Ojai Valley Guide Summer 2020

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Kathlyn Hendricks teaches workshops at many locations around the world.

code-and-accessing-essence-power/) Our community has also created a group of free video modules www. foundationforconsciousliving.org/ big-leap-home-online-programs/) to support you in coming home to yourself, restoring resourcefulness and creating caring community rather than structures based in fear, contempt and isolation. Startles with a loud noise create a mini-freeze that can be as powerful as a full-on freeze. In faint-fear, imagine your life energy draining out of your body through your feet, puddling beneath you, or recall a moment of going foggy or confused. The overwhelming onslaught of lies, misinformation, contempt and a cadre of -isms (racism, sexism, etc.) have created a larger context of passive resignation which is rooted in fear. Are we safer if our actions arise from fear or from responseable connection? You can change your fear to presence and flow now. Here’s how: Find a quiet space; recall a moment when you experienced a fear reaction. Instead of going to your habitual thought patterns around that moment, experiment with one of these alternate reactions: Fear-fighters can Ooze: move your arms and shoulders slowly like seaweed swaying in the ocean. Fear-fleers can Sumo: place your hands wide, with bent legs, shifting from one leg to the other and feeling weight connecting to the ground.

Fear-freezers can Wiggle: move your fingers and toes to thaw out, and wiggle more and more, feel your whole-body flow. Fear-fainters can do Love Scoops: reach into an imagined pool of love and scoop up love to place on any tight place on your body, or scoop and shower love over yourself until you feel present. You can play with combining oozing, sumo-ing, wiggling and love scooping with big movements and tiny ones so you can shift into flow anytime and anywhere. Please remember that it takes two minutes to change your emotional state with Fear Melters®. Fear Melters® can be sprinkled throughout the day whenever you experience your resilience wobbling and can be integrated within other practices to deepen your presence. We have created many free videos to support us moving from fear to presence, connection and collaboration. You’ll find discussions about some of the biggest issues with fear, Fear Melter® videos and research about how and why they work, and more here. www. foundationforconsciousliving.org/ big_leap_home/unlocking-the-fear-

Free of fear, what’s possible? You get fully present in your life and can access all your inner resources and your tuned-up rather than turned-off brain. You see others as equals and partners in your life. You can connect with your inner wisdom and creativity, and you can connect with others to collaborate rather than compete. You can co-create a new future for you, your family and global community. Make the move from fear into the flow of your deep connection to life, your creativity and your unique contribution NOW. Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., BCDMT, is an evolutionary catalyst and freelance mentor who has been a pioneer in the field of body intelligence and relationship transformation for fifty years. Co-author of twelve books, including Conscious Loving, she describes her purpose: “I feel through to the heart with laser-love and evoke essence through deep play.”