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Diving deeper into clutter The answer, as simple as it sounded, made my client reflect upon why she didn’t make up her bed in the mornings. Why didn’t she feel it was a privilege? She concluded that she was rebelling against her childhood, a time when she had to make her bed before she could go outside to play. She recognized that her failure to make her bed was not about having a choice. It was about reaction to the past.

e all have clutter somewhere — in our physical, social, emotional, financial or mental environments. Clutter silently rules our lives, often keeping us overwhelmed and stuck. Moreover, we have become experts at navigating life around our clutter. Getting control of our clutter is about organizing things, recognizing our inner fears and making changes in our lives.


An “aha” moment Freed from clutter

Sometimes it takes an “aha” moment to get us there. I have a client who told me a story about another friend who always made up her bed in the morning. My client asked the other person why she bothered making her bed each morning. My client’s friend said that it was her privilege to do so.

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With that revelation, she freed herself to make her bed in the mornings and started to declutter her life by freeing herself from childish reactions to her adult life. She addressed her clutter physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and everything in her life

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changed for the good. She got a better job, earned more money, managed to save enough to make the down payment on a condo and found peace within — things that had previously escaped her. She says that her spiritual journey started with decluttering her life.

Why do we have clutter? We fail to declutter our homes because our own clutter is predictable and comfortable, and we naturally relate to familiarity and routine, even if they work against us.

How does your cluttered home negatively affect you? • It makes you lethargic. Clutter creates visually

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Story by Kyle Galdeira Photos by Nathalie Walker

s a former Marine, Steve Van Ness knows a thing or two about the importance of security. After finishing his service with the Corps at Kaneohe Bay, he opened APN Alarm Systems of Hawaii in 1994, and the company has grown to include more than 30 employees. In nearly 20 years of doing business in the Islands, APN Alarm Systems has installed more than 10,000 units in homes and businesses across Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island. “You can replace your valuables, but you can’t replace a member of your family,” Van Ness said. “The peace of mind knowing that when you come home, your home is safe because of the security system, that’s priceless. We want customers to sleep peacefully at night. Unfortunately, crime is on the rise, and you don’t know who the next victim will be, so it’s important to protect your family, home and valuables.” The family business also involves Van Ness’ three sons. As Van Ness described, “One is an installation assistant learning the ropes, the oldest is the company’s top sales representative and the middle son is my top service technician. My older brother runs our service department, my wife works in the office, my daughter-in-law works in the office and I have two of my nephews — one in sales and one in installations. It’s

truly a family company.” According to Van Ness, APN Alarm Systems performs roughly 70 percent of its jobs at residential units and 30 percent at commercial sites, and the systems installed utilize some of today’s groundbreaking technology. Customers are able to arm, disarm and receive updates from their system via computer or smart phone, and certain systems even allow customers to view camera angles directly on their phones — this allows users to check on activity, whether it’s a break-in or simply one’s

child arriving home from school and disarming the alarm. “We tied the two together so if something happens with the alarm system, you receive an email or text message, and the user can access their system immediately to see who’s in your home or business,” Van Ness said. “It’s all fully connected these days with the technology available to us. We use the Honeywell Lynx system — it has a touch screen and keeps the customer totally connected.” Van Ness also stresses the point that his employees are a part of the company, not subcontractors. “We have a unique philosophy, and I don’t know of anyone else that does this, but we share part of the customer’s monthly service fee with the service technician and sales representative (who) are tied to the account,” he explained. “I want to have a true ohana, and I want everyone to have

ownership of the account.” Such a unique ownership philosophy translates into stellar customer service, Van Ness added. Everything APN Alarm Systems sells is stocked locally at its office in Halawa Industrial Park, and the company guarantees a 24-hour service period. As Van Ness put it, “If a customer calls with a problem at 2 p.m. on Thursday, we’ll be out there by 2 p.m. Friday to fix it. We answer the phone 24 hours a day, and have a live technician to assist you — you’re not just talking to an answering service. I want the customers to have the best service they can get.” For more information, call 484-9411 or log on to www. apnalarm.com.

APN Alarm Systems of Hawaii 484-9411


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A closer look at clutter FROM PAGE 2

and emotionally draining energy and can make you feel fatigued and uninspired. The more clutter, the more likely you are to procrastinate on things that are important.

may have a tendency to create clutter, holding onto things unnecessarily. Keep only what has meaning and use. • It makes you feel out of control. When clutter controls you, you feel out of control. Take control of your stuff and gain control of your life.

• It drags you down. Clutter can energetically put you in a state of overwhelm, stress and hopelessness.

Why clear your clutter?

• It makes you feel poor. You will notice that clutter is endemic in poor countries. When you are struggling financially, you

• To gain a sense of peace. Visualize an uncluttered room in your home and sense how you feel. Is breathing easier? Do you feel lighter, more comfortable?

• To manage your finances. If you are in a state of financial overwhelm and your environment creates the same energy, clear up your clutter to help you regain financial flow and control. • To enhance your health. Dirty and cluttered homes create “negative energy,” add to your fatigue, body pain, constipation and congestion, and serve only to clog your body’s energetic flow. • To gain control of your life. When you choose to declutter at home, the hidden order of the universe magically brings long lost order into your life — your energy heightens, things fall into place and you become productive and smile more.

Let’s get started Here are tips to keep clutter at bay:

4. Make your bed every morning

So begin your decluttering process by getting clear on why decluttering is important for you, then pick a date to start the process. Clearing clutter is more likely to happen when it is scheduled. Give yourself permission to get rid of old clothes, expensive purchase mistakes and old papers. You will feel better in all aspects of your life.

These sound simple, but breaking away from old clutter habits can be a challenge and this is a great place to start.

For more information on life guide and feng shui expert Alice Inoue, visit www.ali ceinspired.com.

1. Put back whatever you take out 2. Throw away one item a day 3. Never leave dirty dishes in the sink


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Enjoy limitless cooking with the latest induction technology ouldn’t it be nice if you could place your pot anywhere on the cooktop and use different types of cookware on your cooktop? Servco Home & Appliance introduces the new Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop, which offers all of the benefits of traditional induction technology: instantaneous and precise temperature control, which makes it as responsive as gas; safer cooking with a surface that stays cool to the touch; and easier cleaning with its smooth and flush surface. At the same time,



HOME & APPLIANCE contact // 564-2493 address // 2841 Pukoloa St. web // www.servcoappliance.com

Thermador’s new cooktop enables home cooks to place their cookware — including specially shaped cookware such as griddles and oval-shaped pans — anywhere on the cooking surface, offering all of the benefits of traditional induction technology in addition to maximum flexibility in size, shape and position.

