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May 16-29, 2012



• City YES for child centre • Feds $2m Shell Reserve • State $0 for Shell Reserve • City $20k hobby garden


House fire family thanks Grove

THIS month’s round of budgets has delivered wins for Ocean Grove at City level but there’s still no word on State funding for the Shell Road Reserve project.

Liberal deputy leader Julie Bishop and senator Michael Ronaldson with Ocean Grove’s Sandi Ward during a whistlestop tour of the town.

LIBS LEADING LADY IN TOWN LIBERAL deputy leader and shadow foreign secretary Julie Bishop chatted with half a dozen Ocean

Grove locals when she dropped by earlier this month. The Liberals will have to win back marginals like the

Corangamite constituency if it wants to win government in the next Federal election. More pictures page 14.

The biggest payout will be the City’s $4.07 million for the construction of Ocean Grove’s Integrated Children’s Centre. The city is also chipping in for the Shell Road Reserve master plan implementation, service road development and adventure play equipment at Bellarine Aquatic & Sports Centre, and upgrades of the Memorial Reserve toilets, infrastructure upgrades at Kingston Park, lighting and new cricket nets at Collendina, as well as other funds for the library, the community garden and the summer shuttle bus. Geelong Mayor Cr John Mitchell said the recent City budget caters for the demands of a growing municipality and will support growth and build community infrastructure. “There is significant spending on community centres, roads, reserves and other public infrastructure,” he said. Continued page 11

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AN OCEAN Grove family that lost most of their possessions in a house fire a fortnight ago has expressed their gratitude to locals who have rallied to help them get back on their feet. Just two weeks ago, the family arrived back to find their home in Fraser Crescent gutted and heirlooms intended for an imminent grandchild lost with it. But the kindness of locals and voluntary service groups has proven ‘overwhelming’, to the point they can’t accept any more from well wishers. Story page 3.

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Canary yellow 4wd stolen THIEVES have targeted several vehicles in Ocean Grove walking away with cash, designer sunglasses, a Chef ’s knife, a five litre Jerry can and a 1987 Toyota Troop Carrier. The canary yellow vehicle was locked when it was taken from Battersea

Rise sometime in the early morning. Senior Constable Gerard Cummins said it wasn’t common for vehicles to be taken in Ocean Grove. “There are not many cars stolen down here,” he said. “One of the guys was a bit stiff as his car was locked

and when he grabbed something out of it at 4.30 am he forget to relock it. “By the time he went back out at 7.30 am to go to work the thief/ thieves had taken his wallet.” Lake Avenue, Kingston Downs Drive and Endeavour drive were also

targeted and Police are reminding motorists to ensure vehicles are locked and valuables kept safe.

Thieves stole a canary yellow Toyota, similar to the one pictured right, from Battersea Rise.

The Parade Baker’s Delight’s Bec Walker and Jennifer Jackson with Margery Boyce of Ocean Grove/Barwon Heads Breast Cancer Support Network.

Indulge, for a good cause OCEAN Grove’s Bakers Delights want you to indulge in a pink finger bun – with all profits going to the Breast Cancer Network. Until May 23, 100% from the sale of every Pink Finger Bun sold will be donated to BCNA.

This year the national chain aims to raise $1.2 Million. Since 1999 Bakers Delight has raised more than $5.5 million for BCNA, directly supporting thousands of Australian women and their families through their breast cancer journey.

Money raised assists BCNA fund its work in providing support and assistance to those women whose lives have been personally affected by breast cancer, and the 14,000 women expected to be diagnosed in 2011. More details:

Exodus as cold weather hits home FOR some winter signals the end of the world. For others they simply pack their bags and leave the miserable weather behind. John Przastek, Travel Manager from Jetset Ocean Grove said that they have several clients who come in wanting to escape the weather. “You have people coming

in saying I just want to go somewhere warm,” he said. John said that Bali, Thailand, QLD and the Northern Territory are often the most popular destinations. “It’s not a real big rush but it is notable,” he said. “I’ve had someone come in and say I’m sick of this crappy weather get me out of here. “I’ve even had people

in during a bad Ocean Grove summer looking for somewhere warmer,” he said. John said there are elderly clients and residents in Ocean Grove that regularly leave for two to three month stints. “They head to the warmer weather in QLD during the coldest months,” he said.

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Garden gears up for action

THE Ocean Grove Community Garden has received its first funding thanks to the Ocean Grove Community Enterprise.

Clare Peterson said it was an exciting time for the Garden’s members. “We are going to start setting up a water system

for the garden with it,” she said. “We are really looking forward to building a great community space for Ocean Grove.” A logo competition and request for naming suggestions is currently underway which Claire said was a bit of fun. “It’s generated towards school kids, we are handing the entry forms around to local primary schools but everyone in the community is welcome to enter,” she said.“The

winner for the logo design will be the first person to pick the winter crop and collect a bag of goodies for themselves.” Claire said the garden is hoping for some extra community support whilst they set up the water system. A working bee will be held on the last Sunday of every month from 10am-noon. For more information visit the Community Garden’s website: www. ogcommunitygarden.

quick news

Biggest tea brewing up THE Uniting Church is holding a biggest morning tea tomorrow (Thursday May 17). The guest speaker will be local electrican Hong Trinh. Admission is $5 and all funds raised go to the Cancer Councils research, prevention programs and support services. “For further information visit www.biggestmorningtea. or call 1300 65 65.

Family ‘overwelmed’ by locals’ generosity

ANZAC IN GROVE May 2-15, 2012



CRIME SPREE Break in and graffiti wave stuns Grove

Annabelle Nunan of 7th Wave with the till wrecked by burglars

OCEAN Grove and Barwon Heads firefighters arrive on the scene of a devastating blaze in Fraser Crescent.


Family loses all in home blaze

AN Ocean Grove family has lost everything in a blaze that swept through their home on Saturday morning.

Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads firefighters were quickly on the scene and brought the blaze under control in minutes but not before

fire and smoke extensively damaged the home, leaving a family - just weeks away from a new baby - homeless. Appeal and story page 5.

A WAVE of burglaries and graffiti attacks has come as a shock to Ocean Grove’s relatively crime free way of life. In the last week Ocean Grove’s 7th Wave, Ocean Grove Quality Meats and Bolzano’s restaurant have all been broken into and cash grabbed, while vandals have daubed graffiti on the amenity block on Main Beach and Ocean Grove Football Club. Bolzano’s owner Hamish Hames had to close the restaurant for a night because of the attack. He said he received a call early in the morning

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How the Voice reported the story two weeks ago. The family afftected by a recent fire in Ocean Grove has now moved into an alternative home in Kingston Park.

AN Ocean Grove family has sent out their heartfelt thanks to locals who rallied to help them after fire gutted their home last month. A Saturday afternoon blaze ripped through their home in Fraser Cresent a fortnight ago, taking with it treasured belongings and hopes of a new life in a new home.. Although the family was glad no one was hurt, the events left them with no home, just a month away

from the expected birth of a child. But now, having just taken over a new tenancy in the Grove, the family, Debbie and partner Mark, and Debbie’s daughters Jessica, 19, who is expecting her first baby, and Renea, 17, have been overwhelmed by the generosity of locals and local organisations. In particular Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads Lions Club, the Uniting Church and the Salvation Army, acted within hours of being

informed of the family’s loss and made immediate and substantial donations to get the family on its feet again. Debbie, speaking on behalf of the family, said: “Myself and my family have been completely overwhelmed by the generosity of people since our house fire. “I’d like to thank all the people who have donated, the Lions Club have been wonderful. The people who we have never met have

blown us away with their generosity. The community in general has been so kind. A huge thanks to Tracy, Theresa, Karen, the Zebra Bar and all the people who have donated, they are too numerous to mention. But we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. “Jessy’s doing well and to see her smiling again means the world to us. We honestly don’t know where we would be without the kindness that’s been shown to us.

“All the phone calls, gifts and just the general kindness of people has really kept our spirits up. Once again, thank you so much.” Among the gifts that was passed to the family was a child’s Winnie the Poo quilt, made annoymously by one of the Barwon Heads Seachcange Quilters. Debbie said that the donations had been so generous they may have to donate some things on to others.

letting him know that it appeared he had been robbed. “Roy next door at the Chinese restaurant came in and saw that the front door was open and things were everywhere,” he said. “The the locks were jimmied off the front door, the till was damaged when it was pried open and cash was stolen.”

Hamish said that the loss of business that night was the most frustrating part of it all. “We had 40 bookings and unfortunately we were unable to open because of this,” he said. Continued page 3

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Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 5

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Saving lives at Shell Road THE big red and white truck has become a regular fixure next to the soccer pitches at Shell Reserve. Australian Red Cross Blood service’s mobile donor bank visited the town again last week as part of a three monthly visit to the community. Anita Ryan, Manager of the Donor Mobile Unit

on Shell Road said they have been collecting blood in Ocean Grove for a few years now. “One in 30 people donate and one in three needs blood at some stage of their lives,” she said. “If you’ve got it you share it, it’s that simple really.” Anita said they have regular local donors who have

donated between 50 to 60 times and also a few who were around the 80 benchmark. “We’ve also got quite a few new donors so that’s always great. It shows there is an interest in the community,” she said. Ocean Grove’s Carole Jacobsen was donating for the tenth time.

“I think it’s a great thing to do. It’s not uncomfortable and everybody should do it,” she said. Anita encouraged everyone in the community to support the blood bank and to make an appointment to donate when they return in August. “Just call 13 14 95 to make an appointment,” she said.

That will do nicely, thank you. A local donor with her vital contribution.

Confused driver comes face to face with police car

Wrong way, go back

This cream Mitsubishi was heading up the wrong way, until it met a passing patrol car.

IT’S bad enough to make a wrong turn down a one way street, but imagine one drivers disdain when she happened to turn straight into an oncoming police car. In a strange turn of events local Ocean Grove Police found themselves giving a gentle warning to a lady in her late 80’s who, according to her, was simply following directions. Leading Senior Constable John Dunstan said she told officers that she was told to turn right and that’s what she did. “It was an elderly lady in her late 80’s. Apparently she asked for directions to the Bowling Club at the Op Shop and they had told her to go down and turn right,” he said. Leading SC Dunstan said the Officers gave her a warning and sent her on her way. “It has happened before and it is generally out of towners,” he said.

