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25 January 2011 Volume V Issue 4

Well Said: “I walk all the way from one end of the school to the other, just to use a certain bathroom. When I get there, the bathroom is closed.” --Senior Jeff Burton, on the vandalsim in the bathrooms.

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The next generation of Windows computers, coming out in the year 2012


Percent of people in the world who are left-handed.


Winning percentage of the Lady Hawks

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Technology changes 2011-12 by Tyler Glad 2011 was a year of many technologic advances in the world. Smart phones, gaming systems, and tablets all reached new unanticipated heights. 2011 was the year full of updates and new releases including the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, Nintendo 3DS and a new wave of eReaders. The iPad 2 was released in March of 2011 as the next generation of the iPad, which Steve Jobs called, “the most successful consumer product ever launched.” Although the iPad 2 was not a brand new kind of product, it was an improvement over the iPad in many ways. It featured a 7.31 by 9.5 inch screen and a weight g of 1.33 pounds, unds, which was a huge feat in the world ld of tablets. Itt also boastedd faster speeds ds and a better tter interface. The iPhone hone 4S was, in some opinions, a disappointment and, in others, a marvelous addition to the iLegacy. Its main feature was a ated assistant new automated called “Siri,”” who is used rs in everyto help users day activities, es, such as scheduling appointments. It was also a faster and employed pple’s new iOS 5, Apple’s operating portable system. The Nintendo 3DS was an innovation in handheld gaming. It introduced the use of 3D gaming without the 3D glasses. aunched the Nintendo launched

3DS in America in March of 2011. It was a large advancement in technology, but it’s not actually very well known. One of the biggest technologies in 2011 was the rise of the eReaders. These include Nooks, Kindles, etc. Any device that was built as a way to easily read books is considered one of these. 2011 was the year of the eReader. Many new forms and kinds were released throughout the year but the most prominent was the Kindle. The Kindle was the first heavily marketed eReader and it still leads the industry today. While 2011 was a year of great technologic advancement, 2012 has the potential to outshine its ppredecessor with the releases of the iPhone 5, the possible iPads 3 and 4, the Wii U and PSVita, and the new Windows 8 system. Not much is known about the iPhone 5 besides the facts the it will probably be r e leased this

summer and it will be much faster and better than the iPhone 4S. It is also confirmed that the iPhone 5 will feature a new metal casing that will

change the look of iPhones. Digitimes, a newspaper based around technology, claims that two new kinds of iPads will be released this year. The first, coming in March, will essentially be an update of the iPad 2 featuring higher speed capabilities and a larger HD screen. The second will be a new generation of iPad, scheduled to arrive in the fall of this year. It is also said to be debuting with many “killer” applications. These sources are not absolutely reliable and much of the tech world is skeptical, but Digitimes claims that its sources are true. The new iPads have been dubbed as iPads 2 and 3, but those may not actually be the names that Apple releases. In the world of gaming the Wii U, the nex next generation of Wii (scheduled to enter pro production sometime in the latter part of the year), and the Play Station Vita, Sony’s con contender against the new 3DS. The PSVit Vita actually came out at the very end of last year, but it is included in 2012’s technol nologic advancements. Windows, during 2010, released the Win Windows Vista, which was a problematic syst system. As a remedy for the failure Window dows released the Windows 7 system, wh which was an updated version of Vista. No Now, with a release somewhere in later 201 2012, Windows announces the Windows 8 operating o system. From what has been rele released of the system it is apparent that it will w change the way we use computers. It will w be getting rid of our conventional me means of computer usage, turning towards a nnew and unexplored way of running the ddevice. 2012 looks to be a promising year of ttechnology. Visit NS Times Online for Exclusively Online Stories


Vandalism in restrooms causes problems for students and faculty by Elizabeth Peel “Restroom closed due to vandalism.” These words have become a familiar sight in the halls at NS. Due to a rash of vandalism and property damage in the restrooms, certain bathrooms have been closed by the custodians. In one boy’s bathroom the paper towel dispenser had a hole punched through it. After the dispenser was replaced, a hole was once again punched through the cover. There is no longer a dispenser in that bathroom. In the girl’s bathroom two rolls of toilet paper were flushed down one toilet. In an attempt to flood it, boys in the boys’ locker room stacked towels and plugged the drains in the shower area. Fruit was smashed against the walls and smeared on the floor in boys’ bathrooms. In all of the restrooms there have been writing with magic markers on the walls and even carving with a knife into the walls of the stalls. Even little pranks, like ketchup packets under the toilet seats, have been performed in our restrooms. “It’s just disgusting,” said Judy Anderson, custodian at NS. “They will do some pretty nasty things.” For those of us who have not performed these acts of vandalism, the only thing they provide is inconvenience. “I walk all the way from one end of the school to the other, just to use a certain bathroom,” said Jeff Burton,

senior at NS. “When I get there, the bathroom is closed.” He finds this extremely irritating. Even staff members are finding the inconvenience in the closing of the restrooms. Auralee Brooks, teacher at NS, has to walk to the other end of the school to use the restroom. For teachers who are leaving students in the classroom, this is very challenging. As hard as this is for staff and students to deal with, it is even harder for the custodians to deal with. They are the people who have to clean up whatever mess is left behind. “Students need to show some school pride,” Anderson said. The custodians believe that we could put a little more effort into helping to take care of and respect our school. The damage that custodians are left to clean up goes beyond the vandalism in bathrooms and locker rooms. After basket ball games, the bleachers in the student sections are littered with empty drink containers and candy wrappers, whereas the visitor and parent sections are clean. So what is being done to prevent further damage? There have been staff members stationed outside bathrooms to monitor what students are going in and make sure they are not taking anything inappropriate in with them. The administrators are monitoring those coming

