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Groovin’ at Obama Blvd. Naming Ceremony/Street Festival

Bobcat Re cover GarageA Sale fteron Being Hit Mississippi PolicRiver e Car Spans 100 Miles in 2 States

LA Prosecutors Say Pair Ran Visa Fraud Scheme Council President Herb Wesson, Congresswomen Karen Bass and other Elected Officials. (courtesy photo)

President Barack Obama Boulevard Naming Sign Unveiling. (courtesy photo)

By Ricky Richardson Contributing Writer       Los Angeles- Saturday, May 4, 2019 is one for the history books. A massive, multi-cultural, diverse crowd gathered on Rodeo Road where Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard intersects, for a day long music festival and President Barack Obama Naming Ceremony. Ain’t no party like a west coast party!         Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson was joined by Los Angeles Urban League President and CEO Matthew Lawson and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to officially unveil Obama Boulevard in honor of America’s 44th President of the United States of America. This day consisted of a free day long music and street festival. It was a pleasure to view a sea of people wearing President Obama gear-buttons, caps, scarves, t-shirts, sweatshirts etc. Multi-generation of family members were present for this historic occasion. People from all walks of life, races and cultures were in attendance.         Singer Randy Newman got it right when he penned the tune “I Love L.A.” The location selected for the ceremony is where Obama Boulevard will intersect with Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in one of Los Angeles’ most iconic Black neighborhoods-creating one of the most significant African-American points of interest in the country. Los Angeles City Officials gave residents and the world another reason to LOVE L.A! This was a picture-perfect day, neither too hot nor cold, just pleasant with a slight breeze. As I sat down to write, the lyrics for “Groovin” by War sibilated throughout my mind. Sibilate, that’s a word that you don’t hear often. The gates to the celebrations opened at 12 noon. DJ QwestCoast provided the musical soundtrack for the festivities. Radio Personality Kevin Nash served as Master of Ceremony.         Katalyst Collective is a ten-piece band from Inglewood, California, who opened the show with a set of Continued on page A3

Black Women In California Say Democratic Party Takes Their Vote and Voice for Granted By Manny Otiko and Tanu Henry California Black Media Black women voters across the state have begun to organize themselves to express dissatisfaction with the California Democratic Party (CDP) and some of its members for overlooking issues that are important to them and taking recent actions that do not advance their interests. They plan to share those grievances with fellow Democrats and officials of the party at the state CPD annual convention May 29 - June 2 in San Francisco.

Tina McKinnor former operations director of the California Democratic Party. (CBM courtesy photo)

Activists have also organized a number of other events, including a rally and march on the State Capitol on June 22 to speak about some of their concerns and celebrate Black womanhood as they consolidate their political presence and power in the state. This Wednesday, another group of African-American women Democrats, Black Woman Organized for Political Action – Political Action Committee (BWOPA-PAC), the oldest and largest Black political fundraising and advocacy organization in the state, will hold a “Legislative Learning Day” in Sacramento. That event is designed to teach Black women to lobby their legislators on issues that are relevant to them. “When someone takes you for granted over and over again, it’s time to seriously reevaluate the relationship,” says Elika Bernard, the executive director of the Sacramentobased non-profit Black Women United. Bernard made the statement in an editorial she shared with California Black Media.   “In the case of the California Democratic Party,” Bernard continued, “ it’s time for Black women to rethink our loyalty and commitment.” The view Bernard is expressing is not new. It articulates a widespread sense among Black women Democrats – who are becoming one of the most powerful voting blocs in the country - that the Democratic party relies on their support during elections but rarely rewards or reciprocates it. During the last election, 94 percent of Black Women voted for Hilary Clinton. Black women are also largely credited for electing Democrat Doug Jones over his Republican rival in a special election for the US Senate last year in Alabama, one of the reddest Red states in terms of its GOP majority and tendency to consistently vote for Republicans.   According to APVoteCast, a political polling service, Black women votes were responsible for the majority of the Democratic Party wins during the last national midterm elections. “While the Democratic Party has talked a good game about making space for Black women in leadership, we’ve seen time and time again that these words ring hollow,” said

Dezie Woods-Jones, a Democratic party activist, former vice mayor of Oakland and state president of BWOPAPAC. Critiquing her party, Bernard cites the way some California Democrats are treatingKimberly Ellis, an African-American woman and progressive Democrat from Richmond, California. She is on the verge of becoming chair of the CDP if she wins the election at the state convention later this month. In 2017, Ellis lost the election for chair by a thin margin to now embattled former chair Eric Baumann, who resigned last year after allegations of sexual harassment by two staffers.   Ellis has picked up key endorsements from a wide range of progressive and moderate groups, including the Silicon Valley Democratic Club and BWOPA-PAC. California US Reps. Jackie Speier (D-CA 14th  District), Mark DeSaulnier (D-CA 11th  District) and Ro Khanna (D -CA 17th  District) have all thrown their support behind her. But when the executive board of the Democratic Party of Sacramento County (DPSC) voted to endorse Ellis at their April meeting, Bernard says, that decision was rejected and overturned by its membership. “Immediately questions of the approval threshold were brought up and the rules changed from a simple majority to ⅔ majority vote,” Bernard told CBM.   Then, there’s the case of Tina McKinnor, another African-American Democrat and former operations director of the CDP. Late last year, the acting chair of the CDPAlexandra Gallardo-Rooker, who took over after Bauman resigned, fired her. McKinnor has now filed a lawsuit against the CDP alleging discrimination because she is Black and retaliation because she helped another colleague file a sexual harassment compliant against Bauman.   In the filing papers obtained by CBM, McKinnor accuses Bauman of taking job responsibilities from her, Continued on page A3

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Los Angeles County prosecutors say two people bilked seven Chinese nationals out of $1.5 million in an immigration fraud scheme. The district attorney’s office said Monday the victims were promised visas in return for investments in one of five restaurants owned by one of the defendants. Prosecutors say the defendants are not attorneys or registered immigration consultants. Thirty-four-year-old Nianfei Bu of West Covina faces 12 counts of grand theft by fraud involving the Chinese nationals. Thirty-seven-year-old Hourong Zhang of Rowland Heights is charged with eight counts of grand theft by fraud. Bu is also charged with four counts of grand theft for allegedly not paying wages to employees hired to help contact potential investors. The defendants could not be immediately reached for comment because they remained jailed pending arraignment.

Man Badly Injured After Falling into Hawaii Volcano

HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, Hawaii (AP) – A man was seriously injured after crossing a safety barrier and falling into a Hawaii volcano crater, authorities said. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park rangers and Hawaii Island fire crews rescued the man Wednesday night after he fell 60 to 70 feet (18 to 21 meters) at Kilauea volcano’s Halemaumau crater on the Big Island, The Honolulu StarAdvertiser reported Thursday. A military helicopter airlifted the man in critical condition to Hilo Medical Center. The man, who was not named and is in his 30s, climbed over a metal railing at the Steaming Bluff overlook before falling from a 300-foot (91-meter) cliff. A visitor reported the fall around 6:30 p.m., park officials said. The man was found more than two hours later seriously injured on a narrow ledge about 70 feet (21 meters) from the edge. Emergency personnel completed a “high-angle extrication using ropes and stokes litter,’’ officials said. “Visitors should never cross safety barriers, especially around dangerous and destabilized cliff edges,’’ Chief Ranger John Broward said in a statement.

Dodgers Playing Better

By Earl Heath Contributing Sports Writer The Dodgers are 7-3 in the last 10 starts (At press time). They have scored at least 7 runs three times or more in that span. They also have won 3 of the last 5 series including a sweep of the Pittsburg Pirates. They are winning at home and playing .500 (10-10) on the road, which is usually a success for a divisional title. Cody Bellinger is continuing to lead the league in batting 403 and slugging 848. Rookie Alex Verdogo is close behind.

