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Fofe,r,ofd to ihe 0 d Bo,y's Notes 2007 drn verl p easect0 ,rJe comefeddefs to the l96thtdiiionof the 0 c BoysNotes !'rhlclrhope e dnd !o! !1i flndenjolab nlofmati!e TheseNotesncude fepofts0n i n!mbef '.ihch coftnuet0 pfo!ide of 0 HA. erlents o!port!nlti..s f0f 0ld Hdbefddshefs of al v ntaqes t0 enjoy a !afiet,,/ oi soc. act!it es ioqether andtoshafe 1]0 mtnon expeTlences ard mem0I es.

Tdyor heddmaster f:orn1946 t01973) made thls occas onelenmorenoteb e dsshesetsLlsall a na m anzqe r i m pe o t c o n t i n ! e d n e f qayn d ! Ia Il. The0 H.spofisclLrbs andsocetlescoftlnred to enjoy a mli of sportlnq exceence andqood ,re sori fun.!/hie afelsedt0 readnqabout thecrpsandleaques ,1l]n bytlte Cfcket, Gof .rd Rf e c lbs o!€rtheyeafsii is paftcuaf ! p easlnq to fecord thattheRugby CiLrb I0nthe2007 Mddesex !.se!',atl]hed byil irqel]foiid of enthLsiastic 0.Ns!ppoders

Asi0recast n irstleals NotestheScltools ctedtonof thefe,ria0e 0f ixteTl,ld Reations Dlfe.tofhas edtoitfoc!ss n! greaiefattent on Ihis yeaf,our c ubhouse evenhincl!d."d andfesoLrrces onmainta I ngfedtlons \/r'lth the d de c ousG0Lfmet Dnnercatefed by oLlf lr'idef Haberdesher c0mm!n tl,.TheHe.dmastef ('.ihi.f fesdentcheiandsterrefd, Melfl0!r'dfd and G0veTnoTs hdveinlo!ed the 0 Fl.A.n ,rassod olt 6sa r.ra!s), pfocess, theFdthers andSofs theirdevelopment f0f etdmp e I L.]as Dlnfer f0rthose Nithh'i0or moregenefdti0ns invlted to j0lnthe ntervielpane[ihch ed of Hdbefdashefs n thefamiyandtheCornmon t0 theappolntmert ol Dr Peter Sperce t0 the i.rlr Room dinnef chptoylded dnoppoftLlnlty to neL!post. Since hestaftedastSeptenbef, Df. catch !p lirth pastandpresent Scho0lstaff. Spence hasbecome a feqLr af dtlendee dt oLlf Ire1]L]tive rneetings andha5r,,oTked c osel\i 0 ! r c e n t f dL 0 f d o .nc t l vt i e si n c l ! d e d , i n e rrth 0.H.Amembefs on panst0 impro\/e i a s t l nagt V n 0 p 0 lasn da n e l ,"]c u bn l q h t " comfnLrt cdtiofs!ritha umnond0ihefS. 0ne (2000 jolntu tldt\ie s to update Forercrdio tha old Edy5'Notes 1 lor morelecenteavefs to 2003)hed eafy andlmpoftant 'Tiger d t t h ev e r yp o p u a f T i q e fb a ti n t h e theScho0ldnd 0HA scombined re.ofds of0 H Edilorial/ Wsbsite 2 Haymarket. TheAnnr.rd Dinner tookp ace I c 0 n t a c i d e tddni sdi np d d i caLf t 0 o b tn.e m a l o.H.A.Be.evolent Furd/ 3 Miryat ilabefdashefs' Ha lrheTe o!f gLlest astireaspostdaddresses sor,!eaanbfingouf o.H.C.C. Dliier 5-6 speakef Tir.N0fton, L!h0 lsbolhdn0.Handth€ cofimunlcdt onsNithoiher0 d Haberddshefs Faihers'aidSonlDinner 7-8 ped Sch00l's lredd ol Drdrnd he toLnderlnethe intothe2lst.entufy.Youcanhep usin thls lvestoiEiqhid Dinief 8 y0!r e-maidddfess common themes shafed bl 0 d Hibefdashets by feqlsteflng at ,,,r!,r,,!. 1950!Decade L6cn 910 andtoday s generatlof 0f schoolboys. FLlrthef 0tcu0!s.c0m. o-H,A, Annual Diiner ltt? to the".rest ol Enqldnd an0H qfoLpenjoyed An ABeri.anit HABS l3t4 d countfy hoteveekend n J!nedeepn tLltdl !,rou d lketofec0rd mylhanks anddppfec.tionSkyl.rk ?0/60/s0 YeaEAgo l?-21 Devon. todl those [rhoconlfib!te tothefL]nninq ofthe Associat on. These lic !de oLrfStel/r'afd ivle FarboorBridqe 24"27 'Serve y iheelenl\.]hich pefhdps Fofmepefsona besi Horiifd, al themembers ofthe0.H.A. ErecLttlve ard obay' 2A-29 dem0nstfdted the beneftsof orqan sinq0 d C0mrnittee dndspofisc ubscommlltees 30-39 dnd NewsfuomElstree Hdbefdashef activit es \/!'as the1950 s decdde indvid!a e\/entorqdnjsefs. Speclathatks 0,H.Ruqbyclub 40-41 Lnchhed dtihec !bhouse on,rg oii0Lrs sLrnny afedre d so to SimofGebeffot oncedgdin o.H.CrlckeiClub 42-43 diy inApfi lt lrdsd gfeitp e.s!ieto,l,ieicome ofq.fsinqthe pfod!ctior 44 of theseercellent0.H.RifleCiub some 70ors00.H., many 0J!,rhom hddtrdveed Noies.DoenjoV feadinq them. 0.H.Golfsociety 45 lromfdfoLrtside Londof, r,,rho soc eor! enjoyed 3kth5,Deaths,obiiuaries 46 the chance to fenelrpastftiendships olef obiluaries 46-53 l!nchdfd for sevefahoLrTs afteruafds The A anNer,itmalt 0-H. ews 54.56 pfesence of Mrs.Marqaret Tayor (,.iiie oi Tom Presldeft 0 d Haberddshefs Assoc ai on PistPrcsidenfs Insidebackcover

gsq. President:A, P,s, NEWMAN


qf0Lrp 0l peop e do r,rdnt to fneni on [.:' thlfdThLrsda! n AlqLrst abolta d0len!r :. qathef in Bofeharn!rood to ittick il faoLlf.i' of bores andef!e0pesto s1!ffthemilqafi: feadly' fof p0stnq These elennqsl'td!e ttf .: At easiti s yeir thefes theexc.rse o' m,/ ntosometh n! ofa ieLrnion lnthemse !esr. . ,/no qot dftice lostlnihef oodL Fofd .hose a coLrp e of beers, a oi of stOr! te nqafd a : h a l en a q q e. .d1 0e d . n a c 0 n s : ayiile l e p h c n e a 0 f a ! q h t eTroa t l r 0 s e o i ! o L r r i h o h a , r e f a : rialr thini rrtLr fofjrcufrortflbut 0nst0 make !n thaterreninq d hLrqe ihirnk !0Lrf0f l,ii:tra. p ,t0! d belfdit : :: themaqa/re tre lrfafratl!e,,r'e,y' feaofd of thlshe0 ihemembersh theI d Hi]rerdaslefs thatI tf!st t is fe.ei,re the0 d Boly's Noles each lredr inafd ri th ii c0r,res AfcthefALrq!si sq!elches pdnic theLrsLrd of chdsnqtheelefsceiflceni H a b e r d a s fhoefftsh e l f . o p lf c f t h l sr e a l s editonofihe0 d Bo,y's l\otes.

Telephone: 02089501495

J,R,PARIGR E5q. ll2 Ducks No*hwood llill Road, Middr.HA62SD


Croxdale Ro.d,Borehamwood Telephoie: 02089531987

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AstheCubHoLrse contin!es to deteflofal: condit onando!r charmlnq l0!l,l!neqhb.d: iord,,1rhole usetheqfound \iarei! of actlft !i nrneoi them eqothe timehasc0neial th€Assoc ationto assess !rlreret i,,rish:: i: pcstlon tsef in thenerife,r,y'edfs Ihe e : rr op.oftLln t)' f0f tlreCLrbto feinr-eni lis..' !s Lhepossbi t,y'ci . qfoLrnd nole f 13 aoud beaone d feali.)r. Hor-i!,ref lt ri raea d fectloN, detefm nat0rdtda 0ositi,re iti ttdl qfeit th a dea of hdr0 /rofk dheri lrre []Li "-r gfdspthlsopp.ftLrf t\i andad post \reI' rl e sebeacaused of betralifq oufhefti!e afa sdcflf clfq th€ f!t!fe of the e!!f inafea: fa nLrmbers ofthemembefs 0fiheAss0. itior Tr. Schl]c seesqfedtpossb ii es r ihefi.:eil:l qfor,ih oftheAsscalat onaad,e mustbeaai : painefs r,iiih Lhefir b!t n0ito theerteit.-'h.: 0Llrndep-!ndeiae lScofnpfom sedando!_a iLrt!feeso.rts deoufcontio.

UisitourWelsitcatwww.oldhabs.com Wewouldliketo makemoreuseof e-mailto send information to members aboutO.H.A. newsandevents. Please tell us youre-mailaddress by sending the details on an e-mailto webmaste r@oldhabs.co m so thatwe can keepin touchwithyou.Remember to pui yourname in the e-mail! andpostaladdress

2OO7 REPORT NeNer membeTs of the Association mayfot "for kno\{r thatthereisa sma Fund thit exists p!rp0se the ofrender tg financial dssistdnce t0 any0 d Boyor thew dol\r of childor chidfen ol any0d Boyot to an\/peTson whol^las dependant up0n anydeceased 0ldBoyand1\rho s I teceSSitoLrs circumstances . l'!ofds Thequoted afefiorntheRequ dlions ihat weredfafted in Mafch 1900. TheFLnd hasbeen y 0perdted dclrve yearsince every then.

ThisyeaftheF!ndassstedthe1\lido\\r of an0ld Boywholtdsbeen veryqfdtefu forolf hep fol a n!ftDef 0tyeafs. TheSecretary \lrilbegladto hearinconfidence 0l any0ldBoyof depefdant of an0ldBoywho quaifyformodest rnay help. l\,1. J Bovlfgtof Fund Secfetafy, I,Green Lane, Crox ey6feen Rickmdfsl\'o h,Hefts WD3 3HR

LheP.n.eot ttdlpapre\pFtinq ap 4;i; ii i;d;iiii teteranst0n Aiahanisldn. N0iutthet descriptian is reqLtted...

Bestwishes (again)

from one investorin talent to another...

\TPP 27 FarmStreet,LondonW1J 5RJ.Telephone44 -207408 2204.Fax 44-207493 6819.

