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Volume 7, Number 165

U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain

August 18, 2010

15th MEU Helicopters launch from Peleliu in support of Pakistan relief efforts By Lt.j.g Beth Gauck Commander, Amphibious Squadron THREE Public Affairs

Photo by MC2 Andrew Dunlap

The amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu (LHA 5), left, and the amphibious transport dock ship USS Dubuque (LPD 8) are underway off the coast of Pakistan. Peleliu and Dubuque are in the early stages of supporting the Pakistani government and military with heavy lift capabilities to bring humanitarian assistance to those affected in flooded regions of Pakistan. Peleliu and Dubuque are a part of the Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group.

INDIAN OCEAN, Aug. 12 — Two U.S. Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) launched from the flight deck of U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu (LHA 5) as part of the continued U.S. humanitarian assistance to Pakistan in support of flood relief from the recent monsoon. The helicopters are the first two aircraft of 19 U.S. Navy and Marine Corps helicopters that will deploy to Pakistan to operate in partnership with the Pakistani military throughout flood-impacted areas. Their mission is simple: support the Pakistani Government as needed, and provide additional critical heavy-lift capability. These helicop-

ters have the strength to lift 16 tons of food and equipment and the capacity to evacuate stranded people on short notice, a necessity in areas damaged by flood water. As monsoon rains continued to worsen the flood region and displace millions of people, the Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) and embarked Marines of the 15th MEU, arrived in international waters off the coast of Karachi, Pakistan, on short notice with Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 165 (Reinforced) (HMM-165). HMM165 (REIN) contains four CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters, as well as 12 CH-46E Sea Knight medium lift and transport-capable helicopters. In support of the relief efforts, the ARG is augmented with three MH-53E Sea Dragon helicopters from Navy Mine Countermeasures Squadron 15, based from Norfolk, Va. peleliu Page 4

Elimination of Field Service Record approaches By MC1(AW) LaTunya Howard Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs


MILLINGTON, Tenn. (NNS) — Navy Personnel Command (NPC) is reminding Sailors that paper enlisted field service records (FSRs) will closeout Sept. 30. Service record information will be generated and maintained electronically through a secure Internet connection to the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System Electronic Service Record (ESR). Chief of Naval Personnel announced in 2009 the requirement for all active-duty and Reserve personnel to establish and maintain a self-service ESR account. These accounts allow Sailors to review their professional, personal, training and awards data. Sailors also have limited self-service update capability within their ESR. “Sailors should maintain a hard copy of all documents used to update their ESR or any other record such as reenlistment contracts, award certificates, designation letters, etc.,” said B. J. Price, of the Records Management Policy Branch at NPC. “The Sailor’s ESR cannot be updated without appropriate source documentation.” As the Navy moves forward with plans

to eliminate the enlisted FSR, nearly 60,000 Sailors still need to establish a self-service ESR account that will allow them access to their records anytime. Self-service accounts can be created at or on the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS)/ESR server on board ships. Commanding officers, executive officers and command master chiefs can obtain command-level “view only” access by completing the NSIPS/ESR system access authorization request, or SAAR, and forward it to NPC’s Record/Data Maintenance Quality Division. These request forms are available at NPC/Information+Management. This access provides the user “view only” capability for all ESR accounts within their unit identification codes (UICs). All commands responsible for service record entries are required to initiate updates in NSIPS/ESR. Sailors are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of their ESR and must contact the servicing personnel office if any information is incorrect. The Navy began eliminating enlisted FSRs in January 2010. Officer service records were eliminated in 2000. Personnel

Photo by MC2(AW) Johansen Laurel

Naval Support Activity Bahrain’s Personnel Service Department stack Enlisted Service Records that have been reviewed and converted to Electronic Service Records to be distributed back to individual service members by September.

Support Detachment, Memphis began closing out records for Sailors at NPC last year as part of a successful field test. For more information on the elimination of FSRs read NAVADMIN 040/10,

visit or call the NPC Customer Service Center at 1-866-U-ASK-NPC. For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit

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MORE... Special needs families find support at Fleet, Family Support Centers, P. 2

