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Editors Word. Happy New Year IT IS 2011 y’all. Another year may have gone by, but once again we are left with the proud achievements that we have accomplished in 2010. We can now take them forward and set ourselves further goals for 2011. Goals that make the Scrubsinspired voices in your head say: “Go on with yo’ bad self.” In 2010 NXG Magazine was back with some brand new re-launched issues and a brand-spanking new website. I am delighted to say that we have had a ball bringing you all of the exclusive news, interviews and hullabaloos. So here is to another fun and frivolous year. Hugely exciting British comedy drama, Misfits brought us some genius bits of telly at the end of 2010 (Isn’t future Simon the most wholesome of all creatures?) The highly successful second series may well be over; but we look ahead to series three with a spiced up Young Stars of the Issue: Misfits Special. Yes, that is right, for one time only NXG gives you all five Misfits actors as our young stars of January 2011! With anything involving change, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the new promises that we make to ourselves at the beginning of a year. So have a little look at the Be Inspired section. Speaking of New Year’s resolutions, ours was to spoil you with the latest gadgets for those James Bond enthusiasts among you. Also, for the headhiding hat-wearers out there, we have an impressive array of winter warmers. I probably should not mention this but my New Year’s resolution is to marry Bobby from Ugly Betty (please do not laugh, it is a serious matter). I am pleased to say that British music and sport had a wicked 2010 and I am sure that things can only get better this year. One of the music highlights may well have been the emotional Game Over perfor-

mance by Tinchy and co at the MOBOs. I was surprised to find out that one of the Game Over rapper’s has teamed up with JLS for their next single. I will not go into it now, you will have to turn over to Music News to find out who it is. Like many, a lot of us NXGziner’s may be disappointed with the rise in tuition fees. Do not be discouraged, we have an alternative guide to pursuing your desired career right here. Be sure to find many interviews including one from Javone Prince from PhoneShop. Looking back, we have featured many Get In 2 industry pros in the past such as Diversity. However, what we want to know is- what celebs do you want to see interviewed for our Get In 2 section? So whatever you do, make sure you tweet us or facebook us @ NXGMagazine. Love, peace & unity,



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Tao Digital Photo Keychain

It is ultra slim, USB-friendly and has a 1.5” LCD screen. It is also a great way to keep your nearest and dearest close to your heart...or at least your keys. You’d be mad not to. £12.99

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The mini, and



The latest must have gizmos for 2011 By Emma knock Samsung Galaxy Tab

Don’t buy into the Apple hype? Why not check out this offering from Samsung. The Galaxy Tab combines all of their most innovative technology, giving users a ‘pc-like’ experience on a 7” screen complete with e-mails, video calls and MMS. £449.00

Coin Saving Jar

There’s nothing more annoying than counting all your coppers, then losing count and having to start all over again. Don’t fear, help is at hand. This handy little electronic money box counts your change for you. Sorted. £9.99



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Winter Wonders

Check out our top six hats that are guaranteed to keep you toasty and on trend. By Maz Kahn

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BABY BLUE Meet the UK’s up and coming female rapper of the moment, Baby Blue. She catches up with Maz Khan to talk about her debut album, the UK grime scene and her dreams of working with Jay-Z.

THE GRIME scene is most definitely a man’s world. Females have come and gone, but ultimately, the dudes have been dominating the scene from day one. Blue is here to prove to you that it is all about to change. This inspirational artist has travelled all over New York, collaborated with Estelle and John Legend, gained respect from her male peers and even collaborating with some of them. Her new single, Double Up, is causing huge waves in the music scene and now everyone is waiting for the release of her debut album.

Hey Blue. How did you find your passion for spitting?

When did you receive your first big break?

—When I was younger, I used to listen to Nas and Jay-Z, I have always loved rap. A few of my friends started a crew, but they had no females, as usual. They asked me to write some lyrics, as they wanted me to be like the Lil Kim of the crew. Initially, I thought no way, but I gave writing a go and when it came to rapping for them, they said I was banging. So I carried on practising and got better. I felt I had finally found something that I genuinely loved. I then started a college course in film writing, which actually helped me write some raw lyrics.

—I guess it would be when Estelle picked me up in 2005. She took me all around the world and I was her hype girl on tour. It was incredible. She took me to New York where I met John Legend and loads of other stunning artists. In New York, it was my first time in a proper studio, meeting with real producers… that was the first moment I felt like I was living the dream.

What was your childhood dream? — I wanted to be a Hollywood actress, but when I got into music, nothing else mattered. I would like to get into acting one day, and I will pursue it when I have the time. I am too in love with music right now and I want to put all my energy into my album.


How did you meet Estelle? —Well my manager sent her some of my material, although I think she had already heard of me. I had wanted to work with her for some time as she was really doing her thing. When she got back to my manager I ended up meeting up with her and that is when I became her hype girl. We spent a lot of time together. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity that has helped shape my career.

How was British Rap received in the US? —It is getting better now. Back in the day, most Americans said they couldn’t understand what we were saying. We rap quite fast in the UK in comparison to them so most of the time they would say that they really liked it, but they simply couldn’t understand. However, nowadays, a lot of American artists are hopping on to grime tracks and dubstep. It is becoming more popular and accepted across the pond. Just look at Diddy’s grime version of Hello Good Morning, featuring Skepta. That was a major step forward in the grime scene.

How difficult has it been for you as a female in the game? — You have to work ten times harder than a dude just to get to the same position as him. A lot of people will not take you seriously. You are criticised on the way you dress and how you appear as well as your vocals. What I hate is that, females often get



I just want to be compared as an artist, not a woman.

put in a box. I do not want to be compared with other female artists. The media always tries to turn women against each other. All I ever hear is; “Who is the best female mc?” I just want to be compared as an artist, not a woman. For me, I just concentrate on putting out hot verses. On the plus side, as a female in the game you do stand out, people listen more. There are so many guys in the game, that as a woman, if you play it right, you can really shine.

Who has been your favourite collaboration to date? — My track with Estelle and John Legend was a massive accomplishment to me, as they are both amazing artists.

Who is your dream artist to work with? —Jay-Z all the way, every day. I absolutely love him and have always looked up to him. I think he’s always consistent, he is a great business man, and he delivers sick bars. I love Nas as well, but my dream collaboration would be with Jay-Z.

So what is next on your horizon? —My main task at the moment is finishing my album. I have done a lot of features and mixtapes so I definitely think it is time my album came out so I can give my fans some real material. I have recorded so much. I was due to release my album this year, but it has been pushed back to 2011, as I wanted it to reek of perfection.

Finally, what advice do you have for up and coming female artists? —Work hard, be persistent, and do not let the knocks you receive hold you back. Keep trying and you will win. Make sure you have a good team behind you, a team that support you and let you make your own choices. Never let anyone steer you away from your instincts. Always do what feels right to you. Look out for the album of this issues Future Star this 2011

Do not let the knocks hold you back. Keep trying and you will win.



MUSIC NEWS NXG Mag Music Scoop!