\ rww.wpp.com

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- a fixedpointin a Fathers'& Sons'Dinner worldof change t hadbeend rnostLrnseasonab e Chfistmas. TheOngI ghtswereasexpeded butthemlld l,\las (lndeed, \l/edther urhoV unsettlinq youf corfespondent tooka photooJa treecoming intob ossom in StJames's Patk London, no1 Ne\\lcdst e on2BthDecembefl. Thankfuly the

lxedthef smdrtened uplts dctby lateJan!d.y and it wasvrtlt somethinq appfoachlfgperuerse relelthatl{reobseed dninchof stowcauslnq tfdfsport .haosin md tebIuary.The Bfitish qeiting wintef was bdck to notmal.

thecheese andb scllts.A of th s,of coLlfse, dccompan edbyTed dndrlhiteWlne thfouqho!t t n em e ! . 0vef coffeeandpoft,yo!rstfuly extefded greetinqs ff0msome of those!nabe to make It thlsyeafAmonq these!,ierethe Cohens (D0!gas,Michae dfd Robert) whoafeuniqLle qrdndJdthef in belnqi fdtherson teamind

y one thnq Reassurinq Ifal came folnd as expected \\ras theFathefs & Sonsdinner, heldat the CubhoLrse or 2ndFebf!ary 2007. Thlrty members andguests nestedlf io (andlr'/e tlrebar\{rith lts\lrecoming come) loq lireandmdnyplcked up\t/lrere theyhid left off t\\reve monthspfeviously. Wesatdo,r'/n at thetable toa f te meapfovided aseverbyMe Hor,!ardr a stdfter of chlckef, slilton and1,,r. nut saladed ntoa heartybisil& tomato so!p. Themdlnco!|seoJfeclof dmb,foasted root vegetab es andda!phnoisepot.tOes tdsted e\/ely bitasqoodasit soLlnds afd!,tewefeony t00happy t0 mdkefoOm fof hofey& yogh!ft s!fprlse befofe taklnq thifqsmofâ‚Źgettlyl^lith

V''ho l\lereunabe to attendo\'ring to a c ash rrithDouglas B5thbi hddy. David dndJohn Grllflths werealsodbseni, fof Johlthadbeen justweeks madea Jathet previo!sly. Youcaf besurethdt,,\'e r,!ith dfankto alltheifhealth

Alexarder Schoifeldt {cue5t) Phitstitf(99) Timsiiif(00

(rtdSchoot). f.ankHanbid9e

gLrsto.ltl'\las hugely cheeritg t0 seene,,! fdces atthedinnef, y l\recomed tooand[re\aarm the Bifch, Foster dfd Mc0uaid c ans,llhomwe\l/ill

doLrbt essseeirround ihetable aqdn Theiaa5i lr0ir't sotsto fathers liis deli\iefed andkifai' fepledto bry' thePfesident,liho ofiefed . t.;si ffomfathefs tosons. s 0a s r r ' / e p f o p p e d u p a rfeni e a i t . f ot h r seobm themeall,e fefected tltdtth€reafefif l'|cfs. f,rays to spefdd gfeyffidayli Februdfy. A i ai preSent Lrs o0kfor!!ard to Seeinq oLlfie 0i,: dqaI dtnertl/eAf Sd nnef, of soonet Therrar! dfdqoodcheef th s oc1]dsion offerss notto b! mssed;hope 10seeyouthefet0o Andfe,r Tafpey f !oLrafenotonthemalln! listfortlrlsdlnnef bLt\\'ou rl p like to be, easee mai andfewtafpey@ \rcos.co.uk.

lll ('57)&liiqaret sobldans (stafi.61-94)& lGilhCheyney (4616 Murte John Coggin! ('i0 )EVqoni.a Robert Cmbb (eiihDaw$n(siat '63-7!) ('56)t Lidda l,ldrlhFairley (iowlelBro{n ('47)& John


event, s0thatpfe-dinner in thebafco!d splI outslde ir thes!nsltine bef0re, we p.m. dined at about 7.l5 Weicomed briefly F0urteen 0d Habefdashefs' byRobert, butwithnospeeches, andthirteef wedin€d j0ined sp0!ses t0qether vefyl^leI andenjoyed ln lddes eight0 eachotherscornpany (q.v.'lnvitatl0n') D0S0methinq Different: lor s0methree0f s0 h0uTS andl0f tlr€ D e l l c l oDLi sn i ni nqD e e p eDset v oant ' T h e thirteen, withbooked accomm0dation, f0f ' l t D u k eW' .e ' d l d ' a nwda sl ,a ms u r w d \^lhle on ater Nextmoming, e ea I rainhad agfee0l returned y but breakfast takeneisure togethef inthedining r00m dismissed its pfirclpalybyRobert 0rganised sigfificance, Crabb, aswechaited aided t0gether before byAanReeve andRogefLyle,the0ccasiol \rye d spersed. Asmy0penlng remark sdld \(asa Satufday tvefingDinner, it wasanexcellent with(if occasi0r much enjoyed requifed) accommodation andappreciated, f0rthenightat wlththanks to ourhosts TheDuke ofY0rklnth".villaqe.Awetperiod at'The Duke and0ur0.H. 0rganisefs. of weathef alowed a fineevenirg forthe Keith CheyneV 0.HGetTogether'23rd/24th June 2007 at lddesleigh, Devon.

- April18,2007 1950s Decade Lunch soLrght t0 re!nite0ldHabeidashefs \/r'ho eft From the nofth,thesoLth, theeaslandthe o!f school duffg the1950s or rnote !rest,iheycame.... \rell,lf no1pfecise V from points d these of thecompdss, thencertain V fiomfafandr,!ide.A anReeve dndGraham Jones cameuplromtheWest Country Peter Mitclrell fromevenfLrrther evrdy in Cornwali Marshal LLrmsden cdme do\!ffromSoLlthl'\lold ahead ofJohnBool,l dndDun.an McLafen, d so ffom5!ffolk. Ddvid M.conachie came !p lrom Bognof;Tony lviklnson do!,,rn frorntheN0rth llest.Othefs l/L'ere aqaln frornc oseft0 hand

bLrthadn'tvistedthe Crb housein yeafs Some, unacco!ftably, hadneverqfaced o!T headqu!fters b"ofofe; manywererequdn dt 0urothersocidevents. S0lr']hat broLrqht thk youdSk? rnoteycre\,j together, l'\asoueof departLre Thecommon thfedd not afrlval. Thisspecidrnch thelifstf0tyears

- oHAPresidef,t Aldf,ewmar

(thisfesLl behlreen 1950 â‚Źnd1959 tlngI oneof tv,'o Jfa!qlrt encoLftefs \/,'lth ihose!,/hoeftin 19601). God, belnq anh0n0rary 0ll.,afranqed l0f thedayto besLnlit andWdimMeensLlfed iltdt,,\le hadd meato remembef, andanPo,,,rell pTepdfed carnefd feady, came to takethernilny photoqfophs \'/hchappeaf inthemagdz ue.[/e r.iefe lmmefsely foftLnate to hdve thepfesence q!es1s ol t$,0honoLrfed theindefatiqable Mrs l,,4afgafet Ti\ror !vido\i/ of headmastet Dr Tom Tayor,ind JohnLedf, fofsolongthemdstef in chafqe of cfaftsand,incidentdlly, of cfeatinq stdgescenefy. t \i,'as a soa p eas!fe towelc0rae 0ufcLrrfent President A anNer,!man t0tlteUtch - a ref!gee ffomthe1970s decade butnone the worse fofthdt. The!pshotofallths wasthepfesen.e ol no less than sixtyfolf 1950s anda qathering thatexceeded RogerLyh "aavefs erpectati0ns ln evelyriay.0f cor.rfse therelr'/ere those\'!'hoco! dn't corne brt wished theyhdd;some\lr'efe a\\lay of h0liday andsome\\lhai sLrprlsinqly, giventhe attfactlons of ndoence, qLrite a fewl,efesti \aofking. Sddly, d numbef offriends l\lere facing hedth dilficLrliiesr lndeed, Ddvld 14idman 1\rho hâ‚Źdexpected t0comewasodm ttedt0 hospltaltlr']o days before llteevent dnd j!st dledsudden li/eeks latef. [1dnV V cneer\/ mesSages of qreeting werereceiVed (nora0 y fromDavid Thomas, oLlrfofmerPE.

rndstel) dndc0mmunicated hddeveryone v"ho expfessed df inteTest dctLally tLfned up,t y coud easi hdve tLrrned intoa t\\lo-day alldir Invted to speak,Mfs.Tayof remn sced lvafmly abOut heftimedt lhe Sch!0,obout overseas vsih andcosiLrme design fof the dramapr0ductlons, revillirgmeluofles fof mafyaiound thetabe. Theaffectlon Jet fof 0LfgLrests thedesret0 ch.tab0!ta keylime palpable in the vesof mdny,r,ras ds,,!as the sheefp eisuTe dfd de qhtas o d ftiends fe qo encouftefed each other.Ptessed to 0Ltsde tobeimmofta lsed fotpublicdti0n, many sidyed ontota k, I d sefies ofminiJeln onsuntilate atieT|00n. Apdrt tr0rnthankinq oufq!ests dndMelstear. 1orcdtefing foi Ls,lsholldd solikeio thank manypreseft ior theirhep in tfacklnq d0fr'n e uslve 0.H.andfof f ushing outmanych!ms

,r,,e Ntlr whomlr']edost cofta.i.Pefhaps shoLrld d0thissoftofthingmoteoften dâ‚Źfe saybelore it s too ate? Peter Vachef



Wevebeenr!nning these infoTmd Ltnches for oveltenVeafs fol,\l.Tltey're a regLar pirt of the0.H. sOc elscene dndopen t0 members lvho have timeontheifhands â‚Źnddrelooking lof a sqUife meai fofa feasofab e price.WeLlsLta V c0nvene at12.30prn foral.00pm sltdo\vrunch b!t s0metimes ihef owof beetandchatslows u s d o w n a bT t .h ed q ef d n glesq L l i lt 'e\ l i dbeu t thecompafy isfirstfate:whynotcomea onq youcanrecoqit andseelr']ho se?

LikethemenslLrnches the0.H.Ladies' unches havebeco|ted I rtufe in the 0.H.socia pfOqramTle lvefe n0wln 0ufsixth\rear we metleg!ary dufingthepastyeetandhdve daiesln thediaryfot Octobef andDecember gLlarantee 0urstyleisinformal good andl\recan qo0d (ort\i/o)of lxine. c0mpany, l00ddnda qlass (ofanyklrd) lf anyadles with0.H. connectiors lrolld ke10jolnusweshou d beverypledsed you. phone (0208346 t0 heafffom Pledse Tessa (020B42B 3620) 0r Palrlcid 6060) if you\4oLtd lketo know more.

Thefemaninqunches thisyedfdfe of Septembei llth, 0dober24th Tessa dndDecember llth. l orred aboui A tefman & Patflc d Vacher theOldLegstaq?Youfsecfets afe safewith!s. Contact eithef!f the oTganisers: Erc Purcelon 0T923 221260 or Petef Vacher on0208428 6060of peteNdcher@onetel.com. Peter Vdcher


Theelegdnt suffoLndings 0ftheHabefddshefs pfovided Ha 0nce again thevenue lofthe0.fl.A. AfnLral Dlnnef \!ithNigelBranson, thlsyeafs i\lastef of the fldberdashefs Company, and |\,llke Jeans, First l4afden, bothn attendatce. 0r.rf diners began greet theevetlng Vr'ith ngs dnd livey cofversdtion ds th€y gathefed

r0qetner 0ver pte d nnef drinks ln the ReceptionHa/1. Dinner l'\lds

served ln tl're rnan Hal\{ith INE CAICTETS

erce lnq lneluselves wltlr a duck mdin dish s!pp0rIe0 by de clous staftersand dess-art. These tlereaccompanied bVtedand ,,,rhlte l,\llnes andpoft. David|]easmdr, P€stP r o ( i d p f f ,r th a pfoceedings Grace. D!fingthe medlthetodstmastef, Tony Atexafcer e l , l t h u s i a s t i cl d lr ensufedthat tlte Presldeft took !,/lfe (at leastofce)!r'lth everydiner thifkS I0 Ine vdf0!s ct05s toasls. 0.H.A.




