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Cover Images: Michael Walkley with Snapper. 3


WELCOME TO THE second to last

I’ve been reminded recently that what

edition of NZFisher this year. It’s my

I write here does get read and becomes

fifth since taking over the reins, and

part of readers perception of the state

we’re going well. I trust that our readers

of our fisheries.

are enjoying what we put out as much

There’s no surprise to those who know

as we enjoy creating it for you.

me that I’m often engaging in fisheries

This month welcome Michael Walkley

management discussions both face to

to the contributor list. Michaels one of

face at meetings and with colleagues,

the fishiest guys I’ve met recently, I feel

but also often online.

like he’s on the water more than I’m at

I’ve been involved in fisheries

home, let alone on the water. Michaels

management for about ten years,

one of the new breed – a lure Fisher

originally with the Recreational

with little need for bait, but he’s also a

Fishing Council, the NZ Angling and

talented squid fisher – something we’re

Casting Association and more recently

hoping to bring more of to the mag.

assisting LegaSea to continue increasing

Check out Michaels trip report later in

recognition of rec fishers rights. I am

the mag. Thankfully he’s got a great eye

ashamed of the way we (rec fishers)

for a photo too!

have historically represented ourselves


– so much bad blood and in-fighting;

had both recreational representatives,

but the status quo sees us fronting

MPI and his fellow commercial sector

up and working within the ‘system’ to

colleagues scratching their heads.

assure there will be inshore species for

From what I can tell, he had a bright

future generations.

idea on a slow day and injected a

LegaSea is two years into meetings with

little spice to the Hauraki Gulf Forum

MPI & Commercial representatives on

meeting he was attending – potentially

a strategy to resolve issues evolving

just a jab at the LegaSea representatives

around the shared snapper fishery

there, who knows. Either way, it’s this

‘Snapper 1’ which was the focus of the

kind of negative spin that slows the

2013 review and recreational bag limit

process, creates more distrust and

reduction. That bag reduction (and

further muddies the waters.

minimum size limit increase) had an

So, why do I raise this? Partly because I

immediate and significant effect on the fishery – recreational catch, through reduced angler participation and reduced catches, and that effect will carry on through to future recoveries of this fishery.

am annoyed by the further distraction from what is a positive process but mostly because I want you to know that while there’s a bunch of negative and pointless articles out there, LegaSea are working on tirelessly

We know rec catch has dropped

to defend and extend your rights as

because there is very strong, accepted

recreational fishers.

and effective monitoring of recreational

Please take a minute to visit their

fishing effort and catch results in SNA1. Contrary to the misinformation put forth by Sanford Fisheries CEO, there is no need to further monitor recreational catch in the Hauraki Gulf. His magnanimous offer for Sanford’s to stop commercial fishing in the Hauraki Gulf may have grabbed headlines but

page at and see for yourself. Better still, share your spare change – they need all the support hey can get. Tight lines,

Derrick 5


o n d a M a r i n e, S u r te e s a n d I zuzu h ave j o i n e d f o rce s to g i ve yo u t h e c h a n ce to W I N TH E D R E A M p a c ka g e ! T h e S u r t e e s 57 5 Wo r k m a te, p o w e re d by H o n d a B F1 0 0 H P, to w e d b y t h e I s u zu D - M a x to u g h u te, l o a d e d w i t h S h i m a n o

f i s h i n g g e a r, r i g g e d w i t h t h e l a te s t G a rm i n e l e c t r o n i c s a n d R e s cu e M e s a f e t y g e a r, i s

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SU RTE E S 575

loaded with

SHIMANO Fishing Gear GA R M I N E l e c t r o n i c s R E SCU E M E S a f e t y G e a r





Going Hard

Putting the basics Michael Walkley, into practice By NZ Fishing Community Admin


The Author Michael Walkley with a Z-Man caught Kawau snapper

Snapped up.

AS WITH YEARS gone by, when the warm spring waters flood our Gulf, the spring equinox winds tend to follow. This season has been no different and lately the constant 20-knot south-westers have dampened our spirits. So when the weather bomb gave us a brief gap in the wind, we made a quick decision to hit the Gulf the next day. We awoke to prestige conditions, 5-knot variables and calm seas. The boat was hitched, the rods were stowed and gear packed. Clear skies and calm waters awaited. We arrived at a bustling Half Moon Bay boat ramp and it was clear we weren’t the

Rainbows under the sea - what makes them bite. 9

Welcome to paradise.

only ones with the same plan in mind. As the ramp jostled with activity, we eagerly wet the boat and off we went,

snapper schools were there waiting for the ever present bait to meet the onslaught of marauding birds,

The game plan was to hit the middle ground between the gannet rock and the tip of Coromandel so the down went hammer and all that was left was the spray as we blasted to the destination. When we arrived in the general area, we started to mark some good sign so we stooged around. The marks were thick and very low in the column; the

Mayhem followed every drop; every twitch had us buckled over on the light gear we had entrusted to do the duty. I was using a Shimano t curve inshore paired with a Shimano Stradic ci4+ with 8lb braid and 12lb leader and trialling the new Shimano Rock hoppers in 115g pink. These lures are deadly!


