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It’s all about Z.E.N.! As summer is quickly approaching, and we’re trading out our sweaters for silky beach cover-ups and our favorite bikinis what better time to get your beach goddess glow on. A perfect opportunity to rejuvenate your spirit, re-hydrate your body, and revitalize your mind awaits with the fresh and pure Z.E.N. meal plans. We are in love...”zensational!” We sat down with Z.E.N.’s creator, Mariana Rossano, who gave us the scoop on why, not only does she have a A-list celebrity following which reads like a who’s who of Hollywood, but why Z.E.N. is an easy, accessible, option for overall weight loss and healthy living for you too! What makes Z.E.N. foods different? I have a dream team! Myself, and our chefs and nutritionists never get complacent. We are always testing new recipes. But the big difference is our Z.E.N. Select Program. This gives clients the option to choose what they want to eat on a daily basis. We can customize just about anything. From Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten Free. The variety is created based on the customer’s favorites and changes every 6 weeks. We are the only company that does this.

Why You’ll Love It It’s like getting a nutritionist and a private chef in a bag. The chef worked along side Wolfgang Puck for many years and the quality goes beyond anything you could ever imagine in home delivery.

Inspiration The inspiration comes from many things, but I think if I were to say the most important inspiration is the desire to help people who are too busy to help themselves. That’s where the name Zero Effort Nutrition comes from. We all know the feeling. We want to eat healthy and have no time to make it happen.

What type of results should you expect? The results are based partly on what you want to put into it. If you need to lose weight, you should do it 7 days a week for at least the first 30 days. Most clients will lose 2 to 5 pounds in the first week, which also consists of water weight. Then anywhere from 1 to 3 pounds a week after depending on how much they have to lose. Men always lose weight faster due to their lean muscle tissue. But if you stick to it you will get it off. We’ve clients lose over 100 lbs. The variety is created based on the customer’s favorites and changes every 6 weeks. We are the only company that does this.

Why did you start Z.E.N. foods? My passion is food and coming from an Italian heritage, I learned at a young age freshly made meals are the best. I wanted to give our clients the experience of healthy eating that was also delicious and beautifully presented fresh on a daily basis.

“The variety is never ending because we change recipes seasonally.” Sample Daily Menu Breakfast: Blueberry Crepes with Fresh Blueberry Compote Lunch: Z.E.N. Chinese Chicken Salad Snack: Tuna Salad Lettuce Cups Dinner: Filet Mignon with Balsamic Reduction, Roasted Fingerling Potatoes, Fennel and White Asparagus Dessert: Chocolate Heaven Cake The variety is created based on the customer’s favorites and changes every 6 weeks. We are the only company that does this.

Sample Vegetarian Menu Breakfast: Gluten Free Vegan Strawberry Pancakes with Organic Maple Syrup and chopped Walnuts Lunch: Butter Nut Squash Soup and a Mixed Baby Geen Salad with Crumbled Goat Cheese, Sliced Almonds and Sherry Vinaigrette Snack: Fresh Berry Parfait Dinner: Gluten Free Pasta Primavera with Fresh Marinara Sauce and White Beans Dessert: Pistachio Chocalate Pie

The Z.E.N. Juice Cleanse We added the cold pressed juices because of all the amazing healing properties in each juice. In most cases, it’s a great jumpstart to weight loss. The nutrients are so powerful and you will feel amazing after a few days of just juice. We also have a lot of clients that to add one or two a day to their meal program for an extra boost.

Who are your favorite (celeb) clients? We have some huge A-List celebrities that use us for losing or gaining depending on the next film. We all love our guy from True Blood, Chris Bauer. He looks great and is now doing shirtless scenes.

Best advice for following the Z.E.N. meal plan: If you want great results, you need to just eat what we give you and stick to it. This is the way you get the results you are looking for.

Why is Summer a great time to start? Summer is a time for a fresh start. Not to mention the fact that everyone wants to look great in his or her summer wardrobe. Everyone seems to want to lose pounds when they are wearing fewer clothes, not to mention the scary thought of the bikini.

What’s coming up for Z.E.N. foods? We are working on an amazing new plan for rapid weight loss that is healthy and doesn’t make you feel deprived. We have a few guinea pigs currently on it. A doctor lost 11 pounds in the first week. More to come, so we will keep you posted on this one and we are sure it will be a huge hit for those who have quite a bit of weight to lose.

Summer health/beauty tips from Z.E.N. Add plenty of fresh fruits and veggies to your daily diet. They are in abundance in the summer months. Drink your water!! Water is the cheapest way of flushing fat from the system. If you exercise, eat right and drink plenty of water, you can’t lose. Exercising can also help with stress. Stress causes weight gain and inflammation in the body. Z.E.N. has added many anti-inflammatory foods and juices to help calm and reduce inflammation.

Color Burst

Photography by Willie Maldonado

This summer’s makeup is all about juicy brights and shimmering hues that are as delectable as candy. So go ahead—take a bite!

Nike Swim, flat latex cap, $3, visit

july/august 2008 ocean 43

Nike Swim, flat silicone cap, $8, visit

Nike Swim, flat latex cap, $3, visit

Styling by Petra Flannery For Margaret Maldonado Agency Hair and Makeup by Riku Campo for Celestine Agency Model: Kassidy Marley for Nous Models

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It's time for Summer with Shy Medical! While embracing the warmer weather and glorious beach days, it’s essential to keep your skin healthy and looking its best. Now is the perfect time to make those little changes and adjustments in your skin care regime, and get those quick med spa fixes to ensure your skin is smooth and radiant now and for many seasons after. We spoke to the pros at Shy Medical and had the opportunity to first-hand experience one their favorite and most sought after treatments: Botox which has ensured that we'll be looking youthful, glamorous and glowing come beach season.

Why you'll love Shy Medical Shy Medical is the ultimate in skincare bliss. A med spa like no other, its chic, young, vibrant and contemporary atmosphere is truly welcoming immediately upon arrival. The staff are friendly & knowledgable, assess your skin concerns realistically (knowing that we're all our own worst critics) and then provide all options available. The results were truly amazing! Shy Medical offers the most advanced devices and products for all skin and body treatments, including laser hair removal, skin resurfacing, and skin tightening as well as injectables. It's unique in that they offer all of the latest and greatest technology and techniques for making their clients look young and sexy with very affordable prices. They're a family owned company and therefore, treat all of their clients like family.

Advice for choosing med spa procedures Make sure you choose a medical spa that can offer the technology and modern medicine to reach your goals. Do your research and take your time. Always make sure that the environment is surrounded by experienced medical professionals like registered nurses and medical doctors.

Our Summer Favorites! Laser Hair Removal, IPL, Medical Weight Loss, Botox, Dermal Fillers, Chemical peels, facials, sclerotherapy

Recommended skincare regime Cleanser appropriate for your skin type, toner, moisturizer, sun screen. Wash your face morning and night. How can more youthful radiant skin be achieved daily? Make sure to cleanse and moisturize you skin daily, aviod excessive sun exposure, eat healthy and have a balanced diet. Top 3 ultimate skin care essentials Sun screen, cleanser and moisturizer.

Follow Shy Medical on Yelp, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook Shy Medical 222 W. Main St, Ste 102 Tustin, CA, 92780 (949)231-7833

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er nform o C l acia t tide F treatmen p e p ti o y r r n u a a e N tion vanced ly lu o v plete e This r e most ad ts to com skin n h has t ingredie estore the inous. g r m again nate and nt and lu a i e rejuv you rad g leavin

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High Pote n This trea cy Evening Rep air tment pro vides an delivery instant of the m os anti-aga ing ingre t effective dients, h tighten a elp nd tone the skin, s leaves y and our skin lo o luminous , healthy king more and you thful.

Ac Dr yl-Gl . exp Perri utathi c r skin essio one’ one D sm n lin s luxu e ep oo the es an rious Cre r a d d ser ase nd u mo e ep c m ta Serum r re r e lum ase gets ino s, le us aft aving er use .

Vi A tami p yo er n C the ur s fect Est C su kin wa er 1 firm Este mm in sh y to 5 fo s a r 1 er, ap ge glo r a y nd 5 b Vitam e fo t wi ou sm righ in r ng th o o te co ful, the ns, mp s lex ion .



beauty products


Chia Serum Chia Serum is a revolutionary, multitasking serum with rare extractsof chia oil acientifically formulated to leave the skin velvety-soft to the touch and visibly vibrant. This luxuriant concentrated serum conditions and hydrates the skin while imparting an instantly healthy, glowing complexion.

This b rea C is form kthrough, revolu old Plasm ulate a Fac t d iona to signs of ag address th ry treatm e ent ing e su unde pple, hea and impa most visib le r you lthy lo r oking t gorgeou treatm r other s s , fa k ent p roduc vorite Per in. Layer it ricon t for u e ltimat e am MD plified result s!

um se Ser a a e r C p erum is e De e tathion ep Crease S ned to lu G lAcy t desig e De tathion ing treatmen creases that lu G lAcy nd ts. i-ag lines a vemen ful ant power r expression e facial mo is anticounte from repetitiv ting effect, th more a r a appea ith its illumin elp achieve ance. w h d e l to ine pp ar Comb erum is idea ul lo oking a s youthf aging

Your ey e treatm s will sparkle Ester C Eye ent de signed with this the Serum lo oking rapeut to brin eyes ic g and re to life by br dull and tire ightenin dstoring the de g licate s , firming, kin aro und them.

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT Perricone MD sets the bar for serious anti-aging skincare. With transformative products addressing everything from wrinkles and creases to loss of radiance and firmness, each product delivers results you can see.

INSPIRE What Inspired the product line’s creation: Dr. Perricone’s lifelong passion for science has fueled his dedication to unlocking the secrets to healthy aging. This passion continues to inspire him to introduce innovative technologies that can help transform the face of skincare and get us one step closer to the fountain of youth.

INNOVATION Each product in the Perricone MD line is backed by Dr. Perricone’s innovative antiaging research and patented ingredients. Dr. Perricone continues to launch ground breaking products that set new industry standards for antiaging skincare.

ASK THE EXPERTS With the popularity of harsh peels, exfoliators, and devices, people are overexfoliating their skin, which can lead to irritation and aging inflammation. Opt for a gentle exfoliation method that removes dead skin cells without damaging the skin.

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h Flush Blus s Perfect romantic rt a e th e Swe flirty e swe et, Create th flush with these 3 e, e ros summertim r combinations of lo o s perfect c each. lse Lashe p r Than Fa gth and fullness d e n tt e a B l, ra co atic len Get dram ing revolutionary az n false in this am s: Brush o e h s la in n innovatio ns. d extensio n a s e lash ronzer tic Natural B nce of an authen y n n u B n ia d Su ra d lo ok an ronzer. Get the -skissed b n u s is th tan with

W O L G E B A B H C A E B OWN R B N MOLTO br molton

Fluid leansing h C n lo e as iM Kalahar gentile w maked n a s u d io This luxur lifts impurities an dewy at ly s s th e g tl r in o eff leav in k s r u o y up from er lo ok. m m u s h s fre

Peruvian Maca Anti-Ageing Hydra-Creme Capturing the elements of the Peruvian maca plant and tamarind fruit seed, this moisturizer leaves you wit h a luminous, hydrated, and smooth loo king complexion.

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er Moisturiz ve w lo G ti y eta Dail s the Ac Alpha B und radiance a provides -ro nd Get yea fuses the skin a ent in elp prev Vitamin D gredients that h mage. g in sun da ant-agin ing and g a f o s the sign

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r Gel Showe this & h t a B ith pered tion w ink Pep bo ost circula P c ia Paradis ur skin and nt wash. yo gra Warm otic fra x e d n spicy a

Rosebud S alv This all-time e fa balm not o vorite, lip nly so othe s dry lips, bu t try dabb ing on dry elb ows or kne es to conditio n and relie ve dryness. A lso an exce llen remedy fo r the treatm t ent of diaper rash, burn s, and minor skin irritations.

ALGENIS algenist.c T om

Overn A rich, mois turizing crea ight Restorative Cream m that rene the skin ove ws and rep rn ig airs ht . Fi rmness and restored, an elasticity are d your skin is left renew ed, smo oth and more ra er diant in the morning. Firming & Li fting This advan Eye Gel ced formula redefines e y e contours revealing a , recharged a n d youthful ap pearance.

rate ent tly c n Co s tan ctor ate ins refine ion. e r r d r o t n e n C ,a pl x ce Pore ht con ghness nt com g ctin eig dia rou erfe lightw o oths en, ra P i t l v Mu unique res, sm ore e m o s i p a h T s for ten tigh texture skin

tor i es a r o b c h La r a e s i n R e r e s ea r c h l k S y B sk i n ilizes ASH L rum ut s to help e u s g e in n anc tide sh enh nd pep

hile w la ts a This ne plant extrac ate lashes w lo oking r , d s e y ng r vitamin otect and h and lo r ie r h p lt , so oth g fuller, hea ks. ur we e tin promo as little as fo in lashes

Mycro Gly colic Polish er Your perfe ct anti- ag ing solution. Pe el away th e years with this p rofessional strength treatment whic and restore h resurfaces s the skin le a lo oking yo unger and ving it fresher.

fting Serum HydraKate Li n ur complexio Rejuvenate yo ppearance of ea and reduce th tightening and le hi wrinkles w in. toning your sk

ir sue Repa De ep Tis ated blend istic This soph provides es d ti p of pe and hydration e s n imme s to ally work dramatic rance e appea reduce th nd wrinkles. es a of fine lin

RVILLE E M O S E KAT v r e m o s kat e rum lenishing Se Restor8 Rep m is ru sly silky se This luxuriou rescue, to d formulate lly ca ifi c e sp skin renew your restore and glowing. d n a flawless u yo g in v a le

Multi-Activ eR This extrem epair Lifting and Line e age defy less Eye C re ing eye cre undeniable am produc am results liftin es g the eyes puffiness a and elimina nd dark cir ting cles.

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+W skin f yo tinol blend o p your ew. e R am ful ke e dn A-Te power s helps mic an s a Thi edient g dyn eam ir Cr wal ingr lo okin a p Re ne ight t skin-re s the N g n in a uce ti-Ag his eleg nd red rinkles. n A st. T ight kin a nd w vern auty re es the s lines a O e h t e Yout imate b hydra e of fin c m lt n u a a e r e r Th ight c ppea n all a over

Erase It Kit al skin care The essenti acne and regimen for ving vention, lea breakout pre o time. in n skin flawless

ir Serum ge Repa A C in m lexion in-C Vita our comp y d Brightam n a y your da amin C. Brighten urst of Vit b l a ic d ra with this

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y ront Bod Ocean F ugh you may ltho ur man, a e. Infused with o y r fo t c on Perfe sh is steal this to t n a body wa w is ly th e , it E n fi in e ng. d nd vitam invigorati ginseng a rum -aging se h ti n A e c a is About F s to dimin rum work you and e s c li o c e This Gly kles leav and wrin ed and radiant. s e lin e n fi fresh- fac your man



The temp era this Summ ture isn’t the only th er! Juleps new Nud ing that’s rising Pastels are e s , Neons, the hotte and st a perfect complime trends in nail colo r and nt to your Light Cha sum mp Electric O agne Frost for a s mer style. Try oft rangesicle vibrant v for a more sensuous lo ok, ibe, and festive Whimsica l Pastel Ye and llow for

MURAD Environmental Shield Essentia l-C Sun Balm B Shield the sum road Spectrum mer sun’s rays SPF 35 PA +++ with powerful protection agai ba lm. It not only of nst harmful UVA fers rays, but helps with each appl restore and re ication. new the skin Environmental Shield Instant Ra diance Eye Cre This anti-aging am formula instantly brightens and the under eye smo oths area delivering a more youthful radiant appear and ance.

RIS A P ANE L R n O h orla Brus Care

face light High . This new fresh to re . color ting uty flash the eyes n e v a in e e t e b ina al anc eam Radi sh is a re r and illum ht Cr our g i L u u r gb onto rizing ate y ghtin he eye c oistu ce. Hydr ss with M t r highli Supe excellen outhfulne turizer. its y ative mois Innov preserve tra-light l nd this u skin a m Crea , e c n a di ized e Ra d, energ t. It t lu o Abs vive bo os tigue will be re dration again. a F i t y An nce ich h l new radia is ultra-r face fe e e u r h t t your with skin’s Your revealed will make and

ULA M R O F T PERFEC a l u m r fo p e r fe c t Bo oster Manicure f your e life o Double th this simple with manicure product that e n two-in-o olish d seals p a s prime n m nails last ur gla ger! letting yo even lon

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ascara rpro of M ras, te a W n a Que e lling masc Scandal n’s bestse nique wand a p Ja f o res a u Now one that featu t work together ra a c s a m this la tha ts. ous formu tic, doll-like effec ri u x lu d n a a m ra d to create

VIO L viol ENT L ent l ip s IPS .com Reve inno l in this fu v lip a ative lin n and fa ppliq e of glitte tem bulous ués. p r K your on yo e eps orary u t fe el mouth w r lips an he and ith it d out glos sy fin s smo ot of h ish.

OBSESSIVE COMPULS IVE COSMETICS Lip Tar Flash a fabulous smile and a daz zling splash of color with this lip form ula that combines the longevity of a lipstick with the sleek application of a gloss. The rich pigment will drench your pout with color perfection . Loose colour Concentrate The ultimate product for a bright color pop! Apply shimmer on the eyes, lips, che eks , and anywhere else on the face or body for a sleek, bright flash look.

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uise L’Eau Exq min Noir s and Ja rs n e o M e flow in m s Ja h lo, it Infused w sk and pink pome u , and white m , delicate ys e in notes of in m fe nce is mer da this fragra rfect for hot sum nights. e P er l. playfu ntic summ and roma

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ntrol Cu ne of Color Co d to be o e im p is la ear! ary formu throughs of the y n n o ti lu o v k brea This re dratio st beauty , de ep hy the bigge -lasting coverage pact captures com long ction, this nd flawless skin. Providing te ro p t n a xida of beauty and antio the future

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gh gh HD Ins d L ru pir imit dh ne nwa ed b ed E air w y y di sty thi ret tio .c s r n lin se o C om g ro aso favo and uti n, ri y ne th es C /u , p is an ol s ro new d ec mi sin sty new tion g go ler sha 1” S od wil de tyle ha bri s se r ir, gh en ev ten o er u n t y d p he ay any .

