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Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union can assist in getting you the money to buy, build or renovate your dream home. HOW TO OPEN UP YOUR LIVING SPACE. See Page 26


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2 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


What Every Home Toolkit Needs

hen my older sister moved out on her own, my parents made sure she took a toolkit with her. It was ready-made, but it had most of the basics and got plenty of use. Eventually, when it was my turn to move, she handed it down to me. It was handy, but it wasn’t complete. Luckily my roommates brought toolkits of their own, and with our tools combined, we were able to tackle most projects. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are missing the right tool for the right job. While the fol-


lowing list won’t cover every tool you’ll ever need, it is a great start: 1. Utility Knife. Save steak knives for cutting steak. Also known as a box cutter, a utility knife with replaceable blades will come in handy. 2. Screwdriver set. Marshall Hickox of Homeworks Construction suggested getting a screwdriver with reversible flat and Phillips-head attachments in various sizes to accommodate different screw head sizes. 3. Drill. I opt for a corded

version over cordless. It costs less, weighs less and doesn’t require charging. 4. Hammer. Some people say you need a hammer and a rubber mallet, but when space is tight like it is at my house, you’ve got to be creative. If I need a rubber mallet, I simply cut a slit in a tennis ball, slide the hammer in, cover the head with a sock, and secure it

with a rubber band. 5. Scissors. Instead of using kitchen scissors for house repairs, designate a special set for those jobs. Nobody wants to cut chicken or herbs with the same scissors that were used for cutting grime and hair out of a clogged drain. Other handy essentials include measuring tape, an

extension cord, needlenose pliers, adjustable wrenches, screws and nails and a variety pack of batteries. As Hickox suggested, go for quality products. “Always avoid cheaply made tools,” he said. “Some break on the first use or are so poorly made they will damage what you are working on.”

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f a shortage of cash is the major obstacle to creating your dream home — whether it be remodeling your existing home or building a new one — that problem can often be solved at Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (HCFCU). HCFCU has the resources to provide a variety of loan products to finance a wide range of building projects. Its experienced home loan officers will work with you on a personalized loan program that best fits the project you are planning.





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Construction loans Owner/builder construction loans are one of HCFCU’s specialty loan products, and they are becoming increasingly popular with both long-time and new members. This innovative loan program is one of the best options for homeowners planning to demolish their current home and build a new one. It can save tens of PHOTO COURTESY OF HCFCU thousands of dollars off what you might be paying through a bonded contractor. With different construction loan programs available, you also have the option of working with a bonded contractor. Once approved for the appropriate construction loan program, funds are disbursed as the work progresses and the borrower has the option of interest-only payments during construction. When dealing with new construction, it is essential to work with choose a land loan? Perhaps you have a professional who will be there for you found a vacant lot that is just the right size every step of the way. Your HCFCU home and location for your new home, but you’re loan officer will visit the site to oversee not ready to build. When the time is right each phase and make sure the work is to start construction, you can then apply moving along as scheduled. Also, all for an owner/builder construction loan. HCFCU construction loans are processed Since your documentation will already be and funded locally, meaning the needed on file, HCFCU will be able to streamline funds are provided in a timely manner. the application process and save you time. Since this program became available, HCFCU has provided financing for numerHome equity line of credit ous owner/builders islandwide. In many cases, your home’s built-up equity could be the best source of financing for Vacant land loans remodeling projects. With a Home Equity With just 20 percent down, you could Line of Credit (HELOC) from HCFCU, you qualify for a loan to purchase vacant land. are able to put that equity to work for you HCFCU is one of a few lenders that can and turn it into accessible funds. Instead of issue a land loan with these terms. Why limiting your renovation project to just cash

Cash-out refinance You can also take advantage of the equity you have built up in your home by refinancing your current mortgage balance to produce the cash amount you need for your renovation rather than taking out another loan to finance the project. With this refinance option, you maintain just one monthly payment.

Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union can assist in getting you the money to buy, build or renovate your dream home. HOW TO OPEN UP YOUR LIVING SPACE. See Page 26



HAWAII CENTRAL FEDERAL CREDIT UNION contact // 536-3677 address // 681 S. King St. web // www.hccu.info on hand, a HELOC allows you to access your home’s equity as needed through a revolving line of credit. At HCFCU, we can make money available for your project in as little as two weeks. Check with a tax adviser to find out if your HELOC interest will be tax-deductible.

Whatever your goal is, whether to rebuild a home from the ground up or to upgrade your existing home, it is important to be aware of all your options. The home loan officers at HCFCU can help you choose the right program for your project and budget. As a not-for-profit organization, HCFCU can offer more flexible terms and lower fees than other financial institutions. If you are ready to build or remodel, start by calling HCFCU at 536-3677 for a free pre-qualification consultation, or visit them at 681 S. King St. Home loans are provided by CU Network Services, a wholly owned subsidiary of HCFCU.

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4 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


Stone maintenance 101 n Hawaii, stone is a natural, beautiful building resource that is perfect for our indoor-outdoor lifestyle. And although it is among the most durable of materials, proper maintenance will help you enjoy your stone for a lifetime. “With the holidays approaching, many people will be hosting parties and family get togethers, which means more traffic in and around your home,” said Bella Pietra CEO Layla Dedrick. “Now is the time to protect your stone before the holiday season really gets into full swing.” Prevention is a piece of cake:


• Use coasters under glasses, particularly those containing alcohol or citrus juices. • Dust-mop interior floors using a clean, non-treated, dry dust mop. Sand,

dirt and grit are abrasive and can damage natural stone. Mats or area rugs inside and outside an entrance will help to minimize the sand, dirt and grit that may scratch the stone floor. Be sure the underside of the mat or rug is a slip-resistant surface. Plus, if rugs catch dirt and grit, you’ll do less cleaning. • Make cleaning a breeze with the right product. Use a neutral cleaner, stone soap or a mild liquid dishwashing detergent and warm water. Bella Pietra carries inexpensive and costeffective liquid stone soaps for countertops and floors that come in easyto-use spray bottles or quarts. Similar to any item cleaned in your home, an excessive concentration of cleaner or soap may leave a film and cause streaks. Follow the recommendations on the bottle. • Use a clean rag mop on floors and a soft cloth for other surfaces for best results. In the bath or other wet areas, soap scum can be minimized by using a squeegee after each use. To remove it, use a nonacidic soap scum remover. Finally, do not mix ammonia and bleach because this combination creates a toxic and lethal gas.


contact // 587-7779 address // 741 N. Nimitz Hwy. web // bellapietra.com

Understanding sealers

Sealing is a common step taken on some stones as an extra precaution against staining. In fact, the sealing products used in the stone industry are “impregnators,” which do not actually seal the stone, but more correctly act as a repellent. “You don’t really want to use a sealer that sits on the surface, as these dull the appearance,” said Dedrick. “High-quality impregnating sealers will prolong the life and beauty of your stone floors and countertops. And contrary to popular belief, you do not have to reseal every year. A good sealer, like those from Miracle Sealants, can last a lifetime.” Bella Pietra, which means “beautiful stone” in Italian, is Hawaii’s premier natural stone company offering the state’s best selection and quality of natural stone materials. Locally owned and operated since 2001, Bella Pietra specializes in natural products including marble, granite, slate, quartzite, travertine, limestone, glass tile and basalt lava stone from around the world.

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Beautiful, durable & elegant ceramic tile has been used in fine homes for centuries. The appeal is easy to understand. Few other materials are as easy to care for & can go anywhere in & outside of the home. For sheer design versatility alone, ceramic tile is hard to beat. A huge selection of ceramic tile in stock in American Carpet One’s gigantic warehouse, ready for immediate delivery. Plus our ceramic tile installers are employees of American Carpet One, to insure your ceramic tile is installed in your home right the first time, every time. Come in tomorrow or call 447-2752 to Shop at Home.

