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Powerboat racing, first recognized Point to Point endurance races

By the mid-1990s, powerboat races were rarely held running up and down a shoreline for a pre-determined Embracing the heritage of powerboat racing, Ocean records designed for adventurers with sea-worthy craft offshore passages.

Unlike circuit races held within sight of land, Ocean Cup "Over the Horizon", Point to Point endurance challenges Man and machine take on the forces of nature for a true of preparedness, persistence, and navigation skills.

recognized as a sport in 1904, began as Long Distance frequently spanning hundreds of miles of open ocean.

held offshore, instead becoming a track-style circuit race pre-determined number of laps.

Ocean Cup presents a series of long-distance world speed craft capable of undertaking independent, extended

Cup competitions are once again challenges crossing open ocean. true test



Established in 1922, the Union Internationale Motonautique is the world governing body for all powerboating activities. The UIM is fully recognized by the International Olympic Committee.


Founded in 1903, the American Association is the sole powerboat racing in the is the sanctioning authority Every year APBA sanctions nationwide in 13 different




American Power Boat sole governing body for the United States and authority for the UIM. sanctions over 150 races different categories.


Since 2013, Ocean Cup has working closely with APBA and UIM to produce World Speed Records designed for sea worthy, offshore craft capable of undertaking independent, extended offshore passages in unprotected waters.

Photo Firedrill Productions

Ocean A Unique Boutique Brand

Reviving and respecting the history of offshore racing Teams race against the clock, not each other; providing Environmentally friendly with programs dedicated

The most technologically advanced series designed Live stream incorporates fleet tracking, satellite feeds

The real world, open ocean test bed for manufacturer's Owned 100% by Janet Wilson & Nigel Hook - Trademarks

Exclusive sanctioning rights for UIM World Long Distance/Point

Exclusive sanctioning rights for Center Consoles as

Family teams and boat owners welcome - #AdventureCalling

& Machs Wex

Family Teams Join

Eric Father & Son Team Krystal & Michael Father & Daughter

Ocean Cup®

Brand with a Deep History

racing providing a safer racecourse dedicated to ocean education and conservation programs designed for fan engagement feeds of video / audio, and engine telemetry manufacturer's equipment

Trademarks for Ocean Cup® and for Rum Run®

Distance/Point to Point records in the USA

as well as traditional offshore race boats


Drury Daughter

& Mike

Join the Adventure

Michael Team Austin Carver Father & Son Team
OCEAN CUP WORLD Going Over the Horizon Year Team Time 2021 A Cat >45 Lucas Oil JHook 1:00:10 112.19 2022 A Cat >45 Lucas Oil JHook 1:12:54 92.59 2020 A V <30 Early Detection 1:57:40 57.365 2020 A V 30-50 Lucas Oil SilverHook 1:19:28 84.56 2022 A V 35-40 Copelands Raymarine DNF 2023 B V <30 Jolly Roger II 1:35:00 71.05 2023 B V <30 Revelation Racing 1:38:59 68.19 2022 B V <30 Jolly Roger II 1:42:31 65.84 2021 B V <30 Ultimate Boat Racing 1:46:36 63.32 2022 B V <30 Revelation Racing 1:53:16 59.59 2023 B V 30-35 Heat Wave Racing 1:56:39 57.87 2023 B V 40-45 Miss Wex 1:31:17 73.95 2023 B V >45 Patriotic Duty 1:17:10 87.47 2022 B V >45 Patriotic Duty 1:24:00* 80.36* 2021 B V >45 Patriotic Duty 1:36:00 70.32 2021 B V >45 APISA 1:41:15 66.67 2021 CC V 35-45 MTI Center Console 1:31:05 69.92 2023 B V >45 Patriotic Duty 5:18:39 78.14 2013 V 30-50 APISA 9:50:51 42.14 2017 n/a n/a 30-50 Lucas Oil SilverHook 1:18:03 78.74 2017 n/a n/a 30-50 Lucas Oil SilverHook 5:41:59 48.63 2022 A Cat >45 Lucas Oil JHook 0:58:04 103.66 2019 A V 30-50 Lucas Oil SilverHook 1:03:43 94.35 2022 B V >45 Cigarette Racing Team 1:07:10* 89.51* 2023 A Cat >45 Ocean Cup . com 1:15:04 102.31 2023 A V 35-40 Copelands Raymarine DNF 2023 B V <30 Revelation Racing 2:09:29 59.31 2023 B V >45 APACHE 1:37:13* 2023 B V >45 Patriotic Duty DNF 2023 CC V 35-40 Fountain Center Console 1:50:14* 69.67* 2018 130 Cat 30-50 Motul Monster 0:47:43 101.69 Class San Francisco to Long Huntington Beach around Catalina Key West to Cuba & Key Palm Beach to Freeport Grand Palm Beach to West End Trinidad to Tobago


Horizon Since 2013

Ave Pilots

Catalina (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023)