Tnem0eT, An0te\\r

Tarpey who 1\ras celebfatinq thel0thannversdfy since leavinq s.hoo, kickedoff the evening's speeches !!iih the toastto the \{orshipf!l C0mpany of Hdbefdashers', Schooi 0overnofs afd the ydescr Sch00 . HeamLsing bedhisview ofl,\lhat

"pfogress' hasmeant forhlmandtheSchoo inthep€stl0 years. Nlqel Bfanson responded flrstof behd foftheCompany,fo orr'/ed b\rthe Heddmdstef, Petef Hamlltot !/hofepofted 0n theSchoo s coniinuifg s!ccess ln academic dndextfa-cufrlc! dr fieds.James Susskind, the SchooCdpialn, compleled the trio by dem0nstfatinq the 'offthecLfJ speakinq sklls tlrat have heped him to \\rin numefo!sdebdt ng c!psfortheSchoo

Prcsideni oflheA$ociation

(Master ottheHabordarhers (Headmdster) P.8,amilton (School J,Susskjnd Captain)

0!r questspeak"of, C.li,Bishop ('55) tlas Tlm Norlon, 0.H. and Schoo ,,\'ho Heldof Drama entertdlfed us !/ith stofiesof his ife 0l tneDoards !s an ('54) aspr fq actl]tano H.a. Couch oi hisexper ences lf (C.Cudis ('78) codcn nq 0famat c (Headmasie.'8f A.X. Dawson 96) perfofmdnces ffomboysof varyinq 1i entsin product theschoo ons. Timsspeech cotnbined S.E.Eoq('4?) qreathumoLrf !,rlthseriousfsghts ,,rhich J.D.riluo(197) sho\red hisstt0ng sense 0l commltment and .Ciisbsq(r9?) loyaltyto th.. C.l.K.Hafth (1?l) Schoo. Pfesldeft A an Nel\rman comp eted A-N.S. {olssin(40 the offlcidl R_S. Lyle(55) speecfes w rf thdnksto tlte n padiculal to the dlnnef otqaniser, Roqef Lye.

c.N.Poslte c51)


l/]lthtradltion In keeplfq mdnyof thed feis ,,.]ith lrddtirneto c0rnplete theeveninq a dtlnk ortllo inthe|]aldndintheBishop s Fingef, a fer,! d!!ay in Smlthfield. Vards

(khoolDireclor Ext.Relations) R.staqq('72) J,K.tarpey {ExSldlf'83105)

('55) G.rwheal (tx Stail'64100) D.J,whiitaker





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Chartered Surveyors

"over r yo Yearsin the property game"

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Skylatkandthe 0ldBoys'Notes " years 60 aqo PTRSONAL TheAir Minstry\!eeky Ne,rsLeltefast month qaveanaccount of thecafeer of A r Commodore I N.Mc[,roy CBt., ,rho,,,,as a boyat theSchool ]915 2landis no,,/ Drector of Command Staff Trainifq at theAirMnlstfV. Fas.ifated bythedircrdft hesaJffomh s boyhood home at Hendon, buttooyounq to f I in lrlord llar get l{atvo,y' deiefmned to afbornesomeho,, thouqh h s fi6t lob!,ritlr rn d rcraftcompanly' only ledtoceaningenglnes.Then hemanaqed togetinto Cfan\{e fromthere,,,/th the , dndafterpassnqor.rt


Sword of |1onour in1925 hasbeen steadil\/ c i[]bifg the promot on laddefev,.rsince. Phas€s in hlscareer haveinduded plot ln lfdq servce as a bomber piotat Tanqmel. andasa fiqhter before the war,qfaduatinq at tlr,a StafiColeqe ln l9:8,forming the firsiPolish Wifqat Northo t ln 1941, andofqanising a qroLpof rock.ai fifing lyplroofs andSpitfires forihe [uropedn Invas onof]944. lholqhAir Commodore Mctvoys drties afenowchiefly dthisdesk in Whiteha I, hecanndftre 67dffefent typesof a rcrafithathehasflown, andstillf ieswhen hecan-jet f ghte15 forpreiefence-to keep uphisskllas a pr0t.


(1922-28) R.N.HAM LTON nol4/d Senior Postal I withtheContro 0fficia Cornmission lnN.Cetrnany, durifg a recent visltto theSchool expressed hisconvictiof that. if theGermans. areeVeIto become Good Europeans it isessential thatthose amonq thern withth€willto compfehend sho!ld haveanoppodunity of learnlnq tnqands ajms andactlons. |]amilton isapprehensive lestapathy onourpartlnthhr€spect mdyleave themaleable Ceftnans a pieyto thernoreactivepfopaganda of otherideologies. Hehimself activey foste15 group a discusslon in hisdlstfict, andis very gratefulfor pdpers bundles oi fairly recent Ingllsh

afdperiodicas, \iJhich areeagerly readbymany Germans bothasaquideto currentEngllsh thought dndasahelp tothestudy ofourlafguage. G.A.C0PINGIR isnowif charge olthe' Records " sedlon of Wisden. R. S. LANKESTER has beenappoiitted to a


Cerkship lniheflouse ofCommons. pldyed P J.GooDMAN iof Middesexln l|]arequins) ther openifq matchthis sedson. (1917-26) (Torontol, L C.ANDERS0N B.V.SC. VLR.C.VS. (London) hasbeen elected di therece|ttdinburqh Conlererceto bePresideni ofiheNationd Veterinary Medica year|1eisthe Association forthepresent yo!ngest president ev€fto lrod thls,thehiqhest office oftheAssociatlon. TlreSchooland 0.H3. olfer himwarmest conqratu ations andbest wlshes fori happy andsuccessfulyear ofoffice.

Skylatkandthe 0ldgoys'Notes50 yearcaqo

'OF I PRTFTCTS lakepfefects in thesefseoJtheRoman wotd" ", ,,t/hiclt praelectus is a eader andcommnnder, yetnoia suFfeme commander, for thatis the prefech Headmaster oT "imperatol. Therefore, mustneeds bellkemaqistrates andjudges, for theobject of theirworkjsto malntain order and punishment. delll'er Thus,they tlratafechosen t0be prefects persona musthave ityand!\Jit. ltakeit ihat prefects should elther besifong inqames ofcrlcket, ruqby atlrleticsandthe ike, orstudious andearfed yetfond ofgdmes. Fortheythatafegood atganes command therespect oftheotlrefsclroarsforther phys calabllties,afd theythatareproilcient in studies command respect fortheirmenta ablllties; yeiafenottlrelatter accused ofbeinq over-studious because oltheif lnterest inpubicaffairs. Prefects shoudhavethe powerof punishlng wrongdoers, dtheynotbetooharsh, forby \'etshou tlris\iJiltheyoose al confidence andfespect. And " astheir d them notlakeOder ntdurn mduant principle, except ina fe\{r cases,lof dolendi modLs,

iimendnonltem. lnd et not prefechspurf p o paur i t !b u t b e s o c i a b e a nnddl ut h s tn q se s e 'Conf lheyJi rLre tlrer actonsasldcltus $ith ata maqna in\rdlaseubene seufnae lesidprcrnunt'. Yetet notthepfefects betoofamila|lth thosr subjectedtothem.lorihena resped,rldepart,as thesaynq!oetlr' fumI af tt breedeth contempt Asfor ihedutle!of a prefect, theydretrfedod. FiAt,r' heshou d bein ch.rge 0f a smaI qroup of bolsofelgrydge|ihchhesroud rue encoufaqe : n d e d d a t dt l m e s d nnda a c t! t i e sS. e c o yn ,d reshould ofqan re a systefir lihefebi themach ne ri the schoosr0ud ruf smooihyThifdyhe mustcomp etelydedcaieh msef to h s schoo n sports, OperDalsanda sociaoccas onsAnd ettheHeadmdsier seeihat r',rhen a boybecomes a prefect, he s noteniifely inerpef encedn his busness. buthashadtfainngasa subprefedFirm pfafeds h p lrep5go,rernmeft, eads andrules th.o sah0ol, andqive5 ex!erience ofmenandcoffidence totheaffcelrodef. lln JtlfIro||irlir D jr'/, SMALt. !'ihenh,/oyeaBag0 DdvidSma| ,,!dsobiqedon medca advlce togiveupmost0fh s aciive urofk at iheSchool, heac.e!ted theb 0,,!,,,,ith thatdlgnty i,laffobbed andc0Lfaqe ,rhich hesho!,red !,rhen him and|'lrs. Sma | 0f theI onlyson.Snce1955 hehad beenuithush,ri.ea ,,',,eek, buiaftertuftheri iess duTngthlsSummer he asadvsedio felifelfom paftof dct!e tedchlnq a toqdher, andtheqfeatef th s record oi hisser!'re to theSchoo,^las \,/riten to siqniflouf appfec ationof hiscdreef afd oul best lshlsfofh s fetlfemeni Then 0f ftidayll th 0dobetcairetheiers of hlssudden dedthai his home inHertf0rdshire, fromheart Jalure.

Fof hundfeds of 0 d Habeadashefs hls name,ri evefbeassockted r/ithSgnas, andtlre0.|]\VarReqsterSoon dfteflonlnqtheSialfin1922 he lrecame anoflicefn iheCorps (ihentlre 3rd CddetBattaion, TheRoyaFLslersJ,dndbuii LrP d Signa Compdny L!hch,ras second to nonein enthusiasm dfd effa enc,y' Anaacufate and lnethodicarl]nd, expfessed in hs cirirfacieflst c neat hdndNrilnq afd a capacitv for orgilnzaton ,,rere esseniid componerts ol thlssutcess Bl l92Bhe,ras l\ialofandsecond in comirand. Ihe cdmppost andteephone ser\] ces,Sqnas 'dug out at ChaseLodqe Siqna s |1.Q. ln theo d afrnour! behndtlre t!ck shop,|]ousâ‚Ź s qnalnq ccmpeiit onsa I qa,re vauedopportunitesfof tfaining in acauracy n t ai !e dndresponsjb ty lfhenn0dobef l930,af 1]overnrnent unsympathett ,,,,ih dfe fecognit on,andtheCorps \,ras obiqedto d sband, D.lf.S.mantalned theSigndCompilny as ' a c i.lan bodyiof s r yenfsrunninq camps at Cirmbrldqe n colabofati0n \,ritlr theC.l0lC.n 1936 hedqdn commanded a uniofmed bodythelstCadet Slqnal Co,i., affllatedto theRo,y'd Corps of Slqnals. A yeafateronelralfofih strenqth Jastransferfed to become thenLdeus of thefe!',0TC., foref!nneT of present iheCC.4., !rith,rhlch members oftheSchoo arefdmllar Durngthelrafnumefous 0 Hmembers of tlreRoyaCorps oi Signals o,'!ed thelffapid promotlon totcif inqn theS|lnas llf t.

