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Providing information to families with children 0-12 across the North Shore: the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, the District of West Vancouver, Bowen Island and Lions Bay. Cover image: istockphoto.com

/PSUI4IPSF$PNNVOJUZ3FTPVSDFT $IJMEBOE'BNJMZ1SPHSBNT  XXXOTDSDB #201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver Children & Family Directory 2019 is produced by the North Shore News in partnership with North Shore Community Resources.



federally funded program that provides support for low income, aboriginal and immigrant families with young children. Q Provides Parent Community Developers that are parents in the community to work with other parents, and provide access to important community resources. /PSUI4IPSF$IJME$BSF3FTPVSDFBOE3FGFSSBM1SPHSBN Q Provides

a community-based service which promotes programs and projects which enhance child care services and the quality of life for children and their families. Q Provides information on child care options for children up to 12 years of age, including group child care, family child care, preschools, out-of-school care, child minding, and programs for children requiring extra support. /PSUI4IPSF&BSMZ:FBST1MBOOJOH5BCMF Q Provides

For information regarding the listings, please contact NSCR 604-985-7138

For information regarding advertising, contact the North Shore News at 604-998-3510

coordination and planning support for the effective distribution of programs and services to meet the needs of families with young children in a diverse community. Q Increases community awareness of the developmental needs and resources for young children. NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 3

Table of Contents &NFSHFODZ/VNCFST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 )FBMUI3FTPVSDFT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Vancouver Coastal Health, North Shore Health Services (VCH). . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Nutrition Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Nursing Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Specialized Support Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Health Centres . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Family Planning Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Hospital Information. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Mental Health Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Food Banks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

$PNNVOJUZ3FTPVSDFT4FSWJDFT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Resources on the North Shore. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22 Resources in the Lower Mainland . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .24 $IJMESFO3FRVJSJOH&YUSB4VQQPSU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 .VMUJDVMUVSBM3FTPVSDFT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27 'JSTU/BUJPOT3FTPVSDFT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28 *OUFSOFU3FTPVSDFT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .29

$IJME$BSF3FTPVSDFT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11

3FDSFBUJPO3FTPVSDFT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Fun Places . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30 Parks and Playgrounds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .31 Community Recreation Services & Centres . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32

&EVDBUJPO3FTPVSDFT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12

5IF'JSTU4JY:FBST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34

North Shore Public Libraries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Community Resource Libraries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Schools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13

1BSFOU&EVDBUJPO4VQQPSU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 1BSFOU$BSFHJWFS$IJME1SPHSBNT . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Early Literacy . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Public Library Early Literacy Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Family Resource Programs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Drop-in Playgroups (0-5 years) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18

4DIPPM"HF1SPHSBNT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 School Site After-School Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Pre-teen Drop-in Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 After-School/Summer Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21

.JEEMF:FBST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34 )FMQ:PVS$IJME4VDDFFE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Steps for Healthy Child Development. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Taking Care of You . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .35 Getting Ready for Kindergarten . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .36 #VTJOFTT4FSWJDFT*OEFY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .37 "EWFSUJTFS*OEFY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .38 The Table of Contents highlights the general categories of information in your $IJMESFO'BNJMZ%JSFDUPSZ. For an alphabetical list of services and resources available to North Shore families, please refer to the */%&9POQBHF.

To find the locations of the places listed in this directory, go to: Yahoo Maps: http://maps.yahoo.com or Google Maps: http://maps.google.ca

Har El Daycare Centre is Accepting Applications We take a Reggio Emilia inspired approach to early childhood education

We offer:

* Active Learning * Play Time * Music/Dance/Yoga * Math Activities * Outdoor Playtime * Healthy Snacks & Lunches 3 Times a Day! Register Today! 604-925-6488 Ext.3 | daycare@harel.org www.hareldaycare.com Daycare Bear The Canadian Childcare Providers Information Network

NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

Full Time, Part Time, Morning and Afternoon Programs and Drop-ins daily… And talented ECE Certified Teachers



(no area code required)

'BNJMZ4VQQPSU4FSWJDFT Confidential Referral Line

)FBMUI-JOL#$ Speak with a health nurse, pharmacist, or dietitian. Operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year, for any question or concern.







• Early Learning Years Program: Junior Kindergarten (4 years old by Dec. 31) • IB World Continuum Program and enriched curriculum • Small class sizes, personalized attention, focus on whole child development • Before and after school care and activities on-site • Extensive financial assistance available: bursaries and entrance scholarships

Accepting applications for 2019/2020 school year. 3467 Duval Road, North Vancouver • 604-929-9201 • Brocktonschool.com A non-denominational, co-ed, International Baccalaureate (IB) World Continuum School supporting JK to Grade 12.

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Health Resources 7BODPVWFS$PBTUBM)FBMUI 7$)  /PSUI4IPSF4FSWJDFT | www.WDIDB Vancouver Coastal Health is dedicated to supporting optimum health for mothers, babies, children, and youth in our community. This is achieved through the delivery of a comprehensive range of services and support for families, including maternity, special care nursery and pediatric services based at Lions Gate Hospital, as well as a variety of community-based programs and services. Public health nurses are available on-call to answer questions related to health issues. Regardless of whether clients are at home, in school or in the hospital, a coordinated team of health professionals will meet their health needs. Services focus on health promotion, disease and injury prevention, as well as early identification of and support for children and youth with developmental and chronic health issues. Staff work together with families, community agencies, recreation and municipal departments to achieve the goal of healthy children and youth living and growing in a healthy community.

"VEJPMPHZo)FBSJOH$MJOJD  Provides services to North and West Vancouver residents who are 0-19 years of age (inclusive) and to developmentally delayed adults who cannot be tested with conventional methods. Services may include: full hearing assessment, universal hearing screening for newborns and kindergarten children, hearing aid and assistive listening device assessment, counseling, hearing aid sales for children 0-19 years of age and for developmentally delayed adults, fitting and follow-up services, client and family education and consultation with other service providers.

)FBMUI-JOL#$'JOE4FSWJDFT BOE3FTPVSDFT%JSFDUPSZ  www.IFBMUIMJOLCDDBĂśOE The HealthLinkBC Find Services and Resources Directory is a resource that provides detailed information about how, and where, to find health services in B.C. We list publicly-funded health, mental health, and addiction treatment programs accessible to British Columbians, including the organizations providing the programs and the sites where they are offered.

$PNNVOJUZ-JDFOTJOH  Provides the licensing and monitoring of child and adult facilities on the North Shore. These facilities provide daycare, group home residential care for youth and adults with special needs and homes for seniors.

6 NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

%FOUBM4FSWJDFTGPS$IJMESFO  Provides oral screenings, assessments and referrals for children under 5 years of age. Oral health prevention services are offered to parents and their young children at selected drop-in groups in the community. An oral health education kit containing lesson plans and handouts is available to loan to preschools upon request.

&OWJSPONFOUBM)FBMUI*OTQFDUJPO  Inspections and licensing of food premises, public swimming pools, and personal service establishments. Inspects and enforces regulations relating to environmental pollution and contamination.

7$)1VCMJD)FBMUI%JFUJUJBOT  Provide resources and consultation to community programs for children 0-5 and school age children.

/VUSJUJPOBM$PVOTFMMJOH  West Van Community Health Centre offers free individual nutritional counselling with a registered dietitian for normal nutrition (e.g. infant and child feeding) and therapeutic diets (e.g., allergies, gastrointestinal problems). Email: OTDET!WDIDB

)FBMUI-JOL#$ Offer free telephone consultations with a registered dietitian. Translation services are available. Call 811 or visit XXXIFBMUIMJOLCDDBIFBMUIZFBUJOH

/PSUI4IPSF1FEJBUSJD3FTPVSDF5FBN &YU /VSTJOH4VQQPSU4FSWJDFT Includes coordination and consultation; assessment to determine if delegated or direct nursing care is required; development of Individualized Care Plans (ICP); teaching/ training and delegation for alternate care givers; facilitation of the At Home Program; counseling and referral; monitoring and evaluation. To access direct care or delegated care services, a physician’s referral is required: XXXCDDIJMESFOTDB and search for ‘NSS Referral.’ 1IZTJPUIFSBQZo&BSMZ*OUFSWFOUJPO The Early Intervention Physiotherapy Therapy Program provides community-based physiotherapy services to children between birth and school entry who have, or are at risk for, a developmental delay and/or disability. Physiotherapists provide services that focus on the identification and promotion of optimal movement

Health Resources cont. development to help children achieve their highest level of participation within home, preschool, child care, and other community settings. Physiotherapists often work in consultation with the Infant Development Program and the Supported Child Development Program. 1IZTJPUIFSBQZGPS4DIPPM"HFE$IJMESFO Physiotherapy services are provided on a consultation basis to school-aged children with special needs – from kindergarten through transitioning to adult services at 19 – to achieve optimal independency and to assist them in meeting their educational goals. The Physiotherapist works with family members, teachers and educational assistants to support the student’s participation, inclusion and access to learning opportunities with the goal of achieving the student’s highest level of independent functioning. Services are provided in the home, school, child care and community settings.

KEEPING YOU IN MOTION Manual Therapy & Manipulation â– IMS & Acupuncture â–  Injury Prevention Programs â–  Sport Specific Rehab & Training â–  Muscle Imbalance & Posture Re-Education â–  Kinesiology Supervised Exercise Programs â–  Sports Injuries & Post Fracture Rehab â–  Baseline Concussion Testing â– 

604.983.8514 #206-1200 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver www.lynnvalleyphysio.com

1VCMJD)FBMUI/VSTJOH  Provides services including prenatal information, home visits to newborns, immunizations, parent and infant classes, young moms groups, breastfeeding drop-ins, lactation consultant clinics, outreach to preschool and child care sites, support and resources for school health XXXWDIDBTDIPPMIFBMUIOT, and a general on-call service. On call operates 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday at 604-983-6700. After hours and weekends, clients can call HealthLink BC at 811.

*NNVOJ[BUJPOT 5PCPPLBOBQQPJOUNFOU PSGPSESPQJOUJNFTBOE MPDBUJPOTDBMM Immunization clinics are offered at four locations: Q Central Community Health office QJohn Braithwaite Community Centre QParkgate Community Centre Q West Vancouver Community Centre

Many children need help dealing with anxiety, depression, bullying, school stress, sexual abuse, trauma, sexual orientation/gender identity, family issues and other types of life challenges. Our specialized child and youth counsellors work with children, in partnership with their parents, to: • • • • •

Heal from trauma and mental health issues Develop coping and problem solving skills Understand and express their feelings Increase confidence and resiliency Build the skills needed for a happier, healthier life

604.988.5281 www.familyservices.bc.ca NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Health Resources cont. 1PTUQBSUVN4VQQPSU  Provides support for new moms who are feeling tired, anxious, sad, teary or overwhelmed. Call the public health nurse on call Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. You can also call the 24-hour crisis line at 604-872-3311.

