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Kids opt for booze, not books By: Charlie McMannes and Maranda Ricker

Wisconsin is known for cheese, football, farm land and one more thing: excessive drinking. Underage drinking is a problem in Oregon, especially among OHS students; there has been a significant rise in the past few years, particularly in younger students. Oregon community members may not be as aware of the increase of drinking issues in the village; however, the Oregon Police Department knows it is a topic of concern. “Drinking is a problem here at OHS and Wisconsin in general. It is a drinking state where binge drinking is common and people drink to have fun,” said Officer Cindy Neubert of the Oregon Police Department (OPD). The OPD is not naïve about the drinking problems among students. Students are buying it, supplying it, and providing it. Not only are the students at fault for an increase in alcohol consumption among high school students, Officer Neubert continues by saying, “Parents are supporting [by hosting parties that contain alcohol], yet not knowing [that these parties have alcohol].” Many community members have seen the “Parents Who Host Lose the Most” signs throughout the village. Clearly, the community does try to promote stopping underage drinking, yet the majority of underage drinking is still being done within the confines of homes. “I know a lot of people drink at each other’s houses,” said senior Aimee Urben. “People think it’s nice being able to stay at a

place and drink without having to worry about driving or doing anything else.” According to Urben, “A lot of people [drink] because there is nothing else to do in little Oregon.” Why not play ping pong instead of beer pong? Or start a bon fire, roast s’mores, and finish the night with a funny movie? But instead, many students choose to drink for fun. Most teenagers binge drink, which is drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. According to, Wisconsin has the highest binge drinking rate of underage people with 25.6%. This frequency of underage drinking has been seen not only this year, but also in previous years. Due to excessive drinking, many students’ grades have been affected. “I feel like maybe I could have done better…” said a 2012 OHS graduate who admits to drinking underage. He continues saying the “problem I do foresee is younger and younger generations are starting to partake in drinking.” People need to be aware of the effects and steady rise in statistics with underage drinking. If you or someone you know has a drinking problem or needs someone to talk to, you can talk with your school counselor, OHS Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Association (ATODA) coordinator Lisa Barleen, teachers, family members/relatives, or you can look online for local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (www.

Safe post prom alternatives By: Taylor Anderson and Lauren Jacobson

Art by Casey Bonno.

Prom. For most, it means getting dressed up and looking their best for a night of dancing. But for some, it’s an opportunity to get “smashed” or “ratchet.” Not only are these activities illegal, they can lead to destructive, even fatal, consequences. Oregon has been promoting safe post prom activities for multiple years in a variety of ways. Every other year, Oregon has put together a mock drunk driving demonstration to “bring awareness to the issue of driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs,” said Associate Principal Jason Wilhelm. “My hope is that the assembly educates and informs the student body of the cause and effect of driving under the influence.” The safety of post prom activities are not just a concern to parents, it is to OHS administrators as well. “I worry that students put themselves in danger by the choices they make or the choice those around them make,” said Wilhelm. Unlike other area schools, Oregon does not hold a post prom party after the dance. According to prom adviser Brandi Hussli “We will consider it in future years, but first things first, we need to get this whole ‘off campus prom’ thing figured out. After that we

Drinking facts: • According to NPR, thought and memory functions may be affected from drinking. • Car crashes are the leading cause of death for people of the age 15-20 and about 1,900 of those deaths involve drinking. • Alcohol is involved with conditions like depression and stress and can lead to suicide. • Drinkers are more likely to engage in risky sexual activities. • Nearly half of the students in a government study with mostly D’s and F’s report binge drinking.

can discuss again, but we don’t want to be competing with the senior all-night party either, so we need to really think about what the post prom would be and who would attend.” So what kinds of fun activities can students do that does not involve getting drunk or high? There are many different options open for the students. “I would recommend a movie night, bowling, water park, or place that would provide an activity zone, such as a gaming area or laser tag,” said Wilhelm. So what’s stopping the students from enjoying all these fun activities? The simple answer is money. “The funding to do so and finding supervision for the events tend to be FREE activities: the biggest hurdle we face,” said Wilhelm. -Have a bonfire Spend your prom night remember-Watch a movie ing the fun, legal activities instead of having no recollection of what oc-Have a midnight curred that night. “There pool party is always an alternative choice that does not include using alcohol and -Host a game night, drugs,” said Wilhelm. complete with prizes


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Hosting: the price of being a “cool” parent By: Colin McReavy and Daniel Schmid

Parents who host parties for underage drinkers, choose to ‘look the other way,’ or even leave their liquor cabinet unlocked may seriously want to reconsider their actions; being the ‘cool’ parent may actually not be so ‘cool’ after all. On April 16, 2012, the village of Oregon adopted “social host ordinance no. 12-03.” The hosting ordinance intends to discourage underage possession and consumption of alcohol. In 2011, a Federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration report found that 33.8% of underage Wisconsinites drink alcohol and 24% are binge drinkers. The study also reports that only 5.6% of minors get alcohol from bars or stores, while 94.4% is supplied by parents or other adults over 21. Underage drinking is an undeniable problem in our country, and Oregon is no exception. Oregon Police Chief Doug Pettit agrees. “Alcohol has always been the drug of choice for people under 21, and kids in Oregon are no exception” he said. Oregon is one of 18 municipalities adopting similar ordinances in Wisconsin and the first in Dane County to do so. The recent institution of hosting ordinances is part of a statewide inititave to reduce underage drinking and make Wisconsin safer. Oregon Village President Steve Staton also acknowledges the issue of underage drinking in our state. “We have a significant problem with underage drinking in the state of Wisconsin. The Dane County Youth Assessment [survey] documents the amount of use throughout the state and the data in Dane County schools is consistent.” Staton also pointed out that the younger kids are when they start to drink, the more likely they are to have alcohol problems when they grow up. The social hosting ordinance passed last year took aim at reducing the problem in Oregon by placing more responsibility on parents. Before last year, there were no consequences for parents who hosted parties, or ‘looked the other way’; The only punishments were underage drinking tickets given to all partygoers under the age of 21. Now, a parent or adult over the age of 21 who is aware of the underage drinking is subject to a varying fine, depending on the severity of the infraction. Oregon Municipal Judge Beth Cox is responsible for determining the amount of the citation. “It’s based on the individual situation. What measures have they taken to prevent underage drinking? That’s what will determine the amount of the fine,” said Cox. The ordinance is an attempt to reduce underage drinking by targeting parents rather than students. An athletic survey in which all Oregon student athletes participated stated that 20% of students participating (of 341) believe “most parents are aware of alcohol use by athletes but choose to look the other way.” Furthermore, 24% of students answering (409) believe “all parents of athletes who signed the [OHS] code of conduct are willing to host parties with alcohol.” The social hosting ordinance has been received with mixed reviews, especially among students and parents. In a state where a child can legally drink with his or her parents at most ages, some argue the ordinance may be too much. A first time offender in Oregon can be subject to a $1000 fine, which happens to be twice as much as the $500 maximum of the Wisconsin state law. An anonymous student at Oregon High School thinks responsible minors should be allowed to attend parties and drink in their homes with parent supervision. “Having parents present would ensure that minors are kept under control, and will be able to receive rides if needed. Punishing them for keeping things in tact and stopping drunk driving doesn’t make sense to me,” said the student. Wisconsin leads the nation in drunk driving with 28,213 convictions in 2011. The student also pointed out that drinking responsibly with