John Singleton to be Laid to Rest

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A representative for John Singleton says the director will be laid to rest in a small, private ceremony on Monday in Los Angeles. The representative says Singleton’s family is planning a public memorial for a later date. No further details were released. The “Boyz N the Hood’’ director died Monday at age 51, days after suffering a stroke. Singleton became the youngest best director Oscar nominee for the film. He was also nominated for writing its screenplay. Singleton went on to direct numerous other films, including “Poetic Justice’’ and an installment in the “Fast and Furious’’ franchise, as well as several television episodes. The director has been praised by contemporaries for blazing a trail for black filmmakers.



Thursday, May 9, 2019

World & Nation

National GirlTech Town Hall By Lauren Poteat NNPA Newswire Washington Correspondent As the U.S. continues to push towards a more information-based economy, job opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have become more lucrative and necessary than ever. However, according to the Pew Research Center, Black American workers still remain largely underrepresented in the STEM workforce, accounting for only nine percent of all STEM jobs—with Black females representing the lowest percentage of these statistics. With a vision to drive more Black females into the fields of STEM, Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole, the newly-elected president and CEO of the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), recently lead a major National Town Hall with a special focus on Black millennial women and career development at the NCNW headquarters, located in Washington, D.C. “Our goal [with this meeting] is to further lead, advocate for and empower women of African descent and to provide our priceless and powerful young people an opportunity of inspiration, information and assurance as they go forward in life and do what it is that they know they need to, particularly in the fields of STEM, often underrepresented by African Americans,” Dr. Cole said. “On the question of technology… I am not that

woke,” Dr. Cole jokingly continued. “That is the question that my generation should be reaching out to the younger generations for, as we [the elders] begin to reach back and push the next generations forward.” Creatively coined “GirlTech,” and deemed a necessary space for the “opportunity to meet education” by NCNW Executive Director Janis Mathis, the April 30th event brought together over a dozen Black female leaders in the fields STEM and welcomed keynote speaker, Natalie Madeira Cofield, founder and CEO of Walker’s Legacy and Foundation, a global platform for the professional and entrepreneurial multicultural woman. “We are here to talk about women in tech, women in science, women in STEM, and so I thought about Madame CJ Walker, who was also a scientist,” Cofield said, of the first Black female self-made millionaire in the U.S., who specialized in Black haircare products. “But often times when we think about who she was, we don’t think about her being a chemist and a business scientist. We would be remiss to not think of her as being one of the top innovators of our time.” “And so, I think it is important for us to begin the conversation with our real contributions, because that is our beginning and strength and not a beginning and weakness,” Cofield continued. “I think it’s very easy for people to begin ‘us’ at a point of ‘disadvantage,’ even though we have been innovators for so long.”

Following the keynote address, attendees were also allowed to partake in two specialized breakout discussions focused on telehealth/telemedicine, cybersecurity and data privacy. Some of the speakers for these sessions included Global Health Access Institute Director, Dr. Clishia Taylor; Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Assistant Professor, Dr. Yvonne Commodore-Mensah; and National Cybersecurity Institute Program Director, Dr. Amelia Estwick, who helped segue guests into the National Town Hall. With a theme of ‘inclusion and diversity’ in the STEM workforce, the National Town Hall featured guest speakers, including National Action Network Washington D.C. Bureau Chief, Ebonie Riley; U.S. House of Representatives Technology Counsel, Meagan Sunn; and Black Women’s Roundtable Senior Technology Policy Advisor, Joycelyn Tate, who ended the event with a nationwide call to action and awareness. “Diversity is what I call being invited to the dance and inclusion is being asked to actually dance,” Tate said. “The reason diversity and inclusion are both important is because we have to be in the room as women and minorities in order to be able to see what’s going on, and we have to feel that inclusion, in order to make technology relevant. As it stands now, most technology is created by white men and is thus, often times not relevant to us. So, we must be in the room.”

Virginia Educator Wins National Teacher of the Year

Rodney Robinson/Courtesy NEA

Rodney Robinson, who teaches at Virgie Binford Education Center which is a school inside the Richmond Juvenile Justice Center, was commended by CCSSO for creating “a positive school culture by empowering his students – many of whom have experienced trauma – to become civically-minded social advocates who use their skills and voices to affect physical and policy changes at their school and in their communities.” By Stacy M. Brown NNPA Newswire Correspondent
 Rodney Robinson, a 19-year teaching veteran who

became a teacher to honor his mother and who struggled to receive an education after being denied one as a child due to segregation and poverty in rural Virginia, was named the 2019 National Teacher of the Year by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). Robinson, who teaches at Virgie Binford Education Center which is a school inside the Richmond Juvenile Justice Center, was commended by CCSSO for creating “a positive school culture by empowering his students – many of whom have experienced trauma – to become civicallyminded social advocates who use their skills and voices to affect physical and policy changes at their school and in their communities.” Robinson told the National Education Association that he looks forward to helping lead a conversation about the students whom he calls “the most vulnerable in society”

and how the nation can address the school-to-prisonpipeline that has pushed too many kids out of school. “This year, I hope to be the voice for my students and all students who feel unseen, unheard, unappreciated and undervalued in America,” Robinson said. In 2015, Robinson started teaching at Virgie Binford Education Center  in an  effort to  better understand  the school-to-prison pipeline.   His classroom is a collaborative partnership between himself and his students and is anchored in him providing a civic centered education that promotes socialemotional growth, Robinson said. He uses the knowledge he has gained from his students to develop alternative programs to prevent students from entering the school-to-prison pipeline.  Published three times by Yale University, Robinson has received numerous awards for his accomplishments in and out of the classroom, most notably the R.E.B. Award for Teaching Excellence.  He is a member of Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney’s Education Compact Team,  which includes politicians, educators, business leaders, and community leaders, and is working with city leaders and local colleges to recruit underrepresented male teachers into the field of education.  Robinson has also worked with Pulitzer Award winning author James Foreman on developing curriculum units on race, class, and punishment as a part of the Yale Teacher’s Institute.   Robinson, who earned a  Bachelor of  arts in  history from Virginia State University and a  master’s in  educational  administration and  supervision from Virginia Commonwealth  University, has focused a great deal of his efforts on the need for mental health services in schools and singles out the stigma surrounding treatment. As teacher of the year, CCSO officials said Robinson will have a heightened platform to advocate for the students who are being left behind by budget cuts and a system that emphasizes punitive discipline over preventative and rehabilitative measures. “I want school counselors, I want conflict mediators, I want restorative justice, I want people to come in and actually work with the kids and not just put a kid in handcuffs whenever there is a minor disagreement,” Robinson said.