8FMM#BCZ%SPQ*O$MJOJDT  For dates and times of drop-in clinics go to XXXWDIDB or call and ask for the on-call nurse for Early Years Team. Vancouver Coastal Health offers drop-in clinics in several locations across the North Shore. Program provides an opportunity to consult with a public health nurse, get breastfeeding support, weigh your baby and access other health information. A lactation consultant is available by appointment, call 604-983-6863. Call for more information and times.

:PVOH1BSFOU1SPHSBN  John Braithwaite Community Centre (JBCC) 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver Mothers 24 years of age and under and their children. Drop in: Wednesday 12:45 – 2:30 pm

4QFFDI-BOHVBHF4FSWJDFTZFBST  Services are delivered at the Central and West Community Health Centers. Speech-language pathologists evaluate how well a child understands and uses language, and if there is any articulation, voice, or stuttering problem. They work with the parents and care givers to help the child overcome their communication disorders. Consultation might also be provided in community settings such as home, daycare, and preschool. School–age children have service provided through the public school system.

5PCBDDP3FEVDUJPO  Tobacco resource centre and co-ordination of tobacco initiatives for Vancouver Coastal-North Shore service delivery area.

7JTJPO4DSFFOJOH  This service promotes the prevention of permanent vision loss and the detection of eye problems. Currently all kindergarten age children are screened in the schools, however the recommended age for vision screening is three years old.

:PVUI&BUJOH%JTPSEFST1SPHSBN  Provides services to youth aged 11-18 who are struggling NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

with disordered eating/eating disordered symptoms and live in the North Shore, Bowen Island, Sunshine Coast and Sea-toSky regions. Treatment includes counseling, medical monitoring and nutritional support.

)&"-5)$&/53&-0$"5*0/4 $FOUSBM$PNNVOJUZ)FBMUI$FOUSF  5th Floor, 132 Esplanade, North Vancouver

1BSLHBUF$PNNVOJUZ)FBMUI$FOUSF  2nd Floor, 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver

8FTU$PNNVOJUZ)FBMUI$FOUSF  1st Floor, 2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

0QUJPOTGPS4FYVBM)FBMUI4FYVBM)FBMUI$MJOJD  | www.PQUJPOTGPSTFYVBMIFBMUIPSH Parkgate Community Health Centre 3625 Banff Court -- 2nd Floor North Vancouver Opt clinics provide sexual and reproductive health services for all genders, all orientations and all ages. Opt clinicians are committed to providing you with confidential, non-judgmental, youth-friendly, pro-choice, and sex-positive services. Opt services include low-cost contraception, STI care, Pap screening, pregnancy testing, and pregnancy options counselling. Opt welcomes new and returning clients, and no referral is necessary! Hours of operation: drop-in Wednesdays from 5:30 - 8:30 pm.


 | www.PQUJPOTGPSTFYVBMIFBMUIPSH The Sex Sense Line is a free confidential sexual health referral and information service open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. The team of registered nurses, clinical counsellors, and sex educators offer information and resources for people living in British Columbia and the Yukon. The Sex Sense line answers questions about sex, sexuality, birth control, emergency contraception, pregnancy options, sexually transmitted infections, Pap tests/pelvic exams, and more!

)041*5"-*/'03."5*0//0/Ĺą&.&3(&/$: -JPOT(BUF)PTQJUBM1SFOBUBM5PVST  Call for information.

-JPOT(BUF)PTQJUBM1FEJBUSJD6OJU  The Pediatric Unit at Lions Gate Hospital has 10 beds and a health care team trained to meet the special needs of children

Health Resources cont. and families. A weekly pediatric asthma clinic is held on the unit by referral only. Parents are important members of the care team and are encouraged to participate directly in the development of a care plan for their child. As well, parents are given the option to “room-in� with their child to help alleviate anxiety in small children. A parent lounge in the unit has kitchen facilities. A playroom and teen lounge are available for play therapy and patient recreation. Videos and computer games are also available to distract children from pain and anxiety.


MCFD Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH) 301–224 W Esplanade, North Vancouver  QSFTT | 

Child and Adolescent Program (CAP)

-JPOT(BUF)PTQJUBM1SF"ENJTTJPO$MJOJD  Children requiring surgery will visit the Pre-Admission Clinic with a parent/guardian prior to the scheduled operation. This visit will provide an opportunity for the child to meet with members of the care team, complete required tests and other procedures, and learn more about what to expect when they come to the hospital. Parents/guardians will also learn what to expect during and after surgery and the role they will play in their child’s treatment and recovery process.

5th Floor 132 W. Esplanade, North Vancouver These two multi-disciplinary teams consist of child and youth clinicians, psychiatrists, behavior support workers, a social worker and prevention educators. Referring problems include anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, ADHD and other mental health issues. Outpatient, community-based therapy, outreach services and parent / children after-school groups, including social skills training, are also offered. Infant mental health services (0 – 5 years) are provided by MCFD only. Services are free and referrals are accepted through the Child and Youth Mental Health Walk In Clinic (see next page).


Don’t be afraid to show your smile! A smile is a reflection of good oral health. We offer practical advice in keeping smiles healthy & beautiful. • • • • • •

children’s dentistry Painless freezing teeth whitening sPace maintainers OrthOdOntics rOOt canals

• • • • • •

Dr. Bert Lee

children’s VideO PlayrOOm multi-disciPlined dentistry sPOrts/Bruxing guards inVisiline esthetic crOwn & Bridge digital xrays

604 987 9191 255 - 1233 Lynn Valley Rd. North Vancouver

B.Sc., D.D.S

Parkgate Village Shopping Centre www.seymourdental.com • 604-924-8289 Open weekends & evenings With over 25 years in the community New patients and emergencies welcome

We can help with: • Vision-Related Learning Problems • Amblyopia & Strabismus • Sports Vision & Concussions

See How We’re Changing Lives ACCESSIBLE

lynnvalleyoptometry.com NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Health Resources cont. Child and Youth Mental Health Walk-in Clinic  QSFTT

The Child and Youth Mental Health Clinic provides specialized mental health treatment to children, and youth (0-18 years old), and their families, who are experiencing mental health symptoms that impact thoughts, behaviours and feelings. Clinical services may also include eventual access to psychiatrists for further evaluation of medical need at a later date. QTimes and location: Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 – 3:30 pm #301-224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver *No appointments required


$BOBEJBO.FOUBM)FBMUI"TTPDJBUJPO $.)"  /PSUIBOE 8FTU7BODPVWFS#SBODI  XXXOPSUIXFTUWBODPVWFSDNIBCDDB Suite 300 – 1835 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver CMHA believes that good mental health is essential to overall health and well-being. Mental health promotion and mental illness recovery-focused programs and services are offered for people of all ages and their families including counselling for people experiencing mild to moderate depression and a chronic illness.

'00%#"/,4 )BSWFTU1SPKFDU  1073 Roosevelt Crescent, North Vancouver In emergency circumstances, enough food is provided for each family member for one month.


|XXXOTOICDDB 225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver A venue for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society each Wednesday of the month to provide food packages to those in need. The Food Bank is open from 9:00 –11:30 am and can be accessed from our ground level south entrance at 225 East 2nd Street. A nutritious bowl of hot soup is also available to visitors to the food bank site, thanks to the efforts of local volunteers.

#$'PPE4FDVSJUZ(BUFXBZ XXXCDGPPETFDVSJUZHBUFXBZDB The Food Security Gateway is designed to be a “one stopâ€? online resource for food security practitioners and others in NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

British Columbia who want to make “healthy eating the easy choice� and build food-secure communities.

#PXFO*TMBOE'PPE#BOL  XXXCPXFODIJMESFOTDFOUSFDB 650 Carter Road, Bowen Island Located at The Little Red Church, 1122 Miller Road, Bowen Island, (604) 813-8550. Food provided in small quantities - available any time.

2VFTU'PPE&YDIBOHF  XXXRVFTUPVUSFBDIPSH 167 East 1st Street, North Vancouver (entrance from Lolo Lane) Quest Food Exchange is a not-for-profit grocery market offering a variety of fresh, frozen, and non-perishables at a significantly reduced cost. Low-income individuals or family members can approach their caseworker, school counsellor, medical clinic, community resource, or one of Quest’s partnered agencies to get a client referral form. Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 4:15 pm; closed Saturday, Sunday and holidays.


|XXXDDSSCDDB Provides information about child care, family support services and locations of Child Care Resource and Referral Programs in BC.

7BODPVWFS$PBTUBM3FHJPO$$33T XXXDIJMEDBSFSFTPVSDFDB There are six CCRR programs in the Vancouver Coastal Region: North Shore, Sea-to-Sky, Sunshine Coast, Richmond, Vancouver, Tri-Cities/Burnaby. Provides information about child care, family support services and locations of Child Care Resource and Referral Programs in the Vancouver Coastal region.


|XXXBDDTPDJFUZCDDB #102-100 Park Royal South, West Vancouver QSupport, training and resources to early childhood programs serving Aboriginal families and children. QAboriginal early childhood development programs. QCommunity members are welcome to come and visit the resource library or browse the on-line catalogue. QInformation regarding training is also available on the website.


|XXXOTDSDB North Shore Community Resources #201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver QFor parents, child care providers (licensed, registered and informal), ECE students and the community. QProvides information on parenting, child care, child development and the early years through parent referrals, professional development and workshop opportunities. QProvides assistance with the Affordable Child Care benefit program. QProvides extensive child care lending library. QProvides information for parents on choosing and finding quality child care.


|XXXOTTDEQDPN North Shore Neighbourhood House 309 West 1st Street, North Vancouver Provides services for children and their families from birth to 12 years of age who require additional support in their child care setting. Also provides support for the children of parents who are working or attending school and for children who require extra support and are enrolled in a preschool.

7BODPVWFS$PBTUBM)FBMUI 7$)  $PNNVOJUZ$BSF'BDJMJUJFT-JDFOTJOH  Provides the licensing and monitoring of child care facilities on the North Shore.


4’s program (PM Class)



9:15am to 11:45am

12:45pm to 3:15pm

As one of the longest running preschools in North Vancouver, ULP offers a play-based program where children explore, learn and grow together. Children develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual selves in a safe and caring environment that encourages self-esteem and independence. Programs include gym and outdoor play as well as weekly music and yoga classes.

