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April/May issue


Greetings Comrades, I greet you all in the name of winter and runny nostrils! Winter season is finally upon us, have no fear issue 3 will have you guys warm in no second. Firstly we would like to apologies for the inconvenience on Friday the 7th of June, we ran into some major problems that lead to us dropping the issue the following Monday, do forgive us. Moving right along… with it being the month of June,

I presume there will be a whole lot of June 16 features making their rounds, well we chose not to have any in our issue, not in a bad way and with all due respect. The youth of 76’ told their story and lived it, now we believe that it’s high time we start living our stories and telling them. We will strive to do so as we will always tell the stories of the young and passionate in our issues. We have a put together another great issue on this one, widely diverse and inspirational to those who have no or little knowledge about certain industries the creative we feature serve in. The main idea is to give light to the lost ones opening up a new world of opportunities to them. Once again we do accept contributions from you fellow comrades, changes will be made to our website within the week and shortly you will have the option of contributing on our site and subscribing to That Flava Magazine. Well that’s that, talk to you in a month again, stay warm and stay reading your favorite online magazine. Peace, Love & Flava.


April/May issue

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thing to look out for.

on this Tape re tu a e F t a Artists th ,Linclude: lKat, Reason o o K m lu a M Zeus, Ok e, n io s s a rp iFani, Blayz e , e o h id s T d n a y eit oung Slugz, Y t, s e d v e o ld y ie N as y Cassper ik, the project h r jaz, Ricky R e n v a e G n l a s n m o e ti e H sa and The collabora m o N , lz a c a u rn inte am Ckenz Vo e in SA, with r Feel d’Dre le il M e h ir T a f fl local winner o rations and e i. m o s pe is Comp Kubz Dream Mixta April/May issue April/May issue





orn in 2009 and DOPEstore is a two level lifestyle space located in the heart of the Johannesburg CBD. In our opinion this has to be the 1st… if not the only urban store that has almost every thing a youthful urbanite would like to own. Their store is made up of 7 departments all in one place, from a Street media room, fashion floor, sneaker lounge a formal section, pop- up space and a home section ( we were actually quite shocked to find out they sell living utensils as-well, they really live up to the word “lifestyle” huh?? They source their products from both local and global brands creating the ideal mix for their customers. Proudly South African, they play home to a few well know local produced brands, such as you Butan wear, Tempracha and 2bop!

All in all too DOPE!! They had to make our 3rd issues brand review. Proudly Local, Proudly South African!


alla was born in Hiratsuka, KanagawaKen, Japan. She moved to Australia and then to South Africa at an early age. Her humble beginnings started in 2001 when she taught hip hop, tap and modern dancing in Kagoshima, Japan. A year later in 2002 she returned to South Africa and registered for High School education at The British International College where she was also involved with Dance training, from 2002 till now she’s been gracing our TV screens and magazines with her sassy attitude, talent and hot bod. The Multi-talented Lalla apart from being a TV presenter, she’s also a voice artist, model, motivational speaker and dancer. Though you may ask yourself what hasn’t she done?????? The challenges she’s overcame to get where she is today, the critique you must endure and rise above, the pain, the bullying, the sacrifice, the long hours, the selfdoubt, the nerves, etcetera, but once you walk down the road of self-confidence and

empowering yourself with ing to have to wait and see. love and faith..... all that goes She’s definitely an inspiraaway, or you just don’t focus tion to youth that hard work on it any more...The biggest does pay off and never limit challenge she overcame yourself. Major props to the was not caring about others lovely lady. harmful words, taking note Message for youth:

The Multi-talented Lalla apart from being a TV presenter, she’s also a voice artist, model, motivational speaker and dancer

of constructive criticism and learning about herself and who she was and loving herself for it. 11 years in the media industry the high lights were some of the insane experiences! From interviewing Hollywood stars and receiving praise from them, traveling, being recognized for her work, can’t pin point specifics but she loves what she does, and doesn’t take any of it for granted, so overall the highlight is definitely every day when she gets to go to work. Lalla is inspired by her dreams and what she strives for. She’s currently working on some projects but we go-

Dream! dream! dream! then see yourself clearly living that dream.

Let it become your obsession. You have the ability to achieve. Rich or poor. Realize all thoughts that dominate your mind will” eventually transform themselves into reality once coupled with continuous and persist action towards that dream.