Investing in the foreshore THE Federal Government has invested $340,000 to protect biodiversity at Buckley Park coastal reserve in Collendina. The City of Greater Geelong was one of 18 successful tender applicants to the Corangamite Catchment

Management Authority’s Coastal Tender program. The work is part of a larger project that includes sites at Limeburners Bay in Geelong and Thompson Creek in Breamlea and will focus specifically on protecting the coastal dune grasslands.

The work on all the sites will concentrate on controlling high-threat weed species including Polygala, Coastal Teatree, Boxthorn, Italian Buckthorn, Boneseed and Cape Ivy to allow natural regeneration.

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DSA thanks for great support Dear Editor The Ocean Grove Branch of the Disabled Surfers Association, have been overwhelmed with support from the Local Community. In the past month the Branch has received two grants, three donations and has supported the Farmers Market by holding a Sausage Sizzle. The grants are from VicHealth, for $2,500 and the Ocean Grove Community Enterprise for $1,000, donations from the Dove Opportunity Shop for $1,500, from

DSA Ocean Grove President, Mark Beshara and Bellarine Secondary College representative Jake Armstrong with the donations from the sausage sizzle.

Ken Westley $400 and the Bellarine Secondary

College VCAL for $116.90. Five local students from

Bellarine College set their minds on raising money for a local Charity and decided that the Ocean Grove Branch of the DSA was a worthy selection. Jake Armstrong, Dylan Thorley, Bec Edwards, Emily Harris and Teagan Hayes got together and decided to have a Sausage Sizzle at the school. Jake, is one of many volunteers that have supported the DSA over the past 4 years by assisting people of all abilities to have a fun and safe surfing experience. Jake said that “we can help more than just on the day”.

The Disabled Surfers Association volunteer and participant numbers are increasing every year with the Branch now having over 500 volunteers on the mailing list. These volunteers have since 2008 assisted 601 people of all abilities to get in the water for a day of fun and surf. The motto of the DSA is to “put smiles on dials”, and with the support that has been received from the Community, how can we go wrong. The DSAOG Committee thank you

Mention for caring neighbours Dear Editor On Saturday May 5 we received a call from the Geelong Council ranger telling me she had our two dogs, Banjo and Reggie, in the back of her truck. We thought they were in our back yard so it was quite the shock! A gate that we thought was permanently jammed shut had opened and they had wandered out without us knowing. The ranger

informed us a family had spotted them on Thacker Street and after doorknocking some houses brought them back to their house in Asbury Street and called the council. Due to privacy laws they were not able to pass on the contact details of the people that rescued our dogs so we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank them as we would have been heart-broken if

anything had happened to them. We have no idea how they got them back to their house as they are very boisterous and would have been very excited and maybe a little terrified on their adventure but many thanks to them for taking the time to get them out of harms way and safely home. The McCartney Family Ocean Grove

iphone picture of Ally Balmer, sunrise surfing, by Richard Grimmett.

It’s National Volunteers Week Dear Editor, Australia’s six million plus volunteers will be the focus of attention during National Volunteer Week to be celebrated from 14th to 20th May. This is Australia’s only national celebration of volunteering and Volunteering Australia thanks every volunteer for their contribution to making Australia a better place to live. This year’s theme says it all – Volunteers, Every One Counts. Volunteers contribute more than 700 million hours per year in fields including sport, welfare, education, justice, conservation, art and emergency services. It is difficult to imagine how we would cope as a nation without this extraordinary

effort. In Volunteering Australia’s most recent survey 68.3% of respondents said that their organisation needs more volunteers. If you are a volunteer we thank you for your contribution. If you do not volunteer then now is a great opportunity to take the first step. A good way to start is to visit I would like to thank NAB and the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet for their support of National Volunteer Week. Cary Pedicini CEO Editor’s note: let us know about the unsung volunteers in our town. Contact news@ oceangrovevoic.ecom

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grove news

Digital storytellers By JESSICA GRACE TECHNOLOGY so often a symbol of the future is now being used by Bellarine Memories to capture ones past. Co-founder Richard Grimmett said the inclusion of digital storytelling to their services was important. “Our business is memories. So when we established Bellarine Memories we decided to explore ways of enhancing the memory experience,” he said. Richard said the concept for ‘Through My Window ‘was inspired by somebody who was transitioning from their home into aged care. “It is about capturing the sights and sounds of a familiar environment, a home, a backyard, any place of significance,” he said. Richard said that it is a difficult and emotional time preparing to leave ones home. “This provides a way of bringing the sights and sounds of your home with you to share and remember

always,” he said. Richard said My life My Story was in part inspired by a program at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) where people created short videos about their lives. “Every story is moving when it is carefully prepared and creatively filmed and edited,” he said. “It’s important to have such services because everybody has a story to tell.” Richard said Sue Roberts their filmmaker helps prepare a list of questions and builds a comfortable rapport with the client. “The filming becomes more of a chat then a performance and in time the cameras are forgotten and the story and the history come out,” he said. “The result is a priceless record for future generations.” Sue said: “Interviewing people on camera about their lives is like ‘unearthing buried treasure’. “It’s like discovering precious gems, those very special memories unique to each person, re-lived and spoken about and all captured on film. What a privilege it has been

Brian Lucas and his wife Yvonne recently recorded their life stories through a collaboration between Bellarine Memories and Luminessence Films.

for me to facilitate the unearthing of this treasure, to sit with these wonderful ‘elders’, members of our community who have been so generous and brave enough to tell me their stories. I am so grateful for this experience.” “My Life My Story” documents on HD video the highlights and important events in people’s lives, creating a lasting record on DVD. For more information see or www.luminessencefilms.

Filmmaker Sue Roberts is working with Bellarine Memories to record My Life, My Story records.

Page 8 - Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012

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Voice takes to the English canals

The Voice took a long boat trip along the Canals in Northampton Shire and Warwickshire. Pictured right is Ray Johnson at the Helm, in the heart of England.

Gymnastics - on a horse YOUNGSTERS at Queenscliff Primary School were treated to an unusual afternoon show last week. A group of young athletes gave a demonstration of gymnastics on a horse. The name for it is horse vaulting and it requires amazing balance as riders perform routines without stirrups or reigns. Among those taking part was nine-year-old Grace Zillwood of Ocean Grove, pictured right. Her mum Caron said that although a horse rider for several years, since taking up the sport her daughter had gained hugely in confidence and self-esteem. Grace rides with the horse vaulting team from Star Struck in Moolap.

Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 9

grove fundraisers

Out of Africa KAIROS in Grove has combined with Mphatso selling African artwork, material and jewellery in order to raise money for the Mphatso Children’s foundation, writes Jessica Grace. Nancy Zanker has been fundraising for Mphatso for eight years and said that the inclusion of Kairos at the start of the year has been wonderful. “To have a shop in Ocean Grove where we can sell items and raise money for Mphatso is an amazing opportunity and privilege,” she said. “What a great way for regular support and promotion of Mphatso.” Kairos owner Sue Grinter said she had wanted to do a community shop for a while.

“Nancy and I put our heads together and we decided to combine the two. I take care of the clothing and offer the space to Mphatso,” she said. The Mphatso Children’s Foundation was originally formed in 2006 by Ocean Grove’s Robyn Casey. Today the foundation employs over 50 local Malawian staff and runs ten nursery schools in Malawi where they feed up to 1,000 children every day. Sue said the best thing is that they are able to guarantee customers that the all of the money goes towards the cause. “Because we have contacts this end and we know Robyn and the Johnstone family we know that all the money raised goes to the school and feeding the

children,” she said. “We worked out that a $225 painting we sold created 4000 meals. You can really make a difference.” So far Nancy said they have sold seven paintings and hope the inclusion of unframed work starting from $25 will attract even more interest. “If I can make $1,000 a month that would go a long way to helping the village,” she said. Nancy said one local lady donates all of the pieces for the jewellery as part of her contribution whilst a couple of other local ladies sew the African fabric into table cloths and cushions. “We make no profit on this, not one cent and no overhead,” she said. “The heart of the cause is keeping the children fed.”

Nancy Zanker holding art works in Kairos.

THE Salvos are set for their annual Red Shield Appeal fundraiser. Gill Fryer Store Manager for the Ocean Grove op shop said all the money raised locally now stays local. “All the money that the Grove Op Shop takes in is

spent on local programs,” she said. Salvation Army Officer Peter Hobbs said that there is an increased need for assistance on the Bellarine. “The need in the community is rising rapidly. People are slipping into poverty as their bills are

Salvos appeal

going up,” he said. “The majority of Red Shield funding is for community social work and goes towards assisting bill payments etc,” he said. Collectors will be at Safeway and donations can also be made at the Op shop.

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Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 11

budget wrap

Accountant’s view on Federal budget City budget brings cash for Grove The 2012-13 Federal Budget highlighted the strong position that the Australian economy continues to occupy in comparison to the rest of the developed world and the continuing problems associated with the “patchwork” economy. Highlights • Planned company tax rate reduction cancelled • New company tax loss carry back - where a company has made a

profit in earlier years and subsequently makes a loss, then up to $300K in tax can be claimed back in the loss years • Removal of the 50% capital gains discount for non-residents • Means testing and reducing the net medical expenses rebate by increasing the threshold to $5K and reducing the rebate percentage to 10% (down from 20%) (Means testing

thresholds- $84K single or $168K family) • Education tax refund to be replaced with an automatic schoolkids bonus • Changes to living away from home allowance (must maintain second home and eligibility limited to 12 months - previously indefinitely) • Doubling the tax rate from 15 to 30% for concessional contributions made where your income is more than

$300K. Ocean Grove WHK principal Helen Butteriss said: “Whilst a prediction of a budget surplus is a positive, the means to achieving this seem to be ad hoc and mainly focused on an immediate return. The budget does little to boost business confidence at a time of significant structural economic change and uncertainty.”

Grove views on budget

Cllr Jan Farrell.

