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PREMIER MLA How will Christy Clark juggle her twin roles as BC premier and MLA for Westside-Kelowna?

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REARVIEW Taking a step back to find a new way forward.

On the cover: Premier Christy Clark becomes a familiar figure in the Okanagan as she takes on the role of MLA for Westside-Kelowna. Cover photo and photo above courtesy of BC Government. PROGRESS 2014



A confidential letter to the world’s billionaires Dear Bill, How was the Davos 2014: World Economic Forum this year? I got concerned as I read the Asia Times story This Is the Week Where the World’s Billionaires Gather in Davos and Pretend They’re Saviors of the World. The Go, Tell it on a Mountain gig seems to work every year, eh Bill? That is, until some idiot started playing, “The hills are alive—with the sound of nonsense.” (He sounded like Julie, too.) How misguided some journalists can be. Are there no checkers, no editors? He obviously Swiss-missed what you’ve told me thousands of times Bill: you have also saved the universe. My real concern, Bill, is that we need to do something about Oxfam. I saw their report, Working for the Few: Political Capture and Economic Inequality—the bottom half of the world’s population owning the same as the richest 85 people in the world. The media spotlight is concerning. Are we being found out, Bill? We need to watch our loose cannon up here in Canada, Kevin O’Leary. This wannabe billionaire has a TV show and is blabbing on about the Oxfam report calling it “fantastic news,” saying it will encourage everyone to look up to the one per cent and want to be just like them. Sheesh, Bill, every time this guy opens his mouth we lose millions of fans to the other side. I’m much more pleased with venture capitalist Tom Perkins and his recent unhinged Nazi rant. Not only great theatre, but he really aided our cause, saying the Occupy Movement’s protest against American’s one per cent is parallel to the Nazi German war on its one per cent, the Jews. We scored even more points when he apologized on Bloomberg News but “stood by his


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

view” —at the same time! We bamboozled them with that one, eh Bill. Apparently, laying claim to both sides of an argument is not only good for plutocracy; it confuses the hell out of the rest. Clearly, he has a knack for venture-capitalizing his mouth, too. Now, what is up with this guy in Vatican City, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who says “human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that create huge inequalities.” Who does this guy think he is, the Pope?

Sheesh, Bill, every time this guy opens his mouth we lose millions of fans to the other side. The media focus seems a bit relenting and concerning. They always seem to pull a researcher here or there that will sing a song. Now Oxford psychologist Kevin Dutton is in the headlines, reporting that top executives have four times the incidence of psychopathy as the general population. On the top of the list are CEOs, followed by lawyers and media (TV/radio). The shoe fits because? Apparently, Nestlé’s CEO is seeking to control

the world’s water supply. Dr. Evil was funny—this isn’t. What’s next, the air? On the home front, things seem to be going fine, Bill. Everyone here in the Okanagan knows and understands our place in the world’s pecking order: work two jobs, play with the kids for an hour on Sundays, invest heavily with Wall Street casinos—er, I mean bankers, buy 90-cent jeans at Walmart for $22 and believe everything the 7 Internet monopolies say, especially this classic: “Everybody is always online.” It’s that last one that concerns me Bill, especially for the business owners. Facebook just got busted for selling bogus “likes” but that’s okay because Google has patented fake clicks. Adweek reports that Internet advertising is dangerous, unregulated and crawling with bots, scammers and questionable traffic. They call it the “World Wide Rip-off ” for a reason, Bill. Business people don’t seem to give a damn, even when it is “they” who are getting shafted. Why is that Bill? Fortunately, our 1970s “political capture” managed to drill holes in 99 per cent of the boats—they never floated. In fact, they have sunk deeper in the muck while we’ve continued to ride the Plutocratic Wave. We’re not always dealing with the sharpest tools in the shed. Most people don’t even realize how many millions there are in a billion. As most have never had to count that high, they cannot comprehend how much money you actually have, Bill. But riddle me this: Forbes magazine counts 1,426 billionaires worldwide, with an aggregate net worth of $5.4 trillion. The report on Zero lists 2,170 billionaires controlling $33 trillion in net worth. Is this a new form of math, Bill? It looks, feels and smells like 6 cups internet math, with 5 cups Enron math, gently sautéed in a DavosBull Market demi-glaze, with fraud gras gizzards. In other words, who’s cooking the books? There is a hefty difference between $5.4 trillion and $33 trillion. I know I’m just a lowly magazine publisher, but my readers in the Okanagan Valley want answers

Facebook just got busted for selling bogus “likes”... Google has patented fake clicks. Bill. Why are we missing 744 plutocrats and $27.6 trillion dollars? I’ll put their pictures on Okanagan milk cartons and buy likes on Facebook. We’ll find ’em, Bill. Wait just one plutocratic-minute Bill. This isn’t adding up for me. You say billionaires are the world’s greatest job creators, but the first thing we do when we move into a community is cut jobs. You say we are good for the economy, but 33 years of reckless Reaganomics has seen practically all of the (huge) wealth created going exclusively to only a few. We’re claiming to help the poorest, most oppressed people on the planet, but 25,000 people (mostly children) die every night from malnutrition and lack of clean water. I can say Bill, I feel like I’m having a change of heart, especially when I hear about one of our own, billionaire Chuck Feeney, giving his entire fortune away to the people who need it the most. He calls his plan giving while living. Perhaps his is the greatest story of them all? Before I sign off, there is one question I have to ask you, Bill. How much money do you really need? Sincerely yours,


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PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine



Pulling off a stunning upset, Christy Clark held on to her job as BC’s 35th premier — and unexpectedly became the Valley’s newest MLA. How will she juggle her twin roles and what mark will Clark leave on the Okanagan? By Yvonne Turgeon


n the months leading up to the 2013 BC provincial election, Christy Clark’s Liberals trailed Adrian Dix and the NDP by as many as 20 points. But on election night, Clark raised her arm in victory, squelching questions about her leadership and silencing the media and pollsters whose predictions had gone awry. The people of BC had chosen, but so had the voters of VancouverPoint Grey where Clark had failed to carry her own riding. As was the case when she won her party’s leadership in 2011, the premier was once again without a seat in the provincial legislature. Clark had been an MLA from 1996 to 2005, representing the riding of Port Moody. Following the Liberal victory in 2001, she served in Gordon Campbell’s cabinet. However, as the 2005 election loomed, the two-term politician stepped down, choosing instead to take a seat as host of an afternoon radio talk show and pledging to spend more time with her then three-year-old son, Hamish.

But the lure of politics brought her back in 2011 as she announced her bid to lead the Liberal party. Clark won the heated race, beating former cabinet ministers and top-runners Kevin Falcon, George Abbott and Mike de Jong. To give her a place in the legislature, Campbell vacated his Vancouver-Point Grey seat and Clark narrowly won her first by-election. A few months after the 2013 provincial election, the 47-year-old walked the rows of an Okanagan vineyard, a long way from the urban stomping grounds of a Burnaby-born politician. Beside her was Minister of Agriculture Ben Stewart, who had represented the riding of WestsideKelowna since 2009. The south-facing slope above Okanagan Lake at Quails’ Gate Winery offers excellent growing conditions, a great vista and a picture-perfect backdrop for the news conference where Stewart surrendered the Liberal stronghold. With her second by-election win, Clark became the Okanagan’s newest MLA.

Photo courtesy of BC Government. PROGRESS 2014


Clark touring Volcanic Hills Winery with owner-operator Bobby Gidda (left), where she announced her government’s support for changes to the BC liquor laws.

A taste for wine Okanagan vineyards would become a popular backdrop for the local MLA’s news announcements, and perhaps what may become part of Clark’s legacy—an update of the province’s liquor control laws. The wine industry is a driver of the BC economy, accounting for 10,000 jobs, luring 800,000 visitors and generating more than $476 million in tourism related economic impact. In 2013, the more than 227 licensed wineries in BC accounted for $203.9 million in sales. Add business revenue, wages and taxes and the total reaches $2 billion—an average of $42 of economic impact per bottle of wine. And entrepreneurs see the potential for even greater profit if liquor

policy changes spur more growth. “People have started wineries and have waited two or three years for a liquor licence—for a winery!” says Clark, who is frustrated with the outdated policies. “We think it’s OK that they’re making wine, but they just can’t taste it on the premises. It’s things like that which really make no sense and stand in the way of growing the agri-tourism business here.” Following what government sources call “one of the BC government’s most successful public engagements,” which saw 76,000 web visits and 65 stakeholder meetings, Clark announced in December her government’s support for the first round of changes. In a move

that the Liberals say better reflects how British Columbians live, the proposed new legislation would let families eat together in pubs and restaurants, bringing down long standing barriers to small business. For the wine industry, the greatest win would be the ability to sample and sell at venues such as farmers’ markets, festivals and off-site tasting rooms. Clark is also hoping to streamline licensing requirements so wineries can more easily expand their on-site tasting venues, including picnic areas in vineyards. In addition, the proposed regulations would allow wineries to offer patrons liquor that is not produced on-site, such as a cold beer or gin and tonic. Photo courtesy of BC Government.


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

Preserving agricultural land Vineyards bring us to what may be the touchstone of Clark’s first term as an Okanagan MLA—the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). It’s a passionate topic as evidenced by the feisty council debates in Kelowna as development pressures grew over the last decade, or more recently in Summerland, where a young action group sprang up in opposition to the council’s decision to swap prime farmland with land on the far outskirts of town. The premier has declared her position. “We need to make sure that it is working as intended, but the ALR has a bright future in our province,” she says. “I’m included in that long list of British Columbians (85 per cent) that say the Agricultural Land Reserve is important. We intend to preserve it. “It is really important here in the Okanagan, obviously. We have some of the richest farmland you find anywhere else in the world, we need to preserve and protect that, but we need to modernize it and make sure it’s working as well.”

