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What’s About To Sell Even Faster Than Smartphones? Chip maker, Intel says…

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Smart TV Device Future! of the

Why savvy Investors are Loading Up Now On Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)! $10,000 invested now at around 60-cents, could explode to $166,666.00 with an Apple or Google Buyout! ➤ How your first Smart TV will change your life. . . . . . . . . . Pg 3 ➤ The $500 BILLION market that Intel says is wide open. . . . . . . . Pg 5

INSIDE THIS ISSUE ➤ Why Apple, Google,Samsung, LG, and all the others are playing catch up . . . . . . . . . . pg 6

➤ How high will Apple go if a bidding war breaks out? . . . . . . pg 8 ➤ More profitable than buying Apple back in 1986?. . . . . . . . . . . pg 12

Nyxio Technologies could be my next 880% winner!

– Eric Dany

Dear Fellow Investor:

I’m staking my reputation on this one. Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO) — recently trading around 60-cents — is on the cusp of becoming the next red-hot technology stock. And, for reasons you’ll see as you read on, it won’t matter much whether the economy continues to sputter along or whether the DOW ends 2011 at 14,000 or 10,000. I think NYXO is an obvious takeover target and could easily fetch $10 or more a share! As you’ve seen with the iPhone phenomena, there always seems to be money to buy the next got-to-have-it technology. I’ve seen a lot of these Smart TV’s and what Nyxio has designed blows all of them away, I’m telling you this Viosphere Smart TV is going to revolutionize the way people work and relax. As this super-Smart, touch-screen VioSphere gains exposure, it’s going to be the hottest thing out there, the new technology that 200 million American households will have to have. It’s estimated that the U.S. market for so-called Smart TVs will grow to whopping $500 billion by 2015! That’s why I’m anticipating this 60-cent stock to be trading at a minimum of $5 (in the short term) in a matter of weeks and $10 or more if Apple, Google or Samsung steps up to the plate. If Nyxio doesn’t get snapped up soon, long term, the sky is the limit. Buying shares of NYXO now could eventually be as profitable as getting in early on Apple. Read on and you’ll discover complete details about both the amazing do-everything, touch-screen TV that’s also a full-fledged PC, as well as Nyxio Technologies, the cutting edge company that makes this one-of-a-kind product. Who am I and why should you act on what I’m about to lay out for you?


Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)

My name is Eric Dany. I’m the editor of Eric Dany’s Stock Prospector Main Street Research. My specialty is digging up the facts on little-known companies whose stocks are about to explode with profits! In addition to my regular monthly newsletter, every year since 2004 I put out my Annual Winning Stock Report. Last year’s Winning Stocks averaged…

A 12.8%, return, which was 20% more than the Dow. Our best performing Winning Stock was up 30% and the lowest return a loss of 4.3%. In 2009 our results were even more impressive with an average gain of 42.1% versus 9.0% for the Dow. Some of my other recent winners include: ➤ Sunovia Energy — Profits of 100%, 300% & 488% ➤ Calamos Asset Mgt — High of 302%, up 206% ➤ Transocean— Profits at 100% up 127% ➤ Quintana Marine — up 114.9% ➤ Celanese — 696% gain in less than 9 months ➤ General Cable — 569.8% Right now, every investor wants to know which way the market is headed. My answer is that you can’t worry about the overall direction. This market is strictly for stock pickers. You want to be in the kind of special-situation stocks that are not dependent upon an up market for their shares to gain. Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO) exactly fills the bill! I hope you’ll consider investing in NYXO now and that you’ll also want to mail the form at the back of this report to get in on my future picks. ADVERTISEMENT

In The Blink of An Eye… Every TV In the World Is Now Obsolete!

And Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO) has the only replacement in a market that could grow to $500 billion! Dear Investor:

newest Tech Frontier!

You’ve got to admit, it’s been absolutely amazing… the way one disruptive technology after another has created a brand new market that’s put tens of millions, even billions into the pockets of investors who were early to act.

If you’re not yet aware WHY the Smart TV is about to change everything, I hope you’ll pay attention. You’re about to discover that this market is on the verge of explosive sales and why Nyxio Technologies (NYXO) is in line to rake in the lion’s share of those gigantic profits.

