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Maritime Professionals, ashore and at sea

Attract the best candidates

Your direct channel to jobseekers in the maritime business JOB2SEA is designed exclusively for the maritime business, both ashore and at sea. We cover all areas within the business, comprising but not limited to. Authorities


Schools and Academies

Chartering Agents


Ship Brokers

Classifications Societies

Offshore Wind

Ship Owners

Crewing Agencies


Shipping Companies

Design Offices

Ports & Terminals



Pilot Services

Software developers


Production facilities



Recruitment Companies

VTS Services

Confidence commits When you handle sensitive data there is no room for mistakes Thousands of maritime professionals have shown confidence in JOB2SEA by uploading personal



and CV´s. They have done this, because JOB2SEA has proven to be a professional platform



and Recruiters can meet. At JOB2SEA we are committed to constantly ensure that there are attractive positions available at the platform and that the jobseekers get maximum benefit of the exposure on the website. Jobseekers can use all features completely free of charge. JOB2SEA is a private Danish company, with owners who have deep understanding in the complex way the maritime business recruits professionals. The present JOB2SEA platform was launched in December 2011. It is an advanced platform which is constantly updated with new features.

Maritime Professionals, ashore and at sea

Online anywhere - any time

Save time and money Recruitment both ashore and at sea can be a time consuming task. Traditionally, you had to create a text, get somebody to do the layout, get the layout approved, get it published and then wait for applications. Most companies have a policy that all jobseekers should receive a reply, when forwarding an application. That is the background for outsourcing the

improvements. You do not need to think

task to crewing companies when it comes

about layout, we proof-read your text, you

to positions at sea. When outsourced, the

get it published within 24 hours and you

crewing company can handle this, but in-

may even receive advice on additional rel-

stead you will have to pay a relatively large

evant advertising platforms like LinkedIn

amount of money to them.

and local maritime media.

JOB2SEA utilize the opportunities in mod-

Even more important, you have access to

ern technology, to optimize the process

new innovative concepts like direct person-

and you may even consider taken home

al email campaigns, where job seekers are

the crewing again.

targeted based on relevant qualifications and online live access to the CV database.

At JOB2SEA we accommodate traditional job advertising, with some important

Distribution of sailing time in years

Distribution of Candidates

How it Works JOB2SEA is designed both for online do-it-yourself services and full service. When setup as user, you will have access to your company dashboard. You have control of all job advertisements, statistics and you will be able to browse the CV database. If your company is not yet in our company database, then contact us and we will get you setup within 24 hours. You can choose to upload online and pay

choose to add filter questions, to automat-

with credit card or you can send the text/

ically reject profiles that do not have the

link to us and we will take care of everything

qualifications required. You have the pos-

and send you an invoice. Applications can

sibility of a long list of upgrades, to boost

be directed to your website, your HR Man-

the performance of the job advertisement.

ager system or directly to your email. When

See our price list for details.

setting up your job advertisement, you can

JOB Advertisement

Online ”Do It Yourself” Job Advertisement

- All work done by JOB2SEA team - Including proof reading

- All work done by customer online

- Performance evaluation

- Payment by credit card

- Payment by invoice

1 pcs. 400 EUR

1 pcs. 300 EUR

Email Campaign Stand Alone

Online CV Search “Do It Yourself” Unlimited

- Use the Email Campaign as an

- Search profiles on maritime param-

alternative to a traditional online

eters like STCW certificates, sailing

Job Advertisement and save time

time or ship type experience

by only addressing list of specially

- Unlimited number of CV Downloads

selected candidates profiles

1 pcs. 400 EUR

3 Days 500 EUR

JOB2SEA and LinkedIn JOB2SEA is Official LinkedIn EMEA Talent Solutions Partner and are able to advice you on best practice in using LinkedIn to attract the best candidates. JOB2SEA is an online job board which requires some engagement from users before it proves effective. For passive jobseeker - profiles that will consider changing a job – but do not find it necessary to create a profile on a job board, LinkedIn is the perfect upgrade. By placing a job advertisement on LinkedIn, you will get exposure to a social network with more than 200 million people and your job advertisement will be featured in the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” section.