By Yasmine Bendjoudi

JLS team up with Tinie Tempah AND British dubstep music sensation Katy B opens for John Legend and plan to launch clothing line! announces UK Spring tour AFTER the success of their number one charity single, Love You More, the biggest boy band in the country, are back with another single that features none other than the UK’s biggest rapper, Tinie Tempah. The single entitled Eyes Wide Shut includes the smooth vocals of Aston and his boys, as well as a slick verse or two from Tinie. It is expected to drop just before Valentine’s Day on February 13. A track from Outta This World (an album that has sold 500,000 copies) it is a slightly different rendition from the version on the album. The Beat Again singers seem to be invincible as they are currently busy with their 40date sell-out tour that began in November last year and will end later this January. It suddenly becomes clear why band member Marvin has chosen to end his relationship with The Saturdays’ Rochelle Wiseman due to work constraints. The London lads are doing better than ever with their popularity at an all-time high and if that is not enough then all of you JLS enthusiasts will be happy to hear that they are gearing up to launch their very own clothing line this year, under the name of 2KX. We can’t wait to see if the clothing line lives up to the personalised condoms. 10 | NXGZINE

Great news for all of us Katy fans as the ‘Katy on a mission’ hit-maker announces her next mission GREAT news for all of us Katy fans as the Katy On A Mission hit-maker announces her next mission is a UK tour this April. The young star, whose latest single Lights On features MC veteran Miss Dynamite, has only ever been a support act. She recently opening up for John Legend and The Roots at Hammersmith Apollo. Katy delivered a great set for the US mega-artists as her vocal proved to be flawless. The tour is expected to be kicking off on April 19 in Oxford and wrapping up in London’s KOKO venue on May 12. As she is one of Britain’s rising stars, we bring you the full UK tour dates below. She is a monster on the live stage so do not forget to check her out. Oxford O2 Academy (April 9) Bristol Thekla (April 30) Cardiff Millennium Music Hall (May 1) Manchester O2 Academy (May 29) Glasgow O2 Academy 3 (May 5) Newcastle Other Rooms (May 6) Leeds Cockpit (May 7) Nottingham Rescue Rooms (May 9) Birmingham Academy 3 (May 10) Norwhich Arts Centre (May 11) London KOKO (May 12)


you s @ o d t u Wha ? Tweet ! k ne i z a thin ag M G NX

Usher expresses his love for the UK by relocating SPEAKING of tours. Oh my Gosh, it is good to know Usher loves us so much that, he is relocating to Britain for two months to be with me (Oops I mean us). The platinum-selling artist behind the teenage super star Justin Bieber is also rumoured to be planning a surprise guest performance from his mini protégé in one of his shows. With an already impressive 10 dates lined up for his UK tour, his added date comes as a delight to fans who will be getting one more chance to catch a glimpse of his packed-out world tour. What’s more is, my US correspondent has given me the low down on his tour, and you can expect it to be spectacular is all we are saying.

Ne-Yo backs Jackson family against Sony's decision to release unfinished Michael album. THE Beautiful Monster singer joined fans and friends, including legendary composer Quincy Jones, in expressing his disapproval of Sony’s decision to release Michael’s unfinished album. The self-titled LP is said to feature tracks with un-finalised vocals and never heard before recordings of songs that the King of pop allegedly did not want released. When asked if he had had a listen to it, Ne-Yo responded by saying, “I haven’t heard it yet, and I’m not really trying to hear it,” Speaking to TMZ he explained his reasons, “I’ma stick to my old Mike, if Michael was alive, I don’t think the album would be out yet.” Whilst it is no secret that Michael was a perfectionist in taking long periods to complete his albums, there has even been much speculation around whether some of the vocals are even his. The Jackson family have already made it clear that they believe that some of the songs on the album contain impersonators vocals. However, Sony have denied all claims that the tracks include any vocals that are not his. It is reported that Sony also have a hard-drive full of previously unreleased MJ material that they plan to release. Surely any new Michael material cannot be a bad thing? NXGZINE | 11

MUSIC Christina to quit music for movies? THE SINGING starlet, who recently performed with X Factor’s Rebecca Ferguson in the finals, expressed her desire to leave music for film after shooting Burlesque. The film marks her acting debut, telling the story of a small town girl who becomes an aspiring on-stage performer when she falls for the art of burlesque. In talking about catching the acting bug the Not MySelf Tonight chart topper said: “I would like to do more film in the future, maybe a departure from the musicals. I’ve definitely caught the bug a little bit!’ The soon to be 30-year-old singer is currently finalising her divorce to record producer husband Jordan Bratman and is looking forward to her Hollywood career. She revealed to Bang Showbiz, “In the business, people get really scared of age but I wear my wounds as something I’m proud of. You learn so much more about yourself and now I couldn’t even imagine being 20 again. I really wouldn’t want to be, to be honest, going through all the growing pains.” Since her Genie in a Bottle days she has gone through many changes, from her Dirrty days to her glamorous Marilyn Monroe inspired phase. Remarking on her ever-chaging style she said: “Now I just feel that I’ve arrived at a place where I’m experiencing a lot of change for myself in a great way. I’m growing as a person and as a woman; I think that this is the beginning of a new chapter for me.” Well it seems that the singer that started her career as a child at Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club has well and truly grown up, but please do not shy away from that big voice, girl.



Jessie J is NXG mags one to watch this 2011 IT IS a new year and with it comes great new talent. Jessie is most definitely one of them. Having already written songs for the likes of Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys, she recently won the BRIT Awards’ Critics Choice, which she will receive this February. The prize is for the artist most likely to break through in the next year and the winner is chosen by a panel of approximately 100 newspaper, magazine, and web and TV editors. Her catchy debut single Do It Like A Dude’

reached number 25 in the charts and you can expect some more catchy and feisty work from this gifted lady as she prepares to release her second single, entitled Price Tag. 22-year-old Jessie J, real name Jessica Cornish, is also currently shortlisted for the BBC’s Sound of 2011, which will announce it’s winner this month (January). We recommend you YouTube her and have a listen to her amazing vocals. If you don’t know, get to know.

Album Releases Time to take a look at the upcoming album releases for some pleasant surprises.. Album The Script - Science & Faith Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows Neon Quartet - Catch Me Lee Ryan - Confessions Akon - Akonic Adele - 21 Pitbull - Planet Pit Marsha Ambrosius (Floetry) - Late Nights, Early Mornings

Release Date 18 January 25 January 25 January 31 January 21 February 22 February 22 February 22 February



NXGzine Calls

The PhoneShop


Javone Prince

PhoneShop-4-U: Maz Khan speaks to Javone Prince about Dangerous Liasons, scary fans and breaking the rules

You can’t go around calling yourself a doctor if you aren’t actually a doctor. Try telling Dr. Dre that!

WHEN TV Series, PhoneShop, aired in late 2009, no one had anticipated the popularity that would surround it. A new staple in British television, it is edgy, unusual, humorous and ever so current. With the script being edited by comedy mastermind Ricky Gervais and Channel 4 commissioning another series, the PhoneShop crew have been enjoying their new found fame. We chat to the man behind the infamous character who claims to be a Dr. Dre’s standards at least. 14 | NXGZINE

NXGDOES makes our target audience laugh. Not everyone gets the humour, but the ones that do tend to be die-hard fans.

When did you begin acting? — I wanted to be an actor from the age of eight. I remember watching Dangerous Liaisons and although I was too young to understand everything that was going on, I knew from that point that I wanted to act.

What is next for The Phoneshop? — Well, series one is over now but as it was so popular I can confirm that we will be shooting series two soon.

My family could not afford for me to go to drama school, so I found it hard to get involved in acting at that time. However, at the age of 14 I was recommended by a friend to a company called YCTV (Youth Culture Television) and it was there that I learnt all about the business.

It was a great learning curve for me. From there it was a daily struggle of auditions and rejections, but you have to keep on it. I eventually got my first break in a role on My Family.

What type of roles do you enjoy doing the most? — I definitely enjoy the darker, grittier roles. I like the crying and the drama. When I was younger I knew that was definitely what I wanted to be involved in, but later on in my career, everything that came my way was comedy roles. I found it difficult at first, as it requires such skill. You have to get the formula and the timing right. Your brain has to be permanently switched on as you need to be ready to improvise at any time. It is a great challenge, but I love it.

I walk down the street and get people shouting quotes from the show at me. I love the fact that people show us love. It is nice to get real feedback and to hear people praising what we do. I still get people shouting “NEW MAN!” at me, but that is my phrase, but I never argue with the fans, especially the scary ones.

But, if that is not possible, finish high school and when it is time to go to college take a performing arts course.

It is essential to do your training in this industry. Not everyone is lucky enough to land that ‘big’ audition that will lead them to stardom.

We do try to cater for different audiences by creating jokes on all different levels. What is unique about PhoneShop is that there are several styles of comedy in there- not just ‘ghetto humour’ like some people may assume from the adverts.

It is all good watching telly, but when you see real actors sweating on stage for their love of art it is deeply inspiring.

— Another thing I would recommend is attending the theatre. It is all good watching telly, but when you see real actors sweating on stage for their love of art it is deeply inspiring.

What advice would you give young people to get into acting?

