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Nightstop Devon

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Front Cover Image by Jeremy Juane Registered Charity No. 1071945 Limited Company No. 3635743

Autumn Newsletter 2011

Happy 10th Birthday Nightstop Devon

e Year 2011 h t f o y it r a h C Guardian Community and Corporate Fundra ising

Big Lottery Success 2011

A snap shot of Nightstop Devon September 2011 was a record month for the project with: - Total Referrals 84 - Total Bednights 70 - Young people referred 16 - Young people stayed 9

Nightstop Volunteers needed

Financial Year 2010-2011 - 671 Referrals - Over 500 placements set up -171 individual young people supported


- Could you prevent a young person from sleeping rough? - All you need is a spare room - Expenses of ÂŁ15 a night - Full Induction training provided -References and CRB checks are mandatory

Tel: 01392 274853

3 Big Results with the Big Lottery For Nightstop Devon

Volunteer Updates 2011

We're delighted to be able to announce that we have been awarded a further 3 years funding from the National Lottery Reaching Communities Fund. This is the 4th time we have received lottery funding and continues a relationship that goes back 10 years now. Alongside other funding we have secured this gives us some stability and means we can plan for the future knowing that a large part of our budget is safe.

Once again it has been a busy time for our volunteer hosts who always show a warm welcome to the young people who stay with them. We have recently recruited several new drivers, covering Exeter, Mid Devon & the Teignbridge areas which give us a lot more flexibility in travel arrangements.

The funding starts in Oct 2011 and includes funds to enable us to pay for mediation sessions for young people where they may be beneficial. This is great news as there has long been a need for this sort of service for Nightstop users, this was highlighted in the evaluation that Plymouth University did for us last year. We are also currently in the process of applying for extra funding to enable us to extend Crashpad. This was also recommended as an area for development by the evaluation. We are finding that increasing numbers of young people could benefit from a Crashpad placement, as the move-on process has become much more lengthy as a result of the recent cuts to housing provision for vulnerable youngsters.

We welcome new Hosts:

A group of Nightstop volunteers visited the Amber Foundation this summer which gave us an insight into what Amber can provide to young people, we were showed around by a young person that had used Nightstop , and we were impressed at the many opportunities that young people are offered.


Sue from Kenton and Karen & Victor from Exeter. Lynda & Stuart and Steve & Heidi from the Tiverton area, Steve is also a volunteer driver. Ann and Jo from Exeter and Peter from Dawlish, who are also drivers. We also have several volunteers awaiting induction training.

Our next induction Training day is Saturday 10th December, if you would like to get involved with Nightstop as a volunteer , please give us a call on 01392 274853.

Some of our volunteers on a recent trip to the Amber Foundation, Devon.

Nightstop Devon: Guardian Charity of the Year 2011 We're delighted to announce that we have been chosen as the winners of the Guardian Newspaper Charity of the Year Awards for 2011! Around 1000 charities from around the country entered the prestigious awards this year and we are one of five national winners. The winners were chosen by a panel, including Dame Suzi Leather, the head of the Charity Commission. The prize includes ÂŁ6,000 prize money and free support and consultation from the Foundation for Social Improvement and the Media Trust. This award is testament to the amazing work our volunteers have done over the last ten years, so we'd like to add our thanks to them! David Brindle, public services editor from the Guardian, said "It's invariably the multi-millionpound household names of the charity world that grab the limelight. For 19 years, we have showcased excellence among small and medium-sized charities and given a much-needed boost to organisations struggling to get the profile and funding they need to move forward... The awards offer a priceless leg-up to organisations that are delivering practical solutions to present-day problems, never more important than at a time of economic difficulty and unprecedented public spending cuts" Check the Guardian website for photos of the awards ceremony, and a short video they comissioned about Nightstop Devon.

Tenancy Skills and Budgeting Skills for Young People Workshops 2012

Wednesday 1st February Budgeting Skills. Thursday 2nd February Tenancy Skills. 10-2pm, Mccoys Arcade, Fore St, Exeter. [Lunch included] Call 01392 274853 and speak to Kt for more information.

and young people... Told:Retold Mental HealthProject There couldn't have been a more fitting way to celebrate 10 years of Nightstop Devon than with a sell out show devised by young people that have found themselves struggling with their housing situations. As the workshops drew to a close,the innovative play Told:Retold was born within a week to the celebrations. The Bikeshed Theatre Exeter was to be the venue. Directed by Katie Villa and Liz Pennington, managed by Justine Bock, and expertly acted by Chloe Whipple and Joe Sellman-Leava, TOLD:RETOLD aimed to be a challenging and energetic new work devised from the stories of young autobiographical writers from Exeter Foyer and Nightstop. A box of stories is opened on stage; hidden lives and defining moments are revealed. TOLD first hand, RETOLD on stage by actors.