First was the revolutionary iPod… followed by the Smartphone… and then tablet PC’s. The NEXT, got-to-have-it advance in the technology sector is the revolutionary Smart TV, and as you are about to learn in this report, the market is HUGE and gaining tremendous momentum. If you missed profits from Smartphones, Tablet PC’s, iPods or any of the multi-billion dollar technologies of the last decade, DON’T miss out on triple digit returns in the

In a nut shell: Nyxio is light years ahead of the competition with the development of the ONLY Smart TV that gives hundreds of millions of savvy consumers the features they want most. And that makes Nyxio a prime takeover target by Apple, Google, Samsung or LG. It also means that if you invest now while NYXO is around 60-cents, a buyout could make you RICH. With a host of revolutionary products, Nyxio Technologies has launched their continued… Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


flagship product, The VioSphere Smart TV. With a potential market of $500 billion worldwide (for this ONE product), the potential profits are mind boggling. Investing in NYXO now at around 60-cents could turn out to be as profitable as getting in early on Microsoft or Apple! But don’t wait. You want to be sure to invest now, because, for reasons you’re about to see… Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO) is a sitting duck takeover target. And, if Apple, Dell, Microsoft , Samsung or Google steps to the plate, I expect the price could end up north of $10 a share! Buy $10,000 worth of OTCQB:NYXO now while you can still get it at 60-cents a share, and if I’m right, a takeover could leave you sitting on $166,666.00! What exactly is a Smart TV? Smart TV will blow your mind! It’s what entertainment lovers have always wanted but never had before. It integrates TV with the Internet, so everything important to the consumer is connected and searchable on a single, big HD flat screen. Now you can have instant access to billions of hours of video or a wide selection of available apps and websites.

Smart TV is interactive, complementing broadcast programming with the ability to instantly find and watch television shows and movies, download Internet applications, and easily surf between channels and Web sites for a completely new way of using television, instead of just watching it. The Smart TV experience lets you search regular broadcast programming as well as online and personal content all from the same TV interface. It allows users to access downloadable applications, connect to social networks and access an infinite amount of entertainment possibilities.

Smart TV is the next logical progression after the smartphone The smartphone gave consumers a whole new way to access the Internet. Because they are easy-to-use and fully customizable, smartphone users are now accustomed to getting what they want, when they want it, and here’s the key… in a SINGLE device. It’s only natural that consumers now want to be able to do everything they can do with their smartphone on their big, HD flat screen TV. And now they can. Integrating the Internet and entertainment functions of a smartphone into your television makes Smart TV the nexthot development in the consumer electronics industry because…

The web has changed how we watch TV shows and movies. The Internet has become the TRUE “On Demand” pipeline that can feed into your TV. What makes the Smart TV the next 4

Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


“got-to-have-it” piece of electronics is its ability to connect with the Internet and give users what they want, when they want it in a single device. With a Smart TV you can play movies, display photos, listen to music, and even update Social Networks right from your couch. Smart TVs come loaded with a few common apps and most give you access to online stores where you can download more, usually at a cost, similar to smartphone apps. Netflix’s streaming service is booming. Hulu has a library with entire seasons of current TV shows. And anyone can create their own entertainment thanks to sites like YouTube and Vimeo. As a result of Consumer Demand, the Smart TV is already upon us, in its various forms from various manufacturers. It has arrived with 3D capabilities, web browsing and social networking and applications. Currently Samsung and LG are the big players pushing the Smart TV to consumers. Steve Jobs is on record bragging that Apple has already sold 250,000 Apple TVs. The first was shipped four years ago, in 2007. Why hasn’t it taken off like the iPhone and iPad? Google (Smart) TV was just released, but because it does not have a full-blown computer in it, viewers cannot just grab anything they want off the Internet. And it’s very significant that ABC, CBS and NBC have

blocked their programs from Google TV. The problem is that these early Smart TVs have adapted operating systems similar to Smartphones and limit users to an App Store and web sites that have been designed to be viewed from a “Mobile Device.” Until now, users had to learn a new operating system in order to get the most out of their Smart TV. Until now a Smart TV meant being limited by the Mobile Platform and Available Apps… allowing users to view only a Fraction of the Internet and forcing them to learn yet another system… Not anymore! Industry professionals have crowned Nyxio’s VioSphere Smart TV, “The King Of Convergence.” Nyxio Technologies lived up to its corporate slogan, “This is what Evolution Looks Like” when it released its VioSphere Smart TV…

