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Issue 17 - August 2013

Breeder profile - Diane Cournane Golden Girls round up Stud News 2012/13 Group Race Results

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REGULARS Page 6 Page 6 The Breeders’ Golden Girls Series

Chairman’s Corner Page 44 NZ Group Race Winners

Page 20 Breeder Profile: Diane Cournane

Page 54 Life After Racing

On the cover Charles Roberts with daughter Mary Kenny

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FROM KIELY’S DESK The start of another breeding season is just around the corner and i’m quietly excited about what the next 12 months might bring.

I’m confident that there will be many more such incentives coming out during the season - all concerned are to be congratulated for listening to their customers and adapting their services to suit. It is that time of year when subscriptions fall due for membership. By now all members should have received invoices for subs. To all paid up members we will send out an Industry diary mid-August - this was well received last year.

Your association’s Executive and I have been hard at work behind the scenes pushing for a ‘better lot’ for breeders and that constant lobbying seems to be doing the trick.

For those reading who are not members, we urge you once again to consider joining. The fee is not expensive, held at $89.95 for the fourth year. Joining is easy either visit www.harnessracing. or give me a call 03 348 4910. We accept most credit cards, cheques and direct credit. If you want to see change then join us. With a strong membership base we can continue to be the voice for breeders and get results.

It was very heartening to hear that HRNZ have come to the party and announced that they will be absorbing the cost of DNA fees. At the recent Harness Racing Awards we learnt that Nevele R is not charging working fees for on-farm mares served by their stallions. An incentive that has been asked for by breeders for a long time.

The New Zealand Register of Standardbred Stallions is in its final stages. Look out for it in your postbox early September.

Pinelea Farm via Breeding Matters is also announcing a breeders incentive that many in the industry asked for turn to page 22 to find out more!

national executive Chairman - John Mooney (Canterbury) P: 03 347 7212 E:

Tony Dickinson (North Island) P: 09 232 1570 E:

Treasurer - Colin Hair (HRNZ Rep) P: 03 327 9217 E:

David Kennedy (Southland) P: 03 225 8247 E:

Dennis Bennett (Canterbury) P: 03 313 3438

Cleland Murdoch (Southland) P: 03 230 4499 E:

Bruce Carter (North Island) P: 09 412 9738 E:


Breeding Matters August

HRNZ Rep: Colin Hair NZEHA - Dennis Scott NZERF - Bruce Graham

The NZSBA Executive met a few weeks ago for a day of strategic planning. A full report on the matters discussed is available on the website but I would like to draw your attention to a few initiatives we will be working on over the coming months. • • • •

Scope discussion paper on increasing information to owners; Investigate various breeding incentive schemes; Develop race series questionnaire followed by focus group with owners; Develop similar initiative as the Sunline trust – younger people to gain overseas work experience;

If you have any feedback on these, please give me a call (03 348 4910) or email We are working on a number of schemes, with industry bodies that we are looking forward to rolling out over the coming months. Look out for more news from the association soon! Kiely

NATIONAL OFFICE Executive Manager: Kiely Buttell Physical Address: 135 Lincoln Road, Addington, Christchurch, 8024 Postal address: PO Box 8270, Riccarton, Christchurch, 8440 Telephone: 03 339 4168 Email:

He did it again! For the second season in a row, MONKEY BONES sired a couple of 2-year-old winners…



(4 starts, 1 win, $3281)

(6 starts, 3 wins, $16,625)

… following in the footsteps of Bonechip & Millicent a year earlier. And let’s not forget the highly-talented Doctor Bones either, who’s won four of his 13 appearances and just under $30,000 to date

– watch out for him as a 4-year-old! Considering these horses are all from his first two crops of racing age, and that only nine of his sons and daughters have lined up so far, Monkey Bones has really begun his stud career in style.

Winners-to-starters percentage a massive: Join the Andover Hall/Valley Victory revolution, and get yourself a grey trotter … MONKEY BONES

Standing at WAI-EYRE FARM

2013/14 Stud Fee:

Stallion bookings: John Robinson

$2,500 + GST

Phone: 0800 312-6338 or 021 865-745



Welcome to a bumper edition of Breeding Matters. Congratulations to those who helped bring it together. This is a time when we should be seeing our sport and industry in a positive light. Last season one in every two horses that raced won a race. Stakes paid out are up and are going up again this season with HRNZ giving the clubs another $1.5 million all of which should be distributed. HRNZ has recognised breeders by absorbing the DNA fees, hopefully to be followed by the branding and registration fees. Several studs are introducing new innovations including filly discounts and no working fees. The magazine starts with a feature on the winners of the five Golden Girls series. I make no apologies for saying that this series is a favourite of mine, not least because we had the privilege of winning one. All our research told us breeders and owners wanted more fillies and mares racing. Therefore two years ago we wrote to HRNZ asking for financial support to run six race series for the 0-1 win and 2-4 win mares with less than $10,000 and $40,000 in stakes respectively. Our intention was to provide more races for fillies and mares, particularly those in the lower grades. We wanted shorter distances so that the mare could earn a genuine race time. The heats at $7500 and the finals for $10,000 are competitive stakes. So how have we done?


Breeding Matters August

I can tell you that from feedback the Golden Girls has many fans. I am regularly told that owners and trainers specifically targeted the series. NZSBA is thanked regularly. People say that they like racing similarly rated horses to their own. And the race times certainly improve the pedigree page. Mares struggling in open races suddenly become competitive. We have also been able to add some other sponsors, resulting in increased stakes. However, something is wrong, well perhaps not wrong, the series is just not coming together as best it could to reach its potential. This year we did not run the 0-1 win series at Cambridge due to a lack of nominations. The horses are available but did not show up. We need your help to reset the conditions for this series. In saying this I acknowledge that the northern clubs regularly run F&M races and that the Dunstan Series (part of Golden Girls) is well supported. We have the money for a series in the north and we want to run it. But we need your help as breeders and owners, with your trainers, to get it off the ground. In the South Island we have a similar problem. Fields this year were regularly in the eight to 10 starter range. This is disappointing. We had a promise from the Handicapper and the CEO of Addington directly to trainers that if we could fill the Golden Girls heats they would DOUBLE the number of F&M races programmed at Addington in 2013/14 season. The result: less starters than last year! What an opportunity we missed out on. Many of us are beginning to find the situation unfathomable. Why

when we run a series that seems to meet the demands from trainers, breeders and owners do we not have the mares nominated and racing? We are running out of reasons to understand why you and your trainers are not supporting these races. We hear every day that the handicapping system is killing racing in NZ because the grades are too tough. However the better quality mares are excluded by the GG conditions. Like mares race with like in the GG series. The GG stakes are above average. The timing of the series seems appropriate. Those who have participated in it love it. Every final has made a broodmare worth breeding from. I have two simple objectives for the Golden Girls this season. Firstly, to sponsor a series at Cambridge and secondly, to have the average starters across the South Island series exceed 11 per race. If you have a suitable mare I need you to work with your trainer to target the series next year and participate. If the conditions could be improved please let me know. One idea may be to have another series in the autumn leading into the winter Golden Girls, thereby creating a circuit over five months. Another suggestion is that we pay all starters a minimum of $200 inclusive of the driving fee. HRNZ has funded the series in 2013/14 and I look forward to your help in lifting the series rating from B- to A+!!!!!! Feel free to email me (john.mooney@ or Kiely (kiely.buttell@ with your thoughts. Thank you to all whose mares raced in the Golden Girls series. John Mooney Chairman

The Breeders’

“Golden Girls” Series

0 to 1-win Pacing Mares Final (Otago/Southland Region) at Forbury Park, June 28: 1st: ROXY ROCKET (8yo by Pacific Rocket – Executive Motoring, by New York Motoring) Breeder: NZ Bred Ltd Owners: Shane Walkinshaw, Dane Yesberg, Mark Baird, Steven Berry 2nd: Lady Brownhouse; 3rd: Shiney Princess. Time: 2:07.5 (1700m, MR2:00.6) Sixteen months ago, Roxy Rocket was a two-start maiden that hadn’t been sighted on a racetrack since December 2009. These days, she’s become a bit of a star in the south… Roxy Rocket has won three of her last four starts, virtually making the recent NZSBA’s Golden Girls Series her own by winning two Heats and the Final in her grade. The Pacific Rocket mare was actually first across the line in all four of her outings before heading for a brief spell, but lost one of them in the enquiry room after being found guilty of causing interference. It’s ironic how things work out though, because Roxy Rocket’s trainer and co-owner Shane Walkinshaw says his mare’s misdemeanour ended up working in her favour. “I wanted to give her two runs and then miss a week before she lined up in the Golden Girls Final,” Walkinshaw said. “Prior to winning (and losing) the Forbury Park Heat on June 6, she’d won the Heat at Winton,

and you were only allowed to win a maximum of two Heats anyway. “So if she’d kept the race on the sixth, I’d have had to line her up a week later in a three to sevenwin handicap over 2700 metres – instead of another 1700m mobile Heat of the Series against the same horses. “It was lucky how it worked out really, because she won her second Heat on June 13 and then came back a fortnight later to take out the Final.”

For Walkinshaw and fellow owners Dane Yesberg, Mark Baird and Steven Berry, Roxy Rocket has quickly compiled a record of 26 starts for four victories and over $23,000 in stakes. But there was nothing ‘quick’ about the first part of her career, because she’s now eight years old and has had less outings than most horses half her age. “I lined her up a couple of times as a 3-year-old but then she pretty much got forgotten about in a paddock for two years after that,” Walkinshaw recalled.

“Golden Girls”

“She could run you a twentyseven quarter early on, but was never strong enough with it so that’s why she went out for a spell in the first place.” Roxy Rocket even went close to being overlooked altogether, and had it not been for Walkinshaw choosing to move south with his girlfriend Shana McClelland at the start of last year, the mare may well have been. “I was bringing four or five horses with me when we moved, so I decided I may as well throw Roxy on the float as well. “I thought the racing down here might’ve been a bit easier for her anyway.” It didn’t turn out that way though, because apart from clearing maidens at Winton during May last year, Roxy Rocket’s other 19 appearances in the space of 13 months yielded very little else. But then everything changed, thanks to her trainer being willing to try different things when he was sure his horse had more to offer. “She’s always been a big and robust mare, so I tended to think she needed to be worked harder and over longer distances to trim the weight off. “But then when I became Foreman for Hamish (Hunter) about a year ago, it made a difference being


Breeding Matters August

able to work her on his track and get a more accurate ‘take’ on the times she was running. “That was one of the key issues, another was when I dropped her workload back and she was soon as bright as a button between races again. “Plus she’d been a bit mad in the past – causing a smash at Gore, pulling and reefing during her races and chasing the gate sometimes – so her manners have a long way too. “In her three latest wins she’s had to come from draws of seven, eight and eight – so it’s not as if she hasn’t done a bit of work in them,” Walkinshaw said. The former Cantabrian is under no illusions about how hard it might

be for Roxy Rocket from here onwards, and he’s just thankful for the opportunities that have fallen into her lap in recent weeks. “This NZSBA-sponsored Series is a really good concept, because it gives mares like her a great chance of winning some decent money. “Prior to the Series starting, the other owners and I had never even considered that we might breed from her – but now that she’s a four-win mare, it makes a huge difference and I’m quite keen on the idea. “So we’ll give her another handful of starts and see how she goes. If she finds it a bit tough we’ll just retire her to the broodmare paddock; I’ll probably get her served anyway, and race her infoal for a while.”


p2,1:56.2 $273,498 2YO Pacer of the Year

OHOKA ARIZONA gives breeders the potent Christian Cullen / Falcon Seelster cross which has already produced such stars as Franco Emirate, Lauraella, Jivin Cullen, Franco Nelson and Saveapatrol etc. OHOKA ARIZONA’s dam Millwood Krystal is a 100% producer! Her first six foals are all winners, having collected over half a million in stakes between them to date, and four of them won as 2-year-olds! OHOKA ARIZONA was quickly into stride as a sire. His oldest crop have only just turned three, but he’s already left the 2-year-old winners Commanci Chief (Aus$17,336) and Eyre Crusher (sold across the Tasman for big money) plus 10 qualifiers and a host of other youngsters who’ve been showing up at the workouts.


$2,500 + gst Breeding incentives avail.