— In my day, I did not have the internet. Young people need to appreciate the sources they have and rinse them out.

Tell us about your latest role, as Jerwayne in PhoneShop. — When PhoneShop came about no one knew how big it was going to be. It has given me so much exposure as an actor, which I am very grateful for.

We want to develop the humour in series two, as we are all such different characters. There are the blatant jokes in the show, but there are also lots of little subtle jokes that not everyone will pick up on.

The first thing I would tell any wannabe actor to do is to go online and search for a free drama school. That way you meet new connections who can help you get to the next Saturday acting classes if you can. There are loads of free classes around London.

When I was growing up, I came from a working class background, where I didn’t have much. I was very lucky to get a break.

I found training was essential and equipped me with everything I needed to survive in the game. The other benefit of training is that you discover how much you love the subject you have chosen, and if it is right for you.

Last words?

Watching the actors on stage helped me a great deal as when you do theatre, you only have one shot to get it right. You cannot rewind and start again. It is amazing pressure. Once you can handle live performances, you can handle almost anything.

Finally, I have learnt that it is fine to break the rules here and there, but in order to break the rules, you have to know the rules. Once you know your stuff inside and out no one can tell you nothing.

Look out for series 2 of PhoneShop coming soon to a telly box near you.

We’re just so happy that the public has taken to it and it



2011 B OR N T O B E W IBy Yasmine LD Bendjoudi

B i ke r fas h i o n S pr i n g/S u m m e r

This may be a Spring/Summer 2011 trend, but there is no reason why you cannot start incorporating it into your winter wardrobe like Beyonce. You do not have to own a Harley Davidson or be James Dean or Marlon Brando to soak up the 2011 biker fashion trend.




AS REPORTED in last issue’s London Fashion Week Catwalk-Report, this year’s biker look is nothing short of an iconic development in fashion. It not only sticks to the dark and mysterious colours of all things leather and bandana related, but also crosses major boundaries. Biker chic has seen Hermes, Fendi and most notably Burberry Prorsum’s ‘Heritage Biker’ collection dedicate catwalks to the style. This look is slowly but surely pushing the military trend out of the picture. The new combination of colour in biker fashion means that those attracted to brighter clothing no longer need to avoid this look. Do you love chequers, loud tshirts, comfy hoodies and the delicate

shirts? As a new style for a new decade, the trend can be paired with various materials and items it otherwise would not be matched with. Expect to see a lot of leather biker clothing with booming gold and metallic colours, quiet nudes and warm beiges, zips and quilting throughout 2011. When attempting to master the biker chic look, there is one thing to keep in mind. There are three key clothing items that you must have. The look is simply incomplete without a leather jacket, leather pants or those hot biker boots. Bagging yourself one of these items, with a twist of colour if possible will have you ghost riding in no time. Turn over to check out how to achieve this look with ease.

How to ride this look NXGZINE | 17


2011 B I K ER C HI C K S

B i ke r fas h i o n S pr i n g/S u m m e r STEP away from last season’s military frontline and hop on to the motorcycle like a ride or die chick. As before mentioned it is important to have one of the three key items, either a biker jacket, pants or boots. Like Cheryl (pictured right) do insure that if you want to go for the classic bad-girl biker jacket, pay attention to detailing and length. When matching your jacket with leather trousers go for a petite above-the-waist jacket with must-have silver zippers along the sleeves. Be certain to invest in the fabric and quality of the jacket. Complete the look with a funky t-shirt which can be any washed-out colour such

as beige, off-white or brown. If you are not a t-shirt kind of girl, why not try a little black dress? Coco Chanel turned the LBD into an iconic piece back in the 1920s. Pixie Lott (below) demonstrates that when it comes to biker wear, there is no reason why our favourite black dress should be buried in the back of our wardrobes. When opting for a dress with biker wear, keep in mind that leather jackets are no longer restricted to being solely black. You should be matching a different coloured/two toned jacket with your dress for an even trendier look. Adding biker boots to the ensemble is the icing on the cake. It is an easy way to

get around town in comfort and it means that you can carry your heels in your bag if ever you need them for that unplanned party. Match a brightly coloured leather jacket with a black outfit consisting of skinny jeans and boots, like Rihanna (left). Remember that crazy is the new normal and pushing boundaries with at least one key biker item will have you miles ahead and ‘riding on the highway’.



B i ke r fas h i o n S pr i n g/S u m m e r


HOW many times have you walked past a motorbike and wished it was yours? So here is an idea. Why not walk around like you own it with your badass fashion sense boys? There is no sudden need to trade in your comfy jeans for a pair of skin tight leather trousers. The trend is more about the jacket and boots than the trousers. The first rule of this new biker trend for men is to mix and match items, just like the stylish gentlemen below. If you cannot quite let go of your chequered shirts, fear not Match them with a double-quilted, polished jacket like Taio Cruz (below, left) and you are all set, providing that you go for dark grey or


black washed out jeans. Remaining with the idea of this new motorbike trend being about pushing the boundaries, opt for a funky design similar to our trendsetter Pharrell Williams (second to left). It will ensure that your edgey jacket can be matched with lightly washedout jeans. Compliment the look with geek chic glasses and most importantly Dr Martens. If the classic black or loud funky biker jackets are not quite your thing, then go for a bit of both styles, like Justin Timberlake (first from left). Combining a grey or dark silver colour with smarter khaki or beige pants and loafers will create a casual smart yet ready to go look.





M U S T H AV E I T E M S Whilst 2011 is a big year for biker chic there are many upcoming fashion trends that are guaranteed to tickle your ‘a la mode’ taste buds. We present to you our winter/spring 2011 Must Have Items montage to give you an idea of what is yet to come.


Paul Smith 20 | NXGZINE

Tom Ford

Jill Stuart (velvet dress)


FAUX FUR COATS ///////////////////

Topshop £120

ASOS Patchwork Faux Fur Coat £75.00


Jenni Kayney Collar Shirt£90

Paul Smith Jeans Tailored Fit Micro Collar Shirt £90 NXGZINE | 21


CAPES ///////////////////


Cambridge Satchel Company 11” Satchel £80.00

Hooded Military Cape

Eva Evanovich Drawstring Ruched Cape

THIGH HIGH BOOTS ///////////////////

River Island Speedy Faux Fur Lined Biker Boots £74.99



WHITE TIGHTS ///// Falke Sensual Touch Tights FROM £21.50



Get the A-list look in 10 minutes No matter what your style; funky, casual, rough around the edges or high maintenance, Maz Khan shows you some looks that can suit any mood, are in fashion and are easy peasy. Wave good bye to bad hair days…



The RiRi: Girls everywhere are reaching for a razor. It might seem tricky, but if you go to the right hair salon and ask for a shaved undercut with some choppy layers, mornings will never be the same again. Ruffle some wax through the top of the hair to get some texture. Then backcomb your crown gently for two minutes to achieve a quiff. Spritz with some strong hold hairspray and apply a little gel to the sides to keep them slick and you are ready to roll.

The Vampire Stud: This style is achieved easily when your hair is slightly longer on the top. Apply some hair gum to the roots of your hair and scrunch in. Blow dry your hair upside down and scrunch for 90 seconds. Brush random pieces of your hair upwards, aiming the blow dryer directly on the hair. The randomness of this technique is what gives the style its casual, sexy look. Apply a drop of wax to tidy and complete the look. Then get ready for all the screaming chicks.

The Vampire STUD The Braided Bun: For this non-fuss look, brush your hair back into a high ponytail on the crown and secure it with an elastic band. Try to use ones that match your hair colour. Next, plait the pony tail. Once you have fastened your plait, gently coil it into a bun and fasten it in place with small hair grips, you should only need three grips in the right places to hold this style. Spritz the bun with some hairspray and get ready for the compliments to come in.

The Braided Bun The Bieber: To create this wind swept beach look, it couldn’t be easier. Of course, you will need the heavy fringe that Justin has. Apply some hair mouse to towel dried hair. Brush the hair downwards and blow dry whilst facing the dryer to the right. After 4-5 minutes of blow drying, use a drop of serum to smooth down any fly away hairs. It should be no problem to find Somebody to Love with hair as gorgeous as that.