You can place up to four pots or pans anywhere on the cooktop surface, in any configuration. The surface is optimized to work with a pan as small as 3 inches and as large as 13-by-21 inches. The Freedom Induction Cooktop delivers 63 percent more usable surface area than the competition, with 48 coils measuring 3 inches each — offering the largest cooking surface on the market. It also features the first full-color touchscreen induction panel on the market: clear text displays, cookware display

and a 6 1/2-inch color screen with touch-through glass. The natural-mapping user interface of the Thermador cooktop empowers home cooks to move their cookware around during the cooking process, which is especially helpful as they add and remove different dishes during meal preparation such as sauces, boiling water and sautes. There are no limits on where to

place the cookware. The Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop surface is made from transparent ceramic glass, which allows for the integration of the color touch screen. In addition to the touch-screen interface showing the position of all cookware on the cooking surface, the touch screen also performs live updates as cookware is moved to a different position, giving the cook an intuitive cooking experience. The Thermador Freedom Induction cooktop

will be available in Hawaii in August. You can see it in person for the first time at the BIA Remodel-It Right Expo at Blaisdell Center Aug. 1012. See for yourself the world’s first induction appliance that eliminates conventional burners and instead offers one limitless cooking surface with an intuitive touch-screen interface. Servco Home and Appliance’s showroom is located at 2841 Pukoloa St. in Mapunapuna. The showroom is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays. For more information, call Servco Home & Appliance at 564-2493 or visit the company online at servcoappliance.com.

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lawn. Too much water leads to a shallow root system; it makes a lawn more vulnerable to weeds, insects and diseases; and it reduces tolerance to drought and other environmental stresses. Before you pull out the hose, though, you need to find out how much water your lawn is getting by measuring the irrigation and precipitation rates. You don’t need sophisticated tools to figure this out, all you need is a coffee can. Here are some tips from The Cornell Cooperative Extension Service:

Avoid summer lawn stress BY KAREN NAKAMURA are, patience and a little bit of knowledge can make the difference between a lush, healthy lawn and an arid, brown eyesore. But proper lawn care is more complicated than setting out a sprinkler every once in a


while. You can water or fertilize a lawn too little or too much, and even the time of day matters. Overwatering is the most common lawn-care mistake homeowners make, according to the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. It can damage or even kill a

minutes as it takes per week to make the precipitation plus water equal 1 inch.

• Water your lawn in the early morning to reduce evaporation and to allow the plants to dry by mid-morning. Letting the leaves stay wet for too long can lead to disease.

• Don’t mow your lawn too short. Keep it about 3 inches tall to reduce stress and pest problems.

• Determine the irrigation rate by placing a can on an area that is being watered and taking note of how much water is in the can after 15 minutes.

• Wait until fall to fertilize, about two weeks after the last time you mow. If you fertilize in the spring, you will get fast-growing leaves, but weak roots, which will make the plants more susceptible to diseases and insects.

• Calculate the precipitation amount by leaving a can in the yard for a week and seeing how much rainwater collects in it.

Heeding these few guidelines will go a long way in helping you maintain and enjoy your lawn, even through the hot, dry summer.

• Actively growing turfgrass requires approximately 1 inch of water per week; water your lawn for as many

Karen Nakamura is executive vice president/CEO of the Building Industry Association of Hawaii.



K M Electric has partnered with EDH Solar Electric to offer Photovoltaic installations island wide.

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Easy kitchen updates that won’t break the bank

t goes without saying that the kitchen is one of the hardest-working rooms in the home. For most, it’s the heart of family life and usually the one room where everyone gathers together. With so much hustle and bustle, it’s no wonder that the kitchen runs the risk of looking overworked. Consider these affordable updates:


Paint the cabinets A lackluster room can quickly become reenergized with a vibrant new color. Repaint the cabinets a lively hue to brighten the space, or freshen the existing paint color with a new coat.

Grease Cleaner to cut through the grease and grime without needing to scrub.

Clean appliances The easiest way to rejuvenate appliances without spending a fortune on new ones is by giving them a thorough cleaning. Try Goo Gone Foaming Kitchen

the most valuable real estate on your property could be your roof?

Create shelving Removing cabinet doors to create shelving can provide a sense of openness and additional space. Simply remove cabinet doors and fill in holes with wood filler. Then, sand until smooth and paint as desired. You can paint the inside of the newly open cabinets as a decorative treatment.

RevoluSun uses the highest quality panels in the industry because we want you to get the most value for your solar PV system.


'VUVSF Expansion

5kW Fewer Panels

Introduce new fabric Are your cushions looking dingy and outdated? Re-cover chairs or stools with bright, patterned fabric that reflects your personality. Also consider framing the space with new curtains that liven up your “new� kitchen.

Update fixtures Don’t expect the faucet handles you installed more than 10 years ago to last another 10. In addition to being practical, kitchen fixtures enhance overall design. Look for fixtures that fit your kitchen motif, whether it’s modern and sleek or shabby chic.


Find your green thumb Instead of buying fresh herbs at the grocery store or farmers market, plant them in pots in your kitchen. They will help add freshness to both the atmosphere and your food (while saving you money). To learn more about Goo Gone products, visit www.googone.com.





OUR PANELS: t Require less roof space, giving

you exibility for the future t 1SPEVDF VQ UP NPSF FOFSHZ with the same roof space t )PME VQ JO )BXBJJ T 4BMU BJS DMJNBUF



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MAUI 808.633.1444 | BIG ISLAND 808.345.4867 JULY 22, 2012 | HAWAII RENOVATION | 7

few paint strokes away. Whimsical colors like Cream Soda, Little Princess and Tropical Rain Forest will instantly transform your child’s room into a lively space. You don’t need to stick with one shade, either. Paint an accent wall or even do custom designs or stripes.

Dreamland bedding Making sure your little one has a cozy, restful space to sleep is important, and balancing comfort with creativity can be less costly than you think. Letting children choose bedding or a quilt cover they love can make their bedtime routine go more smoothly. Matching pillows can help create a cohesive look, and fun cushions or bright body pillows can help kids sit comfortably on the floor with a book or game.

