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Editor Trojee Banerjee

Sub-editors Alina Deca Oana Dociu

Denitsa Georgieva

Reporters Jennifer Olaleye


Monica Paraschiv


Godiva Festival Returns By Denitsa Georgieva

The Godiva Festival returns to Coventry with a spectacular line-up of music, comedy, attractions and art. The biggest free family festival in the Midlands is expected to attract large crowds to Coventry’s War Memorial Park from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th. This year’s theme is “Made in Coventry” with a large range of talent booked to appear. The latest artist to be announced this year is the ex-Sidney Stringer pupil and Mercury Prize nominated Ghostpoet. He is returning to Coventry to play the Free Radio main stage on the Friday night and maintain a “Made in Coventry” theme to the festival line-up. Councilor Lynnette Kelly, Cabinet Member for Business, Enterprise and Employment welcomed with the

following announcement: “Ghostpoet is another excellent act added to the diverse bill of performers we’re set to have at the Godiva Festival this year. Festival attenders on the Friday will get the chance to see one of the UK’s brightest young talents play on the main stage to what we hope will be a large and enthusiastic audience.” Coventry City Council organizes the event with the sponsorship support of Network Coventry. The festival will begin with a performance by Echo and Bunnyman, who were booked by popular demand after missing out on playing at the last year’s festival. On Saturday 6th Indie stars Maximo Park and The View, alongside major urban performers such as Devlin and


Sway will entertain the audience. The fans of mainstream pop can enjoy Amelia Lily of X-factor headlining with strong support from Loveable Rogues and Titch. “I’m delighted we can now go live with this year’s exciting line-up for what I’m sure will be another great weekend in the city. Although the event is not solely about the music, as a massive live music and festival supporter, there are some great bands lined up to play – and all for free!”- Councilor Lynnete Kelly The weekend will also play host to the annual Battle of the Bands on Friday evening with the winners getting the fantastic opportunity to open on Kerrang!’s main stage on Saturday afternoon.


Rocking summer at Ricoh Arena

By Denitsa Georgieva

After Coldplay’s massive concert last May, the Ricoh Arena in Rowleys Green is set to bring a new rocking summer to Coventry’s music loving crowd. A rocking summer is on offer at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena in Rowleys Green. British rock band Muse brought their biggest-ever stadium tour to the venue on May 20 and will be followed by American legend Bruce Springsteen in June. The night before the Muse concert the rockers were esting out their pyrotechnics ahead of their n show at the stadium



Muse are latest in a long line of music stars to perform in the city as the Ricoh Arena continues to attract the world’s hottest talent in music.

on Wednesday – but pictures, which spread like wildfire across the Internet sparked rumorus the stadium was in severe trouble. At first glance of pictures on Twitter, it appeared Coventry’s Ricoh Arena was on the verge of burning to the ground. But the rumours were quickly dampened, with the arena’s official Twitter account writing: ‘Just to confirm there is no fire here at the Ricoh Arena. They are just testing everything is ready for Wednesday night’s Muse concert.’ INDIE rockers Bastille supported Muse when they kickstarted their summer stadium tour at the Ricoh Arena this summer. he quartet, from London, joined specialguest Dizzee Rascal at the concert on May 22 and will also feature when Muse go on to play 5

further shows at the Emirates Stadium in London and the Etihad Stadium in Manchester. Bastille shot to fame at the beginning of 2013 following the release of their popular hit ‘Pompeii’. Before the show, Liz Cooper, marketing director at Ricoh Arena said: “This is a great chance to see one of the most talkedabout upcoming UK bands live in the city and this promises to be another summer to remember for live music at the Ricoh Arena”.