The Bieber

The faux bob 24 | NXGZINE

The Faux Bob: Too scared to go for the chop? Fake it. Using a curling iron, gently curl the hair framing your face. Don’t worry about making it perfect, a vague messiness simply makes the look hotter. Next, put hair up in a very loose ponytail so that the front drapes down to chin-level (It’s okay if a few pieces fall free). Twist your ponytail and roll it under right at the nape of your neck. Tuck it in so you can’t see the hair, then secure with a few pins and you’re red carpet ready.


Three Essential Celeb Fitness Tips



Cleanse the body like Transformers leading lady, Megan Fox If like many you are not a big fan of dieting or exercise, why not try a different approach? We are not alone in having mastered the art of lazy. Celebrities like Megan Fox also struggle to get that all important workout done by the end of the day. So what does she do? Well, the answer is simple, like Miss Foxy, you can detox your body using a cleanser such as apple-cider vinegar. Apple-cider vinegar is known to help detoxify the liver that controls a big part of how your weight is maintained. Adding two teaspoons of apple-cider vinegar to water before a meal, is enough to speed up your metabolism, increase your intake of vitamins and get rid of those body toxins.

Follow in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez and Will Smith by making sure you eat your Cheerios.

Skipping breakfast can be diabolical for your diet. It can mean the difference between being healthy and being unhealthy. Celebrity trainer, Gunnar Peterson, states that eating within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning kickstarts your body’s metabolism. Whether it is Kellog’s Cornflakes, porridge or toast that you love, never miss it. Medical research has proved that it not only improves your health, but also your mood.


Hit the spa like singing diva Alicia Keys It is the middle of winter, you are worn out from all the hard work. Unfortunately you cannot just pack up and hop on the next flight to Miami. For a cheaper alternative, why not try going to your local spa for a day filled with jasmine-scented candles and relaxing steam rooms. A fan of spas, Alicia Keys often raves about how much she loves them. She said: “I love a day when you’re with your friends getting your toes and your nails done. Anything that has to do with rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, I’m all for it: a spa or a great massage”. It is simple, find out where your nearest spa is, book yourself in and in no time you’ll find yourself revived and raring to go – all at an affordable price.

Words by Yasmine Bendjoudi


The Diary of

Jasmia Robinson 30/10/10 I WOULD like to thank all of you who voted for me for the BEFFTAs (Black Entertain Film Fashion TV Awards), for Best Female Model. Unfortunately, I did not win and the award went to model and actress Kyla Frye. Congrats hun. The BEFFTAs was attended by David Ajala, Mo Easy, Makosi Musambasi and J Auburn. The awards ceremony was hosted by Anya James from Make Me A Supermodel and Joy Cater (Stand up comedian). I love what BEFFTA represents and supports. I hope they come back stronger next year. I wore a white dress that was beautifully designed by the fabulous, Simone Wil iams. It felt as if the dress was made for my body- It fitted like a glove. Well done to my good friend Mo Easy (African artist) for winning his award, his new video wil be coming out soon. I am the lead girl. He looked very classy on the night! 26 | NXGZINE

03/11/10 It was a wonderful experience being a judge for Miss Flavour 2010. The event was held at the Cafe De Paris in London. It was a huge success. Among the judges were BBC Radio 1xtra’s MAX, Scorcher, Charles Gordon, Denise Brown, Gaia Beck, Alisha White, Sleek’s Simon Beagle and Michael Scor. Congratulations to the winner Neetu Sahota!!

03/12/10 Congrats to Ladelle Robinson (no relation) for winning the award for Best Avant Garde Stylist Of The Year at the 2010 Sensationnel Hair Awards. Ladelle created four unique hair styles for her collection with each hair style representing a different element. I had the pleasure of modeling for her. Ladelle is definitely one to watch out for in 201 1. 20/12/10 December was definitely party season- one of my favourite times of year. I love being merry and attending all the glamorous parties. It is official y ‘fun time.’ I have been to so many events, I cannot count. The one that stood out was designer Alexander Amosu’s annual Christmas party that was attended by the likes of Paije Richardson from X Factor, Eddie Kadi and Chucky Venn. Alexander holds the record for creating the most expensive suit in the world.

There were shiney expensive things and jewels displayed everywhere in the club (with their own security). I absolutely love the diamond encrusted iPhones. Believe me, I need that phone case in my life. Perfect princess material. I also had great fun at the Screen Nation Christmas party. There was a really great vibe all night. Well done to Charles Thompson (CEO of Screen Nation). Mingling in the crowd was Shaun Blackstock, who plays Taylor in Hollyoaks, (He’s so cute), Anastacia from X Factor and RAZ from boy band DAMAGE. SBTV were also at the party, I did an interview with them and even sang a little. I chose to sing ‘Redemption Song’ one of my favorite tracks.  Overall, it was a great experience for me and I had loads of fun.

Hot Tips…

Shiny Happy Hair! Every New Year I like to switch up my hair a little, it symbolic for leaving behind the old and embracing the new. One thing that is crucial is having healthy shiny hair. Shock Wash Cold This one is for the brave. When you wash your hair use cold water. It might shock you at first but you wil get used to it . Egg Mix You may think this tip is a little random, but in the long run you wil be thanking me. After you have washed your hair instead of using conditioner grab an egg from the kitchen, crack and separate the yoke from the whites and add the yoke to your hair. Leave it in for about 30 minutes and then wash out. You wil start to see the benefits right away. Wrap it Blow dry or straighten your hair at night. Then wrap your hair starting at the centre and combing it around. Place a silk scarf around the hair and tie it up so that it is secure and you can wear it to bed. This wil really help to maintain your straightened style.

Hope you caught me in the Chris Moyles Christmas Quiz on Channel 4. Had a great time with Chris he is such as joker. Happy New Year everyone!!!

Must dos…

2010 has been a great year for me with experiences I thought I would only dream of. I have a lot of faith and it has paid off. I am very grateful, I have learnt so much and cannot wait for what 201 1 wil bring. So what are your resolutions for this year? Set yours and try and stick to them. Mine consisted of 1. Spending more time with love ones 2. Eating the right food for my body and exercising regularly 3. Reducing my coffee intake 4. And overall, continuing to stay focused, aiming high and building for my future. Catch you next time

Jas X p.s If you want to find out more about me check out my blog and follow me on twitter NXGZINE | 27


A Loveless Valentine’s Day The Survival Guide


Are you sick and tired of going out on Valentine’s Day and being surrounded by happy couples? Emma Knock gives you a helpful guide to a couple-free Valentines. IT IS all well and good when you are in a happy relationship and celebrating Valentine’s Day with the person that makes your heart sing. You want to make the day special. You might book a table at a fancy restaurant, perhaps you will take your other half for a romantic stroll in the park or maybe you will cuddle up in the cinema with the pretence of watching some overpriced chickflick. Yes, this is all perfectly acceptable Valentine’s Day behaviour. Unless of course, you are single…or you have just been dumped. Then of course, there is no day that could possibly be worse than Valentine’s Day. A time when you just cannot escape cartoon hearts and those three little words. Or can you? Under no circumstances are you to go to a restaurant. I do not care if you are hungry and a hopeless cook. It will only cause you pain as you dine alongside dozens of loved-up sweethearts. Either that or you will go with your single best friend and run the risk of having the waiter treating you like you are a gay couple, regardless of whether you actually are or not. Come on girls, I know you’ve all seen that scene in the Sex And The City film.


It is always a good idea to stay at home when you are trying to avoid something. A stack of CDs, games, DVDs and friends should be more than enough to get you through the ordeal without having to think about it too much. Do not get too comfortable however. You are still not entirely safe. Do not turn on the TV and definitely don’t turn on the radio. It will be an abundance of love songs and romantic movies that will remind you that you are in fact single. Having said that, do not feel like you have to declare yourself under house arrest until the day is over. You still have other options. For example, you could go to the gym. It is a great place to work out, keep your mind off things and avoid couples entirely. Not only are you releasing some tension but you are also running your way to better health. What could be better than that? If you are looking for something a bit more fun, then why not hold a party? Now do not just go along to any party, they are just as likely to be chockfull of kissing couples as a restaurant is. Get together with all your single mates and host your own. One very important thing to remember is to write SINGLES ONLY on the Facebook event page.


