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Volume 5 No.6 Issue 3

President’s Message Matt Nelligan Let me begin by thanking all of you for your support during my first 8 years of service to this State Board and for the confidence that you have shown in me by electing me your State President. I consider it an honor and a privilege to serve the members of this State. I have often said that while the State Board does good work and serves a very important purpose, it is at the local level where the greatest work of our Order is done. The State Board exists because of you, and we are here to serve you, not the other way around. I promise that I will always do my best to uphold this belief over the next two years. I would also be remiss if I did not thank the AlbanySchenectady Convention committee for a wonderful State convention. I might be a little biased as I am of course a proud member of Division 5 in Albany, but this was one of the best State Convention’s that I have ever attended. Local Chairs Brian Nelligan and Pat McSweeney along with more than 100 others who contributed their time and experience to this

September 2007 effort are to be congratulated. The convention also showed that cooperation and mutual respect between the AOH and LAOH can yield great results. Karen Keane, the State LAOH Liaison and I shouldered our burdens equally and worked together on a daily basis. I want to also thank her for her cooperation and leadership. I look forward to working with Pres. Conway and the LAOH on many projects of mutual concern during my term. This State board has a very ambitious agenda as we move into the fall. I have asked members of the state board to take immediate action in the areas of Organization, public relations, Catholic Action, Pro-Life, Freedom for All Ireland and Political Education. Every committee Chair and State Director should be very aware of my expectations of them. New York has always been a leader in Hibernianism and over the next two years we will again break new ground. We have hired a professional public relations firm to assist not only the State Board but divisions and counties as well, with getting the word out about our organization. You will receive a letter from our State chair of public

relations on the services that will be available to you. We are set to begin a push for organizing new divisions in areas of our state that have never before had a Hibernian presence. This will also involve advertising and marketing and will be directed by State Organizer Liam McNabb. We will continue to make recruitment grants available to existing divisions and I urge people to apply for this assistance. On October 27th we will have our fall meeting in Binghamton which, thanks to the leadership of State Respect life Chair Leo Kane, will begin with our first statewide Mass for the unborn. Details about this will be forthcoming, and we hope to make this mass an annual event. No segment of our society has been more ignored and discriminated against than the innocent unborn. It is a high priority of this administration to highlight this issue. In addition we also are beginning initiatives in the following areas: 1. Developing and distributing a voter guide for all Hibernians so that the stances of politicians on our issues are clear to all members. 2. Starting a petition campaign against Same-Sex Marriage.

3. Using our influence to move forward a bilateral immigration agreement with the Republic of Ireland, and to renew existing visa programs for the undocumented Irish. In doing so we will not support any bill that undermines the National and economic security of the United States at our Southern border. 4. We will continue our leadership in raising money for the Christmas Appeal, and will have our first statewide fundraiser on Fri. Dec. 14th in Albany. 5. We will also hold fundraisers for the Hibernian Hunger project, Project St. Patrick and the Irish-American museum, so that our contributions to these worthy programs will continue to increase. 6. We will make every effort to convince the State Legislature that questions on the Great Hunger MUST be added to the State Regent’s exam, so that every school in our state will address this important topic as required by state law.

summer and get ready for a busy fall.

I know that if we work together in the spirit of our motto, we can make significant progress on all of these issues. It will take all of us to make this happen, and I know I can count on everyone to do their part.

As I take over as District #1 Director, I would like to thank Chris Kelly for his guidance and advice. I look forward to working closely with our brothers in the other divisions of district one.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the State mixed doubles bowling tournament in Chester on October 20th and at our State meeting and mass for the unborn in Binghamton on October 27th. Enjoy the rest of the

Our state convention was very well attended. The men and ladies of Albany, Watervliet, and Schenectady did an outstanding job. As always there was a lot accomplished during the general meeting and committee meetings. The

Treasurer Jim Burke I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the confidence that you have placed in me by electing me your NYS Treasurer. I am grateful for the opportunity you have given me to continue to serve our Order on the New York State Board. I pledge to serve you to the best of my ability and to continue the course of excellence established by my predecessors. I am looking forward to the new Hibernian year and working with the executive board toward the continued improvement and growth of our Order in New York State. Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of assistance to you.

District 1 Robert Flaherty

Schenectady degree team also did a fine job giving the major degrees. It was well attended by candidates as well as observers. The free night was a great time at all three hosting division halls and a good time was had by all. As our new President, Matt Nelligan takes over the control of the state board, new ideas and plans are in the making. The big major event in District one is the Irish 2000. This year it is going to be a two day event on, September 14th and 15th. If you haven’t been to this Irish festival, mark your calendar it’s one you won’t want to miss. The Schenectady Division had a baseball trip on August 25th to see the NY Mets vs. the LA Dodgers. They are also extending their lunch hours into the evening up until 7:00 pm on the 4 th Friday of the month, starting on September 28, 2007. There will be great entertainment in the club featuring Kevin Green & Company. There will be a $5.00 cover charge for this wonderful entertainment. The Saratoga Division is having a tribute to Timothy Murphy on October 7th, 10:00 am, at the Saratoga Battlefield. He is the Irish born person who shot British General Frasier, which was the turning point in the Battle of Saratoga.


