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Oakville Hospital Foundation 2018/19 Annual Report

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Letter to Our Donors Each year as we come to deliver our annual report, we reflect on all that was accomplished thanks to your generosity. We continue to see significant change and rapid technological development in the healthcare landscape. But one aspect has remained unchanged through all of this – our community’s unwavering commitment to its hospital. We have translated this altruism and passion into significant and tangible results: the latest diagnostic tools, a new operating room, leading-edge equipment, support for mental health programs and the equipping of more care spaces. The result, unquestionably, is empowering OTMH’s talented physicians and staff to provide exceptional and compassionate care. With your help we have provided further opportunities for them to apply their skills to change the lives of those members of our community in need of care close to home. The following pages highlight the many ways in which we are working together to fulfill our mission and deliver on the trust you have placed in us. You play a vital role in the healthcare of our community and share our commitment to enable exemplary patient experiences, always. We are profoundly grateful for your generosity which has been the engine of such positive change for our hospital and all who rely on it. It is because of you that we can light the way to a brighter tomorrow.

Mary McPherson CEO, Oakville Hospital Foundation

Tim Porter Chair, Oakville Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Thank you. 1

Providing our patients with the best surgical care close to home 2

With so many patients counting on us for exemplary care, this past year we had an urgent need to expand our surgical program at OTMH. The hospital added new surgeons, additional nursing staff, purchased close to 100 pieces of surgical equipment and opened an additional operating room. The operating room now has the most advanced equipment and technology thanks to your generous donations. Donor funded equipment included pieces such as an anesthesia gas machine, an ortho 3D printer, scopes for women’s health and an ophthalmology laser. Very little is as certain as our need for high quality healthcare. OTMH’s surgical team understands this and puts patients first so inevitably and rightly they become the centre of everything that the healthcare team does. 3

Department of Surgery

“You Gave Me a Reason to Keep Hope Alive” PAT I E N T S P O T L I G H T When Nicola was first diagnosed with cancer his wife Maria was devastated but thankfully a minimally invasive surgery saved his life. “Your support is the reason my husband and many other cancer patients can benefit from the latest surgical techniques close to home, avoiding the stress and exhaustion we would face if we had to travel to Toronto or Hamilton. There aren’t enough words to express all the gratitude I feel for Dr. Behar, Dr. Pampaloni, and everyone at OTMH for taking such good care of Nicola. And I’m just as grateful to you for helping to provide the specialized equipment and technology they need to do their job. Everyone at OTMH gave me a reason to keep hope alive in my heart. With your generosity, you have too.”


Dr. Duncan Rozario, Chief of Surgery PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT “The Department of Surgery at OTMH is tremendously grateful to those in our community who have chosen to invest in themselves. Everyone will require medical care at some point in their lives. By helping to fund the care of those in our community, our generous supporters are investing in their own future and in the future of their loved ones.”

Oakville Diwali PHILANTHROPY SPOTLIGHT Oakville Diwali is an event that symbolizes good health and prosperity. Founded in 2013 by Vijay and Sushma Agarwal, Oakville Diwali has grown into Oakville’s largest South Asian Gala. The 2018 event was a colourful evening celebrating culture and benefitting the surgical program by providing funding for various surgical specialty areas including vascular, gynaecology, orthopaedic, and ophthalmology. 5



When the situation is critical‌ lifesaving care starts with you The Emergency Department (ED) at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is one of the most critical places in our community. It is the place where people from across the region come for a quick and accurate diagnosis, rapid, lifesaving treatment, reassurance and hope. Our ED has always been busy. But since we moved into our new hospital in December 2015, the number of patients we’ve seen in the department has been unprecedented. In the first four months after our move, we saw a 35% increase in patients turning to us for diagnosis, care and treatment. The growth has been steady ever since. Every day, Dr. Keith Martin and the many talented physicians and caregivers who work in the Emergency Department depend on medical equipment and technology to diagnose illness, monitor patients and begin treatment as quickly as possible. Your ongoing commitment helps ensure they have access to the latest, leading-edge tools to save lives and deliver urgent care. This past year, your contributions funded portable ultrasounds, physiological monitors, and bladder scanners – equipment needed to help care for the ever-increasing number of patients who use our emergency services. Thanks to your generosity, this is where their journey to healing begins. 7

Emergency Department

Dr. Keith Martin, Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT “With more patients than ever needing our help — many of them sicker, with more complex and wide-ranging health issues — it’s crucial we have the equipment on hand to help them. All of us at OTMH are fiercely committed to providing the best care for every person who comes through our doors. We are very grateful to work in a community that shares our commitment to innovative and compassionate patient care.”

OTMH Golf Tournament PHILANTHROPY SPOTLIGHT The OTMH Charity Golf Tournament is one of Oakville’s longest running golf events. The 2018 event supported urgently needed equipment for our emergency department and raised additional donations during a “cause-within-a-cause” initiative led by grateful patient Jason Laughlin who returned to the links following his long recovery. 8

In the first four months after our move, we saw a 35% increase in patients turning to OTMH for vital care and treatment. The growth has been steady ever since.