These lures generally allow easy and healthy release of un-wanted fish. 11

There’s worse by-catch!

Basically, the lure is designed to sink lead first and the skirt is designed to free fall behind the lead, so it’s designed like a running rig. Once the lead touched down a very slow wind is used to give the lure life as the skirt drags along the bottom back to the lure wind slowly a few metres off the bottom then drop and repeat. No repeats were necessary because as quickly as the lure hit the bottom it was engulfed by the eagerly waiting snapper below. Today was one for the books, the bin was chocka before 10am and this was only the beginning. Size increased with every drop; we were getting fish up to

12 There’s no end of species that’ll fall for these tastles offerings!

Wee Mahimahi - fell victim to a micro-jig off the west coast.

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The arsenal.

around 7kg. Many boats in the area broke the 20lb benchmark. It’s amazing how we’ve gone full circle in the last 20 years. Back then the old lethal lures and buzz bombs were weapons of choice; now we have the likes of the ever popular inchikus and kaburas which have flooded our markets. They have made a huge impact in the way we target these beautiful fish we have inhabiting out pristine waters. The styles and colours are immense and each type has its own attributes that make it unique. ■

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Delicious by-catch!


Trevs on Softies

Chasing mighty Kaipara Trevs on soft plastics... WORDS BY Jason ‘Fish Whisperer’ Nuete

MY MATE DARREN has been chasing big Kaipara Trev’s lately in his back yard. Living in Shelly Beach, the Kaipara is just a stones throw away and over the years he has mastered the area pretty well. The plan today was to head out in search for some of those Kaipara Trev’s. We had


decided to fish for them on softies. Wait, what, we aren’t taking any bait! I must admit I can’t remember the last time I fished without bait. It would have been a very long time ago. Darren suggested today is a soft plastic day only.

Size is no issue for these healthy Trevs

Early in the morning, after resorting my

picked up Trevs straight away on the first

tackle box with jigheads, elevator heads

drift. It looked like it was going to be the

and plastics for our soft bait mish, I made

same all day, as soon as our softies hit the

my way to Shelly Beach. I left home just

bottom we instantly hooked up and they

after 4am and I took my time as we were

were solid Trevs too.

set to meet just after daybreak, at about

We drifted along the bank for 50 metres

6am. When we arrived, there was little to no wind, and with the bottom of the tide the plan was to get to spot X on the turn. His spot is between three to four metres deep and his favourite gulps are the 4” minnows and the new 4” Nemissis baits.

or so then headed back to our spot for another drift. Each drift resulted in big hits and runs. Every hook up didn’t result in a fish being boarded with the soft mouths that Trevs have, but it was great fun with bending rods and

We launched at the turn and made our

screaming reels on every drift. We even

way down the harbour. It only took as

had a toothy friend turn up which was a

a few min and Darren has pretty much

lot of fun on the light gear. 15

This is what success looks like on the Kaipara.

ch es, the by-cat And sometim

Although I don’t do a lot of softbaiting, I certainly enjoyed it that day. It was a great day throwing plastics around with some solid Trevs coming aboard. We also got some nice Snapper, Gurnard and Kahawai and to top the day of on the way home we cleaned up on the Scollies… What an epic day on the mighty Kaipara with a fishing buddy hooking into some great Trevs. Tight lines ■ No harm in stopping for


a few scollies while we’re


le! is less desirab

2 0 1 6


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Northland Magic

Words & images by Jason ‘Fish Whisperer’ Nuete, Pure Fishing

WELL, WHERE DO I START? Earlier this

Staying here allows you to just about

year I had organised another far North

fish in any weather the Gods can

trip for Pea and I. I had my new 550

throw at you. It doesn’t matter too

Senator and the plan was to head North

much what way the wind is as there

for labour weekend to chase Kings.

are multiple places you can launch from within 10 minutes of each other

We had booked two days off before;

to get a line wet and most times you

that would give us a 5-day window

will still land solid fish even in double

to fish. I have been fishing the far

figures. You can even venture to the

North for over 20 years now and our

West Coast if the weather allows.

number one spot to stay at is the Top

Pea and I left Auckland straight after

10 Holiday Park in Whatuwhiwhi.

work on Wednesday, not with my new


Senator in tow but a friends small 380

was looking promising. As the week

Senator. I sold my boat to move into a

went on it changed constantly. It

new 550C Osprey, so we dropped back

looked like for our first couple of days

to the little tin. If there is one thing I

we would have to fish the coastline

love to do and that is to chase big fish

around Knuckle Point. The wind was

in the 12-foot tin.

semi-offshore and it was only a quick

We knew we had options of where

10 to 15 minute run from the ramp

to fish, weather permitting, so we

over the road.

weren’t too worried we about the

The sun rose on our first morning and

smaller boat. Most of the spots I have

we were on the water at first light.

fished over the years are within easy

When we fish the far North we very

reach of a small boat and as stated

rarely chase Snapper. We are normally

before no matter where the wind

here for the reef fish that we don’t

comes from we should be able to find

get back down home off the Bays. Pea

some solid fish.

loves the Pig and Parrot fish but we also

After reaching the Top 10 in

try to find the likes of Porai, Tarakihi.

