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ISSUE We roar into Summernats 36 for our Chemz Summernats Edition getting amongst the Burnouts, Top 60 Elite Hall, Tuff Street Burnouts, Cruising, Mullets and much more! Plus we check out the Braddon Show in the Canberra city night life. LYNCHY takes BURNOUT MASTERS! Edition

Holy, what a massive edition this is, of Octane Fix Online!

With our fantastic sponsors Chemz Ltd. with us, we headed to Canberra Australia to GET AMONGST the massive event Summernats is! What a crazy busy four days of auto mania that was! Covering as much as possible from the burnouts to show hall and everything in between. My feet were killing me, on day four, from walking all the miles of amazing things to check out, but it didn’t matter and certainly didn’t stop us!

It was awesome to catch up with Heath, for a yarn, from Castlemaine Rod Shop as well. Checking out their awesome display and store with a heap of awesome modification parts for our rides for sale plus their t’shirts and two wicked car builds on display. The whole event is a constant buzz of excitement with everything going on and it’s actually hard to stop because you want to capture everything!

Chemz Ltd. is right behind the car scene supporting the drag racing, burnout and show scene, so it made perfect sense to join up for this massive edition and make the trip over to cover Summernats to bring you as much coverage as possible.

The saying “you got to be blown to be known” is a massive statement at this event. If it didn’t have a massive blower out the bonnet, it would certainly have something sneaky going on under it or it just wasn’t there!

The standard of the paint finishes was a big thing that captured me. The finish quality being the absolute best, especially in the Elite Hall filled with the Top

cars. That hall was super impressive to wander around and with most cars displayed on wheel stands to enable viewing to the undercarriage, the chance to check them out fully was definitely grabbed with the camera’s.

Premier Events were instrumental in us heading over to capture the action as well. Creating the New Zealand Burnout Team from the Prowear Chrome Horsepower Festival and along with Jacanna Customs and Freight, shipping four cars over to compete in the burnout competition against the Aussies.

We joined an awesome group of supporting Kiwi’s over there as well, so the vibe throughout the entire event was awesome and the support from the Aussies was fantastic with the Kiwi Burnout Team doing NZ proud for sure.

It’s been a massive task to get all this together as there is so much to show!

Just on the Friday alone, I managed to take over four and half thousand photo’s and video’s!

I don’t actually know how many over the entire four days and I think I’m too scared to look as well! It was honestly a bit overwhelming at first getting into it all to decide how to showcase this awesome event.

I so need to give a shout out to all the

people who supported us with our Tauranga Motorfest Show as well. The support was fantastic and certainly helped both Jessica from Blissful Photography and myself to get there. There’s a page of our sponsors further in here, so please support them back if you can. It keeps all the wheels turning if we support each other for sure.

So GET AMONGST this awesome Chemz Summernats Edition! Re-live being there or check out what you need to get to. Either way this issue is jammed packed with the awesome action of Summernats.


Giggles (aka Bogan)

EDITOR / PHOTOGRAPHER / VIDEOGRAPHER: Kelvin Couchman (aka Giggles or Bogan) | DESIGNERS: Lisa Lewis / Kyla Saunders OCTANE FIX ONLINE: 0274 827 221 info@octanefixonline.com www.octanefixonline.com www.facebook.com/Octane-Fix-Online
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Photo credit goes to JessicaBlissful Photography

Holy! If you don’t have Summernats on your “To Do List” then GET AMONGST and get it on there!

Summernats is purely Bogan heaven for any “rev head” who likes fat cars, burnouts, cruising and just getting amongst the scene to fully party up for four days of automaniac heaven.

Held every January since 1987 in Canberra, the capital of Australia, this city is set alight with the roar of incredible show cars and tough-as horsepower machines cruising the streets and parking up for shows as well as taking over the “EPIC” Exhibition Park in Canberra for four days of Show ‘n Shines, Burnouts, Cruising and Concerts.

The main attractions for this event are definitely the burnout competitions on the massive purpose built pad and the Top 60 Elite Show cars which are open for

display from Thursday evening. With massive bragging rights and rewards up for grabs for both attractions for the Summernats Burnout Champion, Burnout Masters Champion, plus the King of Summernats – Street Machine Summernats Grand Champion, the competition is definitely tough.

For many of the cars there, Summernats is the goal to get to. A fair few of the Top 60 Elite cars have not even been driven on the road before being unveiled during the Elite Show launch.