Mr Mitchell said the budget provides a major boost for children’s facilities and family services, life- long learning through library services, economic diversity and leads the way environmentally. “A total of 10.2 million has been provided for early childhood centres in key growth suburbs including Grovedale, Windsor Park, Leopold, Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads,” he said. Councillor Jan Farrell said she was very happy with the budget. “There’s a lot of hard work that goes in that so I’m really happy,” she said. “Particularly the $4.07 million to the Ocean Grove Integrated Children’s centre which is fantastic for young families “And the Shell Road implementation which is great for current and future sporting figures.”

Voice reporter Jessica Grace went out onto the streets of Ocean Grove to find out what locals thought about the glut of budget news



Joe Kapustic 50 Tradesman Geelong “It really doesn’t affect me. It’s bad for my neighbour though as she teaches hospitality and also for a friend that runs a training school. But I haven’t really looked into it.”

Lyn Molina, 70, Pensioner, Ocean Grove. “I don’t know anything about it. I just don’t believe in Politicians. They make all the promises before they get in then they break them.”




Shelley Keast, 38, Business Owner Ocean Grove “It’s really good for families. And it will help us with our two kids. Doesn’t affect my business at all which is good.”

Ben Ricardo, 27, Sporting figure Ocean Grove. “To tell you the truth I have no idea. I didn’t even know there was a new budget.”

Lee Brache, 36, Mother/ Retailer Ocean Grove “I don’t really get it. I haven’t actually heard that much but I think that if it helps the families I’m all for it.”

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NEW! Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage Wednesdays 1.00, 1.45, 2.30 or 3.15pm from 18th April (fortnightly) Course Fee: $50.00 per 30 min session OGNC Discount Card Fee: $35.00

Heavenly Facials Wednesday 1pm on 20th June or Thursday 7pm on 21st June Course Fee: $45.00 1x2 hour session OGNC Discount Card Fee: $33.00


Core Strength Class Tuesday 9.00am from 17th April Course Fee: $10.00 per week OGNC Discount Card Fee: $7.00 per week Tummy, Hips & Thighs Circuit Thursday 9.00am from 19th April Course Fee: $10.00 per week OGNC Discount Card Fee: $7.00 per week Gentle, Low Impact Exercise Monday 11.15am from 16th April Course Fee: $10.00 per week OGNC Discount Card Fee: $7.00 per week “Mood” Support Group Thursday 10am from 19th April Course Fee: $3.50 per week OGNC Discount Card Fee: $2.00 per week Term 2 Mood Support Intinery 17th May – Art Therapy 24th May – Guest Speaker, Nick Collins: Family Law 31st May – Chill Out 7th June – Guest Speaker, Robert Turnour: Grow Australia 14th June – Guest Speaker, Tania Lewis: Barwon Health 21st June – Outing to Queenscliff Lodge & morning tea

NEW! Breast Cancer Support Group Saturday 10am from 28th April (Meeting 4th Saturday of every month) Course Fee: $5 per week OGNC Discount Card Fee: $2 per week Facilitator: Margery Boyce ARTS AND CRAFTS NEW! Make a Scarf the Wet Felting Way Saturday 10am on 19th May Course Fee: $58.00 1x3½ hour session OGNC Discount Card Fee: $43.00 Scrapbooking Workshops Saturday 1pm on 30th June Course Fee: $25 for each 1x4 hour session OGNC Discount Card Fee: $10 for each UFOs (Unfinished Objects) Monday 9.30am from 16th April Course Fee: $3.50 per week 10x2½ hour Discount Fee: $2.50 per week GENERAL INTEREST NEW! Declutter your Way to a New Life Saturday 10am on 26th May Course Fee: $45.00 1x2 hour session OGNC Discount Card Fee:

Book Club This group meets every fourth Monday of every month at 7.30pm, starting back on Monday 23rd April. New members welcome! Mahjong Monday 1.30pm from 16th April Course Fee: $3.50 per week x 10 sessions OGNC Discount Card Fee: $2.00 per week Scrabble Monday 1pm from 16th April Course Fee: $3.50 per week x 8 sessions OGNC Discount Card Fee: $2.00 per week U3A Geelong Inc (University of the Third Age) Reading Shakespeare Thursday 1.30pm (fortnightly) from 26th April Tutor: Kay Schapper (All enquiries to U3A on 5244 5114) Visitors welcome! Chess Group Tuesday’s 7pm Course Fee: $3.50 per session 11x2 hours OGNC Discount Card Fee: $2.00 per session COOKING CLASSES NEW! Mouth Watering Macaroons Monday 6.30pm on 28th May Course Fee: $69.00 1x3 hour session OGNC Discount Card Fee: $54.00 Secrets of Chocolate Making Monday 6.30pm on 18th June Course Fee: $69.00 1x3 hour session OGNC Discount Card Fee: $54.00 Vegetarian Cooking for Health and Wellbeing Friday 12noon on 22nd June Course Fee: $45.00 1x3 hour session OGNC Discount Card Fee: $33.00

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grove news

Capturing those smiles

Jesse Leaman at work.

STANDING in chilly water for several hours filming other people experiencing the ‘rush’ of surfing is not every person’s activity of choice at 8.00a.m. on a Sunday morning. However, when Bellarine Secondary College student Jesse Leaman, was asked to support The Disabled Surfers Association (D.S.A.) by documenting their recent Ocean Grove

Beach event he didn’t hesitate to give up his usual Sunday sleep in. Jesse is a keen photographer and filmmaker. He saw this as a great chance to continue to develop his film making skills and also a way to contribute to an inspiring community event. Mark Beshara, President of the Ocean Grove D.S.A. said: “The Ocean Grove Branch of the Disabled Surfers Association had

the opportunity to meet Jesse Leaman at the last event day held in March of this year. Jesse was one of many people that volunteered on the day but Jesse volunteered something special by filming the days’ activities. “The footage that Jesse put together has been shared by many members of the DSA’s 16 Branches around Australia and New Zealand. Comments that members have been made

about the video include: precious, outstanding, priceless and incredible.” DSA National President and founder Gary Blaschke said, “Mate I shed a few tears, that’s what it’s all about, what great footage.” National Ambassador, Jim Bradley, said, “How good is that”, and requested a full HD copy so that it can be used as the promo in the National Training Program. Mark added: “Jesse, from the Ocean Grove Committee, thank you for giving other people the chance to see what we do and how we do it.” The D.S.A. aims to put ‘Smiles on the Dials’ of all the participants who attend their events. This is

achieved by providing the opportunity for people of all abilities to enjoy a safe and happy surfing experience. Volunteers assist by joining a team in shallow water to provide encouragement and support to all participants. Volunteers don’t need to be experienced surfers. This was the last event before the cool weather sets in. Keep a lookout for the next date which will occur in the warmer months from November to February. In the meantime check out the D.S.A. Promotional Video on You Tube that Jesse has created. It will be sure to put a ‘Smile on your Dial’.

In the thick of the action, in the water.

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grove news

Lib’s mover and shaker in town

Deputy leader and shadow foreign minister Julie Bishop and Senator Michael Ronaldson chat with local Merrin Kelly.

Julie Bishop and local Judy Morrish.

Local lawyer Michael Vines shares his views with the visiting pollies.

THE Rotary Club of Ocean Grove’s winter market season started spectacularly on Sunday when almost 1000 people came through the doors to the club’s first indoor market for this year in the stadium of the Bellarine Aquatic and Sports Centre. With 35 stalls there was an excellent range of foods, crafts, wood work, jewellery and clothes. Market organiser John Paton was very happy with the turnout. He said “It’s terrific to get such a good crowd – visitors and stall holders enjoyed being inside away from the cold weather. “Today’s crowd has attracted a lot of interest

from new stall holders and I anticipate between 10 and 15 extra stalls next market to make it even more vibrant and attractive. “For the Rotary Club members the most satisfying aspect is that all the money raised goes to good causes, such as our Shelter Box program.” The Club had a real Shelter Box and tent set up for the public to see. A single shelter box can provide a temporary home for up to 10 people and comes complete with cooking and eating utensils, sleeping bags, and water purifier and storage tank. Each Shelter Box costs approximately $1000

More than 1,000 at market

John Paton hands over the winning Mitre 10 raffle ticket to Michelle Westaway.

Alan Lomas, Ken Deppeler and Wal Kelly at the market.

and Rotary clubs around the world raise funds to purchase them. They are then stored ‘on-standby’ for when major disasters hit such as the Indonesian tsunami in 2004. Rotary International and its transport networks were able to deploy over 900 of them within a fortnight. Future indoor winter markets will be held on the first Sunday of each month until October when the outdoor markets will resume. For more information on the markets or how you can help Rotary with its work, check out its website at www.rotaryoceangrove.

Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 15

arts space fundraiser

Rain, performing at the teenage fundraiser supporting a performance space at Ocean Grove Park.

Teen-aid sound show A TEEN bands fundraiser managed to raise more than $350 towards the huge goal of a state of the performing arts space at Ocean Grove Park. Organised by local muso Sarah Carroll, the best of Ocean Grove and the Bellarine’s young talent was on show. Ocean Grove Park president Colin Atkins also

took time out to explain a little about the exciting plans for the space that would include an outdoor sound shell as well as an indoor green room capable of staging indoor performances, exhibitions and meetings. The proponents of the plan which has been drawn up by architects are looking at ways to secure funding.

The Tiny Giants.

The Beachcombers.

Most women diagnosed with cervical cancer haven’t had regular Pap tests. They are essential for every woman – even if you’ve had the cervical cancer vaccine. If you’re overdue, call the clinic below and book a Pap test today.

Pap tests. A little awkward for a lot of peace of mind.

Epichealth Medical Clinic Ocean Grove Marketplace Shopping Centre 2-20 Kingston-Downs Drive, Ocean Grove Ph: 03 5256 2500 For more information phone 13 11 20 or visit

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grove business

Top of the surf shops Roger Grant of Geelong Otway Tourism was the guest speaker at the Business Association breakfast this month.

Two Grove surf shops were recognised in the recent Surf Industry Awards. Pictured are Shannon Huggard of Strapper and Darryn Murphy of Murf’s.