Whatuwhiwhi around 9pm, we

Lately, we have been catching some big

unpacked quickly so we could gear up

Blue Cod and on occasion we have even

for our first day. I had been keeping

pulled up some Puka pups off the cape

the eye on the weather and at first it

50 metres out from the rocks. 21

Many, many snaps got their freedom after a glorious fight.

Jason getting a good bend on!

Our first day gave us a few mentioned

breaking lose, Snapper after Snapper

above and it was a great day on the

was coming up they were also getting

water. On Friday, the wind dropped a

bigger and bigger.

bit so we headed out off the bay in the

We had dropped the Burley half

middle of Doubtless Bay. There were a

way and this brought the fish up off

couple of long line boats working and

the bottom. Our baits were getting

we could see they were pulling some

smashed as soon as we were letting

nice fish. We anchored up in around 20

them down. The arvo was an epic

metres of water. We had been moving

Snapper Sesh and in the middle of all

around most of the morning with little

the action I pulled a healthy Porae.

to show but our first few baits were

Pea pulled a few big Tarakihi and Blue

quickly gobbled up by a few small

cod that were destined for home.

Snaps around the 40cm.

By Saturday, the rain had set in and

We had brought along a couple of

the wind was up. It was looking like

big Burls so we deployed them to see

a whitewash so we took a ride into

if we could get some bigger mods

Maunganui to kill some time. On our

turning up. Each bait started getting

return, we could see that just off the

hit and after a good hour all hell was

Bay there were Gannets working.


The rain was coming down but even though the wind was up, it was offshore and the Gannets were close. Pea said bugger that (not as keen as me!), so I quickly sorted out the boat and within five minutes I was towing my lure in the workups. It was so quick the rod buckled over and I was into my first King within seconds. I got it boated as soon as I could. Being a solo mish I had to do it all – reverse the boat, chase the fish film it and then land it. What a great fish, it was solid and went 105cm. I quickly unhooked it slipped back into the water and got my lure back in, the birds had moved off while my 10-minute battle was going on but once again within seconds of setting it back into the rod holder away it went again. What a magic morning I had in the rain fighting Kingfish all by myself! I ended up catching six, all of them were 100 to 110cm. All went back, apart from one that was destined for the Smoker of the boat owner. Sunday saw the wind switch round to the South and it had dropped a little. It was all lined up as expected and with an out-going tide for the morning this time our destination was launching off Rangiputa – This is a magical place with white sands and crystal clear waters, the place just reeks of fish from big kings, Snapper, 23

Who’s wetter_ The King or the fisherman_

Worth getting beating from the weather for

Trevs and all sorts of other fish. We towed

sing, it was all go from the first bait that

our lure through a workup that had Gannets

was dropped to the last bait used. This

diving and scooping up Piper. We have

spot was on fire and the great thing was

caught some monster kings in this harbour

nothing was under 40cm, there were solid

but this time there were none or they just

fish coming aboard left, right and centre.

didn’t want what we were offering.

Pea’s smile got bigger and bigger and we

With the tide running with the wind, we

normally don’t get too overexcited but it

had about four hours to fish before the turn

was even hard to hold back the occasional

and in the 12-foot tin we wanted to be out

yea ha!!! It was a top morning with well

of there before the turn. I decide on a spot I

over 30 to 40 solid fish coming aboard

had fished with my mate Steve on a previous

and the best part they were all 40 to

trip, where we caught some solid fish.

65cm with nothing under sized or close

When we got there, we drifted and my

to it With us going home tomorrow we

bait was quickly smashed by something

decided to keep 4 each and we let the rest

that didn’t hook up. I told Pea we need

go to fight another day.

to anchor up and drop the burley. He

The Far North is a part of me. I feel lost

wanted to shift closer to a cliff for a bit of

when I haven’t been for a while. It is

protection from the wind (Old man!) but

special with it’s pristine beaches and clear

I was adamant there would be some good

water. I wonder how long this playground

fish sitting in the mouth of the harbour.

will be around, as each year I head North

The pick was dropped and then the burly.

