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Catalogue No. 212 | One Dollar Falling for Tea Lattes

Our new Bold Black Chai has arrived! This tea has a base of strong Biodynamic ® Assam black tea leaves with warming organic spices: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and a hint of black pepper. is proud to be the first nationally distributed tea company to offer tea grown in a Certified Elephant Friendly™ tea garden. We join in the commitment to protect the habitats of Asian elephants. They say an elephant never forgets. By giving these elephants the opportunity to travel freely through tea gardens without possible harm from electric fences, power lines, ditches or human conflict, it is our hope that these creatures remember a life well lived. Share in the joy of protecting these majestic animals with every bold sip of this tea and our new Bold Green Chai in the Organic Chais stackable.

For more about Certified Elephant Friendly tea, go to

Chai Time It’s

Organic Chai Stackable Tea Tin

Chai Spice Honey for Tea

This blend of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and luscious premium white honey is inspired from the age-old chai recipes of India, Nepal and Tibet. Add some sweet, warm spiciness to any cup of tea.

83144 12 oz $12.75

Bold Black Chai 40260 36 Tea Bags $12.25 2 Look for these certifications throughout our catalogue: CITIZENS’ FAVORITE p USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED Many of our teas are available online with tea bag, full-leaf and decaf options in regular-sized tins, travel tins, refills and bulk. ALL TEAS ARE GLUTEN FREE KOSHER CERTIFIED NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED D EMETER CERTIFIED BIODYNAMIC ® CERTIFIED ELEPHANT FRIENDLY NEW
Find your favorite chai blend in our convenient stackable trio featuring our newest organic flavors: Mushroom Cacao Chai and Certified Elephant Friendly Bold Green and Bold Black Chai. 40899 36 Tea Bags $15.25



Pick your tea

Tea bags: Use 2 tea bags to make your tea more concentrated.

Full-leaf teas: Use 2 teaspoons of full-leaf tea.

Froth your milk

Mason jar method: Add heated milk to a mason jar. Cap it tightly, wrap a towel around it and shake until frothy.

French press method: Heat milk until just simmering. Pour into press and pump plunger up and down to create a foam.

Handheld (electric) frother method: Pour heated milk into a large mug, leaving some space on top. Place frother wand in milk and create foam using up and down motions to catch air (see page 14).

Add a garnish

Top off your latte with a stick or sprinkle of cinnamon, nutmeg, a drizzle of caramel, chocolate syrup or whipped cream.

U·Matcha® Chai Premium matcha tea powder from Japan blended with chai spices. 10514 1.5 oz $19.50 Republic Chai® This medium-bodied, black tea-based chai is delicious with or without milk. A special holiday label for the season makes it extra festive. 40030 50 Tea Bags $11.00 30530 250 Tea Bags $47.00 TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p 3
Do-it-yourself lattes at home are easy and delicious with our great-tasting teas. Here are a few easy steps if you do not have an electric frother. If you are feeling fancy, add a garnish!

“ Top off with whipped cream and you have dessert in a cup! ”

Exotic and aromatic cinnamon, ginger, cardamom and cloves.

Pumpkin Spice it Up Latte [Makes four 8 oz servings]

• 3 cups water, boiling

• 8 Pumpkin Spice tea bags

• 2 Tbsp brown sugar

• 1 cup milk, steamed

• Whipped cream

• Dash of cinnamon

Steep the tea bags in boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Remove the tea bags. Stir in the brown sugar until dissolved. Divide the tea into 4 mugs and top with steamed milk. Add a dollop of whipped cream and sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy Sip by Sip.

TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p

Harvest Holiday

Stackable Tea Tin

Convenient stackable tins with Hibiscus Cranberry, Hot Apple Cider and Pumpkin Spice. Each section contains 12 round, unbleached tea bags.

40894 36 Tea Bags $15.25


Available for a Limited Time

Pumpkin Spice

Premium black tea blended with aromatic baking spices – cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves.

40306 50 Tea Bags $12.50

30606 250 Tea Bags $48.00

60306 6 Tea Bags $4.50 p

naturally caffeine-free blend of pumpkin pie spices plus turmeric to celebrate the bounty of the harvest season.

40304 36 Tea Bags $12.50

30704 250 Tea Bags $48.00

Caramel Apple

Sweet caffeine-free rooibos, smooth caramel and crisp apple flavors. Enjoy with a splash of warm milk.

40079 36 Tea Bags $11.75

30579 250 Tea Bags $49.00

Hot Apple Cider Tea

This naturally caffeine-free blend of apples, cinnamon, cloves and ginger is reminiscent of hot apple cider. Warm up with this herbal tea during the holiday season.

