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called Genomic Health, to optimize care delivery to his patients. It’s a noninvasive assessment of the tumor, a 21-gene test that provides information on whether or not to treat the woman with newly diagnosed breast cancer with tamoxifen or chemotherapy. “There’s also a 70-gene assay called MammaPrint (developed by Amsterdambased Agendia), a molecular diagnostic test used to assess the risk that a breast tumor will spread to other parts of the body,” Sauter said. “I call it genomic

personalization for breast cancer therapy. Basically it helps us determine whether a patient should get chemotherapy.” There’s a similar test for colon cancer, and others are on the way. “These are examples of genetic medicine that are already in the clinic. This wave of personalized care is just getting started,” Sauter said. “It takes big teams of people to do this: researchers, bioinformaticians, physicians, and willing participants. They are all critical.”

editor’s note: To fully grasp the extent of the School’s use of high technology, we have had to extend the boundaries of the magazine. Please continue reading the full story online at, where the following talented individuals share how their innovative use of technology keeps the School of Medicine and Health Sciences at the forefront of research and teaching. James Haselton, PhD, Assistant Professor Physiology, Pharmacology, and Therapeutics Director, Graduate Studies

Kenneth Ruit, PhD, Associate Professor and Vice Chair Anatomy and Cell Biology Director of Graduate Education

Jane Dunlevy, PhD, Associate Professor Anatomy and Cell Biology

Jon Jackson, PhD, Assistant Professor Anatomy and Cell Biology

Jon Allen, MD, Assistant Dean, Northeast Campus Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Director, Simulation Center

Mario Borboa, BSN, BS Computer Information Systems Information Systems Specialist and Technician Information Resources Nasser Hammami, MS, Assistant Professor, CIO UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Jonathan Geiger, PhD, Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor and Chair Pharmacology, Physiology, and Therapeutics Keith Henry, Assistant Professor Pharmacology, Physiology, and Therapeutics

(From left) Cheryl stauffenecker, director Jon allen, Tim shea, and Jamie Hamilton at the sMHs simulation Center NORTH DAKOTA MEDICINE Fall 2010


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