SUPER Retailers Johannesburg

Opticien-Parkurst Optometrist

Avon Mitri Optometrist 68A Morning Glen Shop Centre Braides Avenue Gallo Manor 2191

15, 4th Avenue Parkhurst 2193 Tel: (011) 447 4613

Tel: (011) 802 2057



As a DJ you get booked and the first concern is the equipment especially CDJs because that’s where the primary source of sound comes from. With different companies manufacturing DJ equipment, thus far Pioneer has been outstanding and our focus will be on the Pioneer CDJ1000. This CDJ has full MP3 compatibility, USB slot, a hot lop feature, a jog wheel that could be switched to either CDJ or Vinyl mode for old school people that still want that turntable feel. Not only is this CDJ sexy but its also quiet expensive at around R15000 each but quiet a good investment for club owners and DJs that usually play with Serato scratch live which is a system that connects your laptop to the CDJ. With technology changing all the time and the introduction of the Pioneer CDJ2000, I wonder what the future holds for CDJs. Lastly, I commend all club owners that invest in proper sound systems because with proper sound then it makes life easier for DJs to really do great and entertain the masses.

Rocboy’s Top 5 Club bangers: 1.Rich Gang ft Lil Wayne, Birdman, Mack Maine, Future, Nicki Minaj – Tap Out 2.iFani - Milli 3.French Montana ft Rich Ross, 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – Marble Floor 4.Lil Wayne ft 2 Chainz – Rich as F*** 5.Kid Ink ft Wale & Meek Mill – Bad Ass *Bonus banger: The Game - Church

Hop album and was nominated for the Channel O Music Video Awards for the Most Gifted Video of the Year Award for his song “No More Hunger” and the Most Gifted African Southern Video in 2011. Khuli Chana released the MotswakOriginator Deluxe in December 2011. It consisted of his album MotswakoOriginator with two additional songs featuring HHP and Tuks and a documentary that unfolds the history of the Motswako hip hop industry as well his success in the industry. Khuli Chana’s 6th music video was for his hit single “Tswa Daar” where he selected all 60 extras from his Facebook fan page to be featured in the video. “Tswa Daar” went on to make Khuli Chana the most voted local artist at the 2012 Channel O Music Awards. Khuli Chana was nominated for Most Gifted Video of the Year, Most Gifted Hip Hop Video, and Most Gifted Male Video.


Khuli Chana is a talented musician who practices the skill of rhyming in vernacular rap, Motswako encompasses elements from various musical backgrounds.

It involves street-talk and highly influential messages in Setswana, English and other South African languages. Khuli Chana brings a different flavour and sound, not only to this type of music but also to the Hip-Hop scene. Khuli Chana is not new to the music industry; in the early 90′s he formed a duet with Kay-G called “Jazzzadaz”, he then joined forces with Towdee to form the group, Morafe. His first offering titled The MotswakOriginator was released in November 2009. Khuli Chana also opened the stage for Drake SA tour. His two singles from MotswakOriginator; “Tswakstikem” and “Sthandwa Sam”, featuring Towdee dominated the airwaves. A remix of the song, “No More Hunger”, was requested by Action Aid South Africa to be featured on their Hunger Free Campaign music compilation which featured artists from around the continent. Khuli Chana took home the Best Newcomer Award at the 2009 Channel O Music Video Awards as well as Best Song of the Year for the track “Tswakstikem” at the Hype Music Awards. Khuli Chana won the South African Traditional Music Award (SATMA) for Best Vernacular Hip

Khuli Chana released his second solo studio album entitled Lost in Time on 16 November 2012. The Lost in Time album, in true Khuli Chana signature style, consists mostly of tracks in “Tswenglish” (Tswana mixed with English), as well as collaborations with some of the industry’s rap giants such as: Reason, AKA, and Zeuz on “Hape Pt1”; HashOne and K.T on the track “WannaBeez”; Nomhlhe on “Capunta”; and the fastest Motswako rapper, Bizz, on “Ketane”.





I remember the day I had my first weave, finally, I could have the long straight, silky hair that I always wished I had. It was a dream come true, for many of us females.

Weather you had what we like to call ‘nappy hair,’ thick hair that you struggled to straighten or hair that just wouldn’t grow, the weave became the best solution, ever!!. It was able to cover all the floors of your hair and at the same look like it

was your very own hair. As the years went by, the extensions themselves were also starting to improve, they were coming in different textures, colors and style. As they grew more popular, more and more, of us became almost addicted to them. Today, you walk around and every second girl, has a weave/hair extension, its hard to spot a woman without one. As much as the weave, came with so many up-­‐sides, like everything in life, there is a down-­‐side. The problem is that we don’t give the weave a break, and neglect to take care of our own, natural hair. We all remember that horrifying image of the top model, Naomi Cambell , that showed how her hair line is now non existant! She was expected to look a certain way at all times, her hair had to look long and sleek for her shows, which is a full