For bookings, call John Robinson on (0800) 312-6338 or (021) 865-745

“Golden Girls” 2 to 4-win Pacing Mares Final (Otago/Southland Region) at Forbury Park, June 28: 1st: BEDTIME (4yo by Artsplace – Regret, by In The Pocket) Breeders: Birchbrook Breeding Ltd, Steve Hooper Owners: Bada Bing Syndicate, Matt Saunders, Bratk Syndicate 2nd: Shezaball; 3rd: Easybet. Time: 2:06.9 (1700m, MR2:00.1) Going out on a high note is one thing, retiring when you’ve won six of your last eight starts is something else again. But that’s the position which Bedtime finds herself in, and cobreeder/co-owner Steve Hooper says it’s all thanks to the NZSBAsponsored Golden Girls Series. Back in March, Bedtime was out of form and looking unlikely to add to her record of three wins from 28 starts. Hooper knew that the mare trained by his good friends David and Catherine Butt was doing little more than treading water until the most important stage of her career arrived – Spring, and being a mum. After all, as a granddaughter of the ill-fated Going Royce she has massive commercial value, because that broodmare gem has left 10 winners from 11 foals to race including the great Tribute. But then along came the Golden Girls Series and Bedtime suddenly had one last target, which Hooper sealed by telling her to pack her bags. “She was just battling away up here in Christchurch and not having much luck, we even lined her up in a couple of the amateur drivers’ races,” he said.

“So I thought, ‘why take on the Canterbury mares when we could go down south?’. I discussed it with Davey and Cath, and they thought it was a great series to target.

up for 40 percent, and the other 10 percent was taken by a group of Saunders’ five family members who formed the Bratk Syndicate – named by using the first letter of all their Christian names.

“Arch (Andrew Armour) had worked at their stable some years back, and I knew he was starting out on his own as a trainer – and that she’d be well looked after by him.”

They joined Hooper and his Bada Bing Syndicate, which is made up of his schoolmates from 45-odd years ago and is still in operation today.

Hooper was soon on the phone to Armour with his proposition, the only detail needing ironing out being finding a temporary coowner until the end of the season. Armour trains from the property of former Highlanders rugby player Matt Saunders, who jumped at the chance and signed

“The other good thing about going down there for the Series was that they held so many more Heats,” Hooper continued. “She ended up winning two of them, running second in another, and then winning the Final. “And it was amazing… that group of Matt’s family members may have only had ten percent of the

“Golden Girls” ownership, but for them it was like winning the New Zealand Cup.

set-up out there. Once the mares finish racing, there’s no need for them to go anywhere else.

“They were buzzing all night when she won the Final, and when we bumped into them again at about three in the morning they were still on ‘Cloud Nine’.

“And she’s an eight-win mare now, so what are we supposed to do… come back and take on Adore Me? No thanks.

“That’s what it’s all about.” Despite taking her career haul to nine wins and nearly $57,000 in earnings, there was never any doubt in Hooper’s mind that he’d be retiring Bedtime at the end of 2012/13, or where she’d be spending the rest of her days… “At Davey’s, they’ve got a terrific

“Having that Series was great because she got to race against pretty much the same horses, week-in and week-out, and compile a handy wee record. “She was just flying, but she’s got nothing left to prove to me so she can have a nice wee let-down now until it’s time to put her in foal. I’ll be sending her and her mother (Regret) to

Somebeachsomewhere.” Hooper can see nothing but positives for the NZSBA concept, both in the short term and the future. “Put it this way… it’s another mare that gets bred from, another stallion that gets used – and these people who were involved with racing her, they start telling others about how much fun they had. “Plus there’s the TAB turnover that a horse like her generates when it’s winning all the time. “As always, any interest you can generate in the game has got to be good.”

We’ve done enough talking about THE PRES, so now it’s someone else’s turn… Primz Luck

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Sammy Jones

(out of Howz Lucky)

(out of Shirley Temple)

(out of Sunina)

I bought him on type, without even opening the Sales catalogue. And he’s filled out nicely since, and wintered well. I only just started jogging him again a wee while ago, but before he went out for a spell I liked him a lot. He definitely broke in like a horse who’ll be good enough to make a 2-year-old.

– Nigel McGrath

He’s the real deal alright, a classy little fella. I had big wraps on him last time when he broke in; we recently did another month’s work with him before he went to Mark Purdon’s, and he’s definitely progressed and taken the next step. He shows great 2-year-old potential – he’ll win races, no trouble.

- Mark Smolenski

He was an ‘impulse buy’ at the Sales because I liked the way he looked, and quite a few other people had told me good things about their young progeny by The Pres as well. I’ll just keep pottering around with him in the meantime, but he’s a nice horse with a good heart so he’ll make the grade.

- Fred Fletcher

The Pres served books of 48, 60 and 79 mares in his three seasons to date – looks like the breeders are having their say as well! THE PRES

Standing at WAI-EYRE FARM

2013/14 Stud Fee:

Stallion bookings: John Robinson

$3,250 + GST

Phone: 0800 312-6338 or 021 865-745

“Golden Girls” 2 to 4-win Pacing Mares Final (Greater Canterbury Region) at Rangiora, June 30: 1st: LULLI MIDFREW (5yo by Bettor’s Delight – Lucinda Midfrew, by Live Or Die) Breeder/Owners: John & Rebecca Mooney 2nd: The Burning Question; 3rd: Vanilla Rose. Time: 2:25.2 (2000m, MR1:56.8)

Any racing fan with a keen eye for detail might see Lulli Midfrew arriving at the races and think that Black Caviar has snuck into the country. Apart from a few minor differences, of course… the horse’s lighter colour; the fact that her racing armour consists of a sulky and hopples instead of a saddle; and the absence of about 100,000 screaming fans, frantically waving salmon and black-coloured flags and gasping in awe at her every move. There is one similarity between the now-retired equine superstar and Lulli Midfrew though – the Hidez Travel and Recovery suit, no doubt made famous by Black Caviar when she wore one travelling to England and back. Lulli Midfrew wears one as well, and her connections say the compression suit has played a key role in ensuring she arrives oncourse calm and relaxed. The Bettor’s Delight mare was bred and is raced by NZSBA Chairman John Mooney and his wife Rebecca, and despite the

12 Breeding Matters August

fact that there’s been many others over the years – she’s definitely owns the honour of ‘favourite’ in the eyes of the couple and their daughter Charlotte. Perhaps that’s because she won four races in the latter half of the just-completed season; maybe the reason involves her taking out one of the Golden Girls Finals, a Series that was instigated by John and been pretty much his ‘baby’ all along – or then again, it might be something to do with Lulli Midfrew being such a handful

that her owners were advised to retire her. “Probably all of those things really,” John said. “Prior to us placing her with Phil Burrows, she had spells with two other trainers and we were told to retire her to the broodmare paddock because she was a little bit too headstrong. “But we chose to try Phil because I thought he’d have the patience to work her out. And we’re thrilled with the time he’s put into her.

“Golden Girls”

“It’s literally involved hours of walking and slow work. Lulli can still get fired up, but overall she is a lot more settled nowadays,” Mooney added. Lulli Midfrew got her career back on track when she won back-toback events at Addington during February. Health issues followed, so after an enforced break the

mare resumed in May and within a month she’d won a Golden Girls Heat by three and a half lengths and the Final at Rangiora by 10 – a completely dominant performance to stop the clock in 2:25.2 for the 2000m mobile! This was a track record for 4-yearold and older mares at the North Canterbury course, and only a

tenth of a second outside Terror To Love’s benchmark for the male pacing equivalent there. “That win was very special,” Mooney said. “Her regular driver Brett Thomas has a great affinity with Lulli, and hasn’t been afraid to use her stamina and high cruising speed.


ing Breed ions! p Cham BRECKON FARMS offers first class service in year round agistment, preparations of your yearlings for sale and breeding tomorrow’s champions. Inspections are welcome. To make an appointment please contact Scott Yarndley on 0275 831 005 BRECKON FARMS Ngaroto Road, RD3, Ohaupo, New Zealand TEL 0275 831 005 FAX 07 870 6103 EMAIL scott

“Golden Girls”

0 to 1-win Trotting Mares Final (Greater Canterbury Region) at Addington, July 26: 1st: WALLY’S GIRL (4yo by Brylin Boyz – Simons Sister, by Simon Roydon) Breeders: Mike & the late Glenys Stevens Owners: Shirley Keast, Henriette Westrum, Tony Hanlin 2nd: Anonymiss; 3rd: Martini. Time: 2:29.8 (2000m, MR2:00.5)

For Jamie Keast and his girlfriend Henriette Westrum, the last three months of the 2012/13 Season were in stark contrast to the first nine. The couple started training in partnership partway through the season, but it wasn’t until the last quarter before everything began falling into place… they trained their first winner together, then got on a roll by scoring a double at Timaru and winning a Golden Girls Series Final with Wally’s Girl by nine lengths – the latter in New Zealand record time! If there’s one advantage of mixing his training and driving duties with his job as a blacksmith, it’s that Keast is able to get ‘up close and personal’ with certain clients’ horses on a daily basis. And it’s this insight into a horse’s mannerisms “Every one of our wins has been that led to him wanting Wally’s since we shifted to the beach Girl in the first place. three months ago,” Keast says, referring to how he and Westrum “I was shoeing for Robert now lease the 10 acre Balcairn (Anderson) at the time so I knew property owned by their good a bit about the mare’s history,” he recalled. friend Brent Weaver. It turned out to be a bumper three months for them, with six training victories in the standardbred code and even one in the galloping code – My Jungle Girl winning a maiden at Riccarton on May 24.


Breeding Matters August

“She didn’t get broken in until real late, a 3-year-old I think; she got up and qualified and then went to the races, all on her first preparation. “And she went really good the day she ran fifth on debut at Kaikoura. At her next start she had to be scratched from a race at Addington after having a bit of an accident in the float on the way to the races, and she finished down the track in one other outing.

continued page 16

You asked, we listened!

NO WORKING Introducing for the 2013-14 season



stallions Continentalman

Tintin In America


Live Or Die

Gotta Go Cullen Lis Mara

Christian Cullen


Badlands Hanover

for mares served at Nevele R.

And a SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED fee for non-Nevele R fresh/chilled semen stallions of $350 + GST. All mares welcome – Nevele R is a preferred base for all major studs.

For more info phone: Office: (03) 349 8627 Marketing & Sales: Nikki Reed 0275 638 353


Nevele R Stud

“Golden Girls” “But I knew that her form was all just circumstantial, and put in an offer to buy her.”

kicked my head off when I was putting the bandages on her, so I knew she wasn’t right.

So Wally’s Girl had a couple of new trainers and three new owners the next time she stepped out, Keast’s mother Shirley joining Westrum and the stable’s biggest client Tony Hanlin to race the Brylin Boyz mare in partnership together.

“She actually didn’t go that bad either, because she did a lot of work during what was a phenomenal lead time.”

Not that things started off with a hiss and a roar, because the 4-year-old lined up twice within a week during December last year and added a ‘duck egg’ to her formline both times. Keast put it down to experience, or lack of for that matter, and after giving Wally’s Girl a decent spell he took her to Nelson in June where she ran second the first day and won on the next.

One week later in the Golden Girls Final, Wally’s Girl was virtually forgotten about up against a rampant Bet’s Best which was shooting for five straight – but in the end it was Keast’s and Westrum’s mare which romped away with the victory in record time, putting nine lengths between her and the opposition for good measure. It obviously brought a great deal

of satisfaction to the couple too, because it was a plan they hatched many months earlier. In her latest campaign, Wally’s Girl has won half of her six appearances and a notable title to boot. “The Golden Girls Series is a great concept – there should be more of them,” Keast said, hoping that in his mare’s case it’s going to be the stepping stone for bigger and better things. “She’s a very solid trotter, and I think she’ll get to open class eventually. “Because she’s got the all-round game… she’s good from a stand, and excellent from behind the mobile.”