Thrtyf \]eyeafsaqoDai. d SmalI Dicky'Smal to maryan0 H.)came io iheSrhool. [ducated at Fepton l]o eqeCdmbr a.d Chfisis dqe,heserved TheseinIs ,,Jitl]Ser,r ce menmovedD lV 5. to (Slgnals)from ,,',,h inftance lntheRoya Inqireers eary c0mpl e the0.HVarReqistef ch ,,/hen f nali printed, in tlreF6t lr0rd I'iardnddidnotcorne throuqh c0ntained fecofds of neaf\] 9000 d Boys (Messrs unscdthed. |]erehe loineda tedmof inqulsts llltha mosievefydtef t0 tlreReqistrdrs y DL under A.\!.1]runer !rhich lncudedihescholar Crossran andSma)ameidments hddto bemade (dterHeadmastef) ,,,rere Abson andC V Calvert of the to keeptherecordupto dateurlrieextrircts encyc opded c fnird.Manys theHaberdasher,,irhoseededfor pubcdtlonn 'Tflt SKYTAR( , ,rnd s indebted to hisski ln tea.hnqFrench 0errnan Teples sentl/hc' brouqht realp easufe to mdny 0rSpan sh,and n inspirifq a ove0ftheirliectufe. serfmq 0i.efseas ir.hen,n the exadlnq andcfamped condltions Dufnqthe,,raftoo D.\f. S becdlne |Jousemastef l/y'dr, bfouqhtaboLri phiosopher by tlre Second he t0ok ovef of Cavertsquide, andfrendoi ts lheDepartment lromDr Abson, hlspailence and membefs nsplrer of its effoftschartenefof lts hnacity, dndthe effeciive suppoft of '0. B. P occas onddelnquents. y d ir'e, lept t viJorous afd ready foftheposi,rar Hs lnterest uere|ilde.FeL', of h s pupls kne,,?, perhaps erpansion sponsofed byDrTdyornndfufthefed b\r thdthe,,t/ds d keen andr/e infofmed !1rL{cNaif afdh s coleagues. obser!'er of b rd ifenn nterest ,,rhch ! nqin ihe gd!le coLntry h m opportunit esto irduqe,a lovef of anmds,of music, a keen amateuf afcltaeo ogist.


LEVERTON& SONSLTD IndependentFuneral Directors since 1789. Owned and managedby the samefamily for eight generations. Keith and Clive Leverton (both Old Haberdashers)own and run this old-establishedprofessionalCompany,along with Cliye's daughter Pippa and Keith's sonAndrew. Basedin North.West London we are always on call to respond to the needsof our clients anywherein the U,K. or abroad. We are available to make arrangements at our olfices or your home,if preferred. We offer Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans and are always willing to discussthese,without obligation.

We are staunchlyindependentand are not part of any p.l.c.or group. Wecanbe contacted at our HcadOfficeon; Tel: 020 73876075 212EversholtStreet,LondonNWI IBD Fax: 020 73835473 or throughanyofour branches listedbelow; HENDON 39 Brcnt Street,NW4 3ED 020 82028008 GOLDERSGREEN 624FinchleyRoad,NWll 7RR02084554992 MUSWELL HI LL I DcomarkTenace,Fofiiscreen,N2 gHG 020a4145753 HAMPSTEAD181Haverstock Hill, NW3 4QS0207586,1221 GOSPELOAK 164MaldenRoad,NW5 4BS 020 74851969 KENTISH TOWN 149KentishTownRoad,NWI 8PB02074851266

www.levertons.co.uk e-mail: info@levertons.co.uk GOLDENCHARTERpre-arranged FuneralPlans arcavailableaspalt ofour service.

THEHABERDASHERS' ASKE'S SCHOOL, ELSTREE, HERTS. WD63AF T e l :0 2 0 8 2 6 6 1 7 0 0 Fax0 : 2 0 8 2 6 61 8 0 0 e-mail: office@habsboys.org.uk http: \\www.habsboys.org.uk

Headmaster: PeterB Hamilton. M.A.

Greetings ond bestwishes from theSchoolto the OldHoberdoshers' Associotion Moy the closeond warm links between0.H.A. qnd its rootsond futuremembers continueto flourish. "


appeared ontheschoolistat theendof the ALrtlmn Tefm1888. Bymefithe,ras32ndn yedr First Fofm This sthe75thdnniversdry oftheoFening a of 3B (flf1yf the Pfepdfatofy Divlsi0n ol theSydney Hafbour Bridge by 1f.JJ.Lang, s incudedl. I s punct!d ity!!dslornd 'excel "qood, afd hls thePrirne l,;nister ofNelr Soutlr !]aes.11 isnot ent, his h0me,rork qLrite thel0ngest 0fther,!ordsaf.hbfidges, but c o n d ! cvte r y q o o . Adt h o u g h h i s f e q u i r t y l 1 'very jLrdged qenera y gfeatesi. ls reg€fded The officia asthe unsdtlsf€ctofy' a , lreIas a!,]drded ceremony, hed onl9tlrMdrch 1932, marked the schooexhiblti0n ofonegLrlned fof1889, as as staftof a bittefandfanaofoLs dlspLrte aboLt evefyotherboyin h s fl]rm.In Decembet 1889 L!ho aspfimaflly fespoislb e fof the heNdsstll if theFifst dclrevemeit. Fofm, butlst oLrtof 41 (49jncrd nqthePfep.) TheAustf d lanAcddernVof Techf o ogjcd anda hlsqrades \/iefe jeni "exce Sciencesondtngineering's'Technol0q,/ ercept i n Alslrdd 1788 1988givesmostof fof home!,rofk rrhich y qood thecfeditto o fe orr countrymaf. t stil mere afgLres fofcebehfd thatthe drlving fle uas a,rdfded a gfe€t grined dge Nas Dr. Bfidfie d the br J.J.C. exhb tionfof P!b c Wofks Department, of tlreN.S.W. 1890. ,r,rlrobecameChief Enqineer fof the project.t cldirns that he rias tittle b\/ itte, lre r.(^^n( h a f^r th. r.n..nt

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0n0n ine scn00L, !!0n an !eneradesl0randd01]!meftdt l',rhlch tenders Nefebased. Hor,,revef, ii Apdrt fran the add ptece0f tape theil erhlb ti0neleryyeal .oncedes thaton24thMdrch 1924 th". netena saiett precariiansal6rt sat feached the Sxth qiven contract,r,ras to Dofman, Lonq& Formin Septembef C0.n [1ldd esboror.]glr, Enqafd,!/h0fetained lB94and $aled therefl]r threeyearsfl€ Raph keemaffof thedetdied desigfof the lrasdl,\lafded theCambfldqe Univers ty L0ca Examlnat Bodrd stf!ct!fe. 0f s Senior |]ofoufs Ceftficate ln 0!l1lrfirst placeoLrtof ll00 cdndldates The LJK s 0xfofd Dctionaryof Ndtiona technical dra,rlf!), andfr'on eightDepartment Bogfdphy doesnotmeftiofBrddfleld. t states of Science dndAftexamindt onceftlfcates. ir r,!jth thatDofman L0nq & Co.tendefed designs 1896 thechaifmdn of theBoaid of lvlanaqefs pfepafed gav€himthe Keen b! ffeeman andthecompanys chief A.J.Keen, Si!ef Medias 'o \!0f thec0ntfoct efqlleer.I,rr'hef thecompen\r bo\r!'ihothrouqholt h s Sch00career has il dpp0jft..d Ffeemdn ts consulting engineef beendistlfqu shedfof goodcondLr.i and a department Lrnder hlmin IndLstry . By the end0f the A!1!mnTerm andestablished lB97henasfanked L0ndof topr0duce a tlredetdlled draVr'lngs and lst in theSixlhFofrn, dnd calc!dtions needed t0 buidthebridqe. 1 lias at C0mmendat 0n Ddy0n20thDecembef lvas of thetlxohlfgedspdndlel bldced"arch lype a,,!arded tlreVicloria 0od iiedal(Hedd Boy), l/rltha c edfspanof 1650 leetanda deck160 a SchooHono!fs Medald Ilemofial Przefof feet!'iide f0urf€lliaytfacks Scien.e a Bcentenary Pfizef0f tldthemai t0 acl]0mm0date cs, a fodd57leetr,,rlde, afdt,roJootwdys eirch l0 a Jub;lee Cornmemoratlon Pfize, anda School feet,,!de.lt llastheheaviest bfldq€ Leavinq Exhlbii on. let buit, ,,.reiqh]rg 50,000 tofs. |]eleftHabefd.shers f0fthel]enlraTechnicdl (thesenl0r SlrRdphFreernan !./as oneof thebest-knolirl C0egeinSoutlr l(enslngton coleqe qenefdtlon 0ld flabefddshefs of hls Bofn of the Citydnd0uidsof Lordonnsttute) p 0f t50 a lBB0, heliesa p!pil,,,/hen sLrpported bya Sernens on271h Novembef Scholarsh yearforthreeyears y rareColleqe Habefdashe|S !ids st I in H0xt0n. He flrst andal,leqLra


yedfs.0nce Studenishlp offf€et!lti0ffotthtee at theColeqehisbfi ldnce uasfevr'afded l\rith the nsttlte dndtheSdmLrel scholafships ana r,'ron !ihenhe elt Kefslfgt0f he theSienens m e d di n c , r l la n dm e c h a f ceai g i n e e r i n q . Theljrsit!,rent), of h s professiona liJe Veafs thenprepared h m forh s Nofk0ntheSydnef Hafbouf Bfidge. n l90lhejolf,od SifDo!qas Fox& PartIefs the eadlfqcons!tlngefgneersn London. Ath0!gh designinq dnd super!is nq tlte c0fstrrction of docks, harb0ufs andtdi".ra\is a ovefther,!or d, incl!dn! Btazi,CoLmbla, Morembiq!e indtheU.S.A Ffeeman specia lsed in bridges Bet,.ieen 1903 and1905he heped to desqnthe bridqe o!et the filrefldmbel dt Victorla Fas ontlrebofdefoJpfeseft'd.l I mbabr,re andlambia. Aftefh s dppointment as c0nsLr tlfgenqlneef totheBet lrustlf 1906, he desqned theA ffedBeitBfidqe, afds0me tlme atefth€OttoBeilandBlfchefouqh Brdqes thef0rmer d suspens onandthelattefdnatrh rr']lth brdqebLrt each d span 0fsome 1000 feet, 0verthellmbab,re andSab| \'efs Hehadj0ined the fstliLrtior olCr!iltnqineefs ,,,rds asa st!dertmember in l89Band| 1906 dilafdedts il lef pfre fof hs paper'The d€sqn 0f t!,ro-h ngedspandfe bfacedstee i.rtlt the afch'!ihlchdre of h s expefience !i.t0rd fd s Bfidqedndfofe-shado"-red hs prornoted !r0rkin Sydfe\i. Her.jas to issllcidie membefship 0f the l.l.E.in 1917, dmdsta .fo,rded schedu e 0f,rarfiofk iof the[1lnstr,/ ofiir.r ni1ons.Inl92lhebecame a senio I padnef (andI l93B,r,rhen n SI DoLq .s For& Paftfefs het00kfLr conir0i theflrm.hanqed itsndrne to Freeman, For& Pddnefs). Dufinq the1920s hr ectLfed 10s1!dents attheCentra Techn cdl Llnir/ers it eqeandat Londor t!. TltLts ln 1932 iheCityard Guidsrstituteandihe mpefa a0leqeof Sclence dndTechno 0qyc ted h s .!nifibutiof to science educiton,dndto the S!dney Hifbour Bfidqe,,rhen theyelected h n'r i. theI fespecti!e Felorr'ships. ,rrfmirn Lonq &Co.hodtendered at!4,250 000 r. Lrdnq the ipproaclres, the tl//ogfanite i!rers,dndtheqfeatdfchitselJMostol the