40305 36 Tea Bags $12.50

30605 250 Tea Bags $50.00 p


This exceptional blend combines the lush flavor and exquisite fragrance of the Bergamot orange, native to southern Italy, with a lovely Ceylon black tea leaf from Sri Lanka. Recognized as the best-tasting Earl Grey available.

40005 50 Tea Bags $11.75

30505 250 Tea Bags $48.00

40010 50 Decaf Tea Bags $14.00

30510 250 Decaf Tea Bags $59.00

Organic Assam Breakfast

The robust, malty character of this tea comes from organic, unblended Assam leaves from India. Especially good in the morning with a bit of warm milk.

40007 50 Tea Bags $11.75

30507 250 Tea Bags $48.00

10007 3.5 oz Tin $12.25

30007 1 lb Bag $47.00

All Day Breakfast

Full-Leaf Loose Black Tea

A superb, concentrated character, reminiscent of the depth and clarity of a fine Bordeaux. A touch of Formosan oolong adds a hint of smokiness to this sweet cup.

10006 3.5 oz Tin $14.50

Full-Leaf Loose Black Tea

Our full-leaf loose black tea features top-quality leaves and herbs that brew a full-bodied cup. A savory mixture of Indian, Ceylon and Kenyan leaves is great with a splash of milk.

3.5 oz Tin $12.25 30048 1 lb Bag $47.00 10148 3.5 oz Decaf Tin $14.50* 30148 1 lb Decaf Bag $55.00* *
“ Take tea as the Brits do — with milk and a cube of sugar.”
30006 1
Bag $55.00

Top of the Morning

Lucky Irish


A traditional blend of Assam and high-grown Ceylon leaves. This hearty brew has a malty character, brisk finish and a rich color. Enjoy with a splash of milk for a cup that satisfies well beyond breakfast.

British Breakfast

A robust blend of quality black leaves, hearty enough to make any Brit smile. This savory mixture of Indian, Ceylon and Kenyan leaves is great with a splash of milk.

Loose Black Tea
10029 3.5 oz Tin $12.25 30029 1 lb Bag $47.00 40029 50 Tea Bags $11.75 30529 250 Tea Bags $48.00 p TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p
30508 250 Tea Bags
60008 6 Tea Bags $3.99 40108 50 Decaf Tea Bags $14.00 30608 250 Decaf Tea Bags $58.00 p
Bags $11.75



Cinnamon Churro Latte [Makes four 8 oz servings]

• 3 cups water, boiling

• 8 Vietnamese Cinnamon SuperHerb® tea bags

• 1/4 tsp vanilla extract

• 1 cup warm milk

• Whipped cream

• 4 tsp chocolate syrup (or more, depending on your sweet tooth)

Add the tea bags to a large teapot or medium saucepan and steep in boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Remove the tea bags and add the vanilla extract and warm milk. Divide into four large mugs and top each with a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p 8
NEW Vietnamese Cinnamon 44124 36 Tea Bags $13.75 p
Lean Green 40910 36 Tea Bags $13.75 30910 250 Tea Bags $59.00 p

Envision a clear mind and renewed spirit as you satisfy your sweet tooth by sipping this rich blend of robust black tea with smooth caramel notes. Nice with a splash of milk.

40820 50 Tea Bags $14.00

30920 250 Tea Bags $57.00

Cardamom has the gentle, airy taste of the forest itself –reminiscent of ginger with a pinch of pine. Cinnamon brings a spicy depth.

40018 36 Tea Bags $11.00

30518 250 Tea Bags $48.00

10018 5.0 oz Tin $12.25

30018 1 lb Bag $38.00

87018 1.01 oz Taster Tin $4.50

This relaxing blend combines the health properties of China green tea with Panax ginseng and full blossom honey. This delicious and subtly sweet tea offers a peaceful sipping experience.

40071 50 Tea Bags $10.75

30571 250 Tea Bags $44.00

60071 6 Tea Bags $4.50 p

We have married the exquisite organic green tea powder known as matcha with fine, organic green leaf tea. We invite you to sip the fresh, springtime-grassy flavor of this tea.

40051 50 Tea Bags $14.75

30551 250 Tea Bags $60.00 p

Double Green® Matcha Tea HiCAF ® Caramel Black Cardamon Cinnamon
“ A little boostofherbal energy when you’re hittin’ the books”
Honey Ginseng Green Tea

Get Some Zzz’s™

Herb Tea for Rest

Let the bouquet of organic rooibos, soothing chamomile and passionflower gently lull you toward blissful slumber.