(Photo Credit: NCNW)

FedEx is Growing Black Businesses By Dena L. Owens, Special to The New Tri-State Defender “Grow or die,” says Richard Smith referring to future economic growth in Memphis. Smith, president and CEO of FedEx Logistics and board chairman for the Greater Memphis Chamber, revealed plans to identify and support 75 black entrepreneurs wanting to grow their small businesses through a public/ private partnership. The announcement came last Thursday (April 18) as partner executives, minority business owners, Mayor Jim Strickland and other officials gathered for a breakfast meeting. Smith explained the rationale for the effort as concerns mount about the need for investment in underserved areas of the city. While large-scale developments enjoy extensive tax incentives in Downtown, Midtown and East Memphis, disadvantaged African-American communities such as New Chicago in North Memphis and others could use more capital support for small business growth. Investment in these areas can create jobs where needed and build a stronger Memphis economy, inclusively. “Our new-found momentum can be easily derailed,” said Smith, referring to the economic momentum often touted by Strickland. “We ‘must be intentional’ as we expand (opportunities) to more minorities and disenfranchised groups,” Smith added. “We have to do better.” The capacity-building plan is the result of an alliance between FedEx, Regions Bank, City of Memphis and the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC), a national driver of urban economic prosperity. ICIC began its Memphis work in 2014 with Regions Bank providing capital coaching. In 2015, the partnership expanded to include FedEx. This year, Memphis will participate in ICIC’s tuition-free leadership program called Inner City Capital Connection (ICCC) to prepare entrepreneurs for lasting, sustainable growth. ICCC provides instruction to minority and women owned business enterprise (MWBE) owners with a focus on: (1) capacity training, (2) one-on-one coaching and (3) connections to capital providers. Continued on page A3

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Legal Notices


FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO: 2019112544 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: AUTO PALACE at 460 W 5th St San Pedro, Ca. 90731 Mailing Address: County: LA REGISTERED OWNERS(S): LOS ANGELES VENTURES LLC, 460 W 5th St, San Pedro, Ca. 90731 The business is conducted by: Limited Liability Company SIGNED: ROBERT WOLFENDEN The date registrant started to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above: Apr 2019 This statement filed with the County Clerk of Kern County on: Apr 29, 2019 DEAN C. LOGAN, Registar-Recorder/County Clerk County Clerk By: Sookmin Chang, Deputy NOTICE: IN ACCORDANCE WITH SUBDIVISION (a) OF SECTION 17920, A FICTITIOUS NAME STATEMENT GENERALLY EXPIRES ST THE END IOF FIVE YEARS FROM THE DATE OF WHICH IT WAS FILED IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK EXCEPT, AS PROVIDED IN SUBDIVISION (b) OF SECTION 17920, WHERE IT EXPIRES 40 DAYS AFTER ANY CHANGE IN THE FACTS SET FORTH IN THE STATEMENT PURSUANT TO SECTION 17913 OTHER THAN A CHANGE IN THE RESIDENCE ADDRESS OF A REGISTERED OWNER. A NEW FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE FILED BEFORE THE EXPIRATION. EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2014, THE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY FORM. This statement expires on Apr 29, 2024 LOS ANGELES BAY NEWS OBSERVER (E) PUB: May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019 ������������������������������� FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO: 2019112546 The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: AP STORAGE at 460 W 5th St San Pedro, Ca. 90731 Mailing Address: County: LA REGISTERED OWNERS(S): LOS ANGELES VENTURES LLC, 460 W 5th St, San Pedro, Ca. 90731 The business is conducted by: Limited Liability Company SIGNED: ROBERT WOLFENDEN The date registrant started to transact business under the fictitious business name or names listed above: Apr 2019 This statement filed with the County Clerk of Kern County on: Apr 29, 2019 DEAN C. LOGAN, Registar-Recorder/County Clerk County Clerk By: Sookmin Chang, Deputy NOTICE: IN ACCORDANCE WITH SUBDIVISION (a) OF SECTION 17920, A FICTITIOUS NAME STATEMENT GENERALLY EXPIRES ST THE END IOF FIVE YEARS FROM THE DATE OF WHICH IT WAS FILED IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK EXCEPT, AS PROVIDED IN SUBDIVISION (b) OF SECTION 17920, WHERE IT EXPIRES 40 DAYS AFTER ANY CHANGE IN THE FACTS SET FORTH IN THE STATEMENT PURSUANT TO SECTION 17913 OTHER THAN A CHANGE IN THE RESIDENCE ADDRESS OF A REGISTERED OWNER. A NEW FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE FILED BEFORE THE EXPIRATION. EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2014, THE FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY THE AFFIDAVIT OF IDENTITY FORM. This statement expires on Apr 29, 2024 LOS ANGELES BAY NEWS OBSERVER (E) PUB: May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019 �������������������������������


SUMMONS FAMILY LAW CITACION DERECHO FAMILIAR CASE #: FAMSS 1808134 NOTICE TO RESPONSENT: (AVISO AL DEMANDADO) LYDIA T. ORREGO You have been sued. Read the information below and on the next page. Lo han demandado. Lea la informacion a continuacion y en la pagina siguiente. PETITIONER’S NAME IS: (NOMBRE) DEL DEMANDANTE: RATOINE J. THOMAS You have 30 CALENDAR DAYS after this Summons and Petition are served on you to file a Response (form FL-120) at the court and have a copy served on the petitioner. A letter or phone call will not protect you. If you do not file your Response on time, the court may make orders affecting your marriage or domestic partnership, your property and custody of your children. You may be ordered to pay support and attorney fees and costs. For legal advice, contact a lawyer immediately. Get help finding a lawyer at the California Courts Online SelfHelp Center ( selfhelp), at the California Legal Services website (, or by contacting your local county bar association. Tiene 30 dias de calendario despues de haber recibido la entrega legal de esta Citacion y Peticion para presentar una Respuesta (formulario FL120) ante la corte y efectuar laentrega legal de na copia al demandante. Una carta o llamada telefonica o una audiencia de la corte no basta para protegerio. Si no presenta su Respuesta a tiempo, la corte puede dar ordenes que afecten su martrimonio o pareja de hecho, sus bienes y la custodia de sus hijos. La corte tambien le puede ordenar que pague manutencion, y honorarios y costos legales. Para asesoramiento legal, pongase en contacto de inmediato con un abogado. Puede obtener informacion para encontraer un abogado en el Centro de Ayuda de las Cortes de California (, en el sitio web de los Servicios Legales de California ( o poniendose en contacto con el colegio de abogados de su condado. NOTICE-RESTRAINING ORDERS ARE ON PAGE 2: The restraining orders are effective against both spouses or domestic partners until the petition is dismissed, a judgment is entered, or the court makes further orders. These orders are enforceable anywhere in California by any law enforcement officer who had received or seen a copy of them. AVISO-LAS ORDENES DE RESTRICCION SE ENCUENTRAN EN LA PAGINA 2: Las ordenes de restriccion estan en vigencia en cuanto a ambos conyuges o miembros de la pareja de hecho hasta que se despida la peticion, se emita un fallo a la corte de otras ordenes. Cualquier agencia del orden publico que haya recibido o visto una copia de estas ordenes puede hacerlas acatar en cualquier lugar de California FEE WAIVER: If you cannot pay the filing fee, ask the clerk for a fee waiver form. The court may order you to pay back all or part of the fees and costs that the court waived for you or the other party. EXENCION DE CUOTAS: Si no puede pagar la cuota de presentacion, pida al secretario un formulario de exencion de cuotas. La corte puede ordenar que usted pague, ya sea en parte o por completo, las cuotas y costos de la corte previamente exentos a peticion de usted o de la otra parte. The name and address of the Court is: (El nombre y direccion de la corte son) SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA 351 North Arrowhead Ave., San Bernardino, CA 92415-0245 The name, address, and telephone number of petitioner’s attorney, or petitioner without an attorney, is (El nombre, direccion y numero de telefono del abogado del demandante, o del demandante si no tiene abogado, son): RATOINE J. THOMAS, 1514 Hancock St, San Bernardino, Ca 92411 Telephone: (909) 332-7506 Date (Fecha): Sept 10, 2018 (SEAL) Clerk, By: (Actuario), Vanessa Strada, Deputy LOS ANGELES BAY NEWS OBSERVER (E) Pub: May 9, 16, 23, 30, 2019 �������������������������������



Groovin’ at Obama Blvd.