Parents get geared up to take you children to the Coventry Transport Museum for some exciting half-term activities. The affordable events start on the 25th of May and last till the 2nd of June 2013. It will not only be a splendid summer family day-out but also serve certain educational purposes. The treats of the Transport Museum are the 999 exhibition of historic emergency vehicles, and fun family activity trail or creative crafty projects. The cool half term store promises delightful souvenirs and toys for your kids who will be fascinated by fire engines and amazed by ambulances or captivated by cop cars. You will not only spend a day of fun and excitement but your kids will left inspired by the grand exhibits. The display of various automotive designs is extremely important for educational purposes. It might help your child choose a career path. The government encouraging pupils to study the sciences and maths makes the activities and exhibitions at the transport museum even more attractive. The House of Lords science and technology committee highlighted in July 2012, as the Guardian stated that raising the numerical skills of school leavers has become increasingly important to employers and would curb the growing problem of students starting undergraduate degrees without having the necessary maths skills.

career option. There are 3 schools visits per day and most of the visits are form primary schools. The fun associated with education and achieving a successful career is emphasized upon by various summer activities.

The Head of PR and Marketing, Clive Skelhon stated whilst referring to one of the permanent exhibits of the Thrust 2 and the Thrust SCC: “This exhibition is very important in education circles and particularly for children with the government trying to encourage children to take up subjects related to science, technology and maths”

Skelhon stated: “It is wonderful. It’s all about getting children young and interested in about cars and teaching them what can be achieved with science and technology which is an integral part of Coventry’s heritage. A parent stated; “I took both my kids to the transport museum last year for the half-term activities. They loved it. We definitely will go back this year as well. There is lots to learn even though it is not a conventional classroom environment.”

The exhibition of Thrust 2 and SCC is now permanent and easily accessible to children and pupils throughout the week. This exhibition can inspire children from a very young age to pick science and technology as a 6



THE HERBERT GALLERY Situated in the heart of the town, The Herbert Gallery is dedicated digital media facility within a regional gallery and museum. A place to spent a lovely afternoon and be inspired. Besides the magnificent on-going exhibitions, the gallery has a coffee house as well, where they serve some delicious cakes! Why not take an afternoon and do something different. Take a different view on life. THE BELGRADE THEATRE -BELGRADE SQUARE, CV1 1GS 024 7655 3055 The Belgrade Theatre is the only professional theatre in Coventry. Always having a range of different vibrant programs that is designed to entertain all the age categories in Coventry and around and also raise the profile of a producing theatre, the theatre is the place to spend one of your weekend days. We certainly recommend it. Take your friends, loved ones and try something different. We promise you won’t regret!






Coventry residents get ready to be car crazy once again this summer. The celebration of the university’s Automotive heritage will be in the form of another free motor extravaganza. The expected date of the Coventry Car Day 2013 is the 13th of July. There will be a wide range of cars on display, which include both old and new and particularly vehicles that are linked to this city. The event is going to be a host of prestigious cars such as Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes, Jaguars and their likes. This year’s car day promises even more than last year’s Peugeot’s UK debut of their brand –new 208 Hatchback.

of automotive and engineering courses that are offered by the University which is rather rare and uncommon in universities all over the UK and internationally.

Most of the cars displayed at last year’s event had a Coventry connection. A Coventry University Car design graduate designed the Mercedes SLS, a super car which was on display. They had Jaguars and Audis on the day, which are other brands that are designed in Coventry.

Noakes stated: “Coventry University is the only place that offers such a wide range of automotive courses and researches. We have automotive engineering, which is quite common now, and motorsport engineering, which is still found in a few place, but there are business and economic research strands in the business school, which are rather unique.”

Brian Clough, senior lecturer in Automotive Design, added: “Coventry graduates drive car design at all kinds of car companies, from Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin to Jaguar, Land Rover, Nissan and Ford. We’re delighted to be bringing some of them back to the city for the symposium to debate the future of the car.”

“No other institution covers automotive teaching and research in so much depth as Coventry University. This event is to sort off point out and celebrate the variety offered and also guide people who want to pursue a career perhaps in the motor industry or something to do with cars.”

Andrew Noakes, associate senior lecturer on the Automotive Journalism MA degree at Coventry University, says: “This is going to be a fantastic free day out for car fans in Coventry. It will be exciting to see some new cars fresh from the Geneva motor show, and a host of other cars vintage and modern. The careers event will be a great opportunity for anyone who wants to work in the motor industry, with free advice from automotive employers and our team from the University.”

