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History Ever since the company was started in 1976 Öhlins has been an ­ intricate part of the motorsport industry, but it doesn’t stop there. We have ­ produced advanced ­suspension technology for the motorcycle and car ­industry, and besides being motorsport specialists we are also OEM suppliers and manu­ facturer of aftermarket suspension. It all started with Kenth Öhlin, himself a fair m ­ otocross rider in the 60’s and 70’s, started modifying his own bikes and later helping other riders reach success. ­Already ­before Öhlins Racing AB was started in 1976 he was ­constructing exhaust pipes, engines and shock ­absorbers. Öhlins soon became synonymous with advanced ­suspension and in 1978 Öhlins shock absorbers were ­fitted for the first time on a world champion bike. ­Russian Gennady Moiseev who rode a KTM in the motocross 250cc class became the first world champion on Öhlins. More than 150 world titles would follow over the years with riders, drivers and teams winning titles with the help of Öhlins equipment.

Öhlins in numbers • Today 285 employees • Kenth Öhlin owns 95% since December 2007 • Head Quarter in Stockholm (10.000 sqm) • Subsidiary in USA – Hendersonville NC (23 employees) • Subsidiary in Germany – Nürburgring (5 employees) • Subsidiary in Thailand • Subsidiary in Karlstad and Jönköping, Sweden • 130.000 units produced last 12 months • 97 % of all sales on export • Annual Turnover around 60 MEUR (€) • Annual Growth around 15-20 % last 10 years • Focus on R&D, A/M, OEM and Racing of Advanced ­Suspension Technology for Motorcycles, Cars, Snowmobiles & ATV’s. 16 % of turnover is yearly invested back in R&D


Öhlins quickly grew, adding road racing to the ­motocross industry and after that it was just a small step into the ­automotive segment with success in car ­racing and rally adding to the motorsport pedigree. ­ Öhlins ­ continued to grow and with the CES technology we also moved into the automotive industry supplying CES valves to road car ­suspension. In 1987 Öhlins was purchased by Yamaha and c­ ontinued to grow in 20 years under Yamaha ownership but 20 years later Kenth Öhlin decided to buy back the c­ ompany from Yamaha. Since 2007 the company is owned once again by Kenth Öhlin who is still active daily in the company. Today Öhlins covers a wide span of areas within advanced suspension technology from motorcycle to car and other vehicles, from OEM manufacturing to aftermarket and from all forms of motorsport to street and off-road products and customized products.


Öhlins Testing & Development

Öhlins is serious about suspension. That is why all ­Öhlins products are tested and measured before going into production. Öhlins carries out testing all through the year in Sweden as well as Europe and other parts of the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s the ­latest ­development for MotoGP or World Superbike or new street applications, everything is tested either on tracks or in the streets.


As well as testing new street products on the new bike models and measure new bikes for Öhlins aftermarket products Öhlins also carries out testing and simulation back in the advanced lab in the factory in Sweden. Öhlins are proud of the amount of R&D that is put into new products every year.


Product Overview 2013





FG Universal


FKA kits (adventure)

We have the choice for you!

FGK kits (NIX30)

Based on your bike’s performance, its price and available mounting space we have designed a shock that we think suits it, both when it comes to price and performance. We start by choosing a type which we tailor-make for your specific bike. The basic setup, the design of the shim stacks and the calibration of the adjusters, is tested both on road and track. They are the results of true tests with your bike and no guesswork! Öhlins manufactures more than 300 different shock absorber models, each model is ­­tailor-made for one specific bike. The concept of all Öhlins products is not a secret, it is precision. Precision provides superior control of the damping force and the key to our success.


FGR kits (TTX Pressurized)




type s36











type s46

type TTX39


type TTX36

type s36p






type S46H



S46DR1L/ DR1LS Custom





type s46P


S46PR1C1/ S46PR1C1Q1













Mechatronics TTX EC The technique is quite brilliant and the R&D ­Department has put a lot of thought into the new TTX EC parts. One of the initial challenges was to build a system that can be retrofitted onto all TTX street shocks. You can actually remove the standard valves from a TTX shock and insert the small stepper motor that will alter the clicker settings ­ electronically in fixed steps maneuvered from a panel, or ­automatically via a continuous feed of ­information from a SCU.

