtthe bestout of the o.H.C.C. many had predictedslaughterat the handsof Zim. u19 and A' team representatives. Somehowthe oppositlonw€re dlsmssedfor 141.Lackof asr.uchasthefastest bowlermanywouldhaves€encomblned to concentration andawefol owedwatching Trevor Penney effecta 30 rundefeatbut amusement werenovo unteers tojoin in. eadfie dlngpractice for saldU1g's.There fo lowed, eachweather disrupted buta lowedfor the rares ghts Twomoregames going awards to l\,4essrs. Davies andLevy. of bo$rling withgreatzea, othersgolfed, descended on ocalsculptors Whilstsometourjsts the Balarcinq Rocks or caughtthe sunwhenit visitedthe ionsandcheetahs, wasn'training. Kudu,Wi debeest, Zebra, Warthog Thecarnlvores devoured rrythinqfronrlmpala, ard very few sufferedany junqlereverge,and barsaloundtown suffered gameof skilland concocted Zamb€zi shortage to the sounds of'Kudu'a rapidly noise. gloomlt al seemed llkea to thelanuaryLondon Bythetimethe p!|ty returned bit of a dream. Barnbi, Haroon dreamthe'dgambled awayhiscrlcketbat on a gameof squash, by Bulawayo Howle,locky,Slmonand Yorkiedreamtthey'dbeenaccosted and hookers, andal wereunitedin believing that it hadbeenmoresuccessfu thanimagined or expected. enjoyable M,L,F.

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1997/9 forTheOldHsberdosherdTour toZimbobwe 0f{iciqlTour0perotors

S e a s o1n9 9 7 - 9 8 It'sToughAt the Topl l s tX W 2 2 n dX l W 5

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Aftera g orousyearof promotlonn 1996-97, the cominqsrasonpror.ised so nruchfor the Club- for the'lstX, a chance to testourabiity amongst thc e te of the Arthuran Premier Leaguelrhllstthe 2ndX coud regroupironrm xed fortufesw th a morestables de n Divslon4. Twoweeks lntotheseason we ratherwondefed whata I thefusswasabout the lst X ln partlcuar had scoredtwo homc\ lns aqanst frrcied tite chasers Chigwell ansandsportngtr e15Etor- wesattop of thetabe ard contemplatlnq 5lverwafc. Littledld l\'e rea]sethat the restof thc divsior vrefesinplygatherlng their forces, whist ouro\,,rn avaiabilty begarto dlrlndle. Amorgstthe keyplayc15 lost \,\rcre cx skpperAndyEvans, and the spiredowr the centrcof thc side,Pete Bfearey andkeeper Legh }mes. Fofthc 2nds,far fronrthe r,^r derseectiorof p ayershopedfor fromstrenqth ir thesenor side,skipper N4ark B rchfoundh msef strugglng for consistency and brou!ht n a strng of newfacesto try to steady thc team. Bythe NewYcar,t hadbecome clearthat 1998woud bea battlefor survlvaonlyCholmrelansandSaopiarssloodbetr,lern the lstsandthe bottom,!,rhlst the 2ndshad ost4 fronr6 to standoneoff the foot of D vison 4. Fofonce,a dry w ntrr savedthe teamsfromthe nud of Croxdale Road- yet y, ironica conditonsthat had hampcrcd oLrrpLayin thr p!st now fal ed to provideevelingcondtionswhen\\reneeded themmost.0ppositon camcand \\rcntduringFebruary ard [\4arch, with stl a hone win for ethef 0.H.side ve. el!r5 Y e tI,a t el n t h cs e a s olnh,e2 n d si n al y f o u f da c r u c i ar u f o f f o r m 3 w i n s f r o m their ast6 brought themclearof the dropaf d ensured another seasofin slnrlar c0mpany. y fought2 Therewasto beno suchrepfieve for the lst Xl - despite a desperate 2 drawin N4!rch thatqavesomehopeof a fa iy,tlreseason endedn two tcrrllinal defeats andreLeqation backto the Divslor I packl\'ehadmanaged to stcpc ear fromony I2 raonths earier. It lvnsby norieansa season !! thouthope- theClubcorllpetedanother overseas tour, this time to Jon Burrysponsored Pra!Lra, o!rr dscip nary recordrose - rre evenscored margnaly a mostto hlntat respectabllty in futuredecades a penalty, suqqestin! feferees werefinely melowingenoughto givedecisonsln ourfavour, f or,!thatthechiefaftagonst wasona refreshrr course downthe[,44,

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But in the efd, the hck of the strengthin keydepartrnents !!as enoughto dernonstretr, esttherebe anydoubt,that the Premer LeagLre s a lvofd apan fromDivslon1,andwi I require a rebuid nq process if we areto returnthere. R.N.H.

S e a s o1n9 9 7 - 9 8 - MichaelBeanan President and Secretary BowerCottage,RooksHil', LoudwaterLane,Rickmansworth, Herts.WD3 4HZ Captain- l\,4ichael Cohen 6 BerkeleyClose,Elstree,Herts.WDG3JN Ther.enbersof the Gof Society!,rere saddened by the deathof our p!st President BasilBlowfield\,rhomadeoneof hls asl outlngsto our Afnual Dinnerat thr j997 SummerMeetingartHendonHewill be tru y mtssed. LastyealscaptainA an Ne!,rton, endedhissrasonwith the AuiumnN4eet ng h€ d at Geffards Cross. The Pr€sdentsBowl was won by Pau Bollnghams with peter Steedif secondplace.l\4any thanksto A an for a I the effortand har.lworkhe put n dur ng histwo yearSasCapt!in. TheLukeAggregate lrophyfor the SummerandAutumncombined scores waswon 0y myser. 0ur systenof havingm:tch manalJers for eachevrnt hasworkedvrel allajnbut none of it would be possib e ,,\'lthoutthe orqanisatiorand dedcation of our President N,ljchaeB€rman.He is ookingto retireas Secretary ths yearand is ookng for someone to takeoverhisdut es,P easecontactN/lichael of raeif youcan re p. Thenewseasongot off to a poofstartwilh .] whitewash defeatat Hunstanton in ,,!aswon by Adanrl\4!sikart. March.TheSprlngN4eet ng at Harpender 0ur fi6t irianguar matchshowedthat our go f fortufeswereaboutto make:r turnaround. We f nishedsecondto old ivlilh I rns re egatifgOld Lyonians to third p ace. Theall daySummerMeetingformatat Hendorwasnot wellattended but thosewho playedefjoyed a good round of qolf ard a persant meal.Orce aqainour 6 handlcapper AdamMusjkantwasf rsi with JohnWh te comin!lsecond. TheSchoo rrr:rtch !'raswon by the School3-l againsta ieammadeup of boysard masters held at [,4oorPark. lrspir€dterm selectonby N4chr€lBeamann our othertrianguar rnatchqaveus t!,ror,\'ins ageinstOld N4efchant Tayorsand u.C.S. 0 d Boys.No-{)neplayn9 cou.l TemembeT us winningboth ganes n this fixture for mafy a year,if ever.To cor.memorite th s fixturein futu e: trophywil be pr€sented nextyear to go !long with the one presented by 0ld N4ilh lans for our other match. 0rr fixtlrrelgainstChorley,,.rood wasenjoyedby a I who p ayedbui once agan we ostS-l.ThankstoRobinl\4atthew iorarrrngng thisfixlLrre. Thisyearthc Schoolhavearranged a golf dayto takep acedur ng Auqust andthe 0 d H!berdashers got have ! goodfew members attendin!. 0ur Aulumnmeetng is be ng heldonc€againat Gerrards Cross on Friday I6th 0ctober. Any0.H.members r,lshng to playshoud wrlteto e ther N,4 chae Beaman