steefldsmdde ftheir'.iofksatM ddesbofough andshipped oLrtto Austtd d for fabficati0n ln,xorkshops construcled at l\4son'sPolnt, opposite Dolves Pointat theotherefd of the bfidqe. lt rrasd cornpafaiiye y easytaskto comp etetheapproaches, andthet'\rotol,,rers ffom,,,rhich thedfchl,,]ds to sprnqeven ih0L]qh eal]ht0!ref,ras sLrppofted on f0!ndaii0fs of concreie some 40feetdeep. Tltevastarchitsef lids pfobefiratica |]o!,to b!id it outL,rafds ifomtheio!1ers, ,riihoLtt it colapsnq befofe e.chhalfnet ln ihemldde?Thes0t]ton,tds t0 seclre..dch hdi bry' 128r.Jfe cables, ed.hof 70 mmdlametei !nd 366metfesonq fifrnly anchofe i ndt L r n n easL ri tn t ot h es 0 l df o c k . Eachhaf \,,asth.n b! t 0!t ftomlts to'-iei dnd1,,!o afeepef cranes irdveedalonq thetop chofd ftingthesteeffombafqes lry'hen edch haf metat m d-span, thebottom andthefthe ,,,refe joined, iop chords the{ ie cabes {efe remo\'ed dndthecreepef cfanes trdve ledback puttinq p to theto'.iers, n d.eihehanqefs and steedeckIq ilsihey rlent. n 1934 Ffeemdn s recrLrfe an0 papeT o n t h e d e s i g dn n d strLrctufeoi the bf dqe led the nsttution of 1]i!lldt! Inqineefs to a,/drd him its Tefofd and Bakerqod meda s. A pdpefcoaLrthofed


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Sydne!fecei\red d secondCETei0rdd,tdfdFrom1937 t0 1942 Freernen seT!ed on the lCEscoLlnci, ,rhlclr neqar-e upLnoerpress!fe 0t mofeLi]ar,tofk on afmdments andTnrn tlons.| 1947 he ds q vend !/e desefved ghtlto0d. kn l!henon llth [lafch]950hedleddt hishomeI Hendoi Avenu€ Finchley, herrisL'!ofk nqof desiqfs fof d 3 300feeisLrspens on bf dqeovefthe| lef Severn, foTd 3 500feetbfldqe QlefAlckdnd Hdrbouf in Nelilealandandonbulldlngs iol theimpendifq testva of Bfitainpfojechihat





\\rere .ompleted bVhiSeldest son. SirRaiph ffeeman \rdsa member ofa aTqe and ia entedfamllV. Hisfdther, Mrceorqe James l,asa prosperous Freemdn, tobacco selefand c gareiterl]akef,dndl^lasinstrumentd nforminq the mperdlTobâ‚Źcco Compafy. Raphhadthree s sters andsixbrothers dtdeach brother lldsa prpilat Habefdashers. Dona d,theeldestwas at theschooi ffom1886 to 1891 andweftinto thefamilJr brsiness. tdlva fd(l886 1895) became anelectTi.d enqineer andcottfact0t Raph!'r'as thethjrdsof.Arfold(1892 1904) became a teft ll]inqsocal felormer Petef0895]906)made nrsnaTne asanindependent mlnded LdboLjr Mp 0neof ihefirstBritlsh politiclans to charnpion (1897-1907) dnlmal r ghh.Frank ftoLfished asa successf Ltlarchitect. Arn0ld descrlbed schoolfe in Hoxton if an 'We eftice pLrblished in"Skylafk tn1904. \]refe veryfeppydt H0xt0n. t wasouflysi!m,butit \/r'as!ncommonlysooiy andthe inhabitdf ts,,\'ete mosty p00r, theqfedtmajofity, hard\rofking, h0testandofderyb!t \|,'ith d conspc!ous srnaminor ty of Llndesifables lwhoemefged] ffomneighboufing alleys ofqanised stfeet [and] attacks Lrp0n us10rllhich\\lel\lefe lorbidden to Ietdliate." Heandltlsfriends playerJ footba andtenns,and0ccasiofaly cficket, on ihe loreco!rt outsdethe schoolandsometimes br0ke thefules'bybLlV nqlcecreditdndroast chestn!ts thfough theifonrailngs iromqefte ta idnso!tslde' Afn0ld sp0ke atCommenddtion DayonBthJ! y 1953, butaftefthatthefdmily s conrecti0n \rith Habefdashefs 1\ltltered. Theboys'mother lvlrs. tdithN,larion Ffeernan, hadcelebrated hefl00th blrthddyon 24th January195: butLlffoft!nate y diedd ferr'/ months ateton12thNovernber. Slr Raphs eldest son,alsocalled (l9lll99B), Ralph \'!'as edLrcated at 0akharn School andOxford LJniversity but became a distingr shedcivil enqineeT dfd bridge bLlderandwaskniqhted in 1970, eevenyeafsbefore completinq the Humber Suspension Bridge, thenthe ongest Srnq e span Suspensi0n bridqe inthel^lofld. HiS

ownson Ralph Anthony Freeman |946l99B), lxdsaf lntefnational Tonbrldqe dndoxford, expedon suspenslon bfidqes, bui dieddfier benghitb\7 falinqmachinefy u/hilst advising at a constf!ct 0f siieinPort!ga .

SydneyHdrboLlr Bfidgefemdinsas the morumenl to themostfâ‚Źrnous membef oi the Ffeemdn fdmlV,flaberddshefs ownSif Ralph Freernan.

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Bythetirneto! reddths ettefthe sun,riI ha!e sei on dnothef,ribrdnt ercept ondStmtnef Term. Habsr€ma ns a schoo lhaterclies andLrp iits;I countmyse f ucklto be Iorkrnq !,,th sLrch bfiqht ,y'oLrnq andia ented minds r,tn0se creal\'eeltefqfdnd potentia isbound ess. :ler€ e tfy hafdto s€itheh qhest of siarddrds dndthefefcoufaqe boys io feach beyond. have d hostol lofdmemor esol ihetermpastb|t shaI hiqhqhtl!st a fe!,r e,renis ihdtstfLrck me andofj,,ihlch !,ieaanal bejusty pf0|d: debdtinq ln theHoLrse of Lords thanks to Jamie Susskind dndJames For,,,h0hayeenl0yed d s!blme sedson; memofes of [1enca! FLrnddy sho!,i ig ir! |]dbs cornmuii\' 3i itsbest; 0ulrefys)',r'an .nd!ery' enjoyabl€ MddleSchoolP dy!'lfd I th€ y setno!r0".rr i\ o'.rs beautiiu g adestlren the ! f l l d nM t ucsF e s! at b y J a m e R s o s e a n da "on qurte maqlaal Joint ConceftththeGlrs Sahoo . t '\'as a feade]ghttoheafboth ihebo,r's,lnd the q r s p aytoqethe. sense thisisthei rstofman,l m0fe suchnt atves,,,rh chcanonlyenhdfae tf9 eaLrcai onaerperience ire pfovide andfrfthef thesldnding of tl,/oof theb€stschoo s n the c0untrr" !,,h0 have theqreatqoodfoft!neto be sited s deb,r' slde.

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demonstfated in herskildt dlocdt f9 boysto orchestra fslfLrmeits intheYedr 5 nstf!menta Sclreme. In thePfep. Schooslrehasd rected recordef ensemllles, hascondLrcted ch0iBbLtpartcuary undefher conductorship the Pfe! Schoo 0rchestc hasblossomed fto oneof olef 70 pdyers Thlsls an oLrtstandjnq achievement. Andt ,rasfittnqth.t ths !i.s ,ritressed byan appreclati\re audience dtth€Bafbican conceft li 2006.Besides coachin! smdensembles shehas alsoconducted !i ndbdndsn themalnschool oneof theprlvieles forhefhasbeen to lratch prorlress boys intheirmusca delelopmeit fforn thelredrVyeafsI thePfep thfouqh to ihe[lain prinaipa p ayefs Schoolr,,/here theyare,rery often inorr arqe ofchestros dndbands. \4evishhef,,,/e I inherfetifemert andthank her lofilrelrnmeise contr bution shehasrnadetothe muscdllfeofsomany.

6thformtripsto Stratford andpfodlc nqp ays. Inaddltlon, hehasbeen a vduedmember ofthe Navy section of theC.C.F. |]lscontfb!tonto the lfe ol theschoohasbeen arger enofmous: for ihis\,rethankhim.nd,.rish hirn!,,,e . FlancesSchwdrtzleavesafter turo yeafs d i s t i n q u s sh e idv c ea t i h e P r e ps.c h o ot ,0 tdkeLrp a postat Westm nsiefllnder Sclrool. n theshofttimeshehasbeen !,ith Lrs, Frinces has made mdryvaLabe contfbLrilons to ihe iieol ql,rinq y Many theschoo, of hefse f !nstintinq staffn tlrePrep,Iil be ost,rithout theifon. slte.C.lexpeftlrhohashadsomeexct nqf!,/r innovat onto shorithema moste\rery day.She a soprthoufs afr,rork intodeve opfq thesuperb ,rebsite Pfep. Ffances a soranthePfef.School Chess ,ithgfeat success. She !,,, I besady missed b! staffpafents andboysbut s ,rished a the !erybesifofthefutufe.