“She was a bit of a cow early on, being real nervous and fidgety, but I just put that down to her late start in life,” he said. Another miss followed, then Wally’s Girl won her Golden Girls Heat on July 7 before running fifth in a similar event 12 days later. Keast says there were excuses for the latter. “We had a few little issues leading up to that race, because she was a bit off-colour; and she nearly


Breeding Matters August

Part-owner Shirley Keast with NZSBA representatives

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“Golden Girls” 0 to 1-win Pacing Mares Final (Greater Canterbury Region) at Addington, July 26: 1st: CANDY STYX (4yo by Christian Cullen – Armbro Moonlight, by Cam Fella) Breeder: Neil Rich Owners: Sheldon Murtha, Steve Dolan, Simon Consedine, Tim Sissons, The Daily Grind Syndicate 2nd: Tiana Franco; 3rd: Harlow Franco. Time: 2:28 (2000m, MR1:59)

David Gaffaney knows he’s got a couple of people to thank for winning a Golden Girls Final with Candy Styx. Firstly the mare’s co-owner and former trainer Steve Dolan, who asked Gaffaney to take Candy Styx under his wing for a while, and secondly Greg Hope. Formerly training at Pleasant Point, Gaffaney shifted north to Christchurch about five years ago but from that point onwards he was only ever interested in having “one or two of our own, plus the odd outsider”. For the last three and a half of those years, he’s helped Hope and his wife Nina in the mornings with their ever-increasing team down at the beach, and that’s what led him to being offered his latest winner. “I didn’t know Steve before I moved up here, but he lets me use his track and we’ve worked in together a lot,” Gaffaney said. “Candy Styx had a bit of a foot problem and had lost her


Breeding Matters August

confidence, so Steve suggested I take her and work her on the beach; keep her off the hard tracks in between races.” It wasn’t exactly plain sailing from the word go though. “We had a few wee issues of our own… things like her getting a cold, and she’s a picky eater too. Her off-front hoof had split, so Kerry Estreich did a good job shoeing her for us and we just had to wait for it to grow out. “When we started taking her to

the workouts she was just okay, but Greg drove her at the trials one day and said ‘I reckon she’s going better than you think, perhaps you should put her in the Golden Girls’. “So we did. And what a great concept by the NZSBA; all those sorts of things are good, it’s probably just a shame that more people didn’t support it.” Candy Styx really grew in stature as the Series unfolded, putting a nine-month absence behind her when she resumed on July 12 and

“Golden Girls”

won her Heat by three and a half lengths – then she almost doubled that margin when taking out the Final against six others a fortnight later. “I knew she was eligible to line up in another Heat, but after being away from the races for so long I thought I’d keep her a bit fresh for the Final,” Gaffaney offered, admitting that she “was better again” for the bigger stake.

“The problem with her is that she’s Next on the programme for just so laid back, you never quite Candy Styx is a junior drivers’ know how good she’s going. event at Addington on Friday August 9, and Gaffaney says the “She literally wanders around half 4-year-old is also under offer so asleep most of the time. Even when he’s not quite sure how long she’ll you’re gearing her up she doesn’t be staying in his stable. bat an eyelid. She’s only had six career starts and “So we just give her a bit of a sprint- won three of them, so regardless up in the prelim, and that seems to of where she goes she’s sure to help.” add to her already impressive strike rate.

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By Don Wright Many topliners from the Purdon barn have spelled, including Smolda, Beau Vite, Mark Antony and Alberto Contador, on the immaculate property 25 minutes drive from Invercargill. By occupation, Diane is a hairdresser in Invercargill, owning her own business for 25 of her 30 years in the trade.

A quiet Southland achiever, Diane Cournane is a realist who readily concedes that her harness racing involvement has jumped from a hobbyist role to a business. With 23 horses on the books, she remains as devoted as ever to the equine species after cutting her teeth with ponies as a schoolgirl. She and her husband Noel, a security officer for the Alliance Meat Plant at Lorneville near Invercargill, farm a 150 acre deer property in the heart of Grove Bush’s intense dairying district on which they also run sheep and cattle and operate the complex as an agistment base for horses owned by Mark Purdon and Merv Butterworth.


Breeding Matters August

She owns several royally-bred harness racing producers in Breath of Life, Nitouche Franco, Lady of the Dawn and Make Mine Roses, a half sister to Breath of Life which is by Village Jasper from My Names Good, a daughter of her former talented racemare McWay (by Knowing Bret) which won two of her seven race starts before making her impression as a broodmare. Breath of Life won seven races and stakes of $121,000 and beat Kiwi Ingenuity and Joyfuljoy in the Alabar Northern Breeders Stakes at Alexandra Park in national record time of 2:39.8. Make Mine Roses, (half-sister to Breath of Life), rising 3-yearold daughter by Elsu is being educated by Les Stuck and will be trained later by Terry and Glenys Chmiel (Leeston) if she shapes up satisfactorily.

McWay was the first standardbred Diane bred. Christian Heritage, her first foal, was the first born by celebrated sire Christian Cullen. Christian Heritage won seven races and was third in the Nevele R Stakes Final. Diane was bred to be a horselover and breeder as her father Don worked for Bob Townley and Cecil Devine and trained the talented mare Last Chance. Her brother Donald also trained successfully, the capable trotter Just A Cracker one of his best. Her late mother Dot trained gallopers, including four times successful Lady of Luck. Diane’s own good galloper Risky Pleasure won seven races for the late Cecil Beckett of Invercargill. Diane has also dabbled successfully in thoroughbreds. Progeny from her mare Landara, bought for $2000 out of a Friday Flash advertisement, have been sold through Karaka and all went on to be winners. “Quite frankly, the sale prices of her progeny kept paying for my harness racing involvement,’’ Diane said. “I love thoroughbreds for the presence they have. They have provided the business end of my love of horses and the pacers and trotters have been my source of pleasure.’’ She devotes much time to nurturing her stock properly, boxing them every night and allowing them to roam spacious and rolling hills in the day time. continued page 22

Boxing at nights can satisfy her that young horses are drinking and eating properly.

R Stakes for 3-year-old fillies at only her fourth raceday start. Whisper Jet was a maiden when she made the field for the Jewels in June, thanks to money she won in the Nevele R final. Diane originally raced her with Glenys and Terry Chmiel who were bought out by Merv Butterworth.

“By boxing and feeding them every night, shy stock don’t get bullied like they do in paddocks and miss out on extra hard feed there,’’ she explained. “Noel and I are meticulous in the way we care for our horses. Our young horses get a daily feed of boiled barley. It is a lot of work, a lot of fun.’’

Diane sold a Courage Under Fire colt to Neil Pilcher and Glenys and Phil Kennard. He is undergoing his second prep with Tony Herlihy.

Diane and Noel have high hopes for broodmare Nitouche Franco which they bought for $14,000 from Spreydon Lodge in foal to Falcon Seelster when she was five. The Soky’s Atom grand daughter of former Roydon Lodge standout Lancia, has already left fine winner All Star Man, which has won five races, including one on Cup Day at Addington last year.

With an eye to the future, Diane has retained a yearling full sister to All Star Man for breeding from. Breath of Life’s first foal is Fight For Glory, a two year old filly which Mark Purdon bought and retained a quarter share to race with noted galloping trainer Jim Gibbs (Matamata) and his wife Ann, Dean

Nitouche Franco’s worth as a producer is also underlined by another daughter Whisper Jet (by Jereme’s Jet), runner up to stablemate Adore Me in the Nevele



Founding Strategic Partner

Freephone: 0508 432 269 Email:

Illingworth and John and Gaylene Tait. Diane is looking forward to the next Premier Sale of Yearlings in Christchurch as she has a Bettor’s Delight colt from Breath of Life heading there. She will prepare the colt before he is topped off as a member of John Stiven’s Arden Lodge draft. In a genetic sense, Diane is adamant many of her horses have benefitted greatly from a strain of Logan Derby blood for toughness in their veins.

BREEDING BROTHERS FOCUS ON QUALITY TROTTERS by Bee Pears Ross and Howard Paynter are examples of breeders who combine passion and focus to get great results from a small number of mares.

Howard with daughter Georgia and Iditarod

Mountain Track was a purchase at the yearling sales, and is a 2 win sister to the good trotter Mountain Spring (10 wins), and further back in the family is Rowe Cup winner Mountain Gold.

Their breeding mares are Mountain Track (16yo) and Cipollini (17yo), and now Cipollini’s daughter Merckx.

KLONDIKE KID is the one

44 x 3 = 12 … 44 x 2 = 8 … 44 x 1 = 4 … 44 x 0 = 0 …

Cipollini is a 7 win Sergio Hanover half sister to top trotters Buster Hanover and Wee Annie. They were offered the dam Broomfield Ann to breed for a season by owners Wayne and Carol Aylward


your mare

the number of QUALIFIERS he has had in NZ the number of STARTERS he has had in NZ the number of WINNERS he has had in NZ what you’ll know if you don’t GIVE IT A GO!


Standing at WAI-EYRE FARM

2013/14 Stud Fee:

Stallion bookings: John Robinson

$2,000 + GST

Phone: 0800 312-6338 or 021 865-745

Paynter’s continued... who were clients of Mike Berger where Ross Paynter worked at the time. And that was their lucky entry into the breeding game. Mountain Track’s Love You daughter Iditarod will probably be the next addition to the broodmare group once her racing career is over, and Merckx has already made a great start to carrying on the Cipollini line with her first foal being talented 3yo trotting filly Schleck. Mountain Track is leased out this 2013 breeding season to the owner of Shakennotstirred S so Ross and Howard can focus financially on what is becoming one of the top trotting families in New Zealand.

Howard has always spent a lot of time researching on the internet and using books like John Bradley’s Modern Trotting Sire Lines to find out about trotting stallions and their pedigrees. He looks hard at the maternal lines, and rates Muscle Mass and Dream Vacation in particular as sires that have fine maternal lines. “It’s a big plus for us if a sire has a good pedigree on the dam’s side,” Howard says. This combines with Ross’s travels to North America and Europe to see racehorses and sires for himself. As a trainer, he’s also keen to see what amount and sort of gear the sire used as a racehorse - headgear, boots or half hopples etc.

In addition, he can tap into the knowledge his partner Asa has from working as a groom for some of the best trainers in Sweden including top trainer/ driver Stefan Melander who has trained winners of the Elitlopp (winner Iceland in 2010), the Prix d’Amerique and the Hambletonian. This is all reflected in the range of sires they have booked to over the years: SJ’s Photo, Dream Vacation, Pegasus Spur, Revenue, Love You and Monarchy for Cipollini; Dream Vacation, Sierra Cosmos, Malabar Maple, Love You, Quatre Juillet, Sam Bourbon, and Monarchy for Mountain Track; and Muscle Mass and Love You so far for Merckx.

Like many breeders, the Paynter brothers are taking a moderately performed mare from a good family and trying to build a branch that carries the family’s talent. Of special interest is their approach to breeding. They are willing, keen in fact, to look outside the square in choice of sires. In particular, they have developed knowledge of the global trotting scene which is invaluable when trotting sires from America, France and Sweden are increasingly available. Howard and Ross have used their interest in American and European trotting and their network of contacts to take an active interest particularly in the European trotting scene well before it became so fashionable.

24 Breeding Matters August

Pictured above Ross with Merckx continued page 26

WASHINGTON VC GROUP 1 SIRING SUPREMO… FOREAL NZ$664,800 Aus1:55.8 Group 1 NSW Oaks Group 1 Ladyship Mile DASHER VC

Aus$627,342 Aus1:54.2 Group 1 Gold Nuggets Group 1 Freemantle Cup


US$481,893 US1:50 Group 1 Taylor Mile Group 1 Albion Park Winter Cup


Aus$373,420 Aus1:52.7

Group 1 WA Derby Group 1 Gold Nuggets


NZ$291,639 NZ1:56.4 Group 1 NZStandardbred Breeders Stks


Aus$75,736 Aus1:55.8

Group 1 SA Oaks


IM THEMIGHTYQUINN Aus1:53.5 Aus$4,353,076 99 starts: 50 wins, 30 placings 3 x Group 1 Inter Dominion Finals 2 x Group 1 Auckland Cups 3 x Group 1 WA Cups 3 x Group 1 Freemantle Cups 1 x Group 1 Cranbourne Cup 1 x Group 1 McInerney Classic

Australasian Grand Circuit Champion – twice! Standing at:


Keith Norman, RD4 Gore. Ph/Fax 03 206 6673

Service $3,000 + gst Working fee incl. if positive on our farm Limited Transported Semen Available & Working Fees apply

Paynter’s continued... SJ’s Photo was the sire of a top trotter Super Photo Kosmos that Asa looked after in Sweden at one stage and had a high opinion of. SJ’s Photo is very much an outcross sire. Cipollini was put in foal to him while she was still racing in 2002, during his brief availability to Kiwi breeders. The result was the filly Anquetil which showed a lot of potential but tragically died at 3 after only 8 starts for a win and a second.

Love You is favoured by Ross and Howard for different reasons. “The French aren’t into racing 2yos, so we are not looking for early types from the French sires. We want to get a bit of size and stamina into the progeny of all the mares, and Love You can do that,” Ross says.

