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SUPER JOCK ‘N JILL - REDMOND OPENING FALL 2014 7210 E. Greenlake Dr. N. Seattle, WA 98115 | 206-522-7711 |



The magic of Bloomsday. by heather romano


Big news for Super Jock ‘n Jill, track and field returns to Eastern Washington, growth of nontraditional events and an award for Spokane.


compiled by jennifer benner .


Meet Travis Boyd, leading his age group in the half marathon – on the same course he set a Guinness World Record last year. by travis boyd


A running getaway – or how to restore your mojo. by greg van belle


Runners and clubs support Oso, work out with a Boston Marathon champion and racing at one of the world’s largest events.

Helen Faundez and Sean Syder are ready for a sweet run at the Top Pot Donut Dash. martin rudow photo.

by craig romano


Train and race your best – nutrition tips for optimal performance. by heather nakamura



A triathlete’s guide to training and recovery.

24 THE GREAT BUNION DERBIES Searching for the limits of human endurance; running across America.

by wade praeger

42 RACE AND EVENT SCHEDULE compiled by jennifer benner

by charles b kastner


32 DAFFODIL 5K CHALLENGE Four running events, four cities, one day – one big adventure. by cindy cardenas

34 THE HEALTHY RUNNER The U.S. healthcare crisis: Is running the solution? by robert barnes, pt

38 NW ON THE RUN: CHENEY Rural and scenic running at the edge of the Columbia Plateau – and near a major city to boot. by craig romano

56 JAVELIN THROW SETS NEW SCHOOL RECORD Upsets at the UW-WSU dual and plenty of PRs make for an exciting season. by paul merca



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Seahawks 12K & 5K at the Landing Whidbey Island Marathon, Half, 10K & 5K CanDo 5K Bellevue 5K & 10K Heroes Half Marathon & 10K Top Pot Donut Dash 5K Fiesta 5K Olé Tacoma City Marathon, Half & 5K Apple Blossom 10K & 5K Bloomsday 12K


Annie Thiessen enjoys a gorgeous day at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon. martin rudow photo. Northwest Runner (ISSN 0883-7945) is published monthly by Road Runners Club of America Club Northwest, 6310 NE 74th, #217, Seattle, WA 98115. Periodical postage paid at Seattle, WA. Postmaster: send address changes to Northwest Runner, 6310 NE 74th St #217, Seattle, WA 98115.

- Your PR

June 21, 201 / / The Brooks PR Invitational brings together the nation’s fastest high school track stars to go toe-to-toe and see just how fast they can run. Catch all the action at Renton’s Memorial Stadium.




RUNNER June 2014, Volume 42, Number 6

The magic of Bloomsday


ne of the highlights of working at Northwest Runner is attending running conferences and events, and the recent Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Convention was no exception. This year it was held in Spokane and culminated with the Lilac Bloomsday Run. The convention was a great bonding experience. Running club members, event directors, and product vendors converged from all over the U.S. to talk about the running industry. But with such a large crowd, how could we all possibly bond?

Easy. Enter Bernard Lagat, American record-holder and four-time Olympian. Lagat was a luncheon speaker on the first full day of the convention. He was a fantastic speaker, wowing the crowd with his casual, friendly conversation about his running career. But the kicker came at the end, during the Q&A, when he was asked to describe a typical training week to the audience. Lagat casually mentioned a mid-week 10-mile recovery run, which he completes at a six minuteper-mile pace. Six. That’s his jogging pace. The audience was so blown away, from the faster runners to the back-ofthe-packers, that we laughed in unison. The tension of sitting in a room full of strangers vanished. We were all one. From elite runners to slow walkers, we were all worlds away from Lagat and it unified us. The rest of the convention was filled with running information that was fascinating to me, but would probably put most runners to sleep. From issues

of event insurance (believe me, there are a lot of issues, especially with relays and obstacle runs), how to measure and certify a race course, and the steps to organizing a well-structured running club, the convention was jam-packed with useful information. But the highlight of the weekend was Bloomsday. If you haven’t ever run Bloomsday, you should. You need to, in fact. You really can’t believe how amazing of an event it is until you’ve experienced it for yourself. Imagine 50,000 runners and walkers, from young children to very mature seniors, out on a course together. No matter where you look, all you see is people. The best part is that the course is lined – no, filled – with local bands and people in their yards cheering for everyone. Seven-plus miles of cheering, little kids wanting high-fives and random guys offering donuts or Otter Pops or cups of beer (to test your stomach as you run up Doomsday Hill, I guess). How did race director Don Kardong come up with such a smash hit? A race that’s been completely embraced by the Spokane community and going strong for 38 years? I can’t explain Kardong’s magic touch, but I will surmise that the reason runners make the pilgrimage to Spokane year after year to run Bloomsday is because it is the best communitysupported race anywhere. Large, corporate events would love to tap into Bloomsday’s energy, but it’s impossible. You can’t orchestrate an entire city to fall in love with an event; it has to grow organically. And that’s the magic of Bloomsday. •



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Publisher/Advertising Director: Martin Rudow Editor: Heather Romano Copy Editor: Kirsten Rice Events Editor: Jennifer Benner Art Director/Ad Coordinator: Ryan Parlin Senior Editorial Contributors: Paul Merca, Heather Nakamua, Wade Praeger, Craig Romano, Greg Van Belle. Contributors This Issue: Robert Barnes, Travis Boyd, Cindy Cardenas, Charles B. Kastner. Photographic Contributors: Travis Boyd, Chris Cindric, El Reno Carnegie Library, Guy Gavuzzi, Jon Hatfield, Steve James and Databar Events, Don Klinger, Dan Levine, Library of Congress, Paul Merca,, Dr. Karl Peach, Wade Praeger, Talia Ringer, Craig Romano, Martin Rudow, Running USA, John Stone, The Hell Run, The Seattle Star, Therapeutic Associates.

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Team GG - 2010

Over its 36 year history, the annual Shore Run has raised more than $2.6 million benefiting the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center through participant fundraising. Sign up today and fundraise as an individual or a team. Bring the whole family together and get one step closer to finding the cure!

Seattle’s MOST scenic race…hands down! Benefiting

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Big move for Super Jock ’n Jill Seattle’s Super Jock ’n Jill, long a running store fixture at Green Lake, has announced the opening of a second store on the Eastside. This is not déjà vu to 1980, when the store had a location for a short time in Redmond. This is a serious step for a fairly conservative storeowner, Chet James, and his crack staff. The new Super Jock ’n Jill, which will wear the same name as the famous Green Lake store, will open in late summer at location in downtown Redmond. The area has not been served by a running specialty store since the demise of the FootZone store in Redmond Town Center, explains Ty Whitten, SJJ’s store manager. He says, “We had many requests from consumers and shoe company reps alike to open a new store there.” To say that the area has changed since Super Jock ’n Jill’s previous Redmond store closed in 1981 is a major understatement. We expect nothing less than a smashing success for the new location for the area’s premier running store — or stores.

Track and field returns to Inland Empire Forty years ago Spokane featured a yearly track meet that attracted the Northwest’s leading track and field athletes. High school coach Herm Caviness started the meet at Ferris High School and then moved it to Spokane Community College when it outgrew the high school facility. A 4:02 mile by Jim Johnson highlighted the meet’s best years, and there were many other quality times and distances. Noting the current lack of serious competitive opportunities for post-collegiate athletes in the area, Caviness decided to revive the meet. He recruited 12 top area collegiate and high school coaches to help with the effort, and their work has come to fruition. There now will be a revival of the Spokane Summer Games, the first to be held August 2nd at Spokane Community College. The 2014 Spokane Summer Games will be very spectator-friendly, offering a European-style schedule with a select number of popular events. The meet’s major goal will be to produce the first sub-4:00 mile in eastern Washington’s history. Title sponsorship is still being negotiated, but individual event sponsorships are selling fast. Prize money will be offered for at least the mile competition, with quality medals and Tshirts for other winners. Top athletes from all over the Northwest will be invited. The Spokane Summer Games’ website will be up soon. In the meantime, for more information email Spokane resident Laurie Shauvin at 8


w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Non-traditional events see exponential growth Running USA recently presented its first Non-Traditional Running Events Special Report as a result of the staggering number of participants in this category of events. The number of estimated finishers in U.S. non-traditional events has grown from a low six figures in 2009 to 4 million in 2013, an incredible 40-fold increase. The goal of these non-traditional running events is simple: to create a unique, doable experience beyond just running and crossing the finish line. For example, about 60 percent Mud and obstacle races are the of The Color Run entrants most popular non-traditional have never run a 5K. Most running events. photo courtesy are new runners of all ages of the hell run. with an approximate 50/50 gender split that wouldn’t even dream of signing up for a typical local road race. Obstacle races appeal to athletes who are looking for a new challenge to display their strength and skill, while themed races attract those looking to cross the finish line for the very first time and celebrate their accomplishment with friends. In 2012, the founder of the Tough Mudder Series, Will Dean, predicted that in the not-so-distant future, “more people will be doing obstacle races and mud runs than will be doing tradi-

In 2013, non-traditional running events drew more participants that that of the full and half marathon combined. courtesy of running usa . tional marathons and half marathons.” In 2013 this occurred in the United States. Running USA estimates that the popularity of non-traditional running events drew 4 million participants in 2013, surpassing the record 2.5 million finishers of both the

half marathon and marathon combined. According to an survey of 1,200-plus MOBsters (mud, obstacle, beer) – those people who wear costumes, crawl through mud, scale obstacles, chase zombies, run through color or foam and more – the top three motivators to participate in these non-traditional events included fun, uniqueness and being with friends. Of those surveyed, 27 percent participated in mud runs, 26 percent in obstacle races, 21 percent in paint runs, 11 percent in adventure races, 10 percent in night/ glow runs and 4 percent in zombie runs. Who are these MOB-sters? Females represented 60 percent of participants and more than 90 percent were over the age of 29. Most learned about events through social media or friends. Social media is the driving force of the explosive growth in non-traditional running events. Posting a photo after being splattered in color or covered in mud is sure to initiate a response from friends, family and co-workers. When these photos are tagged and shared, they elicit a “thumbs up” on social networks and the reach is exponential. It is this reach that has caused these events to spread like wildfire. The Facebook chart reflects the huge social media footprint of non-traditional running events. By comparison, the largest Facebook traditional event or series that Running USA could find was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Series with 714,000 Likes, followed by runDisney with 377,000. It is uncertain what the future holds for these themed-race

Facebook Likes for non-traditional running events as of April 2014. courtesy of running usa . events. In the short-term, these non-traditional events will continue to draw in novice runners seeking fun and friendship or attracting the thrill seekers with new obstacles and challenges. However, the explosion of these new races may present safety issues. For example, mud runs will continue to face concerns related to the balance of fun and safety and will continue to source out vendors willing to insure them. Event organizers are scrambling to join the popularity and introduce the next new series. But as new themed races are added across the nation, at some point, there will be market saturation. With too many choices for mud runs, color runs, night runs, zombie runs and the like, participants are showing less and less loyalty to any specific series. Probably the greater questions will be: Where will these runners go when themed races no longer engage or appeal to them? Will they transition to traditional road racing as the next new challenge? These events may possibly be a pipeline into traditional road racing. Maybe they will begin running on a regular basis or start training for their first road race. Northwest Runner is ready to welcome them!

Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy presents

June 1st, 2014

12th annual

north olympic discovery marathon full








J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



starting lines continued

Spokane earns special status

Run, one of the largest road races in the country, with 50,000 participants. The The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Bloomsday Road Runners Club (BRRC) recently announced the first round of Runner was founded by the Bloomsday Run and Friendly Community designations for 2014. has developed into a solid group of runCongratulations to Spokane for the coveted ning enthusiasts devoted to the promostatus! tion of a variety of local running events. To qualify, a community must have an infraLocal businesses are very supportive structure that fosters physical activity in a safe of the Spokane running community. The environment, a proven track record that orgalocal Starbucks allows runners to use nizations and businesses will work together to their bathrooms and they provide ice promote running, and positive relationships water to runners as needed. BRRC has must exist between the running community been working with the regional Starbucks and local government. manager to encourage their corporate Spokane has over 87 parks totaling 4,100 headquarters to work with the RRCA acres. Riverfront Park consists of 100 acres in to designate all stores as runner-friendly downtown Spokane, and is the site of some of businesses. Locally, Starbucks has Spokane’s largest events – including the Lilac donated coffee and tea at many local runBloomsday Run’s post-race celebration. The ning events. And the local running stores park is a popular site for runners and includes allow use of their facilities to runners in The Joy of Running Together sculpture, which need while out on the run. depicts runners of all kinds and celebrates the “The City of Spokane, and the tradition of Bloomsday. Spokane Fire Department (SFD) in Another local asset is the long-distance particular, has been involved in commuCentennial Trail, which has over 37 miles of The Joy of Running Together nity healthy living initiatives for over 40 paved trails running along the Spokane River sculpture celebrates the tradition years,” said Brian Schaeffer, assistant fire from Sontag Park in west Spokane to the of Bloomsday. nwr photo. chief of the City of Spokane. “Spokane’s east shore of Lake Coeur d’Alene in Coeur mantra is ‘Near Nature, Near Perfect’ d’Alene, Idaho. This trail continues on for 24 miles as the and our commitment to the healthy outdoor lifestyle is reflectNorth Idaho Centennial Trail. ed daily throughout our community’s miles of trails, roads and Spokane’s signature running event is the Lilac Bloomsday formal races.” •

Hills. You love 'em, we got 'em. And a flat, fast 5K and Half Marathon! fast. hills.

Irwin Group Half Marathon • June 1, 2014 Duvall 5K/10K Runs • June 1, 2014 McCormick Park, Duvall, WA Proceeds benefit Riverview Education Foundation

Sign up today–Half Marathon capped at 300 runners, 5K at 400

For more information and online registration, visit: 10


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Designed with 50% more cushioning material than standard running shoes.




Now that racing season has started in earnest, expect a lot of changes to the next few Lists. As always, send your out-of-state results to our hardworking compiler Jennifer at: Be sure to include your name, gender, age and a link to the USATF-certified result. Good luck training and racing, everyone!


19 & Under Mason Nicol 15:19 Collin Magnusson 15:43 Cade Brown 16:16 Devan Grove 16:20 Jack Toland 16:28 20-24 Jonathan Lafler 15:12 Dan Sloat 15:19 Jamin King 15:29 Tyler Vandooren 15:33 Joey Bywater 16:09 25-29 Alex Crabill 15:09 Michael Chinchar 15:22 Francis Reynolds 15:22 Peter Harrison 15:36 Nick Welch 15:42 30-34 Eric Garner 15:25 Kyle Carrick 15:27 Brett Winegar 15:29 Jordan Horn 15:30 Justin Johnson 15:52 35-39 Gabriel Kliot 15:56 Ben Mangrum 16:16 Chris Asheielo 16:31 Steve Grichel 17:08 Patrick Lawler 17:32 40-44 Ben Sauvage 16:04 David McCulloch 16:07 John Collins 16:13 Peter Oviatt 16:47 John Kirker 16:51 45-49 Alain Salomon 16:02 Don Myers 17:37 Acy Roff 17:45 Dan Hardebeck 18:00 Tom Fuchs 18:20 50-54 John O’Hearn 17:34 Kevin Olson 17:39 Brad Anawalt 17:48 Thomas DeLuca 17:54 Russ Otani 18:36 55-59 Joe Sheeran 17:24 Edmund Sullivan 19:45 Keith Lerew 19:53 Mark Drangsholt 20:01 Jon Schroeder 20:21 60-64 Mark Billett 18:39 Michael Allison 20:29 William Waters 20:33 Timothy Oguri 20:43 Ron Chew 21:09 65-69 Paul Muto 20:13 Terry Hileman 21:41 Martinho Ribiero 22:37 Jim McGill 23:09 Arne Hales 23:22 70-74 Jerry Gammill 19:46 Paul Benton 21:06


Love Haggen Haggen Shamrock Shamrock Top Pot Love Love Haggen Finaghty’s Ruston Ruston Ruston Top Pot Top Pot Top Pot Love Love Top Pot Love Love Spring Love Haggen Haggen Love Love Smelt Haggen Haggen Haggen Hot Choc Love Love Spo Cure Seahakws Ruston Love Smelt Love Top Pot Haggen Donut Love Top Pot Top Pot Top Pot Seahawks Ruston Love Love Haggen Donut Top Pot Smelt Tac City Love

Gale Pfueller 23:27 Brian Fitzpatrick 24:19 Timothy Joslin Sr. 25:42 75 & Above Bill Iffrig 23:25 Bryant McKinely 27:08 Roger Dean 27:32 David Pitkethly 28:38 Will Wright 28:14

Haggen FSRC Seahawks Top Pot Spo Cure Carlsbad Seahawks Lion’s


19 & Under Ruby Watson 17:37 Kristen Garcia 17:45 Serena Tyran 17:53 Mimi Meggision 18:24 Petra Armstrong 18:29 20-24 B. Crossman 16:33 Natty Plunket 18:07 Kayla Evans 18:31 Talia Ringer 18:51 Alanna Steele 19:31 25-29 Courtney Olsen 17:13 Kimber Hinson 17:23 Andrea Garvue 17:28 Lana Lacey 17:38 Lydia Carrick 17:56 Megan Heuer 17:56 30-34 K. Pancoast 17:04 Ruth Perkins 17:07 Amber Farthing 18:11 Andrea Eiseman 18:20 Kristi Houk 18:37 35-39 Stacy Cail 17:41 Amber Hamilton 18:40 Kristin Sauter 18:56 Robyn Hefner 19:09 Ashley Bruck 20:34 40-44 Janet McDevitt 17:34 Sally Lesko 18:04 Marti Riemer 18:29 Nancy Ellis 18:37 Wendy Weber 19:35 45-49 Sally Bergesen 18:40 Susan Ward 19:43 Cresey Maher 20:29 Mary Hatcher 20:39 Stacia McInnes 20:43 50-54 Lisa Knoblich 20:24 Molly Hurd 21:13 Lisa Tylor 21:26 Bobbi Lutack 21:39 J. Van Allen 22:00 55-59 Regina Joyce 20:04 Theresa Westfall 20:28 Mary Harper 23:16 Marie Cole 23:27 Arlane Olson 23:37 60-64 Joleen Skarberg 22:36 Donna Jackson 23:38 Sandra Madden 25:37 Cristine Wilkinson 26:31 Patti Wilson 27:35 65-69 Jane Treleven 22:26 Carol Grisso 25:50 Phyllis Nelson 26:11


Haggen Haggen Haggen Haggen Haggen Haggen Love Top Pot Love Haggen Love Love Love Love Love Top Pot Love Love Love Love Spring Love Spo Cure Love Love Spo Cure Love Love Love Top Pot Seahawks Love Love Love Ruston Love Top Pot Love Donut Love Spo Cure Love Haggen Tac City Spo Cure Smelt Love Donut Smelt Love Tac City Seahawks FSRC Smelt

Peggy Hansen 27:06 K. Lichtenstein 27:42 70-74 Judy Fisher 24:23 Carol Grisso 24:49 Ricki Vadset 26:41 Isabelle Noiret 27:10 Vicki Griffiths 27:49 75 & Above Barbara Macklow 32:40 Francess Gibbons 38:28 Molly Childs 44:41 Eloise St. George 47:09 Edyth Hulet 48:24

Hot Choc Donut Love Ruston Smelt Smelt Haggen Haggen Shamrock Ruston Tac City Smelt

10K Bellevue, Foothills Dash, FSRC Resolution Run, Have a Heart, Mercer Island, Nookachamps, Tacoma St. Paddy’s Day, Smelt, Whidbey Island Marathon 10K, YMCA Spring Subscriber Submitted: Azalea Trail Run (AL), Hauser Lake (ID), Bridge to Brews (OR)


19 & Under Alex Mitchell 33:19 John Rodeheffer 34:42 Wyatt Mullen 36:50 Kyle Norris 37:16 Harry Engel 38:23 20-24 Jonathan Lafler 33:36 Alastair Murray 37:31 Kyle Saxe 39:03 Scott Warwick 41:42 Lenny Rich 43:54 25-29 Nick Welch 32:48 Cj Godfrey 35:26 Nick Johnson 36:39 Brian Carroll 38:29 Domhnall Wildy 38:56 30-34 Jesse Stevick 33:54 Josh Klimek 34:05 Shawn Weigl 34:15 Nick Merrill 36:39 Justin Sleasman 37:43 35-39 Shaun Frandsen 33:53 Chris West 38:22 Ryan Perovich 38:35 Steve Grichel 39:14 James Varner 40:07 40-44 Ben Sauvage 34:24 Eric Bell 38:36 George Mount 38:57 R. Bondurant 39:09 Paul Jones 40:27 45-49 Michael Lynes 34:59 Matt Ruhl 35:36 L. Merrifield 37:08 Robin Sarner 38:47 Larry Brewer 39:12 50-54 Bryan Postma 35:56 Paul Abdalla 36:09 John O’Hearn 36:22

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Nooka Nooka Nooka FSRC Smelt Tac St. Pat’s Mercer Spring Nooka Bellevue Smelt Tac St. Pat’s Mercer Wenatchee Mercer FSRC Spring Smelt Bellevue Tac St. Pat’s Bellevue Spring Mercer Nooka Bellevue Smelt Wenatchee FSRC Foothills Bellevue Tac St. Pat’s Spring Bridge FSRC Smelt Tac St. Pat’s Smelt Smelt

Kevin Olson 37:08 Tac St. Pat’s Gary Cooper 39:02 Spring 55-59 Joe Sheeran 35:23 Rich St Pat’s Kent Sizer 40:00 FSRC Keith Lerew 40:07 Foothills Ron Wichmann 41:55 Smelt Al Mayer 42:15 Hauser 60-64 Mark Billitt 38:14 FSRC Dave Richard 41:50 Spring Patrick McKilligan 43:41 Smelt Timothy Oguri 45:16 Foothills Fred Wedam 45:26 FSRC 65-69 Martinho Ribeiro 47:08 FSRC John Marsteller 48:15 Foothills Arne Hales 48:31 Foothills Donald Winters 50:51 Smelt John McGiffin 52:13 FSRC 70-74 Paul Benton 45:56 Smelt Jerry Gammill 49:39 FSRC Don Cox 50:14 Bellevue Ronald Olsen 51:05 FSRC Gary Modun 53:06 Spring 75 & Above Bill Iffrig 47:06 Smelt Will Wright 57:40 Azalea Dallas Wyle 1:01:03 Smelt Jerry Dietrich 1:03:24 FSRC Rudy Gahler 1:08:52 Smelt

Molly Hurd 46:46 Nooka 55-59 Theresa Westfall 43:57 Smelt Kerry Jones 47:12 Smelt Josie Huerta 50:23 Nooka Vanessa Pearson 51:37 FSRC Susan Hall 53:23 Foothills 60-64 Donna Jackson 50:15 FSRC LaRae Rasmussen 51:16 Wenatchee Catherine Davis 53:51 Smelt Sandra Madden 53:51 Foothills Kathy Bodmer 54:31 Wenatchee 65-69 Sandy Burr 58:12 Bellevue K. Lichtenstein 58:15 Foothills Barbara Johnson 58:23 FSRC Nancy Harden 1:01:04 Nooka Karen Kasper 1:01:57 Tac St. Pat’s 70-74 Judy Fisher 50:29 FSRC Carol Grisso 54:05 Tac St. Pat’s Isabelle Noiret 55:43 Foothills Louise Lihay 58:51 Foothills Joan Torfin 1:02:47 FSRC 75 & Above Edythe Hulet 1:39:07 FSRC Chloe Parr 1:44:07 FSRC Nancy Merson 2:01:01 Whidbey


Half Marathon

19 & Under Zanna Suyllivan 40:14 Mykaela Thomas 44:51 Ella Conway 45:02 Ella Hensey 48:50 Maggie Baker 48:51 20-24 Kayla Evans 38:40 Amanda Dietzen 45:04 C. Montgomery 45:11 Megan Morris 45:45 Margaret Knight 46:12 25-29 Megan Newton 40:49 Bethann Grouell 42:10 Sarah Benson 43:48 Kelsi Canavan 45:06 Morgan Root 45:13 30-34 Amber Morrison 37:39 Erica Pitman 39:49 Meghan Manaois 40:44 Andrea Fitch 42:08 Beth Steen 42:46 35-39 Stacy Cail 37:20 Abigail Hook 43:50 Christine Klingel 44:04 K. Armstrong 44:37 Kristen Barton 45:45 40-44 Janet McDevitt 37:16 Marti Riemer 38:51 Lori Buratto 40:45 Robin White 43:13 Deidre Tarkany 43:55 45-49 Karen Leahy 45:30 Karen Weber 46:14 Vicky Donnel 46:31 Tammy Harr 46:44 Barbi-Jo Smith 48:02 50-54 Lisa Tylor 43:48 Nancy Harsch 44:54 Enid Moore 45:47 Julie A.-Taylor 46:38

Smelt FSRC Smelt Mercer Mercer Tac St. Pat’s Tac St. Pat’s Heart Nooka Mercer Tac St. Pat’s Tac St. Pat’s Bellevue Tac St. Pat’s Mercer Tac St. Pat’s Mercer Smelt Bellevue Mercer Tac St. Pat’s Mercer Wenatchee Mercer Foothills Tac St. Pat’s Smelt Rich St. Pat’s Wenatchee Tac St. Pat’s Nooka Wenatchee Mercer Wenatchee Foothills Foothills Nooka Wenatchee FSRC

Cinco de Mayo, Honeywagon, Houston (TX), Nookachamps, Disney Tinker Bell (CA), Disney World (FL), Heroes, Mercer Island, Richland Run Fest, Snake River Canyon, Tacoma City, Tacoma St. Paddy’s Day, Wenatchee, Whidbey Island Subscriber Submitted: Carlsbad (CA), First Half (BC)


19 & Under Alex Rockhill Mason Nicol Moshe Gordon Sam Stickney David Gill 20-24 Kolter Grigsby M. Antush Ari Schorr Kyle Paulson Conner Shelton wagon 25-29 Travis Boyd John Ricardi Justin Houck Chad Trammell Yon Yilma 30-34 Phil Olson Dan McLean Joshua Ricardi Justin Johnson Steve Dekoker 35-39 Evan Sims Shaun Frandsen Trevor Pincock Gabriel Kliot Jeff Oswalt 40-44 Sean Sundwall Andrew Hillier Zachary Ames

1:14:07 Tac City 1:15:41 Nooka 1:26:06 Tac City 1:26:18 Mercer 1:27:53 Tac City 1:14:32 Mercer 1:15:05 Snake 1:16:51 Mercer 1:19:10 Run Fest 1:19:54 Honey1:08:14 Heroes 1:08:30 Mercer 1:10:29 Mercer 1:11:07 Whidbey 1:12:13 Snake 1:09:15 Cinco 1:12:17 Tac City 1:12:39 Mercer 1:13:09 Mercer 1:13:18 Whidbey 1:11:52 Snake 1:12:32 Cinco 1:14:41 Snake 1:14:47 Mercer 1:15:16 Snake 1:09:59 Cinco 1:12:49 Whidbey 1:19:29 Mercer

Ben Lane 1:19:39 Mercer Joon Song 1:20:53 Mercer 45-49 Chris Morlan 1:18:47 Snake Tony Hawkes 1:19:23 Cinco Lance Logan 1:19:59 Cinco Troy Nelson 1:21:25 Snake Brad Calder 1:22:24 Heroes 50-54 Tony Young 1:17:14 Cinco Jay Johannesen 1:19:46 Cinco Paul Abdalla 1:20:09 Cinco Brad Anawalt 1:22:26 Mercer Bob Harrison 1:24:58 Mercer 55-59 Mickey Allen 1:26:13 Tac St. Pat’s Mike Koslosky 1:29:19 Mercer Keith Lerew 1:29:30 Tac St. Pat’s Andy Piercy 1:30:32 Tac St. Pat’s Mark Harding 1:31:43 Honeywagon 60-64 Fred Wedam 1:33:45 Hop Half (OR) Jon Hechler 1:37:05 Mercer Terry Parks 1:38:58 Tac City Patrick McKilligan 1:39:02 Nooka Doug Beyerlein 1:39:53 Nooka 65-69 Martinho Ribeiro 1:43:59 Tac St. Pat’s John Knudson 1:50:16 Mercer Ted Coulson 1:51:58 Mercer John Marsteller 1:56:41 Tac City James Cornelison 1:56:45 Run Fest 70-74 Ronald Olsen 1:50:34 Mercer Tom Alberts 1:57:20 Mercer Larry Carroll 1:59:16 Snake Mel Moore 2:04:14 Wenatchee Bob O’Brien 2:05:27 Nooka 75 & Above Bill Iffrig 1:47:18 Mercer Roy Wright 3:04:35 Tinker


19 & Under Bri Gibson 1:35:00 Nooka Maddy Pincock 1:37:03 Snake Sydney Zeldes 1:43:40 Mercer Chloe Michaels 1:43:50 Mercer Sidney Leonard 1:44:01 Heroes 20-24 Jennifer Macias 1:24:30 Snake Morgan Willson 1:26:02 Snake Talia Ringer 1:27:32 Cinco Stephanie Savino 1:29:56 tac City Laura Lavezo 1:32:06 Mercer 25-29

Courtney Olsen 1:21:03 Tac St. Pat’s Lana Lacey 1:21:45 Cinco Lauren Breihof 1:22:53 Tac St. Pat’s Kimber Hinson 1:22:58 Cinco Karen Craddick 1:25:40 Mercer 30-34 Ruth Perkins 1:17:37 Mercer Sarah Barkley 1:22:46 Wenatchee Kristi Houk 1:23:35 Whidbey Meghan Lyle 1:24:14 Cinco Bess McKinney 1:27:29 Mercer 35-39 Kathryn Landau 1:25:09 Tac St. Pat’s Trisha Steidl 1:25:33 Mercer Milah Frownfelter 1:26:54 Mercer Kelly McKean 1:29:32 Mercer Rachel Bucklin 1:32:54 Snake 40-44 Heather Lefriec 1:28:05 Snake Wendy Weber 1:30:59 Cinco Lora Jackson 1:31:12 Snake Jodie Isomura 1:31:38 Mercer Deborah Fletcher 1:32:29 Cinco 45-49 Selina Danko 1:28:54 Wenatchee Lisa Steilen 1:33:24 Cinco Angie S.-Rooney 1:34:13 Amber Cruzan 1:34:56 Hop Half Danielle Hess 1:36:14 Snake 50-54 Nancy Delanoy 1:36:43 Mercer J. Van Allen 1:38:44 Snake Monica Pantley 1:41:06 Carlsbad Diane Gingrich 1:42:46 Snake Nancy Markham 1:42:58 Cinco 55-59 Nancy K.-Meyer 1:36:12 Wenatchee Kerry Jones 1:41:37 Mercer K.A. Van Doornick 1:45:23 Tac City Margaret Austin 1:45:43 Heroes Cynthia Stout 1:47:16 Mercer 60-64 Donna Jackson 1:49:03 Tac St. Pat’s Ellie Hedel 1:54:03 Run Fest Barb Bumann 1:54:27 Whidbey Donna Jackson 1:55:01 Tac City Sally Pritchard 1:55:05 Snake 65-69 Peggy Hansen 1:59:00 Cinco Gunhild Swanson 2:01:10 Snake Nancy Harden 2:12:13 Heroes Caren Adams 2:13:53 Cinco Pat Bankes 2:14:45 Tac City 70-74 Judy Fisher 1:52:12 Mercer Carol Grisso 1:57:53 Tac City Isabelle Noiret 2:05:01 First Half

