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Program Level Learning Objectives Master of Professional Studies in Sustainable Interior Environments (MPS-S) Graduates of the MPS in Sustainable Interior Environments are expected to demonstrate that they will be able to: ¡¡ Develop appropriate regional design decisions that are informed by the history, culture, economy, and material resource considerations of the natural and built environment. ¡¡ Examine passive and active approaches to achieving environmental comfort and efficiency control systems that enhance sustainability. ¡¡ Evaluate principles and concepts of designing, constructing, and maintaining a green interior through benchmarking systems such as LEED and the WELL Building Standard

¡¡ Design residential and contract interior environments through informed architectural and decorative decisions that support positive occupant satisfaction, productivity, and performance. ¡¡ Apply sustainable procurement practices by specifying green materials and finishes, and evaluating the use of nontoxic, recycled and recyclable building product. ¡¡ Engage in green project management practices that support the implementation of an integrated project delivery system

36  •  New York School of Interior Design  •  Academic Catalog 2017/2018

¡¡ Comply with green certification programs that apply to the hard goods and soft goods market. ¡¡ Select appropriate lighting fixtures and apply daylighting strategies for developing a sustainable and comprehensive lighting solution for an interior space. ¡¡ Demonstrate collaboration and team work by utilizing current methodologies and digital technologies to facilitate project collaboration and development.

Academic Catalog 2017/2018  

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