District 2 Bill Powers Congratulations to all the new officers in New York State especially Matt Nelligan, our new President. Albany did a wonderful job hosting a successful convention. Start making plans for going back to Albany in ’09. I wish all divisions in District 2 would add me to their mailing list: William J. Powers 716-639-8992 I hope that I get to visit each division before the end of the year. Our Division 1 in Erie County had our summer picnic, we were happy to have guests from Niagara Falls and Rochester. Our plans are underway for a John Barry Celebration at our renovated Naval Park. Good luck to all the divisions.

District 3 Bob Loughery I hope everybody had a great summer. The NYS Convention was excellent. I got to see many of our brothers from the District. I’m planning on having a District meeting with all the divisions by mid September. Watertown Division is busy preparing for their ½ way to St. Patrick Dinner/Dance and Irish Person of the Year on Sept. 26. Syracuse Division will be hosting the Syracuse Irish Festival on Sept 7-8th. It is a big under-

taking; they are taking it over for the Syracuse Arts Council. I hope to see everybody there; it will be a great time. Utica Division had a successful American Irish Festival. Fulton Division will be running a booth at the Syracuse Irish Festival. I apologize for not getting information on all the divisions in the district but I will get them on the next round.

District 4 John Hyland I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who volunteered their time in the Bronx Hospitality Room at the recent New York State Convention. I sincerely appreciate all of your support in attaining the position of New York State Director, District 4, and look forward to serving you as I did six years ago. We were saddened soon after the convention to learn of the passing of our dear Brother Al Mac Namy who was a founding member of The Wakefield Division 5 of The Bronx. I was honored to perform the ritual and stood alongside our brothers to pay our last respects. Brother Al will be missed by all. Well, the dog days of summer are upon us and things are light amongst the District. However, upcoming functions are being

planned and meetings will commence come the fall. It was reported that Division 2, New York County will be sponsoring an informal meeting/lecture at Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 7 State Street, Lower Manhattan, (south of the World Trade Center site) on Tuesday evening, September 11 at 7:30. The speaker will be Father Peter Mehan, lecturing about the role of Our Lady of the Rosary Church at the time when the first Irish Immigrants arrived in New York. All Brothers are welcome. The Annual Bronx County Board Dinner Dance will be held on Sunday Afternoon, November 18th 3:00-7:00 at Rory Dolan's Restaurant, 890 Mc Lean Avenue, Yonkers. Man of the Year is Michael O'Connell, member of Division 4. All wishing to attend should contact Michael Flynn 212-460-6315. Enjoy the remaining summer and see you at the meetings!

District 5 Al Donohue I wish to thank all who voted for me at the recent New York State Convention. I will try to do the job that I was elected to do. My first task will be to UNITE the three entities, and try to end all the bickering. This I will do by attending County Board meetings in each county, and find out what is causing the dissension. Next, I will try to reunite my own county by attending Division meetings, and 3

conducting question and answer sessions (gripe sessions), to see if we can't iron out differences. I really feel that this can be achieved, with all the intelligent men in our organization. My second task will be to promote a Pro-Life atmosphere and encourage all to try to attend the March for Life, to be held in Washington, DC in January.

District 7 Stuart Fralick It is summertime, many members are on vacation and some divisions do not meet during the months of July and August, however there is a lot of planning going on just the same. The Msgr. Donal O'Callaghan Division 1, Broome County will be the host of the October New York State Board meeting. Br. Leo Kane, Chairman of the Pro Life Committee, is planning a great event for the meeting. The first annual Right to Life Mass will be held in Binghamton at 9:00AM on October 27th, prior to the State Board Meeting. See Leo's comments for more information. The Msgr. John Lee Division, Elmira, NY will hold its second annual Irish Festival September 22nd. The headline act will be The Town Pants, brought back again from Canada. For more information see their site estival.

Congratulations are in order as the John Lee Division hit the 400 member mark earlier this year. The John Lee Division was also instrumental in organizing a new division in Hornell, NY and, by all accounts, they are growing by leaps and bounds. They are holding an Irish Fest in Hornell beginning with a 4:30 Mass on Saturday August 25th -- of course it will be history by the time you read this. As I travel in the district, I will be looking for opportunities to start at least one new division. If you know anyone who may be interested in the Cortland or Ithaca areas, I can be contacted at (607) 722-5364 or by email at