Ordinance no. 12-03: “It is unlawful for any person(s) to: host or allow an event or gathering (more than 3 people) at any residence, premises or on any private or public property where alcohol or alcoholic beverages are present when the person knows that an underage person will or does consume any alcohol or alcoholic beverage; or possess any alcohol or alcoholic beverage with the intent to consume it; and the person fails to take reasonable steps to prevent possession or consumption by the underage persons. A person who violates this section is subject to a forfeiture of not less than $100 nor more than $1000 together with the costs of prosecution.”

a parent will prepare the student for life in college and into the future. Staton disagrees. “Often parents think that they can ‘teach’ their children to drink in a responsible way, so they host parties in their home. However there is no research to show that this will make a person a more responsible drinker when they get older and go to college,” he said. Parents throughout the community have reservations about the ordinance as well. “Underage drinking has been going on for years,” said an anonymous parent. “This ordinance is not going to stop it from happening.” Others argue it is better to provide a safe enviroment for their children rather than having them drink unsupervised. The city of Middleton issued a similar hosting ordinance many years ago and has seen a positive change. In the last year alone, the Middleton Police Department has issued 20 social hosting citations. However, results can not be as easily seen in Oregon. Pettit reports that there have only been two citations issued since the passage of the ordinance last year, both to the same individual. Yet the number of citations issued may not be indicative of the ordinance’s success. “The ordinance is successful from my point of view. It’s more about awareness than anything. It’s about letting parents know that they need to take responsibility,” said Pettit. Judge Cox agreed. “Our goal isn’t to catch people; it’s to prevent underage drinking. It isn’t necessarily about how many citiations we write. Rather, it’s about sending a message,” she said. The message is loud and clear; Oregon is taking firm measures to prevent the undeniable problem of underage drinking in our community. And for parents who host parties, there is more to be concerned about than Oregon Municipal Law. Under Wisconsin’s civil liability exemption statute, any person who provides alcohol to a minor can be liable for injuries to the minor, or to any third party if the person was not 21 and illegal provision of alcohol to the underage person was a substational factor in causing injury. This ruling was decided in the Wisconsin Supreme court case of Sorensen v. Jarvis of 1985 after a parent supplied alcohol to a minor, who then drove home drunk, crashed and killed another individual. The court ruled that the parent was liable for the death of the individual due to the fact that the adult knowingly supplied alcohol to the minor. Parents may also be held civily responsible for any property damage or physical injury resulting from underage alcohol consumption. Next time a ‘cool’ parent decides to host a party, or even ‘look the other way,’ he or she may want to think twice because parents who host really do lose the most.


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Heroin epidemic strikes local teens

By: Kayla Catlin Heroin overdoses have caused more deaths than traffic accidents in the past several years. According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS), (NSDUH), 29.7 % of 12th graders say that heroin is easy to obtain, and 12.6% of 8th graders agree. Within the last couple of years, the number of heroin users has increased, and those numbers are not going to improve without heightened awareness. Awareness is key in preventing heroin usage not only in Dane County, but also Oregon. “When I look at prevention stuff, I look at the county as a whole; it’s providing more resources for people who are going through the addiction,” said Officer Cindy Neubert. “The other thing is parent awareness, because a lot of this is now hitting kids between ages 16-27, whereas the primary age used to be 19-25.” Parent awareness is the number one way to keep young adults from using or becoming addicted. Some signs for parents and teachers to watch for include change in facial color, sunken eyes, monotonous voice, impaired mental function, constricted pupils, ineffective communication and most importantly, nodding in and out. Many heroin addicts have experimented with prescription drugs previously, which is often the gateway. “Narcotics are given out more than they used to be and are available illegally more often,” said Lisa Barleen, OHS ATODA counselor. “Kids, who have experimented with opiates, aren’t as scared to use heroin. It takes the fear out of using, because the addiction has already started even before using the heroin.” “I’ve been experimenting with opiates since I was 16, and that’s where my addiction started,” said Jake Bone*, a recovering heroin addict. “What I see happening to people who are on heroin is that they are not themselves and they will do anything in their power to get another high,” said a former OHS student who has been affected by this drug and wishes to remain anonymous. “I would tell the person that you love who is using, that if they don’t get help now, that this drug is a disease and when they are on it, they are ‘un-helpable’ in my opinion and they are already dead to me, because they soon will be. I just suggest to the families of these heroin users to just make sure all your valuables are locked up and secure because they WILL steal it without hesitation.” “We often hear about thefts, burglaries, robberies, and vehicles being broken into when it comes to heroin users because people will do anything to receive money to support the addiction,” says Officer Neubert. “I had a crappy part time job which I got a pay check from, but I would also pawn stuff and steal a lot to get money to support my addiction,” said Bone. “Once heroin hooks

you in,ititdoesn’t doesn’tlet letgogoeasily. easily.The Theworst worst part addicin you part of of thethe addiction tion was not caring if I would live to see tomorrow, and was not caring if I would live to see tomorrow, and also also putputting substances. I knew if I going was going to ting mymy trusttrust intointo substances. I knew if I was to wake wake theday, nextand day,get and get high. sad existence.” up theup next high. It wasItawas sad aexistence.” According According to to the the Dane Dane County County Youth Youth Survey, Survey, 1% 1% of Oregon High School uses heroin, which is around 11 stuof Oregon High School uses heroin, which is around 11 students. dents. This This number number sounds sounds small, small, but but it’s it’s increasing. increasing. According According to to the the Teen Teen Treatment Treatment Center, Center, “Heroin “Heroin prices prices have have been been dropping dropping across across the the US US making making the the drug drug less less expensive expensive than than prescription prescription medicines. medicines. This This trend trend could could be be driving driving teens teens to to use use heroin heroin in in larger larger numbers, numbers, as as the the drug drug is plentiful, cheap and easy to obtain.” is plentiful, cheap and easy to obtain.” “My “My addiction addiction to to heroin heroin became became my my love,” love,” said said Bone. Bone. “When “When II used, used, that that is is what what II focused focused my my life life on, on, not not my my well well being. being. It It was was all all about about me me and and how how II could could get get high, and do what I wanted. It high, Effects of heroin wasn’t wasn’t about my relationships with with either my girlfriend or • 70-80% of Hepatitis C family. family. I’ve lost countless jobs, infections are the result and and I’ve burned a lot of bridg- of drug injections. es es along the way. My parents have have no trust in me whatsoever, • cloudy mental function but but to be honest, I don’t blame them them [after] what I’ve put them • dry mouth, droopy through.” through.” appearance, constricted If If you are struggling pupils, poor hygiene, with with an addiction of any kind, injection marks there there are a variety of resources you you can turn to locally. New- • withdrawal, restlessStart Start offers treatments spe- ness, extreme craving, cialized cialized for youth and young muscle and bone pain, adults. adults. Located in Madison’s vomiting Meriter Meriter Hospital, services are personalized personalized and accessible for for the the community. community. They They offer offer counseling, counseling, outpatient, outpatient, and and support groups. The flexibility of morning or afternoon support groups. The flexibility of morning or afternoon apappointments pointments allows allows you you to to receive receive the the help help you you need need at at your your convenience. convenience. The The phone phone number number and and address address you you can can concontact tact Meriter’s Meriter’s NewStart NewStart is is (608)-417-8144 (608)-417-8144 or or 1015 1015 Gammon Gammon Lane, Lane, Madison, Madison, WI WI 53719. 53719. “If you know “If you know somebody somebody using using heroin, heroin, speak speak out; out; let let them know how you feel, and how their actions affect them know how you feel, and how their actions affect you you directly,” directly,” said said Bone. Bone. “Drug “Drug addiction addiction is is aa selfish selfish thing. thing. Try Try and get them all the help they can get, but keep in mind, that’s a lot easier said than done. Some people need to hit rock bottom before they learn. It’s sad to watch as a family member or friend, but sometimes what they need is a wakeup call. Just don’t give up on them.” *Name has been changed to protect this individual’s privacy. Art by Ava Wagner.