Get on the

Fast Trak Stop by Fast Trak Conventience store for gas, goodies, drinks, and a car wash

90 N State St.

(435) 462-3002

in and out of the restrooms on the cameras. “We are trying to narrow it down and deal with the problem,” said Jim Bowles, principal at NS. “When we find them they will have to make restitution and pay for the damage caused.”

photo by Elizabeth Peel

Urinal in the south boy’s bathroom. The bathroom was temporarily off-limits to give time to fix and clean up the restroom.


Poetry Out Loud competetion at NS by Deborah Peel $500, and an all-expense-paid trip for you and an adult to D.C. for the chance to go win $20,000 by reciting poetry. Sound easy? Now think again the people who compete in Poetry Out Loud practice for months and months, but most don’t do it for the money, they really love poetry. Before you can get to the $500 and trip though you have to win at multiple levels before then. It all starts on the classroom level, you compete within the class and the winner goes on to the school-wide level. The winner on that level goes on to the state level and if you can win that also you get the money and trip. Getting ready for any level of the competition is quite a process. It involves choosing a poem or poems, memorizing it or them, making sure you understand the poem(s) in entirety, and giving your performance the right touch.

“I took a couple of hours one day,” said Dustin Allred, a competitor from last year. “I decided it would be easiest to go for poems I liked.” Once they’ve chosen their poems they have to go deeper. In order to prepare for the performance they need to know the poem and understand it or it won’t come out the best it could. “The first thing is they have to understand the poem, every word.” said Ben Cox, English teacher and organizer of Poetry Out Loud. “In order to bring it out in performance you have to get it.” Knowing the poem and understanding it isn’t just about being able to pronounce all the words and recite it from memory. The poem has to become theirs, according to Cox. Every movement they make, every word they say, everything they do while they are reciting it for the judges has to portray the emotion of the poem, their tone, voice, pace, everything. “I remembered things in my life that related to the

poem,” said Alyssa Hall, our school’s Poetry Out Loud winner from last year. “With my “Poem for Love” I thought of relationships that ended badly, and people that had hurt me.” Poetry Out Loud may not be for everyone but it can be a great experience if you try it. You can get a lot out of it, even if you don’t get the money or trip. At the state competition you recite two of your poems and then they call the finalists and they recite their third poem. “I was so surprised,” said Hall. “After they called the other finalists they said my name, it was almost an afterthought. It was fun, being able to do my third poem and do it with confidence.” Hall was awarded second place at state receiving $250 for herself and $250 for our school library. So if poetry does appeal to you, even if it doesn’t don’t be afraid to give it a try. You may find a new passion. “I’d say just go for it,” said Allred. “You can really enjoy it.”

Library bans two popular afterschool computer games by Maren Anderson Most, if not all of us, have experienced frustrations from a slow or broken internet connection when trying to get something done. This was a problem that came up recently with the school’s server. Because of this problem, two popular online games, StarCraft and Armagetron, have been banned at NS. There were a good number of students who enjoyed playing these games either during lunch time or after school. The banning of these games had different

effects on the students that played them. “[After the games were banned] I didn’t feel too bad,” said Andrew Lamb, freshman. “I got it at my house so I can still play it.” Like Lamb, some of the “players” didn’t really mind the fact that the games were banned. For others, it was a different story. “I was traumatized,” said Joseph Johnson, senior. “That was my game time. It was my afterschool life—to play it with all my friends.” School officials didn’t seem to have

any problems with the games in general; it was basically just the issues the games caused to the school’s server. “It wasn’t the game itself,” said Nan Ault, vice principal. “It was interfering with the technology in the school, which affected the other classes that had to use the computers. “It’s meant to be public—it just became a problem when the kids were all trying to access the same game.” “I don’t really mind them playing the actual game,” said Tina Mitchell, digital media and yearbook teacher. “It just takes

up all the bandwidth space and maxes out the server so the server won’t read anything but that game. There was one day where it wouldn’t let me use the internet at all, which was a big problem.” Mitchell even mentioned that it looked like a fun game and maybe she would have tried it. Ault says the games will be banned until they can figure out a way where some students can play the games and other students can use the computers for academic purposes at the same time.

photo from

Armagetron, one of the games banned in the library, was a game based on the light cycles from the movie Tron. The game was banned for causing issues to the schools server, which impeded on the academinc use of the school’s computers.


