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What’s in a name? Well, if you ask the owners of this store how they came up with the ever-curious one for this joint venture, you just might hear a tale about a snowboarding trip to Tokyo. You could also possibly hear that the Starfish portion of this memorable moniker may have been influenced by magic mushrooms.




alking into Tokyo Starfish’s flagship store on Arizona St. in Bend, I am surprised to see recent renovations that opened up to their front room. Rather than entering a secondary door to access the dispensary, the whole room has been opened up to create one open floor plan. The ambiance is effortlessly ‘Bend,’ with a warm welcome from the staff and decor that makes you feel right at home. Houseplants and merchandise line the walls and hang next to cozy furniture – and it’s not the cheesy kind of merchandise that you often find at other stores, but the kind that you are actually stoked to wear because it’s such high quality. As Director of Marketing Jason Shurtz puts it, “Our vibe comes from everybody’s action sports background because everyone is in that industry in one way or another.” I move past the Puffco and Pax display, taking a look at Terple #1 the glass bongs, rigs and bowls before setting my eyes on what’s behind the glass counters. The Tokyo Starfish lineup features edibles from popular brands like Grön, Delta 9 and Tasty’s. The other side showcases a robust lineup of extracts and vape pens from fan favorites like Willamette Valley Alchemy, Evolvd and Highland Provisions.

Budtender Aaron Bernard helps a customer.

MAR. 2022