The judging is incredibly tight for this competition with each car going over the car ramps for judges to climb all over and under to check the finishing and detailing of every part, collating points to decide which cars will be in the Top 60 Elite Show.

It doesn’t end with just the show though for these cars. They also have to compete in driving competitions with a “Go to Whoa” and a Motorkhana to prove they can be driven to go up for the chance to take out the Summernats Grand Champion Trophy of the mighty Summernats Sword.

This coveted award is the goal for any entrant entering a custom, retro mod or even concours build into the Elite Show. With a heap of categories for trophies for each type of build plus “People’s Choice,” it’s a massively busy day for the judges with several checks over the cars at the top end of the list.

As one judge said “if we keep coming back, it’s a good thing”.

The displays themselves are also just as impressive with custom layouts including

custom designed barriers and lights to show the cars off as much as possible.

Wandering into the display hall at opening time is like stepping into a retro show hall! Lights, sound, action and it’s all go!

The incredible paint finishes on the cars gleaming under the bright lights, reflections shining crazily off the amazingly smooth deep paint finishes and the immense amount of chrome and polished aluminium reflecting from the show lights everywhere.

The crowd itself buzzing with excitement to be able to get amongst these builds up close, checking them out for the very first time.

The cars raised on custom designed wheel stands allowing viewing to the mirrors on the floor under the cars reflecting the completely detailed undercarriages and custom mechanical work including detailed suspensions, drive trains and exhausts.

The top cars having the equivalent detailing to the undercarriage as the exterior paint and engine bay creating a

true piece of ‘Auto Art’ to admire and ponder on for your own build.

The show hall was completely packed with on lookers slowly moving through the cars as even more cars were unveiled for the very first time to the public to check out and admire.

The Summernats announcers were moving from each unveiling, interviewing the owners and getting the full details of the build and the missions gone through just to get the car on show for the very first time.

It’s no wonder that the car scene is like a big giant family. When you hear the owners story, it seems that we all go through the exact same struggles when building our rides to be just ours. No matter how good you plan the mission, there is always a spanner that gets thrown in the works somewhere to turn your plan upside down until you can battle your way through it. The end result of having a build fully just yours somehow overcoming all the brain damage and stress that has been thrown at you by the uncontrollable smile on your face.

I guess it’s kind of like child birth, you definitely feel like a Port and a Cigar when the mission is done! In some cases, you might even do it again, but it certainly brings us all together knowing the struggles involved that we have all gone through, as if all having the same script.

The “Go to Whoa” part of the judging was held on the burnout pad for all to watch. The exercise is to accelerate and brake, stopping on a line with the Motorkhana being an exercise to drive through a series of cones.

For some, these challenges as a test for the car for the judges are treated as per just what is required to gain the points for Summernats Grand Champion. For others, it’s the realization that they have finally got their build to Summernats and are actually competing for the Mighty Sword.

With the realization of achieving the goal and the spurring on from the chanting crowd, it’s “GAME ON” with a full-on show of just what the car can do with all that horsepower packed into that gleaming engine bay!

I always hear people say “how can you do that to that show car?” The answer is generally “pretty damn easy!”

The realization of that incredibly hardearned goal and the excitement of the entire Summernats atmosphere around them boosting the adrenaline to fully bring the “GAME ON” mode out with smoking tyres and screaming horsepower impressing the crowd to chant even louder and in turn impressing the judges just as much.

Ultimately the sought after award of Grand Champion is a combination of a show quality build, performance and popularity with the public.

Summernats 36 King this year went to the amazing build by Joe Bauer with “BLOWN RT”. His stand-out custom creation with his chopped, dropped, stretched and fully blown 604ci Hemi 1968 RT Dodge Charger fully WOW’d the crowd with the custom work and finish scoring him the coveted “People’s Choice” trophy before heading out onto the pad.

The competition was still incredibly tight before hitting the pad with Zoran Krstevski’s gorgeous XE Falcon standing out from the crowd and Dan Morton’s awesomely tuff XY Falcon “FORGED” which dominated the Elite hall with the Judges awarding Dan “Top Judged Elite”.

With the driving events playing the decisive role for the end result, it was certainly going to be full-on.

Proving their builds were not just show pieces or trailer queens, Dean Rickard showed the crowd what his HT Monaro could do in the “Go to Whoa” with Joe chasing him in the Charger.

When it came to the Motorkhana slalom event, unfortunately the gremlins came out for Dan’s “FORGED” XY Falcon dropping him from the event and leaving a space for Steven Alldrick’s stunning XR Falcon Ute to sneak up in the points with Joe’s Charger there with him.