The world’s first and only fully integrated touch-screen TV and PC! Nyxio’s revolutionary VioSphere is both a TV and a PC in one slick, integrated package. And everyone else, from Apple and Google to LG and Samsung are now playing catch up. With a VioSphere Smart TV from Nyxio you can now play video games on your TV… you can surf the Web… download movies… visit all your favorite social networking sites… you can send and receive emails… work in Word… do all of the stuff you do now on your PC… AND, if you feel like it, continued… Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


Watch TV at the same time on a split screen! Think about it — ➤ How often do you watch the news with one eye while your other eye is glued to your laptop or PC? ➤ How often have you wished you could update or check up on your social networks while enjoying a movie or some TV show without being tethered to your phone. ➤ How often have you turned off your TV or put a movie on hold because you needed to check your email?

Just as Smartphones took the world by storm by packing all sorts of technologies into one device, so too is Nyxio’s revolutionary VioSphere Smart TVs about to catch fire.

VioSphere Smart TV Features at a Glance: 3 22”, 26”, 32”, 37”, 42”, 47”, 55” and 65” LCD display screen with 1080p HD 3 Touch screen (also available in non-touch screen) 3 Built-in DVD player/burner 3 Bluetooth 3 Wi-Fi 3 Realtek RTL8102 PCI-E Fast Ethernet/LAN 3 10-11 mega pixel embedded Webcam 3 Embedded codec, microphone and ultimate sound system 3 Bluetooth Wireless keyboard 3 320GB hard drive (up to 1TB) 3 Operating system: Windows 7 Ultimate 3 Inputs: HDMI, USB, VGA, S-Video, DVI, AV, microphone, earphone 6

Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)

The Internet today is all about media (music and video) and social (sharing with communities)… content made for big-screen viewing. But Nyxio Technologies’ breakthrough, VioSphere Smart TV, allows viewers to put whatever they want on their TV screens — because it has a personal computer inside. Experts agree the public is ready to consume Internet content on its TVs because most of us disassociated the Internet from the PC when we adopted Smartphones. The mental leap of taking certain Internet uses to a TV is smaller than going from computer monitor to Smartphone. The transition to TV screen is going to happen faster than any Internet connected screen in the past. According to chipmaker Intel… The electronic device of the future is not the Smartphone, but the Smart TV. Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini recently predicted that… “TV is about to change more in the next year than it has in the last 50.” Samsung’s Justin Shaw tells us… “Consumers today are seeking high quality definition and a range of entertainment and viewing options, along with access to a variety of online content from their TVs.” According to a report from Nielsen, the TV ratings company, 94% of consumers who were surveyed for a study on Internet TV said that they would prefer to be able to access digital content or surf the web on their TVs. ADVERTISEMENT

A report from research firm DisplaySearch, predicts the global market for internet capable TVs will rise to 67 million units this year, up from 40 million last year. The same reports estimates that… more than 500 million TV sets with Internet capability will be shipped by the end of 2015. Intel’s Corporate Vice President and General Manager of the Digital Home Group, Erik Huggers has said that… “With a $500-billion (half a trillion) market for Smart TVs, there’s plenty of incentive for manufacturers to come up with something better, like the next winning product or service.” Let me assure you, that “next winning product” HAS made its debut and it’s light years ahead of other Smart TVs: Nyxio Technologies’s VioSphere, is the world’s first and only integrated touch-screen TV and PC!

Erik Huggers is Corporate

Vice President and General Manager of the Digital Home Group and a member of Intel’s Management Committee. Erik’s mission is to establish Intel as a global leader in hardware, software and services for the connected home and the rapidly emerging smart TV category. Prior to joining Intel, Erik was the Director of BBC Future Media & Technology and a member of the BBC’s Executive Board, and has worked with Microsoft.

Smart TV is already catching on, but the Nyxio (OTCQB:NYXO) VioSphere Is About to send sales into warp speed! Apple doesn’t have it. Dell doesn’t either. Neither does Samsung nor Google. In fact, as I said before, the Nyxio VioSphere Smart TV is the first — and only — fully integrated cutting edge television on the market with a state-of-the-art built-in personal computer. The revolutionary VioSphere is a fullspectrum entertainment system: it combines top of the line HDTV technology with a powerful, super-fast personal computer and a media center.