Fun-size furniture Bringing in some pint-sized furniture pieces is a great way to make your children believe the room is meant just for them. Even if your budget is tight, there are plenty of options in fun-size furniture. Kids’ chairs and tables are great additions to help them comfortably color, read books, do crafts and exercise their creativity.

urseries and playrooms on TV and in magazines might have you thinking your child could use a more playful environment. With a little creative thinking, you can transform any space into the


perfect kid-friendly retreat:

Color the walls Children are drawn to bright colors that stimulate their creativity. With Dutch Boy’s Crayola palette, a more fun and playful kids room is just a


630-6741 or 285-3663

New Construction ■ Remodels ■ Maintenance ■ Trouble Calls

for a Free Consultation



Completing the perfect kids room


Storing all of your child’s precious belongings can be challenging, especially if the room is small. Closed cabinets and clear tubs are great for storing stuffed animals, craft items and action figures, while open bookshelves work well for books, games and puzzles. Open cubby systems are also a good way to teach young children organization skills while keeping their favorite toys easily accessible.

✔ 50 Years Material Warranty by Gaco ✔ Professionally Installed or Do-It-Yourself

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17 4:45&.4 t 40-"3 )05 8"5&3 t 40-"3 "55*$ '"/4

Introducing Samsung’s New 255-Watt Panel

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Moisture is the arch enemy of wood flooring. When installing over slab-on-grade, a calcium chloride test must be done to determine necessary protective measures. Also, never clean with water. Use only products especially made for cleaning wood flooring. Learn more at our seminar. Aloha!

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hy build or remodel now? Hawaii homeHK CONSTRUCTION owners have a unique contact // 841-1800 or 753-5643 opportunity at the moment: web // www.hkchawaii.com With the lowest mortgage rates in 50 years, the state’s home values and equities are at an all-time high. With a recovering lizing your space. If economy on the Mainland, interest rates space is an issue, are sure to climb in the coming years. HK Construction HK Construction works with local bank- can move walls or increase space with ing institutions to help secure financing an addition. As a design build firm, HK is capable for its clients’ projects. HK guides its of completing the job from “conception clients through the design process from to completion,” and includes a full staff its inception to developing plans, securing financing and executing the con- to guide you through your intricate projstruction from the ground up to comple- ect. A design build firm encompasses a comprehensive team of design profestion. HK Construction provides full con- sionals and contract build experts. This tracting services as well as a complete concept provides the homeowner with team of experienced design build con- one point of contact throughout the sultants who are experts at providing project. By utilizing a design build firm the comprehensive package and sourc- on your next project, the company is ing materials to build your dream home. capable of cost-engineering your project The company has an extensive array of to fulfill your design and budget needs. During the design phase, one of the premier vendors for exceptional cabiexperienced designers will start with a netry, fixtures, windows, countertops, free consultation at your home for a site flooring, appliances and every aspect of assessment. From there, a conceptual your project. It is adept at efficiently uti-


design is created based on your needs, wants and budget. With this comprehensive service, your personal consultant will work with the in-house architectural draftsman to develop a full set of blueprints. This is an essential first step to see your design become a reality. As a valued added service, HK Construction assigns a material-selections officer to assist homeowners in shopping, selecting and coordinating all the detailed decisions from flooring and lighting to cabinetry and fixtures. HK stands above the competition with its comprehensive services, decades of expertise and dedication to building a quality home. HK Construction created a specialized division to focus on kitchen and bath

remodels and the particular needs of its clients. The company offers a team of kitchen and bath designers. The average designer has 15 years in training, education and experience in his or her specialized field. The designers are members of the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) and American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Both of these organizations are dedicated to ongoing education, professional integrity and providing cuttingedge techniques to keep member designers at their peak performance. HK Construction is a fourth-generation design build company. Since the beginning, it was founded on the principles of quality construction, listening to the client and completing projects on time. It is a fully insured and bonded construction firm, making it capable of executing many projects such as new homes, rebuilds, remodels, additions and kitchens. HK Construction offers homeowners educational seminars monthly at locations around the island. The subjects range from Home Building and Remodeling to Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. Be sure to attend one of the informative seminars this week and have all your questions answered by a team of experts. Call 753-5643 to reserve your seat at the next free seminar.


BIG ROCK contact // 834-7625 (ROCK) • Toll free 866-344-7625 address // 1050 Kikowaena Place web // www.bigrockhawaii.com

Beautify your garden with stone veneers, pavers ig Rock is Hawaii’s largest and most unique place to shop for a myriad of garden beautification pieces, as


well as for many different types of Hawaiian stone veneers to cover your walls both inside and outside your home.

Established on Oahu in 1983, Big Rock has weathered the worst economic storms and has not only survived, but prospered. Owners Brian Joy and Bonnie Cooper are pleased and proud of their accomplishment. “It’s hard to believe that this all started 30 years ago with only Brian and I making stone in our first location behind Puck’s Alley,” said Bonnie. “Just the two of us worked together in those days, developing concrete mixes and making molds, testing and constantly learning how to improve. It wasn’t easy work, but we did all this together and made Big Rock a name and product that people trust.” When you first visit Big Rock’s large showroom, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and impressed. There’s a huge outdoor garden, pond and waterfall display area to showcase the company’s garden goodies, and another showroom and office area just inside the front door. The stone veneer displays are in the inside showroom and on the garden walls and koi ponds. Big Rock’s beautiful Moss Rock stepping stones and light-

10 x 10 Special Only $1999 +tax

weight boulders are displayed in the garden area, with pavers on pallets, as there are too many varieties and sizes of Moss Rock pavers to show on the ground. The waterfalls that you see are all lightweight too, and are easily assembled in minutes once you get them home. Bonnie and Brian, their charming and conversant manager Lori and “big bad” John, the newest addition to the Big Rock family, will encourage you to do it yourself with their lightweight stones so you can save money while creating the garden of your dreams. If you’d rather leave the work to others, they will be happy to give you names of landscapers, as most use Big Rock in their projects. The same is true for stone veneers. Many people want to beautify planter walls or transform their property walls by covering them with stone, but expect it to be expensive. Big Rock’s staff will encourage you to do it yourself, as it’s not difficult, saves money and gives you a great sense of accomplishment. There are many advantages to using stone veneer on a wall. The finish is permanent,

requires no maintenance, looks great and adds to your property value. Lightweight stone veneer can be applied to any and all existing surfaces such as drywall, plywood, painted or unpainted concrete, and it has even been used on ceilings. There is no doubt that it is trickier to install on ceilings, but it looks very nice in a wine cellar or shower. Big Rock specializes in all Hawaiian stones for its cast stone veneer, but if you are looking for a “Mainland look,” Big Rock can help you with that too because it is the distributor of Coronado Stone, which offers many different styles of stone veneer. Big Rock has it all. If you want a garden that Mother Nature would be proud of, or walls that look exactly like the real thing, there is simply nowhere else to go. Big Rock is unique in what it does, and the company has taken 30 years to accumulate the natural stones from which it casts its lightweight copies. Is it real or is it Big Rock? That is the question that no one can answer upon seeing a wall or rock garden from Big Rock.