Doug E. Fresh. (courtesy photo) Continued from page A1

original tunes to set the tone for the rest of the day.       Singer, songwriter, guitarist Mark Noxx from Sacramento delighted the crowd during his time in the spotlight. Jai is a sensational, 14-year-old talented singer. He wowed the crowd with his vocal stylings on the classic tunes “What’s Going On,” by Marvin Gaye and “Change is Gonna Come,” by Sam Cooke.         Youth who are making a difference in the community was well represented and recognized during the program. Thandie Abdullah, co-founder of The Black Lives Matter Youth Vanguard, and other members of the group, spoke eloquently about the organization. Ms. Abdullah was named among Times Magazines 25 Most Influential Teens of 2018.          Michael Boyer II, aka- VERBS dropped some

Approved applicants must complete 40 flexible training hours in three to six months. Instruction includes a day-long opening seminar, webinars and a national conference. To qualify for ICCC, an MWBE must have five or more employees, be two or more years operational in lowincome neighborhoods across Memphis, and satisfy other criteria as required. Revenue of at least $500,000 annually is preferred. However, ICCC officials say this condition is negotiable. MWBE owners may nominate themselves or to six other MWBE owners, or be nominated through a small business developer, such as the City of Memphis Office of Business Diversity and Compliance. Jiljuana Coleman, a certified MWBE owner and head of Jamerson Strategic Consulting in Memphis, is one of 4,000 ICCC alumni nationwide. Coleman, who once held a career in banking, decided in 2017 to open her own company assisting MWBE owners with financial strategy and training. After only two years, Coleman is poised to move her company from serving local and national clients to pursuing global customers. She gives ICCC credit for her growth. Memphis, a city that is more than 60 percent African American, has faced decades of stagnant economic growth with only 1 percent of local revenue going to minority owned businesses, according to a 2015 census. Currently, several public/private partnerships are working side-by-side to address the issue. For example, FedEx, an ICIC partner, is also aligned

Thomas said, “In this moment of political tumult on the national level, it’s important to take stock of the tremendous accomplishment that Barack Obama’s presidency.” “His ascent to our nation’s office represents, in some ways, the fulfillment of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream, spoken about on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial more than 55 years ago.”       Los Angeles Urban League President and CEO Matthew Lawson read a letter from President Barack Obama expressing his heartfelt appreciations thanks to the City of Los Angeles for this wonderful naming occasion.         Council President Herb Wesson, State Senator Maria Elena Durazo, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Urban League President and CEO Matthew Lawson participated in the President Barack Obama sign unveiling.         The focus reverted over to the Main Stage as Sheila E graced the stage to perform a classic hit, “Gonna Have a Funky Good Time.”          Beat Box King Doug E. Fresh aided by Chill Will and Barry Bon the ones and twos closed out this amazing, magnificent and historic event on a rousing note.          Stevie Wonder appeared on stage just when we thought that the show was over. He was greeted by a thunderous round of applause.           Obama Boulevard will replace Rodeo Boulevard, a 3.5 miles stretch of road that runs from “Hearth of Screenland” better known as Culver City, to Mid-City Los Angeles, passing by the legendary Dorsey High School and communities of Baldwin Hills and Rancho Cienega Sports Center and Park-2007 site of a rally for then-presidential candidate Barack Obama near the beginning of his historic presidential campaign.         With the addition of Barack Obama Boulevard in America’s second largest city, President’s Row is officially established in Los Angeles including nearby George Washington Boulevard, Adams Boulevard and Thomas Jefferson Boulevard. Approximately 100 street signs will be replaced with the new Obama Boulevard sign.         The unveiling ceremony was organized through a partnership between Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson—who introduced and carried the legislation to rename Rodeo Boulevard to Obama Boulevard, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles Urban League which is currently led by longtime Obama supporter Michael Lawson (President and CEO), Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Congresswomen Karen Bass.         The event was produced by Bridge Street, which recently produced the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Mountaintop Speech in Memphis.

Taking Black Women’s Vote/Voice for Granted

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including chairing staff meetings, fundraising and meeting with party officials and donors, because her style was “too urban.” She says the former chair of the CDP also used racial slurs like “Schwarze,” a disparaging Yiddish slang for African Americans, to describe her and Ellis. The lawsuit also claims Bauman made statements stereotyping all Black people as poor. Another time, Bauman asked McKinnor, according to the lawsuit, to chair a meeting and sit up front “for the benefit of the Black folks.” Mckinnor alleges that Bauman hired her as a token after winning with a slight margin against Ellis. The suit

quotes Bauman allegedly saying he needed a “strong Black woman” on his staff to keep Ellis quiet. As for Ellis, she remains focused on winning the election and bringing her vision to the leadership of the CDP. “Consistently on the campaign trail I hear from our longest-serving activists that they want new blood and are welcoming the new energy with open arms,” she said. “It’s clear that there is no longer a place in the California Democratic Party for elitist attitudes. We’re expanding the tent and adding new voices to our ranks – and we’re a better party for it.” The Black women in California who support her are fired up, too, calling on party members to stand with them

in their support of Ellis. Tonya Burke, a lifelong Democrat, political consultant and former mayor pro-temp of Perris in Riverside County, said Black women in California should stop giving their money to the Democratic Party and donate directly to candidates they support. She says they should also run for political office and recruit others to do the same on the state, local and national levels. “All we seem to keep getting from the Democratic Party are superficial luncheons, tea parties, BBQ’s fish frys and social media apologies,” she said. “If the Democratic Party was a living and breathing human being, Black women would be its brain, heart and soul.”

FPCAC - Celebrates Rickey Minor performed “September “ and received a rousing applause from the 400 people in attendance. “Rickey played a lot of our songs whenever he had the opportunity, whether it was the “Tonight Show” or other events”, said White. “It because of people like him that we have a younger audience today.” FPCAC is home office is located in Liemert Park. 100% of the students who stay in the program graduate from high school while 80% go on to college. They have played in the MLK parade, where some 50,000 packed parade route of Los Angeles. They have played at the American Music awards on national TV, the Gardena Jazz Festival in front of 20,000, and countless other events.

Chavonne Stewart (Washington Prep),Aletha Mills (Washington Prep) perform with Jackson Brown (7 time Grammy Nominee). (Earl Health photo)

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positive lyrics to the delight of the crowd. T-Lyons is a young rapper from New Orleans delivered and uplifting set of original tunes “We Gonna Make It,” and “Come Smile with Me.” This is additional proof of a young man making a difference in the community.         Council President Herb Wesson welcomed Dignitaries from the Local, State and Federal levels of Government onstage for remarks. Several Mayors or representatives from surrounding cities were also present. Congresswomen Karen Bass gave a powerful speech that resonated with the crowd.         Radio Personality Dominique DiPrima, 102.3 FM, RadioFree, KJLH took over as Mistress of Ceremony for the second half of the show. Gavilyn a Latin American hip hop artist rocked the proceedings with a set of original tunes. Music royalty was in the house. Alex Isley is the daughter of Ernie Isley, and the niece of the legendary group Isley Brothers. The crowd and I were vibing with her on the tunes “About Him,” “La Brea,” and “We’ll Always Have Paris.”         The next segment of the program featured an electric, energetic performances that consisted of DJ Tee holding it down of the ones and twos, followed by DJ Battlecat manning the boards for Kurupt.         YO YO came up next for a powerful performance and to showcase several young up and coming hip hip artists who are fast making a name for themselves, which was apparent in the warm welcomed they received from the audience. BJ The Chicago Kid was another highlight of the music festival.         Keisha Renee a contestant on The Voice, showcased her country/soulful vocal styling on tune original songs “I Hope You dance and “Let’s Get Away,” from her latest EP The Road Less Travelled.         Bishop Charles Blake, Presiding Bishop COGIC recited the Invocation and Blessing of Obama Boulevard, onstage alongside Council President Herb Wesson and his wife Fabian and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.         The Spotlight shifted over to a smaller platform for the unveiling of the Obama Boulevard sign. “The renaming of Rodeo Boulevard to Obama Boulevard represents a truly historic day for our city and country” Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson, said in a statement. He went on to state, “With this change, we are publicly documenting what Obama’s legacy as our nation’s first black President means to our city and our South Los Angeles community. For every child who will drive down this street and see the President’s name, this will serve as a physical reminder that no goal is out of reach and that no dream is too big.”         Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-