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Would you like a headache with your coffee?

By: Brian Johnson Look around: How many of your high school peers are Nutritional Metabolism found that using energy drinks a few consuming some type of caffeine, whether it’s coffee, soda, or days a week will impact your sleep negatively. “If consumed an energy drink? late at night, students wouldn’t be able to fall asleep,” said OHS Ninety percent of Americans consume some form Student Athletic Trainer Lizzy Frauchiger, “and they need to be of caffeine every day. The average person takes in about 280 up early for school.” mg daily, which is equivalent to 2-3 cups of coffee. Consuming caffeine isn’t bad as long as you While caffeine may have its benefits when it comes take small doses of it sparingly. But there are other to energizing its consumer, if used excessively, it can alternatives in staying up: One is staying active. Excause many lifelong health problems. ercising can help reduce stress and will definitely Coffee is becoming more and more keep you awake. Another healthy tip would be not popular to the younger demographic through sweetto procrastinate on your school work. Most students ened and flavored drinks. Energy drinks have beare prone to waiting until the last minute to do their come popular for when work. But finishing your work early will reduce the Effects of caffeine students want that short amount of stress you have especially when you’re burst of energy. But attempting to get it all done the night before. • Higher doses can cause Many students go to soda, coffee, or energy anxiety, headaches, moods, what the naive student drinks because they have become shockingly more dizziness and interferes with body doesn’t know is that too much can cause available in today’s society. “Besides being more sleep. problems such as sleep Photo by Carissa available I have seen that it is expected to have these • Caffeine is addictive and Goodwick. deprivation. beverages at celebrations and events,” said Nurse when stopped can cause “Energy drinks Practitioner Raandi Schmidt. “Giving away liter botwithdrawal symptoms. are for hard workouts,” said OHS tles of soda at carnival events has become the norm. In addition health assistant Shelly Hicks. “No to the availability, it is the portion sizes that are alarming.” Over • It causes water loss of the student works out that hard dur- time, sodas and energy drinks have increased in availability and body and you can end up ing school to require any replace- portion size. Sizes have risen from 6.5 oz. in the 1950’s to 20 oz. dehydrated. ments that energy drinks have. by the 1990’s. Due to the increase in serving sizes, more health • Large amounts of caffeine Water will do that.” Normally issues are arising amongst the youth of our generation. what students do is drink coffee Although students think that the way to stay awake and can cause loss of calcium and potassium from the body or energy drinks to stay awake alert on those late nights is to consume caffeine, there are other resulting in sore muscles. when they are up late studying. ways around it. Small doses are not terribly harmful, but when It may allow them to do that, but ingesting more than one should, it can lead to jitteriness and • It can cause nervous disthen they don’t sleep as much as increased heart rate. Some more life threatening effects are high orders and aggravate heart they should. A study done in the blood pressure, and hyperthermia. Why risk it? Exercise more problems. journal of Applied Physiology and and stay on top of your schoolwork.

Winter months spark SADness

By: Taylor Ashworth and Kelsey Beyler Slacking on homework. Feeling tired. Losing energy. Sound familiar? This is the time of year when Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects students and teachers alike. Seasonal Affective Disorder can start as early as fall continuing all the way to spring. “SAD, in the US, hits its peak in December, January and February,” said Dr. Mike Vendenbrook, psychologist at Oakhill Correctional Institution. “Three out of four sufferers of SAD are women.” Sufferers tend to feel depressed, low on energy, hopeless and they withdraw from social activities and oversleeping. Regarding teachers, history teacher Jon Nedelcoff said, “Like adults, we get 'cooped' up and also get caught in just a regular routine that can mentally slow you down. Change has to occur to generate some fun and variety.” There is no one cause of SAD but some causes may include fluctuations in your biological clock (circadian rhythm), serotonin levels and melatonin levels. The circadian rhythm affects your internal clock, which tells you when it’s time to be asleep and when it’s time to be awake. Disrupting your internal

clock can lead to a feeling of depression. Serotonin affects your mood, therefore when serotonin levels decrease, due to reduced sunlight, depression may be sparked. According to Dr. Vendenbrook, “light therapy is one of the main treatment options, antidepression medication can also help.” Seasonal Affective Disorder is only temporary depression, whereas depression can last for extended periods of time. Dr. Vendenbrook said “20% of people [with SAD] go on to develop other mental disorders.” Teenagers are prone to depression because of the stresses of school, work, and sports. In teenagers, depression can be triggered by many different things, such as puberty and peer pressure. Depression affects females more often than males. It is also more difficult for teenagers to get help because they have to rely on their parents’ consent. Feeling overwhelmed this time of year is normal, but being aware of the symptoms of SAD is the first step in getting help. If you feel you might have some of the symptoms, speak with your OHS counselor or your primary care doctor.


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Backpack? Check. Pencils? Check. ...Baby? By: Haley Engelhart and Kyra Wooldridge

When girls little theythey playplay with dolls pretend they’re girlsare are little with and dolls and pretend their own baby. fantasizes growing up growing and having they’re their ownMany baby.girls Every little girlabout fantasizes about up aand child of her own of to her careown for, to feed and having a child care for,dress feedup. andThen dressthey up. grow Then up these tend to fade.tend These girls become highbecome school theyand grow upfantasies and these fantasies to fade. These girls students withstudents dreamswith of college. one of our high school dreamsFor of college. Forfellow one ofclassmates, our fellow life didn’t golife as didn’t she’d planned. classmates, go as she’d planned. Sandy*, a 17-year-old student, is eight months pregnant. One of her biggest fears is “doing it alone; like being a single parent and having no one help me.” Being a teenager and pregnant isn’t something that is always accepted in today’s society. Mainly religion, morals, and family values have tied into that. Many religions believe that it’s a sin to have premarital sex and to be a teen mom in a religious family may not be acceptable. Morally, people might think that you don’t have your priorities straight or maybe you don’t care about your future. “My friends have handled it well and are excited for me,” said Sandy. She hasn’t thought about anything in the future for her Sandy She and her child except that she still plans to attend college. Yet, according to The National Campaign to Prevent Pregnancy, parenthood is the leading cause of school dropouts amongst teenage girls. The campaign also stated that only 51% of teen moms have a high school diploma, compared to the 89% of girls who aren’t teen mothers. Sandy has plans of becoming a preschool teacher. “I still

want to go to college and my dad told me he’d help me out so I can get an education,” she said. “My dad will be paying for daycare as long as amI’m I’mstill stillininschool.” school.” If school isn’t enough to worry about, there are health risks that come along with being a teenage mother. Between two and 10 percent of expectant mothers develop gestational diabetes, making it one of the most common health problems during pregnancy. Sandy has not only gotten gestational diabetes, she has also been suffering weight loss. There are many local organizations that are always willing to help teenage parents who need help. If you ever have any concerns feel free to contact your school counselor or any of the following organizations: -Planned Parenthood 2222 S Park St #210 Madison (608) 251-6546

-Women’s Care Center 3711 Orin Road Madison, WI 53704

-Maternal Child&&Health HealthProgram Program -Materal Child (608) 266-3890 *Name has been changed to protect this individual’s privacy.

