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August 2012

Taranaki/Manawatu Farming Lifestyles


Taming the effluent pond — the natural way Effluent — it’s not the most fragrant of subjects, but it’s one which every dairy farmer has to deal with one way or another Traditionally the ‘brown stuff’ has been used in its role as a fertiliser, sprayed back onto pastures to add nutrients to the soil. But in recent years concerns about runoff into waterways, has led to wider adoption of technology such as separators to split the effluent into solid and liquid components. But a third way now exists — one which combines efficiency with eco-consciousness to provide a soil-enhancing sprayable finished product from wash-down water. It’s not about adding machinery to the effluent pond process, but about enhancing the natural process of waste digestion in the pond itself. Impact, from Biomagic NZ Ltd, takes the form of an easy-to-apply additive, tipped onto the yard during wash down after initial treatment of the pond itself. Impact turns the content of the pond from slow-acting anaerobic bacteria to

the faster-digesting aerobic form… a recipe for efficiency which removes several effluent pond problems. When the more efficient aerobic bacteria get to work they leave behind less waste minerals, dissolving the ‘crust’ which forms

on the top of ponds and the thick sludge which settles to the bottom. No more digging out foul smelling muck with these little dynamos on the job — and that helps the bottom line. Impact’s aerobic bacteria achieve in six hours what anaerobic

bacteria struggle through in 70 days! If you’d like to see the end of pungent odours, green slime, thick sludge and costly digging out, Impact from Biomagic is just what you need. Effluent solutions have never come up smelling so sweet!

Efluent Treatment

Remove Sludge & CRuSt

with only monthly doSing & at a gReat low pRiCe

• Solids reduced to as low as 5% of original amount (Dredging or stirring often not necessary) • Almost no pond crusting

Impact is biodegradable and designed to be safe and easy to use. Please contact us for more information Phone 09 418 4575 Fax 09 418 4578 Email

• Nutrients are more plant available • Improve your soil and pasture health • Only monthly dosing

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Taranaki/Manawatu Farming Lifestyles, August 2012  

Taranaki/Manawatu Farming Lifestyles, August 2012

Taranaki/Manawatu Farming Lifestyles, August 2012  

Taranaki/Manawatu Farming Lifestyles, August 2012