The Transport Museum plays an integral role in the Car Day. They have a fantastic range of cars, motorbikes and bicycles and all sorts of things.

The Coventry University organizes the Coventry Car day. This event is a result of two events that was meant to be organized in alliance with the University. These two events were so closely related that the University felt it would be better to make a single grand and exciting one. The inspiration behind the Car day was Coventry’s automotive heritage and the celebration of the huge range 10


Noakes stated: “The Coventry Transport museum is an obvious sort off partner for an event like this. It is a fantastic museum, with great resources and it is free as well. Whenever someone visits Coventry, I ask him or her to visit the museum right a way. The Transport Museum brought along half a dozen of their vehicles, a lot of classic cars and vans for the 2012 Car Day.” The popularity of the Coventry Car day was considerable even though not exact. Noakes claimed: “We are actually not absolutely sure. It was a free event and there were no stalls selling tickets. There were an estimated 4000 people.” The last years Car Day venue was the Coventry University Hub and the Alan Berry building. The square was full of cars and thousands of people who were able to come along and get introduced to and be reminded of Coventry’s automotive heritage. The event conveys a good and useful message about the University and the kind of courses and activities they offer. Noakes stated: “We are hoping to have another Coventry Car Day this year which will be slightly different from last years. We are planning to organise a road show and take the exhibits to the Broadgate Square in the Coventry City Centre.”




Sports centres and clubs There are many sporting facilities in Coventry that include bowling, ice skating, golf, swimming and fitness. Here are some names of the most important sports centres and clubs: Apollo Weight and Fitness Centre, SkyDome Planet Ice, Coventry Sports and Leisure Centre, Foleshill Leisure Centre, Spencer Park Tennis and Bowls, War Memorial Park Tennis, Bowls and Pitch and Putt facility.

Coventry healthy walks Get Walking Keep Walking was launched on the 12th October 2012 in Broadgate. This is a Ramblers project aimed at helping people, particularly in towns and cities, improve their health and well-being by walking regularly and locally. You can simply download walking route maps by accessing coventry

Coventry healthy walks sets up and helps to lead a network of walks in the community. The project aims to encourage people to join weekly led walks and also take up more independent walking as part of their daily lifestyle.

Get in shape with no excuses Inactive people will always excuse that they have no time to go to the gym or money to pay for a monthly contract. But those who truly want to get in shape find solutions to keep fit without paying a penny. Here are some ideas to keep you inspired and change your perspective: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Go out in the park with your roller blades or running. Never take the elevator, even if living at the 6th floor. Choose walking instead driving your car (if the distance allows you to) Don’t eat in excess, especially 3 hours before going to sleep, and don’t eat sweets on a daily basis Choose outdoor games instead of computer games!



Facilities in War Memorial Park, the biggest park in Coventry The sports facilities in the park include: • • • •

Pitch and Putt golf course and a new putting green 10 newly refurbished and floodlit tennis courts 12 football pitches Flat green bowls

Charges are made for the use of these facilities, which helps with the cost of maintaining the park.

Useful nutrition advice Base meals on starchy foods

It seems that people work harder when doing outdoor sports or seeing images that simulate nature because it increases motivation, and in addition, we have more confidence in ourselves.

Bread, rice, pasta, cereals and potatoes should make up a third of what we eat. They are a good source of energy and contain fibre, calcium, iron and B vitamins. Some people think starchy foods are fattening, but gram for gram they contain less than half the calories of fat.

Music strengthens the immune system We all like music because it relaxes us, entertains us and makes our blood flow easier. But have you ever known that ahead of time of what we feel on hearing the favourite rhythm, music can improve our immune system, reduce stress and anxiety?

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables Eat more fish Fish is an excellent source of protein and contains many vitamins and minerals. Aim for at least two portions of fish a week, including one oily fish.

A study published in British Journal of Psychiatry concluded that this treatment is more effective than allopathic medicines when it comes to calming a person before an important event, which causes restlessness.