with the 800 Initiative, a program led by the City of Memphis to grow minority business revenues by $50 million in five years. Participation in ICCC could in fact support the goals of the 800 Initiative, which is backed by a $1 million investment from FedEx and $500,000 in funding from the City. Simultaneously, FedEx, which spent $9.5 billion with minority suppliers across the U.S. in 2018, is seeking to expand local minority supplier contracts since Memphis is home to FedEx headquarters and the expanding FedEx Logistics operation. Pat Hopper, managing director of Sourcing and Supplier Diversity for FedEx, encourages local MWBE owners to “get prepared” to fill large-scale needs that companies like FedEx might require. ICCC can help MWBE owners move into greater levels of service in order to bid on larger, sought-after contracts. To learn more about ICCC, visit urban-business-initiatives/inner-city-capital-connections/ memphis/. Follow the prompts to apply for ICCC training or to nominate MWBE owners for the free program. The deadline for nominations is July 26. To learn how to become a FedEx supplier, visit https://
Save-the-Dates … June 27 – The “We Mean Business” Symposium and Luncheon will be held from noon to 4 p.m. at the Memphis Cook Convention Center. The event is sponsored by FedEx and will focus on business development in Memphis. August 22 – The ICCC Opening Seminar for MWBE owners accepted into the program will be held at the FedEx Institute of Technology on the University of Memphis Campus (time TBD).

By Earl Heath Contributing Writer “With Help From My Friends” was an old  song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney and sang by the Beatles more than fifty year ago (1967). It’s lyrics were on display recently as   many in the music world gathered at the CATALINA CLUB in   Hollywood for the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center- Annual Gala. They honored Ricky Minor the legendary music composer, director and producer. Minor was best known as the music director and band leader of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno from 2014 to 2014. Born in Monroe, Louisiana and raised by a single mother Helen Bliven in South Los Angeles where he attended Jefferson high. Minor has been director of several major events that include: Grammy awards , The NAACP Image Awards and this year’s Super Bowl. He is also part of the American Idol Band. He has served as musical director for several superstars including: Ray Charles, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys and Beyonce’. Minor has been involved with students at the Pullum center for years. He has assisted them in life and in the music business. He has conducted them in various events including the Emmy’s Composer Awards. Minor has also made several employment opportunities available for FPCAC students. “He has a deep caring for the kids and community,” said Founder Fernando Pullum. “He has a genuine place in his heart for the kids.” Some “Friends” in attendance like Jackson Brown sang  two of his big hits. ”Running on Empty “ and “Doctor My Eyes”. He was joined on stage by back-up singers Chavonne Stewart and Alethea Mills. The two are former FPCAC members and Alumni of Washington Prep high in South Los Angeles. “Fernando is my brother from another mother,” said Brown. The seven time Grammy nominee has shared his recording studio with the Jazz Band of FPCAC and allowed them to record a Jazz tracks.  Kenya and Lalah Hathaway daughters of R&B singer Donny Hathaway. Kenya performed with many well known artist such as Lee Ritenour. She also has performed some 30 times on American Idol. Sister Lalah is an arranger, song-writer, pianist and record producer. Verdine White (Earth wind and Fire) played bass on stage with Minor and the FPCAC musicians. They

Verdine White (Earth Wind and Fire), and Rickey Minor-(Music Director) share a moment at the FPCAC-Gala. (Earl Health photo)

(L to R) Fernando Pullum (Executive Director FPCAC), Rickey Minor (Musician) and David Price (Office of Mayor Garcetti). (Earl Health photo)



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The Intruder Yes, The Intruder sticks to a recipe, but still, the stalking is creepy. The wife’s willingness to coddle a guy who has obvious emotional problems is unlikely, but intriguing. As the previous owner from hell acts out his worst intentions, you do feel sorry for the couple and want them to prevail. Fights, stabbings, falls and chases ensue. It all leads up to the do-or-die climax.

By Dwight Brown NNPA News Wire Film Critic This formulaic suspense/thriller with its toxic mix of obsession, anger and fear covers no new ground. What could happen that you haven’t seen before? Not much. Not anything. Scott Russell (Michael Ealy, Sleeper Cell and Barbershop) is an ultra-successful marketing executive. How rich is he? He can afford to buy his wife Annie (Meagan Good, Think Like a Man) a $3.2M country home in pricey Napa Valley, a stone’s throw from San Francisco. The place, dubbed Foxglove after a poisonous flower, has countless bedrooms, is surrounded by trees and if you’re going to start a family, this is the ideal home. The couple bargains the current owner, widower Charlie Peck (Dennis Quaid, Far from Heaven and those pesky Esurance commercials), down a bit on the price. He seems happy to sell it, to them. Seemingly. Oddly, from the git-go, there is strange tension between Scott and Charlie. Male posturing. Pissing in the sand over invisible territory. Something. The Russells settle in. They’re ready to be country folk. There’s just one nagging problem. Charlie keeps visiting them unannounced. And no amount of polite hints, or straightforward talk can convince him to stop. Scott admonishes him: “Call or text. You just don’t show up.” Uh-oh! Several movies come to mind: Beyoncé in Obsessed (her husband’s temp secretary comes after them); Sanaa Latham in The Perfect Guy (actor Michael Ealy is demonic); Taraji P. Henson in No Good Deed (a convict terrorizes a woman and her kids). All are decent, watchable

and mildly engaging for fans of the cast or the genre. But unremarkable. Director Deon Taylor is known for 2018’s Traffik, which featured a couple (Paula Patton, Omar Epps) away for a weekend in a plush mountain home who are accosted by bikers. They’re under siege. If that premise sounds familiar it’s because it’s a favorite for suspense/thriller writers and filmmakers who prefer the obvious and don’t think out of the box. Screenwriter David Loughery has a filmography that lacks depth: Obsessed and Lakeview Terrace come to mind. He has also won a Worst Screenplay Razzie Award for Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. The Razzie might be a tad harsh, but it does indicate that he does not aim very high. If his surface-deep script had added some suspicious characters or dead-end plot twists, it might have thrown viewers off the scent and down some wrong paths. It doesn’t. Predictability cuts the suspense in half. That means the thriller aspects have to pick up the slack. Yes, The Intruder sticks to a recipe, but still, the stalking is creepy. The wife’s willingness to coddle a guy who has obvious emotional problems is unlikely, but intriguing. As the previous owner from hell acts out his worst intentions, you do feel sorry for the couple and want them to prevail. Fights, stabbings, falls and chases ensue. It all leads up to the do-or-die climax. There is something so wholesome about Meagan Good, that she reminds you of all the best teachers you’ve ever had. You wouldn’t want to see harm come her way. Michael Ealy is a little less accessible and somewhat offputting. He does little to nothing to warm up the Scott