Fred likedto spendhis reloxir.gon the golf

AlanN4ORRIS President AI\4STEIN Vice-President Dr.E.H. {Charlie) CharlieFREEMAN Captain CaptainSmall-boreJohnFREEMAN BarryCAIRNS Treasurer PeterWINNEY Secretary Gardens l9A Kensington BATHBAl 6LH T e l e p h o n0e1:2 2 53 3 9 4 1 7 n the Londonand Middlesex success hashadreasonable Thisyearthe 0.H.R.C. 'A year's pos]tlon of 2ndoveraI to Last fira league. The teamrepeated [L.N,l.R.A.) andWhltglft. Division 3 behind Ruislip The'B'team fin shedthirdin Manydown. anda so final round with 16618 included Ardy Daw2nd in the Notable scores (that is an with 50050 3rd highestscoreroverthe periodof the competition 1 n R ound ) n l y 3p o l n t s b e h ltnhdeh i g h e s tc o r oe f 5 0 3 . 3 7 a w f ul o t o f V B u l s o 173.23, BaIry Cairrs the day with score of achleved thehighest 2 Charle Freeman (at900and 1000yards) lncuded Flra roundscores not far behlndwith 172.18. Bob Woodslde 7th 149.1 5 and AlanMorrs 6th BruceWinneysth overalI 62.14, w i t h1 4 8 . 1 0 . RA of the L l\,4 to bejust n advance daysduringtheyearwereintended Practice practice the followlng L.[,'l.R.A. rangeto for datesandat an appropriate League asrequested and to provide targets wereunable the N.R.A. Round. Unfortunately good not with conditiors were washeldn April.Weather the longrangepractice strongly ln the rainat 1,000yardsandthe windgusting thetar!etdisappearing "guest" when those days daysarealso A challenge to the windcoach.Practice In May both Aan areinvitedto attend. who arenot regularfu l-boreshooters whom had guests fromtheirlocalclubssomeof andKeithRottonbrought I\,4orrls l\,4auser. rarerifes,lncudingan 1899Swedish nratchold Boys.v The Schoolon Sunday28 Junewas an Thesmall-bofe on handcap.The"official' resultinq in a win for the School afternoon enjoyable for old of shotsfor theSchooandoutward h:ndicap wasto useinwardgauglng v!ere: wasthe rangelghting.Scores Boys. Theunofficlahandicap 0ld Boys

Boys Habs. AndrewElmas MatthewCape JayGoswarmy ArthonyKay Robert Suchet

100 98 96 95 90

DickWinney Alar Morrs lohn Freeman PeterWinney Charlâ‚Ź Freeman

out\\]a rd 91 92 92 92 92

to the Iangedoverpossibeimprovernents Behindthe firingpointdiscussions of pastard a compalison of handicapplng, systems rangellghting,alternative at andof the ranges for flrearms ln the School, present security arlangef.ents torethemseLves RoqerLye andJohr Whittenbury Roadard Elstree. Westbere awayfromwatchlrgthe cricketto seehowwe weregettlngalonq. eventfor 0 H.RC.isthe PS Veterans At the timeof writingthe nextsiqnificant shootat by a practice 16thJuly,preceded of Thursday N4atch on the afternoon

thr ShortSiberia 200yardrangain the marfnirg. Lastyearseventern 0 d Boys madeup thrrete:rlls:Chrs F tzp!trick,Charlie andJohnFreeman, A an l\4orrls Dick,Prtcf,and N4ike Wiiney,hf Lel\'s, ]ohn Vacnt n€, Roqer[/lunn,N grl Cooper, Ju ianFuler,SimonEngish,GeoffStranqe, TonyG;lrand,PaulN4eadovrs, BobCatte, afd JohnWinneykeepng rcgister64 schools produced a veterans trarllandther.-wereI2 schoos u th threctcams. 0.H.R.C. term scofes \(ere: A Team B Team C Team

30thof 64 entrcs 1 8 t ho f 3 8e n l re s 8 t h o f 1 3e r t re s

236.221250 2111512s0 21t.161250

Thethreeteamaggregate of 64453 p!t 0 H.R.C. cqua 6th witr \/h tglft !.rho !chieved 644.32. TheLyleand Pa|s Cupconrpelilion wi I be hed on Saturd:y5lh September fo orredby a dlnncr. Thesenson endswiththe Herts. C Lrtrs Chaergr Shield on 25th0ctober, by whicht mr tho!ghtsfor t re proqranrme of rventsfor 1999wl b r af r sf q , Pet€r\'! nney

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thefutureofyourgOm pa ny. L e x m a r ks 0 p l r a S . a n s g n a l a n e w e r a o f p . o s p e r i l y f o r y o u r c o m p a n yT h s n e wl a m i l yo f m o d u t a Ir 2 . I 8 a n d2 4 p a g ep e r m n u t e l a s e r p r i n l e r s .a L t s u p p o n i n qt r u e 1 2 0 0 d p i o u t p u l .w i l L a L t o w i n c o m p a r a b pt er o d u c l itvy A . d l h a n k sl o a n u m b e ro f o p l i o n sa n d f u d c l i o n se x c L u s i vteo L e x m a r k .l h e y c a n a t s o c o n s d e r a b t yr e d u c e p r n t n s c o s l s A I L n a t l w e i h i n k t h e y r e r e v o l u to n a r y

r o s r a ryr o u ro w nr e v o r u t osnm p L y . . r0L8 0 0 0


dur nq workinqhours ll you prefer you can v sit our web site at

www.texmark.co.uk/optras""yt... i.

ror"u". LE)ilVLg\RI( Lexmark Printers. 5o good,youtl.wantto staytogether

H.Q.S.'Wellington Livery Hall of Honourable Company of Master Mariners Temole Stairs.Victoria Embankmcnt London WC2R 2PN

o*;rs. '

Earlv Announcement Ladies Night next year Friday 3rd September 1999

BIRTHS t1976-83 to lane,wifeof SimorK Chamberlaln 0n l4th N,larclr CHAMBERLAIN: Rose, a s stelfol Jarnes Ernily l"4ary Dec), a daughter wLfeof PauA F er(196875) a sonDavd lack FILERT 0n llth l'4ay1998to Wendy, Caire. for Rebccca a brother a $/fe of NichoasR P G bb tl964-75), 1996,lo Heathef, GIBB:0n llth Febru.ry Edward PashleY. son,Sanruâ‚Ź ne,w fe of N4chre C W lcock[]969 0n 24thianuary1999,t0 Cather WILCOCK: lesscaClare. 80) a dauqhter,

MARRIAGES R lererny Hote Surrey' On31stAlrgust1997at the Runrymede DAVIS / GREEN: r'asbestman Green. PalrNl.Goodnran {1975-86) to N/ssloafne Davs(1975-86) P e t e r R . L e w s 1 189671a9f d w l i a m I R u s s c{ 0l lH c C l \ r \ r eul se h e rAsm o n g s t t h e E ot S Ins(197686) AnthoryW se{1965guests wereRobe(l. \Nhea{1975-86) (0H.CCJ. 791rnd MikeTaylor anN Hall(1971781 Te',\'in Church, 0n 4lhlu y l998at St.Pettr's HALL / N4lNToN: l t t eR a c h IeV l i n t ol on n, a t h a n R . H e r r a d l n t { 0 . H C C l w a s b e s t m a n a n d t o N 4s 5J u e N Harrs Richard S.Baker(1971-78) [V]artin Niqe P.Hall(1966731wasan usher. thosepresent. (1978-84lafd werearllongst Coln M.Harris [0.H.C.C.) 1998at B.th RegstrvOifice'PeterG 0n 28tht\4arch LIDINGToN / PFIERSEN: lvereRoyN Present at thecerernony Peterser. Heather to l\4iss Lldnoton{1970-771 801 AnthofvJ Ldington(]973 t din;tof [193945),DavidR.L difqton(1968-74), Roy Dady and Church, HarfotrWeald, WHITTAKER / BIRD:On 23rclAtrgust1997at Al Saints guest ncudedT m (1976-871 Thc ist Tracy B rd to Mlss I P. L Whittakel Randa (1974-811, AndvGraY Davies (o.H Kelth Andy Chares 11979-86)' R.F.C.I, Aexarder ( 0 H R F C ) N 4cNicho]as S e a n l r l c c a r t h v l a n D . F . H l l [ 4 a r t n [1978-s4], {0.H.R.F.Cl (1988 92J. and Ben Simnrons {0.H.R.F.C.l