Running off scared and need some advice? Adam Spawton-Rice offers you five useful pointers to staying safe, happy and together.

1.Arguments 1.Arguments You might be the type of person who loves them, although most people prefer to avoid conflict if they can. Disagreement is normal so do not be afraid of it, but avoid intense arguments where possible.

Ownership 4.4.Ownership

The concept of ‘yours forever’, ‘til death do us part’ or even ‘forever friends’ is a little too close to marriage for people our age to understand. The vow of marriage itself has changed; it no longer includes, explicitly at least, the vow of ownership. Me and my partner do not own each other, we lend ourselves to one another. You can promise yourselves to each other for as long as you like, but one day in 10 years you might well change your mind.

2.Talk 2.Talk

It is a simple rule to remember, but when you have just insulted her mother or his cookingapologise- even if you do not want to. If you are from the same school of argument philosophy as me, you will need this tip the most of all. Try to remember that having a ‘talk’ rarely involves shouting. If you are wrong, go on, admit it. Try starting with, “okay, so I’m wrong.”

TheS S Word 5.5.The Word 1 If in doubt, don’t: Do not feel like you have to be ready just because your friends are. A good partner knows and cares about the frame of mind – but most importantly – the wellbeing of their partner. 2. Work it out for yourself: Oranges are not the only fruit and not everybody fancies the opposite sex. You wouldn’t let anyone tell you what your taste in food or clothes is, so why your taste in people?

Desire 3.3.Desire

Intimacy and desire first off, are separate entities; you can have one without the other. Desire is something we all experience, but often without intimacy involved. The hallmark of ‘the one’ is having the intimacy without feeling pressured to go any further. Another tip- compliments, keep giving them.

3. STDs: You might get one on the way to tip number two. Make sure you are being safe. If in doubt, go and get checked out. 4. If you have read through one, two and three you should be okay with this one. Judge the situation. Remember you do not know where s/ he has been any more than you do a chocolate bar you picked up on the bus. Common sense is the overriding theme. I am not here to justify anyone’s personal preference for risks; I am just giving advice as I might to a friend. So if you are in doubt, don’t. NXGZINE | 29


Be Inspired: to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

WHO here kept their New Year’s resolution? Okay, I will go first. I admit it, for the past four years I have failed to keep the majority of my resolutions. I usually make the same resolutions each year; learn Spanish, get married in Las Vegas (because what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas apparently), become part of a celebrity’s entourage, sell my first book, cut down on junk food...the list goes on. I recently read that Kim Kardashian’s New Year’s resolution was to stay away from the opposite sex and remain single for the entire year. Talk about unrealistic. I think this is where most of us go wrong. Failing to keep unrealistic resolutions is a fast track to becoming your own worst enemy.


The New Year’s resolution tradition is rooted within Roman mythology. Way back in 150 B.C. Janus, a God portrayed as having two heads facing opposite directions, was placed at the beginning of the calendar. The Romans named the first month Januarius in his honor, known in modern western culture as January. According to the myth, Janus had one head which looked forward to the New Year and one looking back at past events. When it comes to making and sticking to your resolutions, we could learn a thing or two from Janus. We should think of what we have learnt from the year gone by and aim to bring whatever knowledge gained into the forthcoming year. For instance, if you have been in a few too many circumstances where tensions ran high, then it may be a good idea to make a resolution that revolves around steering away from confrontational situations. This tactic is an

BE INSPIRED excellent way of measuring your growth as a person. You see, a resolution is basically a promise. Think about the promises you are going to make to yourself this year. When you make a promise to someone else you are expected to keep it; so why not treat yourself with the same approach? Maybe you want to take more risks, great. It does not mean you have to leap out of a plane at 5000ft when you are afraid of heights, or reverse your car with a blindfold on. Saying yes to more opportunities you might not ordinarily look twice at is a much more feasible

promise you can make to yourself. Although steer clear of imitating everything Jim Carey does in Yes Man. Try to avoid materialistic resolutions such as: “I will own a brand new Lamborghini and a mouthful of diamonds like Kanye.” Owning things does not always give you the happiness you truly desire. You are more likely to be satisfied with doing something that has a positive effect on other people like doing a charity run or devoting more time to your family and friends. Maybe you have decided not to make any resolutions this time, that is perfectly fine. You can enter the new year with a statement instead, such as: “This year will be an amazing year.” At least then you are entering the year with a positive outlook.

Most importantly, let things happen organically because things rarely go the way you plan them to. If you go out searching for ‘the one’ and on December 31 2011 at 23:59 you are not snogging his/her face off then at 00:00 January 1 2012 you will be severely depressed. Simply put, do not create resolutions to control things which you have very little control over. 

I am still not sure exactly what my New Year’s resolution will be for 2011, but it definitely will not have anything to do with marriage and Las Vegas. That’s right folks. I am abandoning my unrealistic resolutions because, in the words of the Black Eyed Peas, that is so “2000 and late” Remember to enjoy yourself in whatever you do. Life is not promised so live it to the fullest. Happy New Year everyone.  Words by Tayo Ajisebutu


to celebrate the end of a great year for British arts and the beginning of an even better one, for one time only, we bring you an exclusive Misfits special with not 1, but 5 Young Stars of the Issue.

Young star(s) of the issue:

By Maz Khan

IN 2009 a new show arrived on Channel 4. Five very different youth offenders start their first day of community service when a freak storm hits. Dodging death, they escape the storm with some very surreal consequences. Within moments a group of everyday teenagers are transformed into an immortal guy, an irresistible girl, a mind reader, the invisible man and a boy who can turn back time. Since they have recently returned with a second series and announced that a third has been commissioned for 2011, we are here to give you the lowdown on our favourite five. Welcome to the strange world of Misfits.

Robert Sheehan – . Nathan

We’re a bunch of youth offenders and not one of us knows how to steal a car - Now that’s pathetic.


His character in Misfits is undoubtedly a favourite to many. With his quick wit, charming persona and humorous sarcasm, his character is one that girls want to date and boys want to imitate. Series one led us to believe that Nathan was the only teen without a power. Until the moment he fell off a building, splattered to the ground and woke up 24 hours later, six feet under. Robert Michael Sheehan was born in January 1988. Brought up in Ireland, Robert has been acting since childhood. Before his starring role in Misfits, he said: “I’m not sure if I want to be an actor. I want to go to college but not to study acting. But I’d like to do it to see where it takes me, so I’ll keep at it.” And so he did. The controversial British thriller Cherrybomb starring Sheehan in 2009 showcased his talent and he soon became sought after. Thus, Nathan was born.

Misfits Special

“He just got shot in the face, and you’re insulting him?”

“What makes you think you're better than us? “

Antonia Thomas - Alisha

Lauren Socha - Kelly

Describing Antonia’s character is easy. She is feisty, outright, and vain. Alisha is not interested in anything that does not involve a party, that is until she receives her powers in the storm, that force her to reconsider everything in life that comes to her easily. When the opposite sex has contact with her, they are so consumed with lust that all logic flies out the window. Unfortunately for Alisha, her power turned out to be more of a curse than a blessing. But luckily for her, love is just around the corner… Antonia was born in London in 1987. She has said that she always knew her destiny laid in acting, which led her to attend Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Antonia studied her BA in Acting there, graduating in 2009. Talking about the end of her education, she said: “Keep yourself busy, particularly in the unemployed time. It’s a big wakeup call when you have spent your whole life institutionalised and then come out of training with no one to tell you what to do anymore.” Not that she needed to worry. Shortly after graduating, she attended the audition to Misfits, and the rest is history.