Reduce your saturated fat intake We need fat but too much saturated fat (bad cholesterol) will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Add nuts and seeds to your diet they are a great sources of healthy fat. They’re quite calorific though so don’t eat them like sweets.

Also, people with anxiety disorder diagnosed with cancer are successfully alleviated through music, shown in another study conducted in 2011. Experts argue that the production of antibodies in the body increases to simply listening to some pleasant sounds. Moreover, cortisone levels (stress hormone) decreases, and as a conclusion, music, along with conventional therapies, can be very effective in treating depression.

Eat less salt Drink plenty of water About 6 to 8 glasses of water, or other fluids, every day to avoid being dehydrated. Don’t skip breakfast

Related to music, free events will take place in Coventry’s parks on Sundays throughout the summer.

It gives us the energy we need to face the day as well as some of the vitamins and minerals we need for good health. Research shows that eating breakfast can actually help with weight management - we are less likely to snack on foods high in fat or sugar before lunch.

The opening event of the Coventry City Councils Summer Bands in the Park is a free concert and takes place on Sunday 2 June by the Visitors Centre in the War Memorial Park. The schedule of all summer events run at the new times of 1.30pm until 3pm.

Get active and maintain healthy weight Training in a gym can sometimes be very tedious, especially when the songs on iPod repeat indefinitely or worse, the batteries have just discharged.

Coventry Festival Band is a pleasant community Brass Band that recreates people from all over Coventry and Warwickshire. The highlight is on the amusement of making their music and they can be found playing anything, such as: traditional brass band pieces or classical and show numbers, singalongs, swing, pop and film music.

No need to worry because experts have come up with a solution: outdoor sports or gyms equipped with devices that have HD screens, where you can easily see vivid pictures.



YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE! By Monica Paraschiv

We all have busy lives, work, families to take care of, business meetings, travelling. And sometimes, our lives get so busy that we just forget that once in a while we need to take a deep breath and enjoy the ride, and change the pace we were going at. And if you were wondering how that’s achievable, than yoga is a good start to do that. In this article we will try to present you some of the benefits of becoming a practitioner as well as recommend the best teacher in town to start your journey with. The only thing we ask is an open mind, so try to put any stereotyping habits aside. When you start, you’ll hear others talk about benefits like “increasing the flow of prana” or “it brings energy up your spine”. And maybe you will not understand at first what all that talk is about, but one thing you will definitely notice after your first session is that you will feel more relaxed, like a new person that learnt breathing is the most important thing to do. When talking about advantages of practice, they are always divided into mental and physical benefits. Mental benefits: one thing all yoga teachers will tell you constantly is that yoga practice is the key to bringing your life in a healthy balance for long term. Feeling

down? Choose yoga! Research shows that constant practice can help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression, as it increases the serotonin levels in the blood. Real change begins when your back is against the wall! You can choose to either challenge and surprise yourself or you can cower into the wall and refuse to grow. Physical benefits : tones muscles and stabilises joints - massages internal organs making you healthier on the inside and more in tune with your body’s needs. Helps to keep the bone density strong preventing age related diseases like osteoporosis and stimulates glands that produce calcium. Keeps joints strengthened and prevents the need to have hip replacement due to weak and ageing bones. Helps to stave off the ageing process through the breath work that is practiced your body will look at least 15 years younger than you really are. 14

Now that we established that by starting practising yoga you will only be winning a healthier lifestyle, we should recommend where to start. In Coventry, the best teacher you can start your journey is Fay Lochore. Fay is a 48-years-old yoga teacher who has classes in few places in Coventry that are designed for all levels of practices. For us, beginners, the one that should mention is the Wednesday class that she gives at Coundon Primary School from 7pm. That class is especially designed for “those who are a little intimidated about trying out yoga for the first time.” Fay encourages everyone to start practising: “Yoga is beneficial for everyone because you don’t need to be super fit to do yoga but yoga will get you super fit, toned and stabilise your joints and heal you from the inside out! Unlike other forms of exercise, Fay has classes suited to all levels.” So what are you waiting for? Check out her timetable and more details on


Fab in a Flash Whether you’re getting ready to drop off the kids at school or to go to work, putting on make up helps you feel polished, refreshed and ready to face the world. Jennifer Olaleye, our beauty advisor, shows you how to get your make up done in just under five minutes!