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6 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


Start planning your 2013 renovation project A lthough the holidays are generally not a good time to start a major building or remodeling project, it can be a good time to start the planning process. Homeworks Construction CEO Jim Byxbee said the atmosphere of optimism that prevails during the holiday season is conducive to making plans for new projects. "We are usually hopeful and looking forward to making improvements in our quality of life as we approach the new year," Byxbee said. "Although people are busy shopping and entertaining, they are often ready to take a break to think about upgrading a kitchen or bath, doing an addition, or even building a new custom home. It’s never too early to start planning, because there are literally hundreds of choices and decisions that need to be made." Byxbee suggests that anyone planning to build or remodel any time during 2013 contact the Homeworks office and make an appointment to visit the showroom or have a project coordinator come out to their home or building site.There is no obli-

above Jim Byxbee (left) and Rick Hamada in KHVH studio left Homeworks president Marshall Hickox (right) and kitchen designer Sean Bradshaw with client in showroom

HOMEWORKS CONSTRUCTION contact // 955-2777 address // 2111 S. Beretania St.


gation for initial meetings or even a preliminary estimate and scope of work. “Our showroom is stocked with samples of cabinets, counter and flooring materials, and more. A project coordinator will meet

with them at the showroom, where they can also review photos of our completed projects. Since we’ve built or remodeled over 1,000 homes in Hawaii, chances are they will see something similar to what they have in mind. “Because Homeworks is a ‘design/build’

firm, all our services are literally ‘under one roof,’ from planning and permits to construction and final finishes.” Byxbee answers building and remodeling questions during the Homeworks Build New Or ReDo radio show Saturdays from 9 to 10 a.m. on KHVH AM830 (call 5218383).



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6 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012



NOVEMBER 4 • 2012 7

Ready to show off your new build? By Karen Nakamura he Building Industry Association of Hawaii (BIAHawaii) will present the 28th annual BIA Renaissance Building & Remodeling Awards May 8, 2013, during the Gala Awards Dinner at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. This premier statewide competition is open to all residential and commercial projects, either newly constructed or remodeled, that have


2012 Overall Grand Award New Residential winner Hale Nunu

not been previously entered in a BIA Renaissance Building & Remodeling Awards competition. This call for entries is available to all residential, commercial and public works projects and welcomes contractors, developers, architects, designers, and kitchen and bath designers. Entry divisions include Residential Remodeling, Commercial Remodeling, New Residential, New Commercial, Public Works, Details, Landscape & Outdoor Living, Hawaii BuiltGreen™, Historical, Kitchen & Bath and the Innovative Construction division. Official entry details are available online at www.biahawaii.org. The entry deadline for all entrants is March 8. For more information and to obtain an entry form, call Clarice Watanabe at 629-7503, email ckw@biahawaii.org or visit www.biahawaii.org. Chartered in 1955, BIA-Hawaii is a professional trade organization affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders, representing the building industry and its associates. The 500 members of BIA-Hawaii are developers, contractors, suppliers, Realtors, architects, financial institutions and a host of other professionals who serve the building industry. BIA-Hawaii takes a leadership role in unifying and promoting the interests of the industry to enhance the

quality of life for the people of Hawaii. Karen Nakamura is executive vice president/CEO of the Building Industry Association of Hawaii.



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8 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


You’ll be ‘rockin’ around the Christmas tree H ere we are again — it’s already November and time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Why not give something truly unique and unusual for Christmas this year? A gift that will be opened with surprise and a smile, and will bring pleasure for many years to come can be found at Big Rock, the only place you will find such unique and exciting items. Buy someone a rock, or if that seems a bit too bizarre, think of it as a “gift for the garden.” It doesn't have to be a rock, although a small (lightweight) boulder would be a cool addition to a Japanese garden. It could be a stone turtle, frog on a log, a Buddha, birdbath, tiki or stepping stones. You could also buy a bamboo fountain kit or be a bit more extravagant and buy a precast waterfall. The selection of goodies for your garden or lanai at Big Rock is almost endless, and prices are actually affordable. This will be Big Rock’s 30th Christmas in Hawaii. Located in Mapunapuna, Big Rock’s cast stone items are manufactured right there at the store, so if a product is out of


contact // 834-7625 (ROCK) address // 1050 Kikowaena Place web // www.bigrockhawaii.com

stock, the company will simply make you another, or even do a custom color if you prefer. The precast waterfalls and fountains, and some of the lanterns, birdbaths, statues, etc., are shipped in, so be sure to order early. If you aren't ready to buy, Big Rock will hold your gift with a deposit, and you can pay over time. You may also purchase now and keep your present hidden at the store until you are ready to put it under the tree. Big Rock will even Christmas wrap for you at no extra charge. Here are a few Christmas gifts that Big Rock customers have purchased: • A pond liner and submersible pump. • A perfect boulder; believe it or not, a beautiful Big Rock boulder.

• Tranquil Buddha and a bag of river rocks, for a meditation corner. • Moss rock stepping stones. Wrap up a few, and enclose a gift certificate. • A Big Rock stone bowl, small liner and a bamboo spout complete with pump, for a water garden. • Moss rock garden bench, perfect gift for any garden. • Lightweight Japanese bowl fountain for the lanai or garden. Just fill with water and plug it in on Christmas morning. • Small stone doggy bowl with a dog print stepping stone. • Copper rain chain. These come in many designs and are 8 1/2 feet long. • Japanese garden lantern, tiny or large. • Underwater pond light kit. • A bag of river rocks and a gift certificate.

• New this year : Big Rock Bamboo Fountain Kits. Buy with one of Big Rock’s stone bowls, or just the kit, and chose your own colorful bowl.

These unique gifts for the garden, lanai and home are things that will last forever and be enjoyed year-round. Be sure to cut and keep the sale coupon in today’s paper. Present the ad for the pre-Christmas sale, which runs Nov. 3-30.

JINGLE BELL ROCK BIG ROCK Christmas SALE Sale starts Saturday Nov. 3 and ends Nov. 30. shop early to save! Why not give something truly unique and unusual for Christmas this year? Buy someone a rock..or if that seems a bit too bizarre think of it as a “gift for the garden”. It doesn’t have to be a rock. there are many other choices!

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Visit us in Mapunapuna at 1050 Kikowaena Place Honolulu HI 96819 Call 834-ROCK (7625) Toll Free 866-344-7625 www.bigrockhawaii.com Hours: Weekly 8-4:30 Saturday 8-2 8 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012

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Ph: 836-8181 • Fax: 836-8166 www.goldencabinetsstone.com admin@goldencabinetsstone.com


NOVEMBER 4 • 2012 9

Six easy ways to improve your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom ood lighting is not something people think much about until they don’t have it. Living in a well-lit room is a much more pleasurable experience than trying to cook, read, entertain, etc. in a dark, shadowy space. The American Lighting Association offers these tips for improving the lighting in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom:


1. Add to your task lighting. Many bathrooms and kitchens have plenty of overhead light, but are often lacking when it comes to task lighting, said Hubbardton Forge designer David Martin. “At the kitchen sink, for example, you can eliminate shadows by including two sources of light.” 2. Include mood-enhancing lights and dimmers. “Places such as bathrooms and bedrooms ... now serve as an extension of our living spaces,” said Todd Phillips, owner and senior designer with Quoizel Lighting.The lights in those rooms should be both hardworking and mood enhancing. 3. Increase the size of your bedside task light. One of the bigger mistakes Phillips sees in bedrooms is the size of

Photo courtesy of Tech Lighting

bedside lamps — they’re either too small or not adjustable. Go for a larger sized lamp with increased lumen capacity.

4. Install track lighting for flexibility. With track lighting, “you can direct one or two of the lights on the track and point them to a wall to add accent light for artwork, and use other lights on the track to create different focal points,” Phillips said. 5. Add a light fixture for drama. A side benefit of beautiful, light-providing chandeliers and pendants is that they provide focal points. “New light sources give homeowners some great options,” said Phillips. “You can drop in a chandelier over a bathtub to create drama and get mood and ambience too.” 6. Add a ceiling fan with a light source.With the flip of a switch, a ceiling fan with a light kit can improve a room’s livability with both comfort and light. This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.