Where children grow through play Please email us at registration@upperlonsdalepreschool.com for more information about registration or to arrange a visit.

Upper Lonsdale

Preschool www.upperlonsdalepreschool.ca 604-988-8710 NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 


/035)4)03&16#-*$-*#3"3*&4 QAll public library services are free. QAll public libraries have large collections of books and

audio-visual materials for children and youth of all ages. QAll public libraries provide extensive programming for

children of all ages, including story times and special events. QMost public libraries offer programming to support parents’


 | www.OWEQMDB North Vancouver District Public Library has three locations: QLynn Valley Library, 1277 Lynn Valley Road 604-984-0286 QCapilano Library, 3045 Highland Boulevard 604-987-4471 QParkgate Library, 3675 Banff Court 604-929-3727

QCheck the websites for current information about


programming and lending resources.

|XXXXFTUWBOMJCSBSZDB 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver


|XXXCPXFOMJCSBSZDB 430 Bowen Trunk Road, Bowen Island

$0..6/*5:3&4063$&-*#3"3*&4 #$"CPSJHJOBM$IJME$BSF4PDJFUZ3FTPVSDF-JCSBSZ


|XXXBDDTPDJFUZCDDB #102-100 Park Royal South, West Vancouver QThe resource library is open to the public. QContains over one thousand books, periodicals and videos

|XXXOWDMDB 120 West 14th Street, North Vancouver (Across the plaza from North Vancouver City Hall) QToddlers storytime

ELEMENTARY ENHANCED PROGRAMS Band and Strings Band – all elementary schools Strings – Braemar, Larson, Canyon Heights, Montroyal, Cleveland, Ross Road, Dorothy Lynas, Seymour Heights, Highlands

International Baccalaureate Programme (IB)

Artists for Kids

Capilano Elementary Queen Mary Elementary

Fine arts programs for all ages


Student creativity blossom gordonsmithgallery.ca

There are a lot of reasons why music is important. @NVSD44 has an amazing Band & Strings program!

French Immersion

#IBPYP focuses on developing the whole child as an inquirer – learning for life


Braemar, Cleveland, Dorothy Lynas, Larson, Ross Road, Sherwood Park Late French Immersion (Grade 6 entry) – Boundary, Braemar #FrenchImmersion provides life skills for success

A free, drop-in, play-based early learning program for preschoolaged children accompanied by a parent/guardian. Boundary, Eastview, Lynnmour, Montroyal, Norgate, Seymour Heights, Westview

For more information on programs visit www.sd44.ca

NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

Cheakamus Centre Outdoor Environmental and Indigenous Learning #outdoorschool #longho use

PLUS: Counsellor Leadersh ip Program @CheakamusCentre - all Secondary Schools

Community Schools Offer many valued services, including before and after school supervision; after school, spring break and summer camps, and various community programs. Norgate, Queen Mary

Education Resources cont.

Education Resources cont.

related to Aboriginal children, parenting, child care and early childhood development. QHas early childhood education resource kits containing hands-on materials and curriculum reflecting First Nations traditions, which have been developed for loan to Aboriginal childcare programs in British Columbia. QParents, early childhood educators, and other community members are welcome to visit the resource library or browse the on-line catalogue.


|XXXDBQJMBOPVDB 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver Use of materials within the library is free of charge. Community members are welcome.


|XXXOTDSDB North Shore Community Resources #201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver Extensive child care library of books, equipment and toys.


Schools Initiative This program receives youth and adult referrals from the RCMP, West Vancouver Police, Victim Services, and community agencies such as schools and non-profit groups. Referrals include situations where crime, conflict or harm has occurred and the people involved are searching for solutions that promote repair, reconciliation, learning and understanding. Cases commonly referred include physical assault, threats, break and enter, mischief, theft, community disputes and ongoing relationship conflict.


|XXXTEDB 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver QThe North Vancouver School District has 16,085 students enrolled in Kindergarten to Grade 12. QPrograms include French Immersion, International

Give your child the gift of an extraordinary education

Full time Preschool (age 3) to Grade 9 French Bilingual (open to non-francophone families) Small classes for personalized attention On site before and after-school care Only Eco-School in Canada by the FEE Students follow the curriculum from France & B.C.

Want to know more? Register for an Open House: https://cousteauschool.org/visit/ Phone: 604-924-2457 | Website: www.cousteauschool.org 3657 Fromme Road, North Vancouver, BC V7K 2E6

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Education Resources cont. Baccalaureate, numerous Athletic and Art Academies, Career Education, Band & Strings, Outdoor School, Distributed Learning, Strong Start, Summer Learning, and many more recognized programs. QNew students to the district should register at the Education Services Centre, 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver. QBring child’s birth certificate (for international students, bring proof of citizenship or PR card, and passport), proof of residency, and report card. QCall 604-903-3368 for more details.


|XXXXFTUWBODPVWFSTDIPPMTDB 1075 21st Street, West Vancouver QWest Vancouver Schools enrols approximately 7,300 students in Kindergarten to Grade 12. QPrograms: Advanced Placement, ArtWest45, Band, Choir, District Honour Choir, First Aid Swim Training, French Immersion, Ignite Your Passion, International Baccalaureate PYP, MYP & Diploma, Montessori, 12 Premier Academies in various academic, artistic and athletic disciplines, Super Achievers and YELL. QNew students apply online followed by registration at school office. 604-981-1000 for more information.


Program provided in partnership with the North and West Vancouver School Districts. Settlement Workers in Schools help newcomer parents and their children settle in their school and community. Services are available in many languages. You can contact SWIS directly, or through the ELL teacher or counsellor at your school. North Vancouver School District/ North Shore Multicultural Society  #207-123 East 15th Street, North Vancouver

A RICHLY WOVEN LEARNING EXPERIENCE We work with early learning professionals and community partners to deliver high quality education that empowers students, taps unique potential and builds a solid foundation for leadership, achievement and success. For children aged three and four, the school district hosts Ready, Set, Learn at the West Vancouver Community Centre on April 13, 2019 from 8:30 am - 12:00 pm.

West Vancouver School District/ North Shore Multicultural Society  #207-123 East 15th Street, North Vancouver

4USPOH4UBSU1SPHSBNT .JOJTUSZPG&EVDBUJPO  A free drop-in program for pre-school children and their

parents/caregivers are located in several public schools in North and West Vancouver.


Learn more about Early Learning programs at westvancouverschools.ca



NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

Parent Education & Support #PXFO*TMBOE'BNJMZ1MBDF

QLo Lo Family Playgroup Drop-In


QParent Education Workshops

650 Carter Road, Bowen Island Since 1989, Bowen Children’s Centre has been supporting family life on Bowen. Please see listing on page 18 for a full list of services we provide.

QParent Infant Drop-In


|XXXOTDSDB North Shore Community Resources #201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver QKey Elements of Professional Nanny Care QFoundations of Child Care training (includes responsible adult, school age care, and family child care training) QResource library and equipment loan QParent/care provider workshops QFamily child care and licensed group child care support and network

|XXXGBNJMZTFSWJDFTCDDB Maplewood House (adjacent to Maplewood Farm) 399 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver, 604-986-9311 Lonsdale Quay Market, 2nd floor Programs for parents, caregivers, grandparents and children birth to six years old. Q Child/family drop-in Q Breast feeding and postpartum support Q Parent Child Mother Goose Q Takaya First Nations Program Q Toy and children’s clothing exchange Q Parenting workshops and sessions Q Counselling services

'BNJMZ4VQQPSU4FSWJDFT $POöEFOUJBM3FGFSSBM-JOF  Available to North Shore families with children under the age of 19 who may be experiencing difficulties resulting from marital breakdown, family conflict or other stresses. Parents, children, blended and kinship family members may all benefit.


|XXXIPMMZCVSODB #104-267 West Esplanade, North Vancouver Family support service assists families with children under the age of 19 years, to improve communication, manage conflict, and cope with stress. QParenting strategies and understanding how to adapt as children grow and develop QService is provided in the client home QParenting education groups and workshops QLinkage to other community services


|XXXKCDDDB|XXXOTOICDDB John Braithwaite Community Centre (JBCC) 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver QGrandparent Connections QDaddy & Me Playgroup Drop-In

QYoung Parent Drop-In



|XXXKCDDDB| XXXOTOICDDB John Braithwaite Community Centre (JBCC) 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver PCD’s provide community resources, host special events and support families with children 6 years of age and under. The Community Action Program for Children is funded by Public Health Agency of Canada.


|XXXOTNTDB #207-123 East 15th Street, North Vancouver QLet’s Learn Together (0-5 in Farsi, Mandarin) QImmigrant Parents as Literacy Partners (IPALS), (ages 3-5 in Farsi, Mandarin and Korean) QMiddle Years (ages 7-12, in Farsi, Mandarin and Korean) QParenting Teens (in Farsi, Mandarin and Korean) QSchool-Age Parenting Programs QWomen’s English Skills & Support (WESS)

/PSUI4IPSF/FJHICPVSIPPE)PVTF |XXXOTOICDDB 225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver QYoung Parent Program QParent Community Developers (CAPC)


|XXXGBNJMZTFSWJDFTCDDB Family Services of the North Shore #203–1111 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver A free program for parents to provide resources (such as referrals to daycare, legal services, or mental health) as well as parenting tips, tools, and strategies. NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Parent Education & Support cont. 0QFO%PPS%SPQ*OGPS4JOHMF.PNT


FYU XXXTJOHMFNPNTPQFOEPPSDPN Hillside Church, 870 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver

|XXXXFTUWBODPVWFSTDIPPMTDB QSPHSBNTQSPQFSUJFTGBNJMZIVC 1300 Chartwell Drive (south portable), West Vancouver Community partners providing a range of programs and services for families living in the British Properties.

1BSLHBUF$PNNVOJUZ4FSWJDFT4PDJFUZ |XXXNZQBSLHBUFDPN 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver QChild and family drop-in


FYU|XXXNZQBSLHBUFDPN Parkgate Community Services Society 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver PCD’s provide community resources, host special events and support families with children 6 years of age and under in the Lynnmour and Seymour neighbourhoods. This Community Action Program for Children is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.


|XXXTBDDBCDPSH Improves the availability of quality, affordable school age child care by providing programs and services to professionals in this field.