Enlisted warfare qualifications: A mandatory requirement, P. 4

Navy prepares Sailors, families for seasonal flu, P. 5


The Bahrain Desert Times

August 18, 2010

Special needs families find support at Fleet, Family Support Centers From Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) liaisons are now located at the Fleet and Family Support Centers in Norfolk, Jacksonville, San Diego, Bremerton and Washington, D.C. — to increase support to Sailors and their families with special needs. By the end of October 2010, EFMP liaisons will be available to assist with information and referral at all Fleet and Family Support Centers. “EFMP liaisons at Fleet and Family Support Centers help Sailors and their families access appropriate services and resources by providing the information and referral they need,” said Arnie Norem, EFMP analyst at Commander, Navy Installations Command. “They have the knowledge and experience to pinpoint available family services and help families access these important resources, such as workshops, counseling and educational assistance through the School Liaison Officer program.” The Navy developed the EFMP to support families with special needs and assure continuity of care while also supporting operational readiness. The EFMP ensures

that Sailors are assigned to geographical areas where specialized support is available to suit the medical, educational, community and personnel needs of the family. Special needs include any special medical, dental, mental health, developmental or educational requirement, wheelchair accessibility, adaptive equipment or assistive technology devices and services. Norem said that because of misconceptions with EFMP, some are reluctant to enroll in the program. “There is the misconception that Sailors in EFMP are denied choice assignments,” he said. “Actually, EFMP remains flexible. Once the sponsor enrolls and family needs are identified, he or she will have a good chance at obtaining a career enhancing assignment.” Norem added that roughly, 15 percent of our special needs families are currently stationed overseas. Another misconception is that being in EFMP hurts one’s shot at a promotion. Norem said many members enrolled in EFMP have been successful in the military. “Promotion boards do not see EFMP category status,” he said. “As long as sponsors are meeting Navy requirements, he/she has a good chance of being promoted.”

Class Registration The Bahrain School will begin the 2010-2011 school year on August 29, 2010 at 0800. The first day of school will include an early dismissal at 1245 so that we can open our school to parents with our “Back to School Open House” which will be held in the Great Hall at 1300. Students must be registered to attend school. If you have not registered your child yet, appointments are available Thursday August 19 between 0800 and 11 and from 1230-1430. We have appointments available on Sunday August 22 between 0900 and 11 and 1230-1430. Registration packets are available anytime. School staff members will bring registration packets to Summer Send Off and National Night Out. For more information contact Elner Austin at 1771-9802. Sincerely, Gail Anderson Principal The Bahrain School Commanding Officer U.S. Naval Support Activity Bahrain Capt. Rick Sadsad NSA Bahrain Executive Officer Cmdr. Patrick J. Moran Public Affairs Officer Jennifer L. Stride Leading Petty Officer MC1(AW) Felix Garza Jr. Staff Photojournalists MC1(AW) Felix Garza Jr.

MC2(AW) Johansen Laurel MC2(AW) Jason T. Poplin

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Photo by MC1 Brien Aho

Ten-year-old Joseph Camano drinks juice with therapy patient nine-year-old Logan Flaathen after a routine physical therapy session at the Diane Epplein & Assoc. Pediatric Therapy facility. Camano was born with no legs and a malformed right arm and he and his father, Lt. Cmdr. Santiago Camano, are enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program.

NSA’s Commanding Officer addresses questions submitted to CO’s Suggestion Boxes Hello Shipmates. Numerous questions, comments and concerns have been received through multiple suggestion boxes placed around our installation. Each submission is taken seriously and prioritized. My first concern in determining the priority is how will it affect the troops? Second, can we do it legally and third, what will it ultimately cost? I’d like to take a moment to address some issues that have been repeatedly commented on. Question # 1 – What happened to the bands and DJs that entertained the troops in the Desert Dome? Answer: Because of the current heat conditions, it was decided it would be safer to suspend outside activities at the Desert Dome until the temperature cools down. We just started back with a DJ, and a new band is in route to begin playing very soon and throughout Ramadan. Question # 2 – Is it possible to have Wi-Fi put in the Desert Dome for the troops to have another place to communicate with their loved ones and relax? Answer: Much of the common areas inside the Desert Dome are scheduled for future construction to build office spaces, therefore it would not be feasible to set up a Wi-Fi system at this time. With contractors and additional tenant commands continuously moving into Bahrain, we have to make the most of every piece of real estate we have on the installation. Question # 3 – Is it possible to expand the hours at the base pools? Answer: We are currently trying out new extended hours. The pool hours have been extended to the following until Labor Day. The Training Tank: Monday through Thursday: 0600-0930 and 1030-2000; Friday and Saturday: 1000-2000; Sunday: closed for weekly routine maintenance. The Family Pool: Tuesday through Sunday: 1100-2000; closed Monday for routine maintenance. Additionally, we could use more qualified lifeguards to staff the pools to assist us with future extended hours. If you are interested in becoming a certi-