40854 36 Tea Bags $12.25

30854 250 Tea Bags $57.00

60854 6 Tea Bags $4.75 p

Get Relaxed®

Herb Tea for Relieving Stress

A blissful blend of organic rooibos laced with chamomile, passionflower and eleuthero. Each sip of this stress relief tea can help you chill out and unwind.*

40846 36 Tea Bags $12.25

30846 250 Tea Bags $57.00

60846 6 Tea Bags $4.75

Night TEA Night

Beauty Sleep

Indulge in a bedtime beauty ritual with a relaxing chamomile and aromatic rose tea that is caffeine free. Collagen-promoting botanicals create the base for this calming and delicious blend. Nice with a touch of steamed milk and honey.

44540 36 Tea Bags $13.75

30740 250 Tea Bags $59.00 p


This soothing and delicious green tea featuring matcha, calming lavender and restorative holy basil will lead you to a balanced state we call TeaMind.®

40911 36 Tea Bags $13.75

30911 250 Tea Bags $59.00 p

Decaf People’s Green Tea

This premium decaffeinated tea is celebrated for its refreshing, smooth flavor and incredible health benefits. The true essence of this tea will energize harmony and spirit.

40177 50 Tea Bags $14.00

30677 250 Tea Bags $58.00

Saffron Rose

Saffron’s unique sweet-savory flavor and distinct aroma elevates anything it is blended with. This smooth, bright golden cup is finished with the delicate, floral notes of fresh rose petals for an ethereal sip that will calm the nerves.

40013 36 Tea Bags $16.50

30513 250 Tea Bags $77.00

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

No-Stress Saffron Rose Tea Latte

[Makes a 6 oz serving]

Studies have shown that saffron, " the sunshine spice," can help brighten your mood.

• 1/2 cup water, boiling

• 1 or 2 Saffron Rose tea bags (depending on how strong you want it)

• 1/2 tsp honey

• 1/4 cup milk, steamed

• Edible rose petals (optional garnish)

Add the tea bag(s) and boiling water to a mug and steep for 5-7 minutes. Remove the tea bag(s) and stir in the honey.

Top with steamed milk and garnish with edible rose petals, or top with whipped cream to turn it into a dessert.


Traditional Chinese medicine has used reishi,chaga andcordyceps mushrooms for their curative effects since 200 A.D.


TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p

Adapt to Stress

Adaptogens are a category of healing herbs and mushrooms that people have used for centuries to handle occasional stress. They help you adapt to what you need, to calm you or to lift your energy. We blended complementary herbs and spices with specific adaptogens for palate-pleasing cups.

Hormone Harmony®

Organic Tea for Hormones

This satisfying herbal blend has mildly nutty notes with with maca and ginseng and a maple-like finish.

44120 36 Tea Bags $13.75

Restore and Reset®

Organic Tea for Restoration

Rejuvenate your chi with this chocolaty tonic of decadent cocoa, soothing rooibos, roasted dandelion root and earthy reishi.

44115 36 Tea Bags $13.75

Clarity and Calm®

Organic Tea for Mental Clarity

Inhale the sweet, light herbal aromas and focus your thoughts with calming ashwagandha, lemon balm, sweet licorice and passionflower.

44122 36 Tea Bags $13.75

Stress Suppress®

Organic Tea for Relaxing

Hibiscus and aromatic rose add fruity and floral notes to this bright herbal blend. A calming cup to enjoy warm or over ice.

44123 36 Tea Bags $13.75

Burnout Blocker ®

Organic Tea for Energy

Enhance your energy daily with chaga and cordyceps, which are married with sweet cinnamon, ginger and dates in this award-winning tea.

44121 36 Tea Bags $13.75


Sip by Sip Travel Tea Press

Steep and sip your tea wherever you go. BPA-Free, double wall acrylic container keeps tea hot for hours. Features our iconic motto — Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp® P exclusive.

25497 12 oz Coral; 3.5"� x 6.75"� $16.50

Electric Frother

The steam-free way to make the perfect tea latte. Froths quickly and easily, allowing you to make barista-quality drinks at home. Batteries not included; requires two AA batteries. By Bodum.

94769 1.5"w x 8.75"

Sipware forAll Seasons

Simplicity Iron Teapot

This cast-iron teapot in classic tetsubin waterbead styling with a removable stainless infusing basket is perfect for your personal tea ceremony. The interior of the teapot is lined with an easy-to-clean, durable enamel.