DEATHS (1927-331, l9th August1997 J. BasilBLoWFIELD 1997 EricH. BoDMAN {192026) lTlh November (192329) 17thOctober 1997 Ronald W. DIGGENS (1931 1997 November 351,l5th PeterDIXON (19303:), 12thJanuarv 1998 Geoffrey C.ELTRINGHAI\4 (1930-371,sth 1997 Septenber JohnHIBBERT (1924-30), 7thlu y 1997 chaflesW. KR0PACZY (1930-371, lst August1997 Williant fIENHINICK 1997 December l\4UNDY F.C.Rodney {1914-20),25th February 1998 651, 13th Michael PALI\.4ER {1960 (19:12-39),gth october1997 P PAVEY Gordon (1929 351,l6th August1997 TANNER WilliamR.(NoBBLYI BasilVANDERKoLK(192430128th.lune1997

J . B a s iBl I o W F I E L( 1D9 2 7 - 3 3 1 He Diedon 19thAugust1997a fewdaysafterh s lfe tlmefriendNobby Tannef. h a d i v e d a lh i s i f ei n t h eP i n i e ar r e a0.n e a v n q s c h ohoel j o n e d W ia n rB r y e r andSonin the Cityas a jun or and,overthr next63 years, becar.ee pertner, dirrctorand eventray, proprietor. Durngthe N4unich Crlssof 1938 he and brotherHarvey, appled to join the Innsof CourtRegmentbut h s applcation wasturneddown(according to Hervey) because he hadnt passed the N4etr cl of astyearand had become an exprrtln h s He ,,!assti I workng in January specia isedfie d of gold s lverafd lewelerywltha stroiqreputation for lronesty and integrty. He wasthr lastpcrsonto pouran irgot of qod in the Cityof Lordon. DuringtheWar,hecontnuedto workin the Clty,servng ln the HonreGuard. He jo red thc 0.H.R.F.C., playcdasoftenashewasabe n the pre 1939seasons and XV,plusar appearance if the fanro!sN/lddLesex alsoin the wartlnre 7-a-side grourd in Nlay1941.He then appeared team at the V\lasps' for the Wasps togetherw th Jumbolackmanand a few otheravalabe 0.H.but rejoifedthe Hc hadlouf y.ars n thc lst XVand ther very Clubfor the 1945i46season. c o m m e f d ay bc o r l i n u etdo p a y i o r t h e C ' X V! n t i h s a t e3 0 sp, r o v i d i nvge r y menrbefs. He bectnean occasiorafeferee usefuexperience to yoLrrgef anda l-orvery mary years.He wasa menberoI the steurchtouch-ine supporler comnitteeanda Vice-Presideft. H s mainsportng jnterestaterturnedto golf,manly at MoorParkwherehe manyeventsand achieved two "hoesln ofe'l l-le\rasaso ? mslor orqansed contrbutofto the 0.H.GolfSociety as Captar and LaterPresideft. Ar activity where, for notsowe I kfowr to h s 0.H.frierdswassaI rg or theNorfolkBroads 3 3 y e a r sh, e o r q a n s ew d eekerd t r p s , i r c l u d i r ga n o b v o L r sny e e d ee v e n t between two crewsskippered by hlmsef andbrotherHarvey.r latteryeafshe foundquletâ‚Źrenjoyment in brjdge. ringanddeveopmentol the0.f1.A., Hep ayeda siqriicantroLein lhe restructr s e r v i no ! n c o n m t t e e fso r n r a i yy e a r sa f d a s P f e s l d e inf t 1 9 6 4 / 6 5 . 0 d e f y recaI the dinfer r hls yearfo lowedby the customof r.ernbers wi I sLrre adjournrq to a tavernin the Barblcan area.lt wasBnslwho lnitinted the deaof DecadrD nnerswlrichhavebecome an establshrdafd populareventin the anfua carfder, He and Tesswerr a ways oya supporters of manyEstree functiors. Hewasa gentle,k rd andcouTteous rnan,generous with hishelperd adviceas rnanyraernbers who benefited fron hisexperience andrxpertse wi I . H e h a d l e n t h u m o u w r i t y a s feca a n a x c c s c n soc f t h a na b i a s p c c c h m a kI nc r . qood fact ;r rompanion. for 56yearsandr qhty p olrd of hisfour.hildren Hewashapply m.rrrled to Tess qrafdchi N4enbers lvoLrld $rishto placeon and nine dref. of the Association f e c o r dt h e i rs y m p r t h yl r t h e f r m l y ' s o s sa n d t h r l r a p p r r c a t o no f B a s l \ overso nranyyea15. contfbut on to the 0 d HaberdashrE' K.H.B.



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wda.r H..cc. .FF. .CC tl .een.danr\ri g irr, w H eeiiooiirrF. otr 1 e 00..H

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l,\',," ;,"''", [::d!Jll:]::liJ": i ,r, . : ; !Jl,,.. "i t, ,ii','.,"',.*" ii:.1"1:"i:"[f:$:": ' . e . i o e r .1ec L , . r ( e yr , o r \.^ .: I l. ,: ,,"',, .1. lt", ' lr I ,,.r, ;rnr:-jhiltiti , ,,,: t :" .',:..,: -., , ,. ' , :l*:t j"_j:l:: ' , ' r, ' " ,- :-, ,r :' 1'. " "1. .. I '";*l:ll,;:iil,,. l'i,,,'rl .. ;,:i l:,'






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,i ,.,, i,.',


(1923-2s) R0NALD W. DTGGENS Dirdor 17thOctober 1997n his86thyear.


Theprivrtefuieralwasat Ruislip fo owedby a lvlemoria Servicc at St gth witha full attendance lohns'ChLrrch, Pifneron Drcernber of lanrily, fricrdsard colleagues frorna hs varous nterests. Sif Briaf Jerks Chairman of the School Governo6, Jeremy Goud ng Headmastef John Carletof- SecondN4aslcr provided and BruceNlcGowan a strong rrpresentation fromtheSchoo0.H present in additon to CyrilDggens (brother, 192531j,!,rere PeterStevenson andKenB essley asfanrily friends.



RonrieDlggens wasoneof the youflestplayers to be seiectcd for the Schoolst Xy'if .lanuary 1927,fo owedby two fudherseiisons, a!,rarded colours andmadevicccaptainn h s lastyear.Newasa pfefectcaptan of Sl o rl LloLF " rd cs.rv. 11-C"oFl. o p Hc joiiedthe 0H.R.FC a .n d p a y e da s r e g u l a r al ys w o r kr r d J A . permttcdlfom 1930to 1937in thc lst or A /Vs;h s nitia commitments gamefor ihe 1stXVw;rsn Novâ‚Źmber 1932andheit sop ayedag?lnst the School in Decenrber of thatyear. Behrcen 1935 and1937hehadmoreth;rn 50 gamcs in the 1stXVifcluding thef rstnratch of the Estreegrourdn Apri I937buthetlrengavrupactvepl3yifgso,uffortunate y,nissnqthe tonnalopeninq in thefolowingScptenrber He$ras anessentia mcmber of thesmallgroupwhoplanned andachieved thr Estfeeprolcct aid George lamiesonn 'Makig ! N4ark records that theC ub Housc t\rirs enlfey Rofnie's work.Thiswasreaoqnised at thatt mcby hiselection as thefirstL ie [4enrber of the0.H.R.F.C. Funds r,rere veryimitrdrnd thespecficrton hadto bc cul to tlremininrum acceptablc standatrd but Rofne gavetheC!b a very firvourab e dea and it is a tribLrte h to s desigIard controthat,drspte these aonstra nts,thenaif strLrcture sst thrreaftermorethan60yerrs. Postwarhe\aasagalnifvoveddirecty in threemajorextens onsto theC ubHouse. Theer argenrent in 1951, fo lowcdby lheJenkins lvlemoria ourgebarandf na y lhestewird\qurrters. Notony d d hemnker substantia contributiof n flfancia ternrs of nll threeoccasions, inslst ng on afonymity, but hea so provdrd fromhis p ant toos,equpmentandrnater compaiy, a s p uspersofal slrpcrvisior andeffort. Somernddr-alledO.H.R.FC. membe6T.ayTecaa Sufdaymornifq'vounteer' workifqpartyessemb edto cxcavate thefootings forthe'bunqalowi Rofne arrved n h s Beftley, causin! somearazement !,rhich []asincfeased whenheopcned the boot,tookolrthiskit andproceeded to l?ylrricks if a veryprofess ona m!nfer. possib Whenever e and until the onsetof hs lness, Rof atterded0.H socal flrnctonsand theAnnraD nfcr the astoccasion e pre 1940rc!nonif Apr 1988 t\rhen brother A af brought himto Estfee. Desp te h s v ta partii lhecrraton and rnfifterance of the !round,he nev.-rhed offce and the only rrcordof his nvovement isthc 0.H.R.F.C. lst XVteamphotoqr.ph for 1936/37. A t t l r em r m o r i a servcrSrNige l v l o b bCsh a j r m a on f S o u q hE s t a t edse v e r e d a veryrnovngeuogy1,!hich hehasaqreed shoud beinclLrdtd if thisnotice: "Weorc heretaddywith aneoll - compelling purpasc ta rcm."nberRanDiggens ond ta thonkGadfar hislife of selfless servlceord gereros/fyta sa nony it so tnonydifferehtw(lys.

