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The overall objective of the project will be geared around exploring/ examining the real and the fiction that is revealed in the concepts stated above. Stemming from the WhyComply campaign, I will be working with the same ideas around socialist constraints, but instead exploring the medium/the message between the government and the people. The objective of interactivity in this project is to inflict in the viewer an unsettling confusion that will make them, as well, think about the truth of all the media that surrounds them. Concepts in the Media I plan to parody: safety surveillence drugs pharmacy distractions(sports, horoscopes, movies, etc.) fake organizations/events products rules/regulations fiscal(specifically education) health ...AND MORE

MEDIUM Newspaper or Print

This will be the best way to get across large masses of people all around campus and have them react. I either will mock an already existing newspaper, or magazine on campus (or a few), or I will create up my own and have multiple forms of media as alternatives for the print. The articles all be fiction, but some I plan to act out later in the future as part of the project.


This will be the general home base for the project. Where people will refer to after ads or seeing the print media possibly.


Video editing/animation will be done to advertise or as a fake product/ event in itself. Ideally, I want to use my car to project video on the side of main buildings on campus. I will also have video for streaming across the internet and/or placed on the website. The location of each type will depend on the purpose of the video.


MESSAGE 1. a communication containing some information, news, advice, request, or the like, sent by messenger, radio, telephone, or other means. 2. an official communication, as from a chief executive to a legislative body: the President’s message to Congress. 3. a communication, usually brief, from one person or group to another 4. an implicit meaning or moral, as in a work of art 5. a mission; errand To get the message: to understand or comprehend, especially to infer the correct meaning from circumstances, hints, McLuhan Media(um)=Message Media(um)=any technology Media(um)=direct extension of human > social connect The content of Media is another Media

As media continues to grow and change so does the message. As our world becomes saturated with businesses small and large, the message is about and therefore controlled (or vice versa) by the businesses. The message is about the “LogoRama” society, where adults and children can recognize icons for a company or a product more than they can think to name some of the most common trees around them. Image and Labeling are what determine different entities as separate; not so much purpose, functionality, quality, or scientific evidence anymore. As the media is now completely controlled, the MESSAGE is as well. The message has a mission, the media is the vehicle. The message is corporate consumption. The media is so crucial because it influences people to believe in the message. The message can very well be the media itself. The media can have no further purpose than simply influencing people to stay connected to it; it can control it’s consumers fully, only to maintain power over them.



We brand ourselves

By selection of topics By distribution of concerns By emphasis and framing of issues > selecting information to filter By bounding limits around debate

We are not true to ourselves, we are true to our brand We do and say things according to our brand We eventually allow ourselves to believe we are this brand Our brand has sub-brands --> we advertise for these (actual/ corporate) brands, more commonly without knowledge We make ourselves believe that these brands define us The commercial brand finds a way to relate to us and make us feel special Make us feel there is a product/solution just for us > we confide trust in brand, we lose trust in ourselves We eventually see life only in the way our brand tell us to > all else seems foreign, bad, pointless Therefore, what public (or even private) info can we believe anymore? The media represents the ideal brand of “shared values” The media brands itself and reveals information according the the brands that control it It does not reveal information due to what its people want to hear but rather tells them what they should (want to) hear Media can be much related to advertising a brand or product Similar verbs/adl: fast, all inclusive, fresh, unseen/unheard, frequent, as a service to you, applying to [your] special needs // “latest, greatest, quickest, laziest”

Media companies (and overall superior corporations) select/determine, restrict, control and shape the media (that they determine as truthful) in order to serve interests of the elite We recall news sources to tetll us about the past >The course of history is determined by the elite SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES in media (As well as advertising - which controls media) Consumerism, compliance, work more, buy more, self-inadequacy, media to dull people’s brains All media is essentially advertising, all stories are branded > they have an underlying agenda to support the ideas and/or business of the elite Reading news and believing stories is not much different than being sold by advertising Media: as an influence as a rule as entertainment as a distraction to reveal (or not reveal) to control for drama to initiate an ideal


the bubble

THE BUBBLE a parody news source for UCONN - concept being that we are exposed to only what is inside this bubble. The UConn “bubble” is an aspiring utopia gone wrong. BRANDS the Bubble is associated with and promotes UCONN businesses and organizations. The Organizations incorporated in the project will be parodies of existing UCONN organizations so to avoid any legal issues. (BAD EX: instead of Mental Health Services, the Bubble will include “Dept. of Mental and Emotional Health” or “MEH”) These Organizations will be branded with a similar design/logo as The Bubble. The organizations will be advertised on the bubble and promoted in articles. ARTICLES The articles are parodies on real UCONN current events that are already either heavily revealed to public, or heavily concealed. Many articles will essentially be advertisements for the parody organizations/businesses. Most will be very short and will rely heavily on the headline

FRAMEWORK WEBSITE main hub for project NEWSPAPER printed newspapers out for around the time of gallery layout similar to website PRINT OUT NEWSPAPER TEASERS One page print out flyers with some articles and ads on it, will be slipped into other newspapers on campus BRANDING for The Bubble and other parody organizations ADVERTISEMENTS photos/flash videos for organizations to be put on website and in newspaper/printed media BUBBLE ADS print out b+w text Ads with taglines that direct people back to the bubble site



As artists and designers, we aim to reveal some type of truth through our work. In doing so, we must develop an understanding of our audience and how they experience communication. When I go about doing my work, I use a culmination of many small observations to reveal a larger picture. Throughout my development as an artist and an individual, I’ve come to find the most fascination in studying universal cultural and political issues while simultaneously observing human interaction on a small scale. In my current work, I am interested in the ways our culture goes about seeking and sharing information, and how this influences the collective perception of truth. Present culture is consumed by media, largely due to the increasing use of the internet. We always feel the need to be connected, to share, to send, browse or buy; to click our way through a fulfillment which we never end up reaching at the end of the day. This is because the media gives away the false illusion of choice. Through sharp imagery, headlines and taglines, we are deceived into distraction from or filtering of factual evidence of the truth. When compiling all the stories we read, videos we watch or pictures we browse, there is a clear pattern of the type of information that is revealed. So what, then, determines the media that we choose to consume? And does this media fulfill our desires for truth? Does it give us what it is saying? The Bubble is a network, a market, a source, a measurement, a campaign, a lie and a truth. It is a hub that redefines, rebrands and re-simplifies our connection with media. Through it’s satirical undertone, The Bubble reevaluates fact and fiction in mass media, as well as the control we have in seeking the thruth. While interacting with The Bubble, I challenge the viewer to reflect a larger message that is revealed by our collective media.

Senior Project Process  

A quick &dirty process book for my sr. project

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