In the end consistency, reliability and straight out tuff coolness rewarded Joe the Summernats Grand Champion trophy and the ultimate prize of the King of Summernats Sword leaving Joe to do what needs to be done, smoking the

rears and proving his build can play hard with the rest to the waving limiter fingers of the crowd.

This years Burnout comp for Summernats was certainly a special one for New Zealand.

The team at Premier Events teamed up with the Summernats team to create a competition to take four incredibly lucky Kiwi burnout cars to Australia to compete in the competition.

Choosing which cars to be awarded this incredible prize all came down to an event run by Premier Events called the “Prowear Chrome Horsepower Festival”.

We show cased this awesome event in issue 26 of Octane Fix Online. The event covered 2 days of cruising, hard park shows, roll racing and speed laps at the Hampton Downs Motorsport Park. Then more dragracing and burnouts at the NAPA Auto Parts Dragway Meremere. Check it out in our “back issues”. It was such a cool event to get amongst!

The Burnout Competition on the Saturday night was a show like nothing ever held in NZ before!

Complete with entry tip in music and pyrotechnics exploding into the air, the show was fully awesome to capture under the lights.

From this competition, the top four burnout cars where chosen to head over to Aussie thanks to Jacanna Custom and Freight dealing with the transport side of the mission.

Ryan Shirtcliffe with his screaming turbo charged six-cylinder Mitsi “VIOLENT”, Braden Smith with his big blown V8 Holden Commodore wagon “HANTU”, Garrett Matthews with his Blown V8 one tonner Holden ute “DSPRNG” and Liz Gracie with her amazing sounding screaming blown V8 69 Camaro “EVIL69” earnt the right to represent NZ with their awesome displays of burnout control on the pad.

Premiers also organized a heap of special Platinum passes with Kiwi Burnout Team shirts for anyone who wanted to support

the Kiwi’s on the mission, making for a full-on team of Kiwi’s rocking over the ditch to get amongst the action.

From the action on the pad at the Chrome event, these four Kiwi’s were certainly on a mission to prove their worth in Australia with the best in the Burnout world.

With Jacanna dealing with the freight, Premiers set up a Kiwi base inside the Summernats grounds under a marque for the cars and for the team to have a home in the grounds.

This turned out to be more valuable than ever on the Thursday as the sky’s opened for a massive down pour of rain turning the grass area to mud with people running in every direction looking for shelter. When it rains in Canberra, it definitely rains!

The team managed to get out for a quick burnout session before the rain luckily as this was testing time to check out the pad and sort any gremlins out.

Kicking the Burnouts off was a very special time for all involved in the scene. With the passing of a very special lady Jenn Ireland recently. Jenn was a major player in the Burnout scene in NZ to develop it to what it is today, working closely with the Australian organisers and judging competitions in Australia.

A minutes silence was had before the kick off with a tribute burnout by Andrew Lynch “LYNCHY” shredding a pair of tyres on the pad with the typical amazing burnout Lynchy does!

Green hearts adorned the Kiwi burnout team cars and Lynchy’s as a tribute to Jenn for being such an amazing proactive person in the scene in both Australia and New Zealand.

From then on it was all-go!

Liz Gracie as the first NZ representative on the pad rolled into the tip in lane and screamed the fresh Blown 69 Camaro down the lane tipping in wickedly to smoke the pad in every corner to fully impress the crowd before them damn gremlins busted into the newly rebuilt blown eight sending flames from the engine forcing Liz to shut the car down before more damage was done.

Unfortunately, that was game over for the Gracie team with the Camaro returning to the marque for the rest of the event.

Ryan Shirtcliffe rocked up next with his screaming six. After watching Ryan over the years at previous events, my gut feeling was that he could possibly take this event out in the six-cylinder category.

Having a massive rebuild before the event with extra horsepower slotted into the turbo’d six, it was all go when Ryan hit the pad. As expected, the short wheelbased Mitsi with a heap of turbo’d grunt fully smoked the tyres, shredding down tip-in lane to even throw it in before the exit onto the pad wowing the crowd with what this cheeky Kiwi could do with a screaming six. Shredding the pad into every corner before heading up the exit lane only to pull a 180 and shred his way back into the pad to do it all again. This run was fully a trophy getter until the tyres blew right in the wrong spot. Pointing directly at the corner wall to tip-in lane when he was about to pull another 180, it was like “DAMN” from the entire crowd as everyone knew that if it happened half a second before or after, he would have rocked it. But instead left him trapped needing to reverse out of it.

