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Undergraduate Programs Basic Interior Design Certificate (BID) Basic Interior Design Certificate Online (BIDD) Mission Statement The Basic Interior Design certificate provides an introduction to the field of interior design by emphasizing fundamental skills and knowledge in drawing, design concepts, and design history. Students build a foundation-level understanding of the technical and aesthetic principles essential to understanding space planning, color, materials, and finishes, and learn to visually and verbally communicate their creative ideas. The 24-credit BID course of study is the foundation of the College’s three undergraduate degree programs. Students gain basic knowledge of the field, and are prepared for entry- level positions in the interior design industry. All courses are taught by a select faculty of interior designers, architects, artists, and art historians. Successful completion of the BID also enables students to continue their studies in one of NYSID’s degree programs, including the professional-level Master of Fine Arts. Students who graduate with the BID certificate are not eligible for licensure without further professional education and experience. Admission to the Basic Interior Design program requires formal acceptance. Applicants will be considered for this program without a portfolio. Students are subject to the requirements stated in the current Academic Catalog at the time of acceptance. Of the 24 credits required for Basic Interior Design certificate, a minimum of 18 credits of professional and general education course work must be taken at NYSID. The last 12 credits prior to completion of the BID must be taken at NYSID. All courses within the Basic Interior Design Certificate (BID) and Basic Interior Design Certificate Online (BIDD) program are graded using the Letter Grade system. Refer to the current NYSID Student Handbook for Grading Descriptions and Standards. To earn the BID certificate, a student must have a minimum cumulative/ career GPA of 2.0. In 2014, NYSID received approval from New York State to offer the BID as an online certificate program (BIDD). Students matriculated in the onsite BID may take up to 9 credits in the online format; students matriculated in the online BID may take up to 9 credits in onsite courses. All 24 credits required for the BID certificate may be applied to the AAS or BFA programs upon acceptance into either of these programs. AAS and BFA portfolio requirements can be met by submitting studio work from BID courses. Some, but not all BID courses are eligible for transfer into the Bachelor of Arts or MFA-1 degree, depending on course content and grade earned.

2  •  New York School of Interior Design  •  Academic Catalog 2017/2018

CURRICULUM (24 CREDITS) First Semester — 12 Credits 101 128 141 150 180

Historical Styles I (2)* Basic Drafting (3) Color for Interiors (2) English Composition I (3)* Visual Concepts (2)

Second Semester — 12 Credits 102 119 132 134 181

Historical Styles II (2)* Textiles for Interiors (2) Construction Documents I (3) Residential Design I (3) Design Process (2)

*General Education courses

Academic Catalog 2017/2018  
Academic Catalog 2017/2018  

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