“They Never Gave Up On Me” PAT I E N T S P O T L I G H T Dan’s heart stopped beating in our Emergency Department on the morning of July 21st. He was 49 years old. Thanks to the paramedic, a team of skilled nursing staff and Dr. Paul Healey, Dan’s story is one he is able to share with us today. “I look at this picture of the team who saved my life every week,” Dan told us when he stopped by to thank our staff in Emergency. “It’s a reminder to me of how lucky I was to be at OTMH. They never gave up on me. They had the right equipment, the right training and such great staff. My kids are 10, 8 and 6 now and have their Dad here because of the care I received so close to my job site. My wife and I have the future to look forward to.” Your thoughtful support is the reason a record number of people are finding the world class community hospital care and treatment they need in the ED. 9

HEALTH It may be invisible at first glance, but mental illness affects many of our friends, family, and loved ones. In fact, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness. OTMH has long committed to caring for those who live with mental illness by treating them and empowering them through their recovery. In addition to the mental health inpatient programs and outpatient clinics for children, youth, adults, and seniors, nearly every department in the hospital supports the influx of patients presenting with mental health issues. From the person coping with depression following surgery, to a heart-attack survivor battling anxiety issues, to a new mom struggling with postpartum depression, the healthcare team at OTMH is committed to caring for the whole patient – body, mind and spirit. Thanks to our generous community, OTMH has been able to expand mental health services


and provide more people with the exemplary care and respect they need. In the past year the number of beds for the mental health adult inpatient unit increased to 48 general adult psychiatric beds with two designated for older adults living with dementia. As well, the Mental Health Navigator program received additional funding enabling caregivers to provide support to patients and families seeking mental health services for their children and educating and connecting families to various treatment and program options within our community. Navigators are assigned to children and adolescents in need following a crisis visit to the Emergency Department, after a referral from a family physician to Child and Youth Outpatient Services, or following discharge from the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatient Service. Since 2011, the Navigator Program has been helping individuals and their families access the services they so desperately need.


Mental Health Program

OTMH Candlelight Ball PHILANTHROPY SPOTLIGHT Thanks to our patrons at the 2018 OTMH Candlelight Ball, “cause-within-a-cause” raised more than $200,000 for OTMH’s Navigator Program. Attendees generously supported the program that helps children and youth struggling with mental health and addiction issues and aims to increase their chances of recovery for a smoother transition to adulthood. The Navigator Program does not receive any government funding and was initiated thanks to a leadership gift from the Mental Wellness Network. Over the years it has benefited from significant community fundraising support.


“I am Grateful I Can Now be an Advocate” PAT I E N T S P O T L I G H T The support of OTMH’s mental health team is the reason Maria was able to share her story of hope and recovery at the SHOPPERS. LOVE. YOU. Run for Women event. When she was just 12 years old, Maria was admitted into OTMH’s mental health department. Physicians and staff provided Maria with the compassionate care she needed during the darkest point in her life. “The Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is where I started my recovery, and I am grateful that I can now be an advocate and help others on their road to recovery,” she said on stage before the run began. The event raised $110,000 in support of mental health care at OTMH.

Dr. Alan Brown, Chief of Psychiatry PHYSICIAN SPOTLIGHT “‘Mental Health’ is a consequence of how we manage our genetic predisposition to clinical conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, addictions etc. and the various stresses that life make us face. Our treatments are multiple, they involve medication, psychotherapy and skills training. We are constantly trying to improve our therapeutic delivery systems in all these areas. While government funding supports our programs, donor funding helps take us to a higher level of service delivery and substantially better patient experiences.” 13

Financial Statement For the year ended March 31, 2019. We are pleased to report that the Oakville Hospital Foundation ended the 2018/19 fiscal year with total fundraising revenue of $10,355,811 thanks to the ongoing generosity of our donor community and the dedication of our volunteers and staff. We also earned $1,227,084 of net investment income resulting in net revenue (after expenses) of $8,326,019.












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General fund balance, end of year







Statement of Operations (expressed in thousands) Revenues Fundraising revenue Net Investment Income

Ancillary Revenues (net) Total Net Revenue

Fundraising Revenue

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Donations & Grants Distributed (expressed in thousands)

This fiscal year, 7,975 donors contributed to our fundraising programs. As a result, the Foundation was delighted to transfer $7,275,362 in donated funds to Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital in fiscal year 2018/19. Of this amount, $1,024,359 was designated to fund special projects and equipment beyond the top priority equipment list.

Unrestricted Grant to OTMH - Equipment Restricted Endowment Funds Restricted Grant to OTMH - Equipment Work-Fit Total Therapy

Endowment Funds

(expressed in thousands) General fund, balance beginning of year

Investment expenses

Donor restricted funds Total balance, end of year


Board of Directors The Oakville Hospital Foundation is grateful for the dedicated support of our 2018/19 leadership volunteers. Sarah Adams*

Raza Hasan

Tom Rothfischer

Denise Baker

Craig Hayman, Vice Chair

Upinder Saini

Mike Bogle

Samantha Horn

Mike Snell*

Kriss Bush

Dr. Hanif Jamal

Rob Stapleford

Joel Clark

Betty Ann Jarrett, Vice Chair*

Jamie Ziegel

Kim Fletcher Denise Hardenne, President and CEO, Halton Healthcare

Karen Poole

Hilary Rodrigues, Treasurer

Tim Porter, Chair

Mary McPherson, Secretary

Nigela Purboo


Not pictured


OTMH by the Numbers Thanks to you, in 2018/19 we were able to provide for the healthcare needs of our growing community.

Performed 14,558 MRI Scans

Provided essential mental health services for all ages, close to home.



Your generosity helped caregivers deliver

2,581 babies



lab tests to help physicians make diagnosis and determine treatment


Welcomed new talent to our dedicated care teams to grow our programs and services


surgical procedures were performed

3001 Hospital Gate, Oakville ON L6M 0L8 905-338-4642 • www.oakvillehospitalfoundation.com Charitable Registration Number: 13145-3490 RR0001

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Oakville Hospital Foundation 2018/2019 Annual Report  

Oakville Hospital Foundation 2018/2019 Annual Report