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Questions to ask


*Type of cancer *Stage *Treatment plan 1. Surgery 2. Chemotherapy 3. Bone marrow transplant 4. Radiotherapy 5. Hormonal treatment *Is Preservation of fertility suitable for me?

Ask for a referral letter Obtain medical records; surgery records pathology records Other tests; ER, PR, her2/neu, BRCA general medical tests

Fertility Preservation Specialist

*How is cancer treatment expected to impact future m fertility? *What are the suitable options for preservation of fertility? Embryo freezing Oocyte freezing Ovarian tissue freezing Others Combination *Is it safe? *What to do with the frozen embryos, eggs or tissue after cure *What is the success rate for my options

Blood work; FSH, estradiol, AMH, Ultrasound Semen analysis Other general tests required for IVF Referral for genetic counseling Co-ordinate preservation plan with oncologist


How to deal with stresses of treatment

Make an appointment

Support group

Help with referral Help with medications



Things to do

Fertility Presevation-a checklist  

A checklist to help you organise your thoughts, collect specific information about the health problem and inquire about fertility issues fro...

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