GE’s Next Generation French Door Refrigerators Have Arrived! Hands Free Auto-Fill* Lets you walk away while the dispenser automatically fills your container with filtered water

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Dual Icemaker* An icemaker in both compartments gives you more ice whenever you need it

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10 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


Increase your home’s value with a kitchen, bath remodel U

nited Pacific Builders (UPB) knows that kitchen and bathroom remodeling is a great way to increase the value of an existing home or condominium. Co-owner Kevin Muir can attest to that first-hand. “After remodeling my home, my wife and I saw our property and resale value

increase significantly,” Muir said. “At United Pacific Builders, we’re excited to help people do the same.” UPB works with Hawaii’s most respected building suppliers, offering a wide variety of affordable and eye-catching materials, including stone, granite and the latest in synthetic materials. UPB works with

UNITED PACIFIC BUILDERS contact // 366-0575 web // www.upbhawaii.com

clients to determine the types of cabinets, flooring and surfaces that are best suited to their needs and budget. UPB also has years of experience in implementing the sustainable building materials and technologies that are quickly becoming industry standards. The company also offers design consultation to ensure that all work is completed in full compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Muir responds personally to all inquiries. With years of experience as a quality control official for military housing developments on Oahu, Muir said, “I think the most important thing we provide homeowners in addition to our years of experience in the industry is value. Whether you’re building a new home or installing a custom kitchen or bath, it’s important to know that every dollar is well spent from foundation to finish.”

In addition to top-quality design and construction, UPB also offers its clients expert advice and service in negotiating the complex planning and permitting process and is endorsed by the Better Business Bureau. UPB is a family-owned business, one that has owners who are themselves homeowners. Muir knows the importance of adding lasting value to a home or property. “Being a homeowner myself,” he said, “I’m most proud of the fact that United Pacific Builders consistently meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients at a price they can afford.”

Where Quality, Craftsmanship and Value Meet. Kitchens • Baths • Additions New Home & Commercial Construction UP TO


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FREE ESTIMATES 808-366-0575 upbhawaii.com BC #: 31288

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Including Koa & Bamboo

KAIMUKI 1st & Waialae • 735-3005 KANEOHE 45-620 Kamehameha Hwy. (Behind 7-11) • 262-0900

SAND ISLAND 330 Sand Island Access Rd. • 841-6183 10 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012

Family Owned 1 C-21 Lic#12015 • C-7 C-5


Catch the


Home World Pearl City

Average payback: 3-4 years Our systems are built to last We use in-house electrical engineers We are the sole distributor for panels with a 30 year warranty. The rest of the market is 20-25 years

COMMERCIAL O O Cooke Library


Average payback: 1-3 years We finance projects for customers Non-profit financing specialists


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Federal - Solar Investment Tax Credit Punahou School

www.solarwavehawaii.com 98-150 Kaonohi st. Suite B-116 • Aiea, Hawaii 96701 Contracters lic: Lic.# ABC 32327

Founded in 2007 Solar Wave is locally owned and operated with a dedicated staff of engineers and electricians to help you every step of the way!

Call us today at

531-5585 NOVEMBER 4, 2012 • 11

12 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


A company committed to providing the best service A

s we come into the holiday season, Akamai Pest Solutions would like to thank everyone for their business and for allowing the company to treat so many homes and business for drywood and ground termites. Akamai is committed to providing the best service possible and giving its customers a safer and less-intrusive way to treat drywood termites. As the holidays are coming up fast, it’s important to remember that termites don’t take holidays off; they eat every day of the year. Please contact Akamai Pest Solutions from wherever you live in the state to take care of your drywood termite issues. Not having to move out or do other preparations leaves you with more free time to plan your holiday events. Remember that the XT-2000 Orange Oil treatment for drywood termites has the following advantages over tent fumigation:

• No move-out costs to stay in a hotel. • Businesses can remain open during the busy season since Akamai can treat without businesses having to close down. • No boarding of pets.

• No bagging food or discarding unused food. • No worrying about having your house burglarized because you can be home during treatment. • A two-year full structure warranty is offered with all of our full-house treatments. • The company can do a preventative treatment in the attic and crawlspace (in many cases), depending on the situation. • XT-2000 Orange Oil treatments can be used on houses in escrow as well. • No broken solar panels or damage to roofs, gutters or plant life around the home. • Akamai can also perform ground treatments using Termidor termiticide. Don’t let termites eat during the holidays. Call Akamai Pest Solutions at 754-3393 (Oahu) or 280-4300 (Maui) for a free estimate and you too can join the many customers who have chosen the safer way to treat for drywood termites while helping to protect our environment in our beautiful state. Visit the company online at www.akamaipestsolu tion.com.

FREE In-Home Consultation & Estimate

Custom Homes • Additions 737-7766 Remodeling • Kitchen • Bath townandcountrybuildersllc.com BC-11768 • Bonded • Insured

Full Construction Services


630-6741 or 285-3663

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for a Free Consultation

AKAMAI PEST SOLUTIONS contact // Oahu: 754-3393 • Maui: 280-4300 web // www.akamaipestsolution.com

100% ORGANIC Drywood Termite GROUND TERMITE Treatment TREATMENT Available





Free Estimates

(808) 754-3393 or (808) 937-7938 PCO 924

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NOVEMBER 4 • 2012 13

Get in your element What personality trait are you? Take the test to find out if you’re a water, earth, wood, fire or metal person, then activate your inner element to create greater positive energy at home • Do you initiate things naturally? • Do you get irritated when others are slow? • Do you like being first and best? • Do you like to be the boss?


Alice Inoue

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: I know that one aspect of feng shui is about the different elements such as water, wood, fire, earth and metal, and that we can use them in our home to create positive energy. I also heard that we have elemental personality traits. What does this mean and how do I find out what element I am?


he five elements exist in nature and within us. Based on our personality, past and present circumstances, and complex life experiences, we tend to identify with and express certain elemental qualities more than others. Elemental personality traits Water people: Intuitive, imaginative, persuasive, competitive and good communicators who go with the flow. Wood people: Hard working, diligent, always busy, productive, cooperative types who, at times, tend to overspend. Metal people: Straightforward, intense, pursue goals with great focus, success-oriented and unwavering in determination. Fire people: Magnetic, happy, often the center of attention, risk-takers, leaders and always on the move. Earth people: Nurturing, caring, practical, logical, helpful, calm, responsible, reliable types who love stability. Looking back at your life, you may notice that you expressed one element more than another at different points. When you were in your 20s, you may have been bolder and more daring (fire); once you had children, however, you may have transitioned into the nurturer and taken on the role of stable parent (earth). Then the kids leave home and you find you’re more inter-

ested in time alone, deep conversations and quiet spaces (water). By recognizing the elements within us and in our lives, we gain insight into our present nature. I have created a series of questions about each element as it relates to where you are currently in your life. Take this mini-test to help you get a sense of which elemental traits are dominant or least expressive in your personality. (The full version of this test can be found in my book, Feng Shui Your Life!) What is your dominant element? Answer the questions below in terms of where you are in your life presently, not how you think you should be, or want to be, or used to be. Don’t peek to see what element you relate to until the end! Use the following scale of 1-5: 1. No! Definitely nothing like me 2. Not really like me 3. On the fence/not sure 4. Yes. Quite like me 5. Yes! Exactly like me MYSTERY ELEMENT 1 • Are you an achievement-oriented person? • Do you like environments that are active?

MYSTERY ELEMENT 2 • Do you tend to go with the flow when plans change? • Are you creative and imaginative? • Do you enjoy things that are offbeat and unique? • Do you prefer to stay out of the spotlight? • Do you have strong concentration powers? • Do you find large social circumstances intimidating? MYSTERY ELEMENT 3 • Do you like things to be precise? • Are you always on time for appointments? • Do you worry about things not going perfectly? • Are you picky about things when you travel or eat out? • Are you a perfectionist in some areas of your life? • Do you hate chaos and love organization? MYSTERY ELEMENT 4 • Are you just plain fun to be around? • Do others see your life as exciting? • Can you speak in front of people quite easily? • Do people see you as someone who is optimistic and enthusiastic about life? • Do you often invite your friends out to do something “fun”? • Are you impulsive and spontaneous? MYSTERY ELEMENT 5 • Do you love helping others out when they need it? • Are you a nurturer and a caregiver?

• Are you a “hugger”? • Do you like to be in charge but behind the scenes? • Are you the peacemaker of the family? • Do you love to be needed by those around you?