time job for her. It required styling on a full time basis. The excessive styling over the years, took its toll, which caused her hairline to recede. Let me educate you, for a minute, there is a condition called; Traction alopecia, which is a hair loss condition caused by excessive and long term pulling on the hair follicles. This can be due to hair extensions and weaves and result in deterioration of the hairs thickness. We often remove a weave, then wash our hair and then replace it with another one. We are a society that “lives” in our weaves. For the past few years, I have also been guilty of doing this, until late last year, when I noticed my own hairline receding. The same was happening with my regular clients and many other women, who don’t give the weave a break. Ladies, we don’t want to wake up one day, and realize we have no hair left. Here are a few tips on how to

‘‘ ‘‘


1 2

. After removing a weave, give the weave, at least a two week break, before putting on the next weave. . From time to time, Instead of plaiting your natural hair, under the weave, rather glue the weave on. This involves no pulling. . During the time that you have a weave, base your scalp regularly, with “hair food” including your hair line. Keep it moist.


April/May issue

itc x e most y ll m a s , i w e evi This r e ie i v v o o m m the ing f o ew I e i s v u e a r c be to ever t e u i o v b I’m a e best mo akm h m l t i f y of rate r o t s gree i a h l l n i i w e one mad y r e hould v s e I t t o h ing. N but I thoug the n e o t m h h g t wi e insi m o s e. share of this movi g makin



T B v m t t f h t

The Box Comedy Nights Open Spot Competition I always knew that having a good laugh was good for the soul, but as it is said, too much of something is not good. Well in this case I beg to differ. Went out to the Comedy central in collaboration with Goliath and Goliath Box comedy stand up competition on a pretty chilled Sunday evening. The event was nice and intimate probably the right crowd for stand up, cannot be sure as it was my 1st time attending a comedy show and enjoyed every single bit of it. The night turned out to be a one of laughs and giggles, sure did some good to my facial muscles! There were nine contestants in total grouped into three’s, so we had three rounds of hysterical comedy to enjoy through out the night, from comedians in and out of Johannesburg. I would like to big up Mr “Mo” Mothebe for the invite, who was part of the nine, competing for the throne! Big up to Comedy Central Africa, Goliath and Goliath for the awesome event and experience.

is y reason for saying th m to ck ba go e m t Le ade: is e best movie ever m e th tl ti be to ie s v o ha m e h T e all amateur acar ie ov m is th in st The ca is movie is what one tors, the budget for th y for a typical music would say it would pa eaning its not a Holly slums of m e , th es in at e st e ac th pl s in o ke ta de vi The movie poverty, nd ou ar es lv vo re y wood budget. Brazil, the stor e Th . ortuguese and al P iv in rv ld su l to al g in of t be os is m y t or The st violence, love bu y of aracch d an ts en . The cinematograph ev es e itl bt tru su on h d lis se ng E ba is a movie azing, from the camer stilling fear in am in h st ju ug is ro th ie ov ed m iv rv is th su ters that ld g. a story that’s been to ements to the lightin ov m their community. It’s t this movie is the g to work ou in ab try er er ov ph e ra m og on ot w ph t Wha from a young illiant wont talk I . er ap sp w and wardrobe. The br t ne l se , ca lo up a e in ak m up ay w his t the movie is its foreign bu coz id like you to is ot th pl t e ou th t ab g ou in ab th h uc too m ood ue is just on a Hollyw d beautiful story og an al ie di d ov m an n is th tio e ac nc experie caliber. line.

“ City of God “

’s A S f o e n , o e! t b u t o a d d a o t t u s o p h u t i ro w g s i p d o a H w p D-Sk shest Hi fre

The most clichéd response would be 3 MCs and a bass guitar. But in all artistry, they are the originators of the hip hop Sjambok genre (the illegitimate sound of hip hop). This multitalented lyrical group was formed in 2005 when the group members where just scholars. Their passion for hip hop is fast setting the streets of Joburg a blaze. Although all three members are lyrically talented, they each contribute different musical elements: Blacky Hukz (pictured left), a Maftown born music graduate and gifted bass player, lends his love for jazz and soul music Mousse Man (picture right) is a Soweto born rapper is a vibrant yet humble MC; but his lyrical flows are a far cry from his humble persona. His verses infuse vernac with style and precision Mac-D (middle) is the artistic genius of the group with a BA in Cinematography from AFDA. He spans his love for music as a parttime hip hop Dj They are no strangers to the big stage; their unique style earned them a slot on the lineup of one of SA’s leading hip hop artist HHP, on his Wam Tseba M’Tour: Bloemfontein show in 2008. They were also featured for an entire month on YOTV’s Ext4 which aired to over 2mil lion viewers. (2012)D-skwad also featured on Etv’s “Shiz niz” which aired to over 1million viewres, as well as Africa’s biggest hip hop event “Back to the city” where they performed to a crowed of over 11 000 people. (2012) They were also featured on the Nescafe tour where they performed around the country as well as being featured in South Africa’s leading hip hop magazine “Hype magazine” with a front page mention an article and a feature on the Hype mag mixtape which was mixed by international award winner PS squared.

