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An Art Auction to Honor Cancer Survivors and Caregivers

VIDART 03 On behalf of the Nueva Vida Board of Directors and staff, we welcome you to the third edition of VIDART. This edition includes 93 artworks by 41 artists from 10 different countries. Proceeds from the auction will help Nueva Vida provide free cancer support services for medically underserved Latinas throughout Baltimore, MD, and the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan area. A work of art is an expression of the artist’s soul and in its contemplation, one experiences an uplifting effect that heals. For this reason, in Nueva Vida, we believe in the healing power of art and are pleased to present pieces that will increase one’s awareness and capacity for positive transformation.




Gloria Elliott, Elmer Huerta y Lidia Carnota.

Nueva Vida was founded in 1999 to provide cancer support services among the medically underserved Latino community in need of equitable access to state-of-the-art cancer care and survivorship support in the Washington, D.C., and Baltimore metropolitan areas. Thousands of Latinas have benefitted from the organization’s services that run seamlessly through the cancer continuum, namely: outreach/education, preventive cancer screening, patient navigation, and psychosocial and mental health support services. During the last two years, Nueva Vida has navigated the uncharted waters of COVID-19 by following its true north, compassion! This guiding principle prompted the organization to expand its services by providing much-needed food, Coronavirus education, and greater mental health support services to our survivors. Yet, Nueva Vida has also been challenged because medical providers closed their offices and stopped operating at 2019 capacity, leaving the organization with at least 150 women who could not receive screening mammograms because this was an elective procedure! Even now, some providers are not operating at pre-pandemic capacity. Cancer screenings save lives, and by supporting VIDART, you will help us get women screened.

DEDICATION This VIDART Art Auction and Digital Catalog is a homage to all cancer survivors, especially the Latina women served by Nueva Vida, and those that have been infected or perished as a result of Coronavirus. Our souls are nourished by the survivors’ endurance, strength, resiliency, hope and their victories offer daily inspiration to Nueva Vida.

VIDART HONORARY HOST COMMITEE Adriana Arizpe • Nueva Vida Board Member & Making Visible Co-Founder Pedro Biaggi • Nueva Vida Honorary Board Member Taína Caragol • PhD, Art Curator Liz Georges • Collector Danielle Glosser • Client Raiser Beth Goldberg • Sr Manager, Community & Public Affairs Safeway Nancy Hirshbein • Museum Docent & Collector Philippa Hughes • Social Sculptor & Strategist Shanti Norris • Nueva Vida Board Member & Smith Center Co-Founder Brigitte Reyes • Founder of Reyes + Davis Sergio Rimola • MD, FACOG

VIDART 03 TEAM Irene Clouthier Francisco Gonzalez-Cos Astrid Jimenez Ingrid Ortega Kendall Richardson Maria Carvalho Graphic Design for VIDART 03:

NUEVA VIDA BOARD OF DIRECTORS Adriana Arizpe Claudia Campos, PhD Lidia Carnota, MD María Carvalho Irene Clouthier, MA Gloria Elliott, MA Ed & Hd, LPC, FAPA Francisco Gonzalez Cos, MBA Elmer Huerta, MD Astrid Jiménez, Esq. Shanti Norris Kendall Richardson

NUEVA VIDA HONORARY BOARD MEMBERS Margarita Benítez, PhD Pedro Biaggi Minerva Campos, MD

NUEVA VIDA STAFF Astrid Jimenez, Esq • Executive Director Laura Logie, PhD • Director of Research Claudia Campos Galvan, MA • Chief Programs Officer and Survivorship Program Director Ana Quijada • Patient Navigator Manager Jenny Osoria • Bilingual, Community Outreach, Educator & Screening Patient Navigator Sandra Villa de Leon • Baltimore Program Manager & Patient Navigator Sara Asad • Office Manager

VIDART SILENT AUCTION RULES 1. Every participant should purchase a ticket on Eventbrite in order to have a bidding number assigned. 2. This is an event to raise funds for Nueva Vida, in most cases artists are being paid 50% of commission of the sales, and artists/galleries are donating a portion of the sales to Nueva Vida, we are extremely grateful to the generosity of artists and the participating galleries that are helping us in this important endeavor and noble cause. 3. Bidding will open at 6:30pm and will close in sections divided by exhibit rooms of the gallery space that night. 4. Each artwork will have a box that will allow you to place a bid and will do increments according to the price. Works priced below $999 will have increments of $50, works priced from $1,000-$3,999 will have increments of $100, works $4,000 and plus will have increments of $250. The artwork will be credited to the last bidder on the board and the last bidder will have the obligation to pay Nueva Vida the price stipulated on the bid of that particular piece. 5. Nueva Vida will receive payments via PayPal, debit and credit card. Once payment is completed the new owner can take the artwork that night or pick it up on Monday October 17 from 10am-6pm. 6. The buyer will also assume the 6% sales tax imposed by Washington, D.C. that is applied to the final purchase. Your purchase makes an important contribution to Nueva Vida by helping the medically underserved Latino community.



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Norma is a Nueva Vida Cancer survivor, this portrait is part or a series I am working with Nueva Vida survivors using portraiture as a healing experience.


Charcoal, cardboard, paper 40”x 40” (Framed) Retail price: $3,800 Starting bid: $2,850 VIDART 03



COURTNEY APPLEQUIST Archiving Lost 2022 Ink on mulberry paper 25” x 25” (Framed) Retail price: $1,600 Starting bid: $1,200 VIDART 03



COURTNEY APPLEQUIST When the Rise 2022 Charcoal on Paper 37”x 26” (Unframed) 43”x 32”x1” (Framed) Retail price: $2,000 Starting bid: $1,500 VIDART 03



ALEX ANDR A AR ATA With the Breeze Giclee on canvas 47”x 37” x 1.5” Retail price: $2,600 Starting bid: $1,800




ALEX ANDR A AR ATA Bound Together V Mixed media on wood 42”x 24” Retail price: $3,700 Starting bid: $2,500




JOAN BELMAR Mini Metro-North #1 2022 Mylar, Acrylic, wood, and vinyl on plywood 25.5” x 10.5” x 2” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $950 VIDART 03



JOAN BELMAR Mini Metro-North #2 2022 Mylar, acrylic, wood, and vinyl on plywood 25.5” x 10.5” x 2” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $950 VIDART 03



RENEE BUTLER Sky Wall #1 2013 Archival print photographs/canvas 8” x 8” x 2” Retail price: $500 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03



RENEE BUTLER Sky Wall #2 2013 Archival print photographs/canvas 8” x 8” x 2” Retail price: $500 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03


LOT 10

RENEE BUTLER Sky Wall #3 2013 Archival print photographs/canvas 8” x 8” x 2” Retail price: $500 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03


LOT 11

GER ARDO CAMARGO Private Energy 2019 Acrylic, Used Sandpaper, Graphite 20” x 16” Retail price: $790 Starting bid: $550 VIDART 03


LOT 12

GER ARDO CAMARGO The Gold and Its Shadows 3 2019 Acrylic and Chalk Board 10”x 8” Retail price: $490 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03


LOT 13

GER ARDO CAMARGO Composition, Drawings of the Mountains and the City 2018 Graphite and Acrylic on Board 16”x 20” Retail price: $790 Starting bid: $550 VIDART 03


LOT 14

LENNY CAMPELLO Frida Flowers 2022 6” D Retail price: $175 Starting bid: $125



LOT 15

LENNY CAMPELLO Supergirl Flying Naked 2022 6.25” x 5” Retail price: $150 Starting bid: $100



LOT 16

LENNY CAMPELLO Ancient Creature (Horns) 2022 3”x 3” Retail price: $95 Starting bid: $70



LOT 17

LENNY CAMPELLO Suddenly She Wasn’t Afraid Any Longer 2022 11”x 3” Retail price: $245 Starting bid: $170