Your score Add up the total from each element and list the elements in order from your highest to lowest score. The element with the highest score is the dominant elemental quality you currently express in your life, and the element with the lowest score is the least expressed energy in your life. You may also find that you are balanced in all categories.

Mystery element key: 1 is Water, 2 is Wood, 3 is Metal, 4 is Fire and 5 is Earth. Do not judge your results as “good” or “bad.” If you desire to strengthen the element within you that received the lowest score, use more of that element in your environment as a reminder to balance and awaken your inactive traits.

Elemental representations Water: Fountains, fish tanks and images of water Wood: Plants, live flowers and wooden furniture Metal: Metal items, including home accessories Fire: Candles, sunlight, incandescent light Earth: Landscape images, pottery and solid-looking items

We all have a little bit of every element within us. If you want to stimulate a shift in yourself, activate the appropriate element by using it your environment for support!

Alice Inoue is a life guide at Alice Inoue Life Guidance LLC, a company committed to assisting people in living empowered lives. Alice shares her wisdom as a professional speaker and personal consultant, and offers a series of instructional DVDs and award-winning books on feng shui, happiness and spiritual life wisdom. Visit www.aliceinspired.com. NOVEMBER 4, 2012 • 13

14 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012

How to ‘green’ your home in 48 hours O ur lives are more hectic than ever. In addition to working more than eight hours a day and caring for others, the average person (ages 25 to 54) spends approximately one additional hour per day on household activities, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ American Time Use survey. With everyday maintenance tasks depleting your free time, you may think it’s impossible to fit in bigger home improvement projects. It’s time to change your mindset and reevaluate your home improvement to-do list. While it may seem overwhelming, one weekend is the perfect amount of time to tackle a few cost-effective and eco-friendly home-improvement projects that can add style and functionality ... and even save a little ‘green’ as well. The following projects will help to ‘greenify’ your home:

Kitchen convenience Decorative details, such as faucets and fixtures, can go a long way to improve the style of your kitchen, but what about functionality and eco-friendly options? Wave “hello” to your answer with MotionSense from Moen. Imagine the convenience of having a kitchen faucet that can sense what you’re trying to accomplish, and with a simple wave of the hand, immediately responds to your needs. MotionSense utilizes advanced sensors to detect a user’s movement in two sensing zones, immediately setting water flow in motion. Simply place an object — like a cup or your hand — near the base of the faucet to turn the water on and off automatically, significantly reducing water usage and eliminating the possibility of leaving the faucet running when not in use. Or, simply

Work In Progress

wave your hand above the faucet to start water flow — and a second wave to stop. You can also adjust the faucet’s temperature and flow the traditional way, using its convenient side handle. MotionSense faucets are easy to install and can be purchased at your local home improvement retailer or wholesale showroom.

Warm up with cool savings Did you know that yearly heating and cooling costs average more than $1,000? Installing a programmable thermostat takes only a couple of hours and can significantly help reduce your energy costs. And, programmable thermostats have come a long

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“We chose RevoluSun because of their outstanding service and quality installation. Our project developer was very helpful and knowledgable.”

- Aihara Family, Hawaii


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way with new, sophisticated technology. New systems resemble mini-computers and offer users an interactive experience. After answering questions about your preferences and usage, programs are set accordingly, letting you adjust settings from any room in the house. Not going to be home? Programmable thermostats are available to control settings from smartphones, giving you complete control over your heating and cooling, and helping to reduce wasted energy. Shower in the savings Any homeowner would agree that saving water to help the environment and lower their water bill is a great idea. However, many may not agree if these savings interfere with the enjoyment of their daily shower. Luckily, the Moen Caldwell Four-Function Eco-Performance Showerhead is an ideal solution that offers water savings without sacrificing a quality showering experience. Installing in just minutes, you can shower in the savings, as Caldwell has a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute (gpm), 20 percent less than the industry standard of 2.5 gpm, and meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s WaterSense criteria.

More sustainable remodeling tips

O Freshen up Paint can add an instant facelift to any room. For as little as $20 per gallon, you can add some color, refresh the walls and help pull the room together. Painting an accent wall is also a great idea to add “wow factor” to your room while also saving time and money. And today, many paint manufacturers offer non-toxic paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) formulations to reduce these pollutants in your home. Although you may not be able to add more hours to your day, in one weekend you can easily tackle environmentally friendly projects

ne of the hottest trends in home improvement is remodeling with sustainability in mind. Going “green” means using building methods and environmentally friendly building materials that reduce your home’s environmental impact on the planet, and enhance the health of your home for you and your family. Here are some tips on how to make your home more green from APEX Siding:

• Go green today. Start small and replace all of your old incandescent light bulbs with florescent or LED bulbs, or install rain barrels under your gutters to capture rain water, which you can use to water your flower or vegetable garden, while reducing your water bill. • Experience in green remodeling and building. Hire a remodeler or design/build firm that is experienced in green building techniques or holds a certification from a reputable organization such

as the National Association of Home Builders. • Stamp out moisture. Keep moisture out and increase the air flow of your home with low maintenance siding such as APEX Siding System. APEX is a pultruded-fiberglass siding with Ultrex, a long-lasting, durable material designed with a unique airflow system that reduces the occurrence of moisture and mold problems. This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.

Rui Building Supply

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can’t tell you how many times stylish women have come up to me and said, “Cathy, I wish I could decorate like you! I just can’t put my house together!” I look at the way they dress and accessorize themselves, and reply, “Of course you can! Just decorate your home the way you decorate yourself!” Recently, KITV came to my showroom to shoot a morning news segment. In a corner of our business we had added a consignment boutique with clothing, jewelry, shoes and accessories, so right away the idea came to me: I’d do a segment showing how to use a woman’s wardrobe as a starting point for decorating her space. It really is as easy as taking cues from what we as women have been doing all our lives in putting our outfits together. It’s just a matter of applying those principles to our rooms. Let’s start with a piece of furniture you know you’ll keep. Pictured on this page (item No. 4) I have a white dresser with clean lines, wrought-iron drawer pulls and a wrought-iron stand.The face of the drawers is washed with faint brushstrokes that range from pale green to beige and light brown. Now I’ll show how you can take a room with this dresser, and by using two different pieces of clothing as inspiration, create two totally different spaces. My first inspiration from our boutique is this breezy maxi dress (No. 5). It’s casual, with whites and greens that enhance a free-flowing, beachy feel. How can this dress help me accessorize the room? First, let’s pull some green from the dress and make it our accent color. We’ll chose shades that pick up the faint greens in the dresser. And we can introduce a beachy theme and repeat that as well. So whether it’s on the chest or somewhere else in the room, we’ll display these sea urchin candlesticks. And here (No. 1) is a fish made of driftwood, which goes well with the beachy

It’s time to dress it up! Some things in life, such as modeling a room after your wardrobe, never seem to go out of fashion


16 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012



feel of the room and is perfect to hang on a wall. These elements give you an idea of how, just by drawing inspiration from the dress, you can achieve a cool, casual, free-flowing room. But let’s say you want your decorating style to be a bit more sophisticated. Also from our boutique is this Armani jacket (No. 3). It’s a sophisticated piece, with just a little bling and sparkle, and showcases black, dark brown and even a little bit of metallic silver threading 5 (which I know is hard to see here). How would that work with this casual, beachy dresser? What casual dresser?! It doesn't have to feel beachy and casual if you accessorize the right way. Instead of green, I’ll put a chocolate brown on the walls, picking up on the drawer pulls and stand. And instead of casual accessories, how about these silver candlesticks (No. 2) with a horn inlay for style and sophistication? And these crystal decanters to up the sparkle and bling from the jacket.


As you can see, by drawing inspiration from your wardrobe, you can go in completely different directions from the same starting point. It’s all a matter of how you accessorize. We can wear blue jeans with a black leather jacket, high heels and diamond earrings, or we can wear them with our Tori Birch flip-flops and a Gap T-shirt. So open your closet, assess your room and have fun “dressing” it up!