That modernization comes with a price tag of $4 million and the tutelage of Bill Bennett, minister of energy and mines, who is tasked with undertaking a core review of government. For many British Columbians any tinkering with the land trust put in place over 40 years ago raises suspicion.

Premier vs. MLA For Okanagan residents, the key question remains: can a Vancouverite represent the needs of Valley folk? “I don’t see my role as MLA in delivery for this community as being something that’s going to be at the expense of the rest of the province, it’s going to benefit the rest of the province,” she says. “Every MLA does this. You bring the concerns and the needs of your community to the table as part of everything that you do, every discussion that you have. Technology is a good example. I know a lot about the technology ecosystem here in the Valley and my vision is to make that a big part of growing this economy in the future.

The ALR has a bright future in our province. We intend to preserve it.” “When I sit down and talk about our tech strategy for the whole province, I’m often thinking about how is that going to benefit the Okanagan, how we are going to make sure some of what we do works outside the Lower Mainland. An urban-centred economic policy is not necessarily going to have an impact in rural communities and smaller communities. In the bigger policy picture, it has been great to be able to bring a non-Vancouver/Victoria based perspective to the table.”

Clark walks with Westside-Kelowna MLA Ben Stewart at Quails’ Gate Winery, June 5, 2013, where they announced that he would step aside to allow her to run for a seat in the legislature.

Photo by Wade Paterson/Capital News. PROGRESS 2014


Buy a home, start their life, get married, have kids—all

those things right out of high school, we should be making that possible.”

Economics and education “Traditionally this economy has been agriculture, it has been retirement and it has been tourism,” says Clark about the Okanagan. “We need to sustain this economy with some other industries and there is such huge potential.” The premier, like many others, is looking to the promise of the technology sector. She’s quick to praise the work of governmentfunded Accelerate Okanagan whose

Canada’s Leaders BC’s Christy Clark is one of 13 female leaders of registered Canadian political parties. Four women currently serve as provincial premiers: Pauline Marois in Quebec, Kathleen Wynne in Ontario, Alison Redford in Alberta and Christy Clark in British Columbia.

Clark photo courtesy of BC Government; Marois photo courtesy of le gouvernement du Québec; Wynne photo courtesy of Premier of Ontario Photography.


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

mandate is to offer support to entrepreneurs and technology companies looking to start, accelerate and grow. However, Clark knows there’s more work to be done. “You can’t build an economy, or a sector of the economy like tech, if you don’t have people to work in it,” she says. “We need to make sure we are integrating our post-secondary institutions better with the industry in the region as well—it’s true for education across the board.” Clark, who herself attended three prestigious universities, but graduated from none, holds strong

opinions on education. As minister of education in the Campbell government she was responsible for some very controversial decisions and remains embroiled in controversy over the education system today. She says she wants to be sure that UBC Okanagan and Okanagan College are providing the grads required by tech industries, but she also sees the need for curriculum changes at the high school level. “We need to make sure we are delivering a curriculum for kids in high school, an animation curriculum for example, that would

be specifically applicable to the jobs that you can get at Disney here,” she says. “Those kids can go from high school with very little postsecondary education and go straight into a job, if that’s what they want to do. Buy a home, start their life, get married, have kids—all those things right out of high school, we should be making that possible.”

Facing page: Clark on a Kelowna business walk. Top: With WFN dancers at Westside RapidBus construction launch. Centre: Clark with West Kelowna Food Bank executive director Lenetta Parry.

Redford photo courtesy of Premier of Alberta; Clark photos courtesy of BC Government. PROGRESS 2014


Clark’s local constituents are now eager to see how the premier makes her mark as an Okanagan MLA.” Photo by Wade Paterson/Capital News.


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

Facing page: Clark announces intent to run in Westside-Kelowna by-election. Below left: Opening supportive housing project with Kelowna mayor Walter Gray. Below right: Attending Kal Tire 60th anniversary. Bottom: Launching $100 million Britco project.

It’s the marriage of post-secondary institutions with the private sector that will bring true economic bliss, Clark says. “No one wants to go and get a four year degree and find out that it is not useful, and have to go back and do another degree.” For Clark it is about getting the mix right for educational funding, making sure it matches the real needs of the economy and matching up education with jobs for people. “Because of the liquefied natural gas industry alone, we’ll be creating more jobs in British Columbia than we have people for, so we better

make sure every British Columbian has access to the training they need to take advantage of those jobs. I want British Columbians to be working in those jobs first.” Clark also sees the LNG strategy providing a payoff for the Okanagan. She says her government will act as a “matchmaker,” connecting BC businesses with the multi-national corporations behind the proposed projects. “These huge multi-national companies are coming in, locating in BC and they do hundreds of billions of dollars of business around the world. We want them to put down

roots in our communities and we want them to buy as many products from British Columbia as possible.” Clark is already praising the work of local companies like Penticton’s Britco, which has the ability to supply all the temporary housing needs for LNG; Vernon’s Kal Tire, the world’s leading earthmover and mining tire specialist; and West Kelowna’s Alpine Helicopters.

Looking ahead Less than a year into her mandate, the Valley’s newest MLA has already made her mark in the annals of British Columbia politics. The second woman to serve as premier, Clark has held this position the longest and was the fi rst to lead her party to victory in a general election. While Clark has not yet established a residence in the Valley, her local constituents are eager to see how the premier will make her mark as an Okanagan MLA.

Yvonne Turgeon, a communications consultant who loves writing, wine and all things Okanagan, is also the editor of

Christy Clark photos courtesy of BC Government. PROGRESS 2014


The most effective advertisements are the ones consumers don’t realize they have seen. —Mark Changizi

Susan Bach • Jennifer French • Ricardo Scebba

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Charmingly you Pandora U.S. Pat. No. 7,007,507 • © 2014 Pandora Jewelry, LLC • All rights reserved • PANDORA.NET

PANDORA Orchard Park Mall celebrated its first anniversary this past June. We would like to thank Kelowna for welcoming us into the retail community, and all of our loyal PANDORA consumers for making our first year such a great success. PANDORA at Orchard Park is owned and operated by Lyle Hance, who remains very involved in the day-to-day operation of his stores. Lyle plans to continue growing his partnership with the brand by introducing PANDORA to the people of Lethbridge, Alberta, this fall. Regardless of the location, Pandora is committed to giving back to the community. Team PANDORA Orchard Park Mall had a great opportunity to participate in Relay for Life and the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s: CIBC Run for the Cure this past year. We also teamed up with 101.5 EZ Rock’s Have a Heart Radiothon, raising funds for special equipment for the Kelowna General Hospital’s new Pediatric Emergency Care Centre. As a company, PANDORA is committed to giving back to the community. PANDORA is a brand best known for its customizable charm bracelets. The high quality bracelet has a unique threaded

CIBC Run for the Cure 2013.


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

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Team Pandora Orchard Park Mall took part in the 2013 Relay for Life.

As seasons change, so do our product and inventory. With winter starting to fade and warmer weather just around the corner, we’re gearing up to reveal the spring collection that will be launched in stores at the beginning of March, followed by the summer collection in mid-May. This year, PANDORA will dedicate a whole month to moms, from April 11 to May 11. When you’re shopping for that special gift for your mom, grandmother or that influential woman in your life, head to PANDORA to see our new Limited Edition Charm and find out about our gift set options that make shopping a bit easier. You know her; we know the collection. Together we can find the perfect gift. Visit the PANDORA website ( to see suggestions to suit your budget and her taste, and then drop by to talk to one of our friendly staff members who are able to assist you. You’ll find us between the Peach and Pear entrances, not far from the food court, at Orchard Park Mall.


Master builder unveils Tower Ranch special Dilworth Homes Dilworth Homes announces a special anniversary offer at North Pointe townhomes: Free basement finishing on select units. This is a $25,000 value! North Pointe on Eighteen is a 42 home enclave that captures views of the mountainside, golf course, airport, vineyards, orchards, city and of course Lake Okanagan. It’s one of four distinct neighbourhoods of Tower Ranch, a master-planned community spread over 446 inspiring uplands acres. Named for Stan Tower, a man who found his roots in Kelowna’s uplands location of never-ending skies and powerful views, Tower Ranch celebrates the easygoing lifestyle of the Okanagan. It offers stunning views of mountainside, golf course, vineyards, city, airport, and Okanagan Lake. The onsite amenities include a magnificent golf course (voted the #1 golf course in Kelowna by the BC PGA) with online tee time booking; an impressive clubhouse with restaurant; and a glorious network of walking, hiking and biking trails. All this, within 10 minutes of a major shopping centre, Costco, the airport and UBCO. In the North Pointe neighbourhood, choose from three different floor plans: Palamino, Breton and Sorrel. Each can be customized to your lifestyle and finished to your own tastes. With Dilworth Homes it is always Your Home, Your Way! The show home is the Palamino plan. Vaulted ceilings through the dining and