Teen motherhood, a few years later By: Rebecca Corcoran Former FormerOHS OHSstudent studentMary MaryPress* Press*knows knowsexactly exactlywhat whatitit isislike liketo tobe beaapregnant pregnantteenager. teenager. Mary Maryfound foundout outabout abouther herpregnancy pregnancyafter aftershe sheturned turned19, 19, in in the the fall fall following following her her graduation. graduation. She She had had plans plans to to stay stay with with aa roommate roommate during during college college and and study study abroad. abroad. She She had had no no idea idea those thoseplans planswould wouldsoon soonchange. change. “I “I knew knew II could could no no longer longer study study abroad abroad and and II couldn’t couldn’t live live with with my my roommate roommate anymore,” anymore,” Mary Mary said. said.Along Along with with some some of of these these unplanned unplanned changes, changes, she she had had worries worries of of not not being being able able to to finish finish school. school. With With many many teen teen pregnancies, pregnancies, the the rate rate of of school school dropsouts dropsoutsisisquite quitehigh. high.According Accordingto toPlanned PlannedParenthood, Parenthood,5% 5%of of young young teen teen mothers mothers complete complete at at least least two two years years of of college college and and less lessthan thantwo twopercent percentof ofyoung youngteen teenmothers mothersobtain obtainaacollege collegededegree. gree. Mary Mary isis now now aa senior senior in in college, college, who who isis in in that that percentage percentage of ofteen teenmothers mothersthat thathave havecompleted completedtwo twofull fullyears yearsof ofcollege collegeand and will willbe besoon soonobtaining obtainingher herdegree degreefrom fromUW-Madison. UW-Madison. Balancing Balancingout outher herlife lifeand andher herchild’s child’scan canbe beaachallenge. challenge. “Life “Life isis crazy crazy hectic hectic and and my my life life no no longer longer belongs belongs to to me.,” me.,” she she said. said.“My “Myday dayconsists consistsof ofschool schooland andmy myson sonand andthat’s that’sbasically basically it.” it.”So Somuch muchattention attentionneeds needsto tobe bedirected directedtowards towardsaayoung youngchild. child. “The “The days days that that II have have school, school, I’m I’m up up around around 5:30. 5:30. II get get myself myselfand andmy myson sonready, ready,and andhe hegoes goesto todaycare,” daycare,”Mary Marysaid. said.“I “I then then go go to to school school until until 3:45 3:45 and and pick pick my my son son up up at at 4:30. 4:30. We We go go home, home, play play aa little, little, make make dinner, dinner, then then do do bath, bath, books, books, and and bedbedtime time stuff. stuff. THEN THEN II study study aa little little or or spend spend aa little little time time with with my my boyfriend. boyfriend.On Onthe thedays daysIIdon’t don’thave haveschool, school,IIstill stillget getup upearly earlyand and take takemy myson sonto todaycare. daycare.Then ThenIIgo goto towork, work,study, study,pick pickmy myson sonup, up, play playwith withhim, him,and anddo doour ournighttime nighttimeroutine routineall allover overagain.” again.”

Normal Normal twenty-somethings twenty-somethings go go out out with with friends friends and and exexperience perience the the college college life, life, and and go go to to bars. bars. Going Going out out with with friends friends whenever whenever she she wants wants to to isn’t isn’t the the only only thing thing Mary Mary can’t can’t do, do, she she also alsocan’t can’tlive livein inthe theenvironment environmentthat thatmany manycollege collegestudents studentslive live in. in. “I “I can’t can’t go go out out whenever whenever II want want and and spend spend time time with with friends. friends. II stay stay in in most most Friday Friday and and Saturday Saturday nights, nights, every every second second of of my my day day isis planned planned around around my my son’s son’s schedule,” schedule,” said said Mary. Mary. “I “I don’t don’t live live on on campus campus with with other other people people because because it’s it’s not not aa good good environment environmentfor foraatoddler.” toddler.” According Accordingto toan anNBC NBCNews Newsarticle, article,eight eightof of10 10teenage teenage fathers fathersdo donot notmarry marrythe themothers mothersof oftheir theirfirst firstchildren. children.Mary Maryand and the the father father of of her her child child are are no no longer longer in in aa relationship. relationship. “He “He ended ended up upbeing beingtoo tooimmature immatureto totake takecare careof ofaachild childand andcouldn’t couldn’tlet letgo go of ofhis hispartying partyingways,” ways,”said saidMary. Mary. Mary Mary appears appears to to have have her her life life under under control; control; going going to to school, school,taking takingcare careof ofaachild childand andholding holdingaastable stablejob jobisisan anincredincredible ibleachievement. achievement. For For those those who who do do become become pregnant, pregnant, know know you you are are not not alone. alone. “Really “Really consider consider your your options, options, make make sure sure you you have have aa strong strong support support system, system, and and look look into into any any and and all all forms forms of of assisassistance tancethat thatare areavailable availableso sothat thatyou youcan cancontinue continuewith withschool schooland and pursue pursue your your dreams,” dreams,” Mary Mary said. said. “It’s “It’s definitely definitely possible possible ifif you you seek seekout outand andmake makegood gooduse useof ofthe theresources resourcesavailable. available.And Andenjoy enjoy every everysecond secondwith withyour yourchild.” child.” *Name *Namehas hasbeen beenchanged changedto toprotect protectthis thisindividual’s individual’sprivacy. privacy. Art by Rebecca Corcoran.

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The sex life of students By: Mitchell Barron Many people are aware of the sexual activity of Oregon High School students. All OHS students are required to take a health class during high school, through which they are taught the risks associated with having sex. However, what these health classes fail to emphasize are the social influences sexual activity has on teenagers. “After I had sex, people treated me differently, and I lost friends because of it,” said an OHS student who wished to remain anonymous. This student admitted to having had sex at the age of 14. “I didn’t really want to, but I felt like I had to, sure he was hot and stuff, but I felt like if I didn’t he would go find someone who would.” This sort of cognitive dissonance is the foundation for most sexually active female teenagers. In contrast, the decision to have sex for male teenagers is seemingly more impulsive. “High fives all around!” said a male student in response to how his peers perceived him after having sex for the first time. Furthermore, he said “My friends gave me congratulatory reactions; they never gave me any negative feedback.” The response the male student received from his peer group clearly illustrates the distinction between the social influences having sex has on male and female teenagers. The student went on to say, “The girl I was with got [crap] for it, but I expected it being the age that

we were.” Call it what you will: an act of love, a commitment or sacrifice, in the eyes of some of your peers, it’s permiscuous. A student who chose to remain anonymous said that, “I have less respect for people who have sex at this age.” This student and many alike, are referring to the 48% of high school students who report having sex. That statistic has been unchanged for the past eight years; however, the risk of getting an STD has changed. According to the Capital Times, In the state of Wisconsin alone, it’s estimated that there are “253,500 new cases of sexually transmitted diseases each year.” Additionally, according to the Minnesota Department of Health, the risk of high school students getting an STD is “1.5 times more likely than it has been since 2005.” These statistics may come as a shock to you, but Nurse Shelly Hicks is well aware of this knowledge. Hicks’s office, is decorated with posters of STDs and information on abstinence. While Hicks is aware that STD statistics are not enough to make teens think twice about having sex, she does offer advice. “If any student has questions regarding sex, please come see me, and I will be more than willing to answer them for you,” said Hicks. “Sex is a scary thing, and your only safe bet is abstinence.”