OCEAN Grove stores scored a double success in the recent surf industry awards. Strapper took first place in the national retailer awards while Murfs was one of five finalists in the Victorian division. Strapper lifted their award at the gala Surf Industry Awards dinner held at Sydney’s Novotel Manly Pacific. The awards celebrated the Australian surf industry’s best Product, Brands and Retailers. Ocean Grove Strapper manager Shannon Huggard said the results were good for the town. Strapper has been in the town for 14 years in September.

THE second Ocean Grove Business Association Breakfast Meeting was held on Wednesday 2nd May 2012 at 7-30am The meeting was opened at 7-30am by Helen Buttress PresIdent of OGBA . Helen welcomed all fellow traders (20), and special guest speaker Roger Grant – Executive Director of Geelong Otway Tourism. Helen informed everybody of future OGBA planning, including getting quotes to commence the BEAR project and the Community Directory. OGBA had a presence at the Showcase Community Picnic where many local organisations had stalls. There is a feedback survey in the current Ocean Grove Voice for people to respond to, to assist picnic organisers for next years planning. Also there is a proposal

to promote Ocean Grove with a Race Day in Geelong in 2013. More information later. Following the March breakfast meeting, we welcomed three new members. Helen also thanked Bob Jordan from Barwon Coast Management for his attendance. Helen then welcomed Roger Grant to address the meeting. Roger is a born and bred local from Lorne, who grew up with a passion for tourism and travel. He has lived in Canada and Scotland and among many roles has recently been chairperson of Great Ocean Road Marketing, Tourism Alliance and Geelong Consultative Committee, and is

currently on a panel for United Nations World Tourism. Roger explained the development of Business Tourism in the Geelong region where there are over 1000 members. They have been helped to maximise their initiatives, assisted with training, and have been given support for their business. The businesses have helped bring visitors to the Geelong region. Business Tourism has helped to provide facilities and information, e-mail and data bases, websites, Visitor Information Guides and assisted members with entering the digital world. Tourism Research Data indicates the main reason for visitors who come to Ocean Grove, is to catch up with family and friends, not the surf beaches or weather, or shopping etc. Tourism as such doesn’t

produce anything, but does provide more jobs in the Geelong area than Ford and Alcoa. Tourism is everybody’s business, and the flow on to many areas is amazing including doctors, dentists, undertakers, butchers, car repairers etc. Many people are turning to new reference points such as Trip Advisor for information about travelling and accommodation, rather than usual tourism bodies. Geelong and the Bellarine are now becoming more of a stand alone organisation away from the Great Ocean Road and is being helped with finance from Tourism Victoria. The recent “Come back down to earth” campaign highlights what Geelong and The Bellarine is all about. The Victorian Government and Tourism Marketing have

created “hero villages” such as Barwon Heads, Queenscliffe, Lorne, Apollo Bay to name a few. Ocean Grove is too big to be a village, and unfortunately has no real iconic feature, at this stage, to use for tourism. Ocean Grove people need to find out what it is, that keeps residents here,and have great visitor numbers. Tourism Authorities are gradually getting rid of the term “tourist” and replacing it with “visitors to our area”. Roger concluded by saying “appreciate what you see every day and don’t take it for granted, as there are others out there who may have only seen it for the first time.” The next monthly meeting will be on Thursday June 7, 6pm at Club Grove. Isn’t it great to do business in Ocean Grove.

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Local teen Fraser McCallum (white t-shirt) and the cast jump for joy in the finale of the Kardinia International College production of Grease.

GREASE IS THE WORD AN Ocean Grover took the lead as Danny in Kardinia International College’s stage version of Grease last month. Fraser McCullum took the role Travolta made famous on the big screen and was supported by Bremlea’s Eve Maxwell as

Sandy. Fellow Grover Angus NIcol also starred in the 63-strong cast, as was Barwon Heads’ Kaitlyn Maher. Betty Rizzo was as played by Rachel Gleeson of Anglesea and the part of

Kenickie was taken by Jared Drever of Jan Juc. The show also featured a live orchestra of nine. The College stages a major show every two years.

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Corner Mobbsy meets Jon Willard Jon and Jackson by Lee Considine. Local muso, surfer and all round great guy Jon Willard has been part of the local music scene for many years, and was the original driving force behind the local open mic scene. Jon also is well respected by the music industry for not only his playing but his generosity and encouragement of other performers. Most up and coming musos along our coast have been inspired by the words and music of Jon Willard. Let’s learn some more about him. (Pic : Jon and his son Jackson by Lee Considine) How long have you been playing music? I’ve been playing music on and off since I was 7. It’s been a love hate relationship that has seen me put the guitar down for a couple of years at a time, as well as locking myself away with it for long periods too. I never formerly learned to play guitar or music for that matter and it probably reflects in my approach to the instrument. However it has been a life long friend and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey along the way. Music has given me some fantastic experiences and I have been fortunate enough to have met a lot of great people, as well as had the opportunity to play with a lot of great musicians along the way. What changes have you seen in

the OG music scene? Ocean Grove has really developed as a music orientated town. I moved to Ocean Grove 12 or so years ago and have seen the music scene go through changes along the way. We have venues that support local music, as well as venues that bring in some big name acts. It’s great to know that you can go out on Fri night and see some quality local entertainment, or catch a big name all in our little town. Fave place to play? Probably my lounge room. Best local gig? Ocean Grove Music Festival Tip for bedroom players? Get out of the bedroom and play with others. If you could put on a show in OG who would be your dream headliner? Well I am fortunate because my choice headliner at the moment would be The Cruel Sea and they headlined at last years Queenscliff Music Festival What guitars do you own? Don’t like to make public what I have at home. However, the guitars I would love to own would be a 1962 Fender Stratocaster and 1959 Gibson Les Paul Custom. What’s your fave food? Fave food is anything from the

ocean with fresh salad and fresh fruits Winning Bells or topping the album charts? I don’t like the marketing machine of commercial music so I think winning Bells would be for me. If only to surf with Slater ‘n’ Fanning. Not sure how they would feel about me riding a log (old school malibu surfboard) in their comp though. Your biggest influence? Tommy Emmanual coz I got to spend some time doing some master classes with him. Jeff Buckley and David Grey and Kurt Elling as vocalists. Also local muso Stephen McEwan coz he tuned me onto Grey n Buckley, and is a great vocalist in his own right. Also Wayne Drury whose easy vocal ability I admire immensely. Also local drummer for the Scion Pirates Dave Bambrook who opened my mind to understand that music is all about community and celebration. Your all time fave song? At the moment my fav songs are Radioheads High n Dry and David Grays Slow Motion. What are some different instruments you have seen played in the OG? Well in my loungeroom alone you will find conga, drums, piano, trumpet, guitars, tin whistles, clarinet, harmonicas, piano

accordion, tambourines etc. also in the O G I’ve seen didge (Jeff) ukes (Sweet Delores and The Queen Of The Bellarine Sarah Carrol), recorder (Dwaine Chonka), Biggest gig you have ever played? A number of years ago I played at the Queenscliff Seafood Fest with The Blue Mondays in front of a crowd estimated between 1215,000 people. The whole town was in grid lock and the main rds were backed up to Marcus Hill. Have you ever met any of your music heroes? I grew up on Neil Young and Jackson Browne and The Eagles. I had the opportunity to spend some time with Jackson Browne in the Yarra Valley a few years back Wendy Mathews was there also. Also hanging in green rooms with Ross Wilson and the guys From Mental As Anything on different occasions. But I like hanging more with my local heroes such as Deborah Conway, Shane Howard, Tim Neal and the guys from the Scion Pirates, Denis Crake, Roy Green, etc etc, there are too many to name. Mobbsy can be heard weekdays on 93.9 BayFM 4-8pm. He can also be spotted falling off his boogie board at Mainies most days.

music/live events

• Ocean Grove Piping Hot Chicken

Shop Friday 18th May 8pm Sweet Delores and Breearne Chamley Ph: 52551566 • Barwon Heads Hotel. Phone 5254 2201. — Wednesdays 7pm: Trivia in the BakBar. — Thursdays: Live accoustic music in the BakBar. — Fridays 10pm: DJ in the BakBar. Saturday 26th May Harvester Moon Dinner show – John Luke Shelly and High Speed Steel Blues 2320 Portarlington Road, Bellarine (Next door the the Bellarine Estate Vineyard) Ph: 52 593200 3rd June Open Mic for Youth U/18 with Jill Meehan first Sunday of the month Barwon heads bistro. All young performers welcome/ soloists/ dancers/ bands. Phone 0431 606 476 to get on the program. • Potato Shed, 41 Peninsula Drive, Drysdale. Phone: 5251 1998 Desperate Housewives Bollywood theme 18th May 7.30pm Lisa Warwick Ph: 03 52 511998 • Making Waves acoustic music and poetry afternoons with Jill Meehan at Bardeli Café. First and third

what’s ON Saturdays of most months Next date May 26th $5 donation entry, BYO instruments and voices. Phone 0431 606 476 Queenscliff- Point Lonsdale Uniting Church. Crn Hesse & Stokes streets, Queenscliff. http://www. Barwon Heads Film Society. Barwon Heads Community Hall, Hitchcock Avenue, Barwon Heads. Last Thursday of the month, February to November. Film starts 7.45pm. Phone 5254 1139 Next film: Beginners USA made film 2010 running time 105mins

markets &fairs

The Wave Ocean Grove Baptist Church May 24th ‘The Biggest Morning Tea” The Wave, Cnr Wallington Rd and Lake Avenue, Ocean Grove at 10am until 12 noon Includes silent auctions, fashion parade, entertainment, competitions and morning tea (This year’s theme is tea by the sea) • Sunday 10th June – Point Lonsdale Market. 9am to 2pm. Point Lonsdale Primary School. *Saturday 19th May - Bellarine Community Farmers’ Market. 9am to 1pm. Ocean Grove Park, Presidents Avenue.