“Recognized as one of the top builders in the Okanagan by readers of Okanagan Life Magazine, Dilworth Homes is a consistent winner of Tommie Awards.” great room, a kitchen with a large enclosed pantry and a roomy eating bar, and a den off the entry—ideal for a computer room or an office for your home based business. The luxurious master suite is conveniently located on the main floor, with a generous walk in closet and a five piece bath. The Palamino’s covered deck is over 200 square feet in size and has frameless glass rails and a floor to ceiling privacy wall to ensure “your space” is really yours to enjoy. And, of course, the large windows in the great room look out to a breath taking view of our beautiful city. The walk-out level can be furnished with a games room, two bedrooms and a full

bath, with room left over for a home theatre if you desire. A fully finished home like this is a comfortable 2,950 square feet. The Ranch neighbourhood consists of select single-family homes terraced along the ranch’s lower slopes. Here, Kelowna’s master builder Dilworth Homes offers an excellent selection of single family floor plans. Features include expansive patios, main-floor master suites, substantial entertainment and wine rooms, plus natural wood-and-stone treatments. Choose from bungalow, one-anda-half- and two-storey homes in the cul de sacs or right on the fairway. Every custom built home is designed to suit your lifestyle and to take advantage of the property’s stunning Okanagan scenery, while providing you the opportunity to have Kelowna’s premier golf course in your own backyard. Recognized as one of the top builders in the Okanagan by readers of Okanagan Life, Dilworth Homes is a consistent winner of Tommie Awards, most recently for partnering with Rutland Senior Secondary and as the Multi Family Builder of 2012. View more details about the homes of Tower Ranch’s North Pointe on Eighteen and The Ranch neighbourhoods, including floor plans, lot types and pricing, online at Better yet, see them on-site at 1836 Tower Ranch Boulevard in Kelowna. You’re sure to feel at home. Call Dilworth Homes at 250.491.2918. PROGRESS 2014



Shuswap houseboat adventures Twin Anchors Houseboats Chillin’ out with friends and family on Shuswap Lake aboard a Twin Anchors houseboat: this is one vacation everyone should have on their bucket list. Float, cruise, play, relax, soak up the rays and spend time with the ones you love. Sit back and relax as we load your gear and show you the ropes. Then take the wheel, crank the tunes, head out on the lake and have a great time doing a lot — or doing nothing at all. Shuswap Lake is renowned for evening campfires under the sparkling night sky, floating out in the middle of the lake in warm blue waters, or hiking to see one of the breathtaking waterfalls or vistas. Choose from 3, 4 or 7 night vacations from April to the end of October, and explore the rugged and dramatic terrain that is home to some of the best houseboating in North America. Our legendary service and luxurious houseboats continue to impress our guests. We have boats for groups from 2 to 24 people,

most with hot tubs and fireplaces, departing from our marinas in Sicamous or Salmon Arm. When you arrive, our porters come to your vehicle to load up your bedding, food, beverages and other gear and deliver it to your boat. On your return, they’ll be there to greet you and haul it back. Our family owned business has provided memorable vacations since 1977 — that’s over 35 years of happy houseboaters. We build our own houseboats from the ground up at our manufacturing plant in Sicamous. With our reputation for quality, we are now the manufacturer of choice for 18 other houseboat rental marinas throughout North America. Outdoor adventure is at the heart of our business — and you are the captain of this adventure. Book now for 2014:, 250.836.2450 or 1.800.663.4026. Download our free house boating app at

Family fun on the Shuswap starts with Twin Anchors.

“Float, cruise, play, relax, soak up the rays and spend time with the ones you love.”

Casual fine dining at its best

When you’re addicted to sharp

Yellow House Restaurant


Yellow House Restaurant in Kelowna has perfected the recipe for outstanding fine dining. Owners Robert Ahlgren and Darren Stanfield start with fresh local ingredients to create a comprehensive menu paired with just the right wines from the Okanagan and beyond. They blend in service that strikes the perfect balance between casual friendliness and impeccable standards. Then present the

Canada’s awesomest knife shop, Knifewear has become a destination/hang-out for those who love Japanese steel and are addicted to sharp. Most of our knives can’t be found in any other shop in Canada. We carry some of the hottest food magazines and cookbooks, sharpening stones and supplies, and a great selection of Classic shaving gear, straight and safety razors, brushes, and shaving products. We like exclusive, scary sharp, high performance blades, and we love high-end performance and down-to-earth, non-elitist, excellent service. Knifewear is a shop that we want to shop at. We play our music a little too loud and have guitars on our walls, and the best knives you will ever use. Let us hand-sharpen your knives.

Chef Trent Carbert.


whole in the charming ambience of a heritage home dating to 1906. You’ll savour the experience as you share an intimate candlelit dinner with that special someone; join friends on the patio for a summer meal al fresco; meet business associates for lunch; or gather together for a group function catered in one of the restaurant’s private dining rooms. And the icing on the cake? Yellow House hosts a wide array of local and touring musicians to provide an eclectic mix of dinnertime music. Located at 526 Lawrence Ave., Yellow House opens for dinner nightly from 5 p.m. to close and Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. for lunch. Monday nights feature a 3-course prix fixe menu. Visit and call 250.763.5136 for reservations.

PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

Mark Puttick Manager Knifewear Inc, Kelowna.

Knifewear is a proud supporter of Growing Chefs (, a program that teaches kids in schools about food. Drop by our Kelowna location at 2983 Pandosy Street or visit us online at

Located on the beautiful Naramata Bench, experience exceptional and unique wines, creative, locally-inspired cuisine and striking views.

We understand how your home can be constructed to suit your needs, in both form and function. As winners of the 2013 Tommie awards for Home of the Year, let us make your dreams a reality.

We can also host your corporate meeting, company dinner, family reunion, wedding or any special event!

129 Blackcomb Court, Vernon, BC, V1B 4E1 | 250.558.5521 | PROGRESS 2014



Expert cosmetic skin care Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic is a fullservice non-surgical medical cosmetic center committed to dermatology-related patient care and effective cosmetic treatments, all delivered in a premier spa-like environment. The clinic is an accredited medical facility, serving children and adults of all skin types, both male and female. Their patients include those needing cosmetic or medical treatments. “The majority of patients are referred from our colleagues, other family physicians, for medical issues such as suspicious lumps, bumps and spots,” says Dr. Janna Bentley. “Last year alone the clinic treated about 15,000 referrals.”

Doctors Mandy Wong and Janna Bentley.

“Last year alone the clinic treated about 15,000 referrals.” Dr. Bentley and Dr. Mandy Wong are the clinic’s founders and medical directors. They lead a team of over 20 staff including two other physicians, Dr. Julie Parker and Dr. Harpreet Lotay, along with specialized nurses, experienced aestheticians and wonderful patient care staff. What is the most common request from patients? “Take me back 10 years—I just want to look my natural self, but younger.” The clinic has added non-surgical bodysculpting, with premier treatment technology. This non-invasive treatment helps eliminate stubborn fat, and complements a suite of anti-aging treatment services to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and rejuvenate complexion, including tissue fillers and Botox (Soft Lift, Restylane and Juvederm, etc.) along with effective skin care products. The clinic treats everything from acne to rosacea to scars, with fractionated resurfacing and pigmented laser treatments for tattoos and sunspots; V-Beam laser treatment for facial blemishes and veins; microdermabrasion and chemical peels.


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

Of course, they also treat varicose and spider veins, using direct and ultrasoundguided sclerotherapy, laser treatments, and the new endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), an alternative to surgical stripping for severely varicosed veins. Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic is also the Dermatology Teaching Center for the UBC Okanagan medical school (officially called the Southern Medical Program), and all the physicians have clinical faculty appointments on the UBC Faculty of Medicine. Although the clinic staff is very knowledgeable, they continue to further their expertise each year, attending medical conferences in Canada, the USA and Europe. Dr. Wong just completed her master’s of medicine in the field of skin cancer— and previous to that, a diploma in practical dermatology. Dr. Bentley and Dr. Wong also are speakers and chairpersons at national meetings within the field; most recently they both spoke in New York regarding Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Bentley also spoke in Montreal about varicose vein disease and

treatment, while Dr. Wong spoke in Vancouver at the National Family Practice Forum regarding diagnosis and management. In addition, they both participate in volunteer medical missions in underserved areas such as Mexico and Honduras, and provide pro bono work locally for those in need. You’ll find them at 3293 Lakeshore Road in Kelowna. Services and consultations are by appointment only. For skin care product sales, drop-ins are welcome any time. On weekdays, they open at 8:30 a.m. and close at 5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday. Recently, they began offering extended hours to 7:30 p.m. for some services on Mondays and Tuesdays, and on alternating Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dr. Janna Bentley and Dr. Mandy Wong, and the entire staff at Lakeshore Vein & Aesthetics Clinic, are committed to unsurpassed medical care, patient safety and non-surgical cosmetic treatment. To find out more, visit; email them at; or call 250.860.9919 or toll free 1.888.860.9919.


Check our award winning show room at 2140 Leckie Place, Kelowna.

Did you


TOPS is the premier supplier of office technology in the Thompson Okanagan

2 3

Value for life Westwood Fine Cabinetry For cabinetry designed to fit any budget and any room in your home, look to the custom manufacturing of Westwood Fine Cabinetry. They offer a complete range of door styles, colours and features to meet every customer’s needs, from very traditional to ultra modern. And part of the Westwood service includes expert assistance. “We work with customers to develop their kitchen layout just the way they want it,” says designer Kati Knorr, “and all this is done with no upfront charge.” When it comes to value-priced products, customers can opt to reface existing cabinets. This choice saves money and also saves trees by reducing the number of discarded cabinets that end up in the landfill. Westwood’s Dalton Road showroom also offers a cash and carry program. Featuring three different door styles, the fully assembled cabinets are made locally and come at a great price. At the heart of Westwood Fine Cabinetry’s 40-year success is a state-of-the art manufacturing plant and custom finishing line, with components crafted by highly skilled cabinetmakers. With its solid reputation for quality, Westwood is the choice for both homeowners and the Okanagan’s finest homebuilders. See their award-winning designs at showrooms in Kelowna, Vernon and Salmon Arm. Learn more at


Our experienced team is solutions oriented & dedicated to increasing productivity in your organization Trusted by the largest and most demanding business in our operating area we provide the same care, attention and experience to all businesses large or small

Since 1981

Business & VOIP Telephone Systems Digital Copier & Network Printing Solutions Managed IT & Computer Network Support

PLANNING FOR SUCCESS MEANS PLANNING FOR SUCCESSION. You, and the business you’ve worked so hard to build, can both thrive long after parting ways. Our succession planning team works closely with you to develop an ExitSMART™ plan to take care of your family, employees and stakeholders while protecting your legacy. To ExitSMART™, contact Gary Parmar, CA at 250.979.2577 or

We can create a truly custom look without the premium price. PROGRESS 2014



“It’s taken a tremendous amount of hard work, and there’s still much to be done, but we’re now at a point where there’s real confidence about the future.”

