Napa Valley Marketplace Magazine February 2022 Issue

Page 30


By Craig Smith




Art, Wine, and a Celebration of the Season

The most popular time for out-of-towners to visit Napa Valley is during crush. Vines are heavy with grapes and the smell of wine wafts through the air. Locals like it then too, but they have a leg up on visitors, and know that the best time to be in Napa may be right now. This is when residents own the valley, and this is when the vineyards are awash in a beautiful, bright yellow glow of blooms. This is mustard season, and the valley is stunning.

and locals lamented the loss. Last year, a county-wide group started planning how to revive the mustard festival, and “Napa Valley Wild Mustard Days – Celebrate the Bloom,” was born. Unfortunately, COVID once again stopped the party.

For eighteen years, the whole valley celebrated mustard season with a series of events. That ending after 2010,

“Honoring what the festival was is now a celebration,” said Jessel Miller, owner of Jessel Gallery on Atlas Peak

February 2022

Almost, that is. To paraphrase the old saying, “You can’t keep a good event down.”