Susan Brain 2:14:32 Run Fest Vicki Griffiths 2:40:44 HoneyWagon 75 & Above Astrid Berg 2:35:39 Mercer Barbara Macklow 2:43:38 HoneyWagon Eleanaor Hull 3:26:49 Wenatchee Molly Childs 3:29:31 Tac City

Marathon Birch Bay, Boston, Disney World (FL), Houston (TX), Richland Run Fest, Tacoma City, Wenatchee, Whidbey Island, Yakima River Canyon


19 & Under Josh Lingbloom 3:06:53 Birch Nicholas Dorsett 3:17:58 Boston J.T. Armstrong 3:41:15 Whidbey Mathieu Kumps 3:45:12 Tac City Caleb Peek 3:53:00 Whidbey 20-24 Scott Traver 2:43:57 Yakima Matthew Baer 2:47:24 Tac City David Minge 2:58:57 Boston Scott Gault 3:17:25 Yakima Matthew Dorsett 3:20:49 Boston 25-29 John Ricardi 2:27:20 Boston Kurt Warwick 2:35:09 Boston Brian Sutter 2:35:53 Boston Cody Tylock 2:40:47 Boston Mac Schneider 2:40:52 Boston 30-34 Christopher Mah 2:34:22 Boston Justin Johnson 2:39:40 Whidbey Joshua Richardi 2:39:41 Boston Chris Tremonte 2:40:37 Boston Jonathan Hilty 2:40:48 Boston 35-39 C. Ashfield 2:38:18 Boston Jeremiah Mushen 2:44:55 Boston Torsten Lippoldt 2:48:09 Boston Ryan Kipp 2:48:25 Run Fest Scott McMurtrey 2:54:33 Boston 40-44 Uli Steidl 2:19:48 Boston Ben Sauvage 2:41:21 Boston Jeff Hashimoto 2:48:02 Yakima Nate Sutherland 2:48:05 Tac City Dan Reed 2:54:26 Boston 45-49

Bill Fitzner 2:50:34 Boston David McVay 2:51:34 Boston Michael Lynes 2:53:46 Tac City Glen Weissman 2:55:24 Birch Steve Geertgens 2:57:37 Birch 50-54 Bob Brennand 2:52:15 Boston David Cull 3:03:16 Wenatchee Dave Latourette 3:04:03 Boston D. Montgomery 3:05:21 Boston Michael Brisbois 3:05:32 Boston 55-59 Mark Boydston 2:59:52 Tac City Doug Jacobson 3:02:16 Boston Mickey Allen 3:10:10 Boston Mike Koslosky 3:13:26 Boston Keith Lerew 3:15:51 Boston 60-64 Douglas Beyerein 3:27:03 Boston David Baars 3:31:50 Wenatchee Jon Hechler 3:32:52 Boston Patrick McKilligan 3:33:47 Boston Karl Fiaccus 3:39:02 Boston 65-69 Martinho Ribeiro 3:48:08 Tac City Paul Snyder 3:49:41 Boston Ken Tarleton 3:58:03 Boston Al Truscott 4:02:49 Boston Tom Craven 4:02:50 Tac City 70-74 Jack Courrier 4:09:18 Yakima Gary Otheim 5:05:30 Yakima Jim Boyd 5:26:24 Yakima Anthony Teske 5:39:13 Boston Max Welker 5:39:20 Yakima 75 & Above Roger MacMillan 5:28:41 Tac City Keith Wood 5:44:14 Yakima Jr Phillips 8:22:42 Yakima Patrick Sexton 8:22:42 Yakima Mel Preedy 8:45:31 Yakima


19 & Under Kristin Ericksen 4:08:59 Whidbey Jennifer Jackson 4:18:49 Yakima Megan Anderson 4:27:17 Tac City S. Morehouse 4:43:15 Tac City Jocelyn Padilla 6:29:51 Yakima 20-24 Katie Conion 2:50:10 Boston Sierra Brisky 3:19:29 Boston Jennifer Van Cott 3:23:36 Boston Kelly Jensen 3:24:00 Boston Bryanna G.-Petrie 3:29:39 Boston 25-29

Courtney Olsen 2:52:37 Boston Nicki Hugie-Terry 2:59:02 Yakima Karen Craddick 3:07:30 Boston Lauren Breihof 3:11:10 Boston Rachel Johnson 3:11:10 Tac City 30-34 Bess McKinney 3:00:34 Boston Sarah Getty 3:02:57 Tac City M. McConnaughey 3:03:10 Boston Gretchen Bodeen 3:14:14 Boston Sarah Getty 3:14:23 Whidbey 35-39 Erin Cooke 3:20:21 Boston Rachel Bucklin 3:24:46 Boston Tiffany Schweppe 3:25:10 Boston Amanda Hoskins 3:25:58 Boston Susan Fairchild 3:26:39 Boston 40-44 Jodi Suter 3:02:49 Boston Lori Buratto 3:04:18 Boston Kassy Bargfrede 3:09:21 Tac Cityy Sarah Ranson 3:11:41 Boston Annie Thiessen 3:13:02 Yakima 45-49 Susan Empey 3:13:14 Boston A. G.-Vanallman 3:22:40 Boston Erika Lombardi 3:23:40 Boston M. Trohimovich 3:25:21 Tac City Noriko Osada 3:27:24 Boston 50-54 Rhonda Glass 3:19:24 Boston Kristen Mossman 3:22:34 Boston Julie Jacobson 3:29:45 Boston J. Van Allen 3:31:03 Wenatchee Cj Swan 3:34:47 Yakima 55-59 Carol Sexton 3:35:06 Houston Deborah Kerns 4:01:30 Boston D. Coughlin 4:03:48 Boston Lizzie Lee 4:08:03 Boston Janet Vogelzang 4:08:15 Boston 60-64 Gail Farmer 4:17:42 Boston Lizette Drennan 4:19:21 Boston Debby Jackson 4:27:09 Tac City Gay Hunter 4:45:27 Yakima Patricia McCorkle 4:47:18 Wenatchee 65-69 Piper Peterson 4:17:33 Boston Maron Wang 4:21:01 Run Fest Gunhild Swanson 4:30:12 Yakima Judy Loy 4:34:55 Boston Judy Bell 4:49:43 Boston 70-74 Susan Brain 4:51:58 Boston Sharon Carroll 5:21:12 Yakima

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Travis Boyd Male, 25-29, Half Marathon It’s not often that a Best Times runner offers to share his story in his own words. Meet Travis, who is currently leading his age group in the half marathon. -Ed.


here’s a story behind every race and a story behind every runner. We’ll all run a race where we have either gone through some dramatic training or event, or perhaps the race itself is one to remember. I’d be privileged to share one of my race stories with you.

By way of setting the stage, I grew up in the great Pacific Northwest in Lynnwood. I was born with a crooked foot, so I wore a cast as an infant to help straighten it out. Little did the doctors know that I would enjoy the fruit of their work in the form of running for my years ahead. From fun runs to running over to friends’ houses, I always enjoyed running as a kid. I wasn’t the fastest kid in school in elementary and middle school, but I made a goal in middle school to run cross country and track at the University of Washington. By the time I was a sophomore at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, I had run my way to the top and would soon become the school record holder in the 1,600m and 3,200m, then fulfill one of my early dreams of running cross country and track at the University of Washington as a walk on. Lacking in the natural speed that my teammates seemed to possess, I focused on the longer distances. In fact, as a senior in high school I had begun to dream about qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. At the University of Washington, I was blessed to make the varsity team and 14


travel the country racing all four years. Some highlights include finishing 15th in the Pac-10 XC Championships and 19th at XC Regionals, in addition to helping the Husky men finish 12th at Nationals my senior year.

Dreaming of the Olympic Trials

stroller was a great way to train. Mommy would get a well-deserved break from being a mommy, and Julia seemed to love the fresh air.

After graduating from UW in 2007, I began my marathon training by running close to 100 miles per week. I completed the inaugural Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in 2:23:23, but after struggling through Achilles tendonitis that just wouldn’t go away; I decided to focus on starting a family rather than sacrificing two hours a day toward running. But shortly after my daughter Julia was born in 2012, my wife Krissy and I took her to watch my good friend and college teammate, Mike Sayenko, race Krissy, Travis and Julia are all smiles after Travis set a the 10,000m in the Guinness World Record at the 2013 Heroes Half. all Olympic Trials in photos courtesy of travis boyd. Eugene, Oregon. Once again I was inActing on a New Year’s resolution spired to take another shot at qualifying After months of gradually increasing for the Olympic Trials myself. my miles, at the end of 2012 I found myself running about 80 miles a week As a man of faith in Jesus, I still wanted and feeling ready for some racing in to make sure to put God and family first 2013. For New Year’s, I decided to make on my priority list, before running, so a resolution to break the world record I found that running with Julia in the pushing a baby in a stroller for a half

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

marathon. Why, you ask? Because I love my daughter and I thought it would be pretty sweet to have a world record with her! And plus, the record was only 1 hour 15 minutes, which I was confident I could break. I just needed to find a flat local course. So one day, running home from church (yeah, I like to run home from church for my Sunday long run), I saw the sign for the Heroes Half Marathon in Everett for end of April…perfect!

Setting a world record

begin to hit 110-120 miles per week in preparation for my attempt at qualifying for the Olympic Trials in the marathon. I need to run 2:18:00 or faster (5:16 mile pace), and I took my first shot last October 2013 at the Chicago Marathon. After running 22 miles on pace, I fell just short of my goal due to severe calf cramping over the final 4 miles and finished in 2:19:56. I plan to take my next attempt at the Olympic Trials standard at Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Minnesota, on June 21st. But in the meantime, I ran the Heroes Half Marathon again this April.

The night before the race, my wife decked out our stroller with Puffs and Cheerios hanging from string so I could One amazing twist to this story of mine keep Julia happy for over an hour of is that our second child, Miles, was born racing. She had just turned one year old just one week before the Heroes Half and loved eating constantly. Sure enough, around mile 7 of the race, Julia began to cry and she was clearly ready for the food. So, while running a 5:20 pace, I reached up and swung the container of Cheerios onto her lap. Unfortunately her hands were too cold to get anything out, so Miles recovering in the NICU. she continued Marathon this year. However, a few her desperate cry for food. I tried swinghours after he was born, it was discoving the Puffs from the other side but ran ered that his upper and lower esophagus into the same dilemma. So, thinking on weren’t connected, which would make my feet while running full steam ahead, it impossible for him to eat and survive. I quickly grabbed the Puffs and just But thanks to a compassionate God and poured them all over Julia. Julia suddena seven-year-old surgery that was perly stopped crying and seemed to enjoy formed successfully the day after he was the rest of the race, pleasantly munching born, his esophagus has been connected on Puffs. We finished in first place in a and he is doing very well. This year I world record time of 1:13:50! Although didn’t race the Heroes Half Marathon I wasn’t able to get a baby food contract pushing a baby, but I got to run while with Puffs or Cheerios, I am now proud my new baby Miles was recovering well to be a part of the PowerBar Team Elite in the NICU at Swedish Hospital. And and continue to enjoy fueling both myI was able break my course record, this self and Julia while training. time without a stroller (or baby) in a time of 1:08:14. The following week, 13 Thanks to a supportive family, I indays after his birthday, we were blessed creased my training even more in the to be able to bring Miles home. I have summer of 2013 when I realized I could a hunch that Miles will have a competisave valuable time by running to and tive nature like his Daddy, but I guess from work rather than driving. This we will just have to wait and see how the also allowed me to train twice a day and story develops for this little guy. •

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A running getaway — or how to restore your mojo


he truth is that I was bored. I was weary of my local trails, weary of the weather in Seattle, weary of the snow pack covering my favorite mountain trails. I was tired of all of my cold weather running gear. As both of my readers know, I love Seattle and the Northwest more than any place on earth, but even though the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up, I needed to escape. A meeting in Los Angeles was the catalyst. I phoned my buddy Ron. And by “phoned” I mean that I sent him a text message. I’m not a caveman.

Here’s the deal, I said. I have a meeting in Burbank, but we could steal the rest of the weekend and run trails in the sun, drink microbrews and hang out in southern California. He was in. We were on. A week later we were flying south. It really felt like we were getting away with something, like we had skipped school or called in sick to work. I hesitated to post to anything on Twitter because I was sure we were breaking the rules. But it turns out when you are an adult with a credit card, you can more or less do what you want, and no one can stop you. My work obligations met, we pointed our rental car east and headed for the Mojave Desert. As we left Los Angeles and threaded through the wind farms and golf communities, we actually started to get excited. We were going trail running. It wasn’t raining on us. There was no mud to be found. It was 80 degrees out. Two hours from the second largest city in the country we stood at a trailhead in Joshua Tree National Park, all alone. Thousands and thousands of acres of



wilderness was ours for the taking. When we set off on the long loop we had picked out for that first day, everything felt a little lighter and easier. My legs didn’t hurt, and even though we were almost 5,000 feet above sea level, my breathing wasn’t labored. By my standards I was even running fast. Stunning. It was stunning in part because there might not be a more beautiful wilderness than the Mojave Desert. But also because every turn in the trail was a chance for a new discovery. We run up a long wash and onto a single track that climbed up to a small ridge. Down a twisty, rocky trail we went, and at the bottom were the rock and metal remains of an old prospector’s homestead. Up another long climb were the ruins of an old mining operation. Wildflowers, cactus, the famous Joshua trees. Oh, and the occasional rattlesnake just to keep us paying attention. At home I know the trails so well I notice when a branch has fallen from a tree. I know exactly how long each climb

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

is. I know that the third board on the bridge over the creek is about to break. I know the distances of each trail segment by heart. Out on that new trail in the desert, everything was an adventure. We spent as much time back at the trailhead drinking cold beer and talking about the run as we did on the run itself. Laughing, giddy and happy. My running energy was back. Even the four-hour drive back to Los Angeles the next day, stuck behind an endless line of Coachella hipsters on Interstate 10, couldn’t dampen it. My running mojo had been restored. Since returning to Seattle I have made a commitment to go exploring more than I usually do. It doesn’t take much to go find a new trail or a park you’ve never been to. It’s only a couple of hours to the (usually) drier and warmer east side of the mountains. To borrow from the slogan of a terrible airline, sometimes you just have to get away. It is so easy to get into running ruts and routines that suck the fun out of it. There is something about a destination run that reminds me why I do it. The exploration, the adventure, and the pure fun of it. Of course I write all of this knowing that my afternoon run will take me right back to the same old trails I run every week. But at least I know in a few days I am headed someplace new, so I’ll suffer through it. • Don’t forget to follow Greg Van Belle on Twitter @gregvanbelle. His email is



11:05 PM













Running to support Oso’s recovery


ndoubtedly, you were as shocked as I was on the morning of March 22nd upon hearing about a terrible landslide that wiped out an entire neighborhood, claiming over 40 lives in the small Snohomish County community of Oso. Immediately folks throughout the state wanted to help. The Arlington Runners Club (ARC) was no exception. Arlington is only a few miles from Oso, and almost everyone in this small city knew someone who was affected by this disaster. ARC president Jon Hatfield figured the best way that he and his club could help his neighbors in need was by staging a benefit run.

victims of the slide. Families and folks of all persuasions and running abilities then took to the course at the Arlington Airport Trails. When it was all over, nearly $24,000 was raised—and at the time of this writing more funds are still being pledged! “My heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this run such a fantastic event,” says Hatfield. “We had at least two people from the landslide at the event. One was Natasha, who lost her mother and four-monthold baby, and another was a woman who survived the slide. She shared with us her appreciation. I am so proud of everyone coming together for Oso.” Me too. Great job, ARC and Skagit Runners, for making a big difference. Just a few days before the Oso Benefit Run, many of us were The ARC is no stranger to putting on fundraising runs for charfocused on the Boston Marathon. One year after the tragic ity and stages a handful each year. But Jon and the club really bombings, thousands of runners and many from the Northwest wanted to put on a big event—and soon, and they knew they ran united at America’s most prestigious marathon. The big would need some assistance. They reached out to the Skagit news, of course, was that this was the first time an American Runners, who gladly assisted by providing chip timing and has won the race since 1983. Yay, Meb! But there was even volunteers. The ARC rounded up a cauldron of volunteers too, more good news and it has and the club sent out press a Northwest twist. “For releases and solicited donathe second time in three tions to underwrite the race tries, ageless (he’s 42) so that 100 percent of the Ulrich (Uli) Steidl was the proceeds would go directly Boston Marathon Masters to the families affected by Champion,” reports fellow the slide and toward the Seattle Running Club rescue efforts. member Joe Creighton. On April 26th, just With a time of 2:19:48, Uli over one month after the finished 22nd overall and landslide, the Oso United was the 11th American Mudslide Benefit 5K and finisher. “This time was his 10K run and walk kicked fastest yet on the course,” off. I had the pleasure of says Creighton. attending and can report Over 1,000 runners and walkers participated in the Oso United You can come to one that the energy at this event Mudslide Benefit Run. courtesy of jon hatfield. of the club’s Wednesday was amazing. Nearly 1,100 evening track workouts, folks participated, a field four times larger than any event the led by Uli and his wife Trisha Steidl, at Garfield High School club has sponsored before. There were a few small glitches, in Seattle’s Central District. “Receive specific workouts and as can be expected when trying to expedite an event of this running advice from two of Seattle’s great running minds,” magnitude. But the folks in attendance for the most part let says Creighton. All speeds and abilities are welcome. Non-club them go—they were there to help out the Oso victims and members are welcome to give the workouts a test run before rescuers. The run started with a moment of silence at 10:37 a.m. committing. Workouts start at 6:30 p.m. and will occur all (the time of the slide), followed by 43 bell rings denoting the 43 Wednesdays throughout the summer.



w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Club Northwest (CNW) had several runners back at Boston this year also. “Brothers Josh and John Ricardi were a couple of members in this year’s event,” reports sister Lois (Ricardi) Keller. “This was older brother Josh’s sixth Boston, and after seeing how much he enjoys the race, younger brother John decided to

19th Annual

Tesoro March Point Run & Walk June 22nd 2013 10am Kids 1/2 Mile Race 5K and 10K Run/Walk (Chip Timed & USA Track & Field Certified)

Come join us for a fun-filled day of road racing

around March Point, starting and ending at the Tesoro Anacortes, WA refinery. Race entry

includes a free picnic lunch (hot dog, chips, and Uli Steidl at mile 20 of the Boston Marathon, on his way to winning the masters division. talia ringer photo. race it this year as well. John was the first CNW athlete to cross the line, coming in 55th with a time of 2:27:20.” While Boston may be one of the world’s most prestigious races, it’s not in the top ten when it comes to participants. That honor goes back and forth between a few events that I’m willing to wager most of you have never heard of. Well, CNW member Joe Bisignano recently participated in one of those events— Spain’s Cursa el Corte de Ingles. Europe’s largest road race, the Cursa el Corte de Ingles consists of a certified 10.766K course and is free to enter. This year’s race had over 73,000 participants, Bisignano among them! Bisignano landed in Barcelona for the race just 12 hours before it began. His first challenge aside from jetlag was not having a timing chip for the race. He didn’t realize that in Spain you buy your own to use for all of your races. Bisignano’s next challenge was trying to get a decent seeding. “He used his language ignorance to his advantage and managed to sneak into the third corral,” reports Keller. “The excitement, green confetti cannons and the crowd helped Bisignano overcome his jetlag,” reports Keller, “though the hills cruelly snapped him back to reality.” With no chip Bisignano wasn’t quite clear what his time was or his placing. “All I can say for certain is that I was in the top 100 overall and the race was lots of fun,” he says. After the race Joe and his wife headed to an island in Greece. There being a runner was kind of a novelty and Bisignano stood out. “But that has gotten me invited to a huge family party where I was told wine would help my running while forkfuls of food were passed my way,” he says. Hmm, if wine and heaps of food could only help my running—I’d be one fast runner! Summer’s almost here. See you at those club runs and events! •

drink) after the race. Awards:

Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place for all three races in all age groups.

Over $1,000 in random raffle prizes will be handed out during the awards presentation.

For race details, a mail in registration form, and a link to register online go to

Register online directly at DATABAREVENTS.COM or DATABAREVENTS.COM link on the MARCHPOINTRUN.COM website.

ALL Entry Fees Donated To United Way & The American Cancer Society Relay for Life

Craig Romano can be found running, hiking and sometimes even biking the trails of Washington. Find him and his books online at: J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m




Train and race your best — nutrition tips for optimal performance


ith warm weather finally arriving, runners are training for summer races and events. Though they may be committed to a rigorous training schedule, many are unaware that their diet is preventing them from achieving optimal performance. If you feel like you’re not getting the most from your training program, it may be time for a nutrition makeover. Here are some common sports nutrition red flags.

Chronic fatigue and low energy

Most runners experience workouts where their energy and endurance aren’t optimal. This can occur during periods of stress, increasing mileage or inadequate sleep. But if low energy and fatigue are consistent, it’s time to take a look at your nutrition. Runners that limit their carbohydrate intake in an effort to lose weight often find they don’t have sufficient glycogen, or stored carbohydrate, to fuel their longer runs. Endurance athletes need to consume at least 55 to 65 percent of their calories from carbohydrate to maintain consistent energy. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products are the main sources of carbohydrate, so make sure to include these food groups in every meal and snack.

Stomach issues during runs

GI issues are a major problem for some distance runners. In order to make it through long runs, they don’t Focusing on optimal nutrition can boost eat before workouts, limit fueling and your running performance without hydration during runs, and always training any harder. martin rudow (mr) know the location of the nearest restphoto. room. Though these coping strategies their diet and looking for triggers. Facmay help, they can have a negative effect tors such as fat, fiber, lactose intoleron energy and performance. A sports ance, dehydration and food allergies nutritionist can work with athletes to or sensitivities can often be the culprit. help resolve these issues by reviewing If you’re struggling with GI issues that 20


w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

interfere with your training and performance, consulting with a sports nutritionist can be a helpful strategy.

Chronic muscle cramps and soreness

Chronic muscle cramps or muscle soreness can really hinder your training program. The risk of cramps increases with fatigue or hot temperatures, especially for less seasoned runners. But muscle cramps are often related to a lack of fueling and hydration. Dehydration can trigger muscle cramps, especially during the later phases of an event, so aim to drink enough fluids to maintain your body weight within 2 to 3 percent. Most sports drinks and gels contain electrolytes, which help maintain the blood’s normal balance, but athletes prone to muscle cramps may need additional electrolytes. Carbohydrate depletion can also lead to cramps, since carbohydrate is required to fuel muscles for both contraction and relaxation. Make sure you’re fueling with energy products during workouts lasting more than 90 minutes, and eat a sports diet loaded with high-carbohydrate foods.

Large fluctuations in weight

Runners often celebrate when the scale drops a few pounds, but that can be a sign of dehydration or glycogen depletion rather than healthy weight loss. It’s important to monitor weight changes during training, especially if your weight fluctuates more than 3 to 4 pounds per week. Weighing yourself before and after a long run can help determine if you were adequately hydrated. For every pound lost, aim to consume another 16 ounces of fluid during your next long run. Another red flag to watch for is a steady drop in weight over the course of a training week. If this is accompanied by a drop in energy, it’s likely due to

dehydration and decreasing glycogen stores. If your weight increases and energy improves after rehydration, highcarbohydrate meals and a rest day, you were probably depleted.

Frequent illness and injury

Poor nutrition can also impair an athlete’s immune system. If you aren’t consuming enough calories, protein, carbohydrate and good nutrition, your body can’t produce sufficient immune factors to maintain optimal health. If you experience frequent colds or sickness, especially during the sum-

Decreased performance despite increased training

Runners should see increases in strength and endurance over the course of their training season. Lack of improvement or drops in performance can signal an imbalance in training or a lack of supporting nutrition. Inadequate nutrition is often the issue when runners are focused on weight loss. Without sufficient calories and carbohydrate, their energy for training is limited and recovery from workouts is compromised. Their bodies don’t become fitter and stronger, since their muscles never fully recover from

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9.28.2014 GIG HARBOR, WA

If you suffer from muscle cramping, make sure to fuel with an electrolyte drink during long workouts. mr photo. mer months, that’s definitely a red flag. Dehydration and inadequate nutrition can also increase risk for injury. Chronic muscles strains, stress fractures and soft tissue injuries are more common when nutrition is inadequate.

Constant cravings and eating binges For many runners, the best part of a long run is rewarding themselves with a big juicy burger and fries or half a pizza and a couple of beers. But if you find yourself constantly craving high-fat, highcalorie foods or binging on ice cream, cookies or bowls of cereal at night, it’s time to review your diet. Cravings like this are often signals your body is short on calories or carbohydrate. Binging on these foods may help to close the calorie gap, but it won’t fuel your body with the best nutrition for optimal performance. A good way to evaluate your nutritional balance is with an online program or app like Enter your height, weight, age, food intake and exercise, and you’ll see where your diet falls short of your daily goals. Monitoring your daily calorie balance is a great way to make sure you’re optimizing your nutrition for energy and performance.

activity. It’s like paying the price of hard training…but never reaping the benefits.

Make the most of your training

Focusing on optimal nutrition is the best way to maximize your training and performance. When you learn to eat a balanced training diet, fuel well during workouts, and refuel your body for recovery, your training will become much easier and more effective. You can actually boost your performance without training any harder…and what’s not to like about that? •

Heather Nakamura, MPE, MS, RD is a registered dietitian with masters degrees in both exercise physiology and nutrition. She works as a Personal Wellness Coach to help active individuals develop nutrition and training programs that focus on improving performance, maximizing energy, and achieving optimal body composition and health. For more information, go to, or call (206) 595-2688.

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A triathlete’s guide to training and recovery


ecovery is a big topic in triathlon and running circles these days. It seems to be especially pressing for aging athletes wondering why they can’t complete that set of hard 400s on the track as fast as they could when they were in their twenties. The oft-heard refrain goes something like this: “Oof! I feel tight. I sure don’t recover from a hard workout like I used to!” The geezer usually goes on to say something to the effect that he used to do three or four hard workouts a week and now he can barely do one. It’s funny. People used to say that they had just gotten out of shape. But now there is no shortage of sales people pushing this “recovery excuse,” and in the process trying to sell you an antidote. Drink this chocolate milk and wear these calf sleeves, and you’ll be good as new in the morning! Joe Friel, a well-respected coach and author of The Triathlete’s Training Bible, wrote in 2011 that aging athletes have “lower levels of testosterone, started losing muscle mass, increased risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis (especially in cyclists), increased tendencies for acid-base imbalance, reduced sensitivity to thirst, perhaps a greater propensity for weight gain, lost soft tissue elasticity accompanied by an increased likelihood of injury, reduced enzyme activity, less tolerance for heat, and more. It isn’t pretty.” Indeed! How the hell do we manage to get out of bed in the morning! As usual, the news always sounds worse than things really are. Friel correctly adds that he doesn’t think the issue is aging so much as “detraining.” All that bad stuff listed above simply gives us less margin for error. Little injuries and pains are more common, and a missed day here and a missed day there add up over time, making it harder to hold onto our fitness. In Friel’s laundry list of elder woes, the loss of tendon flexibility and maybe “acid-base imbalance” are factors that can hinder recovery, but the main reason we oldsters don’t recover is the fact that we aren’t in as good of shape! We are probably weaker, 22


have gained a few pounds, don’t have the aerobic base we once had, and so on. It’s just a sign that our life priorities have changed since we were 25. It’s time to suck it up. Those 400s aren’t tough because you aren’t recovered from your long run on Sunday. They’re tough because you skipped the last three speed sessions at the track because you were busy. So what’s a healthy, motivated athlete suffering from TMB (too many birthdays) to do? Here are five ways you can structure your triathlon training so that you will live forever and always win your age group. Spread out long rides and long runs. Most triathletes who work normal hours try to squeeze two long workouts into the weekend – long bike ride on Saturday and long run on Sunday. This leads to injury every time. It is Stop comparing yourself smarter to do only one “long” your younger you; train and workout each weekend. You race your best and be happy can still train the other day, with that. wade praeger but it should be of moderate photos . distance and intensity. Some lucky souls have the flexibility to do a long ride on the weekend and squeeze in a long run mid-week. But if that’s not you then you need to alternate your long runs, rides and long bricks, each weekend. Make strength training the focus of your training, not an afterthought. In my younger days, I trained so hard, I rarely had time for strength training. An hour of lifting weights usually meant sacrificing an hour on the bike or a hard set of 100s in the pool. Sacrifices I was unwilling to make. Now that I am older, I’m beginning to understand that spending a couple of hours a week doing resistance training is perhaps the most important thing I do. Hours of riding, swimming and running are just a prelude to injury if I am not first taking care of my strength, balance and core. Moderate the peaks and valleys of traditional training plans. We all adhere the “hard/easy” philosophy of condition-

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

ing, but when you are older you should moderate the swings so you prevent yourself from repeatedly toying with that red line of overtraining. Of course you can still do some super hard efforts – you can’t get stronger without them – but you need to strategically plan them so you are adequately rested before and poised to recover after. The same goes for long-term “periodization” of your training. The biggest mistake older athletes make is taking a big chunk of time off in the winter to “recover.” When you are 20, it seems like you can take two months off and then train for a month and get back to baseline. After age 40, if you take two months off, it’s at least eight months until you are back to where you started. That’s assuming you can train for eight months straight without distractions or injury.