Jedidiah Duifhuis and Clare Bassett perform in Double Variations, choreographed by Simone Orlando and Joe Laughlin.

Dancing to a new tune Ballet Kelowna Like singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell tells us, ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone’ and when it began to look like Ballet Kelowna was going to have to close their doors forever, it brought forth a whole new drive and passionate outcry from the public. They made it quite clear; they did not want to lose this gem of a dance company. And so, one year later, Ballet Kelowna’s dancers are back on their toes, membership has almost tripled and the books are back in the black as the company gets ready to wow audiences from Vernon to Summerland, and Salmon Arm to Golden, with stops in Revelstoke, Trail, Kamloops, Chilliwack and Maple Ridge. The tour will culminate in a grand finale at the Kelowna Community Theatre on Friday, April 25. The upcoming tour, called Innovation, will feature the re-mounting of Simone Orlando’s hauntingly beautiful ballet, I Remember You, along with the joyously uplifting Exsultate, Jubilate, choreographed by Ballet Kelowna’s artistic director David LaHay. It will also include the wildly exciting pas de deux from Brian Macdonald’s ballet Tam Ti Delam as


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

well as the world premiere of a new ballet by LaHay, set to an original score written by the Okanagan’s own Neville Bowman. The finishing touch to the show is a dash of humour with the ballet #weddingdayproblems, choreographed by former Ballet Kelowna dancer Raelynn Heppell to the Etta James classic song, All I Could Do is Cry. It was deemed an instant favourite when it premiered last spring and Heppell has embellished it even further for this show. LaHay moved to Kelowna in 2002 to start Ballet Kelowna upon the urging of Canadian School of Ballet’s former directors Lori Larson and Melville Brown. The two women were well acquainted with LaHay from his work at the Banff Centre’s summer dance intensive program and thought he’d be the perfect match for their vision of an “innoclassical” company that would include the beauty of classical ballet with the excitement of contemporary choreography. Now, a dozen years later, Ballet Kelowna has performed 54 different ballets, commissioned 11 new ballets, launched the careers of 39 different dancers and contracted

composers to create three original scores. The dancers have brought the joy of professional ballet to 62 different communities and entertained 150,000 audience members. LaHay has announced his plans to retire at the end of this season, so the search is currently underway for a new artistic director. Although his feet do not look terribly large, David will leave very big shoes to fill when he steps down from the creative helm this summer. With a new motto, Excellence in Motion, Ballet Kelowna is ready to jump into its next chapter. “Together, we’ve certainly done what many people thought was impossible,” says board president Deborah Ward of the resurrection of the company. “It’s taken a tremendous amount of hard work, and there’s still much to be done, but we’re now at a point where there’s real confidence about the future. A huge “thank you” is due to everyone who came forward, and is still coming forward, to help sustain us,” she says. For more information on Ballet Kelowna, please visit their website at and look for them on FaceBook and Twitter.


Stormy start, sky-high future SkyTrek Adventure Park In 1988, after 15 years as a road builder and contractor in the forestry industry, Rocky Ehlers wanted to spend more time with his wife Juliet and their three children. So the couple bought a forest—an Enchanted Forest, located on the Trans Canada highway near Revelstoke. Despite the economic turmoil of the early ’90s, the family was getting well settled when a disastrous windstorm in 1992 set them on an unexpected trail. Rocky found that working in the treetops untangling the mess was exciting. “We realized that if people only knew what it was like, this is where they’d want to be,” he says. “So we decided to put people right in the forest, to touch and feel the inside of a giant cedar stump, to be in a bear’s den. Our giant tree house doubled admission.” But Rocky wasn’t finished. Now he wanted to build a canopy walk, and flew to Montreal to investigate an aerial trekking operation.

By the spring of 2007, he and Juliet were in the aerial trekking adventure business, the only one of its kind in Western Canada. Realizing they were in a business they knew nothing about, they hired Veronika Stevenson and sent her to Europe for training. She returned six weeks later with the skills to run the operation and a brand new name—SkyTrek Adventure Park. “And that is the story of how SkyTrek got started,” says Rocky. “We just jumped over the cliff together and, with faith and good will, SkyTrek has become a well-oiled machine that works in tandem with The Enchanted Forest to thrill people with good old healthy exercise and adventure in the treetops, just as we set out to do so many years ago.” SkyTrek Adventure Park operates from May to October. Find out how you can join in the fun at and

Rocky Ehlers with his daughter Naomi and grandchildren Alysa and Stephen at SkyTrek.

DO IT ALL FROM THE BACK DECK! Chillin’ out with friends and family on Shuswap Lake aboard a luxury Twin Anchors houseboat. Float, cruise, paddle, slide, ski, or soak up the rays. There’s no better place than Shuswap Lake! Get your crew together and start planning your next legendary adventure! See you soon!


1.800.663.4026 PROGRESS 2014



New standard for medical cannabis The Herbal-Health Centre Health care practitioners have been prescribing cannabis for thousands of years. The science behind its effectiveness is finally starting to be better understood and the use of medical cannabis has evolved significantly. In the Okanagan Valley, The HerbalHealth Centre provides advice on the healthy, sustainable use of medical cannabis. They recommend products that L-R: Ben Hunt offer benefits without associated psycho(manager) and Imre activity—feeling “high.” Charlotte’s Web Kovacs (founding and Hayley’s Comet are examples of these owner/partner). non-psychoactive products that have provided well-documented, positive results Staff members are keen to talk about the apin cases of Dravet syndrome, an intractable propriate application of every product. Their seizure disorder in children. (For more, see selection of 30 cannabis strains is compleDr. Sanjay Gupta, Charlotte’s Web online.) mented by edibles (including juice from imSince becoming a part of the Vernon commature plant leaves), concentrates (oils, budmunity, The Herbal-Health Centre has develders), and topical applications (creams, salves, oped a reputation for excellent service and the balms). State-of-the art supporting hardware finest medical cannabis products available. (vaporizers, etc.) complete the product line-up.

You’ll find a bright, sophisticated and professional environment at the Centre, where staff is knowledgeable, helpful, warm and welcoming to all. As cannabis patients themselves, they relate easily to other members. Customers who enter the members’ area often find their scepticism melting away, experiencing hope in place of fear and relief where there was pain. The Centre is a place for community, where the compassion and support are palpable. Already serving more than 500 members, whose personal results keep them coming back, the numbers speak for themselves. The Herbal-Health Centre is conveniently and discretely located in Unit 46 of the Alpine Centre at 100 Kalamalka Lake Road, in Vernon, with plenty of parking and wheelchair access. To find out more, call 778.475.3398 or visit

Pamper your ride

Quality above all

Skogie’s Car Washes

Loney Plumbing Inc.

A clean vehicle can save money. Even small cars may carry up to 10 pounds of dirt, weighing them down and using more gas. Drivers who want to get rid of that winter road grime head to Skogie’s Auto Spa, voted Best Car Wash in the Central Okanagan. The full-scale car wash and detailing facility was rebuilt in 2010 and features 8 state-of-theart heated self-service bays. Last year 100,000 cars passed through the exterior tunnel wash, which

Our team will treat your vehicle with the care it deserves.



is capable of handling 120 cars an hour, and more than 14,000 cars received expert detailing. Skogie’s is Kelowna’s go-to-spot for detailing. Services include seat and carpet shampooing, vent cleaning and hand applied exterior vinyl and tire treatment. Visit Skogie’s Auto Spa next to Orchard Park Shopping Centre; Skogie’s Willow Park Car Wash on Highway 33; or Skogie’s Downtown Touchless at Hwy 97 & Richter.

older home or full installation Focusing on the custom home in a potential Tommie Award and renovation industry, we winner, our motto remains the strive to be the best at plumbsame, Quality Above All. Our ing and radiant floor heating. We offer a full range of custom true success comes from happy plumbing, and we are particucustomers who recommend us to their friends. Find out more at larly proud of our work in the boiler and radiant heating division. When customers spend hard earned money on an elaborate radiant floor heating system they deserve a nice, neat installation. We also troubleshoot and repair existing systems, along with repairing and servicing boilers and water heaters. We are Okanagan Service Specialists in Navien tankless water heaters. From a small one-man part-time operation in 1995, we have grown Richard and to eight employees and Tracey, proud owners of Loney four trucks. Whether Plumbing Inc. you need service in an


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380 Providence Avenue 15 Kelowna, BC V1W 4Z6


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CENTURY 21 Assurance Realty Ltd. 251 Harvey Avenue Kelowna, BC V1Y 6C2 Office: Office Fax: Toll Free: Cell: E-mail: Website:

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250-869-0101 250-869-0105 888-301-2121 250-863-9230

Great, bright Townhome in beautiful, desirable Kettle Valley Community

Fantastic, bright open town home in Kettle Valley, a Canadian Community Award Winner. Great location, close to the high ranking Chute Lake Elementary School and overlooking Winslow Park. This home features a grand entrance with high ceilings, two large bedrooms, three baths, a good size loft, great for office use and a 2 car garage. Unlike the 3 bedroom ones, this home looks more spacious and less chopped up. The large ensuite has a soaker tub and separate shower and lots of counter space. The bay windows up and down stairs ensure lots of light coming into this home. Finished basement with flex room and storage space. Balcony in the back is large enough to accommodate tables that can seat at least 4 people and a BBQ. Please contact Rom Houtstra @ 250.317.6405 or for more info.