• Sunday May 20th – Drysdale Community Market. 9.30am to 1.30pm. Drysdale Recreation Reserve. • Sunday May 20th -Queenscliff Farmers’ Market- 9am to 1pm. Queenscliff Harbour, Queenscliff • Saturday May 26th – Barwon Heads Market. 9am to 1pm, Barwon Heads Community Hall, Hitchcock Avenue. May 27th – Queenscliff Community Market. 9am to 2pm. Lower Princess Park, Queenscliff. May 27th – Portarlington Community Market. 9am to 2pm, Parkes Hall, Newcombe Street, Portarlington • Sunday 3rd June - The Indoor Winter Community Market 9am to 2pm Bellarine Aquatic and Sports Centre Ocean Grove Ph: 0401606036


• Leura Park Estate – Sensational wines and food available. Live music every Sunday 12.30 to 4.30pm. 1400 Portarlington Road, Drysdale, phone 5253 3180. • McGlashan’s Wallington Estate – New release wines, gourmet platters and classic car display,

Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 19

open weekends and public holidays 11am to 5pm. 225 Swan Bay Road, Wallington. Phone 5250 5760

reading & writing

Ocean Grove Library – corner Presidents Avenue and The Avenue. --- Babytime- Nursery Verses. Every Thursday, 11am. — Preschool Storytime. Every Friday, 10.30am — Chatterbooks junior book club for kids aged 7-12. Last Wednesday of the month 4-5pm. Next date April 18

family fun

• Ocean Grove Toy Library. Borrow a range of toys for children aged six months to six years, open to all families on the Bellarine. Saturdays 1011am Tuesdays 7.30- 8.30pm at 19 Tareeda Way, Ocean Grove.

get active

• Ocean Grove Calisthenics.

Classes incorporating dance, song, ballet and gymnastics with strength and creativity. Ocean Grove Recreation Hall, 123 The Avenue. Phone 0438 055 679. • Functional Exercises to Music for Older Adults. Mondays 9.15am

– Senior Citizens Hall, 101 The Terrace. Wednesdays 9:30am – Uniting Church Hall, Eggleston Street. Phone 5255 1335. • Ocean Grove Scottish Country Dance: Tuesdays 7.45-10pm. Marcus Hill Hall, corner Banks Road and Bellarine Highway. Phone 5251 3393. • Line Dancing: Wednesdays 1-3pm and Mondays 7-8.30pm. Senior Citizens Hall, 101 The Terrace. Phone 0413 690 597. *Life Activities Club Geelong Inc weekly Tea Dance every Thursday afternoon 2:30-4.30pm Belmont Pavilion, Barrabool Road, Belmont. $5, all welcome. Enquiries 5251 3529. • Yoga and dance with Tara Lynch. Classes for all ages and abilities. Phone 0435 481 920

classes & exhibtions

• Check out the Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre for its range of courses, classes and fun activities. Phone 5255 4294. Have your event included in What’s On phone: 5255 3233 or email:

Clubs meet Mondays Ocean Grove Bridge Club, 1pm, Marcus Hill Hall, Bellarine Highway end of Banks Road. Also Wednesdays and Fridays 1pm. Phone Marg 5256 2550. Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 7-9pm. (juniors/seniors) at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone 5255 1641. Ocean Grove & District Men’s Shed, 9am to 3pm, 17 Smithton Grove. Phone Ernie 0421 703 368. Jujitsu, 6.30pm – juniors; 7.30pm – adults, Surfside Centre, Phone Steve 0438 019 991. First Monday of every month Bellarine Fly Fishing Association, 7.30pm, Bellarine Secondary College. Phone 0409 545 929. Legacy Laurel Group of Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads, May meeting 1pm for a Danny Bloom Fashion Show at St Peter’s Church Hall, Draper St. Members please bring a plate, visitors welcome $3. Details 5256 1863. Third Monday of every month Ocean Grove RSL, 2.30pm, Club Grove. Committee meets at 1.30pm, The Terrace. Ocean Grove Garden Club, 1.30pm, Uniting Church Hall, Eggleston Street. Phone June 5255 1399 Fourth Monday of every month Combined Probus Club of Ocean Grove, 10.30am, Club Grove. Friendship is our theme. Phone Val Crumbie 5255 1274. Tuesdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 10am to noon (adults only) at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. Bellarine T.O.W.N., 6pm, Uniting Church Hall, Eggleston Street. Phone Sue on 5255 2068. Rotary Club of Ocean Grove, 6pm, Club Grove. Phone 0457 315 900. Barwon Heads Chorale 7.30pm at the Anglican Church Barwon Heads. All abilities welcome to come along for a sing and a laugh. Phone Jo 5254 2670. First Tuesday of every month Ocean Grove Men’s Probus, 10am to noon, Ocean Grove Hotel, Collendina. Guest speakers, make friends. Visitors welcome. Phone Terry 5255 5587. First and Third Tuesday of every month Ocean Grove Barwon Heads Lions Club, 7pm, Moorfield Park, Grubb Road. New Lions most welcome. Phone 0418 524 873. Wednesdays

Ocean Grove & District Men’s Shed, 9am to 1pm, 17 Smithton Grove. Phone Ernie 0421 703 368. Jujitsu, 6.30pm – juniors; 7.30pm – adults, Surfside Centre, Phone Steve 0438 019 991. First Wednesday of every month Bellarine Business Women. From 7pm, Moorfield Park, Grubb Rd. or 0412 199 467 Second Wednesday of every month Parkinson’s Self Help Support Group, 1.30pm, Grove Centre (next to library), Presidents Avenue. Phone Pam 5255 5152 Third Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove on Barwon Probus Club, 9.45am, St Peter’s Church Hall. Fourth Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove Angling Club, 7.30pm, Minerva Close sporting oval club house. Phone Jason 0418 737 808 Last Wednesday of every month Cancer Support Group, 10am, Community Health Centre. Fourth Wednesday of every month Ocean Grove Stamp Club, 10am, Senior Citizens Hall, 101 The Terrace. Phone Dianne 5255 1372. Thursdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 10am to noon at the Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue, Ocean Grove. Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. First Thursday of every month Ocean Grove Nightlights CWA, 7.30pm, Senior Citizens Hall. Visitors welcome. Phone Faye 5255 4430. Fourth Friday of every month Ocean Grove 4 Villages Mixed Probus Club, 10.30am, Club Grove. Meet new friends, visitors welcome, no waiting list for membership. Phone 5256 1671. Saturdays Bellarine Table Tennis Club, 3-5pm, Memorial Hall, 123 The Avenue Phone John 5256 2489 or Chris 5256 1996. Coasters Social group. Social events for people of working age. Dining out, movies, trivia, bands/trivia nights. or phone 0411 952 598.

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Whale Spout Ocean Grove based Whale Spout was launched in October 2011 by Kate McLean. As the mother of three young daughters, Kate’s concerns regarding the sexualisation of children in society led her to create designs that allow and encourage kids to be kids, and not to dress them up as mini adults. Whale Spout encourages kids to embrace the essence of childhood in designs that let them be little fish.

handcrafted range of baby wear has been created, using skills passed on by my mother. I am enjoying building up my small business, setting up a website and attending local markets at Pt. Lonsdale and Queenscliff. Babes in Woodlands brings to our modern society, the art of traditional hand-embroidered, hand-appliquéd, hand-knitted/ or crocheted pieces, plus machine sewed clothing, all perfect for the treasured newborn baby!

Beck’s Honey

Alchemist’s Grove

No.1 in creamed honey, ginger honey and Manuka plus twelve other different varieties with bee pollen, honeycomb and honey straws. We serve most major markets on the peninsula and also by appointment at the farm address: 485 Founds Rd, Drysdale. Ph: 5251 2938.

I established Alchemist’s Grove in 2010 to make beautiful handmade natural soaps with a sense of fun available locally. My favourite thing is blending essential oils to provide a wide range of gorgeous scents for customers to select from. From the very floral Morning Dew, through the sophisticated Wood Spirit and on to refreshing favourites such as Peppermint Woods and Lime and Ginger. Which will be your new favourite scent? Alchemist’s Grove soap is all

Babes in Woodlands Some years ago, my small business, run from home in Ocean Grove, was formed. A unique

very mild and gentle. I love working with local olive oil in our soap as this makes lovely gentle soaps. I keep unscented soaps for those that prefer them including our Baby and Toddler soap, Oatmeal, Buttermilk and honey soap, Goats milk soap and my signature Buttermilk olive soap. Coming soon for winter. Lip balms, solid lotion bars and bath salts.

Piknik PIKNIK is a cafe/store operating out of the old Swan Bay Garage on the Queenscliff/ Portarlington Rd at Swan Bay. With access to our own orchard PIKNIK prides itself on preserves and condiments made from home grown fruit & vegetables.  We offer a select blackboard menu featuring our produce.  Allpress Coffee is served with home-made muffins, cakes and biscuits. We also churn our own gelato using the orchard for inspiration. Opening hours during the off-season are Wednesday - Sunday from 7.30am-4pm and 7 days over the season.

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A thought for the travellers Flame Robin at Ocean Grove Nature Reserve.

NATURE watch this week was inspired by fellow bird lover John Bowman. He loved chickens so much that he opened a shop in the Ocean Grove main street dedicated to chickens (ironically cooked ones)! John is a devoted environmentalist and is very good at taking action when there is an issue to be dealt with, rather than waiting for others to take the lead. We are fortunate in the Bellarine Peninsula to be able to witness many different species of birds, of many shapes, sizes, colours and habits. If you are lucky (like I have been), you may see a Black Browed Albatross from the Point Lonsdale Lighthouse over winter, when the strong winds sometimes

force them away from the Southern Ocean. If you visit Lake Victoria in summer there are waders such as Banded Stilts, Red -Necked Stints, and Sanderlings. If you walk the Rail Trail in Marcus Hill at different times of the year, you will see Bar Tailed Cuckoos, Mistletoe Birds, Crimson Parrots, and Little Eagles. If you visit Lake Lorne in Drysdale over summer, there are rare Freckled Ducks and Blue Billed Ducks. The Nature Reserve in Ocean Grove is the home to Flame Robins, Grey Fantails, Golden Whistlers, Silvereyes, and many other beautiful birds. Many species of birds come and go from this area, following a process known as bird migration.