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Lip Perfectio n Gel Instantly wo rks to “perfe ct” and enh the definitio an n and textu re of your lip ce your precio s, giving us pout add ed richness dimension. N and o make-up artist ne ede d! Skin Perfecti on Gel This multi-ta sking miracl e continues the beauty to b industry’s b est kept secr e instantly giv et for ing skin a fl awless, airb finish- Holly rushed wo od glow .

PACIFICA pacificape Wanderlust Beauty Set Experience tr uly effortless natural beauty with Pacifica’s incr mineral form edible ulas. Luxurious in g re dients me et the mo st amazing co lors.

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fine Hair Lotion Coconut Shine & Re e es hair with moistur This treatment infus shine. Helps and restores healthy ir and reduce frizz ha d smooth damage ir down. without weighing ha

SALLY H ERSHBE R sa l l y h e r shb erge GER BLOW You Only Smoother l, “self-correcting” This all-in-one universa mized smooth spray delivers custo ir types, even the perfection for all ha u ruly hair, leaving yo most dry, curly or un ut. wo blo got a salon lo oking like you just

Hyper Hyd ration Sup er Keratin Get extrem Shampo o e m o is ture repair luxurious sh with this ampo o wh most dry, d ich treats e ven the amaged a nd color-tr eated hair .

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ask Palett The Shu U e-Pink emura Un mask Pale rave. This ttes all-matte e ye shadow are all the 5 shadow p s and the names are alettes include Gre en giv Pink, Blue e a perfe and ct summer glimmer.

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Shave ditioning n o C e b man, this Beard Lu pleaser for your s as a pre ct The perfe ave product work ve cream e sh , a sha innovativ the beard rtable shave, n e ft o s shave to at ost comfo closest m nditioner to get th e th t e g o to ec fter shav and an a soft and smo oth. bly skin kissa y and Bod st ace, Hair F - ju y r u fo g h r s u Wa r yo fo t c u d All-Over ro sa ultimate p e. Provide This is the es the job of thre esh do a clean fr s e iv g one that d lather an y up next to. lush, think coz ’ll love to scent you

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Origin a Creat l Nipple Ba e a kis lm for Lips sable with th p o is Lips. U velvety Nip ut in no time se p long-la daily as an le Balm for sting li ultra-t hick a p mois a natu nd tu ra go odb lly glossy sh rizer with ine, an ye to c d happe d lips. kiss

NATURA BISSE The Cure She er Tou ch This gel is a perfect alternativ light and e to found natural co ation for a verage. P to the skin ro vidin an increase in d offering a gradu g instant luminosity al and pro skin tone gre tha Amazing for your su nks to its self-tannin ssive mmer bea g effect. ch babe lo NB-Ceuti ok! cal Lip Rec overy Balm A unique bea specifically uty treatment crea ted fo a so othing r the lips providing th sensation while resto em with youthful, p ring their lump and healthy a ppearanc e.

CHIA chiate.c TE Very Colo urfo Get the lo il Maincure ok of Lond o manicure kit creates n Fashion We ek! Th is a raw foil mirror-like finish with shin a metallic po e that goes beyon d lish for an edgy runw a regular ay lo ok.

Caviar M anicure The Cavia r Manicure is feminine and indulg en extravaga t yet delicately nt. effect give The finished s nails an instantly sophistica ted lo ok. Very Ciaté !


Brazilian Pe e This celeb l rity must-h av winning p e el firms a e and award n d reduces fi ne lines, w tones skin, and rinkles, ble and unev mishes, en skinton e, while h maintain a elping you radiant, y outhful co mplexion.

Br G azili e BR t yo an T an AZ ur rue bro d m ILIAN summ Tan of nz ore TR er lux exfo ed b effic UE T glow bu urio liat y co ien AN o lea tter us fo ion a mb t to ™ is n! Th las ves , jojo rmu nd ining get mak e n tin sk ba la tan th pe ing ew g, in e r an wi oil, is en ning two fectl it ea y d g th an ric int s or an d a hed o o step bea ier ge ev lo n s c h ou en e v with e. Th s g , st er e s h a r old ea , a ea en k f nd glo ree w.

tte Eau de Toile f ir A e th in o Cherry swe etness ination of b y, m rr o e c h t C c e k a perf of Blac is s e te c o n n ra h g it you W fra it will take this-world ng in love. This out-of- nd the fe eling of falli rdenia and Coconut r memories. a r air a ed summe mallow, G the summe ost cherish rin, Marsh m a r d u n o a y M to , back Raspberry Toilette iti Eau de Sexy Graff ed by the ce is inspir n ra g a fr l fun party flora rable fruity e sun gives way to a nd the a e w d n a This bright sic plays, a life! nt, when th ils flow, mu mer mome a m kt c su o l you to c a n ic e g h ma e will bring time w c e n th ra g ’s a It fr , party! This atmosphere re ready to a le p o e p beautiful

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der Exten he e l y t S tt Prime nd forge ess a l e g tim ei ht Save ps! This w cts and -u te touch rimer pro ur style. o p g f our ylin eo y hairst nds the lif out until y o. w e t p o m o ex bl your xt sha e in n k Loc

TOPP IK toppik .com Hair B uil Get c ding Fibers elebrit y gorg hair! T eo op Fibers pik Hair Bu us ilding instant ly mak thinnin g hair e lo ok t full. hick a nd

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CLARISONIC M Thi arula the s sp , Th so fac ecia e Le int othe e a lly fo aky an ense s the nd n rmu Col ap d re hyd ski eck, late lecti wr pea juve ratio n an natu d oil on ink ran na n, d les ce tio pr pr rally for for of n to ote ovid sof fine red ctio es t, r lin uc n, ad es e ian an the ts d kin .

SpaRitual Dedicated to the spa trad ition, spaRitu committed to al is creating eco -friendly pro packaging p ducts and erfectly craft ed for the e consumer. Th nlight ese fabulous nail polish co ened 100% vegan lors are !

hes elas om y E f l self.c erse Pap paper toning, s, ive tens ropertie d n i s t i n p th a with cing ixir, e-redu kin’s you ished, l e h n in s uth yout nd l eple the This ating a serves diant, r with yo e! v r a s e ne w pr n lo t: R rege ulously e resul that glo rance. I h c mira auty. T er, skin red vib e th b sto ral mo o and re natu r and s firme lease Scrub Good & Clean Toxin Re tanicals, this bo by Let it glow! Powered s lathering ine mb unique, gentle scrub co t to scrub lnu Wa d cleansers and groun ties and uri imp t ou away dullness, force on. Your ati ific tox provide de ep down de oking -lo hy alt he , skin will radiate a clean glow.

The ultimate skin savior! The Clarisonic Skin Clean sing System uses a patented sonic frequen cy to clean, soften and sm ooth skin. This revolutionary technology improves skin tone, reduce s the appearance of pore size and helps yo ur favorite skin care pro ducts work their best.

Aria ern mod ria w ic A k ne le e larison ansing s s i of cle eC h th Wit ign, th s sonic blend m. s de infuse rmonic nd for a ion a ah t Plus with func Skin onic hre e S st LUS ic P feature body n o a s of ris tem a Cla and s The sing Sy e face ose are that r h n h t o t . a Cle ds for ansing a care -reach e r o t t e spe for cl ing ex harde ed are mod dy ne o b the

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Go o Pe e d & Cl e l aw ay t an Pore Acid h s fusio and th e prob Purifyin l g surfa n helps is uniqu em! Alp Mini P e h t c o a f e minim cells quick ruit ac Hydr e el l o smo izing p and rev y elimin id detox xy othe ores italiz ate d a r co e mpl nd lea s the s ull exio ki ving n. a br n by ight er

ark West Central P ry address da rk This legen eau de parfum to Square Pa Madison l with its vibrant an rcissus deserves oo ndeur. Na ylang, ra Hip and c d gre en bottle, g s it h tc ma lang an h tangy y er it neon pink uare Park’s w d le g pp min Sq iquant pe Madison es with a pinch of p smine, and m o a c e c n fragra en s of ja . and note gardenia , grass-gre removable rn rose-blossom d majestic n a — n e d lin de bliss. Deco Mo h can be used mmertime u ic S h w t , le h brace och. A elet or bro Does as a brac lry! and jewe perfume at? er than th it get bett

Central Par Sophistic k South ated an d superelegant, Central Pa South is the inspir rk a ti this beau tiful new on for eau de parfum. A fresh fl oral scen t with seductiv e notes of grape flower, b fruit lac and lily o kcurrant, jasmin e f th fragranc e valley, this e is the ultim romance and luxu ate in ry.

LE CHANTECAIL om chantecaille.c

Ultra Sun Protection Sunscreen Infused with cherry blossom and green tea extracts, this truly invisible sunscreen provides complete broad spectrum protection leaving your skin shielded and healthy.

me in the s Perfu Petale romance is lly er Summ this classica er h it lo f w e w air us whit d by a o r o m gla spire nce. In you’ll fragra gardenias, nt. r ce love fo is lustrous s h t adore

Shade ith Che ek e to blush w e Fe el fr ious cream es ur go x lu this ght, it es li a r lt U blush. thly and giv n oo m of su s on ht hint ig r e just th olor. c kissed

g ryin t d ni/ fas ic, er ma el -ch tra mm n am il E .com e ul t su rs! Na etics Thes ibran t colo m ! lot v Ing lotcos lished re a hat ho ing k po hes a e. W Lo o olis st-hav p l nai i mu d pe

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ORL A o r l an N E m

Crem e This y Royale outh elixir, intens wit iv and li e toning, r h its ne-re egen d e mirac ulousl ucing prop rating y pre e skin’s rties, ser y beau outh and n ves the ty a reple . The resul tural t: Rad nished iant, , firme smo o th r youth er, skin th and a and r estore t glows wit h d vib rance .

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Amor e Skin R Pacific Tim e Res enew ponse a Re-dis cover l Creme youth the sk w in of y transf ith this ult imate our orma tiona to rep l cr a on a ir and res eme. Wor tore r ks gene tic ad all sig ns of level and iance a hydra impro v tion. W ging with its de es orth e e p very penny ! s s lo G m ip o es cs.c go L Car cosmeti ss provid o o l carg nique g while ing a r u This g powe d provid ative n in stay urizing a he innov e the T t s . i h giv ion mo nt finis rk to illuminat o a li w il , r ts b ile ce dien k wh illian ingre te in br ssy lo o ft and a o lo ultim wet, g scious, s a lu and ing lips ke ep hy. t heal


ed rum nt EGF Se tionally acclaim o ost Treatme a a n r is 30 Day e anti-ageing b tions te in M ERU The cta nsiv T EGF S eing serum C E This inte ange your expe r F F E BIO ch you anti-ag that will upplying ators lutionary ible, dramatic s o v y B re . re v a sult: vis to skin c re e cellular acti delivers in. The re ce, k t s a e th th in th ments to youthful radian skin with h concentration improve l, hig a in re r skin’s d rs n e u nd fo deliv tore you s it e , e R in ageing a xion. th k s f g r o in e s g n w n e ig u n s le yo , re minimise in’s comp nt and le results te the sk a noticeab ties of firm, radia n e v ju re ali visual qu king skin. o lo l youthfu sive dy Inten ing Body Serum o B e m ti y e -Defy Daytim rious Da This Age lly created to -rich luxu uthful glow, a r lt u a is ic h if o T y ofter is spec duces a restore s ly d n a h is cream, in lity to dull skin, e ep replen of vita in. This d s to k s r e m restores inst visible signs r and fi ula work ga hing form erns such works a ates and r is r d u y o h n re c nd skin e, ody con aging, a in leaving your target b and uneven ton k l. s fu e th th u s o s y e fu n firms th re y o you l, as dr r and m lo oking in k s g smo othe in for. leav nd cared supple a



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cean s and O N r e n ig s O e shion d butter LOND at Why fa e v re lo tu x e fi in Magaz r: A backstage ginning, e e b lacqu ince its d We ek s as transforme n io h s a h F r N lo o O c ND nail butter LO ends to custom loped a tr ve catwalk es. Having de NDON tt le er LO pa ing. butt n of the nail w o ll fo no ate passion cult phenome ming famous e th e b is ith st co nd is fa industry and w s. a y tr s u ind ion elve igh fash m girls thems in the h gla arfum u de P eau de a E a n Calig st women’s nch re te The la from iconic F eur, m f r u f Pa um o par rtisan ’A L s as ‘t e s hou nslate vencal a r t , a o Calign court’ in Pr ummer o ‘t ls u r if o t ’ u flirt ea ny b is h T . se sun t dialec pired by tho re ezes, b ins treat, d warm sea omplete n c days a e you in the v a will le

EUR M U F PAR N A u S I e T m L ’ A R an p a r f u art i s

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Creme s this r Retinol only doe Age e t s o ra N E . y g Agin sing nd silk o el after u smo oth a Creamy, w your skin will fe l Creme, but it als o o h n ti e e b R d ri r in c e des f-a-k Eras This one-o ollagen, ge Aging Advanta e product itself! C l, o % Retin , s th describe tains an optimal .5 s, Hyaluronic Acid e n d ic o ti formula c ixyl 3000® pep MAE, Alpha Lipo d atr ,D 0 M 1 , turate n Q ti o s Ela & E, C a 6 unsa g C e , m B , O A of your and Vitamins is layers mega 3 rm O e e D th e d th Oil. Acid, an rried into ery agent, Emu a c ll a ... s v fatty acid ans-dermal deli e tr enter the skin by th readers, e in z a g a t off of Ocean M r a 30% discoun r fo s u n As a bo EAN30 fo ode OC coupon c er!! your ord


H2O+ Get y ou what’s r gro ove o n H fabulo OT now! T with hese us nail the ult colors im p Our F ate in nail rovide glam. avorit es: Power C Carry lutch O Stylen n omics

tion dy Lo es o B Blue ent echo . s tte reazy de Toile t b y h u e ac e Ea gamo This b otes of th ion of ber fe els the n brant fus h leaves hile c i w The v d rain-tou the skin e of n n v o a e a t t t t is ile sof ew e To nce m ofty and a delicat for light, d u l g nt Ea . ra addin spired sce ragrance Blue mer frag f sea f o in f m o n l su lash of ocea ing touch tiona shing sp aroma a h s s n e r a n re se ref This ds a ref the clea o ods for t. blen er with white w bouque flow o and p, co ol bo cris bam Vinoperfect Enzymatic Peel Mask This creamy facial provides a fast-acting flash Firming Serum effect: it exfoliates skin, tightens pores, reduces A cutting-edge lifting and sebum, and renews skin’s texture in just ten re-sculpting serum to re-contour minutes. Its innovative combination of stimulating, the face for visibly younger- nourishing, and ultra-soothing active ingredients looking skin. This serum was provides a fresh, even, and luminous complexion. created to restructure skin so that it regains its firmness and elasticity, while visibly diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. The revolutionary

Premier Cru The Eye Cream This luxurious cream offers ultimate antiaging action for instantly transformed eyes. Perfectly hydrated, the skin is smoother and firmer. Dark circles and puffiness fade away and the eye area is brightened with renewed youth. Night Infusion Cream The ultimate line-diminishing, skin-reviving cream. Wake up to smoother, younger-looking skin with this cutting-edge formula which effectively combats aging at its source. This line-diminishing night cream gives skin the ultimate in comfort and relaxation and soothes and calms for visibly refreshed skin by morning.

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MARCHE SA marc h es

MARCHES A PARFUM D’EXTASE Dress your senses in e cstasy and exude that con femininity, si fident and alluring gnature to M delicately romantic fr archesa. This agrance is combinatio a n of fresh a nd sensual that create note complexity and beauty s an intoxica ting elixir. and

PARFUM D ’EXTASE H air Mist Capturing the delicate essence of flower peta its ls, fre esia, young viole leaves, an t d jasmine co mplete the sublime com position of this elixir. This perfum ed hair mis The fragra t delicately nce fragrances hair throug bottle evok ’s elegantly designed hout the d es the lo ok Now every ay. and fe el o where you an exotic ra f go you will w crystal, a leave a ro mantic into powerful g e m st one known xicating bre for its p eze. energy an d abundan ositive t healing q ualities.

First Blush E a CLEAN First u de Toilette Blush captu the co ol, sp re arkling fresh s n e ss of a new d ay. This citru aromatic fr s agrance co n ta in s a light bre e z sparkling te e of white a, bergam o and swe et mint that w t, raps the skin in the warmth of the summer sun .

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RKD U K IS C FRAN MAISON urk francisk


m u De Parfu Amyris Ea art in aica, its he m Ja in is ounter “Its head s is an enc ous ri y m A . e c min Floren the soft, lu the betwe en er d n u tre e born agical scent of a m e n and th su n a ic a Jam iris from xceptional e n a f o aura asculine, ine and m in m e F . e c distinct Floren tched two I have ske d by the oth inspire b s, n o ti o em shness.” boyant fre ijian same flam urkd - Francis K y more! sa e e ed w N l! a n o ti Sensa

BUMBLE AND BUM BLE b u m b l ea n dbumbl

Thickening Dry This indispe spun Finish nsable ba ckstage Fashion W e ek favori te delivers instant fulln ess hair lo ok e and texture making ffortlessly voluminous, styled and sexy. Surf Foam Wash Sham po Creme Rin se Conditio o & Surf ner The cult of Surf contin ues after th much accla e ime Spray. Now d best selling Surf yo buoyant bo u can bring the dy and sea bre ezy texture to th e sh marine fresh ower with this scented du o. Perfect fo your summ er beachy r style!



ES M R HE com s. rme Bleu

isse Narc olognes e d Eau n Les C nother ctio ya colle nded b e Eau de c i n a p th rs ico The mes is ex grance nce offe a r a r r e f g and H odil shing is fra refre Bleu. Th d of daff ational isse sens blen er! Narc perfect y notes- r Summ fo d a wo o ious c e r p


SUN N O PT m H A M c a re . c o nsun o t p am

d this amazing new is the inspiration behin WholeFace Happiness of your entire face. It’s younger, fresher look product kit targeting the ll you look is purely a that how young and we ing nd g rsta de un t ou ab all e symptoms of changin minimizing the 27 visibl d an g ing gin lay ti-a de an of r ted tte ge ma ily and specifically—tar ct du pro r skin. The 7 different, da ve t-e firs day of the we ek — is the formulas—one for each care of your entire face. designed for the total

EIGHT & BOB eightan dbob.c o

e res th om captu er in t lo a B h t t Prive ate scent e of summ d c c A deli nd elegan a fresh an , a h e it y ll it ,w va y pur ptons lily of the une m a H the y, d d of g ivatin a spra e blen uniqu yacinth, se d the capt h n white lue plum a b , s s . a m gr blosso privet

A fragra nce with a history event. , “EIGHT & BOB” is a true perfume When A merican student J Albert Fo ohn uq he charm uet on the Cote F. Kennedy met P s d’Azur a ed by th in the 19 risian aristocrat e crafted s 30s, not cent. Upo man, he was also only w nh intr request fo r eight sa is return to the U igued by his han as S, d another m one for B ples—”and if yo JFK made a quir ur produ ky ob”. ction allo ws, “EIGHT & BOB,” a s with the Hollywo the cologne cam od elite, e to be k Albert’s but it nown, w trag as a hit butler Ph ic death in a ca would languish for ilippe—th r crash. W e only oth WII force decades after formula— er perso d Fouque to hide h n who kn is fi t’ carefully ew the c s loyal cut by ha nal shipment of ologne’s bottles in nd. side bo o ks that h But “EIG e HT this brigh & BOB” has retu t, elegan rned. Ba tc se from the Andes, is ologne with the d on its original formula, rare “An even pa of the on dre ck e Philipp e used to aged in a cutaw a” plant extract ay bo ok hide the re bottles d uring the miniscent war.


