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keywords Collaborative in design and execution, the books in the Keywords series bring together scholars across a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, to contribute essays on a single term to help trace the contours and debates of a particular field. Keywords are the nodal points in many of today’s most dynamic and vexed discussions of political and social life, both inside and outside of the academy. Providing accessible A-to-Z surveys of prevailing scholarly concepts, the books serve as flexible tools for carving out new areas of inquiry.

Keywords for Media Studies Edited by LAURIE OUELLETTE and JONATHAN GRAY


The essential vocabulary of Media Studies

Keywords for Media Studies introduces and aims to advance the field of critical media studies by tracing, defining, and complicating its established and emergent terminology. The book Laurie Ouellette and Jonathan Gray places thinking about media and society into historical context, whether that means noting a long history of “new media,” or tracing how understandings of media “power” vary across time periods and knowledge formations. EDITED BY

Bringing together an impressive group of established scholars from television studies, film studies, sound studies, games studies, and more, each of the 65 essays in the volume focuses on a critical concept, from “fan” to “industry,” and “celebrity” to “surveillance.” Keywords for Media Studies is an essential tool that introduces key terms, research traditions, debates, and their histories, and offers a sense of the new frontiers and questions emerging in the field of media studies.

LAURIE OUELLETTE is Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota, where she teaches media and cultural studies. She is the co-author of Better Living Through Reality TV: Television and Post-Welfare Citizenship. JONATHAN GRAY is Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and author of Television Entertainment, Show Sold Separately: Promos, Spoilers, and Other Media Paratexts, and Watching with The Simpsons: Television, Parody, and Intertextuality.

MARCH 2017 240 PAGES PAPER • 978-1-4798-5961-0 • $27.00S (£20.99) CLOTH • 978-1-4798-8365-3 • $89.00X (£74.00) MEDIA STUDIES

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PAPER 978-1-4798-3952-0

PAPER 978-0-8147-5855-7

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NYU Press Spring 2017  
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