Mechatronics Mechanical and Electronics Engineering (Mechatronics) is the combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer engineering. The purpose of this interdisciplinary engineering field is the study of ­automata from an engineering perspective and serves the purposes of controlling advanced hybrid systems. The word itself is a portmanteau of ‘Mechanics’ and ‘Electronics’. Once in a while Öhlins Racing takes a ­monumental step into a new chapter in terms of advanced ­suspension ­technology. When the Swedish suspension ­manufacturer introduced the TTX technology in the beginning of the 21st century it was a major move into a completely new direction of suspension design and function.



TTX Technology

The TTX Technology Cavitation. Something you don’t want in your shock ­absorber. It’s devastating because basically it means the damping is lost. Small bubbles in the oil can ­never create the necessary damping forces. Traditional dampers working in extreme conditions sometimes suffers from low pressure on the piston backside. The TTX was created by Öhlins engineers to eliminate the risk for cavitation. They succeeded. With the TTX technology a positive pressure balance is created in the shock which means the risk for cavitation is gone. TTX stands for Twin Tube with the X illustrating how the flow through the valves in the cylinderheard is designed. Thanks to the twin tube technology the ­ pressure ­ ­ usually created on top of the piston is ­transferred through the cylinder head and the ­adjusters for compression and rebound, then flows through the space between the inner and outer tube to the other side of the solid piston. These equals to a pressure ­balance within the shock. The outer reservoir is only

used to take care of the oil displacement from the ­piston rod and heat expansion, which is why it can be fairly small in design. Inside the reservoir there is a ­dividing piston between the oil and the nitrogen gas. The gas pressurizes the oil to a level between six and nine bars, basically the static pressure on both sides of the solid piston. TTX technology is also used with a lot of success in the racing cartridge kits and front forks. As with a lot of new technology from Öhlins the TTX technology was first introduced in racing after an ­intensive testing period and it instantly delivered a lot of wins and championships. Just two years later it was available to any privateer and quickly adapted to street applications as well. After a lot of success in racing and the sport and hypersport segment, it has now also been made available for Adventure type bikes. The TTX layout also makes these shocks ideal to use for electronically controlled (EC) suspension.






Shock Absorbers FEATURES > TTX-technology – no cavitation risk! > Improved traction and grip > Less hysteresis, improved dynamics of the shock absorber > Better ground contact feel > Integrated hydraulic preload adjuster (if it fits on the bike geometry) > New design of the adjuster housing > Wide adjuster range > Completely separated functions for rebound and compression damping > All adjustments are done on the cylinder head of the shock absorber

TTX36 Mk II The TTX36 has brought bikes and riders to the podium and to the winners circle many times and has been an obvious choice for winner’s bikes. Now the latest ­experience from MotoGP and WSBK can be on your bike too. The dynamic behavior is improved in the MKII ­version thanks to reinforced tubes, new piston and p ­iston bands. Check valves are improved in terms of opening force and closing forces and each and every part has been under the sharp eye of our engineers. The result is a shock absorber with the latest ­developments from Öhlins, all learned from experience in MotoGP and WSBK.


FEATURES > Öhlins TTX36 MK II technology > No cavitations risks > Perfect traction and stability on the track and on the road > The latest software and SCU developed by Öhlins Racing > Reads data and controls the shock instantly, reading riding style and bike behavior > Interacts with Öhlins OE steering damper on the Kawasaki ZX 10 R 2013 > Fits both models from 2012 and 2013 > No more click settings headache, Öhlins SCU does the job for you > New Electronically Controlled (EC) adjusters > Manual spring pre load adjuster > Manual ride height adjustment possible

TTX36 Mk II EC Following Öhlins succesful introduction of ­Mechatronics on OE bikes such as the Ducati 1199 Panigale S and Multistrada 1200 S, the time is here to launch the first aftermarket ­Mechatronics shock absorber. The first application out is the TTX36 MKII EC for the Kawasaki ZX 10 R. Working with sophisticated algorithms and based on the experience and success from World ­Superbike in 2008, Öhlins R&D put it all to work to reach the best possible performance on track but also comfort when commuting on normal roads to work or on the way home from that perfect track day. The hardware used is the successful Öhlins TTX36 MK II shock absorber used in racing as well as the ultimate aftermarket upgrade to street bikes. It has been coupled with advanced software continuously monitoring the riding behavior, how the bike responds to that riding style as well as

chosen power modes. It uses all this information to make instant changes in click settings as you ride. The result is a shock absorber instantly set-up for your riding style at the moment. If you chose a high power mode and go hard on the throttle or on the brakes the shock will be in the perfect click ­setting for that style. If you want a sport set-up, ride like a racer and you’ll get it. And when the r­iding is calmer, for instance when on the road back home, it instantly reacts to that and reacts with a more comfortable setting. This is possible thanks to the chat between the Smart Öhlins SCU and the bike control units. The details are the secrets of Öhlins. The result is ­obvious for anyone riding it. The promise is ­simple, this is the best semi active system ­currently ­available. It will also work together with the OE mounted steering damper from Öhlins available on the 2013 ZX 10 R.