25417 20 oz; 5.25"w x 6"� $49.25

Green Dragonfly Cast Iron Teapot

This traditional Asian-inspired teapot features an enameled interior, lid and stainless steel mesh infuser. Because dragonflies are symbols of change, this teapot makes a great gift to celebrate new beginnings.

94905 26 oz; 6.5"w x 5.75"� $43.75

Chatsford Teapot

Fitted with a convenient tab for effortless removal, the large polypropylene and mesh infuser basket allows full infusion of the leaves. This standard, four-cup, BPA-Free strainer basket is included with every teapot. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

25661 Cobalt

25662 Scarlet

25660 White 20 oz; 4.5" w x 5"� $52.50


Dancing SipwareLeaves

Dancing Leaves Mug

Embossed, windswept leaves whirl across these 10 oz mugs. Each comes with a matching lid that keeps the tea warm and doubles as a coaster. Stainless steel infuser also included. Dishwasher-safe.

P exclusive.

25501 Daily Green

25500 Orange Spice

25489 Sky Blue 10 oz; 3.5"� x 4"� $16.25

Red Dancing Leaves Teapot

Embossed, windswept leaves whirl across this 20 oz ceramic teapot. Includes stainless steel infuser and lid.


P exclusive.

25567 20 oz; 4.5"� x 4.5"� $31.50

TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p

A Sip of


Steel yourself against the affects of cold and stress on your body with a delicious wellness ritual packed with healthy rooibos, matcha, herbs and fruits.

Organic Elderberry

This blend balances a triple dose of antioxidants: red rooibos with fruity, sweet-tart, organic elderberries and hibiscus. A healthy cup for the whole family.

40012 36 Tea Bags $14.00

30512 250 Tea Bags $62.00 p

bloated? This two-week supply of gentle, cleansing herbs can be used alone or in conjunction with a cleansing program to help the body get back into balance.* These teas can all be enjoyed hot or iced.

40892 42 Tea Bags $15.25


Arm your body with nature's best defenses. Immunity is a palate-pleasing blend of organic green tea, matcha, echinacea, elderflower and a hint of orange.

40913 36 Tea Bags $13.75

30913 250 Tea Bags $59.00 p

Get Wellness®

Stackable Tea Tin

Staying healthy depends on a healthy lifestyle and what you put in your body. Think defensively with this two-week supply of Get Immunity, Get Elderberry and Get Wellness®

40898 42 Tea Bags $15.25 p

Get Wellness®

Each soothing sip fortifies your system with immune-boosting organic rooibos, echinacea, astragalus and ashwagandha (an adaptogen). A pleasingly spicy, caffeine-free herbal blend.

40843 36 Tea Bags $12.25

30843 250 Tea Bags $57.00

60843 6 Tea Bags $4.75


Blended with green rooibos and elderberry flavor, this uplifting floral blend offers notes of pear and summer berries. Elderflower has been popular for centuries among Europeans and Native Americans as a go-to herb thanks to its ability to support the immune and respiratory systems.*

40226 36 Tea Bags $14.00

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Sip your way toa healthy mind, bodyand spirit.

Golden hour

Organic Turmeric Ginger

The unmistakable, earthy aroma of turmeric blends perfectly with ginger, cinnamon and pure honey flavor in this captivating, organic, golden infusion.

40355 50 Tea Bags $13.50

30655 250 Tea Bags $55.00 p

TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p 18

Golden Milk Tea Latte

[makes two 6 oz servings]

This spicy, yet soothing drink is based on a popular centuries-old Ayurvedic recipe.

• 1 1/2 cups full-fat coconut or other milk

• 1 Turmeric Single Sips® packet

• Honey or agave syrup, to taste

Warm the milk in a saucepan until just simmering. Whisk inthe Turmeric Single Sip and sweetener until fully blended and foamy on top. Divide into two cups.

Ginger and turmeric help your body stretch more fully by helping to reduce inflammation. * Bright citrus flavors with the tropical notes of pineapple make this enjoyable hot or iced.

40834 36 Tea Bags $14.00

30834 250 Tea Bags $63.00 p

Turmeric Cinnamon

Reputed to support a healthy response to inflammation,* these full-bodied spices have been used for centuries in Eastern medicine.

40612 36 Tea Bags $14.00

30812 250 Tea Bags $62.00

Turmeric Single Sips®

With organic turmeric root, ginger, vanilla and cinnamon, this blend is reminiscent of a savory chai. A bit of monk fruit is added for a lightly sweet finish. Mix it with milk, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies and more.