Film Review: Michael Ealy, Meagan Good and Dennis Quaid in the-intruder. (courtesy photo)

character and make you like him. And, if you close your eyes, his voice sounds like that of Terrence Howard, who might have been a better casting choice. Dennis Quaid chews up the scenery as the pest from hell. He has such an affable face, it’s hard to imagine him as a villain, but you must. The only other actor to get any screen time worth mentioning is Joseph Sikora (TV’s Power), who plays Mike, Scott’s pal and work colleague. A cynical person would assume the nice white friend helps counter-balance the evil white antagonist. Music video/short film cinematographer Daniel Pearl (Ed Sheeran: “Thinking Out Loud”) gives the footage a nice glossy look with rich colors, perfect lighting and the right angles. Costume designer Seth Chernoff dresses the couple in hip, upwardly mobile fashion. The house (production

design Andrew Neskoromny, set design Ingrid Burgstaller) is perfect, as if renovated by HGTV’s Property Brothers. Can’t fault the pacing either (editor Melissa Kent). The musical score (Geoff Zanelli) blares too loudly at times, to the point of distraction. However, the film’s steamy playlist includes the bed-burner song by Tank called “When We,” which includes the repetitive line “When we f---.” Is this contrived suspense/thriller worth $15 bucks on a Saturday night at the movies? Good question. Young adult couples might think so, others might not. Would you watch it on Netflix if you’d exhausted all other possibilities? That’s a distinct possibility. Visit NNPA News Wire Film Critic Dwight Brown at and

VH1’S T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle 
T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle returned with a new season on April 15. In promotion to launch season two of the VH1 reality show hit, I invited Antonia “Toya” Wright and her daughter Reginae Carter to give a peek into season two. Toya is a rapper, businesswoman, and best-selling author of several books: Priceless Inspirations: The Memoir In My Own Words. By Valder Beebe Texas Metro News Columnist Texas Metro News: Every day is a new day so make it your best day. Enjoy the joys of life, make wise use of your time and embrace as much love as you can by giving and receiving love of family, friends and new people into your life. T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle returned with a new season on April 15. In promotion to launch season two of the VH1 reality show hit, I invited Antonia “Toya” Wright and her daughter Reginae Carter to give a peek into season two. Toya is a rapper, businesswoman, and bestselling author of several books: Priceless Inspirations: The memoir, “In My Own Words: My Real Reality,” “How to Lose A Husband,” and “You Just Don’t Get It,” with her daughter, Reginae Carter. Reginae, like her superstar rapper dad, Li’l Wayne, has a knack for music. Wayne’s oldest child was a member of Tamecka “Tiny” Cottle’s teen group, OMG Girlz 2010. Since leaving the group, Reginae has spent time in the studio with her dad — a move which leaves her strong fan base excited to see what’s next. T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, with exciting lives and high stakes careers, this group of loyal friends will continue to support each other as they navigate the complex terrain of balancing family, fame and the hustle. The VH1 series features Grammy® Award-winning, multiplatinum artists Tip “T.I.” Harris and Tameka “Tiny” Harris and their children Zonnique, Messiah, Domani, Deyjah, King, Major and Heiress. Joining them again is multi-platinum, Grammy® award winning artist Monica Brown, New York Times best-selling author Antonia “Toya” Wright with her daughter Reginae Carter, and actress and Grammy® Award winning singer-songwriter

That Celebrity Interview T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle, with exciting lives and high stakes careers, this group of loyal friends will continue to support each other as they navigate the complex terrain of balancing family, fame and the hustle.

Letoya Luckett. - provided by T.I. & Tiny’s publicity team. VBS: Welcome ladies and congratulations on being renewed for season 2 of VH1’s T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. Toya, you have your own persona; rapper, businesswoman, and bestselling author. What brought you to be a part of the success of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle? AW: I’ve worked with Tiny and Letoya in the past. I know these girls from back in the day. We feel comfortable with each other. VBS: Reginae, you are young, starting out in your

What a Time to Bey By Chelle Wilson Texas Metro News Columnist I notice that it is only when my mother is working in her flowers that she is radiant, almost to the point of being invisible—except as Creator: hand and eye. She is involved in work her soul must have. Ordering the universe in the image of her personal conception of Beauty. It is a magnificent time to be alive in this, the Beyoncé

Era. Yes, she breaks records…all the records. Yes, she took command of Vogue hiring the first Black photographer to shoot a cover—ever. Yes, the first Black woman to headline Coachella dedicated her performance to us through an epic celebration of our culture and beloved HBCUs. Yes, when choosing a partner to relaunch Ivy Park her decision

Wordz of Wilson

When the trailer for ‘Homecoming,’ her Netflix documentary dropped, the first thing I heard was Dr. Maya Angelou saying: “What I really want to do is be a representative of my race.” As if Queen Bey didn’t already have my heart. (Screen Capture from ‘Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé,’ Netflix/YouTube)

career, standing in the shadow of your multi-accomplished mother. What are we going to see from you this season? RC: It’s great to have my mom and my dad to look up to. The audience is going to see me going through a relationship, working on my career. I’m young and still learning. VBS: Toya, how comfortable are you showing your daughter’s evolution on T.I. & Tiny? AW: I’m comfortable because her life would be on reality TV or a blog either way and she gets to control the

narrative. VBS: What’s coming for the new season Toya? AW: This season a lot of has changed; we’ve got new babies, T.I. lost his sister, my relationship, the talks about marriage… With Valder Beebe find more THAT CELEBRITY INTERVIEW;, valderbeebeshow,,,, PChatman Network and VBS affiliate broadcasters.

“It is a magnificent time to be alive in this, the Beyoncé Era. Yes, she breaks records…all the records. Yes, she took command of Vogue hiring the first Black photographer to shoot a cover— ever. Yes, the first Black woman to headline Coachella dedicated her performance to us through an epic celebration of our culture and beloved HBCUs. Yes, she is all of that and a bag of spicy chips, but when I look at Beyoncé, I see so much more.” is said to have been made based on corporate diversity, representation, and seats at the decision-making table. Yes, she is all of that and a bag of spicy chips, but when I look at Beyoncé, I see so much more. She is the manifestation of generations of Black women’s hopes and dreams, the flower planted centuries ago that is finally free to bloom. When the trailer for ‘Homecoming,’ her Netflix documentary dropped, the first thing I heard was Dr. Maya Angelou saying: “What I really want to do is be a representative of my race.” As if Queen Bey didn’t already have my heart. Throughout the documentary, Beyoncé gives us Toni Morrison, W.E.B. DuBois, Audre Lorde, Reginald Lewis and other intellectual, activist, representations of Black excellence, hopefully opening up their bodies of work and inspiring future generations. Foregoing traditional music festival imagery, Beyoncé said it was more important to bring the culture. Now, she may have foregone the flower crown, but she still led us to the ancestral garden. In between scenes in Homecoming these words appear on the screen, “Our Mothers And Grandmothers... Moving To Music Not Yet Written…And they waited.” These lines are from Alice Walker’s 1972 essay, “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens.” The essay describes the pain of Black women who for generations had to bury their creativity within the depths of their very souls. The joy and freedom that arise from song, dance, poetry and other forms of artistic expression were shackled by the institution of slavery that thrived on a zombified type of human, void of spirit and soul.

In her essay, Walker describes many of our foremothers as artists “driven to a numb and bleeding madness by the springs of creativity in them for which there was no release…the strain of enduring their unused and unwanted talent drove them insane.” So, when we see Beyoncé in the documentary trying to garner the same level of passion and excitement for the performance of her encouraging her team to perform as if they are “thankful for [their] freedom,” she was speaking through and for those Black women who existed in a time when “the freedom to paint, to sculpt, to expand the mind with action did not exist.” Beyoncé had the freedom and luxury to take the time to nurture her body, pre and post pregnancy, but not one to idle, she began researching her ancestry. According to her Vogue interview, she discovered her roots include a slave owner that “fell in love with” and “married” an enslaved woman. “I questioned what it meant and tried to put it into perspective,” she wrote. How did her foremother define love? Was it forced? Passion? Perhaps, it was simply a means to survive because deep down in her spirit she knew she had to live. I envision Beyoncé’s ancestor to be a woman in waiting who, as Walker wrote, “moved to music not yet written.” She moved to a silent melody that would increase in volume as her spirit flowed deep and fast like a river through generational bloodlines. Beyoncé’s vision was clear, “I was so specific because I’d seen it. I’d heard it, and it was already written inside of me.” I believe; however, the true Coachella choreographers were the ancestral women who waited, sitting patiently for centuries until finally, it was their time to Bey.