fied life guard, please contact the NSA Bahrain MWR Sports and Fitness Manager, Luis Rexach at 439-8184. Question # 4 – I am the spouse of an Active Duty member and am also retired Navy. Why can’t I use the Liberty Center on base? Answer: Please understand, this is a “Single” or “unaccompanied” Military Liberty Center of which we have a very large number of here in Bahrain. Therefore, because of the number of active duty single or unaccompanied service members here, we have authorized the use of this facility to only those personnel. For additional information regarding the Liberty Center please review NSABAHRAININST 1700.3B. There are snacks, movies, games, and an internet computer facility in the Freedom Souq that everyone is welcome to use. It is impossible to please every person associated with NSA, but we try very hard to do so. Please do not think that because your question did not get addressed in this forum that it is not important. I assure you no question went unnoticed. Continue to submit your suggestions and comments as we will continue to do our best to make NSA Bahrain an even better duty assignment for our military forces, civilian counterparts, and their families. Thank you all for what you do everyday. Captain Sadsad

August 18, 2010

The Bahrain Desert Times


Chaplain’s Corner

Respecting Religious Diferrences

By Cmdr. Chin Van Dang Supervisory Chaplain

A man places a bouquet of flowers on the grave. He notices a Chinese offers a bowl of rice on the grave next to his. He asks the Chinese, “When will your loved one return to eat the rice?” “When your loved one comes back to smell the flowers,” says the Chinese. During this month of Ramadan which will end on 09 September, each of us needs to demonstrate a higher respect and better understanding of the Muslim Fasting by refraining from eating, drinking, and smoking in public. Wearing

appropriate attire during this occasion is also a gesture of our respect. A Hindu priest, a rabbi and a businessman were driving down the road, when the car breaks down late at night. Fortunately finding a farmhouse nearby, the farmer informed them that he had only one spare room, and that it had only two twin beds. They were welcome to it, but one of them had to sleep in the barn. After some discussion, the Hindu volunteered to go to the barn. A few moments later, a knock on the bedroom door, and the Hindu explained that there was a cow in the barn, and cows are sacred and he could not possibly sleep in the barn with a cow. Annoyed, the rabbi volunteered. A few moments later, a knock on the door. The rabbi explained that there was a pig in the barn and that he, being very orthodox, could not possibly spend the evening in the barn with the origin of pork. Finally the businessman said that he would go to the barn. A few moments later there was a knock on the door. Standing at the door are the cow and the pig! As ambassadors here in Bahrain, we should not remain enclosed within our particularities and denominational traditions, but be open to enrich one another with our cultural and religious differences. “Eid Mubarak” (eed-moo-barak) meaning “May Almighty bless this happy occasion for you.” is the phrase we greet our Muslim friends and neighbors.

Photo by MC2(AW) Johansen Laurel

Electronics Technician 1st Class Latica Woods assigned at Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain’s network and communications department is the president of the Multicultural Committee.

Multi-Cultural committee President By MC2(AW) Johansen Laurel Staff Writer

MANAMA, Bahrain — Part of being a Sailor is to be willing to take on responsibilities outside your normal job or rating. The president of the Naval Support Activity (NSA), Bahrain Multi-Cultural Committee, Electronics Technician 1st Class Latica Woods, assigned to network and communications department at Naval Support Activity (NSA) Bahrain, embodies these qualities. Woods works in the Electronic Technician Shop and is the assistant leading petty officer for NSA’s network and communications department. She maintains and repairs all of the anti-terrorism force protection equipment for NSA and Naval Security Force on base, at the Mina Salman Pier, Bahrain Department of Defense School (DoDDS) and Harbor Patrol Unit. Woods joined the Navy September 6, 2006 for the opportunity to receive a college education and travel the world. “Boot camp (recruit training) is a distant memory,” said Woods. “Even though I can only recall being hungry and exhausted the entire time, I made great friends along the way.” Upon graduation from recruit training, Woods attended Advanced Electronic Technician Core “A” School in Great Lakes, Ill. She later attended High Frequency Radio School, Hydra Wireless Communications System School, and Naval Modular Automated Communications Systems School before receiving orders to USS Enterprise (CVN 65) in Norfolk, Va. After her tour with the Enterprise, Woods took orders to North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) head quarters in Norfolk, Va., before getting her first overseas tour onboard NSA. “I had never been stationed overseas,” said Woods. “This was a short billet that allowed me to experience that.” A few months after Woods checked

