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487 Thesis Studio Credits: 4, Prerequisites: 417, 231, 271

The thesis is the culminating interior design studio project of the BFA degree program. Students implement the project identified and researched in the Thesis Preparation course. Students must present their work to a jury of professionals, and all projects are exhibited in a thesis exhibition.

490 Advanced Internship Variable Credits: 2 or 3, Prerequisites: 228

This course offers elective academic credit for college-monitored work experience, and is open to students matriculated in the BFA or BA degree program who have accumulated 90 credits or more and have a cumulative GPA of 3.0. It is designed to build on skills already learned in the classroom and to acquire new ones. Students have the opportunity to integrate theory and practice and to gain professional experience. An internship for 3 credits consists of 240 hours of contact time at the job placement site. An internship for 2 credits consists of 160 hours of contact time at the job placement site. Grading is Pass/Fail only.

500 Advanced Independent Study Credits: 3, Prerequisites: Approval of the VP of Academic Affairs

This course option allows the advanced student with a 3.5 GPA or better to create an individual program of study with a faculty member. Students are required to present an outline of their intended study to the dean for approval prior to registration and must present their final project to a faculty jury. This study course may be taken for elective credit only.

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