4P4BI-BUDI'BNJMZ$FOUSF4RVBNJTI/BUJPO  422 West Esplanade, North Vancouver QFamily program with ECEs, nurses, Aboriginal-supported Child Development Program, Family Life Skills, Infant Development, Speech Therapy. QPrenatal program QLabour & delivery program QPost-natal program

Providing legal services including: • Wills & Estate Planning • Probate & Estate Administration • Real Estate

Services offered in • Business & Commercial Law Italiano, Français, 中文, Deutsch • Litigation & Business Disputes 200 – 879 Marine Drive • Motor Vehicle & Personal Injury North Vancouver ABOVE SHOPPERS DRUG MART • Employment Law

604.984.3646 | www.lakeswhyte.com NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

Parent Education & Support cont. .PUIFS#FBS%SPQ*O  So-Sah-Latch Family Centre 427 West 1st Street, North Vancouver QAyas Men Men Child and Family Services Department QAboriginal Head Start Family Programs

removed from their home. We also help children who have been in and out of the home reconnect with their families. Family counsellors provide therapeutic and educational interventions and help connect families to the community. Self-referrals can also be made for Family Support Services, providing 8 weeks of outreach. Parent training and education groups also available.



|XXXUXOBUJPODB 3036 Takaya Drive, North Vancouver QHome Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngster (HIPPY) QToy lending library QHeadstart program

|XXXXFTUWBODPVWFSSFDDB 2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver Community partners work together to offer programs and services to support families of young children, including free parenting workshops, drop-in storytimes and Vancouver Coastal Health’s Wednesday afternoon parent infant drop-ins.


|XXXXFTUDPBTUGBNJMZPSH Westcoast Family Centres Society #203-1111 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver With a referral through MCFD, services available to families are designed to resolve issues that could result in a child being

17th Annual

Sign up for a FREE library card and discover a world of programs and resources available to you! Books, DVDs, storytimes, Summer Reading Club, literacy and learning activities & more! Explore it all at your Library. www.nvdpl.ca Lynn Valley Library

Parkgate Library

Capilano Library

1277 Lynn Valley Rd. 604-984-0286

3675 Banff Crt. 604-929-3727

3045 Highland Blvd. 604-987-4471

Connecting Community. Sharing Knowledge. Inspiring Stories.

July 8-19, 2019 Register at www.monarcharts.com campmonarch@live.ca 604.723.8151

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Parent/Caregiver & Child Programs QL  earning through play QS  trength-based family support QP  arent education QB  aby weighing QA  clothing exchange QA  resource lending library

Please see XXXCPXFOJTMBOEGBNJMZQMBDFDB for program details.


&"3-:-*5&3"$: 1BSFOU$IJME.PUIFS(PPTF1SPHSBNT 1$.(  Provides an early literacy program for parents of infants and toddlers. Most programs are ten weeks in length and include shared songs, rhymes and stories. The following agencies sponsor PCMG programs for parents and caregivers at several locations across the North Shore. Call for information about times and locations. QBowen Island Family Place: 604-947-2717 QFamily Services of the North Shore: 604-988-5281, ext. 333 - I hope Centre - Public Libraries (North and West Vancouver) QJohn Braithwaite Community Centre: 604-982-8315 QNorth Shore Community Resources: 604-985-7138 QParkgate Community Centre: 604-983-6350

16#-*$-*#3"3:&"3-:-*5&3"$:4&37*$&4 QCity of North Vancouver Library: 604-998-3450 QCity of North Vancouver Library at JBCC: 604-982-8315 QNorth Vancouver District Public Library (three locations):

604-990-5800 QWest Vancouver Memorial Library: 604-925-7400 QBowen Island Public Library: 604-947-9788

'".*-:3&4063$&130(3".4 #PXFO*TMBOE'BNJMZ1MBDF

 |XXXCPXFOJTMBOEGBNJMZQMBDFDB 650 Carter Road, Bowen Island Since 1989, Bowen Children’s Centre has been supporting family life on Bowen. Family Place offers: QP  rogramming for parents/caregivers and their children from pre-natal through age six years of age

NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

|XXXGBNJMZTFSWJDFTCDDB Maplewood House (adjacent to Maplewood Farm) 399 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver, 604-986-9311 Lonsdale Quay Market, 2nd floor Programs for parents, caregivers, grandparents and children birth to six years old. Q Family drop-in 6 days/week Q Toy and clothing exchange Q Parent education Q Community resource visits Q Circle time Q Outdoor play Q Shared snack Q Parent Child Mother Goose Q Takaya First Nations Program


|XXXOTNTDB #207-123 East 15th Street, North Vancouver QIPALS – Immigrant Parents as Literacy Supporters – helps immigrant families support their pre-school and kindergarten-aged children’s early literacy development through interactions in English and their first language. QW  omen’s English Skills & Support (WESS) provides a safe place for women to learn English, make friends and get information about services in the community; highlighting support for parenting and child care. QL  et’s Learn – a program for new immigrant parents and their pre-school age children. Parents gain knowledge of early childhood resources in the community, Canadian resources for families, and children take part in an early learning program.

%301Ĺą*/1-":(30614 ZFBST

'BNJMZ3FTPVSDF$FOUSF /PSUI4IPSF/FJHICPVSIPPE)PVTF   |XXXKCDDDB| XXXOTOICDDB John Braithwaite Community Centre 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver

Parent/Caregiver & Child Programs cont. QD  addy and Me Playgroup Drop-In QG  randparent Connections QL  ending Library QL  o Lo Playgroup Drop-In QP  arent Child Mother Goose QS  torytime QS  unshine Song Time


 427 West 1st Street, North Vancouver


|XXXOTDSDB North Shore Community Resources #201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver “Circle of Careâ€? and “Mother Goose inspiredâ€? drop-in programs for child care providers. Call for locations, days and times.

1BSLHBUF$PNNVOJUZ4FSWJDFT4PDJFUZ |XXXNZQBSLHBUFDPN 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver QLynnmour Family Drop-In QOutdoor, Parkgate, evening playgroups QParent Child Mother Goose QParent Community Developers QMonthly Dad’s playgroup

4USPOH4UBSU1SPHSBNT StrongStart is a free drop-in program for pre-school children and their parents/caregivers. It is operated under the mandate of the Ministry of Education and held in several public schools on the North Shore (September - June). The program offers a variety of activities for developing early learning skills.


1801 Mountain Highway, 604-903-3520

NORTH SHORE NEIGHBOURHOOD HOUSE PROGRAMS at John Braithwaite Community Centre 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver

KIDS RECREATION & SUMMER PROGRAMS Sign up for sports, music, art & more! See our program guide for details.

PARENT EDUCATION SERIES Practical information sessions for parents of preschoolers. For information on these or any of our other family programs, contact Family Resource Centre Coordinator 604-983-6494 frahimi@nsnh.bc.ca

And there’s more: DADDY & ME DROP IN A playgroup for fathers and their children under 6 years

FAMILY EVENTS  Many events are held throughout the year FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRE  In partnership with John Braithwaite Community Centre, the Family Centre oers many drop-in programs for families with children under 6 years

NCC offers incredible Summer English programs for kids ages 11 - 17. NCC provides great value, excellent academic results, and an outstanding Canadian experience!

July English Summer Camp • Visit amazing places such as Niagara Falls • Participate in exciting Canadian adventures • Enjoy activities such as soccer, basketball, ice-skating, go-carting, and more

Safari Camp • For kids who love animals • Gain confidence handling animals • Learn from zoologists & zookeepers

Equestrian Camp • For kids who love horses • Gain confidence in handling & riding • Learn from equestrian experts

Contact us today for more details!

www.niagaracc.com | 905.871.6980 | enroll@niagaracc.com 2619 Niagara Parkway, Fort Erie, ON L2A 5M4

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Parent/Caregiver & Child Programs cont. QB  oundary Elementary School

750 East 26th Street, 604-903-3260 QL  ynnmour Elementary School 800 Forsman Avenue, 604-903-3590 QM  ontroyal Elementary School 5310 Sonora Drive, 604-903-3650 QN  orgate Community Elementary 1295 Sowden Street, 604-903-3680 QS  eymour Heights Elementary School 2640 Carnation Street, 604-903-3760 QW  estview Elementary School 641 West 17th Street, 604-903-3840 For more information contact North Vancouver School District at 604-903-3444, or check the website: XXXTEDB4DIPPMT4USPOH4UBSU

8FTU7BODPVWFS4USPOH4UBSU1SPHSBNT QH  ollyburn Elementary School

1329 Duchess Avenue, 604-981-1389

QE  agle Harbour Primary School

5515 Marine Drive, 604-981-1387 QC  hartwell Elementary School

1300 Chartwell Drive, 604-981-1297 For more information contact West Vancouver School District at 604-981-1000 or check their website: XXXXFTUWBODPVWFSTDIPPMTDB


|XXXIPMMZCVSODB West Vancouver Community Centre 2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver Interactive play-based program for parents and caregivers with their children newborn-6 years of age, to foster positive parent-child interactions and promote healthy child development. QM  onday – Friday 9 am - 12 noon. Drop-in fee is $5 per family and snacks are provided.

NORTH SHORE CRISIS SERVICES SOCIETY Suite 200—147 16th Street West, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1T3 Women’s 24 Hour Support Line: 604-987-3374 Office: 604-987-0366 Website: www.nscss.net

North Shore Crisis Services Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a secure and abuse free environment for women and children The ACE (Adolescent and Children’s Empowerment) Program :  is open to children or youth who have witnessed or experienced abuse in the home and reside on the North Shore or surrounding areas.  provides assessments, referrals and age appropriate support groups and camps for children and adolescents,  provides individual counselling for children and adolescents  offers prevention activities for schools  provides a safe, supportive environment where children and youth can express and explore feeling through art, play and discussion NSCSS additional programs include: SAGE Transition House, Second Stage Housing, Outreach, Multicultural Outreach, Homeless Prevention Program, and GSC Clothing Program and Thrift Store NSCSS is funded by the Province of BC. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver, the District of West Vancouver, as well as our individual and group donors.

NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

School-Age Programs 4$)00-ű"(&$"3&





North Shore Community Resources #201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver QP  rovides information for parents on choosing and finding quality school-age child care on the North Shore. QProvides assistance with Affordable Child Care benefit program.

| Norgate Community School  QL  ynn Valley Recreation Hall QH  arry Jerome Recreation Centre QJ ohn Braithwaite Community Centre



4$)00-4*5&"'5&3ű4$)00-130(3".4 /PSUI4IPSF/FJHICPVSIPPE)PVTF ,JET$MVC1SPHSBNT |XXXOTOICDDB QCapilano Elementary QCleveland Elementary QLynn Valley Elementary QNorgate Elementary QRidgeway Elementary QMountainside Kids Club supporting Braemar Elementary QWestview Elementary

6TFS1BZ"GUFS4DIPPM4JUF1SPHSBNT Several schools on the North Shore have arranged for afterschool programming through community recreation services. Call to see which schools are involved in these programs. Registration is through community recreation services in both North and West Vancouver.





|XXXCPXFODIJMESFOTDFOUSFDB 650 Carter Road, Bowen Island Offering after-school care at Bowen Island Community School.