Prep & Prime Your Skin Start off with a clean moisturized face. Apply a primer of your choice, this will ensure your make up lasts all day and is especially great for those of you who have oily skin.


Foundation Apply a skin smoothing foundation that’s your skin tone; this will give the appearance of flawless skin. Foundation helps to even out the skin tone, disguise spots and imperfections.

Perk Up Tired Eyes



You Glow Girl

Give your face a subtle warm glow by applying a blush or a bronzer. Lightly dust on the high points of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and jaw line to create a sun kissed look.

To brighten up and lift the eye area, a great tip is to wax or thread your eyebrows. “My favorite tip is to apply a concealer that’s about two to three shades lighter than your skin tone underneath the eyes. It makes you appear fresh faced and bright” says hair & make up artist Edee Beau. A quick alternative is to apply white kohl eyeliner in the inner tear duct or lower lash line. This will give you an awake and refreshed look! Finish off by applying lengthening mascara.



Smooth on lip-gloss or lipstick to add a flush of colour to the lips! Now you’re ready to go!



THE GARISH GATSBY By Troyee Banerjee

F. Scott Fitzgerald definitely contributed a lot to Hollywood, compared to what Hollywood did for him. The Great Gatsby (2013) is Baz Luhrmann’s hyperactive adaptation of the Long-island set novel. It tramples and destroys the subtleties of the novel.

which were better suited for the era represented in the novel. The principal character is Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) not Gatsby. Nick is 30 in the summer of 1922. He is a Midwesterner, educated at Yale. He is Daisy Buchanan’s (Carey Mulligan) second cousin. Nick has taken a cottage right next to Gatsby’s mansion. He is establishes himself as a Wall Street stockbroker. Gatsby uses him to try and reunite with Daisy by luring him into his lavish world. Nick mediates everything and Luhrmann’s portrayal of Nick writing the story to carry forward his psychiatric therapy is rather dubious. Tobey Maguire was a miscast and misdirected as Nick being represented as child-like. uncomfortable and unsophisticated. The movie is crude, abstract and flatly real compared the novel the Clayton’s 1974 version. Carey Mulligan is projected as weak, sad

This Australian, 3D adaptation, revolves around a mysterious, self–made man, Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio). Extravagance, wealth, obsession, madness and tragedy are the hooks of this movie. DiCaprio transcends into the squalid of the destructive, thoughtless rich and is unable to uphold the inner decency associated with old-wealth. DiCaprio understood and enacted the complex character adequately well compared to Robert Redford in the 1974 version which was too old and underplayed. The costumes were exquisite and trendy in the movie. But the 1974’s Great Gatsby displayed actors in the costume 16


and characterless compared to Mia Farrow in Jack Clayton’s Gatsby. Gatsby’s house where he threw all his lavish parties looks like a Disney creation as is stated in the movie to be synonymous to a “theme park”. The new- rich are often garish but Fitzgerald Gatsby was a convincing man of hereditary wealth and power. The large blunders made when Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is played at Gatsby’s party. The sound track in the first half of the movie was typically Luhrmann, and would be greatly appreciated in another context but here it was completely irrational. The garishness and the unnecessary grandeur of the production were distracting and thwarted the flow of the movie. The social themes and the setting were subtly conveyed in the novel and the 1974 less lavish adaptation. This production is deprived of all the necessary subtleties. While reading the book one sympathises with all the characters apart from Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton). The narrative of the movie was interrupted by the wild craving for lavish parties, power and wealth. The disrupted narrative leaves the audience confused who are unable to identify and sympathise with any of the characters. The brightness of the green light was too much. It is a powerful symbol in the book where it is depicted with greater subtlety. It was highlighted to the audience numerous times in this adaptation, which was rather unnecessary. A great work of literature should be respected but this movie, even though made a fantastic attempt, failed to be as worthy as the original. Clayton’s Gatsby was obsessed with the period details. Luhrmann’s version is the first ever literary drama that has been filmed in 3D. The zooms, close-ups and the Gatsby’s fairy-tale castle compared to the Buchannan’s, stately mansion on the other side of Long-island has some good and bad elements even