Cathy Lee is president and designer of Cathy Lee Style and Cathy's Marketplace, a furniture and accessories showroom with design services at 1110 University Ave. She recently opened reStyle Hawaii, an affordable, style-conscious consignment warehouse with upholstering and repurposing services at 420 Keawe St. in Kakaako. Lee's interior design work has been featured in local and national publications, on HGTV and in her DIY design workshops that teach homeowners the basics of style. To find out more, go to www.cathyleestyle.com.


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Modernize your home with the best in products, service K

itchen & Bath Remodeling Inc. is a locally owned company trusted by homeowners around the Island and known for its quality materials and excellent service. Seen at the BIA Home Remodeling Shows, the company specializes in kitchen and/or bathroom remodeling. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Inc. has been in operation for more than 12 years. It has been owner Troy Tanaka’s wish to provide the following:

• Quality materials such as the company’s custom-built cabinetry, which is fabricated to size using 3/4-inch, prefinished Birch/Maple or White Ply with your selection and style of wood doors, or even lower-cost and low-maintenance thermofoil doors. • LG Himacs or Corian solid-surface countertops, as well as affordable formica countertops with a plywood cove.The company performs granite countertop installations. • Quality workmanship (A-rated member of the Better Business Bureau). The company’s field supervisors all have a

minimum of 24 years of experience and pride themselves on detail and service. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Inc. can also help you with your bathroom remodel, providing everything from vanity cabinets and vanity tops to showers (tile and solid surface). It also does tub-to-shower conversions. The company specializes in cabinet resurfacing as well, a great alternative when keeping budget in mind. The company can create a new look for your kitchen or bathroom by removing your old doors, drawer fronts, hinges and drawer boxes. It offers laminates/veneers for existing cabinets — any color of your choice — and installs new doors using European hidden hinges. It can even fabricate and install new doors if you only need door replacements. Call to schedule an appointment or for a free estimate. Hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

License No. C-26041

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18 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012

Upgrading your kitchen from ‘blah’ to ‘bling’ for less F rom cooking to entertaining, the kitchen — always the heart of the home — now takes center stage as the 21st century hub of the home. As families spend more time in their homes, today’s “command central” kitchen needs to be multi-functional and high-definition — with easy-to-maintain surfaces dedicated to cooking, working, Web surfing and blogging, paying bills and doing homework, as well as creating a comfortable environment to entertain family and friends. Homeowners can transform their kitchens with a few tips:

Small steps can create better spaces Begin redesigning your kitchen to address multi-functional needs with some smart planning, and consider remodeling in phases rather than all at once. Begin with the easiest area: replace aging countertops with materials that are beautiful yet durable and versatile. Counter space for food preparation can be optimized for laptops and other electronics while you keep an eye on dinner and the kids. Design at the appropriate height and allow space for your legs under the

counter so that the same space can be converted to an ad-hoc desk when you aren’t cooking. Counter life’s madness with beautiful surfaces Making the most of the countertop requires the right material for aesthetics and functionality. While there are numerous options, today’s laminate countertops feature beautiful designs that mirror granite and other natural stones at a fraction of the cost, and with scratch-resistant finishes that are not only easy to clean, but also resist common stains like peanut butter, permanent marker and red wine. Because laminates are made from recycled content and are easy to install and maintain, they make an eco- and budget-friendly choice for consumers.

Best Prices Guaranteed With Installation of the Same Equipment Over 30 Years Track Record • Free Estimates on Split Systems • We Sell, Service, Install & Repair A+ Rating We also sell Portable A/C’s, Split Systems, Window & Thru the Wall A/C’s, Flush Mount A/C’s Before you buy a split system, make sure you’re buying the highest energy savings available. The higher the EER the more you save.

Look at online tools such as the visualizer on www. WilsonartHD.com for more on how to upgrade your kitchen.

Visit us at: www.aireconditionershoppe.com

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.

HONOLULU 537-1971

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Where detailed craftsmanship beautifies any building, home By Kyle Galdeira

ayco Hawaii Inc. has helped Island residents and businesses add that personalized touch to various structures since 1973. The full-service operation specializes in architectural metal and glasswork in both residential and commercial fields. Applications are seemingly endless as the company’s past projects have included creating and installing railings, awnings, sunshades, grilles, gates and screens. Owner and president Marc Delay is leading the business in its third generation after taking over for his uncle who had previously stepped in for Delay’s grandfather. “It’s a family company, and Jayco is known for providing good-quality products, and we will get each job right all the time,” Delay said. “We take pride in every job we do. We’re thorough, very detail-oriented and we’re there to please the customer no matter what.” Jayco Hawaii Inc. aids in a wide variety of new construction and renovation projects, both outside and within various structures. Delay mentioned that his company is cur-


JAYCO HAWAII INC. contact // 676-7000 address // 94-519 Puahi St.

rently working on a job in Kaneohe for a client who was looking for an attractive yet secure fence to surround the property, while also including a rolling gate and some pedestrian gates. For work on a home’s interior, Jayco is well versed in fabricating and installing decorative and functional railings and staircases to provide a high-end, modern look with such features as metal cables and glass accents. Commercially, Delay discussed Jayco’s work on both hotels and condominiums. The company provided the glass railings at the Trump Tower in Waikiki, as well as Aulani’s balcony railings at the picturesque Disney Resort. “It’s hands-on experience that goes into every job,” explained Delay, who also mentioned that all of the company’s employees have either been trained at specialized trade schools or hold engineering degrees. “All of

FREE GRANITE * When you buy a set of Kitchen Cabinets

our field workers on the commercial side are ironworkers, so they’ve gone through the ironworker apprenticeship program. “We are the only company in Hawaii that manufactures on island,” added Delay, who noted that Jayco is a complete design, manufacture and build company. “All our competitors bring in their materials from the Mainland where it’s fabricated. We have a support fabrication company in California that builds all our specialty parts and brackets just for us here in Hawaii, and we have about 12 people working in that facility and 25 working here.” Delay explained that by keeping its


skilled and fully-trained employees on staff rather that hiring on a cyclical basis to keep up with pending jobs, time and money are saved, and the added value is then passed on to customers. Jayco Hawaii Inc. works directly with architects and the home or business owner to meet their specific needs, and Delay advises customers to have a concept, design idea or sketch on hand to aid in the drafting and final design process.


Specializing in design, local fabrication and installation of custom metal and glass products



White Oak Cabinets $49.99/Square Ft.

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Some exclusions apply, price varies with pantry, drawer base and corner cabinets. Promotions not valid with free granite promo. Accessories sold separately. All sales final no refunds or returns. Expires 11/30/12.

*Call for Appointment

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*On select colors, While supplies last.



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*Certain restrictions apply. On approved credit. Please call for details. NOVEMBER 4, 2012 • 19

20 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


Getting rid of potholes for good aintain your asphalt! Left untreated, asphalt pavement will deteriorate rapidly. The asphalt binder that holds the pavement together begins to oxidize and weather soon after installation. Moisture penetrates the asphalt, causing further damage and deterioration to the pavement. One of the major ways moisture penetrates asphalt is through fatigue cracking. Fatigue cracking occurs in areas subjected to repeat traffic loadings (wheel paths), characteristically with a chicken wire/alligator pattern in later stages. This cracking allows water into the pavement, which slowly breaks it down and eventually forms a pothole. Potholes are bowl-shaped holes of various sizes in the pavement surface. The best fix for heavily cracked areas and potholes is to replace that area of asphalt. Do not wait to fix potholes and other areas with cracking! These areas of damaged asphalt can easily double within a one-year period. When problem areas arise, WalkerMoody can patch and crack fill these areas to extend the life of your pavement. Once moisture is prevented from penetrating the asphalt, this is also an ideal time to sealcoat the surface and prevent de-raveling (scattered loose rocks). The best fix for fatigue cracking and potholes is a hot asphalt patch. For areas with fatigue cracking, you will need to cut the asphalt out. Cut enough asphalt so that the hole is about 2 inches deep. Clean the patch area so that all loose debris is removed. You will have to spray tack coat in the patch area and around the edges; this acts like a glue and binds the hot asphalt to the current surface. Lastly,


WALKER-MOODY CONSTRUCTION contact // 839-2781 email // construction@walker-moody.com place the hot asphalt in the hole and compact. Sometimes the cracking hasn’t damaged the asphalt enough to warrant a hot patch. A cheaper solution to remove and replace it is crack filling, which starts with cleaning the loose debris and making sure it is dry. Apply a hot crack filler, such as CrackMaster PL (flexible parking lot formula), and open the area for vehicular traffic within five minutes. For a free estimate, contact Walker-Moody Construction, an authorized installer of SealMaster Hawaii. Call 839-2781 to talk with one of the trained professionals. They will come out and review your property, measure the asphalt for accuracy, provide recommendations in a formal proposal and deliver on-time and on-bud-


get projects. Whether you want a quick fix or a long-term solution, give these professionals a call, because they fix it all. Asphalt maintenance work for Walker-Moody Construction is now approaching 9 million square feet. Call Walker-Moody Construction to receive your free estimate at 839-2781.