lbavt mast af his "Ran wos.1 bill ntdn|nd stoa(lhedd ond shoulders and he farntidoble intellectuolly he wls pllysi?dlly lttrqt; \ios cant tpaftiries.-He tn hts wos 'lukt ond gredt n)odesty af !'/os o n]on Bul he |4,osb/g in hls success. throughouthis workitlglife 0 co/7'mifted he wosolt'rclys "Bornit 1911in Kens(tl, o countyna ]t10rc' /rot otlly'iddlesex, SchoolhejainedMojorAllh1ttot PorkRaYdl rcldslr efs'.4sk€'s "Afterschaal at Hobe leorningtht buildingtrodelft hoft1vny os oneaf five"ctlllaw"yauthsin the1g3As ''Priar 'lt theoutbre'tk v(osaCdptLlin to thewdrhe jalnedfheIA 0sosopperond duntpsduring (lemotished ommuntttan ond bridges ft senl ta Franae, ofhosflljtles. fran Dunkirk ord he wosore ofthe krsfto beevocuoted fhe/-etreof he fhe, becomeon expettin bullding "Frcmbeinq0n expertwreckerof bridqes, Boiteybridgesustdby tlte Alliesin thein\tlsionof Na ndndylnd the canqutstaf noff/] wes; Fufope.He t1,nso seniorinstrLtttorot the RayolSchaolof X'4ilitclty rvlfh3a Carpstthd the GulrdsAnnatlredDtvisianhe fot hisscrvlc€s Engheering. the0.8.E. trls o\\/orded Ro, returnedto P0rkRay(ll0ndstorte'lto w0fservice' "Fa)tt.rrrinll his distinguished ln thoseqrin post-wdr thof becon€AllnottLondanPrDpexies /ebriidfhi busl/ress l'l/oscorstroi/ledby fhe nell' lo|4//1 ye(lrsnaDey r,,dsshort, nert deve/opment p/oqress t{os tr0slimit.'dbylictrslrq /\leverfhe/css plonninglovis,(lnalcotlstrtlctiott /nodeord the brsincssqrervo/ldsrccceded ft wauld of regul0lian; by lheburLl,"n "Rantlos notd non ,tha wtlseosilycorctlletl dec/srons rvro'g Fifdrvoysto ochievehls .t1dsondhe rldsnot tlfrojdto cho//e,Ere and,ol1sfar thtn, RoDdndhiscallecl1ucs Hewor tJrescou/3eoFthelacolpktnners (lltro\sonejLtntP oheod. Vtere 'h "h bnsiness Fon rv0s lo use oneof his a..'tnexpressio,s toughcaokie':He ta gel it He wauldgo roundthe stles' .IDdtr(tsdetennined knewvllot ltc t\/ontecl on( ht to beh.lppentng tvhot !r'ossuppased prcgress. He krew.\oct/y an checking (lrtlval ,r0r/r s;re ri dr; He wotkedhod ond€\pecfedofle/s to do the stlmcHis 5ometitrtsfo tokacoverbehl'rl seniorexecLtli\Jc ot /eolt ane{aJirly onsitedrdcoL/se exntllttldttan cross ovold detor/ed piie 50 os 1o ofbllcks o tn nty by Goirressof t1tgnificantshorehakllng "lt11956fallatritlgtheLlcqulslflo, nanBadrd 0 Slauqh upon the imposed f|os Bof Estotts, Slottgi camp!:tny, -os Nos cl Ran n1\/ f(lther, to Accordirg Gr/inresr' representinq exe;ftive a/lreator B.ut hdrn)any lotlg-held ihe thrcatenng the Boord prickly ta 0ddition tlifficultand rvh.f o ferv yeo/s/0ter - by \,thichtine Grlrlresshod foryloltcnobauLllis ota 'a


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retircnenttn 1985. prosperetl LtnderBor3 o/l{i L's/re A/hofl LandanPrapetties "Throughthe 1950s, s|nith'sfirn guil(1n(e. "ln 1162Alltl(1lt \rtts flaofe./o, thestockmof(etond Ranbccdnett vctyrirh non indeed,bLttit alialnat chdngehinl He rcmrtinedthe sonc higllly ittelligent, beer'osfenfoflolshe r"os'ot He ond ch(lrningnin he hod dh\,ays detar|/;inl{l

publicityot oll tinas. didnot seekthe trcppingsof pav/erondshunne(l ''Ranwosclnuce€din!lyqenercus mon.He creoiedfrr€e Trusts, anediscretianory (1ndt\\/ach(lritlble,la naneof whichtypicollytlid he attochhisov/Dnotne.Very moDyprcple,bodies, argonisotioDs etc:hovebtnefitedgreatlyaverthe ldst thirty yeorsfrom htsgenerosity. ln odditianhe modentonyptrsanolondprivotegifts but posslblEta nointoincanpleteonanynity. all\,j/oys saught,wherever "Hehddo ,.,!yondgentlcscrseof humofr.Orce show, 0 vllLtotionof the ossets in hischoritobletruslswhenhe mighthoveexpr€ssed pleosore of t e berefitfhof fvouldpossto needyaous,:s or ot the skillaf the I/ rstees'ster'vordsh /p,he sarld"/ shauldneverhovegiventhemdt/oyll" "Helovedhis'tays:A sizeoble yochtin Cornwdllv/herehe spentmuchaf his sp(1re timeond likednathingbetterthdn to go soiltngwith 0lac1l crewas'one of the boys:And htsderoplone. He vns fi quolifiedpilot (1ndfor manyyeors,with hisco pilaL,flewala\\,,n LoCarnw(1ll andmlny atherploces includingportsaf thecantinent ''Ford big ndn he wos light an his feet ond wos an occotnplishecl exceedingly bdllraatn doncer cvrrylhingfrcm0n Alt!FLlshioned Woitzta theCho-Cha-Cho. ln ldteryeorshe trauldcruisean theAEll1ahonefheseskrlsocco,?ponled by o few "Helovedthe &mpanyof his friends.He ,,,tds potliculdlypraudaf the fact thdt pecple quite sant af thesewere t\/hohdd held ardinlrypasitla|s/, fhe buslressH€ w1so mon\\,ha\ros consistently layclin his rclotianships. "Heneverno ied.1nce,I understond, le corfldedto ane of hisrelotives(,,rhilst tleoring yellow stttingon hersafo socksondan old t\taollen sweoterl:'Faroll ny pa',,/er yauhovesantethlng dndoll my ',,/ealth I da not hove Children.' "Ronwos,os I hovesotd,0, lnme/rsejy gerieroui/non.h hislifetimehe endat\ted nrmerolr goodcouscseilher(lirecllyar throughthe trustshe estoblished. He dtd nol seekp!b/la/tyof odvonngefram hisgivingbut the personol sottsftlction thdt hisgoadfottunewauklhelpond oid thoseln re€d.Ihe beneflfsthot hovecane frcnthisquietunostentotiaus aancern ondgenera)sity oreimmeosutoble ond totlay oll thaseof your/hanly hoveso beneflled co, fhonkGodfor therewords af Ran's "Evenos hislife drewto o closev/henhe tros tnuchdininishedphysicoily, h. never last thot twinklein his eye.Troubled os he wdsby Pdrkinson's Diseose for nony yeors,he nevergovein.Hehod livedlife ,,,/ell; he wds rcspecttd os o mdnof greot integity ondputpose; b!t he L1,os essert(//yo monv/hagovepleosLtre ta sa nony by hiscatnpony Llndby htsvlillngness ta)givepasltlve odvlce." generos N!e lt4obbs refersn his address to Ronnie's ty ovefso mrnyyearsn supporting charitesandothefcauses andpress reports revea edthesizeof hlsrstate. t vrasbelleved by someof hs contemporaries that the Schooat Elstree had benrftedln thlswry brt h s expict w shfor cornplete anonym ty hadbeenstrct y observed. lt $rould no$rappear thath s generosity v/asindeed substant al n thcform of two majofdevrloprn€nts, n oneof \/hch he r,!aseso drecty invovedin ihe d$ignarnd cofstruct on.TheExecutors of theEstetensistthattheanonym ty of the Benefactor shoud be retained blrtthe \,!rtcr of th s note,havinq ascertaired the