though it is a sort off misconceived venture. Luhrmann shows the tension and depth in the plot which is well-handled in Tom and Gatsby’s crucial confrontation in the Plaza hotel. Infidelity, power, wealth, romance, pain, adultery, flamboyance and the several fake and misleading 17

identities of Gatsby have been carefully emphasised upon. Luhrmann’s movie has a stronger humour aspect within the exaggerated storyline, compared to the Clayton’s work. Even though the movie seems unrealistic, it is enjoyable and represents fantastic acting and screenplay.


This month’s

BOOK REVIEWS By Monica Paraschiv

What better way to relax than reading a good book and enjoying a cup of tea from time to time? There are few books that are worth your attention this month and we bring you fresh reviews!

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counsellors, and the most patient of teachers.” - Charles Eliot

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS | JOHN GREEN This is a book about life and death. About how sometimes things don't go as planned and that we always say that we will do the things we want to do later. But sometimes later is too late...

a teenager love story, it goes far beyond the usual stereotypes. it has the power to be an inspiration – the whole book, the story and the characters. This is about life, death, illness, love, heroism, and how a 16-year-old is supposed to deal with the fact that she will die and leave everyone she loves behind.

This is the story of Hazel, a 16-years-old cancer patient and how she and her family live with the incurable disease on a daily basis. It is the story of August Waters as well. And although it will become

John Green has created characters that feel so anchored in the reality that will certainly give you if not a better view of people living with cancer, most certainly it will make you think and consider your daily life.



THE GREAT GATSBY | SCOTT FITZGERALD Yes, we know that the movie has just been launched! But we definitely recommend you read the book before going to see the movie. Why? Because you will get a better understanding of the action and also you will know the story-behind-the story.

The Great Gatsby is a story set in the 1920s New York. An electric story, filled with jazz, scandal and glamour. The new home of Nick Carraway, a man chasing his American dream. He will become the neighbour of his cousin, Daisy Buchannan and her mysterious millionaire – Jay Gatsby. He will be slowly drawn into the glittering and tumultuous life of the rich – the love affairs, the parties, the lies. He will write the story of their lives, a story of excesses, impossible love and tragic consequences.

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

Fitzgerald has created a story almost a hundred years ago – a story that is still relevant to the present-day. A world in which money are still worshiped and a substitute for dreams.

INFERNO | DAN BROWN “Seek and ye shall find.”

Following lost symbols from the epic poem, the professor races to find answers before the world will be changed.

We all know Dan Brown’s famous pieces: The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons in which he beautifully combined history, art and symbols.

A young doctor, Sienna Brooks will help him in his race against time through Florence to find hidden meanings of the poem that will help them decipher a code buried in some of the most important masterpieces of the Renaissance - paintings, buildings and sculptures that may or may not help them self the world.

In this book, professor of symbology, Robert Landon finds himself in Italy drawn by the world’s most mysterious literary masterpiece: Dante’s Inferno.

Based on one of the most literary masterpieces, Brown brings us a breath-taking action novel that will grab you from the moment you open the book.




EAT IN TOWN By Monica Paraschiv

This month’s recommendation is Blue Bistro. A small and intimate restaurant situated in the heart of the city, will make your night out a delicious adventure. And this is probably the perfect location to have a romantic night.

And even though the menu does not offer a great variety of choices, the selection you will get is definitely the best. The à la carte menu offers a creative combination of Mediterranean and British dishes cooked with local ingredients. What will certainly impress you at first will be the setting. The beautiful two floor medieval building dates back in 1450. The exposed beams are complemented by wooden furniture that creates an elegant ambiance as well as an excellent dining experience out.