LOT 18


LENNY CAMPELLO Cat Mountain 2022 4.5”x 4.5” Retail price: $125 Starting bid: $90



LOT 19

MEI MEI CHANG Circle of Life 2018 6.5” D Retail price: $450 Starting bid: $360



LOT 20

HSIN-HSI CHEN Penumbra series - 9 2005 Pencil on paper 9.5” x 9.5” x 1.75” Retail price: $495 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03


LOT 21

HSIN-HSI CHEN Penumbra series - 4 2005 Pencil on paper 9.5” x 9.5” x 1.75” Retail price: $495 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03


LOT 22

HSIN-HSI CHEN “6894” (One House Project) 2017 Pencil, ink, spray paint, gesso, museum board, wood 10”x 10”x ½” (Unframed) 13”x13”x1.25” (Framed) Retail price: $650 Starting bid: $460 VIDART 03


LOT 23

TR AVIS CHILDERS Horizons Images of horizon lines lifted off newspaper on wood panel, gel medium 18” x 18” x 2” Retail price: $600 Starting bid: $450



LOT 24

TR AVIS CHILDERS Universal Images lifted off newspaper with clear tape on wood panel, gel medium 6” x 6” x 2” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250



LOT 25

IRENE CLOUTHIER No human is Illegal 2021 Mono print & Mixed media collage on cotton paper 6.5” x 10” Retail price: $800 Starting bid: $550 VIDART 03


LOT 26

IRENE CLOUTHIER $2.29 2019 C-Print/Plexiglass 24”x 24” Retail price: $1,850 Starting bid: $1,300 VIDART 03


LOT 27

IRENE CLOUTHIER Reese’s cups and phone From the Everyday Series

2017 Brush pen markers/paper 8.25” x 5.25” Retail price: $400 Starting bid: $300 VIDART 03


LOT 28

IRENE CLOUTHIER Triangles & Scribbles From the Everyday Series

2017 Brush pen markers/paper 8.25” x 5.25” Retail price: $400 Starting bid: $300 VIDART 03


LOT 29

CATHERINE DAY Swing Carousel 2022 Assembled digital pigment prints on a lower layer of lace-edged antique linen & a top layer of silk organza 23” D Retail price: $900 Starting bid: $600 VIDART 03


LOT 30

CATHERINE DAY Awning & Spinning Ride 2019 Assembled digital pigment prints on a lower layer of embroidered antique linen & a top layer of silk organza 24” D Retail price: $900 Starting bid: $600 VIDART 03


LOT 31

CATHERINE DAY Dead End 2021 Assembled digital pigment prints on a lower layer of lace-edged antique linen & a top layer of silk organza 22” x 23” Retail price: $900 Starting bid: $600 VIDART 03


LOT 32

CHERYL EDWARDS Wisdom 2018 Ink stain on raw canvas on board 22”x 2”x 22” D Retail price: $1,500 Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 33

CHERYL EDWARDS Walking In Two Worlds 2021 Woodcut print on revere paper 22”x 17” (Unframed) Retail price: $1,500 (Framed) Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 34

CHERYL EDWARDS Walking In Two Worlds 2021 Woodcut print on revere paper 22”x 17” Retail price: $1,500 (Framed) Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 35

EDGAR ENDRESS Caribbean Sea 2022 25.5” x 20” x 2” Retail price: $4,500 Starting bid: $3,000



LOT 36

HELOISA ESCUDERO DysFUNctional Beauty #21 2022 Video collage drawings 4”×4” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250 VIDART 03


LOT 37

HELOISA ESCUDERO DysFUNctional Beauty #22 2022 Video collage drawings 4”× 4” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250 VIDART 03


LOT 38

HELOISA ESCUDERO DysFUNctional Beauty #23 2022 Video collage drawings 4”× 4” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250 VIDART 03


LOT 39

ERRE Untitled 2021 Spray on metal 27.5” x 19.6” Retail price: $950 Starting bid: $650 VIDART 03


LOT 40

JEREMY FLICK 21-690 2021 Acrylic on canvas on panel 14” x 14” 15” x 15” (Framed) Retail price: $2,000 Starting bid: $1,000 VIDART 03


LOT 41

JEREMY FLICK 21-681 2021 Acrylic on canvas on panel 16” x 16” (Unframed) 17” x 17” (Framed) Retail price: $2,000 Starting bid: $1,000 VIDART 03


LOT 42

JEREMY FLICK 21-709 2021 Acrylic on canvas on panel 16”x 16” 17” x 17” (Framed) Retail price: $2,000 Starting bid: $1,000 VIDART 03


LOT 43

HELEN FREDERICK Debris 2009 Litograph, solar plate, digital colle Edition of 33 22” x 30” Retail price: $1,500 Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 44

PAT GOSLEE Sub Rosa (screen) 2020 Mixed media on paper 15 1/4” x 19 1/4” Retail price: $700 Starting bid: $500 VIDART 03


LOT 45

PAT GOSLEE Wave 2005-2022 Acrylic on canvas 9”x 12” Retail price: $1,500 Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 46

PAT GOSLEE Handsel 2022 Acrylic on canvas 30”x 40” Retail price: $4,000 Starting bid: $2,800 VIDART 03


LOT 47


2018 Digital photography color 11.8” x 17.7” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $1,000 VIDART 03


LOT 48


2022 Digital photography color 11.8” x 17.7” Retail price:$1,200 Starting bid: $1,000 VIDART 03


LOT 49

MARTA GUTIÉRREZ Eye Tree 2020 Oil on canvas mounted on Sintra 16”x 9” Retail price: $700 Starting bid: $500 VIDART 03


LOT 50

MARTA GUTIÉRREZ Celeste 2021 Oil on canvas mounted on Sintra 22”x 20” Retail price: $800 Starting bid: $550 VIDART 03


LOT 51

ERIK A HARRSCH USA Papilionumism 2016 Three-dimensional cutout & hand-painted archival ink print on Hahnemüle paper, inside of entomological box 8” × 6” × 2 ½” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03


LOT 52

ERIK A HARRSCH Canada Papilionumism 2016 Three-dimensional cutout and hand-painted archival ink print on Hahnemüle paper, inside of entomological box 8” × 6” × 2 ½” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03


LOT 53

ERIK A HARRSCH Mexico Papilionumism 2016 Three-dimensional cutout and hand-painted archival ink print on Hahnemüle paper, inside of entomological box 8” × 6” × 2 ½” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03


LOT 54

MARY WELCH HIGGINS I Remember You As You Were 2021 Color pencil, graphite on black Fabriano paper 18.5” x 13.75” 20”x 15” (Framed) Retail price: $1,500 Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 55

MARY WELCH HIGGINS Broken 2021 Color pencil, graphite on black Fabriano paper 18.5” x 13.75” 20”x15” (Framed) Retail price: $1,500 Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 56

MARY WELCH HIGGINS Tattered Heart 2021 Color pencil, graphite on black Fabriano paper 8”x 8” 10.375”x10.375” (Framed) Retail price: $600 Starting bid: $450 VIDART 03


LOT 57

BARBAR A JANUSZKIEWICZ Slow Dance 2022 Inspired by John Coltrane Acrylic on heavy watercolor paper 10” x 8” 20” x16” (Framed) Retail price: $800 Starting bid: $550



LOT 58

BARBAR A JANUSZKIEWICZ Shadow of your smile 2022 Acrylic on unprimed canvas 40” x 40” x 2” Retail price: $4,000 Starting bid: $2,800 VIDART 03


LOT 59

DJLU JUEGASIEMPRE Nina 2020 Stencil on traffic sign 29.5” x 9.8” Retail price: $800 Starting bid: $550 VIDART 03


LOT 60

SALLY K AUFFMAN Vulnerable 2022 Oil on canvas 46” D Retail price: $4,000 Starting bid: $2,800 VIDART 03


LOT 61

SALLY K AUFFMAN Dearly Departed 2022 Acrylic on paper mounted on wood 9”x 11” (Unframed) 13” x 15” (Framed) Retail price: $700 Starting bid: $500 VIDART 03