At age 20, it seems like you can take two months off and then get into great shape after training for a month. Learn to be flexible. I’m not talking about being able to touch your toes (though that’s a good idea too); I mean you should try and build some flexibility into your training week. If you miss a run because of work, shift your rest day and do the run some other time. Seems obvious, but I see coached athletes all the time who hate making changes. PS: I need to thank and recognize my friend Patty at Northwest Tri and Bike who told me that she is tired of reading articles and blog posts from aging athletes complaining about the ravages of time and generally making excuses for declining performance. She reminded me that it’s just no fun listening to excuses, even if they’re legitimate. Everyone’s got excuses that fall somewhere on the spectrum between “Act of God” to “Whoops!” Getting older of course falls closer to Act of God, but still, it’s a lame excuse. Because I know I’m as likely as the next guy to tilt at the windmills of time, I have invented something I call a “PRTD.” Personal Record This Decade. No longer do you need to compare yourself to that long-dead younger You. Don’t even bother comparing yourself to the other nerds in your age group. Just do the best you can and be happy with that. If nothing else, you’ll be a lot more fun to talk to before and after your race. • Wade Praeger coaches all sorts of competitive athletes helping them achieve their running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon goals. He can be contacted at J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



Eddie Gardner on Route 66, Oklahoma, at the 1928 Bunion Derby. courtesy of el reno carnegie library.

the at

e r G ion

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by charles b. kastner

Finding the Bunion Derbies



e limits of human h t r endu g fo n i ranc h c r a e e S

I first learned about the Bunion Derbies—the nickname for the two great trans-American footraces held in the late 1920s—while writing an article for the March 1999 edition of Northwest Runner, titled “The Great Port Townsend to Port Angeles Bunion Derby of 1929”. In this race, 52 seemingly sane men ran about 50 miles from Port Townsend to Port Angeles for a small cash prize. These runners were not university-trained athletes or members of athletic clubs, but rather everyday working men with jobs as farmers, letter carriers and construction workers. They entered the race with little or no training. Less than half completed the race and those that did staggered across the finish line with blood-soaked shoes and blisters the size of half dollars. I kept asking myself what had motivated these men to attempt such a thing—and where did the funny-sounding race name come from? Over the next few years, I learned that these men and many others across the country were caught up in a brief fascination with ultramarathoning that blossomed in the late 1920s, the twilight of the decade nicknamed the Jazz Age. From Conway, Missouri, to Port Angeles, average Joes were testing the limits of 24

s e i b r e

human endurance. They had been motivated by the granddaddy of all endurance races, the first ever transcontinental footrace across America, better know as the 1928 Bunion Derby, where everyday men chased a $25,000 cash prize by doing what many observers though impossible to do, namely, running ultramarathons daily for 84 days. When 55 of the 199 men completed the trans-American journey with no ill effects, Americans had to reevaluate their understanding of the ability of human beings to run extremely long distances. Seattle had caught bunion derby fever too. In 1929, the city was a buzz with excitement over a 52-mile walking race around Lake Washington, nicknamed the Lake Hike. In the March 2001 cover story for this magazine, I described how thousands of men and women left Seattle around midnight by following a lanternlit Rainier Avenue south to Renton, before heading north to walk the eastside of the lake to Bellevue, then returning to Se-

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

attle in the late morning after passing through Bothell to the north. It was a citywide party that celebrated pressing the limits of human endurance. The Lake Hike’s first woman star, Bertha Woodward, was a poor laundry woman who won the women’s division and used the prize money to buy a house and move her two daughters out of an unpainted shack that, until then, had served as their home. This fascination with the bunion derbies reflected the optimism of the times. New technologies—cars, radios, electricity, airplanes and motion pictures—had profoundly reshaped society. The nation was crackling with growth and activity. Twentyseven million cars clogged roads that had been quiet at the start decade. This in turn set off a boom in road building and oil production. America was the world’s engine of prosperity after it helped win the First World War. Wages soared and the loosely regulated stock market boomed. The party seemed destined to go on forever—fueled by illegal booze in this time of Prohibition.

the mostly unpaved Route 66 across the American West. The men first faced the blast furnace of the Mojave Desert, then a brutal climb into the Arizona high country where they crossed the Continental Divide at 7,200 feet. From there, they ran across New Mexico, then through ankle-deep mud on unpaved roads

Seattle’s Bertha Woodward winning the women’s division of the Lake Hike. courtesy of the seattle star , june 15, 1929. in Texas before reaching better roads in Oklahoma. The four African American bunioneers had the added burden of facing a firestorm of hate from white Texans enraged that blacks would challenge whites in an integrated race in the segregated South. The bunioneers made up the rules of transcontinental racing as they went. The 55 men who survived to reach New York City had experienced a test of endurance that few of them could have imagined when they started the race in Los Angeles. The finishers were our first ironmen, true pioneers of ultramarathoning.

The 1929 race

Official Program of 1929 Bunion Derby. courtesy of john stone .

The 1928 Bunion Derby

I chronicled the first bunion derby in my 2007 book, titled Bunion Derby: The 1928 Footrace Across America. On March 4, 1928, 199 men assembled in Los Angeles for an 84-day footrace across the nation. Few of the men had any training. Most observers believed that few if any of these “bunioneers” would reach the finish at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The first 500 miles of the race provided a brutal, gut-busting initiation to the rigors of daily ultramarathon racing as the runners followed

In my latest book, The 1929 Bunion Derby: Johnny Salo and the Great Footrace Across America, 43 veterans from the first race joined 34 rookie runners for the start of the second and last Bunion Derby. This time, race director Charley Pyle reversed course, and the men left New York for Los Angeles on March 31, 1929. As in the first derby, the men had come for prize money, chasing $25,000 for first place, $10,000 for second, with the remaining $25,000 spread between third and fifteenth place. The Bunion Derby had a simple set of rules: Run or walk on your own two feet and finish by midnight. Each day’s race was called a “stage race” with the men starting together then racing to the next designated town along the course, which was called the “con- Johnny Salo (107) with two other trol.” As the men bunioneers on Route 66, Oklahoma, finished the race, at the 1928 race. courtesy of el reno their times from the carnegie library. J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



bunion derbies continued

stage race were added to their cumulative totals. The man with the lowest cumulative time would win the derby and its $25,000 cash prize—ten to fifteen times the annual salary of an average worker. This was enough money to buy a house, pay off a mortgage and make a better life for their families. The 34 rookie runners would soon discover they were in for the fight of their lives if they hoped to win a share of the prize money. The 1928 veterans had written the rulebook on running across America. Questions of hydration, pace, training, diet, footwear and clothing all had been worked out in a brutal trial-and-error process. The rookies were simply no match for these battlehardened veterans. By the end of the first week, many of the rookies were gone. As the men headed east from Baltimore they faced 90-degree heat as they crossed the rolling Appalachian Mountains that separate the eastern seaboard from America’s hinterland. By the time the derby reached Ohio, three veteran bunioneers had emerged to compete for the $25,000 prize: Eddie Gardner of Seattle, Johnny Salo from Passaic, New Jersey, and Pete Gavuzzi of England.

In one case, a white man trained a rifle on his back and rode behind him on horseback for an entire day, daring him to pass another white man. In another case, a white mob surrounded his trainer’s car and threatened to burn it if Gardner stayed in the race. Despite this abuse, he stayed in the derby and finished in eighth place. Eddie returned for the 1929 race as a more patient and disciplined runner, blessed with a graceful stride that caught the eye of anyone who saw him run.

The Sheik of Seattle

Twenty-nine-year-old Eddie “the Sheik” Gardner was Seattle’s greatest ultramarathoner of the last century. (I made my case for Eddie, in a November 2007 article in Northwest Runner.) Wearing a white towel tied around his head, with a white sleeveless shirt and white shorts, he looked like the dashing matinee idol Rudolph Valentino, who portrayed desert sheiks in the silent pictures. As Eddie trained, legions of his Seattle fans would cry out, “oh, you sheik,” and the nickname stuck. As an African American, he faced the wrath of southern whites in the 1928 derby, including daily death threats and torrents of racial slurs.

Johnny Salo and his wife Amelia. courtesy of guy gavuzzi.

The flying cop

Eddie Gardner (right) at the 1928 race. courtesy of el reno carnegie library. 26


Johnny Salo was the poster child for the American dream. He had entered the 1928 race with just $11 in his pocket and a dream that he would win the $25,000 and make a better life for his wife and two small children. At 34, this often unemployed Finnish immigrant had survived the brutal Mojave and the Arizona high country to emerge as a runner with unbelievable grit and endurance. His style was stiff and mechanical as he ploughed through mud, rain and snow with an intense forward-looking stare. By the time he reached his hometown of Passaic, New Jersey, he was anchored in second place with its $10,000 cash prize. He had become a local hero to city residents who followed his progress across the nation in the local press. A grateful city council offered him a commission as a city police officer, in thanks for all the positive publicity he had brought Passaic. Johnny’s days of

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Johnny Salo receiving his commission as a Passaic city police officer. courtesy of unemployment were behind him. He used his prize money to by a cozy house and settled down to walk a beat as the “flying cop from Passaic.” In 1929 he took a leave of absence from the force and entered the 1929 race as the heir apparent to win the second Bunion Derby.

The bearded wonder

Pete Gavuzzi of England had a grudge to settle. In 1928, this diminutive, trilingual 22-year-old bunioneer had a lock on first place and its $25,000 in prize money. With only days to go in the race, he was forced out with infected tooth that made it impossible for him to eat. He literally ran out of gas with the prize money in his grasp. Gavuzzi, who would not shave for the duration of the 1929 race, was the Fred Astaire of the Bunion Derby, with a flowing and seemingly effortless style. He had returned to reclaim his $25,000 prize.

The Director General

Leading the derby parade across America was Charley Pyle, the paunchy, middle-aged sports agent who directed the first bunion derby the year before. In 1925, Pyle was an obscure figure until he signed the greatest football player of the decade, Red Grange, to a professional sports contract. Under Pyle’s leadership both men made a fortune, but Charley bled away most of what he

had made when he established his own NFL team and managed the first derby. Pyle was a marketing genius but an abysmal manager. In 1929, Pyle was teetering on bankruptcy, but he still thought he could make trans-America racing a profitable affair on his second try. His money-making engine would be his traveling vaudeville group, C. C. Pyle’s Cross Country Follies, complete with a New York dance troupe dubbed the Dancing Debutants, an all-women band wearing pilot outfits, and blackface comedians. Pyle housed his troupe under a massive circus tent that he hoped he would pack with paying customers to come up with the $60,000 in total prize money. Charley, who grandly dubbed himself the Director General of the Bunion Derby, had no other sources of income. He had to make the follies a paying proportion if he had any hope of paying his bunioneers their prize money.

The final battles

As the bunioneers crossed Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, the three front-runners, Salo, Gavuzzi and Gardner, kept pushing each other to go faster, often running 30 to 40 miles a day at a seven to eight minute per mile pace. The rest of the runners kept shaking their heads in wonder as the three men pulled farther away from the pack. In the 1928 race, Andy Payne of Oklahoma had won the contest by “stepping along” at about a ten minute per mile pace. J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m









bunion derbies continued

When the derby reached the Mississippi River after 25 days, and 1,000 miles of racing, Eddie “the Sheik” Gardner had a statement to make. Across the river was Missouri—and a return to Jim Crow segregation, the nickname for a system of separate but woefully unequal access to education and basic services that kept African Americans locked into a permanent underclass. Gardner knew what awaited him after his experience in 1928, but he put his fears aside, pinned a small American flag to his racing singlet and sped through the short, by derby standards, 22-mile course at sub three-hour marathon pace. Gardner had returned to the south with an American flag on his chest, a man willing to die for his cause. Sadly, a leg injury forced Gardner out of the contest in Oklahoma, turning the bunion derby into a two-man race between Salo and Gavuzzi. The duo chased each other across Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. In one legendary run, Johnny Salo ran for 56 miles across the Sonora desert at a 7:42-per-mile pace in blistering heat on a dusty unpaved road to open a two-hour lead over his English

Charley Pyle, 1926. courtesy of the library of congress .

Pete Gavuzzi. courtesy of guy gavuzzi. rival. The next day, he was racked by stomach cramps and lost the lead. By the time the race reached Los Angeles, only nine minutes separate the two front-runners. In an epic finish around an outdoor track, Salo eked out a victory by two minutes after 78 days and more than 3,500 miles of running. Pyle could not produce the prize money, leaving his brave bunioneers emptyhanded and embittered. As the gloom of the Great Depression engulfed the country a few months later, the country lost its fascination with breaking endurance records and the 1929 Bunion Derby faded away into obscurity—but it deserves to be remembered and honored as the greatest footrace of its age. Those who overlooked it missed an epic event. For 78 days, Johnny Salo and Pete Gavuzzi chased each other across the mostly unpaved roads of 1929 America at an 8:53-per-mile pace. Their pace is at least as good as or better than the paces set in any other trans-America race or multi-

day ultramarathon event in history. The duo achieved this pace without today’s high-tech running shoes, clothing, nutritional supplements and medical support, and they did so by using hardwon survival lessons learned in the first Bunion Derby. The bunioneers should be honored by anyone who takes up the sport of ultramarathoning and, for that matter, by anyone who admires courage and perseverance in the face of impossible odds. If you’d like to learn more about my books on the Bunion Derbies or my articles on the history of ultramarathoning, please visit my website at •

Charles Kastner is a Seattle-based writer and financial manager. His latest book, The 1929 Bunion Derby: Johnny Salo and the Great Footrace Across America, was released in March. Kastner is an avid distance runner who has run more than 20 marathons and one ultramarathon. J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



HOKA ONE ONE® and Peter Thompson revive The RACE The RACE, once one of the most prestigious and important road races in the Northwest, if not the country, is coming back, as The RACE – Revived. Taking place on the same Eugene course as The RACE that ran from 1983 to 1990, The RACE – Revived promises to be as fun and exciting as the original as runners take on the flat, fast, and scenic USATF-certified road course on Sunday, June 15, 2014. Limited to just 5,000 runners, The RACE – Revived promises to be a fast, fun event for all. It will raise funds for the Eugene Health & Performance Foundation’s racing team ‘The Spirit of Oregon’. Along with awards for top division finishers, everyone who enters and finishes The RACE - Revived will be eligible to win a brand new Chevrolet Sonic LT! With a field limited to 5,000, the chances of scoring a prize of this caliber are significantly better than in an average lottery. “The RACE was a significant road running event in the Northwest running scene back Results plaques are still in in the 1980s and early place at the start/finish line of 90s and provided real the old course for The RACE. excitement for all,” said Race Director and event founder, Peter Thompson. So important to the event was Thompson that, despite its popularity, it simply folded shortly after he left the area. He has returned as so has The RACE. The RACE was a premier event right away. The first year saw a field of 4,000+, and it grew rapidly to 7,000+, with many of the

very best runners in the country at the top. It joined Boston Marathon in being the only road races in the USA that at the time had a permanent finish line painted on a city street. The RACE finishes on Pearl Street, Eugene between the City Hall and Lane County building. The women’s course record was set by our own Regina Joyce, 25:50 in 1983. In the eight years it was held several world-class women tried to beat Regina’s course record, including a who’s who of top runners of the era: Marty Cooksey, Cathie Twomey, Nan Doak, and Annette Peters Hand among them.

Top runners competed in The RACE, as witness this plaque from the 1983 edition. The men’s course record, 22:54 was set by Kevin Ryan in 1983, who won The RACE six times between 1983 and 1990. “Eugene, Oregon is the epicenter of running in the U.S.A.,” said Jim Van Dine, Brand President at HOKA ONE ONE. “So when Peter mentioned his hopes of resurrecting this classic middle distance event, it made perfect sense for HOKA ONE ONE to get involved and support a great running event in a great running community.” As if any more proof was needed to back up the claim that Eugene is the “epicenter of running in the U.S.A”, participants in The RACE – Revised can hang around for the year’s top Track & Field meet, the NCAA Division One Championships. This meet will be going on at the nearby University of Oregon the same weekend.

Entry information and race details can be found at

Runners make their way down the parade route, hoping they’ll beat the weather. photos courtesy of steve james and databar events .

Daffodil 5K Challenge four adventures in one day BY CI N DY CARDEN A S


he challenge was on. I was going to run the Daffodil 5K Challenge: four 5Ks in four cities in one day on the parade route of the Daffodil Festival. I checked a weather app all week to see what kind of conditions I would be running in, but it didn’t look promising. I also used a map app to locate the start of each race and to find the best way to get to them. And when the race courses were released, I took pictures of them to get an idea of where I would be running. Pre-race rituals were next on my list. Normally you pick one outfit to wear for race day. But packing for four races was a challenge. With rain in the forecast and a break of one to two hours between races, I knew I would have time to change if necessary, even if it was just to put on dry socks between events. Water, gum, towel, hat, running jacket, extra running shoes and clothes, camera, charged iPhone and headphones, and a change of post-race clothes were all thrown into a bag. The morning of the challenge, I looked out the window to prepare myself for the 32


predicted rain. Instead I saw sun breaks! Daffodil 5K Challenge, here I come!

Tacoma: this is easy

My best friend Greg agreed to be the driver. This way I’d have someone to talk to, cheer me on and take pictures, and I could relax. He drove me to the first race in Tacoma. Parking was not a problem, check in was easy, and it wasn’t raining (yet). While there wasn’t a huge group of runners, there was only one port-a-potty – and one long line. I was pretty happy I had run back into my house to use my bathroom before we left. The course was a couple of loops and an out-and-back with some accompanying cheers along the way from a few groups of parade goers. I was pleasantly surprised that my finish time was around the 25-minute mark. A quick check at the results table showed 25:27. Race one, done! Since we had two-plus hours until the next race, we decided to check out some parade floats, people watch, and cheer on the last finisher. Then we were off to Puyallup. Remembering the single port-

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

a-potty, I knew the next challenge would be to find a bathroom. Fred Meyer in Puyallup was my choice.

Puyallup: thank goodness the weatherman was wrong

This race had more road closures, making it a bit more challenging, but we still managed to arrive with plenty of time. This race had upped the ante: there were three port-a-potties. We had some fun with this as a guy with a megaphone encouraged participants to be speedy so everyone could get the job done. I also met the nicest gals in line who I’d see throughout the day. A few words at the start line from the director – and a few people running from the bathrooms – and we were off. This race was an out-and-back on a very flat course. There were lots of volunteers at every corner with arrows to point the way and lots of parade parties in the front yards of the neighborhood we ran through. The crowd cheered us on while they waited for the parade to start. While there was a little bit of rain and some wind, the weather was still coop-

erating. At the finish line I was happy to see my time of 24 minutes. I went to the results table, but the officials couldn’t find my result. They assured me my time would be recorded, so we headed to the next race. I had a little over an hour until the start of the Sumner 5K. Finding a bathroom

started with the director warning us that one road was not closed to traffic. We could run on the sidewalk and we found an open bicycle lane. The gals I met in the bathroom line were there. We were off on another fast out-and-back. No troubles on the open street, a run down Main Street with parade goers cheering us on. My favorite cheer came from a

Natalie (left) and Hany Sidhom are excited to take on the challenge of running four events in one day. had become part of my challenge now. This time we went to the local McDonalds. I also decided to eat something since the previous races had water but no fruit or bagels at the finish. Hash browns and yogurt hit the spot.

Sumner: bring on the cheering crowds

With some road closures and no left turns, we made a few U-turns before arriving at the next race. This event

little girl. If she only knew I was on my third race that day! It was a bit windier and I felt slower, but the finish line clock said otherwise. Really? I made a quick trip to the results table to see what was going on. I had run a 25:05 and my for Puyallup was 24:44. These were not normal times for me. Was it being in a challenge? Or was it the cheering from the crowds?

Orting: racing to the finish line

We had another long wait until the Orting 5K. The challenge to find a bathroom with the big group of parade goers in this town seemed impossible. Then my friend noticed the library was open. Score! In Orting the weather app was finally right: the rain started pouring down. My feet were feeling it now too. I took a bottle of water and poured it on them. Relief! I finally used a pair of the extra socks I packed. The start line was at a trailhead. This course was a flat out-and-back, entirely on a trail. Rain didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s mood for the last part of the challenge. We ran past pastures, a river and lots of mud puddles with little boys running through them. My new bathroom friends ran by and patted me on the back. I ran this last 5K feeling really slow in the rain, thinking that I hadn’t stopped once, that I wasn’t crazy, that I really had done it and that I shouldn’t be disappointed with my finish time. But at the finish line, I was once again surprised. It was just over 25 minutes. After getting my Daffodil Challenge Medal from one of the princesses braving the rain in her gown, I checked the results: 25:37. Wow, I impressed myself. I completed the Daffodil 5K Challenge with a group of people who smiled all day. The challenge of figuring out what to take for a full day of races in different cities – and finding bathrooms – was part of the fun. Would I do it again? Yes! Though, I would recommend bringing snacks because I expected some at the finish. Thanks to my friend Greg who drove me around for this challenge. It made my day go so smoothly. Hmmm, maybe that’s why my race times were so good. •

CITY OF HOQUIAM – FUN RUN SCHEDULE 2014 June 7th (Saturday) – Hoquiam Half Marathon & 5K (Hoquiam City Hall 609 8th St. - Registration 7:00-8:30 Race at 9:00) July 6th (Sunday) – Independence Classic – (8th and Levee - Registration at 9:00 – Races at 10:00) September 6th (Saturday) – Reynvaan Memorial Run (Hoquiam High School Track – Registration at 8:00 – races at 9:00) October 25th (Saturday) – Haunted Hoquiam Run (Starts at Sunset Memorial Park – ends at Gable Park Registration at 9:00 – Races at 10:00) November 22nd (Saturday) – Turkey Trot (Hoquiam City Hall – registration at 8:00 – races at 9:00) December 6th (Saturday) – Ho Ho Hoquiam Run (7th St. Theatre - Registration at 8:00 – races at 9:00)

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The U.S. healthcare crisis: Is running the solution?


unners, your country needs you. The United States is currently undergoing a healthcare crisis. Heart disease, diabetes and cancer are the leading causes of death. Obesity and lack of physical activity are the two main risk factors that are directly related to these diseases. Individuals who are obese and physically inactive have a 42 percent increase in mortality. Our country has stopped moving, and it is taking its toll. Only one out of five of adults in the United States currently meets the minimum standard of physical activity. In fact, today’s 10 year olds are the first generation expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Runners are at the forefront of the solution to the crisis that our country is facing. By inspiring others to get moving, we can make a huge impact on the health and vitality of our communities. The self-assessment is a great place to start to inspire exercise. It provides information on the quantity and intensity of exercise required to live longer. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommend 75 minutes of vigorous exercise per week to achieve the health benefits of exercise. Running meets the activity requirements for vigorous exercise. Studies performed specifically on runners not only support the recommendations of the CDC, but also dispel some of the myths of running injuries. Research shows that runners have a decreased incidence of cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and depression. In addition, running may not be as stressful to the joints as once thought. A Stanford researcher found that there was no dif34


ference in osteoarthritis in the knees between runners and non-runners. In fact, a study out of the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that the onset of disability (difficulty walking, standing, performing daily activities) in people over the age of 60 was 16 years later in runners versus nonrunners. Convincing someone who has been inactive to start a running program can be challenging. Many fear running

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because of risk of injury. The human body is an amazing biomechanical machine that responds to physical stress by adapting and getting stronger. If the stress is applied in the correct dose, the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints will adapt and get stronger. However, if the dosage is increased too quickly,

You already love running; now you just need to convince a friend – or two – to try the sport with you. martin rudow photo.

tissue breakdown can lead to injuries. One reason for high injury rates, especially in runners and athletes over the age of 30, is that cardiovascular fitness improves faster than tissue fitness. In other words, your lungs and heart get in shape in less time than it takes for your body’s tendons, joints and ligaments to learn to tolerate the increased loading of running. Another reason for running injuries is that the impact of running can produce forces of 6-10 times your body weight. The following recommendations will help you to avoid injury when starting or helping someone start a running program. Start with a run/walk method. Louise Seeley, leader of the Boise Galloway Training Group, recommends the Galloway Run Walk Run method ( for all levels of runners. This method provides specific run to walk intervals that are based on the participants’ running experience and fitness level. She feels it is a safer way to run because the walk breaks allow you to cover the distance with less muscle fatigue. Decreased fatigue results in less injuries and faster recovery. She has observed that many experienced runners are surprised they can actually improve


FLEXIBILITY ROUTINES Download flexibility routines for the core, upper body, and lower body. Separate plans for men and women Recommended by licensed physical therapists J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



healthy runner continued

their race times using this method. Stretch after you run. Studies have shown that stretching before a run can actually increase your risk of injury. Take the time to stretch key muscle groups after your run. Visit treasure-valley-boise/state-street/injuryprevention-for-the-runner/ for a list of effective post-running stretches. Run with short strides. Running with shorter strides has been shown to decrease joint impact forces at the knees and hips. Count the number of times your feet hit the ground in a minute. For me, as a physical therapist who specializes in treating runners, teaching runners to use a short stride and high cadence has been one of the most effective techniques in treating and preventing injuries. Running may lead to soreness in the muscles, tendons and joints. However, if one understands the reason for the discomfort, this may not discourage continued exercise. One source of body pain with exercise is inflammation. Inflammation is the process that our bodies use to heal. The inflammatory process can lead to pain, but it is also an

integral component of the body’s ability to heal and adapt. Generally, significant soreness usually only lasts only 24 to 48 hours after a workout. Signs and symptoms that suggest overtraining include severe, sharp joint or tendon pains, pain that keeps you awake at night, swelling or redness, excessive fatigue or frequent illness. If you are experiencing these types of symptoms, take a week off from running and then slowly ease back into your normal workout program. If you need more guidance, join a local running group or a coached training program. In Boise, there are several running programs and groups that meet one to two times per week for organized runs and coaching. Another way to get motivated is to pick a local event and train for it. Most communities will have races at distances ranging from 5K up to 30K. Hopefully this information will not only keep you running but will also help you inspire someone else to start running. The answer to many of our country’s healthcare troubles is to simply get people moving. Take your passion for running and help your friends, family and community. •

References: Health, United States, 2012. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. nchs/data/hus/hus12.pdf. One in five adults meet overall physical activity guidelines. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Exercise or Physical Activity. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. www.cdc. gov/nchs/fastats/exercise.htm. Designed to Move: A Physical Activity Action Agenda. American College of Sports Medicine, International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education, & NIKE, Inc., (2012).

Rob Barnes has his doctorate in physical therapy and is director of Therapeutic Associates Boise Physical Therapy on State Street, home of the RunLab. His clinic specializes in treating runners utilizing modern treatment techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. To learn more about Rob and his clinic, go to


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday and Sunday August 16 & 17, 2014 Bellingham, Washington • Custom made finishers awards for each event. • Professional photos. • Complete nutritional support.



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CHENEY Small university city offers rural and scenic running at the edge of the Columbia Plateau

The Olin Peach Fun Run attracts many students and alumni of Spangle’s Upper Columbia Academy. don klinger photo.


Local running club amed for the New England railroad tycoon and American “We have a great mix of both trail and road here in Cheney,” says Express founder Benjamin Pierce Cheney, this little eastChris Cindric of the Flightless Birds Running Club. “There are ern Washington city, like its namesake, has a colorful and plenty of routes and some wonderful rolling interesting history. Trains, agriculhills you can do right from your front door.” ture and education have helped build this Highlights And if you’re interested in finding out about city, which was incorporated in 1883 and some of those routes—and perhaps looking once wrangled with much bigger Spokane Columbia Plateau Trail: for some company to run with on them—let to be the Spokane County seat. Paved path through pines and wetlands me introduce you to the Flightless Birds. Located on the edge of the Columbia and a big wildlife refuge Cindric started the club in April 2012. After Plateau and Palouse Hills just west of the running with the Flying Irish Running Club Spokane valley, this small city of 11,000 is Flightless Birds Running Club: in Spokane for several years, he decided that best known as the home of Eastern WashJoin a flock of local runners for fun both Cheney was ripe for a similar type of club. ington University (EWU). Cheney was during and after the run Why Flightless Birds? “Humans are truly also the home of Washington’s first native Cheney Turkey Trot: flightless birds,” says Cindric. “We aspire to born governor, Depression-era Clarence Celebrate and give thanks with fellow rungreat heights with the lack of wings to aid D. Martin, and astronaut Michael P. Anners at a great community event our effort. So try as we might, without mederson (who sadly perished on the Space chanical aid we are stuck on the ground with Shuttle Columbia). The Seattle Seahawks the emus, ostriches and kiwis of the world. occasionally train here. Surrounded by We can’t fly, so we run.” wheat fields, pine groves and small lakes, and traversed by one With the Flying Irish model in mind, he established his new of the longest trails in the state, Cheney is not a bad place to visit club incorporating the following principles. First, run from a on the run. 38


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great establishment. This took a few trial runs before the club settled on the Zentropa Pizzeria and Pub, “an awesome pizzeria and craft brew pub,” says Cindric. The second principle the club follows is to be free and open to anyone and everyone. “Our motto is run, walk, crawl at your own pace,” states Cindric. The third principle is to have participants earn their club shirt. After eight runs (about a marathon’s worth of miles) participants can opt to buy a coveted club shirt. The fourth principle is to have beer and food specials (at Zentropa, of course) for those who earn their shirt. And the fifth is to keep it simple and let the club grow at its own pace. “Recently we have had over 230 people run with the club and had 35 people at our first run of the 2014 season,” says Cindric. Interested in exploring Cheney by foot? By all means, get in contact with the club ( The website lists some of the club’s favorite routes around the city and EWU campus. The quiet city has some nice roads and neighborhoods for running. But there are some nice trails to explore too, and they’re just minutes from downtown. The club recently sponsored Cheney’s first half marathon as one of its club runs. It was open and free to anyone who had run at least once with the club. “We mapped out an awesome route that begins and ends at Zentropa and highlights some of Cheney’s best running roads,” says Cindric. “We had a great turnout and are going to now make it an annual event.”

Best places to run

Cheney hosts a handful of organized runs each year. But before I tell you about them, let’s talk about some of the city’s best places to run. The Columbia Plateau Trail goes right though the southern reaches of the city. Administered by Washington State Parks (, this former

If you follow the trail west from Cheney, you get to enjoy a nearly 5-mile soft surface route through the Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. This wonderful refuge encompasses over 18,000 acres of diverse habitat on the Channeled Scablands. There are several wooded roads and trails that traverse this

Running by Fish Lake on the Columbia Plateau Trail. craig romano (cr) photo. property. The trails are best for bird-watching—but the roads make for some good running. Check out the refuge in the fall when golden aspen groves and migrating birds, including swans, make this place magical. Cindric says “the best-kept running secret in Cheney is the Wetlands Trail.” Located next to the Columbia Plateau Trail, this city-owned 110-acre property has there are four to six miles of nice trail. The Cheney Parks and Recreation Department has been hosting its annual Cheney Wetland 2- and 4-mile Run and Walk there every May since 2011. This is a great way to experience the wetland trails system.