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Los Angeles Chargers Eager to Take the Next Step By Cameron Buford The scene really couldn’t have been better at Hoag Performance Center Field, where the Los Angeles Chargers are in preparation for their Rookie Mini Camp this weekend. Coming off a disappointing loss to the eventual AFC Champion New England Patriots last season. Today was a chance for some of the veteran players to get warmed up and put the pain of last season behind them. “Just come in and try to learn,” Was the initial message from All-Pro Cornerback Casey Hayward. He continued on to say, “The hardest part is learning the playbook and how to be a pro. Just like DJ did last year, a couple of older veterans took him under their wing. He was able to flourish because he didn’t have a big ego and he was able to learn from the older guys.” The bad taste of losing “sits around for a while, certainly until after the Superbowl. But then everyone is back to reset.” Chargers Quarterback says on Monday when talking to the media while elaborating about the playoff loss, “We didn’t have a game where we’ve been beaten like that all season! I know we’ve got some valuable experience, that will help up in the future.”

Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Phillip Rivers. (Photo Credit: Cameron Buford/Voice of the Fans)

Canelo vs Jacobs Saturday Night in Las Vegas

We also heard from Special Teams Coach George Stewart, who spoke glowing about the job Tom Telesco and their Personnel Department, “Who’s does a great job of finding those guys.” Done in providing quality talent for them to coach up.” More impressively Coach Stewart proudly says, “We take pride in seeing other guys do well.” After quickly citing multiple examples, Stewart confidently says, “Yeah we take pride in that.” In reference to the question of if the players’ development on and off the field important and do they take pride in that. Thanks to quality drafting, key acquisitions and player development the Los Angeles Chargers, once again, be formidable contenders for the AFC crown. With their quarterback entering his 16th season, can he continue to play at this championship contender level? We have all summer to discuss this before they begin to play in the fall. Please let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Chargers season, by reaching out to me on @whatsgoodinsports on twitter or commenting in the comment section of this article on

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Saul “Canelo” Alvarez victorious on Saturday night against Danny Jacobs. (Photo Credit: Tom Hogan- HoganPhotos/ Golden Boy)

By Cameron Buford Saturday night, in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Cinco De Mayo weekend, the Middleweight Unification Championship belt was on the line at T-Mobile Arena. There was not a lot of hoopla leading up to this fight between two historically modest champions. That certainly changed quickly, at the pre-fight weigh when Canelo Alvarez (51-1-2 5KO’s) and Daniel Jacobs (35-2 29 KOs) swapped sweat as their foreheads collided. This caused the energy and anticipation for this Championship Fight to grow instantly. During the official Weight-In Jacobs was the first to step on the scale the day before the fight, weighing in at 170 lbs. Shortly thereafter Alvarez, the Lineal Middleweight World Champion, weighed in at 169.5 lbs. Jacobs was waiting for Canelo for the customary Face Off and photo opportunity. Once Canelo got his sweatpants on, he quickly approached the waiting Daniels and appeared the lean in on Daniels as their foreheads collided before they were quickly separated. Staged or not, this minor skirmish created an immediate buzz in the Arena and boxing world. Even though this appeared to be a good matchup on paper and several people I know picked Jacobs to win this fight outright, I wasn’t very confident in Jacobs chances against the more agile and harder hitting Alvarez. But this wasn’t Jacobs’ first time being doubted. Whether it’s coming from the tough street of Brownsville, New York, to become the IBF World Championship or probably more impressively known for defeating cancer several years ago, one wouldn’t have to dig too deep to be inspired by the story of “Miracle Man” Daniel Jacobs. On the surface, this Champion would pose a formidable threat for Alvarez. As the career of the Guadalajara, Mexico, native Canelo Alvarez continues to rise. Canelo is seeking to unify the Middleweight Division Championships with a victory against Jacobs on Saturday. Having already defeated Austin Trout, Shane Mosely and most recently Gennady Golovkin this unification bout would further elevate his stardom in the sport of boxing. The Lineal Middleweight Champion controlled this fight for most of the evening. Though I scored a few rounds for Daniel Jacobs, Canelo’s agility made it difficult for Jacobs to land effective punches. It was only in the later rounds, that Jacobs was able to get a clean shot on Canelo that forced him to take some steps back. However, Canelo’s effectiveness slipping punches and the ability to respond quickly has always been challenging for his opponents. I scored it 8-4 Canelo, I wouldn’t have argued at a 7-5 score card, as there were a couple rounds that were truly tough to score. When Daniel came up to address the media, he started off by stating, “I feel accomplished, l feel great. I have to go back to look at the tapes to see exactly what the judges thought. They said to me, that I was up, so I was still

pushing forward because I wanted to finish strong. He’s a tremendous champion and I tip my hat to him. I gave my all out there. You’ll see Daniel Jacobs bigger and better next time.” “It definitely took me a couple of rounds to get my wits about me, to figure out his rhythm, because he’s a pot shot-er. He was a fast guy, very slippery. It was a great contest tonight, I look forward to the future. I feel like I gave enough tonight to get the victory so I’ll have to go back to the tapes to see exactly what happened.” I asked Jacobs about the weight clause he agreed to and how that played out during the fight, his response was “I didn’t feel any different. I’m just a naturally big middleweight. I made the sacrifice of coming in 173 and paying a hefty fine for it but at the end of the day, I made sacrifices. I got the short end of the stick, but to my fans, to all my survivors out there who appreciate me and my story for what I represent, I thank you. The journey is not over. I continue to strive for success and be the best I can be.” Other than the refs, Daniel Jacobs was out there to please one guy, in particular, his son who was sitting in the second row, ‘”’I asked him, ‘do you think Daddy did a good job?’’ He said, “‘Yes Dad, you did a great job.’ That’s all that matters to me, I’ll go home and be the best I can be.’” When asked to share his thoughts on the fight Canelo responded by saying, “It was just what we thought, we knew he was going to be a difficult fighter but thank god we did things the right way, what we were going to do. It was just what we thought because of the style of fight that he brings but we just did our job.” Alvarez was also asked about Daniel Jacobs switching to southpaw during the fight, to which he responded by saying, “It’s normal. It’s obviously just a matter of adapting when they switch righty to lefty.” “It was a hard shot, but no. I went to the corner, they asked me, it was no big deal, I just continued with my fight.” This was Alvarez’ response when asked about the clean shot he took late in the fight. “No, for me, it’s over. But if the people want another fight, we’ll do it again, and I’ll beat him again.” This was the response of Canelo when he was asked if there’s any unfinished business with GGG. He continued on to say, “that’s why I’m here. That’s what I was born for. To fight. To defend what’s mine. I’ll fight anyone.” Though Canelo wants to clean out the division and collect all the belts to be had, a third Canelo vs Gennady Golovkin bout appears to be in the making. This appears to be the biggest fight for Canelo unless they could convince Andre Ward to come out of retirement. What do you believe would be the best fight Canelo and let us know where he ranks on your best pound for pound list, please let us know by sharing with reaching out to me on @whatsgoodinsports on twitter or commenting in the comment section of this article on