Now in one easy-to-use and beautifully designed VioSphere, you can enjoy a fully integrated TV/PC with components that include a built-in DVD player/burner, Bluetooth, WiFi and webcam. Nyxio Technologies

BUY Alert!

The easy-to-use Nyxio VioSphere saves space, time, money and energy and allows users the same experience and functionality of their PC’s…. on their TV right from the comfort of their couch, without missing a second of their favorite broadcast programming!

Stock Symbol: (OTCQB:NYXO) Current Price: $0.60 Target Price: $5.00

Recommendation: Aggressive BUY NOW Company Website:

The VioSphere’s touchscreen feature allows for easy navigation through numerous applications, and the split-screen design accommodates viewing television, films, videos, games or Web conferences while simultaneously viewing content via television or PC. Sleek and stylish, available from 22-inch models all the way up to a brilliant 65-inch LCD continued… Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


touch screen, the VioSphere is perfect for both residential and professional needs. The VioSphere offers many features that will make this product an invaluable tool in the professional and educational markets as well. With video conferencing, touch screen navigation and all the features of a standard PC the real world applications are limitless!

Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO) Has Already Beaten Giants Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Dell to the Punch. But with a reported $80 billion sitting in cash, how long will it be before Apple buys Nyxio Technologies? The technology industry is in a constant state of change — driven by continuous innovation, shifting markets, converging industries, consumer demand, and the need for leading companies to maintain their market share. Google just paid $12.5 billion or $40 a share

for handset maker, Motorola Mobility in an effort to remain a player by supercharging its Android ecosystem. All of the cash-rich tech giants of the world would much rather just buy a proven new technology than spend millions to develop it on their own while someone else builds market share. Apple has some $80 billion burning a hole in its pocket and a brand new CEO who must be anxious to prove his metal. Scooping up the only company with a fully integrated Smart TV would be a coup. And if Apple were to pay $10 a share for NYXO, the $150.8 million price tag for Nyxio’s 15.8 million shares would hardly put a dent in Apple’s $80 billion war chest.. But, if apple were to snap up Nyxio at $10 a share…

$10,000 invested now in NYXO while you can still get it at around 60-cents would explode to $166,666.00! And don’t think that couldn’t happen. What if Google, Dell, Microsoft and Apple were to get into a bidding war? Google still has something in the neighborhood of $10 billion in cold cash even after buying Motorola Mobility. Microsoft 8

Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


has a cool $60.0 billion in its war chest. And as I pointed out, Apple has $80 billion just sitting there. I’ll tell you who would be the big winner of that bidding war: YOU, provided you invest now in NYXO while you can still get it at around 60-cents!

BUY Alert! Nyxio Technologies

Stock Symbol: (OTCQB:NYXO) Current Price: $0.60 Target Price: $5.00

development for machines that can bring the Internet and digital TV together under one platform. But even despite their massive economies of scale the main competitors tout, ultimately, they’ve been slow to the market with an actual product that appeals to the masses.

Recommendation: Buying NYXO today is like Aggressive BUY NOW buying Apple in April of Maybe it’s because Apple 1986. Investors paid $2.50 Company Website: focused their energies in the a share, turning a modest wrong direction: using two $5,000 investment into components (Apple TV and $721,300. And at $0.60 a the users actual TV set) instead of one. share NYXO is an absolute steal, making Maybe the fatal flaw for Google is that it the ideal time to get in on the action.” they’re perfectionists and have taken their time Nyxio is a name you’re going in getting their Smart TVs just right.

hear a lot more!