Annual running events

The Flightless Birds Running Club meets at Zentropa before and after runs. photo courtesy of chris cindric . rail line is now a 130-mile multi-use trail extending from Spokane to just outside of Pasco. The easternmost 23 miles have been upgraded and maintained and offer the best running opportunities. The trail is paved for 4 miles from Cheney to Fish Lake, where it ties into the Fish Lake Trail, a 7-mile paved trail all the way to Spokane. I have run and bicycled this section on a couple of occasions and love the scenery and wildlife. You’ll pass by small ponds, wetlands, pine groves and ledges. There’s always a good chance of seeing coyotes, owls, hawks and deer along the way. It is a very rural run, yet so close to Spokane.

Are you interested in a few more local races? Eastern Washington University will be hosting its second annual Terror Trot this October 24th. Costume wearing is encouraged and lots of prizes will be awarded, as well as several finishing awards. The race is a benefit for the school’s track and field programs. It was a great success last year. “It will be on a Friday evening this year to give it more of a dark and spooky feel!” says race director Chris Zeller. Race forms will be available at Thanksgiving in Cheney means it’s time once again for the Cheney Turkey Trot, a 3-mile run and 2-mile fun walk. This year’s race will be the seventh annual. The race continues to grow and become a part of many a Cheney runner’s holiday tradition. “I wanted to do something fun in Cheney as a community event, and promote running and families being active,” say race founder and director Jay Martin. “I love watching people reconnect at this race for one of the most fun mornings of the year.” The race is held at Cheney High School and sponsored by the cross country team. Portions of the proceeds are donated to the local food bank. There are lots of giveaways for participants that include turkeys, pies and EWU gear from local businesses. To get a form for this year’s race, email Jay at jmartin@cheneysd. org. Another fun local race you may want to check out is the Olin Peach Fun Run held at the Upper Columbia Academy (UCA) in nearby Spangle. “This fun run is a memorial to Olin J. Peach, who passed away in a snowmobile accident in 2010,” says Olin’s J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



nw on the run continued

Wetlands, pine groves and an abundance of wildlife can be found running the Columbia Plateau Trail. cr photo.

son, Dr. Karl Peach. “Mr. Peach was the history teacher at UCA. Upon retiring after 38 years at Upper Columbia, he continued to be involved with students, organizing and leading mission trips to Mexico, Africa and Borneo in Malaysia,” says Karl. “Mr. Peach ran in 19 of the first 20 Bloomsday runs and was seeded in his age group. He stopped only after being told he was due for a new knee in his sixties,” says Karl. The race is held during the school’s alumni weekend. Proceeds from the run are donated Proceeds of the Olin Peach to the Olin J. Peach Memorial Fun Run are donated to a Scholarship Fund, an endow- scholarship fund in Olin’s ment that helps students to af- memory. photo courtesy of ford a Christian education at dr . karl peach. UCA. One of the neat aspects of this race is that many of the school’s alumni have donated to the race goodie bags, and UCA student entry fees are covered by the organization to encourage participation in the hope that they will return to participate in the future. This year’s race (http:// is scheduled for October 5th. There is a 10K, 5K and 1-mile walk, followed by a pancake breakfast for all. “This is definitely a family-oriented event, and jogging strollers and dogs on leash are welcome,” says Karl. •

A beautiful course for a great cause!




October 12, 2014 Saturday, July 26  8:45 am  Chip Timing  Online Registration

Marathon Half Marathon Marathon Relay & 10k

All proceeds beneet:




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PLEASE NOTE: Start times are for the first running event; other distances or “early start” may differ. While we do our best to ensure that all information is accurate and up-to-date, lastminute changes do take place. We suggest you use the contact information to confirm details before traveling to events listed in the schedule. To submit an event, please send an email to jennifer@nwrunner.c~ om. *BEST TIMES LIST: Races that qualify for the Northwest Runner’s Best Times List are marked with an asterisk. USATF-certified courses of other distances are listed as USATFcertified in the description.

MAY Friday, May 23 Neon Vibe 5K. Kennewick. 8:30 p.m. The “sickest night-time color 5K on the planet.” https:theneonvibe.webconnex.c~ om/infotricities.

Saturday, May 24 Butte or Bust 5K & 10K. Creston. Rural roads, 10K has steep climb. vaughande@gmail. c~ om, (509) 636-2053. E.T. Classic 5K. Federal Way. 10 a.m. Celebration Park event benefits elementary track programs; kids’ runs. www.visitfw.o~ rg. To Hell with Cancer 5K*. Redmond. 9 a.m. Marymoor Park. www.ready2runevents.c~ om. Magnuson Series 5K, 10K & 15K. Seattle. 10 a.m. www.magnusonseries.o~ rg.

Emerald City 15K & 10K. Seattle. 8 a.m. Oz-themed scenic course starts and ends in Gas Works Park, formally “Seattle’s Best 15K.” www.emeraldcityrun.c~ om. Good Karma 5K Run & 4K Walk. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Seward Park run benefits the charity of your choice. www.goodkarma5k.c~ om. Green Angel Race Half Marathon, 12, 10, 8, 6, 3, & 1 Milers. Amboy. 8 a.m. Celebrate Mothers. www.greenangelrace.c~ om. Run For Water Marathon* & Half, 10K & 5K. Abbotsford, B.C. One of the flattest and fastest courses in Canada; supports clean water projects. Seattle Run Series 5K & 10K. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Chip-timed run at Myrtle Edwards Park is first of three part series. www.fitnessforvitality. c~ om.

Monday, May 26 Camp Gilead River Run 5K*. Carnation. 9 a.m. Loop course along the river. www.campgilead.o~ rg. Purple Heart Dash 5K. Seattle. 9 a.m. Run solo or as a team to support wounded vets, sponsored by UW Semper Fi Society. www. students.w~ ashington.e~ du/semperfs/drupal.

Friday, May 30 Glow Run 5K. Richland. 8 p.m. Run along the Columbia River at night. www.3rrr.o~ rg.

Saturday, May 31

Mazama 5K & 10K. Mazama. 9:15 a.m. Followed by pancake breakfast; kids’ 1K. www. mvsta.c~ om, (509) 996-3287.

Amazing 3000 Elementary XC Race. Enumclaw. Pre-K thru 6th grade. www.plateaurc. c~ om, (253) 397-6251.

Race for Freedom 5K & 10K. Washougal. 9 a.m. Benefits the fight against human trafficking. ht~ tp://race-for-freedom.c~ om.

BYU Management Society Fun Run 5K, 10K & Half Marathon. Spokane Valley. 7 a.m. Mirabeau Park; no DOR. www.spokane.byums. o~ rg/event.

Run for the Son 5K. Liberty Lake. 9 a.m. www.libertycross.o~ rg, (509) 255-9244. Seagull Splat Run 5K & 10K. Port Orchard. 12:30 p.m. (360) 509-4525. Soaring Eagle 5K, 10K, Marathon, Half & 50K. Sammamish. 8 a.m. Mostly single-track. www.evergreentrailruns.c~ om. Spring Festival 10K & 5K. Moses Lake. 8 a.m. Finishes at Surf n’ Slide Water Park. www. buduracing.c~ om.

Sunday, May 25 Coeur d’Alene Marathon*, Half Marathon* & 5K. Coeur d’Alene, ID. Waterfront course on Centennial Trail, walkers welcome. www.cdamarathon.c~ om. 42


Dash of Color 5K. Ephrata. 10 a.m. Enjoy an untimed fun run and get blasted with color. www.dashofcolorephrata.weebly.c~ om. Fit ‘n Fun at First 5K. Vancouver, WA. 9 a.m. Community event includes kids’ fun run. www. vanfumc.o~ rg. Forest Park 30 Minute Hill Climb. Everett. Conquer 12 hills in timed event. ht~ tps://www. facebook.c~ om/events/617508325000568/. Girls on the Run 5K. Richland. 9 a.m. www. gotrsewa.o~ rg. Goldsborough Creek 7 Mile & 2 Mile Run/ Walk. Shelton. 7 a.m. Part of Forest Festival; kids’ .25 mile. www.masongeneral.c~ om/creekrun.html, (360) 426-5821.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Sweet Feet 5K. Spokane. 9 a.m. Celebrate the “sweet” Hillyard community. www.sweetfeet5K.c~ om. Take the Risk 5K. Vancouver, WA. 9 a.m. Benefits Clark County Teach One to Lead One. ht~ tp://clarkwa.t1l1.o~ rg. Tortoise and the Hare Prediction 5K. Olympia. Marshal Middle School. www.tortoiseandthehare5k.wordpress.c~ om. Zombie Apocalypse 5K. Lakewood. 10 a.m. www.ausuazombie5K.racewire.c~ om.

JUNE Sunday, June 1 Big Backyard 5K*. Redmond. 9 a.m. Dogfriendly event; benefits King County Parks. www.bby5K.c~ om. Chum Run 5K. Langley. Run in South Whidbey Community Park; kids’ dash. www.swparks.o~ rg, (360) 221-5484. Deception Pass Half Marathon. Oak Harbor. 8 a.m. www.bellinghamtrail.c~ om. Diamond Dash 5K. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m. www.diamonddash5k.o~ rg. Dirty Girls & Dudes Half Marathon & 6.55 Miler. Lakewood. 9 a.m. Loop course through Ft. Steilacoom; kids’ miler. www.route16runwalk.c~ om, (253) 851-2226. Duvall 5K*, 10K* & Half Marathon*. Duvall. 8 a.m. Half and 5K are flat and fast, 10K is hilly and challenging, kids’ dashes follow races. www.runduvall.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Komen Race for the Cure 5K*. Seattle. 8:15 a.m. Starts and ends at Seattle Center; 1 mi. walk and kids’ events too. www.komenpugetsound.o~ rg. North Olympic Discovery Marathon* & Half*. Port Angeles. 7:30 a.m. Improved course for 2014, stunning views along paved Olympic Discovery trail, great support. www.nodom.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. OMC 5K & 10K. Port Angeles. 9 a.m. Finishes in time to watch NODM half and full marathoners come in; 10K is point-to-point on ODT. www.nodm.c~ om. Reardan Mule Days 5K & 10K. Reardon. 8 a.m. Part of annual festival. www.reardanmuledays.n~ et. Run Like a Girl 10K & 5K. Vancouver, WA. 9:30 a.m. Chip-timed run in Ft. Vancouver; kids’ 1K. www.secondstephousing.o~ rg.

Teanaway Trail Run 5K, 10K, Marathon & Half. 10 a.m. Cle Elum. Course is primarily dirt logging roads w/ moderate elevation gains. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Windermere Marathon* & Half*. Spokane. Marathon course is point-to-point from Liberty Lake to Spokane along the Centennial Trail; half begins in Spokane Valley. www.windermeremarathon.c~ om.

Friday, June 6 Fremont 5K* & Briefcase Relay. Seattle. Relay 6 p.m., Individuals 7 p.m. Kick off the summer with this fun, flat race. www.promotionevents.c~ om, (206) 729-9972. Grumpy Grouch Fun Run 5K. Kettle Falls. 7 p.m. www.kettle-falls.c~ om. Run 4 Hearing 5K. Lacey. 9 p.m. Light-up and glow for a night run. www.run4hearing.c~ om. Run from the Cops 5K. Yakima. 9 p.m. Raises funds for the Special Olympics. ht~ tp://runfromthecops2014.kintera.o~ rg.

Saturday, June 7 Atlas Race Obstacle Run. Seattle. Choose “boss”, 3-5 miles w/ 20+ obstacles, or “ranger”, 7-9 miles w/ 25+obstacles. www.atlasrace.c~ om. Cougar Prowl 5K & Kids’ 1K. Silverdale. 9 a.m. Scenic course on Clear Creek Trail. www. ckhsalumni.o~ rg, (360) 692-3079. Dash for a Cure 5K & 10K. Moses Lake. 8:20 a.m. Run along the lake. www.buduracing.c~ om. Dirty and Proud Obstacle Run 5K. Mud run with 20+ obstacles. www.3rrr.o~ rg. Dog Island 10K*. Guemes Island. 10:45 a.m. Pre-reg. includes ferry and transport; 2 mi. walk. www.dogislandrun.c~ om, (360) 293-5757. Echo Valley 10K, Half-Marathon, 50K & 50 Miles. Chelan. 7 a.m. Scenic routes are well marked, fully stocked aid stations. www.evergreentrailruns.c~ om. Fins to the Finish 5K. Poulsbo. 9 a.m. Sponsored by Vinland Elementary PTA; kids’ dash. faire_una@yahoo.c~ om, (360)930-1702.

Issaquah Tri 5K & 10K. Sammamish. 7 a.m. XC style course. www.issaquahtri.c~ om. Leaping for Literacy 5K. Bellevue. Benefits kids’ with communication disabilities; 1K kids’ walk. www.hsdc.o~ rg. Maritime Gig Family 5K. Gig Harbor. 9 a.m. www.maritimegig.c~ om, (253) 851-6865. Moscow Mountain 10K. Moscow, ID. 8 a.m. Loop trail course, first race of Palouse 10K Summer Series. www.palouseroadrunners.o~ rg. Mural in a Day 5K. Toppenish. 9 a.m. Begins in Pioneer Park and passes 40 of town’s famous murals. www.hcrunners.o~ rg. Puyallup High Hustle 5K. Puyallup. 9 a.m. Benefits National Niemann-Pick Disease Foundation. www.databarevents.c~ om. Rainier to Ruston Relay & Ultra 50 Miles. Mt. Rainier. 7 a.m. Benefits Foothills Trail Coalition. www.rainiertoruston.c~ om. Riverside 24 hour Relay. Spokane. 11 a.m. Teams of 1-12 run as many 6-mile laps through Riverside Park as they can. www.r24relay.c~ om. Roosevelt Elementary 5K. Olympia. 9 a.m. PTA-sponsored event, free kids’ dash. ht~ tp:// roosevelt.osd.wednet.e~ du. Run for Rett 5K* Run & 3K Walk. Tumwater. 9 a.m. Free kids’ run too. www. nwrettsyndrome.o~ rg, Lauren (360) 704-0612. Run Like the Wind 5K & Half Marathon. Ellensburg. 10 a.m. Uphill, into the wind, both ways. om. Self-Transcendence 2 Mile. Seattle. 8 a.m. Free monthly series, chart your progress; meet at Magnuson Park boat ramp. (206) 527-5099. Survivor Mud Run 5K. Carnation. Wave starts. www.survivormudrun.c~ om. Vashon Island 50K Ultra & 10 Miler. Vashon Island. 8:30 a.m. Trail run on varied surfaces. www.vashonultra.c~ om. Winthrop Marathon* & Half*. 8 a.m. Winthrop. “Net downhill” course runs through beautiful valley. www.winthropmarathon. blogspot.c~ om.

Flight for Sight 5K* & 10K*. Everett. 9:30 a.m. Benefits Guide Dogs of America; 1 mi. walk. www.guidedogsofamerica.o~ rg/1/2014/02/ flight-for-sight-fun-run-walk-3/.

Sunday, June 8

Girls on the Run Spring 5K. Bellingham. Training sessions begin in April. www.whatcomymca.o~ rg, (360) 733-8630.

Clear Lake Memorial 5 Miles & Half Marathon. Clear Lake. Races run around lake; half climbs up Round Mountain. www.hcrunners.o~ rg.

Hear Me Run 5K. Spokane. 9:30 a.m. Chiptimed run along the Spokane River. www.databarevents.c~ om. Hoquiam Half Marathon & 5K. Hoquiam. 9 a.m. Co-sponsored by the cities of Aberdeen and Hoquiam. ht~ tp://funrun. cityofhoquiam.c~ om, (360) 637-5700. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Beacon Rock 50K & 25K. North Bonneville. 8 a.m. www.beaconrock50k.blogspot.c~ om.

Edge to Edge Marathon*. Ucluelet, B.C. New course for 2014 has fewer hills, more trail, including portions of the Wild Pacific. www. edgetoedgemarathon.c~ om. Furry 5K. Seattle. 10 a.m. Run through Seward Park with your dog and support the city’s animal shelters. www.furry5K.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Gold Rush 10K & 3.7K. Republic. 9 a.m. Challenging courses finish downhill. www.prospectorsdays.c~ om, (509) 775-2241. Red Devil Challenge 25K & 10K. Cashmere. 9 a.m. 25K on single-track loop w/ 3,000' elevation gain; free “mini” Devil 1.7 miles. www.runwenatchee.c~ om. Ritual Running 5K. Seattle. 8 a.m. Supports access to shoes for all. www.ritualrunning.o~ rg. Run Like the Wind 10K & Marathon. Ellensburg. 8 a.m. Uphill, into the wind both ways. om. Shore Run 5K* & 10K*. Seattle. 8:15 a.m. Beautiful point-to-point course along Lake Washington Blvd., party and kids’ .5 mile at finish. www.shorerun.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Tuesday, June 10 Summer Series #1 Ravenna 4K, 8K & 12K. Seattle. 6:30 p.m. 4.1K loop w/ low to moderate elevation gain on nicely groomed trails. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, June 14 Beach to Chowder 10K Run & 5K Run/ Walk. Long Beach. 9 a.m. Scenic course along the ocean; stay for the chowder. www. beachtochowder.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Beat the Raven 5K*. Auburn. 9 a.m. Widepaved trail, raven on course. www.auburn. wednet.e~ du/Domain/2547. Berry 5K & 1 Mile Run. Marysville. 8:30 a.m. Paved course w/ short gravel section. www. maryfest.o~ rg, (360) 659-7664. Color me Rad 5K. Spokane. 9 a.m. Untimed event. www.colormerad.c~ om. Cougar Mtn. Trail Run Series #2 – 8 & 14 Miles & 5K. Bellevue. 9 a.m. Series through “trail running paradise.” www. nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Fall City Days 10K*, 5K* & Kids’ 1K. Fall City. 9 a.m. Course is flat, fast, and beautiful. www.fallcity.o~ rg. Freedom 5K. Vancouver, WA. 10 a.m. Kicks off marathon weekend – kids’ fun run and marathon. www.vancouverusamarathon.c~ om. June Bug Dash 5K. Coleville. 8 a.m. From St. John’s along Rotary Dominion Meadows Trail. www.colville.w~ a .u~ s , (509) 684-6037. Lynch Creek 5K*, 10K & Kids’ 1K. Eatonville. 8:30 a.m. Flat, paved course; 10K for runners only. www.lynchcreek5k.c~ om. OV Choir & Orchestra 5K. Mukilteo. 9 a.m. Mostly flat route runs through scenic Harbour Pointe. www.ov5k.jigsy.c~ om. Race Beneath the Sun 5 Miles. Bellingham. 10 a.m. Loop course is mostly trail; kids’.5 mi. www.gbrc.n~ et.

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schedule continued

Reality 5K. Fort Steilacoom. 9 a.m. www.databarevents.c~ om, www.realitysports5k.c~ om. Run/Walk for Epilepsy 5K & 1 Mile. Events in Bellingham, Tacoma, Spokane and Monroe. www.nwrunwalk.o~ rg. Sound to Narrows 12K & 5K*. Tacoma. 8:15 a.m. One of area’s largest races; Youth 5K, 2K Jr. Shuffle & Diaper Dash. www. soundtonarrows.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Subplot Trot No.5 5 Mile Run & 2 Mile Walk. Richland. 11 a.m. www.3rrr.o~ rg. White River 5K*. Buckley. 8 a.m. Flat and fast, on roads. www.whiteriver5k.c~ om. White Salmon Backyard Half Marathon. White Salmon. 10 a.m. Trail run w/ 1800' gain. www.columbiagorgerunningclub.c~ om.

Sunday, June 15 Forest 5K. Port Gamble, 8:30 a.m. Grass, dirt, maybe mud, and some small hills. www.rootsrockrun.c~ om. Lake Youngs Ultra 28.8 Miles. Renton. 7 a.m. 3 loops on unpaved, relatively flat trail. No DOR. www.lakeyoungsultra.c~ om. The RACE – Revived 8K. Eugene, OR. Fast, flat USATF-certified course; limited to 5,000 participants. Prizes include shoes and a new car. www.therace-eugene.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Vancouver USA Marathon* & Half Marathon*. Vancouver, WA. 7 a.m. Runs through historic sites and along the Columbia. www.vancouverusamarathon.c~ om.

Wednesday, June 18 IRC Father’s Day 5K*. Auburn. 6:30 p.m. Course on Interurban trail is flat and fast. www. interurbanrunners.n~ et, John (206) 619-4231.

Saturday, June 21 Bavarian Battle 5K. Leavenworth. Noon. Obstacle course with mud, snow, and foam; Jr. race too. www.bavarianbattle.c~ om. The Bear Run 4 Miler. Maple Valley. 9 a.m. Moderately hilly, scenic course. www.maplevalleydays.c~ om, (425) 432-1671. Berry Dairy Days Half Marathon*, 10K* & 5K. Burlington. 8:30 a.m. Scenic, flat, and fast. www.berrydairyruns.c~ om. Camano Crab Dash 5K & 10K. Camano Island. 9 a.m. Scenic and challenging course, post-race refreshments at Camano Center. www.camanocenter.o~ rg, (360) 387-0222.

Jani Sisko Memorial 5K. Redmond. 9 a.m. Grass Lawn Park. ht~ tps://www.facebook.c~ om/ janisisko5kmemorial. JBLM Half Marathon & Resiliency Run 5K. Fort Lewis. 8 a.m. New Course for 2014. www. jblmmwr.c~ om. Magnuson Series Solstice Run 5K, 10K & 15K. Seattle. 10 a.m. www.magnusonseries.o~ rg. Mountain Fun Run 5K. Seabeck. 9 a.m. Runs around Wildcat Lake. www.databarevents.c~ om. Renegade Rage 3 & 7 Miles. Kennewick. Obstacle race. www.renegaderage.c~ om. Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon* & Half*. Seattle. www.runrocknroll.c~ ompetitor.c~ om. Run/Walk for Epilepsy 5K & 1 Mile. Richmond. www.nwrunwalk.o~ rg. Run to Remember 5K. Yakima. Noon. Family-friendly event honors fallen heroes. www.yakimaruntoremember.o~ rg. South Sound Dirty Dash 4 Miler. McCleary. Obstacle course. www.dirtydash.c~ om.

Deputy Saul Gallegos Memorial 5K & 10K. Manson. 8:30 a.m. 3K & 5K walk events too. www.saulmemorial.n~ et.

Sneakers to Suds 5K. Tacoma. 6 p.m. Pub crawl follows run through Wright Park, must be 21 or above. www.metroparks.o~ rg.

Feed the Need 5K. Ferndale. Road-free course through Hovander Park. www.c~ ommunityfooddrive.c~ om, (360) 734-2043x1442.

Snoqualmie Valley Half & 10K. Carnation. 9 a.m. Non-technical course is flat and fast. www. snoqualmievalleyhalf.c~ om.

23rd Annual Clothing Optional

Bare Buns Fun Run-West

Be Brave, Be Tough, Beat the Mountain, In the Buff!

Sunday, July 13, 2014 11am 5k run up the side of Tiger Mountain in Issaquah, starting and finishing at Fraternity Snoqualmie Family Nudist Park.

New this year KIDS DASH before the race! Walkers Welcome—Children welcome with their parents. Weekend Camping Package. Fri. night Party with “Champagne Sunday” Sat. night Dinner with “Chef Lynn Gourmet Mobile Kitchen” After Dinner: Barefoot Dance with “Chaotic Noise Marching Corps”

Register by 5/1 $25-guaranteed free shirt. After 5/1 $30, shirt while supplies last. Women’s sizes while supplies last ...Register today! Awards top 3 finishers in each age/gender plus random prizes Free shuttle from Tibbetts Valley Park N’ Ride 8-10am Exit 15 west off I-90(SR-900), left at Newport Way. Carpools of 3 or more, and handicapped may get pass to drive directly to park.

After the run...Food & Drinks at Bare Essentials Store & Housewife Hotdogs. Swimming, hot tubs, volleyball, and fun. Bring Cash • No ATM on site • Photo ID required • AANR & TNS Affiliates 24050 SE 127th St, Issaquah, WA 98027 425-392-NUDE(6833)



w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Sunday, June 22 Bavarian Battle Trail 10 Mi. & 8K. Leavenworth. 8 a.m. Inaugural event, courses run through Wenatchee National Forest. www. runwenatchee.c~ om. Chase Strides for Snap 5K. Spokane. 10 a.m. Supports Snap community action agency. www. snapwa.o~ rg, (509) 456-7111. Rattlesnake Ridge Run 5 Mile, Half Marathon & 50K. Snoqualmie. 7:30 a.m. Well-marked and stocked trail runs. www. nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Run/Walk with Pride 10K Run & 4K. Seattle. 9 a.m. Chip-timed event open to all. www.seattlefrontrunners.o~ rg/rwwp. San Juan Island Marathon, Half & 10K. San Juan Island. All new routes for 2014. www.sjmarathon.o~ rg. Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon*. Vancouver, B.C. Downhill course runs along beaches with live entertainment; 5K too. www. canadarunningseries.c~ om/svhm.

Tuesday, June 24 Summer Series #2 Redmond Watershed Preserve 5 & 10 Miles. Redmond. 6:30 p.m. Capped at 100 runners. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, June 28 Bigfoot 5K & 10K. Yacolt. 8 a.m. Out-andback on beautiful country roads. www.sites. google.c~ om/site/bigfootfunrun. Bridle Trails Park Foundation 5K & 10K. Kirkland. 9 a.m. www.bridletrails.o~ rg. Crystal Mtn. 5K. Crystal Mtn. 11 a.m. 3 lap circuit around parking lots, some tough uphill portions. (360) 663-2262. Fleet Feet Matterhorn Madness 5K*. Swiss Park, Bonney Lake. 9:30 a.m. www.databarevents.c~ om/mm5k.asp. Hot Foot 5K & 1 Miler. Port Orchard. 8:50 a.m. www.hotfoot5k.c~ om. Kaniksu 50 Mile Ultra & Ruck Race. Coleville. 6 a.m. www.kaniksu50.c~ om. Kilometers for Kids 5K. Edgewood. Mostly flat, paved course. www.mtviewcc.o~ rg. Pacific Crest Marathon & Half. Sunriver, OR. 7:30 a.m. Part of weekend sports festival, walkers welcome; kids’ events too. www.aasportsltd.c~ om/pacificcrest. Run or Dye 5K. Tacoma. www.runordye.c~ om. Sternwheeler Days 5K & 10K. Cascade Locks, OR. 9 a.m. Out-and-back course goes over Bridge of the Gods. www.columbiagorgerunningclub.c~ om. Studebaker 5K. Cashmere. 8:45 a.m. Walkers and dogs welcome; kids’ 1K obstacle course. www.cashmerefire.c~ om, (509) 630-0564.

Taylor Mountain 5 Miles, Half Marathon, Marathon & 50K. Issaquah. 8 a.m. Single-track trails w/ views of Rainier. www.evergreentrailruns.c~ om. Tesoro March Point 5K* & 10K*. Anacortes. 9 a.m. Entry includes picnic lunch post-race; kids’ .5 mile at 8:30 a.m. www. marchpointrun.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

GOat run GREAT Olympic Adventure Trail


Undy 5000 5K* & 1 Miler. Tacoma. 9 a.m. www.ccalliance.o~ rg.

Sunday, June 29 Eat Run Hope 5K. Seattle. 11:30 a.m. www. fetalhope.o~ rg. Pacific Crest 10K & 5K. Sunriver, OR. 9 a.m. Part of weekend sports festival, walkers welcome; kids’ events too. www.aasportsltd.c~ om/ pacificcrest. Seattle Run Series 5K & 10K. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Chip-timed run at Myrtle Edwards Park. www.fitnessforvitality.c~ om.


Great Olympic adventure trail



Thursday, July 3 Firecracker 5000 5K Presented by Club Northwest. Seattle. 11:55 p.m. Seattle’s only midnight run. www.promotionevents.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

pOrt anGeles WashinGtOn

Friday, July 4 Bainbridge Youth Services 4th of July 5K & 1 Miler. Bainbridge Island. 9 a.m. Part of community celebration; kids’ dashs. www.bainbridgechamber.c~ om, www.bifunrun.c~ om. BRRC 4th of July 5 Miler. Spokane. Leaves from Moran Park Elem. www.brrc.n~ et. Camp Patriot 5K & 1 Miler. Pasco. 8 a.m. New course for 2014 finishes at home plate in Gesa Stadium. www.camppatriotfunrun.o~ rg. Carnation Run For the Pies 5K*. Carnation. 8:30 a.m. Final race of Snoqualmie Valley Cup series. www.carnation4th.o~ rg, (425) 788-7291. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Edmonds 4th of July 5K. Edmonds. 10 a.m. Part of city-wide festivities. www.edmondswa. c~ om/events/fourth-of-july.html.


15th Annual Yankee Doodle Dash EVERETT FAMILY YMCA Friday, July 4 at 8:30 am 10K, 5K, 1-Mile & Kiddy Doodle Races

Firecracker 4 Miler. Vancouver, WA. 5:30 p.m. Part of Fort Vancouver celebration, kids’ 1K. www.fitrightnw.c~ om, (360) 885-4556. The Great Sedro-Woolley Loggerodeo 5.17 & 2 Mile Footrace. Sedro-Woolley. 9:30 a.m. 5 mile runs along Skagit River. www.loggerodeo.c~ om. PACE SETTER EVENT SPONSOR

Kingston July 4th 5K, 10K & 1 Miler. Kingston. 9 a.m. (360) 297-4542. Lopez Island 5K, 10K & 1 Miler. Lopez Island. 8:30 a.m. Community event sponsored by Lion’s Club. www.lopezisland.c~ om.


J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



schedule continued

Miles for Meso 5K. Federal Way. 9 a.m. Loop course from Community Center. www.milesformesowamemorial5k.weebly.c~ om. Ridgefield 4th of July 10K & 5K. Ridgefield. 8 a.m. Out-and-back on rolling rural roads; kids’ dash. www.runridgefield.c~ om, (360) 887-1014.

Sunday, July 6 Hoquiam Independence Classic. Hoquiam. ht~ tp://funrun.cityofhoquiam.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Jackie Cy Felida 5K. Felida. 10 a.m. www. jackiecy5k.c~ om.

Spokane Indians 4th of July Pennant Run 5K & 1K. Spokane. Finish on home plate at Avista Stadium. www.spokaneindianspennantrun.c~ om.

Negative Split 5K & Half Marathon*. Spokane. 6:30 a.m. Flat, fast course along Spokane river. www.nsplit.c~ om.

Tacoma Independence Day 5K*. Tacoma. 8 a.m. Sponsored by Tacoma City Running Club. www.tacomacityrunningclub.c~ om.

The Runner Stumbles 10K* & 5K*. Suncadia, Roslyn. 9 a.m. Paved roads with gently rolling hills; kids’ races. runnerstumbles@hotmail.c~ om, (509) 674-4448.