Why guys don’t ask girls to senior ball by Dustin Allred Every year around this time, the subject of boy’s choice dances comes up all around the school. When this subject arises, it is usually accompanied by the observations of how Senior Ball always lacks in attendance. Most of the blame for this lack of attendance falls upon the guys. Girls seem to think that guys at NS are just lazy and don’t ask because they just don’t want to. I think this is a huge misconception. Guys at NS have very valid reasons for not asking girls to go to Senior Ball. A huge reason that guys don’t ask girls to Senior Ball is because the dance sneaks up on guys. The dance is in January. That’s

right after Christmas break, and near the end of the semester. There is a lot of stuff going on all at one time. No one wants to think about anything that has to do with school during the holiday break. Then, when everyone comes back to school, they turn their attention to their grades because the end of the semester is closing in fast. With all of this going on, finding a date is one of the furthest things from a guys mind. Another big reason that guys don’t ask girls to Senior Ball is because a lot of guys don’t have the cash to go. Going to a date dance isn’t a cheap thing to do. The usual date consists of some sort of activity, then dinner, followed by the dance. Then

by Andrew Fryer

you have to add into that expense the cost of gas and the price of pictures at the dance. Guys will easily spend fifty dollars on a date dance. Unfortunately for girls, a lot of guys don’t have that money. Yet again the timing of the dance is to blame for this. Most guys are broke in January because they just got done buying Christmas presents just a few weeks previous. So if you are a girl and you happen to be mad about the lack of attendance that Senior Ball gets, don’t blame the guys. Blame the timing. If the date for senior ball was changed to a different month, there would be a large increase in attendence.

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NS teachers experience life changes with new babies By Alex Sorenson Going through change in life is something that can be both challenging and rewarding, especially when that change comes in the form of a bouncing baby boy as a new addition to a family. For two teachers at our school, Leah Woodard and Dax Higgins, they have experienced firsthand exactly what going through this particular change is like. Woodard’s son, McKelle, was born on May 25, 2011. He came early, however, being born at 24 weeks along rather than the desired 40 weeks. The reason for this was because Woodard was experiencing some health problems at the time. She had the flu, which turned into a respiratory infection. When she went to the doctor for breathing treatments, they discovered that her blood pressure was very high.

“It was a miracle really,” Woodard said. “If I hadn’t gone to the hospital I would not have known. I had been having really bad headaches but it wasn’t anything that I would have gone to the doctor for.” Since her high blood presure was dangerous for the baby, Woodard was immediately admitted to a hospital in Murray where she was on bed rest for a week. Afterwards, she was sent back to Provo. It was there she had another really bad headache, and problems increased. “The baby was not doing well because I was not doing well, so I had to have him then,” Woodard said. One C-Section later and McKelle entered the world as a preemie, weighing in at just one and a half pounds and only 12 inches long. Being a preemie did not mean he would only be small, but that he would also not be fully developed. Since McKelle’s body had not fully completed its development because of an early birth, this created several other problems. Since the lungs are one of the last things to develop in the final months of pregnancy, McKelle had a chronic lung disease that required him to use the aid of a ventilator and oxygen. He also suffered from retinopathy (an eye disorder), developed a hernia, and had trouble learning how to swallow which then affected his food intake. Just one of these health problems in

Photos provided by Leah Woodard

Woodard, her husband Jon, and McKelle. After almost four months in the hospital, Mac was released and got to go home. Mac suffered may hardships, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Photo Provided by Dax Higgins

Dylan Higgins, the baby boy adopted by Dax and Heidi Higgins in July of 2011. The Higgins were able to adopt Dylan through LDS services

a newborn would overwhelm anyone, let alone all that McKelle experienced. Thankfully he had great parents who were able to be with him every step of the way on his road to recovery. “Every single day I would drive up to Provo and get to see him and hold him,” Woodard said. “My husband would come up at night and then we would both get to be with him until it was time to go home.” McKelle came home on September 13, 2011. He went in every week for a month to get his eyes checked, and they miraculously healed themselves. At around Thanksgiving he was able to discontinue the use of an oxygen monitor, and has been doing really well. “Now he’s doing awesome,” Woodard said. “He eats great, and is gaining weight like he should. Seven and a half months later, McKelle is growing and becoming his own unique person. Affectionately nicknamed “Bean” by his parents after Orson Scott Card’s character, who is both little and smart, the name fits perfectly. “He is a stinker, and kind of serious,” Woodard said. “He is also really smart,

doesn’t act like a seven-month-old baby.” Being able to watch a child grow and gain their own identity is something any parent enjoys. “I enjoy just watching him discover the world around him and seeing this little person develop,” Woodard said. Another baby boy who is growing up and beginning to learn about the world is five-and-a-half-month-old Dylan. Dylan was adopted by Dax Higgins and his wife, Heidi, in July of 2011 through LDS services. Since that time he has been a great addition in their lives, but there have definitely been a lot of new things to adjust to. “The first two months were really hard,” Higgins said. “There are a lot of changes.” One reason there were so many changes was that they had to adjust their routines in order to not only care for their needs, but Dylan’s as well. “He is our first priority,” Higgins said. Now months later after adapting to these changes and obtaining a new routine, things are much easier. Not only SEE “BABIES” ON PAGE 7