With the standard of the burnouts at this competition, there is no room in the scoring for any reversing, loss of smoke or lack of movement. It’s all or nothing in this comp! That “do or die” attitude rocks it here!

From that point on though, the Aussie knew who this Kiwi was with that outstanding Burnout.

Ryan had certainly set the standard for anyone else to throw a 360 before even leaving Tip-in lane, as that was what it was going to take to challenge this Kiwi!

Next up for the Kiwi’s was Garrett Matthews with “DSPRNG”, his HQ Holden Ute boasting that massive supercharger and twin carbs smoking his way onto the pad to fully shred the tyres.

That massive blower pushing the ute to fully cover the pad carrying a heap of speed all around the pad but unfortunately carrying him into the wall to get the points knocked back. Unfortunately, that pretty much knocks you out of the top end competition for sure.

Liz Gracie hammering it on the burnout pad.

Not to be discouraged though, as Garrett does, the screaming HQ fully shredded the two tyres smashing them off to the applause of the crowd all around before leaping onto the roof of the HQ for his mandatory crowd pleasing “YEHAASuperman” celebration.

Braden Smith with “HAUNTU”, his fully blown Commodore wagon was set with big plans at having a good crack at the trophy for the Kiwi’s.

Unfortunately for Braden them gremlins managed to get into his engine as well. It’s amazing how it goes really. When it comes to any racing or burnout comp. The real mission is to just get through the day in one piece. Whether you’re battling the weather, traction or mechanical issues, to be on the podium at the end of the day, every single thing has to be 100 percent on the ball, including yourself! And that’s just competing!

Braden and the crew including the Premier Events crew put an outstanding effort into getting the Commodore to fire up and stay fired up! Couriering parts direct from Sydney and driving to meet the courier part way to try and alleviate the spark problem. Replacing the MSD unit, dizzy cap and rotor along with anything that even looked suspicious but to no avail unfortunately as the magneto turned out to be the missing link to the spark with a gremlin throwing in random sparks just to mix things up and confuse everyone.

You honestly just couldn’t help but feel gutted for the whole team and premier crew when it was time up, for getting the Commodore on the pad. It was definitely Slushi time!

The show still went on though and the Kiwi’s were still on the pad with more rounds coming up to impress the judges.

The big thing you notice when you get to an Aussie Burnout Comp. is the massive amount of horsepower that hits the pad. The volume of burnout smoke and the speed of the cars shredding their way back and forth on the pad is incredible! Blowing the rears off the rims within the two minute mark easily but know they have to get past the first minute to get the points.

The shear speed of the cars sliding backwards into the tight corners while still screaming trying to go forward is fully impressive to say the least!

I’ve had people say to me that the Aussie comps are next level. I’d honestly dispute that and say they are at least two levels!

To obtain the volume of burnout smoke from the tyres so fast, while carrying so much speed is insanely cool! It can only be put down to a truck load of torque and horsepower from them force feed screaming engines that makes that even possible! IT’S SOOO COOL!

With two Burnout Competitions running with the Burnout Masters and the Summernats Burnout Championship, the action was non-stop on the pad.

Categories for six and eight cylinder engines kept the competition fair as far as the horsepower levels go.

With two cracks at the eliminations heading into the finals, the competition was fierce all three days heading up to the finals on Sunday.

Ryan Shirtcliffe rocked in for his second chance to get up the score board and even grab an Aussie burnout pro for the passenger seat, strapping the one and only Jake Myers in to give directions around the Summernats pad.

All eyes were on Ryan for this session with the expectation that he could actually rock the Aussies with his skills in the Mitsi.

As expected, Ryan shredded his way onto the centre pad in a backwards fashion heading for each corner and fully smoking the pad out! Appearing out of the purple smoke to shred his way down the exit lane to spin and head back, the smoke caught up with him blanketing him to be left not knowing where the wall actually was. With the turbo’d six screaming and still shredding tyres, he unfortunately clipped the wall with the front bumper stopping the pair in their tracks. Undeterred and the smoke cleared, the screaming Mitsi was straight back into it, shredding back into the centre pad to blow the tyres to the applause and limiter finger waving from the crowd before getting out to take in the moment with the crowd standing on the Summernats pad with Jake Myers and a slightly worse for wear but point proven Mitsi!