As an investor, you’ll be interested to know that it’s not just Nyxio that sees the TV/PC integration market as a big blue ocean. Companies like Apple and Google have made significant investments into product research and

Or, maybe both companies have been so busy grappling for Smartphone market share that they forgot all about other emerging opportunities like Smart TV’s. Whatever the case may be…

Nyxio took advantage of their sleeping competition and slipped in nearly undetected, and bam: consumers are saying hello to the revolutionary VioSphere Smart TV. But that’s not all — although the VioSphere Smart TV is Nyxio’s flagship product, the company has introduced various other cutting-edge electronics and accessories. Other Nyxio products on the market include the Realm, an all-in-one PC/TV; the Omega, a 10.2” tablet PC; and the Venture Mobile Media Viewers (MMV), an exciting new class of continued… Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


incredible video eyewear that’s about to become the hottest new “toy” out there! Nyxio Technologies was established in 2007 to deliver high-quality, cuttingedge products to the consumer electronics industry. In only a few years, Nyxio has demonstrated a keen ability to innovate and keep ahead of the technology curve and as they say “This is what Evolution Looks Like!” As I’ve been telling you, the company’s flagship product — the VioSphere Smart TV — is the only integrated touch screen TV and full PC available on the market today. And it’s worth noting that Nyxio released their first product three years before the consensus determined that the Connected TV and Smart TV would ride the next consumer technology wave.

The VioSphere:

I’ve already given you a pretty good picture of Nyxio’s flagship product, the VioSphere Smart TV. It is the world’s only integrated touch-screen TV and PC, with fully integrated components, including a builtin DVD player/burner, Bluetooth, WiFi and webcam, the VioSphere is one of the most advanced Smart TV’s available on the market.

Other Cutting-Edge Products The Public Will Love! Nyxio has continued to identify gaps in the consumer electronics market and develop creative products to fill those voids. In addition, by consolidating key hardware into more efficient devices, Nyxio not only reduces the overall environmental footprint of end users, but keeps products reasonably priced.

The VioSphere is a full-spectrum entertainment system:

It combines top of the line HDTV technology with a powerful, super-fast personal computer and a media center.

The company enjoys distribution across several vertical markets and in multiple industry sectors. Nyxio Technologies is committed to developing a wide range of next-generation products and complementary accessories, including Tablet PC’s, Smart TV’s, all-in-one PCs and mobile media viewers:

The Realm: All in One PC/TV, combines the

latest in PC technology with HDTV for you and your family. It goes from work, to school, to entertainment with the touch of a finger. The full HD 22” touch screen allows unlimited easy access to the Internet, digital TV, social networks, movies, music and more. Integrated The Realm

The Company has the flexibility and maneuverability for rapid product introduction, allowing end users to benefit more quickly from technological developments and advances. 10

Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


with Window 7 Operating System, it provides the latest in vivid high definition display technology delivering the best graphics and quality images for viewing your favorite games, movies or other applications. The Realm’s stylish space and energy saving design comes complete with built-in WiFi, Camera, Microphone, DVD player and Bluetooth.

The Nyxio OMEGA Tablet PC The Nyxio Omega Tablet PC

They say that big things come in small packages, and that is just the beginning with the newest Nyxio OMEGA Tablet PC. It is the next generation, state of the art PC that is fully functional right out-of-the-box! The Nyxio OMEGA Windows 7 Tablet PC comes complete with built-in Web Cam, Wi-Fi and Windows 7 Tablet PC. The 10.2-inch touch screen display, with extra vivid color and graphics, makes it perfect for all forms of media, gaming and social networking. The OMEGA also includes 3 USB ports to simultaneously handle a multitude of external devices. The extending stylus puts added control at your fingertips, making navigation through various tasks a breeze. These capabilities and features make the Nyxio OMEGA stand out from other brands on the market while offering a very competitive price.

The Venture MMV (Mobile Media Viewer) A new class of video eyewear offering ergonomic and sleek designer styling with unmatched features and performance. The slim profile and full-sized image ensure a state of the art, fantastic wireless viewing experience that is compatible with most video and audio formats. The Venture MMV (Mobile Media Viewer)

With built-in 2GB flash memory and up to 32 GB with a micro SD for mega storage of media files, The Nyxio Venture MMV makes it now possible to watch your favorite movies, read E- Books and play your favorite video games, all in the privacy of your own virtual movie theater in crystal clear high-resolution and superb sound quality. The USB interface allows easy and high speed file uploading of all your favorite media to a 62 inch 16:9 wide screen virtual display in a non-radiation LCD panel. I can’t wait to try these high tech glasses, I have heard it’s an awesome experience! These high tech glasses deliver crisp, clear images, complimented by dynamic quality stereo sound effects for the best in style, performance and versatility. Perfect for travel and leisure, the light weight design allows for long use in total comfort for the ultimate continued… Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


big screen mobile viewing experience.