onboard NSA, she wanted to get involved in clubs during her off-duty time, so she joined different organizations to include: the Southwest Asia Echo Six Association, the NSA Bahrain Morale Welfare and Recreation Counsel, the Navy Ball Committee, the Navy and Marine Corp Relief Society, Sexual Assault Prevention Response, and Multicultural Committee. Of all the groups of which she is a member, Woods says the Multicultural Committee stands out most for her. She said the benefit of being in this committee is being immersed in various cultures and backgrounds. “Not only have I learned so much about my own culture,” said Woods. “But I have also met wonderful people and learned about various other backgrounds that I wouldn’t have come to know about if I hadn’t joined this committee.” The mission of the committee is to support and recognize different cultures every month and to help educate and heighten service members’ awareness to cultures and traditions they are not familiar with, said Woods. “It’s an experience like no other to learn and understand different ethnic backgrounds,” said Woods. “The history we learn from each other gives us insight into our future to continue to work hand-in-hand no matter what background we come from.” Woods believes the committee will promote cultural awareness and encourage junior Sailors to have pride in their ethnic backgrounds. “I can see the committee moving forward even after I transfer,” said Woods. “I am sure there are motivated service members and civilians who will step up and continue the work being done.” The Multicultural Committee has many ideas planned for the next couple of months and hopes for maximum participation from the crew. Be on the look out for news of upcoming events. For more information about the Multicultural Committee, please contact ET1 Latica Woods at latica.woods@ or 439-3939.


The Bahrain Desert Times

August 18, 2010

Enlisted warfare qualifications: A mandatory requirement By MCC(SW/AW) Sonya Ansarov Office of the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy

WASHINGTON (NNS) — Initial enlisted warfare qualifications are now mandatory for all Sailors per the recent release of NAVADMIN 268-10. The NAVADMIN announces the release of OPNAVINST 1414.9, Navy Enlisted Warfare Qualification Programs Instruction, which issues the basic overarching requirements for the qualification and designation of all enlisted warfare programs. The arduous and often unforgiving environment we operate in as a Navy and Sailor dictates the need for all personnel to have a basic understanding and operating knowledge of the platform or command to which they are assigned. Warfare programs are essential in ensuring our Sailors understand and are able to effectively engage a casualty, operate equipment or platforms safely and ensure backup as needed. Warfare qualifications are about ship, shipmate and self, and ensure the safety and safe operation of each command and platform on a daily basis. “It’s a standard every Sailor must achieve. The warfare device itself is a symbol that the Sailors who are wearing it have a basic level of knowledge to ensure they are capable of fighting the ship, saving a shipmate and ensuring the safety of them at all times,” said Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON), Rick D. West. “Having every Sailor at or working toward that level will only strengthen the war-fighting ability of that command and the Navy.” According to the NAVADMIN, qualification and/or re-

Photo by MC2(AW) Jason T. Poplin

qualification is mandatory for all enlisted Sailors assigned to designated warfare qualifying commands. Warfare sponsors (Type Commanders) will establish specific qualification and re-qualifying timelines however, the maximum allowable time for initial qualification of all enlisted Sailors assigned to designated warfare qualifying commands will not exceed 30 months. Timelines for warfare qualifications are set by the Type Commander’s instructions and each TYCOM will have oversight of their programs. According to West, some of the biggest questions he hears from Sailors are: • What happens if a Sailor doesn’t qualify in time? West stated that failure to qualify in the specific warfare program within the prescribed time requirements shall immediately

result in a special performance evaluation that removes promotion recommendation, but the promotion recommendation may be restored with a special performance evaluation when qualification is achieved. • Will a Sailor be penalized if their command doesn’t offer the opportunity for warfare qualification? According to West, Sailors without the opportunity to qualify in a warfare specialty will not be penalized. However Sailors should look for follow-on opportunities to obtain a warfare device when able. • Will having mandatory qualifications water down the existing programs? West stated, quite the contrary; by mandating warfare qualifications for all enlisted personnel, it will significantly “raise the bar” across the command regarding level of knowledge of the command and the systems our Sailors operate. It is incumbent on those that wear the warfare pin of the command to ensure the integrity and strength of the existing programs. • How will Sailors stand-out amongst peers if everyone is required to have a warfare pin? According to West, Sailors stand out every day. Performance and the Sailor’s overall command support should be the biggest factors to “break out” individuals. “I often highlight efficient manning and future platforms such as LCS as examples of the need to ensuring our Sailors have a good, basic understanding of the systems and fighting capabilities of the command to which they are assigned,” said West. For more information see NAVADMIN 268-10. For more news from Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, visit