viewsof thefamilyard of hisc osest frierd,hasbeenassured that,in thechanged sltuatiorafter his dâ‚Źath,they woud welcomesomerecognition of Ron's involvement evenperhaps to thenaming of oneof thebuildlngs. lvlany members of the Association who havejojnedin recentyea6will haveberefitedfrom the availtsbility of thesesplendid faclitiesandit issurely onlyrightthat,if onlyin this notein theirmagazine witha limited circulation, therecord isputstraight. lf not,in a few years, with the inevitable changes in personalities, no ore wouldknowor recognrse Inerame. I too,va ueda friendship spreadover60 yea6:we p ayedin the same0.H.lst XV, shareda lA. interest, in all the post-wardevelopments co laborated at the Elstree ground andalsonanytimessaton opposite sldes of thetabe whennajorprojects wâ‚Źrebeingplanned by A Inattsor SloughEstates. Fromthis relationship, can certainly endorse everything thatNigeIVlobbs hassard.

':n .t

Members of theAssociation woulddoubtess wishto express thelrcondolences to the family,to FredaandCyril,andto Nora,hisc osestfrierd andconfidante for so manyyears, andto fecord thelrappreciation of hisgeherosity to theSchool andto the0 d Haberdashers.


0.H.R.F.C. 1936/37 :.

: A . 0 . J e n k n s :5. : G a y w l i o d R.WDlggens l . l - lT h o r p e A . RC. r o s m a n N 4 . l . l a c k m a nK . B c s c y H J . T k m e y D.H.Gooch G.B.lameson M.l.Daly D.A.Besley A.S.Wilshirc A.n.Burtof WS1,4Gufney

F.L ngmm

L Hardcastle

PeterDIXoN{1931-35) Trr formerarwrrrof Burey fulanor Hotrlhasdiedat the agcof 77.PeterDixon, r,rhoranthr hote a ong [] th h s r,rfr renebetwccn1956and 1966d ed on 'l5th. Novflnber Rcclrl iiq thcirtiDe at thc hotelIrenrto d the 'A tt l'; 'They rlerr tenveryhappyyrars.Thr hotâ‚Źlstoodif 56 acresand\{e grrv/al our olvn pfodLrce n ourfarm.Thrrewasrot so muchfrozenfoodin thosedays." Aft.r their tme at the BurleyN,'l:for,Peterlolnedan hottl deveopment fonrpiny, orqafisr!l the nranagemcnl of hotes ln Tob?!Jo, N'la!ritlrs !fd Cyprus. Peterhedspentmuchoi his ifr in hotelsandcaterinqtra ningat Westmnstrr Catern!lCol.qe aflerleavfg theHaberdashers'5choo. Before bLry ngtheBufey [ 4 a n oHr o t c ,h em a r a q etdh eG r e n vc H o t ei r B ! d e n, o r t hC o f n w a l At ihc outbfeak of the Second !\lord War.Petrrspenttlvoycarsr Canad!asa ) ot inslructor beforehe retlr-redto join 24 Squadron Trarspod Command at Hendor.Thh ee r fee w o r q f a n q e H u d s o nf sy ,i n qV . l . P . sltvol a l tdau rn ! t h es e q r e n dG b r at a .l t f c l o h m t o f l y n l a n y otfh e V .P s t oT e h r aCno n f e r e nwchei c h by Stallr and Roosevc t. Ths wasfo lowedby a postin!J to Indla, "-rrsirttcnded r l o p p i r rsqu p pr s t o B u f r n a A.f t c rt h eW a rr n d e dh, es p e nli8 m o f t h sf y n l l n D:rnish a r ines,evrntuelyfeturnifgto Enqlerd andthe hote bLrs ness. P e t e lre a v e hs s w i f e r e n c ,w t h w h o n rh e c e e b r a t ehds q o d e r v i e d d i n g annivefsary in lvleyof thisyefr.Fittfg y theychosethe Burey NlanorHoteas t r ev e n u a e t w h c h t o m a r kt h eo c c a s i o n . fakenfrcm theAdyertiserELfitncs:Sotuftloy November 29th 199/.

(1930-33) Geoffrey C.ETTRINGHANn D i e do n l 2 t hl a n u a r 1 y 9 9 8a, g e d8 1 . PctcrStcvefson repfesented the 0H at thefunefaat GodersGreen. Geolftey$/asbL]rnin Northumberand, his eary schoolirg$/asat the Royrl G r a m n rSa ar h o oN, e ! ! c a es ,ta f c wy e a rjsu no r t o G l b c r tH u s b a nadn d k e h m lrecarnesouthto Heberdashcrs' at nqe14. n histhrec ycarsthrr.-he certa n y nradehismark,lst XVco oLrs,aLhlet csteentfor a I threesrasofs, winnin!tha t h e s p r i n t sh,u r de s ,a n d l o r q l ! r m pt h e a n n u as p o r t sh; e l v a sa l s oa v t a partcipantn thev ctofousCavrrts'House teams. {ln cavinqsclroo F 1933,hejoincdthe0.H.R.F.C., playng ris ilrsttst XVgame r octoberof that yearas part ol a vrry powerfuthreequalter lle which nr udedN4aurlce Day. He nradcrequar appearafces dL|ingthe nextthree scasons storinqtwrnty trirs but lhen lo nrd Rlchmond with the occasion: qaneslof Workngton.Hc wls seectedfor the nationa CivI SrrviceTeamln 1935,pleyingaganst a I threeServce s des n the nrxt threeseasons. He was c a p p cfdo r N o n h u r n barnr dd u rn gt h s p e fo d . However, he !!as n the \\rartinrr 0.H.teanrs$rhenever avaiable, nc ud nq a r.ernorab e appearancc in l\4ddlescx Sevens at thc WaspsI N4ay t94t whcnwe w.-rebcatenby the Wesh Guards crptanedby HaydnTarrer,p !s threerugby ea!Juenternetiona s. r N4arch 1947lumboJacknrnnpersuaded him to rejoin the0.H.andhehadonefui season bcforesuffern! a srrious inlury\,rhch imited