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(808) 839-2781 | Construction@walker-moody.com


“INSTANT SAVINGS” UP TO $2500 ON QUALIFYING PURCHASES PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE DETAILS CALL 589-1104 MON-FRI 10AM-5PM SAT BY APPT. ONLY highlinekitchen@hawaiiantel.net 1276 Young St. Honolulu (between Piikoi St. & Keeaumoku St.)

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Choosing an experienced company to handle all your plumbing needs BY KYLE GALDEIRA

o say that Frank Duarte is knowledgeable when it comes to construction and remodeling is a gross understatement. After all, the general contractor has been honing his craft as an integral cog in the family business since before Hawaii was declared a state. The spry 73-year-old is passionate about his work, and his eyes light up when talking about using his skills to help people improve their homes, while also accommodating various budgetary constraints. After learning the ropes with his father at the helm, Duarte — the oldest of three boys in his family — started D’s Plumbing more than 31 years ago. While plumbing is one of D’s fortés, Duarte enjoys exterior and full-home renovations — all the way down to intricate details such as landscaping — because, as he puts it, “with pipes, once you’re done with the work, they’re covered up and you don’t get to see the finished product. I wanted to present the work we do and display the craft.” D’s does it all, from new


D’S PLUMBING contact // 230-8308 • 734-2032

homes to additions, and making dreams of exquisite kitchens and bathrooms a reality. Duarte is an expert at replacing aged materials with modern alternatives, including swapping out old, dark wood to enhance lighting and replacing galvanized piping with copper. Other techniques, including modernizing bathrooms by expanding shower areas to accommodate

the disabled, or adding housings in a kitchen to free up more space by getting a microwave off the counter, are just a few in Duarte’s arsenal. “It’s all about the details,” Duarte said. “In today’s times, you have to meet the customers’ budget and present something to them where they won’t have to struggle down the road,” Duarte said. “We make

sure that the customers are comfortable and we work within their means.” On a recent job, a customer asked Duarte to fully renovate a rental unit with the goal of selling it quickly. The home was finished, listed and sold within two weeks, and thanks to the improvements, it fetched more than the initial asking price. Duarte reminds current and potential customers that renovations can pose unforeseen difficulties, especially when hidden obstacles are exposed midway through the job. The crafty veteran relies on his “years of experience” when working through such challenges, and puts customers’ fears to rest with his ability to adjust on the fly. As Duarte said, “If you have a house, especially with a wooden floor, you can do anything!” For more information on what D’s has to offer, log on to www.AffordablePlumbing Hawaii.com or call 230-8308 or 734-2032.

Provide Comfort and Watertight reliability now, with a New Roof installed by

SURFACE SHIELD ROOFING CO.! Energy Efficient Roof Coatings

Residential & Commercial. Guaranteed.

• Lower the roof temperature of your home or Building up to 40% • Lifetime Material Warranty Available



Vignette Modern Roman Shades



Silhouette Window Shadings and Luminette® Privacy Sheers

with qualifying purchases of Hunter Douglas window fashions.

Comfort and Joy, Now at a Savings.

Call for a $200 OFF Meter Upgrade Exp. 11/30/12

381.4454 • www.kschenkelectric.com “Serving Hawaii Since 1981”

Specializing In…


* Manufacturer’s rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases made 9/15/12 –12/15/12. Ask a sales representative for information on qualifying purchases. All rebates will be issued in U.S. dollars, in the form of an American Express® Prepaid Reward Card. This rebate offer may not be combined with any other Hunter Douglas offer or promotion. ©2012 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

Residential – Commercial Re-Roofing – Repair – Inspections $

200 OFF A Roof Coating System CALL TODAY!

Senior Discount Restrictions apply.

Save September 15 — December 15 on select Hunter Douglas window fashions.* What a wonderful way to fill your home with the beauty and warmth of the season.

1030 Kohou St Ste 201 Honolulu, HI • 808-847-0216 M-F 8:00-4:30 • Sat 9:00-2:00 • homeownersdesign.com

We Specialize in:

Lic. # C-29364

www.AffordablePlumbingHawaii.com • Repair & New Installation • Change Galvanize to Copper

Lic. # BC-11700

734-2032 or 230-8308

Hawaii Kai 396-9599 • Honolulu 739-9599 Windward 261-6686 • Leeward 487-9599 Free Island Wide Estimates

Lic. #C-28235 NOVEMBER 4, 2012 • 21

22 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


Benefit from roofing services perfect for every household W

hen you call Clinton Murakami’s crew at Murakami’s Roofing, it’s like having friends in the roofing business. Murakami’s crew is friendly, courteous and professional, and its members want to make re-roofing your house as easy and stress-free as possible. It all starts with a free roof inspection by a Murakami-qualified professional roofing expert. Depending on the condition of the roof, you may have to re-roof or repair it. Murakami’s Roofing will recommend the best course of action and provide a written estimate. Like a friend, the company’s employees take the time to answer all of your questions, tell it like it is and enjoy answering all of your questions until you are satisfied and confident in your decision. Right now, Murakami’s Roofing is offering up to 50 linear feet of free gutters with a complete re-roofing project. Give the company a ring at 348-8270. Even though it’s almost Thanksgiving, it’s still pretty toasty in Hawaii. Murakami’s can help cool you off with solar cooling solutions like solar reflective shingles. These asphalt shingles reflect the heat of the sun so that the inside of your house stays cooler. Plus, they help lengthen the life of your roof. Or ask about solar attic fans or roof coatings — Murakami’s is here to help. The company has received a lot of positive feedback. One customer said, “We are 110 percent happy for a job well done — beyond words.” Another satisfied customer noted, “Just want to say thanks to you and the crew for your excellent service.”


All Types - Asphalt Shingles • Roll & Metal Roofing • Termite Damage • Dry Rot • Leak Repair


FREE GUTTERS up to 50 linear feet with complete reroof Exp: November 10, 2012

Homeowners user friendly Mini Excavators, Dingos & Bobcats available. ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY



• Licensed • Bonded • Insured One more customer said, “Great Job, I will recommend you to our neighbors!” Call the company today. Murakami’s Roofing, building confidence into every roof.

Lic. #C24921 www.murakamiroofing.net • murakamiroofing@gmail.com

MURAKAMI’S ROOFING contact // 348-8270 web // murakamiroofing.net email // murakamiroofing@gmail.com A Division of

Hurry ~ Overstock Sale Entire Inventory 50% OFF! Some restrictions may apply. Call for details.

Save 15% on installation. Free estimates. COME AND VISIT OUR SHOWROOM TODAY! Locally owned and family-run business.