Saturday, July 28 at 9 a.m. Learn to grow your own herbs and produce. RSVP requested at

geobunga.com 4299 Lawehana Street

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Beat the heat Home project cools, increases ventilation in client’s kitchen Hawaii, this is exactly what they want to do because of the heat and lack of ventilation. The small, confined kitchens that many Island

ome people say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Unfortunately, for many homeowners in


CS DESIGN BUILDERS contact // 847-8711 address // 220 Puuhale Road #B1 web // www.CSDesignBuilders.com

homes were built with often ruin the enjoyment of cooking. One local family from Kailua turned to CS Design Builders for help.

“When we’re cooking for the family, the kitchen is about 20 degrees hotter than the rest of the house!” said the Brogans during their free initial measure and estimate with the company. Even worse, the original homeowner’s poor planning placed the appliances and cabinetry in odd places, causing family members to bump into each other while trying to move around in the kitchen at the same time. The oddly placed items also wasted useful countertop space. CS Design Builders took these problems into account when working with the Brogans during their free computer design session. After the project was finished, visitors were amazed at the transformation. The difference was so dramatic that many of the family’s friends thought the Brogans had expanded the kitchen by several feet in each direction. The new kitchen is an expansive

License No. C-26041

New Elite Dealer Pricing Call Today!

Premium Quality

Mitsubishi 255W Modules Great Durability in High-Saline Areas Excellent Workmanship & Quality 25 Year Power Output Warranty Lead-free Solder Connections

Made 100% in Japan Monocrystalline Cells Half-Cut Cell 4 Busbar Cell Black Frame



Over 30 Years of Roofing Experience! SINCE

Island Wide Service



Rated A+! We’re


18 Years of Quality Service to Hawaii

Call Us For Elite Dealer Pricing


847-6265 FREE ESTIMATES Cont. Lic. #C10748


1321 Hart St. #7

Visit us online at www.AlternateEnergyHawaii.com

6 NEW Exotic Patterns Patented Uniclic® Technology for Fast, Adhesive-Free Installation

Including Koa & Bamboo

KAIMUKI 1st & Waialae • 735-3005 KANEOHE 45-620 Kamehameha Hwy. (Behind 7-11) • 262-0900

SAND ISLAND 330 Sand Island Access Rd. • 841-6183

Family Owned 1 C-21 Lic#12015 • C-7 C-5


Alternate Energy Inc., 96-1276 Waihona St. #124 Pearl City, HI 96782, Sales@AlternateEnergyHawaii.com


DH SQUARED CONSTRUCTION contact // 383-2218

Get ‘Squared’ away with custom designs BY KYLE GALDEIRA ith more than 50 years of combined experience under their tool belts, Don Holcomb and Dan Holt merged their talents by forming DH Squared Construction in 2007. In addition to specializing in custom home building and

CABINETS BY DH SQUARED Custom Built in our State of the Art Cabinet Shop


with all the desired features,” Holcomb said. “We’re one of probably 200 manufacturers in the U.S. and Canada that uses this particular (cabinet design and fabrication) system TenonCam.” Holcomb explains that through the computer system, a client’s plans and design specifications are

Bathroom Refinishing

“Serving Hawaii Since 1981”

Affordable Plumbing Bath & Kitchen Renovations

Tub to Shower Conversions

New Home Construction Additions and Renovations

Contractor Lic. #BC-30395

Custom Kitchen & Bath • 808.383.2218

$25.00 OFF Bathtub Reglazing, Porcelain, Fiberglass on Tubs and Tub Shower combos.

DisSenio co r un t

• Discounts Available for Realty, Contractors & Senior Citizens. • Professional Crack and Chip Repair

Don’t Replace-Reglaze

500 Alakawa St. #116C M-F 9am-4pm Weekend and after hours, call for appointment

nice to win awards, but having it come from your peers validates the hard work,” Holcomb said. “The BIA also has several other categories, and we won the grand prize out of all those categories. We also won a specialty award for architectural detail, which was a stairway that we designed with glass rails.” The awe-inspiring staircase links the natural stone on the condo’s ground level with the walnut wood flooring on the upper level. Cast-inplace concrete stair treads were painstakingly colored to match the brown walnut flooring, and the structural glass railings were used to allow an unobstructed view of the spacious home as well as the picturesque outdoor patio areas. For more information or to arrange an estimate, call DH Squared Construction at 383-2218 or visit www.DHSquared Construction.com.

Overall Grand Award winner in the Residential Renovations category and Grand Award winner for projects of more than $500,000 as part of the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Hawaii’s Ren-aissance Awards for Building and Remodeling. Thirty eight entrants from Oahu, Maui and the Big Island showcased their work that was judged on creativity, principles of design, materials used, value, visual appeal, workmanship, functionality and overall quality. The winning project, dubbed “La Pietra Circle,” a condominium unit at 3082 La Pietra Circle in Honolulu, was designed by architect Phillip Camp and features the development of integrated spaces that make it easier to entertain large groups as well as the addition of a loft area and a renovated structural glass staircase. “With so many great contractors in Hawaii, it’s

Bathtubs • Showers • Counters Before


www.AffordablePlumbingHawaii.com • Repair & New Installation • Change Galvanize to Copper

Lic. # BC-11700

734-2032 or 230-8308

Call Al for a

20 Years Experience in Hawaii No removal necessary, fast service (1 day)

FREE Estimate

Al’s Bathtub Refinishing


679- 8297

Hawaii’s #1 Building Seminar FREE BUILDING SEMINAR

Call Bonded & Insured - LIC# BC 27277


951-9500 for reservation FREE PARKING


94-437 Hokuala St. Mililani, HI 96789 Saturday • July 28 Sunday • July 29 10am - 4pm

Hok uili S


Hoku ala S t.