Lefties: the only humans who are in their right mind By Kaylee Holgreen “When I was in school, the desks at school were for right handed people so I had to turn myself at the desk,” said Jo Francks, a track coach at NS. “I also had to take a writing class because cursive writing was difficult for me because I was left handed.” You can find left handed people everywhere; in the classroom, when you are playing sports, etc. But they are definitely a minority. Left handed people usually look awkward because they have to adjust to using right handed ob-

jects. “When I was little my parents would try to put my crayon or pen in my right hand, but I would just switch it back,” said Lexi Turley a senior at NS. Statistically about 90% of human beings are right handed, and only 10% are lefties. So why are people left handed? Right now, no one has a definite reason for why people are left-handed but there are a few ideas out there. One idea is that hand dominance has to do with brain asymmetry. “The brain is cross wired. The brain controls the opposite

side of the body, which means that left handed people are the only ones in their right mind,” said Ed Staker a teacher at NS. Although Staker does realize that right handed people are not crazy, in all actuality each side of the brain does control the opposite side of the body. It is also believed that being a “lefty” is genetic because being left handed does run through families. Researchers from Oxford have recently found a gene, LRRTM1; this gene “makes it possible to have a left-handed child.” So if you happen to have this gene you and some members of your family may be left handed. In various studies done at colleges etc. Right handed people usually relate right with good and the left with bad. Therefore through the centuries left-handed people have been discriminated against. The devil is almost always portrayed as left-handed and evil spirits hover above his left shoulder. (Which is why superstitious people throw salt over the left shoulder) In the past left handed people have been accused of criminality and dealings with the devil.

Photo by Kaylee Holgreen

Austin Hadley demonstrates his left-handed writing. He is one of many students at NS that writes left-handed. Ten percent of the world’s population writes left-handed.

People also have related being left-handed with clumsiness. For example: In Greek, Italian, French, German and other languages the word for “left handed” means awkward, crooked, clumsy etc. You can also see this in some of the phrases we use every day such as: “being in your right mind”, “the divine right of kings”, “it will be all right in the end” as opposed to being “left out”, having “two left-feet”. But in reality it has been scientifically proven that lefties have an advantage. In studies done “lefties” generally seemed to excel more in sports, academics, memory, art, politics, etc. In sports specifically lefties do extremely well. The reason for this being that athletes usually train to play right-handed people because right handed-people are the majority. Lefties are able to train to play right-handed people that are not used to playing a “lefty” “Being left handed is good for sports,” said Ali Palmer a sophomore at NS. “It messes with the other team.”

In tennis if a left-handed player serves the ball it will spin the opposite direction that the right-handed person is expecting. The same goes for all sports as well, if you are a right-handed person playing a left-handed person everything will be opposite for the “righties”. “It has been an advantage for me in baseball because people aren’t used to left-handed pitchers,” said Tyson Nuttall a senior at NS. So it seems that the lefthanded people are accustomed to right-handed people instead of the other way around. “We are forced to be tough because we live in a right-handed world,” said Staker. Left handed people may seem clumsy, but once again because they are the minority things like cutting paper, writing, crossing paths on a sidewalk or tilting your head to kiss someone is more difficult for a “lefty”. “It’s a lot harder than it looks,” said Turley. “I buy my own scissors, I turn my papers sideways so I don’t get ink on my hand. It’s challenging.”


NS staff, students unaffected by apocalyptic rumors By Elizabeth Peel Apocalypse. Disaster. Catastrophe. They are all saying the same thing. The end is on its way and we need to be ready for it. An apocalypse is defined as a great disaster. The question weighing on everyone’s minds is what is that disaster going to be. There have been many of these predictions throughout the history of the world. In 1988, Edgar Whisenant, a former NASA engineer, published 88 Reasons why the Rapture will be in 1988. He based his reasons on the Bible and stated, “Only if the Bible is in error am I wrong.” Last year Harold Camping predicted the end of the world on May 21, 2010. When that prediction failed, he stated that “spiritual judgment” had taken place, and the world would actually end on October 21, 2010. The most common end of the world prediction today comes from the Mayan calendar. The Maya actually used three calendars. The calendar in question is the Long Count calendar, which is said to have the ability to define any point in the past and future. Many people believe that

this indicates that the world ends when the calendar ends. At NS, though, many have ideas contrary to that. “I think the old Mayan guy got sick of making calendars,” said Emma Ence, freshman. Others believe they ran out of rock, or would have continued making calendars had their civilization not died off. Contrary to the popular belief, the calendar does not end in 2012. The calendar is divided into different levels, and one of those levels, called a Baktun, ends on December 21st. The Mayan calendar is not the only sign predicting the end of the world in 2012. There are also astronomical signs that show evidences to these beliefs. According to the end of the Mayan calendar aligns with two such events. There is an alignment between the sun, the earth, and the milky way that only happens every 26,000 years. This alignment is said to take place on December 21st. There are also speculations centering on the planet Nibiru, also commonly referred to as Planet X. There is no proof that this planet exists, but there are

