Connection Magazine Winter 2019 - Volume 2, Issue 1

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2018 STUDENT BURSARY RECIPIENTS Congratulations to our 2018 student bursary recipients! These student members are from Nova Scotia, and are completing accredited social work programs at universities across Canada. They will each receive $500 to help achieve their professional goals. Here are their responses to our question: “WHY IS PROFESSIONALISM IN SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE IMPORTANT TO YOU?”

EMILY ADAMS | UNIVERSITÉ SAINTE-ANNE When studying the profession of social work, you learn about the Code of Ethics and its six values. These values are very important, as they represent and enforce professionalism. Professionalism in social work practice is important to me because it allows the social worker to establish a good and appropriate relationship with every client. The Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice guide Nova Scotia social workers to remain professional throughout their career.

BETHANY TYNES | UNIVERSITY OF MANITOBA Professionalism in practice is important to me because it protects both clients and social workers. Professionalism means that clients can count on social workers to serve their best interests. They can rely on Standards of Practice (for example, that their information will normally be kept strictly confidential, except in cases where someone is in danger, generally), and rely on the fact that social workers will act with integrity toward them. Maintaining professionalism in my practice will help me serve my clients to the best of my abilities, as well as to remain beyond reproach in my behaviour toward clients. Being a part of the NSCSW helps me connect to other social workers who have greater experience in similar roles. I benefit from their knowledge and it gives me the opportunity to advocate for the profession and its future.

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