LOT 62

BRIDGET SUE L AMBERT The Pleasures of Life 2017 Archival inkjet print 22”x 27”, edition 5 in 2 sizes (also in 35”x 43”) Retail price: $1,500 Starting bid: $1,050 VIDART 03


LOT 63

BRIDGET SUE L AMBERT Taco Tuesday-Nobody is Crushing It 2018-2021 Archival inkjet print 12”x 12” Retail price: $450 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03


LOT 64

ANDREA LIMAURO Burning Love 2022 Acrylic paint on canvas 36” x 48” Retail price: $4,900 Starting bid: $3,500 VIDART 03


LOT 65

ANDREA LIMAURO Climate Change is a Lie 2022 Acrylic and screen print on metal leaf on canvas 16”x 20” Retail price: $1,600 Starting bid: $1,200 VIDART 03


LOT 66

HEATHER LYNN Every Sunset is an Opportunity to Reset Acrylic with mixed media on canvas 48” x 60” x 1.5” Retail price: $2,000 Starting bid: $1,500



LOT 67

HEATHER LYNN Stratosphere 2022 Crushed crystals stones and recycled glass on canvas 20”x16” (Framed) Retail price: $600 Starting bid: $450 VIDART 03


LOT 68

MEGAN MAHER Flim Flam I AM, VI 2017 Acrylic and pencils on Claybord 30”x 30” Retail price: $1,000 Starting bid: $700 VIDART 03


LOT 69

MEGAN MAHER Cachinnation Acrylic and pencils on Claybord 24”x 24” Retail price: $700 Starting bid: $500



LOT 70

MEGAN MAHER Whispering in the Dark 2019 Acrylic and pencils on Claybord 24”x 24” Retail price: $700 Starting bid: $500 VIDART 03


LOT 71

CAROLINA MAYORGA Matisse’s Chair 2021 Acrylic on canvas 30” x 24” Retail price: $1,800 Starting bid: $1,300 VIDART 03


LOT 72

CAROLINA MAYORGA Ms. Carolina, I’m done! 2021 Acrylic on canvas 30” x 24” Retail price: $1,800 Starting bid: $1,300 VIDART 03


LOT 73

CAROLINA MAYORGA Ikea Garden 2022 Mixed media on canvas 30” x 24” Retail price: $1,800 Starting bid: $1,300 VIDART 03


LOT 74

JOHN PAR ADISO A Bunch of Aging Pansies 2022 Cotton fabric pansies collaged on wood 12”x 12” x 1.75” Retail price: $500 Starting bid: $350 VIDART 03


LOT 75

JOHN PAR ADISO Aging Pansies 2021 Cotton fabric pansies collaged on wood with an acrylic varnish 18”x18”x 1” Retail price: $750 Starting bid: $525 VIDART 03


LOT 76

ANA DE ORBEGOSO Neohuaco 2022 Concrete 9.4” x 4.7” x 4.7” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03


LOT 77

ALISON R ASH BfromA FR 2018 Flashe/Acrylic on Yup Mounted on Panel 8”x 6” Retail price: $400 Starting bid: $300 VIDART 03


LOT 78

NATALIA REVILL A Shitikagantsi, Stay connected 2020 Plants, embossing & cut-out on paper in multiple layers 11.8” x 15.7” Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03


LOT 79

SALUSTIANO Chrysalis 2022 Print on aluminum 32.28” x 30.70” Retail price: $5,000 Starting bid: $3,500 VIDART 03


LOT 80

MARINA SORIA Rainy Sunday #5 2015 Sumi on Canson paper. Japanese brushes and nibs 13“ x 9” Retail price: $500 Starting bid: $400 VIDART 03


LOT 81

MARINA SORIA Rainy Sunday #7 2016 Sumi on Canson paper. Japanese brushes and nibs 13 “x 9” Retail price: $500 Starting bid: $400 VIDART 03


LOT 82

MARSHA STAIGER Swim Out #1, #2, #3 (Triptych)

Acrylic on linen 10” x 10” Retail print: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03


LOT 83

MARSHA STAIGER Small Grafs Mixed media on paper 30” x 16” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250



LOT 84

MARITÉ VIDALES Grand Canyon #40 2021 Acrylic on tree bark in wooden frame 6”x 8” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250 VIDART 03


LOT 85

MARITÉ VIDALES Grand Canyon #51 2022 Acrylic on tree bark in wooden frame 8”x 8” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250 VIDART 03


LOT 86

MARITÉ VIDALES Grand Canyon #29 2022 Acrylic on tree bark in wooden frame 5”x 7” Retail price: $350 Starting bid: $250 VIDART 03


LOT 87

MARITÉ VIDALES Grand Canyon #52 2022 Acrylic on tree bark in wooden frame 9”x 9” Retail price: $400 Starting bid: $300 VIDART 03


LOT 88

JENNY WALTON Troubled 2022 Medium-22k goldpoint on prepared paper 5”x 7” Retail price: $900 Starting bid: $650 VIDART 03


LOT 89

JENNY WALTON Uplifting 2019 Medium-watercolor and gouache on handmade paper 8.5” x 11” Retail price: $1,000 Starting bid: $700 VIDART 03 100

LOT 90

ALICE WHEALIN Untitled (Paper Panel 11) 2021 Ink and watercolor on Fabriano paper mounted on cradled birch panel 16” x 20“ (Unframed) 17” x 21” (Framed) Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03 101

LOT 91

ALICE WHEALIN Pink Lake 2021 Ink and watercolor on Fabriano paper mounted on cradled birch panel 16” x 20“ (Unframed) 17” x 21” (Framed) Retail price: $1,200 Starting bid: $850 VIDART 03 102

LOT 92

ALICE WHEALIN Scenic Byway 2019 Ink and watercolor on Fabriano paper, mounted on cradled birch panel 9” x 12” (Unframed) 10” x 13” (Framed) Image credit: Greg Staley Retail price: $450 Starting bid: $450

VIDART 03 103

LOT 93

SUE WRBICAN Ship Split #7 2019 Signed on recto 20 5/8” x 24 1/4” Retail price: $1,850 Starting bid: $1,300 VIDART 03 104


VIDART 03 106


Mexico, Uruguay, Germany, and in the collection of Museo of the Americas. Arata’s artwork has been exposed in the White House, the International Monetary Fund, She is an interdisciplinary artist working in JGB Smith, Douglas Development, ARUP, greater Washington, D.C., whose artwork and many other private collections. Arata has been exhibited domestically and in- holds a Master’s Degree in Interior Architernationally. Her work explores a range tecture and Design from the University of of media, expanding the possibilities of Salamanca in Spain. painting and drawing using architecture as a foundational framework. In 2021, her pieces were exhibited at FIAC Art Fair in Paris, France, in collaboration with fellow JOAN BELMAR artist Edgar Endress. Joan Belmar is a Chilean artist known for his unique technique of 3-D painting. Belmar has received numerous awards and grants, including the the ‘Outstanding Emerging Artist of the Applequist is a founding member of the Year Award’ by the D.C. Commission ICEbox Collective, a multidisciplinary ar- on the Arts and Humanities at the Kentist group whose work fosters critical thin- nedy Center, the Individual Artist Grant king and dialogue across cultural boun- by the Arts, and the Humanities Coundaries through collaborative social art cil of Montgomery County, Maryland. practice. Her work with ICEbox Collective received the AIR Grant from ArtsFairfax, Belmar won first place in the Osten Virginia, was published in ArtMargins, Biennial of Drawing in Macedonia in MIT Press, and exhibited at the Embassy 2016. His work has been featured in the of the Czech Republic in Washington, University of Maine Museum of Art in D.C., Transformer D.C., and with Cele- Maine, The John Wilson Building, Heart brate Fairfax in Tysons Corner, Virginia. of D.C., City Hall, Washington D.C., and Applequist holds a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts at the Chilean and Colombian Ambasfrom Baylor University in Texas. sador’s art residences in Washington, Her pieces were also exhibited at the SXSW in Austin, Texas, and the Transformer in Washington, D.C.