peleliu from Page 1

“On my last deployment with 15th MEU, we conducted humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in Indonesia following the tsunami,” said Lt. Col. Todd Oneto, commanding officer of HMM-165 (REIN). “I am confident in our ability to help Pakistan in its relief efforts.” The Navy and Marine Corps team is uniquely capable of providing sustained humanitarian assistance operations at sea and ashore. The Peleliu ARG consists of amphibious assault ship USS Peleliu (LHA 5), amphibious dock landing ship USS Pearl Harbor (LSD 52), and amphibious transport dock ship USS Dubuque (LPD 8). All three ships are capable of moving equipment and personnel, simultaneously by surface or air. Peleliu ARG and 15th MEU are currently executing a regularly scheduled deployment to the region in support of ongoing maritime security operations, and serve as the theater reserve force for U.S. Central Command. The ARG/ MEU team report directly to Expeditionary Strike Group Five, which is responsible for all amphibious forces deployed to 5th Fleet, and oversees the planning and execution of contingency response missions, maritime humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations. The 5th Fleet’s area of responsibility encompasses 2.5 million square miles of water and includes the Arabian Gulf, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman and parts of the Indian Ocean.

Photo by MC2(EXW) Andrew Dunlap

A Marine Corps CH-53E Sea Stallion, assigned to Helicopter Marine Medium Squadron “White Knights” (HMM-165) (REIN), launches from the flight deck aboard USS Peleliu (LHA 5). The passengers and cargo are the first wave to go ashore Pakistan to deliver relief supplies to flood-stricken regions. The CH-53E is loaded with tools, ground support equipment, communications gear and general supplies to support flight operations.

Photo by MC3 Omar A. Dominquez

Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit wave as a Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion, assigned to Helicopter Marine Medium Squadron “White Knights” (HMM-165) (REIN), launches from the flight deck on board USS Peleliu (LHA 5). This is the first wave to go ashore in Pakistan to deliver relief supplies to flood-stricken regions.

August 18, 2010

The Bahrain Desert Times


Navy prepares Sailors, families for seasonal flu From Bureau of Medicine and Surgery Public Affairs

Photo by MC1(AW) Felix Garza Jr.

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy recognizes August as Immunization Awareness Month. With flu season quickly approaching, Navy leadership are urging service members, veterans and family members to be aware of the risks of seasonal flu and to receive their scheduled vaccinations. Influenza or “flu” has the potential to significantly impact Navy force readiness and missions. In the United States, influenza results in more than 25 million reported cases, more than 150,000 hospitalizations due to serious complications and more than 30,000 deaths annually. According to the Navy Surgeon General Vice Adm. Adam M. Robinson Jr., immunization is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of seasonal influenza. “Influenza is not the common cold,” said Robinson. “It can be a severe to life-threatening disease and getting an annual flu vaccine immunization protects us from getting the disease or becoming severely ill. The seasonal flu vaccine not only helps protect vaccinated individuals, but also helps protect entire communities by preventing and reducing the spread of the disease.” Navy medical officials anticipate the supply of vaccine to Navy medical treatment facilities will arrive by late September and do not anticipate any availability issues like those experienced last fall. This year’s seasonal influenza vaccine contains three inactive virus components based

on an estimate of the most prevalent strains for the upcoming season. The 2009 H1N1 pandemic strain is incorporated as one of the three 2010-2011 seasonal influenza vaccine components. New influenza strains with the potential to become pandemic have not yet been identified for 2010-2011 but the possibility remains that a new virus strain could emerge, become a pandemic and require an additional influenza vaccine. The Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center will closely monitor the emergence of potential new virus strains. “Let me assure you that the vaccine is safe, effective, and will be widely available beginning next month,” said Robinson. Robinson also states that all personnel and their family members can limit the effects of the seasonal and H1N1 flu by adopting some basic preventive health practices such as covering their mouth when they cough, washing hands often, and avoiding touching your eyes, nose or mouth. “Following these simple good practices will help us all stay healthy during this flu season,” said Robinson. For more information, NAVADMIN 255/10 details the Navy’s Influenza Vaccination and Reporting Policy and is located at For more information about Navy Medicine, visit For more news from Navy Medicine, visit