District 8 Phil Sheridan I have not heard from the other counties in the district, this may be due to the change in board members and summer breaks. Here is some news from Rockland. County elections were held, the following are the new officers: President, Vince Tyre; Vice-president, Jack Ryan; Rec. Secretary, Neil Cosgrove; Fin. Secretary, Cy Hughes; Treasurer, Jim Russell; Standing Committee, Mark McCabe; Marshall, Kevin Donohue; Sentinel, Dermot Moore. On June 24th Pat Doherty of Sinn Fein gave a talk on the progress of the Peace Negotia-

tions in Ireland. There was a strong turnout at Pearl River Hibernian House for this discussion sponsored by The Friends of Sinn Fein. Div. 3 Pearl River will be sponsoring a Poker Classic Sept. 9th and a family picnic Sept.22nd. For information call 845-7350855. Orange and Rockland counties will be hosting a Major Degree on Sunday Sept. 23rd at Burke Catholic High School, Monroe, NY. Interested members should contact Neil Cosgrove,

National Director Martin Kelly Recently Irish American organizations met in New York at the Irish Consulate in NYC with Ireland’s Ambassador in Washington, Noel Fahey, and Ireland’s Consul General in New York, Niall Burgess. I was there representing the Ancient Order of Hibernians. So too were the Brehon Law Society and the Friends of Sinn Fein. The Orange Order’s participation at the Smithsonian Festival was at the top of our agenda. Should an organization that excludes Catholics be allowed to represent the culture of Northern Ireland in Washington? Of course not. We were assured that other organizations would be represented, including the GAA. Indeed the Sam Maguire Cup was 4

brought to Washington as a centerpiece of the festival. For the first time in history, Northern Ireland was represented in this country by a power-sharing government. Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson were here, not representing Sinn Fein and the DUP, but representing all of the people of Northern Ireland. Martin McGuiness said he is constantly asked how he is getting on with Ian Paisley. He said he actually enjoys working with Ian Paisley – because they are both working for a better future for everyone in Northern Ireland. Peter Robinson said he was elected to serve all the people of Northern Ireland and that is what he is determined to do. They clearly believe that Northern Ireland can have a better future. Both came to New York on Thursday June 28th 2007, and spoke at a reception to a host of Irish organizations, hosted by Bill Flynn and Tom Moran at Mutual of America – two of Ireland’s truest friends. By any standards this is historic progress. The Hibernians have worked long and hard to secure a better future for Northern Ireland. We can take real pride in what has been achieved. We are nearly there. Of course we would like to see the Orange Order mend its ways. Some say it is beginning to do so. How do we make sure it finishes its journey? Do we do so by publicly picketing its events? Or do we do so by working on the inside for change? If we publicly

picket their events, do we risk making victims of the Orange Order? If we do that, do we strengthen the hardliners? We need to weigh these questions very carefully. But maybe it’s best to keep doing what we have always done best – work discretely to secure change from the inside. So how do we project a positive image, while remaining a positive influence for change? That is the issue facing all Hibernians who care deeply about Ireland’s image in America and her future economic well-being. Let’s continue to work for change by engaging quietly with those who oppose change. That’s the Hibernian way. If we believe in the rightness of our cause, we can win the argument without a public fuss. The people of Northern Ireland want and deserve a better future, and that future means jobs. If we focus only on what is wrong in Northern Ireland we will never attract the investment that Northern Ireland so badly needs. We have all heard the song “God Save Ireland” and, most of us have heard of the Manchester Martyrs. T.D. Sullivan was inspired to write the song by an event that happened in 1867. Two of the military leaders of the Fenian Brotherhood (Colonel Thomas Kelly and Captain Timothy Deasy – both veterans of the American Civil War) were captured in Manchester; they were subsequently

released from a prison van by other Fenians in an action planned by Captain Edward O’Meagher Condon. Unfortunately a policeman was accidentally shot and killed. In their lust for blood the English authorities arrested large numbers of people, charged many and brought five Irishmen to a hasty show trial in which they were all speedily convicted (the sentences having been handed down by the London government before the facts were known or the jury empanelled). Once some facts came to light, one of the convicted was found to have been a completely uninvolved Royal Marine; he was quietly released. At the trial in Manchester, Condon was asked if he had anything to say, he replied, “I have nothing to retract – nothing to take back. I can only say ‘God Save Ireland.’” “God Save Ireland!” repeated the three men beside him. An American diplomat got Condon’s sentence commuted to life at hard labor, but the remaining three, William Philip Allen, Philip Larkin and Captain Michael O’Brien (also an American citizen) were hanged on the cold damp, foggy morning of 23rd November 1867 – the Manchester Martyrs. Kelly (who was, in 1867, the leader of the Fenian Brotherhood) and Deasy (who was the military chief of the Manchester-Liverpool district) scarpered off back to America. The two most wanted men in the British Empire would find honor, safety and freedom under the 5

Stars and Stripes. Deasy returned to Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he became the first Irish Catholic to be elected to Congress from Massachusetts. [His co-lateral descendant, Bob Bateman, would become a National Historian of the AOH in America.] He is buried, with an impressive green granite headstone in the Immaculate Conception Cemetery there. Kelly returned to New York City, served in government, and died and was buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in 1908. If you went into the house where Thomas Kelly was born, in Mount Bellew, County Galway (more recently a pub), Kitty O’Grady would proudly show you a photograph, black and white, taken many years ago of his headstone. Well the headstone, which was clearly readable when the photo was taken, is now melting away due to acid rain. It was a marble stone which identified him as being of Company I of the 10th Ohio. A group of men, mostly Hibernians, are working to replace the soon-to-be-unreadable stone with a new polished granite stone. Thomas Kelly was as important to the Irish nation in the 19th century as Robert Emmet, Daniel O’Connell or Charles Stewart Parnell. Anyone desiring to help, or to get more information, can contact me at Go saoradh Dia Éire!