Nigel Hook & Jay Johnson

Nigel Hook & Jay Johnson

57.365 Chris Reindl & Leigh Ann Baughman





Nigel Hook & Jay Johnson

Andy Copeland & Jeff McCann

Nigel Hook & Tim Pattison

Michael Drury & Kristal Drury

Kyle Lancon & Tim Pattison

63.32 Findley Gillespie & Bruce Dudley








Michael Drury & Chris Camire

Brian Creech & Matt Field

Eric Weichselbaum & Machs Weichselbaum

Tony Adams, Steve Seaton & Allen Bellinghausen

Tony Adams & Steve Seaton

Tony Adams & Steve Seaton

Lance Ware & Walter Ware

69.92 Austin Carver & Mike Carver

Long Beach (2013 and 2023)



Tony Adams, Steve Seaton & Allen Bellinghausen

Nigel Hook & Lance Ware

West to Cuba and Back (2017)



Nigel Hook & Jay Johnson

Nigel Hook & Jay Johnson

Grand Bahama (2019 and 2022)




Nigel Hook & Jay Johnson

Nigel Hook &Michael Silfverberg

Pete Riveiro & Shawn Steinert

End Bahamas and Back (2023)


Nigel Hook, Nick Pjatikin & Tim Pattison

Andy Copeland & Jeff McCann




Michael Drury & Kristal Drury

Lorne Liebel, Bobby Latham & Ryan Beckley

Tony Adams, Steve Seaton & Allen Bellinghausen

Simon Williams & Jon Lynch

- The Great Race (2018)


Joey Sabeeney & Peter Peake

Marathon to Key West and Back

7-Mile Bridge around Sand Key

April 24-28

In conjunction with Race World Offshore Season Opening Race

Miami to Bimini, Bahamas

Miami around the Sapona Shipwreck

September 12-15

In conjunction with Miami Vice 40th Anniversary and OPA Race

2024 Schedule

June 6-8

World Ocean Day - Hosted by Sailfish Marina


Huntington Beach around Catalina The Pacific Rum Run®
2-6 Opening act of Pacific Airshow
Palm Beach to West End, Bahamas
The Gateway Marathon Schedule

Marathon to Key April 25-28, 7-Mile Bridge around 104 Miles

7-Mile Bridge
Key West and Back 25-28, 2024 Sand Key Lighthouse Miles
Marathon, FL

The Historic Gateway

The Gateway Marathon was a classic offshore endurance Cup and international race promoter Powerboat P1 revived Straits of Florida in a 200-mile round trip.

First recognized as a sport in 1904, offshore powerboat frequently spanning hundreds of miles of open ocean. in a track style format where even the outside leg can

Keeping alive the true spirit of powerboat racing, the designed for sea worthy, offshore craft capable of competing The worlds biggest race track!

Gateway Marathon

endurance race held between 1964 and 1969. In 2019, Ocean revived the Gateway Marathon which twice crosses the powerboat racing began as point-to-point, endurance races ocean. In the mid-1990s, offshore became near-shore racing can be clearly seen from the shoreline.

the Ocean Cup World Speed Record competitions are competing in offshore racing across the open ocean.

©2024 by Ocean Cup LLC All Rights Reserved

Sailfish Marina Where The Season

Marina Resort Season Never Ends!


World Record Holders - Lorne Lieble, Bobby Latham, and Ryan Beckley APACHE 47 Hull #1 Class: B >45' Average: 79mph Time: 1 hourr 37 minutes 13 seconds Palm Beach to West End, Bahamas and Back POWERBOATS

Miami around

The SS Sapona was a concrete-hulled cargo steamer that

The shipwreck lies in 17 foot deep water and is 4 miles south visible above the water, and is both a navigational landmark

around SS Sapona

that ran aground near Bimini during a hurricane in 1926. south of Bimini Island in the Bahamas. The wreck is easily landmark for boaters and a popular dive site.


San Francisco to Marina

Allen Bellinghausen OUTERLIMITS GTX Twin Mercury 1100/1350 QC4v

Class: B V-Hull >45'

2023 San Francisco to Marina Del Rey to Long Beach

4 hours 55 minutes 33 seconds

Average: 78.14 mph Time: 5 hours 18 minutes 39 seconds

2023 Huntington Beach around Catalina

Average: 87.47 mph Time: 1 hour 17 minutes 10 seconds

Photo: Firedrill Productions
Del Rey to Long Beach
Tony Adams, Steve Seaton, &
Patriotic Starlink

Patriotic Duty Streaming Live


2021 World Record Holders - Austin Carver & Mike Carver Class: Center Console 35-45' MTI 42-V with Quintuple Mercury 450R Average: 68.92mph Time: 1 hour 31 minutes 5 seconds
Daren Van Ryte Rum Run® Huntington Beach around Catalina CONSOLE CLASS
2023 World Record Holders - Jon Lynch & Simon Williams Class: Center Console 35-45' Fountain 38SC with Triple Mercury 450R Average: 69.67mph Time: 1 hour 50 minutes 14 seconds Palm Beach to West End, Bahamas and Back

Fans, Friends, and Family are Technology - The shot of adrenaline living room. Gone are the days when broadcasts to follow the action. Starlink in a new era of live streaming, allowing aboard, practically tasting the salt of the action on their smartphones where they are.

