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By sparking the passion to give, we will transform the healthcare experience.

A PROUD TRADITION OF GIVING There are few things in our lives that are more

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on

important than exceptional healthcare—

the important role that all healthcare workers

except, perhaps, access to this exceptional

play in caring for our community. Oakville is

healthcare within our local community. Oakville

stronger because of their incredible efforts in

Hospital Foundation donors understand this

protecting the health of our loved ones in their

and recognize the role philanthropy plays in

care. We are indebted to their commitment to

expanding the limits of what we are able to

compassionate care.

accomplish at Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

We are also appreciative to you, our generous donors, for your ongoing support of Oakville

As we formally close out the 2019-2020 fiscal

Hospital Foundation and our hospital as we

year, we hope you know how grateful we are

navigate this new reality. Your generosity has

for your gifts this past year. Thanks to your

been unwavering during this unprecedented

support, we raised more than $11 million

crisis and for that, we are all grateful.

and the impact of that generosity is being felt across our hospital.

We thank you for your inspiration, investment, and impact.

Our mission to connect generosity to worldclass community healthcare at Oakville

Yours in philanthropy,

Trafalgar Memorial Hospital is reflected in our more than 7,720 donors who generously contributed to our Foundation. Our vision of sparking the passion to give to transform the healthcare experience was brought to life at the close of our fiscal year with a record

MARY MCPHERSON Chief Executive Officer Oakville Hospital Foundation

number of new donors joining the OHF family to ensure our hospital has what it needs to fight this pandemic and whatever other health emergency lies around the corner. Oakville’s proud tradition of giving and your unwavering commitment to our hospital continues.

TIM PORTER Chair, Oakville Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Supporting Our Caregiving Heroes


LOOK FOR THE HELPERS It is inspiring to see our healthcare teams and

lead gift of $10,000 to the OTMH Response

neighbours pulling together and supporting

Fund and to Oakville residents Carol Chen

each other during these unprecedented times.

and Shawn Fang for establishing the first Go

While 2020 is off to a challenging start, our

Fund Me page that raised more than $35,000

community has stepped up to support frontline

for personal protective equipment (PPE) for

workers as they care for us during the COVID-19

our frontline workers. These donations had an

pandemic. We thank everyone at OTMH for their

immediate impact on our hospital, enabling

tireless efforts and resilience. Their dedication to

us to fund some of the resources our resilient

ensuring patients and their families feel safe and

clinical staff needed to provide safe, world-class

supported is immeasurable.

community healthcare to our patients and community. Before the end of March, hundreds

We also thank our donors for your philanthropic

of donors demonstrated their support and were

contributions and heartfelt encouragement. It

instrumental in helping our hospital navigate

truly means so much to all of us at the Oakville

through these challenging times together as a

Hospital Foundation to have you by our side.


We especially want to thank Longo’s for their


LOVING OUR COMMUNITY In March, four Oakville students stepped up to fundraise for urgently needed ventilators at OTMH. Together, Joy Yuan, Catherine Shen, Joanna Xiong, and Matthew Xiong rallied their friends and neighbours to support their efforts using WeChat to raise $27,930 in a few weeks. The students are members of JCJ (Joyful Caring Joint), a nonprofit organization created last year. Thank you to them and everyone who supported their efforts. With their donation came this message, “We hope more people will love and protect our community together.�

PEOPLE OF ACTION Demonstrating service above self, the four local Rotary clubs (Oakville, Oakville Trafalgar, Oakville West, and Passport clubs) established the Oakville Rotary Relief Fund (ORRF) and ensured OTMH was one of its first recipients to receive funding. OTMH used the funds to acquire a specialized training tool for the emergency department team enabling them to improve their ability to handle difficult real-life resuscitations.

RUNNING FOR OTMH Henry and Spencer Zikmanis are not only brothers but as well, a powerhouse fundraising team. It was their idea to each donate $100 from their own savings account plus raise $1,000 from their friends and family to help doctors, nurses and other Oakville frontline healthcare heroes. Spencer ran a 6 km race and his brother Henry was his coach. Together they crushed their goal and raised an incredible $2,755.


SPARKING THE PASSION TO GIVE Last Fall, long-time volunteers and donors

Impressed by the level of care they have

June and Ian Cockwell issued a community

received since moving to Oakville a few years

challenge, pledging to give $1.4 million in

ago, Wah and Eva Chung gave in appreciation

matching donations and encouraging donors

for having exceptional care close to home.

to elevate their giving sights. The goal was achieved thanks to support from 36 long-

The Cappuccitti family made a gift and named

standing and new donors making gifts of

a patient room in memory of Michael’s father.

$25,000 or more. At the heart of each donor’s support was gratitude and appreciation for the

These are just a few of the generous and

exceptional care provided at OTMH.

thoughtful community members who were inspired to show support for their local hospital.