Immediate Past President John Hennessy First, again I want to congratulate all the newly elected and appointed officers. Our worthy President Matt Nelligan is more than capable to carry out his agenda for the next two year, but it’s going to take the cooperation of all the members in this State. I will try to assist Matt in any endeavor he takes on. I have been asked to serve on a committee, chaired by Past National President and Past State President Ed Wallace and Paul Hans, to come up with some ideas on how we can improve our State Convention, the membership will be hearing from us on this. Matt has also asked me to chair the Hibernian Calendar. This is a fundraiser for the State Board; this helps us so that we can keep our State per-capita from increasing. The Calendars will be available at the October State Board meeting. You will be hearing more from me on this project. Again I want to thank the local committee for the excellent job they did in running the State convention.

Empire State Hibernian Issue Deadline 12/2007 11/15/2007 03/2008 02/15/2008 06/2008 05/15/2008 09/2008 08/15/2008

Organizer Liam McNabb “All Irish Need Apply” Congratulations to the newly elected and appointed members of the State Board, I look forward to working with all of you. As Organizer, I expect the next two years to be very busy as we embark on an aggressive publicity campaign in an effort to establish new divisions and increase our membership. I commend Worthy President Nelligan on assembling a fine team of officers and I hope to be able to depend on our officers as needed. In the near future, I will be contacting every State Director to discuss potential areas of development and target areas for growth. If there are counties that are saturated with AOH Divisions and starting a new division isn’t likely, we will need to focus on expanding or revitalizing existing or inactive divisions. The assistance and guidance of the State Directors and County Presidents is essential for this endeavor. NYS Publicity Chair Brian Nelligan and I have been communicating and meeting with our newly hired public relations firm with the goal of advertising and promoting the Order in specific geographic areas. At this time, contacts have been made and resources will be allocated in Columbia and Montgomery Counties. In addition, a new contemporary recruitment 6

poster will be developed and printed soon to attract a new generation of Hibernians. In the next few months, there will be numerous Irish and Celtic Festivals in many communities throughout New York State. If you know of any upcoming events, please contact me with dates and times as I or someone in a specific area can attend and work a booth to promote the Order. Recently, Albany Division 5 member Tim McSweeney volunteered at the Utica Irish Festival and signed up 20 new members who will join at least four divisions upstate. Thanks to Tim and the Utica Division for promoting the Order and our culture at the successful and well attended festival. Another request to all Officers and Brothers: keep the AOH in mind as you travel our state on vacation or to spend time visiting relatives and friends. There are many people and communities in New York with a rich Irish history and I feel it is our responsibility as Hibernians to foster their interest and involvement in our culture and faith. I encourage all Hibernians to plant seeds in every community through cultural discussions, networking and through our Church in an effort to promote the Order and attract new Brothers. Our new toll free hotline has been set up for anyone in New York State who is interested in learning more about the AOH

and LAOH and joining either organization. Special thanks to Maggie McNally- Nelligan and Brian Nelligan for their talents and creativity in setting up the hotline.

Charities & Missions Dennis Browne Brother Hibernians, first I would like to congratulate Matt and the rest of the executive board on their election and wish them the best of luck and continued success. Secondly I want to thank Matt for my appointment as Charities and Missions chairman. I know that I have big shoes to fill as Arnies’ replacement but he has told me he will always be there to assist me. There is an old saying “if it is not broke don’t fix it”; the same forms and reporting process Arnie employed will continue to be used by myself. Please remember your man hours at the rate of $7.50 per hour per man and that Hibernian Charities (501 c 3 contributions) need to be reported at the state level. Please forward hard copies of all contributions to the following address: Dennis P. Browne 15 park drive Chester NY 10918. Any questions can be sent via email ( or to my cell 845-774-9436. There will a major degree held in Orange County on 9/23/07 at 1100 hrs at Burke Catholic H.S. for further information contact me as above. 23-343-37 lest we forget.