Freedom Souq wall gains new life By MC2(AW) Jason T. Poplin Staff Writer

MANAMA, Bahrain — U.S. Naval Forces Central Command’s (NAVCENT) Cryptologic Technician 1st Class Hannah Ryder is leaving a lasting impression here at Naval Support Activity (NSA), Bahrain and with personnel assigned to the base by painting a 15-foot high mural she designed on a wall in building P911, the Freedom Souq. Titled “Blueshirt Boulevard,” the mural is a tribute to the junior enlisted ranks, with the mural’s slogan, “Honoring the past, Forging the future,” representing the melding rich past and heritage yesterday’s Navy’s with the Navy of today. “Blueshirt Boulevard represents the enlisted community and the camaraderie between those ranks who are still called ‘blue shirts,” Ryder said. Ryder was hand picked to construct the mural after she submitted a scaled down black and white version during a contest held earlier this year where local artisans, be it service members, civilians or family members, were asked to submit ideas for different themed murals to be painted on the walls of the Freedom Souq. The “Blueshirt Boulevard” mural is located on the wall across from the entrance to the Navy Exchange on the first floor of Freedom Souq. According to NSA Bahrain’s senior enlisted leader, Command Master Chief James Key, Ryder’s submission was selected by the base’s master chief petty officer community for its representation of Navy pride, professionalism and heritage all illustrated in one piece of art. “The contest was hosted by the chief petty officer community as a means to

instill some esprit-de-corps,” Key said. “This is the place where the majority of folks visit when they come to NSA and we’re hoping the mural inspires and motivates people to take a little more pride in our building and our base.” Assisting Ryder is Patti Simmons, wife of Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class David Simmons, currently stationed at NAVCENT, who volunteered to help with the project in an effort to make the quality of life better for everyone on base. “White walls are boring and this is certainly an attention grabber,” Simmons said. “It’s nice to have a little color in life sometimes.” Ryder added that she is grateful for the opportunity to be able to make a positive change to the base by constructing something that offers an air of permanence. “I think people will be able to look at this, see the big picture, and realize that we’re all a team and a family,” Ryder said.

Photos by MC2(AW) Jason T. Poplin

Cryptologic Technician 1st Class Hannah Ryder, left, assigned to Naval Forces Central Command, and Patti Simmons, a military family member, work together to paint “Blueshirt Boulevard,” a mural designed by Ryder honoring junior enlisted sailors being constructed in building P911.

Cryptologic Technician 1st Class Hannah Ryder, assigned to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command (NAVCENT), paints a mural titled “Blueshirt Boulevard” that she designed, on a wall in building P911.

Patti Simmons, a military family member, helps paint the “Blueshirt Boulevard” mural that covers a wall outside the Navy Exchange in building P911.


The Bahrain Desert Times

Doctor’s orders By Dr. Jonathan Leibig

Are you sleeping with the enemy? You might be. We have seen some recent cases of bedbug bites on service members here in Bahrain. These tiny, blood-sucking parasites have been known to inflict up to 500 bites on a person in a single night. Bedbugs are not exclusively nocturnal but the night is their preferred feasting time, when people are stationary and unaware of the small biting insects. As one might guess, they get their common name from the location where they find human meals the most, though they also live in walls, floors and furniture and can travel long distances in search of a meal. They usually feed once per week

but can live for up to 12 months without a feeding. Bedbug bites usually appear as itchy bumps that occur in a line of 2-3, usually on exposed skin. If you suspect bedbugs, take a close look at your bed and bedding for the small brown bugs or evidence of them. Remove the linens and look at the seams and along the stitching of your mattress. It may be helpful to lift up the mattress and look on the underside. Also look for small fecal spots and blood smears. Beating these pests can be difficult. Some basic steps include: vacuum everywhere; use mattress and pillow covers; wash all linens, clothing, etc. in hot water; don’t give them a ride, keep any contaminated furniture or linens in one room, don’t move them to another. If you are staying in a hotel, notify management, wash all your belongings in hot water and insist on moving. If you have a flat or villa, talk to your landlord.

August 18, 2010

Photo From The Fleet Check in to find out what our fellow shipmates are doing around the fleet at

Photo by MC3 David R. Finley Jr.

Boatswain’s Mate 2nd Class July Bridgeman pipes reveille from the bridge of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Harry S. Truman is deployed as part of the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group supporting maritime security operations and theater security cooperation efforts in the U.S. 5th and 6th Fleet areas of responsibility.