EGYPTIA N MAGIC egypt ian m A-list celeb ritie Egyptian M s are buzzing agic, an allnatural skin cream made from six of nature’s most powe rful moisturizing and healin g ingredients . This luxurio us cream with moistu rizing and nourishing properties is legenda ry among celebrities, the fashion ind even docto rs and hosp ustry, itals. With that su pport, Egy ptia Magic has grown exclu n siv through wo rd-of-mouth ely to be one of the most popul ar and widely end orsed skin creams in the world.


tte Eau de Toile s First Blush pture st Blush ca ness CLEAN Fir sh arkling fre the co ol, sp This citrus ay. of a new d rance contains ag aromatic fr of white ze e re b t a ligh ot, a, bergam s te g lin spark wind t mint that and swe e and ugh neroli its way thro nd musk wrap ds a basil. Wo o of the the warmth the skin in n. summer su

CLEAN m u f r e p cl ean


Express yourself - your sty le, your goals, your dream s and ideals - with the affirming fragrances of I am. By com bining the ancient art of aroma therapy with the new sci ence of aromachology, I am is an updated fragrance con cept using scent as a path to personal transformation and empowerment. I am imbues each perfume application with the powe r of positive thought. Use yo ur chosen scent as a fra grant tool for improving your overal l go od health and well-b eing. The benefits may be profound . The I am fragrance concep t is designed with the wh ole person in mind. By using perfume to trigger affirm ations, your potential for love and ha ppiness is unlimited. Embrace fragrance as an emotional cosmetic. Inhale de eply, concentrate, believe in yo urself.

st for you. d crafted ju ty, Le n a d te ra u C eau xury and b Experts in lu uté invites you to Bea Métier de BEAUTY VAULT. The E TH P O H S dition, res limited-e VAULT featu s- nail ted pairing hand-selec bronzing lipstick and polish duos. ent each ms complim pairs, all ite rfect ate your pe other to cre tte. ke-up pale summer ma

BEAUTE E D R IE T E LA M e b e d r ie t e lem

RE AZATU .com azature

the reators of c e th m Fro sive nail ost expen bottle, m ’s d rl o w 0a $250,00 e polish at es th y can tr now you the in rs e lacqu s u o ri u x lu des and mmer sha hottest su a fraction of the at of course price.

SOLEIL ORGANIQU E Stay healthy in the hot summer sun. The Soleil Organique® premium and non-toxic skin care line provides the most effective and safest products for the purpose of protecting the skin’s DNA from harmful UV rays and other environme ntal aggressors and toxins.

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NE K E L R CA m i t e m s, kcos secret

ept best k nzer gives ’s d o llywo Body Bro low. The of Ho g One e K’s Shine celebrity t ready s n u e l o , r r d ge Ca glamo e ever ha atural sexy t a h t ’v u e! t, n you tan yo ure perfec mmer shin . t s ie s u t s ic in ea s s p w g t that sun godde and glo to ge

CIRE TRUD ON ciretrudon.c om These luscious iconic ca ndles add the most exquisite touch to any home deco r or as a sexy summer so irée gift. Uniquely fragrant and beautifully crafted, you will without a doubt fall in love with this candle collectio n.

TURE R A P E D NT OF THE SCE t r a p e d f o th escent d of ver dreame Have you e ur e scent of yo capturing th ur dream f yo travels or o n! Now you ca ? n o destinati ces ous fragran These sensu ay take you aw will instantly ts. rite hot spo to your favo a bottle! Paradise in

TY U A m BE N ut A F M n b ea F HO ffma A o L I S i sa h l

This orga nic sunca re the rave for our s line is all un-kisse Californ d ia beach b Luxuriou s, nouris abes. hing offering complete and protectio and afte r-s n comes to un care, when it organic and natu sun prote ra cti you cove on, COOLA ha l s red!

COOLA c oo l a s u n s with a iece come p h c a E . y elr beads. rance jew g fine frag ntains scent infused in c u d o tr In co harm that beautiful c rance in enjoy frag to n grancee m o of the fra e es w fr g h in c d a n ro ta p rs fragrance de Lisa’s ap ys. Her un rn sensibility of her a w d te a e uncomplic ected in the mod refl wearer is s. n collectio

Estée Lauder est eelaud e Makeup tay-in-Plac S r a e W power, this Double ur staying o -h 5 1 h it W g makeup ng-wearin lo , e re -f y natural worr and lo oks stays fresh y, nonstop at, humidit through he ct for the summer rfe activity. Pe lo ok you e flawless th w o n ou s, th n mo the lo ok y morning is e ay. th d in ll a e se ke ep

nzer Powder Bro rss e d d o e Bronze G ith this sup summer w ss p it le e d e n e w S ’s It nzer. ro b r e d w r o luxurious p o oth, oil-fre e powde sm e e g on and th d décolleta oulders an sh ok. , lo e c e z fa n s give e bro a seductiv

air Eye Night Rep d e c n a v d A ry eye revolutiona ery s r’ e d u La Estée ok of ev uces the lo yes. Use repair red nd e aging arou key sign of fying formula to help e arance this age-d ir the appe very a p re y sl u continuo sed by e mage cau ault. Your of past da mental ass n o ir v n e r nt, more majo lo ok radia ill w . a re a eye revitalized rested and

other t Line Smo Perfectionis stantly eatment in tr d te e rg lines, This ta o oths fine sm d n a rs lu b ating creases cre se d n a s w o d sha ect. U -brush” eff ir “a l a tu ir av instantly ur eyes to o y d n u ro it a ake up et and to w hter, fe ’s w ro c smo oth ith a brig eye area w Over time, the entire ok. re lifted lo n fresher, mo measurable reductio a e n a se you’ll f lines d earance o p p a e th e and in supercharg a d n a s, le ened skin. wrink re-strength


PURE PL ANT SPA p u r e p l an

rush othbrush with SLIM SONIC to othb ectric, portable to el t firs e th is sh ru styles, now SLIM Sonic to othb ese chic designer th ith W p. ca le sty ter lunch, or a vented mascaraare; at the office, af u yo r ve re he w le you can smile in sty l night out! before your specia

This p care lant der iv prod the w ucts ed selec f t h dese olesom e eds the ion of sk e go in rves s kin . line l o eave Light, fra dness y with all if ou gr s you fresh ant, and r body p and glow ure, this ing.


MAISON FRANC IS KURKDJIAN franciskurkdjian.c om A world of refin ement and sens uality, Maison Francis Kurkdjian houses a unique fragranc e collection, with quest for sophist a ication and eleg ance. Luxurious and au thentic, this exqu isite fragrance line em braces a harmon ious selection of the purest and rare st essential oils w ith infinite attent ion brought to ever y detail.

d fragrant d, uniquely blende te af cr y ull tif au rites Vegan, These be our ultimate favo of e on e ar s ap so hest quality and using the hig s, he tc ba l al sm with your made in suds go perfectly e es th ts, en di re ing packaging stylish and unique e Th . ds du r ne desig your besties. ct gift for you or rfe pe a e es th makes


archipelago archipelago-usa .com

FINE FEATHE RHEADS finefeath erh e

Draw a bath , lig and calming ef ht a soy wax candle, and enjoy the bea fects of essent utiful ial oils, natura fine fragrance l fragrances a blends. Gent nd le, natural ba formulations a sed bath and re loaded with skin pomegranate antioxidants to sa ke ep skin lo o king young, he nd other powerful Scented diffus althy and vib ers make the rant. perfect gift a exquisite frag nd warm cand rances and so lelight, othing produc ts make a ho use a home.

KAPLAN M D kaplanmd .com Lip 20 Gloss The First Com plete Regimen for B eautiful, Healthy, Lusc ious Lips. This all-in-one super gloss hydrate s, repairs sun and wind damaged skin, enhance s natural fullness and co ntour and protects delic ate skin with SPF 20.

Tint H a TINT ir Chalk Hair Feat Cha lk h hair erheads by Fine chalk is a t emp work that’s or s wash on all ha easy to ary appl es ou ir col y, Vibra ors a t in th n n Com t hair co e showe d r mitm l ent N or with N . eces o sary!

NIP + F AB nipand m Upper Arm Fix upper arms to r you Smo oth + firm innovative gel this perfection with Fix. A unique Arm er formula, Upp ingredients, ive act combination of s define the help gel this arm sculpting arm area er upp the appearance of ng you givi , ure text + + improve tone body confidence!

Glycolic Fix this Unveil younger-lo oking skin with ting e-boos innovative Glycolic Fix. 60 radianc olic acid glyc ng liati exfo in pads, soaked h hazel witc lst whi skin e rfac retexture + resu ula with helps to tone. This moisturising form helps to sy dai blue g thin soo hyaluronic acid + skin. reveal brighter + smo other looking


Glamolash Rodial’s Glamolash is a high performance lash lengthening seru m designed to transform eyelashes in just two we eks. So ditch the fals ies and simply apply glamolash to the upper lash line every evening for two we eks for naturally longer lash es. 5 Minute Facial This exfoliating and decongesting mask is packed with active ingredients to restore a youthfu l glow and reveal smo oth, bright, glowin g skin instantly.

Glamstick Rodial’s glamstick BITE is a nourishing tinted lip butter en riched with Vitami n E and Cocoa Butte r to hydrate and protect. Infused w ith a light coconut flavour for beautif ully scented lips with an irresistible sheen.

Be e Venom Moisturize r This innovative moisturiz er is an advanced formula that revitalizes and renews for naturally younger-lo ok ing skin. Be e venom works in syn ergy with a unique complex of plant stem cells to help visibl y improve skin tone and elasticity and provides intensive moistu rization and long-lasting hydrat ion for a radiant complexion.

PAUL & JOE BEAUTE paul-joe-b

xen tan .com xen-tan

silky oth and kes your o m s e h T ma lo ok an Tan Morocc each goddess b summer with a rich, . te le self-tan comp awless fl y y ll ll u f a ti beau g, tropic fused isturizin oil-in The mo oroccan so you M , d te scen stantly dries in s after formula within second ss can dre g. in ly app

Bo ob Job Rodial bo ob job’s revolutionary formula is designed to improve the look of the bust an d décolleté area. Designe d to work with the skin’s na tural regeneration, a more voluptuous, smoother an d firmer looking bust will be revealed.

Limited Edition Eye Glos s and Lip Gloss Duo We have fallen head ov er he els in love with this line. Having reached acclaimed cult status around the world beca use of their charming packaging and stylish seasonal collections that speaks women wh o love the fun and creativity makeup can bring.

LONDON TOWN Kur Nail Treatment Syste m Get Kur’d! Weak, brittl e and dry nails can be a painfu l and common nuisance for many women. Thankfully, LONDONTOWN has dedicated themselves to finding the ultimatekur. The an swer lies within a 5-step nail tre atment system that strengthen s, hydrates and restores the entire nail and cuticles.

KAI The intoxicating fragra nce of Kai is as exhilarat ing as a dreamy summer day. Inspired by the idea that beauty lies in the simplest and purest of things, kai brings this ide a to life by using exotic fragrance and na tural essences in a light and sensuous scent of gardenia kai ca ptures the irresistible fra grance of the tropics in a full line of fra grance, bath, body an d home care products. breathe in the beauty of kai.

AMAZING COSMETIC S amaz m Velvet Mineral Liquid Custo m Finish Concealer Created with AmazingCo ncealer® Technology, this formula promotes skin hea lth while visibly improving texture and perfecting tone. The ligh tweight, ultra-hydrating liqu id allows for truly customizable color. Amazing Concealer The AmazingConcealer is formulated to erase the appearance of all skin imp erfections: dark circles, bro ken capillaries, sun damage, ble mishes, redness and more. A Beauty Insider’s favorite, the AmazingConcealer is you r magic eraser.

Velvet Mineral Foundation Pressed Powder This foundation powder allows your skin to breathe while giving your complexion even tone and texture. An adde d bonus: Velvet Mineral Foundation Powders are color and shade coordinated to match all seven AmazingConceal er shades.


Ultrathin Liquid Eyeliner Pen blinc is proud to introduce its latest innovation in liquid liners with the blinc ultrathin liquid eyeliner pen. This remarkable new eyeliner boasts the most precise brush available in the cosmetics industry! This allows it to provide the thinnest, most exact line possible, which cannot fade, smudge or run, even if you cry or rub your eyes. Amplified Mascara This tube-forming, water-resistant mascara that gives buildable, glamorous volume with no smudging, flaking, running, or clumping. It coats lashes with a glossy, volumizing and extending coat that forms tiny waterresistant “tubes” around the lash and is completed smudge and run proof.


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adows ow Eye Sh b in a R n ti a all new nd S Eye Liner a h INGLOT’s it y w la s P e r y u e lo r Co you adows. f colour to ow Eye Sh o b p in o a p R a n ti d a Ad nd S efine your y Eyeliner a t colors are sure to d re. la P r u lo o C ran textu atching vib ng-lasting These eye-c ing a creamy, but lo leav eyes while

JOSIE MARAN josiemarancosmetics. co ele e ek G ble e h lor C enda terco able, bl cream a W nut l build of a Cocu er! This ral lo ok r of a ge m u o t l tly a o um for S es the n drating c r, it instan of y d hy te ip rea ovid Get ybrid pr -lasting conut Wa reshing s ed f g h ck e o n r h blus ith the lo h pure C s. Like a isture-pa in a t o i e s w k h m w blush . Infused ile nouris skin, this hes che e color. h c r f stain rates w for you ly dren veil o co ol hyd Water tant s in nut stick blush g Lip f a Coco in t a r o Hyd hine r Lips ith the s tion of u o Y a w r e stick n Lov lear e hyd Arga -in-one lip k, and th g of a c of stic tion re e prisin thisth nt of a lip ula com nd hydra r core d n e m Befri he pigme -duty for e shine a nted inne color. t th e e , l in s in s ip r glo . This t lips ghly pigm ates lips s e h i r c lm h u n t a e e a s th a b ore dr while rc oute rgan oil, a pure

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Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer Dry and style your hair in a flash with this dryer enhanced with the late st technologies to reduce frizz while bo ost ing your hair’s health, body, and shine. We ighing in at less than a small bottle of water , the dryer’s state-of-the-art componen ts are lightweight and quiet for effortless sty ling and a smooth, sle ek finish. Source Showerhead Filter The first shower filter that’s clinically proven to dramatically improve hair health, body, and shine.This patented filtratio n process removes more chlorine than other sim ilar filters for amazing clinical results. Fea turing eight different spray settings, this revolutionary showerhead will provide a luxurious showering experience while restoring hair’s body, vibrancy, and shine.


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dows de Eye Sha u N ) (e tt a show their Me et M )s shadows (e tt a M e These nin es. As a in nude hu versatile true colors is palette is as liners th t, c fa f o matt(e)r and night, wear day many enough to lors. With so to find co r e v o lla and as ou’re sure ose from, y at! guys to cho ade, no matt(e)r wh sh t c e rf e your p nzer anizer Bro M u Lo w, and y tt e B zer, shado n ro b e n -o ht so This all-in to diffuse lig r a ic m s se u shimmer nd younge oks softer a th. The oilyour skin lo arm g subtle w our while addin yered on y la e b n ca a ul n your fre e form k, swept o o lo xe lu a or used as lids for iant glow, d ra a r fo che eks an all-over

g Blush INSTAIN ng Powder Stainin ing ari Long-We ng-wearing, stain ave! lo ’s u m lm n st h theBa is a fashio r all h s lu b r e powd erfect fo shades, p es, it will give With six ton quit. and skin at won’t seasons th r lo o c eks your che Stain ek & Lip e h C c ia k and lip Stain sed che e t of tint. a b rte a a hin Aw gives you r che eks or t a th in sta ou dab on y can Perfect to op the color. You p a to s th t to layer e your lip iv g to it sts. also use lor that la you o c f o t in perfect h tainiac lasts until ll, S Best of a . ff take it o

DY SHADY LA w o ws are Eyeshad m shado o o v color, a -v your eye er These va te a in m to illu heth designed in the spotlight! W u o putting y g the innocent a elin , there’s you’re fe the femme fatale or me. ingenue g your na n lli a c y d shadyLa A Powder A MAM BAHAM adow, & Contour a Sh taway in s Bronzer, bean ge b te ri a a re C c r a bronze Finally, e tt a m skin This compact! beautifully tanned for f e o n k o rt s the lo o nge unde Bahama ra o y n a t low. withou -beach g e perfect e h -t ff -o a fresh les as th rown lso doub Mama a der and matte b auty ow be contour p Yes, this tropical . w o d a eyesh sy! ke eps bu

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Y FRAT BO sh lu /B w o d Sha , finelyTalc-fre e ula adds ’s y o tB Fra rm owder fo k graded p t flush so you lo o h g ri e e th th just und erfect aro pledge p clock.