Some birds fly from the Northern Hemisphere to this area every year. We complain of jetlag when we fly to Europe on a plane. Imagine flying that distance on wings, coping with all the hazards that could arise such as storms, pollution, the loss of habitats and resting areas, and over fishing. Birds come to the Bellarine Peninsula because there is the right habitat and climate at certain times of the year to allow survival. That is one of the many reasons why we all are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and open space of the Bellarine Peninsula, so that future generations will continue to marvel at the nature of this area. Enough, I’m temporarily hopping down off my

soapbox. Short Tailed Shearwaters or Muttonbirds fly in large numbers from the Northern Pacific Ocean back to Australia every year, usually arriving on our shores in October or early November. By the time they make it back in Australia, the shearwaters have usually expended most of their energy reserves on the journey. When they reach south-eastern Australia, sometimes they encounter unusual seasurface temperatures which may affect the availability of their main sources of prey, preventing them from foraging, and they become exhausted. If there are also adverse weather conditions at the same time, such as the southerly gales,

many are unable to deal with the rough conditions due to their fatigue, and large numbers die and are washed up on the beach. I have seen many dead Shearwaters washed up on Ocean Grove beach in the Spring, a reminder of the vulnerability of birds during the migration process. Bar Tailed Godwits can still be seen at the Barwon River Estuary. They are only about 45 cms long, but they are very tough. A particular female Bar Tailed Godwit was reported (in the year 2007), to have flown 7,145 miles (11,500 kilometers) nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand in 9 days—without taking a break for food or drink. Can you imagine that? Tens of thousands of Bar Tailed

Left: Japanese Snipe at Blue Waters Lake.

Below: Female Flame Robin, at Ocean Grove Nature Reserve.

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Banded stilts at Lake Victoria.

Godwits land in Australia’s north-west in late Spring, and move around the coast of Australia, rather than across the land. While most birds leave Australia in April and May to return to their breeding grounds, some birds (mostly young birds) remain all year round. Red -Necked Stints are tiny birds (17cms long). They breed in the Artic region of Eastern Eurasia and fly here for the summer in large numbers, then fly back to breed. Common Greenshanks grow to a length of 32 cms. This bird breeds in the Palaearctic regions and is widespread in Africa, Coastal Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Philippines and southern

New Guinea. They are another shorebird that is seen commonly along the Barwon River estuary in the summer. Latham’s Snipe or Japanese Snipe is only 33 cms long. It breeds mainly in Northern Japan, and the eastern Russian mainland. The entire population migrates and spends the non-breeding season principally in eastern Australia, where it is the commonest Snipe seen. If you are lucky, because these birds are very shy, you may see a Snipe at Blue Waters Lake, Lake Lorne, or Begola Wetlands. Banded Stilts breed in large inland salt-lakes of South Australia and Western Australia when floods occur.

Such events are rare and the Banded Stilts may go years without even attempting to breed. When conditions are suitable the birds disappear from their non breeding sites, and fly inland for hundreds of kilometres. Nobody knows how the birds KNOW that the inland sites have flooded, they just KNOW. The birds then nest in dense colonies and can lay several clutches in a small time to take advantage of the favourable breeding conditions. As the salt lakes dry out the birds disperse, to places far away such as Lake Victoria in Point Lonsdale. It’s not just waders that migrate to these parts. I was fascinated to hear recently

of some fellow bird lovers who were standing on Ocean Grove Beach when the Tasmanian Grey fantails flew in. Grey Fantails are tiny 17 cms birds who fly across the Bass Strait to Ocean Grove every autumn to escape the freezing Tasmanian winter. Flame Robins also fly across the Bass Strait to spend winter in Ocean Grove. Flame Robins are the only Robins known to form flocks in winter. They are beautiful birds and can currently be seen in the Nature Reserve. The Silvereye is one of Australia’s smallest birds at 12 cms long, yet it is capable of travelling great distances during migration, with Silvereyes from the most southerly regions

of Tasmania travelling all the way up to Southern Queensland during the winter months. So next time I am tired and hungry and jetlagged, I will spare a thought for migratory birds. And I will keep marvelling at their exploits, and appreciating the environment that we have on the Bellarine Peninsula. Back to that soap box…. If you are interested in joining the local bird lovers Group known as Bellarine Birdlife, please contact Miles Charlesworth on 0438531782. The group meets on the first Monday of each month at the Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre at 7.30 pm. Jennifer Carr


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grove bowls

Top coach secured NEW Club Grove fulltime bowling coach Matt Flapper has a new lease on life. The 33-year-old, who started in the role earlier this month, replaces Ken Thomas, who will stay on as a mentor at the Club. Flapper arrives at Club Grove with a high pedigree after his previous coaching role at the Essendon Bowling Club. He has played 250 representative matches with Victoria and made several appearances with the Australian A Bowls team and played high level pennant in Sydney. Flapper is a previous winner at Club Grove’s Annual Classic Four Bowls tournament. “The opportunity came up when I was talking to a couple of blokes and I have been always sort of interested in a position like this,” said Flapper, a current Bacchus Marsh resident. “The chance was there to come down and have a chat and see what Ocean Grove was all about. “I have played here

against Ocean Grove and played here at Club Grove in their Classic and have had a bit of success here, so it is somewhere where I have always enjoyed playing.” Flapper is relishing the new role working at Club Grove’s new state-of-theart facilities. The Ballarat-raised Flapper understands why former Ocean Grove Bowling coaches Peter Nixon and his predecessor Ken Thomas, who both hail from regional Victoria, have been attracted to Club Grove and the coastal surrounds. “All the country guys like coming to the surf, I think that’s it,” Flapper laughed. “The attraction is here. “It’s a magnificent facility, it has probably got the best facility as any club in Victoria. “Why wouldn’t you want to play here? M E A N W H I L E

Come in and see our range of imported wall and floor tiles, glue, grout and tiling tools. 4 Marine Pde Ocean Grove

5255 2212

Matt Flapper is Ocean Grove’s new bowling coach.

Flapper’s new lease on life does not just extend to playing lawn bowls and his coaching exploits. The now much slimmer Flapper has also won the battle of the bulge after shredding a remarkable 62 kilograms in the last 18 months. In October 2010, he

weighed 155 kilograms and is now trimmed down to 93 kilograms. “My lifestyle has changed where I know I can run six kilometers and I’m not drinking as much than what I used to,” Flapper admits. “If someone had told me that a couple of years

ago, I would be running six kilometers I would have laughed.” Outside of Lawn Bowls, Flapper is a keen Collingwood AFL supporter and he regularly commutes from Bacchus Marsh to Ocean Grove to work daily at Club Grove.

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Group buying for cheaper electricity and gas in Grove How can you save serious money on your power bills? THE Ocean Grove Community Association and Barwon Heads Association supported by the Ocean Grove Voice and Ocean Grove Community Enterprise are pleased to advise that bulk purchase of electricity and gas via Power Group Purchasing (on behalf of the consumers - residential and business) in the Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove areas is underway. To date over 240 households have registered their interest. Through acting as a single buying group the project will allow consumers to secure a better deal from power providers. Energy retailers will be invited to bid for local business with their best package in terms or service and price. Previous similar bulk purchasing arrangements (Portarlington) have resulted in savings of up to $300 per annum or more. The Ocean Grove Community Enterprise and

the Ocean Grove Voice are getting right behind this project to save money for our community households. You can register your interest via the website www. powergrouppurchasing. com and then click on the green button, where you can then register under Barwon Heads or Ocean Grove. In June Power Group Purchasing will introduce the successful energy supplier to the community and provide an opportunity for further registration. We encourage you to now join all those who have already registered the aim is for 500 households. The more people that register the more the savings. Please note by registering now you do not have to actually commit until tenders close. In the future such community initiatives will lead to other potential bulk purchasing such as solar energy, phone carriers and fuel etc.

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grove sport

Ned breaks 40 year Landy record Posso’s venue shift

OCEAN Grove talented young sports star Ned Weatherly is living his life to the fullest, writes Mark Heenan. Earlier this month, the Year 8 Bellarine Secondary College Ocean Grove campus student (picturd above) broke a 40-year-old discus record that stood since 1972 on Thursday May 3 at Landy Field in Geelong. Young Ned threw 51.60 metres to beat the previous mark by 11 metres, and in the shot put he threw 16.65 metres to better the old record mark of 15.24

metres on the same day. This Friday, Ned embarks on a seven-week overseas sports journey to compete in discus, javelin and shot put competitions. He will travel to England, Scotland, Wales, Austria, Isle of Man, Isle of Guernsey and Isle of Jersey. “Ned will be competing in 13 competitions over there,” Bellarine Secondary College Ocean Grove campus Sports Co-ordinator Kuiama

McAuliffe said. “He will be training in these events every second day and on the days he is not training, he will be allowed to see the different places. “The purpose of this is to help competitors to deal with going overseas and to teach them the advance techniques of the throws.” When Ned is not throwing a discus, he is star on the hockey field after playing a valuable role as goal keeper in Bellarine Secondary College’s Year 7 Hockey team last year that finished second in Victoria.

Ben Considine will be competing in the Victorian Old Mal titles at Point Impossible. THE Victorian Old Mal Titles have been locked in for June 16 at Point Impossible. The decision was made to move the event from Ocean Grove to Point Impossible after gathering feedback from competitors. The date change from February to June will also coincide with the offshore winds and which are prominent at this time of year.

Competitors to watch out for in the under 40s will be previous winners Jordan Noble, Jordie Brown and Ben Considine. Ben is coming off a win at Noosa and 2 state titles from the recent Vic Longboard Titles. Bens favourite style of traditional surfing will make him very hard to beat at Possos on the old mal. In the over 40s, Scott Wintle is unbeaten since the event began 3 years ago. The ones Scotty will

have to look out for this year will be former Australian Longboard champion Brian Thomson from St Andrews Beach and ocean grove locals Darryn (Murf) Murphy and Chad McLauchlan. Entry forms are available on the SOUL website www. and at only $40 you will get a t-shirt and entry into a great days surfing.

