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1194 January 2009

Rising to the Challenge: A climate Change Action Plan. Background information requested on the monitoring and delivery section.

1195 January 2009

Copies of applications received under RDPE 2007-2013 economic in nature and social in nature. (Withdrawn) Costs assosicated with the wind turbine located at NWDA's head office in Warringon. No of staff at MWDA earning over £100k and over £200k in each year since 1999. Copies of all email traffic between NWDA and four named organisations since 1 June 2007. (Withdrawn) Details of NWDA's tendering Panels. A breakdown of the total amount spent by NWDA on Liverpool Capital of Culture. Details of expenditure and venues of NWDA Christmas (or yearly) staff parties for last six years. Request for copy of CCTV images of a possible accident at Esturary Park. Provision of information in respect of NWDA's financial support to Umbro in Stockport Details of applications received by NWDA for the CHP facility at Blackrod, Greater Manchester or within 5 miles of Blackrod. The top 30 payments made by NWDA for 2006/07 and 2007/08. A copy of PMC minutes from the January 2009 meeting.

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1216 March 2009

A breakdown of staffing levels within NWDA by department. a) Who is NWDA funded by. b) Which companies/groups/ organisations had received funding from NWDA during the last financial year. c) Which companies were awarded contracts to supply NWDA in last financial year. Research on equality and diversity policies and practices within NWDA plus a breakdown of staff and Board Members. Proposed incinerator build on the Omega Site, Warrington. Copy of an email referred to in the Warrington Guardion on 12 February 2009. Amount NWDA has spent on hospitality in the past three years. Information relating to the impact NWDA has had on ethnic communities in the NW. Information on the RAF funding. Original request received in 2008. This is an additional request asking for details of projects approved on the remaining £1.9m not covered in the original request. Details of a £7m grant awarded to Greggs bakery in 2008. A full list of subsidiaries, incentives, inducements and other payments made by NWDA, since its formation, to Airports, air routes, air operatores, their subsidiaries and other companies involved in these businesses or assembling the land required to accommodate them. Plus any money spent on land or associated infrastructure. Details of NWDA funding provided to MediaCity UK, Past, present and future and a breakdown of what the funding has or will be spent on.

1217 March 2009

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1236 June 2009

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1245 June 2009

ERDF rules. Copy of details and/or report of any investigation undertaken by GONW in respect of a Local Authority that had received funding for a new building then occupying it. NWDA spend on the Chess Tournament, held in Liverpool, during 2008. Details of NWDA's Pension scheme. Details of NWDA Healthcare benefits provided to staff. Details of CX expenses for 2007/08 and 2008/09. (Withdrawn) NWDA Spend - varous including: CX/Chair taxi, private car, flights, hotel accommodation pluc flight and hotel accomodatin for staff, details of overseas offices and events staged by NWDA. Tender details for the High Growth Programme winner. Copies of documents including minutes, correspondence, grant applications, approvals etc for the Bluebird Project in respect of the Coniston Institute and Ruskin Museum. Details of CX expenses for 2007/08 and 2008/09 Details on expenses of CX and staff for 2008/09. Details of NWDA's public funding, staffing, secondees etc. List of events hosted by NWDA over ÂŁ1k plus spend on team building exercises and cost of any gifts produced. Details of expenses of CX and Chairman for 2008/09. SRB - Link Road Blackpool. Copies of all successful submissions for the LEAD Programme. Detail of the Chairman's attendance at the Regional Economic Council meetings since October 2008. Copies of Board members expenses plus receipts and details of the Gifts and Hospitality register. Copy of CX expenses claims for most recent year end. Salary and bonus information for CX for 2008. List of transport projects put forwad by NWDA as regional priorities. List of road projects started and completed under NWDA's Regional Tranpsort Strategy. Copies of bids entering the final stages of the process for FE Enterprise Hubs and Portal plus all correspondence, documents generated by NWDA with the name of the applicant contained within them. How much funding had NWDA provided towards L&K Group and what was it for. Copy of winning quotation for contract TIC Mystery Shopper 2009. Copies of receipts and claim forms submitted during 2008 for the 5 individuals within the Agency with the highest expense claims for that yar. Payments made by NWDA to political groups during 2007-08 Details of expenditure by NWDA on projects and schemes relating to rural transport and rural accessibility. Details of spend on ICT within NWDA. How much NWDA spent, during 2008/09 on admin costs, staff bonuses and expenses. Details of NWDA's current procurment arrangements in connection with the built environment plus copies of frameworks and information on the panels etc. Request for copy of Mass Fatalities and Excess Deaths Emergency Plan or equivalent.