DY SHADY LA re w o d adows a Eyesha vo om sh ur eye color, a -v a v These te yo to illumina hether designed in the spotlight! W ou putting y g the innocent a elin , there’s fe you’re me fatale m fe e th or r name. ingenue alling you c y d a L y shad


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Rose H ZENS ydrating W ATION ater G dirt, e xcess ’s Rose Hy el Cleans dratin er oil, m witho ak g u and r t drying or eup and o Water Ge efresh l th distur ed. bing p er impurit Cleanser r ies fro e H lev els to m you moves De ep l r e a v e C it fe e skin Zensa leansing ling c Mud tion D lean Mask impur e e p Clean ities f r o s clear in comp m your skin g Mud M lexion t o preve ask gent . nt bre ly Colla akout draws ou g s and t This sk en Rose Fa prom c in ote a pH le -firming, g ial Toner vels a entle to s from clean it remove ner with a s resid sing. ual im ctive bota nic puritie s from als, balan ce your s kin lef s tover


crub ing S nd s n a Cle es a Body s, exfoliat ss, so a l il n e Va stre ns nder crub clea reduces Natural e v a L . s it ys soft azing ream skin a This c ens your d fe el am skin for a tect r n t a sof h you lp pro o ok you l ntly polis and E he al agers. t a h t ent sC rs ge suga e Vitamin environm il m h fro ,w glow your skin

n Lotio ody skin B e l your Souff hea r leaves calming S a l il the Van oisturize r and with nder Lave is daily m scented lavende best h h y T softl frenc is the h and f jasmine, ragrance fresh and t o o ; sm e. so ef smell anilla. Th and warm same tim v l e o y h t cream worlds: co ic--all at t o h t x e o of b

erum ing S rses n e h t g reve Stren Hair cle serum the most d e r a c ical even oi Sa ht, mir Mon lightweig mage to d by chem nd use This ts da ng a reven ed hair ca heat-styli z and p d g, an ss riz distre lor-treatin reduce f an now o o t c u o c d ed g, tenin . Design l shine, y ength an h g i a a e r t. r r t s u u str t s o t a um o i xpo hair’s n d im e x u n a o u y m s r to its what t you bo os your hair o matter take length--n

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BURT ’S BE E burts b ees S .com

Eye Revive Cream e cream that The unstoppable ey ts in one works like 4 produc sensitive st treatment for the mo e area. ey d and age- challenge circles rk da Reduces Puffiness, e lines fin of and the appearance inkles. wr d an

Lip Glos Rich, pe s arlized color combine s with n atura oils rich in nutrie l nts to leave your lips soft, shin y an naturall d 100% y beauti ful.

Gel Firming Neck and Decollate ence Give yourself a lift! Experi an immediate lift and a e on smoother,Vbrighter skin ton h this your neck and décolleté wit amy cre rich ntida tiox an unique emulsion.

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REVIVE Eye Serum Intensité Volumizing ov filler pr ides truly This targeted skin lts. An advanced transformative resu ly plump, rebuild formula helps visib , e delicate eye area and re-contour th g hin nis mi di ows” and filling in de ep “holl es circles to leave ey rk da the lo ok of ly ib vis d an brighter lo oking younger, rejuvenated.

2.0 tem s at s y pS sult keu up re rbrush a e M k ai of ush ro ma er in ough r b d r R p I a h , t t A dy s em k le a try t brea up Sy orks e s r u w e es ind era ake cam ®, the e bigg ush M system creat t n Wa MPTU ces th AIRbr to-use eup to t finish ! s k TE rodu the asyan e? Ma radi inute — nt e hom eup, i entury t and pod™ less, just m R k in ma 21st c his fas our AI a flaw the 2.0. T with ge for ely era lusiv le cov c x e dab buil

diant stantly ra lessly in , s s le d o AIRp uly flaw a seam after a tr delivers xion. This Are you od™ Foundation s comple rior u o p in IR m A lu ? finish supe olutely logy and and abs er blended akthrough techno to give you she n re o only b is n e u ty g u bea ork in overa c w ll la fu u d m n r fo t it, a e lines, makeup you wan iscolorations, fin n e h w s! e coverag ne ed it. Diffuse d ss you.just minute le u w where yo d pores for a fla n a s le k in wr

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Embrac e and yo the summer ur love of the bea ch with sensati this on body o al fragrant il. at the b Inspired a day e grit/sw ach/salt/sand eat/sun / tan loti warm s on/ kin kiss ed by th sun/bo e he on vac mian holiday/ ation, it is by han d in sm made all batc in sunny hes c in LOVE alifornia. We’r e !

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t your Inspired by the idea tha ry, sto fragrance should tell a o wh unfolding a portrait of itz you are, Sarah Horow mes Perfume’s Perfect Perfu le line features 6 irresistib ne or fragrances to wear alo ur yo later together. What’s unique story?

SARA H H sarahho OROWITZ PER FUMES rowitz.c om Smo oth A ns Smo oth A wer Anti-Aging H y nswer is a velvety drating Cream clinically p cream th roven to at bind mois skin to pro ture direc is vide a tig tly to htening, fi moisturiz rming effe er gives you ct. and insta ntly hydra r skin a dewy app This earance tes and n also work ou s to also diminish th rishes the skin. It enlarged e appea pores. rance of @LASH E nhancer Lash up! @LASH® is a clinica growth e lly proven nhancer for fuller, eyelash darker e longer, s yelashes tronger a . nd Hold It Ti ght HOLD IT TIGHT is Sh cellulite. T his cream into Clinical’s answ er to is clinicall the appe y proven arance o to reduce f cellulite body sm wh o other a nd firmer. ile making the

Wash Aw ay This is a s the Years Anti-A ging Pep erious an tide ti-a enlarged pores an ging cleanser. It a Cleanser d invigora d of peptid tes the sk dresses es in with a and prev and antioxidants bath fo ent fine lin es and w rmulated to reduc e rinkles. Wrinkle S hrin Wrinkle S k Correcting Sse rum hrink is a n amazin away the g serum appeara that smo nc minutes. S othes kin lo oks e of fine lines and y wrinkles o almost in u n g e r, in smo stan mouth, fo tly. Can be used other and firmer rehead, lip on undere s, neck a nd décoll ye wrinkles, eté.



Summer Style and Beauty MUSTS

Why We Love It Eclectic in her personal style choices, Vanessa Mooney portrays “model-off-duty” fashion with a rock ‘n’roll, boho-chic edge. Harnessing a unique look and attitude, her eclectic personality transcends into her distinctive accessories line. INSPiRE An avid traveler with a keen interest for unexpected beauty, she derives inspiration from different ethnicities and cultures.



Vanessa Mooney

Samantha Wills Why You’ll Love It Elegance at your fingertips. Each piece is INTRICATELY designed and DETAILED. UNIQUELY BEAUTIFUL and bold, THIS STATEMENT jewelry IS A MUST HAVE THAT WILL HAVE YOU EMBRACING YOUR INNER BOHEMIAN. These Bohemian Luxe Costume accessories are loved by A-List celebrities Eva Mendes & Kate Hudson. Inspired By Inspired by her love of travel, many of Wills’ designs are affectionately named after her favourite destinations & adventures had along the way.


Why You’ll Love It Anna Sheffield Bridal offers a timeless alternative to the traditional world of Commitment and Fine jewelry with an extensive collection of finely crafted baubles. Their elegant array of rings includes signature styles of mixed precious metals, inverted-set diamonds and solid gold crafted from the most exquisite materials and with the utmost attention to detail. The jewelry is not only exceptional, but truly one of a kind. Inspire Anna Sheffield’s designs are inspired from a personal and thoughtful place, seeing it as a form of creative expression which makes them each deeply meaningful. The most fulfilling part of Anna’s process is knowing that her creations are both dear and enduring to those who possess them and are destined to be passed down for generations.

jules smith Why You’ll Love It These edgy basics that go from day to night. The collection is timeless and perfect for layering.

Inspiration Their collections are always vintage inspired but last season in particular was for the woman who has 2 sides; her edgy tough and more private side and her playful whimsical girly side. Season Must-Haves Shark Necklace, Edie Knuckle Ring, Marsha Cuff

CC Skye

Why You’ll Love It Jewels and bags with an “IT” girl flair yet wearable everywhere from the beaches of Malibu to a night out in the city. What Inspired this season’s Collection: Using metals like rose gold to fuse femininity with edge and bright pops of color in a variety of materials like leather, lucite and stones. Season Must-Haves: Sunset Boulevard Clutch (perfect for day to night), Tallulah Cuff for a boho-edgy look and the Leather and Gold Spear ring for a small pop of color.

hyper haute

Why You’ll Love It In a world full of people that are trying to get noticed, You will love Hyper Haute because you don’t have to try, you just do. Season Must-Haves ....Necklaces! ... A woman can never have enough of them! 1) Looney Tubes 2) Haute Harness 3) Looking Glass

chamak by priya kappar

Created by NY based designer, Priya Kakkar, Chamak in her native language of Hindi means, “to shine and sparkle in a glitzy or glamorous way.” Influenced by the rich and vibrant colors of India, these pieces are all the glam of the season’s hippest styles and trends. We’re in love!

kendra scott

Why You’ll Love It Kendra Scott has become a household fashion name to women around the world. Celebrity A-listers and fashionistas alike love Kendra’s unique, bold designs. Chic and effortlessly elegant.

Mikoh Swimwear

Why We Love It Paradise Found! Mikoh is synonymous with feminity, strength, and beauty. A fusion of colors and prints inspired by the world around us, this swimwear line uses luxurious fabrics to create the perfect fitting pieces. Mikoh is for the confident, chic woman who wants to stsand out and make a statement no matter where she is.



Vitamin A

Laguna Beach local Amahlia Stevens inspires a cult-like following of A-listers and bi-coastal beauties who are hooked on the designer’s effortlessly chic bikinis and “après beach” separates. It’s that curve-friendly flawless fit, with all the right details, that sets the label above the rest. Vitamin A bikinis radiate natural sexiness like no other bikini on the beach. You have a recipe for Chic simplicity: a little bit 70’s, a little bit minimalist, a lot California.

Lady Lux Swimwear

Why You’ll Love It Designer swimwear that caters to the fun-loving, sexy and sophisticated women with distinctive style and discerning taste! What Inspired this Season’s Collection Prints and Patterns- Chic Chevron Prints (Call on Me & Crazy For You) Vintage Florals and sweet accents of subtle lace (Bed of Roses, Lost in Love), Sensual Solids in bold brights (Pretty Young Thing-coral color, Paradise-Deep Aqua Seafoam, Captivating Corals & Ravish Pinks (Melt Away, Lost In Love) 3 Season Must-Haves 1. Call On Me 2. Melt Away 3. Pretty Young Thing-coral


Why You’ll Love It It’s a sporty luxe spin on the triangl bikini using the season’s hottest fabric, neoprene.

Season Must-Haves A killer tan, anything mesh, and a neoprene bikini of course! INSPIRED BY Beach babes the world over.

beach riot

Why You’ll Love It This California beach babe swim brand is a sensational mix between contemporary chic and surfer girl.

Why You’ll Love It Check out the newest summer looks from California cool girl and in-demand young designer, Rory Beca. This collection takes the classic Rory Beca causal, effortlessly sexy aesthetic and our fan favorite embroidery and updates it with summer’s newest punchy colors and peek a boo silhouettes.


fashion lines

Rory Beca

3 Season Must-Haves I am obsessed with the new Embroidery Shorts in Navy. The classic navy base mixed with elegant red contrast embroidery make them a sporty but chic summer staple. I’d also have to say that the Double Pocket S/S Dress in Aqua is another great day to night piece you could live in this season. There’s just enough tailoring—with the structured pocket and v necked button top—to make it a sundress with some edge. Since this season is all about pastels, I’d also have to add my Deep V-Neck Shift in Cali as a must-have outfit. This look really embodies the Malibu pretty, sexy, comfy style that I love.

What Inspired this Season’s Collection The rocky cliffs, coves, and endless sandy shorelines of my favorite beach, Point Dume, off the Malibu coast. I wanted the lines of the clothes to inspire the same sense of flow and joyful abandon of the waves. The bright blues, oranges, and pinks in the collection take their cue from the landscape here, and the palm tree prints and boho chic patterns are a nod to Malibu’s rich heritage.


Why You’ll Love It BLEULAB offers two distinct styles in one garment without sacrificing fit, comfort or style. Season Must-Haves Silver feather print Ikat rose Cabana rose short Inspire Creative Director, Carl Jones was inspired by his recent visit to the Murakami exhibit at MoCA.


Why You’ll Love It Luxe classic knits at an amazing price point INSPIRED BY Pretty pastels and classic neutrals for a fun and playful Spring collection.


Why You’ll Love It Bohemian gypset flavor to wear poolside or at the beach, then add a bangle and some vintage jewelry and your off to a fabulous night! INSPIRED BY Travels to Tulum and Miami Season Must-Haves The Tulum in white cotton gauze, St Bart in leopard chiffon, Kauai in air tie dye.

Myne Why You’ll Love It Statement prints in laid-back, easy to wear bodies. What Inspired this Season’s Collection The prints and fabrics always come first and inspire the bodies. This season was inspired by feminine lace and silk pieces, contrasted against bold graphic prints and tougher materials like faux leather. Season Must-Haves Loving the Nash dress, Moss dress, and Milo skirt


Why You’ll Love It Beach-bound girls flock to Gypsy 05 for cover-ups and maxi dresses constantly – but this summer, the brand has got all your city-chic essentials covered, too. Hot days call for cool separates, and Gypsy 05 delivers with solid, tie-dye and patterned pieces that can be mixed and matched into your current wardrobe without a second thought. Pants become a focal point, with the Hydrangea Print Bahia Pant, Punta Cana Tapered Drawstring Silk Pant, Sanur Voile Drawstring Pant, Etretat Fern Print Pleat Pant and Nusa Dua Paisley Drawstring Skinny Pant all serving as standout pieces. Maxi styles get a major update, thanks to V-bottom hemlines as seen on the stunning Soka, Medewi, La Ba Dee and Punta Cana dresses. And linen slub tops and front button blouses set the standard for layering day or night. While the silhouettes are sensational this season, it’s all about the details for Gypsy 05. Back cut-outs, as seen in the Punta Cana silk tank, Cabarete Knit Maxi and Layered Knit Dresses, Sanur Voile Romper and Soka Geo Layered Dress add a sexy element on your way out the door, while raw seams in the Lovina group draw the eye to reveal impeccably fitted, corset-like styling. The solid color Laser Cut silk short, tank and dress are pretty pieces with a wow factor. Sheer paneling, smocking, chiffon details and prints ranging from classic stripes to tropical patterns, all work together to amp up the luxe factor on this summer collection. So slip on your heels and head out on the town – the beach can wait till tomorrow!

INSPIRE Osi Shoham: This season I wanted to celebrate my Southern Californian lifestyle. My family and I spend our weekends in Malibu year round. The ocean and mother nature has always been design asst. My identical twin girls are a little older now and starting to play with their brother’s paint set. The vivid colors in my Summer collection were inspired by my kids. If only you could see my walls at home…I say hey “let them paint”

Jennifer Haley

WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT The ultimate celebrate favorite! A-Listers are buzzing about this fun, boho-chic handbag line. Each handbag is designed for the character you play in life each day and each designed with the hippie-chic, Malibu-bred girl in-mind.

INSPIRE The collection is based on our different moods and characters. Jennifer Haley believes you are what you wear and thats what sets your mood for the day.

MUST HAVES Sexy vibrant Summer colors in the Schlep, Stroll, Schmooze, Structure and the Ruthie styles.

nightcap clothing

Why You’ll Love It Endless ways to wear! Each piece can be dressed up or down so no matter what the occasion, you are ready. Nightcap’s Spring Collection is all about the effortless look. What you were to pack if to take off on an unknown adventure. Burst of colors with soft silhouettes and casual lines. Whatever the adventure Nightcap is what you want with you.

Unique Style Both comfortable and sexy, the line is known for its high quality fabrications and bohemian silhouettes. So while you look amazing you feel just as amazing in these soft detailed fabrics Inspire Nightcap transpired from mixing seductive boudoir with the edge of street wear. The fashion concept behind the label defines what to wear if you were to pop out on the street for a quick “potion of spirit drank at bedtime. Top 3 Essentials for Spring (1) The Nightcap Sunflower Shift Maxi (2) The Nightcap Tulip Pant (3) The Nightcap Caletto Dress Best Style Tip It’s all about mixing up the palette, we love the look of tomboy mixed with seductive. Baggy jeans, fitted sheer top, ankle booties and hat. Every girl needs a good hat for the wardrobe, it’s a must!

oliver peoples

Why You’ll Love It True to Oliver Peoples, there is a frame for everyone and all activities- from the most casual to moment, to a glamorous rendezvous.

Inspire This season’s collection was inspired by Oscar Wilde’s quote, “Cultivated Leisure is the aim of the man.” Cultivated leisure is the art of seeking enjoyable, culturally distinguished experiences. From sailing the Mediterranean, to shopping on Madison Avenue, to simply drinking a coffee at a favorite café, the pursuit of enjoyment is the embodiment of a sophisticated lifestyle. This is reflected in the designs through the use of modern materials, vintage-inspired detailing and classically elegant shapes and colors. Season Must-Haves Jacey, Alisha, Afton Sun Jacey The Jacey is an oversized, feminine sunglass handcrafted of substantial acetate. This glamorous frame is reminiscent of sunglasses from the 1930s, as seen on the likes of Audrey Hepburn. In recent months, this celebrity-favorite has been spotted on Katie Holmes, Miranda Kerr, Katy Perry and Kate Beckinsale. The bold design is complemented by a thick temple arm, which illuminates the patterning of the tortoise shell acetate and is accented by a recognizable Oliver Peoples plaque. The Jacey is available in four vintage-inspired colors, including new custom color Pecan Pie, with CR-39 polar and fashionable gradient lenses. Alisha The Alisha is an ultra-feminine sunglass in a subtle oversized cat-eye shape. Crafted of combination elements, this frame features an acetate brow bar and temples with a metal eye-wire and bridge. This glamorous design is inspired by the fashion of women like Catherine Deneuve and Romy Schneider. The Alisha is offered in gorgeous colors ideal for spring, such as Seafoam, Soft Peach Rose and Bone with polarized and non-polarized lenses.

Afton Sun: The Afton Sun is a retro-inspired design handcrafted of substantial acetate. Featuring genuine pins on the frame front and a deeper lens shape, this frame has an iconic Oliver Peoples aesthetic that is stylish for fashionable men and women alike. Jessica Alba has sported the Afton Sun to complete her chic look. The modern take on the wayfarer style works with virtually any look, especially for spring and summer. The frame was inspired by the bold styling and intellect of Truman Capote, and the result of the design truly makes a statement. The Afton Sun is offered in five colors with VFX polarized and photochromatic glass lenses.


A tee shirt and jeans can be just as stylish and sexy as a cocktail dress. This is the inspiration behind Daftbird, a collection of knit basics which recognizes that girls love to wear their boyfriend’s tee shirt. The collection is designed to give women that sexy and sensual feeling of wearing their guy’s shirt with the added bonus of ultra-soft fabric which hugs and fits in the right spots. Perfectly stylish and fresh for summer!