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Being gay: college vs. high school

Interview by Brooke Crossen Former OHS student James Halverson agreed to share his story with current students. The 2012 graduate came out the summer after eighth grade.

What made you decide that you were finally comfortable enough to come out? I participated in the Shadow Armada, Oregon's marching band, and being around people that truly cared about me helped in my decision to come out. It was scary, but I knew that all of my friends I made through the activity would support me no matter my decision. Did you have friends who supported you? I never felt alone in the process. Although I was bullied and alienated in middle school, I always had a close group of friends around me. Beyond my friends, my family was a big source of support. Is it hurtful when you hear people say “That’s so gay” or do you use it yourself? I feel strongly about people using "That’s so gay" as an adjective. It not only puts a negative stigma on being gay, but it implies that homosexuals are worthless. When I hear people saying it on campus, I quickly correct them and ask them to use a different word. Did you feel like you had to come out all over again when you went to college? When you decide to come out, you go through the process everyday. The first time you say it to yourself is the hardest but it slowly gets easier to be honest with yourself. When you become comfortable with the person you are, you understand that the views that others have of you are less important than the views that you have of yourself. When I came to college it was

really easy to be honest about my sexuality because I didn't know anyone. I looked for the people that would accept me for who I am and strayed from those who would not. Was it more challenging to find a roommate? I was very fortunate to have been paired with a roommate that promotes diversity. I was nervous to come out to him because I thought he would try to switch residence halls because of my sexuality. However, when I told him I was gay he said, "I don't care, honestly. It is who you are, and I'm fine with that!" It was a relief and I feel really comfortable living with him. I was a lot more worried about how I would adjust to living with a floor full of guys, but it turned out to be a great experience. The boys on my wing are very caring and my being gay doesn't affect the atmosphere one bit. Are people more understanding in the college? People that attend UW-Eau Claire are very accepting. People care a lot more about who you are, and not so much about such trivial things like sexuality. I have made so many friends, even those with strong religious beliefs, and they don't think any differently about me. College is the next step in finding yourself and I believe that it allows you to be the person you are without judgment. If you could, would you change who you are? NO! I believe that being bullied and having to come out made me a much stronger and more confident person. I would not change who I am for anything. I am proud to be a young gay man and a positive role model for the LGBT community. If you’d like to talk, feel free to contact James on Facebook: James Dale Halverson

The legal consequences of bullying By: Officer Cindy Neubert Many penalties can occur due to the harassment and/or bullying of another individual. As of 2013, 49 States have enacted some type of anti-bullying legislation leaving Montana as the only state that has not passed any law. Wisconsin’s bill requires a school district without a bullying policy to either craft one or adopt a model bullying policy offered by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. As harassment and bullying can vary due to advancements in technology, consequences can vary depending on the totality of the circumstances. Currently Wisconsin has a few Statutes that address bullying. These include Unlawful use of a telephone 947.012, Unlawful use of a computerized communication systems 947.0125, Harassment 947.013, and Disorderly Conduct 947.01. All of these violations can be referred for criminal charges to the District Attorney’s office or they can be issued as a municipal citation if the statute was adopted by the local jurisdiction. Citation bond amounts can range from $82.50-$366.00 for the Village of Oregon. This can vary between agencies. Enhancers exist regarding harassment and bullying incidents if the suspect intentionally selects the victim due to the victim’s race, religion, color, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry (Wisconsin Statute 939.645). This enhancer applies to all crimes, not just harassment or bullying. For example,

if someone stole another’s property because of an individual’s race or sexual orientation, the enhancer will still apply. The enhancer can include increasing a misdemeanor crime to a felony, increasing maximum fine, and increasing jail sentence. Harassment and bullying is never tolerated. If a student contributes to harassment and bullying while at school or the events affect the school day, a student can receive both school and police consequences. If you are a witness to bullying or harassment, don’t ignore it and continue down the hallway. Not doing anything provides the perception that this is ok and it is not.


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Beauty from the inside out Tips for feeling beautiful all the time

By: Ashley Quamme. Edited by: Brooke Crossen. The constant bullying drove her off the edge, spiral- and high school, these can be the hardest moments to overing into the most extreme decision she has ever made: Nadia come and see the beauty. Bullying will end, and the reality Ilse from Georgia, would get plastic surwill shine through. Positive and natural gery, and only at the age of 14. alternatives provide a healthier process to Dumbo and Elephant Ears. gaining self-esteem and confidence. These were Nadia’s nicknames since the Daily affirmations! These continufirst grade. These negative comments ous, short and to-the-point sayings are from classmates were the only aspects easy to remember and will bring positive of her physical state that she focused on. changes. Some examples include “I am At the age of 10, she asked her mother beautiful, I am beautiful just as I am” and if she could get an otoplasty: a surgery “I am proud of my beautiful body.” These to pin her ears back. With the need for will help strengthen self-development in a financial aid, Nadia’s mother searched positive manner. for an answer and found The Little Go to yoga! Senior Christiana McBabyface Foundation. This non-profit Clurg enjoys attending hot yoga classes at organization provides the financial aid the Dragon Fly in Fitchburg. “When I’m for teens who desire to have plastic surdone, it makes me feel refreshed and regery due to bullying. She met with her laxed,” she said. She added it makes her doctor, Thomas Romo, who suggested a feel better about herself. Unfortunately, reduction rhinoplasty (reduction of the these classes can be expensive, but Mcnose) and a mentoplasty (reduction of Clurg said, “It’s worth it, and you can althe chin/jaw line). Miranda Mellen finds her inner beauty. ways do [yoga] at home.”. Nadia’s mother hopes that counGo dancing! Express yourself through Photo by Carissa Goodwick. seling will be the last step in the process art! Get your hair and nails done! Excel after the surgery. Why not before? Why couldn’t there have in a sport or academics! Better yet, get a massage right here been other procedures than plastic surgery for Nadia to over- in town! come bullying? Jeanne Snow, a self-employed masseuse in the Or She was simply not looking for one. egon area (Cutting Edge Salon) has given massages to many Nadia told Dr. Gupta that it (the bullying) will nev- different clients. “I believe massage helps promote a positive er stop, that it’ll just keep going and get worse and worse. energy. Through massage, an individual develops more acute She did not have the resources or a positive support system body awareness, and in turn, a more positive self image.” to bring her to the knowledge that her uniqueness makes her A massage, daily affirmations and doing what you beautiful, and what really makes someone beautiful is who love and enjoy is a healthier and less expensive alternative to they are inside. having a positive body image than plastic surgery. Beauty is from within, but, especially during middle