Hw y.

• What do I need to start building? • Where do I start planning? • Why do I need a budget? • How much does it cost to build?


Wednesday • July 25 • 6:30 pm Ward Warehouse Kewalo Conference Room 2nd Floor Thursday • July 26 • 6:30 pm Pearl Country Club


Limited Seating!to Call now ur make yoon! reservati

Ka me ham


remodeling, DH Squared also produces unique and exquisite custom, madeto-order cabinets. “We started the cabinet business in 2008 to provide our clients with a custom-quality cabinet made in Hawaii with a fast turnaround time. We wanted them to have the best product available

taken from the schematic stage and transferred to a CNC machine that cuts and drills each piece of cabinetry. The pieces are then transferred to another machine that edgebands the various parts before heading to the assembly stations. “It’s part of a lean manufacturing process that allows us to work more efficiently,” Holcomb said. “It saves on time and costs as well. In the old days, when we did all this by hand, what took us a week now takes us a day. We’re more efficient and produce more so we are able to pass this cost savings on to our clients. One of the good things is that our cabinets are made in Hawaii, so if anything changes, or any pieces need to be replicated, we’re able to react right then, quickly. That’s another advantage for our customers.” DH Squared Construction and Hawaii Architecture LLP were honored May 2 as the

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Become a fan on facebook: www.facebook.com/AtlasConstruction

Follow us on twitter: @Atlas808


Providing residents with an array of roofing services kylights are a wonderful way to increase the amount of natural light coming into your home during the day. However, as a homeowner, you probably don’t go up on your roof very often to check out the quality of the installation. You probably won’t even notice anything or think about it until Hawaii gets a heavy rainstorm and water drips into your home via the


pukas around your skylight.

Light and cooling solutions Clinton Murakami, who has more than 25 years of experience as a second-generation roofer, does more than just work on roofs. On a typical day of doing estimates, Clinton likes to talk to his customers and find out all of

MURAKAMI’S ROOFING Full Service Residential Roofing Contractor their needs. After all, planning ahead and considering all of your needs makes sense if you’re going to complete a construction project. If you need a little more light, now is the time to plan for a solartube skylight. If your house is hot and could use a little ventilation, think about a solar attic fan. Another way to cool your roof is to have Murakami’s Roofing apply a special coating to bring down the heat.

Termites are knocking Many homes are built of wood structures, and if you’ve been seeing termites buzzing around, maybe it’s time to check your roof. Clinton has seen a lot of termite or otherwise infested roofs with the wood eaten away. Rebuilding or repairing a structure is crucial to the durabil-


contact // 348-8270 web // murakamiroofing.net

• murakamiroofing@gmail.com


All Types - Asphalt Shingles • Roll & Metal Roofing • Termite Damage • Dry Rot • Leak Repair


FREE GUTTERS up to 60 linear feet with complete reroof

Homeowners user friendly Mini Excavators, Dingos & Bobcats available. ISLANDWIDE DELIVERY

Exp: August 12, 2012



• Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Lic. #C24921 www.murakamiroofing.net • murakamiroofing@gmail.com


NEW HOUSE BUILD $115 a sq foot plus tax

Hardie Board Siding/Bamboo Flooring Standard Plumbing Fixtures *Minimum 2,000 square footage / Restrictions apply.



FREE HOMEBUILDING & RENOVATION SEMINAR New Homes Additions Renovations Commercial Residential, Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling •

Sat., July 28 • No sales pitch — Just the facts 9 – 11 a.m. Honolulu Country Club • Receive accurate & up-to-date information Call 593-2808 or register online at • 5000+ attended & saved thousands www.grahambuilders.com

For A Free Estimate For All Projects Call Victor: 428-5191 or 531-3888 Come and visit our showroom at

Y3 Construction, Inc./Lic#BC15731

1018 Smith St. • Hon., HI 96817 www.cvconstructionhawaii.com



Mastering the ‘art’ of Do-It-Yourself design American Society of BELLA PIETRA Interior Designers member and principal interior contact // 587-7779 designer at Shari Saiki address // 701 N. Nimitz Hwy. Design Studio Inc. “Good web // bellapietra.com design is tailored to the people using the space and fairly neutral, I can be changed as needed.” This seminar will give peo- encourage people ple the tools they need to to refresh their change one room or their space seasonally whole living space. Attendees with small accessories and texwill learn simple tips to recre- tiles,” Saiki said. “For a larger DIY project, moving furniture ate their own space by: around or painting walls are simple things that make a huge • Use of color difference in the feel and ambiance of the room. It’s also • Creating a design theme relatively quick and affordable.” Saiki recommends updating • Mixing patterns a child’s room yearly to reflect and textures their changing tastes and inter• Creating a focal ests. This annual project is also “Do-It-Yourself Design” point for maxi- a good way to organize the mounds of schoolwork, souReserve your spot at mum drama venirs, clothing and toys that www.bellapietra.com “If your furni- are jammed into their rooms ture pieces are on a daily basis.

ired of the same old, same old in your home? Learn the basics of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) design so you can easily refresh and reinvigorate any room in your home. Bella Pietra, Hawaii’s premier natural stone company, and Shari Saiki Design Studio Inc. will host a free workshop called Do-ItYourself Design at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 28 at Bella Pietra, located at 701 N. Nimitz Hwy. “Good design, including proper lighting, colors and layout, can positively affect a person’s sense of well-being, not to mention make a space more functional,” said Shari Saiki,





at 9 a.m.


“Most children love looking through items in their room that bring back memories. It’s a nice time of reflection that you can share with your child, while at the same time decide on which items they can let go of. By involving your child, you can do this as a project together that is fun and relationshipbuilding,” Saiki said. Seminars are free, but very popular. To ensure your seat, register at www.bellapietra.com. Bella Pietra, which means “beautiful stone” in Italian, is Hawaii’s premier natural stone

company offering the state’s best selection and quality of natural stone materials. Locally owned and operated since 2001, Bella Pietra specializes in natural products including marble, granite, slate, quartzite, travertine, limestone, glass tile and basalt lava stone from around the world. Bella Pietra offers old-world stone with contemporary elegance and Hawaiiana for projects ranging from remodels and apartments to luxury island homes, department stores and hotels.