Cipollini is a finer type, although Ross notes that a lot of that breed can be bigger. They bought back Cipollini’s Love You colt Il Pirata at the yearling sales; he’s now just turned 3 and has been given time to mature, and looks a very nice type. The next foal from Cippollini, also by Love You, has The mares are located at Howard’s just turned one and looks like he 6 acre property in Kaipaki, just might be similat to Il Pirata. west of Cambridge, and the foals are raised there too. This close Cippollini’s broodmare daughter familiarity with the types and Merckx has a yearling filly by Love Muscle Mass is one sire that has temperament of their two trotting You which looks like it has thrown caught their eye. “He’s from a families is a bonus when it comes more to the dam at this stage. Pine Chip mare and Merckx is by to making breeding decisions. At just over 40, Ross describes Dream Vacation, a son of Pine Chip, and hopefully it will bring Mountain Track’s family can take himself and Howard as “probably some of Pine Chip’s speed into time, and the mare is short-legged some of New Zealand’s youngest the mix,” Howard says. though has a good length in the breeders” and they wonder where body, so they have looked to sires the next lot of standardbred They looked at Muscle Hill as that might add leg length. One breeders is going to come from. an option but his smaller size result is Mountain Track’s Love However for Howard and Ross and conformation wasn’t ideal You 4yo Iditarod, which is a big there are plenty of sire choices for their mares. “And he was at mare with a lovely temperament. ahead and the enjoyment of $21,000 for frozen semen when She has had 7 starts but needs a steadily building their trotting you can get a sire like Love You for bit more maturity and manners families’ reputation. Probably half that price,” Ross comments. on race day. She’s being ridden the most satisfaction is making Chocolatier is another trotting as one way of settling her as well decisions that are sometimes sire that they really admire but his as building muscle tone, and is outside the square but always semen “doesn’t travel well” so he now fast working although Ross based on a lot of thought and may not be an option here. describes her gait as “not perfect”. research, and are leading to some exciting results.





A service to boom trotting sire.


VALUE $3000

Pegasus Spur (Service only. Prize does not include any other associated costs)

Run by Northland Harness Racing Club Inc. Raffle closed and drawn at Alexandra Park, Auckland, Friday 16th August. Prizewinner will be contacted by phone.

26 Breeding Matters August



Organiser - Rob Pooley - 021 678 358, E:







Chilled/fresh semen NO WORKING FEE on-farm for Nevele R owned fresh/chilled stallions ($350 + GST for non-Nevele R owned fresh/chilled stallions).

Badlands Hanover*.................. $3,000 Changeover .............................. $4,000 Christian Cullen .................... $12,000


Gotta Go Cullen ....................... $3,000

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 20% (if paid by 30 September 2013 – conditions apply).

Lis Mara ..................................... $3,500


Live Or Die ................................ $3,500 McArdle ..................................... $4,000 Tintin In America ..................... $2,250 Continentalman ...................... $1,000

Frozen semen

Artsplace ................................. $9,000

On-farm working fee $550 + GST. (for Nevele R and non-Nevele R owned frozen semen stallions).

Western Ideal ........................ $10,000

Frozen Semen Sires are all PAY ON LIVE FOAL

CR Commando ......................... $3,000 Muscles Yankee ....................... $9,000 Revenue **................................... $6,000 Plus GST

Nevele R Stud Nikki Reed P: (03) 349 8627 M: 0275 638 353 E:

* FROZEN SEMEN ONLY in 2013/14. Included in discount policy. No on-farm working fee and standard vet package also applicable.

** Payment option of $5,000 + GST on 42 day positive test.

All Nevele R stallions are nominated for Breeders Crown, NSW Breeders Challenge and NZ Sires Stakes.


ADVANCED JOINERY BREEDERS’ RACEDAY 29th September 2013 Come and join us at Motukarara for another great day of harness racing - free entry. Bring the whole family and enjoy the racing and social occasion.

Marquee” (tables of 10 will be available for larger groups) contact Secretary Geraldine Stanbury (, 021 351615 or 03 3252521).

The feature race of the day is the prestigious Group 3, “D G Jones Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup” of which previous winners include such great horses as Sundon, Lyell Creek, Springbank Richard, Vulcan and last year’s winner – I Can Doosit.

For others who want to just have a relaxing, social day at the races, there are plenty of expansive grass areas to set up your picnic. The Club is extremely grateful to Pinelea Farm and Woodlands

With this being our first race meeting of the new season and also coinciding with the 2013 breeding season, we will have a focus on the breeding aspect of the industry. Most of the major studs will be represented on the day. A great opportunity exists to join us in the “Breeders Marquee” on the Embankment which is a prime race viewing area. For only $25 per person you will get a quality ploughman’s lunch and afternoon tea. A cash bar will be operating. We are also delighted to have as guest speakers in this marquee area, highly successful Canterbury trainer, Cran Dalgety and prominent breeder, Dan Cummings of the high profile Tuapeka Lodge. For tickets to the “Breeders

28 Breeding Matters August

Stud for their respective generous donations of a service fee to the pacing sire “Stunin Cullen” and trotting stallion “Pegasus Spur”. The service fees will be tendered for and bids can be submitted in the Secretary’s Office on raceday. The tender closes on Monday, 30th September.

The Natural Choice for a Healthy Horse 100% natural, premium quality, food grade oil with no additives or preservatives Contains 60% Omega 3 for antiinflammatory properties Improves dry, itchy skin conditions and helps symptoms of allergies A cool fat source of energy, ideal for events & racing Assists with recovery after work, reducing cramps & tying up Promotes healthy skin, coats, joints & hooves Studies show an Omega 3 rich diet can increase semen quality for optimum reproduction

Special Stud Farm rates available. Contact us directly for more information

0800 04FLAX

PINELEA FARM ANNOUNCES: Pinelea Farm and owner Terry McDonald have reacted positively to the New Zealand harness industry’s market conditions by offering a new incentive to New Zealand breeders who book this season to any of the Pinelea Farm stallions (Stunin Cullen, Mel Gibson & Charles Bronson). Any New Zealand breeder who books a mare to any of the Pinelea Farm stallions in 2013 and, as a result, has a filly foal born, will receive a 50% discount off the stallion’s Advertised Service Fee when making a return booking to that stallion. The breeding incentive is available for return bookings for the following two breeding seasons. Pinelea Farm & Terry McDonald state that there is an obvious lack of enthusiasm by breeders who breed fillies under the current conditions. “To assist the industry and the risk of breeding a filly, we have elected to share this risk with fellow breeders by offering what we believe to be a leading incentive for the New Zealand harness industry.” “With breeding numbers reducing, it is important that fillies are bred to maintain and grow our industry.”

30 Breeding Matters August


“We hope that the Pinelea Farm breeding incentive will give all breeders, particularly the smaller breeders, confidence to breed

their mares and encourage them to support the Pinelea Farm stallions and in return give them both pleasure and profit.”

The Pinelea Farm Service Fees for 2013/14 are: Stunin Cullen Advertised Service Fee: $3,500 + GST Pay On Live Foal Fee: $3,200 + GST Pay On 42 Day Fee: $2,800 + GST Charles Bronson Advertised Service Fee: $2,000 + GST Pay On Live Foal Fee: $1,800 + GST Pay On 42 Day Fee: $1,600 + GST Mel Gibson Advertised Service Fee: $1,500 + GST Pay On Live Foal Fee: $1,300 + GST Pay on 42 Day Fee: $1,000 + GST Knowledge Integrity Passion New Zealand Breeding Incentive available

Stunin Cullen

Christian Cullen/ Vicario

Performance - Pedigree - Speed P2, 1:57.2 1950m - P3, 1:54.1 1950m $1,493,716 - Height 15.3hh 2008-09 NZ 3yo Pacing Colt of the Year

Charles Bronson

Christian Cullen /Seymour Lass

Speed - Staying Ability - Attitude P3, 1:59.1m - P3, 1:56.9pl 1950m - $127,255 10 wins - including a Gp3 4yo Championship

Mel Gibson

Pegasus Spur/ Pride Of Petite

Pedigree - Speed - Gait - Manners Lightly raced due to recurring injury. Won his first race at Ashburton by 7 lengths Contacts Graham or Rosemary Ron Burrell 03 341 8650 027 205 5075 027 415 2502 09 412 5391 (Fax)

BREEDING TECHNOLOGY Equilume is a world leader in the research and development of light therapy solutions to assist the global horse industry in maximising reproductive efficiency and performance. Headquartered in Co. Kildare, at the heart of the Irish horse industry, Equilume was established in 2012 as a result of pioneering research by company founder, Dr. Barbara Anne Murphy, whose academic research at University College Dublin identified the optimum light level required to advance the breeding season in horses. The Equilume Light Mask is an individual headpiece for horses that provides timed, low level blue light to a single eye, thus permitting outdoor maintenance of horses in their natural environment and avoiding the high costs associated with nightly stabling. The Equilume Light Mask was specifically developed to help horse breeders maximise reproductive efficiency when operating within industry imposed early breeding seasons. For breeders, Equilume aids with early reproductive activity for barren and maiden mares and reduced gestation lengths and increased foal birth weights in early foaling pregnant mares.

32 Breeding Matters August

The Benefits • • • • • •

Advances breeding season for early conceptions; Prevents prolonged gestations* Increases average foal birth weights* Permits outdoor maintenance of mares Reduces maintenance costs Permits natural behaviour for happier, healthier horses

* These results are observed for mares bred from Feb - May (NH) and Sep - Dec (SH)

FINAL Brochure A6 HR.indd 1

Light Regulates Reproduction The horse’s natural breeding season occurs during the lightfilled summer months. However, the universal birthday for many horse breeds is Jan 1st (NH) or Aug 1st (SH)*. These industry wide crucial dates create a demand for early foals, in order to produce mature yearlings and precocious two year old horses. The Premise Providing longer day-length for 90 days beginning on Nov 15th (NH)/Jun 15th (SH) acts to reduce the production of the hormone melatonin and fools the mare’s reproductive system into activating earlier in the year. To achieve this, many breeders stable horses indoors under extended barn lighting and incur


substantial costs associated with bedding, lighting and labour. *NH - Northern Hemisphere SH - Southern Hemisphere

The Research The optimum light signal required to inhibit melatonin in the horse has now been identified (Walsh et al, 2012. The Veterinary Journal). Low intensity blue light of the correct wavelength optimally stimulates receptors in the eye responsible for regulating reproduction in seasonally breeding animals. Priced at $600+GST - they last a season and can be traded in for discount on a replacement the following season. For more information contact Debbie Suisted 027 490 4005 or

13 13:07

Recognition for industry stalwart - Charles Roberts at the NZ Awards The 2013 NZ Harness Awards were held at the CBS Arena in Christchurch. The annual awards, a firm fixture in the end of season calendar, was attended by 380 industry participants including those attending the Harness Racing New Zealand Conference. NZSBA was on-hand to present two awards – Broodmare of the Year and Breeder of the Year. It was with great pleasure that we were able to present the awards to one of New Zealands’ longest supporters of racing and breeding, Charles Roberts. Charles accepted Broodmare of the Year for his highly successful mare Scuse Me. This season Scuse Me was the dam of multiple Group 1 winner Adore Me and race winner Idolise Me. She is also grandam of the sensational Christen Me, Maxim, Splendour and Splendid Bet. Her progeny amassed a healthy sum of $1.2million between them across Australasia, this past season. With his success on the track and as a breeder, it was no surprise that the awards committee bestowed Charles with the title of Breeder of the Year. The top performers Charles Roberts bred this season

34 Breeding Matters August

were Adore Me (11 wins, 1 second), Christen Me (10 wins, 2 seconds- $262,090) and Maxim (1 win, 3 seconds, 2 thirds, $94,180) all winners at Group 1 level, along with a further 7 individual winners which together won a total of 36 races.

Trevor Casey, received accolades for Daenerys Targaryen taking out 2YO Trotting Filly of the Year, Escapee for 4YO and Older Trotting Mare and Sky Major (owned in partnership) which took out 2YO Pacing Colt or Gelding.

Charles bred 15 individual winners as co-proprietor of Woodlands Stud Ltd, also with a total of 36 races won, meaning Charles was named breeder on 72 race winners.

Lex and Heather Williams, were proud winners of the 2YO Trotting Colt or Gelding of the Year Award with One Over Da Moon.