The walking definition of a chav, Kelly looked like she belonged on The Jeremy Kyle Show. However, over the series Kelly has revealed that she has many layers. Kind, insightful and fiercely loyal, she has a heart of gold. Her good qualities all came into practice when the storm gave her the ability to hear other’s thoughts. Having to deal with hearing things that should have definitely stayed in other people’s heads, Kelly learnt to control her anger. That is after punching Nathan, of course. Lauren was born in Derby in 1990, making her the youngest of the five sensations. She attended Burton college, and did a performing arts course. In 2009 she starred in the Channel 4 drama, The Unloved, which won her a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress in 2010. When talking about her chav-tastic character, she admitted that she doesn’t have to put the accent on: “I’m constantly going to auditions and being told they don’t like how I talk. You have to live with criticism and I don’t take it personally. But I’m going to a voice coach now to learn how to speak proper!” NXGZINE | 35

Misfits Special

“So if a girl likes me, there has to be something wrong with her?”

“He’s trying to smash the bottle with his mind. I think he’s going to sh*t himself.”

Iwan Rheon – Simon

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett – Curtis

The eccentric social outcast of the show, everyone should have a soft spot for Simon. I certainly do. Sensitive, shy, intelligent, but a bit strange, he never quite gets his voice heard. It is no wonder his power is invisibility. Simon came out of his shell in series two, and has a love affair with Alisha. Well, future Simon does. Iwan was born in Wales in 1985. He is lead singer of the band called The Convictions. He is also graduate of The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Before Misfits, Rheon was in several musicals, which earned him a 2010 Olivier award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical. Iwan said on his input to Simon’s image, “My character, Simon, could have been quite a stereotypical geek with a laptop and glasses. In the end, we went for a more Ian Curtis type figure, a guy who is removed from society. Ian Curtis was sort of the icon for the character – that’s his hero.”

Before he was caught with an illegal substance, Curtis was a bright young athlete hoping to compete in the 2012 Olympics. When his bad decision ruined his career and gave him community service, he got more than he bargained for. When something bad happens to the ones he cares for, he can turn back time to rectify it. His power has proved useful when people have been murdered…mostly the probation workers. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett was born in 1985 and raised in London. He graduated at The Central School of Speech and Drama. He had some small roles in Casualty and The Bill before joining the cast of Misfits. In an interview, he spoke about life since the hit show began: “Doing Misfits has been priceless in terms of the experience that comes with working month after month in front of a camera. I have also started to get recognised in the street, which is quite weird, so I try to keep my life as simple as possible and I never tell anyone where I live...”


Look out for series three of Misfits coming to e4 this year.


Alternatives to University Moving from college to uni can be daunting, particularly if it is not something you actually want to do. Emma Knock investigates the alternatives to higher education. IF THERE was ever a time not to go to university then it is now. Do not get me wrong, university is amazing and I had the time of my life there, but it is not for everybody. More and more people are looking for alternatives since the government announced that it is planning to take the cap off tuition fees. Currently university students pay just over £3,000 a year for their degree. The government has said that this will go up to £6,000 with an upper tier of £9,000. With the very real possibility that students could face a debt of up to £30,000 upon graduating, it is not surprising that many have shunned the idea. If you are amongst those who have decided you simply cannot afford to go on to higher education then do not fear, NXG have some alternatives for you.



As we have covered in previous issues, internships are a great way to get some experience in your chosen field. Even if you did go to university you would not get very far without doing one or two of these, particularly if you’re planning to get into journalism, film, graphics or architecture. Most internships are unpaid, so do not have any aspirations that you will get rich doing one. It is not all dark and gloomy though– more often than not you will get reimbursed for travel and lunch. The real value of an internship is not the money though, it is the experience. You will learn things that will either make you more determined, or put you off the industry entirely. You will either work your butt off doing all the jobs that no one else wants to do and be really bored, or you will get to do loads of cool stuff that will plump out your portfolio nicely. Just so you know, in the four internships I have done, I have never been asked to do the coffee run.

Apprenticeships are somewhat similar to internships in the sense that you learn in the field, but you also combine working with a qualification. Most commonly you would be doing an NVQ, which you would gain through a college. They are a great way to get that experience you need to go further in your career as well as getting a qualification. They are perfect for people who just cannot stand academia. There is a whole load of different trades you could learn, ranging from beauty to media, building to plumbing. Oh, and did I mention – you get paid.



Start your own business

Work your way up

Perhaps you have a real problem with authority and people telling you what to do. How about you become your own boss? It is not as crazy as it sounds, plenty of people become an entrepreneur at a young age. Just look at Stuart on The Apprentice. He is only 21 and he is earning big bucks through his own business. So, if you have got a business idea (do not worry if it is not amazingly flashy, Lord Sugar started his career selling cardboard boxes) then your step is to get in touch with the Prince’s Trust or Shell LiveWIRE. They will not only advice you on how to do it, but they also offer grants and loans if you are unemployed, disadvantaged and between the ages of 16 and 30.

As opposed to going to university, getting your bachelor’s and then going more or less instantly into a good job in your chosen career- why not work your way up from the bottom? It is not ideal, but it is not like we are suggesting you become a bin man, a cleaner or get a job at McDonalds. Have a think about what it is you want to do and then just go for it. For example, if you want to become a director then get a job as a runner, or on reception at a film studio. Once you have settled in you can start networking and letting people know your interests. With determination and optimism you will soon start climbing the ladder… Of course if all this fails, which is highly unlikely, then you can always wait for the tuition fees to go back down, or maybe take a gap year and come back to it.

For more helpful information visit:


The Big Issue

The government’s plan to take the caps of tuition fees has caused the biggest student riots in decades. Rob Hewitt looks at why it has caused such an uproar. IT HAS always been seen to be a defining moment when you receive your A-Level results and break the news to your parents that you will be going to university. Once your student loan and accommodation has been arranged, the next big step is thinking about the tuition fees. For some, it may now be that university is not an option. Current tuition fees are at a maximum of £3,290, but in 2012 university fees are going to have the caps removed, and some will be able to charge up to £7,000 per year of studying. Many are now considering the other options that are available to them if they cannot afford these new prices. At the moment, students who have gained financial support from the government are only having to pay back their loans with a low interest rate, making it easier for them to earn money and stay out of debt. However, another option that the government have introduced is asking students with the lowest income to pay back loans with a higher interest rate, making it harder for them in the long run.

The Ipsos Mori survey asked 2,700 11 to 16-year-olds whether they would consider going to university if the tuition fees were raised above what they are now. The survey showed that nearly two out of three (86%) would still consider attending their choice of University if they were being charged £5,000 per year, but since the most recent news came to light, less than half (45%) said they would be attending. From the peaceful student protest that took place 10 November 2010, Members of Parliament were made aware that students had not taken the rise in tuition fees well. Marching past 10 Downing Street, the home of the Prime Minister and then past the 40 | NXGZINE

Houses of Parliament, students chanted slogans such as “no ifs, not buts – no education cuts”. A rally finalised the protest outside the Tate Britain where demonstrators were shown a video of Nick Clegg (of the Liberal Democrats) breaking the promises he made in his Parliamentary campaign. With one protester stating: “This is only the beginning of the resistance to the destruction of our education system”, It is easy to see why so many young adults have been taking drastic action to stop the rise in fees. For some it may have been their ambition to finish school or college and attend university, but that option may now have been snatched from their grasp, and they have to consider what they can now do instead. Despite the circumstances of this big issue, it is important that you are not disencouraged when thinking of continuing your studies and reaching your full potential. Have no fear, there are always options to take in ensuring that all important uni place. It is also important that you are aware of the alternatives to university – which we take you through in our careers section.

Get into presenting with Gemma Cairney

ust be living m u o y , k ic h c ow about this n k y d a e lr a t o expert of the le y st l ia IF YOU do n ic ff o presenter and e th is e h S . k 1Xtra BreakC B B e th f under a roc o r , radio presente e M k c ro F w o stylist to the d n a n o ls e Channel 4 sh N r gendary Trevo le e th e d si g n lo ut being as b , n a m o fast Show a rw e p ost call her Su lm a ld u o c u o y st Gemma‌ ju s a n w o n stars. Yup, k e she prefers to b , d te n le ta is e humble as sh

You are a lady of many talents, but what was your ambition as a youngster? I went to the BRIT school as I wanted to be an actor. I did a lot of theatre there, which was great fun, but I soon realised that I could not really play any other character but myself. Shortly after my drama experience I moved to London where I found myself surrounded by fashion. It inspired me to get involved. I gained a lot of valuable experiences and met loads of wonderful people, but, even at that stage I did not know what I wanted to do. So I thought: “How can I combine all my experiences to create my dream career?” I decided to do a short course in radio where I found my niche. After my course I got myself out there on a mission and radio became my 9 to 5. With radio jobs coming in, the TV jobs followed, which led to my show on Channel 4, Frock Me.