Belmar’s pieces have also been exhibited in U.S. Embassies of Philippines and Lithuania.

Argentinian artist, interior architect, and designer. Her work has been exhibited He earned a degree in Graphic Denationally and internationally. Her pieces sign-Technical Drawing from the Funare part of private collections in England, dacion DUOC in Santiago, Chile. Scotland, Spain, Andorra, Argentina, VIDART 03 107



American artist Renee Butler co-founded, directed, and curated the Washington Arts Museum, which exhibited the work of under-recognized Washington, D.C. artists.

Gerardo Camargo is a self-taught artist born in Mexico City who began working as a cartoonist at 12. Camargo’s art is part of the permanent collection of the RISD Museum in Rhode Island.

She received grants from the D.C. Commission for the Arts, the InterArts Program of the NEA, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Pennsylvania Council on the Art Interdisciplinary Program, the Andy Warhol Foundation, and the Fairfax Council of the Arts in Virginia.

His work has been shown in galleries and museums in Mexico and the United States, including; Aceptar, Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery, Washington D.C., 2020; Underlying Borders, Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington D.C., in 2019 (co-curator and participating artist); After Eden, Siqueiros She received a Bachelor’s in Art History Museum, Morelos, Mexico, 2016; Mary from the University of Maryland in 1977, B. Howard Artist Member Exhibition, taking studio courses there from Anne Greater Reston Art Center, Reston, VA, Truitt and Sam Gilliam. In the early 1980s, 2016. The Mexican National Council for she was awarded art colony fellowships Culture and the Arts selected Camargo from Yaddo, the Karolyi Foundation, in 2002 as a Promising Emerging Artist. MacDowell, and the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. Two years after, Camargo founded Zarco Gallery, an independent space for In the late 1980s, she worked with the contemporary art that offered a proMarilyn DeReggi Arts Ensemble creating gram that involved the artistic commustage installations for new music compo- nity with local processes in society. sers working with John Cage and Virgil Thomson at such venues as the French Embassy, Strathmore Hall, and the Baltimore and Walters Museums. Solo LENNY CAMPELLO shows since 1986 include these venues: Delaware Center for the Contemporary Florencio Lennox Campello is known inArts, MOCA-DC, Ellipse Gallery, McLean ternationally for narrative-driven painProject for the Arts, Gallery K, and many tings, drawings, and technology-infused mixed media works. others. She has also held group shows in New York and Washington, D.C., from 1999 to 2009.



He has worked as an artist, gallerist, curator, art critic, instructor, author, and arts blogger in the DMV (a term which, according to the Washington City Paper, he invented) for more than three decades.

He was named one of D.C.’s “most interesting people” by the Washington City Paper in 2016.

creates rich visual images that are both highly personal and accessible. Chang received her Master’s degree in Fine Arts in Photography from Ohio University, Ohio, in 2002.

Prolific from an early age, Cuban-American Campello has won multiple national and international awards, exhibited internationally in galleries and museums, and has works in private collections in Europe, HSIN-HSI CHEN Latin America, and the United States. He also co-owned galleries in the D.C. area. Hsin-Hsi Chen’s prolific artwork has been collected and exhibited nationally and He is a prominent local art critic and cu- internationally. Chen was born in Taipei, rator, with reviews published in The Was- Taiwan, and received her MFA from the hington Post, local newspapers, and art University of Maryland at College Park. Her pieces are part of the permanent art magazines. collection at Art Bank D.C. Commission He has made numerous appearances on on the Arts and Humanities in Washingtelevision and radio. He is the author of ton, D.C.; Brooklyn Art Library, New York; “100 Artists of Washington, D.C.”, pu- and the National Institute of Health in blished by Schiffer Press. He grew up in Bethesda, Maryland. Brooklyn, New York, and studied art at the University of Washington School of Chen’s artwork has been reviewed by major newspapers and journals, such as Art in Seattle, Washington. The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Weekly, The Washington Times, Washington Review, Art & Antiques, MEI MEI CHANG and Articulate, Home & Design. Mei Mei Chang is a visual art and photography artist who has always been She was granted Permanent Residency fascinated by the mind’s ability to focus based on “Extraordinary Ability in Art” on essential and minor details. Chang in 2002 and received the 2013 Maryland has received awards and residencies State Arts Council Grant/Individual Artist from the Vermont Studio Center, Great Award. River Art Association, the ARCH Residency at Honfleur Gallery, the Montgo- Chen was awarded the Pollock-Krasner mery College Artist Residency, and se- Foundation Grant, and she was selected cond place in the Contemporary South for The Drawing Center Viewing Program in New York. Chen has taught at GMU, Exhibition. UMCP, Montgomery College, and ViShe is a lifelong student of the human sArts. psyche. Using her internal symbols, she VIDART 03 109


ton, D.C. With more than 200 exhibits, and 15 solos in Mexico, Cuba, Spain, and Travis Childers was born in Nashville, Ten- the United States in Miami, New York, nessee, and grew up out in the country, and Washington, D.C., she works with vaan experience that would later greatly rious media, from digital photography to sculpture, and installation art, to drawing. inspire his fine artwork. She has also worked with video art and Childers has shown nationally and inter- frame-by-frame animation. nationally and has more than twenty years of museum work experience. His work Her artwork has been shown widely has been exhibited in the Smithsonian throughout the United States, Canada, American Art Museum in Washington, Mexico, South America, and Europe. She D.C., and the Vero Beach Museum of has participated in art fairs such as Art Art in Florida. His artwork also has been Paris, Art Salamanca, Art Toronto, Scope displayed at the Ethan Cohen Gallery, New York, Scope Miami, Pulse Miami, Benrimon Gallery, the Virginia Center for Arte Americas, Pinta, Zona Maco, Art Contemporary Art, and Sotheby’s Artlink Miami, Diva NY, and Art Chicago, among others. She has shown in different MuYoung Artists Program. seums, Art Centers, and galleries such as Childers has won many grants and awards, Diana Lowestein Gallery, Drexel Gallery including a fellowship from the Virginia in Monterrey, the Museum of Modern Museum of Fine Arts, Fairfax County Ar- Art in Mexico City, the Metropolitan Mutists Grant, and a Liquitex Excellence in seum of Monterrey, Sinaloa Museum of Art grant. He received a Master’s in Fine Art, Casa de la Cultura de Nuevo Leon Arts from the Maryland Institute Colle- and Sicart Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. ge of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, and a Her pieces are part of private and public Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Austin Peay collections. State University in Clarksville, Tennessee. Childers moved around before settling in Fairfax, Virginia, where he opened his CATHERINE DAY own gallery: Ruby Projects. Childers’s work is featured in many private collec- A Virginian natural, earned BFA in Photography and Graphic Arts from Stephens tions. College in Missouri. Day finds creative inspiration in the cross-current artistic and vibrant conIRENE CLOUTHIER nections of the Washington, D.C., area. CARRILLO Her unique images focus on “the big” and “small” moments of her daily life, Irene Clouthier Carrillo is a profuse Mexi- reflecting those moments shared by all. can-American artist based in Washing- While starting in her photographs, she 110


often incorporates a changing selection of nontraditional materials to create a better narrative that emotionally touches the viewers.

began her studies at the Art Student League taught by Ernest Crichlow in New York City. She has been living in Washington, D.C., for 26 years.