Charles also collected awards for Owner of the Year, Stallion of the Year alongside Andrew Grierson and Paul Kenny, plus the 3YO Pacing filly of the Year awarded to Adore Me. The top award of the night went to Terry McDonald with his dual New Zealand Cup winner Terror To Love taking out the 4YO and Older Pacing Entire, Pacer of the Year and Horse of the Year titles. Terry is pictured right with award sponsors, his family members and trainer Graeme Court. NZSBA Members who also won awards on the night were:

Katie Carville’s top pacer Ohoka Punter was the winner of 3YO Pacing Colt or Gelding. Jim and Renee Boyd are coowners of the people’s champion Stig, which won 4YO and Older Trotting Gelding of the Year and Trotter of the Year.



Crown is

S u n d ay a u g u S t 18


g’s n i t day rot

e snte g g i b oup o



i noeny l l i 1 n. 5p rmi z e m o 9 gr


To book call 0011 61 3 8746 0600 or Ferris Road, Melton, Australia,

2013 NZ Harness Racing Awards

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36 Breeding Matters August

Trevor Casey with HRNZ’s Michelle Harris

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Paul and Mary Kenny with father Charles Roberts

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Lex and Heather Williams with Trevor Casey

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Katie Carville and Graeme Henley

NZSBA join us! become part of something BIG! In the last season NZSBA and our three Affiliates have continued running fillies and mares series including the Golden Girls, Southern Belle Series, Christian Cullen Mares Speed Series and the Dunstan Feeds Mares series. We were invited to present our submission to the Commerce Select Committee


regarding the Flavell Bill. This year we are increasing breeder recognition by providing engraved trophies to the breeders of Group winning horses and of course we will be holding our prestigious Cup Eve Function, celebrating the achievements of the breeders who bred a Cup runner - join us and join in!

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CHRISTIAN CULLEN In The Pocket – Pleasant Franco by Bo Scots Blue Chip p4, 1:54.1 $1,249,150. Foaled 1994, Bay Horse, 15.3hh.

Still the gold standard in standardbred sires.

  

  

FIVE TIME CHAMPION New Zealand SIRE The LEADING sire of HARNESS JEWELS WINNERS with NINE individual champions A STAGGERING SEVENTEEN GROUP & LISTED winners in 2012-13 Over 40 GROUP ONE WINNERS to date – including FIVE in the 2013 season 14 AGE GROUP CHAMPS More $100,000+ SALES YEARLINGS than any other sire.






Nevele R Stud Nikki Reed P: (03) 349 8627 M: 0275 638 353 E:


Tasman Room, Alexandra Park Raceway, Epsom Pre Dinner Drinks in the Lyell Creek Lounge Commencing 5.30pm Three Course Dinner • Beer, Wine, Spirits and Juices • Live Band “Off The Wall”

Tickets available now - $125 per head Junior Drivers and Cadets - Fully Subsidised Formal Dress – Jacket and Tie • Limited Tickets – Be in quick!! FOR TICKETS CONTACT: SUZANNE HERLIHY (09) 298 1757 AUCKLAND REACTOR • Attitude • Gait • Speed • Pedigree

The North Island Harness Racing Awards start with pre-dinner drinks at 5.30pm in the Lyell Creek Lounge, Alexandra Park with the main function being in the Tasman Room. Tickets are on sale now for $125 per head from Suzanne Herlihy – phone her on 09 2981757. Ticket price includes a threecourse plated dinner with beer, wine, juices and spirits and dancing to live band “Off The Wall” after the formalities. Dress is formal and once again, Junior Drivers and Cadets are

40 Breeding Matters August

very gratefully sponsored by the Auckland Trotting Club. Guaranteed to be an excellent night of entertainment with laughter and humour while celebrating the achievements of the leaders of the North Island Harness Racing industry. Our M-C’s are Michael Guerin and Greg O’Connor. The Awards organising committee (Raelene Balle, Suzanne Herlihy, Janene Cole and Karen Blanchard) have been granted a charitable trust status and are now known as the North Island Harness Racing Awards Trust.

The North Island Harness Racing Awards Trust is an official fundraising umbrella for the non-profit Kindred Bodies who are the foundation of the awards ceremony and an integral part of the Harness Racing industry: Auckland Trotting Owners Association, North Island Standardbred Breeders Association Inc and the NZ Harness Racing Trainers and Drivers Association (Northern Branch) Inc.

$1.5 million additional stakes for harness racing industry At the annual harness racing conference held over the weekend of 26th and 27th July, in Christchurch it was announced that an additional 1.5 million will be injected into stake money for the harness racing industry over the coming season. An additional $1.5 million will be distributed to clubs for the 2013/14 season which is an increase of 5% on the 2012/13 season. While the Board did consider a number of options for the utilisation of this additional funding, including the introduction of payments to all starters and other participation initiatives, it was felt clubs were in the best position to make such

determinations as they saw fit within their overall stakes policies. HRNZ has encouraged each club to give consideration within their stakes policy to incentives they consider appropriate that will foster increased participation and field sizes. The additional funding being extended to the industry has been possible from the extra funding extended from the NZRB and utilisation of the balance within the code’s distribution account. HRNZ also announced that it will cover the full cost of HRNZ’s DNA/ bloodtyping income for foals born in the 2013/14 season. This is estimated to cost $220,000 for

Ever worried if what you’re feeding is making a difference? The Hanley Formula …. IT WORKS!! From muscles to tendons, for weanlings to broodmares and everything in between “ I have been using The Hanley Formula for 2 seasons and the results are great. My horses maintain good condition and shiny coats through the stresses of training and racing, I really recommend The Hanley Formula “ – Nathan Williamson

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the 2013/14 season, providing a direct saving of $110 per horse for breeders. The Board believed that this is a small signal to breeders that HRNZ is conscious of the costs facing this sector of the industry and is attempting to reduce costs where possible. Chairman of HRNZ Gary Allen said “from an industry perspective that is welcome news and highlights an encouraging outlook for harness racing’s future. With stakes being up 5.1% in the current season and the additional funding that has been made available by the NZRB in 2013/14 and hopefully in subsequent years, the platform for growth for the industry is solid.”

North Island Round-up Its a quiet time of the year now for everybody before the new season and all its activities begins. Most important things for breeders to be doing is planning your mating for your mare, doing any vaccinations required before your mare foals, and making sure your mare is receiving all the required nutrition in her last trimester without making her too fat! Around the barn it is important to have a clean box with new bedding ready in case a mare and foal need to be brought inside and that your foaling kit is all up to date and clean. If you are using a crush for handling your mare and foal I always like to give this a wash down with Virkon before the foaling starts, and I actually do this on a daily basis during the stud season. Make sure that you have your battery supply for torches/foaling alarms etc up to date and your mobile phone has your vet’s after hours number. Now you are ready!


With the Australasian Breeders Crown approaching it is good to see a number of NZ bred horses competing. We wish all

42 Breeding Matters August

connections the best and bring home the Crowns! Charles Roberts’ success as a breeder/owner this season with the outstanding performances of Adore Me, Christen Me and Splendour has been one of the racing highlights for me. Seeing the enjoyment Charles has got from these horses is wonderful. And just for added measure Charles is also the breeder of 2yo colt Sires Stakes winner and Jewels runner up Maxim, and a plethora of other winners throughout the season bred by himself and Woodlands Stud (NZ) Ltd. The 2013 Harness Jewels were held at the Ashburton track on the 1st June and North Island bred horses took out 5 of the nine races on the card, an amazing effort. Our winners were: Adore Me (bred by Charles Roberts), Prime Power (bred by Brian Macey), Cyclone U Bolt (bred by A.S Lowe & Mrs A.E Macfarlane), Christen Me (bred by Charles Roberts) and Sky Major (bred by Brian Hedger, Mrs H.A Hedger and G Sweeney). For good measure, on the second day of the meeting, NI bred trotter Charlemagne (bred by Alta Breeding Co Ltd) won the $100,000 5yo Ruby Mobile Trot defending his title from the previous season.

by Jill Stockman

We have some very good trotting and pacing bloodlines in the North Island from a fairly small group of mares. We need to keep breeding alive and well in the North and I encourage you to once again breed your mares this coming season. HRNZ have advised that we will no longer have to bear the expense of the DNA Testing each year ($110 per horse) and it seems in the pipeline are some more breeding incentives and expense relief. From a Forum that the NI breeders held and from my visit to the Conference in Christchurch it seems that the NZ breeders are not looking for huge payouts but something to help with the continuing costs, that maintaining breeding stock requires. It was a common theme that if Stake money can go up, then breeders will benefit, directly as a large percentage of breeders are owners and indirectly through the Yearling Sales with higher stakes creating more demand for stock. The Australian market is still strong for racehorses as the stakes continue to increase across the Tasman. Don’t let the opportunity to breed a star go by this season!


LUXURY AS Pine Chip - Nobella Lobell Frozen Semen Available

SOUTHWIND VERNON Pine Chip - Valley Gogo Frozen Semen Available

LUXURY AS $5,000 plus GST SOUTHWIND EquiBreed NZ Ltd VERNON 399 Parklands Road RD 1, Te Awamutu $4,000 plus GST 07 870 1845

Nevele R announces a range of breeder initiatives There have been a number of changes at Nevele R over the past few months with the most exciting the addition of champion sire Christian Cullen and his millionaire sire son Gotta Go Cullen to our stallion line-up. Both have settled in well and we’re looking forward to the season with them. Another addition to our frozen semen line-up is the superstar trotting sire Revenue – sire of Market Share, the leading overall money earner in North America in 2012 and the recent winner of the $543,000 Maple Leaf Trot at Mohawk Racetrack. Due to some health concerns, Badlands Hanover will not be shuttling this season and will only be available via frozen semen. We will however, be treating him as if he were one of our fresh/chilled sires in that he is included in our multiple mare discounts, there will be no on farm working fee at Nevele R for him and a standard broodmare veterinary package will apply. We’re pleased to offer breeders a number of exciting initiatives

44 Breeding Matters August


this season that are aimed at reducing their costs, with the first and foremost being no working fees charged for mares served at Nevele R by any of our on-farm stallions. This will be on a one year trial basis and provided that it is well supported we will continue to offer this in future seasons.

With an on-farm in foal rate of over 90% for all stallions (our own, outside and frozen) we really encourage breeders to send their mares to Nevele R and take advantage of our working fee offers.

We will also be offering an early bird discount of 20% on all our fresh/chilled stallions’ service fees (excluding Christian Cullen) if paid by the 30th of September 2013. This discount is not additional to any multiple mare discounts. Pay on live foal options will again be available for all our stallions.

There have been some personnel changes at Nevele R in 2013 with Jill Smolenski taking over the role of Stud Master with the retirement of Kevin Roberson, and Nikki Reed the Marketing and Sales Manager role. The current team is very experienced and capable and looking forward to providing an even better service to clients and their horses.

Owners of mares not going to Nevele R stallions will also benefit by having their mares served at Nevele R with the Stud reducing the working fee for fresh/chilled outside stallions to just $350 + GST.

Nevele R has also joined Spreydon Lodge to offer a comprehensive range of services to clients, from simple agistment, foaling, breeding, weaning, yearling sales prep and breaking in youngsters to racehorse training.

In addition, the working fee for frozen semen stallions has also been reduced to $550 + GST.

The coming season should also see the arrival of Changeover’s first crop 2-year-olds on the track and with all the fantastic reports we’ve been getting we can’t wait.

All mares are welcome at Nevele R and we are a preferred base for all major Australasian stud farms.

Changeover’s yearlings receive glowing report card…

“The Changeovers that we’ve broken in have been amongst the nicest ones that we’ve done this year. They’ve got tremendous attitudes, are good gaited and really want to be with you. I can’t fault them.” – Brent McIntyre “I’ve had five broken in and they’re all nice pacers, very good gaited. The filly out of Victoria Rulz is a good going filly that gives the impression she’ll make a 2yo.” – Greg Hope “I’ve got a number of yearlings by Changeover with the most advanced a colt out of Pretty Dollybird and a filly from Naughty Mee – they’re both lovely, good gaited horses that are running along nicely and doing everything that they’ve been asked to so far. Great attitudes.” – Dean Taylor “I’ve got three and quite like them all – they’re nice movers, lovely pacers. They should definitely make the grade.”

 Gait  Attitude  Manners  Conformation  Temperament


$4,000 + GST


PAY ON LIVE FOAL AVAILABLE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 20% (if paid by 30 September 2013 - conditions apply).