Garrett Matthews rocked out for his second chance to impress with what the blown eight ute could do. With fullon excitement taking charge, Garrett shredded the rears onto the pad carrying a heap of speed to spin the big HQ into a smoke cloud before sliding backwards

into the wall with so much momentum, knocking him from the score board as well. The “never say die” attitude rocks in the Kiwi team though, so it was full noise from then on to shred the rears all around the pad, up and down exit lane before blowing the tyres to the applause of the crowd again.

Unfortunately that was it for the Premier Events Kiwi Burnout Team, knocked from the finals but definitely leaving a mark on the pad impressing the Aussie Burnout fans no end!

When it came to the big finals, there was no room any eras at all as the competition was so tight!

In the Burnout Masters Competition there was awesome action from Chris Orchard in his NASCAR-powered VH Commodore “THE GAME”, followed by Robert Cottrell in his 4DH8RS XD Falcon. But when it came to the prize giving presentation on the Saturday night, it was the crowd favourite “LYNCHY” Andrew Lynch who rocked away with the hard-earned trophy with his stella performance shredding tyres all around the pad. How that man can get that screaming V8 Corolla so tight

into the corners at such a speed astounds me! It obviously isn’t just me either as the crowd fully gets behind LYNCHY when he hits the pad! It seems to be over so fast and half the time you don’t know where he is in the smoke, but when he appears, it’s at 100mph to throw the little corolla into a spin again. He certainly is amazing to watch! Andrews been working hard to get his hands on this trophy for a while, so the party in his marque Saturday night would have been a good one for sure!

It was flames galore for the Summernats Burnout Champion finals. With the pad hot and the contenders battling hard, the balls of fire on the pad from shredded tyres and rubber laying around the edges was immense.

Chris Smallmon took the Burnout Championship win at Summernats 36 in his Supercharged VY “BLWNVY” with three awesome Burnouts impressing the judges and the crowd.

Spectators all around the pad bearing black smoke covered faces were waving their limiter fingers hard for this one.

Summernats isn’t just the Burnout pad and show hall though. Over the entire

four-day event, Tuff Street’s Burnout Lane is rocking for anyone cruising to roll on into the lane to smoke the rears for a bit of fun in a straight line, mates and all!

On the centre field, lawn mower racing is in full swing with fully modified ride-on mowers battling it out for the honors of being named Champion over the four days.

The Grass Driving Events were also all go with entrants rocking up to see how fast they could drive the coned course or battle it out with another entrant competing on an identical course beside.

The main stage was a hive of activity over the event with live bands Night Train, The Screaming Jets, Daryl Braithwaite and Grinspoon rocking the crowd on the Friday night.

Saturday was a full-noise day with an awesome Mullet Competition with a heap of categories and prizes up for grabs along with an awesome Tattoo Competition showcasing some awesome body art before rocking back into action Saturday evening with the Burnout Masters Awards and an awesome fireworks display before Hot Dub Time

Machine rocked the crowd into the night to finish off the day.

The centre field is also where entrants can just park up for the day creating an awesome display of builds to wander around and check out. Everything from custom vans to seriously tuff street cars and hot rods are on display in here while they aren’t cruising the surround road of the pavilion.

The perimeter surround road is always full with cruisers doing laps with the odd burnout happening, just because! It is so cool to just hang out and watch these seriously cool builds roll past on the cam. Thumping and surging past as if struggling to idle, yet ready to rip at the stomp of the gas peddle!

For those looking for some sideways action, drift sessions were being held right next to the entry hall where you could grab a ride in a drift car around the closed off section of the tarmac. Grandstands were set up in the hall facing the track so it was an awesome spot to hide from the weather and check out the action.

Back in the Haltech Hall with the dyno machine set up to see who had the most horsepower, cars were lining up all weekend to scream it out on the dyno to see what numbers they could pull. With some outstanding pulls and some seriously big numbers, Mack Civil with “MAKDDY” his RB powered VL Commodore with an engine built by Maatouks Racing, pulled an incredible 2500 horsepower at the wheels taking out the Trophy for Most Powerful Car at Summernats 36.

This sleeper of a looking car would certainly blow your wheels off on the street with them numbers.

The retail hubs were in full swing throughout the event with t’shirts to engines up for sale and everything in between.

Food and beverage trucks were spread throughout the area and tattoo’s and piercing were even available for a long lasting memory of the event.

Castlemaine Rod Shop had an awesome display with parts for sale and two awesome builds on display with their Burnout Falcon “WARBIRD” and Ferrari powered Torana capturing the crowd to check that out!