The “morally straight” take on sexuality By: Darian Gransee and Zack Petrie Homosexual scouts and leaders have been with the Boy Scouts of America (B.S.A.) organization since before OHS students were born, but now with the emergence of openly gay members, it’s created as much controversy as the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. With the reaffirmed policy on gay members, society is faced with an issue that has been on the tip of the tongue for decades. Should openly gay members remain in the B.S.A.? The argument can be traced back to the B.S.A. v. Dale case in June of 2000. The Supreme Court ruled that homosexuals could be barred from the organization under the fact that it is a private organization, and therefore has the right to dismiss and regulate those among them. This policy has also been applied to atheists and agnostics. However, homosexual leaders have been part of the group for decades. “Homosexuals were involved in scouting when I was a boy, but they were not open about their sexual orientation,” said a current leader of the B.S.A. He goes on to explain the concern among families is that “they want scouts to reinforce the values they are teaching their boys at home, and those family values conflict with the values of the gay lifestyle.” However, the issue isn’t only just amongst family bonds alone. Another strong influence in the decision is sup-

port from religion-based organizations. “Many organizations that sponsor scout troops are churches, and a change in scout policy on homosexual membership would mean these churches would no longer support scouting since it conflicts with their religious beliefs,” said the troop leader. “On the other hand, some churches would support a change in policy as being more socially just. Bottom line: this is a complex issue that reflects many current issues in our society.” The current ban is still under ruling and may see change sometime this year. If the policy is overturned, it is still up to the individual troops to decide who they accept. But society has a growing acceptance of the LGBTQ community. “I believe any ruling that brings attention to equity issues is important,” said guidance counselor Joan Karls. “Society is becoming more tolerant and accepting, which will obviously benefit the LGBTQ community.” The complexity of the issue won’t be resolved in this one decision. If the ban is overturned, it will be one step closer for the LGBTQ community’s long-awaited equality. The issue has a spectrum of variants and will be debated for as long we exist.

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Senioritis plagues OHS

By: Rebecca Wyland Everyone experiences it. Some experience it earlier than others, but eventually, everyone will fall victim to it. This terrible ill-The shortest war on record was ness is called senioritis. The school days slowdrag by, homework becomes even more fought between Zanzibar and Eng- ly dreadful than before, and sweatpants are worn land in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered almost all the time. According to Urban Dictionary, after 38 minutes. “this virus can be deadly to one's grades, as the carrier becomes totally apathetic about their grades, classes, homework etc. This results in -Wyoming was the first state to al- many zeros or failing grades - ultimately leading to the drastic lowering of the grade in the low women to vote. carrier's classes.” Not even the most prosperous doctor could help the hundreds of thousands of seniors who have senioritis. However, there is one known cure, and up until today, -Lightning strikes about 6,000 it continues to be the world’s only solution to this horrendous disease. This cure is graduatimes per minute on this planet! tion. Senior Emily Johnson admits that she has suffered from senioritis. Johnson said, “I just want to graduate already… I want to -On average, the lifespan of an move onto a new chapter in my life.” American dollar bill is 18 months. Guidance counselor Joan Karls discusses the negative affects of senioritis. “Well unfortunately, some seniors, once they’ve been admitted to a school or a program, think -When a mouse is first born its that that’s all they need to do. That they got in, skin is transparent and you can see they know where they’re going, and they can kind of just give up,” said Karls. milk flowing as it drinks. Giving up in school and on school work is a very popular symptom of senioritis. “I just don’t care because I’m already accepted into college,” Johnson said. -Polar bears are left handed. Senior Clayton Schultz has also experienced symptoms of senioritis. “It just seems like a waste of time sitting here instead continuing my education,” he said. -The placement of a donkey’s eyes of “I don’t think it’s often, but [revoin its heads enables it to see all cation of acceptances are] happening more and more,” Karls said, “I think there’s more four feet at all times. competition in for admissions so students need to show the schools that they’re staying motivated, that they care about their academics, and that they end their senior year strong. -Porcupines float in water! By: Miranda Mellen

-The first toy advertised on television was Mr. Potato Head.

Facts courtesy of

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I have seen [Oregon students] get [academic probation] letters and I have talked to college advisors that have called me and asked me about their grades and about their attendance and about their attitude their last semester of school.” Some seniors feel that school has become too much for them to handle. Kerry Keiser, 2012 OHS graduate, said, “There are a lot of factors that contribute to senioritis. For me it was a combination of work, being busy with winterguard, and just knowing that I would graduate soon and not have to attend high school anymore.” Schultz is an employee at Debroux’s Diner as well as the Bergamont Golf Club. “At Debroux’s I put in probably 30 hours a week and at Bergamont I just started [but] it’ll probably be close to 20 hours a week.” Working part-time can take a lot of the much needed focus for school. Due to a low focus, senioritis is more likely to occur. It is important to keep up with school work to ensure success in college. “College is much harder than high school,” said 2012 graduate Shauna Slack, “If a senior can keep up and finish strong they will be prepared for college. Otherwise it’ll be a slap in the face.” “It's always beneficial to put in the extra effort and end the year with strong grades,” Keiser said, “Don't let Oregon lie to you: colleges do, in fact, grade homework. Don't get into the habit of not doing it or procrastinating.” How exactly does one focus on school when suffering from senioritis? “You have to think about your future, you have to remember that those transcripts are permanent records and they’re going to stay with you through undergrad through grad school and beyond,” said Karls. Time management is crucial to avoiding the virus. “Study hard and don’t wait until the last minute to do homework or study. Be organized and prepared,” said Slack. Procrastination will only damage one’s grades and sanity during high school. “To the seniors that want to 'get out already'. You're almost there. College life is 10 times better,” said Keiser.


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Former undocumented student immigrant speaks out

By: Maddie Morgan Over the past couple of years, especially with the election last November, immigration has been a hot topic on the minds of the American people and their elected legislators. In June of 2012, President Barack Obama put this issue into policy with his introduction of ‘Deferred Action.’ This policy helps a large population of illegal and undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. under the age of 16 receive legal status and even employment authorization. Already this policy has affected and been granted to over 150,000 undocumented immigrants, one of whom calls Oregon, Wis., home. Alex Chavez*, an OHS senior, was formerly undocumented as his family emigrated here from Mexico when he was about four years old. Currently in the United States, the illegal immigrant population is over 11 million. Many of these immigrants come for very similar reasons: jobs and the ability to live a better life. This is the exact reason that Chavez’s parents uprooted their family from their home country. “My dad’s friend had found my dad a job so he came here and then a few months later my mom and I came too,” Chavez remembers. When asked what it was like to be undocumented student here at OHS, Chavez said, “To be honest it didn’t really matter that I was undocumented, the only thing that really affected me was not being able to get a job or a driver’s license.” A job and a license are two simple things many students here at OHS take for granted. “It’s hard because you need a license to drive and get places, but since I don’t have one I can’t get a job,” said Chavez. “Kind of how it is for homeless people, you need a place to live to get a job, but you need a job to have a place to live.” This paradox is due to the fact that the one thing needed to secure both of these is a social security number. Social security numbers are nine-digit number cards issued to U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents. Many illegal or undocumented immigrants bypass this dilemma by simply forging a fake social security number in order to obtain a job, home, or license. Chavez recalls that he did think about this possibility but was not comfortable with breaking the law in order to do so. “I remember crying on my mom’s shoulder be-