– Phil Burrows

“We’ve broken in a couple so far and I really like them – they’re all good gaited and have come through their second prep with flying colours, with one filly in particular really impressing so far.” – Steve McRae

“I’ve broken in around five yearlings by Changeover and they’ve all been nicely gaited and mannered. I like them.” – Neil Hamilton

In The Pocket – Chaangerr, by Vance Hanover p3, 1:55.5 p, 1:53.4 $2,426,765

Nevele R Stud Nikki Reed P: (03) 349 8627 M: 0275 638 353 E:

Macca celebrates five years


It has been five years since Brent and Sheree McIntyre took over Jaccka Lodge from the Smaills renaming it Macca Lodge. In that time they have continued to build upon the services that were on offer there being the year round grazing of standardbreds as well as the mating and foaling.

$6,770,000 with average earnings per foal of USD$29,439. Pans has five horses which have recorded 1:50 and American breeders sent 190 mares to him on the deeds of his first crop making Panspacificflight a champion sire. These 190 horses are yearlings now.

In order to provide work for their quality staff year round they have grown the business to include foaling leading and weaning, breaking in and pre-training and preparing Southern Geared Southern Reared yearlings for the sales both here at the stud and in Christchurch. Truly a One Stop Shop.

In New Zealand twenty four yearlings are scattered throughout the country and trainer reports are very positive and encouraging, with frequent comments being, “they broke in very well and are an outstanding animal to look at”. Macca Lodge

Another new venture since taking over the Stud was to import frozen semen from an exciting stallion in Panspacificflight which stands in the USA. He is a sire of the future from the outstanding Miss Duval family being by The Panderosa out of You Can Fly, a Nihilator/ Rodine Hanover product. Captain Treacherous, arguably the best horse in the world today, is closely related to Panspacificflight, Art Major and Real Artist. Panspacificflight has left speedy progeny to an array of sires with two half million dollar earners, his total progeny earnings are USD

46 Breeding Matters August

will again have several yearlings in the Premier Sales in Christchurch, both colts and fillies. Brent and Sheree believe in the Harness Racing industry wholeheartedly and are always striving to promote both the breeding aspect and the fun of racing a horse. They have enjoyed the past five years where they have met some wonderful people from all walks of life and it is a great thrill to see the horses they have had a hand in breeding achieving well and giving enjoyment to their owners.

QUALITY COVERS - We cover New Zealand -

For the best fit and long life. Suppliers of top quality covers and neck rugs. Brochure available, enquiries welcomed. Please contact Ann or Ian Crossen on… Phone: (03) 332-2221 Mobile: (0274) 144-795 Email: Website:

There’s No Surprises with this talented filly The 2012/13 season has been a vintage one for three-year-old fillies in Australia….

spell in Queensland, will be targeted at the rich mares’ classics on the eastern seaboard next season.

Star Riverina filly Frith, the Vicbred champion Im Smouldering and the New Zealand bred Itz Nosurprisesthere have all enjoyed lucrative campaigns, winning five of the six major Oaks classics and, in all, seven Group 1’s between them.

“We’re hoping she can make the transition to open grade,” Braun said.

In any normal season any one of the talented trio would be a lay down misere for national 3YO Filly of the Year honours. On the strength of three Oaks successes, I believe that Itz Nosurprisesthere should get the nod….by a whisker! Since arriving from Christchurch in January the McArdle filly has won four of her seven appearances on Australian soil including a heat and the $200,000 final of the NSW Oaks, the $75,000 Queensland Oaks and the $30,000 Tasmanian Oaks. In a season defining NSW Oaks at Menangle on March 3, Itz Nosurprisesthere, after enjoying a saloon passage, gunned down Frith and Im Smouldering with a 55.7 seconds last half. Trainer Dean Braun has a good opinion of the youngster. “She’s got good gate speed, she’s very strong and she’s got a good turn of foot,” Braun said. “She’s got it all!” Itz Nosurprisesthere, which is back in work after enjoying a well earned


Breeding Matters August

Braun prepares the filly from his Lara (near Geelong) base for longtime clients Tony Coniglio and his wife, Pam, who operate a printing business in Melbourne. Bred and formerly raced by Robert and Norma McMeeking, of Kirwee, on the western outskirts of Christchurch, in New Zealand’s rich Canterbury district, Itz Nosurprisesthere raced six times in her homeland, winning twice with two seconds, a fifth and a ninth for $12,172 in stakes. By Nevele R Stud’s siring colussus McArdle (1:49), Itz Nosurprisesthere belongs to a maternal family replete with winners. Itz Queen Of Newyork, her lightly raced dam, is proving somewhat of a broodmare gem, having produced five winners from just six foals of

By Peter Wharton racing age with three taking records inside 2:00. Besides Itz Nosurprisesthere, she is also the dam of Itz Cherry Ripe 1:51.8 ($156,461), a winner at Listed level in NZ and which was later exported to America where she is still racing successfully, Itz Newyork’s Finest 1:59.4 (4 wins), Itz The Promised One (3 NSW wins) and Itz All About Me. By New York Motoring, Itz Queen Of Newyork was out of Itz Regal, by Clever Innocence from Adenwin (2:03.8), by Out To Win from Adenica, by Newport Chief from the Light Brigade mare Our Brigade. Itz Regal, which was unraced, was a half-sister to the speedy Itz Magic (TT1:55.6), which, in turn, became the dam of Itz Magic In Newyork (1:57.9), winner of the NZ Yearling Sales Sales (NHT) Pace, and the good NSW winner Itz Allblackmagic (1:59.5). Itz Dreamin Jonesy (1:58.2), a winner of five races in Victoria this year, is also a member of this fine family.

ROCK N ROLL HEAVEN ROCKNROLL HANOVER - ARTISTIC VISION - ARTSPLACE P2 1:50.4 P3 1:47.6 $2,748,818 Rocknroll Hanover’s greatest son on the racetrack and his natural successor in the breeding barn Outstanding pedigree that includes all the most influential sires of the modern era - Western Ideal, Artsplace, Western Hanover, Cam Fella Direct Scooter, Abercrombie, No Nukes, Albatross Possessing a lethal combination of wicked speed, toughness and an immense will to win Most sub 1:50 season race wins of any pacer in history including the Little Brown Jug in two heat World Record - 1:49.4 World Champion at 2YO - Multiple World Champion at 3YO Set records on all sized tracks

2010 USA Horse of the Year NZ Bookings: John Robinson Wai Eyre Farm Ph: 0800 312-6338 or 021 865-745

Wai-Eyre and Pepper Tree join forces

by John Robinson

Many may have thought that losing two stallions a couple of months out from the new stud season would be a real blow for Wai-Eyre Farm, especially when one of them was Christian Cullen, and the other was his millionaire son Gotta Go Cullen. But the old saying ‘When one door closes, another opens’ rang true for the leading Canterbury stud farm. When Pepper Tree Farm came calling, Wai-Eyre’s Darryl Brown was more than happy to join forces with the highly-regarded Australian stud. “We’re very excited,” Brown says. “Pepper Tree has got a superb line-up of young stallions. They’re sires which are very popular in Australia and are serving big books over there, and now Rob and Julie Vandyke want to strengthen the presence of those sires on this side of the Tasman as well.” Pepper Tree’s Rob Vandyke said. “We wanted a partner in New Zealand that believes in the same philosophies we do,” “And also a stud that’s got a vested interest in our stallions. “We think we’ve got some really promising sires moving forward, and it’s great that Darryl and his team do too.” The Pepper Tree additions to Wai-Eyre’s roster are Rock N Roll Heaven, Roll With Joe,

50 Breeding Matters August

Sportswriter and Always A Virgin. Combined with their five existing sires, this now gives the North Canterbury establishment a line-up of nine and far more punch than ever before. The Australian quartet has indeed been popular at their home base, serving nearly 530 mares between them last year. And for good reason.

138, 84 and 143 respectively to date. Brown stressed that even though Wai-Eyre has entered into a new relationship with Pepper Tree Farm, making a commitment to their stallions and becoming their NZ Booking Agent, this new association is simply an addition to what the Farm already offers its hundreds of clients.

Rock N Roll Heaven is by far the best son of Rocknroll Hanover, winning over $2.7million on the track and taking a time of 1:47.6 as a 3-year-old. He’s about to start his third season at stud after covering books of 185 (Aus) and 32 (NZ) during 2012/13 and 215 and 32 the season before.

“Wai-Eyre is still a Semen and Broodmare Base, first and foremost. “Predominantly, over fifty-five percent of the mares we serve onfarm every season are on behalf of other major studs… like Alabar, Woodlands, Pepper Tree and Empire etc. So nothing’s going to change in that regard.

Roll With Joe is the Cam’s Card Shark full-brother to Bettor’s Delight which won over $1.8million on the track and went 1:48.4 as a 3-year-old. He’s heading into his second season after serving 125 and 15 mares last year.

“And of course, we’re also a stud with our own stallions as well – Ohoka Arizona, Klondike Kid, Monkey Bones, The Pres and Angus Hall – all of which are starting to do a really good job here.

Sportswriter is by Artsplace and collected more than $1.5million in his career, taking his fastest time of 1:48.6 as a 3-year-old. His fourth year approaches, having attracted 80 and 18 mares last year on the back of Aussie books of 148 (2011/12) and 214 (2010/11).

“So, looking forward, it’s a very exciting time for us.

Always A Virgin is a son of Western Ideal which won over $1.1million on the track and, like all of Pepper Tree’s sires, paced his fastest time (1:48.8) as a 3-year-old. This is also his fourth season at stud but it’s the first time he’s been available to New Zealand breeders, his Australian books being

“Over the last few years, we’ve stood three pacing stallions which all belong to the same sire line. And if you don’t address such an issue, eventually you end up breeding your clients into a corner and give them no option but to go elsewhere. “This new arrangement with Pepper Tree just opens up the choices for our customers even more.”



P2 1:49.4 P3 1:48.6 $1,566,460

World Record - Fastest 2YO at 1:49.4. At 2YO - 8 starts for 7 wins including $1 million Metro Pace. At 3YO winner of $1.5 million North America Cup His dam sire, Jate Lobell won 15 from 15 as a 2YO and Sportswriter continues these genetics for brilliant juvenile speed From the brilliant Miss Duvall maternal family which has produced Art Major, Life Sign, Western Ideal, Reat Artist etc Producing handsome, athletic progeny. From 42 yearlings offered at 2013 APG sales, his progeny averaged over $25,000. Watch out for his 2YOs hitting the racetrack in 2014

2009 USA 2YO Pacer of the Year NZ Bookings: John Robinson Wai Eyre Farm Ph: 0800 312-6338 or 021 865-745


BREEDERS CROWN Series 19 - NZ BROODMARE NOMINATION * any standardbred mare currently in foal may be nominated * The Broodmare Nomination Fee is $NZ42 for a mare in foal to a nominated stallion. * The Broodmare Nomination fee is $NZ213 for a mare in foal to a trotting stallion that was not nominated. * The Broodmare Nomination fee is $NZ355 for a mare in foal to a pacing stallion that was not nominated. * all fees are inclusive of GST



Name of Mare


Please return to



PO Box 459





(03) 964 1200

Facsimile: (03) 964 1205 Email:

if you wish to pay by credit card complete the following otherwise Harness Racing Victoria will forward an invoice to the nominator Please charge my (circle appropriate card): BANKCARD Card No:

Cardholder’s Name:





Expiry: CCV or Credit Card Id:






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Standardbreds Performance Horses Shelby George and Cliffhanger

For racehorses, the end of racing need not be the end. There are many standardbreds giving pleasure to their non-racing owners, and some are performing well in open competition. We profile a handful.

SHELBY GEORGE – CLIFFHANGER Shelby George has owned the 2000 gelding Cliffhanger (known as Clifford around home) for around three years. Clifford’s early career was not promising. By Straphanger out of Chesapeake, he trialled but was deemed too slow to race, so was destined for the meat works. Fortunately that didn’t happen, and he spent four years as a paddock ornament before Shelby purchased him for her partner to ride. However, when Shelby’s mare suffered a career ending injury she took over Clifford, and it quickly became apparent that he had jumping talent. Shelby says that Clifford has a very tidy style and really tucks up. “He just loves jumping and tries so hard – a super honest dude. Considering he is only about 15hh he does so well competing against sport horses.”

“He’s a small horse with a big heart – he tries so hard and is super honest. If I don’t set him up right for a jump he will still try his best.”

Clifford is a pleasure to compete. “He is quite a relaxed horse, he can fall asleep with other horses warming up right behind him,” Shelby explains.

Along with showjumping (the partnership has notched up a number of placings in ESNZ registered classes at 1m) Shelby and Clifford are keen eventers and this year competed at the SI Three Day Event at McLeans Island.