Summernats is such a full-on event to get amongst! The action is non-stop no matter what you are into! From show ‘n shines to burnouts, drifting, cruising or just partying up, it’s non-stop and spread out right around the entire pavilion. With 2500 cars entered into the event and around one hundred and twenty-five thousand people rocking in to check it all out, the place was an incredible buzz of energy for the entire event.

Definitely get this event onto your “To do list”! It’s hard to explain the atmosphere so you just have to GET AMONGST to experience the buzz and incredible builds that appear for Summernats!

The massive Kiwi contingent with Premier Events ready to ROCK the weekend with the New Zealand Burnout Team.



Ryan Shirtcliffe fully nailed the pad with an outstanding burnout to fully impress the Aussies.

Live bands had the crowd bouncing! Ryan Shirtcliffe doing the clean up duties before heading back to NZ


couldn’t love an olds-cool Chevy smokin up them rears!

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate
Mike and Abbie Davison’s stunning 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe fully detailed throughout and under with an awesomely impressive engine bay and custom work.
Summernats Burnout Champion for 2024 BLWNVY Chris Smallmon shredding the pad in smoke and
Big Blowers in small utes! HELL YEAH! Burnout trophy for the garage The awesome SKD UTE doing what it does best! I love this ute! Castlemain Rod Shop’s awesome display with their cool builds and parts for sale
Awesome rides cruising the circuit
Garrett Matthews smokin it on the burnout pad.

Check out our YouTube channel for our cool selection of videos! Drag Racing / Burnouts / Car Shows / Retro Pageants

ELITE Candidate

Tim Martenstyn’s fully impressive 1968 HK GTS Monaro packing a LSX 376 engine force feed with a 8/71 Jo Blo supercharger with EFI feeding horsepower to the TruTrac 9” diff via a manualised Powerglide and 4000rpm stall converter. The smooth ride taken care of with Accuair

suspension to the Bonspeed 20x10’s on the rears and 19x6’s rims on the fronts.

The interior with a full retrim in leather looks stunning in the red against the Jet Black paint. Definitely a Top 60 Elite contender this one!

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate
ELITE Candidate
ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate
www.doctorcuts.co.nz Phone Wayne on 07 220 9667

ELITE Candidate


Throwing back to the GT codes, this gorgeous Candy Apple Red 1970 Ford XW GT Falcon pack’s a tricked 434ci Cleveland from Dandy Engines spec’d with Scott Cook goodies including the 4V manifold and heads running a Comp Cams solid flat tappet set up and MSD ignition.

All this grunt is feed back to the Ford 9” LSD Diff via a Pro Trans Gear Box C10 with 5000rpm stall converter with the rest of the car immaculately restored to factory spec with a stunning white interior.

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

This stunningly well built Holden Torana LX Hatchback packing a LS3 engine with a Tremac 6 speed gear box sending the grunt to the rears via 9” diff is an impressive build to check out!

The finish standard of this ride stepping it right into the arena of the Top 60 Elite with its full custom interior to the fully detailed undercarriage showing off them massive 18x11.5” wide rear Boze custom rims and 18x9” on the front.

Setting off the Wilwood brake package just nicely!

ELITE Candidate

From being her first car to her forever car, this stunning 1977 Holden LX Torana now packs a tricked 304ci V8 force feed by a Yellow Terra Whipple Supercharger sending the excitement to the strange diff via Turbo 350 Auto Trans. This gorgeous and fully detailed custom interior sits perfect with the custom detailing throughout and under this car bringing it’s own theme to the party of the Top 60 Elite.

ELITE Candidate

Lee Payne’s race ready 1971 Camaro packs a Big Block Chevy complete with dart heads and Holley Sniper Injection. Sending the power back to the 9” strange diff via manualised transbraked T400 transmission to get the excitement levels up and going!

Zoran Krstevski’s awesomely rebuilt and detailed 1982 Ford XE Falcon now packs a stroked Cleveland to 393ci sending a heap of torque back the rears hooked to the custom fabricated 9” diff via a Hughs Race transmission with a 5800rpm stall converter.

With a Macdonald Bros adjustable arm suspension kit and coil overs, this ride is now a work of art with a full custom interior and custom metallic blue paint finish.

ELITE Candidate

The Tattoo Competition brought out some awesome designs on display

The inner field made for an awesome car show all by itself. ELITE Candidate

This 1969 ford XW GS Fairmont Sedan is a stunningly well restored build showing just how gorgeous these rides were when they left the factory floor.

ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate

Morris Markovic’s BOSS XE is certainly an impressive build! Detailed from top to bottom with them two air cleaners giving you just a glimpse at the amount of work that has gone into this ride.

Now packing a 441ci Windsor to a C4 Auto and 9” Diff, this ride certainly takes on the race stance with Wilwood 6 pot brake calipers up front and 4 pot rears peering through the black rims like a sneaky sleeper.

The Cherry Cordial Candy paint steps it straight back into the show scene with its awesome appearance though.

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate

Top 60 Show Hall was gleaming with the awesome builds on display

Tuff cars full of mates were tearing up Burnout Lane Tuff Streets Burnout Lane getting full use all weekend!

Now who wouldn’t jump in Jake Myers SICKO Burnout car to check it out!

Part 1 Thursday walk-about & Burnouts

Part 2 Friday Burnout session

Part 3 Friday walk-about

Part 4 Saturday’s walk-about and Burnouts

Part 5 Final day - Sunday session

Part 6 Mullet & Body art Competition

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ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate

The Khazi Bro’s awesomely rebuilt 1982 Ford Fairmont Ghia is certainly a bit more spec’d than what left the factory floor. With a Turbo Charged 4.0L Barra engine running the power back to the 4 link 9” diff via a 2 speed Powerglide, this now stunningly well finished and detailed XE has certainly set a new standard for the Khazi’s.

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate
ELITE Candidate
ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

Tim McDonald’s stunning XY Falcon stomped its mark in the Top 60 Elite hall.

This incredibly well detailed and finished ride packs a 427 Dart Windsor engine force feed by a 8/71 Billet blower with injection.

Feeding the grunt backwards via a manualised TH400, transbraked transmission to the TruTrace 9” diff, this stunning build has fully taken on the race

and show scene with its finish standard.

Pulling all this grunt up are pairs of 6 pot Wilwood front calipers and 4 pot rears to Wilwood rotors.

The custom leather GT themed interior keeping everything in check with the GT theme but stepping the entire car up a notch or six to step it straight into the Elite Section.

ELITE Candidate

Adam Cleary’s 1951 Chevy Pickup has certainly stepped into the new era of rides.

Now packing a 400ci LS with twin Garrett turbo’s and a Turbo 400 transmission sending the torque back to a custom 9” diff, this sneaky sleeper looking ride would certainly surprise you if you hadn’t noticed the huge Wilwood brakes and Schott accelerator wheels giving away its secret.

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

GET AMONGST Dean’s RestoMod HK GTS Holden Monaro here.

Every nut and bolt in this ride has been removed and redesigned to what you see here as a modern driving olds-cool ride.

The GM 6.2L LS3 engine sits nicely up front and with a Tremac T56 6 speed gear box to back it up. Out back, the 9” diff sits in a DTK cradle with a 4 link set, Ridetech coil overs and a Watts linkage to get the power to the ground.

Having it drive like a modern car is the new Baer brakes set up, power steering and a full custom leather interior built around late model seats giving it the comfort to go with the classic olds-cool styling. The detailing throughout this entire build is awesome and the list of custom work is almost endless!

SUMMERNATS 36 Grand Champion

Joe Bauer’s “BLOWN RT”

1968 Dodge RT Charger with a massive list of custom work from the body to the interior and fully into the engine bay, took out “Peoples Choice” and then onto “Summernats Grand Champion” after the driving events.

This stunning build has left nothing untouched from the original vehicle.

The list of body modifications creating the flowing lines and the work inside the engine bay to slot that big block force feed Hemi engine in is truly amazing!

The roof has been chopped 2”, the rear extended 4” inches and the front extended 2” inches.

69 Charger tail-lights have been grafted into the rear panels for an extra appeal, off-setting the twin 6” exhausts protruding from the rear panel.

The extensions to the rear allowing the huge rear tyres to slot in without encroaching on the interior with wheel tubs. This allowed the full-size rear seat to be placed back inside giving ample room for passengers to ride along.

The full custom interior including Napa leather seats and trims to the suede roof and electric windows giving this ride a touch of luxury to entice the passengers to relax after seeing the animal Victor Brey built 604 ci force feed Keith Black Hemi packing 3000 horsepower come to life.

The custom chassis work to slot in the 4 link suspension, tubs and huge exhaust is impressive to say the least and completes this build to definitely earn the title of being a Summernats winner.

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

This 1972 Ford XA Fairmont Sedan is an absolute tribute to the Fairmont’s of the era.