Fans around the world will be part



Satellite Equipment & Bandwidth Sponsor since 2013

Providing PTT and Tracking Units At Event Technical Support


Tested in 2022 at Cape Canaveral

Streaming data, two cameras & cockpit audio

2023 San Francisco to Long Beach

Star Stream

2023 San Francisco to Long Beach

2023 Huntington Beach around Catalina


Ocean Leader in Technology

Ocean Cup ®

Technology are Part of YOUR Adventure

adrenaline needed to place offshore into your when fans had to rely on television Starlink technology has ushered allowing enthusiasts to jump salt water, as they catch all smartphones or tablets, no matter

part of YOUR journey.

Racing Safer

Since 2013, 31 teams have entered Ocean Cup competitions racing more than 4,000 miles in the open ocean without incident. Thirty of these 31 teams finished under their own power!

Point to Point courses are defined with fixed landmarks such as piers, lighthouses, and islands. Sea beds are not disturbed by anchored buoys.

Rally Style Racing is Safer

You are racing against the clock ... not each other No green flag jitters ... start when YOU are ready

No red haze ... no deck to deck racing

No corners ... yes, most accidents occur in corners


Sea Survival Certificate

First Aid Certificate

VHF License

Dunk Test (enclosed canopy)


Life Rafts & Flares

AIS Trackers

Satellite Tracking

First Aid, Mirrors, etc.

GROWTH OPPORTUNITY Earn a World Speed Record on your Partner with Fishing Tournaments to


your way to a World Catch Record to

Expand Marketing Opportunties

3M+ People on Average

20 Aerial Acts with 48 Planes

21K+ Tickets Sold on Average

Rum Run® hosted by

by Pacific Airshow®

3 Days of Action Packed Activities

200M+ Social Media Impressions on Average

$2.1M Average Earned Media

Event Sponsorships

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Event participants feel connected and become loyal to brands associated with supporting their mutual interests and passions.

Repeat Business

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Typical Event Schedule


UIM Class (enclosed) A: (open) B: (center console) CC: Offshore Category Yes
Length: Beam: UIM Length (if known):
Name: Boat Number: Manufacturer:
Model: Hull ID: Team Owner:
of Units: Inboard or Outboard:
Tag State:
Catamaran | V-Hull: Boat
APBA License: UIM: UIM: Name:
Cell: Date of Birth: T-Shirt Size:
Address: City/State/Zip: Email:
Sea Expiry:
Dunk Test
Safety at
First Aid Expiry:
Test Date: Safety
| Pilot #1 Pilot #2
Bridge to Sand Key Lighthouse, Key West APBA Sanction ID: 13875 April
Material: Tag Number: Overall Rig Length:
2Address: 2Date of Birth: 2T-Shirt Size: Boat Engine
Engine Model: Ramp or Crane:
License: 2Name:
Diesel, Jet): Trailer Length:
Horsepower: Pit
Nationality: Cell Phone: Trailer Width:
Physical Expiry: Signature: 2Dunk
Ocean Cup Entry Form 7-Mile
24-28, 2024 Year Built: Construction
Horsepower: 2APBA
Fuel Type (Petrol,
Equipment Physical Expiry: 2Signature: First Aid Expiry:

Ocean Cup Entry Form

7-Mile Bridge to Sand Key Lighthouse, Key West APBA Sanction ID: 13875 April 25-28, 2024

Entry Fee Schedule

Entry Fee:

*If 10 teams haven't registered by March 15, entry fees will be refunded. $4,000* Zelle or PayPal: Payments@OceanCup.com

Required Documents

1) Signed Entry Form

2) APBA Racing License www.APBA.org and click on [Join APBA}

3) Immersion Certificate (Enclosed Cockpit)

4) Sea Safety Certificate (3-5 Hours / $50) www.FirstTack.org/courses/safety-at-sea-coastal

5) Complete Physical/Medical Release

6) First Aid License (~2 hours / $29) www.AmericanHealthTraining.com/First-Aid-Certification/

7) Risk Assessment Form www.oceancup.com/_files/ugd/ef9e49_bacdde2933fc4a22970b0d11f8baf607.pdf

8) Proof of Insurance

9) Under 18 Years - Signed Consent Form

10) Scrutineer Checklist www.oceancup.com/_files/ugd/ef9e49_bc1ca4a5161c4d539edb5cedfa9e3702.pdf

If you wish to be a Sponsor for this or for any Ocean Cup event contact:

Tanya Jobin (813) 731-7728

Ronald Saja (561)301-7283

Tanya@OceanCup.com Ronald@OceanCup.com

Putting OCEAN back in OFFSHORE


April 24-28 Marathon around Sand Key, Key West, Florida

June 6-8 Palm Beach to West End and Back, Grand Bahama

Sept. 12-15 Miami around Sapona - Bimini, Bahamas

Oct. 2-6 Huntington Beach around Catalina, California

Ronald Saja +1 561.301.7283 Ronald@OceanCup.com Tanya Jobin +1 813.731.7728 Tanya@OceanCup.com Keli Gunn +1 760.473.8623 Keli@OceanCup.com OCEAN CUP 2024
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