Shelby explains, “We finished about half way down the class - to date we haven’t placed in eventing as dressage is not our thing. I was never taught to ride properly so this discipline is difficult but we are improving all the time.

Dancing Jonty (Jonty) is a true all rounder, says Tash Bol, who has owned the bay gelding for 12 of his 14 years. By Dancing Master out of Jonty Jo, Jonty never trialled or raced. Instead, he has excelled as a sporthorse. Alongside an impressive show record which includes numerous championships and Supreme All Breeds, Jonty has also competed continued page 56

Still one of the world’s Leading Trotting Sires...


t3,1:54.6 $830,654

This is a UNIQUE opportunity to breed to one of the industry's all-time greats Always in HOT DEMAND with North American breeders, averaging over 160 mares in 13 years at stud Every fifth starter of his wins over $100,000 And a yearling from his first NZ crop fetched $127,500 at the Sales

ANGUS HALL HAS SIRED:  The winners of over $78 million in stakes to date  6 Millionaires and 2 World Champions including:

PEACEFUL WAY $3.2 million and MAJESTIC SON $1.9 million  More than 200 $100,000+ performers  An Average Earnings per Starter of over $82,000  A Winners-to-Starters Percentage of over 73%


$6,500 + gst

For bookings, call John Robinson on (0800) 312-6338 or (021) 865-745

at registered dressage, 1 metre showjumping and pre-training eventing. Unfortunately, Jonty’s promising jumping career was cut short by a fixed bone chip, so after winning at pre-training level Tash decided not to risk further damage. However, his subsequent dressage career has included placings in registered competition at Level 2 (Novice), and a win at Level 3 (Elementary) an unregistered competition. “He’s pretty special, a bloody fun horse,” says Tash.

GEORGIA CALDER – FLYING EXPECTATIONS (PIXIE) Sixteen year old Georgia Calder has been riding for around eight years, and competing for five. Pixie, whose racing name was Tinted Pax, was trained by Phil Burrows, and Georgia got her straight off the track some 18 months ago.

Pixie has now showjumped to 105cm and placed in every single round. She has also evented up to 95cm, with three starts at that height and going double clear in the last two. To date, the highlight for Georgia was a sixth placing (in a class of 60) at 95cm at the NZ Pony Clubs Association South Island Showjumping Championships representing Belfast Pony Club.

The pair are currently working towards Springston Trophy, the NZ Pony Clubs Association South Island teams eventing competition. Georgia says, “We have the most amazing bond. I’m definitely never selling her as she is a one in a million horse.”

Pictured left: Georgia Calder and Flying Expectations Pictured below: Natasha Bol and Dancing Jonty Photos courtesy of Pip Hume Photography

“She knew nothing about trotting or cantering and just paced around the paddock, but after a lot of hard work she picked it up and just took everything in her stride,” explains Georgia. “The first day I asked her to jump she wouldn’t even walk over a pole. It took me about two hours and she finally did it.” She has loved jumping ever since, says Georgia, and the pair won their first ever competition about two months later.

continued page 58

ROLL WITH JOE CAM’S CARD SHARK - CLASSIC WISH - ARMBRO EMERSON P2 1:53.2 P3 1:48.4 $1,805,102 16hh full brother to supersire, Bettor’s Delight and an outstanding racetrack performer in his own right Meadowlands Pace winner defeating Big Jim and two legs of the Triple Crown (Cane Pace and Messenger Stakes) plus a division of the Little Brown Jug ( 2nd in final) From USA and Canadian Hall of Fame broodmare, Classic Wish 1:52 $436,273 - also the dam of USA Horse of the Year, No Pan Intended 1:50.6 $1,581,735 Proven bloodlines across our Southern Hemisphere genepool and at a great value price

2011 USA 3YO Pacer of the Year NZ Bookings: John Robinson Wai Eyre Farm Ph: 0800 312-6338 or 021 865-745

CLAIRE MADDEN – ZANSKAR (Zin) and MAJOR OUCH (Ouch) Zanskar (Zin) is by Christian Cullen / Deselle – Jefferson Lobel, bred by T A O Tukaroa and trained by Derek Balle. Claire acquired Zin when she rang Derek about another horse, and got offered the cranky, bad tempered gelding instead. “He was the most stubborn horse I have ever broken in,” she says. “He had a habit of sitting down when he decided he didn’t want to do something.” However, he has amassed a huge number of showing awards, including Supreme In-hand at Rotorua A & P. He has proved to be very versatile as well, with Show Hunter and Dressage placings in open company. Claire comments that he has not been an easy horse to ride.

by Lincoln Farms Ltd. He was sold at the yearling sales for $90,000 and won four races for Ray Green, driven by Maurice McKendry for two wins and by Roydon Downey, Claire’s partner, for two wins. After injury ended his race career, Ouch spent three months chilling in the paddock.

pulling my arms off and free leg pacing the 800m race,” says Claire. The two horses featured in the honours at the North Island Standardbred Association prize giving.

On his eighth ever ride, he attended the winter Waitemata Riding Club Ribbon Day, winning his Paced and Mannered class and taking home Reserve Champion Green Horse (in mainstream company).

Zanskar took out Champion Open Paced and Mannered Horse of the Year and also Champion Ridden Turnout Horse of the Year and Major Ouch was Champion Inhand Horse of the Year, Champion Best Head of the Year, Champion Junior Inhand Gelding of the Year and also won the Overall Inhand Horse of the Year.

“Ouchie also competed in a saddle pace race at Kumeu Trotting Club as part of the fun of the Two Year Old Parade and won by nearly the length of the straight, just about

Both horses also won Bronze Medals for their points they have achieved during the year in mainstream competitions (showing, dressage etc.).

“He could easily double as a rodeo horse when in the mood. I am glad I had never heard of his quirks before I got him and I know some people think I am mad for riding him, but I love the cranky little horse. He tries his heart out and must do something right as he is gaining a pretty good competition record.” Major Ouch (Art Major/Ouch La Fe Fe – Christian Cullen) was bred by Aotearoa Stud Ltd and raced


Breeding Matters August

Claire Madden and Major Ouch - photo courtesy of Christine Bird Photograpy


WESTERN IDEAL - NEVERHAVENEVERWILL - BIG TOWNER P2 1:52.2 P3 1:48.8 $1,135,559 Millionaire 1:48 son of the great Western Ideal, with wins including Cane Pace, Messenger Stakes, Oliver Wendell Holmes and elims. of Little Brown Jug, Breeders Crown and Meadowlands Pace Outstanding results from his first crop to the track in USA 2012 - all time leading sire in Indiana for 2YOs and second only to Somebeachsomewhere in US First Season Sires earnings. Already the sire of 80 winners with over $2.5 million in earnings including 26 in 1:55 and five $100,000 plus performers Progeny include: Always About Katey 1:52.6 $503,645 12 starts for 10 wins as 2YO; Right Touch 1:51.4 $310,904; Mister Virgin 1:52; Sweet Talkin Satin 1:50.6; Raise The Gin 1:52.2 etc

2012 - USA First Crop Sires

2nd only to Somebeachsomewhere NZ Bookings: John Robinson Wai Eyre Farm Ph: 0800 312-6338 or 021 865-745

New Zealand Group Race Winners 2012/13

(NZSBA members’ in green)


TWO-YEAR-OLDS Garrards NZ Sires Stakes Series Final Group 1 Maxim Bettor’s Delight/Splendid Deal Zone Bar Sky City 2YO Diamond Group 1 Venus Serena Mach Three/Inspiring Dash Sky City Hamilton 2YO Emerald Group 1 Sky Major Art Major/Sky Beauty NZ Sires Stakes 2YO Fillies Champs Group 1 Venus Serena Mach Three/Inspiring Dash Caduceus Club Fillies Classic Group 1 Venus Serena Mach Three/Inspiring Dash Young Guns Cardigan Bay Stakes Group 1 Cyclone Prince Mach Three/Eyre To The Throne Avon City Ford NZ Welcome Stakes Group 2 Zacharia Courage Under Fire/Atom Queen Young Guns Delightful Lady Classic Group 2 Angelina Jolie Art Major/Matambra Alabar NZ Kindergarten Stakes Group 3 Messini Art Major/Mesmerizing NZ Sapling Stakes Group 3 Isaiah Art Major/E J Becks “American Ideal” Stakes Group 3 Venus Serena Mach Three/Inspiring Dash Caduceus Club SL/Nevele R Fillies Group 3 Rocknroll Arden Rocknroll Hanover/Winter Rose NZ Yearling Sales NHT Pace Listed Chattanoogachoochoo Christian Cullen/Julia R NZ Yearling Sales Series 2YO Final Listed Isaiah Art Major/E J Becks NZ Yearling Sales 2YO Fillies Final Listed Libertybelle Midfrew Christian Cullen/Lucinda Midfrew

C J Roberts 1.58.7 R L Sandford,Mrs J A Sandford 1.54.7 B A Hedger, Mrs H A Hedger, G Sweeney 1.52.8 R L Sandford,Mrs J A Sandford 1.55.9 R L Sandford,Mrs J A Sandford 2.00.7 M D Lyon,A D Strachan, K D Mills,H M Mills,G R Dixon 1.58.0 Mrs J M Davie,P T Cummings, D J Cummings 1.56.9 P G Laboyrie 1.57.3 Mrs M A Caldow,J Kelly, M P Caldow,L M Caldow 1.57.1 Alabar (NZ) Ltd 1.57.2 R L Sandford,Mrs J A Sandford 1.57.2 Mrs N M Stiven 2.00.9 Enviro Stables Ltd (USA) 1.59.5 Alabar (NZ) Ltd 1.55.5 John & Rebecca Mooney 2.00.1


Alabar Sires Stakes Fillies Final Group 1 Muscara Standardbreds NZ Derby Group 1 Sky City 3YO Diamond Group 1 Sky City 3YO Emerald Group 1 CSBA New Zealand Oaks Group 1 Nevele R Fillies Series Final Group 1 NRM NZ Sires’ Stakes 3YO Final Group 1 Pascoes the Jewellers Northern Oaks Group 1 Woodlands Stud Northern Derby Group 1 Alabar Southern Supremacy Final Group 2 Alabar Elsu Classic Group 2 Vero Flying Stakes Group 2 Southland Oaks Final Group 2 Peter Breckon Memorial Ladyship Stakes Group 2 Yearling Sales 3YO Open Final Listed Yearling Sales Series Fillies Champs Listed

Adore Me Border Control Adore Me Border Control Adore Me Adore Me Franco Nelson Adore Me Ohoka Punter Elios Ohoka Punter Ohoka Punter Safedra Adore Me Classiesistar Pandora’s Hope

Bettor’s Delight/Scuse Me C J Roberts 1.58.8 Bettor’s Delight/Contrapan Farquharson Pty Ltd 1.57.9 Bettor’s Delight/Scuse Me C J Roberts 1.54.1 Bettor’s Delight/Contrapan Farquharson Pty Ltd 1.50.6 Bettor’s Delight/Scuse Me C J Roberts 1.58.6 Bettor’s Delight/Scuse Me C J Roberts 1.56.0 Christian Cullen/Notafella Franco Spreydon Lodge Ltd 1.56.0 Bettor’s Delight/Scuse Me C J Roberts 2.01.3 Bettor’s Delight/Millwood Minisota Mrs K Carville & D T Carville 1.58.7 Bettor’s Delight/Its Showtime S A Kolovos 2.00.7 Bettor’s Delight/Millwood Minisota Mrs K Carville & D T Carville 2.00.3 Bettor’s Delight/Millwood Minisota Mrs K Carville & D T Carville 1.57.8 Mach Three/Sparks A Flyin A J Wakefield,Dr S M Wakefield 2.02.6 Bettor’s Delight/Scuse Me C J Roberts 1.59.9 Christian Cullen/Lilsistar Cee Bee Holdings Ltd 1.58.9 Art Major/Pandora’s Box Mrs V Lauren 2.01.5


NZ Messenger Group 1 Mitre 10 Mega 4YO Emerald Group 1 RV & JA Yarndley 4YO Diamond Group 1 Waste Management Taylor Mile Group 1 Resource Recycling Superstars Champs Group 2 Pelorus Classic Group 2

Christen Me Christen Me Elusive Chick Christen Me Christen Me Jason Rulz

Christian Cullen/Splendid Dreams Christian Cullen/Splendid Dreams McArdle/Annie Jay Christian Cullen/Splendid Dreams Christian Cullen/Splendid Dreams Courage Under Fire/Rule Zona