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Copies of documentation relating to DTI and NWDA's investment to help PowderJect build a new factory in Liverpool during 2003. A copy of NWDA's policy on sourcing and procuring UK produced food for its catering operations and functions. Information for 2006/07 2007/08 and 2008/09 in respect of staffing and consultants. Details of payments made to High Profile public figures and/or celebrities by NWDA for speaking or attending an NWDA event. Details of payments made to High Profile public figures and/or celebrities by NWDA for speaking or attending an NWDA event. Details on the number of staff on long term sick and suspended on full pay. Including how much has been paid to each and how much time the individual was away in each case. Copies of expense forms for the last four years for CX and Board Members. What investments has the NWDA made in each of the last 5 years linked to World Heritage sites in the region Details of all conflicts of interest for the Chairman of the NWDA Board

1261 July 2009

Details of any guidance issued by NWDA on use of language. Details of Training Sessions for Senior Managers to improve team building/leadership Copy of the successsful tender for LEAD The Northwest Regions Programme List of subcontractos and suppliers working on Skelmersdale town centre Details of Staff Wages Bill/Senior Management Team Members /Expenses/Training events/Bonuses Details of grants/loans to businesses/charities as detailed in the Annual Report and Accounts. Details of contracts for suppliers awarded by the NWDA for 2008-09

1262 August 2009

Copies of minutes from last three meetings of MPISC and PMC.

1263 August 2009

Financial and staffing details for 2006/07 and 2007/08 in respect of Culture NW. Financial and staffing details for 2006/07 and 2007/08 in respect of NW Industrial Development Board. Details of NWDA's Overseas offices Copies of reports to PMC and PMSC in the last 6 months on ERDF decommitment targets. Details of funding provided by NWDA towards the Chess Tournament held in Liverpool during 2008. Details of grants/loans to public authorities such as NDPBs, LAs etc as mentioned it the annual report and accounts. Request for copies of applications and bidding documents for all rounds of the SRB programme. Request how many EoI's received for ERDF Funding and how many invited to concept stage Details of expenditure and staffing in respect of Marketing, Public Relations and administartion since April 1999. Details of NWDA spend on various modes of transport for 2008/09 Details of total income/number of employees on ÂŁ132,923/Number of press officers and their salaries/number of staff/number of agency staff/how much was spent on consultancy

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1274 August 2009

Copies of agreements for grant funding and correspondence for the Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal 1275 August 2009 Details of Board Members expenses. 1276 September 2009 Details of IT costs for NWDA for 2008/09 together with a breakdown by brand 1277 September 2009 Financial and other support provided to Prowell ProGroup AG Re Pioneer Business Park, Ellesmere Port. 1278 September 2009 Details of people hired to speak and appear at functions and events 1279 September 2009 Details of spend by Sub region since 2004. 1280 September 2009 Details on the delay of a multi-million Venture Capital Loan Fund (VCLF) that was to be launched last year by the Northwest Regional Development Agency (NWDA) with backing from both the public and private sector. 1281 September 2009 Copies of agreements for grant funding and correspondence for the Liverpool Cruise Liner Terminal. 1282 September 2009 A breakdown of the following profit and loss items in the 2008/09 annual report: Write down of investment assets of £4,290,000 and £4,835,000 in 2008/09 and 2007/08 respectively Write back of investment assets of £2,340,000 in 2008/09 Write off of development assets of £15,355,000 and £5,478,000 in 2008/09 and 2007/08 respectively Write back of development assets of £1,242,000 and £5,241,000 in 2008/09 and 2007/08 respectively Write off of operational assets of £994,000 in 2008/09 1283 October 2009

1284 October 2009 1285 October 2009 1286 November 2009 1287 November 2009

1288 November 2009 1290 November 2009 1291 November 2009 1294 November 2009

Former Garden Festival Site, Liverpool. Copies of consultants report and all internal reports and minutes of any meetings leading to and including the decision to approve the grant. B) Which companies/groups/ organisations had received funding from NWDA during the last financial year. C) Which companies were awarded contracts to supply NWDA in last financial year. Information in respect of the PricewaterhouseCoopers evaluation report on NWDA economic return. All correspondence between NWDA and Manchester City Council in respect of the National Football Museum. Detailed structure of the Marketing and Communications Team including names and job titles. Information in respect of Daresbury Science & Innovation Campus. In particular market research, investment planning, contingency planning etc. Details of financial grant provided to Stockport Plaza Trust. Details of a contract between NWDA and Whimpey in relation to Quebec Quay, South Ferry Quay, Liverpool Details of the transfer of Industrial Units, Old Furness Road in Coniston to NorwePP. Detailed structure of Marketing and Communications including names and job titles.