Year Anniversary

” “In Stock


• create a design theme • mix patterns & textures • create a focal point for maximum drama Saturday, July 28, 9 a.m • 701 North Nimitz Hwy. Register at bellapietra.com 587-7779


All plywood - No particle board! Personalized service! Granite Islander rtops! te Buy direct from the source! coun

Summer Installation Specials


Call for Details

For All Your Photovoltaic and Solar Needs #C24921 C#27051


Ask how you can SAVE on ROOFING & PV SOLAR ELECTRIC ~ Packages Now Available ~ Partnering with Murakami’s Roofing for a more Complete Solution

808-531-2554 (ALLG) • info@allgelectric.com • www.allgelectric.com 14 | HAWAII RENOVATION | JULY 22, 2012

Lokahi Saddle Tan

Lokahi Kahala Brown

Lokahi Green

Many Colors to Choose From, Chemical Resistant, Hot Tire Resistant, Ultra Durable, Lifetime Warranty

LOKAHI STONE INC. 518 KAMANI STREET, HONOLULU, HI 96813 www.garageexperts.com LIC#BC-24650


Entering the ‘Golden’ age of cabinetry he highest quality hardwood cabinets — solid cherry wood, maple and oak — are always available and affordably priced at Golden Cabinets, home of Hawaii’s largest inventory of fine solid wood kitchen and bath cabinetry. Wide selections of finely crafted designs, styles and finishes are featured at the Golden Cabinets Inc. showroom located at 2959 Koapaka St. Cabinets, shelves, moldings and drawers are all available in rich cherry wood, warm maple, classic oak and white finishes. No particle board, plastic or laminates are incorporated into these solidly built natural wood products. All are fitted with handsome, heavy-duty, stainless-steel fixtures and precision hinges. The cabinet doors come in a variety of styles, including solid wood and wood with framed glass insets to show off your fine crystal and dinnerware. There also is a choice of glass panels — clear, frosted and etched. A variety of designs to accommodate all kitchen layouts, such as corner cabinets with foldout doors and Lazy Susans, and cabinets with roll-out shelves, plus vanities and vanity accessories for the bath, can be



contact // 836-8181 address // 1299 Kaumuali'i St. web // www.goldencabinetsstone.com

viewed in the showrooms. “Cabinets are the first thing you see when you walk into a kitchen, so whether you are building new or remodeling, you want to be sure you are making the right choice,” said Golden Cabinets owner Wen Wen Cao. “And there’s no long wait between ordering and installation — one week after you place your order, the cabinets of your choice will be delivered or can be picked up by your contractor. “We also offer free assembly and design services ... just provide the rough dimensions of the room, and we can lay out a cabinet design and configuration for you on the computer in a matter of minutes. Then, if you approve of the basic layout and estimate, we will go to the job site and make the final measurements. “Because we specialize in cabinets, we have the expertise to help you create a more beautiful and functional kitchen ... at a price you can afford.” For information and directions to the showroom, which is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, call Golden Cabinets at 836-8181.

Provide Comfort and Watertight reliability now, with a New Roof installed by

SURFACE SHIELD ROOFING CO.! Energy Efficient Roof Coatings • Lower the roof temperature of your home or Building up to 40% • Lifetime Material Warranty Available

We Specialize in: Residential – Commercial Re-Roofing – Repair – Inspections #C–6122

Visit Homeowners Designer Center and discover Hawaii’s best remodeling and new construction resource for cabinets, flooring, window coverings, countertops, kitchen and bath design.


Huge Savings, Incredible and Unbeatable Price! Over 2000 pre-fab countertops IN-STOCK, ing all 112" 3 side bullnose MovN w e a

to ation Loc

1299 Kaumuali‘i St. • Honolulu, HI 96817 (Kapalama Area, Cross Waiakamilo Road)

Ph: 836-8181 • Fax: 836-8166 1030 Kohou Street, Honolulu, HI 96817 www.homeownersdesign.com |808-847-0216

200 OFF A Roof Coating System CALL TODAY!


Hawaii Kai 396-9599 • Honolulu 739-9599 Windward 261-6686 • Leeward 487-9599 Free Island Wide Estimates

Lic. #C-28235


Making your home the talk of the town hether or not we want to admit it, we all want our home to look its best and be the envy of the neighborhood. But do you think that keeping up with the Joneses comes with a big price tag? Think again. With a little elbow grease and creativity, your property can be the talk of the town.


Making a good first impression Updating outdoor lighting is a great first step to achieving the best-looking house on the block. Chances are your exterior porch lights may be rusty or faded. Bring new life to your lighting with a single can of spray paint. New Krylon Dual Paint and Primer is a one-step solution to easily transform any light fixture. Still looking for more illumination? Adding decorative lanterns to walkways or porches is an easy and inexpensive way to add charm and light.


Quick color The front door is a focal point of your home, so be sure that your doors and shutters are a vivid shade. If yours have been dulled by years of sun and weather, it’s time to update with paint. For metal doors and shutters, you can use a variety of spray or bucket paints in your favorite hue. However, for plastic shutters, Krylon Fusion for Plastic is the ideal choice since it bonds to plastic without the need for priming or sanding.

A tidy and neat yard A well-manicured lawn is important to boosting your curb appeal. Simple oneweekend tasks like edging, trimming bushes and removing unsightly weeds can make a huge difference without a lot of work or cost. For more information on Krylon products, visit www.krylon.com.


A variety of roofing services FROM PAGE 13

when I know I’ve done all I can to deliver great customer service.”

ity and longevity of your roof.

Free estimate Customer service Clinton said, “What makes my job so fun, even after 25 years, is every roof is a little bit different. It really makes my day

Call 348-8270 to speak to the experienced professional estimators at Murakami’s Roofing who will inspect your roof.


Save $$ by Refacing your existing cabinets or we can build you custom ones! Replace Doors, Drawers, Countertops, Hi-Macs, Raised Panel Hardwood Doors, Corian & Granite

Summer’s Here We’re ready for you

Servco appliances, GE products & more Dealer prices by Essential Cabinets


Up to 22% OFF Retail Prices

It’s a FREE estimate! We will beat any competitor’s price by 10% with same products & specs. WWW.ESSENTIALCABINETREFACING.COM 16 | HAWAII RENOVATION | JULY 22, 2012

on appliances, faucets and sinks!