847-3288 • 2006 REPUBLICAN ST • HONOLULU Email: dawingtrading@gmail.com • www.dawingtrading.com Open Mon-Sun 8 am - 5pm

22 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012



A ‘great’ company with an exciting new name

here is some thrilling news in the Hawaii flooring community and you are the first to hear it! Pacific Imports International is proud to announce that it will now be operating under its new name — Kahala Pacific Floors. Everything else about the company is the same — same great products, same great service. According to president and CEO, Shirley Pai Hilton, the change came about with the desire to permanently emphasize its flagship product, the Kahala Floors line of fine wood flooring, and also let the world clearly know what business the company is in. “We kept the original name (Pacific Imports International) when we purchased the company a number of years ago, but there always seemed to be a lot of people who were confused about just what exactly we were importing,” said Hilton. That coupled with the fact that the company is known as the manufacturer of Hawaii’s best engineered wood flooring line, Kahala Floors, made it a logical change. The company star ted out with its Bayside brand of solid wood and bamboo flooring, but has added to its product offer-

NOVEMBER 4 • 2012 23

KAHALA PACIFIC FLOORS contact // 847-7711 address // 926 Kohou St.


ings over the years and now features tile, stone, laminate, LVTs and carpeting from major brands such as Daltile, Mohawk, Columbia, Metroflor, Armstrong, Kardean, Royalty, UCL Carpets and so many more. Kahala Pacific Floors plans to add more products over the next few months to give its customers even more choices to pon-

der while they shop in the beautiful 3,000-square-foot showroom. In par tnership with Allen Canter, a 40-plus year veteran of the flooring industr y, Kahala Pacific Floors offers installation for all of the products it sells. Fantastic pricing is available for full product and installation packages. One of the most popular features at Kahala Pacific Floors is its monthly Wood and Stone Flooring 101 seminars. People

are blown away by how good the information is and how much they learn from the seminar. The next one will be held Saturday, Nov. 10 at 10 a.m. In addition to a continental breakfast, the 90-minute session features information on various flooring choices, their pros and cons, installation information and what might be right for your budget. Best of all, private sale pricing is available for seminar attendees only. Call 847-7711 to save a seat today.

Bathroom Refinishing

New Great Name, Same Great Company

Don’t Replace-Reglaze

Bathtubs • Showers • Counters

20 Years Experience in Hawaii No removal necessary, fast service (1 day)

LET’S TALK FLOORING We are proud to announce that we are now known as

“Kahala Pacific Floors” which let’s everyone know more clearly what we’re all about! When you want the BEST in…


Mahalo Hawaii for your Continued Support, Shirley Pai Hilton, President & CEO, PII Want to learn about flooring? Please attend our FREE seminar


Saturday, November 10, 2012 • 10am PLEASE CALL TO RESERVE A SEAT



Reglazing, Porcelain, 25 Bathtub Fiberglass on Tubs and Tub OFF Shower combos.


• Discounts Available for Realty, Contractors & Senior Citizens. • Professional Crack & Chip Repair

Al’s Bathtub Refinishing alsbathtubrefinishing.com

Call Al for a FREE Estimate

679- 8297

CABINETS BY DH SQUARED Custom Built in our State of the Art Cabinet Shop


New Home Construction Additions and Renovations

500 Alakawa St. #116C M-F 8am-3:30pm

Tenibac Kitchen Cabinets & Casework “Fusing Custom Cabinets with Affordability”

Weekend and after hours, call for appointment

Kaka‘ako Showroom 746 Ilaniwai St.

Contractor Lic. #BC-30395


Custom Kitchen & Bath • 808.383.2218

593-7870 NOVEMBER 4, 2012 • 23

24 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


Be a part of your very own design process BY SARAH PACHECO

lite Design Group LLC strives to turn dream kitchens into reality by working hand-in-hand with its customers from day one. The Honolulu-based design and construction firm walks clients through the entire design process step-by-step, starting with an initial meeting in which Elite Design Group’s project managers will give a free estimate on the project based on each client’s personal budget. “Some people have $50,000 to work with, while others may have $150,000 to work with. So instead of coming to the client with a proposal right off, this introduction phase lets us know their budget so we can put together something that is affordable to them and that they’ll be happy with,” said owner Ray Adams. From there, Elite Design Group and the client work together over the course of several meetings to put ideas to paper and piece together what the final outcome of the project will be. “We walk the customer through every-


ELITE DESIGN GROUP LLC contact // 847-3888 address // 570 A Dillingham Blvd.

thing step-by-step,” Adams said. “We come out and do measurements, we go shopping with them for materials ... there’s a whole process.” Clients remain closely involved even after the actual physical labor begins, as

Elite Design Group stays in daily contact to keep customers updated with their project’s progress. And should any unforeseen problems or setbacks occur, Elite Design Group’s team of competent, experienced workers inform homeowners immediately

of the situation and their proposed solutions. “A big part of the project is to make the client feel like they’ve actually done part of the work,” Adams said. “Overall, we make the customer feel like they’ve been part of the project.” Call Elite Design Group at 847-3888 to set up an appointment, or visit its showroom located at 570 A Dillingham Blvd. during normal business hours, 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday-Friday and 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

S. TANAKA CONSTRUCTION Home Design • Free Consultations 1349 Mookaula St. • 848-5010 • Bonded & Insured Lic. #BC29857




Kitchen Cabinets With Granite

*Come in for Details. Expires 11/30/12

Commercial & Residential

DESIGN • REMODEL • NEW BUILDS In-stock Cabinetry & Flooring



24 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012


NOVEMBER 4 • 2012 25

Explore the option of painting ‘maintenance-free’ materials W

e often hear how certain exterior building products are maintenance-free. Once installed on your home, you can forget about them forever, the ads say. Vinyl siding, composite decking, fiberglass trim and factoryfinished aluminum are just some of the materials that fit the description. But what if you want to paint them — to change the color, freshen the appearance or simply provide an extra layer of protection? Can you paint something that doesn’t require painting? “Most of the time, you can paint these materials,” said Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert at the Paint Quality Institute. “But it’s important that you follow the right procedures when doing so.” As with other exterior paint jobs, it’s important that you first make any repairs that are necessary, then thoroughly clean and rinse the surface before applying any type of coating, said Zimmer. If mildew is present, remove it using a three-to-one water/bleach solution, followed by a thorough rinsing. Another thing: It’s always wise to apply a coat of top-quality acrylic latex primer when painting maintenance-free materials. A primer will help the paint get a better grip on the surface, and give the finished paint job more uniform color and sheen. When it comes to the paint itself, it’s important that you use the right product. Zimmer said that high-quality, 100percent acrylic latex paint is a great choice for almost any type of exterior painting, but it’s essential when painting surfaces that are designed to be maintenance-free, which often are very smooth and slick.



Solar Fan

License No. C-25776

“Top-quality, 100-percent acrylic latex paint provides the best adhesion to virtually any material, it produces a very durable paint film and it has very consistent color and gloss,” said Zimmer. “By applying this type of paint, the surface will look great, and it will stay that way for years to come.” It’s a good idea to apply the primer and paint with quality brushes and rollers. They’ll help you put down thicker, more protective layers of the coating, and enable you to get the best possible appearance with your new paint job.

with reroof or new roof Certified 5 star master shingle installer We install all roofing types • New Gutters • Reroofing • New Roofs • Apollo Solar Roofing (PV) • Repairs

FREE ESTIMATES, • Licensed • Insured CALL


A+ BBB Rating

99-205 Moanalua Rd. Bldg. C. Unit #213 • Aiea, Hawaii 96701 www.unitedroofinghi.com • email: abaunitedroofing@ymail.com

This article is courtesy of Home Improvement News and Information Center.

ALL Cabinets on SALE now!

*The First Builder Ever to Receive This Award


Lic# BC-29228

Factory Direct UnBeatable Prices

Sat., Nov. 10 12 p.m.– 4 p.m.

Call 593-2808 www.grahambuilders.com

Brokaw St.

Catherine St.

Winam Ave.

Solid Wood Face & Frame, Plywood Box Construction

Campbell Ave.