Yankee Doodle Dash 10K* & 5K*. Everett. 8:30 a.m. Flat courses with views of the Puget Sound; 1 miler and kids’ dash. www.ymca-snoco.o~ rg, (425) 258-9211 x103. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, July 5 Firecracker 5K. Ilwaco. ht~ tp://funbeach.c~ om/ main-events. Mt. Misery Mania 57-Mile “Interval” Relay. Asotin. 8 a.m. Runners choose leg distances, solo option. www.seaportstriders.c~ om. Self-Transcendence 2 Mile. Seattle. 8 a.m. Free monthly series, chart your progress; meet at Magnuson Park boat ramp. (206) 527-5099. Sparkler Sprint 1 Mile & 5K. Soap Lake. 8 a.m. www.ulbfit.c~ om.



Tuesday, July 8 Summer Series #3 Carkeek Park 5K & 10K. Seattle. 6:30 p.m. Course traverses creeks, meadows, wetlands and beach. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, July 12

Cougar Mtn. Trail Run Series #3 10 & 20 Miles & 5K. Bellevue. 9 a.m. Rolling hills, moderate climbs, a few steep, short inclines. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Crown of Queen Anne 3.3 Miler. Seattle. Benefits QA neighbors in need. www.queenannehelpline.o~ rg, (206) 282-1540. Dan O’Brien Track 10K & 5K. Moscow, ID. 8 a.m. 25 laps at UI track. www.palouseroadrunners.o~ rg. Foam Fest 5K. Issaquah. Get dirty on the obstacle course. www.5kfoamfest.c~ om. Grey Rock 50K, 25K & 12K. Yakima. Rugged single-track trail in Cascade Mountains. ht~ tp:// ultrasignup.c~ om/register.aspx?did=27454, Eric (509) 961-4680. Kalama River to River 5K &10K. Kalama. Scenic routes start and finish at fairgrounds. www.kalamarivertoriverrun.c~ om.

Black Diamond Miner’s Day 5K. Part of annual festivities, see Facebook page for more info. (360) 886-0778.

Kent Cornucopia Days 5K*. Kent. Part of South King County’s largest family festival. www.kcdays.c~ om, (253) 852-LION. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Chuckanut Footrace 7 Miler. Bellingham. 9am. Scenic, point-to-point trail race. www. gbrc.n~ et.

Let’s Climb a Mountain 34.3 Mile Relay/ Ultra. Spokane. Challenging team or solo trek. www.letsclimbamountain.c~ om.

Color in Motion 5K. Tacoma. 9 a.m. www. colorinmotion5k.c~ om.

Lyle’s Myles 5K. Vancouver, WA. Themes, gimmicks and costumes encouraged. www.lylesmyles.c~ om.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Dedicated to 9/11 Heroes


Marathon & ½ Marathon

USATF Certified Boston Qualifier• Skagit Runners Owned Event • Registration is capped at 1000

Sunday, September 7, 2014 • Burlington-Edison High School, USA

schedule continued

Two people and a horse fun race.

Magnuson Series Summer Spirit Run 5K, 10K & 15K. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. www.magnusonseries.o~ rg.

Bill Burby Inspirational 10K* & 5K*. Vashon Island. 9 a.m. Paved country road w/ hills. www. billburbyrace.o~ rg.

Redmond Derby Days Dash 5K*. Redmond. Flat, fast course along Sammamish River Trail. www.redmondderbydays.c~ om.

Chambers Bay 5K & 1 Miler. Tacoma. 8:30 a.m. a .u~ s/index.aspx?nid=1259, (253) 798-4177.

Run of the Mill 5K*. Mill Creek. 9:30 a.m. Fast course, supports local charities; part of PNW Open & Masters LDR Championships; no DOR. www.mcrunofthemill.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Run or Dye 5K. Lake Stevens. Color run. www.runordye.c~ om. Run or Dye Tri Cities 5K. Prosser. Color run. www.runordye.c~ om. Run to the Top 5K. Tacoma. 9:30 a.m. Tacoma’s toughest, hilliest 5K is now familyfriendly. www.metroparkstacoma.o~ rg/races, (253) 305-1000. Women’s Moon Run 4K. Olympia. 6 p.m. Women-only event with fun finishing area. www.guerillarunning.c~ om.

May 31-June 1 KLICKITAT TREK Glenwood, WA JUN 14 DESCANSO Descanso, CA Jun 21 SUNRIVER CLASSIC Bend, OR Jun 22 WILD WEST Nevada City, CA Jul 12 BANDIT SPRINGS Prineville, OR

Sunday, July 13 Bare Buns Fun Run 5K. Issaquah. 11 a.m. Clothing optional trail run at Fraternity Snoqualmie Nudist Park. www.fraternitysnoqualmie.c~ om, (425) 392-NUDE. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

$4,000 PRIZE PURSE !

Jul 26-27 SENECA STAMPEDE Seneca, OR Aug 9 SANTIAM CASCADE Sisters, OR Aug 30-31 JEDI HORSEMANSHIP Mt Spokane, WA Aug 31 OLD SELAM Idaho City, ID Oct 4 JUBILEE RANCH Prescott, WA OCT 4 MANZANITA Boulevard, CA Oct 11 COOLEST Cool, CA Oct 18 FOOTHILLS OF THE CASCADES Molalla, OR

Photo by Brian Dorsey


Langley Half Marathon*, 7 & 4 Milers. Langley. Features out-and-back course overlooking Saratoga Passage. www.langleyhalfmarathon.c~ om. Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon*. North Bend. 8 a.m. www.brianpen.c~ om/ LittleMarathon/Tunnel. Mt. Tum Tum Fun Run 5K & 10K. Amboy. 9 a.m. ht~ tps:// om/site/mttumtumfunrun/home. Newman Lake 25K. Spokane. jackievanallen@comcast.n~ et, www.brrc.n~ et. Ocean Shores Half Marathon, 10K & 5K. Ocean Shores. www.trifreaks.c~ om. See Jane Run Half Marathon* & 5K*. Seattle. Features chocolate and champagne; kids’ events. www.seejanerun.c~ om.

Wednesday, July 16 IRC Mid-Summer Run 5K*. Auburn. 6:30 p.m. Flat, fast out-and-back on Interurban Trail. www.interurbanrunners.n~ et, (206) 619-4231.

Friday, July 18 Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage. Blaine to Langley. One-way 187-mile relay for teams of 6 or 12. www.ragnarrelay.c~ om. 48


Saturday, July 19 Bald Eagle Days 10K, 5K & 2 Miler. Cathlamet. Starts and ends on Main St. www. cathlametchamber.c~ om, (360) 849-4305.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

ChelanMan Half Marathon* & 10K*. Chelan. 7:15 a.m. www.chelanman.c~ om. Down & Dirty 5K Mud Run. Fort Lewis. 10 a.m. Fun run with lots of muddy obstacles; civilians need base access. www.jblmmwr.c~ om. Kla Ha Ya Days 5 Mile & 1 Mile River Run. Snohomish. 8 a.m. www.klahayadays.c~ om. Olympia Lakefair Half Marathon*, 8K & 3K. Olympia. 7 a.m. Scenic course in Heritage Park, fun finish area. www.lakefair. o~ rg, lakerunorg@gmail.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Refuse to Abuse 5K*. Seattle. Takes place entirely within Safeco Field. www.refusetoabuse5k.o~ rg. Spokane Dirty Dash 4 Miler. Nine Mile Falls. Obstacle mud run. www.dirtydash.c~ om. SpoKenya 7K. Spokane. Fundraiser to build well in African town. www.spokenyarun.c~ om. Warrior Dash 5K. Bonney Lake. www. w~ arriordash.c~ om. West Seattle Float Dodger 5k. Seattle 9:45 a.m. Outrun summer parade floats. www.floatdodger5k.c~ om. Whatcom Dream 5K. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Roosevelt Park run supports financial literacy. www.whatcomdream5K.c~ om. Wild Woman Trail Marathon & 50K. Trout Lake. 7:30 a.m. Women-only event, relay option. www.wildwomanmarathon.c~ om. Windhorse Half Marathon. Bellingham. Nofrills race. www.windhorserun.c~ om.

Sunday, July 20 Harvest Hay Half Marathon & 8K. Battle Ground. 7:30 a.m. Scenic loop course. www. harvestdaysrun.getboldevents.c~ om. Rainbow Romp 5K. Montesano. 10 a.m. www.runoly.c~ om, (360) 249-0005.

Tuesday, July 22 Summer Series #4 St. Edward State Park 4 & 8 Miles. Kenmore. 6:30 p.m. Run through a “gem” of the state park system. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Friday, July 25 Grow in the Dark 5K. Lacey. 9 p.m. Kicks off PNW Mushroom Festival. www.pnwmushroomfest.c~ om, (360) 754-0490. Relay for Life 5K. Sumner. 6 p.m. Kicks off community event to honor cancer survivors and raise awareness. www.relayforlife.o~ rg.

Sasquatch Relay. Buckley to Port Townsend. Run 189 miles over two days or 75 miles in one. www.sasquatchrelay.c~ om.

Saturday, July 26 Always Brothers 100-Mile Memorial Relay. Seattle. 6 a.m. Run solo or on a team of up to ten. www.alwaysbrothers.o~ rg. Anacortes Art Dash Half Marathon*, 10K* & 5K*. Anacortes. Run along the waterfront trail. www.anacortesartsfestival. c~ om, (360) 293-1918. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Dog Mountain 10K, 20K & 30K. Stevenson. 8 a.m. Steep, single-track trails. www.dogmtn10K.c~ om. Enumclaw Street Fair 5K. Enumclaw. 9 a.m. www.enumclawstreetfair.c~ om. HealthPoint Family 5K. Bothell. 9 a.m. Family and dog-friendly event. www.healthpointchc.o~ rg. Mountlake Terrace 5K. Mountlake Terrace. 8:30 a.m. Starts and ends at H.S. www.cedarwaypto.o~ rg/mlt_5k_fun_run. Mt. Mania 5K & 10K. Castle Rock. 8:30 a.m. New and improved flatter courses. www. cowlitzvalleyrunners.c~ om. Mt. Spokane Half Marathon & 5K. Mead. 9 a.m. Trail run. www.trailmaniacs.c~ om.

Old Settlers Run 5K & 2 Miler. Ferndale. 9 a.m. www.whatcomoldsettlers.c~ om. Seafair Torchlight Run 8K & 5K*. Seattle. 6:30 p.m. Leaves from Seattle Center and follows Torchlight Parade route. www.seafair.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Seven Summits Adventure Race 7 Miles. McCleary. Obstacle course simulates the challenges of continent’s highest summits; 3 mi. and team options. www.7sar.c~ om. Three Days of Aloha 5K. Vancouver, WA. 8 a.m. Hawaii-themed event. www.hawaiianfestivalpnw.c~ om. Whale of a Run 4 & 1 Milers. Silverdale. 8:45 a.m. Part of Whaling days; kids’ dashes and chip timing. (360) 698-4611, www. whalingdays.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Washington State Sr. Games 5K* & 10K*. Tumwater. 8:45 a.m. Flat courses finish on Tumwater H.S. race track. www.pugetsoundgames.c~ om, Jeff, (360) 352-6087.

Eugene Marathon* & Half*. Eugene, OR. One of the prettiest and flattest marathons, now in summertime – finish in historic Hayward field. 5K & kids’ events Saturday. www.eugenemarathon.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Foothills B&O Half Marathon. Buckley. 9 a.m. Mostly paved foothills trail, 4 beautiful bridge crossings. www.ultrasignup.c~ om. Kamloops Marathon* & Half. Kamploops, B.C. 6 a.m. Enjoy a scenic course in B.C.’s “friendliest city”; 3K & 8K events too. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Lacamas Lake Half Marathon, 5K & Kids’ 1K. Camas. Starts and finishes downtown. www.lacamaslakerunwalk.c~ om. Lord Hill 10K & Half Marathon. Snohomish. 9:30 a.m. Diverse and scenic trail runs. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

White River 50 Mile Endurance Run. Crystal Mountain. 6 a.m. Course rises and falls 8,700 ft. www.whiteriver50.c~ om.

Original Bare Buns Fun Run 5K. Loon Lake. 9:30 a.m. Out-and-back on pressed gravel and dirt road; clothing optional. www.kaniksufamily. c~ om, (509) 327-6833.

Sunday, July 27

Oso Strong 5K. Arlington. Airport trail and surrounding woods. www.osostrong5k.c~ om.

Chuckanut Mtn. Marathon & Half. Bellingham. 8 a.m. Challenging courses are final of Bellingham Trail Running Series; free kids’ run. www.bellinghamtrail.c~ om.

Seattle Run Series 5K & 10K. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Chip-timed run at Myrtle Edwards Park. www.fitnessforvitality.c~ om.



ace is par sr t i h







J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



schedule continued

SummeRun & Walk for Ovarian Cancer 5K*. Seattle. www.summerun.o~ rg. Walk, Run & Roll 5K & 1 Miler. Seattle. 9 a.m. Magnuson Park run supports families impacted by brain injury. www.biawa.o~ rg. WD 10K. Ellensburg. 9:30 a.m. Held in conjunction w/ Whiskey Dick Tri. www.buduracing. c~ om, (206) 920-3983.


Orting Summerfest 5K, 10K & Youth 1 Mile. Orting. 10 a.m. At Orting City Park downtown. www.ortingsummerfest.webs.c~ om.

Unleashed at the Stadium Bowl Stair Run. Tacoma. 9 a.m. “Weave the stairs” for a total of 1,628 steps. unleashedatstadiumbowl.o~ rg.

Race for the Homeless 10K & 5K. Vancouver, WA. 8 a.m. Loop courses; kids’ dashes. www.raceforthehomeless.o~ rg.

Friday, August 8

Self-Transcendence 2 Mile. Seattle. 8 a.m. Free monthly series, chart your progress; meet at Magnuson Park boat ramp. (206) 527-5099. Spartan Sprint Pacific NW. Washougal. www.spartanrace.c~ om.

Saturday, August 2 Apple Festival 5K & 10K. Federal Way. Sponsored by local Farmer’s Market. www. federalwayfarmersmarket.c~ om, (253) 261-8157.

Tacoma Narrows Half Marathon*. Tacoma. 7:30 a.m. One-way course over the Narrows Bridge. www.tacomanarrowshalf. c~ om, (253) 862-8890. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Biggest Loser 5K Off-Road Challenge. Washougal. 12:30 p.m. Non-timed event for all levels. www.biggestloserrunwalk.c~ om.

Trout Lake Fair Run 5K, 10K & 1 Miler. Trout Lake. Starts and finishes at Jonah Ministries. www.troutlakewashington.c~ om.

Black Widow Mud & Sun 5 Miler. Pasco. www.blackwidowmudrun.c~ om.

Sunday, August 3

Foster Kids 5K. Redmond. Out-and-back on Sammamish River Trail. www.fosterkids5k.o~ rg. Grand Ridge 5 Miles, Half Marathon, Marathon & 50K. Issaquah. 8 a.m. Trail run sells out early. www.evergreentrailruns.c~ om. Once Around Lake Cavanaugh 7.8 Miles. Lake Cavanaugh. 10 a.m. Self-timed run. www., (360) 424-4225.

Chewelah Peak Half Marathon, 10 Miles & 3.5 Miles. Colville area. 10 a.m. Uses rough, double-track trails of Colville national forest. www.cptrailrun.c~ om, FB page. The Color Run 5K. Spokane. 8 a.m. www. thecolorun. Port Gamble Marathon & Half. Port Gamble. 8:30 a.m. Single-track trails and dirt roads. www.rootsrockrun.c~ om.

Striders Benefit 5K. Asotin. 7 p.m. www. seaportstriders.c~ om. The Winer Run 5K*. Auburn. 7 p.m. www. eventbrite.c~ om/e/the-winer-run-tickets-8601325797.

Saturday, August 9 Angels Staircase 60K. Carlton. 7 a.m. www. angelsstaircase.blogspot.c~ om. Beast of Big Creek 10K & 21K. Hoodsport. 8:30 a.m. Single-track dirt path and gravel road in mountains. www.sheltonharriers.c~ om. Breathe Deep Seattle 5K. Seattle. Scenic route includes trails, pavement, and hardpacked gravel. www.lungevity.o~ rg/seattle. Cosmo 7K. Vancouver, WA. 6 p.m. Ladies only, Cosmos poured at the finish. www.energyevents.c~ om. Cougar Mtn. Trail Run Series #4 Half & Full Marathons & 5K. Bellevue. 8 a.m. Great trail running, last event in the series. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.





ace is par sr t hi



Electric Run 5K. Puyallup. Nighttime run. www.electricrun.c~ om.




w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Electric Run. Puyallup. Untimed event. www. electricrun.c~ om.

Mud Factor Obstacle 5K. Seattle. 10 a.m. www.mudfactor.c~ om.

Loggers’ Jubilee 10K & 2 Miler. Morton. 8 a.m. 10K has downhill finish: DOR only. www. loggersjubilee.c~ om, (360) 496-5357.

Spirit of Bellevue Community 12K & 5K*. Bellevue. Health and fitness fair post-race; 12K is also certified. www.spiritofbellevuerun.c~ om.

Magnuson Series 5K, 10K, 15K & Half Marathon. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. www.magnusonseries.o~ rg.

Transcendence Ultra 12-Hour Endurance Run. Olympia. Certified course. www.guerillarunning.c~ om.

Miles for Memories 5K. Bellingham. 9 a.m. Scenic course starts at Fairhaven Green. www. alzsociety.o~ rg/events.

Tuesday, August 12

Mill Creek Kids’ Fun Run. Mill Creek. 10 a.m. 1 lap to 2K for ages 3 through 12. www. millcreekkidsfunrun.c~ om, (425) 921-5779. Miracle Run 5K. Port Orchard. 9 a.m. Mostly flat trail run. www.miraclerun5k.c~ om. Mud & Muck for Africa 2 Miler. Snohomish. Untimed mud & obstacle run, benefits orphans of HIV/AIDS. www.adventuresoccer.o~ rg. Olympia Pub Crawl 5K & 1K Kids’ Dash. Olympia. Out-and-back course, pub-crawl starts at 2 p.m. www.runoly.c~ om. Onaway 5K. DuPont. Benefits VetREST. www. onawayrun.o~ rg. Park to Pint 5K. Tacoma. 6:30 p.m. Beer garden and music at finish, 21+, no DOR. www. metroparkstacoma.o~ rg, (253) 312-4458.

Summer Series #5 Seward Park 4.2 Miles & 10K. Seattle. 6:30 p.m. Loop course through a “magnificent forest.” www. nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Friday, August 15 LumaGlow 5K. Lakewood. Night-time run - grab your white tees, glowing makeup and neon kicks. www.4us.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Omak Warrior Stampede. Omak. Night run. www.omakwarriorstampede.c~ om. Spokane to Sandpoint Relay. Spokane. Covers 200 miles of beautiful scenery. www. spokanetosandpoint.c~ om.

Saturday, August 16 Bubble Run 5K. Everett. 9 a.m. www.bubblerun.c~ om.

Race the Reserve Half Marathon, 5K & 10K. Coupeville. 8:30 a.m. www.racethereserve.c~ om.

Columbia Winery Charity 10K* & 5K*. Woodinville. 8:30 a.m. Chip-timed course starts at Columbia Winery. www.runforchildrens.o~ rg.

Riverside State Park Half Marathon & 5K. Nine Mile Falls. 9 a.m. www.trailmaniacs.c~ om.

Friday Harbor 8.8K Loop. Friday Harbor. 9 a.m. Fee includes T and entry to San Juan County Fair. www.islandrec.o~ rg.

Run 4 the Light 5 Miles. Westport. USATFcertified course. www.westportmaritimemuseum.c~ om, (360) 268-0078. Run with Heart 5K. Everett. 9 a.m. Benefits those battling cardiac disease or cancer. www. runwithhearteverett.c~ om. Trooper Tony Family 5K & 10K. Shelton. www.wspaa.o~ rg. The Zombie Run 5K. McCleary. www.thezombierun.c~ om.

Sunday, August 10 Angels Staircase 35K. Carlton. 9 a.m. www. angelsstaircase.blogspot.c~ om. Bridge of the Gods Half Marathon & 10K. Cascade Locks, OR. 8 a.m. www.bridgeofthegodsrun.c~ om. The Color Run 5K. Tacoma. 8 a.m. www. thecolorun.c~ om. Lake Union 10K. Seattle. 7:30 a.m. Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop Trail, gourmet pancakes at finish. www.lakeunion10K.c~ om. Mud & Chocolate 4.5 Mile Run & Half Marathon. Sammamish. 9:30 a.m. www.mudandchocolate.c~ om.

Hamster Endurance Runs. Bellingham. 12 or 24-hour options for 2.6 mile loop around Lake Padden trail. www.hamsterenduranceruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Lise and Faith Memorial Run 10K, 5K & 1K. Puyallup. 9 a.m. ht~ tp://imofoundation.o~ rg/ lise-and-faith-memorial-run-3/. Muds to Suds Saturday. Ferndale. www. mudstosuds.c~ om. Onaway 5K. Vancouver, WA. Benefits VetREST. www.onawayrun.o~ rg.

July 27th, 2014 • Beautiful flat course in the Thompson River valley • Marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, 8K, 3K fun run • Medals and shirts for all participants *shirt and ribbonfor 3K • Boston qualifier, prize money in Marathon • Pancake breakfast with real maple syrup • Visit Kamloops — outdoor playground • Low rates , enter by May 31 for best prices

Register at

Pound the Ground for Ultrasound 5K*, 10K* & Half Marathon. Lakewood. Walking and family friendly events too. www.4us.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Rebuilding Hope SACPC Run/Walk in Her Shoes 5K. Tacoma. 9 a.m. Benefits the Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County. www.databarevents.c~ om. Skamania County Fair 5K. Stevenson. 8 a.m. www.columbiagorgerunningclub.c~ om. Snoqualmie Railroad Days 5K*, 10K* & Kids’ 1K. Snoqualmie. 8:45 a.m. Crazy flat and crazy fast; part of PNW Open & Masters LDR Championships www.runsnoqualmie.c~ om. J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



schedule continued

Strides for Strong Bones 3 Miles. Medical Lake. 9 a.m. Promotes Osteoporosis awareness. www.w~ astrongbones.o~ rg. SUP n’ DU 5K. Soap Lake. 8 a.m. www.ulbfit.c~ om.

Dog Days of Summer 10K & 2.6 Miler. Bellingham. Part of dog festival at Lake Padden Park. www.whatcomhumane.o~ rg, (360) 7332080 x3014.

Tuesday, August 26

Thunder Rumble 5K. Tumwater. 8:30 a.m. Supports soldiers and their families. www.facebook.c~ om/ThunderRumbleRun/info. 12K for K-12 & 6K. Monroe. 8 a.m. Loop course. www.12k4k12.o~ rg.

Summer Series #6 Interlaken Park 5K & 10K. Seattle. 6:30 p.m. Loop course includes paved roads, forest trails, stairs and a climb. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Saturday, August 30

Sunday, August 17 Color Rush 5K. Wenatchee. Un-timed, fun family event. www.colorwenatchee.c~ om. Muds to Suds Sunday. Ferndale. www.mudstosuds.c~ om.

Saturday, August 23

Bunker to Bonneville 50K Ultra. North Bonneville. 7:30 a.m. Panther Creek Campground to Bonneville Hot Springs. www. cgrcb2b.c~ om. Robinson Park 10K. Moscow, ID. 8 a.m. 3rd race in Palouse 10K summer series. www.palouseroadrunners.o~ rg.

Brave 5K & Kids’ 1 Miler. Seattle. 9:30 a.m. Lower Woodland Park XC course. www.bishopblanchet.o~ rg/page.php?id=477.

7K at Seven Bays. Seven Bays. 8 a.m. Course primarily on road, some hills. ht~ tps://sites. google.c~ om/site/the7katsevenbays.

Brett Jensen 3.5 Mile Memorial Run. Everett. 9 a.m. Out-and-back from American Legion Park, travels down Grand Avenue. www. brettjensen.wordpress.c~ om.

Sunday, August 31

Cascade Crest 100 Mile Endurance Run. Easton. www.cascadecrest100.c~ om. Cutthroat Classic 11.1 Mile Trail Run. Mazama. 8 a.m. Sells out early. www.mvsta.c~ om. Parkland Pace or Race 5K. Tacoma. 9:30 a.m. Flat and fast course starts at Washington H.S., supports XC and T&F programs. www. patriotcrosscountry.c~ om, (253) 219-5252. Pink Poulsbo 4-Mile Beer Run. Poulsbo. 9 a.m. Enjoy a locally brewed beer at each mile, wear pink. www.poulsbobeerrun.c~ om. Run-a-Muk 10K Run & 5K Run/Walk. Mukilteo. 8 a.m. Quiet Roads, great views of Sound, chip-timed. www.runamuk.jigsy.c~ om. Run Like a Dog 5K. Olympia. 9 a.m. Benefits Thurston County Humane Society, dogs welcome. www.runlikeadog.c~ om, (360) 456-7387. Seattle Marathon 10K*. Seattle. 8 a.m. Starts and ends at Gasworks Park, runs around Lake Union. www.seattlemarathon.o~ rg. The Slime Run 5K. Spokane. 10 a.m. www. theslimerun.c~ om. Summer Blast @ Redmond 5 & 10 Mile, Half & Full Marathon. Redmond. 9:30 a.m. Flat to moderate-grade trail course. www.nwtrailruns.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Tase T. Lentil 5K. Pullman. 7:30 a.m. Paved loop course; stay for festival parade and lentil cook-off. www.lentilfest.c~ om.

Sunday, August 24 Alki Beach 5K*. Seattle. 9 a.m. Out-and-back. www.alkibeachrun.c~ om, (206) 215-2888. 52


Back to School Dash 5K. Chealis. 9 a.m. Starts and ends at 1-5 Toyata, benefits local school scholarships. www.I-5dash.c~ om. Sporty Diva’s Bad Azz Back 2 Back. Lacey. 9 a.m. Distances from 5K to 50K offered on Sunday and Monday. www.sportydiva.c~ om.

SEPTEMBER Monday, September 1 Labor Day Half Marathon* & 4 Miler. Redmond. Fast course starts and finishes at Marymoor Park for a fun post race celebration; part of PNW Open & Masters LDR Championships. www.labordayrun.c~ om, (425) 736-0967. Sporty Diva’s Bad Azz Back 2 Back. Lacey. 9 a.m. Distances from 5K to 50K offered on Sunday and Monday. www.sportydiva.c~ om.

EARLY BIRD Saturday, September 6. GOAT: Great Olympic Adventure Trail Run Marathon. Elwha River east of Port Angeles. One-way marathon on single-track Olympic Adventure Trail, ends at Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park. www. greatoatrun.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sun. September 7. Skagit Flats Marathon* & Half*. Burlington. 8 a.m. Flat and fast course through Skagit Valley; 6-hr cut-off. www.skagitflatsmarathon.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sun. September 14. You Go Girl Half Marathon* & 10K*. Tacoma. 8:45 a.m. Course highlights natural beauty of Tacoma, pace groups and Little Girl 1K. www.runyougogirl.c~ om. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Sun. September 28. Bellingham Bay Marathon*, Half* & 5K*. Bellingham. Beautiful point-to-point course with “a touch of trail.” www.bellinghambaymarathon.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sun. September 28. Race for a Soldier Half Marathon & 2 Miler. Gig Harbor. Supports military personnel and their families; kids’ event too. www.raceforasoldier. o~ rg, (253) 851-2226. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sun. October 5. Portland Marathon* & Half*. Portland, OR. Popular event is packed with music groups, cheering teams, porta potties, aid stations, and photographers! www.portlandmarathon.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sun. October 12. Spokane Marathon*, Half & 10K. Spokane. Scenic and hilly; great aid station support, marathon relay. www. spokanemarathon.u~ s , (509) 624-4297. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sun, November 30. Amica Insurance Seattle Marathon* & Half*. Seattle. Scenic, rolling course with views of downtown and Lake Washington. www.seattlemarathon.o~ rg, (206) 729-3660. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

MULTI-SPORT Sun. May 25. Onion Man Tri. Walla Walla. Olympic. www.wwmultisports.c~ om. Sun. May 25. Ski to Sea. Bellingham. 90-mi. relay, seven legs, seven different sports. www. skitosea.c~ om. Mon. May 26. Spring Festival Tri & Du. Moses Lake. Tri: .25 mi. s, 10 mi. b, 5K r; Du: 5K r, 10 mi. b, 5K r. www.buduracing.c~ om. Mon. May 26. Trying for Troops Indoor Tri. Seattle. 10 min. timed s, b, and r. www. trying4troops.o~ rg. Sat. May 31. Troika Tri. Medical Lake. Half “Iron” & Sprint. www.troikatriathlon.c~ om. Sat. May 31. Jr. Gap2Gap. Yakima. Multisport relay. www.yakimagreenway.o~ rg. Sat. May 31-Sun. June 1. Klickitat Trek Ride & Tie. Gleenwood. 12 & 25 miles. www.rideandtie.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE. Sun. June 1. Gap2Gap. Yakima. Multi-sport relay. www.yakimagreenway.o~ rg. Sun. June 1. Iron Eagle Tri. Cheney. 8 a.m. 500 meter indoor s, 10 mi. b, 5K r. www.ewu. e~ du/campus-recreation/special-events/ironeagle-triathlon. Sat. June 7. Issaquah Tri & Du. Sammamish. Tri: .25 mi. s, 15 mi. b, 3 mi. r; Du: 15 mi. b, 3 mi. r ; kids’ tri too. www.issaquahtri.c~ om. Sat. June 7. Moses Lake Family Tri. Blue Moses Lake. Family, Sprint, and Olympic distances. www.buduracing.c~ om.

Sat. June 14. Cottage Lake Tri. Woodinville. 400 yard s, 9 mi. b, 1.6 mi. r; kids’ tri. www. marymeyerlifefitness.c~ om.

Sat. June 28. Lake Padden Tri. Bellingham. Competitive and Recreational Sprint Distances. www.cob.o~ rg/services/recreation/races.

Sun. July 13. Valley Girl Tri. Liberty Lake. 7:45 a.m. .3 mi. s, 12 mi. b, 3 mi. r. www.valleygirltri.c~ om.

Sat. June 14. Deception Pass Challenge Off-road Tri. Oak Harbor. 8 a.m. .5 mi. s, 13 mi. mtn. b, 4 mi. run. www.deceptionpassfoundation.o~ rg.

Sat. June 28. Pacific Crest Long Course Tri & Du. Sunriver, OR. Tri: half “Iron”, Du: 58 mi. b, 13.1 mi. r. www.aasportsltd.c~ om.

Sat. July 19. Tiger Tri. Colville. 1K s, 40K b, 8K r. www.tigertri.c~ om.