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‘Brother’s Keeper’ Premiered to a Packed Audience

The film premiere for ‘Brother’s Keeper’ produced by Andre K. Jefferson was a huge success as the cast of the film walked the red carpet along with local celebrities at YES Studio in Hollywood. The line waiting to enter the building was so long, many guests had to be turned down, in spite it being on a working day. The film got the audience interested and intrigued about the storyline of two adopted brothers who battle different mental illnesses, accidentally commits murder and in the process of hiding their crimes, they find their true identity. “The film is a story of power,

control, love and hate, sometimes the only options become deadly,” said Jefferson. The premiere began with a glamourous reception while the cast and celebrities posed for pictures.  The cast included  Andre K. Jefferson  (Writer, Executive Producer),  Delila Outlaw  (Associate Producer),Olando Graves  (as “Devin”),  Angela O’Leary  (as “Char”),  Ursa Gifted Major  (as “Trey”),  Dominique Marsell  (as “Det. O’Neal”),  Shelley Meche’tte  (as “Mama Eva”),  Andrew Davis II  (as “Skillz”),  Delmiko Blair  (as “Luke”),  Terrell Sahale  (as “Det. Kirkpatrick”),  Megan Orth  (as “Det. Marshall”),  Jamie Lynn Franklin  (as “Sonja”),  Irina  Aylyarova  (as “Sidney”),  Oscar “Ofoesho” Roberts  (as “Nate”),Parenthysis Gardner  (as “Naomi”),  Janine R. Lancaster  (as “Regina”), and  Terrell Finister  (as “Darnell”). Celebrities who supported the film included  Chante’ Bowser  (STX Film “The Best of Enemies”),  Loren Lott  (CBS “The Young and The Restless”), Cierra Brooks (BET “The Grand Hustle”),Julie Dell Phillips  (ID “Murder Among Friends”),  Taaha Shah (AMZONOV “Made In Heaven”), Travanti Quinn Waller (Studio City), Nikita Francois (Issa Rae’s Dumped), and  Travanti Quinn Waller  (HBO’s TBS), and many others.  The film received a positive response from the cheering audience and the cast received a thunderous applause as they walked to the front and introduced themselves for a short Q&A session moderated by Conisha Dorsey and Derek Reed.  The film is now preparing to do the rounds of several film festivals in the US and abroad in the months to come.

Special thanks to  Carol Spears  (Keller Williams Realty South Bay),  Kimberly Fomby Jefferson  (Sucre Couture), Anthony Keith Jefferson Jr., John Spears, June Stone, and Donna Lipscomb for sponsoring this event. For more about the film, visit  www.brotherskeeperthefilm. com. Official Social Media Hashtag: #brotherskeeperfilm  Check out all the photos from the red carpet at  For more information on the film visit  

By Manny Otiko and Tanu Henry California Black Media At least three local branches of the NAACP in southern California – Riverside County, San Bernardino County and San Diego County - have broken ranks with the state chapter and the national organization, distancing themselves from the organization’s support of a moratorium on charter schools in California and across the country. The three NAACP chapters are calling into question the official NAACP position on a charter moratorium. The branches are located in counties that are home to some of the largest populations of African Americans according to census data.   There are over 30 NAACP branches in California according to the NAACP web site.   This week, the San Bernardino chapter rushed to submit a pro-charter school resolution to the Baltimore national office of the NAACP ahead of a May 1 deadline.   Although organizational rules prevent a local branch from building programs or campaigns around a resolution until it is approved by the national office, John Futch, who was elected president of the San Bernardino branch late last year, says he is ready to begin working on the issue. “I support charter schools,” he said. “It is important for us to recognize the work they are doing to improve education for children in our communities. It is not looking good right now in terms of kids performing poorly and dropping out.” In its resolution, the San Bernardino branch of the NAACP did not directly state that it had a difference of opinion with the California state chapter or national body. Instead, the branch officers pointed out their own reasons for supporting school choice in the state and pushing for “quality education for all African-American children.” “The academic performance of African-American students must be the sole determinant of school district decision making rather than the financial benefit that a school district derives from public school funding generated by African-American students,” the statement read.   The resolution also pointed out that there is a “severe and persistent African-American achievement gap throughout the state of California” in both English language arts and Math. And that 8 out of 10 AfricanAmerican students in California attend district-run public schools that continue to underperform on statewide tests. In an email obtained by CBM, Thursday evening, Alice Huffman, a member of the national board and the President of NAACP California Hawaii Conference, sent

an email to the dissenting branch officers asking them to walk back their statements. “This is to advise you all regarding your charter school counter resolution,” her email read. “The state has already taken a position of opposition and would appreciate it if you all would rescind your positions. The difference of opinion on school choice within the ranks of the NAACP reflects a growing divide among Californians on the issue as well. Four charter school bills – three in the Assembly and one in the Senate – are making their way through the legislative process. The Senate Education Committee voted for last week to pass the most recent charter school bill, SB 756, which calls for a 5-year moratorium on certifying new charter schools in the state. Then, last month, the Assembly education committee cleared three other charter school bills – AB 1505, 1506 and 1507. Together, the package of bills  would put a cap on the growth of the independently-run public schools, take away their appeal rights and empower local school boards, which are frequently unsupportive of charter schools, to approve or deny their applications for certification and renewal. “The local branches are out of step with the state and national organization,” a spokesperson for the California Chapter of the NAACP told CBM. The California state chapter of the NAACP supported all four charter school bills, arguing that charter schools promote segregation and undermine the historical fight to desegregate public education in the United States. “The California NAACP and other community-based activists have called upon education reforms to refocus on inequities rather than privatization and private control of education. They are seeking to move the discourse concretely from choice to equity,” said Julian VasquezHeilig, Education chair of the California NAACP. Christina Laster is a charter school mom and grandma – and a former district-run public school employee who now serves as Education Chair of the South Riverside branch of the NAACP. She says she also opposes the NAACP national organization’s decision to support a moratorium on charter schools. “There is a lot of misinformation out there about charter schools,” said Laster. It is important to look at how this issue is impacting Black families based on the data. We need to move in a direction that supports Black families and what is best for Black children.” Laster says she is ready defend her oppositional stance to the national body of her organization. She says many of

Brother’s Keeper. (courtesy photo)

Cast from “Brother’s Keeper”. (courtesy photo)

NAACP Rescinds Stance on Moratorium of Charter Schools






the issues she experienced with racism, feeling unsupported and unwelcome, still persist today in public high schools in Riverside County, where her children go to school. In 2016, the national board of the NAACP voted to ratify a national moratorium on charter schools. All 12 members of California’s Black Legislative Caucus (CLBC), at the time, wrote a letter to the NAACP asking them to reconsider that decision. “It should be noted that California’s Charter Schools serve many African American, Latino, Pacific Islanders and low income students,” the letter stated. The CLBC letter also pointed out that African-American charter school students in California have a higher   rate of acceptance (19 percent) to the University of California system than traditional public schools (11 percent). In the state legislature as well as in communities across the state, the school choice debate seems to be shaping up as one of the biggest battles that will play out in California over the next few months. On one side, there is the California Teachers Association (CTA), one of the largest unions in the state and large civil rights organizations like the NAACP officially supporting the proposed restrictions of charter schools. On the other, there is a growing group of charter school advocates, including parents, community groups, churches and grassroots organizations like the National Action Network coming out in strong and vocal support of California families’ option to choose where they want their children to go to school. Charter school operators and school choice advocates are concerned the set of proposals in the legislature would, eventually, lead to the complete elimination of charter

schools in the state and undo all the progress they have made since California signed its charter school law in 1992.

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