They promote a great community involvement; as all the ingredients used for the dishes are local from places like the Coventry Market and Earlsdon Butchers. So you can be sure you will get the best and freshest food in town. A downside would be that during weekends, the time you will spend waiting for a table will be around 20 minutes, but the wait is made shorter by great service from the stuff, who will offer you drinks while waiting and the ambient music that will give you a feeling of Mediterranean holiday for the time you are there.

Situated on Spon Street, a short walk from the Belgrade Theatre or Odeon, the restaurant offers good disabled facilities and is always keen on welcoming families with children.

They have a great range of wines and drinks, therefore we would suggest letting your waiter present them all to you. They will recommend the best drinks for the occasion. The French Red Wine we were recommended was possibly the best wine I had in a restaurant. In terms of food, you won’t go wrong if you choose the Pan Roasted Duck or the Hereford Rib Steak. As for dessert, we simply fell in love with the Chocolate Fondue with Marshmallows and Fruits! The dessert will be the perfect ending to a night spent in a place with good service, great wine and delicious food. 20



-the newest boutique salonBy Jennifer Olaleye

Coventry has seen many beauty salons however Taupe, Coventry’s newest luxury boutique offers a wide range of services, including facials, makeovers, the latest beauty treatments, hair styling and more, all under one roof. Lacey, the face behind the luxury boutique. Originally moved from Jamaica to Coventry. Through the years of being in the country, the 19 year old noticed, “they weren’t enough beauty salons catering to Afro- Caribbean women, I found it hard to maintain my hair and my nails because the majority of beauty salons catered to a specific type of woman,

a mold which I did not fit into” . With that in mind she decided to kick start her business.

“ I want to offer services for people regardless of their ethnicity.” Located in the heart of Coventry, Taupe stands distinctively amongst demure stores, with its decorative pieces noticeably inspired by the Victorian era. 21

On the outside it may appear to be just another beauty salon however Lacey is adamant that it is more than that. “My beauty salon is a place where I want people to feel comfortable and indulge in me time, regardless of their skin colour, we don’t specialize. We offer services for everyone” Taupe boutique caters to the needs of women, Afro Caribbean, European and everything in between. 77 Hertford Street Coventry CV1 1LB Tel: 024 7622 5621


Caged in Coventry by Denitsa Georgieva and Oana Dociu Between the 20th and 26th of May, Marlon and Jimmy, employees at Coventry Cathedral, have restricted their freedom in a cage in Coventry Cathedral Ruins 24 hours a day. They locked themselves so that they can talk to people about what it means to be truly free. They aimed to make people stop and think about their own lives and the meaning of freedom. Everyone was welcomed to share their story and opinio of what it means to be truly free, the initiative’s motto being “This is our cage – what’s yours?” James Lawrence explained: “In England we have freedom on religion, speech, and freedom to spend our own money and yet despite all, many people feel more trapped than ever before. This is most clearly seen in the fact that our society is the most addicted, medicated and in debt generation that has ever lived. Most of us feel trapped with fear, frustrations, anger and low self-esteem.

Around the city of Coventry you can see abuse, addiction, broken homes and violence. We believe freedom is about being comfortable in your own skin.” Marlon and Jimmy chose the Ruins of Coventry Cathedral as a place where people come to physically experience something of God’s love and power. This unique spot creates a spectacle, which causes people to stop, think and discuss. By doing so they could in a way mimic the effect that the ruins have on many others around the world. “We want to talk to you about freedom of any sort. We want to hear everyone’s story. We are Christian and we would like people to consider what Jesus said about freedom but we want you hear your opinion as well. Everyone is welcome no matter of their religion” says Marlon. The action proved to be a huge success, as Jimmy explained half-way through their mission: “In the past three days we’ve spoken to over 500 people and it’s been amazing. Every person has a story and sometimes they need encouragement to share it and maybe make a turn for the best. We encourage people to also step out of the cages they sometimes imprison themselves in, beyond any social or religious boundaries. Actions like these always bring the local community closer together. Hopefully Jimmy and Marlon’s gesture has managed to change for the better the lives of at least few people who needed just an open conversation.


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