Sat. June 14. Lake Wilderness Tri. Maple Valley. 7 a.m. Olympic, Sprint & Kids’ events. www.lakewildernesstriathlon.c~ om.

Sun. June 29. Bellingham Kids Traverse. Bellingham. 6-12 year olds. www.recreationnorthwest.o~ rg.

Sat. July 19. ChelanMan Half Ironman & Olympic Tri. Chelan. www.chelanman.c~ om.

Sun. June 29. Black Hills Tri. Lacey. Sprint distance. www.blackhillstriathlon.c~ om.

Sun. July 20. ChelanMan Sprint & Try-aTri. Chelan. 800 meter s (or 400 meter “Try”), 13.1 mi. b, 5K mi. r; kids’ Splash n Dash. www. chelanman.c~ om.

Sun. June 29. Pacific Crest Olympic Tri & Du. Sunriver, OR. Du: 28 mi. b, 10K r. www. aasportsltd.c~ om/pacificcrest.

Sun. July 20. Girlfriends & Dudes Tri. Vancouver, WA. .5 mi. s, 12.5 mi. b, 3 mi. run, kids’ tri too. www.nwpersonaltraining.c~ om.

Sat. June 21. Three Lakes Tri. San Juan Island. Olympic and Sprint distances. www. lakedale.c~ om/three-lakes-triathlon-and-marathon.php.

Sat. July 5. Righteous Richland Tri. Richland. .5 mi. s, 12 mi. mtn. b, 3 mi. r. www.3rrr.o~ rg.

Sun. July 20. Seafair Tri. Seattle. Olympic & Sprint (.5 mi. s, 12 mi. b, 5K r) distances; kids’ tri. www.seafair.c~ om.

Sat. July 12. Clear Lake Tri. Clear Lake. .33 mi. s, 14.8 mi. b, 4 mi. r.,Youth tri. www.skagitcounty.n~ et.

Sat. July 26. Ellensburg Sprint Tri. .25 mi. s, 13.75 mi. b, 2.7 mi. r. www.buduracing.c~ om.

Sat. June 21. Tri Monroe. Monroe. Sprint & Super Sprint distances, elite & age group divisions. www.trimonroe.c~ om.

Sat. July 12 Lakewood SummerFEST Tri. Lakewood, 9 a.m. .5 mi. s, 14 mi. b, 3.1 mi. r. www.lakewoodsummerfesttriathlon.c~ om.

Sat. July 26. Olympia Traverse MultiSport Adventure Relay. Olympia. Team or solo mtn. b, road b, paddle, run, trek. www. nwtraverse.c~ om.

Sun. June 22. Lake Meridian Tri #1. Kent. Sprint (.5 or .25 mi. s, 15.8 mi. b, 5K) & Olympic. www.lakemeridiantri.c~ om.

Sat. July 12. Ocean Shores Tris & Dus. Ocean Shores. Half Iron Tri, Du, Olympic Tri, Du, Sprint Tr. www.trifreaks.c~ om.

Sun. July 27. Whisky Dick Triathlon. Ellensburg. 1 mi. s, 28 mi. b, 6.2 mi. r. www. buduracing.c~ om.

Sat. June 28. Five Mile Lake Tri. Auburn. .5 mi. s, 14 mi. b, 5K r. www.buduracing.c~ om.

Sun. July 13. Ocean Shores Jr. Tri. Ocean Shores. www.trifreaks.c~ om.

Sat. August 2. Power of Pasco Sprint Tri. Pasco. .5 mi. s, 20K b, 5K r. www.3rrr.o~ rg.

Sat. June 14. Winthrop Traverse MultiSport Adventure Relay. Winthrop. Team or solo mtn. b, road b, paddle, run, trek. www. nwtraverse.c~ om. Sun. June 15. Five Mi. Lake Women’s Tri. Auburn. Sprint (.25 mi. s, 13.6 b, 5K r.) & Olympic. www.fivemi.lakewomenstri.c~ om.

Run The


9•28 2014

8th Annual Marathon, Half Marathon & 5K | Get 10% off individual race fee! Register online with discount code NWR14AIE


J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



schedule continued

Sun. August 3. Bellingham Youth Tri. Bellingham. Ages 6-13. www.cob.o~ rg.

Sat. June 14. NW Region Open T&F Championships. www.pntf.o~ rg.

Sat. August 9. Lake Tye Tri. Monroe. Sprint (.25 mi. s, 14 mi. b, 3.1 mi. r), Olympic & Youth. www.laketyetri.c~ om.

Sat. June 6-Sun. June 7. Jr. Olympic Combined Events Championships. Lake Stevens. www.pntf.o~ rg.

Fri., August 15. Aquaman Du. Richland. 2 mi. r, .5 mi. s, 5K. www.3rrr.o~ rg.

Sat. June 21-Sun. June 22. Jr. Olympic Assoc. Championships. Kent Meridian H.S., Kent. www.pntf.o~ rg.

Sat. August 16. Deuces Wild Tri. Fort Lewis. Sprint & Olympic distances. www. jblmmwr.c~ om. Sat. August 16. SUP n’ DU. SUP, Mtn. b, r. www.ulbfit.c~ om. Sat. August 16. Titanium Man Jr. Tri. Richland. Ages 7-15. www.3rrr.o~ rg. Sat. August 16. Whidbey Island Tri. Langley. .5 mi. s, 19.5 mi. b, 3.8 mi. r. www.swparks.o~ rg/triathlon.html. Sun. August 17. Iron Girl Tri. Seattle. .5 mi. s, 12 mi. b, 3 mi. r. www.irongirl.c~ om. Sun. August 17. Ironman 70.3 Triathlon. Lake Stevens. Half-ironman; iron kids fun run. www.ironmanlakestevens.c~ om. Sun. August 17. West Plains Wunderwoman Tri. Medical Lake. Sprint (.25 mi. s, 10.2 mi. b, 3 mi. r) & Olympic. www.emdesports.c~ om. Sat. August 23. Lake Sammamish Tri. Issaquah. .25 mi. s, 14.7 mi. b, 5K r. www.buduracing.c~ om. Sun. August 24. Lake Meridian Tri #2. Kent. Sprint (.5 or .25 mi. s, 15.8 mi. b, 5K) & Olympic. www.lakemeridiantri.c~ om. Sat. August 30. Titanium Man Tri. Richland. 1.5 K s, 40K b, 10K r. www.3rrr.o~ rg. Sat. August 30. Bonney Lake Tri. Bonney Lake. Sprint (.32 mi. s, 12.2 mi. b, 5K r) & Olympic. www.buduracing.c~ om. Sat. August 30-Sun. August 31. Jedi Horsemanship Ride & Tie. Mt. Spokane. 12 + 25 mi., or 2-day 25+55 & 25+50 Endurance Ride. www.rideandtie.o~ rg. SEE AD THIS ISSUE.

Thu. July 3-Sun. July 6. Jr. Olympic Regionals. Central Valley H.S., Spokane Valley. www.pntf.o~ rg. Mon. July 21-Sun. July 27. Jr. Olympic National Championships. Houston, TX. www.pntf.o~ rg.

Wednesdays. Burlington. Burlington-Edison H.S. Kirby Track. June 4 – July 2. christik@ burlingtonwa.g~ ov.

Sat. June 21. Brooks PR Invitational. Renton Memorial Stadium. 1:30 p.m. Fastest high school track meet in the country; outdoor venue for 2014. www.flotrack.o~ rg.

COLLEGIATE OUTDOOR UW & WWU Track and Field Schedule. For more information, visit www.gohuskies.c~ om and www.wsucougars.c~ om. Thur. May 29-Sat. May 31. NCAA Championships Preliminary Round. Fayetteville, AR. www.wsucougars.c~ om. Wed. June 11-Sat. June 14. NCAA Champs. Eugene, OR. www.wsucougars.c~ om.

MAJOR OPEN MEETS Fri. May 30-Sat. May 1. Nike Pre Classic. Eugene, OR. www.preclassic.c~ om. Sat. June 7. Seattle Masters Track Meet. West Seattle Stadium, Seattle. www.seattle.g~ ov/ parks/athletics/track.htm. Sat. June 14. USA T&F NW Region Open Championships. West Seattle Stadium. www. clubnorthwest.o~ rg.


Sun. June 8. Jr. Olympic Association. Multi-events. Kent Meridian H.S., Kent. www.pntf.o~ rg. 54


Mondays. Bellingham. Civic Field. 6 p.m. June 9-August 25. www.cob.o~ rg/services/recreation/ index.aspx, lromo@cob.o~ rg.

Thur. May 29-Sat. May 31. WA State Track & Field State Championships. 1B, 2B, 1A at E.W.U, Cheney. 2A, 3A, 4A, Mount Tahoma H.S. Tacoma. www.wiaa.c~ om.

Fri. July 11- Sat. July 12. USATF National Club T&F Championships. Mt. Tahoma H.S., Tacoma. www.clubnorthwest.o~ rg.

Tue. June 24- Sun. 29. USA Youth Outdoor T&F Championships. Bloomington, IN. www.u~ satf.o~ rg.

Mondays. Battle Ground. Battle Ground H.S. 6 p.m. June 9, 16, 23, 30. www.bgall-comers.weebly.c~ om, donovan.kevin@battlegroundps.o~ rg.


Wed. July 9 – Sun. July 12. West Sound Senior Games. Bremerton. www.pugetsoundgames.c~ om.

Fri. June 6-Sat. June 7. Combined Events Championships. Lake Stevens H.S. ht~ tp:// www.w~ astatedecahept.c~ om.


Tuesdays. Bigfoot (Spokane). Spokane Falls C.C. June 3, 10, 17, 24. e~ du, (509) 533-8857.

Sun. August 31. Steve Braun Memorial Tri. Ocras Island. .25 mi. s, 15 mi. b, 3.5 mi. trail r. ht~ tp://friendsofmoran.c~ om/sbmt.


Fri. August 22-Sun. August 25. Olympic Peninsula Senior Games. Port Angeles. www.pugetsoundgames.c~ om.

Thur. July 17- Sun. July 20. USA Masters Outdoor T&F Championships. WinstonSalem, NC www.u~ satf.o~ rg. Sat. July 19 –Sun. July 20. PNTF Open & Masters T&F Championships. West Seattle Stadium, Seattle. www.clubnorthwest.o~ rg. Fri. July 25-Sat. July 26. Washington State Senior Games. Tumwater & Lacey. www. pugetsoundgames.c~ om.

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Wednesdays. Club Northwest (Seattle). Shoreline Stadium. 6 p.m. May, 28-August 14. www.clubnorthwest.o~ rg. Thursdays. South Sound (Tumwater). Tumwater H.S. 6 p.m. June 5, 12, 19, 26. www. runoly.c~ om. Thursdays. Orting. Orting H.S. 6 p.m. July 12 (Saturday), 17, 24. Jesse Snyder: snyderje@orting.wednet.e~ du.

CAMPS & CLINICS Super Jock ‘n Jill Sports Medicine Clinics. Thursdays, 6:30 p.m. Free. Variety of professionals. 7210 E. Greenlake Dr. N., Seattle. (206) 522-7711, www.superjocknjill.c~ om. Super Jock ‘n Jill Clinics. For clubs, organizations, teams, businesses. Discussions of equipment, new technologies, shoe construction, and training. Talk with Ty: (206) 522-7711, www. superjocknjill.c~ om.

COACHING & CLUBS Chuckit. Chuck Bartlett head coach. Train for any event. Weekly workouts and twice weekly group runs. All levels of ability welcome. 6-month program for $150. Includes T- shirt, training log and discounts on shoes at Super Jock ‘n Jill. Can start any time. (206) 391-3448, (206) 522-7711, www.runchuckit.c~ om.

RACEWALKING Racewalk Clinics. Green Lake Community Center, Seattle. 10 a.m. Second Saturday of every month. For beginners or intermediate walkers; by appointment only. Instructor Stan Chraminski (206) 327-9105, www.albionarts. c~ om/racewalking. Second Saturday Race Around Green Lake. Seattle. Informal unjudged races every month. Meet at south side of Green Lake Community Center. 9 a.m. (206) 327-9105. June 14, 2014 • Vassault Park, Tacoma 12k • 5k • 2k Run and Walk Presented by MultiCare

A MultiCare Center for Healthy Living event benefiting health and wellness in our community.

SER I O US T R ACK & F I EL D • BY PAU L M ERC A Western’s Katie Reichert set a school record in the javelin at the JD Shotwell Invitational. dan levine photo courtesy of wwu.

Javelin throw sets new school record


ne of the most pleasant stories of the local 2014 collegiate track and field season is the success of Western Washington javelin throwers Bethany Drake and Katie Reichert. Drake thrust herself into the national spotlight at the JD Shotwell Invitational, hosted by the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma on April 5th, when the sophomore from Sandy, Oregon, set a personal best by 12 feet, launching the spear 1696, which set a new school record and was the best throw by an NCAA Division II athlete since 2009. In an interview with the Bellingham Herald, Viking head coach Pee Wee Halsell said, “I was talking to a coach and watching the javelin and the rest of the track meet, and I saw it launch, and it was up in the air a long time. I didn’t know what the official mark was until after the meet was over, but it was fun watching that javelin fly.” That performance on a cold rainy day earned Drake the women’s USTFCCCA Division II national field event athlete of the week, and took away the national lead in the javelin from teammate Reichert, who threw 162-1 on March



22nd at the Oregon Preview meet in Eugene. Drake was originally a softball player before switching to track and field in high school, thanks in part to encouragement from her sister, along with a teammate who became a two-time Oregon state champ before earning a scholarship to Texas Christian University. Starting as as sophomore at Sandy High School, Drake progressed from 115 feet to 120 feet as a junior, then finished her prep career with a best of 129 feet and qualified for the Oregon state meet. At last year’s NCAA Division II championship meet, Drake, who wasn’t recruited by any school, finished 13th with a best of 138-3, despite having a season best throw almost 20 feet farther. Besides the daily push and competition with Reichert in the weight room and on the javelin runway under the watchful eye of Western throws coach Ben Stensland, who coached Monika Gruszecki to a national title in 2007 and 2011, the biggest improvement in her performance this season has been in her consistency, as she’s thrown at least 150 feet in every meet so far, a mark she only

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hit once in 2013. Like Drake, Katie Reichert, who finished seventh in the NCAA championships last year, has been a model of consistency with her throws, launching the javelin at least 150 feet in every meet except one so far this season. Reichert, a native of Kelso, set a personal best of 162-8 at the Beach Invitational on April 19th in Cerritos, California, and is currently ranked fourth nationally in Division II. Look for Bethany and Katie to make an impact at the Great Northwest Athletic Conference championship meet, and at the NCAA Division II national championships on May 22nd-24th in Allendale, Michigan. While not getting as much publicity as their counterparts on the west side of the state, Washington State’s Ruby Roberts and Abby Regan have raised eyebrows among competitors in the Pac-12 Conference. At the Stanford Invitational in early April, Regan, a junior from Australia, finished sixth in the 800m with a personal best of 2:07.07 to become the eighth fastest in school history. In the same

meet, Roberts set a school record in the 5,000m, running 16:09.02. Two weeks later, at the Mt. SAC Relays in Walnut, California, both Roberts and Regan ran personal bests in the 1,500m, clocking 4:18.57 and 4:19.49, respectively. So far this season, the contributions by both Roberts and Regan have been key to the Cougars’ undefeated dual meet season so far.

Huskies versus the Cougs

On May 3rd, the University of Washington men defeated Washington State in the annual dual meet in Pullman 84-79, while the Washington State women prevailed by one point at 82-81, preventing the Huskies from sweeping the Cougars for the first time since 1997. The Husky men built a big lead in the early events, then took an unexpected 1-2 finish in the 800m by Izaic Yorks and Derrick Daigre and a 1-3 finish in the 3,000m by Meron Simon and Aaron Nelson to seal the deal. Washington State, which was a heavy favorite to beat the UW women, was carried to victory by Mary Barnett’s

injuries since winning the 2012 NCAA 1,500m title in Des Moines, returned to her hometown to anchor both the 4 x 1,600m and distance medley relays to the victory. In the 4 x 1,600m, Flood ran an anchor leg of 4:41, giving the Huskies the win in a time of 19:09.31. Two days later, Flood ran a 4:37 anchor, as the Huskies won in a time of 11:09.59, beating second-place Baylor by nearly 3 seconds. The two victories by the Huskies gave Flood her seventh and eighth career Drake Relays championships, as she won six crowns as a high schooler at nearby Dowling Catholic High School.


July 12 9 a.m.

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The pro scene

Washington State alum Jeshua Anderson, who won the 400m hurdles at the Mt. SAC Relays to open his season, finished fourth at the Drake Relays, running 49.25. Vancouver’s Kara Patterson continued her comeback from a knee injury two years ago by winning the javelin in 18610, while UW alum Brad Walker was third in the Pole Vault at the Mall prelude to the Drake Relays, clearing 18-8.75, the same height as winner and reigning world- and Olympic champion Renaud Lavillenie of France. The month of May brings the start of the championship season for the area’s collegiate athletes, highlighted by the Pac-12 championships on May 17th-18th at Mooberry Track in Pullman on the campus of Washington State. May also brings the best professional track and field meet to the UW’s Izaic Yorks (center) and Derrick Daigre Pacific Northwest, as Hayward (left) helped the Huskies defeat the Cougars. Field in Eugene hosts the Nike paul merca photo. Prefontaine Classic on May 31st, which brings together the world’s three wins in the shot put, discus, and best athletes in front of a packed house hammer, plus an unexpected third place and an international television audience. finish in the 3,000m by Ruby Roberts Eugene recently submitted a bid to the over the vaunted Husky distance crew. IAAF to host the 2019 world track and field championships, and the city wants Huskies return to Drake Relays to show the world that it is more than One of the biggest highlights of April capable of conducting the world’s second was the return of the Washington Husbiggest meet behind the Olympics. kies to the Drake Relays in Des Moines, Looking ahead to June, the nation’s Iowa, a meet that they last appeared at best collegians return to Eugene from ten years ago. June 11th-14th for the NCAA champiThe Huskies left Iowa with four Drake onships, as Track Town USA hosts the Relays championships, winning both the meet for the next eight years. men’s and women’s 4 x 1,600m relays, For daily coverage of Washington’s the men’s 4 x 800 relay, and the women’s college and pro track and field athletes, distance medley (1200-400-800-1600) don’t forget to visit paulmerca.blogspot. relay. com! • Katie Flood, who has struggled with

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1:34:07 2:01:00

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Jessica Burnett 45:16 Marina Stoermer 46:13 Janie Crane 46:40 Christine Staub 48:28 Taylor Riso 50:27 19 & Under Olivis Flack 50:38 Dani Lockert 51:09 Samantha Wilson 1:04:38 Anna Paulson 1:04:48 Gabrielle Chavez 1:09:14 20-24 Marina Stoermer 46:13 Taylor Riso 50:27 Molly Quinn-Shea 51:04 Cherice Cochrane 52:38 Kelley Gregory 53:31 25-29 Angela Melby 52:24 Kelsy Foulstone 52:31 Meredith Bezold 52:57 Elizabeth Slotnick 54:33 Kaitlin Bailey 56:03 30-34 Jessica Burnett 45:16 Janie Crane 46:40 Christine Schram 51:07 Alina Sherrett 52:19 Kelly Lefler 55:48 35-39 Shauna Rowe 52:27 Lisa Glasser 53:09 Nicole Miltumyr 53:12 Paula Beck 55:04 Kelly Crawford 1:03:05 40-44 Sarah Woehrman 55:41 Kim Hutson 56:20 Jodi Yeager 58:40 Joanne Mackey 1:01:16 Kelly Ip 1:02:42 45-49 Christine Staub 48:28 Carol Rockhill 50:51 Pam Martin 56:10 Amy Reiss 58:04 Amy Culp 1:01:20 50-54 Marian Quarrier 56:50 Peggy Baron 58:14 Kristi Yuthas 1:01:36 Angie Sanchez-Mingus 1:05:18 Cecilia Monda 1:07:23 55-59 Trish Enderby 54:27 Chris Cull-Dimatteo 59:32 Karen Johnson 1:06:44 Lynn Miner 1:17:41 Brenda Venner 1:21:20 Additional Subscribers Robyn Nelson 1:21:21 60-64 Jacquie Lee 1:11:59 Melanie Hingston 1:17:16 Patricia Gilliland 1:18:57 Judy Flynnobrien 1:24:26 Sally Glancy 1:24:57 65-69 Diane Weber 1:08:13 Bobbie Metrokin 1:13:17 Cheryl Lyall 1:13:24 Suzanne Crawford 1:25:28 Mary Wahlgren 1:39:38 70-74 Ilse Berkeley 1:04:09 Doris Heritage 1:24:58 Eva Villarreal 1:30:25 Judy Tallman 1:46:14 Sally Rawlings 1:46:15 75 & Above Nancy Merson 2:01:01

Whidbey 5K MALES Top Five Overall Bradley Rzewnicki Shawn Lemke

J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

18:09 19:38

Hermes Freitas 20:11 Brannon Mucke 20:20 Alex Thomson 20:41 19 & Under Bradley Rzewnicki 18:09 Adam Flood 23:31 Connor Thompson 23:31 Mitchell Carroll 23:34 Michael Laska 24:25 20-24 Shawn Lemke 19:38 Thomas Jones 29:03 Matthew Prescott 31:31 Ethan Matthews 37:02 25-29 Alex Thomson 20:41 Edmundo Corrales 31:09 Gregory Sanchez 37:35 Ted Knecht 53:30 Matt Lacewell 53:54 30-34 Christopher Carpenter 22:11 Brian Riehs 24:32 Marcelo Vargas 25:58 Sunil Pai 31:48 Tucker Alexander 32:53 35-39 Michael Smuga 20:43 Dan Connell 31:51 Jonathan Perlow 32:29 Christopher Ruppel 32:58 Jason Highberger 34:02 40-44 Tim Flood 20:54 Clarence Ince 24:21 Scott Heaston 24:53 Matt Miesle 29:38 Blane White 30:57 45-49 Hermes Freitas 20:11 Brannon Mucke 20:20 David Riggs 24:43 David Prouse 27:08 Eric Mitten 27:20 50-54 Mark Somers 26:50 Ron Higo 29:04 Francis Bagarella 33:37 Shawn Hughes 35:59 Charles Kawakone 45:01 55-59 David Robb 23:26 Timothy Steiner 50:05 60-64 Richard Hardesty 25:46 Philip McLoud 28:23 Bill Foppiano 41:02 Christian Sanchez 45:12 John Bungo 47:55 65-69 Padraic Miller 32:16 Jim Hyde 34:13 Martin Robinett 41:21 Greg Olsen 56:44

FEMALES Top Five Overall Emma Flood Kristin Metcalf Mary Smart Erin Gluth Mercy Koech 19 & Under Emma Flood Clara Orndorff Jenna Cooley Kaitlynn Knapp Emma Jordan 20-24 Kate Romero Brianne Higo Monica Daniels Stephanie Hanley Desiree Sanchez 25-29 Mercy Koech Alicia Lanigan Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz Jennifer Jones Genevieve Bryant 30-34 Megan Stone Tera Giles Leslie Vance

21:26 21:26 22:36 22:58 23:28 21:26 25:31 26:11 27:31 27:34 24:52 27:47 32:46 32:46 36:30 23:28 24:47 25:18 29:03 29:58 29:10 29:13 29:33



results continued

Kenyon Blaine 29:54 Peggy Foy 30:03 35-39 Shannon Gander 30:02 Kathy Myers 31:05 Rana Jayne 31:26 Angie Johnson 31:48 Caitlin Upshaw 32:47 Additional Subscribers Tracy Kim 36:03 Melissa Michaelis 38:09 40-44 Kristin Metcalf 21:26 Mary Smart 22:36 Marcey Flood 27:19 Mellisa Otwell 29:44 Tamara Altman 29:54 Additional Subscribers Dena Graves 35:09 45-49 Erin Gluth 22:58 Jennifer Wynn 24:26 Sylvia Cooley 36:18 Susan Defant 37:50 Kazuko White 40:39 50-54 Donna Crowe 30:14 Pamela Somers 32:07 Dorene Snyder 33:18 Margaret Stoermer 33:44 Gloria Mahoney 37:42 55-59 Vicky Padgett 34:07 Kaisa Swenddal-White 34:08 Carol Denning 39:22 Kyoko Calabrese 43:17 Mariko Kawakone 45:01 60-64 Eileen Ryan 33:27 Maria Magana 35:23 Linda Dowdell 36:33 Dianne Ghersini 38:10 Rosanne Sherlock 38:48 70-74 Nancy Vonbergen 51:56 Helen Mosbrooker 54:52 Virginia Scott 55:21

CanDo 5K April 26, Bothell

MALES Top Five Overall

Bill Haldeman 18:13 Scott McMaster 19:01 Zach Chupik 19:09 Spencer Neher 19:22 Mat Signoretty 19:35 19 & Under Zach Chupik 19:09 Spencer Neher 19:22 Jeffrey Goong 20:45 Peter Platz 20:55 Cooper Klein 21:03 20-24 Mat Signoretty 19:35 Jeremy Dance 20:22 Dane Schmick 22:12 Max Jordan 24:11 Illya Glazunov 32:16 Additional Subscribers Jacob Price 40:19 25-29 Todd Hunt 21:24 Alex Lopiccolo 22:42 David Bamford 22:58 Darrell Westerinen 23:30 Kevin Norris 23:41 30-34 Bryan Lee 20:14 Robert White 23:36 Chris Pitman 24:42 Connor Klein 24:44 Hal Bisnett 24:59 35-39 Bryan Comstock 21:25 Daniel Michnicki 22:36 Blake Murphy 25:43


Ryan Odegaard James Shepard 40-44 Scott McMaster Lance Carter Eric Smith Dama Hakamada David Shevitz 45-49 Mitch Rasoumoff Glenn Hoogerwerf Steve Balch Christopher Lorton Chris Beaudette 50-54 Octavian Popa Simon Tufnell John Dance Donald Willis Paul White 55-59 Bill Haldeman Kurt Billett David Parsons Robin Green Mark Mitchell 60-64 William Waters Lyle Gillman Rick Heinbaugh 65-69 Jim Maddox Thor Bussinger 70 & Above Robert Taylor

FEMALES Top Five Overall

25:44 26:38 19:01 21:29 22:21 24:55 25:07 21:00 21:42 23:27 24:16 24:42 22:08 22:31 24:09 25:36 26:04 18:13 20:00 21:51 23:46 23:51 20:50 25:01 45:50 25:15 25:54 34:44

Erica Pitman 19:07 Flo Booth 20:38 Madison Guillen 21:03 Allie Nichols 21:26 Theresa Platz 22:13 19 & Under Madison Guillen 21:03 Kaeli Dance 22:47 Kaitlyn Steffy 24:27 Sally Beaudette 24:42 Olivia Balch 24:53 20-24 Allie Nichols 21:26 Brittany Forstie 23:51 Sam Balentine 24:19 Casey Moffet 24:35 Kim Maertz 26:18 25-29 Megan Kearney 22:52 Emily Bome 23:26 Anna Friedman 23:49 Sarah Huotari 23:51 Krista Roumeliotis 25:48 30-34 Erica Pitman 19:07 Jeanna Dance 22:47 Kelsey White 25:32 Cathi Hackett 26:30 Katarina Hirai 26:59 35-39 Ardath Miller 24:37 Katrina Hall 25:43 Melissa Digioia 26:47 Gini Scott 26:49 Heather W.-Brown 28:29 Additional Subscribers Jen Steele 38:29 40-44 Flo Booth 20:38 Vickie Balch 22:31 Dre Skofstad 22:58 Michelle Taylor 23:29 Shelley Anderson 24:19 45-49 Tammy Fassett 25:13 Cindy Solberg 25:49 Lisa Carson 25:53 Debbie Vessey 27:38 Lisa Reid 27:45 50-54 Kris Haldeman 23:29 Melody Roberts 25:16 Mary Jane Lohr 25:30 Atsuko Seckinger 25:38


Sarah Lawrence 29:16 55-59 Suzanne Pettersson 32:19 Sandy Figel 32:32 Cindy Johnson 33:19 Nancy Pitman 37:05 Debbie Danekas 39:24 Additional Subscribers Patty Brandt 47:19 60-64 Kimberly Robertson 24:53 Christy Sawyer 30:50 Jody Klineburger 32:20 Karen Withington 44:40 Debbie Lanier 45 :00 Additional Subscribers Carol Campbell 57:56 65-69 Linda Hoff 37:08 Susan Zehnder 51:54 Diane Deyoung 52:40 Theresa Bunger 52:40 Susan Thompson 52:42 70 & Above Dorothy Zahrt 1:06:55

Bellevue 5K & 10K April 27, Bellevue

5K MALES Top Five Overall

Ben Kuritz 16:24 Kevin Hall 18:26 Carlos Brito 19:49 Nick Dejarlais 20:07 Josh Blevins 20:40 19 & Under Nick Dejarlais 20:07 Josh Blevins 20:40 Gannon Forsberg 21:15 Kevin Alexander 21:45 Matthew Munson 22:17 20-24 Igor Podgorney 25:57 Ashish Mghta 26:02 David Curry 26:30 Tony Vladaj 26:48 Mohammad Zbeeb 31:29 25-29 Kevin Hall 18:26 Chhuong Yav 23:04 Chitalu Mumba 23:42 Alex Krishchuk 23:46 William Esque 24:38 30-34 Ben Kuritz 16:24 Brian Hartsell 21:06 Ian Colville 23:38 Andy McGovern 24:35 Jorge Sotelo 25:50 Additional Subscribers Jason Allen 27:25 35-39 Chris Alexander 21:46 Sean Oliver 21:54 Scott Whittum 23:49 Myles Magnuson 25:50 Shannon Koh 26:47 40-44 Carlos Brito 19:49 Eric Tuazon 22:30 Wayman Chan 25:08 Chris Nelson 25:21 Michael Moe 25:31 45-49 Grant Buckingham 25:21 Luciano Hunziker 26:20 David Bennett 26:48 Chad Fischer 27:46 David Downing 27:50 Additional Subscribers Thomas Harvey 31:15 50-54 Terry Munson 25:25 Thomas Anderson 26:21

Donald Willis 27:10 Harve Menkens 29:07 Abel Li 29:13 55-59 Mark Mitchell 26:00 John Iwasaki 30:07 Scott Palfreeman 31:21 Cliff Peterson 31:47 Chris Monger 39:42 60-64 William Waters 22:27 Jonathan Bridge 26:07 Jeff Norman 29:57 Craig Dickison 31:30 Kim Shrader 32:09 65-69 Jerry Bradley 27:36 Long Tran 56:13 70 & Above David Paup 31:20 David Pitkethly 31:48 Reynold Priebe 32:48 Bruce Florsheim 36:54 Clifford Rowe 37:16 Additional Subscribers Robert Campbell 47:13