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The Last Piece Games, Toys, Puzzles & More

Don’t miss your chance to see Geelong’s 2nd Biggest Ferris Wheel! •

• •

Made using over 8.500 K’nex pieces ! • Nearly 2 metres in height ! Fully operational during business hours Display ends after next School Holidays

Plenty of FREE parking available FREE Gift Wrapping

Find ‘The Last Piece’ at:

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29 Ormond Road, East Geelong 3219

Phone: 5221 5991

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waves soccer

Cross bridge co-operation

Co-operating: Christine Cuff from Barwon Heads Soccer Club and Gill Black from Surfside Waves Soccer Club.

OCEAN Grove’s Surfside Waves and Barwon Heads soccer clubs have shown that local cooperation is the way forward. Tuesdays are Barwon Heads womens soccer training night; recently though the lights were not working and threatened the club’s routine. However, when asked, Surfside Waves Gill Black was only too happy to help accommodate the near rivals.

“It’s wonderful to see what appear to be fierce rivals working so well together for the good of the game,” said Football Federation Victoria regional administrator Cath Sattler. “I think it’s no coincidence that it’s the women leading the way and leading by example of how we can all work together. I think it’s fantastic when random acts of kindness like this are held out as an example to others.

Young Waves in action

Isaiah Mujica shoots for Waves under 17s against Breakswater Eagles.

Ben Zebic hit the bar with a shot from this turn.

Bellarine Bears - Baseball May 16 Results A reserves Bellarine 2 Ballarat 10 A grade under lights at Ballarat Bellarine 2 Ballarat 8 Hits to: Chris Barker 1, Wayne Visser 1, and Damien Visser 1 Pitching: Wayne Visser 2 innings giving up 4 earnt runs Tyson O’Keefe 3 innings for 2 runs, Brad McKentish 1 innings 0 runs C grade We have entered a second side and they played each other Bellarine Blue 23 Bellarine Red 2 May 13 results A grade Bellarine 2 Lara 12 Bears were home to Lara Wildcats and were given a lesson in how to field to A grade standard with an errorless performance in defeating Bears 12 runs 2. The Bears had 6 errors allowing 7 unearned runs. The Bears were well served by Wayne Visser pitching giving up only 4 hits and getting 7 strike outs with 4 earned runs over 5 innings. He also collected a 2 base hit driving in the first of the Bears runs. Nathan Paul was another to have an outstanding day with 2 hits [1 a double] a walk and being the only Bears player to cross the plate for their 2 runs. 16 year old Tyson O’Keefe

continues his great start to seniors with his 3rd outing of pitching however the support in the field was lacking. A reserve Bellarine 2 Lara 23 Bears were hit by injuries which put them behind it right from the start and up against a team boasting several a grade players it was always going to be tough. Matt Price was on the mound for most of the day and then

was relieved by a first timer to pitching in Andrew Riddett who did a great job. Best batters where Matt Price 2 hits, Alex Hockey and Josh Crotty 1 hit apiece C grade Bellarine blue 2 Deakin 3 Very high standard game for c grade Bellarine Red 4 Lara 20

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The Voice Business Directory COMPUTER SALES & REPAIRS HEALTH & FITNESS (continued)


Barwon Grove Holiday Rentals 0412 102145 Bells By The Beach Holiday House 0403 221737 Big 4 Bellarine Holiday Park 5251 5744 Portarlington Beach Motel 5259 3801

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Maleline Mensland

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Leura Park Estate McGlashans Wallington Estate

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junior footy

Cats at cobras and under 16s

Ocean Grove u16 footballers Ben Potter and Luke Bastian with Mathew Stokes. The pair were recently rewarded for outstanding 2011 seasons with Geelong Falcons u15 selection in the Victorian Country Leagues Championships.

Cat Billie Smedts at Cobras.

OCEAN Grove junior footballers were treated to coaching visits from Geelong Cats players last week. Billie Smedts and Ryan Bathie took Cobras through their paces while injured keyman Mathew Stokes was on hand to give Ocean Grove under 16s some valuable pointers.

Good effort, with promise THE firsts played Leopold under lights at Leopold in round three and went down 10.8.68 to 5.7.37. Trailing by a point at half time Leopold were able to break open the game in the second half with their pace and run, but the boys were far from disgraced and should be proud of their efforts. Hugh Attard, in a welcome return from injury was tireless in his efforts in the ruck contests and around the ground. Che Durran and Christian West won plenty of the football

through the middle. Across half forward Curtly Balshaw and Luke Bastiaan threw themselves into every contest and were lively targets. Down back Nick Murphy, Jacob Nicholson, and Hamish Hoober were excellent coping with the amount of ball coming into their forward line. GOALKICKERS_Rob Procter, Christian West, Jack Ness, Luke Bastiaan, and Curtly Balshaw all kicked a goal. The unfortunate trend of last quarter fadeouts continued for the firsts in

a 10 7 67 to 6 7 43 loss to St. Albans. Trailing by 4 points at the last change we could only add 1 point in the last quarter as St. Albans pulled away. If the boys can sustain their effort for a full 4 quarters then a return to the winners list is not too far away. Curtly Balshaw, Hamish Hoober, Luke Bastiaan, Hugh Attard, Ned Holland, and Christian West all continued their fine starts to the season. GOALKICKERS- Ben Potter and Christian West kicked 2 each, with Curtly Balshaw and Luke

Bastiaan both kicking 1. The seconds had their first loss of the season going down to the Belmont Lions by 10 points 7.6.48 to 5.8.38. It was great to welcome Vincent McDonald back and he gave some added spark to the forward line kicking 3 goals. Jack Benjamin, Isaac Wilkins, and Anthony Wilkens all chipped in with a goal. Cameron Drake and Will Gant continued their excellent form in the midfield, and down back Sam Pfeiffer was a solid 4 quarter contributor. In their next match the

seconds came up against a strong Anakie side, and although trying hard all day were no match for their opponents going down 14 9 93 to 4 6 30. Luke Smyth was outstanding at Centre Half Back with his effort and attack on the footy. Tom Beasley, Andrew Douglass, Ben Sanders, Riley Hollmer, and James Peers all worked hard to win the ball our way. GOALKICKERSDaniel McManus, Vincent McDonald, Will Gant, and Jack Benjamin kicked 1 each.

Cobras u14 v Drysdale

Ocean Grove Collendina Cobras u14 (3) worked hard but were unable to overcome a strong Drysdale side in their first game after grading. Best players were Kyle Lock, Frazer Hoober, Josh Hirt, James Butteriss, Lachlan Gawley-Price and the lone goal kicker was Darby McEvoy.

Michael A. Nicol Matt Payton Kirrilee Sing General Consultations Diabetics & High Risk Orthotic Therapy Nail Surgery Veterans Affairs Evening Appointments Available

5256 2019 100 The Terrace, OCEAN GROVE

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Antenna Services




Guttering Decking, Pergolas, Car Ports

Computer Repairs & Services


Auto Repairs

Hire Equipment Concreting Electrician

Home Maintenance


Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 35

trades & services



be the first call for services contact Michael on: 5255 3233

Picture Framing

Plastering Painting & Decorating

Roofing Services

Training & Tuition


Mowing Services


Panel Beater










5 18

0 721 40


info @

Children grown up. Blink and they’ve the re tu ! cap ic at ss Images th y d cla e of childhood ar Famil eative an family e enc ess cr igner oot Media precious and beyound price. s Fun, e d ’s a ref That it by Ba ra port

Individuals & Couples Whether it’s a wedding, engagement or anniver shoot, Barefoot Media sary take time to get to knowwill you.


Window Shutters

m e dia.c


Page 36 - Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012

junior netball

Juniors earn their rewards Ocean Grove u17 (div 1) v Barwon Heads.

Team can read the play

The 15 and under netballers recently took part in the Read the Play program. Sponsored by Kempe Engineering and currently being launched nationally, this local initiative raises awareness of mental health issues in our community. The program is aimed at 15 and under netballers and under 16 footballers and is fully supported by the Ocean Grove Football/Netball Club. It imparts information about mental illness through engaging the young players in fun and interactive games, helping to remove the stigma and increase help

seeking behaviour. About 35 local netballers joined in the fun of the games night on the serious subject of mental health and included discussions on suicide. A local psychologist from Headspace Geelong ran the night and included some wonderful food from Routley’s Bakery. Most girls commented during and after the night that it was very interesting and helpful with realistic advice and information about services in Geelong and around the Bellarine. More information can be found at www.

OCEAN Grove Netball Rounds 5 & 6: Juniors The Ocean Grove juniors continued their run of good form over rounds 5 & 6 with most of the age groups in the Saturday competitions recording two wins. Three of the teams – the under 17(1), under 15(2) and under 13(2) remain undefeated and are playing fantastic team netball. The youngest teams in the junior ranks are the under 11’s. While they don’t play for premiership points, their games are as competitive as any of their older counterparts and they give their all every week. Training for the under 11’s has focused on footwork and ball skills, with some added fun as well. Fun will continue to play a very important role in their games, whilst also learning their netball skills and team sportsmanship. The under 11-(1) side under the tutelage of experienced under 15 player Maddy Goodger are going along beautifully while the winter chills of Friday night games, have not dampened the enthusiasm

Ocean Grove u15.

and eagerness of the under 11(2) team. They have just completed four matches at Kardinia Park over the last weeks, with great team spirit. Round 5 results Saturday comps v Barwon Heads u/19 12-19 best Brooke Walter, Siobhan Baker, Lauren Ollis. u/17-1 29-13 best Kelsey Ollis , Grace Caldow and Zanna Woods. u/17-2 29-8 best Briony Wemyss and Lauren Barber. u/15-1 32-16 best Maddy Goodger, Paige Woolhouse and Bridey McElligott. u/15-2 46-5 best Amina King, Keely Babb and Greta Gant u/13-1 20-16 best Abbey Badrock, Taya Payne and Emily Moroney u/13-2 24-9 best Ashlee Duhamel and Isabel Jones. Round 6 results Saturday comps v Anglesea u/19 19-45 best Bree Fankhauser, Emma Doolan and Lauren Ollis. u/17-1 30-13 best

Emma Blake-Hahnel, Zanna Woods and Kyla Beasley. u/17-2 27-18 best Lauren Barber, Bianca O’Callaghan and Alice Digby. u/15-1 35-22 best Maddy Traynor, Meg Badrock and Clem Praud. u/15-2 50-6 best Jesse Sutton, Elizabeth Lowe and Heidi Bennett. u/13-1 29-9 best Emily Moroney, Michaela Giblin and Emma Walker. u/13-2 36-9 best Emily Bambrook and Loretta Doyle Friday Night comps May 4 v Torquay u/15-3 31-10 best Sofie Beale, Lily Bowers and Shaynesha Page. u/15-4 v Geelong West St Peter 6-17 best Kate Mullaly, Gemma Dunne and Bryley Reid. u/13-3 v GWSP 12-7 best Mietta Wilkins, Alannah McElligott and Sarah Bastiaan. u/13-4 v South Barwon 2-18 best Clementine TraynorMiner, Erin Quinn and Lara Walters.