theories. One theory states that every 3,600 years this planet cycles through our solar system. When this happens the balance in the system will be destroyed, and there will be major destruction to our planet. The next time this is predicted to happen is in 2012. Maybe they are coincidences, but maybe they aren’t. The idea of an upcoming apocalypse brings mixed feelings from people everywhere, even at NS. Some find the idea interesting, others, dumb. Some don’t consider the idea at all. “I don’t spend time thinking about it, “ said Cindy Glad, librarian at NS. “I just live life and try to stay happy.” Casey Lamb, junior, said that the idea of an apocalypse is probably very reassuring to some. So, is there an apocalypse coming? That question still hangs in the air. Glad said that she believes there is an apocalypse coming, just not in the way that everyone is expecting. “Everyone has their own [apocalypse],” Lamb said. He believes that when you die that is the end of your world. For those who believe that there is an apocalypse coming, there are many theories as to how

Photo from

The Mayan Calendar, which is said to predict the end of the world. Many such predictions have been made since the beginning of the world.

the end will come. Some believe that war is coming, and others think that we will bring destruction upon ourselves. “I think people will destroy it or, we’ll all die,” Lamb said. Chances are that our current “end of the world prediction” will not come to pass. We can just base our opinion off of Sir

Isaac Newton’s prediction that the world would not end before 2060. No one really knows whether or not the world is actually going to end, but if it does, it won’t make a difference to any of us, because we’ll all be dead.

Babies Continued from Page 5 that, but Dylan has also grown and has found his personality. “He is a good kid, really happy and smiley,” Higgins said. “Now that he has more of a personality it’s a lot easier to understand his needs and be able to interact with him.” Such interactions include playing with Dylan and just being able to spend time with him, which Higgins enjoys immensely. “I just enjoy being with him so much, he is such a neat little kid,” Higgins said.

“Whenever he smiles it just makes my day.” Higgins is also looking forward to being able to take Dylan outside and expose him to the world. “I became a teacher to share the world with others, so it will be fun to teach him so much and see the wonder in him as he learns new things,” Higgins said. Since Higgins and Woodard are both teachers, they must also devote time to their students and their subjects as well. “I like teaching enough that it doesn’t

bother me a whole lot to be gone, but obviously I’d rather be home with him [McKelle],” Woodard said. Higgins expressed similar feelings. “It’s hard to leave him [Dylan],” Higgins said. “I just want to stay and play with him and spend time with him.” While both of these teachers have not only one of a kind stories, as well as one of a kind sons, they also both have deep feelings toward their experiences. “You expect it to be hard, but you really don’t know till you go through it your-

self,” Higgins said. “It’s been amazing.” “It’s been happy, sad, a lot of different things,” Woodard said. “Mostly it has been profound.” Both Woodard and Higgins have had unique, life-changing experiences. Woodard’s came in the form of little McKelle, and Higgins’ came in the form of smiling Dylan. What both of these young boys do not realize is that they are loved beyond more than they can possibly know.


Movies of the 1Pirates Caribbean





2 1Sexy and I know it 3 2 Party Rock Anthem 3 Moves Like Jagger 4 Pumped Up 4 5 Stereo Hearts 5 Rio 6 6 Forget You Thor 7 7 Grenade Captain America: 8 The First Avenger 8 Someone Like Mission: Impossible- 9 Rolling in the Deep 9 Ghost protocol Just Can’t Get Enoug 10 The Help 10 Transformers: Dark of the Moon Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Sherlock Holmes: A game of Shadows Fast Five



-Maroon 5

-Foster the People

-Gym Class Heroes

-Cee Lo Green

-Bruno Mars




-Black Eyed P



As voted by the students of North Sanpete High School

Tv Shows Psych

By Matthew Workman In the year of 2011 there were many unique events. From movies abot wizards to pirates to super heroes, 2011 had something for everyone. The school



body of North Sanpete liked very different movies than the rest of the US. For example the most popular movie according to the US was the movie “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” but according to a recent NS Times survey of North Sanpete students the most popular movie of 2011 was “Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides.” The year 2011 will also be remembered in sports, where there were extensive lockouts in both the NFL and the NBA. In technology, the tragic death of Steve Jobs was underscored a year in which Apple dominated the cell phone and tablet markets. Politically, the race for the republican candidate to compete against Obama began in 2011, with Mitt Romney currently hanging on to a tenuous lead. The heat record of 2000 was broken in July. Osama Bin Laden a leader of the Alqaida terrorists and the mastermind behind the bombing of 9-11 was killed and buried by the US military on April 29. There were many events in 2011 which were tragic as well as many which were great and beneficial. The year of 2011 was so great in so many ways and lacking in so many others. But no matter how you viewed 2011, it was definitely memorable.