Cartridge Kits

FGK-series NIX30 Front Fork Cartridge Kits The new Road&Track 30 mm front fork cartridge kit from Öhlins is based on experience gained from World Supersport and Superstock Championships. It doesn’t matter if you are heading for a National Roadracing title or if you are taking your bike to the local race track. The cartridge kit will give you loads of performance, stable damping characteristics and fantastic comfort. The Kit has a unique design with compression damping and the adjustment on the left leg and rebound damping and the adjustment on the right leg – i.e. all adjustments are made at the top together with the spring preload! The cartridge system fits bolt on and is easy to install in most standard hypersport front forks. NOTE! This new Cartridge Kit is delivered without springs. The 08790-series of springs need to be ordered separately to suite customer’s choice of spring rate.


FEATURES > External rebound, compression and spring pre‑load adjusters. > Easy to change settings for individual ­preferences, based on our existing Setting Bank. > Wide range of spring rates available in the 08790-series. > Easy installation and service. > Available for all Hypersport models.

FGR-series TTX25 Pressurized Kits Straight from Öhlins vast MotoGP-experience, the new TTX25 pressurized cartridge kit is the thing to have for riders with high demands. Designed for highend top level racing in SuperStock and SuperSport classes, this new cartridge kit will give you loads of ­performance.

FEATURES > External rebound, compression and spring pre‑load adjusters > Easy to change settings for individual preferences > Spring kit included

The TTX25 cartridge kit maintains damping at higher ­frequency, which improves the control of tyre vibrations. The improved ­dynamic behaviour, due to the pressurized system, results in a more controlled movement. It also improves the response time of the damping force build-up after each change of ­direction, noticed for the rider as an improvement of the tyre ­contact feel. As an advanced product born and raised on the GP tracks, now available for every rider, this ­highend TTX25 pressurized ­cartridge kit requires regular ­maintenance by qualified staff to perform at the highest level race after race.



Front Forks FEATURES > Pressurized TTX25 Cartridge Technology > New stronger outer tube top > Longer, lighter design > Improved adjustment features > Full engaged top out spring as an option

FGR 300 The new and improved FGR 300 is the very essence of front fork technology. Fully packed with technical solutions and ­experiences from MotoGP and World ­Superbike. ­ For the new FGR 300 Öhlins engineers set out a target to improve the already ­successful FGR 200 front fork in several areas, as ­development never stands still in racing. The outer tube is reinforced making the FGR 300 stiffer and more robust. ­Adjustments are easy to carry out with c­ oloured ­adjustment wheels


for c­ ompression and rebound in a nice and improved d ­ esign, as well as a click setting function on the preload adjuster. The 3,5 mm bleed valve also gives a larger adjustment range. The smaller piston rod ­diameter gives an ­improved dynamics ­inside the fork. The FGR 300 of course comes loaded with the very latest TTX 25 Pressurized ­Technology. With all these changes the new racing front fork from Öhlins has improved top class performance with improved brake support ­ and tire feel when riding.

FGRT 200 It doesn’t ­matter if you are heading for a National ­Roadracing title or if you are taking your bike on a run on your favourite road. The new Road & Track front fork will give you loads of performance, stable damping and fantastic comfort. The new Road & Track front fork features the ­Öhlins­ 30 mm Cartridge Kit inside, a winning kit in ­several ­national superbike championships. ­ Compression and ­ rebound ­adjustments are easily done with ­compression adjustment in one leg and ­rebound ­adjustment in the ­other leg. The new front fork gives a big improvement in tire feel, brake ­support and the general handling of the bike. The outer design has been redesigned to make this front fork even more attractive.