f u r t h ear p p e e r a r rLr rsn tai f n a g a m ei n O c t o b e1r9 4 9l .n t o t r l , o v e r 1 0l s0t X V gamesard rnorethan50 tr es:qute a record. Thosewharp ayed!\rth h m wll hewas tacking.Subsequeftly, recaI hisspeed, devasteting sidestep andfcarsome for social events. nlekln!f![e v]sitsto Borchamwood not nvovedin 0.H.affalfs, at whichhe exceled, or tefris,ther squash Afterrugby,he firstconcentrated NetloraCivI Scrvcet!/iceandcaptainof the Londoftcarllfor tenyears. in the Nilifistry of Worksbut Geoffrey optedfor H s fatherwasa srfiorarchltcct Laboratory at a d fferentcareeron havinqschoo lo ningthe RadloResearch assistarnt, femalnng for 42 ytarS.He wasIighty r a Do is Hi as a rrsearch on the outbreak of war invovedln counterradiosysterns reserved occLrpatlon ledto a s x monlhs spel whereh s kno$redgeandexperencewithquartzcrystals an Arg o-Amercanp 3nt at the Pentagon. 0r hlsrcturnto the U.K.he heeded quartzcrysta ng s. Later, as a r.embefoi the teamdcvclop whichrepfocessed A\/ardfor ndustry in 1972 muti unt steerab e anterraehc \ronthe 0ueens photogfaphy, ln !! nninqpfzcsandbeingfeatured A nralnhobbywas andscape qazres. the KodakN,4a H ew l b e r e n r e m b e n r eodt o n y l o r h s s p o r t n ga b ii t y b u t a s o a sa s p l e n d ] d a k nd andcerirgnler, r 1991,ltr teararaatewith a gre!t senseof humour, m a f f j e dh l s l o f g t e r r . ! o m p a n l o na n d f r i e n d S u j a a n d h s s u r v i vn { l r,!I l,\,ish ln her oss. to extendto hefthâ‚Ź]rsympathy contcrnporaries

(1924-30) CharlcsW. KRoPACZY Dicdin tragc c fcur.stances on 7th JLry I997,h s 83rdbirthday. C ' e . t r a - e t r l b " , " t . o o . \ i ' J coours,andwasif thethe 2ndxv, Calveltsn rnanysports. afd he represcnted

tripsabloadmeant 0n leaving schoo,hejo nedthe famlyblrsnessandfrequent Hourcvcr the fe\/ recolds avaiebleshowtlrat were imited. th:t h s 0.H.R.FC. !amrs 1e 934 h ep l a y cadg an s t h eS c h o ion l 9 3 2 , h a d s e v e r s l a p p e a f a n cles st X f oVr ltnh andcaptanedthe'B )V n 1937/38. durngtheSecond WoddWar. Heservcdn theR.A.F. asa Flyif!Offlcrr(Naviqator),


qrandfather had been wereorlqna y from Hurgrryafd Chares' TheKropaczys The of thecentlrry. ifvoved n devropment of pefnanentvravifgn thr earyyeirfs edto a buyout by fanrilybusifrss, CamatonewasIornrcdn 1920anditssuccess R e c k lCt to l e n i annt h e a t e l 9 5 0 ' tsh; e l e r r n s w c r e s u f f i c e n t y a t t r a c t v e f o r C h a r e s Forest. He ontheedgeof theNer,^r lo takceary retfer.entandmoved lo Lynrington years g;rrden, nralfta nlng 25 acres of woods and taklng a many happy there, spent preseruation and rema n ng active nto his iftcfcst n the ofthe couftryside stfong 80s. socalevents at to comeup from Lynrnqtor to attendoccasonal He iranaged pre-'1940 LLrnch. 1996, e Leavers Elstree, tlre nst n Novcmber Theyhadthreesonsrnd fou hinrby some12 nronths. Hiswifeleanprcdcceased at on.Hew be grandsons werrscnton behalfof theAssoc to whorncondolences qeft remembered asa k ndand e man.



(1931-37) WilliamF.MENHINICK Diedon lst August1997. Hadnotattended anyevents at theC ub Housenthe last10years.War seryce in theNavyfromDecember 1940asLieutenant Paymaster:Southend NavalBase 1943-45 andS ngapore 1945-46.

F.C.RodneyMUNDY('1914-20) D ed on Christmas Day1997 r his95thyear,at that timethe longest servlnq mernberof theAssociation. In hlslastyearat Wcstbere Roadhe hadkeptwicketn thc crcket'lstX and, perhaps appropriately, hadalsobeenthe goalkeeper in a successfu footbal tst team.Alongwith manyof his conter.porar es he lo red the 0.H.A.F.C. and appeafed feguarlyunti theformatiorin 1923of the Rugby Club:he wasthe ast survivirg foundermember. Heismentloredn George -lanrieson s "N/aking a Mark whefeanother p ayerhad apparentiy advised h m duringa matchthat hecolrd rot scorea try between thr posts. George alsosaidthat'wehavesofew records of sides in theearlydays, but Rodreyd d playon the wing r thefirstganteagainst the Schoolon Marchjst, 1923at Westbere Road, a 3-3 drrwlThere is? photoqraph in the C ub House of al thoseinvolved on that occasor.Hewasat thefir5t0.H.R.FC. Dinrerrt the Railway Hotel,WestHarnpstead in Deceraber 1923andis nc udedln the names of thoseattending the 1925Senor Trials but sadlythereareno otherrecords of hisp ayingdays. In atteryearshe keptir touchand,urti hismoveto Sussex, reguar y cameto dinners andsocialfunctions a|d wentto Twickenham wlth someof h s former teamfriends. KenBessley represented the o.H.A.and 0.H.R.FC. at the funeralat Firdor r JaruarywhenRodney's sor Niqel, spokemovngy abouthisfather'slifeandn e haskirdy agreed that thiswoud bean appropriate record for the Notes. ''Rodney N4undy wasborr ir1Wi esdenGrcenon 23rdJuy 1903.Toqether !r th his sisterGladys, who s with us today,he had r conventiona upbrirging attendingocal schoosand firishng his fofma education at Habefdashers' wherehevcryrnuchenloyed footballard becarne a founderrnember of the 0 d Haberdashes' RugbyFootba I Cl!b.lt s sadthat al his fugbyfriends, mafy of w h o m l h a v e m e t a t I n t e r n r t i o n aast T w i c k e n h aarnnd e l s e w h e rhea, v e predeceased himandof the 1997in of old BoyshewasNo.2 thefebeirgon y oneolderthanhlm{since died). "Whistworkjn! n thefamilylmportandExpoftbusiness beforcthe war,hewas a keenmember of the LondonRiflcBriqade andhlssportingnterests turnedto teitniswheresuccesses in clubtournaments and Evenng Newscontcsts were numerous. N4embership of the Heathfie d LawnTennls C ub wasa veryimportant 's partof the ivesof myfatherandmother, Berylwhornhemarred at 5t Gabrie Church, Cricklewood on June2nd 1934. "Atthe commercement of the Waffatherwasthe soleproprletof of the famiv business whichwasthenforcedto closedown.Hewasableto usehisextâ‚Źnsive