Feedback on the Night: "I enjoyed being part of Told:Retold very much, the final production was AMAZING, I just loved the way they

Councillors and sleeping bags

transitioned from one story to another!" [Oliver, 13] "I carried out the 3 writing tasks that were given to me by Nightstop for the told retold performance, and sent them off in the post. Being a keen writer anyways I very much enjoyed these tasks and found them to be fun and a good opportunity to be creative. I was pleased and impressed with the performance and in particular the way that they performed my work and integrated it into the other contributors work." [Martyn, 21]

"The two young actors were very animated and their facial expressions were great. The play was very poignant in places but interlaced with humour which prevented what could have been something very depressing into an hour of entertainment. It did, however, make you think and brought a lump to my throat in places. Not usually my thing, alternative theatre, but this was very well done."[Nightstop Driver]

It was a sunny afternoon in early September, in a busy Exmouth cafe where I was joined by the lovely County Councillors Brenda Taylor (Exmouth Withycombe Raleigh) and Eileen Wragg (Exmouth town). Both women exuded an instant and infectious warmth as well as an overwhelming popularity as so many people greated them en route to the cafe, that I felt I was walking along with two local celebrities! Back in March, Nightstop Devon issued 47 bespoke sleeping bag applications(below) to Devon County Councillors, making a pledge for a donation from their individual Community funds. Wonderfully both Eileen and Brenda made donations to us for a combined £2500, for which we are so so grateful, as at the time our funding was not guaranteed, and our future uncertain, so without a doubt, in our eyes they really are our Community Champions.

Quick Fire questions... How long have you been in politics? Brenda: too long! I was elected to East Devon District Council in 1987 after years of volunteer work with the W.R.V.S. and other volunteer agencies in the town.

Favourite causes close to your heart? Brenda: Housing has always been a priority, Every one needs a decent home,to keep families together, for children to flourish.

Favourite flavour of ice cream? Brenda: Chocolate.

Your thoughts on Nightstop Devon? Brenda: A wonderful service, so many split families cause upsets and “Nightstop” comes to the rescue. Eileen: With young single homeless people, they are somewhat invisible. They are the people that fall into a black hole.

What are you views on the cuts?


Eileen:I think with the cuts its always the vulnerable people, the people who cant, or dont know how to stand up for themselves,they are the ones that are in the firing line. This is why it is so good that there are organisations like Nightstop, and if we can help support them, maybe not always with money, but in other ways like raising awareness,it will help as these issues need bringing to the foreground.

5 Ducks, Horses and Community In terms of maintaining our little project, community engagement and awareness is paramount. This year we have been so lucky in gaining the support of local community groups and employers. In July 2011 5000 plastic ducks were released in the Sidmouth Lion's Annual Duck Derby, as one of their nominated charities, we were granted with a cheque for a very generous £1600, and despite the torrential rain it was a wonderful example of Devonian spirit, accompanied by many a plastic yellow duck. In March of this year, Nightstop Devon secured its first corporate sponsor. This came in the shape of a Teignmouth based company called Rentshield Direct. With Gary Abraham at the helm, and the amazing efforts of his team at Rentshield, they have arranged innovative events throughout the year including a Charity Sleepout and Virtual Horse Racing Night.

This year through all of the teams efforts, they have completed their fundraising for 2011 and raised an incredible £1750 for Nightstop Devon.

Hard Times

“The amount raised this year is incredible and we are pleased to have helped such a worthy cause. Not only have all Rentshield employees been behind this, but also the local Teignmouth residents who have sponsored us, donated into our collection box and allowed us to publicize in their shops. Everyone involved has made this a success and we all look forward to next year where we aim to beat 2011”

Photo Focus

Louise-Michelle Heath, Charity Project Manager at Rentshield says:

Rentshield Direct, who reference prospective tenants for landlords and letting agents nationally have also been donating 1p from each completed reference which has contributed to over £500 of this year’s total.

Barbon Insurance Group, the UK’s leading property insurance specialist and the parent company of Rentshield Direct, have also doubled the amount raised by Rentshield and made this year’s total an amazing £3500. Their continued support and enthusiasm as made for a wonderful relationship that we hope continues into the future. Lastly, on the eve of Nightstop Devon's 10th birthday, we received a donation from Staurt Dry on behalf of the Co operative's Membership Community Fund this donation of £730 is greatly received, and will go a long way in ensuring the future of our project and it's potential developments into 2012.


Nightstop Devon Newsletter Autumn 2011  

Our latest news

Nightstop Devon Newsletter Autumn 2011  

Our latest news