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Fragrance Creation oi! will work with you to create unique and interestin g fragrances for your custom candle line. Whether you have a particular idea for a fragrance in mind, or need some guidance in the fragrance creatio n process, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to place your fragranced candle line squarely in th e marketplace. To capture the essence you desire for your candles, our fragrance specialist will work with you one-on-one to develop your fragrance from the groundup or from an already existing reference point. However you choose to create your fragrance, oi! Will be there with you to guarantee you “hit it right on the nose�.

Fragrance Creation $75 per fragrance Include s initial sample and 1 revision. $25 for each additional fragrance revision. Fragrance creation take s approximately 2 weeks before we can submit a sample for approval. Revisions on an initial fragrance sample takes approximately 1-2 weeks per revision. Matching a fragrance from a product sample provided by the customer takes approximately 3 weeks from the time the sample is received by oi! matching a fragrance from a fragrance oil sample provided by the customer takes approximately 2 weeks from the time the sample is received by oi! Upon final approval of a fragrance by the customer, that fragrance formulation will remain exclusive to the customer and will not be disclosed or shared with other parties.

Container Decoration There are many options available when decorating your container for your soy candle line. Aside from the fact that there are are thousands of different shapes and sizes of containe r available, the majority of them can be decorated with color sprays, frosting, imprinting, plating & more. Also, may of these techniques can be combined for truly unique and spectacular results. Will all of these millions of combinations available to you, you're going to be so glad of oi!'s help during this process. We will develop a container that completely suits your brand, with as much, or as little creative input as you wish.

Container Decoration $125 per variatio n (Includes virtual proof and physical sample.) $75 for each revisio n (after approval of virtual proof). Physical samples tak e approximately 2 week s after approval of virtual proof. 2 samples will be provided – 1 empty glass & 1 filled with unfragranced wax for visual approval only. Burn samples will be provided at a later date, once fragrance, wax and container have bee n approved.

Packaging Design As there are so many packaging options and variations available,there are no standard rules or timelines. We will work with you closely and guide you through all the option available to you, to ensur you have packaging tailore to your product.

Packaging development $125 + plate/die charges Artwork Revisions $25 + plate/die charges Graphic Design Work $75 an hour

oi! Just soy you know... Quality Through hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of testing using many different 100% pure soy waxes with hundreds of fragrances and different temperatures, oi! soy candles has developed the combinations which produce a high quality, premium soy candle. Although we pride ourselves on the quality candles we produce and have established a rigorous quality assurance process, soy wax has inherent characteristics which may affect the appearance of the candle. This is discussed further in the next section titled ‘'Soy Wax Attributes.'’ However, oi! soy candles will address reasonable quality issues on a case-bycase basis. By reasonable, oi! soy candles means we will seek to remedy quality issues that are of a direct result of the production process. The reparations will be unique to each case. We value our customers and take a pragmatic approach in meeting your needs. We also seek continuous improvement which can only be realized by feedback from you.

Soy Attributes Soy wax is a naturally derived wax from the soya plant which diverges from a typical candles wax which is generally derived from petrochemicals (paraffin). As a result, the trade-off for using soy is it is a much softer wax which reacts differentially with different fragrances, percentages of fragrances, pou r temperatures, soy wax blends, cooling rate, size of container and the method with which it is poured. In addition to this, soy wax has a higher variance of contraction/expansion. Some visual defects that may be produced by the attributes of soy wax are wet spots, frosting, discoloration from fragrances (particularly floral fragrances) and leaching of fragrance after setting. Wet spots occur when the soy wax contracts and pulls away from the glass, producing what looks like trapped water. This is perhaps the most common issue with soy wax. Frosting of soy wax occurs when the wax crystalizes differently in different parts of the candles which gives an appearance like frost on a cold winters night. This does not affect the burn of your candle but it does act as a cue to those in the know that you are have chosen a better wax for your candles. Discoloration occurs with some interaction between fragrance and the soy wax. Typically, floral fragrances have been the main culprit of this effect but can happen with many fragrances and fragrance concentrations. Again, this does not affect the burn of your soy candle.

Occasionally, and typically at warmer temperatures, soy wax can leech fragrance which resembles dew on the grass (tiny globules on top of the candle). This typically does not occur within normal ambient house temperatures. Oi! soy candles ensures there is enough beautiful fragrance in each soy candle this effect will not affect the strength of our candles in a dramatic fashion. This will not affect the burn of oi! soy candles. Â Now for the good news. The reasons oi! soy candles has persevered with soy wax are numerous and progressive. Soy wax is a natural wax, not made from petrochemicals, which has a greatly reduced soot content when burned. This means a soy candle is not contributing greatly to particulate matter within a home. Additionally, soy wax cleans up with soap and water, which means it can be easily removed from household surfaces in case of an accident. A lower melt point also ensures soy wax burns cooler, further reducing the risk in case of a spill. Finally, it is not a petrochemical. oi! soy candles believes the less we all rely on oil while we have it, the less we will need it in the future.

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2012 Product Development Guide  
2012 Product Development Guide  

2012 Product Development Guide