LinkedIn Job Advertisement Upgrade - Featured in “Jobs You May Be Interested In” - Posted on job slot referring to Job Advertisements at JOB2SEA - Up to 30 days - Shared to LinkedIn Job Network

1 pcs. 200 EUR

VIP Partnership Agreements Some of the most respected and well known shipping companies in Europe have decided to establish a VIP Partnership Agreement with JOB2SEA. As stated by the HR Manager from Rohde

When equipped with a login and credits for

Nielsen, Anders Ostenfeldt:

full unlimited access to the CV database,

I have been using JOB2SEA web solution

the user can access JOB2SEA anywhere

as it is direct, efficient and straight forward.

in the world and search for profiles with

The old fashion, newspaper version is long

keyword search or with following parame-

gone and is only read by a few numbers,


as a consequence to this we decided to use JOB2SEA to target the potential candi-





dates. Another great thing is the feedback

preferred sector, duration in current role,

and statistics we can get from JOB2SEA

current location, preferred location, cur-

on how many people have viewed our job

rent salary, availability, eligible to work in


USA, E.U., U.K. or Norway, maritime training courses, STCW certificates, education

A VIP Partnership is a tailor-made service

level, education type, experience from sea

based on the needs of the individual com-

(years), preferred ship type, experience

pany. Typically it will consist of following

from sea (ship type) and more.

services: If you know that you have an ongoing need Company profile (video if available)

for new profiles to your company, above 10

A number of full service advertisements

positions pr. year, you should contact the

or a number of Do It Yourself advertise-

sales department and ask for a proposal


for a partnership agreement.

A selection of upgrades (Premium Job, Frontpage Job and Top Job)

Contact us at:

A number of Job Target email cam-

Email: or


phone: +45 3355 4570

F  ull unlimited access to the CV database

JOB2SEA Search & Selection The Maritime Specialists JOB2SEA is not only one of the largest

recognized Thomas International profiling

maritime jobboards, it is at the same time

system (DISC analysis).

a well-functioning recruitment company operating exclusively in the maritime busi-

Search & Selection

ness. JOB2SEA offers a complete portfolio

When performing an open recruitment pro-

of recruitment services.

cess, JOB2SEA utilizes their own platform, network and possibly a media package

Our specialties

consisting of local media and LinkedIn.

Maritime Managers Engineers/Marine Engineers

When performing a closed recruitment


process, JOB2SEA discreetly screens the

Shipping Profiles

market and contact relevant candidates

Naval Architects

from their own and external databases di-

Maritime Sales Profiles


Other Maritime Specialists Profile Search Sectors

Considering the fact that some companies

JOB2SEA operates within all sectors in the

want to perform their own final selection

maritime business and are up-to-date with

process using their preferred tools for pro-

availability, compensation package, search

filing, JOB2SEA offers in addition a Profile

methods, advertising, advertisement text

Search. In this process the main target is

and personality profiling.

to ensure that the relevant company has a number of candidates to choose from

Personality profiling When performing personality profiling, JOB2SEA uses among others, the globally

when performing the final selection.

Search & Selection The process is tailor-made to the clients specific need and can be performed as a closed and anonymous process if required. A full Search & Selection process consist of: Preceding analysis

Advertising of job (can be deselected in a closed process)

Selection of qualified candidates and first interview

In depth interview and profile analysis of top candidates

Advice and support for negotiation and employment

Composing of company- and candidate profile

Screening of the market via internal and external databases and network

First round selection and presentation of selected profiles

Validation of documents and references

Follow up

Profile Search With a profile Search, JOB2SEA helps clients find the most relevant candidates. The company will then perform their own interviews, profile analysis and selection. A Profile Search consists of: Preceding analysis

Advertising of job (can be deselected in a closed process)

Selection of qualified candidates and telephonic interview

Composing of company- and candidate profile

Screening of the market via internal and external databases and network

Handover of selected candidates

Contact us for a conversation about what profile you need and how we can create a tailor-made process for you and your company. Contact the JOB2SEA Team at: or +45 3345 5570.

“When looking for a candidate for a position as Operator to our Copenhagen office, we wanted to work with a company who had thorough knowledge about the market. That was the main reason to choose JOB2SEA for the task. The process have been very smooth, we received a larger number of relevant candidates and have enjoyed being part of the selection process. We can recommend JOB2SEA to any company looking for candidates in the maritime business.� Jacob Guldager, Operation and Branch Manager, Leth Suez Transit

In a relatively short period we have seen JOB2SEA grow from an unknown brand to a respected social media in the shipping industry. Due to a proactive and professional approach to the market we have now a good and relevant overview of the positions available in business. We find relevant and qualified candidates in JOB2SEA’s job bank and it is easy to have our own job adds posted on the homepage. Annette B Hasenberg, GM, Head of People and Culture, Nordic Tankers

Maritime Professionals, ashore and at sea

Denmark office H.P.Christensensvej 1 3000 Helsingør Denmark Tel: +45 3345 5570 Mail:

Climate neutralized

JOB2SEA - 2013  

A general description of JOB2SEA services

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