Photos provided by: logotypes.com,,,,,,,,


2 The Walking Dead 3 Vampire Diaries 4 Hawaii Five-0 5 The Mentalist 6 Burn Notice 7 Glee 8 Modern Family 9 Once Upon a Time 10 The Office


NS boys basketball struggles after winning streak ends the new region and the challenges that lay ahead of the Hawks. Bailey said, “The new region is going to be tough but we’re just going to have to work harder.” Every new season brings unique aspects to the Hawks game. Being a starting varsity player, as a junior, Bailey said he feels comfortable in his possition on the team because he had played with the current players last year. But for Coach Hoopes this year will be difficult at best while learning the ropes. Hoopes said, “Learning the tendency of the kids and there’s a lot of habits from past coaching, well, we’re still just trying to figure out each other.” Coach Hoopes said some of the team’s weaknesses are: taking care of the ball when it’s in our possession and starting quick. Hoopes felt the Hawks need to come on strong in the second half where they have a tendency Photo by Austin Hadley

Above: Junior Jordan Christensen pulls up for a shot in a recent game against the Payson lions in a recent home game. Below: Senior Kyle Seely dribbles down the court in the same game against the lions.

By Cassi Davis After a good winning streak for the NS basketball team things have started spiraling down a bit. Recently NS has been struggling to take home a win after losing to Delta 61-55 and also losing their game against Payson 61-47. The past six games have netted them a 3 and 3 record. Upon reflection Coach Cris Hoopes said, “We thought we should have won Delta we just played poor that night.” However the Hawks have the opportunity to redeem themselves when they play the Delta Rabbits Friday, January 27th. According to Coach Hoopes all the teams in the new region are well balanced and equally a chal-

lenge. “The region is very strong and we need to come prepared to play ev-

Photo by Austin Hadley

ery game.” said Coach Hoopes. Junior Forward, Jake Bailey, agreed with his coach regarding

to fall behind. While the list of weaknesses may seem like a lot, Hoopes had many positive things to say about the Hawks. Hoops feels the Hawks strengths are rebounding and defense. We do have some really good scorers. “When we play together we are really capable of scoring points.” said Hoopes. Bailey felt his rebounding was one of his personal strengths he has brought to the team along with his defensive abilities and the talent of the other players on the team, this season with all its challenges and changes is shaping up to look pretty good. If the crowd is any factor in determining the spirit of the Hawks, then the team is already a winner as the house is packed at home games and many fans attend away games. The future looks bright for a new Hawk generation.


Lady hawks start to struggle after having successful preseason By Austin Hadley 5-15, that was the Ladyhawks record for all last season. This season through thirteen games the Ladyhawks have a 7-6 record, a two game improvement. With a win over Payson a week ago Friday, the Ladyhawks picked up their first win in the new region 12. That first region win puts them well on their way to beating their region record from last season. There are many reasons for the improvement that the Ladyhawks have shown so far this season. One is defending their home court; they are 6-1 at home. This team has also learned how to win in close games. Beating Uintah by three in double overtime, they also held off the Emery Spartans late run and won by one. The players have also noticed a difference from last season. “Everyone is a lot more committed,” said Alex Sorensen. The team is not just going through the motions. “We have more confidence in ourselves,” said Taylor Gordon. Both players also credited the improvement to more team-

work. “We work a lot harder, and we push each other as a team,” said Shelby Jorgensen. Coach Schlappi credited the mix of experienced upper classmen and talented under classmen for their record so far this season. The Ladyhawks have four seniors. They also have many underclassmen that contribute as well. Sophomore Taylor Gordon is one of the state’s leading scorers. Sophomore Keisha Jorgensen joins Gordon and three seniors in the starting lineup. “We’ve got great young kids that are pushing some of the older kids to be better, “ said Schlappi “The younger kids are keeping them honest.” “The kids are learning how to win.” Assistant coach Randy Griffith has also been a big help this season, said Schlappi. Although this is her first year at coaching at North Sanpete, she has been coaching for twelve years and has plenty of experience coaching and playing basketball. Griffith played college basketball at Snow and SUU. “She has taught us a lot,” said Sorensen of coach Griffith. “She explains things when we don’t understand them.” While realizing that their record

Photo by Cheryl Hadley

is much better, they also realize that they can still improve. “Everything can always use improvement, but I would have to say our defense needs to be improved.” said Jorgensen. Every other player interviewed said the same thing. The team set goals at the start of this season to hold opponents under 40 points. The Ladyhawks have reached their goal twice, against Union and South Sevier. They came within a point of their goal in a region game against Payson, where they gave up only 41 points in the win. Another one of the Ladyhawks goals was to have fewer than 15 turnovers in a game. With the season being well underway the Ladyhawks hope to carry their success into region play. “It’s going to be a battle every night, we’re in a very good region.” Said Schlappi. In the new region is Carbon, who took second last year at the state tournament. Carbon has only lost three games this season, and is 3-0 in region play. “Hopefully there is more to come,” said Schlappi. The Ladyhawks next home game will be the 24th, against the Juab Wasps. With their record already better than last season, all the Ladyhawks can do is get better from here on out.

Photo by Cheryl Hadley

Above: Sophomore Taylor Gordon drives to the basket in a recent game against the Payson lions. Below: Freshman McKenna Birch fights for a rebound in the game against Payson.