 QG  leneagles Community Centre QW  est Vancouver Community Centre

"'5&3ű4$)00-46..&3130(3".4 4VNNFS4QSJOH#SFBL$BNQT "GUFS4DIPPM"SU

|XXXOWBSUTDPVODJMDB North Vancouver Community Arts Council 335 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver The NVCAC offers summer camps, spring break camps and after school art to school-aged children at affordable prices. We are a grassroots, social-profit, charitable cultural organization dedicated to providing children with the opportunity to learn and be inspired by creating art with working artists.


|XXXCHDCDDB|OPSWBODMVC!CHDCDDB 800 Forsman Avenue, North Vancouver Norvan Boys and Girls Club offers after-school drop-in programs Monday – Friday, and day camps during Pro-D days and holiday breaks. Our programs provide a safe space for children and youth, and offer a wide-range of fun activities. No child is turned away due to an inability to pay.


|XXXHPSEPOTNJUIHBMMFSZDB 2121 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver Artists for Kids offers a range of after-school art programs, as well as spring break and summer art camps for school age children. All programs are taught by highly qualified art educators who work to develop creativity and artistic skill sets for their students.

North Shore Community Services Societies provide free (or nearly free) pre-teen after-school drop-in programs once or twice per week at many locations. For current information about locations, days and times, please call the numbers below:


| 650 Carter Road, Bowen Island NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Community Resources & Services 3&4063$&40/5)&/035)4)03& 'BNJMZ4FSWJDFTPGUIF/PSUI4IPSF

 | www.GBNJMZTFSWJDFTCDDB #203-1111 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver An accredited, not for profit community-based agency offering counselling, education and support. Q Individual, couple & family counselling Q Child & youth counselling Q Group counselling Q Family Support, a free program for parents to provide resources as well as parenting tips, tools, and strategies Q Parent education & support programs Q Jessie’s Legacy Program; education and resources to help prevent eating disorders and address disordered eating.

'BNJMZ4VQQPSU4FSWJDFT$POĂśEFOUJBM3FGFSSBM-JOF  Available to North Shore families with children under the age of 19 who may be experiencing difficulties resulting from marital breakdown, family conflict or other stresses. Parents, children, blended and kinship family members may all benefit.


QP  arent education workshops QC  ircle of Care support to caregivers QG  randparent Connections support for grandparents raising

grandchildren QN  VC Library Storytime QV  ancouver Coastal Health - Parent/Infant & Breastfeeding

Support Drop-In QV  ancouver Coastal Health - Young Parent & Baby Drop-In


|XXXOTDSDB #201-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver QC  hild Care Resource & Referral Program QC  ommunity Action Program for Children (CAPC) QE  arly Childhood Community Planning Table QInformation North Shore QV  olunteer North Shore QC  ommunity Housing Action Committee QL  egal information and advocacy QS  eniors One Stop information and referral QN  orth Shore Caregiver Support Program QN  orth Shore Better at Home

|XXXIPMMZCVSODB #104-267 West Esplanade, North Vancouver Community-based multi-service agency offering a range of services supporting individuals and families throughout all stages of development, including self-referral and MCFD referral programs; QF  amily support services QP  arent teen mediation QYouth safe house QP  arent education QVictim support services QIndividual fee-for-service counselling QYouth training, support and outreach services QSenior’s housing support services




|XXXKCDDDB|XXXOTOICDDB John Braithwaite Community Centre 145 West 1st Street, North Vancouver QC  ommunity resources and lending library QD  rop-in play groups (Daddy and Me, Lo Lo) QP  acific Post-Partum support group QP  arent Community Developers QP  arent Child Mother Goose

NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

|XXXOTDTTOFU #212-145 East 15th Street, North Vancouver QD  edicated to promoting a secure and abuse-free environment for women and children. QF  or immediate support call the Women’s 24-Hour Support Line: 


|XXXOTOICDDB 225 East 2nd Street, North Vancouver A multi-service agency providing a broad range of recreational, social support, community development, and information/referral services to children, youth and families in a diverse community. |XXXOTSKDB North Shore Restorative Justice Society 147 East 14th Street, North Vancouver Circles in Schools is a strengths-based program that gives our children and youth the skills to transform conflict, heal relationships, and create stronger communities themselves. Trained facilitators lead students through a series of developmentally appropriate activities during weekly circles in the classroom. Topics include identity, diversity, communication, empathy, peer pressure, mediation and

Community Resources & Services cont. conflict-resolution skills. To learn more about this and other programs please contact info@nsrj.ca


|XXXNZQBSLHBUFDPN 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver QB  reastfeeding Support & Parent/Infant group (VCH) QL  icensed child care 6 months – 12 years QC  hildminding Q“ Circle of Careâ€? support for caregivers QInfant massage classes QP  arent Community Developers QP  lay groups (Parkgate, Lynnmour) QP  renatal classes QP  arent-Child Mama Duck


|XXXXFTUWBODPVWFSTDIPPMTDB QSPHSBNTQSPQFSUJFTGBNJMZIVC 1300 Chartwell Drive (south portable), West Vancouver A community space on the grounds of Chartwell Elementary

School that offers services for families and young children including afternoon pre-school, StrongStart, family drop-ins, after school clubs, seniors social clubs and more. Visit our website for more information.


|XXXNNPSJTTFBV!OTOICDDB Office located at Queen Mary School 230 West Keith Road, North Vancouver Provides afterschool and summer programs and activities at Queen Mary, Ridgeway and Westview elementary schools. Support to families is also provided through information and referrals. Visit OTOICDDBfor more information.


|#SJBO@%VFDL!DBOTBMWBUJPOBSNZPSH 105 West 12th Street, North Vancouver QK  ids programs including camps





Montessori Mes Petits Academy (by St. Andrews Park)

Care and Education (from 30 months to school age)

Email freeclass@proarte.ca for more info or to register

PRO ARTÉ CENTRE 3-1225 E Keith Rd., North Vancouver 604-984-2783 | proartecentre.com

300 - 1046 St. Georges Ave. North Vancouver, BC, V7L 3H6 Phone: 604-980-1102 mespetits@mespetits.ca www.mespetits.ca NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Community Resources & Services cont. 5IF/PSUI4IPSF3FTUPSBUJWF+VTUJDF4PDJFUZ |XXXOTSKDB 147 East 14th Street, North Vancouver

The Restorative Response Program A peaceful approach to crime and conflict that seeks to address the needs of victims, offenders and communities by offering processes that encourage dialogue, reparation and healing. We offer: an opportunity to tell your story, a chance to explain how you have been impacted, conflict resolution and a chance to repair relationships, a better understanding of the incident and its impacts, an opportunity to take responsibility for one’s actions, meaningful outcomes and an opportunity for closure.


|XXXXFTUWBODPVWFSSFDDB 2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver QC  hild care: licensed child care, childminding QE  arly learning programs QH  ealth and wellness services: parent/baby drop-ins, immunizations QR  ecreation: children’s yoga, swimming, skating, gymnastics QF  amily resource programs: Family Place, parent/caregiver workshops


|XXXCPXFOJTMBOEGBNJMZQMBDFDB 650 Carter Road, Bowen Island QParent resources and lending library QParent education workshops QPost partum and breast feeding supports QParent and Child Mother Goose QWith community partners, health referrals and support information for families with children prenatal through 12 years of age.

3&4063$&4*/5)&-08&3."*/-"/% "TTPDJBUJPOPG/FJHICPVSIPPE)PVTFTPG#$

|XXXBOICDPSH|DFOUSBM!BOICDPSH #203-3102 Main Street, Vancouver This organization has more than 300 programs and services from child care to family resources to support children and youth.


|XXXGSQCDDB 20766 80 Avenue, Langley Promoting the Family Resource Program model as a community hub where both Canadian-born families and those new to Canada can access family support, opportunities for engagement, and community resources. NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:


|XXXCDDGDB|CDDG!CDDGDB Supporting families by providing resources, education and training to strengthen family relationships.


|XXXHPWCDDBHPWDPOUFOUIPNF GFBUVSFETFSWJDFTTFSWJDFTIFBMUIZLJETQSPHSBN Provides help for low income families with the costs of basic dental care and prescription eye wear.


FYU|XXXCJHCSPUIFSTWBODPVWFSDPN SPTFCBSBUZ!CJHCSPUIFSTCJHTJTUFSTDB #102-1193 Kingsway, Vancouver QPrograms include the Big Brother and In-School Mentoring. QPolice Information Check-Vulnerable Sector required.


Big Sisters, Study Buddy and Go Girls Mentoring Programs QProvides supportive female mentors to girls age 7 to 17

who who may be facing challenges like bullying, isolation, poverty, abuse, social anxiety, low self-esteem and more. QCommitted to helping vulnerable girls reach their full potential, avoid risky behaviour and make healthy choices. QResearch shows that mentoring has a powerful impact on the lives of young girls.


|XXXCDDB Provides free, confidential information and referral regarding community, social and government services. All services are free of charge, multilingual (180 languages and dialects), confidential and anonymous. Q211 Service across the BC Lower Mainland: call 211 QAlcohol & Drug Information & Referral Service: 604-660-9382 or 1-800-663-1441 QProblem Gambling Help Line: 1-888-795-6111 QVictimLINK BC: 1-800-563-0808 QYouth Against Violence Line: 1-800-680-4264 QTTY (for all services): 604-875-0885

Community Resources & Services cont. "DDFTT$PVOTFMMJOH |XXXMJWJOHTZTUFNTDB JOGP!MJWJOHTZTUFNTDB Living Systems Counselling #209-1500 Marine Drive, North Vancouver QOffers support for couples and families who are having difficulties adjusting to some aspect of life. QOffers Bowen Family Systems Therapy and pastoral counselling QOffices in North and West Vancouver QFees on a sliding scale QMinimal waiting list

.JOJTUSZPG$IJMESFO'BNJMZ%FWFMPQNFOU XXXHPWCDDBNDG The Ministry provides programs and services to help ensure that families can keep their children safe and supported. To report a concern about a child or request family support services call:

North Shore Intake & Family Services  #304-221 West Esplanade, North Vancouver

Child Protection Reports Q24/7 Centralized Screening

Toll Free Metro Vancouver, Outside BC

Helpline for Children (No area code required) For after hours emergencies.