Why You’ll Love It Our Collection for 2013 is the South Pacific meets the west, with some amazing, bright pastel/neon Bora Bora fabrics and dramatic fringes. I think the neon really works for this Spring and Summer, and our bags are still always made by hand which shows a lot in the quality of the embroidery and bead work. They completely make an outfit! Inspire We wanted to embody the South Pacific, its heat, its friendliness, its beauty. The bags really speak to that traveler who finds herself content in roaming around beautiful, exotic beaches and little esoteric towns. Season Must-Haves Layla in Bora Bora, Remi Fringe, Mexicana Clutch!

house of harlow 1960

Created by A-Lister Nicole Ritchie, who always had a fascination with creating her own look and style, was inspired by having always being surrounded by entertainers, costumes, and designers in the industry. “Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself, your mood; it’s a creative outlet in many ways.” And with that, the very hip and stylish House of Harlow 1960 collection was born. Summer Lust-Have!

flynn skye

Why You’ll Love It We love pieces you can throw on and wear anywhere. Simplicity with an edge. Sexy without giving it all away... Inspiration Everything is inspired by my Daughter, Flynn, the ultimate free spirit. We had to put it together in a month so as she says you get what you get. Go with your gut no time to think. 3 Season Must-Haves Definitely the Not just a dress cause I am obsessed. The Jumper and the Yup overalls. It is all easy.


Why You’ll Love It Guilt free price points and a sharp perspective on high style. INSPIRE Boho chic meets jet-setter. This collection was meant to keep your suitcase light with effortless style flowy fabrics, neutrals, and day to night pieces keeps the cosmopolitan woman ready to go and always on the move.

Season Must-Haves Hi-Low Silhouettes, Neutrals, Day-to-Night pieces.

Peace Love World

Why You’ll Love PLW’s Summer 13 collection Our Summer 13 collection is all about color, flow, leather accents, and layering pieces, Designer and Founder, Alina Villasante, tells Ocean Magazine. These collections are very fresh with a stunning simplicity that portrays sophistication. I think attention to detail is key when designing. In this

What Inspired this Season’s Collection My inspiration for this collection occurred during my trip through Europe last summer, when I traveled to SaintTropez, Cannes, Portofino, Nice, and Forte Dei Marmi. These beautiful cities had such a relaxed, flowy style. The beautiful water views also inspired me to create a Nautical collection featuring versatile pieces that could be worn to the beach, on a boat, or out to lunch. The entire essence of this collection is European.

3 Season Must-Haves I am in love with everything! But I have to say that for this season the must-haves are the Pink Love from the Love2Love Light collection, our Anchor Muscle Tee from the Nautical collection, and my favorite of them all is the Mia V tee from the Boheme collection, which I can’t live without.

SISTERS OF LOS ANGELES This unique, ultra-hip Los Angelesinspired gift and modern memorabilia collection reflects all the hottest trends that the City of Los Angeles has to offer in entertainment, style, and design.

commando The original “invisible� underwear loved by celebrities, fashion editors and hip chicks. Look amazing all summer long with these breathable and smoothing panties. Perfect for under your favorite summer white dress!

peter pauper press A perfect gift for that Summer soirÊe, world traveler, mom-tobe, or your little kiddies- these beautiful gift books, compact references, travel guides, unique journals, and innovative children’s activity books are simply fabulous and a summer must!

malibu jane

Malibu Jane is soft and luxurious footwear that reminds you of the sun, sand and all things California. Inspired by their pure love of California and the lifestyle it aspires, these totally cute shoes and accessories are perfect for the ultimate beach chic girl!

Loom Decor: DIY for Designer Taste

Why You’ll Love It Loom puts you in the designer’s seat. You’ll get access to the same luxury textiles and custom products the pros use, at a fraction of the cost. You can design your own custom bedding, drapery, and accessories from the comfort of your home by mixing and matching fabrics on your favorite products in our online design tool. Watch’s addictive. Plus our Stylists can help you with anything from choosing a fabric to coordinating a whole room...all gratis! Loom has all the convenience and ease of shopping online, but with the selection and quality of working with an interior designer. With perfectly paired accents from Loom Decor, your home will look as special and stylish as our center spread.

Inspire Loom actually doesn’t promote “collections” in the traditional sense. They believe in creating looks that are unique to each customer’s style, rather than pushing a particular seasonal collection. They do, however, curate the best fabrics of the season to add to their ongoing collection, with an eye for what is trending and what can add a special touch to your home if you like to change things up seasonally. This summer we are most excited about their first outdoor collection which includes over 40 weather-friendly fabrics in bright and punchy colors that can be used to create outdoor throw pillows, curtains, and even...drumroll...poufs! Our (orange) crush: Take the Bait paired with Too Cool for Pool in shades of hot pink, tangerine, and soft gray.

Season Must-Haves An Outdoor-friendly Pouf. Poufs are the hottest thing in decor right now. This accent piece will work hard for you: use it as an ottoman, comfy extra seating, or even a coffee table...just add a serving tray. Best part... when you make it with Loom outdoor fabrics, it can do quadruple duty...take it right outside for extra pool-side or patio seating! Bright & Bold. Summer is the time for bright colors and bold prints. Whether it’s a new set of color-happy throw pillows, a bright swimsuit or neon nail polish - this is the season to embrace bright color and bold prints. Here are some of our favorites from the fabric world... Sunscreen & a Big Floppy Hat. So you can relax in your newly updated outdoor space in style and without the worries

urban expressions

Natural Fashionista! Urban Expressions creates luxury vegan leather goods with an eco-friendly attitude. All of our products are 100% certified vegan so you can feel good while looking fabulous!


Arrive in style. Kipling offers an incredible selection of handbags, backpacks, luggage, tote bags , wallets, and more for work, school, travel, date nights and any other fun occasion.

boyfriend’s closet

Your guy will hit the streets with authentic style in these ultra-hip favorites from DC Shoes. Enjoying the cool, casual ease of DC’s with a flash of retro beach vibes, these are absolute musts for the boyfriend closet.

S Seafolly Soak up the Sun in


Swafolly Soak up the Sun in Seafolly Swimwear


Many of us daydream about lounging on the white, sandy beaches of Australia. For those who can’t head out there on vacation, check out the Seafolly Swimwear range. It makes any woman feel like an Australian beach goddess anytime of the year with their beach chic, vibrant and fashion forward swimwear. Founded in 1975, Seafolly has become one of the most prominent swimwear and lifestyle brands in Australia. Over the years, Seafolly has expanded its brand on an international scale, attracting beach babes from across the globe. What makes Seafolly swimwear unique is the superior fit and garment structure, the range of specialty fits – up to an F cup in certain styles and the beautiful prints and flattering shapes that are catered to fit all body types. Classic designs like the “Goddess” story that accentuates draping and ruching, and the

“”Festival” story with its bold print and vast range of styles for all body shapes. Seafolly sets the swim trends and adds an extra punch with their fun colors and renowned quality. Seafolly embodies carefree, relaxing summer breaks and getaways. Designers work to convey these ideas to customers while staying true to the Australian lifestyle. Women love the quality and seamless construction of these swimsuits that offer comfort, style and mobility to women on the move! If Seafolly’s to-die-for swimwear isn’t enough to convince you, they recently recruited Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo to star as the face of their summer 2012/13 campaign. Amazing swimwear and an internationally recognized model makes a perfect combination, putting Seafolly at the top of every woman’s must-have swimwear list. Seafolly does not have a concept store in the

United States yet, they hopefully will soon! Seafolly swimwear can be found at numerous boutiques and retailers to check out include Everything But Water, Nordstrom and Anthropologie. They have also teamed up with online stores like Zappos in order to offer the Seafolly range to more countries. Seafolly has also created a powerful online presence through Facebook, Instagram and their interactive website. With posts and pictures that include inspirational quotes, ideal vacation spots and their latest swimsuits, it’s hard to ignore Seafolly’s online presence. The brand is also raising consumer awareness in the United States by shooting at fabulous locales like Palm Springs. Extending the brand to the United States is putting Seafolly on everyone’s radar. With bikinis as hot as Seafolly’s, it’s a shame it can’t be summer year-round!

Designer PROF I L E S 0 0 1 . L E TA RT E


0 0 3 . L I S A K E L LY

Letarte Designer Profile


0 01

he Letarte swimwear empire began with the simple need of now designer Lisa Letarte to find a feminine swimsuit that could hold up against the waves. Today she has translated her gift for feminine cuts and island style to a household name in fashion along with her sister, Letarte President and businesswoman Michele Letarte Ross. What began as a single bathing suit in a Maui beach bungalow has since become a multi-million dollar label that includes swimwear, sportswear, tunic, beach accessories and more. The Letarte sisters have taken their line of bohemian essence and chic flair to a globally recognized level. Now Letarte swimwear is an authentic and exclusive Hawaiian label. Lisa lives in Maui where she designs trademarked prints and detailed adornments with the “spirit of Aloha� that is typical to the Letarte name. That is, when she’s not working on her competitive windsurf career. Throughout her windsurfing years Lisa has

Designer Profile

won several competitions, including the Amateur Sailing Contest at Hookipa Maui, has appeared on the covers of several windsurfing magazines, and has been selected as Nivea Cream Girl for Windsurfing. Meanwhile, from her New York office, Michele, with the help of her female majority staff, has used her business savvy to keep the brand thriving even during a downward economy. Her strong business initiatives have always remained true to the brand, and it was her vision for the company, combined with customer feedback, that led to the addition of more sizes and the expansion of the line to more than just beachwear. Letarte fashion can be found in more than 400 retailers and exclusive resorts. The company opened its first flagship store in 2008 in Paia, Maui, Hawaii, and then its next boutique in 2010 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. After these stores’ success, Letarte expanded into Connecticut’s Greenwich Avenue and then West Palm Beach, Florida’s Worth Avenue.

In the original Maui store, customers can still find the iconic Letarte blue tags on the clothes, but the store in general is very “green” when it comes to environmental initiatives. Everything from the bags, boxes, paper, and more are made from recycled materials, while the store lights use energy-efficient bulbs. The Nantucket store on the other side of the country, a seasonal boutique open in the summers, was the one to debut Letarte’s cashmere and handmade after-sun skincare line. As a business strategy, Michele has also established Letarte shops within specialty boutiques. The partnerships have helped the boutiques’ business by almost 100 percent within a year. These specialty boutiques include First Break Waikiki, Cruise at the Grand Wailea Resort, Soleil Toile in Westport, Connecticut, Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, and Darien Sport Shop in Darien, Connecticut. Since Letarte’s start in 2000, the company has


gained a devoted worldwide following, with customers including even national and international A-list stars. Celebrity Letarte fans include Kate Hudson, Brooklyn Decker and Cindy Crawford. In addition to celebrity recognition, Letarte has also been recognized by the press. For instance, more than 50 Letarte swimsuits have been featured on the pages of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition in the last ten years. The company has also been featured in Allure, InStyle and Marie Claire magazines. The Letarte sisters are also proud of their American brand, as the company was inducted into the Made in USA Hall of Fame in 2012. If you’re a fan of environmentally friendly companies that support the American economy, look into shopping from Letarte. You’ll not only feel good about the decision to purchase their clothing, you’ll look good, too. For information on stores near you, or to shop online, visit

Melissa Lauren Designer



Designer Profile Melissa


A native of Glendora, California, Melissa Lauren spent her summers vacationing on the sands of Californian and Hawaiian beaches. The time she spent at the beach, along with the culture surrounding French model Brigitte Bardot and the American photographer Slim Aaron, inspired her desire to enter the fashion world. And thus the hippy-chic Melissa Lauren label was born! Growing up with a laid-back beach lifestyle naturally led to a clothing line that reflects the same attitude. Melissa’s designs include beach-inspired dresses, flowing tops, printed jumpsuits and more. These pieces are ideal for all body types and can be found in high-end boutiques and national retailers alike. Melissa Lauren’s pieces are created by hand in downtown Los Angeles, giving them a local flair when it comes to the designer’s hometown roots. They are the perfect blend of SoCal’s relaxed yet fashion-forward culture, and are as casual chic as the typical L.A. girl. Melissa Lauren’s Summer 2013 collection, which features beach-inspired tops, maxi skirts and dresses, shorts and ponchos, would be the ideal wardrobe for the 1960s California beach girl. Melissa Lauren fans can wear these pieces as they stroll down the boardwalk or when they lounge in their private cabana. Either way, they’ll look good! This being Melissa’s third collection, she’s beginning to incorporate high-end fabrics with couture style at an affordable rate, making her clothing both desirable and attainable. She draws equally from bold palettes and the natural features of the fabric she uses to maintain that desired vibrant and fresh look. Melissa says her favorite designers are Mara Hoffman and Matthew Williamson, and she also adores Haute Hippie, all of which influence her personal everyday style. As for her own line, she says there is no greater feeling than seeing her collection in stores, in the press, and on the people she passes by. Fans can look forward to continually seeing her pieces internationally. But even before that, interested customers can visit her site,

Designer Profile 003.

Lisa Kelly Swimwear Shines

Designer Profile Lisa

Lisa Kelly Lisa Kelly may be a new designer, but she has always had a love for swimwear. Lisa’s childhood is filled with memories of going to the beach and spending summers near the water. With a wardrobe consisting of mostly bathing suits and sandals, it was only natural that she would eventually create a line based on her favorite piece of clothing. Lisa began her career in the fashion world by working in the lingerie industry for Australian designers like Morrissey and Oroton. Her passion for design evolved while working with other brands until she decided to venture out on her own and create Lisa Kelly Swimwear in 2009. Her vision is to share a taste of the Australian coastal lifestyle with women around the world. Her life is like a perpetual summer, always following wherever the sun, warm water and beaches take her. Lisa’s attitude is clearly reflected in her collection: bohemian, colorful and fabulous. All the pieces in the Lisa Kelly collection are items she designs and wears herself. At the debut of Lisa’s fashion show in 2010, the crowd was awed by the embellished bathing suits and jewel-adorned kaftans. Her summer 2013 collection focuses more on the kaftans that she adores. Her love for this specific style of clothing fits her carefree, easy lifestyle and she hopes to spread this happiness to her customers. Kaftans are a staple in Lisa’s collection and her own closet. The ones featured in her collection are versatile yet stunning, made with the busy beach-goer

in mind. Her kaftans are unique in that they can be thrown over a bathing after a day at the beach, but still look classy with some added accessories for a night on the town. One of her most popular kaftans, the “Alexia,” is the perfect representation of her line. This style is laid-back and playful, but proves that you can never have too much bling. Lisa draws inspiration from her travels, and her designs reflect her favorite things, whether it is old architecture or clear, blue water. The latest swimsuits in her collection, like the “Phoenix” bikini, are inspired by photographs of jewels, and the hand-made embellishments placed on each suit take the collection from simple to sparkling. The amount of attention that goes into each swimsuit is evident with even the smallest details like fringe, or a jewel pendant, setting these swimsuits apart from all others. Even though Lisa Kelly Swimwear is just breaking ground, the Australian and U.S. media are already buzzing about her line. Her pieces have appeared in Cosmopolitan, and newspapers like the Sun Herald praise Lisa Kelly for her creativity and tasteful designs. While Lisa Kelly Swimwear debuted in Australia in 2010, her fashion-forward designs just landed in the United States in 2012. Lisa is already making waves in the U.S. with her swimwear and kaftans and hopes to continue expanding her company over time. For now, Lisa enjoys living an endless summer and turning her lifelong love for swimwear into a business she can share with others.



Ocean's ultimate guide to the hottest and most sizzling summer styles and accessories for the haute mom, mom-to-be, and your sun kissed little beach babes.

: S N


O M O I S E E S T be S E U S a B A b O H ’S R h N A E c E a C M O M be U S he t &

ds n rie nes t o st e t d t e o ov h l the little to ur e id yo u s g nd ker ble e u e o c a ov td Ro at my ea to m se& m s i ult mom Swing g has a xibility and clo, and s r n u y a fle in yo for ious sw u the by coz vibratioocker h et aby gen s yo g ba plug, + R u b in ive epin a ing o D raco This s g w e c a S k h a ! Gr w.g aby whic while such e™ LX s B w , w ppy cker use ture o oth a . o Ha a ro he h d fe uetS love t D e l l as und add aco y wi aro With e Gr s bab by. sic, th ption mu the o all

Orbit Ba by G2 C ar Seat www.or bitbaby .com Part of the G2 co infant ca r seat a llection, this nd base Orbit B aby is from u nlike an you’ve se ything en. With it, y your bab y into the ou can dock c any ang le, then ar at almost rotate it place wit ho into functiona ne fluid motion. E l, and fun asy, !

Graco S m art Seat All in One acobab Get roa d’ Seat All-in with the Graco -One Ca r Seat off Smart lasting u ers longse and convenie all-in-one n ce. The car seat 5 to 10 fits a ch ild 0 convenie pounds and fea from nt stay-in -car base tures a .

Graco S nu gRide Cl ick C onnect acobab 40 The Snug Ride Clic k Conne a perfec ct 4 tb for babie lend of comfort a 0 provides s fro nd adjustable m 4 to 40 lbs. T protection he 8-pos ition, offering th base grows wit h your e most le bab g making c ar travel ro om for your little y, comfy an d effortle one ss.

Graco Qua ttro Tour D uo Stroller www.graco Twice the fun for y our family adventures. This double stro a versatile d esign that ca ller has n be easily configured fo r a toddler a nd an infant, two toddlers , or twins! For added convenience, the Duo has a one-hand fold, extra la rge storage b asket, and to ke ep bo th passenge rs nice and comfy, both seats feature a reclining seat, child’s tr ay, rotating canopy and fo otrest.

Baby Zen Stroller The BABYZE N ZEN comb ines style and fu nction like no other stroller of its kind. Ult ra chic, slim a nd fre estan ding when folded , the ZEN fi ts in even the sma llest of car tru nks. Perfect for th e grab n’ go !