What do you prefer, fashion or radio/TV? I am in love with fashion. It is a great way of expressing yourself. It influences me immensely, but I find that my passion for people over rides that. If you listen to the BBC 1Xtra breakfast show, you will know that I absolutely love to talk. So whilst I adore wearing silly clothes to make a statement, interacting with others wins hands down. I feel so lucky to be on the radio and doing what I love the most.

How did you get your name out there? First, I have to say, I feel really lucky for everything I am doing. I never believed I would be in this position. The best advice is to always keep an open mind. Do not limit yourself to one genre, one idea, or one goal. There is so much going on in the TV industry and in radio and media in general. There are so many wonderful people involved in all sorts of projects and collectives.


Gemma Cairney sits down with Maz Khan and talks fashion, getting in to presenting So I find if you have an open mind to try new things, it helps you develop your craft and you meet new and fabulous people. The experience also helps you decide where exactly you think your destiny lies. Most importantly, do not forget about networking. Hand out as many business cards as you can and build up those contacts.

What else have you been up to on the TV front? I have been everywhere. I have produced some plays, I have set up my own shoots… I remember on one shoot, I had to lug suitcases around Richmond Park, it was crazy. However, all those efforts when I had no one else to help me paid off tremendously. I found that the way to get into TV is to be brave but not pushy. There is a fine line between the two, you have to get the balance right. Also, you have to have a sense of humour, as life can be ridiculous. Be open-minded but never, ever, lose your own values.

So January 2011 is a big look for you, as you are starting your new radio show, leaving Trevor. How does that feel? It feels majorly exciting. I will have my own slot from 1pm – 4pm every weekday. Since doing the breakfast show with Trevor I haven’t had a lie-in in years.

I have loads of ideas for the show. I have loads of random ideas so we shall see what materialises.

I will definitely be changing the afternoon slot up. It will be new, exciting and filled with lots of chatter by me. Not forgetting the amazing music exclusives either,.

What is it like working with Trevor Nelson every morning? He has become a life-long friend to me. He has 15 years in the game, so I learnt from the best, truly. We may bicker in the morning, we may disagree, but ultimately he is like family to me now. I have untold respect for him. It will be very sad not to have him by my side on the radio. He gave me the best introduction to radio that I could have ever hoped for. He is a strict mentor, but a great one. I mean, working at the BBC is rewarding in itself, I have seen so many amazing things. I absolutely love 1Xtra, and I do not see myself leaving any time soon.

What is next for you? I hope to be climbing mountains. I mean that literally. I hope to do some presenting at Glastonbury next year. Festivals are a great love of mine. I have been in talks with some TV heads about some shows that I want to do in the near future, I want to do something unique, not something that has been done and redone, like so many other shows on television. So you’ll have to wait and see… Check out Gemma’s new show on BBC 1xtra, starting on January the 10th.



l u f i t u ea

Alex is w ea Intense Bl ring: Trio Eyeshado ack 3-in-1 w 3 (Smok Mascara and Lip Pa y Seduction), Koh l Pencil 1 int 145 (P (Black), unky Pink ).

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For great make-up tips and tutorials visit


Focus Tennis: Australian Open

Speculation has already begun as to who will reign supreme at this year’s Australian Open. James Moore checks out the competition.

THE AUSTRALIAN Open starts this month and it looks like it is going to be one of the most decisive tournaments of all time for our generation’s two kings of tennis. Roger Federer of course needs no introduction. He is arguably the greatest player of all time with his outstanding record of titles and grand slams. However, the reigning world number one Rafael Nadal has just finished his most successful year to date winning the French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon all in one season. He is the first player to achieve this since 1969. Nadal has already overtaken Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi with 19 Masters crowns at the tender age of 24. If he continues in this way, he will achieve the same amount of titles as Federer by the time he is 28.

However, the Nadal vs Federer debate could be ultimately decided at this year’s Australian Open if Federer defends his title Down Under. Tennis experts say that the debate will respectively come to an end if Federer retains his Australian crown for the fifth time. It would mean that he would be the only player ever to retain the championship at five different grand slams. If such a thing happened, it would decide the contest between the two penultimately. 

Looking past the Federer v Nadal debate, British number one Andy Murray made it to the final of the Open last year before losing out to Federer. Murray had a brilliant tournament, cruising through the first, second and third rounds. He came under pressure in the fourth round, but still went through to face Nadal in the quarter final. 44 | NXGZINE


Due to an injury Nadal was forced out and Murray went through. He then continued to the final and was beaten respectively in straight sets feeling the full force of Federer’s magic. Murray however, will be looking to get to the final again and achieve that elusive first grand slam, Australia’s number one Leyton Hewitt is also looking to smash his way back into the top ten after slipping to 54th due to an injury-ravaged 2010 season. Hewitt said: “For me it’s all about scheduling and what I believe to be the best preparation to win a grand slam,” Looking to the women, Serena Williams will not be defending her title this year as she has been struggling to find form after picking up a foot injury during the middle of last year. However, Caroline Wozniacki, the top seed in women’s singles, will be looking for her first grand slam after an impressive year. With Serena out, her older sister, Venus, will be looking at this as a prime opportunity to seize the Australian title. She has only ever made it to the final once and was beaten by Serena in 2003.

lian is now ranked sixth in the world and is looking for her first slam. Where better than her own country? There is no doubt that this could be one of the most exciting Australian tournaments of the decade, with two tennis legends battling it out and a great chance

Meanwhile, the Australians will be pinning their hopes on their home grown talent and number one player, Samantha Stosur. The young AustraNXGZINE | 45

Focus B-ball Luol Deng leads the way for British Basketball Talent

»» Name: Luol Deng »» Age: 25 »» NBA Team: Chicago Bulls »» National Team: Great Britain »» Position: Forward »» Height: 6ft 9

Luol Deng currently with Chicago Bulls is rapidly becoming an inspiration for a generation of young British players to HE IS also included in the NBA All Stars game ballot which will take place in January next year in Los Angeles. Now in his third season with the Chicago Bulls, it seems that, finally, a generation of young British players can follow in his footsteps. Born in Sudan – and moving from Egypt to London with his family before a scholarship took him to the United States – he is one of the most prolific NBA stars and a key player for the Chicago Bulls. Deng recalls his first steps in Basketball in his homeland country, Sudan. 46 | NXGZINE

Now age 25, he is at his prime and is averaging a career high of 19.6 points per game. He has also scored a career high of 40 points for his Chicago Bulls as they beat Portland Trail Blazers earlier this month. His bull’s side are in impressive form, having now won 16 games whilst only losing eight; they are in third position of the Eastern Conference. As a member of Great Britain’s national team, Deng has proved himself to be the best player on his squad. What’s more is that playing for Great Britain could provide a real boost to his confidence as well as our national team come the London 2012 Olympics. His performance in the NBA makes it known that he is still young and that anything is possible with hard work and determination. Deng has game and makes it known to British basketball youngsters that they too can break through as an NBA. Basketball is also a sport all kids can play. Its simplicity and unique essence makes it the most popular sport amongst young people and as Britain has a main role model, I am sure more people will, or should, get into Basketball in the future!