Wrestlers excel at rocky mountain rumble despite facing challenges By Mandy Peckham For the Hawk Wrestling Team of 2011-2012, this year has been challenging yet exciting in many ways. However, they are still progressing and working hard for a good rank in the region. The Hawks had one minor issue though. About midseason, they had a case of ringworm spread through a small portion of the team. Ringworm is a fungal infection that affects the top layer of skin. It is identified by circular, itchy, red rash with healthy looking skin in the middle of it. Despite its name, ringworm does not actually have a worm get under your skin. The team thinks it came from a tournament they attended. Ringworm is not hard to get rid of but if you get caught with it, you can’t wrestle until you have it all cleared. Before duels, officials do skin checks so how some people on the team caught it is uncertain. You can hide it with make-up and things so you don’t get caught with it, which would enable some athletes to hide it. It can also come with not washing mats properly. The individuals on the team have been cleared now

though and with some cream for the rash and some extra soap while mopping the mats it has been pretty much cleared up with the team. Even with this minor problem, it didn’t hold the team back at all when it comes to wrestling. On January 14th, they Hawks went to the Rocky Mountain Rumble Tournament at UVU. Brady Walker, a junior for the team, thinks they did pretty good considering the circumstances of the tournament. “Most of us went two and two and got beat out but it’s a really hard tournament, and we all did better than last year. There were sixty-three teams there and we finished somewhere in the middle,” said Walker. Coach Tanner Cowan agrees with Walker on the over all prospect of the tournament. “The Rocky Mountain Rumble went well last weekend. The team did pretty well,” said Cowan. “We saw new competition that we haven’t seen before but ended up doing pretty well.” One Hawk in particular, Aaron Lee, placed at the Rumble though. He took third in his weight division of one hundred and eighty two pounds. “It felt good to do that good,” said Lee. “I felt accom-

Photo by Kenzie Nunley

Senior Aaron Lee wrestles in a recent match against Spanish Fork. Lee recently took third in his weight division at the Rocky Mountain Rumble.

plished by taking third.” Cowan feels that the team is doing well, considering out tough region. “The season is going pretty well. We probably have the toughest division in the state but we are getting better. As a coach, I’m happy with the season so far,” Cowan said.


‘War Horse’ brings epic adventure, visual spectacle to the big screen

1 mango - peeled and cut into cubes 1 peach - cubed 1 1/2 cup cubed fresh pineapple 1 1/2 cup strawberries - hulled and cut in half Juice of 1 lime (this helps the fruit so it doesn’t turn brown).

By Katie Nielson World War I took much from the people across the world. The war consumed and stole every ounce of not just money and loved belongings, but also many lives in this painstricken fight for justice. Soldiers could come into your house and take whatever they wanted because it was “for the war”. In “War Horse”, the war took almost everything from a boy named Albert and his horse Joey. With the exception that the beginning of this film was rather slow, “War Horse” had a strong and captivating plot. Even though the movie had extremely tough scenes to watch, because of the pain and heartache you felt for this strong, hard-headed, miraculous animal, this movie had meaning. It had heart and soul, it was touching, yet it still thrived with adventure and excitement. The story begins when a young, well-built, powerful colt is born. Albert Narracott, a young, caring, and willful son of a farmer, is in the horse’s life since the day it was born, trying to gain its trust and friendship as he passes through it’s pasture each and every day. Albert’s father, Ted Narracott, is a turnip farmer. He also has a drinking problem to help fade his memories of the war he fought in when he was younger. Ted is trying his hardest to be strong for his family and provide for them. He goes to a town auction and finds himself bidding every cent he has for the same colt his son sees everyday. He bids against his conceited landlord, who is arrogant and vain towards Ted because he isn’t as wealthy as he is.

Fruit Salsa Recipe

Ted gets the horse, but he will lose everything else unless he can plow his field and grow turnips to sell so he can pay for his rent. The only problem is that he did not buy a plow horse, he bought Joey, a beautiful and strong horse, but he was not made for the plow. In order to help his father, Albert teaches Joey to use the plow and with their stamina and determination they get the job done, even though no one thought it was possible. But even with their great success, it isn’t enough. A storm comes through and destroys the turnips. All hope seems to be lost. In order to save the farm, Ted sells Joey to a war captain to get money to pay for the rent. Albert is heartbroken, but he is left with a hopeful promise that Joey will be returned when the war ends. Eventually Albert goes to war himself, hoping to end the war and to find his long-lost comrade. Through the suspense and thrill of this movie, Joey and Albert both

long to be reunited with each other. At times you think that it would be impossible for them to ever find each other in their long and hard war expeditions. Albert went to war to seek out his horse, but in the end Joey finds him. Joey brings happiness to those he encounters on his long and very stressful journey. He is a horse with compassion and adventure buried deep inside. Throughout the war, he sparks hope and peacefulness in the hearts of those he comes across. Many people helped and were helped by this magnificent beast. He was a war horse. This film helped me imagine the heartache, love, and pain that war brings. The whole movie was about how to bring true adventure and strong emotions back into what we watch today. I loved this movie and I recommend watching it if you want to see something worthwhile.