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For more information or to recieve our free market commentary (including portfolio holdings and market indicators) call us at 250-448-6475 or send an email with the subject line “Market Commentary” to

Don’t miss the final performance at the Kelowna Community Theatre April 25 and the chance to say farewell to Founding Artistic Director David LaHay as he retires. For more information go to


Our 2013 performance was

Dancer: Clare Bassett

Vernon March 1 Summerland March 8 Salmon Arm March 14 Kelowna Orchard Park (excerpts) April 5

We acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia. PROGRESS 2014



Great repairs, great feelings

Sunset Organic Bistro, a singular experience

Boyd Autobody

Summerhill Pyramid Winery

When you get your vehicle repaired at Boyd Autobody & Glass, you not only get exceptional work backed by a lifetime guarantee—you also help us support your community. Every year, we donate a portion of every customer’s invoice to charity. In addition, all proceeds from our Annual Father’s Day Car Show go to our charity of choice: last year you helped us raise nearly $11,000 for Cops for Kids, while this year’s proceeds will support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Over the years, Boyd has purchased several hundred boxes of Girl Guide Cookies and donated more than $350,000 to various Okanagan charities, and we are proud to give back. We’re proud of the work

we do, too. Whether you need collision or glass repair, or glass replacement, our staff will ensure it’s done right. You can feel good about your car again, and about helping Boyd support your community.

L-R: Methal Abougoush (owner), Gail Harrison (Cops for Kids event organizer), Jason Abougoush (business development manager).

Harvest Voted Best Golf Course Chef Dan Werry.


p.m. Reservations are recommended. Phone 250.764.8000 ext. 501, or visit their website to make your reservation online:

The right place to celebrate with friends.

An attractive smile is more important than you may think

The Harvest Golf Club Among the Okanagan’s most prestigious championship golf courses, The Harvest Golf Club is pulling in the accolades. Voted Best Golf Course and one of the Best Places to Get Married by Okanagan Life readers, the club’s outstanding hospitality also earned a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in 2013. With multiple tee areas, the course can challenge the potential of every golfer while wide fairways and nearby orchards contribute to The Harvest’s unique character. At 7,109 yards, this Graham Cooke designed

Summerhill is doing something special at the Sunset Organic Bistro, something beautiful: sourcing all of the ingredients organically and pairing the menu with their organic wines. And while the food and wine are world class, the service is warm and the dining room casual, making the bistro perfect for date night or family night. Enjoy this singular culinary experience with stunning views of vineyard, lake and mountains from the Sunset Organic Bistro’s dining room and terrace. It’s a place that will make you feel good about life. Summerhill Pyramid Winery is Canada’s largest and most storied organic winery, in business for 23 years. Seating 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Sunday brunch until 2

course rates 72.9 from the black tees. On site is the Okanagan’s largest practice facility and the Harvest Golf Academy. No doubt the world-class views and Okanagan flavour in Chef Dan Werry’s menu at the Harvest Grille combine to make it the top spot for both those getting married and for restaurant goers. The seasonal menu offers delectable selections to tempt every palate and patrons can enjoy the patio for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For newly weds, the gardens and waterfall provide a picturesque backdrop for the perfect photo.

With spectacular views, The Harvest Golf Club is the PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine perfect spot to tie the knot.

Kelowna Prosthodontics When meeting someone for the first time, nearly one-third say the first facial feature they typically notice is teeth. An attractive smile is what one in four remembers most. Nearly three in four would be more likely to trust someone with a nice smile; they are perceived to be 45% more likely to get a job than those with an unattractive smile, 58% more likely to be wealthy. On dating sites, those with a nice smile are considered 57% more likely to get a date based


Dr. Duncan Chambers.

on their photo alone — while nearly two in five of people would not consider going on a second date with someone who has an unattractive smile. Is your smile holding you back? Dr. Duncan Chambers creates beautiful smiles. He is a Board Certified Dental Specialist in tooth replacement and restoration; he can help you get the smile that you have always wanted. Schedule a FREE consultation today: 250.862.2483.



Three succession questions you should ask today MNP If you own an established business, you’ve probably invested many years and a significant portion of your personal finances. A good exit strategy ensures the value you’ve built doesn’t retire with you. Whether you plan to transition your business to employees, sell it to a third party or pass the business down to the next generation, start by asking three key questions: If not now, when? Succession planning should be done over a four- or five-year period. Lead time allows you to choose a transition strategy, identify and groom potential successors, clean up the company’s structure and maximize its profitability and value. What is my business worth? The value of a business is what the market will pay. A proper valuation can assist with negotiations and help you address issues that may detract from the business’s value. How much will the taxman take? Many tax restructuring transactions must be completed well in advance of the transition. Ask a tax specialist how to ensure maximum flexibility for the best financial benefit. To learn more, download MNP’s free guide at, or contact Gary Parmar, Regional Succession Services Leader for MNP LLP Chartered Accountants & Business Consultants in Kelowna. Call 250.979.2577, or email

Offering for US$20 million Courtesy of Dean Otto of Sakamoto Properties

Call Michelle for your Okanagan or Hawaiian Dream Home






7920 Highway 97, Vernon BC

Plants and flowers • Shrubs • Fertilizers • Garden tools • Deli • Bakery • Ice cream Fresh local produce in season • Open 8 a.m. - 7 p.m. 7 days a week (Summer hours)

Gary Parmar, Regional Succession Services Leader.


Your Car’s Not Clean ‘til it’s Skogie’s Clean!






1830 Underhill Rd Detailing • Self-Serve Bays Express Interiors


SKOGIE’S AUTOSPA Willow Park High-Shine Rollover Wash Self-Serve Bays

Call 250.862.5242 or Visit us Online or in Person PROGRESS 2014




Question and answers with the accounting firm

Furniture-quality cabinets for your home

Crowe MacKay LLP

Kekuli Bay Cabinetry

Q: Why did Crowe MacKay change its name from MacKay LLP? A: Effective January 1, 2014 we joined the Crowe Horwath International (CHI) network of firms. As part of this change we rebranded to become Crowe MacKay. Q: So is this a merger? A: No, we are the same firm, owned and managed by the same people. We just have a different name and new opportunities. Q: What does the change mean to Crowe MacKay? A: Joining the CHI network means that we have access to resources across the globe through more than 150 independent accounting and advisory service firms while maintaining our independence as a firm. Q: What does the change mean to the clients of Crowe MacKay? A: For many clients there will be no change; they will continue to receive the same quality of service they have come to expect from the same people. For other clients, primarily those whose business activities extend outside of Canada, Crowe MacKay will be able to provide, through the CHI network, services that were previously not available through MacKay. Q: Where can I find out more about Crowe MacKay? A: You can find out more about Crowe MacKay and CHI at

For a kitchen or bath that is truly your own, look to the custom cabinet manufacturer whose Okanagan family roots date back to 1984. Their 10,000 sq. ft. Kelowna showroom is the place to visualize how a distinctive custom design will actually look in your home. “The Kekuli Bay Cabinetry experience always starts with you,” says owner Ed Huber. “We can help you create any style of cabinetry from modern and contemporary to country and traditional, or something that is uniquely you.” To make that individual statement, Kekuli Bay Cabinetry draws on a wide selection of natural woods: maple, oak, pine, alder, cherry, hickory, beech and bamboo. And as one of the few companies in the industry that manufactures its own doors, the design possibilities are endless. Kekuli Bay Cabinetry is the only showroom in Western Canada that features custom cabinets and furniture made in the same factory, a 30,000 sq. ft. facility right here in the Okanagan. “Each handcrafted cabinet is built using the finest of raw materials and our design staff will work with customers through each step of creating a new kitchen or bathroom, from design through to installation,” says Huber. Kekuli Bay Cabinetry takes great pride in being a “green” company. All wood products are carbon compliant and Kekuli uses finishing products that emit very low volumes of volatile organic compounds. On-site, a high tech boiler system has been installed to burn waste sawdust. “The wood boiler system burns cleaner than natural gas and provides

all the heat we need,” says Huber. “It’s allowed us to invest the gas savings in upgrading our equipment every year.” You can proudly buy Canadian and support BC manufacturing at Kekuli Bay Cabinetry, 1794 Baron Road, Kelowna (behind Costco) and in Vernon at 8111 Highland Place (north of Swan Lake). Visit online at

“The Kekuli Bay Cabinetry experience always starts with you.”

Our professional design team will help you create any style of cabinetry: modern, country, traditional or uniquely you—the possibilities are endless.

“Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” –Albert Einstein

Count on this: Okanagan Life now circulates 5 times more magazines than the North American magazine average. 32

PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine


Technology Solutions for Business TOPS TOPS entered the telecom market over 30 years ago. We’ve grown to cover a wide range of office technology, including photocopiers and computer network solutions. We provide integrated data, voice, and video solutions to make your communications effective today—without sacrificing your business needs for tomorrow. Business technology must do two things: increase your profitability and improve your competitive advantage. Otherwise, it is not worth the investment. Technology advances rapidly, and keeping up can become very expensive. That’s why we provide our customers with reliable networking services that can grow and change along with the business. We work with you to create a flexible plan that virtually eliminates the possibility of being stuck with outdated technology, or a potentially costly reinvestment to stay current. With a TOPS Complete Managed Services Solution, one low monthly price can provide it all. Our experienced team will assist with all phases of planning, design, installation and service for your business phone systems and communications solutions. We reduce the business impact of telecommunications failures by minimizing their occurrence, and deal with any unforeseen issues as a top priority. VOIP, conferencing, secure cloud backup, and more — a ll aspects of your telecommunications needs are covered. More at

Escape to the Okanagan’s Hottest Stretch of Sand The finest lakeside hotel accommodations, spectacular sunset views and a private sandy beach in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

walnutbeachresort .com

Stripes are earned.

Insist on... 1.888.868.BOYD

“If technology isn’t your business, make it ours!” Brian Fair, TOPS Telecom president. PROGRESS 2014



Troika takes Tommie gold! Troika Developments Less than a week before the much-anticipated Winter Olympics were underway, the team at Kelowna’s Troika Group was already celebrating its own gold winning moments! The Kelowna-based land and real estate development company took home four gold statues at the 2013 Tommie Gold Gala at the Delta Grand Hotel, including the coveted people’s choice award, Community of the Year, for Troika’s West Harbour development. West Harbour beat out five other projects for the prestigious award. “It’s a testament to the efforts of every single member of the Troika Group team that West Harbour has been recognized by Kelowna residents as an incredible community and place to call home,” says Troika CEO Renee Wasylyk. “As a local developer with a passion for creating beautiful, sustainable places to live in our own community, this recognition means a lot, and we’re so grateful to everyone who voted.”

Troika and its construction partner CorWest also won Tommie gold in the categories of Single Family Homebuilder (large volume), Multi-Family Homebuilder, and Customer Service. Nestled on a hillside off Westside Road, the Homes at West Harbour feature stunning Tuscan Villa style architecture complemented with contemporary layouts and finishings. Each estate home comes with a boat slip, and the community includes 500 feet of sandy beachfront, a swimming pool, hot tub, and BBQ lounge area, as well as future tennis court and fitness centre. Single family homes start at $479,900 and walkout ranchers are available from $615,000. Operating in Kelowna since 1998, Troika has a proven reputation for quality and integrity. Other local projects include Green Square, Citybrook, Yaletown, The Gate, and Upper Avenue, a new downtown commercial project located at 554 Leon.

L-R: Andreas Hayer (construction

manager), Brad Klassen (principal) and Renee Wasylyk (principal) celebrate Tommie wins.

First in performance for sophisticated investors

Hottest stretch of sand in the Okanagan!

StoneCastle Investment Management

Walnut Beach Resort

We are a Canadian based investment management company. Our mission is to offer individual investors access to high quality funds that provide superior absolute performance while controlling risk. We manage the Redwood Equity Growth Fund—the top performer out of 380 Canadian equity funds in 2013, returning 35.22 per cent. How do we do it? Bruce Campbell, our president and portfolio manager, founded StoneCastle Investment Management Inc. and has 20 years of investment management experience. We believe that successful investing is easily measured and, as such, is more of a science than an art. By making rational and systematic portfolio management decisions, we can help our clients achieve superior investment results. It’s important for our investors


to understand exactly how their investments are performing, and we take pride in our reputation for keeping our clients well informed about the companies we own. Ready to invest? Find out more at

Bruce Campbell founded StoneCastle Investment Management Inc. in 2001.

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Sun, suites and spectacular views from 112 carefully crafted designer hotel suites give you the luxurious comforts of home and then some. One- and two-bedroom options plus elegant penthouses all provide rich linens, a full array of electronic entertainment and fully equipped designer kitchens where you can turn abundant fresh produce and stellar local wines into tasty snacks and gourmet meals. But you’re on vacation, so skip the culinary gyrations and head for the Promenade Tapas & Wine Bar to enjoy Chef Justin Paakkunainen’s memorable creations inside or poolside. When you’re ready to explore, renowned wineries are just minutes away, but hurry back. Walnut Beach provides poolside service and the only licensed beach service in the country. To find out why Walnut Beach

Resort is quickly becoming known as the best resort in the Okanagan and a great choice for vacations with the whole family, visit

Walnut Beach offers the only licensed beach service in the country.



The value of experience Coldwell Banker Jane Hoffman Group Specializing in luxury homes and waterfront properties, Coldwell Banker Jane Hoffman Group provides top-notch service, along with a first class website and marketing program. Whether you’re looking at getting into the market, finding an investment property, or upgrading to your perfect dream home, they have the expertise to help you find the perfect location with the amenities you need, in the right price range for you. Start with a leisurely online tour of their website,, where you can take your time exploring some of the most exquisite luxury and waterfront homes, townhomes and condos in the Valley. Browse homes by price (with categories ranging from under $499,000 to over $4,000,000) or by property type: choose from investment opportunities, condos and townhomes, lakeshore, residential farms, lots and acreages. You can even browse by the features you need, like three-plus garages, equestrian facility, boat dock, sandy beach or penthouse. Whenever you need the services of a real estate professional, you want someone with a stellar reputation and a strong track record of results. In the highly competitive Kelowna area market, Jane Hoffman Group has consistently proven to be an industry leader. You want someone you’re comfortable with, too. Jane Hoffman has been a real estate agent in Kelowna since 1985, and is firmly invested in her community, where

“We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with fascinating people and sensational properties, and we’ve been successful because we love what we do and we put our clients’ best interests first.” —Jane Hoffman

she is a strong supporter of the Central Okanagan Hospice Association. Jane is backed by an award-winning team of experts, and all of them love the work they do. Managing broker Kristy Huber has more than 20 years experience in the real estate industry; since 1993, she has been overseeing all daily operations, along with listing homes, preparing market evaluations and showing homes to prospective buyers. The full team at Coldwell Banker Jane Hoffman Group includes eight licensed Realtors® and three support staff, and together they bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to every client, and to every property, whether selling or buying. To complement their own strengths, Jane Hoffman Group has chosen a partner in Coldwell Banker Previews International for the global networking and marketing opportunities Coldwell Banker can bring to their clients. Stay tuned for the launch of Jane’s new Signature Video, showcasing Kelowna and Jane Hoffman Group. Get to know Jane and her team through her blog, and through their online bios at You can contact them through the quick response form on their website, email Jane or a member of the team, or call them at 250.868.2223 (toll free at 1.888.535.6962). Or drop by the office. You’ll find them at #14–1470 Harvey Avenue in Kelowna.

L-R: Rene, Lori, Kevin and Tracey.

What is the cost of a bad hire? Okanagan Staffing Services Inc. According to a Career Builder survey across North America, that cost can be pegged at an average of $25,000. For Okanagan employers, it’s a cost they may never have to see, thanks to Okanagan Staffing Services, a professional recruitment agency operating in Kelowna since 1995. Placing more than 100 people in permanent positions last year and filling 3,000 temporary assignments, Okanagan Staffing pride themselves on getting it right the first time. Starting with behavioral-base inter“For job viewing, personality profiles and extensive seekers, think skills testing, the of us as your agency finds candidates to match both employment the position and the corporate culture. counsellor.” “We visit our clients place of business to ensure we have a clear understanding of their recruitment needs and their corporate culture,” says president Kevin Renwick, CHRP. “We then take what we’ve learned and conduct screening processes tailored to each employer.” With a tightening labour market—thanks in part to retiring baby boomers—recruitment expertise based in the Okanagan is welcomed, by both employers and job seekers. “We recruit for all levels of an organization, from executive leaders to technical, accounting and administrative positions,” says Renwick. “For job seekers, think of us as your employment counsellor, here to assist with a more effective resume and successful interviewing skills.” Visit us at PROGRESS 2014



Love where you live Amanda Westrheim—Award Winning REALTOR® To say Amanda Westrheim is passionate about the Okanagan Valley lifestyle would be a huge understatement. She feels a strong connection to this area with deep family roots and a love for everything this all-season playground has to offer, from the lush vineyards to the beautiful Lake Okanagan waterfront to the friendly people who call this area home. “I sometimes feel like a tourist myself because I enjoy this lifestyle so much,” Amanda says. “Going to local wine tastings, boating and wakeboarding on the lake in the summertime, snowboarding in the winter— there’s never a shortage of things to do. I’m reminded every day why I love where I live.” Amanda absolutely loves what she does and it clearly shows. She’s driven to make a positive difference in the community every day by providing a higher standard of service. She brings a depth of knowledge in the local Okanagan market that she uses to guide her clients to exceptional results.

“I love helping people, I love living in the Okanagan Valley, and I love real estate. So it’s easy to understand why I am so passionate about what I do.” Whether you are a first-time buyer looking to purchase your very first property, a current homeowner looking to sell and move up into your dream Okanagan Valley home or an investor looking to make the most of your opportunities in this resort destination, you can count on Amanda to give her all for you

and help you make sound real estate decisions. She’s focused, experienced and committed to helping you build a brighter future one move at a time. Amanda wants you to Love Where You Live, so call her today at 250.863.9230 or 1.888.301.2121 and get more out of your next real estate experience!