Monday - Saturday 8:00am - 4:30pm

212 Mohonua Place, C-3



Lic # C-24208


Creating an ideal climate at home he best way to ensure that your home or workplace will remain cool and comfortable is to be ready with a new, efficient, split-ductless air conditioning system. Systems sold and installed by the Aire Conditioner Shoppe are available in a variety of styles and price ranges. You can choose a system that cools only or one that also heats. “The best time to service your existing split-ductless system is between the months of November and April, so when the warm weather hits, it will continue to operate with high efficiency,” said Aire Conditioner Shoppe owner Neil Wiedemann. The latest split-ductless systems provide zoned comfort and are engineered to install quickly and easily. These revolutionary systems available from the Aire Conditioner Shoppe, which specializes in Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, provide both heating and cooling with a push of a button on the remote control. They also provide


AIRE CONDITIONER SHOPPE contact // 676-1455 web // aireconditionershoppe.com

individual temperature control throughout your home or business so each room, zone or floor will be the temperature you set. Concerned about air quality? These systems have the capability to filter out dust, mold spores and microorganisms. The Dry Mode helps to control humidity levels, even when cooling isn’t needed. Other standard features

dow units that are often the choice for apartments, condos and houses. “Even the window air conditioning units, which are generally what you see in older apartment buildings or townhomes, have been extensively improved both in efficiency and appearance. However, the tenant and/or owner needs to obtain permission from the management company and/or apartment owners association to install any type of air conditioning,” he added. Both split-ductless systems and window air conditioners are on display at the company’s showroom in Waipio and also shown on the website, www.aire conditionershoppe.com. The company installs, repairs and services what it sells. Wiedemann guarantees the lowest prices for any product he sells with installation of the same equipment. For 10 years running, Fujitsu has named him “Dealer of the Year.” The company offers free on-site estimates and design consultation.


Roof That Lasts A Lifetime

30% OFF

• Lifetime Mfr. Warranty • Made from 95% Recycled Materials • Maintenance Free • Reduces Energy Use FREE Estimates Call Fred Today

Cabinets with installation *Come in for Details. Expires 7/31/12

Commercial & Residential

DESIGN • REMODEL • NEW BUILDS In-stock Cabinetry & Flooring


FREE Estimates: Call 847-3888



include Sleep Timer Auto Changeover, 24-Hour Timer Cold Prevention, Auto Restart /Reset Low Ambient and Auto Louver: Up/Down, Left/ Right. Concerned about appearance? The cooling-only wall-mounted units, designed for single rooms, are slim and stylish. Indoor units have a clean, aesthetic design and are powerful, though small and

shorter in length than competing units. The variable-speed compressor helps systems adapt to shifts in heat load caused by afternoon sun. Concerned about noise? These units are so quiet you won’t even know they’re on. How about cost? “The operative word is ‘efficient,’” Wiedemann said. “Old or malfunctioning air conditioning systems are energy hogs that don’t do the job effectively and run up your electricity bills. The air conditioning systems available at the Aire Conditioner Shoppe are the newest models that incorporate the latest technological advances.” He pointed out that split-ductless systems can be just as efficient as central air conditioning, or more efficient in terms of energy savings, depending on the lifestyle of the homeowner. Wiedemann, who has been in the air conditioning business since 1979, sells and installs splitductless systems on Oahu, as well as portable air conditioners. He also sells less expensive win-

Call for a FREE estimate

(808) 839-2781 | Construction@walker-moody.com




Best Prices Guaranteed With Installation of the Same Equipment Over 30 Years Track Record • Free Estimates on Split Systems • We Sell, Service, Install & Repair A+ Rating We also sell Portable A/C’s, Split Systems, Window & Thru the Wall A/C’s, Flush Mount A/C’s Before you buy a split system, make sure you’re buying the highest energy savings available. The higher the EER the more you save.

Visit us at: www.aireconditionershoppe.com

HONOLULU 537-1971

LEEWARD 676-1455

KAIMUKI 737-1852


MILILANI 625-5666

WINDWARD 262-6163

Call for an Appointment 94-529 Ukee St. #105, Waipio Gentry 96797 (Across from The Womens Wellness Center)

S. TANAKA CONSTRUCTION Home Design • Free Consultations 1349 Mookaula St. • 848-5010 • Bonded & Insured Lic. #BC29857

Hawaii’s Only Union Sealcoater Servicing All Islands LIC. # ABC-19


beautiful continuous room, eliminated the overheating problem and made the kitchen more ergonomic and functional. Gorgeous

granite countertops complement stainless-steel appliances, and the new hood keeps the kitchen air fresh, even while cooking.

open to the public

1697 Hoolaulea Street, Pearl City 96782 1– 4 p.m.

Call 593-2808


Hoolaulaea St.



Look for the OFFICIAL Guidebook in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Friday, July 27!

Find a home in the guidebook

Hooipo St.

Sat., July 28

Komo Mai Dr.


space that was integrated into the rest of the home by removing walls to open up the room. This created a


Huilahi St.

Cooling the kitchen

The family is more engaged with one another with their new kitchen opened up to the rest of the home. They also are able to move around more easily. “Sometimes you need to open up space to bring a family closer together,” said the Brogans. It’s ironic, but true. CS Design Builders is Hawaii’s one-stop shop for your renovation needs. It eliminates the headache of working with multiple contractors, designers and vendors by working with you as a single point of contact and accountability. This ensures your entire renovation is handled efficiently, delivering superior workmanship on-time and onbudget. The Brogans love their new dream kitchen. Isn’t it time you made your own dream kitchen come true?



Text the listing code to “43766”

Visit any Open House in the guidebook and TEXT-TO-WIN $3,000 in cash & prizes


Click the link to learn more

ENTER TO WIN Trip for Two to Las Vegas from Vacations Hawaii!


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Three (3) winners are selected from all entries received on July 29, 2012. To qualify, you must enter in person at a participating open house listed in the official guidebook. Enter by text or by entry form. Directions and more information on submitting your entry provided at each open house. Employees (and their immediate families) of Oahu Publications, Inc. and all participating sponsors are not eligible. Winner will be selected at random from all entries received. Winner will be contacted. No phone calls please. Winners authorize OPI to use their name and likeness for promotional ads at no additional compensation.