Quinny Mo odd by Bri tto Artwork in m otion! Express your creative style in eve ry step you take with th stroller desi is gned in p artnership w famed artist it h Romero Britt o. Packed w style and ea ith se, its feature s like one-tou automatic un c h folding and a one step fo from the pa ld rent handle, let’s you cru effortlessly. ise

er troll r S ct fo l ix e e f r H e is p o detail r uble e o ll t o D G2 le str attention ts, and m b y u o b o by.c his d g sea and it Ba nd Orb .orbitba e pod. T s luxury n, rotatin stylish, a e g k n g w ww eas in o and brin e ek desi is safe, may ta e l s p 2 Two g familie With its s s new rid renting on’t! r e l n l i i a . s t h ys p babies w Stro grow forefron ability, t ovide a r 2 d p G r e the neuve e th with your aby ller G2 parents o l t i B h a t w i m o g Orb .orbitba by Stro ces for e seat easy easy. S rt, strollin e n r a w e g i B , r n e en de ffo ww Orbit conv a 360- suspensio h sup extra e l e e e t v h g l T a n e som smo o e tr aturi whe uniqu abies. Fe ovative to have a n b and n and in rante ed a o i rotat aby is gu . b your very time e ride

bob strollers

This celebrity favorite is designed to be as versatile as you and ever so adaptable and adventurous as your life has become with a new baby on board. Lightweight, easy to fold, and providing all the comfort and durability for your most prized possession, this is the ultimate revolution in strollers.


Bumbleride The ride of your life! This allterrain buggy is perfect for all of your baby-in-tow adventures. Whether your outings take you to the beach, zoo, mountain hike, or simply the grocery store the Bumbleride offers a complete stroller system with an emphasis on comfort, versatility, and stylish durability for your most precious cargo.

quinny moodd

The majestic stroller. Elegance, sophistication, and pure poetry in motion, describe the latest stroller by Quinny. The Quinny Moodd offers smart and easy to use features such as the one-touch automatic unfolding. Compact and complete, this stroller offers you the flexibility to zip around the city in style. We’re in LOVE with their Summer hot playful colors!

ler t Strol if w S ina nd ultra a y Ingles t r o -use ng ight, sp www.i lightwe h an easy-to le. is h T ! it nd tyle Roll in s ller comes w ture carry ha d o a r de n st d its sig e in a cozy pad sle ek n a ld r! rid a fo umbrell will enjoy the te purple colo by au Your ba at. Love this h e s reclining

r Strolle ia ith a K osi rted w Maxi-C overy trip sta ick and a isc is qu www.m child’s daily d oller! It rage and r t s ia r a u osi K y sto Get yo e Maxi-C pright for eas w e lways b n a ll l u il a s w e d h t n by lls. fold, sta your ba ul summer stro easy to le recline so if t ltip ur beau has mu le on all of yo b comforta

owe Spa & Sh othe g in th o o sS ned to so ie ig r s e u x D u ! L e v r il L aby with lo bath will pamper you r b o r it u n o o y r M e Show , this Video that ital Color ur little one With a motorized jet aby Touch 2 ig o B y D e x 2 h T la h s. re c n u d io an ssess tions, b can. nitor Baby To valuable po othing vibra ce no other tu e video mo st o v o s e ti m a lik d v r o n y u n a b o in y a t t b c n l effe Protec xperien itor is a monitor a whirlpo o Video Mon olor video rious spa e s c r u te x n lo a lu e o re C re a c c l a -s y d it h e jo c Dig tou tle lov will en revolutionary n now monitor your lit r little one u o y d n a featuring a a m bath time. zo o ou c Y ry l . e e v d v e in le k id lt s n u it a m f each cking, - the first o ith motion-tra solution scre en. w r e tt e b n e her re ones ev ding on a hig a re re tu ra e temp pany nket Com m la B n a ic r Ame nketcom la b n a Baby ic r e sumptuous d n a ft o s , a h s ed one extr h these plu v it lo w e y tl s lit a r e u t Res pany ke ep yo lanket Com esigned to B D n . a ts c e ri k e n . m la B and comfort cozy. The A d ry n u x a lu rm re a u w is p experience

Aden + Anais www.adenand Swaddles practice done Swaddling is a . round the world by mothers all a swaddles are these multi-use st, but with hip not only the softe designs. fashion-forward

nket Daydream Bla late night Perfect for those cuddles. n-ups deserve “....Because grow .. “ Ne ed we a little luxury to o. say more!

Rock Star Baby www.rockstarbab Your little bundles will arrive in style with this ultra-coo l, retro and edgy stylish line. Hip an d fun, these pieces are a Haute Mom ’s must-have.

rsaucer Evenflow Exe om www.evenflo.c The ous little ones, ci re p t os m ur For yo offers er Jump & Learn uc Sa er Ex flo en Ev nment and stable enviro parents a safe and to jump, learn n re ild ch r ei th for also and jump actions play. Rock, spin se plenty of exerci ith w by a b e provid eating ss motor skills cr ro g en th ng re st to arn! they grow and le hours of fun while

Lansinoh Affinity Pro Double Ele ctric Breast Pum p m The only pump w ith thre e customiza ble pumping styles maximize your milk to production and co mfort. Hygienically designed to guaran te e no milk back-u p in the tubing.

The Wishing Elephant, Babies Why You'll Love It The handmade community is know for unique gifts and an attention to detail. The Wishing Elephant is no exception. We are constantly told that our onesies are the hit of any baby shower. Inspiration We are always inspired by all things joyous. Our bright colors and humorous designs play up to the idea that babies are fun, celebrate it! Season Must-Haves This season we are loving the Campfire, Violin and the Personalized Cardigan for toddlers (sibling need love too!).

le top

Why You'll Love It Le Top is known for our high quality, easy-to-care-for children’s clothing that is crafted for play-all-day comfort and style. Le Top’s whimsical clothing is paired as sets that moms, dads, and even the kids get excited about – it makes getting your kids dressed, wherever they may be, stress-free and a whole lot easier. The brand designs its own prints and manufactures its own fabrics to ensure that they are soft, comfortable, and safe for sensitive young skin. Inspiration Le Top’s design team was was inspired this spring season by vibrant, Americana colors, summer florals and beach-inspired style. The collection features a wide variety of boys and girls’ themes from nautical to flowery frocks to retro 3-D dimensional detailed shirts to oceanic cover-ups - all warm-weather must-haves. The collection is known for its functional silhouettes that are perfect for all-day-play style, whether it be at the playground, pool-bound or a party. One of the design team’s many goals is to ensure the clothing is as comfy as it is stylish for kids to wear. All styles are crafted with cotton that is ultra soft and made to last through multiple washes, where colors stay true and bright. Season Must-Haves Anchors Aweigh Collection: (Style #123308 and 123307) Terry Anchor Cover-Up Dress (suggested retail price $32.00-$36.00) paired with Nautical Bandeau Two-Piece Swimsuit ($36.00-$38.00) Happy Camper Collection: (Style #123233 and 123236) 3-D Camper Tee (suggested retail price $29.00-$30.00) paired with Nylon Cargo Short (suggested retail price $31.00-$33.00) Love Always: (Style # 123123) Dot Sleeveless Sundress (suggested retail price $33.00-$37.00)


Why You'll Love It You’ll love the style and your kids will love the comfort. Style: exuberant prints, inspired by their travels around the world, spark adventure and encourage understanding. Comfort: They insist on the best cotton, and emphasize knit fabrics that don’t know how to be anything but soft and pliable—and durable, too. Inspiration For the spring ’13 collection, our design team traveled to South Africa where we found an amazing mix of colors and patterns on pottery, fabrics and even beach huts. We came back excited to create original designs inspired by our adventures. Safari and surf are key themes this season. Season Must-Haves Kwaito Smocked Peplum Dress African Jewel Tankini Great White Tee

Why You'll Love It Hang Ten Gold boys is a comfortable, fun line with an extreme attention to detail. We love to add high design to casual, functional clothing. We feel our customers will have that same sense of excitement as they discover the attention to detail in each piece.

Season Must-Haves The Blazer Hoodie is a definite “must-have”. This piece is a classic blazer with hoodie panels inset inside. The 2 in 1 combination is very detailed with sueded elbow patches, oversized buttons, a collar band accent, and thumbholes on the cuff. Our Knit Denim pants are another “musthave”. They have a modern, straight leg cut, like men’s jeans but are actually knit so they are soft and flexible. If I can only choose one more style, the 3rd “must-have” is our button-down shirts. Each shirt is made with high end men’s shirting fabric and proper construction. This season’s button-down shirts have a great chambray collar band accent and contrast button-hole stitching. The sleeves have a mitered cuff that can roll up to make a short sleeve as well. We decided to choose unique fabrics that are not so common in the market. We picked mini geometric prints and a wave like check for a fun, casual update to a classic shirt. Inspiration A big part of this season was conceived while laying by the ocean. It may sound simple but there is so much to the colors and textures found there. This idea translated into distressed prints, ombre dyed stripes, textured wovens, and chunky knits. The colors came from the ocean, sand, and sun; the main color story included blue, grey, orange, yellow, and green.

hang ten gold


Why You'll Love It As a kid, looking back we all have that one favorite shirt or that one favorite outfit that when you wore it, it was going to be a good day at school - you were on top of the world. You felt cool and different and could be yourself. Through the use of bright colors, unique designs and a touch of attitude, we aim to inspire individuality but most importantly, foster each child’s confidence. To add to the uniqueness of the brand, every Stella Blu garment is hand printed onto high quality, extra soft fabrics which are loved by both children and parents. By individually printing each garment, we know that not every product is the same as the last which only fits the mission of Stella Blu, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Inspiration A nation-wide movement of Stella Blu inspired this season’s collection. Everywhere from Brooklyn, New York to Los Angeles, California. Freedom, self expression and pride for your city have played integral roles in the new looks. While Stella Blu has always been known for our own spin off of the 70’s and 80s era, along with tattooed rocker themed clothing, the emphasis of inspiring individuality still remains within the label. Season Must-Haves LA Tee, Unicorn, Charger

Anais&I NY

Why You'll Love It Anais&I is NYC based, a brand with a modern and stylish collection along simple lines with meticulous detailing, mainly made of cotton and thus machine washable, designed, tested and “child approved”. The latest collection has innumerous must-have items, such as thethe “always loved” Liberty of London Dresses, polka dot rain coats and heart denim rompers for Girls; and for Boys, graphic tees, skinny jeans and the signature tunic in colorful stripes and gingham, , all designed in a stylish and relaxed silhouette. We are also adding a beautiful Jewelry Collection with fun and cool neon necklaces and bracelets to keep your kids in the latest trends. Clothes that even after a long day at the playground still looks great. “Simple clothes, designed, tested and approved by my children” Jane D’Haene.

Inspiration Jane D’Haene, an ex-architect and interior designer, became obsessed with making clothes for her daughter Anaïs, and decided to turn her new passion into a new adventure.”It was my dream to design comfortable yet stylish clothes for my daughter ever since she was born. Clothes, which even after a long day at the playground, still look great. So here is our creation, from Anais&I. Simples clothes designed, tested and approved by my daughter. I hope you enjoy it” Jane D’Haene 2009

Season Must-Haves The latest collection has innumerous must-have items, such as the “always loved” Liberty of London Dresses, polka dot rain coats and heart denimrompers for Girls. By adding a beautiful Jewelry Collection with fun and cool neon necklaces and bracelets, your sweethearts will be looking ultra-hip with all the latest season trends. For Boys, we’re loving the graphic tees, skinny jeans and the signature tunic in colorful stripes and gingham, all designed in a stylish and relaxed silhouette. Very cool!


Why You'll Love It Avalisa stretched canvas wall art brings a unique and creative signature style into your little one’s bedroom or play space. Modern, vibrant and playful these designs make a fun addition to brighten up the walls. Mix and match from such collections as Animals, Things That Go, Imaginations, silhouettes, and calming patterns or or stay within one collection. You choose your own color palette so the design options are seemingly endless! Avalisa also offers free design services, so if you are having trouble deciding which fabulous designs you want to put together they can assist you in your decisions and come up with the perfect decor! Inspiration Each piece of wall art is made to order and is carefully hand made to ensure the wall art is everything you had envisioned. Your will fall in love with their designs and the simplicity in making your room a fun and joyous, creative bliss!

quicksilver kids Why You'll Love It Surf’s Up! You will absolutely fall in love the collection of Quiksilver kids clothes. Beachy, stylish, playful and comfortable for the kids to wear, these are a definite Summer musthave. Quiksilver’s kids clothes offer the perfect attire to keep your little ones cool, happy, and good looking in the summer months! The Ultimate Beach Babes!

dc shoes

Why You'll Love It For your beach loving babe. The ultimate in surf and skate apparel, DC Shoes has always been ultra-cool and edgy, with a fresh and exciting approach to style and comfort. This latest range of fashion, music, and artinspired footwear and clothing designs, are every retro hip baby’s must-haves.

little augie

Pretty with Pink Brighten up your little one’s world with these lovely mini hearts, cheerful pink stitching and stripes along with a bright floral print bedding. Classically girly, it’s perfect for those sweet summertime nights.

new jammies

Why You'll Love It Make bedtime fun! These 100% organic cotton , vibrant and playful printed children’s sleepwear and infant wear, were created to keep your child happy and healthy. Sweet dreams!

Robot March By far an Auggie favourite, the grey makes for a sophisticated style. while the Robot March print provides a contemporary yet youthful look.

design history Why You'll Love It With a lot of mix-and-match, the collection is easy to layer and fun to wear. The Design History Girls line is as playful as the little ones who wear our cozy collection of knits and more. We dress our girls in classic styles with a twist. Glitzy and girly by nature, Design History Girls is for the little lady who wants to express her fashion sense through charming and cheerful pieces adorned with hidden touches. Whether it’s chiffon hearts or sequin stars, there is always something a little special about wearing Design What Inspired this Season’s Collection This season was inspired by both happiness and the nostalgia of the past. The knitwear has a vintage feel with marled textures and patterns in soft pastel hues. 70’s inspired with a bit of a rustic infusion, cardigans and fringed sweaters are crafted from soft cotton and feature sparkly stones, geometric patterns and patchwork hearts. The collection’s simple shapes provide easy effortless wear, with tees and dresses in summer stripes inspired by beach deck chairs. Fruit salad colors, cheerful dots and clean white eyelet-lace add a sweet touch.

babiators Why You'll Love It Not only are Babiators worn by the coolest celeb kids worldwide, they’re also guaranteed against loss. Yup, Babiators will send you a free replacement pair of your child loses them! Inspiration Prints! From sweet chevron to cool camouflage, fun patterns are super hot this season -- on and off the runway. Season Must-Haves Babiators Cool Camo Sunglasses for Rockstar Boys Babiators Rock On Chevron Sunglasses for Stylish Girls Babiators Awesome Cloud Sunglasses Case


Why You’ll Love It Retro baby! This unique and eclectic line will make your little one look like a star! You’ll find a lot of love of old punk, record labels, vintage designs and sailors themes. Very cool.


Why You’ll Love It These hip and hot sunnies are an absolute summertime essential. Started by mom and entrepreneur Alice Lando, who drew on inspiration and love for her daughter, these unique shades come in a wide variety of styles and colors. With flowers and bejeweled looks for Girls and camo, bold printed retro styles for boys, your child will have 100% sun protection while looking very stylish and cool at the same time.


Why You’ll Love It This award winning children’s footwear brand offers exceptional quality, unsurpassed comfort and distinctive styling. pediped® footwear has also been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance for the promotion of healthy foot development, and preeminent orthopedic medical professionals, Dr. Mininder S. Kocher and Dr. Thomas W. Vorderer, deem pediped® shoes an excellent choice for parents/caregivers who want their children’s feet to develop naturally and healthily.

Inspire The Spring/Summer 13 Collection was inspired by the joy of summer and every exciting event that comes with warm weather. We wanted to include a shoe for every occasion whether it be for a wedding or a weekend trip to grandmas. It was important to incorporate the traditional sweet pastels for girls and nautical blues for boys to ensure that classic spring look; but we also made sure to include the fun and bright neon colors that kids can relate to. We were inspired to keep this season ultra light-weight and breathable so kids everywhere could run, play and enjoy summer in comfort and style!

Season Must-Haves The collection brings many new and exciting styles, but the 3 season must-haves include: 1. Memory Foam Technology 2. Machine Washable Technology 3. Water-safe Technology. Both the Nikki and the Joshua are designed with a memory foam insole that forms perfectly to a child’s foot providing support in all the right places. Memory Foam insoles provide all-day comfort making them a must-have shoe for family celebrations and birthday parties. The next season must-have is the multi-talented Amazon for both girls and boys. This outdoor sandal contains machine washable and water-safe technology. Its durability will stand up against countless washes making it the season’s must-have style for outside adventures.


This adorable shoe line is about whimsy and joy. Embracing bold designs and fanciful modern touches they capture the playful, jovial essence of childhood. . Why You’ll Love It Their designs are inspired by nature, folklore, vintage and the rich imagination of children. Using brightly colored velvety soft leathers, they’re about comfort and durability – wanting kids to be able to navigate playgrounds, city streets and dirt pathways with style and ease.

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Why You’ll Love It These playfully inspired designer kids clothes are the ultimate Summer style essential. Colorful, bright, with a wearable softness and comfort, your little ones will sparkle like sunshine in these favorites! We’re obsessed!

Inspire Peek Kids is a place where the imagination of children and the dreams of parents come together. They are a premium children’s clothing brand that has a whole lot of personality. They pride themselves in creating garments that are equal parts cool and comfortable, with as much thought behind them as an adult brand. Peek is a California Lifestyle Brand that lends a surf lifestyle year-round. Peek stores are an extension their overarching creative vision, and they seek to foster an environment where adults and children alike feel welcomed and invited to delight in books, toys, treasures, and treats within! It is their mission to leave a lasting impression so their kid customers can go on to make their own while wearing Peek!


Can wearing two different shoes change the world? With Chooze shoes you’re taking a step in the right direction. These bright and colorful coordinated yet mismatched designs encourage kids to embrace and express their own unique individual style. Proceeds from Chooze are donated to families in need, so your child can feel empowered wearing these shoes every step of the way.


What Inspired this Season’s Collection The perfect mix of solids with patterns was most definitely this season’s inspiration. We love patterns, but sometimes too many patterns in a room can become overbearing. That’s why our gliders and lights are available in solid colors—you can choose solid colors that are subtle yet make a strong enough statement without competing with the other patterns in your room. It’s the mix. Season Must-Haves A luxe and comfy Oilo glider Oilo’s Modern Berries bedding Oilo’s new white cylinder lights What Inspired this Season’s Collection Style-setting high quality designer inspired nursery décor, baby bedding and home furnishings without the designer price tag.


What Inspired this Season’s Collection This unique and stylish children’s clothing line leaves us begging for more! The bright colors are fun, girly, comfy and playful, designed to make your little girl love what she’s wearing and proud of the way she looks. The collection is all about beautiful simplicity and the darling girl wearing it.