cause all I wanted was to be like all my other friends and have my license and get a job. It wasn’t my fault I didn’t have a social security number. I hadn’t made the decision to come to the United States.” This type of situation is exactly what Obama’s Deferred Act hopes to fix. Through this policy Chavez has been able to apply and receive a social security number and is currently working towards obtaining his license. Yet the process of becoming documented was a nerve-wracking one, Chavez remembers. It was a long process of filling out paperwork, having lawyers review documents, and even getting finger-printed. But all the hard work paid off when Chavez was finally granted his documentation. “The process of me getting a social security number was a very exciting thing, knowing I would have the opportunity to get a license and a job is just the best feeling in the world.” It was through immigration reform enacted by President Obama that Chavez was finally able to become documented and could begin to enjoy simple joys that many teenagers take for granted. “I personally do believe that there should be more immigration reforms like [Deferred Action], at least for the people who have been here for a long time because they’ve made this their home,” said Chavez. “Many times they work their butts off just to make minimum wage. Some who went to college in their country and studied in a field can’t get the job they deserve because they don’t have a social security number.” Oftentimes progressive policies on immigration reform are blocked by the many prejudices and stereotypes held by Americans on illegal immigrants. There are many names that are used to title an undocumented American, the most common two being an illegal immigrant and an illegal alien. Yet Chavez has a very specific viewpoint on these two phrases. “The term ‘illegal immigrant’ doesn’t bother me because it is what we are. But the term ‘illegal alien’ to be honest does bother me because I feel like I don’t belong, like a creature from outer space. Do I look like an alien to you? I’m just a person.” *Name has been changed to protect this individual’s privacy.

Volunteer Opportunity!

On May 11, 2013, Oregon Special Olympics will host a regional track meet at the OHS Track. The opening ceremony is at 9:30 a.m. and the meet will end around 3:30pm. There will be over 300 athletes competing, and volunteers will be needed to escort, measure, time, and cheer athletes on. If you would like to sign up to work, see Mr. Casey in Room 143A. All student volunteers will need to fill out a data sheet and have it signed by a parent or guardian. Shifts are in the morning, afternoon or all day.


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Long term effects of HS sports injuries

By: Jack Hagstrom Two million high school athletes get injured each year while playing a sport. People see it happen all the time, whether it’s a sprained wrist, or a pulled hamstring, or even serious injuries like torn muscles and concussions. These injuries may occur with teens for a variety of reasons, including improper training, lack of appropriate safety equipment, and even rapid growth during puberty. What some of these athletes don’t understand is that just because their injuries don’t bother them while they are young doesn’t mean they won’t have any problems later in life. More and more high school athletes are deciding that some of the sports are worth the risk of suffering a sports related injury. “I have been wrestling all my life and the injuries were severe and disappointing but I am glad I am able to keep doing something I enjoy,” said junior Chad Walsh. Walsh has suffered a total of four injuries in high school wrestling, all related to his knee. Two of the injuries were Meniscus tears resulting in surgical repair, and the other two were tweaked Meniscus tears resulting in cortisone shots. “The doctor told me I will develop arthritis in my knee as I get older and I also have a higher risk of re-tearing my Meniscus” Walsh said. Injuries like Walsh’s usually lead to some permanent damage to the body, and immobilize the athletes to certain activities. For example, Brad Owens, the owner and head coach of Advance School of Wrestling, can relate to Walsh’s injuries and deals with the long term effects from his own injuries as a

high schooler. “I injured myself wrestling when I was a senior in high school and tore every ligament in my knee. I can’t bend my knee all the way anymore and it still prevents me from doing certain exercises that involves squatting,” he said. Wrestling isn’t the only sport that can leave you with life lasting pain and discomfort. Basketball has taken its toll on many athletes with wear and tear injuries and long lasting pain after playing the game. Head coach of the Shawano Hawks basketball team Ben Otto tried playing through an injury while he was in high school and suffers the consequences from it every day. “It takes about 30-40 minutes for my joints to loosen up so that they don't hurt every day. Sometimes my ankle will get sore with sudden changes in weather which is kind of weird.” Otto sprained his ankle during a basketball game and rushed back to play in the sectional games and later found out he had shattered his Talus in his ankle and had to repair it surgically. “My biggest concern is when I have kids. I want to be able to play sports with them like how my dad did when I was young.” Senior Ethan Karls also knows the pain of a sports injury. “I knew something was wrong when I felt my knee pop out,” he said. Karls broke his collar bone and dislocated his knee while playing hockey. “My knee will never be as strong as it once was,” Karls said. Injuries during high schools sports could have an effect on a person whether they like it or not. Even though some athletes believe they can play through the pain, it can result to having serious pain for the rest of their lives.

The effects of protein on the student athlete

By: Corey Vogel The student athlete will find any way to get an advantage “Most high school students do not take protein supplements in high on his or her opponent, whether it’s training or taking protein supple- enough doses or long enough to experience many of the negative side effects,” said Lee. ments. While most students are focused on Although taking protein supplements is the positive effects protein has on their body, an effective way to help the body with they don’t always understand the negative recovery time and building muscle, and harmful risks that come along with it. there is still no substitute for eating right “Excessive amounts of protein and having a healthy diet. According to on a daily basis may put your liver under Mayo Clinic nutritionist Katherine Zerstress, potentially damaging it while at the atsky, protein shakes are high in calories same time put high levels of calcium in your and can cause unwanted weight gain if body, which could cause kidney stones,” consumed in addition to ordinary meals. said OHS athletic trainer Megan Lee. “Stu“Athletes should get their desired addents should monitor their intake and never ditional protein amount through actual exceed the recommendation levels.” An infood,” said Lee. “Lean meat, seafood, creased intake of protein has been linked to low-fat dairy products, beans, eggs, nuts, lower blood pressure in the short term but a and soy products are all great sources of slight increase in the long term. protein.” There are also many benefits to There are many athletes at OHS that take taking protein supplements. “Whey protein protein whether it’s to gain muscle or help provides many essential amino acids,” said with recovery time. “There have been Lee. “Enzymes, hair, skin, blood and conBest uses protein to enhance his workouts. several students have come to me with nective tissues are constructed of protein, questhe body's major building material.” Photo by Annie Zavoral. tions Student athletes take protein because they are trying to build muscle and it makes their training more about protein supplements for several effective. “I had to get bigger and stronger if I wanted to play college different reasons whether its about Possible negative football and protein helped me,” said junior John Best. He believes weight gain or just as a general diet side effects of protein that the risks in taking protein are minimal compared to the benefits he supplement,” said Lee. Students spend money on these supplements supplements: receives from them. “I wanted to feel like I was getting everything out of my because they believe the benefits are workouts and it has helped me recover faster afterwards” said senior helping their body tremendously. Supplements are not regulat- • stomach cramps Michael Rosga, who believes protein has improved the effectiveness ed by the FDA, so by getting protein of his workouts. Rosga and Best acknowledged that even after knowing the value through eating right, students • loss of bone strength risks they would continue taking protein because they see the positives have a better understanding of what • kidney stones in taking it and do not believe they are taking excess amounts to risk they are putting into their body. their health.