Peter and Brenda Jobling made a

Over the past year, donors funded the latest

transformational gift in appreciation and respect

diagnostic tools, equipped a new operating

for the staff and volunteers at the hospital.

room, supported mental health programs and enhanced more care spaces. The result,

Earl and Pam Storie wanted to leverage their

unquestionably, empowered OTMH’s talented

support through the match and increase the

physicians and staff to provide exemplary

impact of their gift on the hospital.

patient experiences, always, and prepared the hospital for the challenging year ahead with

Grateful for the compassionate care Mike

COVID-19 emerging as a worldwide concern.

received, Mike and Karen Russill made a donation in support of the Cancer Care Clinic.



professionals in philanthropy while providing

how important OTMH is to their families.

enriching network opportunities within the

Between the two of them they have delivered

hospital and our community. Throughout the

five beautiful babies at the hospital, have both

year, Innovators build their understanding of

since returned with these babies for antibiotics

our community’s healthcare needs and how

and stitches, checked in on parents with

the group can help address these priorities.

concerning heart problems, and visited friends

Together, the Innovators will decide where their

who have had emergency appendix surgeries.

donations will be used empowering them to

“These are the kind of things that a community

make a meaningful impact at OTMH.

hospital provides, and what we need them to do exceptionally,” says Lesley.

The group is quickly growing with 22 members to date. “One of the greatest pleasures in life

Wanting to support their local hospital and

and most powerful forces for good in the world

encourage others to do so, they created the

is sharing,” says Vanessa. “We look forward to

Innovators. The group, led by the Innovators

sharing together as Innovators and getting to

Council Morgan Dunnigan, Vanessa Lynch,

know our Oakville network better along the way.”

Lesley Dagenais, Johanne Barbieri, and LeAnh Yuan, aims to engage like-minded young 6

OTMH CANDLELIGHT BALL: DOORS OPEN ONE LAST TIME After 28 amazing years, last year we said

make an initial grant to the newly established

farewell to one of Oakville’s finest events,

Candlelight Cancer Fund. The Fund will be used

the OTMH Candlelight Ball. For many years,

to transform cancer care in our community

this event brought together hundreds of

and support our incredible physicians and

dedicated and generous individuals committed

caregivers including OTMH’s two new Medical

to supporting Oakville Trafalgar Memorial

Oncologists, Dr. Michael Herman and Dr.

Hospital by funding numerous pieces of medical

Ketan Ghate who are contributing to the


further development of our systemic therapy cancer care services and the expansion of the

Thanks to our gala patrons, cause donors, event

treatment of patients with solid tumour disease.

sponsors, and auction contributors, $1,127,000

The Candlelight Cancer Fund is a lasting legacy

was raised in one spectacular evening. This

and remarkable testament of the generosity of

includes $713,000 pledged during cause-within-

hundreds of gala patrons who have supported

a-cause, together with the matching gift from

this event over the years.

June and Ian Cockwell, that will enable us to


Transforming the Healthcare Experience

ORTHOPAEDIC SURGERY Orthopaedic surgeons at OTMH are equipped

created by Dr. Danny Arora, a new surgeon at

to offer leading-edge procedures in the areas

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.

of complex reconstruction, advanced sports medicine, and now foot and ankle conditions.

“It was a true pleasure to be a part of this wonderful fundraiser,” says Dr. Arora. “Your

At the 2019 OTMH Golf Tournament, donors

generosity makes it possible for myself and the

came together to advance our orthopaedic

rest of my colleagues to push the boundaries

surgical program by funding two specialized

with innovative techniques, provide exemplary

orthopedic sets. This essential equipment is

care to our patients, and give back to the

used to repair small bones and will have a direct


impact on the new foot and ankle specialty being 8

OPHTHALMOLOGY For over two years, Ida-Mae Henley went back

been experiencing immediately disappeared and

and forth to her ophthalmologist after she lost

soon Ida-Mae noticed her vision coming back.

the sight in her left eye and couldn’t stand light of any kind. “I had to sit in my house in complete

Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors,

darkness. Even a lamp was too much,” Ida-

Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital invested

Mae recalls. “I had no quality of life and started

in equipment such as imaging equipment

getting depressed. By the time I was referred to

that helps diagnose cornea issues, a specular

the Ophthalmologist at OTMH, I had pretty much

microscope used for borderline cases where

lost all hope.”

it’s hard to judge the right time to do a cornea transplant, and the corneal analyzer which will

On Ida-Mae’s first visit with an OTMH

help our specialists evaluate a patient’s corneal

ophthalmologist it took almost 30 minutes to

surface. Now, patients in our own community

thoroughly examine her eye. Then much to

will benefit.

Ida-Mae’s amazement, she received a diagnosis. Blood vessels that surround the cornea had

Today, Ida-Mae’s vision is almost completely

grown into her cornea and were preventing

restored and she’s back to living life to the

healing. Ida-Mae needed cornea limbal stem cell

fullest. “I can drive again. I can go outside and I

transplant surgery to restore her vision. Healthy

don’t even have to wear sunglasses,” she says. “I

limbal stem cells from Ida-Mae’s good eye were

wouldn’t have my life back if not for the skill and

transplanted into her left eye. The pain she had

expertise of the healthcare team at OTMH.