Why You’ll Love It The word “Shatsu” is a Japanese word meaning “shirt”. Mini Shatsu or mini shirt is not just another line of tee shirts for kids and babies. It is, rather, a line of life-inspired clothing brought down to size to fit the most prized members of your family. Unique and one-of- a kind, just like your little ones, this line of children’s apparel is inspired by the ‘80’s in Hollywood.

unison home

Why You’ll Love It These ultra-chic modern baby bedding sets. Delivering a collection that grows with your tiny bundle, the graphic stripes and florals that never lose their appeal. Bounce between crib sheets, crib sets, changer covers,toddler blankets, toddler quilts, decor, and accessories – all lovingly designed in studio or scooped up from inspired, eco-minded designers. Knowing that putting your nursery together is a big deal, their goal is to help you make that bold and stylish move.

posh tots

Why You’ll Love It Thirteen years ago, with a baby on the way and a little girl with a big personality ready for her “grown-up” room, Andrea Edmunds started searching for children’s décor with that special something. When she struggled to find just the right balance of quality and creativity, a business was born. Today, PoshTots brings together exceptional artisans and parents who appreciate their unique creations.

monster republic

Why You’ll Love It Based in Los Angeles, their philosophy is to create boys clothes with the same edgy, hip look found on the LA street scene. These cool retro inspired looks capture the pure spirit of being a boy: fun, devilish, energetic, and full of dirt under the fingernails.


Why You’ll Love It You’ll want these kids clothes in your size! Born out of the desire to create a simple well-made and fashion forward clothing line for little ones, this collection gives the children that wears it the confidence and happiness to conquer any adventure that comes their way.

mixed up clothing

Why You’ll Love It Multicultural Clothing for the 21st Century Child. Mixed Up Clothing is a multiethnic children’s clothing line inspired by the textiles, cultures and people of the world, aiming to develop friendships through fabrics. Infused with ethnically diverse styles with cultural twists, materials and designs are blended from all corners of the earth.

junk food clothing

Why You’ll Love It The epitome of fashion fun for your little ones! Junk Food’s premium assortment of fleece hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and signature authentic vintage tees conjures the ambiance of American pop culture. From your favorite sports teams, action heroes, musical sensations, and vintage favorites your kiddies will inspire style.

kapital k

Why You’ll Love It With a mission to design fashion-forward and one-of-a-kind coordinates for little dudes from newborn to size 8. Kapital K blends what’s-hot-now contemporary style with a touch of chic, urban downtown vibe. Each style is delivered with just the right amount of spirit and character. Your kids will love these cool, hip, stylish, off-beat and edgy styles.


Why You’ll Love It The world’s most sophisticated soft toys. With hip and humorous styles, and unique textures, your little ones will love these scrumptious cuddly delights!

cuddle barn

Why You’ll Love It These absolutely amazingly fun and playful characters will bring sheer joy, smiles, and laughter to your little crowd. Sing along with Moos Jagger, Bikini Barb, Laid Back Louie, and Bear in Black. These are our ultimate funny favorites!

kid-o Why You’ll Love It Believing that children have the most fun when they’re discovering new things has brought Kid O into light. All Kid O products are thoughtfully designed with lots of opportunities to explore, engage and stimulate children again and again. The possibilities for open- ended, creative play, for your little ones, powered by their own imaginations, are limitless.


This purpose driven toy and game company is an absolute favorite for fun and games for everyone. With the belief that playing real games are an important part of friends and family life, it’s their goal to design and build quality games that provide a lifetime of fun and treasured memories.


Where every girl is a star! These stylish must-haves are perfect for every spunky young girl who wants to have fun in hip, comfortable clothing. Their colorful, versatile pieces fire up the imagination while brilliant hues, bold patterns and unique details encourage an individual sense of style. It’s fashion that looks right for today and every day.

Photography by

Dominic Petruzzi Styling by

Kenny Hazelwood

sun goddess

Ashley Paige, black crocheted one-piece, $4,050, visit Kenneth Jay Lane, hoop earrings, $45, at Bloomingdale’s

Ashley Paige, black crocheted bikini bottom, $960 for set, visit Rio, silver and gold hoop earrings, $180, at Harlow, 714.966.6616

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Ashley Paige, black crocheted bikini, $960 for set, visit Habit, gold necklace, $24, call 714.556.9141 Right Hand: Hammered gold bracelets, $65 each, at Saks Fifth Avenue, South Coast Plaza Spotted shell bracelet, at Debbie’s Island Deli, 310.510.1971

july/august 2008 ocean 97

BECCA, silver hand-knit bikini, $140 for set, visit All shell bracelets, at Debbie’s Island Deli, 310.510.1971

98 ocean july/august 2008

Ashley Paige, gold asymmetrical swimsuit, $560, visit

july/august 2008 ocean 99

Shell necklace, at Debbie’s Island Deli, 310.510.1971

100 ocean july/august 2008

BECCA, aquamarine ring wrap halter and hipster, $144, visit Monica Vinader, cocktail ring, $296, at American Rag, 949.760.1510 Kerri Wilder, long necklace, $356, visit

Styling by Kenny Hazelwood Photography Assistant: Mike Castillo Hair by Jeff Wacker Makeup by Nancy Von der Launitz Model: Landi for Wilhelmina Models

july/august 2008 ocean 101


INSPIRE The new collection, created by Electric founder and inspired eyewear designer Kip Arnette, builds on the proven strength of its California-designed, made in Italy production process. Striking that crucial balance between form and function, between classic style and progressive aesthetics, the glasses in this collection look great no matter what side of the lens you are on.



WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT There can be no substitute for quality. For Electric, quality means attention to detail and superior craftsmanship in everything they make. Electric’s obsession with quality , passion for purity in design, and unyielding pursuit of a higher standard, makes Electric unique. CALIFORNIA DESIGN. HANDCRAFTED IN ITALY www.

BACK LINE Smo oth, simp le, and sophisticated , an instant classic with tim eless appeal

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BEACON The Phoenix Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker This sleek and stylish portable bluetooth speaker packs a LOUD punch! Compatible with all bluetoothenabled devices, including iPad/iPhone/Android.

BOOTCASE HYBRID This ultra-chic, sleek iPhone snap-on case is a 2 piece set, which includes the stylish case as well as a detachable extended battery sleeve. Now you can double your battery life and sync and charge simultaneously. Perfect for you jet setters and

a y a r e e r


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s e t i u s&s




Say goodbye to life’s imperfections and hello to real island fantasy. A lush green garden of mini, sandtoned cubes of rock, palms and bright floras are the first impressions that the resort offers. Dramatic high internal spaces such as the lobby are accentuated and illuminated with walls of mahogany wood, and soft, island themes make the spectacle even grander. With 49 of the finest decorated and appointed suits on the island guests can indulge in first class amenities. High ceilings, striking tropical furnishings, spacious rooms, soft, fresh liens, and views that take your breath away are found on this Thai getaway. Rooms offer beach front views, exclusive access to the grounds pool and Jacuzzi, with some villas even offering their guests their own private Plunge Pool with Lotus Pond; leaving guests refreshed from morning to sunset.


Koh Samui Thailand


Across the open waters of the Gulf of Siam, beyond your wildest desires lies the intoxicating paradise resort Sareeraya Villas & Suites. The tropical background of this exquisite destination will have your body at peace the moment your eyes look beyond its breathtaking panoramic views. Effortlessly encounter the zenith of Thai hospitality while submerged in “Oriental Chic” tropical luxury. Surrounded by architecture of simplistic beauty, incomparable open waters, undertakings of island romance and adventure, and pure international cuisine that make your taste buds water all lay waiting for your arrival.

The most exotic international dishes are served at the “Chefs Table” at Sareeraya Villas & Suites. Fresh produce and ingredients are used daily to enhance the richness of flavors that are used at this fine dining destination. Guests can enjoy

eating delicious meals with the backdrop of the warm setting sun as it sets behind the blue horizon. There is also “Her Bar” by the pool side & “Read Red Bar” library lounge for your relaxation. Both offering guests with special selected crafted cocktails, extensive beverages and selected fine wine list to keep you recharged and revived. Also enjoy the unique opportunity to take part in Thai cooking classes, the Thai Buffet & Seafood beach BBQ, Asian Buffet & Seafood beach BBQ, and exceptional happy hour.

SPA Enjoy a Spa getaway and fulfill your need for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Raya Spa’s philosophy stems from the finest in Asian cultures and traditions, and the formation of a well-balanced lifestyle. Raya Spa’s alluring modern Thai design, and its atmosphere of comforting tranquility, represents the region’s “Modern Asian Cultural.” Raya offers an experience embodying Asian ingredients that have existed for centuries, such as honey, turmeric, coconut, lemongrass, tamarind, sesame and white clay. Take part in a variety of treatments including a wide assortment of massage packages, herbal steam baths, milky steam baths,

body repair treatment’s, facial care, and unique packages for men. This spa incorporates the beauty of the Asian culture to provide guests with attentive care and intoxicating spa treatments only found on this exclusive resort in Thailand.

PLAY Situated beachside towards the northern end of Samui’s stunning beach and low tide sandbar to the offshore island, Sareeraya is conveniently located for Samui Airport and is minutes away from Chaweng’s prestige nightlife & entertainment. Koh Samui’s repertoire of things to do and see is diverse and very appealing. From mummified monks to the famous grandma and grandpa rocks to attractive waterfalls and Angthong National Marine Park immaculate archipelago of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand. This park has towering limestone mountains, thick jungle, white-sand beaches, fertile mangroves, waterfalls and hidden coves and lakes to explore. Guests can relax by the infinity pool, grab cool refreshments, or explore the simple beauties found on this amazing island retreat.

rendezvous STAY

Lodge at Torrey Pines Overlooking the Torrey Pines Golf Course and with a distant view of The Pacific Ocean, this San Diego hotel pays homage to The Craftsman-era with 170 distinct guest rooms and suites. Being recognized as a “World’s Best Hotel” by Sunset Magazine, The Lodge is a favorite amongst travelers. Located in San Diego’s most elegant neighborhood, La Jolla, The Lodge is home to The Torrey Pines Spa and the award winning A.R. Valentien restaurant. The Lodge is modeled after the Gamble and Blacker houses in Pasadena, California, two of the best examples of early 1900s Craftsman-style architecture by Greene & Greene. Inside are 170 guest rooms including 8 suites, 9,500 square-foot full-service spa and two restaurants. The amazing views of the Torrey Pines Golf Course and the Pacific Ocean beyond are located throughout the resorts stunning grounds. The Lodge is one of the best destinations for enjoying the oneof-a-kind Southern California sun.

Step into a different era when craftsmanship was of top importance. Furnishings are comfortable with stylish pieces of fine woods, fabrics and leathers. Enjoy the views of Torrey Pines Golf Course and the Pacific Ocean from most rooms. Business travelers and vacationers alike enjoy a complete array of in-room luxuries and necessities including complimentary high-speed wireless Internet access. The spacious sized guest rooms range in size from 520 square feet to more than 1,500 square feet, offering views of the golf course or The Lodge’s central courtyard. The lodges signature rooms and pristine suites are filled with intricate details from floor to ceiling, ensuring that a guest stay is one combined with the finest comfort and fun filled memories.

DINE The Lodge presents two distinctive San Diego dining options: A.R. Valentien and The Grill. A.R. Valentien is their top-rated signature restaurant featuring a magnificent setting, superior cuisine and elegant décor. The A.R. Valentien takes its name from a talented early-1900’s California artist whose works in ceramics, watercolors, and oils are now valued collector’s items. A.R. Valentien features fresh regional San Diego cuisine served in an elegant, timbered room overlooking the 18th hole of Torrey Pines Golf Course. The restaurant’s decor also includes an exhibit of original Valentien artworks. The Grill offers a casual and convenient dining experience, along with The Bar, an ideal gathering place for friends, families, and business meetings. The Lodge is also home to a variety of fine dining culinary events, including their weekly Artisan Table, the annual Celebrate the Craft, Craft Food & Beer Series, and holiday specials.

SPA Located beside an historic world-renowned nature preserve and its stunning forest of rare pine trees, The Spa at Torrey Pines celebrates La Jolla’s coastal freshness of sea, land, and air. Signature treatments themed around the natural timelessness and purity of the ocean and seacoast, all have their place in a unique spa menu

that includes a complete line of restorative treatments. The Spa at Torrey Pines is a unique facility where quality, luxury and satisfaction are their main priority. They offer a full range of spa services tailored to guests every need. Come and enjoy a relaxing massage with one of their registered massage therapists. The spas appealing services are guaranteed to deliver comfort as well as workmanship. Designed for both women and men they specialize in the latest rejuvenation treatments. Relax and revitalize your body and smooth your skin gently and effectively with proven techniques aimed to please. They welcome guests to indulge and pamper themselves amongst there serene and pleasant environment that will leave you in a heavenly bliss. Check out of the finest rejuvenation spas in all of San Diego.

PLAY La Jolla is renowned for its idyllic climate, pristine beaches and array of world-class attractions for families, friends, couples and business travelers. The Lodge at Torrey Pines provides visitors a relaxing oceanfront oasis and central coast location with easy access to the exciting activities and attractions throughout La Jolla, San Diego and beyond. The Lodge at Torrey Pines is home to the nation’s foremost public golf course. Situated atop cliffs towering above the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, California, golfers marvel at the views of the coastline, deep ravines, and classic championship golf holes. Torrey Pines is the beautiful site of one of the most memorable battles in golf’s history at the U.S. Open. While taking in the views and gorgeous weather, golfers can enjoy their favorite game while staying at this stunning beachside resort. Guests enjoy a variety of dynamic activities, including water sports, world-class shopping and dining, culture, recreation and more. The hotel is within a short distance of kayaking, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Fantastic cliff hiking surrounds the lodge grounds and is a beautiful way to spend the afternoon exploring one of nature’s finest. Additional nearby recreational activities include hiking, biking, and paragliding – the opportunities are endless.


Fairmont Mayakoba Few properties in Riviera Maya offer the level of privacy the Fairmont Mayakoba does. The 401 contemporary rooms are set amid tropical forests and lagoons, and feature modern amenities, upscale bathrooms with glass-enclosed showers and separate jetted tubs, and sunning views, either of the lush lagoons, forests, or the open ocean. Guests can enjoy exploring the sprawling grounds on one of the golf carts or BMW bikes that the hotel provides to move around. Property highlights include a high-end spa, a number of dining options, five attractive pools -- including a 10,000 squarefoot main pool, a kid friendly pool, and an adults-only pool. Fairmont Mayakoba is a beautiful location for families, friends, and couples to enjoy white-sandy beaches merely a few minutes north of Playa del Carmen.





It is distinct from the lush setting and splendid character that this not just another resort. Rather, it is unmistakable that you have entered a world that weaves together exceptional luxury and nature’s simplest pleasures. Set down under the attractive mangrove canopy, Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya gives the impression that it grew out of the very forest it calls home. Its guest rooms, casitas and suites lie settled in a tropical forest surrounded by the calm, ever-present waters of lush lagoons, while some private suites stretch out to a untouched white beach. With the majority of the Playa del Carmen accommodation are set back from the sea and an exclusive collection of beautiful seaside suites, Fairmont Mayakoba’s 401 guest rooms and 34 suites are interlaced with the lush forest and graceful lagoons that dominate the property. The casual yet stylish property offers guests a relaxing setting to enjoy the splendors of one of nature’s best kept secrets- found only at Fairmont Mayakoba’s.

Between sunrises over the Caribbean and a night sky filled with the same exquisite stars that inspired the Mayans, guests have plenty of time to savor the fare at one of the four Playa del Carment restaurants at the Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, Mexico. Dining options are prevalent at this seaside resort including La Laguna Grill & Bar, an al fresco restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a tropical atmosphere and features a cozy lounge; Las Brisas, an elegant seaside restaurant features contemporary seafood; El Puerto, located in the main building; and Caf Maya, a sunrise-to-sunset market cafe. Tropical cocktails, sushi and live music are offered in the Lobby Lounge and guests can swim up to the bar at Las Olas—and for an enjoyable “dine in” option all day in-room dining is also available.

Located in the heart of a tropical jungle on the area’s natural lagoons, lies an incredible back drop for a mystical spa journey reminiscent of the textures, colors and scents of the ancient Mayan culture. There are places to rest and reflect close to the elements the Mayans utilized hundreds of years ago to erect their monuments and temples. They used Conchera, a fossil stone, Sascab as their mortar, natural green marble from Guatemala and the magnificent wood of the Zapote tree. Guests will find the same aesthetic elements incorporated throughout the Playa del Carmen spa. Fairmont Mayakoba’s Willow Stream Spa offers a wide range of beauty and massage treatments based on the region’s local tradition and flora. Guests will enjoy signature experiences uniquely tied to Mayan traditions featuring local herbs, essential oils, and extracts.

Truly untouched, the sugar-soft beach at the Fairmont Mayakoba Riviera Maya hotel in Playa del Carmen is reached through a pathway across the mangrove and gentle dunes - a pleasant stroll or ride from the main resort building and just steps from the beachfront casitas. The resort grounds offer guests a wide range of activities and outdoor fun! There are five swimming pools throughout the property including a 10,000 square foot free-form pool and waterslide, a children’s play pool, and an adults-only infinity edge pool overlooking the lagoon. Guests can also find entertainment at the tennis courts, sauna, state of the art fitness Centre, stunning golf course, ocean fun fishing, solarium, spa and wellness Centre, massage, diving, horseback riding, and snorkeling. A beautiful location for stayers to indulge in all their favorite outdoor excursions!


Grand VelasRiviera Maya The luxurious Grand Velas Riviera Maya is one of the newest resorts to distinguish Riviera Maya as a premier vacation destination. Hugging the pristine white sand shore of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, the resort is the pinnacle of all - inclusive vacation luxury. Elegant accommodations, gourmet culinary tour dining experience, an exclusive deluxe spa, personalized butler concierge services, and a cutting edge convention center make Grand Velas Riviera Maya an ideal choice for leisure and business travelers. Each of the 491 spacious suites at Grand Velas Riviera Maya is elegantly appointed with upscale furnishings complemented by native artwork. Designed to serve all preferences and tastes with unique ambiances, the Grand Velas Riviera Maya carefully designed each guest experience!

www. STAY Luxury suites are sprawled between lush jungle forests and breathtaking ocean views. The grounds careful designs complement all the naturally breathtaking surroundings and seduce your senses. Mexican décor and first class amenities are found in every suite, which are uniquely divided into three carefully designed areas. The Zen Ambience is located a mere mile from the beach, in the natural environment of the Mayan Jungle. This exclusive section features 206 beautifully furnished suites, each over 1000 square feet with Interior Jacuzzi. For the adventurous, these serene suites are not only surrounded by stunning vegetation but are ideal for bird watcher lovers, including rare natural underground reservoirs, mangroves and exquisite lagoons. Access to other parts of the resort can be reached by a quick shuttle both day and at night—making this suite the most serene on the resorts grounds the perfect luxurious getaway for the whole family to enjoy! The Ambassador family-friendly area of the resort includes 195 spacious 1,200+ square foot ocean-view suites with a terrace, a sitting area, and with some with private plunge pool. All their suites offer interior Jacuzzis and terraces to enhance guest experiences while emerged in paradise.T hese suites are conveniently arranged around the main infinity pool, near the Ambassador Section Kid’s Club and gym. The exclusive Grand Class adult-only area of the resort is designed for prime privacy and relaxation and

features 90 sophisticated ocean view suites with private plunge pools, in-room massage tables, two Jacuzzis and modern conveniences. This suite is the perfect getaway for couples or solo travelers alike to unwind and relax while in the beautiful setting of the Riviera Maya.

