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ENDING DROUGHT EMERGENCIES IN KENYA Drought in Kenya has become a `predictable emergency' but drought does not have to lead to humanitarian crises.

Investment in community efforts in water harvesting and drought resistant seedlings is saving lives and livelihoods in Kenya. Failed maize at Kathonzweni district OCHA Kenya Maize at an irrigation schem at Kathonzwen district OCHA Kenya

Patroralist watering animals in isiolo district OCHA Kenya

The facilitation of pastoralists' cross-border and internal movement is easing access to water and pasture during drought. There are many more best practices in drought mitigation in Kenya that is reducing the impact of drought in the country.With early action and proper year-long planning we can end drought emergencies in Kenya.

Patroralist women in a community meeting in Isiolo district

Starving goat looking for grass in stones in Isiolo districtt OCHA Kenya

Drought preparedness project in Isiolo district

The Ending drought Emergencies in Kenya campaign aims to consolidate and promote best practices in drought mitigation that is saving lives and livelihood in Kenya. For further information contact: :


Ending Drought Emergencies in Kenya  
Ending Drought Emergencies in Kenya  

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