New Zealand Trotting Cup Group 1 Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live PGG Wrightson NZ Breeders Stakes Group 1 Bettor Cover Lover Bettor’s Delight/Front Cover Lover Rosslands Queen Of Hearts Group 1 Bettor Cover Lover Bettor’s Delight/Front Cover Lover Trillian Trust Auckland Cup Group 1 Themightyquinn Washington VC/Love Sign Easter Cup Group 1 Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live Woodlands New Zealand FFA Group 1 Gold Ace Bettor’s Delight/Hill Of Gold Harness Jewels 5YO Emerald Listed Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live Harness Jewels 5YO Diamond Listed Bettor Cover Lover Bettor’s Delight/Front Cover Lover Alabar Kaikoura Cup Group 2 Sushi Sushi Art Major/Sabilize Premier Mares Championship Group 2 Bettor Cover Lover Bettor’s Delight/Front Cover Lover Mumms Auckland FFA Group 2 Easy On The Eye Christian Cullen/Van Ished Pak’N Save Franklin Cup Group 2 Jivin Cullen Christian Cullen/Hot Shoe Shuffle

C J Roberts 1.57.8 C J Roberts 1.51.5 D W McDonald 1.54.7 C J Roberts 1.54.9 C J Roberts 2.00.0 R G Dellaca 1.55.5

T McDonald 1.59.9 D J Bennett & Ms L A Joyce 1.58.0 D J Bennett & Ms L A Joyce 1.57.8 W D Kennedy 1.59.6 T McDonald 2.01.7 D G Moore 1.52.6 T McDonald 1.51.0 D J Bennett & Ms L A Joyce 1.53.8 Weona Standardbreds 1.57.6 D J Bennett & Ms L A Joyce 1.59.1 Dr M J Evans, Dr T B Taylor 1.59.1 Hot Shoe Shuffle Breeding Syndicate 2.04.1


RAGING BULL Christian Cullen - San Sophia (by Artsplace) p3,1:56.6 $115,581 16hh

10 starts... 5 wins, 5 seconds – placed in a 1:54.5MR over 1950m as a 3YO.

“An $85,000 Yearling Sales purchase he was big, powerful and had a presence to match. On type, the perfect model, he was the real deal and only injury prevented him from being a dominant force on the track”… Cran Dalgety, trainer. His dam is a full-sister to the dual award winner, GALLERIA p4,1:49.2m $1,814,453. USTA 3YO Filly of the Year, and Mare of the Year. From a REVOLUTIONARY SIRE LINE, and an AMAZING MATERNAL FAMILY.


Dancingonmoonlight Farm

609 South Eyre Rd RD2 Christchurch • Sara Smith: Ph: 03 312 0445 Mob: 021 237 4223 Email:


New Zealand Group Race Winners 2012/13

Robilliards Jewellers Flying Stakes Group 2 Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live T McDonald 2.00.7 Sky City Flying Mile Group 2 Gold Ace Bettor’s Delight/Hill Of Gold D G Moore 1.53.3 JLT Futurity Stakes Group 2 Easy On The Eye Christian Cullen/Van Ished Dr M J Evans, Dr T B Taylor 2.01.0 Ascot Park Hotel Invercargill Cup Group 3 Franco Ledger Christian Cullen/Notafella Franco Spreydon Lodge Ltd 2.00.0 Ricoh Free-For-All Group 3 Easy On The Eye Christian Cullen/Van Ished Dr M J Evans, Dr T B Taylor 1.57.0 Kina Craig Stud Northern SL Cup Group 3 Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live T McDonald 2.01.8 Kumeu Founders Cup Group 3 Bettor Dream Bettor’s Delight/Dream Offer Woodlands Stud (NZ) Ltd 2.00.4 Manukau Summer Cup Group 3 Pembrook Benny Courage Under Fire/Northern Franco W D & G L Power 1.56.2 PGG Wrightson Hannon Memorial Group 3 Franco Ledger Falcon Seelster/Lets Scoot Franco Spreydon Lodge Ltd 1.59.8 Wai Eyre Farm “Rangiora Classic” Group 3 Field Officer Christian Cullen/Fields Of Glory Mrs A G Bagrie,P D Bagrie 2.00.6 Gotta Go Cullen Free-For-All Group 3 Fly Like An Eagle Mach Three/Three Eagles Harshell Investments Pty Ltd, Chyra Pty Ltd 1.59.4 Glenferrie Farm Canterbury Classic Group 3 Gold Ace Bettor’s Delight/Hill Of Gold D G Moore 1.59.8 Central Otago Trotting Cup Group 3 Four Starzzz Flash Four Starzzz Shark/Compulsive Franco J R Chapman 2.05.3 Mountain River Methven Cup Group 3 Fly Like An Eagle Mach Three/Three Eagles Harshell Investments Pty Ltd, Chyra Pty Ltd 2.04.8 Dunedin 4 & 5YO Championship Group 3 Ballindooley Sands A Flyin/No Nay Never D M McKendry 2.01.4 Summer Cup Group 3 Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live T McDonald 1.58.9 Northern Breeders Stakes Group 3 Bettor Cover Lover Bettor’s Delight/Front Cover Lover D J Bennett & Ms L A Joyce 2.00.7 Avon City Ford (New Brighton) Cup Group 3 Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live T McDonald 2.01.9 Maurice Holmes Vase Group 3 Franco Ledger Falcon Seelster/Lets Scoot Franco Spreydon Lodge Ltd 1.59.7 Glenferrie Farm Inter Dominion Heat 1 Group 2 Terror To Love Western Terror/Love To Live T McDonald 1.57.6



Mitre 10 Mega 2YO Ruby Group 1 One Over Da Moon Majestic Son/One Over Kenny NZ Sires Stakes 2YO Trot Champs Group 2 Daenerys Targarven Majestic Son/Niamey Glenferrie Farm NZ Trotting Stakes Group 3 One Over Da Moon Majestic Son/One Over Kenny NZ Yearling Sales Series 2YO Trot Listed Dieu De L’Amour Love You/Sun Goddess THREE-YEAR-OLDS Northern Trotting Derby Group 1 Habibti Love You/Ten To One Mitre 10 Mega 3YO Ruby Group 1 Prime Power Monarchy/Mega Belle NZ Trotting Derby Group 1 Habibti Love You/Ten To One NZ Sires Stakes Trotting Champs Group 2 Royal Aspirations Monarchy/Aspiring Gal Hambletonian Classic Group 3 Paramount Queen Love You/Paramount Star NZ Trotters Trust NZ Trotting Oaks Group 3 Habibti Love You/Ten To One NZ Yearling Sales Trotters Final Listed Royal Aspirations Monarchy/Aspiring Gal FOUR-YEAR OLDS Mitre 10 Mega 4YO Ruby Group 1 Cyclone U Bolt Dream Vacation/Cyclone Vance Glenferrie Farm Trotters Champs Group 3 Phil’s Gift Sundon/Ilona Del OTHERS Harness Jewels 5YO Ruby Group 1 Charlemagne Earl/Lady Odette 2012 Canam Rowe Cup Group 1 Stig Armbro Invasion/Naraya NZ Trotting Free-For-All Group 1 I Can Doosit Muscles Yankee/Sheezadoosie NZ Trotting Championship Group 1 Vulcan Earl/Epona Hellers Dominion Trot Group 1 I Can Doosit Muscles Yankee/Sheezadoosie National Trot Group 1 Stig Armbro Invasion/Naraya Glenferrie Farms Anzac Trotting Cup Group 1 Stent Dream Vacation/Belle Galleon Rosslands Lyell Creek Stakes Group 2 I Can Doosit Muscles Yankee/Sheezadoosie Trotters Flying Mile Group 2 Stig Armbro Invasion/Naraya D G Jones Banks Peninsula Trotting Cup Group 3 I Can Doosit Muscles Yankee/Sheezadoosie Ashburton Trotters Flying Mile Group 3 Dr Hook Dr Ronerail/Now’s The Moment Canterbury Park Trotting Cup Group 3 I Can Doosit Muscles Yankee/Sheezadoosie Northern Trotting Breeders Stakes Group 3 Great Getaway Dream Vacation/Catherine The Great “Ian Dobson” Summer Trotting FFA Group 3 Stig Armbro Invasion/Naraya

L E Williams, Mrs H R Williams 1.57.9 T G Casey, K M Barron, G S Allen 2.02.7 L E Williams, Mrs H R Williams 2.00.6 Marrion Bloodstock LTd 2.04.7

Gaby Maghzal, Julie Maghzal 1.59.7 B L Macey 1.56.5 Gaby Maghzal, Julie Maghzal 1.59.7 Roydon Lodge Stud Ltd: Keith & Rob Gibson 2.01.2 G F Gimblett, Studholme Bloodstock Ltd 1.59.7 Gaby Maghzal, Julie Maghzal 2.00.7 Roydon Lodge Stud Ltd: Keith & Rob Gibson 2.01. A S Lowe, A E Macfarlane C L McKay, Mrs R L McKay

1.54.4 2.04.0

Alta Breeding Co Ltd 1.55.9 Jessleigh Harness Bloodstock 2.03.7 Breckon Bloodstock Ltd 1.56.6 Mrs J A Butt, D J McKenzie 2.01.7 Breckon Bloodstock Ltd 2.02.6 Jessleigh Harness Bloodstock 1.59.9 T G Casey, M J & J M Bowden 2.01.3 Breckon Bloodstock Ltd 2.01.1 Jessleigh Harness Bloodstock 1.55.2 Breckon Bloodstock Ltd 2.07.3 G J Moffat 1.56.3 Breckon Bloodstock Ltd 2.01.9 J W Dickie 2.03.9 Jessleigh Harness Bloodstock 1.59.2

What would happen if.... What would happen if we could breed two foals from one mare in a season, one foal carried by the mare and the other as an embryo transfer? It’s an idea I’m floating around our industry and finding most reactions are initially “oh, I don’t know about that!” fairly quickly followed by “But the more I think about it, the more I like it.” Why? Because it makes sense. Not just for New Zealand but in other jurisdictions that, like us, are struggling to keep breeding numbers from dwindling to an even lower level. The main objection is not to the concept but to the logistics. Unless other harness racing jurisdictions agreed to the same thing OR agreed to register foals produced this way, we would only be able to race the embryo transfer foals within our own country.

by Bee Pears

But that is an obstacle we could overcome by tenacious lobbying until they not only saw the sense of what we proposed, but actually wanted the same thing themselves. It will take years, but it can happen.

That’s going to take time. I’m delighted John Mooney and the NZSBA has offered to get the process started, and it has already been put on the table at the recent liaison meeting with HRNZ.

Whenever our agreements with other countries come up for renewal it is something that should be raised, advocated and left on the table for wider consideration in that jurisdiction.

I would love to hear from anyone in the industry who wants to find out more or to become involved in lobbying for this idea. My contact details are below. Or contact John Mooney direct and let him know your support.

There are “movers and shakers” we can talk to individually, both here and overseas, to build an understanding of what we propose. And there are all the local branches and committees that can be involved to make sure people’s concerns are listened to and the concept is explained to them.

In my blog of 8 April 2013 called Foals x 2 = Opportunity, I list the benefits for breeders and the benefits for the wider industry. Check it out. Tell me what you think.


Christian Cullen – Sparkling Burgundy by Butler BG p2, 1:58.3 $1,173,343. Foaled 2004, Bay Horse, 16.0hh.


 11 Group Race VICTORIES including

5 at Group 1 level

Christian Cullen’s best performed son & heir apparent.

 NZ 2YO & 4YO PACER of the YEAR  From one of NZ’s BEST maternal


 First crop yearlings sold up to


 2YO’s in training have IMPRESSED

with a number selling for GOOD MONEY.


$3,000 + GST

Nevele R Stud

Nikki Reed P: (03) 349 8627 M: 0275 638 353 E:





EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT of 20% (if paid by 30 September 2013 – conditions apply).



Art Major $9,500

Art Official $3,500

Auckland Reactor $3,000

Betterthancheddar $4,500

Big Jim $4,500

Courage Under Fire $7,000



Federal Flex $4,000

Gotta Go Cullect $2,200

Great Success $2,200

Grinfromeartoear $4,000

Mach Three $11,000

Majestic Son $5,000

Mister Big $3,500

Shadow Play $4,000

Smiling Shard $2,000


Alabar (NZ) Ltd 09 232 1800 South Island Rep Ivan Behrnes 03 615 6332

Breeding Matters  

August 2013