3247 Brokaw Brokaw Street Kapahulu 3247 Street,- Kapahulu

Ph: 853-2088 • Fax: 853-2058 500 Alakawa St.#106, Hon., HI 96817

E. huaxia.hawaii@gmail.com W. www.huaxiaconstructor.com

CALL: 537-5349 FAX: 843-2729

(Downtown - behind Costco Gas Station)

Mon-Sat 8am - 5:30pm • Sun. Closed Website: cccabinetsgranite.com

BC-16446 NOVEMBER 4, 2012 • 25

26 NOVEMBER 4 • 2012

Open up a versatile living space

ith the active and bustling lifestyle families lead, it is no surprise that they frequently change the way they interact with, and in, their homes. Different stages of life call for different living spaces. Most homes are not equipped to offer this versatility. Outfitted with traditional swinging doors that squander space, standard-width doorways offer limited accessibility and restrictive living areas. According to a survey on homeowner and home buyer priorities, the ideal home readily adapts to a family’s changing room space requirements. For example, the addition, growth and departure of children or elderly relatives create significant demand for flexible floor plans. Make the most the most of your home and use Johnson Hardware’s ingenious Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware to optimize existing square footage. A home that is able to evolve with ever-changing families has functionality at the forefront of its design. Johnson’s MultiPass Pocket Door application enables up to three 400 pound doors to glide effortlessly into the inside of the wall. Since pocket doors do not swing open or close, you can reclaim floor space consumed by traditional hinged doors. Make high-traffic areas of your home more accessible with a large entryway that won’t inhibit wheelchairs, walkers or foot traffic. Whether it’s a play room for the kids or


living quarters for an elderly relative, the pocket door bottom track can be recessed in the floor for easy navigation through the entryway. With standard Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware, you can create up to 12-foot-wide doorways or wider openings with longer custom tracks. Reveal large open areas when the pocket doors slide back inside the wall. Now you have an expansive space for guests to socialize and mingle, an area perfect for family game night or a safe, open area for children to play. Pull the doors shut and the large space quickly transforms into two cozy and more private settings, such as an intimate

home theatre to watch the latest movie or a comfy, peaceful nook to catch up on your reading. The Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware allows for a level of versatility that standard doors and entryways cannot mimic. Johnson’s Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware is manufactured for superior performance and strength with up to 16 gauge steel components. Pre-packaged tracks made for three-door applications. Custom track lengths up to 192 inches are also available. Offered in both residential and commercial grades, the 111MD is capable to support doors up to 150 pounds, the 100MD handles up to 200 pound doors, and the heavy-duty 200MD hold doors up to 400 pounds per individual door. To ensure jump proof operation, the hardware is available with heavy-duty extruded aluminum one-beam tracks with four-wheel ball bearing hangers or aluminum box shape tracks with convex rails and three-wheel ball-bearing hangers. Manufactured and tested to exceed ANSI standards, all Johnson Hardware products are backed with a limited guarantee. For more information, visit www.johnsonhardware.com. This article is courtesy of Home Improvement News and Information Center.

What is gas not good for?





Cooking, heating water, drying clothes... gas is a smart, eco-friendly upgrade that’s good for just about anything. ( Answer: D )

To find out how we can help with your business or residential energy needs, contact us at 808-535-5933 or PO Box 3000, Honolulu, HI 96802-3000 r hawaiigas.com

26 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012



NOVEMBER 4 • 2012 27

Keep your home ‘spotless’ with the latest window technology W

hen it comes to the best in window care, Discount Windows & Doors has always been at the forefront of new technological developments within the fenestration industry. In 2009, owner Jerry Griffin, who has more than 20 years of experience in the window and door industry, identified a need for a window system specifically engineered for Hawaii. Virtually every window being sold in Hawaii was designed on the Mainland, for


$4.50 per s.f.

Includes 4 Coats of Finish

DISCOUNT WINDOWS & DOORS contact // 673-6656 address // 45-564 Kamehameha Hwy. web // www.discountwindowshawaii.com

the Mainland. The Makai Range of windows and doors was specifically developed for Hawaii using state-of-the-art technology to develop a window system ideal for this environment. The first consideration for the Makai Range was a glass suitable for Hawaii — something stronger and more thermally efficient than what is currently available, and something with the ability to repel salt, minerals and organic dirt common in Hawaii.The solution was Neat® glass from Cardinal Glass Industries. The standard glass in all of the Makai windows is Cardinal LowE 366 Neat®: Insulated self-cleaning, doublestrength glass with a Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) of 0.27 that reflects more than 90 percent of radiant heat, leaving your home significantly cooler.




These windows can almost clean themselves, which is pretty darn “neat.” And you get all of the performance benefits of Cardinal’s Low-E glass. Neat®’s naturally clean glass harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless.Your windows will stay cleaner longer and be easier to clean. Homeowners and builders will enjoy the effects that a little sun, rain and Neat® glass bring to windows. It all starts with the sun The titanium dioxide layer of Neat® glass reacts chemically with the sun’s UV rays to cause organic materials that are on the glass to decompose. It works even on cloudy days, as 80 percent of UV radiation gets through the cloud cover. Thus when it rains,

the decomposed dirt no longer clings to the glass and easily rinses away.

Smoother glass is cleaner glass Neat® glass is ultra smooth. A thin layer of silicon dioxide makes it exceptionally smooth and hydrophilic — much smoother than ordinary hydrophobic glass.This allows water to disperse evenly, or “sheet off,” and evaporate quickly, greatly reducing water spotting. Easier-to-clean window glass just got better with Cardinal’s Neat® naturally clean glass. No manual activation is required, just a little help from the sun. The results are almost spotless windows, and you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the view. For more information or a free estimate, call Discount Windows & Doors today at 673-6656.

Never clean your windows again! Just hose ‘em and forget ‘em!


Discount with this ad

Any Flooring & Installation Package

EXPIRES 11/30/12

Call for details

Some exclusions may apply. See store for details.

EXPIRES 11/30/12 Some exclusions may apply.

FREE 2yr Labor Warranty 306 Kalihi Street 842-7755

www.hawaiihardwoodinc.com Lic #ABC29826 #ABC29826

“I guarantee to offer lower prices than any other Window & Door supplier in Hawaii, for a comparable product” - J.M. Griffin, President

CALL 673-6656 For your FREE Estimate

Visit our showroom in Kaneohe beside King Windward Nissan. www.discountwindowshawaii.com Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm • Sat: 10am-3pm • 45-564 Kamehameha Hwy. Kaneohe

NOVEMBER 4, 2012 • 27


NOVEMBER 4 • 2012


Satisfying clients with quality workmanship W

hether it’s constructing a brand-new home or implementing an addition to an existing structure, Hua Xia Construction is poised to handle the job. The family business is equipped to assist customers with everything from additions of full rooms or levels to kitchen and bathroom renovations, which represent some of the popular requests in recent months. By adding on to an existing structure or enhancing high-traffic areas such as the kitchen, homeowners can increase the value of their property while also supplementing their level of comfor t. In today’s tough economy, it may not be feasible to build a new home from scratch, but Hua Xia will work within customers’ budgets to find the best home improvement solution. Xiang Feng Cao got his start in the construction industry while working as a carpenter in China. He eventually opened his own business and workshop there before deciding to move to Hawaii in 2000. The skilled craftsman worked for various local companies until deciding to build his own construction team. Cao, with the help of his son, Andy, formed Hua Xia Construction in August 2008.The company draws inspiration from historic construction projects in China and Japan that have withstood the tests of time and remain solid structures today. Hua Xia

28 • NOVEMBER 4, 2012



Hua Xia Construction

HUA XIA CONSTRUCTION contact // 636-1888 web // www.HuaXiaConstructor.com

aims to help its customers build or remodel their homes in similar fashion, and brings a desirable combination of style and durability to each job.

The duo, along with a team of experienced workers, has been assisting local home and business owners with their building and remodeling needs ever since. As Andy explained, Hua Xia receives a great deal of business via positive referrals and by prospective customers noticing other finished projects. “Most clients will see a house we’ve built or remodeled in the past as an example of our workmanship,” said Andy. “We feel confident working as a family to make our clients happy.” Hua Xia will handle the design and permitting process all the way through completion of the project, building quality struc-

tures from the ground up — or in some cases, from the inside out. The company also takes pride in its smooth finishing techniques, especially on various flooring applications, where experience and professional quality are vital. From minor renovations to multi-million dollar projects from scratch, Hua Xia is ready to handle the task. Cao and his staff stress customer service every step of the way. Hua Xia provides homeowners with detailed models to aid in the visualization process, and will work to incorporate materials that are both cost-effective and of the highest quality. “We provide customers with a 3-D layout of their project so they can visualize what their home will look like,” Andy said. “Customers appreciate the quality of work that we provide and a reasonable estimate beforehand that is usually met upon the completion of the job.” For more information, call Hua Xia Construction at 636-1888, or visit the website www.HuaXiaConstructor.com.


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