She has exhibited nationally in numerous solo and group shows in 2017 and 2016. She was a photolucida Critical Mass Fina- EDGAR ENDRESS list and a 2015 Trawick Prize finalist. She received a 2012 and 2018 Strauss Grant Edgar Endress is a George Mason Unifrom The Arts Council of Fairfax County. versity associate professor teaching new media and public art. Born in Chile, he has exhibited extensively throughout the Americas, most recently at the Museum CHERYL D. EDWARDS of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Barcelona, the Land Art Biennial in Mongolia, She has exhibited in Hong Kong, Monaco, and the Pacific Time exhibit at the Getty Germany, and nationally in Washington, Museum. D.C., New York, Virginia, Maryland, Miami, and Texas. She is an awardee in the In 2015, in association with Provisions, Art Cart: Saving The Legacy project selec- he initiated the Floating Lab Collective, ted by the Research Center for Arts and a team of interdisciplinary artists who deCulture. The Art Cart Project resulted in ploy innovative art projects in collaborathe archival her artwork in the Academic tion with urban communities. Commons Columbia University archives. Edward was represented by Susanne Jun- His work focuses on syncretism in the ggenburth Gallery in Germany 2015 D.C. Andes, displacement in the Caribbean, Commission on the Arts and Humanities and mobile art-making practices. As part Fellowship Awardee. Using water as a of his research, he develops a platform muse and medium, raw canvases stained to question notions of representation, with ink while wet will hang alongside her dominance, and resistance through the prints as a visual representation of water. methodology of art-making. Her prints are taken off collected saliva samples from two females and two ma- He also creates venues for analysis and les, each African American and the other fabrication, seeking to activate sustainable and creative experimentation within Caucasian. a social framework for using and integraUsing a microscope and light boxes to ting old and new technologies. inspect the samples, she noticed similarities between the four samples and found Endress received his MFA in Video Art that “each was unique or remarkably the from Syracuse University and numerous same.” She was born in Miami Beach and grants and fellowships, including the Vir-

VIDART 03 111

ginia Museum of Fine Arts, the National Every year, she participates in the GoverEndowment for the Arts, and the Creative nors Island Art Fair in New York City. In 2017, she completed an Artist In Resident Capital Fund. at Montgomery College in Silver Spring, Maryland. On January 2018, Escudero began a five-month Bresler Artist ResiHELOISA ESCUDERO dency at Vistara, where she ended the program with a solo show. Brazilian artist Heloisa Escudero developed her interest in Fine Arts when she Escudero has had numerous solo exhibirelocated to the United States in 1987. tions, including Arlington Art Center in Arlington, Virginia, Object Center Gallery She obtained a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, and The New from the Massachusetts College of Art Gallery at NOVA Woodbridge Campus in and a Master’s in Fine Arts from the San Virginia. Her art has been mentioned in Francisco Art Institute in California. The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Resource Magazine, She is interested in conceptually based and the Harvard University Archive. art that is both tactile and interactive. Her most recent art projects focus on art that emphasizes the viewer’s participation. In 2007 she moved to Sweden, where ERRE she worked as a full-time artist, creating four successful projects and exhibiting Colombian artist Erre was the winner there at the Uppsala Art Museum and in of the IDARTES “Ciudad Arte Urbano Spain at the University of Valencia. While Grant”, Bogotá in 2019. in Sweden, she built the first three BackPack Gallery Sculpture Units, starting Her work has been part of group exhibithe BackPack Gallery Project. In 2013, tions such asSubterránea, Galería Beta, Escudero set up her studio in Arlington, Bogotá; “Cartografías Paganas” BinaVirginia. tional of Urban Art, Anthropological and Contemporary Art Museum in Guayaquil, She also works at the Hirshhorn Museum Ecuador; “Build bridges, paint walls” in as an Exhibit Specialist and Curator for The Rendon Gallery, Los Angeles; “Zeta Betty Mae Kramer Gallery and SoloLab 5 Project” Beta Gallery. Bogotá; Southern Project at Visits. Escudero’s pieces have Cutters, Spedition in Bremen, Germany; regularly been shown in the Washington, Boderless, Gabba Gallery in Los Angeles; D.C. area, New York City, and Boston. Her Más Allá del Pancracio, Centro Cultural recent solo exhibition is part of the lectu- Gabriel García Márquez in Bogotá. re artist program at the NOVA College in Woodbridge, Virginia. She has been part of festivals such as at the Museo Arte Urbano Perú, El Callao,



Perú, Paint Memphis in Tennessee; Dictador Art Masters, 2nd Edition César in Colombia; Paint the Town, Clarksdale; Farbflut Festival, Lemwerder in Germany (2018); Smile South Central in Los Angles, Herencia Getsemaní in Cartagena, Colombia; Hometown Berlin in Germany.

of Maryland, College Park, Maryland; Capital One, McLean, Virginia; and Hilton Worldwide, McLean, Virginia. Flick was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and lives and works in Washington, D.C.

HELEN FREDERICK JEREMY FLICK American artist Jeremy Flick’s sculptural canvases are characterized by minimalist and abstract strategies, formal precision, approach to form, and strong command of color. Flick’s practice is rooted in painting traditions but is also heavily impacted by digital innovations influencing how we think about, understand, and experience images, forms, and colors. Through repetition, symmetry/asymmetry, and overlapping geometric shapes, Flick’s minimal compositions evoke multiple depths and perspectives, allowing for various interpretations and meanings. Recent exhibitions include Brentwood Arts Exchange in Brentwood, Maryland, HEMPHILL in Washington, D.C., ‘sindikit, Baltimore, Maryland, and Marymount University, Arlington, Virginia. His works are included in numerous private and public collections, including The Silva, Washington, D.C.; PwC, Washington, D.C.; Hogan Lovells, Washington, D.C.; Inova Schar Cancer Institute, Fairfax, Virginia; The Hotel at the University

A distinguished artist, curator, educator, and coordinator of international projects, is the founder of Pyramid Atlantic, a center for contemporary printmaking, hand papermaking, and the art of the book. Frederickederick, an alumnus of RISD in Rhode Island, is a Professor Emeritus in the School of Art at George Mason University in Virginia and has served on the directorial boards of alternative art spaces, including the College Art Association and national peer-review panels. She has received the Southern Graphic Council International Printmaker Emeritus Award and the College Art Association Distinguished Teacher Award and was invited into the Feminist Art Base archive, the Brooklyn Museum of Art in NYC. Her work has been exhibited at the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., The Eleanor D. Wilson Museum at Hollins University, Dieu Donne Gallery, New York, Henie-Onstad Museum, Norway, and the Museum of Modern Art in Kyoto, Japan, and is in collections of the Whitney Museum and Brooklyn Museum in New York, the National Gallery of Art,

VIDART 03 113

Library of Congress, and Smithsonian Arts from Catholic University in D.C., has American Art Museum in Washington, been an active participant in ARTWATCH, a collective of DMV artists who express D.C. support for democratic values.

PAT GOSLEE P ​​ at Goslee is an American representational painter of emotional and energetic states. She became focused on the healing aspects of art making after attending a series of energy workshops at the Tai Sophia Institute (now Maryland University of Integrative Health).

CAROLINA GUTIÉRREZ Photographer in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gutiérrez has experimented with photography processes such as Cyanotype and Van Dyke, showing her art projects in different museums, art galleries, and art fairs in Argentina and abroad.