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Jodi Defenbaugh 21:24 Briana Daniels 21:42 Emily Dejarlais 23:07 Kathleen Riordan 23:13 Valerie Liao 24:18 19 & Under Briana Daniels 21:42 Emily Dejarlais 23:07 Kathleen Riordan 23:13 Valerie Liao 24:18 Crystal Lee 27:41 20-24 Denise Ebert 28:57 Tomoko Yuzawa 29:43 Emina Dodic 31:10 Kara Herzog 31:59 Yelena Krichilskaya 32:17 25-29 Kelsi Wusterbarth 24:46 Ellie Bucklin 28:05 Hanna Baiford 31:03 Kristina Parks 32:07 Kristen Patton 34:42 30-34 Jodi Defenbaugh 21:24 Brieanne Baumann 28:46 Jamie Kivela 29:04 Ulyana Gorbatenko 30:01 Alza Villarin 30:45 Additional Subscribers Adrianne Johnson 34:40 35-39 Lisa Magnuson 26:13 Samantha Quick 27:56 Jennifer Rojas 28:59 Millie Steury 31:11 Kelly Adsero 31:26 40-44 Akiko Katsumata 28:48 Jennifer Aerlihy 28:58 Jennifer Tanner 29:03 Kazumi Nakamura 30:52 Teresa Haldorson 31:01 45-49 Kathryn Perkinson 28:53 Shannon Michaelson 28:53 Tammy Munson 28:59 Laurie Gerson 30:11 Dannette Hooper 30:26 50-54 Darcy Hollie 28:57 Midori Yoshikawa 29:34 Jennifer Berner 29:52 Ester Selander 30:04 Felicia Tsao 30:58 55-59 Kristine Isaacson 30:41 Vicky Volkmer 32:24 Janie Hemingway 33:05 Linda Fox 33:45 Corkey Christensen 33:45 60-64 Alison Bell 32:09

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Jean Shrader Huong Phan Lisa Salazar Susan Kearnes 65-69 Nobuko Kasama 70 & Above Josephine Rowe

33:55 35:43 36:09 39:34 1:01:46 37:17

Bellevue 10K MALES Top Five Overall

Shaun Frandsen 33:53 Nick Merrill 36:39 John Ohearn 37:44 Marlon Stobbs 39:10 Corey Fitch 39:27 19 & Under Jacob Peterson 46:22 Kentaro Yoshikawa 46:31 Spencer Pedroni 50:09 Logan Warriner 52:46 Alejandro A.-Ramirez 57:26 20-24 Lenny Rich 43:54 Sean Cornell 45:29 Phillip Shriver 48:21 Tin-Yu Lien 50:09 Bryan Dalton 55:20 25-29 Matthew Ensslen 39:50 Jacob Paiz 40:43 Ian Field 41:10 Brian Le-Cerf 42:08 Kurt Southern 42:35 30-34 Nick Merrill 36:39 Corey Fitch 39:27 Christopher Haberle 40:18 Eric Pratum 43:48 Apurva Chandra 46:27 35-39 Shaun Frandsen 33:53 James Varner 40:07 Bryan Gruner 42:35 Glenn Devage 46:40 Ben Hill 47:05 Additional Subscribers George Ngo 1:22:48 40-44 Paul Jones 40:27 Seungsun Hong 40:53 Raul Garcia 41:11 Brian Jacobsen 42:12 Roberto Garcia 43:15 Additional Subscribers Jeff Johnson 57:32 Jason Massman 1:01:55 45-49 John Dangelo 41:50 Mike Lucero 42:47 John Leo 43:05 Christopher Luce 44:35 Brent Eley 45:58 Additional Subscribers Mariano Lozano 1:08:06 50-54 John Ohearn 37:44 George Gonzales 43:00 Joe Silvernale 44:30 Scott McMahon 44:39 Ron Winter 45:56 Additional Subscribers James Weber 57:22 Chris Brown 1:02:48 55-59 Peter Vetto 47:22 Mark Brearley 47:32 Peter Luplow 49:08 Michael Frederick 49:34 Scott Washburn 50:20 Additional Subscribers Mark Migotsky 54:18 60-64 Pete Edwards 49:26 Rob Olin 52:18 Michael Shiach 52:44 Scott Hartwell 1:02:25 Steve Rovig 1:07:30 Additional Subscribers Monte Enbysk 1:23:56

65-69 Greg Larson 70-74 Don Cox Donald Hawkins

54:20 50:14 1:16:50

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Andrea Fitch 42:08 Sarah Benson 43:48 Elizabeth Weber 46:13 Emily Perchlik 46:36 Elizabeth Guy 46:45 19 & Under Brigit Rossbach 58:31 Sidney Hewitson 59:53 Isabel Santini 1:09:16 Nazneen Poonawala 1:29:16 20-24 Dorothy Malcolm 49:57 Anne Flinchbaugh 54:31 Meagan Strodel 55:46 Franziska Dieterle 56:10 Erin Olson 56:19 25-29 Sarah Benson 43:48 Emily Perchlik 46:36 Elizabeth Guy 46:45 Janet Yeilding 48:56 Jena Luplow 52:47 30-34 Andrea Fitch 42:08 Elizabeth Weber 46:13 Wendi Hawley 46:49 Kate Whettam 47:05 Kelly Jewell 48:02 35-39 Leslie Buckley 51:38 Katie Sifferman 52:40 Heather Beasley 53:05 Angie Galetti 53:12 Courtney Landoll 53:44 40-44 Kim Lowe 47:54 Lucy Butler 48:19 Megan Yount 48:39 Halley Bock 51:22 Alexis Christensen 51:31 45-49 Minh Phan 51:41 Marel Pease 52:03 Linda Schetky 53:03 Debbie Arefi 53:38 Danyll White 54:51 Additional Subscribers Darshana Shanbhag 1:02:49 Tracy Brown 1:41:32 50-54 Liz Strathy 48:00 Ann McMahon 51:20 Arlyce Wing 52:13 Kelly Cogswell 54:23 Yuko Fite 54:27 55-59 Cheryl Washburn 1:01:38 Lainey Volk 1:10:14 Vivian Shiach 1:14:07 Laurie Chapman 1:18:36 Lena Swanson 1:21:04 60-64 Teresa Soucie 58:19 Jeanne Luplow 1:12:51 Gayle Pasero 1:42:07 Bonnie Cooper 1:43:53 65-69 Sandy Burr 58:12 Patricia Chappon 1:44:46

Heroes Half & 10K April 27, Everett

Half MALES Top Five Overall Travis Boyd Kelly MacKay

1:08:14 1:21:34

results continued

Brad Calder 1:22:24 Steve Trevellz 1:23:26 Patrick Sheeks 1:25:05 19 & Under Elliott Niven 1:52:15 Kristopher Millett 1:52:47 Michael Wright 1:54:18 Samuel Skolrud 1:55:37 Dj Wilson 1:55:38 20-24 Justin Hand 1:28:57 Noah Irshad 1:29:59 Patrick Stack 1:42:10 Dylan Knight 1:43:03 Nathan Ranno 1:43:30 25-29 Travis Boyd 1:08:14 Kelly MacKay 1:21:34 Patrick Sheeks 1:25:05 Luis Smith 1:27:34 Craig Kohring 1:30:01 30-34 Steve Trevellz 1:23:26 Stephen Walston 1:32:28 Maxwell Scott 1:36:09 Eric Sander 1:40:38 Jason St Pierre 1:41:13 Additional Subscribers Kenny Murray 2:43:54 35-39 Adam Heiner 1:28:34 Jan Anderberg 1:30:44 Alex Mathers 1:31:10 Connor Lenz 1:31:37 George Kosovich 1:33:29 Additional Subscribers Lucas Thayer 1:49:02 40-44 Richard Breyttyles 1:27:26 Bob Brennecke 1:29:05 David Wilson 1:32:27 C. Studenka 1:34:43 John Schmidt 1:39:16 45-49 Brad Calder 1:22:24 Dan Larson 1:30:58 Daren Hopper 1:35:37 Chris Warren 1:36:23 Tom Jordal 1:37:41 Additional Subscribers Brian Merritt 2:00:07

Ray Townsend 3:07:17 50-54 Andrew Winslow 1:31:15 Tim Bliss 1:33:36 John Deforest 1:36:03 Isidro Casillas 1:38:14 Steve Seliga 1:40:38 Additional Subscribers Eric Anderson 1:44:24 Jeff Johnson 2:02:10 Phillip Millard 2:13:16 Charlie Coombs 2:28:13 55-59 Neil Andrews 1:37:27 Thomas Stewart 1:44:28 Brian Armes 1:47:08 Douglas Lehning 1:47:43 Michael McDonnell 1:53:32 Additional Subscribers Earle Oda 1:55:33 Wade Wessels 1:57:38 Rafael Lamarca 2:09:03 Kenneth Opsata 2:13:47 60-64 Mark Austin 1:45:42 Bill Staffenhagen 1:54:23 Walter Gray 1:54:32 Michael Hominda 2:10:24 Jeff Baird 2:11:27 65-69 James Caesar 1:57:00 Jeff Gnass 1:59:21 Nick Bailey III 2:00:31 John Marsteller 2:02:10 Art Grossman 2:13:30 70-74 Gil Holzmeyer 2:24:54 Kenneth Hay 2:26:31 Tim McNamara 2:27:27 Steve Ramsdell 2:49:45

FEMALES Top Five Overall Gael Thomson Angela Treleven Patricia Davidson Kathleen Prausa Jessie Wammock 19 & Under Sydney Leonard A. M. Moormeier

1:33:34 1:36:40 1:37:15 1:39:24 1:41:00 1:44:01 1:45:35

Emily Koszarek 2:03:43 Skylar Robison 2:10:55 Tiana Townsend 2:21:53 20-24 Hildi Dappen 1:41:15 Merisa Gamler 1:45:56 Kelsey Baughn 1:46:08 Kate Dickens 1:57:26 Brianne Rowan 2:03:38 25-29 Rachel Childers 1:41:43 Alicia Scott 1:45:10 Megan Jensen 1:47:37 Valerie Jolly 1:51:50 Kseniya Klos 1:52:51 30-34 Angela Treleven 1:36:40 Patricia Davidson 1:37:15 Catherine Waddell 1:42:42 Amber Miracle 1:43:06 Amber Gray 1:44:09 35-39 Jessie Wammock 1:41:00 Ellen Tennis 1:49:40 Rachel Shinagawa 1:50:52 Leah Holmes 1:51:13 April Graves 1:53:47 40-44 Gael Thomson 1:33:34 Kathleen Prausa 1:39:24 Jennifer Rozler 1:45:04 Jennifer Margolis 1:46:24 Meghan Weber 1:46:35 Additional Subscribers Chris Wilson 1:58:08 Beckie Freed 2:51:17 45-49 Shari Brennecke 1:44:11 Melissa Wright 1:46:38 Annie Vu 1:47:37 Christine Hancock 1:53:02 Andrea Kerkof 1:54:24 Additional Subscribers Heidi Wylie 3:36:13 50-54 Donna Beard 1:48:28 Elizabeth Linnell 1:53:20 Kit Russell 1:58:18 Mary Johnson 1:59:04 Terri Rider 1:59:05 Additional Subscribers

Denise Larson 2:20:34 55-59 Margaret Austin 1:45:43 Lizzie Lee 1:54:58 Rose Mednick 2:09:37 Tiare Bailey 2:13:48 Mebie Thompson 2:17:31 60-64 Sandra Madden 2:00:56 Jody Thomas 2:05:04 Selena Bolotin 2:20:41 Wendie H. Burgess 2:39:47 Kate O’Neill 2:51:30 Additional Subscribers Marsha Murray 2:53:25 65-69 Nancy Harden 2:12:13 Anastasia Duarte 2:17:50 Maureen Arestad 2:26:12 Susan Feigenheimer 3:10:37 Nancy Bamford 3:12:56 70-74 Gretchen Ramsdell 2:49:47 Linda Rinker 3:43:13

Heroes 10K MALES Top Five Overall

Yon Yilma Scott Strang Andres Barragan Kurt Rorvik Shawn Lemke 19 & Under Jameson Smith Adam Kowalchyk William Smith Vincent Mills Gorden Watkins 20-29 Yon Yilma Scott Strang Kurt Rorvik Shawn Lemke Ben Stephenson 30-39 Daniel Bunker Stephen Ross Rob Sofie

33:16 36:39 38:35 40:49 40:53 49:15 51:04 53:01 1:00:36 1:01:05 33:16 36:39 40:49 40:53 41:56 44:40 46:44 49:07

Andrew Ide 50:00 Luke Grulich 50:14 40-49 Andres Barragan 38:35 Rudy Horak 48:28 Keith Andrews 49:07 Ryan Terpening 49:22 Jim Baunach 50:22 50-59 Tony Pasillas 43:15 Patrick Phares 50:18 Iain Ross 52:16 Alex Walsh 59:03 Donald Mills 59:05 60-69 Michael Hsu 54:27 Ken Desemt 58:16 Donald Jensen 1:03:03 Gregory Kermgard 1:06:29 Gregory Olson 1:38:32 70 & Above Jack Courrier 50:12

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Amanda Dietzen 43:53 Casey Barrett 46:38 Zoe Lefrancois-Hanson 49:13 Heather MacMillan 49:32 Jodi Galli 49:33 19 & Under Madilynn Smith 1:31:09 Katy Merritt 1:48:51 20-29 Amanda Dietzen 43:53 Casey Barrett 46:38 Zoe Lefrancois-Hanson 49:13 Anne Spencer 51:04 Emi Stephenson 52:07 30-39 Dawn Hood 50:51 Jenna Serghini 54:58 Addilee Healy 56:06 Emmelinda Rangel 56:24 Michelle Novinski 56:44 40-49 Heather MacMillan 49:32 Jodi Galli 49:33 Cristina Martens 55:05 Laura Denton 56:20 Kristyn Wagoner 58:28

50-59 Nola Olsen 58:49 Kathy Sanders 1:00:05 Shelley Furrer 1:02:49 Kim Skinner 1:03:28 Melissa Atkins 1:03:52 Additional Subscribers Tracie Furrer 1:08:30 Alyeen Barry 1:16:32 Leslie Miller 1:37:39 60-69 Mary McKay 57:21 Fran Barnett 1:04:28 Cathy Ferbrache 1:06:29 Melody Anhalt 1:07:32 G. M. Carpenter 1:08:17 70 & Above Sandy Bean 1:36:53

Top Pot Donut Dash 5K April 27, Seattle

MALES Top Five Overall Jonathan Lafler Eric Garner Jordan Horn Peter Harrison Nick Welch 19 & Under Chris Clarke Ailey Birkeland Ethan Dirks Quinn Marshall Alex Howell 20-24 Jonathan Lafler Seth Pierson Pancho Escobedo Nick Knoblich Chris Auld 25-29 Peter Harrison Nick Welch Chris Rapp

15:12 15:25 15:30 15:36 15:42 20:42 22:16 22:55 23:15 23:36 15:12 16:53 17:16 17:48 17:48 15:36 15:42 16:02

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w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

Matt Tebo 16:07 Tahoma Doyon 16:15 30-34 Eric Garner 15:25 Jordan Horn 15:30 Andrew Moroney 17:03 Billy Thompson 18:48 Adam Dunn 19:15 Additional Subscribers Tom Hill 23:49 Roy Gordon 30:18 35-39 Brian Morrison 17:50 Tim Miller 18:34 Thomas Duhen 19:37 John Hughes 20:08 Jamie Scola 20:26 40-44 John Berta 17:23 Travis Adams 18:04 Adam Clarke 19:30 John Berta 20:43 Matthew Brown 21:26 Additional Subscribers Joseph Lauzon 24:00 45-49 Jeremy Rene 18:25 Ed Clarke 19:50 Scott Roza 19:56 Kurtis McCloud 21:46 Mark Klebeck 22:09 Additional Subscribers Paul Gruen 23:54 Kevin Kent 24:11 Andy Martin 28:31 Doug Simon 1:03:43 50-54 Rick Wade 22:02 Ken Oien 22:30 Philip Smith 23:19 Steve Sorenson 23:36 Steve Miller 24:49 Additional Subscribers Peter McKay 25:51 Steve Keller 28:57 55-59 Joe Sheeran 17:24 Jon Schroeder 20:21 Chris Knapp 21:35 Dan Hedges 25:51 Steve Conley 26:11 Additional Subscribers Tom Eagle 27:20 Ronald Schumacher 28:45 60-64 Mark Billett 18:39 Michael Allison 20:29 Ron Chew 22:04 George Gullufsen 23:56 Mike Bawolak 23:57 Additional Subscribers Patrick Gray 25:39 65-69 Jim McGill 23:09 John Peckham 27:45 Richard Renzetti 27:46 Michael Carpenter 30:54 Michael Drobka 49:47 70-74 Thomas Barnes 33:36 William Daniel 34:08 Gene Mikov 46:30 75 & Above William Iffrig 23:25 Myron Phillips 37:48

FEMALES Top Five Overall Megan Heuer Kayla Evans Nancy Ellis Jen MacDowell Morgan Ekemo 19 & Under Jane Barr Madison Guillen Bethany Clowers Evelyn Westby Megan Martin 20-24 Kayla Evans Kristin Goodsell

17:56 18:31 18:37 19:31 19:35 20:43 21:24 22:12 23:32 23:40 18:31 24:13

Maria Louzon 24:22 Sophie Hummer 24:23 Mary Dickinson 24:37 Additional Subscribers Brianna Murray 30:03 25-29 Megan Heuer 17:56 Jen MacDowell 19:31 Kerri Benzenberg 19:43 Courtney Davis 21:29 Helen Chipasula 22:14 Additional Subscribers Saskia De Jonge 23:43 Lucy Flynn 25:31 30-34 Morgan Ekemo 19:35 Louisa Hays 19:48 Candy Owens 20:08 Kay Lennon 20:59 Alisha Winger 21:52 Additional Subscribers Beverly Fichtenberg 37:50 35-39 Jessica Scola 22:02 Joanna Michelson 23:10 Karen Ferrante 23:10 Jamee Ashburn 23:39 Ingrid Grosz 23:48 Additional Subscribers Michelle Halbert 31:57 Lisa Larson 48:56 40-44 Nancy Ellis 18:37 Angela Mysliwiec 21:49 Shari Wright 24:28 Stephanie Schulz 24:57 Daleann Baker 25:04 Additional Subscribers Sheila Springer 33:54 45-49 Kristin White 24:23 Ellen Kerbes 24:28 Juli McClave 24:58 Leigh Lace 25:39 Linda Minami 25:40 Additional Subscribers Carolyn Gross 29:42 Nancy Rogers 34:47 50-54 Lisa Knoblich 20:24 Caroline Sayre 25:38 Bonnie Reimann 27:24 Mary Lambert 29:27 Mary Jane Lohr 29:36 55-59 Ann Taft 24:23 Marla Popejoy 27:13 Vicki Powers-Stiles 28:45 Heidi Tsadilas 29:05 Laurie Daniel 29:40 60-64 Linda Burt 29:06 Kathy Moen 30:17 Pat Kirkness 30:22 Sue Shaw 30:50 Sandy Austin 30:59 65-69 Anita Havey 46:59 Saradel Drobka 51:41 Janis Bradley 52:37 Elaine Schupp 54:01 Vicki Day 55:58 70-74 Judy Fisher 25:32 Mary Fichtenberg 56:35 Barbara Rodgers 1:03:06

Fiesta 5K Olé May 3, Seattle

MALES Top Five Overall Erik Barkhaus Patrick McAuliffe Lance Thompson Craig Kohring Sam Uhlman 19 & Under

15:59 16:29 16:48 17:14 17:32

Cole Grimsby 20:40 Adam Hunt 22:12 Oliver Young 22:35 Ethan Ashley 23:45 Mathew Hunt 24:16 20-24 Erik Barkhaus 15:59 Craig Kohring 17:14 Sam Uhlman 17:32 Matt Uhlman 19:05 Matthew Santos 22:03 25-29 Chris Dubois 18:26 Brett Boldemann 19:14 Garrett Reyndids 19:44 Sean Benjamin 19:58 Reid Wilson 20:15 30-34 Patrick McAuliffe 16:29 Tim Koepsell 17:51 Justin Wade 18:55 Jeremy Brown 19:42 Kevin Rivard 20:12 Additional Subscribers Chris Reed 23:20 Tom Hill 24:35 35-39 Lance Thompson 16:48 Patrick Dill 18:57 Kevin Hallstrom 19:46 Michael Mallory 20:54 Michael Paisner 21:38 Additional Subscribers Owen Purschwitz 22:31 Eric Anderson 27:49 40-44 Darrin Ganyard 21:05 Craig Ashley 22:25 Greg Spane 22:28 Matt Little 23:26 Wayne Hickey 23:44 45-49 Mark Gibson 22:40 Bradley Goodwill 22:49 Rodney Hunt 22:55 Kevin Kent 24:25 Michael Maloney 25:36 50-54 Scott Lawrence 21:06 Eric Lenius 23:48 Mark Smith 24:41 Jerry Kauffman 24:52 Jess Gobel 25:19 55-59 J.d. Klingman 20:51 Carson Hornor 25:21 Scott Peters 27:53 Rob Young 31:34 Mark Ziegler 46:01 60-64 Ron Chew 22:20 James Ellison 27:42 Charles Bishop 28:59 Jeff Hart 42:21 65-69 John Peckham 28:38 Alan Klein 57:45 70 & Above Gil Purschwitz 33:20 Gene Mikov 45:02

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Alexandra Sweeney 20:16 Candy Owens 20:20 Laura Newcomb 20:46 Alyssa London 22:30 Lauren Ginder 22:31 19 & Under Natalie Getty 23:39 Sierra Morin 26:32 Natalee Ouzts 26:45 Carlie Stowe 26:55 Shannon Powers 28:27 20-24 Alyssa London 22:30 Lauren Ginder 22:31 Christina Gray 23:08 Amy Lutterloh 23:09 Kelsey Dahlgren 24:14 Additional Subscribers Brianna Murray 27:50 J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m



results continued

25-29 Alexandra Sweeney 20:16 Laura Newcomb 20:46 Breanne Lawson 22:32 Janet Yeilding 22:38 Danielle Ranney 23:01 Additional Subscribers Katherine Dale 28:32 30-34 Candy Owens 20:20 Heidi Riegsecker 22:39 Jeanine Stewart 23:07 Jamie Barnhors 24:16 Rebecca Tobius 24:52 35-39 Mihoko Cheung 22:58 Ayesha Misquith 24:06 Jill McNeeley 25:37 Heather Free 26:01 Kihiro Nelson 26:20 Additional Subscribers Heather Jaynes 31:10 40-44 Katherine W.-Easley 23:59 Sarah Swift 25:14 Angie M. Goodwill 25:45 Kimberly Koenig 25:54 Dorado Jay-Jean 26:21 45-49 Toni Kriley 24:29 Chris Perkins 26:44 Cindy Mueller 26:46 Sherry Lynn Thompson 27:03 Suji Akai 28:32 50-54 Terry Aoki 27:34 Mary Jane Lohr 27:38 Sheila Gruner 28:00 Helen Tsao 28:04 Kathy Christman 28:17 55-59 Sue Duren 30:35 Leslie Stimson 30:42 Sando Fogel 31:38 Sheila Ichita 32:08 Kathy Ducharme 32:26

60-64 Douglas G Burrows Kirstie Higgins Linda Kelly Susan Botts Margaret Toth

30:36 31:31 32:37 44:14 45:12

Tacoma City Marathon, Half & 5K May 4, Tacoma

Marathon MALES Top Five Overall

Bill Condon Matthew Baer Gary Krugger Nate Sutherland Tyler Thompson 19 & Under Mathieu Kumps Shelby-M. Covey 20-24 Matthew Baer Jaydee Dodd Charles Pham Kent Silver Michael Ruger 25-29 Gary Krugger Tyler Thompson Brian Asher Alex Deutmeyer James Ervin 30-34 Bill Condon Michael Schab Scott Voyles

2:46:52 2:47:24 2:47:51 2:48:05 2:50:14 3:45:12 5:06:42 2:47:24 3:21:25 3:24:10 3:26:42 3:32:27 2:47:51 2:50:14 2:54:38 3:02:21 3:28:14 2:46:52 2:57:03 3:11:26

Josh Steele 3:11:49 Paul Mullin 3:12:11 35-39 Eric Shelton 2:56:22 Timothy Duringer 3:00:02 Erik Moore 3:14:12 Michael Thomas 3:16:36 Gustavo Anaya 3:18:33 Additional Subscribers Bryan Howisey 4:19:34 40-44 Nate Sutherland 2:48:05 Scot Doboszenski 2:52:56 Jim Hulbert 3:07:41 Michael Allen 3:12:53 Tony Parker 3:14:36 Additional Subscribers Greg Glockner 4:26:43 45-49 Michael Lynes 2:53:46 Gilbert Ondusko 3:01:49 Brian Meenaghan 3:02:38 Jeff Boly 3:08:35 Peter Stackpole 3:15:28 Additional Subscribers Timothy Atwill 4:19:46 50-54 Jon Dotson 3:15:13 Eric Gierke 3:15:58 Brig Seidl 3:19:22 Jeffrey Yamada 3:29:16 Michael Strobel 3:33:14 Additional Subscribers Jaye Jarchow 3:34:03 James Klarich 5:01:52 55-59 Mark Boydston 2:59:52 Andy Piercy 3:21:59 Trevor McCaffrey 3:26:15 Lynn Jester 3:51:44 Steve Yee 3:54:00 Additional Subscribers Chuck Stempler 4:02:13 Bruce Clement 4:24:31 Bruce Quam 4:36:55 Earle Oda 4:52:04

Ray Shaw 7:17:33 60-64 Kenneth Briggs 4:25:22 Mike Kuhlmann 4:30:23 Rufus Park 4:40:27 Michael Shiach 4:57:49 Mark Kastenbaum 5:42:22 Additional Subscribers Bob Rutledge 5:53:43 65-69 Martinho Ribeiro 3:48:08 Tom Craven 4:02:50 Andrzej Jonca 4:11:23 Ronald Fowler 4:15:00 Bill Hayne 5:18:44 70-74 Dennis Gelvin 5:41:56 Yau-Ming Chien 6:11:29 Nick Karem 6:23:59 Dr. Tom Hallee 7:09:38 75 & Above Roger MacMillan 5:28:41

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Kira Donnelly Sarah Getty Jennifer Seibel Kassy Bargfrede Rachel Johnson 19 & Under Megan Anderson S. Morehouse Megan Free 20-24 Brooke Airey Caitlin Schwalbach Abby Reed Rheana Bales Bailey Stiever 25-29 Kira Donnelly Rachel Johnson Kelsi Canavan Anneke Thompson Cassi Wilbanks

2:56:32 3:02:57 3:03:28 3:09:21 3:11:10 4:27:17 4:43:15 5:10:38 3:31:05 3:31:06 3:33:40 3:54:48 4:17:54 2:56:32 3:11:10 3:20:43 3:27:36 3:28:00

Additional Subscribers Ashley Schuster 6:58:56 30-34 Sarah Getty 3:02:57 Angela Treleven 3:27:23 Monica Engquist 3:33:41 Amy Gavin 3:38:51 San Lord 3:41:11 Additional Subscribers Laura Irish 5:21:04 35-39 Kathryne Senechal 3:39:24 Danielle Harrington 3:42:36 Jamie Richard 3:49:20 Stacey Guadnola 3:52:30 Heather Ferrier 3:52:48 Additional Subscribers April Graves 4:13:31 Jennifer Gera 4:29:49 Rhonda Perozzo 5:16:38 40-44 Jennifer Seibel 3:03:28 Kassy Bargfrede 3:09:21 Melanie Forster 3:36:38 Amy Tingley 3:38:43 Kimberley Worthen 3:39:24 Additional Subscribers Rita White 4:43:57 Stephanie Stebich 4:56:15 Linda Swier 5:27:50 45-49 Merita Trohimovich 3:25:21 Alma G.-Vanallman 3:36:18 Heather Nugent 3:49:00 Seujan Bertram 3:52:23 Arnee Gomez 3:53:13 Additional Subscribers Tracy Brown 5:01:45 50-54 Ardith Watson 3:36:27 Rikki Bogue 3:51:12 Sarah Bridges 3:52:21 Lisa Hunt 3:52:35 Maniac 200 3:52:54 Additional Subscribers Jane Herzog 7:07:13

55-59 Denise Bundow 4:12:17 Kathryn Majorki 4:15:14 Barbara Jester 4:19:39 Jennifer Quirk 4:19:45 Katarzyna Jonca 4:28:35 Additional Subscribers Susan Hall 4:56:15 60-64 Debby Jackson 4:27:09 Kathleen M. Brunner 4:47:39 Nancy Wentink 5:28:09 Karie Hayashi 5:58:48 Phyllis Welker 5:59:55 65-69 Laura Schultz 5:17:53 70-74 Marylyn Patrick 5:49:18

Tacoma Half MALES Top Five Overall Dan McLean Andrew Hillier Alex Rockhill Michael Jorgensen Eric Card 19 & Under Alex Rockhill Mosche Gordon David Gill Oshea Peterson Eli Silva 20-24 Edward Siafa Will Szymczak Jacob Van Buskirk Aaron Cruz Kevin Bodle 25-29 Michael Jorgensen Eric Card Theodore Alder Carl Newton

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Austin Goble 1:33:34 30-34 Dan McLean 1:12:17 Peter Euler 1:28:39 Matt Malyon 1:31:31 Thomas Purbaugh 1:32:15 Daniel Albers 1:32:21 35-39 Lance Gunkel 1:25:19 James Varner 1:28:45 Nathan Rozendaal 1:34:48 Aaron Petersen 1:35:34 Aaron Toso 1:37:52 Additional Subscribers Brock Neighbors 1:41:14 Matthew Mills 2:45:52 40-44 Andrew Hillier 1:13:11 Derek Bachand 1:26:03 Adam Krett 1:31:30 Ronald Homer 1:35:36 Robert Bondurant 1:36:33 Additional Subscribers Dennis Mickelberry 2:20:59 Jeff Johnson 2:25:20 45-49 Gary Petro 1:26:44 Dan Zukowski 1:31:57 John Hughes 1:33:07 Jeff Pfeiffer 1:37:38 Steve Langager 1:45:02 Mark Nelson 1:45:02 Additional Subscribers Greg Carpenter 2:48:04 50-54 Matthew Thomas 1:38:21 Robert Holt 1:39:41 Roger Crewse 1:40:35 Mark Stadum 1:41:46 Bob Arima 1:42:33 Additional Subscribers Jerry Brown 1:50:57 Mel Oshiro 1:56:34 Wayne Osborn 2:29:08 55-59 Scott Peters 1:37:55 Edward Ledoux 1:38:25 David Harris 1:39:32 Wayne Birdsell 1:41:28 Thomas Dean 1:44:49 Additional Subscribers Douglas Lehning 1:44:54 Rick Poli 1:45:50 David McKee 2:04:33 David Sherman 2:32:53 60-64 Terry Parks 1:38:58 Ben Cleveland 1:50:53 Erick Lindbergh 1:51:34 Mike Mizumoto 1:55:01 Jeff Popp 2:01:14 Additional Subscribers Andy Saller 2:04:13 Tim Stensen 2:24:28 65-69 John Marsteller 1:56:41 Jim Hutter 2:10:02 Wayne Van Hamme 2:16:16 Richard Ward 2:21:57 Will Smith 2:35:49 Additional Subscribers Larry Welch 2:53:06 70-74 James Cormier 2:21:54 Howard Harris 2:34:05 Nick Warden 3:25:27 George Hanson 4:25:50