Place fruit in blender and pulse several times. You want it blended but chunky. Cinnamon Chips 4 or 5 large thin flour tortillas butter cinnamon & sugar mixture (1/2 cup sugar + 1 1/2 tsp cinnamon) Spread a light layer of butter over the tortilla. Sprinkle with the cinnamon & sugar mixture. With a pizza cutter or sharp knife, cut the tortillas into strips about 1 1/2” wide by 3” long. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees until lightly brown (about 8-10 minutes). Remove from cookie sheet and let cool. Use chips to scoop up the delicious fruit salsa.


NS student blends art, music, and acting excellence lan.

Photo by Dustin Allred

Senior Sarah Allan makes a linoleum cut for her art class. Allan was accepted to the state’s most prestigious art show for high school students. She was also selected as one of the state’s best actresses for her role in “Fiddler On the Roof.�

By Kayla Nielson Standing on stage for the Utah High School Musical Theater Awards, in front of Michael Ballam and his daughter Vanessa, who were only a few of many judges, NS senior Sarah Allan, along with seven other girls were nominated for best actresses in the state of Utah. The eight girls got together the morning of their performances, and rehearsed a medley of all of their solos, which were arranged and accompanied by Michael Ballam. “Everyone was so nice and encouraging. I was just honored for the opportunity to be around such talented people, especially coming from a comparatively small school,� said Allan. Getting in front of the biggest audience she had ever performed for, Allan and the seven other girls sang together at the beginning and the end of the song, while taking turns singing their solos throughout the middle. “I was definitely nervous, but I think the adrenaline and nerves gave me an edge while I was on stage,� said Al-

This musical theater awards is only one of the many things Allan has been involved with. Allan has also been very passionate for art. “She is the sterling scholar and represents the school very well,� said Paul Allred, an NS art teacher. Allan entered in art shows before and got into the Springville art show last year, where she took third in the painting category for her “Birds and Hands� piece. She plans on entering for this years Springville art show with a self portrait and a stamp she has been working on. “Art is my favorite subject, it’s a way to express myself and gets my mind off things,� said Allan. She is hoping to major in art, and is going to portfolio day to go talk to colleges. She hopes to get into BYU because they have a good art program, it’s a family tradition, and she likes the environment. In her spare time Allan likes to doodle, sketch and read. She is also a part of the Mt. Pleasant City Council. On the council Allan helps out with fundraising for the city by setting up booths at city events, like the tree lighting ceremony, at the rodeo selling raffle tickets, and at the 4th of July parade. Being on the council she also does quite a bit of community service which includes visiting and performing at the Assisted Living Center, setting up the annual children’s Easter egg hunt, and being a part of the children’s side walk chalk competition. Being involved in extracurricular activities is just the beginning with Allan. She also puts 110% into everything she does, and not with just academics, but with her social life too. “Sarah is never afraid to be herself. She’s always making everyone feel welcome, and leaves no one out,� said Tanya Roundy, NS drama teacher. Allan is a very positive, friendly, kindhearted person that gives her best effort in everything she does.


Photo by Andrew Fryer

A linoleum cut created by Sarah Allan. Allen is the current Visual Arts Sterling Scholar at NS.

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Highlights of 2011 Crossword by Mandy Peckham, Kaytie Nielson, and Maren Anderson

1 2




Heard IN THE



7 8 9


--Throw it in his nether-nets.

--We should order pizza…from Amazon!


--Jimmer is chocolate…person. 12




--Do you know how cool it would be to have a mini-wookie in your pocket!




--I am always afraid they are gonna


hear my bowel movements. 21




--Go slap a walrus! And then you will realize… --I am the goddess hermaphrodite

24 25


--So he is like that one lady person?




2 4 6 9 10 11 12 14 15 17 20 24 27 28 29

Across Bumblebee is back. (Movie) Fast cars. (Movie) Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris. (Song) The only remaining important cast member is Johnny Depp. (Movie) Adele's number one hit. (Song) Outrun my gun! (Song) Where is Red John? (TV Show) Are you a Gleek? (TV Show) Zombie apocalypse. (TV Show) You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine. (Song) Everyday I'm shuffling! (Song) Yellow lamborghini. Yellow top missin. (Song) Unrealistic vampire lovers. (Movie) Little blue midgets. (Movie) Woke up drunk again. (Movie)

1 2 3 5 7 8 13 16 18 19 21 22 23 25 26

Down Are the Fairy Tales real? (TV Show) Hit comedy staring Steve Carell. (TV Show) Blue birds going into extinction. (Movie) I work out! (Song) Mysterious A. (TV Show) Picture that with a Kodak. (Song) Solving cases in Honolulu. (TV Show) Expecto Patronum! (Movie) We're all born superstars. (Song) Stefan or Damon? (TV Show) The adorable fat panda. (Movie) You got my heartbeat runnin away. (Song) High school chemistry teacher that sells meth. (TV Show) A group of cars gets investigated. (Movie) Fake psychic, real detective. (TV Show)

Photo provided by NS Yearbook Staff

This year’s Senior Ball king and queen are Nathan Beck and Velancy Olmstead. This year’s dance had a much higher attendance than in year’s past.

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