She has exhibited nationally and internationally, showing at museums, commerShe uses digital and analogic black and cial venues, alternative art spaces, and white photography, which she develops art fairs. and copies herself. Gutiérrez also works with photo gravure Intaglio type, using a Her pieces are in many public and privanon-toxic technique. te collections, including U.S. embassies, the National Institute of Health, the ChilShe has participated in various exhibitions dren’s National Medical Center, and the in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Montevideo, Union of Concerned Scientists. “Emotion Santander, and Barcelona and received as epistemology” is how one critic has First Mention of Engraving at the Salón described her work. Nacional, Buenos Aires, in 2013. Goslee’s painting has been featured on the cover of the CDC’s Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal to emphasize the seriousness of antimicrobial resistance. Her video work is featured in the textbook Art 101: Understanding Visual Images in Our World, and her paintings are included in the publications 100 Artists of Washington, D.C., and 100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic. Goslee, who earned a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Georgia, Georgia, and a Master’s in Fine



MARTA GUTIÉRREZ An architect by training, Colombian native Marta arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, decades ago and enrolled at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts to follow her dream of becoming an artist. Later, she transferred to The Corcoran School of Art in Washington D.C., where she completed her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts. Marta’s work is always driven by her

constant search for abstraction and tech- in New York City. She has also been exniques that reflect her varied professional posed to the Nevada Museum of Art in Reno, Nevada, Aldrich Contemporary background. Art Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut), Her drawings, paintings, and sculptures Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, invite us to have an alternative look at New York, and Bellevue Arts Museum in everyday life with humor. Marta transfor- Bellevue, Washington. Her art has also ms ordinary nothingness into imaginative been shown internationally in Göteborg and colorful universes. She has exhibited Konstmuseum, Sweden; Musée de la in galleries and museums in the United Photographie, Charleroi, Belgium; Seoul Museum of Art, South Korea; and Museo States, Spain, and Colombia. de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey in Nuevo León, Mexico and Museo de la Ciudad, Querétaro, Mexico.


Artist Erika Harrsch has established a fertile and captivating language using painting, photography, video, animation, installation, and interactive projects. She also has achieved authority status in a wide range of disciplines related to multimedia art production.

Harrsch’s work is included in public and private collections, such as the Musée de la Photographie in Belgium, the Eaton Corporation, the Fidelity Corporation, and Ford Foundation in the United States.

For the past eight years, her interdiscipliMARY WELCH nary practices have led to collaborations with well-known musicians and compo- HIGGINS sers, including Philip Glass, cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, Claire Chase, Paola Prestini, and Mary Welch Higgins is a gallery director and curator with The Schlesinger Maya Beiser, among others. Center Concert Hall and Arts Center Harrsch has been selected to participate at the Northern Virginia Community in the Fokus-Lodz Biennale, Lodz, Poland; College. She received her Bachelor’s in 798 Biennale, Beijing, China; Internatio- Fine Arts from the Corcoran School of nal Media Art Biennale, Seoul, South Ko- Art in Washington, D.C., and her Masrea; Fotofest Biennial in Houston, Texas; ter’s in Visual Information Technologies as well as the 6th and 7th FEMSA-Mon- with a specialization in computer animation from George Mason University terrey Biennial, Mexico. in Virginia. Her work has been shown in galleries, festivals, and international artist residen- Higgins’s drawings are part of a diacies, including as the Whitney Museum logue and engagement with objects, of American Art and Museo del Barrio writing, the past, and the gesture that VIDART 03 115

flows from the subconscious response. She grew up surrounded by art and artists and always has been fascinated by history, books, visual art, journals, and letters. She is a fifth-generation Washingtonian.

BARBAR A JANUSZKIEWICZ Washington, D.C based painter who creates vibrantly yet translucent colors influenced by The Washington Color School Movement and music. Her artwork has been exposed in The Phillips Collection, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Hirshhorn Museum, Art Club of Washington, Gallery K, MPA, and The Art League. From intense color compositions to subdued shades of reverberations, her paintings strive to capture the sensation of sound visually. Her dynamic visual interpretation employs large color fields that meld and overlap in translucent layers, evoking the rhythm and flow of her musical inspiration.

the first documentary movie about The Washington Color School Movement.

DJLU Artist DJLU, born in Colombia, has developed murals in cities such as Paris, Barcelona, Lima, Madrid, Lisbon, Helsinki, Stockholm, Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, Buenos Aires, La Paz, Denver, Santiago, Berlin, Munich, Kathmandu, Bangkok, and Cairo. His work work has been exhibited in Más que Calle, Galería Beta in Bogotá, Colombia, Zeta Project” Beta Gallery, Bogotá, Colombia; Boderless, Gabba Gallery, Los Angeles, Califiornia; Más Allá del Pancracio, Centro Cultural Gabriel García Márquez in Bogotá, Colombia.

He also has exhibited his art at Interindependencias, Museum of Contemporary Art MAC in Bogotá, Colombia; Graphies en place, Paris 8, Paris, France; Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?, Academy of Fine Arts Sarajevo, Galerija ALU. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina; Restos de la Memoria, Central She is an instructor at Mclean Project Yard UNAM – México; The ecological imfor the Arts and was a watercolor tea- perative, and Museum of Contemporary cher and adjunct professor for the Cor- Art in Valdivia, Chile. coran College of Art in Washington, D.C. Januszkiewicz was trained under He has been part of Paint Memphis, Tenthe Chinese master Mun Quan at Jack- nessee; Paint the Town, Clarksdale; Farbflut Festival, Lemwerder, Germany; Smisonville University in the 1970s. le South Central, Los Angles, California; She has worked closely with Paul A Better World, Hungría; International Reed, the last of the Washington Color Biennal SIART, and La Paz, Bolivia. School original artists. She is producing





Sally Kauffman is a visual artist based in Washington, D.C., best known for her Born in Washington, D.C., and. spent her abstract yet allusory large-scale paintings childhood rearranging the lives of dolls of crowds engaged in communal activiinhabiting the dollhouse her grandfather ties. built for her when she was five. She now constructs and photographs tableaus Kauffman earned a BFA from the Universimulating the emotional and physical sity of Kansas and exhibits in local galleclutter surrounding relationships and ries and exhibition spaces, including the distorting the sense of scale by working Studio Gallery, Schlesinger Art Center, entirely in dollhouse miniatures. These Athenaeum, The Clinical Center Art Prophotographs reveal domestic scenes gram, NIH, McLean Project for the Arts, that tantalize, unsettle, and explore how Glen Echo Galleries, Touchstone, Hillyer, personal interior space and voyeurism Zenith, Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Center, interact. Studio 1469, Target Gallery and regionally at artspace and Annmarie Sculpture Lambert’s work is in private and public Garden and Art Center. collections, including the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum Collection, the WiShe is the recipient of the Juror’s Awards lson Building Art Collection, and the D.C. from Anne Reeve of Glenstone and MaryCommission on the Arts and Humanities beth Kelley of the Hirschhorn, the Linda Art Bank. and Douglas Scholarship from the Corcoran College of Art + Design, a merit-baShe has exhibited publicly as part of the sed artist grant from the Vermont Studio Dream Rooms exhibition at the National Center Artist Residency program, and Building Museum, Washington, DC; D.C. DCCAH fellowship and juried exhibition ARTWALK and Public Garden, Washinggrants. Her work is in private and public ton, D.C.; the Open Sky Project in Rosscollections, the D.C. Commission on the lyn, Virginia; and ART ON THE ART BUS, Arts and Humanities Fine Art Acquisition Virginia. Program, and the Art and Healing Program/Inova Schar Cancer Institute. She is a four-time recipient of the D.C. Artist Fellowship Grant and received a She is affiliated with Art Watch, DCAC, 2004 Maryland State Arts Council Works Washington Project for the Arts, and on Paper grant. Studio Gallery, where she served on the Board of Directors. Kauffman studied at Lambert lives in D.C. and is represented the University of Texas and the Corcoran by Civilian Art Projects in Washington, College of Art + Design. D.C.

VIDART 03 117

ANDREA LIMAURO Italian visual artist and city planner whose work explores issues of migration and migrant identity, nationalistic narratives, gun violence, climate change, and other social topics. Limauro has exhibited at the Art Museum of the Americas, the Katzen Art Center at American University in Washington, D.C., and The Painting Center in New York City.

She has six pieces on permanent installation in a museum in South Korea. Her work can also be seen in residential spaces and many public and commercial places such as hotels, banks, law firms, and offices. Lynn’s innovative technique combines crushed materials, like healing crystals, sand, stone, and recycled glass, and infuses them into her paints. The effects are dazzling and mesmerizinglike jewelry for your walls.