CYSN/AT HOME Program/Autism Funding  #301-224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver

Foster Care Resources and Recruitment  #301-224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver

Youth Probation  #301-224 West Esplanade, North Vancouver


 | www.QBSFOUTVQQPSUCDDB #204-5623 Imperial Street, Burnaby QParent Support Circles: Offers self-help groups for parents & caregivers with children and teens throughout BC. Circles are facilitated by professionally trained volunteers and are confidential, anonymous, and free. Parent Support Circles (PSC) help parents learn positive parenting by providing them with a safe atmosphere in which to share concerns,

learn new skills, and receive emotional support. Holds circles in English, Cantonese, Filipino, Mandarin, Arabic, Korean and Spanish. Childcare and transportation subsidies are available. QGrandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) Support Circle: Offers self-help groups for grandparents with children and teens throughout BC. Circles are facilitated by professionally-trained volunteers and are confidential, anonymous, and free. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) Support Circles discuss topics on parenting, relationship, financial, health, retirement, and social life issues; and provides information and referrals. Childcare and transportation subsidies are available if needed. QGrandparents Raising Grandchildren Support Line: Provides a toll-free helpline that assists grandparents and other relatives raising children to navigate service systems such as MCFD; find answers, assistance, resources; and learn about benefits and services that will support the family. Staff are trained in advocacy, social work, family law, and government services pertaining to kinship caregiving. Hours are 10 am to 3 pm Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Contact: 604-558-4740; GRGline@parentsupportbc.ca.


|XXXWBOZNDBPSH QP  rovides a range of charitable and education programs and services for children and families in Greater Vancouver.


|XXXZXDBWBOPSH QP  rovides integrated services for women and families and those seeking to improve their lives, from early learning and care to housing.


|XXXWMNGTTDB|DXXB!WMNGTTDB #306-4980 Kingsway, Burnaby Provides culturally-sensitive services to immigrant and visible minority women and their families who are experiencing family violence. Services are provided by bilingual workers from various minority cultures in many languages. Also provides individual and/or group counselling support to children who witness violence, and many other support services related to family violence. Also have groups for caregivers with their children aged 1-6 to share about parenting skills and learn about child development. Strictly confidential.

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Recreation Resources

Children Requiring Extra Support families that require extra support to meet the unique needs of children living with disabilities or intellectual delays. Services for families with children 0-6 include family support, community respite, and a Snoezelen room.


|XXXOTESDPSH 3158 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver The North Shore Disability Resource Centre (NSDRC) offers the following programs and services to people with disabilities based on the belief that all people are important to their community. Information & Advocacy Services, Infant Development, one-to-one goal based programs for children and adults, Saturday Teen & Pre-Teen Program, STAGE (Adult Education Program), Residential Services and the Summer Bursary Program. North Shore Disability Resource Guide: A PDF version of the guide is available on their website at OTESDPSH


|XXXCDDGBPSH|JOGP!CDDGBPSH QProvides assessment and ongoing therapy services to children from birth to school entry age who have a developmental delay or neurological challenge. QPhysiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Therapy services are available to children and Social Work support to their families. Family referrals are accepted. QChildren are seen in home, childcare and other community settings where therapists work closely with families and other community partners to support full participation and inclusion.


|XXXGBNJMZTFSWJDFTCDDB #203-1111 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver Our Child and Youth Counselling Program supports children and youth struggling with mental health issues that are getting in the way of school, friends, family and life. Specialized counselling is also offered for children suffering from trauma and symptoms of sexual, mental and physical abuse.


|XXXIPMMZCVSODB #104-267 West Esplanade, North Vancouver Provides clinical counselling services to children and families.


|XXXOTDPOOFYJPOTPSH JOGP!OTDPOOFYJPOTPSH 1070 Roosevelt Crescent, North Vancouver Advocates and develops community-based services for NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

|HKBDLTPO!OTESDPSH 3158 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver Provides information and support to parents of children (birth to 3 years) experiencing or at risk for developmental delay. Home visits, workshops, and opportunities to meet other parents, including a playgroup and a parent support group.


|XXXOTTDEQDPN North Shore Neighbourhood House 309 West 1st Street, North Vancouver Provides services for children and their families from birth to 12 years of age who require additional support in their child care setting. Also provides support for the children of parents who are working or attending school and for children who require extra support and are enrolled in a preschool. QParent support group opportunities available


|XXXWDIDB Provides assessment and monitoring of hearing levels, patient/caregiver counselling and education, evaluation and fitting of hearing aid(s) and other hearing assistive devices, school/preschool liaison and direct student support, and workshops for families, caregivers, educators and other professionals. All children from birth to 19 years and all ages with developmental delay. Referrals are accepted from physicians, community health nurses, speech and language pathologists, parents, hearing resource teachers, and other agencies. Universal hearing screening is provided to all newborns either within hospital or at the clinic.

Children Requiring Extra Support cont. /PSUI4IPSF1FEJBUSJD3FTPVSDF5FBN

1SFTDIPPM4QFFDI-BOHVBHF4FSWJDFT $IJMESFO  7BODPVWFS$PBTUBM)FBMUI /PSUI4IPSF |XXXWDIDB Provides speech-language services at the Central and West Community Health Centres, in preschool/daycare centres, and in the home. A team of professionals, including speech/ language pathologists, teachers, infant development, and supported childcare consultants work together with families to help preschool children overcome communication disorders.

&YU QIncludes coordination and consultation; assessment to determine if delegated or direct nursing care is required; development of Individualized Care Plans (ICP); teaching/ training and delegation for alternate care givers; facilitation of the At Home Program; counseling and referral; monitoring and evaluation. QPhysiotherapy services for children 0-5 years. Consultation is provided in multiple community settings: home, daycare, preschool, kindergarten, Infant Development Program, Supported Child Development Program. QPhysiotherapy serves school-aged children with special needs – from kindergarten through transitioning into adult services at age 19 – to achieve optimal independence and to assist them in meeting their educational goals. The physiotherapist works with family members, teachers and educational assistants to support the student’s participation, inclusion and access to learning opportunities with the goal of achieving the student’s highest level of independent functioning. Services are provided in home, school, child-care and community settings.

Multicultural Resources /PSUI4IPSF.VMUJDVMUVSBM4PDJFUZ /4.4

 | www.OTNTDB #207-123 East 15th Street, North Vancouver QProvides assistance in finding resources for immigrant newcomer families QSettlement services include information on education, medical and health systems, social benefits, housing, family issues QCommunity connections & volunteering QEmployment QEnglish language classes QOffers programs for youth, parents, women’s health QServices are provided in English, Farsi, Korean, Mandarin and Tagalog QSchool-Age Parenting Program

4FUUMFNFOU8PSLFSTJO4DIPPMT 48*4  Program provided by North Shore Multicultural Society in partnership with the North and West Vancouver School Districts QSettlement Workers in Schools help newcomer parents and their children settle in their school and community. QServices are available in many languages. You can contact SWIS directly, or through the ELL teacher or counsellor at your school.

North Vancouver School District/ North Shore Multicultural Society  #207-123 East 15th Street, North Vancouver West Vancouver School District/ North Shore Multicultural Society  #207-123 East 15th Street, North Vancouver


|XXXWMNGTTDB #306-4980 Kingsway, Burnaby QProvides culturally-sensitive services to immigrant and visible minority women and their families who are experiencing family violence. Services are provided by bilingual workers from various minority cultures in many languages. QIndividual and/or group counselling support to children who witness violence. QGroups for caregivers with their children aged 1-6 to share parenting skills and to learn about child development.

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

First Nations Resources

Help Your Child Succeed


|XXXBDDTPDJFUZCDDB SFDFQUJPO!BDDTPDJFUZCDDB #102-100 Park Royal South, West Vancouver QO  ffers training programs and resources for parents, early childhood educators, and other early childhood development service providers. QT  he library provides culturally appropriate resources to support Aboriginal children and families. This lending library contains over one thousand books, periodicals and videos. QP  arents, educators, and other community members are welcome to visit the library or browse the on-line catalogue.


|XXXGBNJMZTFSWJDFTCDDB GBNJMZ!GBNJMZTFSWJDFTCDDB Maplewood House (adjacent to Maplewood Farm) 399 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver, 604-986-9311 Shared meals, parent education, parent support and activities, child & family drop-in. Transportation subsidy available.


In the heart of our Community We are not just lawyers. We are trusted advisors.

Brenda McLuhan

Kevin Lee

Brian Hanson

Charles Piercey

Employment and Labour Law

Dispute Resolution

Real Estate & Relocation

Real Estate & Business

David von der Porten

Peter Bonny

Veronica Singer

Real Estate & Business

Wills, Estates & Trusts

Business Law

Suite 500 - 221 West Esplanade, North Vancouver

604.988.5201 | www.ratcliff.com NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:


|DPNNVOJDBUJPOT!TRVBNJTIOFU 422 West Esplanade, North Vancouver QF  amily Program (ECEs, nurses, special needs assistance, family life skills, infant development, speech therapy) QP  renatal classes QL  abour & delivery program QP  ost-natal program QT  raditional ceremony to honour Squamish Nation babies born during the year QA  boriginal Headstart Program

4P4BI-BUDI'BNJMZ$FOUSF  427 West 1st Street, North Vancouver QM  other Bear Drop-In QA  yas Men Men Child and Family Services Department QA  boriginal Head Start Family Programs


|XXXUXOBUJPODB|JOGP!UXOBUJPODB 3036 Takaya Drive, North Vancouver QInfant and toddler care (6 months – 3 years) QF  ull time child care for preschoolers (3 years – 5 years) QH  ome Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) QT  oy lending library QH  eadstart Program QT  akaya Aboriginal Family Program (a program of the I hope family centre at Maplewood House), offering parent support and family drop-in for Aboriginal families.

Help Your Child Succeed

Internet Resources #$1BSFOU/FXTNBHB[JOF

 XXCDQBSFOUDB X Independent parenting magazine, giving tips on health care, education, birthing, arts, community events, and others.


XXXOTDSDB Information, resources and support for all ages.



XXXIFMMP#$DPN OďŹƒcial site for Tourism British Columbia, with lots of information for planned vacations within the province.



XXXBBEODBBOEDHDDB Fun and educational resources, with lots of First Nations, Inuit and MĂŠtis information, resources, languages.

XXXVSCBOCBCZDB Resource for new and expectant parents. Topics include ďŹ tness, nutrition, childbirth, breastfeeding, immunization, and more.