U13 (div 2) v Barwon Heads.

Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 37

grove netball

A grade action from the Ocean Grove Barwon Heads clash.

B grade gained their second win of the season at Barwon Heads.

Toughs days at the office A-Grade: The last two weeks have not been great for the A-graders as they have suffered two heavy losses at the hands of Barwon Heads and Anglesea. Unless they show a dramatic turnaround in form, the finals look out of reach. Coach Megan BlakeUren is well aware that there will be some shortterm pain while she continues to blood younger players and endeavours to mould the side into playing a game-winning style. Round 5: Barwon Heads 70 defeated Ocean Grove 35 After two wins in a row Ocean Grove was quietly confident going into the round 5 local grudge match – The Battle of the Bridge – against Barwon Heads. However, Barwon Heads were “on” from the start and never really gave The Grubbers a look in. A big positive for the team was Elkanah Foott returning from injury. She came through the game unscathed and had an impact on the game up forward combining well with Zanna Woods in the goal circle. Unfortunately for Ocean Grove, Olivia Young had a day out for Barwon Heads in the opposing goal circle and scored 49 of her team’s goals. Barwon Heads looked more assured around the court with slick ball movement and sure passing. Despite the best defensive efforts of Paula Birch and

Lauren Ollis, Barwon Heads got the ball forward with precision. In contrast, Ocean Grove struggled to get any system going in their forward thrusts. Jaimie George and Grace Caldow continued their good recent form and look set for big years. Round 6: Anglesea 67 defeated Ocean Grove 29 Another tough day at the office for the girls, in the wintry like conditions that tested the mettle of all who took to the court. Anglesea’s experienced players adapted to the conditions better than the young Ocean Grove team and the scoreboard was ticking over at a two to one ratio. To their credit, the Ocean Grove girls dug deep in the last quarter and broke even in general play. Ocean Grove was best served by the ever reliable Jaimie George and consistent Kelly Mcintosh. Young Zanna Woods made the most of her limited opportunities in the goal circle and her continued development is proof that the club is heading in the right direction. B-Grade: Round 5: Ocean Grove 45 defeated Barwon Heads 32. The B-Grade girls won their version of The Battle of the Bridge with a disciplined four quarter effort. Sarah Degenaro dominated her patch and continually held up Barwon Heads forays forward. It was a clear 3 vote performance from Sarah but Ocean Grove had winners all over the court.

Luci Ross through the centre and Jess Morris up forward were also worthy of honourable mentions in a very even team effort. The girls were ecstatic with their second win of the season. Round 6: Anglesea 51 defeated Ocean Grove 31. The scoreboard didn’t reflect the eveness of this game. The girls put together some great passages of play and at times looked the better team. The polish of Anglesea showed in the end and they finished the game better. Emma Doolan was a standout in Wing Attack and combined well through centre court with Bree Fankhauser and Sharna McNamara. If the girls can produce their best over four quarters, more wins are assured. C & D Grades: The C & D grade teams are playing some great netball but not quite getting the job done. After a draw against Barwon Heads and a 1 goal loss to Anglesea, the D-grade girls are due for a change of luck and their hard work will surely be rewarded in the coming rounds. Round 5 Best v Barwon Heads: C grade Caily Nash, Jess Grace and Emma Mooney, and D grade Danielle Vicary, Alysha Milnes and Carly Britt. Round 6 Best v Anglesea: C grade Courtney Ractliffe, Caily Nash and Famie Needham, and D grade Cathie Slevin, Jen Van Ingen and Carly Britt. By John Wilkens.

B grade v Barwon Heads.

C grade v Barwon Heads.

Page 38 - Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012

grove footy

Six straight for Grove campaign THE GRUBBERS believe the biggest challenge approaching the club midseason will be to manage its star players and continue the pattern of winning matches, writes Mark Heenan. On Saturday, Ocean Grove notched up their sixth consecutive win of the 2012 season recording a comprehensive 41-point win over Anglesea at Alcoa Oval. Final scores were Ocean Grove 15.19.109 to Anglesea’s 10.8.68. Along with Queenscliff and Torquay, the Grubbers still remain the only undefeated teams after six rounds of the BFL. All three teams have now bridged a three-game gap on nearest rivals fourthplaced Modewarre, who have a 3-3 win/loss record. Ocean Grove coach Cameron McGregor said it was important to keep

their winning form, despite the Grubbers fielding a number of representatives for the BFL Interleague clash against the Western Border Football League on Saturday May 26. “You don’t want to be risking too many guys (being rested) because you want to keep the winning feeling happening,” McGregor said. “You want to keep guys in-form at the moment and that is what we are trying to do.” Gun midfielder and forward Liam Rock, who was named in the original BFL Interleague squad, sustained a rib injury in Saturday’s clash against Anglesea He remains likely to be sidelined for a few weeks. “Liam Rock was probably

going to play representative footy and he is going to miss this week and might miss two or three games now,” McGregor said. New recruit Brendon Backwell (soreness) and Harrison Foott (foot injury) are also in some doubt for this weekend’s clash against Portarlington. M E A N W H I L E McGregor said Ocean Grove’s win over Anglesea on Saturday was the challenge his players needed. Anglesea knocked Ocean Grove out of last season’s BFL finals’ race after a 26-point win at Drysdale in the first semi-final, so the Grubbers had plenty to play for. Scores were level at halftime between the Seas’ and the Grubbers on Saturday, although Ocean Grove dominated the third and fourth quarters with a ninegoal second half.

“We obviously build up that we are playing a competitive side and that we need to start to win games of footy again,” McGregor said. “No matter where (Anglesea) are on the ladder they are always difficult to beat down at Anglesea - to walk away with the four points was a good result.” Goal kicking midfielder Aaron O’Callaghan, who booted four goals, played one of his best games to date at the Grubbers. Utility Shaun ‘Red’ Fankhauser, who kicked the winning goal at Anglesea last season, co-captain Rowan O’Callaghan and new ruck recruit Michael Stewart also played impressive matches. This Saturday, Ocean Grove plays host to Portarlington at Ocean Grove Memorial Recreation Reserve. Senior game starts at 2:10pm.

FINAL SCORE OCEAN GROVE 15.19.109 DEFEATED ANGLESEA 10.8.68 Ocean Grove Goal Kickers: A. O’’Callaghan 4, L. Hollmer 3, T. Gavin 2, J. Rawlings 2, P. Corredig , D. Maloney , T. Doherty , B. Ricardo Best Players: A. O’’Callaghan, S. Fankhauser, R. O’’Callaghan, M. Stewart, B. Ricardo, T. Roberts

Aerodynamic Holmer GUN Grubber recruit Louis Holmer had his blonde locks cut to great effect prior to the Grubbers’ match against Barwon Heads. A week after the club’s 20-goal win against Newcomb, Holmer disposed of his pony tail image and debuted a new shaven hair look. The former Lara GFL player had a day out in arguably a best on ground performance kicking six goals in Ocean Grove’s 45-point win over Barwon Heads.

“As he said to me ‘It is a new and improved him’ and he has come out and performed,” Ocean Grove coach Cameron McGregor said after the match. McGregor said Holmer, also a useful ruckman, can play in a variety of positions as he adds flexibility around the club’s talls Michael Stewart, Tom Roberts and co-captain Pete Corredig. “Louis I think is good across halfforward, but is also a fantastic ruckman and he reads the play really well,” he said.

Ocean Grove Voice, May 16-29, 2012 - Page 39

grove footy

Grubbers roll Heads THE Grubbers claimed valuable local bragging rights after defeating Barwon Heads in their Battle of the Bridge clash on May 5. Ocean Grove won 19.8.132 to Barwon Heads 13.9.87 on a fresh and coolish day at Howard Hammer Oval. The teams play for the ‘Pisspot’ trophy. The Seagulls were competitive against the

undefeated Grubbers for the majority of the game and only trailed by 13 points at half-time. Like their match against Newcomb Round four, Ocean Grove turned in a much better second half performance and booted six goals to Barwon Heads’ three majors in the final

term. Grubber Louis Holmer was the star of the show kicking six goals, while teammate Brendon Backwell booted three majors. On-baller Ben Ricardo was superb across the midfield gathering disposals at will. Not to be overlooked, Barwon Heads forward Daniel Hovey had a day out for the Seagulls kicking

six goals. Ocean Grove coach Cameron McGregor said the Battle of the Bridge match is far more important for the Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove local communities, rather than an intense fierce rivalry between the players. Since he took the coaching reigns in 2010, McGregor has not lost a game as senior coach against Barwon Heads.

“At the end of the day, the Battle of the Bridge is more about the supporters and spectators who build it up,” McGregor said. “It’s more when the guys walk down the street and they say to each other have you got the Battle of the Bridge trophy? “We haven’t lost a Battle of the Bridge in my time at Ocean Grove, hopefully we don’t lose one in my time.”

Youngsters had a ball when Ocean Grove Auskick clinic held its Prep Super Hero day on Saturday.


OCEAN Grovers have made up the core of the Victorian state Water Polo team competing in Queensland. The team features Ken and Gabe McClelland, Kane McBean, Luke Spitty and Rob Hopkins. The team was due to return to the Grove at the weekend.

OCEAN Grove seniors maintained their run with a convincing win over Anglesea at the weekend. Story page 39.

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Ocean Grove Voice 16 May 2012  

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