Her paintings have been included in New American Paintings and Studio Visit Ma- In 2023, Lynn’s work will be exhibited in gazine and reviewed by The Washington Paris, Cannes, Venice, Switzerland, and other U.S. cities. Her recent exhibits incluPost and the Washington City Paper. de Volta ArtBasel Switzerland, carousel Limauro was a finalist for the Albero An- of Louvre in Paris, Superfine DC, Miami dronico Art Award in Rome and a Semi-Fi- Art Basel Events of Scope, Art Miami, nalist for the Bethesda Painting Awards in Red Dot Miami, and Spectrum Miami, Maryland. Limauro, who resides in Silver the 1St Dibs Gallery in NYC, Hamptons Springs, MD, serves as a Board Member Art Market, The Palm Beach Show. She has also had two solo shows, “untamed” of the Washington Project for the Arts. and “SUPERLOVED,” in her hometown Limauro holds a Bachelor’s degree in of Washington, D.C. Politics and Sociology from Essex University in the U.K., a Graduate Diploma in International Development from the University of Padua, Italy, and a Master’s MEGAN MAHER in Urban Planning and Policy from the Megan Maher, born in St. Louis, Missouri, University of Illinois in Chicago. is a mixed media artist and curator whose work explores the power and beauty of nature through lines and color.


The squiggle is a recurring motif in her Heather Lynn is a contemporary artist work because it is a mark everyone is faspecializing in large-scale residential, miliar with and, when layered, references the energy of storms. commercial, and commission work. Lynn’s work has been exhibited in Paris, She has exhibited internationally and naWashington, D.C., New York City, and tionally, including Hope and Possibility, Bridgette Mayer Gallery, and the LateMiami. 118


la Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibit. Other venues include the Arlington Arts Center, McLean Project for the Arts in Virginia, and Centro Arti Visive. Her recent awards include the Covid 19 Emergency Relief Grant for Artists and Scholars, Montgomery County Council of Arts and Humanities (2021), and the Individual Artist and Scholars Grant, Montgomery County Council of Arts and Humanities.

York City, and Miami. In the Washington D.C. area, she has exhibited at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and, recently, a solo show at the Art Museum of the Americas.


John Paradiso, Italian-American, is a mixed media artist who describes his work as an “ongoing exploration of identity.” He earned his BFA at the State University of New York and his Master’s in Fine Arts at the State University of New York in Buffalo. He has work in private and public collections, including the Kinsey InstituShe received her Master’s in Fine Arts te, the Leslie Lohman Museum, Stamp from American University in Washington, Collection at the University of Maryland, D.C., and her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from College Park, and a portfolio of seven Indiana University. Maher lives in greater photographs in the National Picture CoWashington, D.C., and maintains a studio llection at the Library of Congress (AIDS portfolio). in Kensington, Maryland. Maher’s work is featured in collections of Indiana University, the Library of Congress, and private collectors in the United States, France, and New Zealand. Maher grew up in Kentucky and southern Indiana, living in both the city and the country, where her love of nature developed.

Paradiso’s work is influenced by the impact of the AIDS epidemic during the CAROLINA MAYORGA 80s and 90s, internal and external homophobia, sexual desire, and growing For the past 20 years, Carolina Mayorga, old. He had served as a health educator a Colombian-American visual artist, has and caregiver in the HIV/AIDS community exhibited and her work reviewed natio- for over twenty years, where he develonally and internationally. ped educational programs and provided peer-based counseling. Mayorga’s artwork addresses issues of social and political content, such as im- More recently, he was an Artist-in-Resimigration, conflict, and identity. dence at the Washington Hospital Center, working with adult cancer patients, Her artwork has been shown worldwide their families, and caregivers. in Colombia, Mexico, Texas, and major cities like Montreal, Los Angeles, New VIDART 03 119

Paradiso is the lead Art Consultant for Landex Development, LLC at Studio 3807 Contemporary Apartment Community and the Resident Artist/Curator at Portico Gallery and Studios in Brentwood, Maryland.

ANA DE ORBEGOSO Peruvian artist, internationally and nationally awarded photographer. In 2006 she received the first prize in the 1st. National Photography Salon ICPNA in Lima, Peru, and in 2002 was recognized in En Foco New Works Awards in New York. She is a 2008 fellow in Photography from the New York Foundation for the Arts; has been selected for Descubrimientos Photo España; Interstice Spe Multicultural Caucus; 1st. Biennial of Lima, Peru; National Contest of Women Artists at A.I.R. Gallery, New York; and at the Best Photography Annual, Photographer’s Forum.

collection and the Violy McCausland Collection among others. Her work has been exhibited solo at the Greenwich Arts Council in Connecticut; the Garcilaso Cultural Center in Lima, Peru; Museo Pedro de Osma, Lima, Peru; Embassy of Peru in Washington, D.C.; Crossing Arts in New York; The Cervantes Institute New York; Museo de la Nacion, Lima, Peru; Fotonoviembre in Tenerife, Spain; UC Davis Gorman Museum; Museo Inka in Cusco and Sala Miro Quesada in Peru; Lucia de la Puente Gallery, Lima, Peru; ICPNA Lima, Peru, MALI Museum of Art Lima, Peru. Group exhibits include L’Art Contemporai Péruvien, Fondation Taylor, Paris, France; 1st Biennial of Photography, Cusco, Peru; Les Chercheurs D ‘Or, Chateau de Saint Vincent-Auvent, France; Aleppo 8th International Women’s Art Festival, Syria; Beyond Borders/Cruzando Fronteras, Hunterdon Museum, New Jersey; Descubrimientos Photo España in Madrid, Spain; Interstice University of Miami CAS Gallery; Lehigh University, Pennsylvania; Museum of Fine Arts Houston; Enfoco New York Awards Quito Biennial of Photography; Saloon of Photography in Ecuador, San Marcos U. Museum, Lima, Peru; MALI Museo de Arte de Lima, Peru; IV Month of Photography, Sao Paulo, Brasil; I Biennial of Art, Lima, Peru, Foto septiembre Latinoamericano in Mexico.

De Orbegoso’s work is in the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois, the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.; Museum of Fine Arts, Houston in Texas; Lehigh University Art Galleries in Pennsylvania; MALI Museum of Art in Lima; Museo de Arte U. San Marcos, Lima; En Foco Print Collector’s Prog; Photographic Art Institute of Lima; ICPNA Peruvian Northamerican Cultural Institute, Lima, Peru; Gorman Museum UC Davies; ALISON R ASH Bellarmine University; the Joaquim Paiva Collection at the Modern Art Museum Los Angeles-based artist, and her work of Rio; Peru’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs explores the idea of absence and the relationship between compulsive and impul120


sive mark-making. Her artwork occupies the intersection of order, coincidence, and manipulation. Rash’s paintings, while appearing physical, are very light in paint application. She has exhibited in major cities in the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. Internationally, her work has been featured in galleries in Paris, France; Venice, Italy; and Tokyo, Japan.

Her art has also been exhibited in Animal Gallery in Chile, and Kiosco Gallery in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Revilla’s art has been published at Amazonistas, Libro de Artista, and Art Nexus, No. 92.


Spanish fine Arts painter Salustiano García Cruz graduated from the University Rash earned a Master’s in Fine Arts with of Seville, Spain. His paintings are red or a concentration in Painting from Clare- white pictures in a pure concept of Remont Graduate University in California. naissance style, transmitting calm throuShe also holds a Master’s in Education gh a detailed study of form and a precise and Psychology, as well as a Bachelor’s brush stroke. in Art, both from Pepperdine University in California. Rash, who grew up in rural Throughout the years, Garcia Cruz has Nebraska, also studied at Studio Art Cen- occupied the covers of magazines and newspapers, such as the magazine Arte ters International in Florence, Italy. Al Límite, Artery Berlin, MU Magazine, and the weekly cultural newspaper of the national Spanish newspaper ABC.