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The Correct Opinion with Wesley Korpela

Public enemy number one: a new generation of criminals By: Wesley Korpela

First of all, I would like to give a shout Alex, and then Alex had to sit in the backseat of Dan's car for a out to Garrick Eithun whom I lied to by good month. However, when they decided to take all the local saying I mentioned him five times in my Walgreens' Mother's Day cards, their criminal partnership reached last article so he would read it. Secondly, a milestone. let me describe something: There are two "The Walgreens Mother's Day heist was the closest call people; one is female and the other is male, we've ever had," said Alex Knight, with a cool demeanor. "Sure, they both have a culmination of four arms we got all of the Mother's Day cards, but when Dan had to pick up and four legs, they both can drive, and his photo order from the counter, I thought our cover was going to they both travel the country. If you haven't be blown. Luckily, the photos hadn't come in the 4x6 format that guessed yet, even though I would have Dan had ordered them and we got out of there." known by my second clue, I have just de- I asked them how their relationship had evolved since scribed to you the criminal duo, Bonnie & Clyde. These two in- the partnership began and Dan responded, "I would say we bicker dividuals met one another in the Public Enemy Era and formed a still. Every once and a while, now that Alex is back in the front seat lethal friendship/romance in which they would travel the country of my car, loose change will fall out of his pocket when we're drivin a series of robberies and shootouts. I believe I have found the ing. He'll try and fetch it but struggle because his hand won't fit in modern day equivalent in Daniel McGuire and Alex Knight. between the seat and the divider. I'll then lend my hand to try and Looking at the pair, you would think that they were just get the few quarters and dimes but he tells me not to. Soon enough, two people who are so similar that they bicker with one another an argument breaks out. Let me tell you, slapping fights are comto no end. They both can mon occurrences." be rather fun, but when Alex went on to tell they interact, arguments me that they still have tend to manifest. One time, fun in their thievery even in an argument I created if their friendship isn't between the two of them, ideal. They have reportit resulted in Dan putting edly stolen 700 flowers, a Alex in a headlock while reprint of Dan's photos he he continued eating his ordered from Walgreens, chicken sandwich at lunch. a copy of the CommuIt was rather humorous and nist Manifesto, the movie their friendship appeared to rights from Universal be rather one-dimensional. Pictures to How the Knight and McGuire’s future mug shots might look something That's why it was so shockGrinch Stole Christmas, like this. Photos by Wesley Korpela and Mack Tubridy. ing to me when the two of at least five hair pieces/ them admitted to me that they were criminal partners. toupees from men at the West Towne Mall, the famous Mother's I sat down with both of them to do a candid interview on Day cards, 600 lbs. of corn, and a crystal skull as seen in “Indiana their friendship, but it turned out to be a lot more. Just on my first Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.” question, "Are you two friends?" they spilled their guts. They told Holding back my thoughts on how that particular Indiana me that they travel the Midwest, Bible Belt, and Deep South in Jones movie was the worst of the franchise, I asked them if they crime sprees as partners that rival that of Bonnie & Clyde. I was had any big plans for the future. They both answered my question dumbfounded, not only because my softball question delivered by telling me that they wanted to steal something that would be such a massive revelation, but because they were actual partners their signature on history. They told me that they have the blue in something. I would never think they could be a team, especially prints in the works on how to kidnap Robin Williams, Robert in something that was such high stakes as crime. Without another Downey Jr., Mel Gibson, and Whoopi Goldberg in one night. I question asked, they began to tell their story. didn't even bother to ask why they would want such a cast of char They first considered each other partners in crime when acters but I did point out that they had revealed the fact that they Dan was driving in his 1997 Mitsubishi Galant with tinted win- are criminals to me and they should probably go into hiding. dows on a casual Sunday drive when he saw Alex Knight on the Friendship is not something that should be found once sidewalk in a scuffle with his little sister. He was stealing her bi- and never sought again. One should always be looking for new cycle even though he was sitting on his own. Dan was apparently friends and in new places. One of the most courageous things a impressed by Alex's greed, pulled over to the side, rolled down a person our age can do is go over to someone, introduce oneself, window, and told Alex to get in. Dan revealed a history of stealing and start up a conversation. You don't have to become friends Fabergé eggs and had decided it was time for a partner; he picked but the point is to open yourself up to new thoughts, support, and Alex. expanding your horizons. What could go wrong when you show They started out small by taking whole corn stalks from compassion to someone? Nothing, unless, of course, you decide to surrounding farmers. Their partnership had a rocky start, too. Ap- become two of the most successful criminal partners in history. parently, one of Dan's Altoid containers went missing, he blamed

April Horoscopes

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By: Miranda Mellen

Aries- You hold a lot of power this month for making im- Libra- Fun energy is with you in the first few weeks of portant changes and for beginning new endeavors. You are magnetic and more noticeable than usual. People are attracted to your lively spirit. In the second half of the month, others may have some wise advice for you, and while it might not feel comfortable, it would be a good idea to look at the more practical side.

April when it comes to close relationships. As long as you remain flexible to changes of plans and open to taking a few emotional risks, this can be a time of sudden attractions, enhanced relationships, and new beginnings. Some of you could begin a new long-term relationship, and it might seem to come out of nowhere.

Taurus- Major decision making may be deferred until you Scorpio- The details are more important this month than feel more confident later in the month. Desires are complex and either difficult to fulfill or you could struggle with whether you should go after them. Nevertheless, some relationship hurdles can figure strongly on the 2022 and then the 28-30 in more serious partnerships.

Gemini- You can have many ideas that you're birthing

now, and they can be truly creative and unique. Think in terms of the team or group, as this is where opportunities lie right now. The 20-22, besides the slowing down of your social life, can bring some challenges regarding dealing with matters from the past.

Cancer- This is a month of more visibility than usual,

as well as more creative and professional power. Creative and possibly even romantic opportunities can arise through business affairs in April. You are more interested in the long term when it comes to love, although towards the end of the month, friendship and camaraderie assume more importance.

Leo- The competitive side of your nature comes to the

fore in April, but in an entirely pleasant and likely playful way. You are more enthusiastic than you have been, and your confidence in yourself is natural and easy. Your interest in the world beyond your usual boundaries expands, and some of you could have opportunities to travel or study somewhere/something new.

Virgo- The first few weeks of April are strong for hob-

bies, work and self-improvement endeavors. New projects launched now can be especially unique and creative. Most importantly, they fuel your passions. Whatever your obsession now, it's consuming. You are discovering new means of expression, and attractions can pop up without warning.

the big picture as you have considerable energy and support for shaping up your daily routines, and these include work and health efforts. Super-motivated and energetic, you can get a whole lot done. You are sure to find ways to make daily life more pleasurable, interesting, and creative.

Sagittarius- This is one of the biggest months of the year

for romantic and creative opportunities. It's also a fabulous time for expressing whatever it is that is your art. Creativity is blossoming, and you are likely to have a receptive audience. You could pick up a new hobby or revive an old one. As the month progresses, your attention begins to shift towards more practical matters.

Capricorn- This is a time of great discoveries and much ac-

tivity on the home front. Adjustments need to made, and for some of you, family and home life are unsettled for the time being. You're entering a very expressive and exciting period for romance, recreation, and hobbies. You'll be attracting a lot of attention for your more unique qualities.

Aquarius- In April, you are sure to wow others with your

words, ideas and knowledge. Love may be found in your own neighborhood, through siblings' connections, or through learning endeavors. This is probably the best time of the year for speaking engagements, communication project launches, or simply presentation and sharing of your ideas.

Pisces- As long as you don't succumb to tension, April

can be a pleasant month in which you make new contacts and learn a great deal about the people in your life. Although you possess considerable energy to make money, you are similarly inclined to spend it! Financial activity, including pressures or concerns, can be the focus for the first three weeks of the month. Horoscopes courtesy of

April 2013 Paw Print  

Oregon High School's (Wis.) monthly newspaper.