Scholarship Thomas Conway Congratulations go out to Bartholomew W. Johnson, winner of the Austin V. Carew Scholarship. Bartholomew will be attending Notre Dame University. Bartholomew’s dad Patrick hails from Division 22 in Kings County. Additional students currently receiving the scholarship are Kacey O’Herron of Chemung County, Jennifer O’Rourke of Suffolk Co, and Kristen Armstrong of Suffolk County. The competition this year was extremely keen with so many well-qualified candidates. I would like to thank all those fine candidates who participated in the scholarship program and wish them well in furthering their education. The James F. Hayes Memorial Golf Tournament, which is held the same weekend as the New York State Board meeting in East Durham, funds the scholarship. In addition, this coming May we will have a raffle awarding Major League Baseball tickets. The raffle tickets will be available at the State Board meeting in the fall. Thank you to all of our members who have generously donated their time, talent and money to ensure that this scholarship can be offered. I heartily encourage all our members to promote this award, get the word out and of course support our golf outing. More information on the scholarship for 2008 will be in future 7

Empire Hibernian issues. If there is a High School Senior in your household, it is not too early to plan ahead. I would like to thank President Matt Nelligan who has once again appointed me as Scholarship Chairman. It is my pleasure working with the New York State Board and furthering the goals of the Order.

Catholic Action Daniel Case As your new Chairman of Catholic Action I’m ready to assist any member with questions regarding their Catholic Faith and issues of pending legislation. I’m preparing a petition for the divisions in our state to have their members sign concerning the same sex marriage bill before the New York Senate. Once the petitions are returned I plan on presenting them, in person, before the Senate to show our displeasure with this bill. At present it has stalled in the Senate. I hope that we as true Brothers of the faith do not let our opinion fall by the wayside and allow NY to become the second state in the USA to approve this. It is against our Faith as Catholics. It has been made quite clear from the Conference of Catholic Bishops that this issue NOT be approved. I sincerely hope that when you get

the petition in the mail you have ALL our Brothers sign. I will keep you informed as to the progress that we are making.

Political Education R.M. "Merc" Morris Via Liam McNabb: CONPOR NEWS. Through a strong grass roots effort from AOH, Eagles, Elks and Moose organizations CONPOR has again been successful having "Searching for the Queen of Hearts" and Treasure Chest" raffles authorized. These are progressive raffles that carry over from week to week with grand prize increasing in value every week until the game is finished. Because of CONPORS legislative efforts benevolent orders and all authorized organizations have increased sources for needed revenues. Guidelines for conducting these games are available on the Racing and Wagering website at Don't miss out on these opportunities. Begin play now! I look forward to my first meeting with CONPOR and its lobbying effort and will be seeking preliminary advice from Liam along the way. I must inform you of the RightTo-Life first annual Mass to be held October 27 in conjunction with the State Board Meeting in Binghamton. RTL Chairman Leo Kane is making arrangements.

It is my intention to carry-on the good work of Liam and to encourage participation by all Brother Hibernian's in the annual April Prayer Rally sponsored by NYS Knights of Columbus and co-sponsored by AOH at the State Capitol. We need a better showing of support by our Order's membership wearing sashes, standing tall and being proud. We want to be recognized as a true co-sponsor. Divisions should coordinate busses and membership should be recruited now by Division Officers for this effort. Catholic Action Chairman Dan Case will have some ideas of his own on this issue. I look forward to working with Dan and Leo in promotion of Hibernian interests. It is my intention to bring about an awareness of issues important to our Catholic faith and how these issues are being addressed by our elected representatives and others of influence, political or non-political. Issues such as gay rights - we only accept and recognize as legal and moral marriage between a man and a woman. Stem Cell Research - NYSAOH strongly supports ethical scientific study using adult stem cells in fight against disability and disease and is against human cloning of any kind as well. It is an assault on the dignity of human life and reduces the precious gift of human life to a manufactured product that can be discarded at will. Funding of Catholic Schools - AOH Supports establishment of Educational In8

vestment Tax Credit to encourage private donations to all schools and scholarship organizations; this would enable parents to get scholarships to enroll their children in independent or religious schools, saving taxpayers money and saving the state the money it would spend on kids in public schools. It is my intention you be kept informed of any anti-Catholic legislation that may need our attention, further it is my intention to become politically active as well as promote responsible Catholic advocacy among the faithful. Thank you to all of the state and division officers I have worked with over the last two years. It was a joy to work with you and learn from you. I look forward to my time being spent as your PEC; I guarantee it won't be boring. We have a great Executive Board. Congratulations!! Thanks to Past President John Hennessey.