BREAST DAP Thinking about breast cancer and the stress

BDAP care is supported by a multidisciplinary

patients go through before they’re even

team of radiologists, surgeons and other

diagnosed is one of the reasons why the Zonta

key healthcare providers. This coordinated

Club decided to support OTMH last year.

approach reduces the associated anxiety and

The Breast Diagnostic Assessment Program

wait time to diagnosis and treatment and

(BDAP) provides patients with rapid access to

enhances the patient experience by offering

care, meaning less waiting for a diagnosis and

emotional, educational and practical supports.

treatment. Through the BDAP, breast cancer patients are guided through the entire process

“The cancer care journey starts even before

— from diagnosis to treatment to recovery

diagnosis,” says Dr. John McPhaden, Medical

— by a patient navigator. This knowledgeable

Director, Cancer Services. “We want to be

member of our cancer care team links all

here through every step, so patients can get

specialties together and makes the system

the care they need close to home. Cancer is

function quickly for patients.

an exceptionally complex disease and donors ensure we have the tools we need to fight it.”

Virginia was one of the first patients to benefit from BDAP. After her first surgery, pathology

We are grateful to the Zonta Club and all our

showed that Virginia still had residual cancer

other donors who generously gave to the

cells left. Virginia then made the decision to

BDAP program. Your support enables our

have a bilateral mastectomy. Her treatment

clinicians to diagnose cancer, perform biopsies

also included four rounds of chemotherapy

and other surgeries, and administer world-

and 18 rounds of targeted immunotherapy.

class community healthcare and treatment to

She received all of her treatment at OTMH — a

patients close to home.

seven-minute drive from her home. 10

Financial Statement FOR THE YEAR ENDED MARCH 31, 2020

We are pleased to report that the Oakville Hospital Foundation ended the 2019/20 fiscal year with total fundraising revenue of $11,093,851 thanks to the ongoing generosity of our donor community and the dedication of our volunteers and staff. Our net revenue was $7,415,514 after a net investment loss and expenses. STATEMENT OF OPERATIONS (expressed in thousands)



contributed to our fundraising

Revenues Fundraising revenue Net Investment income (loss) Expenses Net Fundraising Revenue

programs. As a result, the $11,094






funds to Oakville Trafalgar



Memorial Hospital in fiscal



(expressed in thousands)






















Grants distributed



General fund balance, end of year








transfer $6,553,930 in donated

year 2019/20. Of this amount, to fund special projects and


Donor Designated Donations

Foundation was honoured to

$1,016,313 was designated


This fiscal year, 7,720 donors

equipment beyond the top priority equipment list.

DONATIONS & GRANTS DISTRIBUTED (expressed in thousands)

Unrestricted Grant to OTMH - Equipment Restricted Grant to OTMH - Designated

ENDOWMENT FUNDS (expressed in thousands)

General fund, balance beginning of year Investment income (loss) Donation additions Investment expenses

Donor restricted funds Total balance, end of year


Board of Directors SARAH ADAMS



VP Private Banking, Royal Bank of Canada

Physician, Halton Healthcare

Corporate & Tax Lawyer, Soble, Rickards & Associates

MIKE BOGLE Investment Advisor | Financial Planner, RBC Wealth Management


Partner Global Human Capital and Partner Affairs PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Investment Advisor, TD Wealth



Royal Bank of Canada

World Vision Canada

DENISE HARDENNE President & CEO, Halton Healthcare

RAZA HASAN SVP & Head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management Risk, HSBC Bank Canada

CRAIG HAYMAN Vi c e Ch ai r Retired, Senior Partner, Edward Jones

SAMANTHA HORN Partner, Stikeman Elliot LLP



Retired, Senior Consultant

TOM ROTHFISCHER Audit Partner & Leader of GTA Real Estate Practice, KPMG

UPINDER SAINI SVP, Wireless Products, Rogers Communications



SVP, QuadReal

Retired, President and CEO, Hamilton Utilities Corporation


KAREN POOLE Senior Vice President – Employee Benefits, Dobson & Toncic

T I M P O R T E R    Chair Former, Chief of Staff, Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

NIGELA PURBOO Community Member

Retired, Actuary

HILARY RODRIGUES Tre as ure r VP, Corp Services & CFO, Halton Healthcare

MARY MCPHERSON Se c re t ary CEO, Oakville Hospital Foundation

OTMH by the Numbers Thanks to you, in 2019/20 we were able to provide for the healthcare needs of our growing community.




Emergency Department visits

MRI scans performed

X-Rays administered




Surgical procedures performed

Babies delivered

Lab tests completed


Thank you!

3001 Hospital Gate, Oakville ON L6M 0L8 905.338.4642 • www.oakvillehospitalfoundation.com Charitable Registration Number: 13145-3490 RR0001

Profile for Oakville Hospital Foundation

Oakville Hospital Foundation 2019/20 Annual Report  

Oakville Hospital Foundation 2019/20 Annual Report