Peruvian artist Natalia Revilla, who has exhibited internationally and nationally, is Director of Context, Publisher of Artist Books, and has participated as Researcher of the Curatorial Team of the Place. Some of her exhibitions are in galleries such as Wu Galería in Lima and Galería Pabellón 4 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recent group exhibitions have been presented at the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., Feria Estampa in Madrid, Spain, Espacio Odeón in Bogotá, Colombia, at Galería 80m2 in Lima, and Tasneem Gallery in Barcelona, Spain.

Thanks to this artistic recognition, charitable institutions of international prestige have invited Salustiano to collaborate in their projects. Among them is the Dalai Lama Foundation with the exhibition The Missing Peace, which toured several continents, the international organization Woman Together, with the exhibition “Other Meninas,” supervised by the World Microcredit Bank, by Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize), in which the Queen of Spain actively collaborates, and the Cisneros Foundation with the exhibition and auction of IKF Latin American Art Auction, part of its program for childhood health care in Latin America.

VIDART 03 121

Garcia Cruz participated in The Missing Peace Artist Consider The Dalai Lama, an international exhibition that brings together such prominent authors as Bill Viola, Anish Kapoor, Christo, Richard Avedon, and Sebastiao Salgado, and who, since 2006, has toured several cities in the world: Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Tokyo, Toronto, Warsaw, and Miami.

MARINA SORIA Marina Soria is a graphic design artist from Argentina recognized nationally and internationally. She has exhibited her pictorial and calligraphic works in Spain, Japan, Germany, Russia, Norway, Argentina, Uruguay, and the United States.

She was an Associate Professor in Typography at the University of Buenos Aires. Soria works as an experimental calligrapher and a book artist. She also teaches in her studio, abroad, and online. Her main interest is the experimental aspect of calligraphy. Her goal is to mingle and blend diverse disciplines: art, textile art, graphic design, sumi-e, and calligraphy, to challenge the limits of conceptual art and technique.


Acrylic painter Marsha Staiger is a working artist and teacher. She earned her Bachelor’s in Art from the University of Louisville in Kentucky, and her artwork has been exhibited nationally and internationally. For the past 26 years, she has been Her works are part of the Contempo- an instructor at the Art League School in rary Museum of Calligraphy in Moscow, Alexandria, Virginia, and is a member of the Hans-Joachim Burgert´s Collection the Torpedo Factory Art Center. in Berlin, the Klingspor Museum & the Hoefer Archive in Offenbach, the Arezzo Staiger’s art has been featured at The Public Library in Italy, the Latin Ameri- Mason Law Firm in Annandale, Virginia; can Collection for the Yale University, the the Greg De Roche and Associates in Savannah College of Arts, the Baylor Uni- Baltimore, Maryland, the Dyna Corporaversity, and the Otis College of Art and tion in Reston, Virginia, and at Howard Design, as well as the Harrison Collection University in Washington, D.C. Staiger’s at the San Francisco Public Library in Cali- artwork has been exhibited in galleries in fornia. Soria has published articles in spe- Brussels, Miami, Alexandria, Washingcialized magazines, and her artworks may ton, D.C., and Martha’s Vineyard. In 2010 be seen in Letter Arts Review´s Annuals. she was named Artist of the Year by the Torpedo Factory. Soria received her degree in Fine Arts from the Instituto Santa Ana and Graphic Design and Advertising from the Escuela Panamericana in Buenos Aires.




Washington University and an MFA from American University (in Washington, Marité Vidales is a Costa Rican Washin- D.C., and Italy). Walton has shown nagton, D.C.-based painter with 30 years tionally in New York, Miami, Boston, and of experience who has exhibited in Ger- Seattle and internationally in Italy. many, Peru, the United States, and her She was awarded an Artistic Fellowship native Costa Rica. from the D.C. Commission on the Arts Her paintings are included in the D.C. and Humanities, among several other Commission on the Arts and Humanities grants and residencies, including Vermont Studio Center, Pyramid Atlantic Art Art Bank. Center, and Hamilton Princess, Bermuda. Vidales has an active studio practice in the Shaw Neighborhood in D.C., teaches art She has been critically published in seveat two non-profit senior centers in the city, ral catalogs and articles, and her work is and is a docent for an innovative Smithso- held in several distinguished private and nian Institution Spanish language project public collections. Walton lives and works to engage adults with dementia and their in the Washington, D.C., area. caregivers. She is known for using symbols to communicate her work’s content and for crea- ALICE WHEALIN ting harmonious and balanced images Accomplished artist with a studio in Arlinthrough colors and textures. gton, VA, and her artworks have been seVidales’s styles range from figuration to lected for numerous exhibitions at gallegeometric abstraction. She has develo- ries both nationally and in the D.C. area. ped thematic series of work based on her life experiences as a Costa Rican immi- Her artworks have been included in mugrant to the United States and my travels seum exhibitions at the Museo Della Carta in Fabriano, Italy, the American Univerand social concerns. sity Museum at the Katzen Arts Center She received her BFA from the School of in Washington, D.C., and The Phillips Fine Arts at the Universidad de Costa Rica Collection Washington, D.C. Museum. and completed Graphic Design studies Whealin was awarded a studio artist reat the Universidad de Centro America. sidency fellowship at the Arlington Arts Center and received a Juror’s Award in 2018 for her artwork at the McLean Project for the Arts. She holds a B.A. from JENNY WALTON Rowan University, NJ, and was awarded a Jenny Walton holds a BFA from Central teaching fellowship in the MFA sculpture

VIDART 03 123

program for The School of the Museum with a concentration in poetry from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. of Fine Arts in Boston, MA. She completed a two-year bronze-casting apprenticeship at The Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture, Princeton, NJ, on a work grant and held a Certificate in Structures.

SUE WRBICAN Artist Sue Wrbican lives and works in Washington, D.C. metro area and teaches in the School of Art at George Mason University in Virginia. She presented work in 2021 featuring her brother Matt Wrbican in two exhibitions entitled “The Iridescent Yonder at Riverviews Art Space” in Lynchburg, Virginia, and “This Iridescent Era” at the VisArts Center in Rockville, Maryland. A year before, her work “Buoyant Force” was installed at the Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art in Reston, Virginia. Wrbican has held residencies at the Robert Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva, Florida, Kala Art Institute in Berkeley, California, The Atlantic Center for the Arts in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, and STUD Residency in Catlett, Virginia. She is a founding member of the Floating Lab Collective, which projects have been exhibited widely in venues such as ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, and the Nathan Cummings Foundation, NYC, New York. She earned a Master’s in Fine Arts in Photography from RISD in Rhode Island and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Writing




ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Organizing an art auction event with a reception and musical intermission is a daunting challenge unless you have outstanding partners, collaborators and friends. We have been honored to count as partners the Embassy of Mexico and the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, DC. We are deeply indebted to the Institute’s Director Dr. Ix-Nic Irruegas whose commitment and passion for the event ensured a seamless collaboration between Nueva Vida and the Institute. We are also most grateful to Brigitte Reyes, Anne Dammarell, Ada Rose Galleries and Arnold Ventures for their art donations from several artists that compliment and enrich the amazing selection of artists and artworks in this third edition of Vidart. We want to sincerely thank all the participating artists who are donating a portion of the sales to benefit Nueva Vida cancer survivors, this event would not be possible without their talent, passion and inspiration. Philippa Hughes has been our advocate, supporter and “consiglieri.” Her commitment to art, dialogue and to end cancer is as legendary as her heart. Thank you for all the things you bring to Nueva Vida. We want to thank all the participating art galleries and dealers: Rofa Projects, Beta Work in Projects, and Gaby Mizes Fine Art. This year we were able to count with the collaboration of Carmen Garcia Nuñez for the graphic design and image of this edition of Vidart 03, the fine organizational skills of Ingrid Ortega and the behind the scenes work of Nueva Vida’s Board Members and staff. Lastly, we want to thank our volunteers Patricia Pomenta Bastidas, Michael Serra, Micaela Carmio, and those silent partners and helpers that this year and every year make the magic happen.

special thanks

We thank the Mexican Cultural Institute for being our sponsor and hosting VIDART 03.


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