FEATURES > Öhlins 30mm Cartridge Kit inside > Compression damping in one leg, rebound in ­ the other leg > Weight and stress optimized fork bottom design > All adjustments are made at the top of the fork > Reduced weight > Already tested in various racing applications with great results > Available for all major Hypersport models



Steering Dampers FEATURES > Unique design > Fluid under pressure avoids problem of free play > Adjustable in 16 clicks > Six lengths/strokes > Can be mounted outside of the fork leg or across the frame behind the triple clamp > Kits complete with mounting brackets available for certain bikes > Universal parts for race bikes available > New adjuster for 2013

Steering Dampers An important ingredient in almost every successful racing team throughout the world and a massive hit on the aftermarket since the launch. The concept still beats the competition in damping performance and agility, thanks to the pressurized system and tight tolerances, as well as the perfect 足adjustment possibilities Available for most major hypersport and sport models, as well as dampers in different lengths with universal mounting parts for race bikes or custom builders.






Dual Sport /Adventure

Shock Absorbers FEATURES > TTX36 front shock absorber for Dual Sport and Adventure > Introduction of the TTX39 rear shock absorber ­specifically designed for the touring and dual sport segment > Reinforced cylinders > Individual setting of spring preload front and rear > Individual settings of both compression and rebound front and rear > Full maintenance possibilites

TTX36/TTX39 The TTX-technology, proven in MotoGP and WSBK, now makes it into the Dual Sport segment. Designed for BMW R1200 GS models, the Öhlins TTX36 and TTX39 shock absorbers can still give you the superior Öhlins performance. The newly developed shock absorbers for the ­popular Mechatronics aftermarket system are also available in this manually adjustable version. The successful TTX36 shock absorber has now been ­developed in a first Dual Sport application for the BMW R1200 GS. The rear shock absorber is a new for 2012 TTX39 shock absorber with a 39mm piston. The BMW R1200 GS application is our first Dual Sport TTX-application but more are to come.


TTX36 EC/TTX39 EC It is with great pride and satisfaction Öhlins once again can lead the way and launch the first EC-actuated aftermarket shock absorber ­ ­ system. Based on race winning suspension technology from MotoGP and ­ World ­Superbike, Öhlins Racing now d ­ ebuts the ­patented TTX Technology for the dual sport segment and the BMW R1200 GS models with ESA suspension. The system ­ consisting of a TTX 36 shock absorber at the front and a newly ­developed TTX39 at the rear and an Öhlins SCU is ­easily ­installed and compatible with the ­ original ESA. It ­interacts directly with the BMW R 1200 GS CAN bus network and existing user interface,

and is manoeuvred by the standard dash display and Enduro ESA control buttons. The system offers significantly improved tyre feeling and ride comfort. It has added ­benefits such as damping adjusters with ­ individual compression and rebound ­adjustments both front and rear. It operates within the same driving modes as the original system but with the added feature of a smart semi-active EC function in comfort mode where the ­damping levels are automatically increased with speed. The system also allows the riders to c­ ustomize the spring rate on their bike through fitment of new springs.

FEATURES > MotoGP and WSBK based race winning technology > First TTX system for the Dual Sport sement > Smart semi-active EC functions > Easily installed > Full maintenance capability and with spare parts available > Different spring rates available > New valves developed by Öhlins R&D > Diagnostic capacity by Öhlins service centers > Damping adjusters compression and rebound front and rear > Software updates available via Öhlins service centers > Available for the BMW R1200 GS and GSA


Dual Sport /Adventure


Shock Absorbers

S46 Shock Absorbers


The popular Öhlins S46 shock absorber is a perfect upgrade for bikes in the Dual Sport and Adventure segment. The damper is a single tube design with a 46 mm piston and it’s available in many different configurations both with and without pre load adjuster, in piggyback and hose versions as well as in combinations of one to three way adjustable versions. It all depends on your bike model which type of configuration fits your bike. The S46 is available for most major models in the adventure segment.

> Öhlins quality and performance > Öhlins finish and design > Single tube damper with 46 mm diameter > Variation of spring rates possible > Available in many different configurations ­depending on the bike model > Maintenance and service possibilities > Available for most major Dual Sport and Adventure models

Cartridge Kits

Dual Sport /Adventure

FEATURES > Öhlins NIX Techonology. > Fully adjustable from the top cap. > Rebound in one leg, compression in the other leg. > New developed hydraulic stop to prevent hard bottoming. > New piston rod. > Easy to install and service. > Different spring rates available.

FKA 100-series Öhlins now offer front end upgrades to the Dual Sport and Adventure bikes. Based on the s­uccessful road racing kits. The Öhlins cartridge kits have now been made for the ­ medium sized adventure bikes. Based on the succesful Ö ­ hlins technology, we are proud to introduce Öhlins ­cartridge kits for this ­segment.

