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Find an Oil Rig Offshore Jobs Are you inte re ste d in ge tting an oil rig offshore occupation? Are you a se miskille d or skille d worke r who wants to re ap the be ne fits of an e ve r-booming inte rnational industry? If you are , you have come to the right location simply be cause today, we will be talking about some of the jobs of acce ssible in offshore oil rigs.

If you have be e n thinking of a profe ssion shift re ce ntly, and you don’t thoughts physically de manding function that could pote ntially slice your family and “me ” time by e ighty hours pe r we e k, you are de finite ly knocking on the doorway of the right industry. He re are some of the work possibilitie s that are ge ne rally acce ssible in offshore oil rigs:

1. Rig we lde rs – Rig we lde rs are accountable for the se t up, and e ve ntual re pair, of

me talwork within the oil rig me thod. As you can e nvision, oil rigs ope rate on hydraulics, e le ctricity, and tons of ste e l. A rig we lde r is an on-contact worke r who re quire me nts to re act if the re are e me rge ncie s late at night. T his occupation is ope n to se mi-skille d worke rs who are willing to be traine d be fore the y are offe re d the opportunity to function on the re al oil rig. Nume rous jobs on an oil rig ne e d some training, so if you don’t have any prior e ncounte r, that is good, simply be cause the company hiring you will give you ade quate training, particularly if you are applying for a place in an offshore oil rig. Oil rig we lde rs can e arn more than forty thousand dollars pe r ye ar.

2. Installation manage r – Se t up manage rs occupy a much highe r rung than most se miskille d worke rs in an oil rig. T he y have a significant de gre e of autonomy, but at the e xact same time the y have much large r dutie s. Se t up manage rs re quire to be onsite most of the time simply be cause the y ove rse e the re al drilling for oil. In addition to che cking the drilling and e xtraction ope rations of the oil drill, the y also have to ke e p track of othe r de partme nts to e nsure that e ach de partme nt is working at an optimum de gre e . T his is a e xtre me ly re sults-orie nte d occupation that can de live r more than e ighty thousand dollars a ye ar to the right pe rson.

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thre e . Control space ope rators – Manage space ope rators are re garde d as the right

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hand me n of chie f barge e ngine e rs. (Chie f barge e ngine e rs are re garde d as the large

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bosse s who have more autonomy, and have more acce ssibility to cre w and staff who

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can make the ir function much more e ffe ctive or e asie r, ge ne rally spe aking.) In addition

Oil Rig Offsho re Jo bs

to pe rforming vital e ngine e ring function, this kind of as re trie val and prope r anchoring of the physical structure s of the offshore oil rig, control space ope rators might also be offe re d more office -like dutie s, this kind of as proce ssing the occupation pe rmits of the me n and wome n onboard the oil rig. Manage space ope rators might also be accountable for che cking the float standing of the oil rig (if a part of an oil rig all of a

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sudde n sinks, control space ope rators can be he ld at le ast partly accountable ). T his type of place can yie ld an ave rage of forty thousand dollars pe r ye ar.

4 . Instrume nt te chnician – An instrume nt te chnician is ofte n he ld accountable for the close che cking of vital compone nts, this kind of as alarms and gauge s of nume rous drilling and e xtraction e quipme nt onboard the oil rig. An instrume nt te chnician can e arn up to fifty 5 thousand dollars pe r ye ar. Click here for more informat ion… Search Amazon

Oil Rig Offshore Jobs - – Oil Rig Offshore Jobs – - Work on oilrigs (offshore or or e lse ) are almost always

Se arc h Bo o ks j o b s o n a o i l r i g Sho wing 1 - 3 o f 28 2 re s ults

bodily de manding, and also ne e d more hrs pe r 7 days than othe r jobs. An oil rig job is

O il Rig J o b s - The Ultimate O il & G as Ind us try Emp lo yme nt G uid e

ge ne rally not comparable to a normal nine to five job, be cause most oil rig e mploye e s live on site and do not ge ne rate house afte r the ir shift.

O il Rig J o b s Re lo ad e d : G e t Wo rking O n The Rig s To d ay

T he re are nume rous sacrifice s re late d with a profe ssion in the oil and gas industry, but if you can re main long sufficie nt and le arn a ade quate numbe r of spe cializ e d abilitie s, the probabilitie s of growing your annually e arnings can be quite highe r.

Life o n an O il Rig (Extre me J o b s in Extre me Plac e s )

Of program, like any othe r industry or fie ld, you will have to start from the base rung,

Dr e w Ne l s o n ( P a p e r b a ck - J a n 1 , 2 0 1 3)

$ 9 .4 5

and work yourse lf up the profe ssion ladde r. Ope rating at an oil rig can be a te st of your e ndurance and pe rsiste nce , but it will all be re ally worth it, be cause of the usually







good salarie s offe re d e ve n to e ntry le ve l e mploye e s. Privac y

Ge ne rally talking, the re can by no me ans be a scarcity of jobs in the oil and gas industry, be cause the re is a cyclical boom in the e stablishme nt of oil we lls around the nation, particularly in are as like Te xas. In the e ve nt that normal oil rig jobs dry up,

the re is always a chance that a e spe cially lucrative position will ope n up on offshore oil rigs that mine natural gas and oils from de e p be ne ath the se a. T he oil industry is a multinational ve nture we are talking not only of the ne arby US de mand for oil, but also for the at any time -growing inte rnational de mand for crude oil and re fine d gase s. T he globe ope rate s on oil, as nume rous of you alre ady know. T his is one industry that will by no me ans e xpe rie nce a le an yr, until the famous pe ak oil is finally re ache d, and the globe as we know it finally ope rate s out of usable oil. Right he re are some re minde rs whe n looking for oil rig jobs: one . Se arch for jobs online . Big companie s are now looking for e xpe rie nce d or se mie xpe rie nce d e mploye e s on the We b. It te nds to make se nse : marke ting jobs on the We b is che ape r and more e fficie nt, be cause the job ads are the re 24 hrs a working day, se ve n days a 7 days, all yr long. - – Oil Rig Offshore Jobs – - T his applie s most particularly to offshore , inte rnational oil rig jobs that can re ally de live r in the large bucks for e mploye e s who have the corre ct abilitie s. two. If you do not have a lot of spe cializ e d abilitie s, do not be conce rne d – you can still ge t on to an oil rig. Ne ve rthe le ss, it ought to be note d that pe ople with no abilitie s at all will have to duke it out from the base rung of the profe ssion ladde r. Once more , if you re main long sufficie nt, you just might be in a position to turn out to be a drille r yourse lf. But, until that time , you have to be strong and affe cte d pe rson, and you have to do your curre nt job to the ve ry be st of your capability, e ve n if that me ans re maining in a scorching kitche n e ve ry working day ge tting re ady me als for the roughne cks and drille rs outdoors. thre e . If you do have a spe cializ e d skill, make ce rtain that you use for a position with the highe st fe asible wage . Whe n you use , you have to pe rform at your ve ry be st instantly, so you will ke e p that position. Many oil rig companie s ope n up ne w positions

on a we e kly foundation. T his might be due to e xpansion, or be cause the y are ge tting rid of staff who are n’t that good at what the y do at all. - – Oil Rig Offshore Jobs – Click here for more informat ion… Tag s : Oil Rig Off Sho re Jo bs

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