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Ashley Urick 1:26:07 Stephanie Savino 1:29:56 Megan Newton 1:30:27 Jesse Smith 1:34:13 Amanda Hoskins 1:34:15 19 & Under Alison Johnson 1:48:58 Kendra Leete 1:49:22 Sara Esfahani 1:53:39 Marisa Terry 2:02:57 Kristina Krawczyk 2:04:47 Additional Subscribers

Jessica Vu 2:05:14 20-24 Stephanie Savino 1:29:56 Amy Leininger 1:38:58 Tyler Joanou 1:43:38 Siri Erickson 1:46:40 Taylor Bobinski 1:47:08 25-29 Ashley Urick 1:26:07 Megan Newton 1:30:27 Sheena Zorb 1:38:20 Julianne Stricherz 1:40:07 Chelsea Olsen 1:40:42 Additional Subscribers Annie Cygnar 2:04:07 30-34 Aili Wikander 1:47:58 Kaitlyn Murphy 1:49:28 Malena Busz 1:50:25 Rachel Brandt 1:51:17 Lauren Wulff 1:51:33 Additional Subscribers Michelle Miller 2:04:08 Ellie Diehl 2:04:18 Amanda Morales 2:33:55 35-39 Jesse Smith 1:34:13 Becca Tonseth 1:41:06 Joelene Werden 1:46:14 Heather Berger 1:47:04 Jessica Howisey 1:49:11 Additional Subscribers Tara Peterson 1:52:36 40-44 Amanda Hoskins 1:34:15 Beth Caldwell 1:41:12 Shannon McLaughlin 1:41:36 Mandy Reid 1:43:02 Phedra Redifer 1:44:37 Additional Subscribers Leigh Sinclair 1:59:59 Susan Mack 2:08:22 45-49 Patti Saltsgaver 1:45:13 Michelle Denully 1:45:51 Jesse Rodriguez 1:47:47 Lanette Blume 1:50:11 Brenda Truman 1:50:11 Additional Subscribers Terri Gray 2:02:50 S. Cederholm 2:11:53 Sophia Petro 2:17:56 Carolyn Simmonds 2:26:36 Lara Owczarski 2:32:12 Tracy Clark 2:43:07 Kristine Schatza 2:54:30 Kristi Silvernale 2:59:46 Kris Hauschildt 3:50:24 50-54 Janet Yoest 1:47:20 Susan Smith 1:47:25 Jennifer Lowery 1:49:56 Mary Klarich 1:50:58 Janette Ladley 1:51:59 Additional Subscribers Robin Osborn 2:19:43 Denise Larson 2:20:27 Dawn Bellevue 2:38:55 Elizabeth Evey 3:55:49 55-59 K.-A. Van Doorninck 1:45:23 Cathy Hill 1:54:11 Eileen Riordan 1:54:59 Paula Wilson 2:01:51 Sarah Melde 2:07:04 60-64 Donna Jackson 1:55:01 Wendy Nevin 2:32:21 Diane Hitson 2:48:05 Ruth Bookwalter 2:49:22 Jan Mayes 2:49:23 65-69 Pat Bankes 2:14:45 Janet Werner 2:27:41 Anne Priddy 2:34:52 Marsha Nelson 2:38:48 Barbara Bertucio 2:43:32 70-74 Carol Grisso 1:57:53 Nancy Cole 2:52:31 Miriam Kantor 3:13:48 Eilene Buescher 3:28:32

75 & Above Molly Childs


Tacoma 5K MALES Top Five Overall

Ryan Engledow 16:59 Ryan Guthmiller 17:46 Choi Halladay 18:27 Tim Flood 18:30 James Bargfrede 18:39 19 & Under Ryan Engledow 16:59 James Bargfrede 18:39 Adam Flood 19:30 Cameron Lindgren 23:33 Austin Miller 23:41 20-24 Skylar Spencer 27:28 Alonso Brizuela 29:10 Nicholas Hawkins 29:52 Tyler Shepard 47:06 25-29 Peter Munoz 20:59 Janis Kondrats 21:18 David Shaw 26:48 30-34 Ryan Guthmiller 17:46 Tim Furlong 19:52 Kris Goode 19:59 Dustin Miller 23:41 Ben Sanchez 24:42 40-44 Tim Flood 18:30 Warren Maltbie 18:40 Michael Adams 26:07 Joe Fuchs 39:24 45-49 Choi Halladay 18:27 Jay Schneller 24:20 Robert Yamashita 27:41 Anke Menzel-Wallace 33:07 Shawn Mullens 34:45 50-54 Ken Peper 18:59 Yannick K.-Fourage 19:19 Thomas Vigue 22:51 Mark Robecker 23:03 David Rainbolt 26:23 Additional Subscribers Dave Bock 43:58 55-59 Brian Horn 21:02 Steve Lynch 34:35 Kraig Huguley 47:18 60-64 Brian Bream 29:24 65-69 Celso Fernandez 32:01 70-74 Jerry Gammill 19:46 75 & Above James McGregor 50:21

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Emma Flood Hannah Rowan Heather Bernstein Christine Baustian Elizabeth Jacobsen 19 & Under Emma Flood Hannah Rowan Makenna Stadum Erin Dobson Emily Harris 20-24 Natalie France Jessica W.-Gutierrez Katie Fisher Jacqueline Zarate 25-29 Heather Bernstein Korie Faris Kerri Chalberg Gina Severns Alishia Agee-Cooper 30-34 Christine Baustian

18:57 20:23 20:25 22:01 22:16 18:57 20:23 24:55 31:08 32:00 25:45 27:34 29:10 29:17 20:25 25:29 26:18 26:32 27:23 22:01

Andrea Miller 24:23 Karen O’Donnell 26:43 Ayesnan McDonald 27:05 Kara Flannery 27:54 35-39 Myriam Pelletier 29:52 Carolyn Vasiliauskas 31:34 Aimee Smith 32:32 Xenia Zawadzkas 32:44 J. Isabel Munoz-Colon 32:54 40-44 Elizabeth Jacobsen 22:16 Marcey Flood 24:36 Tamara Anderson 26:08 Christmas Covell 30:06 Abby Pyeatte 30:30 45-49 Renee’ Price 25:26 Jan Glaze 26:17 Jennifer Hamlyn 28:04 Dawn Ellingsen 28:12 Cheryll Collins 29:17 50-54 Marianne Nemeth 25:34 Julie Kibler 26:12 Jana Lindner 27:37 Leslie Devries 32:20 Jackie Martin 33:14 55-59 Mary Harper 23:16 Kathy Bogue 25:49 Tina Wilbanks 26:20 Gretchen Engle 26:29 Donna Whisler 29:21 60-64 Patti Wilson 27:35 Charlea Sherman 27:36 Rosalie Cole 34:02 Anne O’Sullivan 36:07 Keley Rolin 37:12 75 & Above Eloise St George 47:09 Elizabeth McGregor 50:21

Larry Klobeertanz 60-69 Tom Feil Gary Wiggins Dean Wilson Lee Plourde Gordon Bayes


Neil McReynolds

45:04 48:07 48:08 52:47 59:05

FEMALES Top Five Overall

FEMALES Top Five Overall

Selina Danko 39:11 Grace Volsen 41:55 Tiffany Albright 41:59 Karen Pleas 42:49 Marisol Galeana 45:39 High School Amanda Jarman 1:06:13 18-29 Marlene Aguilera 50:08 Lindsey Wehmeyer 51:00 Rebecca Swanson 51:13 Amylee Plourde 52:47 Aubrey Arnold 53:16 30-39 Tiffany Albright 41:59 Karen Pleas 42:49 Marisol Galeana 45:39 Kristen Wiggins 48:06 Rebecca Brownlee 51:39 Jill Dalinkus 51:39 40-49 Selina Danko 39:11 Heather MacMillan 47:44 Delcie Mott 53:48 Lori McLaughlin 54:51 Janet Moore 55:11 50-59 Grace Volsen 41:55 Kelly Wehmeyer 51:00 Lorena Boyd 51:05 Jan Grothe 52:15 Wendy Part 1:06:54 60-69 Debra Peters 1:10:41

Apple 5K

Apple Blossom 10K & 5K May 3, Wenatchee

10K MALES Top Five Overall

Bennett Grimes 31:16 Michael Tonge 39:39 Skyler Dietrich-Dye 40:24 Adam Lee 41:45 Brandon Hoglund 43:27 High School Skyler Dietrich-Dye 40:24 Eric Ballard 43:40 Bret Lindell 43:41 Daniel Marion 61:46 18-29 Bennett Grimes 31:16 Adam Lee 41:45 Mark Zimmerman 43:52 Peter Heinzelmann 46:45 Michael Soule 47:01 30-39 Michael Tonge 39:39 Brandon Hoglund 43:27 Jacob Larson 45:41 Karl Rowland 45:52 Kory Feil 46:27 40-49 Don Stone 45:24 Greg Peterson 45:41 Jeff Permin 46:44 Charles Miracle 49:07 Ryan Kelso 49:26 Additional Subscribers David Anderson 57:51 50-59 George Gilhuly 44:03 Barton Miller 45:12 Lee Hendrickson 45:39 Mike Symonds 49:19

MALES Top Five Overall

Seth Pierson Berkin Owart Joe Cordes Jonathan Mangos Evan Dull High School Jonathan Mangos Eli Kahn Thomas Weldy J. Neuenschwander Eli Haney 18-29 Seth Pierson Berkin Owart Joe Cordes Evan Dull Jeffrey Dull 30-39 Tom Hansen Brandon Child Benji Pease Jacob Riedel Adrian Dines 40-49 Joe Morrison Christian Wood Mike Parrish Joshua Weldy Court Hill 50-59 Claton Belmont Mike Olmstead Vince Nethery Greg Harnish Robert Graham 60-69 William Waters Norbert Owart Daryl Nygard Harold Huntley Henry LuBean 70 & Above

J U N E 2 014 • w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m

16:03 16:17 16:33 17:13 18:46 17:13 20:26 21:44 22:49 22:55 16:03 16:17 16:33 18:46 18:48 20:18 21:17 23:47 24:52 25:27 20:18 20:23 20:32 21:16 21:38 19:24 19:33 20:19 20:47 21:03 20:07 23:56 24:10 26:41 32:05


Maggie Rivera 21:18 Rayanna Smith 21:22 Elena Kahn 21:27 Nicole Ballard 21:44 Ann Hendrickson 22:11 High School Rayanna Smith 21:22 Elena Kahn 21:27 Kristen Nygard 22:48 Kathryn Silva 23:07 Ali Ball 23:09 18-29 Nicole Ballard 21:44 Julia Dull 22:16 Stevie Vanassche 22:24 Andrea Stringham 23:02 Amber Lindsay 23:22 30-39 Ann Hendrickson 22:11 Emily Child 22:31 Mollie Gross 24:45 Michaela Rigelman 25:48 Britni 25:49 40-49 Matilde Vivanco 24:08 Jennifer Newman 24:18 Becky Gallaher 24:30 Suzanne Kelly 24:38 Kelly Canterbury 25:49 50-59 Maggie Rivera 21:18 Diane Davis 24:56 Mary Ballard 28:44 Jewell Brehm 28:47 Janie Noviello 29:37 Additional Subscribers Bonnie Foust 31:08 60-69 Cathy Oldroyd 27:46 Leanne Ryan 28:18 Beneva Johnson 29:33 Karen Comer 32:23 Chris Duhamel 35:27 70 & Above Joyce Wilcox 55:54

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RACES Anacortes Art Dash. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Bare Buns Run. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 44 Beach to Chowder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23 Bellingham Bay Marathon. . . . . . . . . . . . 53 Cougar Mtn. Series. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Duvall Runs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Eugene Marathon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 Firecracker 5000. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 Furry 5K. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Goat Run. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 Hamster . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Hoquiam Runs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 33 Kamloops Marathon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 51 Kent Cornucopia Days 5K. . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Lakefair Runs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 N. Olympic Discovery Marathon. . . . . . . 9 NW Trails Runs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 Portland Marathon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 Race for a Soldier. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Ride & Tie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 48 Run for Pies. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Run of the Mill. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Run4Us. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Seafair Torchlight Run. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 Seattle Marathon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 41 Shore Run. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Skagit Flats Marathon . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47 Sound to Narrows. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 Spokane Marathon. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Tacoma Narrows Half. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 Tesoro March Point. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 The RACE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30-31 Whale of a Run . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Yankee Doodle Dash. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45 You Go Girl. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 GOODS & SERVICES Brooks shoes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Join CNW. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Hoka OneOne. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11 Hoka Dealers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Marketplace. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 Northwest Runner subscription. . . . . . . 13 Super Jock ‘n Jill. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2-3 Therapeutic Associates. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35



results continued

Bloomsday 12K May 4, Spokane

MALES Top 25 Overall

Allan Kiprono Kevin Kochei Cleophas Ngetich Aaron Braun Stephen Muange Simon Ndirangu Shadrck Biwott Macdonard Ondara Aschalew Meketa Dominic Ondoro Kevin Chelimo Gabriel Proctor Lani Rutto Joseph Gray Patrick Smyth Julius Keter Gilbert Okari Matthew Williams Gurmessa Megerssa Kevin Castille Hillary Chesire Jordan Welling James Walmsley Sammy Kiplagat Philemon Cheboi

34:11 34:40 34:42 35:11 35:13 35:19 35:19 35:33 35:35 35:41 35:45 35:52 35:53 35:59 36:04 36:26 36:45 36:53 36:54 36:57 37:03 37:12 37:16 38:01 38:01

Top Ten WA Finishers

Kevin Kochei 34:40 Joseph Gray 35:59 Sammy Kiplagat 38:01 Drew Polley 38:27 David Hickerson 38:34 Matthew Mcclement 38:38 Evan Sims 38:59 Uli Steidl 39:09 Destry Johnson 39:37 Andrew Fuller 39:59 16-19 Steven Olds 42:56 Travis Scacco 45:26 Christian Rodriguez 46:03 Thomas Bolt 46:18 Tyler Brant 46:23 Shane Hopkins 46:37 Cameron Johnston 46:50 Mason Hawk 47:19 James Wilson 48:12 Tyler Reardon 48:12 20-24 Kevin Kochei 34:40 David Hickerson 38:34 Matthew McClement 38:38 Nick Ford 41:32 Scott Traver 42:06 William Blake 42:37 Phillip Wise 42:41 John Smith 43:10 Kyle Paulson 44:01 Alexander Martinek 44:39 Additional Subscribers Chris Boyle 1:31:55 25-29 Drew Polley 38:27 Andrew Fuller 39:59 Blake Medhaug 40:15 Jordan Jennings 40:49 Edward Strickler 41:21 David Larpenteur 41:40 Stephen Olsen 41:57 Brett Withers 42:24 Riley Rex 42:48 Curtis Larimer 43:23 Additional Subscribers Mark Moeller 45:20 Brian Carroll 47:33 Shane Maggart 53:26 Jose Garcia 59:37 David White 1:41:39 Matthew Dixon 2:11:29 30-34 Joseph Gray 35:59 Jesse Fayant 40:33 Brett Winegar 41:15 Jeremiah Romano 42:43


Paul Kimball 42:44 Matthew Kee 43:08 Joe Marek 43:50 Todd Fayant 44:07 Matthew Handwerk 44:12 Andy Lefriec 44:26 Additional Subscribers Todd Jones 46:48 Andrew Bryant 50:15 Scott Hall 52:27 Irvin Macquarrie Jr. 55:38 David Smith 59:46 Nick Conklin 1:06:37 Matthew Thomas 1:21:38 James Peterson 2:39:07 35-39 Evan Sims 38:59 Destry Johnson 39:37 Come Nzibarega 40:51 Jeff Oswalt 41:36 Robert Warnock 41:58 Benjamin Bucklin 42:57 Kyle McNaught-Davis 43:04 Trevor Pincock 43:09 Andrew Hastings 43:29 Chad Collins 44:26 Additional Subscribers Matthew Zuchetto 46:08 Michael Marshino 50:07 David Smith 52:40 Kevin Murphy 2:40:51 Rodney Rodriguez 2:58:22 40-44 Sammy Kiplagat 38:01 Uli Steidl 39:09 Michael Bresson 40:50 Eric Anderson 42:12 Steve Kirschke 43:38 Kenneth Linder 44:09 Ty Whitten 44:57 Pete Meighan 45:26 Jody Shapiro 46:02 Eddie Mundall 46:26 Additional Subscribers Eric Bell 48:13 Dave Erickson 59:29 Mark Bloudek 1:02:03 Brian Johnson 1:07:47 Jeff Rogers 1:09:27 Mark Smith 2:07:15 Eric Anderson 2:20:15 45-49 Carl Combs 40:03 Lawrence Merrifield 45:47 Tom Fuchs 46:04 Bill Fitzner 46:14 Kevin McGinnis 46:41 Kelly Husband 47:03 John Heikkila 47:07 Chris Morlan 47:19 Victor Vizcaino 47:34 Peter Quint 47:51 Kevin Swaim 48:14 Additional Subscribers Frank Pape 53:16 Gary Reiss 54:37 Jeff Wilcox 58:32 Jim Fitzgerald 59:36 Steven Lee 59:36 Mike Brown 1:00:45 Greg Adams 1:03:11 Sean Batty 1:04:09 Darrin Stolz 1:05:17 David Anderson 1:05:19 Todd Miller 1:15:43 David Sherman 1:31:54 Brian Fitzpatrick 1:32:43 David Wilson 1:33:18 Jeffrey Johnson 1:38:07 Steve Duncan 1:57:52 Kyle Kardong 1:59:07 David Wilson 1:59:26 David Anderson Sr. 2:39:48 John Becker 2:40:38 Mark Smith 2:46:03 50-54 Royce Hogue 45:15 Darryl Genest 45:56 Christopher Goodwin 46:42 Paul Jacobs 47:22 Dave Millet 47:43 Tracy Hawkins 48:27


Garry Buchko 48:33 Scott Daratha 48:58 Bob Harrison 48:58 Keith Comes 49:15 Additional Subscribers Mitch Parker 49:35 Doug Marlatt 1:02:37 Jeff Sutton 1:05:46 Steve Cowdrey 1:06:26 Phillip Millard 1:09:57 Dean Stolz 1:10:06 Eric Anderson 1:14:09 Jeffrey Nelson 1:14:45 Mark Bunch 1:16:21 Dave Jones 1:42:22 Christopher Jarvis 2:09:47 James Olson 2:14:05 Scott Harvey 2:37:57 55-59 Doug Jacobson 47:04 Cecil Williams 48:00 Jeffrey Rahn 49:26 Ken Hamm 51:19 Galgalo Guyo 51:40 Daniel Murray 51:44 Karl Kunkle 51:59 Gregory Fritz 52:04 James Skinner 52:06 Mark McLean 52:07 Additional Subscribers Randy Bolong 1:00:17 Pete Hanson 1:02:50 Patrick Hogan 1:05:08 David Jackson 1:07:55 Michael Beauchamp 1:10:47 Ted Kirpes 1:12:06 James Olson 1:18:01 Jim Liebert 1:20:08 Michael Sybouts 1:24:01 James Hoffman 1:27:48 Scott Spencer 1:37:42 Mark Cronrath 1:38:56 Barry Baker 3:03:32 60-64 Rob Benedetti 50:14 Bob Murphy 51:36 Ken Christen 52:31 Frank Turnbull 53:30 Brian Southworth 53:35 David Harris 54:12 Ronald Smith 54:33 Stephen Hamilton 55:27 Greg Gibson 56:37 Robert Cassleman 57:00 Additional Subscribers Mark Krueger 1:04:30 Mark Cronrath 1:14:48 Steven Lee 1:15:02 David Jones 1:25:44 Dave Erickson 2:37:46 Robert Stirling 2:44:04 65-69 William Weisgerber 57:31 Ron Edwards 58:34 Wayne Senner 59:33 James Hoppe 1:01:06 Donald Johnson 1:01:31 Douglas Clark 1:01:49 Gordon Gray 1:02:52 Ted Coulson 1:03:29 Lanny Minuto 1:03:29 Steven Jones 1:03:41 Additional Subscribers Neil Felgenhauer 1:05:43 Dave Bridgeman 1:08:15 William Montero 1:25:56 Martin Bavuso 1:31:04 David Jones 1:31:53 Mike Mccann 1:34:40 Dennis Klinkhammer 1:35:15 Steve Moe 1:44:15 Don Kardong 2:06:39 Steven Gibson 2:25:14 John Mcdermott 2:48:18 70-74 Jeff Corkill 53:27 William Greene 59:05 E Dawes Eddy 1:00:16 Terry Danzer 1:04:10 Jim Oconnell 1:04:19 Lawton Fox 1:04:36 Ken Margraf 1:06:31

Kenneth Bridgeman 1:06:52 Raymond Pearson 1:07:42 Robert Temple 1:08:29 Additional Subscribers Steve Druffel 1:08:46 Dave Harris 1:16:01 John Clark 1:21:58 Robert Brown 1:43:44 Larry Larsen 1:52:49 John (Jack) Maxwell 2:00:52 75-79 Bill Iffrig 1:01:09 Grant Smith 1:03:02 Bart Haggin Sr. 1:07:23 Tad Hasebe 1:12:16 Robert Massie 1:13:31 Gary Clarke 1:19:28 Ronald Kelling 1:23:28 Bob Eckenrode 1:23:28 Gordon Lester 1:24:18 Cyril Wolff 1:24:22 80 & Above Hans Rudolf Gahler 1:25:58 Wendell Buck 1:26:03 Ron Hart 1:26:13 James Dorsey 1:31:38 Jerry Monks 1:33:21 Charles Milliman 1:34:04 Erwin Bronsch 1:34:42 Gilbert Sheffels Sr. 1:35:02 Jim Morris 1:38:00 John Parrott 1:40:31 Additional Subscribers Ralph Riddick 1:44:43

FEMALES Top 25 Overall

Mary Wacera 39:36 Lineth Chepkurui 39:38 Risper Gesabwa 39:53 Agnes Cheserek 40:22 Rkia El Moukim 40:41 Almaz Negede 40:43 Etalemahu Habtewold 40:43 Mattie Suver 40:59 Alice Kamunya 41:06 Susan Jerotich 41:18 Brianne Nelson 41:26 Blake Russell 41:40 Abnet Simegn 41:56 Stephanie Pezzullo 42:13 Millicent Kuria 42:24 Sara Slattery 42:25 Meaghan Nelson 42:46 Ariana Hilborn 42:52 Makena Morley 42:56 Nicole Camp 43:55 Dorota Gruca 44:16 Jennifer Macias 44:23 Elizabeth C.-Blackwell 44:47 Gwen Lapham 44:49 Janet Collar 45:04

Top Ten WA Finishers Sara Slattery Jennifer Macias Gwen Lapham Janet Collar Emma Kertesz Camille Shiflett Kristi Houk Amber Hamilton Corrina Kelsey Alison Mandi 16-19 Tracy Melville Gracie Ledwith Kenna Valentich Amanda Kinzel Jessica Arnzen 20-24 Jennifer Macias Emma Kertesz Heidi Laabs-Johnson Bryanna Petrie Courtney Lightfoot Molly Herman Jennifer Buley Megan Mcnally Annelie Fjortoft Shelby Wilkerson Ashley Smith 25-29

w w w. n w r u n n e r. c o m • J U N E 2 014

42:25 44:20 44:46 45:01 45:13 45:52 46:03 46:32 46:33 46:41

50:04 51:01 51:54 51:56 52:19 44:20 45:13 47:55 49:49 50:18 50:21 51:03 51:04 51:35 52:11 52:11

Corrina Kelsey 46:33 Camille Moseley 49:26 Meghan Faulkenberry 50:17 Suzie Strickler 51:15 Meaghan Mccluskey 52:17 Audra Mcpartland 53:13 Stephanie Paugh 53:42 Sally Schwarz 53:56 Tracy Kuhn 54:02 Rochelle Hopp 54:14 Additional Subscribers Emily Johnson 1:16:14 Melissa Fisher 1:57:54 Kristen Wilson 2:36:01 Sarah Thomas 2:46:36 30-34 Sara Slattery 42:25 Kristi Houk 46:03 Alison Mandi 46:41 Megan Woodard 48:56 Jacqueline Post 49:12 Jennifer Enfield 49:46 Annie Warner 50:04 Allison Chauvin 50:37 Robin Bedilion 50:51 Karile Silvers 50:51 Additional Subscribers Tasha Conde 59:35 Kristi Wilson 3:15:01 35-39 Amber Hamilton 46:32 Ashley Bruck 51:04 Amy Forrey 51:08 Kc Craven 51:24 Angela Smith 51:25 Jen Maixner 51:43 Kate Sappington 52:07 Sarah Forrey 52:18 Rachel Bucklin 52:19 Tracie Podoll 52:51 Additional Subscribers Kimberly Zwiesler 56:33 Kim Mccann 57:35 Emily Johnson 1:06:58 Tina Laughary 1:27:36 Diana Anderson 1:38:33 40-44 Gwen Lapham 44:46 Janet Collar 45:01 Camille Shiflett 45:52 Jayne Mclaughlin 47:26 Jodi Suter 48:49 Heather Lefriec 50:17 Vesta Coufal 50:25 Lori Buratto 50:58 Michelle Neill 51:10 Allison Porter 52:50 Additional Subscribers Karen West 1:08:40 Adina Eichorst 1:16:52 Heather Romano 1:27:58 Sabrina Richardson 2:02:14 45-49 Christine Quantz 52:43 Traci Brown 54:57 Lisa Kirschke 55:03 Marcy Wheeler 55:03 Peggy Hughes 56:58 Maria Bertagnolli 57:02 Lori Bartol 57:40 Joyce Soper 57:47 Cj Hunter 57:50 Callie Beach 57:56 Additional Subscribers Lenora Waelti 1:21:55 Wendi Lind 1:48:54 Robin Fowler 1:55:21 Jeannie Moore 2:05:37 50-54 Beth Wallbank 53:46 Jacqueline Van Allen 53:56 Maureen Guido 54:49 Leann Dunning 57:21 Rosanne Ii Bacon 58:13 Rachel Toor 58:26 Carla Darr 58:26 Teresa Mcgee 59:08 Sarah Griffith 59:09 Jill Williamson 59:27 Additional Subscribers Shirley Cornelius 1:00:18 Judy Mccorkle 1:08:19

Joan Mcdonnell 1:09:43 Karla Walton 1:18:14 Patti Schmidt 2:41:06 55-59 Cyndi Kelly 51:49 Lisa Bradley 56:37 Nancy Larson 58:34 Marie Cole 59:43 Sami Salvatori 1:00:46 Mary Wisdom 1:00:49 Sally Lavin 1:01:05 Kristen Winther 1:01:44 Linda Kimball 1:02:04 Mary Wilkens-Hunt 1:02:40 Additional Subscribers Leslie Miller 1:16:01 Janet Palmer 1:27:11 Marianne Iksic 1:32:38 Ruth Johnson 1:41:31 Linda Cline 2:27:02 Barbara Clark 2:28:29 Alison Bell 2:32:48 60-64 Sharon Mcgrane 58:19 Paula Sutherlin 1:00:44 Penny Colton 1:00:46 Sally Pritchard 1:02:28 Elin Zander 1:05:25 Mary Sims 1:06:57 Gail Langseth 1:07:05 Inez Houk 1:08:02 Cris Wilkinson 1:08:31 Bugs Stenersen 1:08:48 Additional Subscribers Colleen Engle 1:13:06 Linda Studley 1:13:33 Jeanne Coulson 1:15:52 Rembie Krattli 1:25:55 Rebecca Wilson 1:56:10 Vickie Foltz 2:25:26 65-69 Gunhild Swanson 1:04:14 Maron Wang 1:05:30 Kathy Dix 1:09:34 Ann Fennessy 1:10:20 Sallye Prenger 1:11:23 Madora Parmentier 1:12:52 Margie Jaeger 1:15:07 Diane Ketcham 1:18:35 Janet Boehme 1:19:40 Barbara Shaw 1:20:04 Additional Subscribers Shirley Marpe 1:29:31 Lucy Luginbill 1:51:12 Sylvia Ross 2:21:25 70-74 Bonnie Torske 1:10:04 Sharon Carroll 1:14:02 Sharen Robertson 1:17:22 Susan Gillespie 1:19:53 Judith Paine 1:23:33 Lou Slak 1:25:22 Pat Lynass 1:27:47 Stephanie Carroll 1:28:57 Cristobel Lamott 1:29:08 Veronica Gage 1:29:57 Additional Subscribers Susan Brain 2:07:19 Jill Beth 2:09:38 Barbara Wamba 2:10:48 75-79 Sylvia Quinn 1:06:49 Arlene Arneson 1:19:16 Judy Wolf 1:24:16 Jean Greene 1:39:52 Cathy Dorsey 1:42:19 Mary Kay Jones 1:43:24 Joan Pribnow 1:45:46 Barbara Hinzman 1:50:07 Marylyn Irwin 1:51:11 Ardyce Pangerl 1:51:31 80 & Above Mary Clark 1:39:48 Betty Moos 1:45:55 Corra Harlan 1:48:55 Lonna Williams 1:51:54 Patricia Johnson 1:52:41 Bev Helton 1:53:14 Barbara Brown 1:56:31 Helen Reichert 1:56:34 Sibyl Fliger 1:58:21 Evelyn Creager 1:58:29



For an unforgettable time, run home to America’s premier summer marathon. Featuring a weekend celebration showcasing elite athletes and family events in the birthplace of modern distance running, this is the year to make your pilgrimage. Run home to TrackTown USA and race in the footsteps of legends at the 2014 Eugene Marathon.



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