Sunday, July 29, 2012 • 12 noon to 5 p.m.



If you are a REALTOR® interested in listing in the Open House Tour OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK, contact your account executive for more details! 529-4885 | realestate@staradvertiser.com

The pulse of paradise


Balancing comfort, safety when remodeling bathrooms emember that hard day of work when you were stuck in traffic and the stress of the day weighed heavily on your mind? Wasn’t the thought of coming home and taking a shower or bath comforting? The bathroom can be one of the most comforting rooms in your house. Nothing can make you feel more comfortable than to relax in a newly remodeled bathroom. The bathroom can also be one of the most dangerous places in the house. There are more than 200,000 accidents in the United States that are bathroom-related every year, according to reports. That’s about 70 percent of all home accidents. With more than two decades of experience, All Island Bath Remodeling has perfected a unique combination of services. These solutions cost a fraction of the price of traditional remodeling, and could turn your bathroom into a comfortable and safe haven. Resurfacing your worn or stained tub or wall-surround to look like new in any color is a cost-effective way to add life to your bathroom. We have artists who can simulate granite on countertops or wallsurrounds, renewing your bath surfaces. Converting your existing tub to a walkthrough shower, making it safer and more comfortable for seniors, can prevent a potential accident and make life easier for anyone who has difficulty stepping over the tub skirt. The company also has a lowcost alternative that utilizes your existing tub and cuts the skirt to lower the step-



Bathtub to Shower Conversions


Call for a Free Estimate


contact // 358-7780 web // Allislandbath.com



over height. Tub liners, which fit a new tub over your old, rusty or hard-toclean tub or wall, will transform your bath with simulated granite or marble, creating a remodeled look without the mess usually associated with a complete demo. They also save you money. All Island Bath has ways of saving you money on traditional remodels without sacrificing quality. The company has developed new, unique methods:

• Tubs, Showers, Counters, Vanities, any type of Wall Surrounds • Rust, Fiberglass, Tile Crack Repair and Refinishing • The thickest tub liners available on the market • Specialist in Cost Effective Alternatives for property managers, realtors, hotels, homeowners & senior citizens • Walk through tub cut for Seniors or disabled • Complete remodeling consultation Over 20 Years Experience Locally owned & operated.

GUY KAKUGAWA Contractor’s Lic: #C31944, #C31945



• Low-cost “tub cut outs” utilize your existing tub to make the step-over height about 8 inches lower than that of your existing tub.


• Complete conversions change your tub to a shower. • Grab bars and safety accessories make life easier for seniors .

Cost effective Updating your bathroom provides one of the best returns on your investment, increasing the value of your home. The company can offer you several options that will fit your budget. Choosing refinishing or relining will be less invasive and save you time compared to traditional remodeling methods. At All Island Bath Remodeling LLC we can offer you the widest variety of options which we could customize to your needs.

Senior discount The company offers discounts to seniors, military, multi-unit, Realtors, property management and contractors. Call 358-7780 or visit allislandbath.com for more information. Estimates and consultations are always free.

681 S. King Street (808) 529-4599 www.hccu.info Federally insured by NCUA. Home Loans are provided through CU Network Services LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (HCFCU). NMLS# 412820; NMLS# 375459



Intero Group, Hawaii contact // (808) 647-4477 web // www.interogrouphawaii.com

Valuable tips for

window, siding replacements


ave you put off the replacement of the windows of your home for years because you think it’s a costly project? Is your existing siding rotting, but you can’t afford to replace it? Here is the good news: Intero Group, Hawaii makes your windows, siding and door replacements affordable, and guarantees that you will get what you need and even more. With the right product and professional installation, the company helps extend the life of your windows and siding so you will never have to replace them again. Intero Group offers valuable tips for your window and siding replacements while showing you that these products are becoming more efficient and affordable:

Window tips

• If you live near an airport, in a high-traffic area or in an urban center, consider replacing your windows with double-pane laminated glass to help reduce noise transmission. These windows are engineered to reduce


unwanted noise, withstand high winds and flying debris, deter intruders and help you reach a quiet comfort inside your home. Intero Group offers this glass option that keeps the heat outside, preventing the sun’s ultraviolet rays from penetrating your home to help preserve carpets, artwork and furnishings. • Seek out a window brand that maximizes the amount of natural daylight that enters your home. Studies show that natural light elevates the mood, increases productivity and helps maintain a regular internal body “clock,” while long exposure to artificial light causes stress. Intero Group team recommends that you compare the vinyl frame of different windows of the same size and select the design option with maximum light. Do not block an opening with a thick vinyl frame. Let the light shine through. • Select vinyl windows with unique options to add style and decorative appeal to your home. Intero Group provides most of the add-on options for free. Our variety of product lines allows you to choose different colors for exterior and interior frames, hardware, grids and much more.

Siding tips • Replace your old Masonite siding with low-maintenance and maximum-durability siding. Intero Group offers James Hardie Fiber Cement product, which is fire- and termite-resistant, and can last up to 40 years without rotting. Its Color Plus Technology (factory baked-on paint) is 30 percent more fade-resistant than regular paint, warranted for 15 years and can easily be

painted afterward, holding paint three times longer than wood siding. The company believes it is the best option for Hawaii’s weather.

• Choose siding that is worth your buck. James Hardie Fiber Cement siding may be more expensive than regular wood or vinyl siding, but it’s definitely a worthwhile long-term solution. Research shows that for the sixth year in a row, re-siding your home with James Hardie is the No. 1 return on investment. This siding gives you a solid 80-percent return on your investment, which is much more than any other remodeling project.

• Select a contractor who has the same vision as yours. There are many windows and siding companies and installers in Hawaii. However, it is hard to find a contractor who will incorporate your vision and provide exceptional products and installation service. Intero Group, Hawaii has a true love for workmanship, which has served as the company’s inspiration from the beginning. It works with a variety of industry-leading manufacturers and always chooses the best option for you, offering what its competitors do not: the best service and a great selection of remodeling products in Hawaii. You deserve to have professionals working on your home.

Visit Intero Group and its partner, AMKO Builders, at the upcoming BIA Home Remodeling Show at Neal S. Blaisdell Center Aug. 10-12.


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