SPA Set amid the lush jungle that runs along the Riviera Maya resort, the Spa at Grand Velas covers an area of 89,305 square feet containing 40 treatment suites appointed with beautiful native art work and separate hydrotherapy facilities for men and women. This unique Spa Palace incorporates all the “basics” -- such as multiple pools and a private beach -- of a Riviera Maya spa, however, the Spa at Grand Velas piles on the extras for its guests. There are beach coves, a steam and sauna room, yoga hut, body treatments, wraps, facials, and their incredible signature Riviera Maya Water Journey - a true escape to total bliss! Experience this peaceful spa at one of their appointed spa suites or in the privacy of your very own room-a spa experience at the Grand Velas Maya Resort is not to be missed.

PLAY The Riviera Maya, located on the eastern portion of the Yucatan Peninsula, is one of the most eco-friendly

destinations in all of Mexico, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and preserving the environment. The area, which is home to many historic sites, is full of beautiful beaches with dozens of luxury all-inclusive resorts and many fine dining options. This all inclusive resort offers Riviera Maya Water Sports, the family-fun Riviera Maya Mexico Eco Park, and amazing scenic tours. The surrounding areas also offers unique and historic exploration experiences as well- The Rio SecretoIs the longest semi-sunken cave in the Yucatan Peninsula is a stunning, 7.5-mile-long underground river with thousands of ancient stalactites and stalagmites. Before 2007, almost no one had entered Rio Secreto — translated as the “Secret River.” Step out and explore the fantastic Riviera Maya shopping! Locally crafted jewelry, unique clothing items from exclusive boutiques or high-end pieces from your favorite designers, Riviera Maya and Cancun have it all. Nightlife around this tropical resort is nothing short of spectacular. After a long day of sun and sand, the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen areas offer great venues for going out, having some cocktails, and stepping out onto the dance floor. There is a reason that this part of Mexico is known for its sexy nightlife, step out into the warm night and create your own moonlit memories.

DINE With views of the crashing surf and swaying palms, the breezy indooroutdoor restaurants offered at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya provide family-friendly, romantic evenings, and fantastic friend outings all at one tropical paradise dining location. Choose from international cuisines from all over the world, including the countries of Spain, France and Mexico.

International Cuisines PIAF • The masterpiece of French cuisine is created by the executive Chef Michel Mustiers, who greatly respects the essence of the ingredients in his kitchen without using any type of flour or powders. He provides a touch of modernism and elegance to his presentations and prepares each dish with fresh products of excellent quality; the best products, along with his French technique and personal touch, result in a memorable culinary experience. SEN LIN • Embark on a culinary journey through the distinctive flavors of Asian cuisine at Sen Lin Restaurant & Bar. Located in the Grand Velas Riviera Maya convention center, Sen Lin Restaurant & Bar is one of the top Asian restaurants in the Playa del Carmen area. Guests will enjoy a unique combination of exotic flavors and savory dishes when popping in at this eccentric restaurant. FRIDA • Grand Velas Riviera Maya celebrates the legacy of the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo at this esteemed restaurant. Frida offers fantastic and beautifully designed Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. Every dish is a gourmet chef-d’oeuvre that reflects the rich culinary heritage of Mexico. COCINA DE AUTOR • The cuisine at this restaurant is in constant fruition, seeking to evoke new senses through its food and service to each of their customers. They constantly adapt new techniques to create unique dishes and eccentric surroundings to entice guests reflecting the Mexican Caribbean. The tasty menu reflects why this fine dining location is favored amongst the resorts guests. LUCCA • The Italian-Mediterranean cuisine located at this quaint location offers a flavorsome menu of seafood, gourmet meats, and homemade pastas at Lucca. The atmosphere is light and casual resembling the Italian motto- A Vita Bella—a beautiful life. AZUL • Azul offers family-friendly casual dining throughout the day. Choose from the international buffet or a menu of everything from tacos to tempura, pizza to burgers poolside. BISTRO • Bistro is a French-style restaurant with a prime ocean-front setting in the adult-only section of Grand Velas Riviera Maya. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Bistro offers a wide selection of French-inspired dishes as well as local favorites. An upscale dining experience surely to capture the moments while dining with a beloved loved one-- a romantic dining experience not to be missed while staying at the Grand Velas Riviera Maya. CHAKA • Chaka is a fresh air dining experience poolside while staying at this stunning resort. Located near the pool of the Grand Velas Riviera Maya jungle section, Chaká is a casual, open-air restaurant situated amid the tropical jungle foliage of mangroves, Salam, Chechen and Chaká trees. The yummy menu features a variety of international delights that are natural and healthy. Specialty coffees, international wines, mouthwatering desserts, and tantalizing entrees are made at Chaká an incredible Riviera Maya dining spot.



Inn & Spa

Uncover a sensational luxury Napa Valley resort nestled among the lush rolling hills and vines of wine country and just steps from the dining tables of America’s most celebrated chefs in the legendary Epicurean walking town of Yountville. All within steps of your quaint guestroom find yourself indulging in the nation’s per capita Michelin Star capital of dining, premier wine tasting rooms, intimate spa experiences, lifestyle shopping, romantic art, history and culture of the country’s most lauded wine region. Located on the 23-acre Vintage Estate, Villagio Inn & Spa has been dubbed by Town & Country Magazine as a “pleasure seeker’s heaven.” This Tuscan-inspired Yountville hotel property features breathtaking water fountain pathways weaved throughout vibrant Mediterraneanstyle gardens. Lavish accommodations are complimented by their signature wellness centerpiece, the 13,000-square-foot Spa Villagio, a stay at this elegant destination is nothing short of spectacular. www.

STAY Villagio Inn & Spa offers 112 guestrooms, including 26 mini suites. One pleasurable stay in their rooms and you’ll know why guests stay with them year after year. Upon arrival, unwind with a complimentary glass of Champaign from the bar in the resorts cheerful and airy reception lobby while guest leave luggage to the pleasant Desk Staff. Experience the warmth and charm of a countryside village in Tuscany while you leisurely walk through beautifully landscaped grounds and a garden setting accented by vineyards, fountains and flowing central watercourse. Cobblestone pathways meander through two-story cluster-style villagelike surrounds of the luxurious Villagio Inn & Spa. Rooms are spacious and designed with guest comfort and relaxation in mind. Warm, amber earth tones and décor are soothing to the eye. King or queen size beds are furnished with plush down comforters and the finest linens, all ensuring a pleasant night’s slumber. Guests can immerse in their signature spa experience from the privacy of their room with a soak in one of their oversized sunken bathtubs. Complimentary with each stay is a bottle of Napa Valley’s premium Messenger il postino

Sauvignon Blanc from renowned winemaker Rob McDonald. Enjoy a glass by the fireplace or sip and savor while reclining on your private patio or balcony with views of the vineyards or the historic town of Yountville.

DINE Located in what’s considered one of the culinary meccas in Northern California and is home to the renowned French Laundry headed by Chef Thomas Keller. On Washington Street alone, “taste your way through the world.” Whether it’s rustic Italian by Chef Michael Chiarello at Bottega Napa Valley, French fare at Bouchon, Bistro Jeanty or wine country cuisine at Redd, the multitude of choices will stimulate your epicurean senses. The Vintage Estate proudly features their signature restaurant; Chef Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Napa Valley showcases rustic farm-to-table cuisine reflecting the bounty of fresh produce in Napa Valley and the flavors of Italian cuisine, notably recognized as Chef Chiarello’s own signature style. Open for lunch Tuesday through Sunday with delightful bites at Dinner served throughout the week.

SPA The beautifully designed Spa Villagio’s, encompasses rejuvenation

like no other. Soothing fountains, cascading waterfalls and serene reflecting pools lead to Napa Valley fieldstone and wood interior spaces. Spa guests are swallowed up into an atmosphere of quietude and comfort from the moment they step into the central reception atrium. The intimate retreat, strikes a perfect balance between classic and contemporary, offering luxurious antiques of European descent. Separate men’s and women’s spa areas are designed for ultimate privacy and comfort. In total, sixteen sumptuous, state-of-the-art treatment rooms and five private spa suites present an array of exceptional amenities- relaxation lounges with indoor and outdoor fireplaces, Swiss experience showers, steam, sauna and tastefully secluded outdoor hydrotherapy soaking baths. Singles and couples may select from the Spa’s menu of experiences that may be further customized for perfect escapes-romantic outings and special celebrations, ladies’ and gentlemen’s getaways or executive retreats can be found at Spa Villagio’s.

PLAY Napa Valley is a place where you can relax and enjoy “The Good Life.” Napa Valley is one of the premier travel destinations in the world. Breathtaking views abound at every turn – mustard in the late winter, picturesque rolling hills planted with vineyards year-round and wineries of every stature dot the landscape. Guests can enjoy wine tasting, leisure bike rides through country scenery, boutique shopping, hot air balloon rides, hiking, dining at renowned restaurants, five star pampering, or just enjoy their stay on the resorts grounds ... Napa Valley is one of nature’s most beloved destinations.

rendezvous Tourists head to California because it’s a warm-weather destination--a perfect getaway to unwind and relax. It is home to the award winning Loews Coronado waterfront resort. With high-end amenities--including a 5-star restaurant, famed golf courses, a spa and a fitness club with an ocean view, and luxurious fun only found at the south end of the Golden state. So take our advice. Unwind and stay at this recommended luxury resort for a sweet slip away alone, family, or with that special someone.Breathtaking views, spa escapes and direct access to the Pacific Ocean, Lowes has everything you would expect and more from a premier hotel in sunny San Diego.

STAY Loews Resorts transports you away from the everyday with an endless list of suite amenities to make your stay comfortable and carefree. Guests are surrounded by shades of warm amber and stunning views of ocean water. This destination is the place where one views private balconies end and a spectacular sunset begin. Loews luxury San Diego accommodations set the standard for comfort and sophistication. Relax in their spacious San Diego hotel rooms and suites, offering enough space for the entire family and competently designed to accommodate any business traveler. Paired with exceptional service and generous amenities, this hotel is the ideal choice among San Diego getaways. Their 439 rooms include 37 suites and are all designed to fit guests every need, whether those needs be spacious rooms perfect for families or flexible work areas ideal for business travelers looking to get work done while traveling. Loews signature amenities offers luxury bedding, marble bathrooms, 100% Combed and ring spun cotton terry towels and bath sheets Lather skin and body care products made from the most unique,

effective natural ingredients. A stay at this beachfront Coronado destination will leave you wanting to explore all it has to offer.

DINE Prepare for a culinary adventure of excellence at Mistral Restaurant. For French fine dining in San Diego, Mistral cannot be beat. Their chefs’ hand-pick the finest, natural grown ingredients to take you on a delicious journey along the Mediterranean Coast. Bold, intense flavors are prepared with dazzling and innovative techniques and are infused with the freshest herbs from the resorts own garden. Their all-encompassing wine list offers both classic wines and undiscovered treasures that are valiant and price friendly. The delicious dining at Mistral restaurant is served with a setting to match, surrounded by floorto-ceiling windows with breathtaking views of spectacular sunsets over the Pacific, sweeping vistas of Coronado Bay and the glittering San Diego skyline. It’s the perfect backdrop for an experience you’ll never forget. Beyond the resort’s signature grand staircase, a vibrant new bar anchors the space, offering breathtaking views of the San Diego

Loews Coronado

Bay Resort

skyline and Coronado Bay along with craft cocktails developed by their talented team of bartenders and local craft beers brewed right in San Diego. Cays Lounge incorporates a lavish media wall with nine LCD flat-screen televisions broadcasts sporting events, while communalstyle bar tables create a casual and comfortable retreat. Outside on the Bay Terrace, oversized sofas summon guests to cozy up to stylish fire pits for a warm glow in the late evening hours. Take in one of the best views in San Diego while enjoying an extensive wine list, bar bites and their famous for memorable San Diego dining. Bar Mistral is a wine and dine experience that cannot be beat! When the weather permits guests can enjoy cocktails poolside at LaCantina. Don’t miss their signature Margaritas!

SPA Enter the beach resort sanctuary of the Sea Spa at Loews Resort and indulge in a spa renewal of luxury and rejuvenation. You will be surrounded by the most intense elements in nature--sun, air, earth and water--and secluded from the stresses of day-to-day living. The Sea Spa at

Loews Resort is the ultimate retreat where relaxation happens naturally. The sound of the ocean soothes your mind as experienced professionals restore balance and tranquility through treatments that tap into the earth’s richest source of vitamins, minerals and elements – those found in the sea. From island inspired body wraps to tropical sea stone massages to the relaxing Vichy Rain Shower, Sea Spa has a bounty of bliss in store for you. Guests experience the lavish 15,000 square foot Spa, indoor & outdoor treatment rooms, full service hair salon, spa patio & courtyard, relaxation sanctuary, steam & sauna room, and traditional spa treatments—want are you waiting for—the Sea Spa waits.

PLAY You will never run out of things to do at Loews Coronado Bay Resort. Weather on land or in water the fun never stops. Water Adventure: Sports & Bike Rentals Loews Coronado Bay Resort partners with Action Sports Rentals so guests can enjoy a variety of activities. Rental options from their on-site marina include: power boats, BayJet

skies, waterskiing, sailboats, stand up paddle boards, kayaks (single or tandem) & Paddle boats . On the mainland: Tee off at one of the nearby San Diego golf courses and get ready for a challenging round of golf-at an exceptional value. Loews Coronado Bay is located just minutes away from some of the finest San Diego golf courses such as the Coronado Municipal Golf Course, Salt Creek Golf Club, and the Steele Canyon Golf Club. Roll around in style. Bikes – mountain bikes, beach cruisers, kids’ bikes, baby trailers, surrey bikes and tandem surreys available for rent. Explore the beautiful sites of Coronado on one of their Run, Walk & Bike Paths, adventure through the Herb garden or beautiful natural trails. Wind down on one of the Sunset Cruises and sit back and relax as you cruise the waters of the San Diego Bay for two delightful hours. Indulge in all the magic and tradition of Venice right here in San Diego as you gently cruise in a private gondola through the enchanting canals of the Coronado Cays. Gondola cruises last approximately 50 minutes and includes a complimentary appetizer or dessert plate.


Shangri-la Shangrila-La is “culture & sensuality at the ocean.” Overlooking the Pacific since 1939, the Hotel Shangrila is a marked inspiration of art deco elegance, an account of Old-Hollywood glamour & an ideal connection of culture. Hidden away on a high Santa Monica bluff, overlooking the stunning Pacific Ocean & historic Santa Monica Pier, this timeless boutique hotel promises your own personal Shangrila-Any place of complete bliss, delight and peace. Enjoy brilliant views of the Pacific Ocean, a celebrated history & a cultural connection during your stay.


Experience Hotel Shangrila’s 70 luxury rooms & suites, all offering world-class panoramic ocean views. Indulge in a long getaway, business stay, or enjoy a romantic getaway while watching the sunset or moonrise over the Pacific. Select from a variety of elegant Santa Monica lodging options from flats & one or two bedroom suites to a breathtaking penthouse. Décor is ultra-chic, design furnishing of bold blacks & whites, followed by soft features to suggest to a unique high class stay like no other. Amenities include 50” and 60” flat panel televisions, connections with high-speed wireless Internet, iPod docking stations, luxury bath products by Natura Green and Molton Brown, plush robes, and breathe easier in hypoallergenic rooms. Unwind on private balconies and fall asleep on soft bedding; all at one of LA’s pristine hotel destinations.

DINE Hotel Shangrila offers signature dishes amidst a stunning vista overlooking the Pacific & Palisades Park. Serving up teasing dishes, the Dining Room offers first-class cookery, blending California comfort, fine dining & soft intimacy. All of their carefully created dishes and signature cocktails use

the freshest local produce, handpicked from the weekly Santa Monica Farmers Market. Situated atop the iconic Hotel Shangri-La is Santa Monica’s only open-air rooftop bar & lounge. Once a distinct guest room in the landmark hotel, Suite 700 effortlessly captures an indescribable sense of Hollywood glamour at the ocean. This exclusive hideaway blends a timeless Art Deco design with breathtaking ocean views. Suite 700 is the father to a carefully crafted and preserved drink menu, DJ program, and workweek happy hour. From the Tamietini to the Upper-East Side to the Berry Apropos, Suite 700 is the prestige venue to take in Hollywood glamour at the ocean.

SPA Take part in serenity, harmony and luxury in their exclusive spa lounge located poolside at the Hotel Shangri LaSybaris Rejuvenation Lounge. Their experienced staff is dedicated to ensuring that guest services exceed their expectations. The heated outdoor wellness center is the focal point at the hotel for your body, mind and soul to unwind. Offering massages, facial treatments and foot scrubs as well as yoga and meditation classes, Sybaris invites you to reenergize, refresh and rejuvenate with one of their many five star services. Guests can else enjoy their Sybaris Spa’s unique rejuvenation Happy Hour! Relish in your favorite spa treatments at a more wallet friendly price.

PLAY It would take several lifetimes to experience all the activities that Los Angeles offers. There are world famous theme parks like Universal Studios Hollywood, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Disneyland, while studios like Universal, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures and Sony Pictures offer the ultimate film and TV fan experience. Attractions like the USS Iowa and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library offer something for the entire family. Shop at retail meccas like The Grove and the Beverly Center, or browse wide-ranging shopping neighborhoods and bargain outlets. Recreational activities include spectacular beaches and hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails, decompress at one of LA’s famed viewing spots, or as dusk arrives explore the vibrant night life that only Los Angeles can bring!

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Ocean Magazine Summer 2013

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