Complete with the factory wind back sunroof and white interior, the detailed finishing of this restoration is incredible and includes Ashley’s own personal touches to make this gorgeous ride her own.

Packing a 351ci Cleveland making 450hp through a C4 automatic transmission to the Ford 9” Diff, this Wild Plum Fairmont is certainly more than just a cruiser!

Sitting on 20” 3 piece Simmons wheels with Wilwood brakes all around, this olds-cool ride reflects the 70’s era with a modern twist & is simply stunning to check out!

Ashley Bell’s XA HOON ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate
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Check out what’s coming up and what’s going down.

We get amongst the massive indoor Autorama Show and head South again to capture the Rev South Burnout Competition

+ More Feature Cars!

All in for the Mullet competition!

Go the Mullets!
The Burnout King himself ‘LYNCHY’ taking out the competition with an incredibly crazy burnout! Ryan Shirtcliffe fully impressing the Aussies burnout crowd with his force feed six!

Saturday’s inner field parade went off well!

Ryan Shirtcliffe and Jake Myers after ripping the pad and taking on the wall still impressed the Aussie crowd.

Castlemain Rod


WARBIRD smokin up the burnout pad.

Sandy Pagel’s 1963 Volkswagen Beetle is an absolute stunning restoration and is one out of the bag for a Summernats display amongst top Muscle Cars. The better than factory finishing from top to bottom including the rear engine bay is a true tribute to the Volkswagon Beetles, making this ride well worthy of the Top 60 Elite category.

ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate

“Christine” - This 1935 Ford Coupe is fully packed with custom work making for an awesome hot rod for cruising and show.

Running a Small Block Chevy Dart engine to a 700R transmission back the 9” diff makes this ole Coupe jump when need be.

The body with its 3” roof chop, widened guards and lowered front guards gives it an awesome stance sitting on the wide chrome wheels.

The full custom interior including the boot filled with sub woofers steps this ride fully into the Top 60 Elite group.

The awesome detailing in the engine bay and undercarriage along with the custom paint finish makes this complete build a stand out for sure.

ELITE Candidate

ELITE Candidate

This absolute stunner of a 1959 Morris Minor 2 Door Continental Business Coupe is one in the bag for sure.

This build here is certainly well worthy of contending in the Top 60 Elite hall. The custom work and finish detailing is awesome.

From the force feed 1330cc Scart Supercharged 4 cylinder engine to the modified 4 speed gear box and 3J alloy centre diff with 2 piece billet axles, this gorgeous lil Coupe sits nicely on AccuAir E Level auto levelling suspension to give it an awesome stance and ride.

The custom leather interior and luggage package keeping in style with the era yet modernizing its appearance at the same time.

It may have the factory colour Palm Green paint, but the finish of this gorgeous body is well worthy of this hall.

ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate ELITE Candidate

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Our router bed size 1220mm x 2440mm

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When you need a one stop shop that can offer fast profile cutting and routing solution to suit your needs, the friendly team here at Pure CNC have go t you covered. Design through to your finished product

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Bringing the city to life!

Downtown Canberra comes to life on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as the Summernats entrants roll on in to take over the streets for an awesome park up of staunch show and muscle cars, making for a fantastic street party.

With a heap of bars with live bands and cafés to chill in and watch the coolness happen on the street, this is an awesome chance to kick back and relax while the action happens around you.

The city vibe brings a whole new atmosphere to the Summernats scene with a relaxed but still party scene going on.

The night lights from the historic art deco and architecturally designed buildings forming an awesome back drop to these classic olds-cool rides taking you right back to the era of cool cars cruising the streets on a Friday night.

This is also a great chance for the locals who aren’t actually attending the full-on Summernats event at Exhibition Park to stroll on down the street and get amongst these awesome builds. Re-living their youth with memories flowing back as they stroll past an automobile from their past or kids getting their first introduction to a real life Hot Wheels car that ignites the passion to actually build and own one, in just the same manner as we have all been bitten by the desire to create our own version of a cool automobile.

The smiles on faces and the stories being told as the crowds of people

wandered through the show added to the excitement going on for sure. The party vibe from Summernats continued but with a whole new vibe at the Braddon Show.

Kicking back with a quiet one and a nice meal at a café street table next to some of Australia’s top street machines seemed a little surreal after the full-on action of the day at the Summernats burnouts and street action, but the vibe of the city taking you right back in time made it feel like home and a perfect chance to unwind and reflect on the awesome action Summernats is.

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