I see more and more traffic. I hope to get

My first bait was nibbled at but when the

my kids there, and maybe make it a special

rod buckled over and my reel started to

place of their own one day. Tight Lines ■



How To Check out this great new online ‘How to’ page from Mandy Kupenga

F is a new website created by Mandy Kupenga dedicated of ‘how to’ fishing videos and articles, including how to prepare and cook fish. If you’re keen to learn more this summ er about how to catch a yummy feed and cook up a feast, check us out at Check out an intro video here. 25



James Webb with a very healthy looking 18lb Hauraki red.




Lee ‘Kayak Assassin’ Kennedy with a hefty 20lb+++ Barrier red.



Novel way of keeping snaps alive - Hat Tip Matthew Alexander



Steve Walkley with a spring snap on a Z-man softy


Mike Walkley with a Motuora snap.




Webb with a tasty Hauraki pup puka

Leah and her 4 year old Sam, enjoying quality time fishing for a feed 27


Smashed on the Rocks Words & images by Phil Josephs

NOT A NEW THING I know, but getting a bunch of guys or gals together that are up for a bit of adventure has really added to the quality of the fishing we have been doing in the Bay of Plenty over the last few months. Using our boat to access rocks in the areas that are producing some very good fishing and on occasion some pretty nice fish as well has been excellent fun allows us to lift the level of adventure on offer in our region. The Rock: Some of the things we have been looking for when choosing our destination have been critical to the success of the day. The first thing we look for is “can we get on it?”. Getting the boat up to the rock in such a way that my crew can safely get off with the


tons of bait, berley and gear the buggers bring is very important to me as the skipper. It’s pretty obvious but closely looking at what we have intended to land on before hand is very important. We do a bit of a ‘sit and watch’ for a few minutes to see what any surges are doing and what the receding surges might uncover. For first time visits to new areas we always have a man on the bow and approach slowly so as to avoid any unseen or unknown obstacles. The boat picks up a few bumps and scratches but ‘there’s none in the lounge’ as they say, so a small amount of war wounds has to be expected if you are keen on this type of fishing.

The other thing we look for when choosing a destination is depth from the ledge we intend to fish. We try to find areas with steeply shelved faces that race off into deep water as quickly as possible. It’s easier to fight fish in these environments, saves losing gear in the shallow ugly bits. Also, we are finding when snapper fishing that we are not only attracting the local 29


‘Kelpies’, but fish in from the surrounding sandy areas with the berley. All the charts and things like Google Earth are very helpful in selecting these place. We take into account wind and swell condition, as well considering how to keep the boat safe while on anchor so you concentrate on fishing and not checking the boat every five minutes is really important. We, when conditions allow, tether the boat off on a long rope to keep it out of the fishing area, one issue we have found with this is as the tide changes and current directions alter the boat can move into areas you don’t want it to and when fishing on small islands or large rocks the wind travelling around the them may cause the boat to drift back on to the


rocks. We have taking to off loading crew and gear anchoring away and then going for a dive and collecting Kina on the way back to the rock. Everyone will know the benefit of Kina in this situation so it’s a win win all round. The only down side of the we have found is how many people are prepared to drive up to the rock

and have a ‘nosey’ or drive past at a great rate of knots, just out of casting distance! After you have spent the morning setting a berley trail!! I am astonished by how this disrupts the fishing and it normally takes a good 30 minute for the fish to come back on the bite. So selecting areas that have low boat traffic is obvious to an enjoyable day. 31



Spring snapper fishing . . . . . are you ready for it? Get in now and get all your specialist spring work-up fishing gear at Rod and Reel

The Crew

FAX 5543 AD ID 6876726AB


SIZE 9.3X26.7 PROOFED 10/09/2015 10:37:58 a.m.

The Fishing





Getting the group together that are into it is critical. Having people that are confident to move when needed and work together to get gear on and off the boat has proven to be one of the strongest things to the day being successful. Willing net and gaff hands when good fish require their attention are also appreciated. We are running out of a centre console, it a very easy process to get on and off the boat. We have added a pole on a hinge sent up to the front of the bow rail that allows the crew member on the rocks to get control of the boat while we are close to the rocks. It prevents them having to lean over and hold the boat, lowering the chance of anyone going into the drink and makes for a very easy process getting on and off.


The fishing is excellent. The quality of the fish we have experienced to date has been very good. From very dark resident fish to visitors in from the surrounding area, they have been good. We have lost our share of very good ones already but appreciate that’s just part of it. If you have a chance, find a rock and give it a shot. ■

With gear like the Evergreen Poseidon, Ripple Fisher UL,Yamaga Galahad, Jigstar, Shimano and Daiwa slow jig / slow pitch rods, SeaFloor Control, Deepliner and HOTs jigs, Xesta,Vanfook and Daiwa accessories and YGK G-soul braid and leader, you have every base covered! Make sure that fish of a lifetime doesn’t get away!!

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