Age: 19 City: Pretoria Occupation: Student-Drama. Future plans: To be able to create art Fav Quote: “Find something you love and let it kill you” “Skateboarding is an action sport which, involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Skateboarding can also be considered a recreational activity, an art form, a job, or a method of transportation. Skateboarding has been shaped and influenced by many skateboarders throughout the years. A 2002 report found that there were 18.5 million skateboarders in the world. 85% of skateboarders polled who had used a board in the last year were under the age of 18, and 74% were male. “ We hook up with a local , to get a glimpse of his life.

Life of a Roller- With Poelo Mofolo 1.When did you get into skateboarding? A few years ago man and its been so much fun. 2.Best Trick? Haha! I don’t have one of those. 3.As skateboarders there many spots to kill, which one is your favorite. I like skating krugersdorp, its fun missioning around with homies, but I’m enjoying living in Pretoria! 4.First set up? An old Element board with World indistrie trucks. 5.What’s your set up looking like now? I’m riding a Plankie 8,25, i got Indy trucks and element wheels. 6 .Abec 1 or Abec 7? No Idea what bearings I’ve got but they seem to keep me rolling so no Complains Cookie company’s should get involved in skateboarding..cookies are the future man!

fore.. I touched on issues closest to my heart, and in so doing hope to capture the hearts of the listeners. Its all about relation I guess.. The reason for the title “Paper & Pen” is also a personal entity for me.. My career involves me using a Paper &Pen everyday of my life, and its the same with my music, so P&P became common ground for a name especially with it being so sentimental to me..

The Music itself is a journey.. I really got to work with some of the most Talented dudes Internationally and Locally.


Mighty Moose Unwraps Paper & Pen

The story of Paper & Pen is one that would take many days to decipher.But in short.. I felt for a long time that I needed to do something on my own. . From the very conception of my Rap Journey I’ve always been involved with or affiliated with crews or groups, from 1BC to AFMP etc.. For me, Paper &Pen was a more personal journey in my music, more so than ever be-

The Entire Tape was recorded at Zero1Six Studios, in the Vaal, run by a Talented Producer by the name of Dean Watter aka Domino. The Mixing & Mastering of the entire Tape was done by Tempo Beatz of We Make Music, he also Produced a song on the Tape called Rock It. I owe him a lung...hahaha. MohoKatalyst of 6Feet, Q-Notes, Ortha, Size Killa, and the Legendary DJ Don Cannon whom allowed me to use his Beats are just a part of all who played a HUGE role in the musicality of this Mixtape. To be fair its probably not what people would expect to hear from Mighty MoosE. Less Hardcore Street Raps, and lots more Conscious socially alert Raps.. Its Music.. Not just Rap Music. Ortha also Designed the entire sleeve under his graphics design compnay called “FreshMilk Projuice”.. Talented talented talented brothers. Overall, I hope everybody appreciates the time and effort, and all of those sometimes not so pleasant experiences that come with sacrificing everything to make a Mixtape.. It took us a lil’ under two years from start to finish.. Every song is though out. The Tape will drop in about 2weeks officially, but Hard Copies will commence to go on sale shortly. Just stay tuned to @mightymooseww for ALL info regarding this lyrical jewel. April/May issue



We wan t modelli to give models ng and media i the platform t all abou o grow ndustry t in with . Creat the ing star Stri s is wha c that kly Pim t we p o i f n f e b


Age rand rs m o dels ncy is clus amb a a f i rate ve cere ssador or pho multim t s “Pro events monies . We a o shoo edia in t . t l At S mo-Mo Our m such a so offe s , vide eractiv e o d r s to e trickly P els� fo dels a awar mode o shoo agenc d ts r x r y l pres pend t impin A rebra e also s cere s to wo and a m a n h s them enting emsel gency ding b vailab onies rk in ex le f r s & co w indu event how a s into v e also ands a to be r p o n n uall a b stry y gr d bein rious give ou d bran ooked o g ow into socia ther m r mode d activ as a l a ls maj or c person dia pla platfo tion. a ontr r t ibut lity tha form lik ms ors t e into can he the l med p ia