XXXLJETWBODPVWFSDPN Resource for parents to learn about fun things for their kids in the Greater Vancouver area.

XXXXFTUDPBTUGBNJMJFTDPN Resource for families in the Lower Mainland promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.


XXXNPEFSONBNBDPN Resources for parents with young children


esports.c ic t a r e t is g e r



WWW.ICESPORTS.COM 2411 Mount Seymour Pkwy, North Van

Year-round lessons, kids programs, adult lessons, horse boarding, training and more. North Shore Equestrian Centre 1301 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver 604-988-5131 www.WeCreateRiders.com PROVIDING AMAZING EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCES SINCE 1986 NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Recreation Resources '6/1-"$&4 "OJNBM8FMGBSF4IFMUFS  299 Mansfield, North Vancouver QD  og walking and cat brushing

#PXFO*TMBOE XXXCPXFOJTMBOECDDPN Bowen Island is a 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Check www.bcferries.bc.ca for fares and schedules. Drive to Horseshoe Bay and park (pay parking) or take bus. Good for any age.


|XXXDZQSFTTNPVOUBJODPN QS  ummer – walking, hiking, blueberry picking, lakes QW  inter – snowplay, sledding, snowshoeing, skiing

%FFQ$PWF7JMMBHF /PSUI7BODPVWFS XXXEFFQDPWFCDDPN QA  ll age groups. Playground, beach, swimming, picnic tables (some are under cover), washrooms.

%FFQ$PWF$VMUVSBM$FOUSF  4360 Gallant Avenue, North Vancouver QSeymour Art Gallery and Deep Cove & Area Heritage Society


|(VFTU4FSWJDFT XXXHSPVTFNPVOUBJODPN QFee for gondola. Top of mountain activities for all ages. Not all trails are suitable for young children. Consult map or inquire about family-friendly hikes.


|XXXMPOTEBMFRVBZDPN Located at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue Open seven days a week. Food market, shopping, outdoor areas, picnic areas, Seabus, and good walks to playground in nearby Waterfront Park. Lots of free special events throughout the year for families.


|XXXEOWPSHFDPMPHZ 3663 Park Road, North Vancouver QThe Ecology Centre has interactive displays, films, and programs dealing with environmental concerns, ecological concepts, and the study of nature. Or join guided walks by experienced staff and volunteers. Admission is by donation. QTree Top Tales: Free story time for 2 and 3 year olds. Call for times. NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:


|XXXNBQMFXPPEGBSNCDDB 405 Seymour River Place, North Vancouver A five-acre municipal park/farm specializing in the display of domestic farm animals and birds. Open year round. Open daily April through August. Closed on Mondays September through March. Open on all statutory holidays except Christmas. Hours of operation: 10 am to 4 pm.


|XXXNPVOUTFZNPVSDPN QHiking trails, snow play in winter. Some fees.

5IF1PMZHPO(BMMFSZ  101 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver QArt Gallery, Admission by donation until Dec. 31, 2020.

#SJEHNBO1BSLNorth Vancouver QOn the corner of Mountain Highway and Keith Road. Trees,

river, swings, a slide, climbing equipment, washroom.

$BQJMBOP3JWFS3FHJPOBM1BSL4BMNPO)BUDIFSZ  XXXNFUSPWBODPVWFSPSHTFSWJDFTQBSLT North Vancouver From Highway 1, take the Capilano/Grouse Mountain exit and drive north up Capilano Road about 1.5 km to the fish hatchery turn-off. Walk through the woods, beside the river and watch the fish jump in the hatchery. Easy walking, stroller, and wheelchair accessible in places. Picnic and toilet facilities at Cleveland Dam and Capilano Hatchery are wheelchair accessible. Cable Pool Bridge near the hatchery is also accessible and offers views of the river below. However, trails are subject to use and weathering which may degrade them. Free, including free parking.

Recreation Resources cont. -JHIUIPVTF1BSL


Marine Drive, at the end of Beacon Lane, West Vancouver QNature trails, ecology centre, lighthouse tours

2645 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver QN  ature tours, walking trails



XXXEOWPSHFDPMPHZ North Vancouver Near the top of Lynn Valley Road, turn right on Park Road. Nature trails, suspension bridge, ecology centre, natural history walks. Some trails are accessible for strollers and wheelchairs. There are washrooms.

There are many parks and playgrounds on the North Shore. To find complete listings, check the websites of listed municipalities for all locations.







5SBJM*OGP-JOF North Vancouver Hiking trails in beautiful wilderness setting. The picnic area, BC Mills House and washrooms at the park entrance are wheelchair accessible. However, trails are subject to use and weathering which may degrade them. As with all North Shore wilderness areas, keep your children close and safe near the rivers and in the forest where there may be animals.




|XXXQBSLBOEUJMGPSEDPNHBSEFODBMFOEBS In the Park & Tilford Shopping Centre on Brooksbank. Lovely gardens to walk around, fish pond, seasonal lights, and displays.

Hollyburn Sailing Club SAILING CAMPS FOR KIDS SUMMER 2019 Why not give your kids a wonderful opportunity to learn how to sail – or improve their existing skills – this summer at the Hollyburn Sailing Club. Our courses and our instructors are all certiďŹ ed with CANSail, the national training body geared to sailing dinghies. Register online at www.hollyburnsailingclub.ca for the following introductory courses in 2019: July 2-12

Intro to Sailing $510

Basic $515

Intermediate $520

July 15-26

Intro to Sailing $525

Basic $535

Advanced $545

July 29-Aug 9

Intro to Sailing $510

Basic $515

Intermediate $520

Aug 12-23

Intro to Sailing $525

Basic $535

Advanced $545

All Weeks

Race (CanSail 5&6) $280 per week

CLASSES START BEGINNING OF JULY Registration is open now! NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 


|XXXXFTUWBODPVWFSDB 2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver Offers a wide variety of community recreation, arts and cultural programs. Check out their Leisure Guide, available at community locations throughout West Vancouver and online.


1MBZ  |XXXOWSDDB Delbrook Community Recreation Centre 600 West Queens Road, North Vancouver NVRC offers recreational, fitness, sports and arts programs to benefit physical, social and personal well-being. Financial assistance is available for North Vancouver families and individuals. Free and low-cost programs are available. Go online or call for information on programs, classes and drop-in recreation.

$0..6/*5:3&$3&"5*0/$&/53&4 /035)7"/$067&3 %FMCSPPL$PNNVOJUZ3FDSFBUJPO$FOUSF 851 West Queens Road /PSUI7BODPVWFS5FOOJT$FOUSF 280 Lloyd Avenue

4FZNPVS%FNPOTUSBUJPO'PSFTU Top of Lillooet Road, North Vancouver QH  iking trails (stroller friendly), cycling/in-line skating, picnic area, Seymour Fish Hatchery, Rice Lake.

8IZUFDMJò1BSLWest Vancouver  Take Marine Drive or Highway One west past Lighthouse Park to Horseshoe Bay, and then continue to 7100 block Marine Drive. Playground, picnic spots, a swimming beach, and an observation pavilion with great views. 4UBOMFZ1BSLVancouver XXXWBODPVWFSDBQBSLT QB  eaches, playgrounds, lots of fun things to do.

Car (parking fee) or transit.

$0..6/*5:3&$3&"5*0/4&37*$&4 #PXFO*TMBOE$PNNVOJUZ3FDSFBUJPO

|XXXCPXFODPNNVOJUZSFDSFBUJPODPN 1041 Mt. Gardner Road, Bowen Island Offers recreation activities, programs, and leisure activities for all ages and groups.

NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

)BSSZ+FSPNF$FOUSF 123 East 23rd Street *DF4QPSUT/PSUI4IPSF 2411 Mount Seymour Parkway +PIO#SBJUIXBJUF$PNNVOJUZ$FOUSF 145 West 1st Street ,BSFO.BHOVTTFO3FDSFBUJPO$FOUSF 2300 Kirkstone Road -ZOO7BMMFZ$FOUSF 3590 Mountain Highway .FNPSJBM$FOUSF 100 East 23rd Street .JDLFZ.D%PVHBMM$FOUSF 200 East 23rd Street /PSUI4IPSF/FJHICPVSIPPE)PVTF 225 East 2nd Street

Recreation Resources cont. 1BSLHBUF$PNNVOJUZ$FOUSF 3625 Banff Court 3PO"OESFXT$FOUSF 931 Lytton Street 4FZMZOO$FOUSF 625 Mountain Highway

8&457"/$067&3 (MFOFBHMFT$PNNVOJUZ$FOUSF 6262 Marine Drive 8FTU7BODPVWFS"RVBUJD$FOUSF 2121 Marine Drive 8FTU7BODPVWFS"SFOB 786 22nd Street 8FTU7BODPVWFS$PNNVOJUZ$FOUSF 2121 Marine Drive

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 33

The First Six Years The first six years are the most important years in your child’s life. In the early years, the brain forms connections that set the stage for lifelong learning, behaviour, and health. By age six, children have a solid foundation for reaching their full potential. Parents and caregivers have the greatest impact on how a child grows and develops in the early years. You can make the difference!

8IBU*OFFE If infants, toddlers and preschoolers could tell you what they need, here is what they might say:

,FFQNFTBGF Know where I am and who I am with. Teach me who to go to when I need help.

,FFQNFTFDVSF Hug me. Respect me. Let me know your love is forever. This will help me develop trust and self-esteem.

,FFQNFIFBMUIZ I need a variety of good foods, regular checkups, immunizations, fresh air, time to run and play and regular sleep.

)FMQNFMFBSO Talk, sing, and play with me. Read to me. Stimulate me with sights, smells, tastes, and sounds.

)FMQNFBEKVTU I need routines and comfort when I am upset. Help me make friends and learn how to get along with others.

Middle Years The middle years can be divided into two sections: 6-9 years, and 10-12 years, or the preteen years.

$)*-%3&/:&"34 Children 6-9 years demonstrate a cluster of characteristics that parents and caregivers will recognize: QGender separation in play QIncreasing independence QIncreased ability to accept responsibility QBeginning to enjoy organized sports activities (8 years)

$)*-%3&/:&"34 13&5&&/4

QMany entering puberty QRelationships with peers are very important QAcceptance from peers very important QConnections to positive and supportive adults a need QOpportunities for independence are important

NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

"'5&34$)00-"$5*7*5*&4"3& *.1035"/5'0313&5&&/4 School-age children, particularly pre-teens, can benefit from engagement in after-school activities such as sports, music, dance, theatre, cooking, and arts and crafts. Benefits include: QEnriched and broadened life experiences QDevelopment of “non-academic� skills QNew friendships QReduced “screen time� away from TV and computers QOpportunities to connect with positive, mentoring adults in the community.