knowedgeof mpoft and Exportat tlre Bankof Engand attcndLfgto the to join the RAF wele ConlrolAct Attâ‚Źnrpts complaiceof tlre Exchangc h n so urhlchfrlrstrated employment tJecaLrse h s v/orkwase protected rebuffed af d A RP to thc flomeGlrard lriswarsrrvicc!!'aslestricted 'Retremâ‚Źntfrornthe Bankcanrcat alle55 but hestaycdin the CltYfor enother ty andthtn at the lvld andBelrkFuI rtt lemeit l5 yeai5, f 6t at Tradendenln strvicehadbeengivento the Fresan clidnottekr p aceunti a lurtherfivcYears l CattleSocetyln Rcknlers\4or 'After20 yearsin Cho-leywood, lnovedto Henfieldr 1985\\rhefe rlly parents ng fthetountryslde n hlsfalourte pastmeof 1,!alk f;rthcrirasabe to lndLrlqe a n dh a v i nag q u i c kh af o n t h ew l y l r o m e "Thel:st l8 monthshavebeenverysadfor the !'/holefanr y but,as haslreen an ported out to ie, it wasa vcrYsmalpnrtof !/hatwasin a otler lespects t nny e fl a t t e rw s h i c hm e n o e r e r q e tal cn de c tv e l l f t I h r v er e c e l v ea dn L l m b o iatherst idinqdownthe lane!! lh a chetfy\aaveof h s stick r rtsponstto a hlm. lvt,,\'sh to rtraember hoottrat is the \,,/ay '{Vly esbLlt$'t nrother an.lsisterGllianwi I hlvetheirthtlr ownsptcfic rnenlof u r a s n r yp n r c n t s ' y . T h e f a m l Y o c c a s o n a s l f o r m a v e r y c o s e f a n l a h a v eb e e n present you To begn wtrt ledd nlany of 1994 at \\rh ch rqt in iune \ Djamond partyat tea afien!lnq a part iuss but aftlr culel want any d d not \r th fathcr of 60 the completion reflect on sey thlt on me to ]e te ephoned SouthLodqc so woud I ng to celcblate' realy someth yenrsof a succcssfu marfallerr,ras t0ast please arrangra clrarnpaqne as a husbandbrother'father " fd v dLra ly you v,/i el haveyorr nrernorits qfendfathcr and friend grancliather !Jreat

(l 960-65) MichaelPALMER r y9 9 8 D e d0 n 1 3 t hF e b l u a 1 honlelastFfideY nlrrsinq Palmef d ed n ! St ALbans 0lympicatr eteNrlike Former a!lrd62. at the 1960Rome sqLrad A membefof the Britsh3000 rnetlestteplechest orlY iraf tveTto was tlre Road 5t Albens of Homewa]od O ynplcs,['lr.Palmer, fued runnng He cont chelnp onships vc VaIsty cross-country !,rr th'ccsuccess yeafs jog!lef fof mary andwastherrl lntothe 1960s to St AlbansSchoolandfient ! scholarshlp Bonr I St Albars,N'irPamer,,volr En!llsharrdhistoryAftel he studled alqe,\rhefe Cokqe Cambr on to Kinqls Scho0 Aske\ Boys s' ty hetau!lhtErgishat Haberdrshe Lrrrlvers !!th wltc Cathern and two ch ldren,he $'entlo Thalend rhert he laLrght h s lhlrd.h d Yiasborn and\'!here Englsh!s n forei!f arrgua!e ther fo'th ch d wasbornthe iamiy \irtfl back \\rhefc Aftrf retufn ngto England oI Englshteachers Panlerbec:nleef nspector to ThaiandwhereN4r.

a homein St.Albans and!!henN4r. DLrring thrlr timeabroadlhe frnrly retained to a publshin!lfirm\/hich Palmer fifa returned tarErgandhebecame anadvlsor produced Engishtext booksfor foregners. hadto teachh nrseI howto Hr hada s ghi strokefiveyearsagoandafte$/ards a malorstrokethfer andhalfyearsaqo!!hlch eft speakagan. fle thensuffered andhe hadbeenin a nursnq homefor abouta year. him rfgey dlsablcd Mr.Pamera so leaves threeqrandchidrcn. Herts.AdvertlsetFeh 1998

(1932-391 Gordon P.PAVEY Dedoctober 8th 1997, in h s 75thyear joinedLoydsBalrk afd,apartfrom!!afservlcr, hiswhoe 0n eavrg schoo , Gordon on,a tota of 45years. He eft Lloyds if 1960 workir!llfr wasir thebanknqprofess join Bank in work ng as a Foreign Exchange Dealer to thelvlosco$r Narodny theCily, jolned !vhrn Deputy Mrnager. He then the Gu!f Bafk and eavn!Jn 1973 Gcrcral ,,!as y y, posted r wlfe teIT. na il and he returfed and to Kuurait. Sad s Jcanbccarlle anBank, to thell.K.shorty before shedird Hs firalpe odof work[ras$r]tha Brazil n 1987 Mara SanPaoo uft his etfenrent theBanquo was n the Navy, Inainy ln rnnesweepeTs. Fr jolnrdthe O.H.R.F.C. H s ,,\'af seryice of th. C XVfor nineseasons rarely m ssing aftefdemob rnd $';lsa reguirf membcr on of captaifs. Hewouldsurey have a gameandgivlfqstrofqsrppot to a success quaif ed as a nemberif thereh:d bccna 'C')(/ 200 Cub.Whenavallabehe ationD nnera thoughllvlngin attefdedsocaJfunctiors at Estrccandthc Assoc ls ast essfrequent. SouthCroydonn lateryearsmeantthat hs vsitsbecanre ,,|ras at a pre-1940unch n Nover.ber 1996.Afterruqby, he recorded attendance tooktoqolfbuttlrishirdtoendafterabypassoperatiof;however,bowsthentook overw th sornesutcess assho\irnbyseveracups. Heisremonbered by! baikco eagucasa kindandjollymanw th a b g heartand Hemarried for thesecond t me n 1981ard to a soas! arqerthan le character. y hisfornrer'CXVtcarllr.ates, u/ouldwsh to expless Dorothy, mernbe|s especia thelrsympathy rnd to thefami es.

(1929-35) WilliamR.(Nobbly) TANNER D edaftera shortlLlness I6th AuglrstI997. on Thefollowingis the eulogygivenby TonyAlexander at the funeralof Nobbly on Saturday 23rdAugust1997at Golders Green wherein excess of 150family, present fr;endsand0ld Haberdashers'were "Born29thFebruary 1916,d ed peacefu ly 16thAugust1997. ''DcafB ll, 'Nobbly, we in or as thc 0.H.a I knewhim,hadony celebrated 20 go out birthdays, wherhedied,not81ashewouldhaveusbeievel0ur thoughts to hisfamiy, heretoday,at theirsadloss. "A kind,humbe pefson, somemightevensay,stubbofn at t mes,with hisheart Mr Haberdasher, orly in onep ace- Haberdashersl tlr."ikeof whlchwew I rever seeagar. 'A nobe person "N0BBly"/ in hlsown riqht,hercelrisnicknarie [inderpressure at schooloneday,reading a passaqe to the c ass,undertheeagleeyeof oneN4r. "Henoblystrode passage. Norton,hestruggled to put emphasls on r particular "HeNOBBlystrode y",hetried.Butlnstead, forthresolute forthresolutely", came out Eversincethat eventfulday,the legend!\,ascreated, our owr NoBBly IANNER wasbornl "l fi|st renrember Nobbysome45 yearsago,comrg off the fuqbypitchat Croxdale Roadwith myfathef,Tefry. TheElstree mudwasth ck or everyone, the sidehadwonagainst K.C.S. by a convincing margir,anda I Nobblywantedto do wasqetto thechargingroom,getout hispipeafteff rsthavinga c garette, and complaln to Tefry, that for the fina try,irsteadof hodlrg the ball r the back row andscorlnghirnself the tacticsshouldhavebeendifferent, so as to al ow Nobblyto scorehishat-trlckl Thishe cornpaired,wouldhavernadehisrecords easier to compile, withouthavng to putAlexander on the scoresheet