Mafchus Tillohoneft us at the endof Mdy years !ftef foLrr li theChemistf! d€paftment to Trevor Hyde Askes Boys lon!d Habefddshe^ plrfs!e persona intefests. \ile thdnk hlm iof h s qalned Schooin JanLrafy 1989 havfq alfeady successf!l contfibut ons to schoo sport and lr s y e a r s 23 0 l t e d c h negx p e f e ni cn es c h o ol sn coach ng of the Ul5 C'XV ruqby side and lre,ris yea|s Ia]inq, incudinq l5 asll€ad ol Mathemdtics d sod sta,,'raft oftheCC.F. Afmy Section. y ai [l ngCfeen HqhSahoo for Boys {former [alnqGrdmmdr Sahoo fof Bo!s).0utside the Andfew Paw owicz*drtedai HabsI Jaiuar! departrneni Tfevofs mai passion is\\rdter Poo 2004 ard dplorted C'l Suppori Dre.iof ".rds andhehasbeenthedriving fofcebehndthe ,iithoverafesporsibiiilr in June 2005 iof Lhe spoft spopu arltydnd oufschoo teams successes de rer! oi .C.l se|l] ces at the schoo. Ihe rno,re TTe,r0r,,/ns the Ieaml.lanagef of the tnqlsh I d s t e 5 i l m o n r , t o l r i s e n e r ! y d n ad sdtr!i v e S.hoo Poo leamffom1990 s l'y'ater unti2002 pedtc Lrrnq ,ie rj dr ranqlnq clranges he has he n rrcognition ofhisolhtand rq achievement he db0ut |i th niheschools 'Spofts .l.l infrdstr!ctufe. ,rcsd,rdrded thepfestiqious leacher of theYear A,rard bytheNationa loLic| 0fSahoo Backed bya consc entoLS team andcofliderdb a job Sportln200l. Tfevorlras dlso dofea!,,onderf! n\iestmeit Andre,,i set ab0!t ensufing thdi |]dbs ofqafisinq theStaff Chdritl Conced ona b ennidl aeve operl theiechn0 oqicabackbone e5sent a basis. N0t0n,y'is t a!efypopuafevent sidff ".rltlr fof d modeff and amblt oLrs school. The saa e .i dndboys ths yedfit faised andmazing 12000 thechafges simple to chron c e. Thenumbrr forCancef Research \fethdnk hlmforl8 Vea|s qladTup or ser,refs has erl to 16 Thenumber oi dedlcated ser\r aeand,,'rislr lrlma onqdfdhdppV qitdf foje.tof drdicated .C Ls!iteshasdoub ed.D 5 retrement daetor,lStandatd I mostc dssrooms andor-el ihifiyfoorns have interadil'e Nhiteboards. Schco Matthew \{riqhtledves thetfq lshdepddment parchment repofts hdve made the tfansii on irom to purs!e d f! I time11A. in l]fe.tveWritirg at !o ofkstat onafdema sused routinely b! staff, jolned Bifbeck Coleqehavinq usin Apr 2005. pafenls an0 Doys. y mssed Matthe,, \,ribesore bya I hispupis for y estdblished helrasquick himse f asa thororql-t Behnd tlre clranrles in hafd and sofi,,idre anddedcated teacher of [nqish,lrltha !,,,ea th hoNever, les a more fundamenta andd fflcult of iterary erp€rt se.Inh s timehefehehasa so l^]ith shift in cu t!re. hls ba.kqr0und in lndustf\/ been a comm ttedmember oftlreCommon Room Andre!,, bfo!ght to llabs a keen dpprec ationof Committe€,helped .Lrnclr'Skylqht dndovefseen the needto de iverappropriate eve s ofcLlstomer thecfeatlve maqarine, Scribe'dsr{e asofganlsing


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th id lLrccess vevldoryo'-efth..M.C.C. Theside noL|0oks fooirafd to tsaifLldl Devon toLfdnda rnajor io!r to Sinqapore dndMaaysd durinq ihe 0ctober hilftefm.

Ihe2ndX hasostjusion.e t hs s e a s o ner ti h e i 3 f dhXa s noiosta qdme since 2004. At AnilTe!,11 edves pont cl Lt5ai an mportant ner,lr theilrneof tif tinqth! Ll5A aep.rtufe lof the Schoo s .CTpafs,ds thr Lll4A dndUl3A tearns .re st I te.hno oq!aidtlrebenei tsit bf nqssembedded compet nqinthedtter staqes m0refirmllr in oLlfiedchinq and n thepuplJ ofthelrrespectl".e Count\r Cup earnnq |]eNl fecoqn sebettef thanmost thai compd t oisand,n dddt on, r,re st I lra,/e nucht! dchierre bothinmdklnq ouf ihe ljl:s qared a notab € 5,y'sterns rnofe !serfiiend,y' aid in thecoistant ! ctoay aqafst Blunde 5 Jtuqqleto meete!€rqr r nq erp!ctat 0ns. Schocl of theirtoLlr of Der-on lle!!rthe essoLrff rm foLtndai ofs ar€in larqe dirrlnq haliterm. :easLrfe attributdble to hisei:ortsn ,,1 shfq i r,le I intheneL.r chalenqes he,,ilfdceds .C.l (Ul3Al NsharilrSevakLrmaf Nrfeatof at !'y',lcombe Abbe!,,.re thenk h m most hdsscored rearly 700rLlns s0lat inc|difqtro i tcefe,y'. cent!Tes dnrloneaouble cent!rylls 202not outagdinst St.A bafsrcstheh qhestfdtr/dual jo nadth! Schooll Alf 2003 Lz Wdren alter sc0re bVa Habs. batsmdn yea|s ntheastt".rerty 'i.rkngl0i man! (dndIossbyrve.). ch drerdt Great \iea|s "-rlth !'lrmond Stfeet Chldrersllos!iia Hermedca ar s,coup ed!'ith onqexpef encelihclrdfen Cricket Upddte: i;j !eenio the greatbenefit of p!plsovei qoto :heLll5A Maiyconqrdtu ailons mLlst drd :.3 a!t ioLrle.rs. Shehasexhlbted (an[1ittl]era endess Ul3Atedms andtheI coaches dnd ,riho :raL ence rlththes ck,.linca efficiency .,]ith the AfdtSimm) afetie Heftfordsh re Schoo s ftLred andc oseconiact !,ithpafeiis. There afe Co!nty' Champions for2007tn thEirrespect,re 1rtmanirnembers oJthesahoo aomm!n t! ,,rho aqeqfoLrps. Comm safaions!0 totie Ll4A tedm 'a!enoibereitedf.0mherexperilse dndshe!, l rihclra s0 reached thefin. bLtiuiioftunate y i a 5 0 T !9 f n s 5 e d . osit0St Abans Sch0a dsiorthe,y' ha0defeated !af lerin theseasofPdu[1ar1 stepg dorinas ftederic Chavenedu 0Ltr ftench Assisiilnt ear/es aoachof thistearndite .rj :o d0d qCC[. ccL]fse aff !,in,,ishhlmever'y' nearlt20,y'eafs dadcdted -:racess inh s fLtitte Siitdies antr aafeef ser!rce to lll4 cfcketin pdrticLr af.lle '.ri besoe ! j0ined Susan Scripture tre schoon JanLla4r fnssed. rl"radsPrlni Roofn SLtpefrisor 0verthr ltsty'edi :nda rdf shehasDfo,lided dnerae ianisef,r ceto Iennis r: r.roo hafnessinq lal t0 mpfo,/e efficiencl Iennis Compet tionsn20117 . ths .rea.i\e ,.,rhh hrr ererysL-ccess asshe lncLdedthe sanorYoul :3i,e5 usI0 pufsle a aateer n fne0 a sae5 CLrp theLll5/14 Thomas Bolr C!p,the Lll3JohnBdrfett . SPORT I!p, B.S.lA Lll5lr2tearns) Cricket B.SIAUl3(x2ieams) l.ll5 -15 tasbeen lnother eliceentseason to dale LlllandLllS Dlstrict eaque; pla\red :nc\ref 75ti0i a matches cLlmlnat nq a s , t ea s t l r e b l o s. kaohfo o :' !'alofiforNdbs 'fr ieams endl!frt!resdndthe Count! Paifs ToLrndmentsl 'ieftherecord bfeak nqachle,lem!nis 0f 2006 Habs no',lhodthefeaofd :_: ii X ha5I0radtlreqoing toughef tlrisyedr iof entering themost tedms ,L hassti Nonthree of itsqarrlsnc!d nqa fto cornpetitions u'lihin feftfofdslr reL


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payedsorneortstandng squads TheB.S.lA. missinq out on tennisthisseasofndrror/ly qLralficatlons. in depth llo\{evef, ourstrenqth at Lll5, Lll4andUl3evelvasevdentat Distfld inthe|]efts Leaqle. level, \! fn nga I ageqfoups Ilrepromisinq or sqLrads enloyed a successlul lLn Thelll2sfepfesented the !13 Dstrict sedsof. y lae consider nqtheaqe teamplayinq extfeme qap. nterHouse Tennis a so pfoved to be very foryears successfLr. S boysffomeachhouse 7 to l0 p ayed dolbes,resLr tingin a f ra s da\/. Theeve0ftrnnisthfoLrqhouttheagegroupsand Wednesdayl6th Ilay.\4tha massile scofe of469 palfings wdsveryencouriqinq Thec0mpet ti0n polnh dom nated the meetinq at the Ul6 dqe they theI a soa owed theboys tooffciate andrecord ,rith p€rformance gfor.rp. great Ths \vasd t€am r,!as resuts!1/hich much appreciatedl ol\1n a l4 athetespfoducinq someexceentt mes pefsofaL andd stances, mafyfecofdinq bests lnthe .S.lA.Champs at tton,Andrelv AfterpLayinq |]ovrever, specia mention mrstqoto hio bols |]ur,,tl h6sbeerseected torepfesent theEnqlish r,ilromanaqed to breakschoofecofds. Scott Sclroos lennls squad v Al Enqland Spuf fdepefdent inqrecofded a nelrfecofd in the|]ammer edon onSunddy 22idJ!lV. Heisals0 C!b atWimb ,,!th d throuof 30.27m aid Kar0ng,thetearn p aylnqn Rome Bflt.in atthe fepfesent ngGr".dt in race Nonthe80metre captain,anoltstanding Maccabiah Cames hrrdesina ne,,'r fecofd tlmeofll.1sec. Theteam a sotoptheHefts Leaqle tabe andcafnol\/ook Cross Co!ntry lor,rafd tothenextfo!nd(Erst ofLngland)oftlr bytherunning of the Thetermwdsdomindted t S.lvl. CLrp andhopeto qralify fortheNatona Goater CupCfoss Co!ntry feayface 43fdAfnudl f ia s inJLly. pdrk.Wiiha mLrcll afound Aldenham Country racetook improvedfeld ovefastyeafs entrythe Laiest Athetics Ne]{s lilitherlsbeinq funbyboys ifom ona nelifornat TheUadef 16teamwefe!! nners of theHefts. yedr gro!ps startlnq \{ tha yeaf7 on incfementa Leaque f ia onMonda\/, JlLy2ndandNefea so l3rLnner ontlre6thand legoneI ghtuptoayear yrinners overdl oftheAfeiA'league. outstandlnq idividLra funs flnalleg.t{lihsome A team came 5thovefa I amonqst some theHabs (9fA)andJames Jdrnes Edrnuids Gfant(11 Hl)have s i tlresoLrth oJ ofthebestCfoss Country Sch0o Heftfordshif botlrbeense€dedto fepfesent tngaid. n theNationa Schook Champlonships onJuy in the lSthandl4that Blfmlrgham theforrner seison hasseen thentfoduct onof The2006/07 Llndef l5 Poe VaLrlt the atterin theUl7Poe leader boafd competitiof as a nel4/ whoe schoo Vdult. Iheywefebotha soseededto fepfesent rlnniq atthe tlreLrn ve6ameaslfe ofd stdfce H€rtfordsh re ln theSouth tast tngandMuti schoolt consists slmp V of a t medrundround tvenhchdmp onslrips. CoLrntry the3 k ometrecircuaf pathinAldenham year fofeaclr Park. Ihereis nolva eadef board Prlce broke the\lear 7 schooh qhjurnp Oarils groupasl{el asane\!yformedstaff lapcdtegory. reaofd 7 t\{cethistermandequdLed theYedr widecompetition Poe VaLrlt Thearilvaol thisnewschoo r€cord. fle s cLrrrently ranked lst nthe ruffinqonbotlra hasenivened Cfoss country p€rsona rdikinqs \{itlrh s ne!1r bestot1.55 U.K. yearlt aidqames frontandn thecoming Squad urilbe veryirterestliqtoseel!st howmuch boys Rugby b\/. canmprove qottothelifth TheUnder l5ruqby squ.d foLrnd of i]uposlnq istsSt theNationa totheeventuilfiia Athleiics PaLrls ina competlt veenco!nter rron the Habs Underl6 Athleilcs team corvincinqly Prepdrdtions afe!fdefrr'/dy foftherLrqby to!rto Hertfordsh reCounly fo!ndoftheEng ishSchools Argentlna 2008. ardl]hie inAuqust lrackandFieLd cupatWatfoid track on Athetlcs

onlyh ssecond toufnament came fourth. Benthen r,rent 0ntobecome Midd esex Junlor Champion at tlreirndoof Clrampionship literthatday. Fencing Iheiencinq cl!bcontinLres to thfi\re ufdefthe expertqLriddnce ofMs.LibbyPayne. Aboltadozeir boys atterd thelunchtime sess ononWednesdays dndd sm ar fumbeftakepartin theactivty d!nnqthegames dftefnoor