How can NSA be more child friendly?

Holly Childers

EN2 Chalmalcan Salazar NSA DAPA Assistant

IT1 Roshonia Valentine NCTS

CDR Jeff Williams NAVCENT

LT James Remington Task Force 57

LT Debra Kleinsmith ESG-5

“I think it would be a good idea if there

“I think it would be a good idea to have

“I have two boys and it would be

“My family and I just checked in here

“It would be a good idea to put one

“It would be a good idea to host more

were more high chairs in the food

more activities for children at the family

nice if I could get them enrolled into

a few weeks ago and as far as I can

or two coin-operated rides at the

events here on base for children and

court. It would also be nice to have

pool, especially now during Ramadan

some sort of sports program such as

see, the base does a really good job

entrance of the Navy Exchange for

their parents together.”

nursery services provided at the base

because its so hot.”

basketball or swimming.”

at catering to families. The facilities

children. The money collected in the

here are comparable to back home.”

machines could benefit MWR.”

chapel for smaller children.”

August 18, 2010

The Bahrain Desert Times

Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation program kicks off Fantasy Football contest From Commander, Navy Installations Command Public Affairs

WASHINGTON (NNS) — The Navy’s Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) program has teamed up with the Marine Corps, Coast Guard and several sponsors to offer eligible patrons the opportunity to participate in a free, online 2010 MWR Fantasy Football League, which is open until 8 a.m. Sept. 12. All active-duty military personnel, their family members, military retirees, Reservists, National Guardsmen, and DoD and U.S. Coast Guard civilians are eligible to participate in the contest. The participant with the top score at the end of the season will win a trip to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas. In addition, all participants will have a chance to win the national contest, with a grand prize of $100,000. Contest participants can enroll in MWR’s free “RapidDraft” Fantasy Football League at, hosted by World Fantasy Games, an online fantasy sports company. Each player will draft their team and play against 11 simulated pros from the fantasy football industry (including Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath), and compete directly with them throughout the season. An overall military winner will be named, which will be determined by the total accumulation of points gained during each week’s games. The best player from the armed services will win a trip to Super Bowl XLV in February 2011. All eligible patrons are allowed to draft as many teams as permitted by World

Fantasy Games. Once participants are registered for their free team, they can draft their team anytime they desire before the draft deadline, 8 a.m. Sept. 12. Custom leader boards will be created for each service, and an overall military leader board will be available for ease in comparing your team to those across the entire nation. A custom championship ring will be presented to the top finisher from each service and weekly prizes will also be awarded. “Navy MWR would like to thank World Fantasy Games, Coors Light and First Esprit de Corps for their support in bringing this exciting MWR Fantasy Football League contest to our military personnel and their families, which was made possible through the Commercial Sponsorship Program,” said Gordon Digby, program manager, Navy MWR Golf/Auto Skills/Fantasy Sports, Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC). Commercial sponsorship is an authorized way for Navy MWR activities to offset the cost of programs and services. Sponsorship is received in the form of inkind services and financial support in exchange for public recognition, advertising consideration and/or product promotion at MWR events. The Department of Defense, U.S. Armed Forces and Department of Homeland Security do not officially endorse or recommend any sponsor’s products or services related to this promotion. For more information about the 2010 MWR Fantasy Football League, and to register for a free team, visit

As a veteran of United States Armed Forces you may be eligible for a broad range of programs and services provided by the Veteran’s Affairs.

If you have questions about Compensation, Montgomery or The New 9/11 GI Bill, Home Loan Guaranty, Counseling, Life Insurance, Medical Record Screening or other Veteran Services, now is the time to inquire.

Post 9/11 GI Bill Veteran’s Affairs Benefits Brief Benefits Brief 29 Aug 10 : 0900-1030 30 Aug 10 : 0800-1200 31 Aug 10 : 1500-1630 01 Sept 10 : 1300-1700 Location: FFSC Annex, Trailer# 109 (Next to the Base Chapel) 30 minute individual appointments are available (FFSC Main Office, Bldg 267) by contacting Fleet & Family Support Center For additional information or to schedule an appointment call FFSC @ DSN (318) 439-4046, COMM: (973) 1785 4046



The Bahrain Desert Times

HR Classified Ads LOCAL POSITIONS: Who May Apply: Current Federal Employee; Military Spouse Preference/Family Member’s eligible residing in the Commuting Area; Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) Eligible. Announcement: NSA-10-070 Position: Housing Referral Assistant (5 Vacancies), GS-0303-05 Department: Housing Office, NSA Bahrain Opening Date: 12 Aug 2010 - Closing Date: 25 Aug 2010

