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8730 SW 186th Street Cutler Bay, FL 33157 Cell: (305)582-0619

Addition to Carl Moultrie Court House  Future Carl Moultrie Court House Lobby

C Street Entry Lower Lobby  C Street Entry

Windows were left open so natural daylight can enter most occupied spaces. This addition is attempting to obtain LEED Platinum.

This division of the court system provides counseling and psychiatric services to youths and families

Miami Residential Projects

Courtyard before picture Interior before picture


Courtyard Adams & Adams Attorneys Coral Gables, FL This project was a remodeling of an existing building including a courtyard which we added a mural to expand the space and give a relaxing feel to the work environment . The previous slides show the design process and partial construction documents.

Open work Area

This project consisted of 32 floors (20,000 S.F. per floor) of office and retail space. I was in charge of tenant planning including projects for various law firms, banks, and retail spaces.

Kelly Tractor Broward Caterpillar Rental Store

Kelly Tractor West Palm Beach Caterpillar Rental Store

Our goal with the Caterpillar Dealership stores was to create interiors that met basic Caterpillar design criteria. We also helped with signage, displays and merchandising.

I provided interior space planning services and building improvements for 20 years for the office park developed by our firm in conjunction with Prudential Insurance Company. The 45 acre park has over one million square feet, and our firm completed 8 of the existing 11 buildings.

Buildings New Construction Airport Corporate Center Building 6 Airport Corporate Center Building 7 Airport Corporate Center Building 8 Pal Med Medical Office Center (office building, medical mall, and parking garage) Dade County Fair & Exposition Expo Center Dade County Fair & Exposition Main Gate Dade County Fair & Exposition Tower Building Kelly Tractor Company Broward Kelly Tractor Company Parts Center West Palm Beach Kelly Tractor Company Cat Rental Store West Palm Beach Kelly Tractor Company East Building Miami Kelly Tractor Company Shop West Palm Beach 2121 Coral Way Greco & Sila B & B Corporation Luria’s Windmere Corporation Miami Center Hotel Pavillion White Rock Quarries C Street Expansion Pantropic Ft. Myers Montgomery Foundation Seed Bank Building Montgomery Maintenance Building Banks Chase Manhattan Bank Miami Center Lincoln Savings & Loan International Bank

Medical and Doctor Offices Pal-Med Diagnostics Palmetto Open MRI NMC BMA Hialeah Dialysis Center South Dade Dialysis Center Dr. Talon Pal-Med Administration Dr. Paritzky Dr. Kronberg Dr. Berti Dr. Riveria Dr. Gamez Dr. Menendez Dr. Figueroa Dr. Sanchez Medina Dr. Maderal Medconnect Medfacts AMI Palmetto Homecare Palmetto Dental Association Dr. Sosa Dr. Martinez, Ramirez, and Ferrara Dr. Zalis & Koby Dr. Gomara Kriton Medical Residential Siegel Residence Dr. Cosmides Residence Mason Residence Bishof Residence Lloyde Kelly Residence Nick Kelly Residence Adams Residence

Interior Tenant Improvement Offices Federal Bureau of Investigation District of Columbia Courts Joseph & Seagram & Sons Seagram Latin America Dade County Fair & Exposition Executive Offices Pal-Med Administration Glenn Torcivia Alan Gluek J. Mitchell & Company Trane Corporation Sony Corporation New York Life Insurance Komatsu Corporation Transal Corporation Executive Office Center Touche Ross Tri County Title & Trust PMP Financial Carribean Services Dames & Moore CVG Aircraft Services Corporate Systems Group Westec Security Federal Express Parker Hannifin Roanoke Pacific Services & Trading Randall Eastern Sharpshooters St. John’s Medical Plans AMI Palmetto Homecare

Danka Corporate Systems Group State Farm Insurance Line Haul Services Alexandria City Hall UHH Linehaul Wells Fargo Progressive Insurance Xerox Radio Disney Fairfax Court House Landstar Homes Harcourt Brace Feick Security Laboratory Corporation of America Florinsa Farm John Alden AT & T Schools Westwood Christian School K-12 Westwood Elementary School Ransom Everglades High School Ransom Everglades Middle School Greater Miami Academy

Office Building Remodeling One Clearlake Center Airport Corporate Center Building 5 Airport Corporate Center Building 4 Firstate Tower Dade County Fair & Exposition Arnold Hall Dade County Fair & Exposition Edwards Hall Powermart Kelly Tractor Truck Shop Kelly Tractor Service Center Atrium Office Park Montgomery Foundation Gate House Atlantic and Southern Equipment Retail Dart Drug Stores Crown Books Trak Auto Stores Cat Rental Store Miami Kelly Tractor Clewiston Kelly Tractor Company Parts Center West Palm Beach Kelly Tractor Company Cat Rental Store West Palm Beach Barbara Katz Clothing Store Miami Beach Pet Spa Hotels Beaches Resorts Turks & Caicos Model Room Beaches Turks & Caicos French Village Departure Lounge Beaches Turks & Caicos French Village Lobby Beaches Turks & Caicos Kids Club Cherry Hill Inn Ramada Inn Hotel Intercontinental

Airlines and Cruise lines Cruise and Airlines Kloster Cruise Lines Trasbrasil Airlines Lapsa Air Paraguay Martin Airlines Tam Air Saeta Airlines Galapagos Airlines Norwegian Cruise Lines Windstar Sail Cruises Restaurants Beaches Turks & Caicos Reflections Beaches Turks & Caicos Turtles Bar Yoyo’s Yogurt Beaches Negril Breezeway Deli Seasons Restaurant Airport Corporate Center Parks & Recreation Dade County Fair & Exposition Master Plan Dade County Exposition Center Florida International University Stadium Fairchild Tropical Gardens Signature Corner Dade County Fair & Exposition Attorney Offices Shutts & Bowen Houston & Shahoub Attorneys Finnely Kumble and Wagner Panter & Panter Ron Bushbalm Roy Black Adams & Adams

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