"HlSRECoRDSI Theywi I be remembered mostof a l! Howmanytimeswhenon rugbyandcrickettours,havewe divedfto hisrecordledgers? Whowasin the A'XV tearn, on 1gthoctober1957,the origiralselection andthosewhoactualy payed?Whatwasthe score, who werethe scorers, whatwasthe weatherike whenthe Extra'B' playedU.C.S. 0 d Boyson 5th November 1969?Howmany appearances playng total? t's a I there,for every dld that makelohn Parker's team,ruqbyandcricket- andof course hisunstinting workas registrar for the o.H.A.Thechaslngup of fllembers for theirsubscrlptlons, organising decade dinners,wine and cheeseparties,amerdingaddresses knowingtelephone nurllbers from mernoryand \4hoattendedthe 0.H.A.Dinnerin 1974- the Numbâ‚Źr andthe Namesl lt'sa I there,andnowalasno more. A chapter in history isc osed,neverto beemulated agaln. "BUIWHATOFNOBBLY'S RECORD? "Bornin Wandsworth on the 29thFebruary 1916,stayingin SouthLordonasa boyandjoiningHaberdashers'at Westbere Roadin 1929,in Hendersons House. Not the qreatest academic, he matriculated in the required sublects, captaining the School at rugbyfromhispost on at outsde halfandcaptaining hishouseat cricketin hisfinalyearat school. Heleft in 1935to takeup a postin the Cty, \r\rhere with a shipping company, hestayed unti h s retirement. "Hep ayedfor the0.H.R.F.C. duringthe winter, thefirstchoice fly halffor the lst XV,takingto to thefield.inthesurnmer for hisother ove cricket. In facthewas oneof theellte0.H.to havegraced the halowedTwickenhan turf p ayingin the onlypre-war 0.H.Middlesex sevens sidethat qot throughto thefinasl "Withtheoutbreak joinedthe IVliddlesex of w3rin 1939,Nobbly Yeomnnery, alorq withmyfatherandmanyother0.H.,but in hishumbe manner, decdedin h s orrn m nd,notto goforwardto theOfficer Cadet Train;ng ljnit,ashed d notthirk he wasofficermateriall Hebecame a sergeant ln the 7th Armoured posted Division, overseas n Novenber 1940,servingn Greece andNorthAfrica.lt wasdurlnghs timein NorthAfrca,r,lhen theAxlsfofcesoverran theAl iesat Tobruk, thathewas captured by the advancing forcesandbecame Gernran a PO.Wfor somemorthsl During h s captivity, he\rasalsooneof theveryfewto haveanaudience hrithField lMarsha Rommel. Notmsnypeope havehavethatclam to farne playirgrugbyat Twickenham andspeaking withRonrrae. "Hewasrelâ‚Źased y drafted ir 1942, afterElAlameir, immediate to serue intheltalian rNhere landings hewaswoundedn 1943.Notoneto compa n at thissetback, he returned to the7thArmoured Division brouqht to NorthWestEurope, takingpart n theD-Daypreparat onsandlandinqs. "Lfe for Nobby duringthewaryears, asirdeedfor the restof his ife,wascertred aroundOldHaberdashers', keepirqir touch,reporting backnewsandgettlngn a few games of rugby.Trueto hisstylean extractappeared in a etterhehrrotehome, mentioning anunexpected meetlng. ln true"Nobbly" it read... style, "Hovenanogedto get in fivegonesaf rugger,2wins,2 lasses ond 1 drown,the lostof whichwosployedon theSund1yogoinstoneof aur tonkreginents.lt wos roiningondblowingondlwosn't takingmuchinterest. lt wdsn'tuntilthe srcond holf,wheno vaicewhispered in myeor- "HelloNobbly, haworcyou?"lt wosGordan Steele. Satryunobleto get his regiment, ronkar numbetbut thetewosno club houseto rcpoirta 1ftet thenotch,onlyo 10milejaurney bockin wetkli"Suchwas the mrnln anycondition.

'\i!renl,lobbyr/:rsdcmobbednl9,l5heretrrredbackto"Cvvy"strrettakn h s o d p o s t o n a t h i s c 0p a n ya f d s e t t n 9a b o utth er e s u r l J eonfct e h eO . H .FR. C . , O.H.C.C. andH.0.8.C., theforerunner of the 0 H.A.Henroved to Barnes to ivcyrilh h s s stef!lettingthetran outto matchdaysfor bothcrckctandruqby. Allhouqh hc haddrivcnarmourcd vehiccsdLrrlfg thc War,he declded t,,^rr!dbeunfrifto uneashhinrse f on ihe Bftishmotofng p!b ic rnd feverdroveaq;rin, notthat he nccdcd to whcnhemovcd downthc roadto Flstreel 'Nobby p ayrdmary,menygames of rugbyfor al 0.H.s des,breek nghisncckt\\,ice andsevera otherbones ln hisbodyndeed a notefromthclatc.lohnStagqs d ar.-s, !.rhch youm qlhthirvcrcad,sumsh m up. "SLtnday 2Ath)ctabet 1957"... "ln gaingfar d scoreyesterdoy, fdnnerbrokehis neck.lcdlledon Nabblyrr'itl1R1j/ Kipps. lt \,i/os not pleasaDt, but he woshisusu0l5elfn/ro/ly rloys,scorai,scoreE natedon hisSundoyTines.jnly anebriefmcntionthat he wouldnevetpluydgaitj \rliicliwequicklyrcfutcd.I wandarhowmony0.H.t'thahddjLtstbrckentheirDecks ttjia)ukl rcllly corewhascare(lfDrthe'B'W thedoybefare? There is anlyoneTonner. Althoughfot n the bestof hr: tr Nobby stl a []aysnraialJed to retenthat twinke n hiseyc,togcthcrr,riththat rumourlhaLwashlsown:bLrtpans end a r a e n t s s e e rf a ee ce Ln l tlytogettrebctterofhrr.Mary,nrarynrorethnqscould s a i da b o udt r a rN o b yb ,s o c t u sa l r c c a o u r o \ r n p a ( c l r a r t h o r g h t s a n d r n e m o r r s of h nr herctoday.\r\lcw I m ssyou Nobby, fronryourprrch I the o d stand v,/atchinq the lsl XV nolebook [o hard;or in the cr ckrt scorehut, conrpainng a b o ultr h o s b o w fl g ; o r g r t t i n gt h e tl a t en g h tp h o n e c aI a t 1 1 . 3p0m ,t o s a ei f y o ue f ea t t e n d j na! f u n c t j o nW. el r I m i s st h ep u n g c nstm e lo l L h a l 0d 5 h a ! tobaccoffonr your p pe and the nranypa(ketsof 5enor Srrviceciqarettes smoKe0. "Wewill all missyoudceply, Nobbly'l "Looking poet througha co lecton of poernscemeacross a vefseby a Northenr oneThonrrs \ / son,whicrcouldravcsunrned up Nobby: ,Thy ntsarccrerklnq wiLh:gc. lo rnfe getmorefiqlidda y too; A fr\/ rnoreseasons n thi5str!e nustbrlnqLL5 to our irsladeLr. Andr,rlran n ia ls at ast, lhecLrrta sltoud anyonr 0rr storyte , nraythi5the seftence bethat'sprss'd thcyboththc I partshave:ctedwe l.' -

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W.R.(Nobbly) TANNER Memorial Appeal Theresponse to the appealhasbeenmagnificent raisingoverf8,500from all around theworld.Somanyettersof praisâ‚Ź for theworkthat Nobblydid,andthe communication that he maintained with members. Thefollowingextractfrom oneof thesesaysit sowell, 'i..asyou say,Nobblywasuniquein the truesense of that word.Howhefound time to pen what musthavebeena multitudeof personal missives to 0.H.A. members defiesimagiration; he wil not just be a hardact to follow but impossib â‚Ź to emulate. Certainly hewastheoneperson whoconvinced methat I shouldnot giveup my membership." Thememoriaplaque hasbeenproduced, andwasdispl?yed at the 0.H.A. dinrer. Theofficers of theassociation arecurrentlyookingfor a reqistrar to assemble all tne recoros. KelvinPlke

BasilVan DerKolk(1924-30) Diedor 28thJune1997 Basil boxed for theSchool andwasa soa useful member of theHouse XV.0n leaving hejoinedtheo.H.R.F.C. andplayed for oneof thejuniorteamsuntil1939.Hewas alsoa regular rnember of thesummer workngparties whichdiduseful workonthe ground. Elstree H e . j o i n e d t h epl rAe.l 9 3 9 t o g e t h e r waint hu m b e r o ft h e r 0 . H . awn ad s oaf g r o u p whooptedfor the Middlesex Yeomanry wlthoverseas service nthe2rdArmoured Division in the [,4]ddlesex East. After the War,he settledin Cardiffand couldf.anageonly a few raretrips to Borelramurood.

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