Hockey ln sLmmary, a vefyp easing sedson theseniors stdrted theterm!1r th verystfonqopposition lloyever, theyha!egro,,!n in confldefce and strength,deivering some commendable perlormances. The cotsafdjunlors have 6chieved fantastic setofres!lts sofdrscofjng. c oseto100 qoas s nceJanuary betlveen them. IheJunors just beenlntrod!ced lrave to the gaf0eand desp t€ irnited f xt!res sofaftheifperformances gfeatpotential slror,r fof ihe atterstages of the 5ens0n.

lhisyearthree boys afecompeting inthepublic Schools[encingCh.mpionshjps dt Crysta] Paace,bLtresu ts arenotavaiab e at ihetime otNriting. Basketball TheYear 7 side!,iontlre!Vatfofd ardDistfct fa y andtlreYedr Bs finlshed 3fdintheircompetltjon.

Football Despte thelst X belngknocked out of the Crusadef Cup atBromsgrove, theseasoi hdsbeen played a verygoodoneWehave 30mdtches is a c !b andhdve lionoverhdf ol thern. Thelst Xlstrikers of JoshHeame dndCrb Ciptdin Ddvld Dinkiihavescoied 28 Water Polo qoas betlir"oen thernii just Aftef a successful 9 qamesBieie tkpolltip ,reekefd at thetnqlsh lrasbeef the malnstay ol Sahoo s Nationd tlremldfie d whiethelofJer ps Championsh n s xth have been cdpab y d sa onSunday Mdrch repfeseited by Id l,4orrison llth,Habs have reached andl\4yles Andefson li every the f fals of thls qame sofar Thehighpoint prestlgior.rs competitlon, came\',,th d 9 3 victoryover ,,,hich takep aceonl\lay 0 d llabefddshe|s, llearne andDinkln scofnq 6 llth,\/rhere we!/il pla!TfnitySchoo, Cro\/don, betv/eei them. [lanchestef Grammaf Sch0o and|(inqtdvards Schoo, Birminqlrdrn. TheLJfder 16A'team perform have a sobeen ng wellin theiffi6t season of footba 0lvef , ,,i/ith Badminion Codtes havlng contriblted 5 of the teams ll lheSchoo players s badminton have continued g0dr5. to do \',re I and hayefetained the LlnderlB Hefttordsh ie Schoo s trophy the!r'onldstyeaf MUSIC l'lehave beefsuccessfI in newI r(tLtfes aqainst Battleofthe Bands [mmafuelSchooland f]afro\{. As\{eqoto press Acfowd 0f500gathered dtl!nchtmeonFebruaf\r theLlid€r l6 andllnder l4 tearns areabout to 20thand2lstto savour themusicdt creat vity :akepartinthefeqondr0und of tlreBddminton onofferfromtheschools fifestbands fof the tnqandSchoo sTournament. annuaBatte of theBaads competition. Padu a, memorabe for the bizdrre boxcosturne !/ofn \irer€alr'/ardedflrstprizefof theofiglna tyofther juflofinthel]o!nty 3enGan wasihetopscorlng compos tions, althoLtgh a I agfeed thatMrWest's p dfd SpefcefRichards ,r'/itty 0f London Champjonsh presert il-r ng,rasnedrly asqood.


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BIRTHS (1986) DAV ES:0nl6thMdy2007to Flona, wifeof KeithG.Ddvles a ddughtef, D€isV sabelld Bfooke a forRory. sister MARRIAGES (1995)to HAFFNER: 0nlTthJune2007AexHaffner MissPfiyaShahat 0uend0n Hall,Essex. [4lcl]ael L. (T978), (1995)dnd (1995)\\rere Filef JulanMdrks DdnlelSummers arnongst theqLrests DIATHS (1952) Miclrae J.BAKTR May 2006 (1946) l(eth 0.BANFIELD 26thSeptember 2006 (1938) RorA.BtNCt 26th September 2006 (1965)J!ne Anthony A.BERRYMAN 2006 (1937)151h Derek B0ND October 2006 John C.CHR STt (1928)l3th Febfuary 2007 (]949) [lichae J.DARE Late 2006 (1961)l9th R0gef DtA(lN August 2006

(1970)July John R.INN0CENTI 2006 (1947-64)3fd LenM00DY l\4arch 2007 (1933) ,1.RoyNEWMAN 27thJuly2006 J!dgeWiliamR0St(1968)l0tlr Nldy 2007 (1954) David WlLDlvlAN 5thMdy2007 (1961)25th Mch€elWlNNEY March 200 (1941)llth Paul W0LFF Decernbef 2006

DerekBond Actorwhofell out$rith hisunionoverthe apartheid boycott



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(1928) John Cray Christie at Ndbefdaslrefs' Aske's |.]e]lrds JohnChristle,ras bofnn N€mpstead andeducited Schoo. d keen ruqby spoftsman andplayed €ndcrlcket atschoo dnd\{renl onto p d\rr!qbyforthe0 d Haberdashers n theeafy thirlies. Hispartcudf inlefest \\ras cricket dndln hisretirernent hebecarne d veTy ad ve pfesident ofihevi aqecrcketc ubthdtp ayed onthegreen nextto hishorne. HestLrdled ldl\'onleavnqschooasdidfo!r othermembers of hisschooyear dndtfdlned asa jo ninqa al\lfjrmasa pddner solicitof 1\lith hislifelonqlfi€ndTony Nicho ls.flemarredin1936 dnd ,lar j0 y yeafs. settled in Pinfer whefe helivedfornear forty Ineafly1939 he fed and\rth ooming qlven lheTerfitofia Afmyhavinq hadprevioLs trdininq ln theHaberdashefs Cadet He]lrds Cofps. d De\/ comrnissiof onChfistmos 1939 andrecelved h s firstcomrnand of dndrtilerytroopdefendinq London. n 1943 he\!asposted to Jdpaiqurl in ndidontheBuImd bofder whefe therel/r'efe incLfslons iromtheeast. Hefemalned thefeLntitheendofthewar.Hefeturned to IJKn 1946 dfdsettedback intociv ianlifedeveloplfg dnderpandlfg thela,rprdctice irWembley, Ndro\\r andUxbrldge. lnthe1930s at theageof 25hehadjojned theWemb eyRoiary CLbandremained a member for70 l^lithin years. Hedeve oped theFoLndat onandYoLrth Servlce theclLrb asr,'r'e asserving aspfesdent. He!a]orked tifelessly \'r'jth I thelocal.ommunity to lmprove ocasefvices andsupportlnq d l,i]hoe l,\rithii fanqe causes. Heviasmade a PaLHarrls Felo\{r Rotary 0fgood andelsoh s name \\ras recotded intheRotary n theUSA. |]dlof Fdme yeafs F0rmany Johnl\lasinvoved\alththeofqanisati0n 0l 0cdlheath sefvices andin Hatro\l/ and Brent served ontheHeath Service Distr ct Co!nci Service Councll andtheFimiy Medi.a , TheDental Service CoLrnci. \vhel,l tl're1959 Mental fleath Act!!dslntroduced hewasappointed Chaifman and membef oftheMenta Hedth Revlew Tflb!na .

yedrs. voice inSt0eorqesr formdny Helrada linetenor andsdnq Neadstone Ch!rch choir Heoved pedolmed toslng andhada!!onderful repertoire ofhumoro!s songs dndalso bfilliant duets \]r'lth his pafinef la!',r Tony. ,,\lho predecedsed mdriigeto oface Johnhadd ongdndhappv himbVnearythreeyeafs.0n hrs retirement ii Bfadenhdm, ived the\/setted Nodok and verVhappiy llrereina cotlaqe overooklng green. thecfjcket Hevrdsd gredtfamy rnanardloved to besufrounded byh s gfandchildfen and qfeatqfandr:hildfen. Heoved to a!qhandto shafe thef!f 1\lith al aroundhim.He eayestwosons, qfeat-gfindch andt\\reve dfen.Johnwlllbeqreatymlssed a delghiertengrandchidfen by all fod!ndte enouglr t0 have known lrm. Michae e Chrlst


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I i ohnlfnocenti(1970) -Jlripassed ar,ra! at h s holdayhome inPoftrqal asiJ!y.Bofninl952 herias54leafsofaqe.The ':r at Bfo0ltrnans Pafkn\itedmany to a thanksql\ilfq ser!ice ai St.\1arysNofthl\'1 mms.Thefe i -!st hd,re fr efdsandfeitl\iesit theBf00krnins been tr,,churdfed Park 00f C!b alten'rafds Atthe :r-r.e hi: s sterNlfsSreRoqers spoke \iithreifeshing hrmo!fdboLrt John.fl s'.,rondeff! ch dref ';rli a et b u t e t o h l A m,.r , r o r k c o l l e a q u e aanndd.fnf ioetnhdef .fm l lf!r e n d l a r i n dA f d f esap o ki n mlsc is ,r,re leftthechlrch. L,rds :. a t. Lrute s m a. ! Ihefe/rasa seeclon0f hlsfa\io!rite Thefe : !a a l,/em0r a Sef,rlae n theCt,Jln0aiober t hasbeenmlrqoodfoftlneto incofpofate.lohn fto the0H.Gof Societr yeafs.lle'-ras teams durinq thelastseven a Dfectofof Car!is,a s!cces5fu rensL[i]nce c0rnpdny intheCb,uhlch medrthe!,rds oftenintheStdtes,r,rhefe proud p 00f c0!fses he!,ras to beabetosayhehadp ay€d al iheChamplonsh -.ll . r 1 t " e v ( . oqoro " qeJe,..re..rert ds:o.. l98BProAm'.iith Hde fr,rn qolffof H.bsandihe FfomthedgeoJfo!fteenhe played fepfesentatj,Je County. DLfing fort\/years, therefore he".ras knol,Jn io oufcl!b!iith\raf\i fq intensity. fly ebd ngm€firory of himlslr theinnua0.H. ArtLrmn Meetjrq dt 6erfdrds Cross GolfCub,dfivfq olfdtthee qhteefth, cominq down thehlllln par.Then : o a chipicfossthestfeam lnthfeeanda pLrit fofanother hejo nedlf thebanter at the ,x .rbstdnt a1l!rclr ththeseated 0.N. mernbeiship inthec ubhouse. ,/rho isthat,,!ehdve hddto felinqu sha frlend, tdught !s to lduqh. ", feeling : .n Morfs,Hon. Sec.0 H Gof nqSociet\/.