Fine wine, fine food, traditional hospitality

North Okanagan shopping destination

Hillside Winery • Bistro

Swan Lake Nurseryland

Throughout its history, Hillside has been committed to producing handcrafted wines that represent the true character of the grapes. Believing that great wines start in the vineyard, they use only the best quality fruit available from the 20-acre vineyard surrounding the winery and from select vineyards on the Naramata Bench and in Oliver. The gristmill-style winery is uniquely designed to allow for small batch fermentation to maintain the varietal character and integrity of each grape type and vineyard. Even the visually striking 72-foot tower serves a functional purpose, helping to cool the wine cellar. Visitors to the winery enjoy the gracious gardens, alive with blossoms from early spring to frost. They make a glorious


backdrop for dining at the Hillside Bistro where Chef Rob Cordonier’s exquisite local fare, served by Hillside’s friendly and lively staff, is paired with winemaker Kathy Malone’s award-winning wines. Visit Hillside Winery and Bistro at 1350 Naramata Road. Hillside Bistro is open seasonally. Call 250.493.6274 to inquire about booking an event. For full details on wines, tasting room hours and more, visit

Join Hillside’s Wine Club for access to exclusive wines!

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We started out as a small roadside fruit stand in 1959, and have been a locally owned independent retailer ever since. Today we offer plenty of fresh produce year round, locally sourced in season to support Okanagan growers. We’re expanding our selection of organic produce, and carry conventional groceries, too. Visit our bakery and deli for fresh baked goods and daily lunch specials, and stop by our floral shop. We are a full retail garden centre featuring soils, fertilizers,

seeds, trees, shrubs and flowers, lawn and garden tools and the expert advice you need to get growing. Our landscape division provides commercial and residential landscape design and installation. A fixture in the North Okanagan, our contributions to the community include the beautification of the highway entrance to Vernon, donations to service groups, winter carnival, and more. Visit us at, or at 7920 Highland Road, just north of Vernon.

Swan Lake Nurseryland staff, will help you to find everything you need.


Indoor/outdoor family fun WetZone Leisure Pool & Spa WetZone is your complete outdoor and indoor fun store. Let us help you make your family time a lot of fun. One of the Okanagan’s largest and most established spa and pool stores, we are now in our 16th year serving the entire Valley. We carry a full line of spas, swim spas, swimming pools, outdoor kitchens and fire tables. For indoor family time, check out our selection of pool tables and billiard accessories. You’ll love the wonderful products we carry and we think you’ll love doing business with us, too. WetZone is very well recognized for outstanding customer commitment. Our staff has a combined industry knowledge of over 50 years and we can provide service on all makes. We have all the pool accessories you need: cleaners, heaters, vacuums, covers and more. We also offer a full pro pool and spa chemical line, along with a large parts department to help you maintain, repair and get the most out of your investment. We’re clearing out our 2013 models, so this is a great time to buy! Check out our specials at, or drop by the store at 1760 Byland Road in West Kelowna.

We value the idea that we can have a small share in your families’ memories as they’re made around the center of your home in your dream kitchen. The Kekuli Bay Cabinetry experience always starts with you. A discussion centers on you and your specific needs. Our team of designers and our master craftsman then work to manufacture those dreams in our state of the art facility; our goal is to be part of your family.

Call Matt at 250.241.0036 Call Ron at 250.826.6001 Call Steve at 250.938.6016 Call Laurie at 778.581.0400

• 1794 Baron Rd, Kelowna • 8111 Highland Place, Vernon

“The unconscious mind exerts profound influence: shaping decisions, moulding behaviour — and running our lives.” WetZone provides an infinity of choices to enhance your outdoor and indoor living.

- Scientific American - January, 2014 PROGRESS 2014



Health and beauty in dentistry Simply Amazing Smiles Dr. Trevor Morhaliek and his team at Simply Amazing Smiles provide exceptional one-on-one care in a uniquely tranquil setting. At Simply Amazing Smiles your physical comfort is as great a priority as your dental wellbeing. There you’ll find a quiet, private and relaxed environment with unexpected touches like ceiling televisions, a selection of movies, hot towels, complimentary mini-massages and the always-in-demand massage chair. But let’s face it, no matter how pleasant the surroundings, the real issue here is the quality of dental care you can expect to receive. Dr. Morhaliek draws on 15 years of experience including general dentistry, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry and facial aesthetics. In a world of constantly changing technology, he’s kept absolutely current with additional training in cosmetic den-

Top row L-R: Dr. Trevor Morhaliek, Kristy, Kelly and Vicky. Bottom row L-R: Angelina, Kelsey and Nicole.

tistry and sedation dentistry. Dr. Morhaliek’s knowledge and skills are so well respected that he is also an educator in the field of aesthetic dentistry and smile design. In his own practice, Dr. Morhaliek believes in using proactive diagnostic technol-

Okanagan & Hawaii Michelle Belch, RE/MAX Looking for property somewhere warm and sunny yearround  —  like Hawaii? How about a locale with summers for golf and winters for skiing  —  like the Okanagan? Michelle Belch has the knowledge, experience and connections to make it happen. After living in Hawaii and representing RE/MAX Honolulu on Maui, the Valley Isle, she returned to Kelowna in 2014 to maintain those all-important family ties with her three adult children. She began her RE/MAX real estate business and, in 2005, was awarded Rookie of the Year! Michelle believes strongly in professional development and took the course for The Institute of Luxury


Home Marketing to better serve her clients. She holds real estate licences in both British Columbia and Hawaii, working closely with two agents there to assist with her treasured Canadian referrals. Michelle has created a new business through of RE/MAX Kelowna, which will be part of The RE/MAX Collection~Fine Homes and Luxury Properties. She looks forward to working with vendors and purchasers in the Okanagan and Hawaii , from lots to land to multimillion dollar homes. Michelle and her team continue to follow their long-held slogan, Fruitful Results, and look forward to serving you. Visit the website or call 250.717.5000.

Call Michelle for your Okanagan or Hawaiian PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life MagazineDream Home.

ogies that result in more conservative, non-invasive and cost-effective treatment options. He says that problems such as cavities can now be detected at an extremely early stage, resulting in fillings that can often be performed without any discomfort or anesthetic. Faster technologies lead to fewer and shorter appointments, which in turn leads to lower dental bills. Simply Amazing Smiles keeps their fees competitive and conveniently offers payment plans. Centrally located at 100-1475 Ellis Street in Kelowna, with free parking, extended hours and evening appointments to provide maximum convenience, it’s no wonder that Dr. Morhaliek and the Simply Amazing Smiles team have been voted Best of the Okanagan finalists for two years running. Details at Call 250.762.2521 to book your visit.

Tommie-winning quality you deserve RichBuilt Homes RichBuilt Homes understands custom homes: how they are designed and how they are built. “Most of all, we understand how your home can be constructed to suit your needs, in both form and function,” says Darren Richmond, who backs up his statement with 20 years experience in building both residential and commercial projects. Based in Vernon, RichBuilt satisfies clients by combining the artistic form of the home with proven building science to create a high performance dwelling that looks good and uses less energy. We do this with a simple formula: use our knowledge and experience to guide you through the available

options and decisions you have to make; work out the design principles that will allow us to bring your vision to reality; deliver your building on time and on budget; and stand behind our work—100%. Progress within the construction industry has led to many options for creating a more efficient home. RichBuilt Homes is a certified green builder, committed to showing you how energy efficient upgrades and sustainable building practices can be incorporated into your project while providing the quality and craftsmanship you expect and deserve. To assess your project needs, contact RichBuilt Homes at 250.558.5521 or visit

ENJOY FINE CASUAL DINING AT THE YELLOW HOUSE RESTAURANT & CATERING COMPANY. Open seven nights a week for dinner and Monday through Friday for lunch. Set in a cozy and artistic heritage house. Patio dining and live music during the Summer Concert Series. Private parties, event planning and catering.

• Best Décor • Best Romantic Dining • Best Tapas / Appies


526 Lawrence Ave Kelowna, BC PROGRESS 2014



Okanagan living at its finest Fawdry Homes Live the Okanagan dream! Fawdry Homes builds spectacular custom homes throughout the Central Okanagan. They have been chosen as one of the select builders in the breathtaking developments of High Point, Sheerwater, Woodland Hills, Gallagher’s Canyon and Wilden, in the beautiful Glenmore Highlands, where you’ll find Fawdry’s exquisite showhome. Glenn Fawdry is a certified residential builder and has been rated a Master Builder, which is the highest level attainable from the former New Home Warranty Program. With over 35 years experience, Fawdry’s commitment to the finest quality craftsmanship has been recognized with 40 housing awards. Fawdry believes that the success of any custom building project rests on a strong foundation of trust and good communications between client and builder. It’s all about relationships. “Listen loudly and speak quietly,” says Fawdry. “You have to listen

“Fawdry Homes built the first R-2000 home in this Okanagan area in 1984.” with care to your customer’s needs and wishes in order to build their dream home.” He also maintains a respectful concern for the environment when building. Energy efficiency and indoor air quality have always been a priority for Fawdry Homes, which built the first R-2000 home in this Okanagan area in 1984. Understanding the need to build energy efficient homes that offers both beauty and quality, Glenn Fawdry and his associates continue to stay current on the latest technologies, including optional energy sources. Visit Fawdry Homes online at or better still, drop by their stunning showhome located at 143 Skyland Drive. Showhome hours are 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday through Thursday.

With excellent craftsmanship evident in every detail of their custom homes, it’s obvious why Fawdry Homes has won 40 housing awards.


Salient Facts Address: PID: Legal address: Site Area: Zoning: Topography: Frontage: Improvements:



Rezoning Application: Price: Traffic counts


advertise here!