Right to Life Leo Kane Right to Life Incentives 1. Each October in conjunction with the State Board Meeting, a Right-to-Life Mass will be held. This year will be the first annual Mass. 2. The New York State Board web site will have two right-tolife links. One site should be Each division

should have this link on its web site. 3. Each Mass supported by the AOH should have Right to Life Intentions included in the Mass. 4. Divisions are encouraged to check the literature in the vestibule of each parish church for Right-to-Life literature. 5. Each year each division should make a donation to a Right to Life cause or hold a benefit in support of a local Right-to-Life organization. 6. Each division, to the extent possible, should send representatives to the Right-to-Life march held each January in Washington, D.C. 7. Each Pro-Life Chairman and State Director should subscribe to a newsletter from a state prolife group, and inform members of activities and initiatives (i.e. Birthright, Mom's House, Right to Life). 8. Each District Director and division President and the division pro-life chairman should pay special attention to local, state and national elections and views on abortion, euthanasia, stem cell research, and the death penalty. 9. District Directors are responsible for the implementation of these initiatives. In addition, each Director should ensure that a Pro-Life Chairman is listed on the form-9 submitted following elections. 10. Divisions are encouraged to include a Pro-Life Mass yearly in their area. This is the current practice of some divisions. Efforts which are life saving need to be considered. Examples: Programs for blood donations,

purchasing defibrillators, etc. The sanctity of life can be respected in such efforts. Communication is vital for the success of this effort. Please keep your members informed. I may be reached by Email: Phone: 6077751026 Cell phone: 607 760-9380. 76 N. Sunset Dr., Kirkwood, NY 13795 The first annual New York State Board Right to Life mass will be held, Oct. 27th, 2007, 9:00a.m. at St. Paul's Church, 282 Chenango Street, Binghamton, NY 13901. The State Board meeting will be held after the mass at 11:00 a.m. in the church hall, followed by a luncheon. I have reserved a block of rooms at the Comfort Inn, 1000 Front Street, Binghamton, NY 13905, for Oct. 26th, at $75.00 per room. This includes a continental breakfast. Mention Ancient Order of Hibernian's when making reservation. Please reserve rooms by Oct. 5th. After that, same rate will apply if rooms are available. Fax # is 607-771-0206. Phone # is 607-724-3297. To make reservations, "only" is 1-800 -469 7009. The manager, Christine Madden, will have a map to the hall and also to the church. Sign up for extra guest privileges when calling in or on arrival or go to For those that come the night before, there will be a welcome 9

reception at 7:00 p.m. at the AOH Hall, 148 Main St., Binghamton. I am presently working on plans for the mass with Pastor Father Corey Van Kuren. I would like to know if there will be any RTL division chairman coming. I will try to utilize them in the mass. ** ACTION NEEDED ** Please call your senator and urge him to back the New York State Right to Life-endorsed amendments in the Assembly's version of the Family Health Care Decision Act to protect patients from involuntary euthanasia. We must prevent health care providers from denying treatment and even food and fluids from people in need. Ask your senator to oppose the Senate version of the Family Health Care Decisions Act (S.5522) and vote against it in the Senate Health Committee unless the bill is amended to incorporate the NYSRTLbacked protective amendments. Reject Governor Spitzer's Extreme Abortion Proposal Governor Spitzer has made a radical abortion proposal that would: * Guarantee abortion, AT ANY TIME, through all 9 months of pregnancy for virtually any reason * Force Catholic hospitals to allow abortions * Make abortion immune from any reasonable state regulation such as parental notifica-

tion, informed consent, or restrictions on taxpayer funding * Allow ANY health care practitioner to provide abortion * Please contact your legislators now! Join the Catholic Advocacy Network at: and click on "Take Action." It's a two minute process to make your voice known. Thank you for standing up for your beliefs!

Buy Irish Paul O’Donnell As the new chairman of the “Buy Irish” committee, I will be working on getting an AOH discount of 10% at the Irish Import shops throughout New York State. Perhaps a window sticker stating “Buy Irish” with our AOH logo for the shopkeepers to display, along with print and internet marketing, will help this promotion to be successful for both our members and the participating retailers. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions at 1-800-583-9452 or

Commodore Barry Mike Kearney My information is that there is no recognition given to Commodore John Barry at the United States Naval Academy, Annapolis. Compare this with the extraordinary memorials at the academy to John Paul Jones and others. During the FDR

Presidency over six million tax dollars were spent to exhume the remains of John Paul Jones from a cemetery in France and with amazing fanfare returned them to the Naval Academy where they were placed in an elaborate tomb and a very impressive monument erected. Another example is the Jewish chapel and center dedicated to Commodore Uriah P. Levy that was opened at the Naval Academy in 2005 with an expenditure of approximately two million tax dollars. In addition, The Washington Times reported in October 2005 that Navy Historians are joining with a Mr. Reaveley, who was born in England, "to try to find Revolutionary War Hero John Paul Jones' ship, the Bonhomme Richard, which sank in the North Sea in 1779." They were hoping to retrieve one of the 42 guns from the ship that could be placed alongside Jones' Memorial at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis. It is accepted, according to my information, that the history of the United States was written by WASP historians at Harvard, Yale, Princeton etc. and historians to the present time accept their version without debate. If you want a Ph.D. in history you have to accept the version as laid down by these "infallible" original writers of US history. It is long past time that Irish America becomes more involved in its history and not allows revisionists to pass on their personal view as fact. It would be very beneficial if 10