45061 14 Packets $19.99

30760 50 Packets $71.99

Turmeric Stackable Tea Tin

Turmeric has been revered for centuries. Discover this herb with a savory sip of three delightfully tasty blends: Turmeric Matcha, Turmeric Ginger and Turmeric Cinnamon†

40897 36 Tea Bags $15.25 p †

Organic Turmeric Matcha

Turmeric, ginger and green tea have been reputed to support the body’s response to inflammation so joints, ligaments and muscles can stretch more fully.* Matcha lends a smooth finish and lasting energy.

30914 250 Tea Bags $59.00 p

Get Limber ® Biodynamic® *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

The bright, floral-berry flavor of hydrating hibiscus complements the sweet, earthy notes of red beet. A touch of spicy, yet soothing ginger finishes each sip.

Honeybush – a native herb from South Africa –has a mildly sweet, honey-like flavor and a wide range of health benefits. It is enhanced with aromatic vanilla bean and finished with a touch of earthy turmeric.

TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p 20
NEW Honeybush Vanilla Turmeric 46003 36 Tea Bags $14.00 NEW Hibiscus Beet Ginger 46000 36 Tea Bags $14.00

Good health starts with a healthy gut

Your palate and gut will love these blends that have been meticulously formulated to support digestive health. Each is made of fermented ingredients (teas, fruit, spices and herbs) and we added 1 billion colony-forming units of probiotics per tea bag. Enjoy one to five cups per day.

1 Billion Probiotics

This healthy tea is light, fresh and well balanced with a clean finish. Sip daily and enjoy honeysuckle and light oolong notes with no astringent finish.

46002 36 Tea Bags $14.00

Cacao from Ecuador has a light chocolate flavor that complements sweet, spicy cinnamon. Aged, fermented black tea –also known as pu-erh – adds an earthy finish. Great with a splash of milk.

46001 36 Tea Bags $14.00

NEW Green Pu-Erh Tea NEW Cacao Cinnamon Pu-Erh Tea

Sweeten your day

Our exclusive Honey for Teas were created to enhance our best-selling teas. Try Vanilla Bean Honey in any breakfast tea or transform your cup into a decadently sweet and creamy treat with our Pumpkin Spice Honey Cream Spread or Cinnamon Honey Spread.

Vanilla Bean Honey for Tea 83142 12 oz $12.75

Pumpkin Spice Honey Cream Spread 83152 8 oz $11.99

Cinnamon Honey Spread 83145 12 oz $12.75

TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA p 22


For as little as 20 cents per cup, our teas are a healthy and economical way to treat yourself. Our foil-lined bulk bags are our way of offering premium teas to our Citizens at a great value in a convenient, environmentally friendly package. Each bulk bag contains either 1 pound of full-leaf loose tea or 250 round, unbleached tea bags. Browse all of our environmentally friendly bulk teas online.

Little Dipper Infuser 90015 One Infuser $3.50 Full-Leaf Loose Teas and Herbs (1 lb Each) 30006 All Day Breakfast Black $55.00 † 30435 Cranberry Blood Orange Black $55.00 30012 Dragon Well Green $72.00 † 30091 Jasmine Pearls Green $99.00 † 30014 Jasmine Jazz Green $93.00 † 30051 Organic Matcha $81.00 • † 30092 Milk Oolong $55.00 † 30025 Moroccan Mint Green $44.00 30007 Organic Assam Breakfast Black $47.00 • † 30041 Republic Darjeeling Black $52.00 † Tea Bags (250 Each) 30813 Biodynamic® Ginger Herbal $62.00 • † 30528 Blackberry Sage Black $42.00 30508 British Breakfast Black $48.00 † 30713 Dandelion SuperHerb® $62.00 • † 30551 Double Green® Matcha Tea $60.00 • † 30505 Earl Greyer Black $48.00 † 30502 Ginger Peach Black $42.00 30583 Good Hope Vanilla Red $49.00 30640 Natural Hibiscus Herbal $50.00 † 30577 The People’s Green Tea $44.00 †
• Organic Certified † Non-GMO Verified Kosher Certified GREAT VALUE
Green Tea Assortment 96183 24 Tea Bags $12.00 Wellness Teas Assortment 96195 24 Tea Bags $12.75 NEW ImmuniTEA It is said that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Help your body prepare for the season ahead by enjoying cup after cup of these immunity-boosting teas. TO ORDER 24/7 CALL 800-298-4TEA www. R .com Strawberry Basil Iced Tea Sun-ripened strawberries and summer basil in a fresh green tea base. 16394 8 Large Tea Pouches $8.50 Look for these certifications: USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC NON-GMO PROJECT VERIFIED KOSHER CERTIFIED
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