Thanks to the FKA 100 kits from Öhlins the bikes now has a fully adjustable front end. ­Rebound damping is on one leg and ­compression in the other leg, with adjustable spring preload in both legs. ­Together with an overall improved ­damping system, the bike is transformed and can deliver so much more.

Medium sized adventure bikes used in their right element on true adventures both on and off the road can now enjoy the improved ­comfort and p ­ erformance from an Öhlins c­ artridge kit. ­Öhlins R&D decided to go for a solution based on the ­successful Öhlins NIX technology to reach the goal of a cartridge that can deliver both comfort and performance, and go longer than an off-road kit b ­ etween servicing. The small design of the cartridge kit makes it fit easily in the upside down OE forks most ­adventures bikes are equipped with today. The kits are easy to install, just pop out the OE kits and install the Öhlins cartridge kits instead.

Different springs are available for riders individual demands as well as an ­ ­ effective hydraulic stop i­ ­ nside the kit to prevent ­bottoming. After tests we feel confident this ­cartridge kit ­improves the adventure bike both in terms of ­comfort and overall performance. Fast gravel roads on a weekend or piloting around small trails to find the perfect stop for the night ­demands both comfort and ­performance. With this kit the bike delivers that. The kit will first be available for the BMW F800 GS as well as the Triumph Tiger 800 and 800 XC. ­During 2013 more bikes will be added to the ­application list.


Street Performance Line


S46 DR1


Our popular and cost effective S46DR1 damper is the perfect upgrade for naked sports bikes. The damper is single tube design with a 46 mm ­piston. This monotube tube high pressure gas type shock ­absorber with an internal gas reservoir in the main body is loaded with performance. External ­rebound damping adjustment and pre-load adjustment is ­possible. The perfect choice for naked sports bikes or as we call it – the Street Performance Line.

> Öhlins quality and performance > Öhlins finishes and design, with ­experience from the racing tracks > Single tube damper with 46 mm diameter > Adjustable rebound damping and ­compression, with one adjuster > Variations of spring rates available > Maintenance possibilities > Possibility to fit a hydraulic spring ­preloader later on > Available to more than 100 different bike models


Naked Bikes & Cruisers

S36 Twin Shocks For bikes with twin dampers Öhlins developed the S36 twin shocks. As with all Öhlins shock absorber these are specifically built and designed for each model in the Öhlins application list. The dampers are of e ­ mulsion or monotube design and available both as piggyback versions and in hose versions with or without length adjuster and two way adjustable. The shock absorber is developed and suitable as a great upgrade to bikes running twin dampers. Anything from Harley-Davidson to Cruisers and naked café ­racers can benefit from the Öhlins performance and comfort these shock absorbers delivers. The S36 Twin shock comes in different configurations depending on the bike model it was designed for.

FEATURES > Tested on each bike model with tailor made setting > Designed for comfort and rideability on cruisers > Designed to sporty riding on sport oriented bikes > Wide range of springrates are available > Black, yellow and chrome springs are available to most models


Front Forks For naked bikes Öhlins make a number of different front fork options. For the Ducati Diavel Öhlins offers the 48 mm Road & Track front fork ready to go on the Diavel. But Öhlins can also offer fully adjustable front forks, the FG324 and FG424, for ­custom builds that can be custom built by any tuner. All our forks has fully adjustable rebound and compression damping as well as spring preload adjustment easy accessible


Springs & Fluids

Springs Öhlins offers a wide range of springs both for all ­applications of Öhlins products as well as ­replacement springs for OE applications. Different lengths and spring rates are available. One of the most important aspects of fine tuning the set-up of the bike to your riding style and weight is to work with the springs and measure the sag of the bike right. Fortunately Öhlins experienced service centers can help you with this and help you chose from the Öhlins range of aftermarket springs for both cartridge kits and shock absorbers.

Fluids One important part of your suspension performance, is the fluids used. Öhlins Racing does not accept nothing but the best, that is why we decided to develop our own suspension fluids. We use the more reliable scale Centistoke, to tell what´s inside the bottle, rather than the SAE scale. But to help you out a little bit if cSt is not your thing, we did put a small number on the lower right corner, to make a ­reference to the SAE scale. Needless to say, Öhlins products works best with our fluids, and frankly, we belive others products do too!


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