April/May issue

Events Company Review


setting of a roof top party at Primi Bazala (Maponya Mall). This event has since gained popularity by being held on the last Sunday of every month with every event attracting more and more people in a plethora of racial groups, professions and varsities.The idea was to bring all types of people who enjoy Hip hop (in its entirety) to come chill and mingle with each other in a classy place where style is the order of the day, conversations in corners and friendships being created to the backdrop of cool hip hop songs and bottles popping.” – Authentic Sundays


Authentic Sundays

“Hip hop music in South Africa is seen as the fastest growing and most influential genre in the urban market. From that Authentic Sundays was born; it was the brainchild of a few good friends who saw a need in the South Western Townships (SOWETO) for Hip Hop to have a new home and be taken more seriously in the cool and beautiful

A few weeks ago, we attended an art exhibition.. a graffiti exhibition to be precise, hosted by Two By Two Art studio’s out in Newtown. The exhibition hosted mixed artists, with pieces by Alphabet Zoo, Rype, Mr Fuzzy Slippers and Daisy to mention a few. Pop in the Two By two Studio’s to catch a glimpse of the work, some of the art is still available for purchase. Apart from the event, they offer a wide range of services, from art classes for kids at R10! Everything a graf artist needs to create can be found in their studio. Peace, Love & Art!

Sunday the 26th of May marked the 1st of the monthly AFMP beat battles. As we all may know the AFMP homies have been around for quite sometime as a hiphop group and event organizers. They brought us the dopest hiphop Sunday chills literally under the tree in the westrand. After a long work in anticipation for the event, the day finally came, bringing forth beat makers/producers across all cities and townships to come and beat it out for the number 1 spot! It was a very tough competition amongst the cats, the competition was split up into 3 rounds where producers went head to head knocking each others out to advance to the next stage. We felt really sorry for the judges, the must have been the toughest task for the day, all the beats dropped there we worthy of a couple of hot 16’s. The venue was a buzz with producers such as Reg Dilla from Dillatron, Brian Beats, Speeka, Tek beats and Pali the sk8king to name a few… But the main man for the day, had to be Bongani Vincent Ngondo A.K.A Vince, who came all the way from the vaal to battle his way to the top! Many shouts to him and many more to AFMP for hell of a dope event!

April/May issue

Q..Who is Omuhle?


1-Omuhle is a young lady who’s very passionate about art and life. Grew up in the East of JHB with a passion to tell stories. I’m very Lively and often very happy and I view life with a positive outlook, ALWAYS.

Q.Your background story of how u got into the TV industry? 2-I have studied acting for years now have done a few theatre plays, and I started with TV last year when I got a supporting role on Tshisa. Q. You have been on other soapies before being on Muvhango, can you tell us about them? 3-Ive never really been on soapies I’ve been on Drama series’s and had a Cameo Role on Generations, Muvhango is my first concrete soapie role. Q.You are currently on Muvhango as James daughter who is very manipulative and devious, how do you separate yourself from the character u playing? 4- Busi and I don’t have a lot in common. It took me a lot of time to familiarise myself with her and fully get into her and understand why she does the things she does. She and I have different goals in life that’s what separates us. We don’t like or do similar things. Q. What do you say is the main misconception about the TV industry? 5-People tend to assume TV is glitz and glam and that its easy and not really work. But it honestly takes a lot of passion and you have to KNOW what it is you’re doing. Not everything is as pretty as it looks on screen, its a lot of work. Q. How do you deal with negative feedback from the public? 6-I don’t even allow negativity in my space. I immediately dismiss any negativity from the public. Its not worth my time. Q. Are we going to see more from you on our Tv screens, regardless of being on Muvhango? 7- Definitely! Let’s just wait and see:)

Q.The one person you look up too and why? 8- I look up to my parents, their very supportive, hard working and inspire me everyday to be a better person. Q. Best advice you’ve got? 9- Education is key. Study hard follow your dreams and being that its possible to make anything you put your mind to, a reality. Q. Wise words to the aspiring actors that look up to you? 10- Don’t do anything for the hype/fame. Doing something you’re passionate about is the greatest feeling ever. Have patience your 1st audition might not be a success, the first 50-100 may also not be a success but if you want it bad enough it will happen. Patience and perseverance is key as an aspiring actress.

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That Flava Mag Issue 3

That Flava Mag Issue 3  

That Flava Mag Issue 3