August 18, 2010

Movie Schedule

Department: MWR, NSA Bahrain Opening Date: 11 Aug 2010 - Closing Date: 24 Aug 2010

Friday, August 20

BG POSITIONS: Announcement: NSA-10-067 Position: Electronics Worker, BG-2604-08 Department: MWR, NSA Bahrain Opening Date: 04 Aug 2010 - Closing Date: 24 Aug 2010 Who May Apply: Bahraini Citizens (Ist Priority consideration), GCC Nationals, Local Foreign Nationals, or Current BG employees.

Theater A 10 a.m. - Space Chimps (G) 12 p.m. - Shorts (PG) 2 p.m. - When In Rome (PG-13) 4 p.m. - Why Did I Get Married Too (PG-13) 7 p.m. - Death At A Funeral (R) 9 p.m. - Van Helsing (PG-13)

Announcement: NSA-10-069 Position: Recreation Assistant, GS-0189-07

ITT Ramadan Iftar Buffet Thursday, August 19 • Time: 1630 – 1900 • Min 5 people; ITT Price: $82.00

Captain’s Cup

Pearl “Snorkel” Hunt Friday, August 20 • Time: 0800 • Min 8 people – Max 10 people; ITT Price: $47.00 per person Swim with the Dolphins Saturday, August 21 • Time: 1000 – 1300 • Min 5 people; ITT Price: $37.00 Guided Cultural Tour of Grand Mosque Sunday, August 22 • Time: 0930 – 1100 • Min 5 people; ITT Price: $ 2.00

Photo by MC2(AW) Jason T. Poplin

Five competitors leap into the Inshalla pool during the swim meet portion of the Captain’s Cup at Naval Support Activity (NSA), Bahrain, Aug. 12. The Captain’s Cup is a year-long event where various commands at NSA compete in multiple sporting activities.

Hawar Island Overnight Stay Thursday, August 26 • ITT Cost: Single Room- $ 227; Double Room- $320 Go-Kart Racing Friday, August 27 • Time: 1700 • Min 6 people; ITT Price: $23.00 **Please arrive 15 minutes prior** All dates and times are subject to change

Theater B 11 a.m. - Furry Vengeance (PG) 1 p.m. - Dear John (PG-13) 3 p.m. - The A-Team (PG-13) 5 p.m. - Knight And Day (PG-13) 7 p.m. - Pearl Harbor (PG-13) Saturday, August 21 Theater A 10 a.m. - Inkheart (PG) 12 p.m. - Extraordinary Measures (PG) 2 p.m. - Remember Me (PG-13) 4 p.m. - The A-Team (PG-13) 7 p.m. - Clash Of The Titans (PG-13) 9 p.m. - Predators (R) Theater B 11 a.m. - How To Train Your Dragon (PG) 1 p.m. - Open Road (PG) 3 p.m. - Knight And Day (PG-13) 5 p.m. - She’s Out Of My League (R) 7 p.m. - Cyrus (R) 9 p.m. - Repo Men (R)

Comments & Suggestions All are welcome to send comments or suggestions to MWR Bahrain. Please e-mail them to: If you would like to receive MWR Bahrain’s e-mail announcements, just send your official e-mail to the above address.

Sunday, August 22 Cut Throat (Pool) Tournament • 1800 Thursday, August 19 BBQ - “Burn your own Burgers” • 1700 Friday, August 20 Pearl Snorkeling Adventure • 0800 • E6 & Below $35, E7 & Above $47 Video Game Friday • 1800 Saturday, August 21 Fishing Trip • 0600 • E6 & Below $35, E7 & Above $47 Arabic Dinner • 1730 • E6 & Below $3, E7 & Above $5

Monday, August 23 Grand Mosque Tour • 1000 • E6 & Below $1, E7 & Above $2 Tuesday, August 24 Liberty Advisement Council Meeting • 1200 • Free Lunch Wednesday, August 25 Go Carts • 1600 • E6 & Below $ 15, E7 & Above $23 Thursday, August 26 Special Birthday • Were you born on this day? If so, come get a prize from our grab bag.

For more information call the Liberty Center at 439-3192

Vol. 7 No. 165 Bahrain Desert Times  

Vol. 7 No. 165 Bahrain Desert Times

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