(1947-64) LenMoody en.Moody cameto Habefddshers'ln Septembef 1947 ffomTottenham Gfammaf Schooto teach liq shdndhetaught atWestbefe Road Neleftto teach andat Estfeeuntil1964. dsHedd of Engish J:,rC0lege inZarid, Nodhern Niqer a dndthenasProfessor ol El,lq shat bdddfLlnilefstj,. SkVafk 'laqarne\,lfote of himin1964 llisavLrncu arl\lafmth andopenmindedness havemade theSchoo, y tlreEfqshDepertment, place :specia a hepplei to w0rkin,\\lhiehisienp0rafy absefce lastyedf :rorghihometo mdnyof usthedrnount drd fdngeof hdfdworkhehdsputintohis17years dt 'rbefddshefs pfogrdrnme . ThePenn fe WdksdndGenefa Studies Vr'efe origjndlly hiscredtlons. He ^.sa solenthjseffl]lts prodLrctiol,ls t0 nrmeToLrs sch0odramdti1] afdto theSkyafk dndlenthls performances, .acet0 mostof iheSchoo s musical besides acting asperfofmer andsecfetary f0f :reSiA bans Bach CholL

-he Schoo firstieafntofhisdedthonSat!fdiy3rd!1arclr 2007fromJohnMoe\/rho ta!qhiErqislra1 ::hooffom1964 t01973 dndsho y afterwards, fromLen s brother, Briaf, seirt a slrort apprecidt on :' hls fe1\rith ne!{s ofLen sdedth. ..ithChevney

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SocietyGuard tan I t€rutswRodMorgan

Youngat heart Thenumberofyoungpeoplein custodyin EnglandandWalesis approaching 3,ooo. Butnther thanprotectingthe public,prisononly servesto criminaliseoffenders, the chairof theYouthJusticeBoardtellsErwinJames sid€irei.aii.s thG.aho qualifyfordLy I@dinsaworthwhneIle, ddlledinrohin ele4se- but tutre nav. t€t to beappn red.1w€tevery@nmed abourtherie utbat does.bethilk he ns acnieved in Dumb.rs," saysMolgd, "We,recbn, sincetaking the helm ar the YJB?"The @medtnat it couldwipe out lmy of rhe Eone Ofice is'loins to irtroduce sone gaj6 tharweleliweuete bdnalins." pilot snenes forlooLingdtgreatern€ri$ebiggest inaese in youngpdson- birity i! dro way the police ded witb e6 is eorg ihce ag€d15rz, djspropor- yours ofi€ndersDrecourt," he r€pli€s. lionatelyft ontne south@i of Englsd, 'fleb€ LJAnhgfd Lhselers(elt@! where custodial places de sd... Otr tbitlo! an'l 't loo[s6rItbe mesagek a visit to a fOI i! th€ north ofEngldd Settingtnrcugh. Wede prosecutingtoo recendr he @ toid aboui whal siaf| naq young leople. They have to be caled tne'npple effe(r of harug to brotrght to ac.olnr ifthen bebaviourh tmsferpeoplefromFeltbdl4ll, @t corcemins,but we dort naveto doit bv l,ondo!, ar soonasthey ae sentenced. Tney havero behoved to the r4idlBnds U&atdoeshetbinl of$€e$iw hone o.to th€WestCounl]y.irhoseinstitutloDs sedetades .etusing to oder a publi. then have!o displ@ tiEir youg people irqDiry into rle dealhof Jos€phSc!ol*, F?;t/jl n sininolocy cnJet RodMoEU to placs i! the noiih in@sing the rist 15,wlo tool his own Me at Slok Heatn otudlyinAdd soon,od ofdesbnilisirg mr in 2oo2?Morg& js irrclved in the llllt:l issmethi,lsof asianr.Bdore tal qitus@nnisionediryL\egovemdr tr tll, ins th€cnai orrheyor$rusr(e l?::4iBatd \\ rB\ nAprLl2oodhebetd i! tlre wale ofthe c@, ard the Esult of adolesc€nts 1;ig? the postorHMinspe.tdroFProba Vulnerable th€ independentinquiry conni$io@d lJ,ltiJton.P'io,todrarhewa ofNor TheYD h6 Flm to build snaller udts by tle YJBmd tlte HomeOfn@is dre to tJl,/J of cminal rusb.e in '!e racultyof ror ddre wlne€bleadoLffints, butMoF beplblished in the nett few reks He i|":i+ lawarBndo rnrreErrlawhaeba gnerDlajn thattheopeEtionalrcomlbr s!5 hb@1 .o'mdt o, rhecasedueb is still pof€so! emenils, danoeuEe is diDinish€d by the sher ongoingl%dp.oceedhgs."ButIw ey Ue is rhe author of ndy books &d w€Ehr of olrbe6 being senr away. rhis. Theilqlest 6 dueto be he{d in a{ides or aspectsofpoljcidg, c minal "Wete 97%occupi.d," he saysiAet jt,s rnetust ls wels ofse taling this job. justice ard ponalpoli.y, md was a lay nybelief, ontbe bestanilable€vid€nce, 5oI slt !o SiokeHeath,I reGll thai on FaEishie for25y@. Iie b6 alsoMiilen that we would betrerprote.t the Dublic my way to lhe herlt! cenre in vihich tnrcebooksontortue a topicorwhich f iohb.ingridihs olfi !Ith€roimes if we schol$die4t!€ sNelMeidtoda, Th! h. advjses.AmesiyhteEdonal ed tne 'rere lockilg up ffld clil&en. \ /ehare heatthce r€you tuegoine!o seeienot fit Colncil olluope ed is the.o-editor som. v€ry *rious yrungofenders in th. for putose.' wien lgol t!€re I didn't ofthe principaltett in the ff€id of dini systen,wlro havelo betn€Ie,birr it does comero adiffeFnt con hsio!." mlogy ir dra u( rhe OxfordHardbook nor aoount io rle 3,o00-oddrnat wdve Fouyourg peopleunde.13h;re die. ofCridinology. mne lygdt." ir tustodysinceMoeartoot o@r6chair Withth€pison stsreo in Englandud Morgmwasgoirgtobe aplGon8oaof &€ IJB: tnFe offte deathsweres€r Wal*app€eing to operat€costdntly oi nor. Citi.g the nantE of his 'Fligiou innicied, the oiner occured while the 'selding th€ v€4€ ofEeitdom, I wondqed how tunddenralsr p@nts"; rhat ylsg pe$or @ beirg esbaine4, H@ mucn noti.. of r.s€d.h lhe decision had:tobe worthwhiler',he etuolledotr a dqashe leel who sucha deathoccus? social work .ouse ai Solthampbn "It's the worsi n+htnae in ny Dle" he ''Quit a lot ofthe rese{ch dat I ad Universny,b.fde .h&gins to a tun de says,"rhe pho.e crll yoddrad." othe6 have b€encommission€dto do g!eE,ed w6 then a.cdpt€dfor tr'aining He had hoped to sp€aL about lire hav€been€valuatioB of quite narow at tbe prison seNt.3 Walefield stall inquost jnio ih6 €dlior deathsin tnis projecLt,asopposedto tundmetrtar r.' bainilg@[ege: !_nttte ofd ofareeaeh yee's YJBmnal Fpo.i. hstead, h€nas sedch lookjng ar broader issues,,'he projd into pri$B regimesnpleM l s 10apologje 6 the inqlests andinqlines erptaltu."fne ddelopmertof p€naled H-".skedfhecouddete,hGsov havent bo.tr conpleted. "r thinL this is crinnul jlstice policy is necesdily SJas e@rtEnngbracdpreoryeac,b!th s appalingfd tha fmnies," heeys. iequest was denied. He recalls: "Th€y seaedto @ch widdpoliticalirn@m." lAewaitforin@estr into my datbs i! Polihc.l .oncernsde nd vdy @!ch sid, 'Reaprly iD rwo yeds. ln Fac! I tutody @ntale nantyes, dd Morgm rocusedor the ploblen olpnson ov.r spentthe next tlee yds ofny Me a a says:"l thinl it! noihini short ofsca' cbwdi.s, fton whicnihe ju@ile 6tate ies€ach omer liv'oe i! lrisoc, nayhg dalos. ButI'mptrenes. I m onb apol h6 not beer imnune, At Frsed, there in stafi qua{te4, d.ing intensive ogi* &d sayi m ashmedofth€ sys!€n de Bhjst3,ooo chil.L€ninrE&ldsrody obsemtional and inteni€wing w.d{- of which I am a part, btrr se lthe YtBl inEnglddadwales noledrnjn@y nft€r that, rhe last rhins I wated io do o$q Europ€u cobfy tud the nsw m to work in rhe prjsoqsNift-" HerejectedtberelEiotroft isrpbnns- Paienlinginte*€ntlons Tlr€YJBhdsnade *veral rtrolmen' irsed pleents 6 aparti.darly Etional Ealy intenetrtion is curerdy tne nain pii,blem dahonstbr derringwith t1,e lrH, whichform aqad€mic with aca@r foos ofthe YrB.E\ta indins fton tle lnduding sdggesti.s that sovemoB spannjng44y6 is p€lhapsnot surplis rbEe ome hasauoreditto plolghhoe of totryof|enddilsljhrdds shbdil on inR,But he doesretainihat valu€about ad more resolrces jnto posilire !d-

PortraituFrankBaron @bry' proglmmes. I ea?ectslo hrest f9.5m into z5oo er:lra'pdelting intor ve io6"bt youihotradine t@ns ryots) over ine rcrt two yea6. Molgd saysl "one paMt saidto ne that wirbout the supportollris nentor ed sup€trisoi he didn t loow how he would lave .op.d. He saidhe d beenor tbe velgeof eivins Molge's contractat dreltBjs up noxt Mdc\ but lt 's ops to this or fly tuture homesecletdy to ext.ld it. ft codd be .tonded ror a tunber thrce yea6, but -I m co@itted io dong a betFr job itr ihe sfstenr," neresponds."I'h deply connitted to thar. I wouldn t stay oI! hov.@r, !nl4! I tholghr &at we.onld implorethilt3s.AndIsh.Istay lors long


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isabouttoembark ona majorTV series withanaccompanying book.BenSilverstone Simon Scharna - aswellasteacfingincheder viewsonad,life,lecturing andtelevision hears thewriter-historian-thinker's

Schama's artofmakinghistory Schama berates himselt abouttheseries title: 'SimonSchama's Powerof Art? Youpretentious Iittlo prat it'sCaravaggio's Powerof Art!'

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