someone like Thomas Cahill, the author of "How the Irish Saved Civilization" and "The Gift of the Jews" would write the history of the Irish in America. At this time, I am contacting Vice Admiral Jeffrey L. Fowler, Superintendent, United States Naval Academy to request information on the procedures and protocol to be followed in having a suitable memorial erected to Commodore John Barry at the Academy. I have been in contact with several people on getting the book Gallant John Barry by William Bell Clark, New York: Macmillan, 1938, back into print. We are researching the book's copyright and the new publisher that replaced Macmillan. The reprinted book should include a copy of the Commodore Barry resolution that was passed in the U.S. Congress and signed by President Bush, recognizing Commodore Barry as the first flag officer of the U.S. Navy Public Law 109-142. The book should include copies of songs and/or poems written about John Barry. The book would be distributed to schools and libraries. There are other organizations that are very interested and want to assist in this task. I plan to contact the U.S. Postal Service to see if a stamp can be issued in memory of Commodore Barry as the first flag officer of the U.S. Navy.

We should contact state legislators and/or local Boards of Education and encourage inclusion of the contributions of Commodore Barry to the founding of the United States and to the United States Navy in school curricula. For too long our historians and the academic world have ignored Barry's contributions.

Historian Mike McCormack FLIGHT OF THE EARLS Four hundred years ago the last of Irish royalty left Ireland and the Gaelic system of government came to an end. It would be known in history as the Flight of the Earls and it happened on September 4, 1607. Most are familiar with the English incursions into Ireland over the years since the Norman invasion and the opposition of the Irish Chieftains. Some led rebellions, others sought cooperation, and a few tried both. Up to the reign of Henry VIII (1509-47), southern Ireland had been divided into properties ruled by ‘earls’ created by the Crown. They were mostly independent but Henry VIII introduced a new dimension to the status quo when he broke with the church in 1534 and declared himself the head of the Church of England. The Pope excommunicated him and many of Ireland’s earls sided with the Catholic Church. The earl of Kildare, “Silken” Thomas Fitzgerald, denounced his allegiance to Henry, arguing that

excommunication had stripped him of legitimacy. Henry responded with force and in 1537 Fitzgerald and five of his uncles were executed in London. Henry made the Protestant faith a priority of his reign, a policy continued by his successors. Thus was the centuries-old struggle between the Irish and English transformed into one between Irish Catholic and English Protestant. Henry’s plan for Ireland led to many conflicts. His successors, Mary (1553-58) and Elizabeth (1558-1603), fought many uprisings trying to impose British authority and the Church of England on the Irish earls. They fought Shane O’Neill (1560-67) and the Desmond Fitzgeralds (1569-73, and 157983), as well as daily violence against Crown loyalists. In 1587, Spain was preparing her Armada to invade England and Elizabeth realized she could not muster her full resources against the Spanish while the threat of rebellion existed in Ireland. Though Anglo Normans controlled the south, the major clans of the north remained unconquered, and she was determined to resolve that issue. The English decided to capture Enniskillen, Hugh Maguire's fort at the Gap of the North the main access to Ulster. Hugh O'Donnell, Chieftain of Tyrconnell, answered his call for aid, and the two Hughs swept across Ulster driving the English before them; they broke through the Gap of the North, and recaptured Enniskillen, then 11

routed the English at the Ford of the Biscuits. They next moved on Fort Monaghan, and the English sent reinforcements. They met at the Battle of Clontibert, where the English saw, for the first time, the Red Hand of O'Neill among the clan standards. Clan O'Neill had taken the field, and at their head was Hugh O’Neill, England's trusted Earl of Tyrone. He had announced at last, destroying an English company in the bargain. The last remaining Irish War Chieftains, the three Hughs of Ulster were now a national force with O'Neill commanding; he had 1,000 horse soldiers and 7,000 foot soldiers at a time when the entire English force in Ireland was less than 2,000. In 1596, O'Neill swept through the north and each blow was echoed by O'Donnell and Maguire in the west. The Nine Year’s War had begun. O’Neill took the title, “The O’Neill,” essentially proclaiming himself high king – a position not held since Brian Boru’s death in 1014. His goal, he made clear, was to gain protection for the Catholic religion and to ensure that Ireland be ruled by the Irish. The three Hughes scored victories against Crown forces, most notably at the Battle of Yellow Ford in 1598. But a huge British force under Lord Mountjoy eventually ended the Nine Years War at the Battle of Kinsale in late 1601 in which Hugh Maguire was killed. O’Neill kept up guerilla raids while O’Donnell went to Spain to negotiate aid hoping to outlive the