Music Reviews

Bruno Mars: Doo-wops And Hooligans

By Heidi Aldihisi BRUNO MARS has caught a lot of attention thanks to collaborations with artists such as Travie McCoy and B.o.B. However the extent of his personal success was not affirmed until the release of his first single, Just The Way You Are. The smooth, feel good ballad was focused on encouraging young women to feel happy just the way they are, unlike many other male artists today. His positive vibrations reflect onto the album as a whole, with sun shiny lyrics and chilled hip-hop beats, it is guaranteed to leave you in high spirit. His second single Grenade has already gained a similar response from the public as Bruno wears his heart on his sleeve expressing how he would even ‘catch a grenade’ for the one he loves. We get a sense of old school R&B in the track Our First Time; a laid back, romantic expression of his take on love-making. His voice is seductive and sultry. It would seem that the late, great Michael Jackson has had quite some influence on Mars, as the track is subtly reminiscent of Break Of Dawn– a track from Michael’s Invincible album.. Runaway and Marry You both reveal the carefree side to Mars, as he describes letting everything go and just going with the flow (of the champagne probably). 48 | NXGZINE

His lyrics are dreamy and imaginative and he seems to be on cloud nine most of the time when talking of love:

“Cause it’s a beautiful night, We’re looking for something dumb to do. Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you. Is it the look in your eyes, Or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby, I think I wanna marry you” Yes, it seems like this 25-year-old has got it all sussed. He is charismatic and oh so sensitive. Mars is a refreshing role model for our generation of males who could definitely learn a thing or two from this wonderfully sensual album. The musical production may not be as strong or may not stand out as much as his vocals. However, Mars delivers his winning personality by expressing his emotions and thoughts through every single lyrics on each track. At times the album leaves you wishing for more when the songs and moments of joy are short lived. In the end one thing is for sure, if real life had fairy tale endings, Bruno Mars would definitely be Prince Charming. Released 5 October 2010


Devlin: Bud, Sweat And Beers By Heidi Aldihisi FORGET your views on Essex boys, here is an artist who is going to change what you know, or at least what you think you know. James Devlin is a 21-year-old rapper from Dagenham and he has been in the music business for nearly five years. It has been a big year for Delvin who has released his widely acclaimed debut album Bud, Sweat & Beers following two very attention-worthy singles. His 2010 single Brainwashed, which is from the album, concentrates on the title of the song – with the use of repetitive lyrics for the listener to remember his name as it manages to graft it successfully into our minds. The production of the song heightens our senses by giving it urgency and depth through use of heavy instrumentals and digitised sounds. It is dramatic and hard to ignore which shows Devlin’s ability to make listeners take notice and to see what he has to say. British singer Jodie Connor features on the track using her melodic voice to captivate us. The second single, Runaway (ft Yasmin) differs in content. However, the theme of anger and desperation continues to be the main talking point in the album. Here you can listen to the mind of Britain’s much ignored youth, as he describes what it is like to be living in the modern world with the need to rediscover himself as if searching for long lost hope. It is a demonstration of just how creative Devlin uses his lyrics to show off his descriptive and poetic rapping style. In this section of the track in particular, he reflects upon his love issues and the problems he faces whilst being in a relationship:

“The sun doesn’t always shine I’m stuck in a solar eclipse Even though I love you to bits I’m done with the pain that we both in flict Upon one another It don’t make me happy to watch you suffer Run back to your mother Tell her I turned out the same as the others”

The track is dark and filled with sadness. The use of the violin subtly reflects upon the pain hidden within Devlin’s words. It is reminiscent of the The Streets song, Dry Your Eyes. The album itself, much like this track is quite heavy not just lyrically but also musically and emotionally. It is angry, aggressive and full of emotional turmoil. It can be a bit overwhelming to handle all at once, so be sure to take each track in small doses. That way you can really appreciate his rhyming couplet lyrics and feel the full effect of his talent. Released 1 November 2010 NXGZINE | 49


Movie Reviews Justin Bieber Never Say Never 3D

By Sonia Bendjoudi ONE OF the newest sensations to hit pop culture with a high-pitched scream is 16-year-old Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. Since his arrival to the chart world, a new ‘religion’ seems to have formed amongst teenage and pre-teen fans dedicated to this modern symbol of pop perfection. On Valentine’s Day 2011, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never 3D (I’m surprised it is not being called My World 3.290210) is due to be released, telling his life story, including never-before-seen clips of his childhood and backstage scenes. It is full to the brim with bright colours and enthusiastic pop music (as if the Hannah Montana movie was not enough). The film includes his journey to fame, from singing as a child in his mum’s kitchen to singing on some of the world’s largest stages. Stars such as Usher are featured in the film, the man who discovered him and gave him the opportunity to extend his potential. Also getting their moment 50 | NXGZINE

in the limelight were producers and crewmembers, along with Justin’s family. Some may argue that this is too much too soon, however Bieber himself seems perfectly comfortable. The success depends on the loyalty of the fans, and it is clear that they are eager to see what happens to Justin behind closed doors. Closely targeted at the army of teenage girls you tend to see screaming his name at unanticipated times (otherwise known as ‘Beliebers’) this film is bound to be somewhat successful, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. (Personally I think this kid is far too young to have his own biopic). However, there is a little something that needs to be considered regarding the film’s success and that is the fact that this boy has millions of teenage girls wrapped around him like a blanket. Why? For the pure and simple reason that he is a good-looking boy with flicky-shiny hair who sings about experiencing true love at 13-years-old. Appealing to the young audience who are convinced they can relate? Probably. A controversial success but success all the same. Never Say Never 3D is a chance for these fans to experience the life he lives and possibly reach out in the cinema to try and touch his hair. It may fuel the fantasies of thousands of Beliebers, but I think for this reason, it might just be a smash hit. If he deserves it however, is a matter of opinion. Due for release: 14 February 2011


Ticking Clock

By Heidi Aldihisi CUBA GOODING JR stars as Lewis Hicks, an investigative journalist out on the hunt for a serial killer who sets out to kill all the women in his life. The story unfolds in a secluded town where we witness the murder of a woman left dead in a bath tub while the killer walks away with her baby. The killer strikes again and this time the victim is Hicks’ mistress. Hicks tries to track him down but fails to catch him as the killer manages to disappear right before his eyes. It seems that there is something strange about him as he manages to escape like Houdini, leaving Hicks to become a suspect for every crime. Hicks later finds the killer’s journal and discovers plans to murder more people on specific dates in the future. The film develops it’s interesting story line when he realises that the mass-murderer is no ordinary person. Cuba Gooding Jr. delivers a great performance in this film; it is fast paced, eerie and manages to keep your attention from beginning to end. It definitely deserves a spot on your one-to-watch list. Due for release: 10 January 2011



1) What is your ideal Valentine’s gift? A) Flowers and a teddy bear B) Gift? As If C) A novelty card and a box of chocolates

4) What are your worst traits?

2) How would you like to spend Valentine’s

5) What would your ideal partner dress like?

A) Dancing the night away at a party B) At the fun fair C) A home-cooked, candle-lit dinner for two.

A) Bright, edgy and unique B) Suave, stylish and sexy C) Dirty denim and leather

3) You are looking for someone who… A) Can cheer you up no matter how bad your day was B) Is up for anything C) Always makes me feel like the most important person in the world.

Competition Tell us what you think. What TV show would you like to be in and why? »»Eastenders »»Misfits »»The Inbetweeners »»Gossip Girl E-mail with your answer to be entered for the prize draw to win FREE studio time!


A) I can get really jealous B) I can’t always see the funny side of things C) I am scared of serious commitment

6) Are you looking for love? A) Yes B) No C) Maybe

Results A) 5 B) 1 C) 3 A) 1 B) 3 C) 5 A) 3 B) 1 C) 5 A) 5 B) 3 C) 1 A) 3 B) 5 C) 1 A) 5 B) 1 C) 3 The Romantic (20+) Your Valentine’s will well and truly sweep you off your feet. They’re sweet, gracious and thoughtful so get ready for that fairytale wedding. The Joker (10-20) Your perfect person would be someone who makes things fun. Better invest in some antiwrinkle cream for those laughter lines… The Bad Boy/Girl (6-10) Your ideal partner is someone who is cool, sexy and takes your breath away. You know that

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NXG Zine Jan/Feb 11 Issue  

Happy New Year from NXGZine, and what better way to start than with this months brand new issue, packed with exclusive treats you cannot mis...

NXG Zine Jan/Feb 11 Issue  

Happy New Year from NXGZine, and what better way to start than with this months brand new issue, packed with exclusive treats you cannot mis...

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