/035)4)03&$0..6/*5:3&4063$&4 $)*-%"/%'".*-:130(3".4  | www.OTDSDB #211-935 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

Help Your Child Succeed )FBMUIOffer drinks from a cup only by 1 year of age. Offer water in between meals when your child is thirsty. Take your child for his/her first dental check by 1 year of age. Brush your child’s teeth with a smear of fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Keep your home and car smoke-free. Make sure your child wears a hat and sun-block when she plays outside in the sun.

-FBSOJOHSing, talk, listen and read to your toddler every day. Enjoy counting and rhyming games together. "EKVTUJOHDevelop unrushed routines for eating, going out, playing, and sleeping. Help your child understand his feelings. For example, say, “I see that you are angry because you don’t want to go. We will come back later.� 13&4$)00-&350:&"34 4BGFUZWatch your child at all times when she is around

45&14'03)&"-5):$)*-%%&7&-01.&/5 */'"/5#*35)50.0/5)4 4BGFUZAlways put your baby to sleep on his back. This reduces the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Use a Canadian Standards approved car safety seat (infant or convertible) in the rear-facing position every time you travel in a vehicle. 4FDVSJUZ You cannot spoil your baby. Pick her up when she cries. Find different ways to soothe her such as feeding, cuddling, rocking, and walking with her. Hold your baby as often as possible, newborns really love being held skin to skin especially when you are feeding him. )FBMUIBreast-feed your baby if you can. Take your baby for regular checkups and make sure he gets the immunizations he needs. -FBSOJOH Talk to your baby. Point out familiar objects and name them. Read simple picture books and nursery rhymes to your baby. It is never too early to start. "EKVTUJOHRespect your baby’s personality and feelings. Each of us responds to people and situations in a unique way. Introduce your baby to grandparents, caregivers and others. This will help him learn how to get along with people later in life.

50%%-&350:&"34 4BGFUZChildproof your house. Cover electrical outlets. Remove dangerous objects. Keep medicines out of reach. Provide safe opportunities for your child to climb, swing, slide and run. 4FDVSJUZ Tell your child you like the way she is and the things she does. Hug your child when he is angry or frustrated.

water. Enforce safety rules in driveways, parking lots, and around traffic. Make sure he always wears a helmet when riding a bike. 4FDVSJUZ When your child misbehaves, help her calm down. Show her that you love her but don’t accept the behaviour. Hang his artwork on the wall. Tell him you like his dancing and singing. )FBMUITake him to the dentist and get his vision and hearing checked before he starts school. Brush your child’s teeth with a pea-size amount of fluoride toothpaste twice a day. Take your child for regular dental checkups twice a year. Make sure she has lots of opportunities to be physically active. Offer water in between meals when your child is thirsty. -FBSOJOHUse everyday situations to teach opposites, time, and how the calendar works. Limit the amount of time your child watches television. Watch television with her. "EKVTUJOH Give her lots of chances to play with other children. Your child’s fears and nightmares are real to him. Comfort him and help him find ways to feel better.

5",*/($"3&0':06 Parenting is a joy and a challenge! Night-time crying, temper tantrums, and the sheer energy of a five-year-old can leave you feeling tired and upset. When you feel this way, it’s hard to be at your best. Parenting will be a joyful process when you take care of yourself, as well as your child. Take a break once in a while. Go out with friends or your partner. Ask a friend, family or someone you trust to stay with your child. Enjoy music and other activities you like. Get your parenting questions answered by visiting a community resource. Go for walks with your child and meet other parents. See your doctor if you are sick, feel sad for more than two weeks or if you are worried that your behaviour may harm your child. This section courtesy of the Government of Ontario Early Years website.

NORTH SHORE$)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503: 

Help Your Child Succeed cont. (&55*/(3&"%:'03,*/%&3("35&/ Many parents are concerned that their child may begin Kindergarten without the developmental skills that will make that first school year a success. Eighty percent of children on the North Shore begin Kindergarten with the skills they will need. However, there are many enjoyable learning activities that can strengthen these early skills, and increase the bond between parent and child at the same time. QA  sk the Children’s Librarian at your local public library for a list of books appropriate for four and five year olds. QG  et a library card for your child, and make regular visits to the library to choose books together. QR  ead with your child every day. QP  lay card games that encourage counting and the recognition of number sets. “Go Fish”, “Memory” and “Snap” are all simple games that all can enjoy. QU  se numbers when engaging your child in helpful activities (“Put six knives on the table”; “Take two cookies to Dad”; “Find ten red napkins”).


36 NORTH SHORE $)*-%3&/'".*-:%*3&$503:

QT  each your child how to take off a jacket, hang it up, and

put it back on again. Try to buy jackets with big, strong zippers that a child can manage independently. QT  each your child to put on their own socks and shoes. Most four-year-olds will need help with laces, but can manage the rest with practice. QT  each your child how to peel a banana, open a yogurt tube or remove a snap-on lid from a snack container. This will help with snack and lunch periods, when independence is important. QV  isit Maplewood Farm, travel on the Sea Bus, and visit a variety of North Shore parks. Talk about what you see. QG  ive your child group learning experiences through StrongStart, preschool or community recreation centre programs. Socializing with peers, listening for instructions, and engaging in shared activities is terrific preparation for Kindergarten.

Business & Services Index A Access Counselling





25 Animal Welfare Shelter 30 Artists for Kids 21 Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC 24 Audiology - Hearing Clinic 6 bc211 (211 British Columbia Services Society) 24 BC Aboriginal Child Care Society 11, 28 BC Aboriginal Child Care Society Resource Library 12 BC Association of Family Resource Programs 24 BC Centre for Ability, North Shore 26 BC Children’s Hospital 5 BC Council for Families 24 BC Food Security Gateway 10 BC Healthy Kids Program 24 Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver 24 Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland 24 Bowen Island 30 Bowen Island Family Place 15, 18, 24 Bowen Island Food Bank 10 Bowen Island Community Recreation 32 Bowen Island Public Library 12 Bowen Island Youth Centre 21 Bridgman Park 30 Canadian Mental Health Association 10 Capilano Community Services Society 21 Capilano River Regional Park & Salmon Hatchery 30 Capilano University Library 13 Catholic Independent Schools 14 Central Community Health Centre 8 Children and Youth Mental Health 9 Circles in Schools 22 City of North Vancouver Parks 31 Community Licensing 6 Community Resource Libraries 12 Conseil Scolaire Francophone 14 Cypress Mountain 30 Deep Cove Cultural Centre 30 Deep Cove Village 30 Delbrook Community Recreation Centre 32 Dental Services for Children 6 District of North Vancouver Parks 31 District of West Vancouver Parks 31 District of West Vancouver: Parks & Community Services 32 Early Intervention Physiotherapy 6 Environmental Health Inspection 6 Family Planning Resources 8 Family Preservation and Reunification 17 Family Services of the North Shore 15, 22, 26 Family Support Services 15, 22






First Nation Resources 28 Food Banks 10 Gleneagles Community Centre 21, 33 Grouse Mountain 30 Harry Jerome Centre 32 Harvest Project 10 HealthLink BC 5, 6 Hearing Clinic 6, 26 Hollyburn Family Services 15, 20, 22, 26 I Hope Family Centres 15, 18, 28 Ice Sports North Shore 32 Immunization Information 7 Independent Schools 14 Infant Development Program 26 Internet Resources 29 John Braithwaite Community Centre 15, 18, 21, 32 Karen Magnussen Recreation Centre 32 Lighthouse Park 31 Lions Gate Hospital 8 Living Systems - Access Counselling 25 Lonsdale Quay 30 Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre 30 Lynn Canyon Park 31 Lynn Headwaters Regional Park 31 Lynn Valley Centre 32 Maplewood Farm 30 Maplewood Flats 31 Memorial Centre 32 Mental Health Services 9 Mickey McDougall Centre 32 Ministry of Children & Family Development 9, 25 Mother Bear Drop-In 17, 19 Mount Seymour 30 North Shore Children’s Hearing Clinic 26 North Shore Community Resources 3, 11, 13, 15, 19, 21, 22 North Shore ConneXions Society 26 North Shore Crisis Services Society 22 North Shore Disability Resource Centre 26 North Shore Multicultural Society (NSMS) 15, 18, 27 North Shore Neighbourhood House 10, 11, 15, 18, 21, 22, 32 North Shore Pediatric Resource Team 6, 27 North Shore Supported Child Development Program 11, 26 North Vancouver City Library 12 North Vancouver Community Arts Council 21 North Vancouver District Public Library 12 North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Commission 21, 32 North Vancouver School District #44 13 North Vancouver Tennis Centre 32 Norvan Boys & Girls Club 21

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Seylynn Centre 33 Seymour Demonstration Forest 32 So-Sah-Latch Family Centre 16, 19, 28 Speech/Language Services 8 Stanley Park, Vancouver 32 StrongStart Programs 14, 19 The After School Club (Bowen Island Family Place) 21 The North Shore Restorative Justice Society 13, 24 Tobacco Reduction 8 Tsleil-Waututh Nation Child & Family Centre 17, 28 Vancouver & Lower Mainland Multicultural Family Support Services 25, 27 Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) 6-10, 11, 26, 27 Vancouver Coastal Region CCRRs 11 Vision Screening 8 Well Baby Drop-In Clinics 8 West Community Health Centre 8 West Vancouver Aquatic Centre 33 West Vancouver Arena 33 West Vancouver Child & Family Hub 17, 24 West Vancouver Community Centre 21, 33 West Vancouver Community Services 21 West Vancouver Family Place 20 West Vancouver Memorial Library 12 West Vancouver School District #45 14 Whytecliff Park 32 YMCA of Vancouver 25 YWCA of Vancouver 25 Young Parent Program 8 Youth Eating Disorders Program 8

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Opening May 1

Pediatric dentistry with heart. Lolo Pediatric Dentistry welcomes you to a pleasant dental experience with Certified Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Zina Alkafaji.

Call to book your child’s appointment ph 604.770.0890 e



105-252 W. Esplanade, North Vancouver BC, V7M 0E9


Local spans beyond what you ďŹ nd in our stores. We support over 160 local partners across BC.

Source local Eat happy North Vancouver: 845 Marine Drive



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Children & family directory 2019  

North Shore Resource For Families with children ages 0-12

Children & family directory 2019  

North Shore Resource For Families with children ages 0-12