Here’s why every savvy investor should act now:

BUY Alert! Nyxio Technologies

Tablet PCs. But you also need to check out its management.

Nyxio Technologies is fueled by the passion of its founder, an engineer by the Stock Symbol: (OTCQB:NYXO) Because the TV/PC name of Giorgio Johnson. integration revolution is just Current Price: $0.60 Johnson got his engineering around the corner from the Target Price: $5.00 training at Portland State Smartphone explosion and it University and his first job Recommendation: could be even bigger. Century Aggressive BUY NOW out of college took him to Capital Markets, in a letter Singapore where he tested Company Website: released on MarketWire in electronics, now he’s on his August, wrote that “The Smart own and determined TV market, still in its infancy, to revolutionize the consumer appears to have plenty of room to grow”. electronics industry. The release also goes on to cite that according Investors, including you, could soon be to SNL Kagen, nearly 100 million Americans sent into a “dizzy swoon” of profits as Nyxio currently subscribe to some form of paystarts racing up the charts. There’s no telling television, but only 4 million Smart TV’s were how high shares could climb in the coming shipped in the US last year. The prediction is weeks. that the barn doors have been left open for But I can tell you this: You’ll be kicking innovators and manufacturers who are quick yourself if you miss out. and brilliant to capture a strong and sudden foothold in the market. You know, Apple AAPL was once a penny And with its introduction of the world’s stock too. I don’t think I need to spell out what first and only combination TV/PC, Nyxio has happened to Apple? established itself as the industry leader! I hope you will give some serious

The only way Apple, Google, Microsoft , Dell, LG or Samsung can possible catch up is to acquire Nyxio! And I’m betting Nyxio’s board will turn down anything less than $10 a share. $10,000 invested now while you can still get OTCQB:NYXO for 60-cents could explode in value to $166,666.00!

I have Nyxio Technologies (NYXO) as an immediate buy for its technological convergence genius, as demonstrated in its Smart TV and


Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)

consideration to my latest recommendation Nyxio Technologies (NYXO).

And, of course, I also hope that you’ll want to know about my…

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What makes Nyxio’s VioSphere Smart TV so different:

Q: A:

What’s the difference between a Sony Viao and the VioSphere?

With the VioSphere, if you turn off the PC, you can still watch television. If the harddrive is not on in the VioSphere you still have TV.

Q: A: Q: A:

Can you actually use your Blue tooth phone with the VioSphere? Yes, the same way you would sync your Blue Tooth phone with any PC.

Can you play online games with the Viosphere?

Yes. Because the Viosphere as a built in PC. Switch to PC and you’re ready to play games on your TV with a wireless or wired connection.

Q: A: Q: A: Q: A:

Can you talk on the phone with the VioSphere?

Yes, via Skype and a VOIP phone or the built in camera and mike.


If I’m watching TV, can I still chat with my friends on Yahoo or

Yes, you can chat with your friends. Just turn on split screen function and you’re ready to go.

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Can I record TV while watching TV or something else on the VioSphere?

It’s a GREAT DEAL with SAVINGS of $129 if you sign up for 2 years and all you need to get


Yes, just set the program using the touch screen and you won’t miss a continued… Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


started is visit my website, listed below:

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Eric Dany

Eric Dany Editor, Prospector Newsletters

The Nyxio Mission Is to provide the latest technology at a reasonable cost while always staying ahead of the curve as technology advances. Nyxio is committed to developing a wide range of next generation products and complementary accessories, including Tablet PCs, Smart TVs, all-inone PCs and mobile media viewers. (Emphasis on Tablet PC’s and Smart TV’s) Nyxio Technologies prides itself on having knowledgeable employees that contribute effectively across all departments. Our national sales representatives are available for product consultation, site demonstrations and virtual demonstrations as needed.

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Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


Nyxio Technologies (OTCQB:NYXO)


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Will Apple Buy Nyxio? Or Will it Be Samsung? Either way — Nyxio Technologies is on the verge of making early investors rich, as this special report reveals.

INSIDE: ➤ How to cash in on the half-trillion Smart TV market ➤ The breakthrough tablet/PCs that are opening new markets ➤ The breakthrough movie-theater experience like no other — it’s mobile and a bonefide mind-blower!

NYXO Report  
NYXO Report  

NYXO Report