aging Elizabeth who would be succeeded by the Catholic James Stuart. Offers of leniency were refused by O’Neill, but when he learned that O’Donnell had been poisoned in Spain, the greatest Irish Chieftain of his age came in, on March 30, 1603, to surrender to Lord Mountjoy. He pledged obedience before the Irish Parliament on April 3. Then, after the ceremony of submission he was told: Elizabeth of England had died on March 24! James Stuart of Scotland was now James I of England. O'Neill had won and never knew it. He and his nation had outlasted the Queen only to be tricked into submission by Lord Mountjoy before agreements with James could be ratified. O’Neill was allowed to keep his land, and his earldom, but lost his lordship over Ulster’s chieftains who were all made earls of the Crown, ending the Irish title of High King forever. In the years that followed O’Neill’s rebellion, the restored earls of Ulster still possessed clan lands, but faced a growing number of English settlers and a hostile administration. Then, in 1607, London summoned O'Neill and O'Donnell's successor to answer charges of planning another rebellion. Knowing that English planters were ready to seize their lands, O'Neill and O'Donnell surmised that their destruction was at hand. Their only course was escape. The hearts of the Irish were broken as the noblest princes of Erin Ruari O'Don-

nell and his brothers; Conor Maguire, brother of the slain Hugh; Hugh O'Neill and his three sons and 100 other earls sailed from Lough Swilly in what became known as The Flight of the Earls. The last Irish defense against English tyranny went with them. They eventually landed in the Spanish Netherlands and from there proceeded to Rome. Their hopes of returning to liberate Ireland with a Catholic army soon dissipated and they lived out their years on meager papal pensions. O’Neill died there in 1616. The English government seized the opportunity and the fleeing earls were tried in absentia and convicted of treason, the penalty for which was forfeiture of their land. With 500,000 acres of land now in its possession, the Crown began a settlement program known as the Ulster Plantation. Its ultimate goal was to create a loyal population in Ulster through the settlement of thousands of nonIrish Protestants. Although it took a few decades to take hold, the Plantation of Ulster had a dramatic impact on the course of Irish history. Not only did it wipe out much of the province’s native Irish leadership by eliminating the holdings of the 101 Irish Earls who fled, but it threw open the province to settlement by tens of thousands of English and Scottish Protestants. By the 1630s, in six Ulster counties, Protestants owned 3 million out of the 3.5 million acres of land. 12

FFAI Steve Downs The letter below was written by NYSAOH Immigration Chairman Dan Dennehy. I cannot find words more approbate to describe the Joyous Occasion of British Troops leaving the north of Ireland. "I am sure you are aware that as of tomorrow, the 38 year old British campaign known as Operation Banner that saw over 300,000 troops on Irish soil, with 27,000 stationed there at its worst, will end. 25 years after the murder of innocent Irish civilians in Derry put the true nature of the British occupation in the world spotlight; there isn't much for them to be proud of. The longest running British military operation in history of Northern Ireland ends with the withdrawal of all but 5,000 British soldiers. Although they will remain on Irish soil, the remaining 5,000 will be garrisoned for global deployment, and will not support the Northern Police as was originally thought. The Brits may try to spin the event in their favor and claim some kind of victory out of this. The fact remains that because of the work of our organization and the efforts of generations of Irish and Irish American men and women, tonight British flags will be lowered at closing bases in Northern Ireland and, please God, never to be raised again over Irish soil. " Albany FFAI Chairman Mark Kleege announced that Paul

Murray will be the recipient of the Father John Murphy Award on Sat. Nov. 10 at Albany AOH, a noteworthy occasion given Paul's commitment to the struggles of the north of Ireland. Paul is a long time Division # 5 member and past chair of Division # 5 FFAI. Paul holds the distinction of being the only non Irish born Noraid National Chairman in the long and storied history of Irish Northern Aid in America. Once referred to as the "The most Dangerous Man in America" by Margaret Thatcher. Paul's impact on the public awareness and fundraising activities play a huge part in the defeat of bigotry, discrimination, occupation and murder. For more than thirty years Paul has led the way by example in the Republican cause of a United and Free Ireland. Tiocfaidh Ar La

NY LAOH Dear Brothers Please let us introduce ourselves. We are Carol Ann Carley, Immediate Past President of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians Inc. New York State Board and current State Organizer, and Maggie McNally Nelligan former webmaster for the New York State Board and current New York State Deputy Organizer. We know that throughout New York State, there are women who are interested in joining our Order and there are women that are interested in starting new divisions. The problem

appears to be a lack of communication, and accessibility. We are planning to work hard to increase communication and increase New York State membership. Currently Maggie is working on a 1- 800-phone number that we hope will enable interested parties at least a contact number. We also plan to use the New York State web page and New York State St. Brigid's Connection newsletter. Both Maggie and I will be available to meet with groups of women or individuals to introduce our Order and our goals to those who are unfamiliar with us. Most people only know us as women who march in the various St. Patrick's Day Parades. We urge you, our Hibernian Brothers, to give our names and phone numbers to women who may show an interest in the Order. While we are preparing our program, please do not hesitate to call us. Very truly yours, In our Motto of Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity Carol Ann Carley, Organizer (518) 272-4097 57 Excelsior Avenue Troy, NY 12180

Maggie McNally Nelligan, Deputy Organizer (518) 488-8994 114 Kent Street , Albany, NY 12206 13



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