250-861-5399 250.861.5399 ••


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Building success for your business

2486 Highway 97, Kelowna 008-230-099 Lot 1 District Lot 1025 ODYD Plan Except Plans KAP784813 and KAP 80632 121,046 square feet or 2.78 acres C9 Tourist Commercial Flat A key component to the success 275 feet on Hwy 97 386 Hwy 33 is location. of feet anyonbusiness Vacant with all buildings demolished and Finding the right space, in removed the right building be aCentre Submitted in July 2012 for can C4 Urban Commercial challenge for any business owner. $6,200,000.00

Colliers International Centre Group

Colliers International Centre

Group Commercial the Hwy 97 @ Hwy 33 (travelling eastRealty, west on Hwy 97) +55,000 cars per day Okanagan’s premier commercial Hwy 33 to Hwy 97 (left turn from Hwy 33 to Hwy 97) real estate firm, is there to help. +28,000 cars per day Colliers offers complete, one-stop commercial real estate services, regardless of location or size, whether you are in the market for retail, office, manufacturing, industrial space or considering expanding, consolidating, relocating, refinancing or selling. Their team of highly experienced professionals can help find the location that’s right for your business. Colliers is the knowledge leader and invests heavily in

local market research, which sets them apart from the competition. Their intimate local knowledge allows them to provide creative real estate solutions focused on your business needs. Call Colliers International Centre Group Commercial Realty at 250.763.2300, for all your Conceptual site plan and illustration of possible developme commercial real estate needs.

Conceptual site plan and illustration of possible development plan for 2486 Highway 97, Kelowna.

0426 RPGP RN Individualized Program Ad - Desne Hall - Size 7.25in Wide x 4.875in High - CMYK - 03 Press Ready PDF

Edited and Formatted only by Gary Leung 2014 604 267 2113

Thank you for voting us one of the BEST PLUMBING COMPANIES


(Central Okanagan) PROGRESS 2014


“Come Home to Excellence� Not happy with your smile?

ComeseeDr.Chambers,BoardCertifiedDentalSpecialist, andgetthesmilethatyouhavealwayswanted.Hehasover twentyyearsofexperienceandadvancedtrainingin CreatingBeautifulSmiles, ToothWhitening,Dental Call now and get a Implants,PorcelainVeneers FREE INITIAL andCosmeticDentures. CONSULTATION! Allinanew,state-ofawdry ($150value) the-artoffice.

Best House Under $3 Million Award

Belinda Reekie, Theresa Flanigan, Glenn Fawdry, Janelle Fawdry, Bruce Antoniuk, Ron Danielson, Will Friesen, Don Barron, Jeff Kibble, Robert Kuchma, Brian Gilmer, Rick Ficko, Jackson Bold, Ryan Davidson, Jack Kormish, Gordie Lake


Homes | 250 862 862-8630

Dr.Chambers,DDS,FRCD(C) BoardCertifiedDentalSpecialist

Your Smile, Our Specialty.

Suite201-550WestAve. Kelowna,BCV1Y4Z4 Phone:250862-2483or TollFree: 1855862-2483

Not happy with your smile?

Come see Dr. Chambers, Board Certified Dental Specialist, and get the smile that you have always wanted. He has over twenty years of experience and advanced training in Creating Beautiful Smiles, Tooth Whitening, Dental Call now and get a Implants, Porcelain Veneers FREE INITIAL and Cosmetic Dentures. CONSULTATION! All in a new, state-of($150 value) the-art office.

Dr. Chambers, DDS, FRCD(C) Board Certified Dental Specialist

Your Smile, Our Specialty.


Suite 201 - 550 West Ave. Kelowna, BC V1Y 4Z4 Phone: 250 862-2483 or Toll Free: 1 855 862-2483

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Voted Best Residential Builder of the Okanagan 2013

Identity theft:

are you



tips for protecting your identity and your money


t least 110 million consumers were affected by the hack involving Target and Neiman Marcus retailers. Whether or not millions more will have their identities manipulated and finances ruined within the coming months due to more breaches of security at other stores is anyone’s guess, says identity theft recovery expert Scott A. Merritt. “By necessity, I became an expert on identity theft. My information was stolen in 2006, and in repairing the damage, I learned some not-so-obvious ways we can all protect against identity theft in the

first place,” says Merritt, CEO of Merritt & Associates and author of Identity Theft Do’s and Don’ts. Merritt’s problems developed quickly in 2007. While disputing financial charges and dealing with resulting business problems, he was stopped for a traffic violation and arrested on a false outstanding felony warrant. He immediately knew why. Unfortunately, the millions affected by the recent hacks may be dealing with similar repercussions in the years ahead, he says. Before you become a victim of identity theft, Merritt offers seven ways to guard against it.

By Scott A. Merritt


Understand how and where it happens

Identity theft is like being robbed when you are away from home; most thefts occur in places where you do business every day. Either a place of business is robbed, a bad employee acts improperly or a hacker breaches the office through the computer. PROGRESS 2014



Secure information in your wallet


Make sure your information is consistent

Photocopy everything in your wallet: photos, credit cards (front and back), membership cards—everything. Put the copies in the same order the cards are arranged in your wallet, staple them together and place them in a strongbox or safe.


Change your passwords at least twice a year on a non-scheduled basis—don’t be predictable. Have a strong firewall if you shop online, and only access sites that are protected by a strong firewall and high industry standards. Access accounts of a financial nature only from your personal computer.

For all of your identity and fi nancial documents, make absolutely sure, to the smallest detail, that all of your personal information is accurate and consistent. Discrepancies such as using your middle initial on some documents and not others, or having different addresses, can wreak havoc in proving your identity, and can compromise your credit score.

Have a strong firewall if you shop online, and only access sites that are protected by a strong firewall and high industry standards. Access accounts of a financial nature only from your personal computer.” — Scott A. Merritt Merritt & Associates


PROGRESS 2014 Okanagan Life Magazine

Secure your digital habits and data

Remember As we move more of our banking and personal information online, we become susceptible to the hazards of hackers and Identity theft. Merritt recommends changing digital passwords at least twice a year.


Protect your banking information

While in the bank, keep account numbers and other data out of sight, and avoid stating account numbers, social insurance numbers and similar information out loud. When planning a bank visit, have items such as deposits and withdrawal slips prepared in advance.

Most thefts occur in places where you do business every day.”


Account for your interactions with vendors


Don’t carry around your birth certificate or SIN card

Come See our Award Winning Show Room. 2140 Leckie Place, Kelowna BC • 250.860.3900 •

Every time you speak to someone with whom you do business, write down the time, date, name and the purpose or outcome of the call. If an identity theft occurs on the vendor’s end, you will be able to reference these prior conversations effectively. Be sure to note any animosity or reluctance from the vendor.

Unless it’s necessary, keep those vital items in a safe, or at least a firebox. If you know someone is going to need a copy of your tax returns or your driver’s licence, for example, make the copies ahead of time. This avoids the need for a firm’s employee to leave the room with such information. “Of course, you can greatly reduce the chances of being a victim of such recent hacks as those that occurred at the major retailers by using cash more often,” he says. “But if you’re going to use credit, use a card from a national bank or credit union and never a debit card, no exceptions.”




Scott A. Merritt, Author of Identity

Theft Do’s and Don’ts., has represented himself in court to clear his record

The world’s only vanishing edge hot tub. Exclusively at WetZone.

from the ravages of identity theft.

P: 250.769.4155 • 1760 Byland Rd. Kelowna, BC • PROGRESS 2014


REARVIEW By Shelley Wood

No going back? Shelley takes a risk. Will she find a new way forward by retracing old steps?


omorrow I jet off to a place I travelled to years ago and credit with moulding me into the person I am today. We all have these types of trips or experiences in our personal histories: the moments, places or fleeting connections that fundamentally changed our way of looking at our past and refocusing our future. For me it was a solo backpacking trip to India in my 20s, but it could have been a skydive or a chance encounter or a kayak trip up the north coast of British Columbia. My trip to India awed me, crushed me, grew me and humbled me. I cried at least once a day, but also found myself routinely swamped by wonder and joy. Someone warned me: every day you are there you’ll be desperate to get home, and the moment you leave, you’ll be plotting ways to go back. This turned out to be true, but for one reason or another, my return has been 15 years in the making. I’ve been musing lately about what it means to go back, to retrace steps, and why it’s so complicated. There’s a reason our culture is forever propelling us forward; progress is feted, but backtracking carries with it a whiff of failure, a lack of ambition or curiosity. These days we’re so hungry for whatever comes next, we rarely take the time to revisit the things that got us where we are. Don’t get me started on how this hunger for new drives our disposable culture. I try not to get sucked in by the latest iPhone iteration or the newest, breathable,

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wicking, waterproof, odour-free, 100 per cent reflective, high performance jacket, but it isn’t easy. What’s new is hot and used is not. This affects our careers and personal relationships as well. People stay in friendships and dead-end marriages simply because it’s easier than cutting ties and starting over, and we stay in jobs that offer us security and an annual merit increase, even if we are no longer challenged or fulfilled by our work. Self-help books advise: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” I’m not sure when I’d find the time to fit this in between eating eight to ten fruits and vegetables a day, managing my weekly expenses, flossing and exercising at a moderate to vigorous pace for a minimum of 30 minutes. What I do know is that forward momentum feels simple. I’m good at what I do and if I keep doing it, my guess is it will get easier and safer. Going back, however, this will test me—even with a bigger travel budget and better pharmaceutical defences. I worry India will be something less than it was the last time or worse, that I myself will be something lesser: less open to new experiences, people and amazement. I hope not. I hope I can see with new eyes all the changes the country has been through, but also experience the thrill of recognition in feeling again some of what I felt before. If nothing else, I hope that in going back I may get a glimpse of the young person who set out all those years ago and came back thinking anything was possible, or at least worth trying once.

These days we’re so hungry for what comes next, we rarely take the time to revisit the things that got us where we are.

Shelley is a regular contributor to Okanagan Life. She blogs about her travels and travails at

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